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llTA, Jigawa Sign Agreement on Agric [)evt crUsoe OSlIg'.

Jigawa State government and

at IITA 1ft hdan,. 5llbuJumdY

impressed with the response by Jigawa Stale govt'nlment,. adding thai the signmg d the MoU was II 'cleM me!il!iilge to governrnmts «.TOIiIi the world thai lITA IS wdhng to help: The Jlgawa Stille Commisstoner for Agrx:ultun!, Alha,i Rabiu (sah Tauta, said the agreement signposts 'the level of CDnUIUtrnenl on the pan of the SUile to collaborate with lITA WIth the aun 01 upUfung the stmdard of Jigawil State

the lnsbtute towards rapidly Improving food prodUCllOr'l. food secu",y. aM value addition ,and marketing of

uwued thr Institute to corne and help his state boost agm:ultural production. Sangmga said [ITA was

Under the MoU. (ITA win assist the Stilte 10 eYaluate and adapt besl-bel agricultural

The international InslitUle of Tropta.1 Agriculture (IITA) .00 Jigawa Stille govl!l'Tlmef1t ha\'e formally Signed II Memorandum of ~1MoU)._

• Fresh chapter of tr"nsfer of agnrultural U\J\OVations from IITA to INI Siale. Thr agreement auns to fadIi!J,1e rolWJcnbM

betwft.-rl the

agricultural products U1 that North~lem stale. '"The SlgnUlS of ttus MoU further demonstnles our redve 10 wod wlih partners." sud the Duector General of

LIT"- Dr. Nteranya Sanglng&. 1he deallD work wllh Jigawa State came after II recent VISit by Governor Su~ Lurudo to IITA. 1ne governor, wno WaJ unpressed With llUlOVlllions


ANLCA Inaugurates National Awards Committee would

Thr AssoaabOn of Nigerian

Uansed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has UliIUgwated • six-m.m honounI aWilrd ronuniUee 10 orgaruse lIS first awatds Q!MfD1}t TIe NaID1al Presidenl 01 ANLCA. Prince

OIa)'1wob Shlilu. litaloo this • t its OiIliooa! 5eCfelarial in



10 ShJttu, who is abo the Managmg Director 01

Ske!lB Nlgena ....11\1100. the Ilward 15 coming II I I lime wh!n e\'ft)'Cft has been falling OVI!f themselves to orgaruse all" lIVo'iII'd <r the oIher WIth an



.ut.lched 10 IL

He sttted thai the Kiell of aWiUd pn!SII!fltauons ha~ bHl Invaahsed here 10 Nigeliil. and expressed hope thai the ~eo.'6'1IwouIdf"O"'e iI

distm.:tlOO from others. lhe prngralllJ~, whICh



sisteI" ~ such u the InlematiorW Feder.ilotion d(:USklms ~A:Bxiabon (IFCBA), would aoo feature ~ talks and present advice to the government CIfl tool 10 propel the ~tic:n§ 01 the Nigenan CI..ISiQmS ~ 115 weD as the &etght I'orward109 business in the country. ShIttu wged the newly appouued comnuttee members 10 ensure thatonly people of oauonaJ and proven integrity an! recornrnended dunng the IOvestlture. He stressed that the ronuruttee 5hould set out 10 formuWe a befitting Iv;n)ur aWilrd ceremony that would ser".e as • reference point for the tiSOCiabon U1 the future ~n of , the award rommitu.'t', who is also the Immediilte past president or ANLCA. ClUef Ernest Elochulcwu, explained lhal

thr mauguratxln d the body was -. re-.UfinN.bon ol. link betweel the present ;met pasc M1muuslrabon, I 'ynt'I'8)' of efforts, thoughts and ideas between both generations,M

COlIinuing. EIocnukwu who Is also the Mmag.'ng Director and chief cxerulive officer of """'"" C",w,), Coup .... -we who have handed O\'I!J"

to them ate


~II"I torontribuie

to tl¥! progress of UliS greil t,

IlS!I(Xlabon. 10 ocher ploces,

assotiadoos look bke the running dl pnvate btiktnes:s: AM tIlat is N:M it should be iI we wan! to make SUSlauliIbIe



flo"""""" ......",..." awald' cEremmy WQJId. stow:;

help Jigawa to explore the potential of the chaff by. product extruded from the Jlgawa Stan:h Mill as H~'estodc

introduction and evaluation of adapted CllSSiIva for 00lh mdwtri41 uses and food secunty. and II"Itnxlucr, demonstrate and dtsgemtnate fann ~ate post-harvest technologies for CtSSava. cereal. aod legume oops. The l!\lotllute would also

It would also help to conduct II feasibility study 10 JUSl1fy the lflIrOdumon d farm gate proce5Sll"\g IKilities ItId the development of a duslu model 10 suppon tJw, ossavastarch pmcessmg racwry al Kila, which at the moment is operating below Clpacity.



