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Blue Mound, IL

March 8, 2018 Thursday • 12:30 p.m 18 Fall 2016 born Bulls ready for heavy service 20 Spring Pairs 5 Spring Heifer Calves 7 Fall Heifer Calves 2 Pregnancies 3 Bred Heifers carrying heifer calves Speciall semen and embryo lot donation to the 2018 NJAS

CED +11 BW +1.7 WW +78 YW +135 MILK +14 CW +48 MARB +.58 RE +.65 FAT -.005 $W +60.67 $F +103.43 $G +38.26 $B +150.43

CURTIN RAMPAGE 6407 18766961

CED +10 BW +1.8 WW +78 YW +131 MILK +29 CW +48 MARB +1.10 RE +.23 FAT +.028 $W +84.90 $F +83.08 $G +41.88 $B +139.89

CRAZY K BLACKCAP 4256 17914118

Sire: GAR Prophet Dam: EXAR Blackcap 1748 This feature of the 2018 sale will have a calf at side sale day by Plattemere Weigh Up. She is also the dam of Curtin’s consignment to the NWSS Bull Sale.

Sire: Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36 Dam: PF 7229 Henrietta Pride 2515

CED +10 BW +.6 WW +64 YW +113 MILK +30 CW +45 MARB +.56 RE +.29 FAT +.064 $W +75.30 $F +78.60 $G +23.71 $B +130.97

CED +14 BW -.5 WW +49 YW +98 MILK +23 CW +40 MARB +.26 RE +.63 FAT -.020 $W +47.37 $F +59.86 $G +27.45 $B +120.68

CURTIN LEGACY 6481 18783726

CURTIN JUANADA 7057 18868321

Sire: SydGen Legacy 2813 Dam: EXAR Royal Lass 3843

Sire: Basin Payweight 1682 Dam: Craft Juanada 316-085 DOB: 1-11-2017

CED +6 BW +1.0 WW +66 YW +127 MILK +30 CW +48 MARB +1.15 RE +09 FAT +.035 $W +77.69 $F +107.51 $G +39.62 $B +160.73

CED I+6 BW I+1.5 WW I+61 YW I+102 MILK I+20 CW I+42 MARB I+.58 RE I+.45 FAT I+.035 $W +62.98 $F +54.42 $G +31.98 $B +124.68

CURTIN HENRIETTA PRIDE 7470 18968950 Sire: Basin Payweight 1682 Dam: Seven T Henrietta Pride 477 DOB: 9-17-2017


131 Robin Ct. Howell, MI 48855 517-546-6374

CURTIN LUCY 7429 18905729 Sire: Basin Payweight 1682 Dam: EXAR Lucy 3056 DOB: 8-7-2017


1942 East 2400 North Road Blue Mound, IL 62513 T.J. CURTIN • 217-825-3005 FRED CURTIN • 217-827-2958


Garrett Handsaker and Tanner Mickey Earn Junior Bronze and Silver Awards


Angus Genetics, Neogen Introduce Angus GS Genomic Profile


Show Results

9 2017 Marks Another Successful Year for Angus 14

Political Priorities in 2018




President: Greg McClure Vice President: Garrett Lampe Secretary: Aaron Schafer Business Manager: Doug Turner Past President: Scott Anderson

American Angus Assn. 11 Bill Farm Angus 20 Callan Farms 20 Curtin Land & Cattle IFC, 20 DND Enterprises 18 Eathington Angus 20 Evers Livestock Farm 20 Henderson Angus Farm 7 Hobbs Angus 20 IL Angus Futurity 3 Kiesewetter Angus 20 Kramer Angus 20, BC Mickey Cattle Co. 12 Miller Angus Farms 20 MO Angus Futurity 19 Murphy’s Angus Genetics 16, 17 Panther Creek Ranch 20 Prairie Creek Angus 13 Rhodes Angus 18, 20 Select Sires 2 Sunnyhill Angus Farm 11, 20 Timber Ridge 5 Walnut Grove Angus 20 York Farms 20, IBC

Visit the Events page at for a list of upcoming events and Angus sales this fall and winter.

