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By Community, for Community December 2018

Looking Back

at 20 Years First Families and Lasting Memories

Photo: Julie Clegg

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December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018

EDITOR’S NOTE Happy 20th Anniversary! Throughout 2018, Issaquah Highlands celebrated its 20-year anniversary. Why 20 years and not 25? Well, we could celebrate that, too! But turning 20 was uniquely a bigger milestone for this community. Issaquah Highlands is a master-planned community whose design is based in an agreement between the property owner and the City of Issaquah. That owner was Port Blakely Communities and the community they proposed to Issaquah was unlike any other at the time: an urban village in the suburbs, one based in sustainable building practices. This agreement had a 20-year term.

Looking back is a trip down memory lane for nina milligan.

2018 marks not only the year that agreement was replaced with city code, but it also marks the 20th anniversary of the first residents of Issaquah Highlands. See starting page 13 a special, pull-out insert with stories of how this community came to be and residents’ earliest experiences here. And there’s a handy timeline marking important milestones. We think you will enjoy having this feature story on hand when friends and family visit this holiday season – It does a great job of answering the question: What is Issaquah Highlands? Also in these pages are school news, living green tips, and holiday ideas for emergency preparedness. There is important news from the IHCA (our homeowners association) and Highlands Council, as well as a tribute to this month’s volunteers of the month, Adam and Nicole Pond. About the Cover: The Connections team scheduled a photo shoot on a beautiful autumn day to take a photo of the three couples who moved into the first homes in Issaquah Highlands. The day was sunny until we all gathered at house #1. Darkening clouds rolled in dropping rain precisely during the thirty-minute scheduled shoot. By adding umbrellas, we had the photo perfect for an early December publication. Photo by Julie Clegg. Photographer umbrella held, and encouragement provided, by Vicki Grunewald. Yours truly,

Nina Milligan

Nina Milligan | Editor of

Connections - Highlands Council Communications Manager

Highlands Council is the publisher of Connections, producer of community-wide events such as Highlands Day, owner and manager of Blakely Hall, liaison with the greater community. The mission of Highlands Council, and therefore, Connections News, is “to foster the development of a vibrant and caring community committed to service, diversity, and well-being.”



December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

Holiday Candy Workshops @ Candy Mâché! Gingerbread House Workshops $29/house, open to all ages

v v v v

Tuesday, November 27, 4:00-6:00pm Saturday, December 1, 10:00am-12:00pm Thursday, December 6, 1:00-3:00pm Saturday, December 8, 10:00am-12:00pm

Candy Crafting Workshops

Making Candy Ornaments/Trees or Holiday Wreath $35/person v Thursday, November 29, 7-9pm Adults@Candy Mâché v Private Workshops Grab a few friends and set up your own time to make Candy Ornaments, Wreaths or Trees - also a great holiday Corporate Team Building function! Call 425-394-4480 to sign up for a workshop or schedule your private workshop today!

Issaquah Highlands – Next to Zeek's For the latest news or more event info visit our website or follow us on Facebook

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



Volunteers of the moth Adam and Nicole Pond with their daughter Ruby. The moved to Issaquah Highlands in 2001, adding Ruby to the community in 2008.

Adam & Nicole Pond

When we tell people just how long we’ve lived in the Issaquah Highlands, we get mostly shocked or surprised looks, questioning just how long the neighborhood has been around. When we tell them that the first residents moved into their homes in 1998, there’s more shock.

In early 2001, we were looking for a new apartment that was near both of our jobs in Issaquah. Our Kirkland commute was just too far, and we had the ability and means to move. We remember calling what at the time was called Avalon Wynhaven (and is now Highlands at Wynhaven) EVERY DAY, asking if they had any apartments open, as the policy was, first come, first served. We finally got our apartment in July 2001 and thus began our love of living in the Issaquah Highlands. We immediately joined in community events with the 400 or so households that were inhabited at the time. One of our favorite weekend pastimes was looking at the newly built homes around and when we stumbled upon our modest condo, we were thrilled to know we could get into ownership and be a permanent resident of the neighborhood, that was August 2004. Shortly after that, Nicole joined the community Bunco group that had a good 10-year run. The original organizer moved after about a year and Nicole volunteered to run the group. It was great fun and she made some of the best friends she’s had in her life. Meanwhile, Nicole also took the post of President of our condo HOA. She additionally spent five amazing years as a member of Soroptimist International of Bellevue Metro, which included two annual Bunco fundraiser events at Blakely Hall, which were both highly successful. Meanwhile, Adam joined the HFN board, the Community Development Committee (CDC) and the Board of Trustees nomination board. In 2008, we welcomed our daughter Ruby to the family and neighborhood. Some things took a backseat, including Nicole stepping down from the Condo HOA board, letting Adam step up to that task. Adam and Nicole Pond are long-time community volunteers, most recently for Bingo at Blakely Hall. This photo was taken at Halloween (costume) Bingo.

