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Passion … Find It … Pursue It … Live It! 2015–16


Passion …

They really want us to pursue our passions, and to figure it out in whatever way that is. For me, I’ve really learned about what I wanted to do by working with the community, and I was encouraged and helped in so many other ways.” Lexia Swope ’15, sociology and psychology double major Graduate program in social work at University of Illinois

4 reasons why Illinois Wesleyan is the right choice to discover and pursue your passions …

1. One-of-a-kind academic program 3. Vibrant campus and college towns 2. Distinctive experiential-learning opportunities 4. Reputation that will make a difference On the pages that follow you’ll hear from our students and our graduates about these four powerful

“ “

reasons why you should consider Illinois Wesleyan.

When I came to Illinois Wesleyan, I didn’t really know what I wanted t o do. It was a place where I could challenge myself and do things other than what I knew, which is the hallmark of a liberal arts education. Attending Wesleyan is a phenomenal experience, and I want students, now and in the future, to have the same experience I had.” Sundeep Mullangi ’97 (right), accounting and economics double major Managing Director, PPM America Investment Management

I’m most inspired by the dedicated faculty t hat encourages students to reach their full potential. I would not have made the most out of my four years had it not been for them….”

Amanda King ’15, environmental studies major Peace Corps Environmental Action Volunteer — Benin, Africa |1



1 |


a  one-of-a-kind  academic program

We offer 80 majors and programs and four professional schools. What sets this academic program apart from other top liberal arts colleges is our combination of the liberal arts and sciences with nationally known professional schools of art, music, theatre and nursing, an exceptional business program and eight highly respected pre-professional programs.

Every major and professional school is grounded in the liberal arts and sciences, which recent research confirms provide the kind of education top employers look for in college graduates, because it prepares them for long-term

success in a rapidly changing world.

Success in our organization is dependent on one’s ability to build relationships

and communicate effectively, and the liberal arts education at Illinois Wesleyan builds these skills.” Jim Majernik, Deals Director focusing on Capital Markets & Accounting Advisory, PwC

As an exclusively undergraduate university, our students have

close working relationships with faculty who inspire, challenge, and encourage

“ “

them to realize their passions and achieve their goals in school and in life.

My professors taught me to be a strategic, imaginative thinker.  esleyan definitely taught me how to build relationships and respect others, how to W engage one another, how to engage the world and how to care about one another.” Chad Maxwell ’02, anthropology major Senior Vice President of the Integrated Insights, Human Experience and Intelligence Group, Starcom USA

I never expected to grow so much, both personally and academically. … I was accepted to nine law schools.” Natalie Witter ’15 (right), economics major Law student, Michigan State University College of Law


The Liberal Arts … … preparing students for graduate education and careers in law, journalism, business … About 25 percent of students pursue majors in the humanities and social sciences, and these areas of study are a key part of the foundational liberal arts core for all students.

Majors in the Liberal Arts • American Studies

• Greek and Roman Studies

• Anthropology

• Hispanic Studies (Spanish)

• Economics

• History

A liberal arts education gives you confidence, because you have this broad background. You’re not pigeonholed in one specific area.”

• Elementary Education

• International Studies

• Secondary Education

• Philosophy

• English Literature

• Political Science

• English Writing

• Religion

• French

• Sociology

• German

• Women’s and Gender Studies

Bob Page ’79, accounting major

Pre-Professional Program

President and CEO, University of Kansas Hospital

• Pre-Law For a list of concentrations and minors, see page 28.


and Sciences … … medicine, technology, engineering, healthcare, education, public service and more More than 30 percent of students major in the sciences at Illinois Wesleyan, which are considered among the very best in the nation, in part because of the way our faculty engage students in research activities. As a result, Wesleyan students gain admittance to top medical schools and PhD programs.

