The Illinois Auctioneer Newsletter March 2017

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Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017


The Illinois Auctioneer



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Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

Spring 2017


Letter from the President

Darrell Adcock ISAA President


hat a whirlwind year it has been by being for me after being elected to the president elect position. Hussling to get the convention put together, getting the real estate auctioneer certification finalized, and working with the firm for the first convention. I’m happy to say we “gotter” done. Thanks to all of the board and the Firm’s staff for all of their hard work to make our transition year convention a success. I want to thank all of the members for their participation at this year’s convention, and I also want to thank everyone for allowing me to be this year’s president. I am looking forward to bring about changes to the association. Starting at the 2018 the convention the bid calling contest premilaries will at the convention with the selected contestants competing in the finals at the Illinois state fair. The curriculum for the real estate certificate has been established by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations now our work begins to arrange a class with in the guide lines allowing our member to work with brokers to auction real estate. I have asked Chairman Cody Hanold, George Malsam and Jeff Oberling to assist in make this class go from dream to reality. I also want the committee to take a look and improve our online courses to make them more professional. This year with the input and hard work of Auctioneer Cody Redman a new tradition was started on the Friday of our convention by having a charity auction. I want to build on this with the goal of a black tie diner auction to start our conventions. Working with a local charity I’m sure this can be accomplished and become a stand out event for our organization. These are my first thoughts of what the organization can do with in the immediate future. With your help and input I see nothing but improvement to our association and the auction profession. I don’t know about you, at this year’s convention I reconnected. ISAA


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Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

Illinois State Auctioneers Association Staff

General Phone: 217-321-0345 Mailing Address: 206 South Sixth Street Springfield, IL 62701 Amy Cheatham, MS Chief Executive Officer 217-753-1190 ext. 119 Bridget Ganey Chief Financial Officer 217-753-1190 ext. 177 Destiny Nance-Evans Director of Membership and Social Media 217-753-1190 ext 124 Vicki Wiltsie Director of Meetings and Events 217-753-1190 ext 175 Katy Winnett Director of Marketing 217-753-1190 ext 112 Kim Ruff Director of Education and Training 217-753-1190 ext 155 Josh Catalano Director of Art and Production 217-753-1190 ext 165

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ISAA 69th Annual Conference Keynote Presentation Congratulations to our 2017 ISAA Ad Contest Winners Business Card – Cody Hanold, Hanold Auctioneering Sale Bill – Moss Auction Team Bidder Card – Matthew Bullock Auctioneer Postcard – Lenhart Auction & Realty, LLC Newspaper/Newsletter/Magazine – Anthony’s Auctions Website – Central Illinois Auctions Social Media – Anthony’s Auctions Other – Anthony’s Auctions (Billboard) Best in Show – Moss Auction Team

IDFPR Division of Real Estate Director Kreg Allison Participates in Town Hall The Association was honored to have the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation’s (IDFPR) Director of the Division of Real Estate Kreg Allison attend a town hall during our annual conference in Decatur to discuss developments within the Division and take questions from members. Mr. Allison ensured members were up-to-speed on the names and key contacts within the Division, and in a positive development, indicated he was looking to get staff better trained on auctioneering. Members had great questions for the Director, and ventured into the topics of appropriate levels of training and education prior taking the licensure exam, concern over real estate tax sales running afoul of state regulations, and the status of regulations on auctioning real estate. We thank Mr. Allison for his continued attendance at our events and willingness to work with the industry.


