Farm Agents Conference Mid-Winter Meeting 2021

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Farm Agents Council a division of the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois

91 Annual st

Mid-Winter Meeting January 28-29

Virtual Event


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Welcome A big virtual welcome to the Farm Agents Council (FAC) Mid-Winter Meeting! It is hard to believe it was a year ago we were together at the Crowne Plaza, and a few short weeks later the world would quickly change. It has been a very interesting year! We are thankful to each of you for your continued support of the FAC. Our Board has put together a lineup of education just as you would see at the in-person event. We were thrilled to be able to extend the opportunity to all employees of your office to attend due to the generosity of our company partners. Please make sure to check out our sponsors/exhibitors. They will be joining us during the PARTNER WITH RAIN AND HAIL virtual happy hour on Thursday event. As a reminder, the FAC and IIA of IL are here for you. If you have any questions during the event, our team will be monitoring the chat in each session, and the FAC email box is always open. Sit back, enjoy the event, and let us know if you need something. Devin Conkright Board Chair

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Schedule Thursday, January 28 1:00 - 4:00 pm Welcome

- FAC Governing Vice-Chair, Dustin Peterson

Education Seminar: “The Importance of Ethical Behavior and the Farm Insurance Agent in These Crazy Times” **Qualifies for IL DOI Ethics credit

- Sam Bennett

We are in the midst of the most unusual circumstances any currently active insurance professional has EVER known. For all of us, hard and/or soft markets have come and gone, underwriting attitudes have run hot and cold, farm activity profitability has risen and fallen and capacity issues have waxed and waned. All of those situations have been weathered and we have learned to adapt. The current virus is a ‘brave new world’ for all of us. In the midst of so many unknowns, we can take comfort in the fact that the need for ethical behavior – in every interaction with our clients, our managers, our co-workers, our companies and everyone else we work with day to day is as relevant in this chaos as it has been at any time during our professional lives. **This session is worth three hours of IL CE credit.

4:00 - 5:00 pm Virtual Happy Hour

It has been quite the year and we are missing our FAC friends. We want to see you, and catch up. So grab a beverage (adult or not), and meet us for the FAC Virtual Happy Hour.

Friday, January 29 8:00 – 11:00 am

Education Seminar: Legislative and Federal Crop Update

- IIA of IL Director of Government Relations Evan Manning - Greg Sandrock, Chair of the Big “I” Crop Insurance Committee & IIA of IL National Director - IIABA In this joint state and federal legislative session, attendees will hear about updates to crop and flood insurance, the federal stimulus package, updates on the 2020 election and what that means for the insurance industry, the new General Assembly, plus much more.

Education Seminar: “If It Moves On The Farm It Presents a Risk”

- Sam Bennett

This presentation will address the exposures associated with items that move – both under their own power and those provided mobility by other vehicles. The purpose of this presentation is to remind the agent that the policy forms we use can certainly provide the coverages necessary for the exposures, but without careful review of these forms, their many exclusions can prove problematic. The basis of the presentation will be the “auto” coverages found in the Business Auto Policy (BAP), the coverages for owned and non-owned vehicles in the Personal Auto Policy (PAP), and the coverages for “mobile equipment” found in the farm liability forms routinely used in the agribusiness market. Use of the exclusions found in each of these forms will solidify the understanding of the perils associated with items that move. **This entire session is worth three hours of IL CE credit (one for Legislative Update & two for “If It Moves”)

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Lisa Wisniewski, AFIS

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Kathy Emily, AFIS

Farm Assistant Underwriter ext. 8671

Chris Graman, AFIS

Farm Assistant Underwriter ext. 8670


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Continuing Education Credit Notes The FAC Mid-Winter Meeting offers up to 6 hours of Illinois Continuing Education. Illinois CE hours will be available to those attending the live sessions only. The Thursday afternoon Ethics session, meets the requirement for three hours of IL Ethics credit if completed in full. If you have already met your Ethics requirement for your current license renewal, the hours will be counted towards general credit. In order to earn CE for a session you must answer all the poll questions. If you miss answering a question, at the end of the session, email the question which was asked, your answer and the time it was asked to Make sure to include your name. If you plan to watch from a mobile device, you will not be able to see the poll questions. We will have the instructor read the question as it is asked. You will need to make note of each question and the time it was asked. You must follow the instructions above to earn CE for the session. For those watching in a group setting you will need to fill out a separate affidavit for each session, Click here to access this document. The document is located in each session description on the website as well. One person will be responsible for answering the poll questions for everyone watching together. All those earning CE credit must be registered for the event. All sessions will be available on-demand after the event. On-demand sessions are NOT available for CE.