Nicole is helping to bring BUNCO back in 2019!

It had been a few years when we were asked to help with the BINGO night last June, coincidentally on Adam’s birthday. We quickly said yes, as Nicole loves bingo!!! It was a magnificent amount of fun and we were thrilled to hear that it was going to happen again around Halloween. Nicole enjoys helping keep the players fed and happy and Adam has a voice to be heard, as the caller. We look forward to more events such as Bingo and really look forward to Ruby reaching the age where she can get involved and learn just how much fun, beneficial and how important it is to be a part of the community by volunteering and being a good steward. She’s already gotten a taste of that with her Girl Scout troop. She’s headed into her 5th year with lots of learning and serving in the works. We think about other places we could have chosen to live, or move, and there’s simply nowhere else we can think of that would be better for us. The best views, the best schools and the best volunteers! Thank you so much for giving us the honor of being the December 2018 volunteers of the month! We could not be more thrilled.


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

Parents Night Out 6PM - 9PM February



Blakely Hall



per child



Craft activities

Pre-registration by


Pajamas Slippers Pillow & Blanket!


Download registration forms @

For more information: 425.507.1110

Highlands Youth Advisory Board


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January 8 – March 23, 2019 Village Theatre KIDSTAGE offers theatre classes and hands-on fun for students PreK – 12th Grade. (425) 392-2900 x101


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Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



Veteran’s Day in Issaquah Highlands Monday, November 12, 2018 pc: Dennis Crane

Veterans, thank you for your service!

Veterans in Issaquah Highlands are honored each year on Veteran’s Day in a family-friendly ceremony in Village Green. This year’s ceremony was presided over by Dr. Paul Dean; Girl Scouts #43975 presented the colors; Lizzie Dean and Joni Lee sang the national anthem; handmade gifts from Issaquah Highlands children were presented to veterans as they introduced themselves; Kurt Dyrhsen led all in a sing-along; and all of it was set up and cleaned up by Cub Scout Pack #680. Photos by Julie Clegg.


in the Highlands

Holiday lighting from Grand Ridge Plaza to Village Green Park brighten our winter nights. PC: Shubha Tirumale


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections


Applying to Run a Business from Your Home by Blair Krieg Community Manager

There are several homes located within Issaquah Highlands that were built with the in-home Work/Live business concept in mind. Before someone can run a business out of their home, they must obtain approval from Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA), their condo Board (if applicable), and/or the City, County, or State agencies. IHCA may provide immediate approval if the home business application has a zero impact to its surroundings. This means your business would have little if any foot traffic and would not affect surrounding neighbors. If your business is high impact (meaning clients would routinely be coming to your home (e.g. home child care) your business request would be published in the next edition of Connections for a 15-day public comment period, per policy. If there are no concerns by residents during that 15-day period, the IHCA Board of Directors would review your application at the next scheduled board meeting and determine whether or not to grant approval. Home based business activity is monitored closely by the IHCA administration to ensure compliance to the Community Wide Standards.

The IHCA Business application may be obtained in the following ways: 1. 2. IHCA office at 1011 High Street Suite 210 Issaquah, WA 98029 M-F 9-5pm *Please note all applications which require approval are required to be submitted to the IHCA office one week prior to the 1st day of every month. You may email your applications directly to Blair Kreig at Below is a map of all current approved in-home businesses on record.

Snow Removal: Know Your Responsibility by Matthew Hendrikse, IHCA Maintenance Manager

We all enjoy the wonder of snowfall and the fun family activities that follow in Issaquah Highlands. But did you know it is the property owner’s responsibility to clear your sidewalk and driveway of snow, ice and other debris? As the property owner you could be held liable for injury if someone slips and falls on uncleared snow, ice, or other slipping hazards such as leaves and branches. Helpful Tips: • Buy de-icer and a proper snow shovel before the forecast calls for snow to avoid product and tools being sold out after a storm has been announced. • Clear snow as soon as possible after a storm for a faster clean up. If you wait until foot traffic compacts the snow and it turns into ice, a 15-minute task can become a several-hourproject.

• Clear a 3 feet wide path to allow for safe pedestrian travel. Many people walk to school, work and to the Park & Ride or just get outside to enjoy the exercise. Help keep our neighbors safe by doing your part and limit the risk and liability from someone falling on your property.