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame

By James Myers, Contributor to NAA Auctioneer Magazine


Alva R. McDowell Awarded 2017 Hall of Fame ISAA is pleased to announce our 2017 Hall of Fame recipient, Alva R. McDowell. Hall of Fame recipient William (Bill) Beck had the honor of presenting this prestigious award at the ISAA Convention on Sunday, February 26. For those who were not present, Bills presentation follows. “Tonight we bestow perhaps the highest honor to be awarded to one of our peers by recognizing their commitment, dedication, and achievements as well as being instrumental in promoting the auction profession in which we all have benefited immensely and more importantly, supporting the Illinois State Auctioneers Association through works, words, passion and actions. At a young age, my mother taught and instilled in me an apprehension, that when you have been enriched or rewarded within any profession, you must, as you go along, share or give back to that entity for the benefit of others to follow, lead by example, remembering you seldom accomplish a feat by yourself. All of us have been blessed with a God given talent and we have to have the desire to utilize it to the best of your capabilities. Our honoree this evening has shared his talents in many of the capacities just mentioned, giving countless hours of his time promoting, being involved and supporting the auction profession, all the while maintaining his auction business and career. Having dedicated 45 years to the auction profession, I would like to share a few highlights and activities he has been involved in and supported. There are many to share. Having known our honoree and his family from an early age, I’ve watched him as a beginner, as I was, work long hours, travel endless miles, share frustrations, disappointments, struggling to support a family, all the while gradually working his way up through the ranks, willing to learn valuable lessons, gain knowledge from the older, more savvy, experienced auctioneers, acquiring an education, developing skills, earning his BS degree in the school of hard knocks. As Henry Hachmeister would say – B S – Beautiful Sunshine! Our honoree comes from a family that had an abundance of grit, pride and determination all the while struggling to make ends meet. Both parents worked very hard to provide and support a family with five boys, on a farm having no indoor plumbing until he was a senior in high school. It was not an easy journey, yet he persevered and kept clawing to achieve the destination he is in today, becoming a tireless worker, willing to assist and be a part of any auction. Having graduated from Ramsey High School, he furthered his education in Arizona at Mesa Community College, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and Greenville College.


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

Our Honoree as devoted an immeasurable amount of time to this association, serving as President, District Governor, CE Instructor, speaker at seminars, workshops, serving on Illinois Beef Board, Inaugural member of the Auction Advisory Board, plus working with the Auction Law. Most notable, during his tenure as President, the License Law, in its infancy was being cussed, discussed, and debated as it was being drafted in various forms, written and soon to be implemented. Even though others were involved, he took the lead, spending countless hours in Springfield meeting with legislative leaders and endless miles traveling the state, at his own expense, visiting districts, updating and explaining the effects and benefits of a new auction license law. Many times he was challenged, criticized, meeting resistance from many who were unfamiliar with purpose and objective, yet he never wavered, knowing we had no choice, if we were to maintain and control our own destiny as auctioneers, being instrumental in serving our best interest, he was a strong ambassador for the profession as he gained an in depth knowledge of the license law and he still knows it well. Is he perfect? Heavens no – none of us are and he doesn’t profess to be either. The only perfect person we know, was crucified. We all have our faults and shortcomings and even though we shouldn’t, as human beings we all tend to be judgmental, to which our keynote speaker this morning gave an enlightening presentation concerning this very subject. Our honoree lives and breathes the auction profession exemplified by his participating in many past and present charitable auction including, but not limited to, Ramsey Lions and Mulberry Grove Lions, Vandalia Moose, Abate, Greenville VFW. He loves to attend and participate with his son, Andrew, in regional and national livestock champion contests, developing new acquaintances and treasured friendships through the years. He specializes in agriculture to general sales and real estate, has several consignment auctions throughout the year annually, with consignors and buyers from multiple states and Canada. Throughout his career, his family and associates have been very active in supporting roles. When he comes to an auction, you can be sure of one thing… He’ll be wearing a pair of neatly pressed Wrangler jeans, long sleeved shirt, Stetson cowboy hat, and possibly that little brown stogy cigar. He is not known to be shy or bashful, but can be. He has a witty dry sense of humor. I’m sure most who know him well, in his younger days, when introduced to a young lady, his response was “hello darlin”. Ladies and gentleman, this is an honor long overdue to a lifelong friend to many. It is an honor and my pleasure to present our 2017

Hall of Fame Award to Alva Ray McDowell.


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017


Ronald Dale Coffman 7/23/1949 - 2/27/2017

Max Groff 4/8/1954 – 2/28/2017 Memorial Fund Established In lieu of floral memorials, there is now an alternative for you and your loved ones. The ISAA Memorial Fund will honor deceased Auctioneers by providing programs in their names for ISAA members and the auction industry. Thank you. Your Help is Needed If you become aware of Auctioneers, their spouses or ringmen who pass away, please notify ISAA. They will be remembered in our newsletter and at the Annual Conference.


