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COV E R S T O RY Aly Armstrong | @eventsbyaly

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Photos: Brooklyn D Photography


FROM THE EDITORS Photos: Brooklyn D Photography

Jody Belanger Co-Founder Chief Business Director @jody_belanger

When you work with your lifelong best friend and your career includes connecting with amazing women, telling the incredible stories of deserving people, organizing photoshoots with talented photographers, then hosting fabulous events to bring it all to life – let's just say we have a lot to celebrate... and we certainly know it! Our gratitude is ever-growing and ever-flowing. This is the Celebrations Issue – our 6th to hit the press. You hold in your hand proof that a career need not fit a standard mold and that there is a soul-feeding path there for anyone who dares to blaze her own trail. Aly Armstrong, our featured Covergirl, is an amazing example of this. Her passion-centric career led to the creation of her very own 'FLEUR' Luxury Wedding Show. She's not alone, we are surrounded by women who are intentionally living their best lives by embracing their dreams and celebrating their unique gifts. As you'll read, for Blush Bridal's Monti Samuel, doing so literally saved her life.

Kyla Getty Co-Founder Chief Creative Director


Oprah says, “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate,ˮ and of course, we like her style! Gratitude is essential for a life well-lived... and it's also the catalyst for celebration. (And what girl doesn't love a great party?!) In this issue, we have worked with some top Lower Mainland creatives and experts in the business of celebrating! We can't contain how pleased we are with the collaborative beauty that came from working together to build beautiful concepts into a sweet reality! We also feel 'the love in the air' as two of our recently engaged insiders are planning their weddings! But, whether this Spring sees you planning your big day – or a birthday party or even a small gathering, we hope that the celebratory vibes in these pages provide you with a sparkly boost of inspiration ... Enjoy! xo Jody & Kyla




I am agenda-obsessed, so when it was time to choose a wedding planner I did extensive research and even tested a few to see which fit my personality best. I found the Happy Planner. It's beautiful... and I love that it gets me excited to write down my ideas, be reminded of tips and check off major items on the to-do list.


After getting engaged I was excited to immerse myself in 'Wedding-Mode'. I dove into the magazines, wedding shows, endless blogs, and instagram accounts for great ideas to begin piecing together our vision. Pinterest, of course, has been a life-saver. In my opinion, getting free champagne and popping bottles in celebration never gets old... no matter how long you have been engaged for! Keep embracing those moments.


Since my fiancé and I are not originally from BC, instead of doing the traditional social media announcement to the world, we took the time to keep it secret (as hard as it was) until we got to tell our nearest and dearest in person, through a phonecall or facetime. I found these were very special moments for us. Everyone’s individual reactions to our engagement story were truly priceless and something that we will always cherish.


team tips

LINDSAY MITCHELL (Soon-To-Be Dent) ILHSV Brand Rep & Bride-To-Be Wedding Date: December 12, 2018 Location: Rose Hall Ocean's Edge and Great House – Montego Bay, Jamaica Bride Style: Organized Chaos

It can be hard to remember that your wedding day is all about YOU and your partner when you have a million opinions and unsolicited advice being thrown at you from every direction. Try not to be persuaded by other people’s opinions and requests. Since we decided to have a destination wedding, we instantly got a lot of feedback on when and where it should be. At the end of the day, we had to take a step back and think about what WE actually wanted, and when WE wanted to have it. If we had listened to all of the noise we would have never scheduled a year that was perfect for everyone’s busy lives. Everything will fall into place and the people who matter most will make it work for you. If you're both happy and have fun then that is all that matters. Everyone else who shows up for your day is a bonus.


It took me a long time to invite my friends and family into the planning process as I was very insecure with my own visions and inviting people into our day. Once I opened up with my thoughts and ideas, it has made things a lot less stressful and finally – FUN! I have been able to pass duties on to my bridesmaids, mom and fiancé with ease and confidence.

CONNECT ON SOCIAL Photo: Brooklyn D Photography | Hair & Makeup: AX Art



i nt ro d u c i ng NEW MAG AZINE C O N T R I B U T O R

M O N T H LY C O L U M N S at i li k eher stylevanc o u ver. c o m




Well, hi there! We’re Jake and Tay and it’s nice to meet ya.

We’re the co-founders of The Relationship Project where we host Canada wide events, run an international blog, and most recently launched our first online course all around REAL-ationships. We want to expose the mistakes and triumphs we all face in love, and personally share how we are growing and learning together – and how you can, too. Because, let's be real. Relationships are beautiful and messy. It's time we see (and share!) it all. You’ll be seeing our friendly faces here more often as we’re pumped to be teaming up with ILHSV to bring you monthly content all about REAL-ationships. From an advice column to deep dives on REAL topics, we are SO excited to bring you along with us on how to navigate real love in a real world. We’ve got some juicy stuff planned that we know you’ll love to sink your teeth into but more importantly, we’re hoping to share real resources, suggestions, and feedback to help us all out in our primary partnerships. We think you should know, we are genuine people who are lit up by creating conversations around love and relationships.

FUN FACTS • Met over 12 years ago as professional hip hop dancers. • Outside of RP, she's an RMT/Educator and he's an Audio Engineer.

• Favourite food is anything with sauce. • Renovated their new home DIY style. • Best dates are at home, IKEA, or outdoors.

We’d love for you to share your REAL-ationship thoughts with us by submitting your questions and suggestions on topics that matter to you in relationships. Because, yes, we will be using your suggestions, questions, and deep burning desires in our monthly content to make sure we’re keepin’ it real for ya. (How awesome is that?) So until then, come say “Hi” on our socials or creep through our website! We love sharing a laugh with our friends over there and you are more than welcome to join our fam (bear hugs and fart jokes are common over there!).

Photo: Amber Leigh Photography

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REAL-ATIONSHIP QUESTIONS? Send Questions to: promo@ilikeherstylevancouver.com 13



Watch for launch online at ilikeherstylevancouver.com We'll be sharing exclusive behind-the-scenes cover shoot video footage with extras and a special interview!