Check road conditions at 25th and Park Drive via the webcam provided by HFN: For information from “snow routes” in the City of Issaquah see:

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



IHCA Assessments Reminder can be made with free eCheck, or credit/debit cards which come with a fixed fee of $14.95 per transaction (rates subject to change) to the homeowner.

The annual assessment for 20182019 fiscal year is $936. The semi-annual assessments are effective January 1, 2019 through June 30, 2019. Homeowners will be mailed their semi-annual assessment statements for $468 by December 7, 2018.

SUMMIT PARK SLIDES Back In Action! After a much-needed renovation, including repairs to damaged slide sections and adding poured-in-place rubber to stabilize the eroding hillside around the slides, the IHCA team was excited to reopen the Summit Park Slides on 30th Avenue in the Harrison


Street neighborhood this fall. For safety reasons, please remind your kiddos to use the identified gravel path when using the slides and not to climb up the slides or up the steep hill surrounding the slides.

Did you know… Lighting that is not part of the original structure and/or changes in original lighting that are not compatible in style, scale, and color to the original lighting must have ARC approval. This shall

Residents on the monthly electronic bank debit payment (ACH) plan will receive statements for informational purposes only and no payments are required (unless there are other delinquent balances, e.g., unpaid fines or late fees). For check payers, the semi-annual assessments are due by January 1, 2019. Payments not received by January 10, 2019 may incur late and other collection fees. Those on the semi-annual payment plan must pay in full all six months of the assessment period by check or via online. One-time online payments

We encourage the semi-annual payers to convert to the monthly ACH payment plan. This ensures timely payments and internal efficiency. This is IHCA’s recommended monthly payment plan; 86% of the community residents are currently on this plan. An ACH form is provided with your billing statement for your convenience. Our bank’s online payment portal is available on our issaquahhighlands. com website. Please direct any inquiries to 425-507-1119 or

include all walkway and landscape lighting not installed by the original builder. (Except, of course, holiday lighting displayed during the holiday season!)

Landscape and Irrigation Update by Lyle Dickey, IHCA Landscape Manager

The IHCA crew will be pruning street trees in several areas throughout the community and working on renovating small problem areas in the streetscapes that were not addressed in November. December has the potential of a snowstorm or two. This of course takes first priority

to keep the residents safe. Behind the scenes work on irrigation happens this time of year as well. We will be working on irrigation map updates and valve area updates. The mapping and irrigation valve updates help with repair efficiency which cuts down on labor and wasted material.


Community Wide Standards (CWS)

Yard waste (leaves, twigs and branches) and other debris or rubbish should be removed and appropriately disposed of and not stored within the yard. Yard waste must not be deposited on IHCA property or IHCA maintained streetscapes. Thank you for doing your part.


Kudos to all the weekend warriors who have transformed a troublesome grass patch to a beautiful landscape bed! Thank you for helping to make this community beautiful!

CWS and other governing documents are now searchable at


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

EARN 4.00% APY ON BALANCES UP TO $4,000 WITH BREAKFREE CHECKING We make it easy to maximize on your rewards. With the BreakFree Rewards Tracker, located in our Online Banking and on the mobile app, you can see which requirements you still need to meet by the end of each month.

At home in the community. We’re not only health care professionals. We’re neighbors and friends. Upcoming holiday events at Swedish Issaquah

Learn more at, or visit us on the corner of 10th and NE High Street.

Letters to Santa, Nov. 25-Dec. 14 Send a letter to Santa and receive a personal response; mailbox and letter supplies provided.

Giving Tree, Nov. 25-Dec. 14 Pick a tag from the Giving Tree, then drop off an unwrapped gift to share the joy of the season with others in our community.

Photo Booth Fun and Carolers, Nov. 25-Dec 21 Create photo memories while enjoying holiday music.

Guest Appreciation Day, Dec. 7, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Enjoy 20% off boutique merchandise at Lily and Pearl/Comfort and Joy Shops. Some exclusions apply.

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Shop for holiday treats and gifts at the annual craft fair hosted by Swedish caregivers, volunteers and their family members. Enjoy a story or craft with your children and get a picture taken with Santa. Free gift wrapping available.

751 NE Blakely Drive, Issaquah, WA 98029

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



New! Local Art Show Discover how each cover tells a story about community life in Issaquah Highlands. Did you know that Blakely Hall is also an art gallery? Several times each year a new art show graces the walls. The Hall is open Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, for all to enjoy. Over the years the Hall has showcased many fine art exhibitions featuring local artists. But for the first time, opening on December 3, 2018, the show will be hyperlocal. Come by to see 26 of the best Connections news covers from the last seven years. All covers feature Issaquah Highlands people, places and events. This show puts a bow on the year long, community-wide 20th anniversary celebration of Issaquah Highlands. All art and photography on Connections covers is by local artists, with a majority of the covers featuring work by our award-winning staff photographer, and Dahlia Park resident, Julie Clegg. Discover how each cover tells a story about community life in Issaquah Highlands. What’s more, behind the scenes of every cover is a story of its own. How does Issaquah Highlands celebrate Diwali? Why does our community logo include the trademark, “Living Green?” Why do goats visit the community every summer? Visit this show to uncover these answers and more.