Bureau County: John DeRycke Central Illinois: Ryan Schlipf Illinois Valley: Annie Ruyle Lamoine Valley: Tracy Rawlings Logan County : Carla Jurgenson Northern Illinois: Paul Handsaker South Central: Richard Hurst Wabash Valley: Keith Kramer Directors At Large: Scott Anderson Greg McClure Tyler Schleich Bret Parr Alan Miller Tyler Rhode Trevor Kuipers Kevin Cassady David Jenkins Jeff Dameron Brent Henkel


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Jill Johnson Illinois Beef Association Director of Communications 2060 West Iles Ave., Suite B Springfield, IL 62704 217-787-4280

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef




7AN473 | 18534952 | Rampage x Morgans Direction

b LEGENDARY is one of the breed’s most heavily sampled young sires. b He will add style, stoutness and muscle in a structurally correct package. CED: 15 BW: -0.4 WW: 67 YW: 116 $W: 65.16 $B: 167.62


7SM95 | 3184099 | Executive Order x Uprising | PB

b A new addition brought in for his phenotype, pedigree and EPD profile b His red gene gives him mating possibilities and flexibility. CE: 11 BW: 0.5 WW: 79.1 YW: 124.6 MILK: 21.8 API: 139.9 TI: 85.5



7AN466 | 18578963 | CHARLO x Traveler 004

b He blends in perfect harmony a fresh pedigree and proven outcross calving ease genetics. b Rich in pedigree strength, exceptional performance and outstanding phenotype CED: 9 BW: 1.0 WW: 63 YW: 112 $W: 63.30 $B: 124.68


14AN502 | 17817177 | Upward x Final Answer

b Few sires can match his combination of performance, maternal traits and carcass merit. b Expect calves that are born easy and grow fast with bonuses for CEM and DOC CED: 17 BW: -1.8 WW: 71 YW: 118 $W: 85.62 $B: 134.73

PROTECT YOUR GENETIC INVESTMENT with the CONVERTTM Calf Care Program! The first weeks of your calf’s life is critical to future productivity. The CONVERTTM Calf Care Program, a special blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms and specialized proteins, can help prevent environmental and future production - related challenges, keeping calves healthy and growing and allowing them to maximize their genetic potential. Producers using the CONVERTTM Calf Care Program report: • Reduced Scours • Increased Growth Rates • Increased Appetites • Reduced Mortality

Stan Grobosky | Beef Specialist - Illinois | 309.749.7788 | Prairie State Office | 847.464.5281 |

SPECIAL Buy 5 tubes, GET 1 tube FREE! Special runs Jan. 1 to Feb. 28, 2018.

EPDs as of 1/1/2018

CONVERTTM is a trademark of Agrarian SolutionsTM, Middlebury, Ind. The product is merely distributed by Select Sires Inc. Claims, Representations and warranties, expressed or implied, are made only by Agrarian SolutionsTM and not by Select Sires Inc.

Friday, February 23, 2018 Show: 9 am – Upper Arena of Illinois State Fairgrounds Annual Meeting: 2 pm – Held at the Lower Arena of the Illinois State Fairgrounds Annual Banquet: 5:30 pm – Social Hour & 6:30 – Dinner Held at the Northfield Inn & Suites, Springfield, IL Saturday, February 24, 2018 Sale Begins at Noon at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Sale Chairman: Lee Stremsterfer (217) 741-4029

