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Midwest Holsteins

Fall 2016

Illinois • Iowa • Michigan • Minnesota • Wisconsin

Our-Favorite UNLIMITED

EX-92 EX-93MS

GTPI +2182 +3.70T +2.81UDC +2.30FLC 2-08 3x 303 27,460 4.5 1247 3.2 888

Atwood x EX-91 Shottle x EX-93 Outside x EX-92 Convincer Conceited x EX-92 Emory x VG-89 Mascot x EX-93 Melvin Melvina • 8 daughters over +3.60 for type sired by Kingboy, Beemer, Solomon, Diamondback, Capital Gains & Hang-Time • 4 sons available over +3.60 for type, including Our-Favorite Union-ET a +3.61T Doorman son currently available at Select Sires

• 3 young Solomon sons that will be available in the future: Our-Favorite Undenied-ET, +4.18T at Select Sires Our-Favorite VC Mafia-ET, +3.94T at Semex Our-Favorite Ultra-ET, +3.82T at Blondin Sires

Unlimited continues to produce offspring that are at the top of the charts for Type. Her daughters really catch your eye in the heifer pens and her sons offer something for every breeder. Watch for her three Solomon sons coming soon!

   E12600 Cty. Rd. JJ, Fall Creek, WI 54742 (715) 456-8718 Todd • (715) 577-5379 Cade e-mail:


Dairy judging is strong at the University of Minnesota, so strong that its teams placed first overall in all three of the major contests in 2015: the All-American Dairy Show (Harrisburg, PA), the North American International Livestock Exposition (Louisville, KY), and World Dairy Expo (Madison, WI). They didn’t just win; they won decisively in all three, including an amazing 54-point margin of victory in Madison. This year was just the latest in a string of wins for U of M student teams, who have been consistent top finishers at all the major contests over the past decade. No other university team comes close to this streak. Congratulations! If you’re considering a career in dairy, CONSIDER THE U OF M. In addition to our highly successful judging teams, you can be part of the Gopher Dairy Club, where more than 100 student members gain experience and industry contacts through activities like an all-expense-paid 11-day trip to California in January for seniors. Both inside and outside the classroom, our dairy professors make teaching and working with students their top priority. Learn more today at

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.


GOLD! • (612) 624-2277


Iowa Holstein Association

OFFICERS Tom Simon, President 18960:7706467 43977!'%-. % -.853791&&!#"452#'! /#! Trent Henkes, Vice-President 18960:;6057:< 4;79:498''.*".854891' "&2"' /"' Paula Smith, Secretary/Editor 19740855087<6 6755473''.%## -".855441 "&!'2"("&/"' Shellie Volker, Treasurer164<059<0364; 53585463''.*!"%.839:71& +2-! /#! DISTRICT DIRECTORS (%"1896096:057:4149:3:433''.-"%.83988 Doug Lyons1896074<035:81464 '%-.&' .85466  ('1896086<07<8<146587 #%-+1#"#".8548< Dan Bolin 1 64<05:;075;;163:3:4;3''. %&+ .8394< Dave Chapman1:4507;30774316;;4683''.*'+".8468; Carl Mensen18960;8605735154<8;"&. *)"%.85385 Bob Rahe18960<5406:781486:;'469. -%&+ .85373  ))  Kevin Fossum189608680::;61459: *!.'%+ .854:3

! $18960;:9065;31<7;5%!". $,#%'.85378

 # 18960:7706944156<53"&'#". $,#%'.85378 Mark Knudtson18960:7706944156<53"&'#". $,#%'.85378 Jess Rediske18960:6808876164:4"+%. #%.85434 &%!164<07;307:331547:6533'+.#"( #.85643 Walt Wessel18960<530;49515;87:733''. % -.85373    Mark Kerndt 1896089;033591464;"'.*#".854:5 4 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

Midwest Holsteins Fall 2016




  

  

  

  

   

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

 

  

 

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

 

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

  

 

cover photo by Joey Opsal, Blue Mounds, Wis.

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Larry Nelson, Executive Director Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Membership Coordinator Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Kevin Jorgensen, President - Waupun, 920-210-3992 Chad Ryan, Vice President - Fond du Lac, 920-960-1449 Kent Wendorf, Secretary - Viroqua, 608-689-2201 Craig Carncross, Executive Committee - Lodi, 608-592-2560 Pam Selz-Pralle, Executive Committee - Humbird, 715-334-3434 Bill Calvert - Cuba City, 608-759-2080 Steve Endres - Waunakee, 608-279-5952 Joseta Halbur - Eden, 715-821-9672 Heather Jauquet - Pulaski, 920-371-7511 Tracy Nelson - Ellsworth, 715-307-1804 Bryan Stremcha - Bangor, 608-790-1925 Erica Ullom - Bloomer, 715-933-0477 NATIONAL DIRECTOR: Paul Buhr - 608-606-3480 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 5

Stronger Together to Make America Great Again! Scottmore Atwood Gina EX-91 4-6 354 35,901M 1327F 1103P

Vote Gina for President

Looking Good!

3rd, Iowa State Fair Open Show

born in the usa

© Cybil Fisher


Lookey here!


milk strong • live long 6 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016



Jr. All-Iowa Aged Cow

~ Proven Production ~ Not owned by corporate interests Can squash terrorism (weighs a ton)


j Like “Gina” at Scottmore Holsteins on Facebook


Iowa State Fair • 1st Milk & CFP Aged Cow, Open Show • Production Winner, Junior Show

Not Racist ~ Black & White All Cows Lives Matter

Mike & Kathleen Scott Family 12402 R Ave • Westgate, IA 50681 563.920.4005 • 563.637.2386





effortlessly makes big records Pepperpacked with high components.

Her recently fresh Sterling daughter mimics mama’s style, sweet udder, and will to milk. The Sterling has a Kingboy daughter at +2612G +80F +46P & +2.68 Type. A 6th generation EX that is the modern kind.


EX-94 2E 95,94,99,92,93

4-04 365 37,610 5.5 2074 3.4 1292 In 4 lactations: 149,030 5.4 8044 3.5 5252 Holstein USA National Elite Performer Dam: Joliam Dundee Phoenix 2E-92 EEEEE 4-11 365 43,800 5.3 2319 3.0 1354

SELZ-PRALLE DAIRY Jessica & Nicole Pralle N4621 Hwy. 12, Humbird, WI 54746 • (715) 334-3434 • E-mail: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 9

Minnesota Holstein Association Field Day Jenn Landman, greeted individuals as they arrived and handed out the judging cards along with the option of taking with them the newest edition of the Minnesota Holstein News. Currently, the brothers are milking 130 cows and have 110 head of young stock. They milk in a free stall barn that was just built as of last year. Along with the Boumatic double 8 parallel walk-in parlor, a holding pen with a walkway, maternity pens, which is where the judging classes were held, and eight calf pens to the side of it, and a 132 stall, tunnel ventilated free stall barn, they also put up a new dry cow shed and hay shed. Overall, the Beraneks are thrilled with their new set-up.

S t . George, Minnesota – Perry, Gary, and Chris Beranek and the Beranek Brothers Dairy Farm warmly welcomed Minnesota Holstein Association members and Holstein enthusiasts to their farm on Saturday, July 23 for the annual Holstein Field Day. Judging classes, socialization, a farm transition speaker, and a great meal of grilled pork burgers provided by the Nicollet County Pork Producers made it a day where everyone in attendance was proud to be a part of. Registration kicked off at 11:00 a.m. followed by lunch and the judging classes. Minnesota Holstein Association Executive Secretary,

Judging class at the MHA Field Day 10 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

As mentioned before, the meal provided was delicious! Everyone filled up on pork burgers, baked beans, chips, refreshments, and ice cream. The special guest of the day was Myron Oftdahl who spoke about farm and money management. The official judge of the judging contest was MN Holstein board member, Matt Timmer. Prizes were awarded to the top individuals for both the men, women, and youth division. In the youth division, first place was awarded to Alex Schroeder and second place was tied to Jasenko Gavranovic and Jacob Pehrson. For the women’s division, Ruth Klossner won the first place award and Bernice Vander Wal was awarded the second place award. As for the men’s division, first place was awarded to Patrick Rusch and second place to Andy Steinhagen. Thank you to all who participated in the judging contest! We’ d like to say thank you to the local businesses which sponsored the delicious meal. Additionally, thank you to everyone who attended and took part in the Minnesota Holstein Field Day and to the Beranek’s for hosting this years field day. The weather was beautiful even with the little bit of rain, the day was a success and we look forward to next year!