ALY ARMSTRONG Eve n t Pl an n er & Cre a t or of FLEU R W ED D I NG S H O W

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Brooklyn D Photography | Makeup: Jasmine Hoffman | Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty Pipe & Drape + Linen: Upright Decor | Flowers: Granville Island Florist | Dinnerware & flatware: Winstons Table Curation


We work on a wide range of events. From charity galas, to PR and marketing events to weddings and everything in between. At the beginning of my career, I had the honour of working for a couple of different charities. A lot of money was raised and many people were helped because of it. It is so encouraging and rewarding to know that there is so much good in the world, and although we are faced with challenges and disease, poverty and diversity, there are a lot of people working for change.

The Founder & Principal Planner at Aly Armstrong Event Planning & Design, Aly grew up in Ontario's 'Cottage Country' – a quaint and quiet town Northeast of Toronto. The youngest of 3 girls, she had a busy childhood household with a very close family who loved to travel. "I got into acting at a very young age and spent half of my high school years on-set. It helped to define who I am today."

Most recently, I had the extreme honour of assisting the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Hotel with the David Foster Foundation Founders Dinner. I have never seen so many influential and inspirational people in one room: celebrities, philanthropists; just all around good people. The music, food, and entertainment were all incredible. It was definitely a career highlight.

Today, Aly is raising a family of her own – two young sons with her husband Jordan who she describes as a supportive and wonderful man. She balances family with a passion for her event planning business, which she has been very dedicated to growing over the past few years. Aly calls herself a hybrid planner. "We do both corporate events & weddings. Beyond the planning & logistics, we take pride in the overall design of an event. We always strive to create unique and detailed experiences." She's been the creative guru behind countless notable events, including co-hosting Jillian Harris' Baby Shower in partnership with friend and blogger Monika Hibbs. She has caught the eye of many on social media and can also be recognized as one of CTV Morning Live's Lifestyle Contributors, making regular television appearances.

I always lead with kindness and cherish my personal and professional relationships. I don't take people for granted.

One of the most exciting experiences of Aly's career unfolded on January 21st this year – with the inception of 'FLEUR Luxury Wedding Show & Forum' hosted at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver. Creating and hosting Vancouver's new, high-caliber wedding show was a long-time goal for Aly. "It was such a dream come true. I wanted to create an event that was not only visually stunning and inspiring, but included hands-on experiences for guests. We offered workshops and had a panel of both industry experts and celebrity influencers to share tips and advice."

CONNECT ON SOCIAL @eventsbyaly

16 SPR ING 2018 | ilikeherstylevancouver.com

My Career in Acting and Beyond

Few people know about my past as an actress. I don't lead with my history in conversation so it's always a surprise when people learn about previous roles. Immediately following my high school graduation, I moved to Los Angeles and studied Broadcast Journalism. I then received an opportunity to work in New Zealand on a TV show so I took a break from college for a year to film. I returned to LA briefly then decided to continue my studies at Ryerson University in Toronto. I had planned on driving to Toronto from LA and stopping in Vancouver along the way to visit friends. Well… that was 11 years ago and I haven’t left! As soon as I arrived in Vancouver I knew that it was a special city and wanted to give it a chance. My career also took a turn after realizing that I was drawn to event planning & design. I then attended and graduated from the Event Management program at the Art Institute of Vancouver. I took on a few contract positions; worked with a few charity organizations and corporate companies before starting my own business.

I’ve been categorized and pigeon-holed at times, and of course it has been frustrating and has hurt, especially as a teenager. But I haven’t let it define who I know I am. Hard work and perseverance will always pay off.

On Creativity Being 'a creative' has been a fun and evolving experience for me. I didn't view myself as creative growing up (although I've been acting since I could walk). I've learned that passions can grow over time when they're nurtured. I’m very visual and can see how a space can be transformed when some can’t see past the paint colour. That has spilled over into my personal and home life. On What She Can't Live Without My husband just said "wine" as he is reading over my shoulder! That is true. But I would say my computer. It's my lifeline to my business. On Learning From a Mistake I've taken on projects in the past that I had a red flag about during an initial meeting. I've learned to listen to my intuition and to work with people and on projects that excite me. In the end, the work is of better quality and the clients are happy. It's a win-win.

“From a design On Characteristics She Admires in Other Women Hard work & passion! I've been blessed with a wonderful community of women in my life and we encourage and cheer each other on. I'm inspired by them daily.

perspective, the baby shower I planned alongside Monika Hibbs for Jillian Harris is one of my very favourite events. We found a

On Running a Business Invest in your business. It’s about finding the right people and building a solid team. I’m not great at everything, so my biggest lesson was learning to let go of some control and to trust the right person/people that complemented my strengths to create a strong company overall.

castle on a private lake for this event which inspired the overall design. It was magical!

On Balance as an Entrepreneurial Mother I've learned that I can't be good at everything all the time. It's about creating balance that works for your family. Luckily, I have a very hands-on husband. He is also an Entrepreneur, so we've created a schedule that allows us to focus on work when we're outside of the home. I'm still working on my ability to detach from work when I get home, but it's very important to have boundaries when around the kids. They deserve my undivided attention as well. On Her Non-Negotiable Accountability. Mistakes are made, we're human. But own them.

On Her Personal Style Classic elegance. I'm not a super trendy person. I prefer to invest in pieces that I can own, wear, and use for a longer period of time.

On What's Next I look forward to an inspiring 2018 wedding season and getting to work on FLEUR year two. I also hope to grow my online presence and dig into blogging and adding video content. It would be great to infuse my love of event planning and television as well – who knows where the future will take me! I’m excited to navigate my way through, and will enjoy the journey.

Photography: Kim James Photography @kimjamesphotography

Aly Armstrong's Creation of


Hosted at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver on January 21, 2018, FLEUR Luxury Wedding Show & Forum was a dream come true for Aly. Since she began her career in event planning, a wedding show of this scale was a 'bucket list' item, to say the least. When the team from JW Marriott approached Aly about creating the event with their conference venue, it was a match made in heaven, and she was ready to take the leap! "My very first piece of inspiration was the Eiffel Tower. I had this piece custom created in LA by a set designer. I had a dream of the models during the fashion show walking under the tower and on to the runway. I ended up with a 15-foot replica tower – it’s incredible. From there, I thought of the name FLEUR and infused the inaugural event with some French flare."