Call (816) 532-0811 For Your Free Reference Sale Booklet

Garrett Handsaker and Tanner Mickey Earn Junior Bronze and Silver Awards Garrett Handsaker, Pearl City, Ill., has earned the National Junior Angus Association’s (NJAA) Bronze and Silver awards, according to Jaclyn Clark, education and events director of the American Angus Association® in Saint Joseph, Mo. The 17-year-old son of Paul and Dianne Handsaker attends Pearl City High School and is a member of the NJAA and the Illinois Junior Angus Association, where he has served as director, and the Northern Illinois Angus Association, where he has served as vice president, treasurer, reporter, and currently serves as president. He has participated in local, state, regional and national shows and showmanship contests. At the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), Garrett participated in the team fitting, quiz bowl and livestock judging contests. He also participated in the mentoring program in 2015-2017. In 2017 he was a participant in the Leaders Engaged In Angus Development (LEAD) conference. He has consigned cattle at the Illinois Angus Futurity. Tanner Mickey, Taylorville, Ill., has earned the National Junior Angus Association’s (NJAA) Bronze and Silver awards, according to Jaclyn Clark, education and events director of the American Angus Association® in Saint Joseph, Mo. The 16-year-old son of Jon and Carla Mickey is a member of the NJAA and the Illinois Junior Angus Association. He has participated in local, state and national shows and showmanship contests. At the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), Tanner participated in the extemporaneous public speaking, photography, team sales, quiz bowl, livestock judging and team marketing contests. He has submitted weight data to the Angus Herd Improvement Records (AHIR®) and consigned cattle to the Prairie Creek Angus Sale. The Bronze and Silver awards are the first two levels of the NJAA Recognition Program that began in 1972. Junior Angus breeders must apply for the awards, then meet point requirements in many areas of participation before receiving the honors. Applicants are evaluated in areas of junior Angus association activities and leadership, participation in showmanship, contests and shows, using performance testing to improve their herd and their progress in producing and merchandising Angus cattle. The NJAA promotes the involvement of young people in raising Angus cattle, while also providing leadership and selfdevelopment opportunities for the nearly 6,000 active members nationwide.

Angus Genetics, Neogen Introduce Angus GS Genomic Profile New genomic test for Angus seedstock cattle is an affordable way to strategize breeding decisions Angus Genetics, Inc., and Neogen GeneSeek Operations today launched Angus GS™, a new genomic profiler for Angus seedstock cattle. “Angus GS is a DNA test built specifically for the Angus breed and is a big part of our strategic plan for breed improvement,” said Allen Moczygemba, CEO of the American Angus Association. Angus GS, sold exclusively by Angus Genetics, Inc., (AGI), is an affordable tool that will empower genomic selection for Angus breeders and accelerate breeding progress, Moczygemba added. “Angus GS contains DNA markers that are highly informative for Angus cattle,” said Dan Moser, AGI president. “This will help us more accurately see how these cattle will perform. The profile will also help pinpoint new traits of economic benefit.” Cattle producers use DNA to predict traits bulls or cows will pass on to offspring, helping them make breeding and ranching decisions. “Angus GS is designed to genotype the whole herd, not just the bulls,” Moser said. “Using genomic tests with females helps a breeder know more about their cow herd and use what they learn to make better mating decisions that result in seedstock that meet their customers’ needs.” The American Angus Association unveiled the new product during its International Genomics Symposium at the 2017 Angus Convention in Fort Worth. The genomic test was produced in partnership with Neogen GeneSeek Operations, which helped select the DNA markers for genomic predictions and future improvements in fertility, feed efficiency, meat tenderness, animal health and environmental adaptability. “Angus GS is an example of leadership and innovation to help association members take full advantage of new technology,” said Dr. Stewart Bauck, vice president, Neogen GeneSeek Operations. “We are pleased to work with the American Angus Association and help producers gain deeper insights into the future of their operation and the Angus breed.” To learn more about using this technology in your Angus herd, visit


Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef


Show Results World Beef Expo ROV Show

Milwaukee, Wis. | September 22 | Tyler Cates, Ind.

Grand Champion Female

Reserve Grand Female

Lauryn Mool, Lexington, Ill.

Ella Brooks, Prophetstown, Ill.

Grand Cow-Calf Pair

Reserve Grand Cow-Calf Pair

Brady Schnelten, Rockbridge, Ill.

