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Spring 2022 / ISSUE 10

"Île Maison,



your new State ofBeing.



In Île Maison Spring 2022 issue we inspire you to build your external and internal home, a window to your aesthetics and sensibilities that reflects who you are, and a “sacred island” where you feel at ease and one with nature. We can not control what is going on around us but we have the ability to find and control the peace and joy that lives in us and radiates from us.


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Île Maison is your new State of Being. It's where you belong. It's an internal space that gives you sense of safety, security, and a feeling of comfort. When you are Île Maison you radiate warmth, love, and compassion to others.

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Île Maison isn't just a feeling you get, it's also a feeling you give.


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PENTHOUSE LIVING in the City of Light - the inimitable treasure of BULGARI Hotel Paris Located on the Avenue George V in the ‘Golden Triangle’, home to the French capital’s luxury and fashion excellence between the Seine and the ChampsÉlysées, the Bulgari Hotel Paris is a new kind of hotel experience where Italian hospitality meets the jewelry heritage of Bulgari and the glorious history of the City of Light.


TIMELESS GLAMOUR & HERITAGE The interiors of the hotel, entirely designed by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel Italian architectural studio, feature 76 rooms and suites, including the Bulgari Penthouse, an exceptional private apartment of nearly 400 square meters with its own 569 square meter panoramic roof garden with views of all the capital’s iconic monuments. The building and the façade of the Bulgari Hotel Paris have been designed and restyled by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel in collaboration with the French architectural firm Valode & Pistre.


The inimitable treasure of Bvlgari Hotel Paris is the 400-square-meter Penthouse complete with 600 square meters of terraces and gardens. Occupying the top two floors of the hotel, it offers a total area of nearly 1,000 square meters on two levels connected by a spectacular staircase, and gives guests a spectacular 360° view of Paris’ most iconic monuments.


The Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur and Grand Palais feel as if they are within arm’s reach from this glassenclosed jewel. Its soaring dining room is layered with antique Altai carpet and lit by a sparkling glass and gold chandelier. It has two kitchens, its own bar, a very large bedroom that looks onto the Eiffel Tower, a bathroom entirely clad in book matched Arabescato marble, an adjoining private fitness room, a hammam, a pantry, a living room and dressing room.


Dining Room


Penthouse Living Room


Penthouse Master Bedroom


Penthouse Bathroom


Penthouse Dressing Room


High above the intersection of the Avenue George V and Rue Pierre Charron, the majestic terrace is set against the backdrop of Paris’ timeless rooftops. Oaks, magnolias and philadelphus sit next to redcurrant bushes, apple trees and pear trees, giving the space the feel of Provence in the center of Paris’ Golden Triangle.



The Grand Cru village of Aviz e nestles between rolling hills of vines in the Côte des Blancs,Champagne. The chalky soil in the area produces the beautifully mineral Chardonnay in our Grands Vins de Champagne. Each tiny parcelle of land produces different grapes. We grewup riding our bikes through the vines and knowevery single one in the area. With 30years of Champagne expertise,our team is rooted in the region. That’s why we’re proud to call Aviz e home.

Guillaume,Richard and Rodolphe Frerej eanTaittinger


The Living Art Patrick Blanc,

French Botanist & Inventor of Vertical Garden In conversation with Ilona Lee

ILONA LEE: When did your love for plants start? PATRICK BLANC: Since my childhood I have love tropical living creatures, both animals like fish and birds and plants. I visited with my parents all the museums and exhibitions featuring tropical plants and animals. I remember the first international Floralies exhibition in Paris when I was nine years old and I was so much impressed by all the reconstitutions of trees and rocks covered by many different plants, mostly Ferns, Orchids and Bromeliads. Just afterwards, I began to install many plants in my room and finally, at about 15, I created my first vertical garden.

ILONA LEE: What do plants mean to you?

PATRICK BLANC: I am always surrounded by plants, either at home or in the tropical forests for my research at University and then the National Center of Scientific Reasearch (CNRS). When you observe the plants, either at home or in the different tropical forests, you understand that their evolution is mostly guided by very sophisticated structural ways of adaptation. The plants mostly don’t move so they need structural responses of their changing environment, either the predation by herbivorous animals or the falling of a tree branch, or an unusual dry season or a sudden drop in temperature or a new disease… Plants are thus fascinating because they present a wide array of responses to the moving life conditions. And the right morphological or behavioral response means harmony and beauty.

ILONA LEE: What was your most challenging project?

PATRICK BLANC: In fact, each project is a challenge because I always have to select the right plants. The smallest one, about only one foot tall in my home, was only covered with different moss species and it was not at all simple to select these species. On the other hand, a tall project like the 200 meters tall Towers with Jean Nouvel in Kuala Lumpur is of course challenging, because the top is very windy and fully exposed to the sun, while the lower parts are totally protected and over shaded. Once again, the advantage of being a scientific botanist is the quick and accurate response that I can give to each situation. But we have to keep in mind that plants are living creatures and that sometimes they show some unexpected responses in their growth habits. Finally, this is the best thing to see that first of all plants are living individuals and that each one can exhibit a different response to situations that we considered as perfectly understood and well managed; The plant life expressions are always a wonderful surprise and many times I have seen plants growing in an unusually beautiful architectural way on my vertical gardens.

Le Nouvel Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Photo: Ody Effandy

"My vertical garden mimics the rocks and tree trunks covered by mosses in forests, where the plants are growing with the root system radiating among the very thin moss and algae layer covering rocks or trunks."

ILONA LEE: You invented the modern Vertical hydroponics Garden. Tell us more about your invention. PATRICK BLANC:

I invented the vertical garden in its present conception about 45 years ago and a full page article was published in 1978. Since that time I have made quite a few technical modifications but, thanks to my botanical researches and numerous travels in forests of the world, I extend more and more the proper selection of the plant species according to each situation. In fact, my vertical garden mimics the rocks and tree trunks covered by mosses in forests, where the plants are growing with the root system radiating among the very thin moss and algae layer covering rocks or trunks. I just replaced the moss layer with a very thin, 3 mm thick felt with high water diffusion power, allowing the roots of the plants to grow radially among the fibers of the felt. Since this felt is not biodegradable, it lasts for some tens of years (my oldest felt elements date back to 1982) and the plants can exist on the felt almost eternally, at least when considering our human span of life. Irrigation is from the top with a perforated hose and there are usually two to four sequences every day, the duration of each sequence being usually 2 to 5 minutes according to situation and season.

ILONA LEE: What are your favorite plants?

"I love all plant species! The only important thing is to see them growing in the best way year after year and this is why the selection of the right species for the right place is most important. But I must say that, first of all, I love shade loving plants."

ILONA LEE: How do you choose plants for each project? PATRICK BLANC: There are two different situations, indoors or outdoors. The plant selection for my indoor vertical gardens are similar concerning their requirements all over the world since the indoor temperature is everywhere about 20°C. My selection concerns the available species from nurseries in each country. For instance, most of the glasshouse nurseries in the USA are mostly along the East coast, in Florida and in California.