These and 22 other covers are on display in Blakely Hall. Open for your viewing Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (unless there is a private event).


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections


Kids & Families Club Inclusive

Thursday, December 13, 6:00pm Blakely Hall This month: Orchestra & Giving Back

A club for kids with special needs focused on acceptance and inclusion. A safe and fun place where kids can be themselves. Contact Alicia Spinner at alispinner@yahoo. com. Also see


Tuesday, December 4, 3:30pm - 4:30pm Blakely Hall

The King County Library will bring the Library-2-Go Book Mobile to Blakely Hall. You bring the family and your library card and peruse the curated collection of books. Checkout your favorites! A FREE, fun, afterschool activity for all ages.

Minecraft Mania

Tuesday, December 11, 5:00pm Blakely Hall

Join fellow elementary and middle school Minecraft enthusiasts from novice to expert as we share our knowledge of the Minecraft world including Redstone, building, surviving the night, and more. You’ll need a laptop with licensed Minecraft loaded on it. Club leader is Quinn Ryan at and parent leader is Tim Ryan at

Parents Night Out

Friday, December 7, 6-9:00pm Blakely Hall

K-5th Graders enjoy a night at Blakely Hall with games, snacks, crafts, and a holiday movie supervised by Highlands Council and The Highlands Youth Advisory Board. Registration is closed.

Toddler Playgroup

Every Wednesday, 10:00am Blakely Hall Newborn to Age 4 No Playgroup December 5 or 26

Moms, dads, caregivers and their children are invited for fun, friendship, support and socializing. Contact Search Facebook for Issaquah Highlands Toddler Playgroup.

Arts & Cards

Open Mic

Join us for an evening of fun and entertainment from local talents. Come to sing a song, play music, read poetry, tell a story, perform stand-up comedy, etc., or just join the audience. All ages are welcome to participate! For more info, contact: Dino Go at

Photography Meet Up

Saturday, December 15, 10:30am Blakely Hall

Monday, December 3, 7:00pm Blakely Hall

Grab a partner or come solo to play a little Bridge! Bring your own beverage of choice and a snack to share. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned bridge player, you are welcome to join us. RSVP: Ed Tellman,

Knit for Life


Every Monday, 1:00pm Swedish Medical Center, Main Lobby

A network of volunteer knitters in area hospitals, providing physical and mental support in a nontraditional therapeutic environment to cancer survivors, patients and caregivers through knitting. We teach anyone with any skill level. You don’t have to bring anything but yourself. We have all the supplies you will need. Contact:

For the latest details, see

Taichi Fitness Group Every Wednesday, 6:30am Blakely Hall No class December 26

The ancient Chinese martial art, Taichi, will be offered every Wednesday at Blakely Hall. Participation is free; a donation of a nonperishable food item for the Food Bank is encouraged. Contact:

Enjoy monthly meetings with guest speakers, share and discuss your work with others, and participate in an online community throughout the month. Contact

Meditation Group

Poker Night

Discover how to find moments to relax the mind. Group leader, Wei Geiger, teaches exercises that promote balance, strength, and calmness. Learn techniques to help deal with stress and strain of a busy life. Free to attend and open to all! Questions? Contact

Resumes January 31

Whether you are a novice or a salty vet looking for some steep competition, you will love our monthly group for $40 buy-in, No-Limit Texas Hold ’em tournament! Don’t forget to join us on Facebook for all the latest info and results at our “Issaquah Poker” group page. Contact Henry at

Rovin’ Fiddlers

Second & Fourth Tuesdays, 7:00pm Issaquah Highlands Fire Station 73

Drop in on our jam sessions. We welcome guitars, flutes, whistles, banjos, mandolins, autoharps, dulcimers, stand up bass, and percussion. All abilities welcome. Contact Martha at

Yarns & Threads Group Every Friday, 9:00am Blakely Hall

All knitters, crocheters, and stitchers are welcome. For more details or questions, please contact Cathie Coulter at

World Cultures Chinese Heritage Club

This club promotes and preserves the unique Chinese cultural heritage awareness among the next generation. All are welcome! Contact for more details. Save the date for Chinese NewYear on February 3, 2019.