Gracia Ramp, Yates City, Ill.,

World Beef Expo Junior Show Milwaukee, Wis. | September 24 | Scott Schaake, Kan.

Grand Champion Female

Reserve Grand Female

Reserve Grand Cow-Calf Pair

Lauryn Mool, Lexington, Ill.

Lucas Wisnefski, Wyoming, Ill.

Kiley Carroll, Lanark, Ill.


Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef


2017 American Royal ROV Show

Kansas City, Mo. | October 28 | Kyle Perez, N.M.

Grand Cow-Calf Pair

Reserve Grand Female

Reserve Intermediate Heifer

Brady Schnelten, Rockbridge, Ill.

Jack Dameron, Towanda, Ill.

Anne Dameron, Towanda, Ill.

2017 North American Intl. Livestock Expo ROV Show Louisville, Ky. | November 13 | Jeff Gooden, Mo.

Grand Cow-Calf Pair


Reserve Cow-Calf Pair

Brady Schnelten, Rockbridge, Ill.

Olivia Wilson, Ogden, Ill.

Reserve Grand Female

Reserve Late Junior Heifer

Lauryn Mool, Lexington, Ill.

Kalie Rumbold, Wyanet, Ill.

Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

2017 Marks Another Successful Year for Angus The American Angus Association experienced another outstanding year, confirmed by the 2017 fiscal year-end report. From coast to coast, producers were affected by deadly wildfires, unprecedented flooding, tropical storms and more. Despite a year plagued by natural disasters, Angus producers were resilient, and the Association’s membership persevered. Registrations for Angus cattle totaled 332,421 head in fiscal year 2017, which began from Oct. 1, 2016, and ended Sept. 30, 2017. That’s the 17th largest number of registrations in the Association’s 134-year history, despite a less than one percent decline in registrations compared to 2016. “I’m honored to report that, across the Association’s entities, there were a number of outstanding achievements in 2017,” said Allen Moczygemba, American Angus Association CEO. “Perhaps the biggest highlight of the year was the revamped National Western Angus Bull Sale held in Denver last January.” The year got off to a running start at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. The 2017 Angus Bull Sale, an event on many producers’ calendars, drew the largest agricultural crowd to the National Stadium Arena since the 1950s. As the only sale managed by the American Angus Association, it brings together consignments from breeders across the country. The sale grossed an impressive $306,250 and averaged $6,805 on 45 lots of bulls and five embryo packages. The sale highlighted the breed’s passionate membership and dedicated staff. The Association and its four entities experienced exceptional growth across nearly all business metrics, and total assets for the organization reached more than $64.8 million. “I’m looking forward to another year of growth and success for the Association in 2018,” Moczygemba said. “We have a lot of exciting plans for the coming year that will continue the Association’s rich history of industry leadership.” Commitment to research and genetics It was a year of milestones for Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI), the Association’s arm focused on bettering the Angus breed through research. Thanks to a forward-thinking staff, the Association became the first major beef breed to adopt the single-step methodology for conducting its national cattle evaluation (NCE). The single-step methodology introduced by AGI took years of research to complete and was created in collaboration with the University of Georgia and the Association. Single step delivers greater prediction accuracy, less bias and more timely incorporation of new data and genotypes. Prior to its release in July, the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (USMARC) validated the process and confirmed the new method was superior compared to previous models. The Association expanded its database of genotypes to include more than 380,000 Angus cattle in 2017. Genomic tests submitted during fiscal year 2017 grew by 14.8 percent, or 126,642 tests. The Association also collected more than 8.6 million weaning weights, 1.9 million ultrasound records, 116,000 carcass records and 21,000 individual feed intake records in 2017. AngusSource¨ and AngusSource Genetic allow producers to visually identify their cattle, which drives premiums come sale time. The programs saw continued success this year with an enrollment of more than 67,000. Summer 2017 video auction sales saw enrolled calves bring an average premium of $2.02 per cwt on more than 22,100 sold. Promoting and growing the breed Angus Productions Inc. (API), a for-profit entity of the American Angus Association, is home to Angus Media and the industry-leading magazine Angus Journal¨. The team added even more talent to their staff, welcoming Rick Cozzitorto as president and Sara Reardon as general manager. API picked up awards from nationally recognized organizations as contributors earned more than 30 awards from the Livestock Publication Council, American Agricultural Editors Association and the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow. Print production still remains a staple at API. Targeted to the Association membership, the Angus Journal maintains a paid circulation of 13,000. The 98-year-old publication began a redesign process in July 2017 and will introduce its new look with the January 2018 issue at the NWSS in Denver. The Angus Beef Bulletin¨ will follow and is scheduled to get a redesign later in 2018. API has a growing online presence to accompany its print publications with 16 million digital sale book views, 3,000 e-blast subscribers and more than 30,000 downloads of the Angus Mobile App. In addition, the Angus Journal has accumulated more than 13,000 likes on its Facebook page, which is focused on sharing information with Angus producers. Connecting with members This year, the communications group moved from API back to the Association and welcomed five new team members to refocus Association-wide communications efforts. The team utilized social media to connect with members and has grown the Association’s digital presence. The Association ended the year with 110,000 likes on Facebook, 14,600 Twitter followers and 19,600 Instagram followers. generated 28 million views, and the Association sent out 200 news releases to keep membership up to date with Association news.