I always select a mix between some common species and much more architectural and rare species. Of course, every time the project concerns an outdoor creation, I, first of all, take in consideration the global climate, especially the lowest winter temperatures and the local conditions of exposure to the sun and if the situation is a narrow canyon street or a fully exposed façade. This means that the selection of the right species for each place in an outdoor vertical garden is almost infinite, ranging from ferns and shade loving plant species to sun and wind loving species for the top of my vertical gardens.

ILONA LEE: What is the future of green walls? Are Vertical Gardens sustainable? PATRICK BLANC: During about twenty years I was mostly the only person to create vertical gardens in the world, my first public installation being in 1986 for the Museum of Sciences and Technology in Paris la Villette. Now, mostly since 2005, the vertical gardens have become more usual elements of the so-called Green Architecture. This means that I created a new perception of the cohabitation between plants and human beings inside the cities without losing the very precious space at the ground level. The ecological sustainability advantages of a well managed vertical garden is that the water consumption concerns only the biological needs of the plants since there is no water surface run off nor vertical water percolation through the soil. Of course, the best way is to recycle the water from a lake for instance or from large indoor tanks or aquariums as in my home. Collecting water from the roofs and from car parkings is also the best way to save water consumption.

" I created a new perception of the cohabitation between plants and human beings inside the cities without loosing the so precious space at the ground level. "

"At home, I try to recreate the most harmonious living situations that I can observe and delight in Nature." ILONA LEE: What are you working on currently? First of all I am a botanist and I still work on publications and videos on my field trips in tropical forests, the last ones during this 2021 covid year being Tanzanian forests and the cloud forests of Ecuador. Considering my vertical garden projects I have some of them in Europe (and even in France…) but most are in different parts of the world, especially USA with a beautiful residence project in Oakland, California and a new exciting one in the center of Manhattan. The biggest one (450 m long indoor vertical garden) just finished in Kuweit, a new one in Doha and quite many in Asia, especially in Singapore with the green renovation of the Changi airport terminal T2, a long term and so exciting very diversified project in Shenzhen, named C Future City and more projects on the way. ILONA LEE Is your jungle home in Paris your favorite place on earth? Yes, of course ! And just because here, at home, I try to recreate the most harmonious living situations that I can observe and delight in Nature.




Nature inspired,handcrafted designs from Porto. The Gravity Console stands in a delicate equilibrium between function and sculpture. Pulled by the invisible force that connects space and matter,holding the universe together,the Gravity is crafted in lacquer with a unique ripple effect.

The force of Gravity, the lightness of Air, the ascent of Magma,and the mysteries of Saturn. Designed and produced in Porto, land of craftsmen and age-old tradition, Ginger & Jagger’s Earth to Earth collection is an evocative poetic realm, where Nature’s sculptural shapes are eternalized through handcraft, with unique artisanal techniques and an outstanding blend of superb materials such as brass, copper, exotic woods and marble. 24

� �



The Air Side Tables pay tribute to the invisible foundations of life on Earth. Standing on rosebush branches in molded in brass casting, the acrylic top seemingly floats, as if suspended in the air. Their weightless feel makes them purposefully atmospheric for living spaces in need of lightness. The Air can also be made in a broad selection of marble or lacquer tops.

Ananaz | Side Tables 26

Primitive | Console

Ascending through the mantle of the Earth, molten magma becomes colder, and forms rocks that are testaments to its living core. The new Magma Table Lamp provides a poetical meditation on these elements, with its carefully layered composition. The geometrical foundation, in stone, serves as a base for a volcanic rock molded in brass casting. The light is framed by stylized fabric abat-jour.

Magma Table Lamp Cactus | Console 27

Pebble | Stool/Side Table


Ilona Lee in conversation with NYC based interior designers on designing space for Health & Well-being "How do you enhance wellbeing of your clients through design and architecture?” In our work we have been able to foster a sense of wellbeing through space optimization. This allows us to create enhanced functionality, increasing value both financially and physically. At EXD Architecture we believe wellbeing exists in a space that can grow and change with its occupant, a dynamic space, rather than becoming so static over time and needing to be renovated periodically. We also believe in the power of design to cultivate happiness.

We do this by formulating not only strategies for design flexibility, but to create spatial, customized experiences according to each individual client’s lifestyle. It’s important to us that our designs allow for change, over 24 hours, for living and working, in the same space.

Victoria Benatar & Michelle Cianfaglione Founders, EXD Architecture

"We believe in the power of design to cultivate happiness." 29

We created ULTIMATE COMFORT for "Shared Luxury"

located on the newly minted billionaires’ row, on Manhattan’s East 57th street. In our project ‘Shared Luxury’ we used these principles to design a 1,850 sq. ft. three-bedroom, three bathrooms apartment located on the newly minted billionaires’ row, on Manhattan’s East 57th street. The property was purchased by a group of investors to ‘share’ with each partner and their families, as well as the highprofile clients of the company they own together. The clients wanted a fully furnished and equipped apartment, to be designed in a way that suited most people’s needs, allowing each guest to just bring their clothes with no need for anything else. We have created the ultimate comfort for this Pied-à-terre..

For this client, wellbeing was expressed by future proofing the apartment and creating a comfortable, elegant setting for all its occupants.

We selected Mid-Century modern furniture with custom textile décor to provide the kind of comfort that would extend to any age or personality, as the apartment would always be shared.


The new definition of luxury is experience At EXD Architecture, we believe that the new definition of luxury is experience, so it was important to both bring the city inside the apartment by having the views to help carve out spatial moments in each room and allow all occupants to use the spaces as they wish. The kitchen/dining/living room are layered with both casual and formal seating, overlooking the skyline, to provide that flexibility, so guests can have options of how they want to use the space. 31


Additionally,we provided custom designed lighting in every room to accent the walls for art installations and to provide different lighting scenarios for the different daily activities. We also designed custom state of the art interior closets by poliform to provide them with the ultimate storage solutions for clothing,sport wear and suitcases so their belongings can be concealed. In the living and master bedroom we used mechanical shades to facilitate light, and curtains in the two small room following the curved windows. Each bathroom and bedroom were provided with luxury linen and towel sets, to have their residential home radiate the comfort of a 5-star hotel.


Shared Luxury : Photos by Kevin Wong

We wanted to provide our clients with a highend experience that matched this exclusive building in NYC.