India Culture Club Resumes January 13

Bridge Club


Resumes January 25

This club highlights the arts, culture and festivals and is open to all who want to explore and learn about India! Contact for more information.

Every Friday, 2:00pm Blakely Hall No meeting December 28

Zumba Fitness® Class Every Saturday, 9:00am Blakely Hall

Zumba Fitness is the Latin and world rhythm and dance based fitness party that will change the way you think about working out. Grab your workout clothes, your water bottle, and join the party! Free class but please bring a non-perishable food item to donate to the food bank! Contact:

Special Interest Be the Change

Tuesday, December 11, 6:30pm Blakely Hall

Have you been wondering what else you can do to make a difference in your community, city, state, country; the WORLD? Join us for conversations about social justice issues that are on our minds and in our hearts. We won’t just talk about it but as a group and as individuals, we will develop actionable ways to Be the Change. Contact Tim Ryan at for more information.

Book Club

Tuesday, December 18, 7:00pm Blakely Hall

The book club is a great place to meet neighbors, socialize and explore a variety of books. Email lindsey8@ or join the Facebook group at ihbookclub.

Entrepreneur Meetup

Resumes in January

Resumes January 13

The Latino Club welcomes everyone who would like to celebrate and learn about Latino traditions. Contact:

Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur looking to kick off a business idea? This is an opportunity for IH entrepreneurs to gather and be a resource for each other. Join us to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, learn about what’s working for others and bounce ideas for feedback. Here’s a chance to extend your network of support. For more information, contact: Johnathan Chu

Travel Night

Ladies Who Lunch

Latino Club

Wednesday, December 12, 7:00pm Blakely Hall TOPIC: Travel Night Goes German

It’s a German Christmas with all the traditions! Come share this annual event with your fellow travel buffs. Nutcrackers, cookies, trees, advent calendar & German singing. Special German foods & beverages will be provided or bring your favorite to share. For more info, join our Facebook group or email

Thursday, December 20, 11:30am Blakely Hall

All local ladies are invited to share food, laughter and conversation! Lunch is potluck style, so please bring a dish to share. Each month there will be a conversation starter to help get to know each other – November’s question is “What are your favorite holiday traditions?”

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Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018


Our Home, Our Future, Our Commitment by Nina Milligan, Communications Manager, Highlands Council When my family bought its Issaquah Highlands home in 2004, we bought more than a house; we bought into a vision. There were no restaurants, no jobs. We didn’t have a school, no I-90 interchange, and no Blakely Hall. But all of that was part of the plan and we were excited to be part of it. This was a common perspective back then, especially for the first families of Issaquah Highlands who moved into their homes in 1998. At that time there were only a few roads and a couple dozen homes under construction accessed by a temporary road off Black Nugget Road. Now we zip off I-90 straight into a community of over 4,000 homes with almost 100 businesses, a sought-after elementary school and a vibrant community center, Blakely Hall. Please enjoy in these pages a short look back at life for the first families of Issaquah Highlands, and at the community’s first twenty years.

Photos in this feature sourced from Highlands Council archives, including photos by Julie Clegg, Shubha Tirumale, and Scott Moffat.

1996: Groundbreaking for the community’s first park, Ashland Park.

1989: Port Blakely purchases Grand Ridge (2,000 acres)

1995: Port Blakely deeds over 1,500 acres as permanant open space, including Grand Ridge Park

1998: First homeowners move in, on Jade Street

1998: First members join the Issaquah Highlands Community Association (IHCA) Highlands Fiber Network begins


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

Issaquah Highlands at 20: Still a Special Place to Live, Work and Play by Christy Garrard, Executive Director, Highlands Council and Dahlia Park resident In 1998 the first residents moved into their homes in Issaquah Highlands. It is a place where front-porches and public spaces provide opportunities to live in community with each other. This year, we commemorated the 20-year milestone by taking a walk down Memory Lane, reflecting on this place we call home, while looking forward to the future and committing to the values that make Issaquah Highlands a special place to live, work and play.

Our Home Today Issaquah Highlands boasts over 4,000 homes. We have our own

community center, Blakely Hall. We have our own hospital, fire station, elementary school, retail, restaurants and services, plus thousands of preserved acres of open space, parks, trails and athletic amenities. We enjoy connecting with neighbors on the street, in the parks, and by attending community clubs, groups and special events. We enjoy and celebrate the diversity of our community by creating an inclusive and welcoming neighborhood experience.

Our Future We will continue to grow. Our future calls for more homes. The future also holds more retail and commercial development on over 20 acres of buildable land. We will enjoy the convenience of a regional sports complex located in the heart of Issaquah Highlands when the City’s Central Park improvements are completed.