Camp Point Office

108 E. State St. • P.O. Box 375 Camp Point, IL 62320-0375 217.593.7705 Farm • Homes • Rental • And More!


Carthage Office

618 Main St. • P.O. Box 495 Carthage, IL 62321-0495 217.357.3961

Attendee Information Get Familiar with the Program

This virtual program guide will walk you through the Mid-Winter Meeting virtual experience to ensure you don’t miss a thing. This document even contains clickable links that will take you right to each session page – convenient! PRO TIP – Add sessions to your calendar. Once you find a session you like, click the “Add to Calendar” icon located at the top of each session page.


Review the FAQs below as it contains a list of answers to the questions we know you will have. This will help you be prepared to fully benefit from this meeting.

How do I join a session?

1. Click here to view the agenda. 2. Find the session you want to join and click the “Broadcast” button under the session title. Broadcast will become available two minutes before the scheduled session start time. 3. When you click the “Join Broadcast” button, you may be prompted to login in order to join the session. Once you click “Login” you’ll be asked to enter the email address used to register your ticket and then click a link in a confirmation. After you confirm your email, just click the Broadcast button again from the agenda.You’ll only need to verify your email address once. 4. For the best viewing experience, watch the session in full window mode by clicking the square icon in the top toolbar. Some attendees may experience screen jiggling when not in full screen mode. PRO TIP: Skip the login with the magic button. You’ll get an email from us prior to sessions start each morning with a button that will take you to the agenda and allow you to join sessions without the need to log in.

How do I move between sessions?

When a session ends, click the “Back” button to return to the agenda.You can enter any in progress session by clicking the “Broadcast” button for that session on the agenda.

How can I ask questions during a session?

Most sessions will include time for audience Q&A. To ask your questions, please post them under “Q&A” within the session.

If I have trouble joining a session, who should I contact?

First, we recommend checking the instructions the FAQ section of the website, here. If you’re still having trouble, contact the IIA of IL team at (217) 793-6660 or email

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! You can access the recordings right from the agenda. NOTE it may take a few hours after the session end time for the recording to appear. CE will not be awarded for viewing the recorded sessions. CE is only available in the live sessions. Click here for addtional FAQs and also a Quick Tech Check.

Farm Agents Council a division of the Independent Insurance Agents of Illinois

Golf Outing & Annual Meeting

June 17-18, 2021 - Bloomington, IL Check for updates.


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Thank you to our sponsors! Several of our sponsors have virtual exhibit booths during the conference. Make sure you click on the “Virtual Exhibit Booths” tab during the event.

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Board Members Due to the pandemic and the cancellation of the 2020 FAC Annual Meeting, the Board Members denoted with a * began their second term of their time serving on the Board. According to the FAC Operating Rules, Board Members can serve two consecutive terms with each term being three years.. The Board officers also retained their office for one more year.


Devin Conkright* Governing Board Chair Barry, IL

Dustin Peterson

Randy Jacobs*

Steve Foster

Joe Heneghan

Vice-Chair Clinton, IL


Chris Dorsey

Secretary-Treasurer Lexington, IL

Winchester, IL

Virden, IL

Jerseyville, IL

Kyle Johnson

Jeff McMillan*

Ryan Miller

Sheffield, IL

Gilman, IL

Beardstown, IL

Trent Munson*

Lisa Quest

Luke Sandrock

Princeton, IL

Amboy, IL

Morrison, IL

Interested in serving on the Farm Agents Council Board? Let us know! Just send an email to

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