What were your favourite things at FLEUR? The flowers and décor! All vendors went above and beyond to create magical vignettes and activations. We had a “luxury décor walk” where 4 decorators were assigned a city. Guests walked through Paris, China, Whistler & New York all the while enjoying food & beverage created by the JW’s Chef. We also had a Gentleman’s Lounge which was hosted by Jason Sarai in one of the penthouse suites. The event was very inclusive and I wanted everyone – whether you’re a bride, groom, bridesmaid, groomsmen, mom etc. – to find something at the show that was fun and inspiring. Lastly, creating a panel of people to share tips and advice. That isn’t a common piece at a wedding show and it was a way to create conversation and for couples to walk away with helpful planning advice.

What are a few tips that readers planning events should keep in mind? 1. Have realistic expectations around budget. 2. Invest in some signature pieces that will act as a focal point and don’t overlook the food and beverage. 3. Don’t be afraid to get crafty! DIY can be fun. 4. Remember – it’s all about how you make people feel. If your company had an unlimited budget, what would it look like? I would grow my team so we could focus on reaching people globally – through social media and video content. But I am enjoying the organic growth and look forward to the creative and fun events I have on the calendar over the next year.

@ilikeherstylevancouver | SPRI N G 2018


DIAMONDS One of the most frequent questions I get from clients looking at diamonds is how they are priced. You might be looking at two diamonds that have the exact same details but are priced differently, which can be very confusing. Most people spend time learning all about the four Cs, which is an international known grading system for diamonds. That grading system is important, but there are lots of other factors that are considered in pricing a stone. Other details such as proportions, fluoresces, and different certifications all contribute to the cost of a stone. This is why it’s important to work with a trusted expert to ensure you are informed about what you’re buying.

Ring Photos: Blush Sky Photography

FIVE THINGS YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU KNEW BEFORE SHOPPING FOR AN ENGAGEMENT RING 1. Pinterest is your friend. Create a dream board of everything you love, so you have an idea of shape and style before shopping.

2. Spend time learning the four C's (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) prior to shopping. 3. Create a budget range that you feel comfortable with. 4. Before looking at diamonds, figure out what is important to you when it comes to the actual stone. It might be size, or it might be color and clarity.

Knowing these details prior to shopping lets whomever you are working with know what sort of diamonds to show you. 5. There are other options besides a retail storefront to buy your engagement ring, from diamond brokers to custom jewelers. Explore all your options to find what best works for you and your budget.

WHAT’S HOT RIGHT NOW? I’m seeing more clients requesting mixing metals. For example, a yellow gold band with a rose gold halo. Also, more people are choosing fancy shaped diamonds (cushion, ovals, and pears) or using colored gemstones as a center stone.

Owner Claire’s favorite tips for clients People fall in love with diamonds because they sparkle. If a diamond has incredible color and clarity but it’s not cut well, it just won’t have that wow factor. When you’re buying a stone, it’s worth spending the money on an amazing cut. It’s normally the “C” that people don’t talk as much about. But I can tell you, when you see an incredibly well cut stone, it takes your breath away.

CONNECT ON SOCIAL @boutique.diamonds


FULL ACCESS We've worked with a Dream Team of Lower Mainland event experts to style three very different Tablescape themes to inspire your 2018 Spring Celebrations!


ONLINE Stay tuned for launch online at ilikeherstylevancouver.com We'll be releasing more photos from the shoot, behind the scenes, and exclusive recipes from White Table Catering!

PHOTOSHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Brooklyn D Photography | Food Preparation & Styling: White Table Catering Co. | Tablescape Designs: Niche Events | Venue: Airside Event Spaces Sources: Wine: Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery | Floral: Niche Boutique Florals | Modern: Chairs: Salmons Rentals Old World Charm: Chairs: Bold Event Creative • Chargers/Cutlery: Winstons Events | Tuscan: Chairs: The Little Wedding Shoppe



A very clean, crisp look that 's designed to be modern but elegant and romantic at the same time.

Expertly prepared Hors d'oeuvres with the modern vision By White Table Catering Co.


Tip: Instantly customize and change the design to make it your own by adding color to the flowers in the centerpiece and napkins. Tip: A single cut strip of ribbon run along each place setting adds a simple yet stunning element to the look.


key elements:

Clear Lucite & Glass Black Silhouette Chairs Gold Lanterns Clear Votive Holders Carrara Marble

Assorted Gold Vases White Single Stem Flowers Clean Lines Geo Shapes Mixed Metals


TABLE STYLING BY NICHE EVENTS Established in November 2010 by owner and Creative Director Maria Schollen, Nichè Events is a boutique design, décor and planning company, servicing the Lower Mainland, and destination areas such as the Okanagan Valley, Whistler, The Pacific Northwest and beyond!

key elements:

Maria and her team pull inspiration from each couple's unique lifestyle, personalities and relationships to tell your story and create a visual experience that threads through each step of your wedding. They aim to celebrate who you are and connect that theme to your guests. Just like these stunning tablescapes, each event is custom designed just for you, by utilizing custom linens, creative floral designs, stylish décor and trendsetting props. From inspiration through implementation you can relax and enjoy your celebration knowing every detail has been taken care of. Top Quality White Table Linens Blooms As Napkin Rings Fruit Inspired Desserts Desserts served on Crystal Dishes Gold Candlesticks with Tapers

Centerpiece – an Elegant Compote with Fresh Blooms Special Charger Plate and Cutlery instantly upgrades the look.

For a complimentary consultation: info@nicheeventstylists.com www.nicheeventstylists.com @nichestylists @nicheboutiqueflorals


Maria says:

This vignette styling is ideal in a barn, on a farm, at a winery, and inside a tent. It lends well to a family-style served meal like these delicious recipes prepared by White Table Catering Co. Create this look for a wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement dinner or special family occasion such as a Mother's Day or Father's Day celebration. Elevate this style like we did by using a formal white tablecloth with wooden serving boards... or keep it rustic and serve atop a wooden table.