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef


Association ended the year with 110,000 likes on Facebook, 14,600 Twitter followers and 19,600 Instagram followers. generated 28 million views, and the Association sent out 200 news releases to keep membership up to date with Association news. Angus TV ended the year with more than 737,000 views. Next year will be filled with change for The Angus Report. 2017 marked its sixth year on RFD-TV, and the show is set for a redesign in early 2018. The 30-minute show is a leading source of industry news for cattlemen and women across the country. Youth, education and research The Angus Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the American Angus Association, has a rich history of support for the future of Angus education, youth and research. This year, more than $1.1 million in contributions were raised from generous donors. The Angus Foundation awarded more than $275,000 in scholarships for Angus youth in fiscal year 2017. Undergraduate and graduate students at the National Junior Angus Show received more than $213,000 in scholarships. In addition, the nonprofit invested in key research conducted with industry partners. Since 2005, the Foundation has invested $1.35 million in research efforts ranging from eating experience to reproduction and growth performance. The research drives increased consumption and supports growth of the beef industry, benefiting both the end consumer and producer. 11 years of Certified Angus Beef¨ record sales Propelled by continuously growing consumer demand for high-quality beef and the intentional efforts of family farmers and ranchers to hit that target, Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) reported record sales of its signature Certified Angus Beef ¨ brand: 1.121 billion pounds marketed in fiscal year 2017. That’s the 11th consecutive annual sales record, continuing a 13-year streak of year-over-year growth. Fiscal 2017 is the second year sales topped 1 billion pounds and marked an increase of 10.4 percent, or 106 million pounds, over last year. “Our partners, from the farm to the plate, all fit together in the effort to fulfill demand for high-quality beef,” said brand president John Stika. “We are all singularly focused on the same quality end point. The growth in sales this year was fueled by the dramatic and positive shift that we continue to see in the supply of high-quality cattle — the best we’ve ever seen.” Responding to ever-growing consumer demand for premium beef, family Angus ranchers have continued to grow the size and improve the quality of their herds through the best genetics and management practices. This collective improvement translated into 4.53 million cattle certified for the brand, an increase of 610,000 head or 15.6 percent, compared to fiscal year 2016. In addition, the rate of cattle eligible to earn the brand name by meeting all 10 of its quality specifications rose to a record 29.7 percent, up from just 16 percent a decade ago. Balanced growth across divisions and product categories resulted in 12 monthly sales records, from the beginning to end of fiscal year 2017. That included seven out of the 10 best sales months in the brand’s 39-year history. The celebration of another outstanding year will continue during the 2017 Angus Convention, Nov. 4-6, where thousands of cattlemen and women are expected to gather for the three-day event in Fort Worth, Texas. Visit for more information.