Speaker Myron Oftdahl

Boumatic double 8 parallel walk-in parlor

Midwest Fall National Holstein Results

2016 Midwest Fall National Junior Champion and 2016 Midwest Fall National Grand, Reserve Reserve Junior Champion Grand Champion & Honorable Mention The 2016 Midwest Fall National Show was held in to Sheeknoll Durham Arrow, first place Aged was awarded to the first place junior exhibitor Jrconjunction with the MN State Fair open show on Cow, exhibited by Sheeknoll Farms. Sheeknoll Three Year Old, Esperanza-CC Alexander Snip, Wednesday, August 31, 2016. The official judge for Durham Arrow also received Best Bred & Owned exhibited by Hope, Tanner & Peyton Morrison. the show was Nathan Thomas of Ohio. Judge Thomas of the show. Reserve senior champion went to placed 79 heifers and 76 cows for a total of 155 head. the first place 150,000 LB cow Shadow-W Astro Senior champion of the Midwest Fall National Junior Bianca, exhibited by David & Jeremy Hoese. Show was awarded to, C-Hill Jenessa, exhibited by Of the 79 heifers that were shown in the morning Reserve grand champion honors were given to Tristian & Whitney Lang. Reserve senior champion Judge Thomas selected the first place winter yearling, the Intermediate Champion Mahoney Sid Porsha honors were awarded to Mat-Ar-Dor Lheros Kory MS Macland Caramel Latte, exhibited by Scott exhibited by Keith & Kay Mahoney. Mahoney B202 exhibited by Jacob and Aiden Timmer. Courtney as the junior champion of the show. Reserve Sid Porsha also received best udder of the show. Grand Champion of the Midwest Fall National Junior junior champion honors were given to the second place winter yearling, Sunnylodge Greenlane Leona, A step out junior show was also held, the Midwest Show was awarded to the first place Jr-Two-Year Old, exhibited by Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky. Fall National junior show. For junior champion of the Jacobs Windbrook Delay, exhibited by Cory Schmidt. junior show judge Thomas selected the first Reserve grand champion was awarded to the first For intermediate champion nine exceptional animals place junior exhibitor winter calf, Peticlerc place junior exhibitor Jr-Three Year Old, Esperanzawere out in the ring. The intermediate champion of Doorman Santina, exhibited by Jacob Hornberg CC Alexander Snip, exhibited by Hope, Tanner & the show was Mahoney Sid Porsha the first place senior and for reserve the first place junior exhibitor Peyton Morrison. Esperanza-CC Alexander Snip was three-year old exhibited by Keith and Kay Mahoney. spring calf RBCC-Xtreme V Drmn Ecstasy also awarded best bred & owned of the junior show. Reserve intermediate champion was the second place exhibited by Rhett D & Shanelle A Borth Thank you to all exhibitors for participating in the senior three-year-old, Mt Ararat Goldwyn Ebrill exhibited by Reid Stransky & T & L Cattle LTD. Intermediate Champion was awarded to the first show, to all sponsors for sponsoring the awards place Jr-Two-Year Old, Jacobs Windbrook Delay, and to all volunteers for helping the show run Senior and grand champion honors were presented exhibited by Cory Schmidt. Reserve Intermediate smoothly. We hope to see you all again next year!

2016 Midwest Fall National Junior Show Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion

2016 Midwest Fall National Junior Show Junior Champion and Reserve Junior Champion MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016-11

GM Sandhill Holsteins Cow & Select Heifer Disperal Monday, October 31 11:00 a.m. From Unity, Wis. - 4 miles west on County K to farm

~ Selling 110 head of Registered Holsteins ~ 60 cows & 50 heifers (15 bred heifers, 10 open & 25 calves - 10 mo. to newborn)

GM Sandhill Atwood Anne-ET

GM Sandhill Atwood Amazing

GM Sandhill Schz Sabrina

One of the many Elegance descendants, Anne sells carrying a Bradnick heifer calf along with daughters by Sanchez and Windbrook.

Amazing sells with her Fever dam, and family members by Brady and Mayfield also sell.

Sabrina sells milking 100 lbs./day. Her sisters by Aftershock and Fever sell.

Any-Day Realty Elliemae-Red

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk-ET

Seagull-Bay Dundee Demi-ET




Ellie Mae sells safe in calf to Absolute along with her 3 beautiful Applejack daughters.

From Silk’s red carrier Day daughter, *RC and Red & White granddaughters by Bigstar and Pat-Red sell.

Daughters and granddaughters selling sired by Fever, Brady, Gold Chip, Windbrook and Alexander.


Others selling:

Herd Facts:

• VG 30,000 lb. Fever carrying an Atwood heifer calf along with a daughter by Brady • VG 30,000 lb. Aftershock - will be fresh at sale time • Fancy 2-year-old Braxton from an EX Atwood • Fresh Defender with Jedi heifer calf from the Durham Atlee family • Polled Jedi red carrier calf with +2361 GTPI

Current DHIA RHA: 22,490M 817F 696P herd SCC 108,000 (no BGH used)  52 cows selling are 2 and 3-year-olds  several Red & Whites and 3 Brown Swiss will sell  Daughters of Atwood, Gold Chip, Sanchez Braxton, Fever & Mayfield  Service sires include Headliner, Bradnick, Flagship, Modesty & Jett  Excellent herd health; seasonal vacc. up to date, all cattle BVD test negative

Call sale manager for catalog or view online at

Owners: Gary & Michelle Popp W1657 County K, Unity, WI 54488 715-571-9177 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

 Cows are all tested negative for Johnes, bulk tank tested negative for Leukosis, staph aureus, mycoplasma bovis and strap agalactiae

Sale managed by: Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, WI 715-223-6345 or | Sale staff: Auctioneer - Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI, 715-223-4014 Pedigrees - Kevin Jorgensen, 920-210-3992 Ringman - Lynn Harbaugh, 920-420-1524

Sweet Summertime - 2016 Show Results Bluff-Ridge Atwood Bridget EX-90 - 2nd 4-Yr-Old, Res. Sr. & HM Grand Champion IL State Fair 2nd 4-Yr-Old & HM Senior Champion IL State Show Bluff-Ridge Atwood Janet VG-86 - 3rd Sr. 3-Yr-Old IL State Fair & 4th Sr. 3-Yr-Old IL State Show Ms Queens-Manor Beau 1st Jr. 2-Yr-Old IL State Fair & IL State Show Owned by Dirk Thompson, Dusty & Nicole Schirm, Matt Linehan & Mike Halpin - Housed at Bluff-Ridge

Bluff-Ridge Bones Dolce EX-93 - 4th & Best Udder Aged Cow IL State Show Bluff-Ridge Atwood Darlin-ET - 5th Fall Yearling IL State Fair Bluff-Ridge Sid Strawberry - 3rd Winter Calf IL State Fair Bluff-Ridge BW Bunny - 5th Spring Calf IL State Fair & IL State Show

The Butler Family

35821 E 900 N Rd., Arrowsmith, IL David: 309-475-2131 Christie: 815-530-0331 Sarah: 309-824-8621

Illinois Championship Show Results Carters-Corner Fever Pen EX-92 HM Grand Champion Res. Grand Champion B&O Intermediate Champion 1st Sr. 3-yr-old Fever x EX-94 Supra

Carters-Corner WH Remi-TW

Junior Champion B&O & Res. Junior Champion (Open) Junior Champion (Junior) 1st Fall Calf (Open & Junior) Windhammer x EX-90 Atwood Now owned with Legendholm, Fairholm & Kyle Demmer

Additional Show Results

Carters-Corner Wbrook Reese 1st Fall Yrlg (Open & Junior) Res. Junior Champion (Junior)

Andy & Tyler Carter · 211 IL Route 127 · Greenville, IL 62246 Phone: 618.664.1825 (Andy) · 618.267.1825 (Tyler) Email: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 13

3rd Annual Fall Harvest Raffle Grand Prize: a pick of one of these 4 animals (must be present or have a representative present to pick that calf) Reg # 3126231661 DOB 1/31/16


Macey is an extreme out-cross with no Supersire or Mogul in her pedigree and is 150 over Parent Average for GTPI. Her dam Marlo is 83 on her first score with a RIP of 2-7 2x 199d 15520 4.7 729 3.2 500 and has a Silver son at Accelerated. ~ consigned by Hendel Farms

Reg # 71804518 DOB 2/16/14


Rally freshened on June 1 2016 and is milking 100lbs at her last test with a record of 98 days in milk 8618lbs 3.2% Fat and 2.9% Protein. She is due April 10, 2017 to Dempsey. Rally’s VG-87 dam just finished her third lactation with 27,680lbs of milk with a 3.6% fat and 3.0% protein ~ consigned by Ashview Holsteins

Reg # 3135936092 DOB 3/01/16


Fury is a march calf who goes back to Markwell Bstar E Raven-ET 3E-EX-95 Gold Medal Dam and Dam of Merit . Fury’s dam is an EX-91 cow producing 28,430lbs of milk in her third lactation. ~consigned by Flower-Brook Registered Holsteins

Reg # 3130628055 DOB 1/22/16


selling is a well balanced flush aged heifer from a well known cow family. Bikini is a supersire calf out of Four-Cal Beam-ET with a 6.4 calving ease. Dam will be fresh sale time. Maternal grandsire is Cookiecutter Petron Halogen and Maternal Grandam is De-Su Ecoyne 2043-ET VG-86. - Consigned by Minnigan Hills

Only 200 tickets sold! Proceeds also go towards Junior programs. Interested in purchasing a ticket? Contact Minnesota Holstein today! 320-259-0637 Other prizes include: • $1500 Cash Prize • $1000 Credit at MN Select Sires • $1000 Cash Prize • $750 towards an ad in the Minnesota Holstein News • Framed Canvas of “Farming” by Bonnie Mohr • $500 Cash Prize • 1 night stay and 2 banquet tickets to MN All Breed Convention • $300 Cash Prize • $250 Cash Prize.



MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 15

Ms Ziems Gold Chip Havana VG-86

Greenlea Ad Ace-Red EX-92

2nd Junior 2-Year-Old, WI District 6 Show 2016 (10 days fresh) 6th Junior 2-Year-Old, WI Championship Show 2016

4th 4-Year-Old, WI State Red & White Show 2016 Reserve All-American Red & White Fall Yearling 2013

Dam: St-Jacob Sanchez Hava VG-86 2nd Dam: Dubeau Dundee Hezbollah EX-92

Sire: Advent-Red Dam: Yursden Kite Caramac-Red EX-92

All-American Senior 2-Year-Old, Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old

All-American Red & White Junior 2-Year-Old & 4-Year-Old Grand Champion, WDE Red & White Show 2006

Havana’s sister by Atwood, Harmony, was 3rd Fall Yearling at the WI District 6 Show and was fresh in September - look to see her this fall! Havana is housed at Smithcrest and will be in their string at Madison! ~ Owned with Ziems & ZBW

Ace’s daughter, Golden-Oaks All That As, was 1st Summer Yearling and Reserve Junior Champion at the Midwest Spring R&W Show 2016. Ace is housed at Smithcrest and will be in the Robthom/Ziemba string at Expo. Ace will be flushed after Expo! ~ Owned with Ziems, Steven Nelson & Dylan Reed

Prestige-Gen As Kicker VG-89 at 2Y

Ziems-LKH Damion Muddy 2E-92

Ziems-EF Dundee Ebony 2E-92

1st Junior 2-Year-Old, WI District 6 Show 2015 4th Junior 3-Year-Old, Midwest Spring National Show 2016

2nd Aged Cow, WI District 6 Show 2016

2nd 4-Year-Old & Reserve Grand Champion, WI District 6 Show 2013 Reserve All-NY Senior 2-Year-Old 2011

Sire: Alexander Dam: BVK Atwood Alex VG-89 2nd Dam: Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94 2E 3rd Dam: C Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94 3E

Kicker has embryos by Diamondback, Solomon and Jacoby. She is housed at Sunshine Genetics. ~ Owned with Ziems & Jeff Cole

Dam: Ziems-LKH Outside Ms Mudd EX-94 3E 2nd Dam: East-Cupcake Muddy Water EX-95 4E

Muddy is housed at Sunshine Genetics and will be flushed throughout the winter and spring. We have embryos by Atwood, Doorman, Brady, Archrival and Reginald. We are working with daughters by Reginald, Doorman, Brady and Diamondback.

Dam: Budjon-JK Gibson Enchant EX-92 3E 2nd Dam: Krull Broker Elegance EX-96 3E

Ebony is housed at Sunshine Genetics and will be flushed this fall. We have embryos by Doorman, Brady & Atwood. Ebony has two awesome Atwood 2-year-olds for next year due in December; Atwood Elani was 5th Fall Yearling at the MW Spring National. ~ Owned with Ziems

We have moved! We now call Cambridge, Wis. home (1 mile from Sherona Hill). We will be raising our heifers and our milking cows housed at various locations. Hopefully our barn will be finished later this fall! Special thank you to everyone that has helped care for our milking herd - Hurtgenlea, Smithcrest, Ar-Line and Robthom. 16 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

Tim, Leah & Claire Ziemba 1397 Hillside Rd., Cambridge, WI 53523 315-730-3312

Illini Golden Opportunity Sale Saturday, October 22, 2016 · 11am · Clinton County Fairgrounds · Carlyle, IL Cattle Preview & Chicken Dinner on Friday Evening at 6:30pm 80 Live Lots · IVF Embryo Lots

KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96-3E DOM Grand Champion Grand Int’l R&W Show 2011 Kingboy bred heifer from the Apples! Golden-Oaks Dresser x EX Goldwyn x Apple due in Feb! Janssen

Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97-2E GMD 2x Supreme Champion World Dairy Expo Fresh Atwood Jr. 2-yr-old sells! 3rd dam is Dundee Frosty EX-92. 4th dam is Frosty. Woker

Ludwigs-DG Goldwyn Ellie EX-95 Grand Champion Illinois Championship Show 2016 EX-91 full sister sells. Entered at Louisville! Ludwig Heztry bred hfr x Ellie’s EX-94 full sister! Netemeyer

Holbric Genuine Antoinette EX-94-2E Lifetime: 158,630 4.5 7196 3.3 5265 Her Fresh Aftershock Milking Yearling sells! Olbrich

Ziems Tundel Stella-RC EX-90 EX-MS Potential 9th generation EX Gold Chip Milking Yearling sells from EX-90 Tundel Stella! Tim Ziemba

Golden-Oaks Dur Champ-ET EX-94-2E Lifetime: 152,650 3.7 5607 3.3 4975 Her Aftershock Milking Yearling grand-dtr sells! Golden-Oaks

Schluter Sydney Lee-Red 2x Nom. All-American R&W 12/2015 Red Defiant & Red Awesome sisters to Sydney Lee sell! Joe Schluter

Lindale Sid Ellen-ET VG-89 Absolute sister to Ellen sells due 11/5 to Sid. Kleiner

C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-4E GMD 2x Queen of the Breed June 2016 Golddust sells with 11 EX dams back to Roxy! Mil-R-Mor

Additional Consignments:

3/2016 Red Absolute entered at Louisville x EX-94 95-MS Advent. Randall Potential 10th gen VG-EX Dorcy bred heifer sells due in Nov to Union. Oertel Fancy Destry Jr. 3-yr-old sells! She’s entered at Louisville. B-J-Grove Just fresh 2-yr-old Windbrook back to Ashlyn EX-92-2E GMD DOM. Woker Eddie Bue, chairman 715-299-4651 Nate Janssen, co-chairman 847-224-7859 Scott Courtney, auctioneer 563-380-1318

Fancy 9/2014 Chelios x EX Dickey due sale time to Doorman. Lila Sloan Fresh Barbwire Jr. 2-yr-old sells. Heinz-Hope VG Doorman Sr. 2-yr-old fresh with 2nd calf. Sugarcreek Dairy IVF Absolute Embryos. Kleiner

Sale Catalogs:

Eddie Bue 715-299-4651 Email:

Watch for the sale catalog online at: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 17

30th Annual WHA Futurity Seventeen bovine beauties graced the shavings at the Wisconsin State Fair Park on Saturday, August 13 to compete for first place in the 30th Annual Wisconsin Holstein Futurity. Judging this prestigious event was Brian Behnke of Brooklyn, Wis. In this non-traditional show, the animals are entered three years prior to the show and only the best of the entries compete for the coveted title. This year the Futurity title was captured by Ernest-Anthony Sid Amelia, owned by Crescentmead Holsteins and shown by Sarah Wendorf of Ixonia, Wis. The Wendorf family received $1500 from our generous sponsor, Badgerland Financial. Amelia was also named Best Udder of the show and the Top Fat and Protein production winner. Following closely in second was Ryan-Vu Regin Raz A Taz, owned by Chad and Mark Ryan, Majestic View, and Crailoo Dairy Farm, and shown by Amy Ryan of Fond du Lac, Wis. Raz A Taz won a $750 check from International Protein Sires. She was also named the first place Bred and Owned animal. In third place was Rob-Cri Dempsey Secret, exhibited by Gracelyn Jo Breitenstein of Plover, Wis. Agropur presented Gracelyn and Secret with a check for $500. Gracelyn was also presented with the first place Junior award, sponsored by Angela Davis-Brown of Ma-Brown Holsteins and Jerseys and $50 from the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. With the bovine beauties truly looking their best, the exhibitors are also dressed to impress for this show. These exhibitors put away their jeans and boots for a night of ball gowns and tuxedos to compete for the Best Dressed awards. All the exhibitors were looking their best and truly impressed the crowd. The Best Dressed Junior award and $100, sponsored by Frisle-Vu Holsteins, went to Nicole Wright from Watertown, Wis. Levi Kindshi of Loganville, Wis., received the Best Dressed Male award and $100 from Indianhead Holsteins. The Best Dressed Female of the night went to Courtney Ewert of Hustisford, Wis., along with $100 sponsored by Scenic-Edge Holsteins. The night was led by the master and mistress of ceremonies, Tim Natzke and Kristin Olson, who introduced distinguished guests and the bovine beauties. Distinguished guests for this year’s event included Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess Kati Kindschuh; Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess Attendant Paige Nelson; Alice in Dairyland Ann O’Leary; Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs Gloria Kesler; National Red and White Queen Mckenna Coffeen; and Green County and Dane County Royalty. The Wisconsin Holstein Association Futurity is a very unique show with a unique mission. The Wisconsin Holstein Association uses the futurity to help promote the dairy industry to the general public, display the first class care dairy farmers provide for their animals and show the dedication that we have for our animals and the products they produce. The Wisconsin Holstein Association Futurity was started to inform consumers about the dairy industry and Registered Holsteins. The 30th Wisconsin Holstein Association futurity would not be possible without our generous sponsors. The Wisconsin Holstein Association would like to thank the major futurity sponsors, 18 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