Majors in the Sciences

Pre-Professional Programs

• Biology

• Pre-Dentistry

• Chemistry

• Pre-Engineering

• Computer Science

• Pre-Forestry and Environmental Management

• Environmental Studies

• Pre-Medicine

• Mathematics

• Pre-Occupational Therapy

• Physics

• Pre-Physical Therapy

• Psychology

• Pre-Veterinary Medicine

For a list of concentrations and minors, see page 28.


of IWU pre-med graduates are accepted to medical school, compared to less than 50% nationally

I think about Illinois Wesleyan all the time. A liberal arts education has such value … Your college education is the springboard to your future …” Ann Stroink ’76(right), biology major

Neurosurgeon and the first woman to train in neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic


Business… one in four students pursue business majors Business offers many unique areas of study and experiential


learning opportunities through internships, study abroad and

• #3 undergraduate business program

professional organizations. Our faculty’s connections with major

nationally in earnings potential

corporations across the country and around the globe often College Salary Report

bring business leaders to campus and can help students in their job search upon graduation.

Internship Opportunities • Business majors have interned at Citibank, Caterpillar, McGrawHill, State Farm, Mizuno of Japan, Lloyd’s of London and other local, national and international firms. • The winter accounting internship program places accounting majors alongside CPAs at major Chicago firms such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte.

In business and throughout my life, 

compared to the five-year program at most colleges • Accounting graduates have had the highest first-​time CPA Exam pass rate of any Illinois school and one of the highest rates in the entire country • More corporate on-campus recruiting than any other liberal arts college in Illinois

Majors in Business • Accounting • Business Administration • Financial Services

my Illinois Wesleyan education has served me exceedingly well.”

• International Business

Ed Rust ’72, business major

For a list of concentrations and minors, see page 28.

Chairman and former CEO of State Farm Insurance


• Accounting majors graduate in four years,

I studied at la Universidad Internacional in Cuernavaca, Mexico in a language immersion program. Not only did I gain confidence, fluency, and friends, but I also gained a lifetime of cultural experiences.” Alissa Sherman ’08, nursing major and Hispanic Studies minor Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practicioner, Chicago Heart and Vascular Consultants

The School of Nursing … direct-admit four-year BSN program Nursing majors


placement of nursing majors

• Begin clinical experience in their sophomore year • Can minor in Hispanic Studies for Nursing, Human Services Management or Health • Have the opportunity to conduct collaborative research with nursing faculty • Can pursue internships in a chosen healthcare field • Have the opportunity to study abroad, which is unusual for a nursing program

Facilities • Health Assessment Lab • Nursing Interventions Lab • Simulation Center, with pediatric and adult simulation rooms • Home Healthcare Room

• Medication Room

Every time I think about the choice I made t o attend Illinois Wesleyan when I was 18 years old, I know in my heart I made the perfect decision.”

Jocelyn Martinez ’11 (right), nursing major and Hispanic Studies minor

Level III Registered Nurse, Sierra Medical Center, El Paso, Texas


The Fine Arts … … nationally recognized professional schools of art, music and theatre enriched by the liberal arts

My internship allowed me, as a student, t o be a part of Illinois Wesleyan’s website redesign. I learned what it takes to transform a mockup into a working site. From the people I had the privilege of working with to the real-world knowledge I gained, that was a life-altering experience, and one that led to being hired as the University’s web designer.”

Robert Frank III ’14 (right), art major Illinois Wesleyan University Web Designer

Ames School of Art

Options in Art

A portfolio review is part of the admissions process into the

• Art History

Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program and to qualify for the many

• Ceramics

available art scholarships.

• Drawing

• The Ames School of Art faculty are active professional artists

• Glass

outside of the classroom studio • Exhibits of visiting artists, faculty and student work are held in the school’s Merwin and Wakeley Galleries • The school encourages professional internships and study abroad opportunities 8|

• Graphic Design • Painting • Photography • Printmaking • Sculpture

It was Professor David Nott w  ho first told me I might have what it takes to become a professional performer… I just can’t say enough about what that meant to me and how truly wonderful and supportive the faculty were and continue to be

When you come from a small town like I did, the world seems big and intimidating, and this was a great place for me. Illinois Wesleyan gave me a real sense of myself … It was a good way for me to put my foot in the water before I was thrown out into the big, bad world.”

to this day.”