WHITE TABLE CATERING CO. She’s the creative and the brand. He’s the business guru and the hands behind the creations in the kitchen. Together with an incredible team, they are White Table Catering Co. – one of the Lower Mainland’s newest Catering companies. With a red seal in culinary arts and an apprenticeship at one of Vancouver’s most prestigious restaurants as well as over 12 years of experience running his own catering companies, executive chef and owner Mark knew he wanted to add something fresh to the culinary catering scene. Enter Carly. With her flair for fashion and style, obsession with Pinterest and gift of “knowing what people want”, together they created a unique catering company showcasing fresh, seasonal food customized to fit perfectly with each client and event. Offering full service including rental coordination, detailed floor plans, elegant bar service and the sweetest staff ever, no detail is missed. Their extra care and attention ensures every detail White Table provides from the linens and flatware to the food being passed and drinks being served is all perfectly catered to your taste and event. White Table Catering Co. is available for event bookings at any venue in the Lower Mainland, or enjoy their services as the exclusive caterers for the Fraser Valley’s newest venue space Airside Event Spaces. Website & blog: www.whitetablecatering.com @whitetablecatering

White Table Catering‘s tips: take your food from basic to beautiful. Garnish, garnish, garnish! Adding a little bit of garnish to each plate or individual item of your food gives it a customized and high-end look. Garnishes we like to use include fresh fruit and citrus, fresh herbs, and edible flowers. Add a menu card. Menu cards are an easy and beautiful way to tell your guests what is being served. It’s especially nice for family style service and a plated event. Everyone likes to know what their eating and it looks pretty too! Personalize the Foccacia! Instead of serving bread in a traditional bread basket, give each guest an individual slab of focaccia bread. You can even personalize it for each guest with their name and garnish it with ribbon to have it go with your decor. (Tuscan tablescape)

key elements:

Linen Runner on the Table Platinum Charger Plate or Heavy White Plates Linen Napkin Antiqued Terracotta Pots with Fresh Herbs Placed Throughout

Small Clear Votives Down Table Rustic Metal Urns Wooden Platters & Family Style Dishes Vineyard Chairs Goblets Fruits & Cheeses

Mix and match serving ware. Often people think you must use the same pattern of serving dishes. But having different shapes and designs looks beautiful and unique and helps the table have an interesting look and allows each food item stand out!



Kadence's Splashy 3rd



When co-founder Kyla Getty's Kadence turned three, she took


her daughter's love for the ocean and mermaids... and swam with it! Using inexpensive and readily

Stay tuned for launch online at ilikeherstylevancouver.com We'll be releasing exclusive content party details and Kyla Getty's tips to achieve this Under The Sea Party Theme!

available party decor, Kyla crafted a festive setting to transport guests under the sea. But it was the surprise visit from friends Moana & Maui that made the biggest splash of all!

BIRTHDAY PARTY SHOOT CREATIVE TEAM Photography: Kim James Photography | Creative Director: Kyla Getty | Moana & Maui Entertainment: My Little Birthday Princess

Visit ilikeherstylevancouver.com for more - printables & DIY Decor! Cake designed by Kyla's Father-In-Law Paul Getty

MY LITTLE BIRTHDAY PRINCESS offers party entertainment for your child. You have the chance to choose from many party packages as well as characters to help make your child’s birthday wishes come true! Share your grandest party dreams with the team and they work together with you to ensure that you achieve them! My Little Birthday Princess owner Emily Pangburn took over the company from Rebecca Talbot in September of 2017 and has been working as a Princess entertainer for the past six years. Emily says, “For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of being a Princess. From a very young age I have loved the magic and wonder that these Princesses bring to children and families and am thrilled that I can share that with our clients! The aim of My Little Birthday Princess is to treat each one of our clients like family. I want them to have the very best birthday – a day that makes them feel special, loved, acknowledged and amazed. If we can do that for your little boy or girl then maybe, just like a real Princess, they will pass on those same things to those around them, and that would be the very best gift of all!”











Book a FREE Discovery Session today with Chopra Center Certified Instructor and Soul in The City Contributor, Anna Mullens. Reveal your Ayurvedic Dosha Type and get practical tips and tricks to help you connect back to your true nature. Meditation always included! Visit anamsoul.com or call 778.240.0897 @youranamsoul


Born in Thailand to her mother and Sri Lankan expat father, Monti Samuel's youth was filled with travel through Asia. She graduated high school in the Philippines, attended university for Business Management in London and received her Masters in Hotel & Restaurant Management in New York. After working with Westin Hotels in Boston for a year, a trip to Mexico became home in her early adult years when she met and fell in love with her former husband, Allan. The couple operated a coffee shop together and lived there for a year and a half before returning home here to Canada where Allan was born. Monti describes Allan as fabulous – and the two embarked on many adventures together as a married couple including founding The Bagel Street Café while living in Whistler for four years before moving to California's Silicon Valley where they founded a company with friends as manufacturers of graphics chips for computers. Their greatest creations together are sons Nicolas (19) and Cole (16) who Monti says are her ‘number one’.

But amidst the travel, exciting start-ups and what would seem an exciting journey, Monti found herself increasingly lost on the inside, facing the insurmountable challenges of depression and mental illness which threatened to ruin all that she had built. Sharing a glimpse into her past and overcoming the stigma of Mental Illness is important to Monti, as she understands the very real affects that this kind of suffering can have – when outward appearances show no illness, but inside is a dark and lonely place. Monti was hospitalized and received treatment. “It took 10 years of treatment to be where I am now,ˮ she shares. During her treatment, it was suggested by a psychiatrist to simply do something that made her happy. Searching for a passion to cling to, Monti found herself taking on part time employment at a West Vancouver-based bridal salon and finding herself again. Within 6 months she was immersed – running the store and feeling better in her own skin.