Illinois Beef Expo





Showing at Beef Expo? Pay your IJBA dues online at or in person during check-in.


Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

ANGUS MEANS BUSINESS. Casey Jentz, Regional Manager Illinois Indiana Michigan Wisconsin 1028 Purple Iris Trail, Apt. 208 Verona, WI 53593 Cell: 608-234-1998

A reliable business partner is difficult to come by. Contact Casey Jentz to locate Angus genetics, select marketing options tailored to your needs, and to access Association programs and services. Put the business breed to work for you. To subscribe to the Angus Journal, call 816.383.5200. Watch The Angus Report on RFD-TV Monday mornings at 7:30 CST.

3201 Frederick Ave. | St. Joseph, MO 64506 816.383.5100 | Š 2017-2018 American Angus Association

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef



Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

Performance-Tested Bull Sale Including a select set of Open and Bred Heifers

12:30 pm • Saturday •

February 3, 2018 • Pleasant Plains, IL

Calving Ease with Added Performance!

KCF Hesston 14

KCF International 60

Prairie Creek Cruiser 6201

Prairie Creek Uproar 7026

Prairie Creek Renown 7028

Prairie Creek B Granite 7070

First Sons Sell!

Ellingson Top Shelf

Sires Represented: Prairie Creek Cruiser, Musgrave Boulder, Ellingson Top Shelf, Yardley Cornerstone, Black Granite, POSS Element, Basin Excitement, Hover Hawkeye and Baldridge 38 Special • FREE DELIVERY on Bulls • $100/Head Discount on Bulls Picked-Up Sale Day

• Free Wintering till May 1, 2018 • All Bulls i50K Tested

Call to request a sale book: Stacy • (217) 414-4934 • View video footage at 6785 State Route 97 Pleasant Plains, IL 62677 STREMSTERFER FAMILY Lee & Stacy (217) 741-4029 Norm & Michele (217) 891-0363

Sale Managed By:

Travis (217) 414-4933 Jeremy Haag

Home of Practical and Dependable Cattle

The entire sale will be conducted with a video of the cattle playing during the sale and the cattle will be on display beside the sale barn.

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef


Political Priorities in 2018 NCBA’s vice president of governmental affairs, Colin Woodall, answers questions about policy issues in 2018. by Stacey Lorenz Q: Tell us what we can expect on the policy front this year. Right out of the gate we have something moving on CERCLA/EPCRA; last year’s court decision is going to lead to the federal government regulating agricultural entities farms and ranches. Under these laws, which were really designed to clean up contaminated toxic wastes sites, where do we stand? A: We don’t believe Congress ever intended for the super fund laws, CERCLA/EPCRA, to ever apply to agriculture. But, unfortunately, we find ourselves in a situation because of this court case where producers are threatened with having report emissions under CERCLA and EPCRA. Fortunately, we have been able to buy ourselves a little time here, so our top priority going into 2018 is trying to get some protection in place. At the very least, we want to make sure that agriculture is exempt from the reporting requirements. We have a lot of support from the EPA right now and we also have support on Capitol Hill. This support and these relationships are crucial for quick action in order to protect ourselves against a rule that was meant for major chemical manufacturing facilities, not for agriculture.


Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

Q: One issue that has been on the horizon is the 2018 Farm Bill. What is known about the time frame and where does the beef industry stand on this issue? A: There is a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time and we know that the current farm bill expires on Sept. 30, 2018, and we would like to have a new Farm Bill in place by then so everyone can have some certainty on what the rules are going to look like for the next five years. We also know that both the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee also want to get this bill done, so I think we are going to see a fast push here early in 2018 to have to have a markup of a bill on the House side to get a new bill passed and then to really push on the Senate to get theirs done hopefully by the time we get into the summer. We have to be very careful here because history is not on our side when it comes to getting a Farm Bill done in time, but with the motivation of the House chairman and the Senate chairman, we are going to do everything we can to help them be successful and get this bill done. That includes protecting the conservation title, the research title and also establishing the vaccine bank to protect us against Foot and Mouth Disease.