Richard Jenkins ’69 (right), theatre major

Dawn Upshaw ’82, (left), music major

Oscar and Emmy-nominated Actor

Five-time Grammy Award-winning Soprano

School of Music

School of Theatre Arts

The selective School of Music — offering BM, BME and BA degrees — ​

The School of Theatre — offering BFA and BA degrees — 

requires an on-campus or online audition, which can take place between

is highly competitive. An audition, either on-campus or

September and March of each academic year.

digitally, is an important part of the process.

• Students enjoy close mentoring relationships with our expert faculty • Opportunities abound to perform in solos, chamber and ensemble

Facilities • McPherson Theatre, the main stage with 273 seats

settings beginning in the first semester • Tours have taken ensembles to Italy, Spain, Russia, and throughout the

• Kirkpatrick Lab Theatre, a black box with flexible seating • Phoenix Theatre, a small space for experimental productions

United States

• Dance Studio, used primarily for rehearsal


Majors in Music

• Instrumental: Wind Ensemble,

• Composition

Majors in Theatre

Symphonic Winds, IWU Civic

• Contemporary Musicianship

• Acting

Orchestra, Titan Band

• Music Education

• Design and Technology

• Music Performance

• Music Theatre

• Choral: Collegiate Choir, University Choir, Chamber Singers • Jazz: Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, Unlicensed Syncopation • Opera Theatre

• Classical Guitar

• Theatre Arts

• Instrumental • Piano • Strings • Vocal



10 |

2 |


distinctive  experiential-learning  opportunities

I never thought I’d be working for a company like Google.  But after seeing my computer science friends get internships at places like Amazon and Boeing, I made getting an internship at Google my goal.”

Alan Russian ’15 (below), computer science major

Google Software Engineer

Experiential learning is another hallmark of an Illinois Welseyan education. Students conduct research or other creative activity, engage in internships, take part in community service and study abroad in more than 70 countries.

4 Uniquely Illinois Wesleyan Programs 1. Study Abroad Tuition Program

3. Action Research Center

Our study abroad tuition policy allows you to apply your IWU

The Action Research Center is a unique experiential-​learning

tuition and scholarship and need-based assistance towards

center that matches students with a wide array of community,

the cost of studying abroad for a semester. This means

governmental and corporate organizations where students

virtually any student who attends Illinois Wesleyan can afford

work independently and side-by-side with professionals to

to study abroad. This opportunity is something we encourage

conduct research, develop new initiatives, create strategic

students to experience while at Illinois Wesleyan. Forty-nine

plans and more.

percent of our students study abroad, compared to 14 percent nationally.

2. Eckley Summer Scholars and Artists Program

4. May Term This unique month-long experiential-learning session allows students to focus on a single special-topic

Undergraduate research is a hallmark of Illinois Wesleyan

course not offered during the regular terms, take

and the Eckley program is just one of many sponsored

a travel-study course or pursue research options,

programs taking place during the school year and summer.

internships, or creative activity. May Term is designed

As an exclusively undergraduate university our students have

to stretch traditional boundaries between in-class

greater access to research opportunities, because they do not

and out-of-class learning.

compete with graduate students.

| 11

I was able to meet and talk with (Financial Times’ chief economics commentator) Martin Wolf, widely considered to be one of the world’s most

influential writers on economics. Being able to casually talk with someone so well-known and influential is a memory I will never forget.” Michael Hennel ’16, economics major, on his study abroad experience at Pembroke College,

Oxford University


Fourteen years ago my family and I moved to America from Sofia, Bulgaria, w  ith not a word of English nor a stable income. Not only am I privileged to be attending Illinois Wesleyan University, but I am more than grateful for the opportunities that will come after. My zeal to pursue Russian area studies can only be fulfilled with the aid of the Gilman Scholarship.

