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Art Book Ilaria Brotini

Drawings 2010/2012

Anatomy Of The Human Skeleton Scala 1:1

Paintings 2010/2012

“Sogno” 2010 Inks 50 cm x 27 cm x 2 cm

“Crepuscolo” 2010 Inks 50 cm x 27 cm x 2 cm


2012 Inks, Plaster 55 Cm X 46 Cm X 2 Cm

“Earth” 2012 Inks, Plaster 30 Cm X 20 Cm X 2 Cm

“Polveri sottili” 2012 Inks, Plaster 40 Cm X 50 Cm X 2 Cm

“Spuma” 2012 Inks, Plaster 35 Cm X 40 Cm X 2 Cm

Sculptures 2009/2010

Sculptures 2010/2012

“Semilla De Sicomoro” 2011 Felt

Human Body

Barcelona 2010 Barro

115cm x 52cm x 40 cm

“Frastuono” 2010 Marble 30 cm x 28 cm x 15 cm

“Giochi d’equilibrio” 2011 wood,iron 36 cm x 52 cm x 40 cm

“Sensibilità Bruciata I” (Theme: Violence Against Women)

2011 Recycled Materials Tissue Polystyrene Paper 90 cm x 23 cm x 12 cm

“Sensibilità Bruciata II” (Theme: Violence Against Women)

2012 Marble 70 cm x 18 cm x 11 cm


“Eco” 2012

Plastic Nets Mosquito Nets, Nonwove. Different Size

“Frammenti” 2012

Glass Wood Different Size

“Juego Perigloso” (Theme: Violence Against Women)

2011 Hemp Jute Photos Different Size

“Controluce“ 2012 plexiglass, mosquito net, nonwove. 4m x 0,90 m x 0,015 m

Sculpture Book “lo sguardo dell’altro” (looking at theater)

SHORT ART BIOGRAPHY -Ilaria Brotini was born on September 23, 1989, in San Miniato (Pisa). She attended the Art High School, in Empoli (Florence), specialization Relief and Cataloguing, She graduated in 2007/2008. -In 2006 she participated in the competition "The young Florentine genius: Terracotta - School - Elevation". -In 2007, from March 3rd to April 19th, she was an intern at Atelier Rebecchi Marbles (Studio Rebecchi Marmi), in Pietrasanta (Lucca). -In 2009 she won the photo contest "Auxilium Vitae 1999-2009 a future history", Volterra, with Breath of Life. -In 2010 she won two more photography contests: first prize "Volterra Taste", with Silent Presence; second prize "CO&SO Photo Studio Torrini", Florence, with the photo OSNES. -In 2008 she continued her education at the Florence Academy of Art (School of Fine Arts) specializing in Sculpture. -During the academic year 2010/2011, she attended the "UB Bella Artes" of Barcellona, with the Erasmus Project. -She started creating handicrafts products and displaying at Tuscan trade fairs. -In 2011 she exhibited her series of pictures "Las Mujeres", at a municipal building of Zaragoza, during the "Exposicion contra la Violencia de Genero", in collaboration with the students of Barcellona Universitiy. -She took part in the event "Start Point 2011 - Academy in Exhibition", held in Florence at the Contemporary Art Center "EX3".

-In May 2012, she exhibited the collective work ECO at the Art Theater of Lastra a Signa (Florence), during the theater season. -In June 2012, she exhibited two works at MACRO Testaccio Rome: ECO, in collective, and with her “Against-thelight” (Controluce). -In November 2012, she displayed in a collective exposition at the Mcterme Contemporary Art, in the event "Happy Birthday Mcteme", with her work Burnt Sensitivity II. -On July 17th 2013, she graduated with "110 with honors", at the Florence Academy of Arts. -From August 3rd to September 3rd 2013, she exhibited a series of paintings at Art Showroom Florence. -In August 2013, she also displayed at the Merlino Gallery, in Le Murate, Florence. -From August 28th to September 8th, 2013, she participated as a marble’s techniques Workshop "Mediterraneo", in Tinos, Greece. -From 11th to 31st October 2013, she took part in the project "Islas Flotantes", pop-up books, and she displayed at the Sala de Exposiciòn Oteiza, at Bizkaia Aretoa/Paraninfo UPV/EHU Avda Abandoibarra, Bilbao. -Permanent exposition of some paintings at the Medical study Rinaldi - v. Saffi, 40 - 56025 Pontedera (Pisa), owned by doctor Francesca Rinaldi, also her purchaser. -From September 2013 she continued studying Advertising and Graphic Design, at the Training school "Formatica Srl" of Pisa. Excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop,CS&, Illustrator CS&, InDesign). -She collaborates with "Galasso Eventi Srl" in the Graphic field, working for Emilio Cavallini, Allegri,Cuoio Toscana (Tuscany Leather), Volpi concerie (Volpi's tanneries). She creates invitations, passepartout, brochure, business cards, backdrop; she manipulates images with photo retouching, fotomontage, rendering; she realizes and curates web sites.

Book artistico  
Book artistico  

Ilaria Brotini