Modern Cottage Amagansett Dunes in Long Island, New York

1,402 sq. ft. home, located in one of the most sought-after locations in the world, only steps from the Amagansett Dunes in Long Island, NY.. Interior design by EXD Architecture


In our Mid-Century Modern Cottage project, the clients had a 1,402 sq. ft. home, located in one of the most sought-after locations in the world, only steps from the Amagansett Dunes in Long Island, NY. The house was built in 1968 and has the iconic ‘A’ frame design that the clients wanted to preserve and enhance. Only intended to be a summer cottage, it had a simple interior that did not wear well over time. Public Space: The angled walls of this home’s original design decrease the size of the house’s footprint. Here at EXD Architecture, we pride ourselves in creating more use in small spaces and decided the first course of action would be to define the public and private spaces so that there would be enough room for each family member and allow them to gather. We paired the kitchen back, to create an eating surface on the new island, and relocated appliances to create a more efficient kitchen triangle for working. Because this house would also be a rental part of the year, a small appliance station was designed to be user friendly, ready for all accommodations. 35

PRIVATE SPACE In such a small footprint, EXD Architecture worked with the client to define certain niches for private use so each member of the family could have wellbeing. One semi enclosed reading nook under the stair, and one on top of the stair landing, allows the clients to put the houses’ inherited book collection on display while allowing the family members to separate into different activities. This update had a mix of new and old. The Mid-Century Modern furniture left by the previous owners was restored by the Clients and situated to provide proper circulation through to the new stair. The old stair was replaced with a more robust floating stair, with overlapping wood treads, paired with a cable suspension railing system and wood handrail to match the flooring. The aesthetic of the stair accentuated the Mid-Century Modern style, and the bright modern finishes and fixtures make it a year around home to make all feel welcome. EXD Architecture is a full-service architecture and interior design firm, based in New York, founded by Victoria Benatar and Michelle Cianfaglione.


EXD Architecture


Our mission with all our projects is to help our clients improve the way they live and work, because life starts in your space and extends out to the world. We believe in the importance of designing from inside to outside. That is why we combine Architecture and Interiors to offer our clients a more holistic approach to their design. Our goal is to use design as a tool for wellness & happiness ~Victoria Benatar & Michelle Cianfaglione, The Founders


Mid Century Modern; Photos by Eric Striffler

"How do you enhance wellbeing of your clients through design and architecture? JOE GINSBERG - Award-winning Designer based in NYC Developing a design within the needs and requirements of client. This is the foundation for creating a design plan, direction and schematic in order to provide functionality within a home intended to be a sanctuary. Every environment is designed to harvest its natural properties, i.e., natural light, bringing the outdoors in, adequate ventilation and attention to air quality, soothing colors, natural material applications and finishes, textures and fabrics that are comfortable and inviting, warm light, using architectural elements to create an easily navigable and spacious environment that promotes movement throughout.

As a design build firm with expertise in both hospitality and residential environments we bring our knowledge of distinctive architectural details and custom material applications to the environments we create. This practice has allowed us to exercise total control over all aspects of the environments we design. Creating a sense of well being and harmony has always been our mantra in the projects we execute. We enhance our client’s wellbeing through the use of multiple design elements from furniture placements that encourage social interaction to the curation of art and personal objects that enhance ones' well-being by bringing joyful spirit when viewing and living within. Architectural features that involve light, nature, water and air. Understanding the personality, wants and needs of our client is the start and the most fundamental aspect of design.



When you first enter the duplex on 86th Street,deep red walls welcome you with the tranquility and sheen of water, adding a reflective contemporary Asian flair The round staircase that takes you up to the second floor features a handmade modern spiral brass pendant which was shaped to visualize the movement of people going up and down..


Upon entering the double height living room an intricate 10 ft. hand-blown glass and crystal chandelier takes center stage. When looking up close at the fine details in this chandelier it is a welcoming surprise to see hand-blown animals and other creatures creating a whimsical feel in an otherwise serious piece. Joe created this chandelier with his client’s children in mind, celebrating their playfulness. 40

Upon entering the double height living room an intricate 10 ft. hand-blown glass and crystal chandelier takes centage. When looking up close at the fine details in this chandelier it is a welcoming surprise to see hand-blown animals and other creatures creating a whimsical feel in an otherwise serious piece. Joe created this chandelier with his client’s children in mind, celebrating their playfulness.

Custom Modern dining Table Custom designed furniture encompasses the home. A hand sketch and aluminum sculpture are the inspiration for a modern dining table that looks like it just came out of a sketchbook. The furniture placements encourage social interaction.

Custom Modern dining Table


Custom Rug inspired by Joe Ginsberg’s Watercolor The living and family room also showcases Joe Ginsberg’s hallmark of uniquely handmade rugs that he designs custom for each client telling their story in a contemporary art piece.

Master Bedroom for the little One This little girl is getting additional storage space around her bed.

Master Bedroom for Relaxation – A truly personable luxurious master bedroom with a custom bed and a bag closet. 42


HOTEL EXPERIENCE Designed by Joe Ginsberg Design, an award-winning New York-based architectural design-build firm The main lobby is accessed through the blackened steel atrium featuring prismatic faceted glass atrium and a tumbled paved walkway, bringing a sense of the outside in. Transitioning from the hustle and bustle of the city into a tranquil oasis.


Lobby Marmara Park Avenue Hotel, New York

A polished bronze diamond patterned door opens into the grand artisanal hotel lobby, showcasing a reclaimed parquet wood ceiling and seamless limestone walls. Bringing natural elements into the space. The vestibule is lit by a cast bronze hand blown glass pendant beacon that illuminates the way into the tranquil lobby.


Sculptural mirrored stainless-steel fireplace takes center stage dividing the lounge and bar, along with the hand carved aviary abacus. Inviting guest to play. The carved wooden birds were aged in soil creating character and a natural patina, complementary to the interior.


Sculptural Limestone Concierge Desks in the Lobby. Upon arrival, the hotel guests are greeted by two sculptural limestone concierge desks. A seamless poured concrete floor is punctuated by an inlaid brass king and queen pattern throughout the lobby.


Gem-toned accents in the lounge. Gem-toned accents and rich textures add tactile contrast against a neutral palette in the lobby. Neoclassical inspired sofas line the front wall in a refined yet relaxed aesthetic.


Tranquil Water Feature Table in the lounge. A stone water feature functions as a central accent table. This tranquil water feature beckons guests to relax and linger.

Hallway Marmara Park Avenue Hotel The hallways were made darker on purpose so the guest would transition from a darker hallway into the light colored and air-filled room. The rug in the hallways is inspired by the Empire State Building. The room number signs are illuminated laser-cut steel with a customized font created by the designer. 48

Library at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel. A prudently perched diminutive owl in the corner of the library creates a beautiful surprise and promotes learning and reading. The clock is made from limestone and bronze and disappears into the background to promote relaxation.