Ity of agricultural llivestocl. production, processing. and ITUI rketmg stakeholders 11"1 I~litale.

The CC!ft-'i)' Cire..'1Ir-General, Parmer.hJps: AAd Capaaty

1lWkIln,. i'< Kmlm ""'"""said lrr~\,~ ecated Wmking WIth tN· ~Qlf' fP'erntneltlo improv,! the livelihoods of

!>nne" Beton: the sW'U'g aemnmy. IITA hi;d already deployed improvni cas:;ava, maize and

cowpea ,Jan.:ta to Jigawa



in JigaWi State is

II boo!il fer the Institute, as it

aims 10 uF btt :J) mlIIion ~ out of pl\ert},.md redaIm 2S million N!Cta~ of drgntded land aoou 1rt'J"1tca1 countries.

Oyo to Partner US on Agric, Solid Minerals Eldti Stab: govemtne'It has tahn dehvery d eqwpmenl worth N4CO milbon meant for d'e resu;otatlon ri the Ire Burnt In:k Facny. whch a:nvrens operation. next month. Oyo Stall! Government has irdimtOO iI:s I'I!Ddft9s 10 p1rtre" with atVeSaOIS from the Unlled Sbbcl Arre1ca In ~


the enllre value cham 01 staie's -sncuJhOl an:I Ir'IIr'If.'raI.


""""-govemmenl 1he Stat... disclosed. thai it was weUpo;ib<ro<I... -sectors to and solid rruneraIs be opal and ~ forboth 10caI and tcIItWl dm:oct

,"v_ Speaking ilt the thud Inler-

sympcIiiuin and a~; nationalll'1dt and Investment that shall streamline methods, &nmll ri NigJnJ 1.5 Chlntler on how cusroms it!iISOCIatinns d~1Nt6ACC) t-dd ... should be run. ~ Gcr. erra AbIlIa ¥rdJI. at5l!


It.' that address problems of droughl. parasitIC weeds aRt soil fertility in meals and legumes using extra early n"WU, Ind rowpe.t IS lest crop!>It would also help the state to dlVenufy lhe cereal-based oopping. _ _ ...

"p'''.'''''' by "" SpoaoI Aderr Trade and InW5lJ'nB'\l VISeI'

Itt invec.tns" tak advantagr of the OppOl'lluutie!i Dl the

Mrs. ~ Owtwu,sad !he

COUtItJy \"hick has lI'\aCk> it

lhemeol~~ 'kItmi}~


partners 10 f1laXII'TIise busirll!!iti opportwuties 11\ Nigei;1' was in coofomuty WIth Oyo Stillle·s restoratim ~ She- uid thaI the presence d Ojo stale governmenl. at the NUSACC Investment Sunurul atlests to the OIambe"s CDnUJUtment III aeatmg and SUSUlrUng an enabling mvuooment to pmmote mn:iial busUllS5 rclatb-lStup ~ busaresas in Nlgem and the l1.i ~ AJ a resull c-l thi5. Iher"e is

IIlVeitmlfl demabm!hal: it is.

need lor pmspecb~ uwescors 1Uz)'CAI

10 wtd.. together WIth

Oyo stile 10 fully harne9s P..smmt opportlll1lbe5 iII1d ~ our dream 01 treabng a 5COeI)'

dovood o{:,,~~kt mcnI ard ."


Owou!iud it was ~


.out;.ht...fter foreign

She e ~ cmt W1thn the solid O'U--..r~ StdOc. O).u stall': was al .. I!D'SicaJ IIdvantage to potential lfIVeston. who would be IUUVled 10 exploit and ptoo.2:5 the dn'eSl)' In the ~otlerfuU~ JtIfnI for lIlCDl.u-d nemationaI ~.


Some of nuneral depo5iIs Oyo stme Mot at itbundanre, Oworu --.rted, mdude marble. granilf til di~ colours and ~ Ild day banitnXlu1, metallic rr lJ"Il'Ials like tantalile,.

and ooIwnbite. She dlw rn.tnooned thai great quanpba, iII-d Yananl$ (llS5I.1i!nU!

d gem5'Cl8 tu:h iI!i sappiun-. emerakl. loonmilne and gold anxrog IItIIL"rS are aI90 present in the Slate.


IITA, Jigawa Sign Agreement on Agric [)evt

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