1st Place - front, left to right: WHA Princess Kati Kindschuh and Princess Attendant Paige Nelson; back: Fairest of the Fairs Gloria Kesler, Judge Brian Behnke, Alice in Dairyland Ann O’Leary, Niles and Carolyn Wendorf, Sarah Wendorf holding Ernest-Anthony Sid Amelia, Lane, Troy, Grady, Todd, Landon and Christa Wendorf, and Badgerland Financial representative Tami Behnke

2nd Place - seated: Alice in Dairyland Ann O’Leary; back: Fairest of the Fairs Gloria Kesler, WHA Princess Kati Kindschuh, JT Pfaff represenging International Protein Sires, Amy Ryan on the halter of Ryan-Vu Regin Raz A Taz, Chad Ryan, Judge Brian Behnke, Cameron and Dylan Ryan, and WHA Princess Attendant Paige Nelson

Badgerland Financial, International Protein Sires, Agropur, and Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent, for helping to make this show a success. In addition to our very generous sponsors, we would also like to thank our committee members for all that they do when it comes to setting up and taking down the arena. We could not have such a successful event without your generous help.

2016 Futurity Final Placings 1st Place - Sponsored by Badgerland Financial - $1,500 Ernest-Anthony Sid Amelia Sire: Pine-Tree Sid-ET Owner: Crescentmead, Ixonia Exhibitor: Sarah Wendorf Best Udder of Show sponsored by East Central Select Sires Top Fat & Protein Production sponsored by Brian Greenman, Rural Mutual Insurance Agent 2nd Place - Sponsored by International Protein Sires - $750 Ryan-Vu Regin Raz A Taz Sire: Regancrest Reginald-ET Owner: C & M Ryan, Majestic View & Crailoo Dairy Farm, Fond du Lac Exhibitor: Amy Ryan Best Bred & Owned sponsored by Lirr Farms 3rd Place - Sponsored by Agropur - $500 Rob-Cri Dempsey Secret Sire: Lirr Drew Dempsey Owner & Exhibitor: Gracelyn Jo Breitenstein, Plover 1st Junior sponsored by Ma-Brown Holsteins & Jerseys and WI Junior Holstein Association 4th Place - Hilrose Hero RaeLynn Owner: Jeff Brantmeier, Hilbert

Sire: Siemers Toys Hero 9701-ET

Exhibitor: Ashley Brantmeier

Sire: Regancrest-GVS Bradnick 5th Place - Milgene Bradnick Sledstorm Owner: Hildebrandt Family Farm LLC, Hustisford Exhibitor: Courtney Ewert Best Dressed Female sponsored by Scenic-Edge Holsteins

6th Place - Krull Redburst Holiday-ET Sire: Lookout P Redburst-Red-ET Owner: Carley Krull, Lake Mills Exhibitor: Mariah Strauss 7th Place - Mar-Linda-K Baby Rae-Red-TW Sire: Hylite Barbwire-Red-ET Owner & Exhibitor: Nicole Wright, Johnson Creek Best Junior Bred & Owned sponsored by Lirr Farms Best Dressed Junior sponsored by Frisle-Vu Holsteins 8th Place - Rob-Cri Goldsun Sasha-ET Owner: Robert & Christine Barden, Plover Exhibitor: Kimberly Jacowski 9th Place - Hilrose Dempsey Paty-ET Owner: Jeff Brantmeier, Hilbert Exhibitor: Andy Brantmeier 10th Place - Indianhead Thority Brittany Owner: Gabriel Schauf, Barron Exhibitor: Karyn Schauf

Sire: Toc-Farm Goldsun-ET

Sire: Lirr Drew Dempsey

Sire: Comestar Lauthority-ET

11th Place - Miss Summer Moonshine Sire: Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez Owner: Dawson & Kylie Nickels & Landon Wendorf, Ixonia Exhibitor: Christa Wendorf 12th Place - Ryan-Geiger GW Atwd Reaction Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Owner & Exhibitor: Whitney Ebert, Algoma 13th Place - Rob-Cri Goldsun Sugar-ET Owner: Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph Exhibitor: Bob Barden

3rd Place & 1st Junior Owned- seated, left to right: WHA Princess Attendant Paige Nelson, and Alice in Dairyland Ann Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Leary; back: Fairest of the Fairs Gloria Kesler, Dave Hitner representing Agropur, Gracelyn Jo Breitenstein, WHA Princess Kati Kindschuh & Judge Brian Behnke

Best Dressed Female: Courtney Ewert

Best Dressed Male: Levi Kindschi

Sire: Toc-Farm Goldsun-ET

14th Place - Synergy Bradnick Haven Sire: Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET Owner & Exhibitor: Levi Kindschi, Loganville Best Dressed Male sponsored by Indianhead Holsteins Top Milk Production sponsored by Brian Greenman, Rural Mutal Insurance agent 15th Place - Krull Braxton Haylee Owner & Exhibitor: Carley Krull, Lake Mills

Sire: Regancrest S Braxton-ET

16th Place - East-Branch Braxton Mayme Owner: Dennis Jarek, Bonduel Exhibitor: Kristine Jarek

Sire: Regancrest S Braxton-ET

17th Place - Indianhead Apricot-Red-ET Owner: Jacob Schauf, Barron Exhibitor: Bob Schauf

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn

Best Dressed Junior: Nicole Wright MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 19


Upcoming Events • Awards Banquet - October 27 • Annual Meeting - January 12 • Spring Sale - watch for more info to come




Our herd is expanding! Expecting baby #3 in February 2017.

R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411 Phone: 715-257-7255 e-mail:

   

Don, Jenna, Malayna & Kendra Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-537-0820

Gary Stankowski Owner Home: 3860 Sugar Bush Rd. Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-3197 Farm: 543 Hwy. S Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-0799

Ded-Dit Holsteins

 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcome by appointment


Ded-Dit Guthrie Bedazzle now VG-85 VG-MS at 3-02! ~ granddaughter of Bewitched

Castleholm Rae-Love-Red 5-11 305 35,438 4.3 1509 2.7 971 EX-93 2E at 6-10 14th gen. EX

DAL-SKI HOLSTEINS Briccows Talent Bewitched EX-90

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476 715-571-0843 20 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

David & Paulette Lemanski

Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome


         


        

      

Har-Dale-Acres Rob Clair-ET VG-85

         

    

THANK YOU     

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

Russ & Rosie Bauman


 

Edgar, WI • 715-573-0521


A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families

She is the core of our herd! An Armitage granddaughter of Apple

   

Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 715-615-3552

Ms Brandys Bella EX-90 EEVEV 3-06 2x 305 32,710 1278F 997P +2230 GTPI     

Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619

Call Milkyhill Cattle Sales for rates.

Barron County Fall Sale - November 5, 2016 Currently selecting consignments.

Contact ED mielke 715-574-2931 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 21


September Classification Update

Like Mother, Like Daughter Her Daughters: • O-Style 4853, VG-88 at 5-00 • Jacey 5000, VG-85 at 3-01 • Golden PP 5032, VG-86 at 2-09

• 2 new Excellent cows, including

Nor-Way-Pete Brax Lois now EX-90 4-00 302 34,732 3.5 1236 2.6 930 - fresh again at 5-00 and milking 161 pounds/day • 14 new Very Good cows, including 5 as 2-year-olds Cows are averaging 101 pounds/day with a 1-year average SCC of 121,000. If anyone is looking for some good show project calves or cows, give us a call!

NOR-WAY-PETE FARMS, INC. 1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427 RHA: 3x 31,105 4.0 1244 2.9 929 Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Visitors Always Welcome!

More to come!

Hartford Lotta-Hill 940 VG-87 DOM +2217G 2-01 2x 365 32,400 4.8 1534 3.2 1049

Dam: Sully Hart Toystory 726-ET GP-83 VG-MS 2-07 3x 312 25,290 3.9 990 3.1 777 2nd Dam: Sully Titanic Orla-ET EX-90 3-11 2x 365 25,240 4.0 1127 3.0 856

Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

 

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang 


Fabulous Fay Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie

New classification scores... Milksource Goldwyn Aspen EX-92 Timlynn Braxton America-ET EX-92 Tomkins Shottle Cavanya-ET EX-91 2E

Sky-Reach Fabulous Fay VG-89 Quality Fabulous x VG-88 Formation x VG-87 Chesapeake x VG-86 Tesk x VG-88 Inspiration x EX-94 “Ivory Mark” x EX-92 Elevation Fay is from the same maternal line as Robthom Integrity, EX-95, and Bosside Ruben “Boss”, EX-Extra. We are looking forward to the show season & pulling season! F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-581-6460 E-mail: 22 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

HOLSTEINS Hank, Shannon, Gabe & Jonah Boschma Athens, WI 715-205-7303


5 #1 embryos available from Bosside Apple Alexa-Red-ET now VG-85 86-MS 1st lactation 

  by Goldwyn     Aprday-F 779 Captain-Red-ET T-Spruce Bretagne-Red-ET  Bretagne-Red        

John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 31 cows 24,723M 965F 817P BAA: 107.8%

September Classification Highlights: Samway Palermo Osbourne

Fustead Mogul Lilac-ET VG-87 DOM 2-02 2x 365 30,365 4.9 1483 3.3 1004 +2467 GTPI +84F +42P +1112M

Now available at Select Sires...