PENTHOUSE SUITE, MARMARA HOTEL PARK AVE. NYC All interior fittings were carefully selected by the design team at Joe Ginsberg, including furnishings and lighting from his line, Tempo Luxury Home. Handblown glass pendants in different shapes and colors signed by the artist bring variety to the guest suite dining areas. Joe Ginsberg’s classic style offers the creative atmosphere that hotel guests seek. The beds were designed exclusively for the hotel, with an upholstered base, velvet drawer inserts and attached custom side lamps. On the floor, a lattice wall-to-wall carpet complements the artisanal furnishings designed for the bedrooms. Glass front Italian kitchens with seamless Calcutta gold marble, uniquely designed stone baths, travertine floors in living rooms and terraces with sweeping city views make the penthouses at The Marmara Park Avenue a heavenly place to be.


Guest Suite Living Room, Marmara Park Avenue Hotel Artisanal details are the focal points in the guest rooms. An exclusive Third Avenue Bridge inspired wall covering in Mylar reminds guests of the buzzing city.


Pool Concept and Spa Marmara Park Avenue Hotel A Mediterranean style wellness center invites guests to retreat to a sub ground sanctuary. A bronze glass separates the fitness facility from the adjoining pool. A vaulted teak ceiling shelters the pool area, with a custom mural by Joe Ginsberg on the back wall. The pool floor consists of iridescent mosaics tile inspired by his Skan-9 series photography. The below ground wellness center and pool offer a finely finished, serene destination to complement this metropolitan utopia.



Hammam at the Marmara Park Avenue Hotel. A feature in the spa that promotes interest, health and well-being.





I created a separation of living and workspace by creating a floating office above the dining table. Custom Rug inspired by the family that lives in the loft. Making the space truly personable. Custom mahogany bookcase and stair to the floating office. Encourage reading.


KENT SWIG Distinguished New Yorker In conversation with Ilona Lee on Real Estate, Philanthropy & Well-being Kent M. Swig is an owner of several real estate operating companies as well as commercial and residential real estate properties throughout the United States. His holdings and titles include the following: Swig Equities, LLC - an investment and development firm focusing on the acquisition and development of real estate in New York City and California; Terra Holdings, LLC - the largest privately owned real estate service company in the United States that owns and operates several residential real estate service firms including Brown Harris Stevens, one of the oldest and largest residential real estate service providers operating in New York City, the Hamptons, Palm Beach, and Miami; Helmsley Spear, LLC, founded in 1866, America’s oldest, continuously operating real estate company; Falcon Pacific Construction, LLC and Falcon Pacific Builders, LLC which are a New York City based construction company; Mr. Swig serves as Chairman of Dignity Gold, LLC, an established United States based digital security that is crafting a revolutionary approach by backing a security token, DIGau, with gold reserves, in excess of $300 Billion of gold, silver, platinum and rare elements mining reserves along with mill processing operations, all based within the United States. Mr. Swig serves as the Principal of Vendmost, LLC, first in wellness, which was founded during the height of the 2020 pandemic in New York City. After developing reactive processes and testing numerous solutions, Vendmost began to offer “plug and play” proactive technologies and solutions which promote public health safety. Mr. Swig is an Owner and Principal of The Swig Company, a family-owned real estate and hotel company based in San Francisco and New York that was founded in 1936. The Swig Company's portfolio includes over 10 million square feet of prime commercial office space throughout the United States as well as having founded, owned, and managed the Fairmont Hotels, which the company started in 1946.


Kent Swig's other Honors and Awards: ILONA: What is the current state and near future of the residential real estate market around the country, especially in New York City?

KENT: It is interesting, if you look at the residential real estate market history since 1945, the marketplace has certainly had its ups and downs. The economy has moved and changed, and yet every time the market has had major downward correction, it has come back and regained all of its losses within about 18 months of hitting its low, and the comeback has included regaining all of the lost value plus an additional 10%. And, it appears to be same for this COVID period.

The comeback started in Brooklyn, with the one bedroom and studio segment in January 2021. The reason for this activity, I think, is that the “merry-go-round” for buying apartments in New York City slowed down enough to allow “first time” buyers to jump on the “merry-go-round” and gain a foothold towards owning property. And, by the 2nd quarter of 2021, the increased sales activity had spread to Manhattan and the rest of New York City. In fact, the sales activity by the second quarter of 2021 reach such a frenzy, that it set records as the highest volume of activity in thirty years which continue today.

Distinguished New Yorker, 2021, Visionary Award bestowed by Magen David Adom, 2017, Chabad/Lubavitch Youth Organization Honoree 2006, Honoree of the Association of Real Estate Women (AREW), 2008, Hero Award given by the Police Museum of New York, 2007, Man of the Year Award given by the Realty Foundation of New York, 2005, Israel’s Peace Medal given by The State of Israel Bonds, 2003, Man of the Year Award given by Big Brothers/Big Sisters of New York, 2000.

ILONA: How is the commercial leasing market recovering from COVID? KENT: If you asked me a couple of years ago when COVID first appeared, between the hotel, retail, residential and commercial market segments, which would recover first, I would have said probably the commercial office market would rebound first followed by residential, and then retail and hotel segments would have been last. This is because, I thought, commercial office would have been more stable with its longer term leases in place. And yet, it is actually the commercial market that has lagged the other three market segments. The commercial market is divided into two parts, one part is of the class A buildings which have been relatively unscathed as the tenants in the properties are all large and in good financial shape. Whether they occupy the space or not, they continue to pay their rent. The main issue has been with the Class B and Class C space which houses smaller tenants who have been more impacted by COVID than the larger tenants. It is this segment that is putting downward pressure on the market. ILONA: How residential?




ILONA: What is the future of retail in NYC? KENT: Before Covid-19, the retail market was in an adjustment period where big box users found that they were not able or willing to pay the expensive rents that were being charged by landlords. So, the tenants began to give up these big spaces and landlords began to break these spaces into smaller spaces. As a result, the retail rents started to go down. Once COVID occurred, the retail market began to decline even further and rents continued to decline. However, this is not all bad news for New York City. In fact, from a “quality of life” perspective, these downward rents may be a benefit to New York City by allowing for a more varied tenant base beyond big box users, such as chocolatiers, florists, coffees houses, sunglasses stores, and food sales to be able to afford retail rents. New York, it seems, is going to go back to the little small boutique stores of the 1950’s, which people loved, and the quality of life will increase as a result. Our retail tenants will be more like that of Paris with small little boutiques and very interesting stores. I think it’s going to be bringing back the entrepreneurs such as the pasta maker or a special ice cream store who could not afford rents several years ago.


KENT: Prior to COVID, land pricing for residential was based very much on condo valuations. Any land that sold for the residential market segment was sold based on this pricing. This has now changed as new condo development is slowing down due to rising interest rates and increased conservative underwriting standards by banks. Consequently land pricing has gone down in value. 58

ILONA: Is wellness real estate a new normal, a new standard? KENT: Absolutely yes. I think office space has already embarked on a “wellness” focus with work such as cleaning the air ducts, circulating more outside air, non-touch water faucets, non-touch paper towels in bathrooms, and a host of other elements. Tenants are very concerned about health and wellness and Landlords are responding. In addition, many landlords will continue checking temperatures and blood oxygenation levels of their tenants to insure wellness. So yes, wellness is going to be a big part of our society and I think this is appropriate. ILONA: How are you innovating? Are you implementing any health and wellness components into your buildings? KENT: When COVID first appeared, I started a health and wellness company called Vendmost, and we supply a variety of products to market places such as Thermoscan units that measure temperature and even blood oxygenation of those passing in front of the units.