"FASHION SAVED ME AT A TIME WHEN I FELT THAT LIFE WASN'T WORTH LIVING. BRIDAL FASHION & MY KIDS WERE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL... SHINING BRIGHT." Now having been in the Bridal Industry for 14 years – and as the owner of Blush, Monti's life looks very different. Along with partner Iva Pownall and a team that feels more like family, the duo have elevated Blush Bridal as the #1 Bridal Salon in Vancouver. She also launched Coco Events, a boutique wedding and event planning business with partner Lara Taylor which services local and Okanagan-based weddings.

Photography: Brooklyn D Photography | Makeup: AX Art | Creative Directors: Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty

“It's gratifying to realize the people around me in the industry are part of 'my group'... I pinch myself!ˮ




Visit ilikeherstylevancouver.com for Launch of Monti's Exlusive Interview You Tube Video

Travel remains a non-negotiable in Monti's life and she's grateful that it's a large part of running her business. Monti finds herself traveling to New York and Barcelona Fashion Week to take in the latest in bridal design. It blows her away that she gets to ‘rub shoulders’ with the likes of Vera Wang and is reserved a seat in the front row at these prestigious shows. “I feel like – am I really with the ‘cool kids?’ I think someone must have invited me by mistake!ˮ Amidst the jet-setting and rows of designer dresses, Monti embraces the journey has made her who she is. She spent many years building – and re-building as a single mother. The tattoo on her arm that reads ‘This too shall pass’, is a comforting daily reminder.


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5 WAYS TO BLESS MOM FOR MOTHER’S DAY Moms are constantly putting their day-to-day desires aside for the benefit of their children. This Mother’s Day, show your mom that you appreciate all that time she’s spent and give her an experience she will love. Let’s put the material gifts aside for a minute and think about ways that we can spoil our mamas by doing something for them that they will never forget.

Contributor Codi Lynn of Creative Wife & Joyful Worker is a motherhood, lifestyle and travel blogger living in the Fraser Valley with her man and three kids. You can often find Codi Lynn out exploring with her littles in the day, doing the mom/ wife hustle in the afternoons and blogging into the wee hours of the night. A graphic designer by trade, Codi Lynn has applied her creativity and business sense to creating her widely-recognized online brand. She’s all about keeping it real and connecting with like-minded women in life and business.

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Codi Lynn's Picks

When you think about mothers to bless, think outside of just your own mother, too. You may have a mother friend that could use some loving, a grandmother that could use some quality time, or even a friend who you know has been on a journey to become a mother. I hope that the ideas from my list below can help you bless these special women in your life.

1. Make Her Food Breakfast, lunch or dinner, a mother feels blessed when they don’t have to make a meal! Being in the comfort of your home and having someone else prepare food for you is quite a treat. Just don’t forget to do the dishes after too!

The Secret Garden Tea @secretgardentea The portable High Tea service that they offer is so unique. I was able to treat a friend last summer on a little mama date (images featured) to High Tea on the beach.

2. Let the Pampering Begin Pre-plan a day out (or in) and let her get pampered. Depending on your budget you could plan a little spa day in the comfort of your home or book services at a local salon or spa. Try to think about if there was anything that the mama you are blessing was desiring and surprise her with that special treatment.

K'Pure Naturals @kpurenaturals If you want a night in and you know the mama on your mind could use some quality home pampering, my go-to are K'Pure's all natural skin care line, bath salts and candles.

3. Schedule a Photoshoot Connect with a local photographer and schedule a photoshoot with them. Photos are one of the best gifts to look back on and something this special Momma can have to remember for years to come. When the photos come, take it one step further and make something special with them. You can print out some favourites to frame, create a custom photo mug, or design a photobook and the list goes on. You could also gift photo items for the year from this photoshoot!

Little White House @littlewhitehouseco I could spend hours here – not only for their delicious food but also just walking through the rooms, discovering the decor and fashion pieces that fill the space.

4. Go Somewhere New If you have an adventurous mama think about some place that she hasn’t been before. This could include somewhere scenic like Capilano Suspension Bridge, Sea to Sky Gondola or maybe even travel a little out of the city and explore Harrison Hot Springs. For the mamas who are a little less adventurous – why not look up a new restaurant or cafe in your area and bless them with some quality time plus food and drinks on you? 5. Sign Up For a Course or Class This is my favourite idea. Bless the mama on your heart with the gift that keeps giving! Sign up for a course together: think about cooking classes, pottery lessons, design your own floral arrangement or even a weekend retreat to strengthen your relationship together. There are lots of different local events and classes that you can discover. On top of all of these ideas, the best way to bless the special mother in your life is to write her something from your heart. At the end of the day, all Moms really want is to know that they are appreciated. Let her know what you love about her, because at the end of the day, that is going to be the most meaningful and memorable gift of all. Photography: @juliechristinephotography • High Tea To-Go: @secretgardentea • Mama Friend: @thefamjewels

Julie Christine Photography @juliechristinephotography Not only does she capture beautiful, candid moments, she connects with people, allowing kids (and partners) to feel much more at ease. Three Corners Artisan @threecornersartisan I have taken a girl's night pottery class through Three Corners Artisan and had a great time learning the basics of pottery. It's the perfect way to spend the evening, with gorgeous take aways to remember the night for years after. Wildflower Mother & Daughter Retreats @wildflowerretreats Day and weekend retreats designed for mothers and daughters that want to strengthen their relationship. Wildflower Retreats create the atmosphere for healing and communication – a safe place to grow and strengthen together. 35


DETAILS & SOURCES Photography Brooklyn D Photography @brooklyndphotography www.brooklyndphotography.com Bridal Gowns Blush Bridal @blush_bridal www.blushbridal.ca Bridal Bouquets Niche Boutique Florals @nicheboutiqueflorals www.nicheeventstylists.com Makeup & Hairstyling The Glamoury Spa by JW @theglamoury www.theglamoury.com Venue JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Conference Floor @jwmarriottvan www.jwmarriottparqvancouver.com Styling Assistant Andrea Ng @trademarkagencyco Creative Directors Jody Belanger & Kyla Getty @ilikeherstylevancouver


Stay tuned for launch online at ilikeherstylevancouver.com We'll be releasing an exclusive video to take you behind-the-scenes at this Bridal Fashion Photoshoot!