Our Commitment Whether you moved here 20 years ago or last week, commit to connecting in our community. Share your voice! Volunteer opportunities to serve at the community and city level on a variety of committees, commissions and boards are available for your consideration. To volunteer locally, contact me at To volunteer at the city level, visit

Lasting Memories: One Resident’s Reflection on 20 Years Throughout 2018, we commemorated all that Issaquah Highlands has accomplished, including in Connections, where resident and volunteer writer, Kathryn Dean, reflected on various elements that make our community a unique place to call home over the past 20 years. See excerpts from her series of articles below, or read them all in our online Connections archives:

On the Urban Village Concept:

On Highlands Council:

“Port Blakely had a vision for the Northwest, not just regarding reforestation, but also sustainability. As forestlands were cleared and housing began to boom all over the greater Seattle area, Port Blakely saw an opportunity to maximize housing units while leaving forest lands, trails, protected green spaces, and parks to be enjoyed by the community. The urban village concept created the closeness of a city or urban setting while giving the feel of a suburb.” (Published January 2018)

“The old adage “It takes a Village” couldn’t apply more aptly to the development of our urban village. Many people have shared their time and vision to create the vibrant community that we enjoy today. And a major part of the unifying fabric of that community is Highlands Council.... Highlands Council makes our community unique by providing a vision, structure, and the resources to be more than just a collection of homes but rather a true governed village within our greater city.” (Published April 2018)

On the Issaquah Highlands Community Association:

On Parks and Trails: “I love living in a place where outdoor recreation can be found in every neighborhood. The Highlands is unique in its quantity and variety of parks and trails. Port Blakely and the City of Issaquah purposefully planned the Highlands as a community with lots of common space, play space, and natural beauty to draw people out of their homes to create memories with their families and connections with each other.” (Published May 2018)

“The IHCA is a non-profit community association whose goal is to maintain our property values through adopted rules and restrictions as well as taking care of our common areas such as parks, roadways, and building exteriors.... It is the oversight of the IHCA that keeps our neighborhood’s aesthetic and values true to the original intent of Port Blakely when establishing our urban village.” (Published July 2018)

2003: I-90 Exit 18 Issaquah Highlands Interchange opens

2004: Central Park Phase I opens

2003: Highlands Council forms

2005: Blakely Hall opens

2005: Issaquah Highlands Bark Park opens 2003: Eastside Fire Station #73 opens

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018 These three families moved into the very first homes in Issaquah Highlands in 1998, located on Jade Street. This year, they celebrate 20 years as residents! Read their unique stories below.

House #1: The Pilapils

When Edwin and Maria Teresa Pilapil visited then new Issaquah Highlands community, intrigued by the promise of a hightech urban village, they acted fast and bought house No. 1! They have lived there ever since. “When we first moved to Issaquah Highlands, we expected a great community with lots of potential. We also wanted to be in an area where we knew we could stay awhile, plant our roots and raise our son. Our son and his family now live just up the hill. One day, my wife and I were walking and saw a house that we thought would be perfect for our son, who was still in high school at the time. We bought it and now, 15 years later, he still lives there with a family of his own. There was just one model home and a handful of framed up houses when we learned about the neighborhood concept and vision and we were sold. It has been great to see that vision and concept come to fruition over the past 20 years.” – Edwin Pilapil

House #2: The Walkers

The Walkers bought house No. 2 and moved into a second home in Issaquah Highlands a couple years later. They were involved in the community early on. Ursula served on the Community Development Committee. Geoff was appointed to the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC), quickly becoming its chairman. “While we loved our first home, we wanted to move into a bit larger house where our family of five could live comfortably for many years. The kids are grown now, and we still love living on this street. Within a couple years of our moving here, two other family members did too, and in another two years, we had five family homes in the community. It’s been a blessing to have so many family members around to spend time with, run into in random places, be close to support each other in times of need, and be together to celebrate holidays and life’s milestones.” – Geoff Walker

House #3: The Leighs Karl and Lacey Leigh, and their two boys, moved into house No. 3 on Jade Street and are now on their third home in Issaquah Highlands. Lacey also served on the Community Development Committee. Karl joined Geoff on the Urban Village Development Commission (UVDC), serving as vice chairman. “We started on Jade Street because it was the right house, right price, right location! House No. 2 was a bigger house at a great location that happened to be near a lot of friends from our first neighborhood. Our third home was about downsizing (and less yard work) with the benefit of walking distance to Starbucks, Safeway, Ram, Regal, etc. We’ve sort of had the right house for different phases of life, all within one mile of each other. We’ve made wonderful friends at each of our three stops in Issaquah Highlands. One friend shared: ‘Neighbors by chance, friends by choice.’ We’ve been very fortunate.” – Karl Leigh