ILONA: Real estate companies all over the globe are using blockchain's smart contracts. How is blockchain transforming the real estate industry? Is Blockchain going to replace traditional real estate deals in the future? KENT: First of all, let's take a look at what blockchain is. Blockchain is a secure form of filing documents which prevents unauthorized changes to be made to data and information. So, if you have a piece of property that trades from one party to another party, the recording of this transaction is safe and secure through the use of blockchain technology for the deed transfer; it can't be altered nor changed. And I think over time that banks and other financial institutions will all be using blockchain technology because its more secure. In addition, for human resource documents including signed employee contracts and payroll, blockchain technology will be used. ILONA: What is the DIGau token? How is your crypto coin different and more secure than other cryptocurrencies offered across the world? Is the SEC interested in regulating the market? KENT: Our digital security differs from most crypto currencies in several ways. First, we are based in the United States, and there are very few, if any, crypto currencies based in the United States. Our offices are located on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, our attorneys and accountants are located in the United States, and so are all of our professionals.

Secondly, we own and control the mines that contain all of our precious metals backing our digital security called DIGau, and these mines are located in the United States in Lincoln County, Nevada and contain over $214 Billion of gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. And, we have allocated $6 Billion of gold that we own and control to back our digital security. Also, if a token holder loses their password to the digital security, we will issue a new password to them, thus preventing any “lost” tokens. Lastly, and very, very uniquely, we are among the first cryptocurrencies that have voluntarily filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), which we did at the end of 2021. Basically, we have offered investors a safe and understandable way to invest in the crypto currency segment of the financial market place. ILONA: You are involved in several of the philanthropic projects spearheaded by the real estate community and beyond. Which charity cause is closest to your heart? KENT: The charity that is probably among the closest to my heart are those related to education. I am a big believer that education is the key to opening all doors for opportunity and I believe education should be free and available to everyone. So, I am involved in Brown University, where I received my undergraduate degree, and then taught there for fourteen years. I also work with an organization in Israel called The Institute which, basically takes the most disadvantaged people in Jaffa, Israel, second and third generation welfare people, and brings them into school and houses them, which results in a very high percentage of the kids, (about ninety percent) matriculating into the Army and then onto university. 59

ILONA: Is Mexico your home away from home? What inspired you to start/get involved in Visit Mexico? What is the mission? KENT: I don't know if it’s my home away from home, but I certainly enjoy and love Mexico. I think the culture and the people are magnificent. The work that we are doing, through the Ministry of Tourism, is unique among the nations of the world as Mexico has created a privatization of its tourist industry. My company is called Visit Mexico, USA, and it has the exclusive rights in the United States to market and generate business from the United States for those visiting Mexico. It is a true blend of combining the best private business working with the public government in Mexico to benefit all of the citizens of Mexico. ILONA: What is your advice for staying WELL in business and life these days? How do you create your inner well-being? KENT: I think from physically drinking a lot of water to eating in a healthy manner, and as much as I can, trying to exercise more and more. I swim a lot in the ocean as I love the ocean, whether it is winter or summer. I find for me, personally, the most nourishing, sustaining thing for me is to be in the ocean. As for business, COVID has brought a new focus to me. I would say that in every crisis, there is great opportunity which follows. The Chinese character for crisis (and I happened to major in Chinese History at Brown University), happens to be the same character for opportunity. So, when you have a crisis in business, most of the time and money that people spend is trying to hold their businesses up and keep them going. But, I think its very important to also allocate a portion of your time, say, 20% of your time and 20% of your money and 20% of your thinking time, and apply it into new areas and opportunities. If you spend all your time just protecting your business, which is important to do, you may lose out on new opportunities and you will have missed out on taking advantage of the crisis. For me, this has been to diversity my business which I have done: into cryptocurrency through Dignity Gold, into health wellness through Vendmost, and into tour and travel through Visit Mexico, USA.

BUY OR SELL YOUR REAL ESTATE with ILONA & we will feature your Property in the ILE MAISON Magazine

REAL ESTATE Contact Ilona Lee, Founder of Ile Maison with all your REAL ESTATE needs. Ilona specializes in luxury, well-being centered properties created to inspire holistic lifestyle and artful living. Ilona offers an artfully curated collection of condos, branded residences, resort suites, luxury villas, and more. She partners with international home owners, hotels,resorts, and real estate experts and has access to sales and rental properties in NYC and around the world. ILONA LEEE email: info<ailonalee.com, PHONE: +1 917 291 9491 www.ilemaison.com


ISi n

Female Leadership in Real Estate.


Award-Winning Real Estate Investor,

Founder of American Adult Day Care Center. In conversation with Ilona Lee.

Ilona: You received the Woman in Real Estate Award at RED CONNECT Gala. Tell us about your real estate recognition and the new property you acquired recently. Anna: We acquired a building that was built by the billionaire Jeffrey Wu who is married to Hong Kong film star Veronica Yip. The building was never able to obtain its certificate of occupancy despite many attempts by Jeffrey Wu. We were the underdogs. In life, what’s more important than the hand you are dealt is HOW you play the hand you are dealt. I was in negotiations to rent this space for close to a good year and a half. A few days before I was to sign the lease and provide a personal guarantee, I was told the deal was off. Two months after the deal fell through, the pandemic hit, and New York was on lockdown. We defied all odds.


"Entrepreneurship for me, began with a trip to Las Vegas. I was on a lucky streak and won at the craps table. I started my first business with my lucky money. This building is notorious in Flushing as it was mired in litigations and countless lawsuits. For 20 years the prior owner was not able to obtain the certificate of occupancy and the building stood empty but somehow, the certificate of occupancy was obtained miraculously only a few months after I signed the contract of sale. We took heart attack inducing risks. Not many people were willing to take on this property due to its reputation. After all, it did bankrupt a billionaire. It was not easy securing a bank loan in the middle of a worldwide pandemic when the banks severely tightened their lending standards, not to mention banks’ unwillingness to provide a loan for a building that is empty with NO rent roll. Many times, along the way in obtaining this property I had so many celestial signs. On the day of the closing, the fish tank at my adult day care that we’ve had for 10 years laid eggs for the first time!! In Chinese Feng Shui, a fish represents wealth and prosperity.