Fustead Tango Lylas

  

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS      

 L-L-M-Dairy Jedi Dysis born 6/18/16 GTPI +2772 +2084M +73F +68P +7.0PL +1.0DPR +2.57T +2.00UDC +2.06FLC

VG-86 at 2-11

Samway Baltimor Grace VG-85 at 2-03

Samway Willies Pal Whiskie GP-82 at 2-00 and only 5 days fresh!

Wayne, Samantha & Justin Giese

   

Her dam: L-L-M-Dairy Butler Dusty VG-85 VG-MS GTPI +2483 2-00 25d 1333 4.1 55 2.8 37 inc.    Leon & Lyle Matthiae E916 Hwy. Q Ringle, WI 54471 715-297-8485 Leon 715-297-8483 Lyle Visitors always welcome MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 23

Supporter Proud A big thank you to all of these supporters! Scholarship Fundraiser Kevin Jorgensen Marathon Feed & Grain Seehafer Refrigeration Select Sires American Wood Fibers Paradoc’s Embryo Transfer Swiderski Equipment Segga Embryo Transfer Jim & Tammy Fahey Semex Ever-Green-View Farms LLC Todd Stanek Dr. John Prososki Tom Danhoff

Wargo Acres Jason Danhoff Strack Family

State Picnic Meal Swiderski Equipment Thrivent Leon Waller, Rural Insurance Wittenberg Embryo Service Banner Banks Insight FS Northside Elevator Mullins Cheese Northwoods Veterinary Service Country Fresh Meats Wisconsin Holstein Association Buyers

Ryan Enkers Kevin Jorgensen Linus Nolt

Michael Marx Gary Lemmer/ Swiderski Equipment

Our family thanks everyone who supported us with their help, their bids and all who were able to attend!

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS Brian & Wendy Fust Tyler, Shannon, Sarah & Tanner • Adam & Jennifer, Aiden, Bailey & Connor • Nicki, Brad, Reagan & Isaac R12653 Cty. Rd. N, Wausau, WI 715-842-5868/Ph; 715-848-0465/Fax 24 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

MN Fall Harvest Raffle Opportunity

Macey Hendel Entail Macey 4437 +2547G •Reg # 3126231661 DOB: 1/31/16 •1309m 54f 48p 6.7pl .2 dpr 2.49t 2.22udc 1.94flc. Macey an extreme out cross with no Supersire or Mogul in her pedigree and is 150 over parent average for GTPI! Dam: Hendel Jman Marlo GP-83 2yr Old +2325G •RIP of 2-7 2x 199d 15520 4.7 729 3.2 500 •Silver son at Accelerated

Grandam: Hendel PLT Marilyn +2098G VG-88 GMD DOM LIFE 1549 156200 4.0 6187 3.1 4839 Macy is one of 4 choices for the grand prize at the Minnesota Fall Harvest Raffle on Novemeber 19. Contact us for tickets!

Wednesday, June 7th - Welcome Meal at Hartford Farm Thursday, June 8th - Tour & Judging Contest at Stranshome - Annual Meeting & Banquet Friday, June 9th - Tour Mahoney Holsteins & Johnan Holsteins - National Convention Sale Hosted by the Minnesota Red & White Club - Follow us on Facebook!

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2016 National Holstein Convention

Illinois Junior Holstein Scrapbook 1st Digital Scrapbook 2nd Paper Scrapbook

Emily Irwin 2nd Senior Dairy Jeopardy

With Coaches John Mitchell, Becky & Glen Meier

Connor Erbsen was in the final round for Intermediate Dairy Jeopardy

Follow the Illinois Junior Holstein Association on Facebook! Photos compliments of Melissa Irwin


Congratulations Illinois Juniors!

Illinois Juniors touring King Brothers Dairy

Brock Irwin

“The Real Truth About the Dairy Industry”

1st Intermediate Speech

Congratulations to the Illinois Juniors on their successes in the show ring this Summer and Good Luck at the Fall Shows! Save the Dates! July 19, 2017 - Illinois Holstein Dutchess Contest July 20, 2017 - Illinois Championship Junior Holstein Show MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 29

Quality Goldwyn Macy-ET

Welcome McCutch Crystal-ET

VG-86 (VG-87 Can) 2-03 proj. 305 20,285M 655F 666P

VG-87 2nd calf DOM +2440 GTPI 3-01 266 28,553M 1105F 891P

Macy is a Goldwyn sister to Pine-Tree Sid. Her dam, Pine-Tree Finley Minnie-ET is EX-91 Can and is from Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 3E GMD DOM. We have 3 ultrasounded heifers by Doorman arriving in January.

Crystal is projected over 31,675M and is confirmed pregnant with her 3rd calf by Guthrie. Crystal is backed by 18 generations of VG and EX dams. She’s a Top 10,000 cow, USDA Elite Cow and Locator List Cow. Her son, IHG Caine-ET +2657G, is a new release at Jetstream Genetics. We have ultrasounded heifers by Sid, Byway and Megawatt due in December.

Bell-Air Shottle Glam-ET VG-87

Comestar Lautamarina Millio-ET EX-90

3-03 353 29,781M 1310F 857P

4-05 367 32,129M 1210F 912P

Glam has ultrasounded heifers coming by Brash and Beemer. She is from Bell-Air Lou Glimmer, VG-88, then Bell-Air Champion Giselle, EX-90 3E, and Kinnear Outside Ginny, VG-87.

By Million, she’s backed by five VG dams back to Comestar Laurie Sheik, VG-88 23*. She has ultrasounded heifers by Chrome, Beemer and Brash and embryos by High Octane.

These four young cows come from tremendous, deep pedigreed cow families. We are excited to watch them and their offspring develop.

Dan Ziegler 8683 County Rd. A, Belleville, WI 53508 608-669-1145 • 30 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

Potential 10th Generation VG-EX Sells!

Prenellaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dam

Illini Golden Opportunity Sale October 22 - Carlyle, Illinois BRITE-SIDE DORCY PRENELLA Born: 11/21/14 Due 11/4/16 to Union (Doorman x Atwood) Sire: Coyne-Farms Dorcy-ET VG-87 Dam: Brite-Side Gabor Princess EX-92-2E 4-03 365d 31,710 3.9 1230 2.9 917 2nd Dam: Brite-Side Goldwyn Pandora EX-90 3-11 365d 27,210 3.9 1051 3.2 878 3rd Dam: VG-88 4th Dam: EX-94 DOM 5th Dam: EX-93 6th Dam: VG-86 7th Dam: VG-86 8th Dam: VG-89 9th Dam: VG-85

Visit Brite-Side Holsteins on Facebook to learn more about the cow families we are working with! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 31

From Asia to Atlanta to Bert-Mar... these “A” sisters are sights to behold!

Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94

Luck-E Advent Asia EX-94

7-04 365 47,682 1568F 1286P

6-02 2x 305 35,180 5.0 1747 3.1 1083

~ Dam of Luck-E Ladd Atlanta-P RC and her daughters around the world are turning heads! ~ Calves on the ground by Apoll-P, Diamondback & Byway ~ Pregnancies by Avalanche, Incredibull-Red, Goldwyn, Ammo-P and Doorman

Reader’s Choice for Holstein International’s Red & White Impact Cow of 2016! ~ Dam of Adonis-Red & Awesome-Red ~ Pregnancies by Goldwyn, McGucci, Absolute, Ammo-P and Doorman

Advent x Luck-E Blitz Australia VG-87 2Y x Luck-E Skychief Arizona EX-90 x Hart-Lyn Starbuck Ashley EX-94

Atlanta and Asia are starting a legacy here at Bert-Mar with their daughters being the stars of our heifer pens. They are already having a world-wide impact with the most recent show winner, Atlanta’s Redburst daughter being Nominated All-German 2-year-old R&W. Watch for more from this exciting pair of cows! Inquiries are always welcome.

Allan & Sue Lundberg

W12976 Huskelhus Rd., Osseo, WI 54758 Allan - 715-450-1989 | Erica - 608-317-6052 32 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

Thank you to Farmgirl Photography for these priceless photos of our special girls.