Boryana Borisova ’17 (right), international studies major Gilman Scholarship recipient

Study Abroad and National Programs

May Term provides opportunities for immersion in learning,

One in two students study abroad or attend one of our off-campus national

where students can study contemporary and often controversial issues;

programs, including:

travel to historical, commercial, or cultural sites in conjunction with a

• London and Spain programs led by Illinois Wesleyan faculty • Oxford University’s prestigious Pembroke College (above) program • More than 300 global programs • United Nations Semester, in conjunction with Drew University • Washington Semester, at American University • Three Chicago programs in conjunction with the Associated Colleges of the Midwest: Urban Studies, Chicago Arts and Chicago Business

12 |

course; or attend lectures, concerts, or theatrical events related to a May Term theme.

The Action Research Center is dedicated to the relentless pursuit of innovative ideas that transform communities. For ten years, ARC has connected the campus and the community in meaningful ways that create impactful change and address pressing social justice issues. If you have an idea, a challenge, an opportunity, or a road block —  ARC is a place to explore solutions and action plans.

Seventy percent of recent graduates had at least one internship and half of those had two or more. Internship opportunities take part

at major corporations, local companies, community organizations and

Above: Fifteen students intern in Asia thanks to a grant from the Freeman Foundation

across the globe. Each year two-thirds of students take part in some form of creative

or research activity at Illinois Wesleyan. These activities enhance

the undergraduate experience and provide an advantage whether students plan to go on to graduate school or begin their career.


Because I worked for a Scottish Minister, I literally had a desk only a few feet away from the First Minister of Scotland  (the head of the Scottish government). I was able to hear stories from people who were members of the Scottish National Party since the 1970s, when they were a tiny minority party and independence seemed like a far-off dream.�

Michael Kistner ’15 (right), political science major Interned for the Scottish Minister of Public Health Now earning his PhD in political science at Princeton University

| 13


14 |

3 |


vibrant  campus and college towns

It’s a big town with lots to do and with friendly people! Going on runs on Constitution Trail, you always get a nod and wave from another runner. Or even walking to class from off-campus houses, people say ‘hi’ and ‘good morning.’ I am happy to be a new face on this campus, and happy to see many more diverse faces .” Diana Bonilla ’15, biology major

Student life at Illinois Wesleyan has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to connect and make new friends, work out at the Shirk Recreation Center, cheer on our Titan football team, take in a concert or play, join a club or Greek organization, or explore our two great college towns, there’s plenty to do on and off campus.

194 student organizations, including 22 varsity teams, 9 social fraternities and sororities, Student Senate, The Argus student newspaper, WESN campus radio and much more

200 concerts, comedy acts, fairs, carnivals, talent shows and other student events at the Hansen Student Center

148 theatre productions, art exhibits and School of Music events 20 campus living options including residence halls, Greek houses and student apartments

5 campus dining options: The Dugout food court, Tommy’s Grill, Hattie’s Coffee Shop, The Coffee Shoppe and Freshens, and the Bertholf Dining Commons

100% wireless connectivity

It’s been many years since I graduated, and each year more and more I appreciate the experience that I had at Illinois Wesleyan. I obviously got a great education here, but the friends that I made, the lessons that I learned are really what it’s all about.”

Rod Adams ’95 (right), accounting major Director of Human Capital Strategy, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

| 15

The Hansen Student Center is the main venue for student events and organizations.

Recreation is a big part of campus life, with expanded recreation facilities at the Shirk Center.

Housing choices include The Gates at Wesleyan student apartments and suites and two-story townhouse-​ style living at the Harriet Fuller Rust House.

The Dugout and Tommy’s are popular dining spots, in addition to the Bertholf Dining Commons.