My mother always stressed to me that I am the “leading lady” in the movie that is your life and that I am its author and to be sure to pack my story full of adventure, drama, fun, excitement, and to amass as many great friends as possible and rally them in my support in the journey that is my life. No great achievement is ever accomplished alone. God chose her to be my mom because he/ she knew she would be the right person to mold me and to sculpt my mind. In China we lived in a home with no running water and the only electricity in our home was one flickering light bulb. I have come a long way from grinding poverty to the heights of Manhattan real estate and being a female at that. I WAS born on International Women's Day. I’m all about breaking that glass ceiling and reaching new heights! When I was a child, I identified as a boy. I wore boy’s clothes, boy’s shoes, had my hair styled like a boy, played soccer and sports like a boy. Now that I’m grown, that tom boy is still alive and well in me.

Now, BUSINESS is my sport. I relish the opportunity to play ball with New York’s most notorious men in the industry and I can stand up to them toe to toe. In my mind, Gotham City is my home and I strive to be a real-life superhero with my superhero friends and business partners taking on superhero sized business deals and adventures. Business to me is like an enthralling game of chess that I just can’t walk away from. ILONA: We are excited about your expansion. What will the new space give you the ability to do? The new space will truly be a place where we can provide our seniors the opportunity to live their best life, full of enriching classes and activities and memorable times with great friends and a healthy support network


ILONA: How does an American Adult Day Care Center enhance the well-being of its members? We provide a safe, supportive and fun environment dedicated to the well-being and quality of life for seniors. I love the quote by Betty Friedman, “Aging is not the loss of youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” We honestly bring that statement to life. Our seniors get to live their best life. We offer classes such as ballroom dance, classical Chinese cultural dance, piano, fan dance, sword dance, tai chi, arts and crafts, fashion shows, computer and iPad classes, painting, mahjong, and silk flower.

"We are all given this one life to live so, explore different cultures, travel to different countries. Love as if you have never been hurt before. " ILONA: What obstacles and challenges have you faced and overcome during the pandemic? During the pandemic many seniors either died directly from a covid infection or died because their surgeries or medical exams were put off due to hospital elective surgery postponements or early progression of Alzheimer’s from isolation or depression from isolation. Many of the centers went into debt during this worldwide health crisis to continue to serve and help our seniors who have known health disparities and disabilities and in particular ones tied to race, ethnicity, and income.

Ilona: What is your advice for happy and healthy aging? Surround yourself with people you love and those who love and support you. Eat a healthy nutritious balanced diet coupled with a regular exercise program. Lots of laughter. Have healthy goals and interests. Be Kind. Be forgiving. Take care of the home you live in, which is your body, mind, and soul. We are all given this one life to live so, explore different cultures, travel to different countries. Love as if you have never been hurt before. I am an entrepreneur. In one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books he stated, “A specialist knows a LOT about a little. An entrepreneur knows a LITTLE about a lot”. I love the quote by Jacob M. Braude… “Life is like a grindstone; whether it grinds you down or polishes you up depends on what you’re made of.” Ilona: How do you create your well-being? Well-being is achieved when you are centered in who you are and have a great network of friends.

Anna Lo & Ilona Lee at RED CONNECT GALA


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The Red Gala & Award Dinner At the event, scheduled for June 2nd, we will honor outstanding achievements of Real Estate and Construction companies as well as industries rising stars.


For exclusively discounted tickets contact Ilona Lee at info@ilonalee.com www.ilemaison.com


The RED Gala & Awards Dinner honoring 2021 Outstanding Leaders in Real Estate November 18th, 2021 Kellari, New York




A true wellness brand centered around living with intention while nurturing yourself and the environment.



To live in Kashwére bliss is to shift the balance from doing to being, to appreciating rather than perfecting, to live life simply and in the present.

We help people feel good by designing, developing and producing luxury feel good products using the finest yarns, resulting in the ultimate guest and consumer experiences. https://www.kashwere.com




David Harber seeks to design and make original and covetable sculptures, sundials and water features that will enchant and endure, whilst responding to his customers’ individual needs and environments.


TORUS Created in mirrorpolished stainless steel,this sculpture mirrors its environment and provides a frame as if inviting the viewer to look through a portal to another world. Embellishing the garden with additional decoration creates an interesting j uxtaposition between evolving nature and an aesthetic froz en in time. Selecting and positioning ‘art’ in the garden can be highly formal and structured,or on a whim;either way,the piece must have a relationship to its environment,which is where we like to thinkour designs come in.


Alveare Wall is a labour of love which has taken years to perfect ~David Harber

Inspired by the natural mathematical patterns of sunflower heads and other living organisms, Alveare Wall presents a kaleidoscopic panel of marine grade mirror-polished stainless steel apertures that both reflect and fragment the surrounding environment.



Slate Sentinel Two elegantly poised halves in a state of implausible balance

Like people living through a pandemic, David Harber's newest sculpture Sentinel explores how two bodies can co-exist in close proximity without touching.

Sentinel's two halves are split vertically by two internal faces of marine grade polished steel, creating kaleidoscopic reflections in the mirrored surfaces. Standing 71 inches tall, the sculpture's outer shell is fashioned from a tall ovoid crafted from hundreds of shards of tactile Welsh slate. The juxtaposition of natural, rugged exterior with a clean mirror-polished steel interior creates a truly striking effect. The two halves, poised on a small base, stand vertical and resolute in a state of symbiotic interdependence.


Inspired by the idea of the Lady of the Lake, Nyneve represents something man-made coming out of serene nature. Defiant and resolute, it is born of nature and symbolizes purity.



A massive verdigris bronze sculpture with all the energy of life exploding from its heart in a star-burst of gilded aluminium spikes Aeon is a defiant and massive bronze sculpture that represents both the first and last moment of mankind's journey on earth. As at the nanosecond of the Big Bang, the energy of life explodes from the heart of the sculpture's mass of amorphous bronze in 256 gilded spikes. In the Garden, Aeon can be viewed through aligned openings in the three sculptural screens that tell the story of man's evolving relationship with the planet – creating a metaphorical wormhole through space-time to the beginning of time. Aeon represents our link to the very beginning of time.


Architecture and contemporary art meet the sacred Santa Maria Goretti Church

Mormanno, Italy Solitary, serene and monolithic, the new parish church of Santa Maria Goretti rises from the northern edge of the Calabrian hill town Mormanno, commanding views of the mountainous Pollino National Park. by Mario Cucinella Architects


Mario Cucinella Architects Ar ch i te ctu ra l d e si g n th a t i n te g ra te s e n v i r o n m e n ta l a n d e n e r g y stra te g i e s w i th a d e d i ca te d i n te rn a l R &D d e p a r tme n t th a t i n ve s ti g a te s th e i ssu e s o f su sta i n a b i l i ty th ro u g h a h o l i sti c a p p r o a c h . Solitary, serene and monolithic, the new parish church of Santa Maria Goretti rises from the northern edge of the Calabrian hill town Mormanno, commanding views of the mountainous Pollino National Park.