What an exciting show career for Thomas so far. Six years ago, she was Dylan’s novice calf...with Andrew as her first judge! This year, she’s Grand Champion of the Midwest Fall National Show!

d n a r G A truly

! s a m o Th r o f r e m m u S 2016 Midwest Fall National

Photos©Cybil Fisher

• Senior & Grand Champion • Top Bred & Owned of Show • 1st Place Aged Cow

2016 MN State Holstein Show • Senior & Grand Champion • Top Bred & Owned of Show • 1st Place & All-MN Aged Cow • Best Udder of Show

Thomas’ 2-year-old Fever daughter is owned by the Hornbergs, Winona. She has a April 2016 Chelios heifer, plus June Doormans and September Sids.

SheekNoll DURhAM

Arrow eX-94

Although her given name is Arrow, we call her ‘Thomas’. Thomas’ best record: 4-0 2x 306 29,090 3.8% 1,112F 3.0 871P The Sheehans • Rochester, MN • 507-289-4251 • Connect with us on Facebook!

Judges are always impressed to learn that Thomas has had five natural calves–one every April. Congratulations to the Mahoneys for being Reserve Grand Champion at both shows this year. It’s exciting to see two homebred cows do well!

Michigan At A Glance SAVE



Come Explore the Shores & More!

Michigan is looking forward to hosting the National Holstein Convention in 2018!

Plan your “Con-Vation” for June 29-July 3, 2018 and spend a few days playing

From the Holstein President’s Pen As I look back on the summer in Michigan, I realize that we live in a great dairy state. The weather was typical, not enough rain in one place and plenty in another. I read recently that we had 46% more days over 90 degrees this summer than normal. I’m not sure how many is normal, but it sure seemed hot this summer. The cows at our dairy seemed to keep on milking despite the weather. Too bad the milk price can’t get into the profitable range; someday it will, so say the experts. The weather during the week of the summer show was its typical hot and muggy. Cow numbers were down, because of the weather or low milk prices, I guess. Congratulations to Reeds Dairy on their homebred grand champion cow! The national convention committees have been busy. I’ve seen lots of e-mails on what has been going on and the pace will be picking up they say. It looks like we are going to have an outstanding convention in Michigan in 2018. Volunteers are always welcome, just let Suzanne know how much time 34 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

you have to offer. So, Explore the shore, Michigan Holsteins and more! See you around,


Ike Hunt, Michigan Holstein Association President

in the sand, splashing in the water and enjoying great fellowship in one of Michigan’s greatest treasures – Traverse City. Known as the Cherry Capital of the World, Traverse City is nestled on Lake Michigan and is brimming with agricultural diversity. Cherry and apple orchards dot the backdrop for winding vineyards that twist and turn through the northwest hill country bordering Lake Michigan. But the real treasures are the black and white cattle that call northwest Michigan home. We have lined up several tours that include wine tasting, shopping and of course the beautiful Mackinac Island! The entire family will enjoy climbing the sand dunes, kayaking and sailing the Great Lakes! And of course, the best of Michigan Holsteins will be on display for our passionate Holstein enthusiasts. We look forward to welcoming you in to Michigan to Explore the Shore and More!

Outstanding Exhibitor Lucas Moser was selected as the Outstanding Michigan Junior Holstein Exhibitor at the All Michigan Holstein Show with Paul Trapp as the judge.

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Summer 2016 - 31 5


 

    





          

               

              

           





           

              

            

           



        

      

 

                

                                                

     MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Ms SSI Balisto 972-ET +2531G +980M +.12%F +71F +.05%P +45P PTA +2.40T Sire: De-Su 11236 Balisto-ET +2430G Dam: Ms Welcome Uno Tarina-ET +2472G - maternal sister to Mr Welcome Hill Tango • Balisto has offspring over +2800G

Genesee Jacey Mabel-ET +2522G +1415M -.03%F +45F +.04%P +54P PTA +2.30T Sire: Coyne-Farm Jacey CRI-ET +2487G Dam: Geness-Hill Snw Miggins-ET +2165G - Snowman x Planet • Offspring over +2700G

Webb-Vue Tango 7377 +2514G +1608M -.07%F +41F +.00%P +42P PTA +1.59T Sire: Mr Welcome Hill Tango-ET +2530G Dam: Webb-Vue Plan Veronica-ET +2262G 2nd Dam: Gabor Mycala VG-87 GMD DOM

These three help make our 2-year-old pen an exciting group. We also have a Kingboy to watch for (thanks Joe Loehr), daughters by Halogen, Montross (boy do they milk!), Defender, Miles, Midnight (Epic son), and a promising Damarius. Genetics available from many of these. Let us know if we can help your program!


N5328 W. County A, Plymouth, WI 53073 Phone: 920-526-3504 | Bob’s cell: 920-377-1079 E-mail:


All Michigan Dairy Expo Grand Champion Holstein, Grand Champion Red & White, Best Udder in Show as a Junior 3-year-old Recently scored VG-88 with VG-88 MAM Thank you to Tim Baker and Britney Zondlak of Star Summit Farms for housing our girl!

989.277.2078 L to R: Elaine Reed, Steve Reed, Karreen (Reed) Bird, Malissa Reed, Elizabeth Reed, Breeah Reed


Congrats Kim on a great show at the Wisconsin State Fair!

Kellercrest Mont Lisbeth-ET +2450 GTPI +561NM +3.06T +3.19UDC +2.18FLC


1st Winter Yearling, group 2 - WI Junior State Fair 2016 • Due 12/1/16 with Modesty heifer calf • Full brother, Kellercrest Leary-ET, at ABS • Kingboy brother, Kellercrest Kingbo Lundy-ET, at Accelerated Genetics

Dam: Rickland Numero Uno 4519-ET +2431G 2nd Dam:

Welcome Russell Lisbeth-ET EX-90 DOM +2254G Next 4 dams all EX-91, along with 7 generations DOM and/or GMD from the Welcome Baxter Laila-ET family

Heritage-E Daybreak-ET 2nd Winter Calf, group 3 - WI Junior State Fair 2016


Heritage-E Debbies Diva-ET EX-91 3rd Fall Calf, Midwest Spring National Show 2011 7th Milking Yearling, WDE 2012

2nd Dam: KY-Blue GW Debbie-ET EX-91 2E All-American Summer Yearling 2009 2nd Summer Yearling, WDE 2009 Res. All-Canadian Summer Yearling 2009 1st & Junior Champion, Midwest Spring National Show 2009

3rd Dam: BVK Outside Diana-ET EX-92 2E DOM 4th Dam: Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen-ET EX-94 2E DOM 2x Nominated All-American

5th Dam: C Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94 2E DOM All-American 3-Year-Old 1990 Res. All-Time All-American Senior 3-Year-Old

Kellercrest Registered Holsteins, Inc.

Tim & Sandy Keller, Andrew & Kimberly • Mark & Kareen Keller 1141 JG South, Mount Horeb, WI 53572 Ph: 608-437-4755 • Fax: 608-437-4759 • e-mail: RHA: 333 cows 3x 31,658 4.04 1281 3.11 984 Progressive Breeder & Progressive Genetics Herd Awards MIDWEST HOLSTEINS

Watch for both Lisbeth and Daybreak on the colored shavings at World Dairy Expo!

2016 Iowa Holstein Show

Total Head Shown: 216 ~ August 11 ~ Des Moines, Iowa ~ Judge: Hank Van Exel, Lodi, CA

Judge Hank Van Exel, Alternate Iowa Holstein Princess Sally Hamlett, Jason Danhof with the Reserve Grand Champion Female Red-E-J Atwood Ohio, Jason Steinlage and Family with the Grand Champion Female Farnear-TBR PopsicleET and Iowa Holstein Princess Jessica Stempfle

Judge Hank Van Exel, Alternate Iowa Holstein Princess Sally Hamlett, Gavin and Lauren Kishman, Grant Fremstad with the Reserve Senior Champion KishHolm Colette, Jason Steinlage with the Senior Champion Female Farnear-TBR Popsicle-ET and Iowa Holstein Princess Jessica Stempfle Junior Heifer Calf (20) 1 - Cloverhill Defiant Ivanka, Clover-Hill Farms 2 - Still-Volk Solomon Flo, Nathan Arthur 3 - Banowetz Aftermath-ET, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 4 - Henkeseen A Lovestruck-Red-ET, Henkeseen Holsteins 5 - Cost Defiant Matilda-ET, Cost Farm 6 - Biercrest Sid Lana, Biercrest Farms 7 - Le-O-La Gold Reba-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 8 - Quality-Ridge Golden Milan, Quality Ridge Holsteins 9 - Lyons-DL Easy Choice Vivian, Lyons Holsteins 10 - Gibbs Brokaw Black Secret, Gibbs Holsteins Intermediate Heifer Calf (27) 1 - Le-O-La Brady Miranda, Le-O-La Holsteins 2 - Garay Archival Anita, Farnear Holsteins 3 - Cloverhill Slmn Ambrose-ET, CloverHill Farms 4 - Prestige Gen Sid Tribute-ET, Arthuracres 5 - Banowetz Doorman Foxy-ET, Shawn 42 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016

