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JUNE 2011

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him), who said: Tues 14 The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “ A rider should salute a pedestrian, a pedestrian should greet one who is sitting, and a small Wed 15 Thur 16 party should greet a large party.” (Bukhari and Muslim)

PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Assalamu Alaikum Dear parents, staff and students, As we are fast approaching the end of the semester our students are busy completing assessments and teachers are preparing your child’s report. We are all looking forward to a well deserved rest in these colder months and Inshallah will allow increased quality time together as a family.

Prep Enrolment CLOSED



Primary Camp



ICAS Spelling/Writing EXAM







Thur 30

We have recently sent out a notice slip with regards to students coming to school late. I would like to remind you again on the importance of child attending school on time, as stated, many important issues are discussed in the first 10 minutes of each class per day. If getting up just that little bit earlier can make a difference in your child’s arrival to the College, I request that you make that small effort. Please be advised that the Police Department are continuing to monitor seatbelts in the schools in the area, therefore I request you do not allow your child/children to take off their belts until the car is completely stationary. Once again I would like to thank all parents for their continual support. Together we can make a difference to each and every child that attends Ilim College. Wassalam,

Ms. Aynur Simisirel

VicePrincipal - Primary Department

16 JUNE 11


JULY 2011 18




AUGUST 2011 1 30 31




This year we have continued our Lunch Time Activities where both students and teachers have enjoyed cooperating and playing together with the loads of new sports equipment - thanks to a Thur 22 program run by our Social & Emotional Learning Coordinator Ms Murvet Altikulac.

Finally a big thank you to all families for their help in the chocolate fundraising, as this newsletter goes to print we have sold nearly 300 boxes and I look forward to announcing the money we have raised in the coming weeks.



As part of our YCDI (You Can Do It) this term we have explored confidence together within the classrooms from Prep to Grade 6. Students have demonstrated and brainstormed the importance of confidence within their lives not only at school but in the general public. In order to boost your Mon child’s confidence, as a key to their success, remain positive and patient, these are 2 very important Tues key words to always keep in mind. Wed

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all our mothers who are available from every Wednesday from 9.00am – 11.00am to join our parenting program held at the College which is run by Ms Gulcin Buyukyazici, our School Counsellor. The parent feedback has been fantastic where they have enjoyed valuable parenting information from Guest Speakers, crochet making as well as collaborative talks together, sharing information that is of great value and relevance to you and your child.



PREP students have already begun to reap the pleasures of becoming emergent writers and readers. Mon Their lovely recounts and ability to structure their own sentences on paper is heart warming. Tues

Let’s remember having a go is what’s important not always the end result. Encourage your child at all times to participate in activities as this is an important factor in building self confidence.





DEAR PARENTS / GUARDIANS, PLEASE INFORM THE GENERAL OFFICE OF ANY CHANGES WITH HOME ADDRESSES, TELEPHONE NUMBERS AND ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS. . LUNCH ORDER REMINDERS When your child wishes to order from the canteen please ensure the lunch order is clearly written on a paper bag as shown below.

Name: Class: Items: $

Dear Parent/Guardian,


It is extremely important that your child/children arrive at the College at the appropriate times shown below, as essential information with regards to the day’s activities is communicated to the students in the mornings. Primary – 8.50am Secondary – 8.45am It is also imperative that you collect your child/children on time (unless tutoring or after school activities have been organised and approved) as no supervision is provided thereafter. Primary – 3.30pm Secondary – 3.35pm If your child/children continue to be late to school or not collected on time you will be contacted to discuss this matter with the Vice Principals.

UNIFORM SHOP TRADING HOURS Normal Trading Hours: (until further notice) 8:45am - 10:30am & 2:30pm - 4:20 pm

SECONDHAND BOOK SALE Due to our school purchasing new ‘Take Home Readers’ we are now selling our old home reader’s in bundles of ten for a mere $5.00 a bundle When: 30th of June (Report distribution day)

Where: Prep corridor (B- Block)

Time: 9am – 5pm

EMA 2011


IMPORTANT REMINDER 1st Instalment of EMA cheques have arrived Please collect your cheques from the office if you have not already done so.