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

Fourth Quarter State Association

By Hannes Combest, CAE, Chief Executive Officer, National Auctioneers Association


In just a little over a month (the first part of March), the National Auctioneers Association will welcome more than 50 people from across the United States representing at least two dozen state auctioneer associations at the State Leadership Conference. Hosting this conference is a highlight for those of us who work at NAA Headquarters because we know that the people who attend this conference are representing people who are not NAA members. This gives us the opportunity to hear different views from state leaders about what is happening all over the country. This kind of representation is what your state association is all about – whether it is representation of your concerns and challenges to the NAA or to your state legislatures or to your potential clients. NAA recognizes the importance of your state association leadership and hopes that the programs that we offer during the State Leadership Conference help strengthen your associations. With other organizations (such as the National Association of Relators), membership in the state or local organizations requires you to be a member of the national organization and vice versa. In the auction industry, we don’t have that kind of requirement. State associations are totally autonomous from the NAA. Having said that, I think we all believe we can be stronger


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

together if we all are moving in the same direction. Since being named Chief Executive Officer almost nine years ago, I have been to 20 state associations. Some have been very small and some have been large, but all have one thing in common: successful auction professionals who specialize in various assets that are absolutely passionate about this industry and about the organizations in which they participate. Often I am asked which state association is the best one that we work with? And what makes them so good? Honestly, this sounds like political mumbo jumbo but it is the truth – those that are good have highly engaged members and work hard to meet those needs and work hard to foster community. NAA is no different. We work hard to determine what your needs are and how to meet those needs and we work hard to foster community. But your state association or the NAA can’t do it alone. If you are a member of your state association, don’t just be a member – be an engaged member. Volunteer to run for the Board, be on a committee, write a letter for your magazine – or even to welcome people at your next event. I hear people often talk about the NAA and their state association in a third voice – I can’t believe what the NAA is doing? Did you hear that the ________ (insert the name of your state association) is wanting to do XXXX? The NAA is not the

ISAA 2017-18 Committees Bylaws Committee Kerry Lenhart, Chair Les Crandall Mike Stanfield Kevin Bunte Conference Committee Darrell Adcock, Chair Jack Wilkerson Mike Ryan Les Crandall Fun Auction Committee Cody Hanold, Chair Joe Wieseman Bill Burke Executive Committee Dave Brooks, President Darrell Adcock, President Elect Joe Orwig, Secretary/Treasurer Amy Cheatham, CEO Finance/Budget Committee Joe Orwig, Chair Jeff Prochnow Don Kolowski Bill Houchens Hall of Fame Committee Jim Folger, Chair License/Education Committee Cody Hanold, Chair Greg Wilson Legislative Committee Bill Houchens, Chair Darrell Adcock


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

By Participation:

Neighbor’s Membership Program For State Auctioneer Associations. WHY? Sometimes Auctioneers just want to be a member of another state auctioneer association to show support, but the cost prevents them. The Neighbors Membership Program for State Auctioneers Associations, makes joining multiple associations easy. Mission Statement: Participating State Auctioneer Associations would like to “Thank Auctioneers” for ALL their neighborly support with this Neighbors Membership Program Rate of $25.

Details Coming Soon!

Association Membership

Current Participants

Would You Like to Increase Your Out of State Memberships?

Name of State Auctioneers Association Name of State Auctioneers Association Currently, this is being looked at by KY, MO, IL, AR, and YOU $25 per state neighbor’s membership Read Terms and Conditions.

Do you have members that belong to multiple states? Would you like to retain multiple state memberships? Do you have members that work in multiple states? Join the Neighbors Membership Program by sending a email request to:

Terms & Conditions Auctioneer MUST be a current member of their State-Of-Residence Auctioneers Association, or if none, their Designated Primary Regional State Auctioneers Association at Full Price. Associations may join or discontinue participation in the NMP at any time.


Illinois State Auctioneers Association Newsletter - March 2017

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