2007: First Highlands Day Festival

2010: zHomes open (first multi-family, zero net energy homes in the country)

2006: Grand Ridge Elementary School opens

2011: Swedish Hospital Grand Opening 2007: First businesses open in Issaquah Highlands commercial area (including Caffe Ladro, Sip Restaurant, and Highlands Cleaners)

YWCA Family Village completed



December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

2006 2003





For more community information, see

2017: Central Park Phase II completed

2018: Final Grand Ridge Drive/Harrison Street properties sold

2013: Grand Ridge Plaza opens 2013: Highlands Youth (HY) Advisory Board forms

2018: Issaquah Highlands 20 Years celebration at a birthday party-themed Highlands Day

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



Telecommute Tuesdays

Every Tuesday except December 25 10:00am-1:00pm Blakely Hall

Do you work from home? Do you want a little motivation to work from home once each week? Telecommute Tuesdays were designed for you! Head on over to Blakely Hall on Tuesdays for free wi-fi, coffee and treats and the beautiful setting of our community hall. Questions? Contact or 425-507-1107.

Holiday Fun For the latest information, please visit our Holidays in the Highlands page at

Free Photos with Santa

December 1, 8 and 15, 11, 11:00am-2:00pm PinkaBella Cupcakes

Visit with Santa and a professional photographer will provide complimentary services to help you capture the magic – each family receives a free digital photo or a printed 4x6. Elves will be on-hand to collect to accept non-perishable food donations for the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank. For more information visit

Menorah Lighting

Monday, December 3, 6:30pm Grand Ridge Plaza, in front of Ulta

Join Chabad of the Central Cascades for a free menorah lighting featuring doughnut decorating, Chanukah Crafts, Hot Chocolate, Chocolate coins/gelt, and music.

Chanukah Celebration December 5, 6:30pm Grand Ridge Elementary

Join Chabad of the Central Cascades for a Hoopin’ Chanukah Experience featuring the first Hula Hoop Menorah in the PNW with a Hoop Show by Hoopsmiles, choir, youth activities, latkeh bar and treats, music, dancing and more. Donation Suggested.

Swedish Holiday Craft Fair December 6-7 Swedish Issaquah

Shop for holiday treats and gifts at the annual craft fair hosted by Swedish caregivers, volunteers and their family members. Enjoy a story or craft with your children and get a picture taken with Santa. Free gift wrapping available.

Hounds of Music A Capella December 6 & 13, 5-7:00pm Grand Ridge Plaza

The University of Washington Hounds of Music A Cappella group will tour Grand Ridge Plaza bringing exciting harmonies and the magic of holiday songs to the community.

Letters to Santa & Giving Tree Through December 14 Swedish Issaquah

Send a letter to Santa and receive a personal response (mailbox and letter supplies provided). Also, pick a tag from the Giving Tree, then drop off an unwrapped gift to share the joy of the season with others in the community. You can also create photo memories at the photo booth while enjoying holiday music from carolers through December 21.

Christmas Eve EVE Service Sunday, December 23, 6:30pm Blakely Hall

All are invited to join Missiongathering Issaquah Christian Church for a Christmas Eve EVE service! Join for a celebration of Christmas with a service full of candles and carols. See for more information.

Christmas Eve Service Monday, December 24, 5:00pm Blakely Hall

Summit Life Church invites the community to join them for Christmas Eve at Blakley Hall. All are welcome. See for more information.

Save the Date Mimosa Morning

Wednesday, January 2, 9:00-11:00am Blakley Hall

Mimosa Morning is back! Get the kids off to school, then stop by Blakley Hall to toast the new year with friends and neighbors! Join us for coffee, mimosas, and pastries. Adults only, all are welcome.

Boy Scout Annual Holiday Tree Recycling Drive Saturday, January 5, 9:00am Community -Wide

Governance Mtgs IHCA Architectural Review Committee

Tuesday, 12/4, 6:00pm IHCA Office

Highlands Fiber Network Advisory Group

Monday, 12/10, 4:00pm, IHCA Office

Highlands Council Board of Trustees

Tuesday, 12/11, 12:00pm, Blakely Hall

IHCA Finance Committee

Tuesday, 12/11, 5:30 pm IHCA Office Meetings are subject to change. See Calendar at for more information or date changes.