36 SPR ING 2018 | ilikeherstylevancouver.com

We were pleased to team up with the amazing Blush Bridal to feature a selection of dream gowns from straight off of the runways. Read more about Blush Bridal owner Monti Samuel on page 33 and see their ad on page 14.

When our good friend and magazine contributor Janelle Saccucci got engaged, we knew that she would be the perfect Real Life Bride to model these exquisite gowns selected from Blush Bridal. We popped the question – and she said yes! We are proud to present this very collaborative, creative bridal shoot – complete with bouquet inspiration from Niche Boutique Florals... all set amidst the ultra grand event and conference level at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver.

THE LOOKOf Gown courtesy of Blush Bridal Designer: Muse by Berta, Gown: Bethany Bouquet: Niche Boutique Florals


“I felt like I was in a wedding fairy tale wearing these breathtaking gowns. Besides getting engaged, this photo shoot was the highlight of my wedding journey so far! I cannot wait to relive this feeling on my wedding day!”

JANELLE SACCUCCI, MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTOR & BRIDE-TO-BE Gown courtesy of Blush Bridal Designer: Tara Keely by Lazaro Gown: Naomi See ad page 14

Janelle's Hair & Makeup look was provided by The Glamoury located at Spa By JW. Artist /Stylist Martha gave Janelle a timeless bridal makeup look that was all about perfected skin, a soft, smokey eye and lots of lashes. Visit our website for an exclusive video with behind the scenes beauty and an exclusive interview with The Glamoury founder AJ Woodworth.

Niche Boutique Florals is a division of Niche Events – a boutique design, décor and planning company. Owner Maria Schollen was inspired by each of the gowns, creating stunning bouquets for every style – from sweet and pretty to naturally elegant – to statement glamour. Watch for Niche Boutique Florals new location Le Marche Aux Fleurs – opening this Spring in Fort Langley. See Ad Page 1.

Gown courtesy of Blush Bridal Designer: Alon Livne Gown: Anissa See ad page 14

Gown courtesy of Blush Bridal Designer: Vera Wang Gown: Englantine See ad page 14

The expansive event space at JW Marriott Parq Vancouver provides an array of gorgeous options to host your wedding or event in grand style from the heart of Vancouver.

@ilikeherstylevancouver | SPRI N G 2018


Brooklyn grew up in Mission and continues to call it


home. She runs a busy household with her husband and


two boys (ages 15 and 8). She grew up with a love for taking photos, but never considered herself a creative enough person to become a professional photographer. “I was that girl that brought a camera with me everywhere,ˮ she says, “my room was covered in photos, and I mean COVERED. You couldn’t see my walls.ˮ Prior to her career behind the lens, Brooke was an Education Assistant in the school system. “I really loved working with children with all sorts of backgrounds. Working with children with behavior issues was actually always my favourite. For whatever reason, I tend to be able to get through to these kids and build wonderful relationships. It was so rewarding to see a “troubled” child live up to their potential. As much as I love photography, leaving the school was a really hard choice for me.ˮ 6 years ago, Brooklyn took a leap by purchasing a ‘decent camera’ to take pictures of her boys. She was determined to learn how to take some half decent photos, and got to work training herself by reading articles and watching YouTube videos while practicing constantly. “Eventually, family and friends started asking me to take photos and I realized what a passion I had for it. The rest, as they say, is history!ˮ

It's hard to imagine that Brooke Dudarewicz of Brooklyn D Photography didn't consider herself a creative person. Recently, her work has been beautifying

In her time as a photographer, Brooklyn recalls some amazing experiences such as shooting a wedding in Disneyland where the entire park was closed to all but her husband, herself and the bride and groom. Other shoots have left a lasting impression and impacted her in a meaningful way. “I once did a boudoir session with a woman that had breast cancer and was scheduled to get a double mastectomy a week later. I have also shot a wedding in which the mother had terminal cancer. After the first dance the daughter surprised her parents by playing their wedding song. The father and mother danced what was most likely their last dance together. I don’t think there was a single person in there not crying, including myself.ˮ Her job has also allowed her to capture joyous celebrations, great love stories ... and even witness a birth! The number one thing I love about my job would have to be the people that I meet and that have been brought into my life. I feel incredibly lucky to have a job I love, am truly passionate about and that brings me so much joy.

social media feeds and blogs alike. She's worked with a roster of top Lower Mainland influencers, photographed countless weddings and is responsible for the beautiful cover and much of the feature photography you'll find throughout the pages of this issue. Despite self-doubt, this former Education Assistant worked hard to hone her skills and followed her photography dreams into a creative career worth celebrating.


If you're not a professional but love Brooke's bright, clean, timeless photo style – like her, you too can master your photography skills starting at home ... keep her top tips in mind! 1. Google Ideas for Inspiration

2. Practice

3. Find Good Light

Brooke says, "a common mistake people make when taking photos is not learning their camera and simply shooting in automatic. If you have spent the money on a decent camera, why not take the time to learn how to properly use it?

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Karlene Karst




Celebrate, Nourish and Love with Good Food

Life is meant to be celebrated! Whether it’s a birthday, religious holiday, date night, or backyard summer BBQ, food is an important part of life’s celebrations. Gathering around a table with friends and family while eating and toasting health and happiness brings joy to our lives.

Photo: Petite Photography @petitephotography

As a mom, registered dietitian, Italian (by marriage), and self-described foodie, I absolutely love good food. I love the feeling of nourishing my body with food that I know not only brings happiness to my life and family, but also health. I also love to cook and host friends and family in our home. Although I prepare a variety of sweet and savory options, I always keep nourishment and nutrition in the back of mind. Whole foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, healthy fats like guacamole and hummus, proteins, a little dark chocolate – of course sweet treats are always included.