16 |

B LO O M I N G TO N   –   N O R M A L



two great college towns

Best college town with under 250,000 residents

(American Institute for Economic Research, 2010)

#1 Best cities for singles (Kiplinger, 2013) # 2 Top places to find a job (, 2013) # 15 Top cities for recent college graduates (The Atlantic, 2011) # 17 Geekiest city (availabilty of jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics) (Forbes, 2011)

# 28 Best small places for business and careers Top 100 Best communities for young people

(Forbes, 2012)

(The America’s Promise Alliance and ING, 2011)

| 17

A Partial Listing of

Campus Organizations Academic Honor Societies • Beta Beta Beta (biology)

• Phi Beta Kappa

• Delta Omicron (music)

• Phi Eta Sigma (first-year coed)

• Delta Phi Alpha (German)

• Phi Gamma Nu (business)

• Eta Sigma Phi (classical

• Phi Kappa Phi

Cultural Awareness

• Pi Delta Phi (French language)

• Black Student Union

• Pi Kappa Lambda (music)

• Foreign language clubs

• Psi Chi (psychology)

• International Society

studies) • Gamma Upsilon (publications) • Kappa Delta Pi (education) • Lambda Alpha (anthropology) • Omicron Delta Epsilon (economics) • Phi Alpha Theta (history)

• Sigma Delta Pi (Hispanic studies) • Sigma Tau Delta (English)

• South Asian Student Association • Spanish and Latino Student Association

• IWU Pride Alliance

Fraternity and Sorority Life

• Upsilon Pi Epsilon

• Interfraternity Council

• Panhellenic Council

National Fraternities

National Sororities

(computing sciences)

• Atheist, Agnostic, and Non-Religious Group • DRL (Death, Resurrection, Life) • Fellowship of Christian Athletes • Hindu Student Association

• Sigma Theta Tau (nursing)


• Acacia

• Alpha Gamma Delta

• Hillel • Intervarsity Christian Fellowship • Muslim Student Association • Titan Catholic • Titan Christian Fellowship

• Phi Gamma Delta

• Kappa Delta

• Amnesty International

• Model United Nations

• Sigma Chi

• Kappa Kappa Gamma


• College Democrats

• Rock the Vote

• Tau Kappa Epsilon

• Sigma Kappa

• Action Research Center

• College Republicans

• Sierra Student Coalition

• Theta Chi

• Student Senate (encom-

• Ambassador Club • Alpha Phi Omega

Campus Oriented

18 |

of Illinois Wesleyan


Media • Residence Hall Association

• The Argus — newspaper

• Best Buddies • Titan TV

passes numerous executive

(each residence hall has its

• Tributaries — student poetry and fiction publication

positions and committees)

own governing council)

• WESN — radio

• Circle K International • Habitat for Humanity • Student Alumni Council

Diversity and Inclusion Illinois Wesleyan has a deep and firm commitment to creating strong community by fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment that promotes an understanding of and appreciation for social justice, diversity and cross-cultural engagement. Faculty and staff are committed to providing mentoring and support for underrepresented students whether by race/ethnicity, nationality, gender, first-generation college students, sexual orientation/gender identity, spirituality or other characteristics that strengthen their contributions to the classroom and the campus. Additionally, all students engage in educational opportunities and discussions about diversity and social justice, demonstrating critical skills related to communication, leadership and global citizenship.


I am inspired by IWU for its acceptance of every person from any walk of life.� Jordan Collins ‘15, psychology major Outreach Specialist at PATH Crisis Hotline

| 19

20 |

Titans are winners on and off the field.

Men’s Varsity Sports

More than 400 students are varsity athletes, competing

• Baseball

• Lacrosse

on 22 teams. While our Titans win conference and

• Basketball

• Soccer

national titles, they are true student-athletes, whose

• Cross Country

• Swimming & Diving

GPAs and graduation rates are among the highest in

• Football

• Tennis

the nation.