We have purchased a variety of fun new sports equipment for primary students so that they have keep active and have fun throughout recess and lunch. Ms. Murvet Altikulac

2012 Scholarship 2012 Ilim College Scholarship Applications are now open. Last Day of Application:2 September 2011 Exam Date: 14 September 2011 Venue: ilim College Multipurpose Hall Time: 10:30am Applicants: Current Grade 6 to Yr . 11 students * A non-refundable $20 application fee is applicable to all students applying for the scholarship. * Application form may be obtained from the College Office or


This term the Student Representative Council has worked to raise money for the Cancer Council of Victoria. On the 26th and 27th of May, Ilim College Secondary Staff were involved in raising money to support the cause. Our Senior Students, year 10’s, 11’s and 12’s also helped in giving generously on the day. In such a short time, we managed to raise $357.00. Many thanks to all who gave generously. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Ms Murvet (Primary SRC Coordinator) for her outstanding work during the two days. She organised a morning tea and sold Turkish coffee throughout the On the 4th of May, 10A and 10C went on an excursion to The Shrine of Remembrance with day. Together, Ilim College primary and Mrs. Irena and Mrs. Asmah. When we arrived, Mrs Irena showed us many statues of great secondary raised $1000, $500 more than people who had fought in the war. We were then introduced to our tour guide, Tim. He took the expected amount. us inside and we viewed a video about World War One. Everyone was given a red poppy, which is worn in remembrance of those who fought and died for our nation. We also shared May Allah (swt) reward our efforts and a minute of silence, whereby we saw the light shine on the poem, Lest We Forget. The ex- bless our families. cursion was very enjoyable. Thanks to the teachers for organising this great experience! Amran Yussuf 10A Ms Asmah Abou-Eid HUMANITIES DEPARTMENT SRC Coordinator page 2


Ilim College Of Australia would like to sincerely thank Carlton Football Club for their generosity and support in providing free tickets for many of our students to attend the Carlton versus Melbourne night game that was played at the MCG on Friday, 27th May. Through the support of Carlton Football Club, our students were able to attend the match together with another family member free of charge. Students who attended the match enjoyed it as well as the pre game entertainment, especially the brief concert performed by Olivia Newton John. The night was even more enjoyable for Carlton supporters like myself, as the “Blue Boys� ran out easy winners by 47 points. Mr. Dogan Akin Vice Principal (Primary)

Safety, Bullying, Cyber bullying Program for primary Department

Police Officer Lee from the Victorian Police Department came out to explain to the students in Primary Department the Steps to take to be SAFE and to report any UNSAFE actions.

MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY On the 12th of May, 2011, 10A girls were involved in an incursion regarding earning, spending, saving and investing. A Commonwealth bank representative came to our school and spoke to us about financial issues that we may face in the future. We were given certain scenarios that we need to solve using our money wisely. We hope that this incursion will help us with our financial state in the future. We thank Mrs Asmah Abou-Eid and Mrs Irena Harder for organising this wonderful and helpful educational event. Sarah Hassan and Sumeyye Gulten 10A Humanities Department

EDUCATION MAINTENANCE ALLOWANCE INSTALMENT 2 The second instalment of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is due to be paid from mid August 2011. This is for those parents/guardians who have chosen the EFT payment option on their application form at the start of the year. Parents or guardians who have lodged an application for EMA at the start of the year do not need to lodge another EMA application for the 2nd instalment. However, parents/guardians whose children have transferred to this school after 28th February 2011 will need to submit a new application. Those who have chosen to receive their payments by cheques will receive them at the end of August or early September 2011. The closing date for application is 5 August 2011. Further information and application forms can be obtained from the General Office. Key Dates Eligibility Date