Designing a church is a message of continuity with the spirit of art that has passed unperturbed through the centuries of humanity.” Mario Cucinella Designed by Mario Cucinella Architects the exterior of this elemental and sentinel-like building draws inspiration from natural forms as well as from the tradition of austere and beautiful apsidal Calabrian churches built by monks from the eastern reaches of the former Roman Empire escaping conquest and persecution. The result is an innovative church, dedicated to Saint Maria Goretti (1890-1902) the Catholic Church’s youngest saint - that, although a new building, appears to stand outside time.


The church is entered through a tall incision made in one of its four white concrete apses, the entrance forming a tall external cross that, lit by night, is seen like a beacon, from afar. The numinous interior, lit diaphanously from above through folds of translucent fabric hung in the form of curvaceous drapes from the 16-metre-high ceiling, has been inspired by, on the one hand, a resolute focus on the eucharist and prayer and, on the other, by the geometries of Italy’s most compelling Baroque churches, among them Francesco Borromini’s San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, both in Rome. Furniture in wood and steel by Mario Cucinella Design is minimal and austere to highlight the architectural and sculptural elements of the church interior. In addition to the constant play of daylight afforded by the veils hanging from the ceiling, on one day in the year - 6th July, the Feast of Saint Maria Goretti - a beam of sunlight shines directly on the crucifix set on the wall behind the altar. Here, nature, art, architecture and religious faith and symbolism work in spiritual harmony.


"The design and construction of the church is such that its energy use and need for maintenance is minimal. Moreover, the green roofs and the planted internal courtyards, as well as the organic garden in front of the Rectory for 0-km cultivation contribute to the sustainability of the project and serve the local community."


VANESSA STELLA Co-Founder of UNICA Luxury Bespoke Tables. ~In conversation with Ilona Lee UNICA arises from the encounter of two similar souls who firstly crossed the eyes and then, giving the lucidity and fortitude to the heartfelt vocation of the other, have merged into a shared vision that, with love, and through the way of art, pursues splendour in everyday life.

"UNICA pursues the idea of art able to blend aesthetic amazement, functionality and emotional well-being"


Ilona: Your work is about creating a blend of aesthetic amazement, functionality, and emotional well-being. How do you achieve it?

We feel emotions when we speak from heart to heart and thus, by making products with a soul, they will be able to intercept themselves the souls of those they meet on their path to infuse them with the joy derived from the beauty of the shapes and materials of which they are made. The graphics, the processes, the installations in environments that can enhance their physical characteristics, everything contributes to the celebration of the beauty concept of Unica, an intangible but captivating beauty capable of touching all the senses to bring the observer towards another dimension, towards a world where joy, beauty and art reign supreme. Unica acts as a portal to an imaginative reality that the user will elaborate on following their heart and dreams. Without this interaction, Unica products will not be complete, because they live and express their value to the maximum through interaction with the public and with the emotions, different from each other, of those who will stop to observe them more indepth.



Ilona: What elements of nature inspire you the most and why?

Fluids in general, water in particular, due to their ability to change shape and adapt to the container that hosts them. For their absence of color which then includes them all, for their transparency or translucency that allows you to modulate the filtered light in varying intensities. The glass, not by chance, becomes the protagonist material of the entire Unica production since it emulates fluid characteristics. It is the crystallization of a veil of water on a flat surface that creates infinite changing and iridescent effects depending on the characteristics of the light source that hits it and that always reflects the colors it contains differently.

Light and color are crucial elements for communicating with people's souls and conveying emotions.



Ilona: What are the steps of the creation process, and what are your unique techniques? Nothing innovative, nobody creates anything new today. We combined antique, brought ancient knowledge back to the market, processes in vogue a long time ago such as the technique of applying gold leaf. Our country has a heritage of knowledge that must not be dispersed, Unica wants to bring it back to light and spread it all over the world. Our country is worthy of being internationally recognized. Today more than yesterday, I believe this is not the case, a veil has leaned on our doing, on our knowledge, the throwaway politics has overshadowed high-quality workmanship to require something ever cheaper and of low intrinsic value. Unica, on the contrary, aims to lift this veil through its collections and fully show the world how far the excellence of "Made in Italy" reaches.



Ilona: What part of the process excites you the most? How do you choose your materials? What comes first - the materials or the design idea?

Finding the inspirations and creating the preliminary sketches/drawings of the new collections. Giving substance to an idea, a suggestion that comes to life and giving shape to a thought. Everything starts from an idea, from the project development to defining materials and processes.

ILONA: Do you have any tips for people when they’re choosing a table?

Follow your heart and get carried away into the world you wish. We can help people to shape their world so they can experience it. In summary, we give shape to their dreams…



Together. But Alone. Single stories of a moment, of a life,the quiver in the wind. They stand up,dressed in veil iridescent and precious. An unexpected gift,a drape that contains a secret.


SETA NASTRI COLLECTION by UNICA She is silk,essence of power, in command.


VENTO DEL DESERTO HAUTE COUTURE COLLECTION by UNICA Spots of warm color float through the gentle dunes. Life sleeps,time is still. Let yourself be guided by wind.



ECLISSE COLLECTION by UNICA The final mystery in oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance,and measured the steps of the moon,and mapped out the seven heavens star by star, there still remain oneself. Who can calculate the orbit of his soul?


Monika Jamrozek-Burra

AS WE HEAL OURSELVES, WE HEAL THE WORLD The last few months and years have taken some of us on an emotional roller coaster activating fear, anger, worry, grief, sadness, shame, guilt and for few of us even hatred. They have activated the old and treacherous paradigm of us vs. them. With concerning events still taking place, we are moved to go within where all of the magic occurs. To find solutions and sustainable outcomes we are guided to heal all the ego states that are being triggered by external circumstances so that we can become the change we want to see in the world. As we dive within, the steps towards healing might move us through the darkness to a space of neutrality, then possibly loving kindness to all that is, and eventually we might even contemplate UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. There is no other way as choosing fear over LOVE, worry over JOY, separation over CONNECTION have kept us trapped in misery within and outside for thousands of years. Polarizing ourselves with others ultimately polarizes us with ourselves. Since repeating the same pattern and expecting different results is a definition of insanity, it is time to break out of those chains.


In order to dissolve what no longer serves us it would be best to ask ourselves the following two questions: • “How can we be more loving outside so that we can be more loving within?” As well as: •

“How can we be more loving within so that we can be more loving towards all that is?”

Ultimately, the answer reveals itself through a realization that what appears to be evil, or not acceptable, within and outside is simply disconnected from love.

When we send love and compassion towards it, as we do with Internal Family Systems, a modality I find most effective therapeutically, our parts that have been shunned away transform. We can then do the same to, with, and for the external world and see it all change. We can cultivate our own HAPPINESS and become the lighthouses that show the way to those who seek ALIGNMENT and JOY. Through the connection to Source, GOD, the Prime Creator, The Great Spirit, All That Is, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, we can send love to ourselves, our family, friends, communities, cities, countries, our beautiful blue planet and the entire Universe. Is there anyone or anything out there who can resist unconditional pure essence of love?