& Levi Banowetz 6 - Lyons-DL Grape Wine-Red, Lyons Holsteins 7 - Banowetz Doorman Fergie-ET, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 8 - Volker-Hovden Dunde Savvy-ET, Steinridge Jerseys 9 - Volker-Hovden Dunde Saydi-ET, John Butz 10 - Biercrest Blake Dezi, Biercrest Farms Senior Heifer Calf (25) 1 - Henkeseen Kingboy Wisdom, Henkeseen Holsteins 2 - Ms Apple Antibella-ET, KCCK Holsteins 3 - J-Volker Atwood 1122, Lyonsview Dairy 4 - Banowetz Armani Aspen, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 5 - Farnear-TBR Babes Bar-ET, Farnear Holsteins 6 - Stempfle Wind Grand Slam-ET, Stempfle Holsteins 7 - ArthurCreek Gold Chip Casual, Nathan Arthur 8 - Regancrest-MVM Brazele-ET, Regancrest

Grand Champion, Senior Champion Female & Best Udder of the Show: Farnear-TBR Popsicle-ET, Steinridge Jerseys & Eric Lang Reserve Grand Champion & Intermediate Champion Female: Red-E-J Atwood Ohio, Regancrest Reserve Senior Champion Female, Honorable Mention Grand Champion & Top Bred & Owned: KishHolm Colette, KishHolm Holsteins Reserve Intermediate Champion Female: Regancrest-GV Gold Breya-ET, Regancrest Junior Champion Female: Le-O-La Brady Miranda, Le-O-La Holsteins Reserve Junior Champion Female: Garay Archival Anita, Farnear Holsteins Premier Breeder: Farnear Holsteins Premier Exhibitor: Regancrest Holsteins Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor of the Heifer Show: Clover-Hill Farms 9 - Gibbs Animal Frisco-ET, Gibbs Holsteins 10 - My-John Airlift Allison, Red-E-J Holsteins Summer Yearling (22) 1 - Stempfle Sid Taylor, Stempfle Holsteins 2 - Gibbs Broken Record, Gibbs Holsteins 3 - Schulte-Bros SS Rapunzel, HB Holsteins 4 - Cloverhill Drmn Adelaide-ET, CloverHill Farms 5 - ArthurCreek Airlift Clara, Nathan Arthur 6 - Henkeseen Windham Raindrop, Henkeseen Holsteins 7 - Farnear Barbie Doll, Farnear Holsteins 8 - Regancrest S Bayana, Regancrest 9 - Le-O-La Candle-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 10 - Cost Defiant Maj, Cost Farms Junior Yearling (21) 1 - Craila Doorman Loveshack-ET, Ice Cream Acres 2 - Courtlane G Delicious, Courtlane Holsteins 3 - Edgebrook Abslt Perfect-Red, Hazelbrush Farms 4 - Courtlane Gold Chip Denise, Courtlane Holsteins 5 - KCCK McBeth, KCCK Holsteins 6 - Biercrest Chelios Tanysha, Biercrest Farms 7 - Farnear-TBR Babes Betty-ET, Farnear Holsteins 8 - Gav-N-View Crown 1840-Red, GavN-View Farm 9 - Banowetz Ashock Pleasure, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 10 - Eagle-View Gold Chip Camero, Eagle-View Dairy Winter Yearling (14) 1 - Cloverhillfm Golden D Viola, CloverHill Farms 2 - Church-Hill Equation Sayitall, Hawkeye Holsteins

3 - Henkeseen Daine MC Diamond, Henkeseen Holsteins 4 - Regancrest P Olivia, Regancrest 5 - Farnear Door Betsy, Farnear Holsteins 6 - Stempfle Doorman Funky Monkey, Stempfle Holsteins 7 - Schulte-Bros Hayden Ramona, HB Holsteins 8 - Hendel-Vatland Raven 4193-ET, Courtlane Holsteins 9 - Z-Breeze Armani Pearl, Z-Breeze Holsteins 10 - Cost Airlift Sweetheart, Cost Farms Senior Yearling (11) 1 - Arthuracres Wbrook Adeen-ET, Arthuracres 2 - Le-O-La Atwood Leanne-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 3 - DL-Lyonsview Candy-Red, Lyonsview Dairy 4 - Lyons-DL Airlift Kia, Lyons Holsteins 5 - Le-O-La McCutchen Carisa-ET, LeO-La Holsteins 6 - Stempfle Atwood Glam It Up, Stempfle Holsteins 7 - Hanson-Hilltop Airlift Grape, HansonHilltop Farms 8 - Moneek-Ridge Loar 1047, Buddenberg Farms 9 - Mil-R-Mor Furious Bonelle, Ice Cream Acres 10 - Wildrose Brawler Jarah, Pearl Lane Holsteins Junior Best 3 Females (10) 1 - Clover-Hill Farms 2 - Le-O-La Holsteins 3 - Shawn & Levi Banowetz 4 - Stempfle Holsteins 5 - Henkeseen Holsteins 6 - Regancrest 7 - Biercrest Holsteins 8 - Cost Farms 9 - Quality Ridge Holsteins 10 - Eagle-View Dairy Milking Yearling (2) 1 - Farnear Brit Mardi (BU & B&O), Farnear Holsteins

2 - Farnear Gabrielle Gabby-ET, Farnear Holsteins Junior 2-Year-Old Cow (12) 1 - Hahncrest Atw Danica-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 2 - Moondale-AAA SF Careful, Moondale Farm 3 - Korian Goldwyn Marian-ET (B&O) Korian Holsteins 4 - Regancrest G Cinderella-ET, Regancrest 5 - OCD Gold Chip Eloise-ET, Steinridge Jerseys 6 - Cloverhillfm Madness-Red-ET (BU), Clover-Hill Farms 7 - Edgebrook Aftershock Camden, Edgebrook Jerseys 8 - Farnear Bridge Betsey-ET, Farnear Holsteins 9 - Banowetz Wood Salve, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 10 - Fossum BW Josey, James Fossum Senior 2-Year-Old Cow (14) 1 - Regancrest-GV Gold Breya-ET (BU), Regancrest 2 - Henkeseen White Zinfandel (B&O), Henkeseen Holsteins 3 - Regancrest D Caramba-ET, Regancrest 4 - Lyons-DL Fork Nova, Lyons Holsteins 5 - Gibbs BN Dillon-ET, Gibbs Holsteins 6 - Duckett-Dyment Bailey-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 7 - Cloverhillfm Abslt Arkyn-ET, CloverHill Farms 8 - Korian Dempsy Blaze, Korian Holsteins 9 - Hovden Drman Alora-ET, Dave Koss 10 - Red-E-J Shamrock 184, Red-E-J Holsteins Junior 3-Year-Old Cow (8) 1 - Cubers-Crner Alchemy Spark (BU), Regancrest 2 - Ficy Alicia Sid, Steinridge Jerseys 3 - Hawkeye Colt-P Erin (B&O), Hawkeye Holsteins 4 - Rivervalley Barbara 5-ET, Le-O-La Holsteins 5 - Scottmore Atwood Mystique, Scottmore Holsteins 6 - Moondale Afirma, Moondale Farm

7 - Le-O-La Meridian Carmal-ET, Le-OLa Holsteins 8 - Cost Brett Cookies, Cost Farms Senior 3-Year-Old Cow (12) 1 - Red-E-J Atwood Ohio (BU), Regancrest 2 - KishHolm Clea (B&O), KishHolm Holsteins 3 - Banberg Reality Wendy, Shawn & Levi Banowetz 4 - Church-Hill Butz Sayer, Hawkeye Holsteins 5 - Farnear Bridge Bry, Farnear Holsteins 6 - Scottmore Destry Mikiki-ET, Farnear Holsteins 7 - Courtlane Hero Breeze, Courtlane Holsteins 8 - Gibbs CM Tally, Dave Koss 9 -Dusty-Hollow Contact Cowlit, Steinridge Jerseys 10 - Kris-Del Alexander J-Lo, Kris-Del Farms 4-Year-Old Cow (14) 1 - Farnear-TBR Atwood Popsicle-ET (BU), Steinridge Jerseys & Eric Lang 2 - Henkeseen Wind Reagan (B&O), Henkeseen Holsteins 3 - Hillpoint Aliza-Red-ET, Lee-Anns Swiss 4 - Moondale Sanchez Stacie, Moondale Farm 5 - Norkval G W Atwood Sharon, Hawkeye Holsteins 6 - Regancrest-RMS Amethyst, Regancrest 7 - Melarry Sanchez Jennifer-ET, James Fossum 8 - Farnear-TBR Briteace-ET, Wedo-Ehr Cattle 9 - Cloverhillfm Sec Lochte-Red, CloverHill Farms 10 - Gibbs Atwood Swayna, Gibbs Holsteins 5-Year-Old Cow (4) 1 - KishHolm Colette (BU & B&O), KishHolm Holsteins 2 - Lyons-DL Casino Lucky, Lyons Holsteins 3 - Farnear Atwood Milli, Farnear Holsteins