18 July 2011

Parent Applications Close -

5 August 2011

EFT Payments


Mid August onwards

Cheque payments


Late August / Early September 2011

Year 11 Business Management students attended the Ottomon Aged Care Village centre as part of their school based business. Students were committed to donating a certain percentage of the sales towards a present; live potted plants to the Ottomon Aged Care Village. The aim was to fulfil their promise and recognise the importance of incorporating ethical and social responsibilities to business strategies. Students really understood the concept and found the experience very rewarding and motivating and some students have promised to go back to the village and chat with the elderly a little more. Ms. Ayse Shahin Business Management page 3

On 25 May the Ilim College Library was filled with a riot of colour as the Prep – Year 2 students arrived into the library wearing their colourful feathered headbands ushered in by their teachers wearing equally colourful headbands. They sat down and eagerly waited for 11 AM to arrive when they were to hear the story of Phoebe, the bird who wanted to be noticed. For the first time this year our library participated in National Simultaneous Storytime where one book is chosen to be read all over Australia at the same time. This year’s book was Feathers for Phoebe. The students were delighted to watch the story come alive with Ms. Seyma Yagci narrating it and Ms. Nurten Gedik and Ms. Ozge Sevindik-Alkan acting out the parts of Phoebe and Zelda. The highlight of the event was the participation of the audience in Phoebe’s “Ticka Ticka Cha Cha, Ticka Ticka Choo” song. Primary teacher Ms. Nesrin Sayginer commented that events like these help students naturally to love and enjoy reading. We can’t agree more and we are looking forward to organising more events for the students to enjoy next term. Summary: *Phoebe is small, grey, and ordinary - very ordinary. I want to get noticed!" she declares. Zelda is glamorous, talented and famous - and she runs the most popular beauty salon in the forest. And she's only too happy to help Phoebe become the bird she's always wanted to be. First a little feather headdress, then wing extensions - until Phoebe is transformed into a Diva. She looks gorgeous - but when she tries to take off, surprises are in store for them both!” Ozge Sevindik-Alkan

Library Department -Ozge Sevindik-Alkan page 4

Walk Safely To School Day On Friday the 20th of May, over 200 Ilim College students, staff members and parents took part in the National Walk Safely to School Day.


On Friday the 27th of May, Ilim College staff took part in Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. It was great to see so many enthusiastic staff members coming together for such a worthy cause. We made dua for all those in need and raised $955.50. May Allah reward all those who contributed.

CHOCOLATE FUND RAISING Thank you to all the HELPERS... We would like to thank all the wonderful people who helped us organise the chocolate drive. We will be purchasing more play equipment and resources for our students inshaAllah.

Ms. Murvet

Narana Creations

On Thursday the 9th of June, the Gr. 5’s went on an excursion to Narana Creations. After a long bus trip the students spent over 2 hours at the Aboriginal Art and Cultural Interpretation Centre to learn about Indigenous Australians. The cultural program experience included plenty of ‘hands on participation’, and it was not just viewing, but actually sharing in the richness of the Australian Aboriginal cultural background. Our students had a wonderful time. We were extremely pleased when a staff member informed us that they were very impressed with how well mannered and respectful our students were throughout the presentation. Well done Gr. 5’s

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Message from Secondary Department.... Dear Parents, Communication is vital for the success of our College. We are proud to announce that very soon your child may be receiving an acknowledgment of achievement card which recognises the extra effort your child has put in. We believe positive reinforcements are the key to success. This term we have had wonderful activities that were inspiring and very educational for our students. Namely, sports activity at Essendon Football Club, historical tour at Melbourne Museum and Medieval Education, Start Smart Program and visit to The Shrine and Ottomon Village Aged Care. I would like to acknowledge the hard work of all of our teachers/coordinators and especially to Ms Aynur Simsirel, VP for primary, in the absence of Mr Kirca.