• Golf

• Track (Indoor/Outdoor)

6 NCAA Division III National Championships 41 Top-10 national finishers 132 CCIW Conference Championships 117 Academic All-Americans, 13th among

Women’s Varsity Sports

all colleges nationally

• Basketball

• Softball

• Cross Country

• Swimming & Diving

• Golf

• Tennis

• Lacrosse

• Track (Indoor/Outdoor)

• Soccer

• Volleyball

I was recruited to play basketball during the Jack Sikma years.  y priority was to get into medical school and Coach Bridges let me know that I wouldn’t be M penalized in basketball if there was a conflict with my academics.” Bob Spear ’77, Pediatric Intensive Care Physician Spear’s career included working on a team of specialists led by Dr. Ben Carson on a surgery to separate conjoined twins at Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1988.

| 21


4 | reputation


that will make a difference


most selective liberal arts college — US News & World Report


best private liberal arts college — Washington Monthly


best value among liberal arts colleges—Kiplinger’s Personal Finance


ranked liberal arts college in terms of earning power —

“ “

Our relationship with Illinois Wesleyan is time-tested. S tudents are prepared to contribute early in their careers with a strong academic foundation and the leadership qualities necessary to engage with a complex, global organization.” Scott Searles Senior Consultant, Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Illinois Wesleyan candidates tend to have superior innovation and problem-solving skills, as well as curiosity about the world and eagerness to learn. They’ve often had opportunities to become well-rounded talents through undergraduate research, international travel, independent study or other experiences.” Patrick Palmer, partner VSA Partners, branding and marketing

22 |

Alumni Success You’ll find Titans leading Fortune 500 corporations

B. Charles Ames ’50, Retired Vice Chairman of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice Co. private equity firm, and formerly Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of The Uniroyal Goodrich Tire Company

and non-profit organizations, conducting important research at

RADM Denise Canton ’74 (above, left), Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Surgeon General

the Mayo Clinic, producing blockbuster films in Hollywood,

Andrew Chereck ’04, NASA Systems Engineer

teaching at major universities, leading top law firms, writing

Dave Kindred ’63, Hall of Fame Sports Writer and author of 10 books

for major news organizations and pursuing a wide range of successful careers in every state and more than 50

Mike Mason ’80,Chief Security Officer for Verizon and former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI

countries around the world.

Kathleen Murray ’79, President, Whitman College Stephen Ondra ’80, Chief Medical Officer, Health Care Services Corp., and former White House healthcare advisor Karl Pierburg ’98 (above, right), Senior Director of Football Systems, Atlanta Falcons Gregory Poland ’77(left), Founder and Director, the Mayo Clinic’s Vaccine Research Group Carlina Tapia-Ruano ’77, The law firm of Tapia-Ruano & Gund, past-president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association Kirk Schroeder ’84, President and Co-Founder, Essen Bioscience Michael L. Tipsord ’81, Chief Executive Officer, State Farm Insurance Stephanie Whyte ’91, Medical Director, Aetna Better Health of Illinois

| 23


Minor Myers, jr. Welcome Center Admissions Office • 1211 N. Park Street • Bloomington, Illinois 309-556-3031 • 800-332-2498 24 |

Admissions Criteria • A cumulative grade point average of B or higher • Strong college preparatory coursework

Visiting Campus One of the best ways you can decide upon a college that’s right for you is by going on a campus visit. Contact our Admissions Office to ask questions or to schedule a visit.

• Results of the SAT or ACT showing comparable aptitude to grade point average and preparation • High school activities and community engagement are also considered in the application review

• The University is 2 ½ hours south of Chicago and north of St. Louis

Professional School Applicants

• Schedule an individual or group visit online. . .

• School of Nursing candidates apply directly for admission into the program

• Call the office to ask questions or schedule a visit. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1-800-332-2498

• Those seeking admission to the School of Music and School of Theatre Arts are required to audition or present a portfolio

Apply to Illinois Wesleyan Fees, Deadlines and Acceptance Notification: • No application fee • Early action (non-binding) applications due November 15 with applicants notified by January 15 of a decision • Regular decision applicants are notified after January 15 • For more information and to apply online: or

• Those applying to the Bachelor of Fine Arts program in the Ames School of Art are required to submit a portfolio

Profile of 2015 Entering Class 3.73 high school weighted GPA (on a 4.0 scale) 25-30 ACT Mid-50% 1150-1310 SAT Mid-50% 78% students taking at least 1 AP or IB class in high school

| 25

Average Aid Awarded by Income

• Alumni Scholarships (academic award). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 – $22,000