Q: On the international trade front, beef producers received access to China for the first time in 13 years, but we lost TTP and, as a result, some of our access of potential gains in Asia along with the President Trump’s announcement of intentions to re-negotiate NAFTA . Where do you see the international trade issue going after NAFTA is re-negotiated? A: For NCBA, our focus is going to be concluding the NAFTA re-negotiations as quickly as possible. Markets hate uncertainty, and there continues to be uncertainty with what is going to happen to relationships between two of our largest trading partners. For us in the cattle business, as we continue to see our herd expand, we need to make sure that we maintain access to both Canada and Mexico. We need the agreement to stay in place and that is a continued focus and message to the administration; keep us in NAFTA and get this re-negotiation done as quickly as possible. At the same time, we know there is going to be continued discussion about the South Korean agreement, better known as KORUS. Again, we have a very successful agreement; one that has resulted in South Korea becoming our number two export market in value for U.S. beef and we have to maintain that as well. As we talk about this expanding domestic herd, we have a very mature beef eating market here in the U.S. and we need to be move product overseas. So, it looks like 2018 will continue to be a defensive position in order to protect the agreements that we currently have in place. Q: How do you see legislative work playing out in 2018 with elections coming up in November? A: We are just about 10 months away from this midterm election. Like all midterm elections, it will determine who controls Congress and ultimately how that impacts the success of the president moving forward. So, it has huge implications on us in the cattle business. By chance, if we were to see a change in power, a lot of the advancements that we have seen on things such as tax reform, for example, will probably take a back seat and we will have to focus a lot on the regulatory reforms. That’s why we are taking a look very closely at these races, which are already picking up speed. We know we have Republican primaries that are going to have a huge impact on who ultimately has control of the House and Senate. More than likely, most everyone is going to turn their focus toward getting re-elected by the time we get to Memorial Day because of parades and festival season, which is the time members of Congress and candidates to get out and shake hands., Unfortunately, major pieces of legislation are no longer a priority once early summer rolls around. So, if we don’t have these things like the Farm Bill either passed or have significant progress made by the time we get into summer, the chances of getting it done by the end of the year is dim. We need to get things done in Washington in the spring while we have an opportunity to make it happen.

Environmental Update When President Trump and his administration put federal regulatory burdens in the crosshairs, American cattlemen and women welcomed the news. If you ask Team Beef, our leaders in the White House should have started taking the issue seriously long ago. Thankfully, 2017 has seen a number of positive developments on the regulatory front – particularly related to the environment. Scott Pruitt, the new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has taken concrete action to alleviate some of the regulatory burdens facing producers. But the environmental regulation world – replete with its many acronyms and detailed compliance forms – can be difficult to follow. Here are some of the key provisions we are watching as we head into 2018. 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule Proposed by the Obama Administration’s EPA, the 2015 WOTUS rule instantly became a lightning rod for the agricultural community. Producers were rightly concerned about handing broad powers to the federal government. Administrator Pruitt was clear from the beginning: The 2015 WOTUS rule needed to go. Thanks to his leadership, the rule is all but consigned to the dustbin of history. However, when the 2015 rule is gone, the federal government will need to develop a definition for “waters of the United States” that protects water quality and respects private property. Establishing a concrete definition will provide clarity and reduce uncertainty for cattle producers. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) and Emergency Planning and Community Right-toKnow Act (EPCRA) Whomever named these two bills clearly did not have to worry about word counts, but that is beside the point. Both CERCLA and EPCRA require certain reporting requirements for hazardous chemicals, allowing the efficient cleanup of dangerous releases. The legislation was intended for major oil spills, large-scale chemical explosions, or industrial waste accidents (think: fertilizer plant explosions) but activists successfully extended the regulations to animal waste emissions through the courts. The regulations were supposed to come into effect on November 15, 2017, but further litigation is delaying implementation for now. Ultimately Congress will need to act to provide a durable, lasting solution. After all, it is hard to see why we should burden our first responders with reports of low-level emissions from cow manure. Producers with questions about their potential obligations under CERCLA/EPCRA are invited to contact NCBA for further information. January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef



Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef



February 17, 2018 12:30 PM (CT)


Connealy Comrade 1385, Hoover Dam, KM Broken Bow 002

CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z


CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z, MR NLC Upgrade U8676, J Bar J Nightride 225Z, GW Premium Beef 021TS, OGR RA Midway Soldier


CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z, MR NLC Upgrade U8676, J Bar J Nightride 225Z, Hooks Xavier 14X, OGR RA Midway Soldier

Connealy Comrade 1385

LARRY RHODES 217-473-5868 cell • 217-854-5200 office • 9350 Rte 108, Carlinville, IL 62626 We are located 5 miles west of Carlinville, IL, on the north side of State Highway 108.


Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

Rhodes Angus is a proud partner of New Day Genetics.

View updated data and videos online. Follow Rhodes Angus on FaceBook.



22 Bulls, 57 Females, 15 Embryos & 2 Pregnancies CED

I +13




I -1.0




I +48




I +89




I +23











9/2/2016 +18787278 Consigned by Clearwater Farm

3/20/2017 *18845084 Consigned by Driftwood Holding Trust CED




























9/13/2016 18631844 Due 9/14 to Eathington Sub-Zero Consigned by Darin & Christy Schnarre Farms

3/7/2017 +*18768933 Consigned by Buschmeyer Angus Farm

3/20/2017 18996861 Consigned by Hillard Cattle Co.

ALSO SELLING ELITE EMBRYO PACKAGES & HEIFER PREGNANCIES 4 Embryos - Galaxy Beef LLC - Graham, MO Diablo Deluxe 1104 (18741751) x Galaxy Blackbird 4551 (18097830) Sire Dam

2/28/2017 18830984 Consigned by Harvey Cattle Co.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25 11:00 am Futurity Sale

BW +0.6 +1.8

WW +86 +68

YW +160 +127

DOC +29 +18

$W $B +81.95 +194.80 +69.35 +153.74

5 Embryos - Sydenstricker Genetics Inc - Mexico, MO SydGen Enhance (18170041) x EXAR Henrietta Pride 9343 (17602801)

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24 9:30 am Futurity Show 3:00 pm Annual Meeting 6:30 pm Annual Banquet

CED +10 +11

Sire Dam

CED +13 +6

BW -0.5 +2.9

WW +72 +67

YW +139 +125

DOC +32 +27

$W $B +83.57 +203.09 +64.81 +162.13

For additional information or to request a sale book, contact:

Missouri Angus Association General Manager, Julie Conover 734-260-8635 • •

January/February 2018 - Illinois Beef


Bill Farm Angus

340 Valley View Circle Dahinda, IL 61428 (309) 337-5196 The new home for SAV Emblynette 4603! Owned with Pasture View Angus


Online Sale Columbus Day Weekend




Carl & Janet Evers Annual Bull & Female Sale - 1st Saturday in March

22198 22198 Little Little Indian Indian Rd. Rd. 217-415-3033 217-415-3033 Virginia, Virginia, IL IL 62691 62691 Email:


LARRY RHODES 217-473-5868 cell 217-854-5200 office


Jim, Julie, Benjamin & Holly Marsh 10018 Fair Lane, Union, IL 60180 Cell: 847-652-0931

9350 Rte 108, Carlinville, IL 62626


Illinois Beef - January/February 2018

January/February 2018 Illinois Angus News  
January/February 2018 Illinois Angus News