Kind Regards Selim Kayikci Vice Principal (Secondary)

V.C.E. LOTE (Turkish) Students It has been a custom for the year 12 Turkish students to organise an enjoyable and delicious feast of Çiğköfte, as seen in the previous years. This tradition was organised to boost the motivation of VCE students, and with the VCE Turkish teacher Mr. Mustafa Caksak’s participation, as well as the students cooperation, this feast was the centre of attention. Thanks to the students who have contributed.

INCURSION PROGRAMME ON MEDIEVAL LIFE incursion to support 8D’s learning of the Humanities topic – “Life in Medieval Europe”. Organised by the Humanities Department on 7th June.

TUTANKHAMUN’S EXHIBITION AT MELBOURNE MUSEUM On 1st and 2nd June this year, the Year7 students visited Melbourne Museum to revel in the splendour of ancient Egypt. Organised by the Humanities Department, the excursion gave our students an opportunity to witness at first hand, the life of Tutankhamun and his royal possessions. Apart from allowing our students to learn outside their classroom, the excursion also helped them better understand ancient Egypt’s rich and colourful history – a period that they had been studying in class this term. In a nutshell, our students not only had much fun in the city, but came back with a wealth of knowledge about ancient Egypt and its pharaohs. Prepared by Mr Sophiandy Sopali, on behalf of the Humanities Department.