INSPIRALIZE: Pasta dishes have long-been a crowd-pleasing and family-favourite dish. I mean, who doesn’t love Italian food? However, as many of us seek to eat more plants, I highly recommend making room for one of the hottest, here-to-stay trends: spiralized vegetables. A spiralizer is a tool that can cut veggies into ribbons, curls, or spaghetti-like strands, turning your usual side-dish veggie into an incredibly flavourful and nourishing main dish that can be topped with your favourite sauce! Some of the best veggies to spiralize include: zucchini, beets, carrots, kohlrabi, squash and sweet potato... all of which can be eaten raw or lightly sautéed into a soft and delicate texture. Sweet potatoes make an incredibly luxe and lush alternative to wheat pasta as the sweet, fibrous and starchy texture makes you feel like you are completely indulging! Serves 4 Ingredients ¾ cups raw cashews, soaked in water for 4 hours and drained 1 ripe avocado 1 cup lightly packed fresh basil leaves 2 tbsp lemon juice ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil 3 tbsp water

3 tbsp nutritional yeast (optional) 1 garlic clove pinch salt 2 large sweet potatoes, peeled 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 cup fresh peas, blanched

SAUCE: Just when you thought you’ve hit the jackpot with serving vegetables as your main dish – now make room for the creamiest, most decadent “Alfredo” style sauce made from my favourite nut – cashews. When soaked and blended, cashews give a creamy texture that can be made into soups, sauces and dressings. The addition of nutritional yeast (deactivated yeast rich in fiber, B vitamins and protein) lends a Parmesan-like taste and scent, that eats like white-sauce heaven. As we enter an incredible season filled with springtime celebrations, keep nutrition as the foundation of your menu, and give the gift of nourishment – the best of all.

Sweet potato noodles: Spiralize sweet potatoes. Warm coconut oil in


a large frying pan over medium heat. Add spiralized sweet potatoes and toss with tongs to coat in oil. Cook noodles, tossing every few seconds, until cooked to desired texture. If you like a little crunch to your noodles, cook them about 4 to 5 minutes. For a softer noodle, 8 to 10 minutes. Add peas and a couple of heaping tablespoons of cashew pesto. Toss until noodles are covered in sauce. Divide among serving bowls. Serve extra cashew pesto alongside.

A frequent TV & Radio Guest across North America, a Health & Wellness Speaker, Blogger, and busy Mom to three kids, Karlene is also the founder of Sea-licious Omega-3. You can follow Karlene and her healthy living tips @karlenekarstrd.

Kim James Photography

Cashew pesto: In a food processor cream cashews, avocado, basil, lemon juice, olive oil, water, nutritional yeast (if using), garlic and salt.

Pre-Sale Condos + Townhomes


Real estate Goals? We've got you.


778-980-6003 A D M I N @ T H E G E T T Y G R O U P. C O M


A team comprised of Kyle Getty Personal Real Estate Corporation, Tracey Biro @Realtor, and Amy Lucrezi Licensed Assistant. *Kyle Getty-PREC is the recipient of the Diamond Award for 2017.

*Not intended to induce a breach of an existing agency relationship.


Inspiring connections through our stories Join us Saturday mornings from 10-11am on Roundhouse Radio 98.3FM or listen online at www.shetalks.life AN OPEN PLATFORM FOR WOMEN

IN 2018, YES! VANCOUVER IS CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF... Giving back to our community

Empowering women back into the workforce

Making powerful connections

Join us and you’ll be part of a long-lasting, philanthropic community of women that always keeps it real, takes the stigma out of networking and celebrates YOU for chasing your career goals. 100% of proceeds raised from our memberships and events directly benefits Dress for Success Vancouver, a community helping women achieve economic independence by providing a network of support and the tools to help women thrive in life.


 yesvancouver  yesvancouver

DANIELLE WIEBE | FOUNDER + CEO Fun Fact: I mix up letters in words. Still, to this day my mind will add or take out letters sometimes when I am reading a sign or sentence. When I was younger I hated reading aloud in class because I would usually say things wrong! Favorite Food: I love food so much that its hard to choose. I think I’d have to say Tacos! I also really love sushi and any type of curry. Hobby: Traveling (Does that count?) and outdoor sports, like beach volleyball and water sports in the summer and snowboarding/skiing in the winter. Job Love: I absolutely Love brining women together to connect, inspire one another and collaborate. I think working together is the fastest way to grow your business and it's also more fun than doing it all on your own. It can get quite lonely for those of us who work from home. I think its so important to have a community you can count on when things get hard.

NANCY DEOL | MARKETING MANAGER Fun Fact: I love watching foreign movies with subtitles and I drink a jug of coffee a day to keep my engine going. Favourite Food: Avo & toast with a cup of black coffee. Maybe a slice or (box) of pizza once a week wouldn't hurt. Hobby: I love exploring the Great Pacific North West. (#PNW) what better way to start your day then with a cup of hot coffee at Quarry Rock during a sunrise? Job Love: This community is a breath of fresh air. It's full of uplifting, creative individuals who work together to inspire you to believe in & achieve your goals in life. I love waking up every morning knowing that I've surrounded myself with an encouraging, talented, and empowering group of women. At the end of the day, "we rise by lifting others". And that is exactly what Danielle has created with Business Babes Collective.

SYDNEE RICCI | EVENTS MANAGER Fun Fact: I grew up singing & acting and I sleep with a night light. Also, my dream is to go on the bachelor... but I’m pretty sure everyone in my life knows this haha! Favorite Food: Pasta! Red lentil pasta is my go-to right now with pesto! Hobby: Spin & Lagree! Both are such great workouts & leave me feeling amazing after! Job Love: My favourite part of the Business Babes Collective community is the connections I have been able to make at each event! Each babe is truly inspiring in what they do and their passion for business is motivating!