4 - Lyons-DL Secure Ginseng-Red, Lyons Holsteins Aged Cow (6) 1 - Petitclerc Goldwyn Fumble (BU), Le-O-La Holsteins 2 - Moondale Trudy, Korian Holsteins 3 - Scottmore Atwood Gina (B&O), Scottmore Holsteins 4 - Moondale Duplex Kerry, Moondale Farm 5 - Moondale Goldwyn Paddy-ET, Moondale Farm 6 - Courtlane Colton Lisa, Courtlane Holsteins 125,000-Pound Cow (4) 1 - Miss Glen Magnum (BU), Korian Holsteins 2 - Regancrest-BH S Glimmer-ET, Regancrest 3 - Moondale Kolette (B&O), Moondale Farm 4 - Farnear Nifty Fire-ET, Farnear Holsteins

Best Three Females (7) 1 - Farnear Holsteins 2 - Moondale Farm 3 - Clover-Hill Farms 4 - Regancrest 5 - Lyons Holsteins 6 - Henkeseen Holsteins 7 - Cost Farms Produce of Dam (4) 1 - Farnear Holsteins 2 - Clover-Hill Farms 3 - Rockin-K Dairy 4 - Cost Farms Daughter-Dam (2) 1 - Korian Holsteins 2 - Cost Farms

Iowa Dairy Princess Kate Stewart, Alternate Iowa Holstein Princess Sally Hamlett, Megan Rauen with the Reserve Junior Champion Garay Archival Anita, Royce Demmer with the Junior Champion Le-O-La Brady Miranda, Judge Hank Van Exel, Iowa Holstein Princess Jessica Stempfle and Alternate Iowa Dairy Princess Leslie Sivesind

Hawkeye Holsteins receiving the Iowa Holstein Show Herdsmanship Award from Larry and Jane Madren sponsored by Madren Holsteins

Judge Hank Van Exel, Alternate Iowa Holstein Princess Sally Hamlett, Brian Regan with the Reserve Intermediate Champion Regancrest-GV Gold Breya-ET, Jason Danhof with Intermediate Champion Red-E-J Atwood Ohio and Iowa Holstein Princess Jessica Stempfle

Judge Hank Van Exel with the Honorable Mention Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion Female Photo by Randy Blodgett MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 43


Our TYPE Shows! Premier Breeder 2016 Iowa State Holstein Show & State Fair 1st Place Best 3 Females Proud to have bred the Grand Champion Female of both the Open & Junior Shows for 2 consecutive years! Congratulations to Eric W. Lang on having Grand Champion with Popsicle!!


All-Iowa Milking Yearling 2016 Gabby is a maternal sister to 1st Grade 151HO3239 whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the #1 UDC bull of the breed @ 3.68 UDC and 3.41 PTAT. 1st Grade is +1286M +1.9 DPR, 7.2SCE, and has NO Goldwyn in his pedigree. 1st Class x McCutchen x VG 88 Super x EX Outside


Kingboy x VG McCutchen x VG 87 Goldwyn x EX 94 Delicious Apple x EX 96 Apple-Red. #1 PTAT RC bull of the breed. 3.28 PTAT, 3.18 UDC, and +861M Order semen today from Sexing Technologies.

10476 Cemetery Rd | Farley, IA 52046 | Tom Simon 563.599.9183 | Rick Simon 563.744.3541 | Mark Simon 563.542.1297 Bill Rauen 563.599.9384 | Tim Rauen 563.451.5866 | MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 45

• Top Notch Production • Extreme Health Traits • Pleasing Type

EDG ABS 8850

Lively -ET

Sire: Coyne-Farms Jacey CRI-ET

+2458G +7.0PL 2.42SCS +4.0DPR Her Daughter: ABS Wargo Monterey Lavish +2622G +7.5PL +1.99T +2.28UDC Lively is our kind of cow where numbers are backed up by performance. Lively and Lavish are currently being flushed - inquiries are welcome. Gordon & Emily Carncross | Craig & Jen Carncross W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 | 608-592-2560 Craig cell BAA: 108.3% on 300 cows

RHA: 31,522 3.8 1196 3.1 981


September Classification Results 11 new Excellents & 113 new Very Goods, inlcuding 19 new VG 2-year-olds!

2nd-Look Snz Cassie 7211-ET EX EX-MS

2nd-Look Shamrock 8243 EX EX-MS

• 13th generation VG/EX, 33,000M • She has multiple daughters in the herd

pictured at 2Y

• Dam: 2nd-Look Alexander 7272 - raised to 91-2E • Daughter: 2nd-Look Oak 12108-ET - GP-83 at 2Y, +2347 PTPI

• 2nd-Look Massey 8992 (EX EX-MS at 3-01), 1-10 344 32,120 3.7 1189 3.0 953; Dam: VG-87 Buckeye w/34,000M • 2nd-Look Jordan 8397 (EX EX-MS), Dam: Budjon-JK Damion Eclipse (VG), an Elegance famly member • 2nd-Look CM 8251 (EX EX-MS), 2-9 32,000m; Dam: VG-87 Gabor w. 37,000m; Dau: 2y Massey: GP-82 w. VG MS • 2nd-Look Dorcy 7700-ET (EX EX-MS), 3-6 365 41,940 3.4 1445 3.3 1384 (1 of 5 VG/EX Dorcy sisters x VG Buckeye) • 2nd-Look Allstar 7563 (EX EX-MS), Dam: VG-86 Ito, Granddam: VG 87 Teamster • 2nd-Look Alexander 7204 (EX), 3-11 365 37,170 4.2 1556, next dam VG • From Pepper’s family: Daughter, 2nd-Look Atwood 7772-ET (VG-88) 4.6% fat, Granddaughter: 2nd-Look Massey 9091 (VG at 2Y) • From Dorito 8353-Red: Daughter, 2nd-Look Redburst 12296-Red (VG VG-MS at 2-03) • Other VG 2-year-olds: 3 Tango, 2 Headliner, 2 Doorman, 2 Brokaw, 2 Jacey, Mogul, Massey, Jackman, Johnson


Gildale Advent Primrose - now EX-95!

Over the years, Roy Hetts classified our herd a few different times, always in a very professional and educational manner. Congratulations Roy on your upcoming retirement. Your knowledge and experience have assisted junior members and dairymen alike.

N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Office: (920) 477-6800 • • Fax: (920) 477-2520 Doug Hodorff

Linda Hodorff

Corey Hodorff

Tammy Hodorff

(920) 979-2479

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(920) 602-6449

(920) 602-2944 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS


Show heifers available for sale.

Give us a call!

Patrick Rusch – 320-583-6372 Rachael Rusch – 320-552-0249 Patti Schaefer – 320-221-2490

https:// / www.fa // f • 56479 County Road 11 Stewart, MN 55385 fa

Dairyland Supply

STEVE PETERSON Regional Representative and Tri-Captain Holstein Association USA

Specializing in TMR Mixers and Manure Handling Equipment

62039 County Road 50 Wadena, MN 56482 Fax 218-631-3013 Cell 218-849-2238


Advertise your embryos, cattle or any type of genetics HERE for only $35/issue. This also covers a three-month listing on the Minnesota Holstein website CALL 320-259-0637 TODAY TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT! The Minnesota Holstein Association does not assume liability for errors and does not accept responsibility for the animals, products or services advertised.

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Toc-Farm Allen Amyly EX-96

Dream-Prairie GW Alberta-ET EX-92

Ladys-Manor Gold Denver-ET EX-90

Amyly’s 12/15 granddaughter, Cycle Windbrook Azul-ET, has the “magic sire stack” of Windbrook x Goldwyn x Allen and has that special look! Next dams 93, 95, 2E-90, 87 Spottie!

Two full sisters to this 2x All-Wisconsin and All-American nominee are here and boast a pedigree of VG-88, VG-89, EX-97 Alicia and EX-94 Ada!

Denver’s spring calf, Marsh-Vue Wickham Disco-ET, was a family favorite this summer at the shows and has a 6/16 full sister too! Next dams 2E-93, 2E-94, 87, 91, 3E-93.

Wargo-Acres Guth Mankato-ET VG-89

Webb-Vue Goldwyn Beth-ET EX-92 DOM

Jas-K Guthrie Tart-Red-ET EX-90

Mankato has two Doormans due 10/16 and we look forward to working with another daughter of Wargo-Acres Bolton Mopsie-ET 2E-93!

Her sweet uddered Junior 2-year-old Windbrook daughter has a 7/16 Doorman heifer and is bred again to Doorman. From 8 generations of VG/EX, they are owned with David Rose.

Tart’s +2432 GTPI 7/15 Seagull-Bay Silver-ET daughter is RED and unique! She is bred to EDG Delta-Beta-ET, +2698 GTPI. 5 generations of VG/EX.

We are excited to be working with the next generation of these cow families, as well as our next generation, as they continue to show passion and enthusiasm to be involved in the Holstein industry! Mark & Angie Ulness Family

4718 Cty. J, Valders, WI 54245 | Phone: (920) 775-4794 E-mail: | 22 PBR Awards 2008 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeders MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Fall 2016 - 51

Profile for Illinois Holstein Herald

Midwest Holsteins - Fall 2016  

Midwest Holsteins - Fall 2016