"Love, love, love Love, love, love Love, love, love There's nothin' you can do that can't be done Nothin' you can sing that can't be sung Nothin' you can say, but you can learn how to play the game It's easy Nothin' you can make that can't be made No one you can save that can't be saved Nothin' you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time It's easy... All you need is love, love Love is all you need”

How nice will it be when we all rise above the current circumstances? How amazing will this world be as we hold the suffering and transmute it into empowerment… As we hold the fear and alchemize it into love…. As we feel the anger and transform it into trust… As we see the division and flip it into Unity. As we all step into our highest potential, our power, our truth. One for all, all for one. The ultimate goal: Unity Consciousness. Sovereign, independent, confident, abundant, courageous, self-sufficient, selfgoverned yet connected. I say: it is time. Who is with me? I can help to guide you to feelings of peace, joy, and love. Feel free to contact me. Above it all, if there are only few statements you will remember, remember this: Underneath all of our superficial layers of identity, we are LOVE. Love is all there is. We are ONE. ONE LOVE. Let love blossom in our hearts. For even the Beatles knew the answer to all the world’s problems as they sang this song:

Monika Jamrozek-Burra, MA, MS, LMHC is an English and Polish speaking Licensed Mental Health Counselor in NYS with experience of 20 years. She utilizes teletherapy presently only. Helping others has been her passion, mission, calling and a source of joy. She believes that if we can help another, we can ultimately create a better world for everyone. She has been trained in numerous modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Internal Family Systems,EMDR and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. She has been successful working with clients who struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, addictions, or those who needed to process relationship challenges, transitions, and everyday life occurrences. To learn more and connect with Monika visit: www.therapyandbeyondcenter.com



INQUIRIES inf o@ilona le e .com


ECO CONSCIOUS DESIGN RE:SIN designs combine modern fashion trends with timeless elegance. We respect the natural environment and believe in a sustainable fashion. To produce RE:SIN we only use eco-friendly raw materials: biodegradable acetate, adornments made of natural amber.



The limited art collection of 5 unique designs illustrated on pure silk scarves. The idea od the project refers to the aquatic world, where we discover magical creatures: golden lobsters, emerald sea horses, pink Aurela aurita moon jellyfish, turquoise sea wasps and blue gray Fugu hedgehog fish.


Eat Rawmantic - Live Longer & Happier Life Gourmet chocolates and energizing protein bars, which we make fresh daily with only the finest allnatural and organic raw ingredients.

All of the Rawmantic Chocolate treats are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, palm-oil free, free of refined sugars; and we even have some nut-free options for anyone with nut allergies. What we do put in our products is love, positive vibes, and nothing but natural good-for-you ingredients. -Kasia Bosne, The Founder



151 architecturally designed Villas and Suites are spread over two islands, offering guests a contemporary beach hideaway on Rangalifinolhu Island, a luxurious water retreat on Rangali Island or a relaxing overwater villa at The Spa Retreat.


Discover private gardens, plunge-pools, and stairs leading into the Indian Ocean.


ECO DESIGN Guests discover contemporary indooroutdoor living and design, private plunge pools, and breathtaking Indian Ocean views at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. The luxurious villas and suites – tucked among the stunning natural surroundings across the South Ari Atoll – feature beach, water and spa-focused accommodations.



Quiet Zone


The Spa Retreat on Rangalifinolhu Island offers its own resort experience with nine treatment rooms and Mandhoo Spa Restaurant, whilst the Over-Water Spa on Rangali Island offers guests the opportunity to gaze at the coral reef below during their treatment, through glass floors.


Find Bliss in your Island Sanctuary

The Spa Retreat on Rangalifinolhu Island offers its own resort experience with nine treatment rooms and Mandhoo Spa Resturant, whilst the Over-Water Spa on Rangali Island offers guests the opportunity to gaze at the coral reef below during their treatment, through glass floors.







THE MURAKA RESIDENCE Nestled in a private area of the atoll’s shimmering lagoon, THE MURAKA is a firstof-its-kind residence with living spaces both above and below the surface of the sea, thoughtfully designed for families and groups of up to nine guests. This unique two-story, three-bedroom residence is a triumph of modern design and technology featuring clean lines and natural tones, which echo throughout the design. Guests who stay at THE MURAKA will have devoted butlers who are dedicated to hyper-personalization and attention to detail for each expertly crafted stay in the residence.


MURAKA is a first- of-its-kind residence with living spaces below the surface of the sea

WHERE SEAWIND AND BEACH AIR MEE EXPERIENCES Owners can use the Aston Martin Residences Butler Service to call the exclusive

yacht from their condo

for the short cruise along the world-renowned waters of Miami to the beach. Taking to the water for this journey offers a relaxing and unique perspective of the city its breathtaking skyline. lush







turquoise waters await. With


expanse of pristine, golden sand complemented by the sound of the gentle Atlantic waves, this special beach is an oasis of calm and tranquility.



The Muraka Residence



The first-of-its-kind 16 feet below sea level with 180degree views of reef and marine life dining experience

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant The first-of-its-kind dining experience, Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, offers guests the opportunity to dine 16 feet below sea level with 180-degree views of reef and marine life, while enjoying innovative fusion menus paired with a selection of the world’s finest wines. Defined as “pearl” in the Maldivian language of Dhivehi, Ithaa became the world’s first aquarium-style undersea restaurant, indulging diners with stunning views of the surrounding lagoon, reefs and tropical fish.


Infinity pool Dining Experience


Private Beach Dining Experience


Sunshine for the senses & the soul

Perfumes, beauty and accessories crafted around the best of nature for your wellbeing.

Inspired by the Mediterranean and the French Riviera, our fragrances are all ethically produced and created around the best essential oils Nature offers. Take the journey with us. -Veronique Gabai



CANDLE LIGHT SUPPER with GRIMANESA AMOROS April 5th, 2022 Private Residence, NYC by I nvitation only Exclusively for Ile Maison Members

If you would like to become a member, contact Ilona Lee at info@ilonalee.com or apply online www.ilemaison.com


Île Maison ÎM LIGHT AWARD for Grimanesa Amoros April 5th, 2022. New York



Île Maison

Candlelight Supper

with Grimanesa Amoros April 5th, 2022. New York


Editor's Choice

Echoes of Light, by Jani Viswanath A rare and inspiring gift of short stories and poetry that will warm the spirit and uplift the reader as they appreciate a world woven with messages of love, compassion and hope.


Echoes of Light accentuates the basic, simple requirements for the happiness we so desperately crave, and the essential quality that we are all gifted with, to attain it.


When everything around you is dark, look again – YOU may be the LIGHT Join ÎLE MAISON Global ÎM Movement www.ilemaison.com