Non-Filers Over k k-k k-k k-k k-k k-k k-k k-k k-k k-k Under k

• Alumni Fine Arts Scholarships (talent award). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,000 – $22,000 • Jennings Music Scholarships (talent award for non-music majors). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,000 • Theatre Technology Scholarships (talent award for non-theatre majors and minors). . . . . . $1,000 • International Student Scholarships(academic award) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,500 – $20,000 • Alumni Grants (financial-need award). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $500 – $30,000 • Federal Pell Grants (financial-need award). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $680 – $5,730 




26 |

Scholarships and Need-Based Grants




Student Employment

• Federal Supplemental Grants (financial-need award). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $200 – $2,000 All scholarships and grants are annual and renewable.

| 27

The College of Liberal Arts Conferring the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees

Majors Accounting American Studies Anthropology Art Biology Business Administration • Marketing • Management • General Management Chemistry Classics (Greek and Roman Studies) Computer Science Economics Educational Studies Elementary Education Secondary Education • English Language Arts • Mathematics • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics • Social Science: History • K-12 Foreign Language: French, Spanish English • Literature • Creative Writing & Journalism Environmental Studies • General • Ecology • Environmental Policy • International Environmental Sustainability 28 |

Financial Services French and Francophone Studies German Studies History International Business International Studies • General • African Studies • Asian Studies • Latin American Studies • Russian & East European Studies • Western European Studies • Development Studies • Diplomatic Studies Mathematics Music Philosophy Physics Political Science Psychology Religion Sociology Spanish/Hispanic Studies • General • Business • Nursing Theatre Arts Women’s and Gender Studies

Additional Minors

The School of Nursing

Art History Arts Management Biochemistry Coaching Dance Exercise Science Health Human Services Management Japanese Studies Jazz Studies Physical Education Risk Management Russian Studies

Conferring the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree

Pre-Professional Programs Pre-Dentistry Pre-Engineering Pre-Forestry and Environmental Management Pre-Law Pre-Medicine Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Physical Therapy Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The College of Fine Arts Conferring the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education degrees

Ames School of Art

School of Music

Art History Ceramics Drawing Glass Graphic Design Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture

Composition Contemporary Musicianship Music Education Music Performance • Classical Guitar • Instrumental • Piano • Strings • Vocal

School of Theatre Arts Acting Design and Technology Music Theatre Theatre Arts

If you have further questions or want to arrange a visit, please contact: Bob Geraty Interim Dean of Admissions Illinois Wesleyan University 1211 N. Park Street Bloomington, Illinois 61701 email: International student email: 309-556-3031

800-332-2498 (in the USA only)

fax: 309-556-3820 Statements of Accreditation and Non-discrimination Illinois Wesleyan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Illinois Wesleyan University does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation including gender identity and expression, disability, or national origin in its admissions policies, educational programs and activities, or employment policies. Inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policy should be directed to the Office of the President, Illinois Wesleyan University, P.O. Box 2900, Bloomington, IL 61702-2900. Illinois Wesleyan expressly recognizes the requirements of Title IX legislation. Title IX complaints should be reported to the University’s Title IX coordinator, who is the Associate Provost (211 Holmes Hall, (309) 556-3255). Illinois Wesleyan University does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities. The Vice President for Business and Finance, the Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students, and the Associate Provost are designated by the University to coordinate all efforts to comply with Section 504 and its implementing regulation 34 C.F.R. Part 104 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. All questions should be directed to the University compliance coordinators indicated above.

1,850 undergraduate enrollment 93% of graduates feel their Wesleyan education met or exceeded their expectations

92% first-year retention rate 4-4-1 distinctive academic calendar consists of two four-month semesters and an optional May Term session

96% of 2014 graduates employed or in graduate school within six months

60th best value among private liberal arts colleges —  Kiplinger’s Personal Finance

43 best private liberal arts college — Washington Monthly 43rd most selective national liberal arts college — US News rd

& World Report

62 liberal arts college in terms of earning power — nd


(2015-16). Pursue your passions at Illinois Wesleyan University.

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