52 SPR ING 2018 | ilikeherstylevancouver.com

Photography @alyssacdawson | Outfits @shophunnis | Hair @serendipity_hairstudio | Necklaces @mintandbirch


VANCITY BUSINESS BABES CELEBRATION OVER COMPARISON Women supporting women. It’s what we so wholeheartedly believe in at Business Babes Collective. The fact that women are accomplishing amazing things is good news for us all! These brave women are paving the way for all of us. But as most of you have heard before 'comparison is the thief of joy' and can often hold us back from supporting and celebrating one another. What if we decided that Instead of comparing and feeling envious of others, we could feel inspired. Can we make a continuous effort as women to celebrate others accomplishments instead of comparing and feeling 'less than' when we see other Women succeeding? What if Instead of thinking ‘I wish I was that successful in my business’ or ‘I wish I got that opportunity that she did’ we thought, ‘wow this woman is so inspiring, good for her! I bet I could learn a few things from her story.’ What if we went out of our way to tell someone that they are doing amazing and congratulate and celebrate them! I believe that when we are genuinely able to be happy for others, we will also feel more confident about ourselves. Let's choose celebration over comparison every day. Because we are each unique, there is only one of us in the world, that makes us incredibly special. Danielle Wiebe @danilivinglife Founder | Business Babes Collective

Monthly Events Hosted in Vancouver and The Fraser Valley •

Insightful Topics

Guided Networking Activities

Expert Panels, Fun & Treats!

WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING: "If you are a woman trying to maneuver your way through the world of business today; whether it’s your own or not, Vancity Business Babes offers inspiration, support and an ever growing group of amazing women to network with! The “meet ups” are a chance to hear from a panel of real women who are making an impactful difference; facilitated by the ever gracious Danielle Wiebe and her fabulous team Nancy Deol & Sydnee Ricci." - Gail Brunoro Beszedes, Founder @bevefresco

Business Babes Collective is a global platform of businesswomen from around the world based on collaboration and community. We help women by providing online and offline resources and a community to help them grow their businesses. We host events and workshops for the purpose of inspiration, education and connection. We love supporting creative women and getting involved with organizations that make an impact. Business Babes Collective currently host events, workshops, and mini-retreats in the following cities: Vancouver, Victoria, San Diego, Seattle and Toronto.

"I’m loving the Vancity Business Babes! They’ve created such a great community of people. Vancouver can be a tough city to connect in so I’ve been searching for something like this for awhile - it’s just what I need. Being able to communicate with bright minds and learn from each other is wonderful. Everyone is inclusive and friendly, and the speakers are so inspiring." - Amanda Webb @amandajanewebb

Join our Facebook Group: Facebook.com/groups/vancitybusinessbabes Connect with us on Instagram: @businessbabesco @vancitybusinessbabes Check out our upcoming events: www.businessbabescollective.com

We look forward to seeing you very soon! xoxo,

Danielle Wiebe Founder


I recently went to the Business with Purpose workshop. I loved every minute because I was surrounded with lovely ladies who shared the same ambition and passions. Everyone there was so eager to learn from each other and support each other. Energy was high and without a doubt every event is like that! I’m already looking forward to the next and how I can get involved more! Goal diggers unite! - Kelsey Williams @kelslwilliams

Virgin Radio's Morning Show Host Nira Arora Shares Her Current Must-Haves

NIRA'S hot





ED IT IO N Omorovicza – The Magic Moisture Mist

Photo: Brooklyn D Photography

Do you want to give mom an instant rejuvenation and energizing boost? Get her the Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist!

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you need to show your mom (or your partner who is mom to your little bundles of joy) how much you appreciate her. Now, let me make this clear – it’s not about gifts – it's about acknowledging how much our ‘moms’ do for us. The appreciation is definitely priceless, but... a little gift on the side can do no wrong, too! Here are some gift ideas that may help you out if you’re trying to find an extra way to say ‘thank you for ALL that you do.’ We LOVE you Moms! Lululemon – Run All Day Backpack Moms always get excited when it’s a gift bag from Lululemon! Sometimes we just don’t have the time to shop for ourselves and Lululemon is so good at keeping on trend with the newest and latest! This lightweight backpack is perfect for short runs, hikes, and commutes. It's made with fabric that is durable, water-repellent and easy to wipe clean, which is so essential when you have little ones! I also like the idea of this bag for traveling. The fact that it's so easy to keep clean is a major added bonus. This is definitely on my wish list! www.lululemon.com

Budapest skincare brand Omorovicza has just unveiled this liquid moisturizer powered by an innovative formula to instantly hydrate and revitalize parched skin. This mist is a weightless hydration, enriching the skin with pollution defying, antioxidant plant stem cells as well as nourishing, regenerative essential oils. This mist conditions the skin, pumps it with vitamins, smooths and softens and strengthens, plus much, much more. Since it's a blend of essential oils, when you mist, it’s also an instant mood boost! I promise she will LOVE this – I’m totally addicted! You can find it at Nordstrom and www.omorovicza.com

Nude By Nature – Touch Of Glow Highlight Stick

withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen has no impurities, additives, preservatives or fillers - which means you can easily incorporate it into hot or cold beverages without affecting the flavour or consistency. Speaking from experience, moms feel worn down and we don’t get as much ME time as we would like. This helps with restoring and replenishing us from the inside. She’ll be forever thanking you for introducing her to this product!

Sometimes we should just take the time to treat ourselves! This is something that I’m recommending you grab for yourself, fellow moms, as a mini treat – guilt free! The Touch of Glow Highlight Stick by Nude by Nature is the perfect versatile stick for easy highlighting, creating points of light, intense colour and luminous sheen. With Spring here, less makeup is in and a little glow helps us achieve that sun kissed look. It comes in three different shades, so you can grab the one that suits you the most, or grab all three and make them your staples for this Spring and Summer. Nude By Nature is an Australian company known for being all-natural, and it’s making its way to North America, starting with Canada! You can apply to the cheekbones, along the eyebrow arches or to the upper and lower eyelids, I even like to use it on my lips! Grab it at Shoppers Drug Mart.



withinUs – TruMarine Collagen If you're interested in filling mom with some major goodness - then this is a must! Collagen from the inside! withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is the highest grade of collagen available. It is Ultra-Pure, NonGMO Project Verified and 100% natural. Studies show that regular consumption of marine collagen improve skin moisture level, smoothness and suppleness, preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and UVB-induced skin damage. It’s also been clinically proven to reduce everyday joint pain, and pain associated with osteoarthritis (approved by Health Canada).

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