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Saygıdeğer Velilerimiz,


2011 Eğitim ve Öğretim yılında 2. Dönemin sonuna yaklaşıyoruz. Öğrencilerimiz bu dönemin son sınavlarıyla uğraşırken, öğretmenlerimiz de çocuklarımızın karnelerini hazırlıyorlar. Kış mevsiminin bu soğuk günlerinde, hepimizin hak ettiği bu ara tatili, ailelerimizle birlikte samimi ve sıcak bir ortamda geçirmenizi diliyorum. Anaokulu öğrencilerimiz, şimdiden, okuma ve yazmada elde ettikleri başarı ve gelişimin haklı gurununu yaşamaktadırlar. Tatlı anlatımları ve beyaz kağıtlar üzerine minicik elleriyle yazdıkları ilk cümleleri, bizleri gerçekten mutlu etmiştir. Bu dönem, anaokulundan altıncı sınıfa kadar bütün öğrencilerimizle birlikte, YCDI (Siz de Başarabilirsiniz) programı çerçevesinde, KENDİNE GÜVEN faktörünü ele aldık. Öğrencilerimiz, sergiledikleri özel yetenek ve özgüveni geliştirmeye dönük faaliyetleriyle “Kendine Güven”in okul hayatı ile günlük hayata olan etkisini ortaya koydular. Bu çerçevede şu tecrübeleri akılda tutmanın önemi büyük olsa gerek: • Çoğumuzun kendisine olan güvenini arttırmak için, ona karşı pozitif düşünmeli ve sabırlı olunmalıdır. Çünkü hayatta başarılı olan insanlar, pozitif düşünen ve sabırlı olanlar arasından çıkar. • Her zaman sonuca varamayabiliriz. Fakat sonuca varmak, ancak, olumlu adımlar atabilmekle mümkündür. Veli olarak sizler de çocuklarımızın özgüvenlerini inşa etmek için onları okul içi ve dışında yapılagelen aktivitelere katılmaları konusunda teşvik etmelisiniz. Bunlara ilaveten şu etkinliklere de yer verdik: Öğle arası aktivitelerimize bu yıl da öğrenci ve öğretmenlerimizin zevkle katılımları ve çok miktarda yeni spor techizatının kullanımıyla devam edildi. Bu programın gelişiminde ve uygulanmasında görev alan Kişisel Gelişim ve Eğitim Koordinatörümüz Murvet Altıkulaç Hanımefendi’ye bu vesileyle teşekkür etmeyi bir borç biliriz. Ayrıca okulumuzun velilere yönelik bir diğer programı ise (Parenting Program) Veli Eğitim Programı’dır. Vakti müsait olan tüm annelerimizi her Çarşamba günü saat 9:00-11:00 arası okulumuzun rehber öğretmenimiz Gülçin Büyükyazıcının yürüttüğü Veli Eğitim Programı’na (Parenting Programme) davet ediyoruz. Şu ana kadar gerçekleştirilen programlarda, velilerimiz, misafir konuşmacılar ile kendi tecrübe paylaşımlarından, kendileri ve çocuklarımızın eğitimi adına çok istifade ettiklerini beyan etmişlerdir. Bir de tüm velilerimiz hayır amaçlı çikolata satış programına içtenlikle katılıp destek oldular. Kendilerine çok teşekkür ederiz. Bültenimizin baskıya girdiği şu an itibariyle 300 kutu civarında çikolata satışı gerçekleşmiştir ve ileriki zamanlarda inşallah bu satışlardan elde edilen para miktarını sizlerin bilgilerine sunacağız. Yakın zamanda öğrencilerin okula geç gelme problemine değinen bir bilgi notu sizlere gönderilmişti. Bu konunun önemine binaen burada tekrar sizlere çocuklarınızın okula zamanında katılımı konusunda hassasiyet göstermenizi rica eder ve her sabah ilk 10 dakika içinde sınıfta görüşülen ve sunulan önemli konuları kaçırmamalarını temenni ederim. Lütfen çocuklarımızın zamanında okulda bulunmaları için biraz daha gayet gösterelim. Bu arada velilere şunu da hatırlatmakta yarar vardır: Polis departmanı, okulların bulunduğu çevrelerde emniyet kemeri kontrolünü devam ettirmektedir. Dolayısıyla çocuklarınızın emniyet kemerlerini aracınız tamamen durmadan çıkarmalarına lütfen izin vermeyiniz. Tüm velilerimize sürekli desteklerinden dolayı teşekkür ederim. Ayrıca İlim Kolejimize gelen her bir çocuğumuzun akademik ve ahlaki gelişimleri için her zaman olduğu gibi okul ile işbirliği içinde çalışmanızdan dolayı şükranlarımı sunarım. Allah’a emanet olunuz. Aynur Şimşirel İlköğretim Müdür Yardımcısı ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Değerli Veliler, Okul-veli iletişimi, çocuğumuzun başarısı için vazgeçilmez bir değerdir. Bu iletişimi öğrencimizi de dahil ederek daha aktif hale getirebiliriz. Başarılı bir iletişim, ancak, okul-aile ve öğrenci üçgeninde gizlidir. Bu arada her bir öğrencimiz, göstermiş olduğu üstün gayret ve başarısından dolayı her an Üstün Başarı Belgesi almaya hak kazanabilir. Bu vesileyle, öğrencimizi desteklemek önemli olsa gerek. Çünkü başarının anahtarının, pozitif destek ve teşvikte olduğu inancındayız. Öğrencilerimiz için eğitici ve ilham verici aktivitelerin gerçekleştiği bir dönemi daha geride bırakmak üzereyiz. Bu aktivitelerden bazılarını şu şekilde sıralayabiliriz: Essendon Futbol Kulubü’nde spor aktiviteleri, Melbourne Müzesi ve Ortaçağ Eğitim Müzesi’ne tarihi gezi, Start Smart Programı ve son olarak Shrine ve Osmanlı Köyü Yaşlılar Evine yapılan ziyaretler. Bu vesileyle başta okul müdürümüz Sayın Yusuf Kırca Bey’e, İlköğretim müdür yardımcımız Aynur Şimşirel’e, tüm öğretmenlerimiz ve koordinatörlerimize vermiş oldukları desteklerden dolayı teşekkür ediyorum. Saygılarımla Selim Kayıkçı Ortaöğretim Müdür Yardımcısı

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June 2011 Newsletter  
June 2011 Newsletter  

June 2011 Newsletter