Holidays Chanukah

December 3-10

Winter Solstice

The Boy Scouts on the Sammamish Plateau will collect your holiday tress for recycling. Support your local troops and help the environment by leaving your live tree (no artificial trees, tinsel or frocking, please) at the curb by 9:00am the first Saturday in January. A donation of $25 is suggested, via check in an envelope (or ziplock bag if wet outside) attached to the tree. Please check for stray ornaments! Contact:

December 21

‘80s Trivia Night

New Year’s Eve

Friday, January 18, 7:00-9:00pm Blakely Hall

It’s going to be like, totally awesome! Pull out those leg warmers and your best neon to join friends and neighbors for a fun night of trivia and games! Adults only. Advanced tickets required. $10/person includes games, prizes, snacks, first drink ticket, plus totally RAD fun!


Tuesday, December 25


Wednesday, December 26 Monday, December 31

Office Closures

IHCA Office, Blakely Hall, Highlands Council and HFN Offices will be closed on December 24 & 25 for Christmas.

HY Networking with Neighbors Job Fair Saturday, January 26 Blaklely Hall

Save the date for a unique networking event, organized by the Highlands Youth Board, to connect residents, local businesses, and nonprofits with teens looking for jobs or promoting their own services.

Bunco Night

Friday, February 1, 7:00pm Blakely Hall

Come roll the dice with friends and neighbors at Bunco Night! This new community group launches in February. No experience necessary. For more information and updates, join the Facebook group: Issaquah Highlands Bunco.

Crafty Paws

Sunday, December 16, 10:00am-6:00pm Civilized Nature

For daily updates, follow us on:

Drop by Civilized Nature in Issaquah Highlands to visit with Mrs. Claus and make your pet a stocking.

*All Events are FREE unless otherwise noted.

Subscribe to our weekly e-letter at


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections


The Issaquah Highlands Community Association is collecting food and new/gently used clothing for the Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank. Please drop off your food / clothing donations in our office from November 1st – December 13th, 2018 9am – 5pm. Current Food & Clothing Bank Needs Progresso Soups / Healthy Soups

Pasta Sauce

Mac & Cheese


Instant Oatmeal packets

Gluten Free Foods

Hamburger Helper

Ramen Noodles

Canned Tuna/Chicken/Fish/Other Proteins

Cooking Oil (Small – 24oz)



Canned Pasta Meals

Canned Fruit/Vegetables

Pasta Roni/Rice a Roni


Diapers size 4-6

Baby Wipes

Toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, shaving stuff)

Laundry Soap

Dish Soap

Cleaning Products

Camping Equipment/Outdoor Gear

Lightly Used Blankets & Bedding


New / Lightly Used Clothing

***Fully Stocked with Kidney Beans & Dried Beans

Pull out those leg warmers and your best neon to join friends and neighbors for a fun night of trivia and games!


Includes games, prizes, snacks, first drink ticket, plus totally rad fun! Adults only. SPONSORED BY HIGHLANDS COUNCIL

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



Keep, Donate, Discard by Johnna Masterson, Central Park Resident and Owner of Inspired and Organized

Happy Holidays! This season is one of my favorites. I love the crisp, fresh air, the joy on people’s faces, and all of the community decorations, especially the lights along Park Drive, and of course the giant tree at Village Green.

And many of us decorate our own homes with the holiday spirit as well. While the end result is beautiful and festive, the process can be a little stressful. Ten months out of the year, our garages and closets store holiday décor: ceramic and glass trees and candy canes, countless light strands and boxes of ornaments, and a few different wreaths to grace our front doors. And when January finds us a bit overwhelmed, they get shoved back in the boxes and bins and forgotten about until next year. Then you find things are missing, tangled, or not even in working order. This year when you decorate, take a few extra minutes to go through your decorations with a different mindset. Make three piles - Keep, Donate and Discard. Keep the items that bring you joy - the things that elicit a smile and possibly even a memory. Donate the items that you have outgrown or that no longer fit in. And discard anything that is broken, not working, or that you think has seen better days. If it’s a keepsake beyond repair, take a photo and save that instead. Only keep things that you will use and that truly bring you happiness. Not only will you simplify next year, but you will reclaim some of that rare Highlands storage space. What about gift giving? Gift giving is a wonderful way to show our love, appreciation and gratitude. But instead of shopping through long lists, this year reduce the stress (and expense) by focusing

on thoughtful items and experiences. Not only does that leave our homes less cluttered, but it also builds stronger connections. When deciding what to give your loved ones, ask yourself what you want them to feel when they open it. While you may end up buying fewer gifts, you will find that the benefit to both the giver and receiver is much more. And if you are traveling for the holidays, here are some packing tips that can help: • Choose a neutral palette for your clothes to make sure they all mix and match • Only bring travel sized toiletries, and pack them in a Ziploc bag to ensure they don’t leak • Instead of packing your heavy or large items, wear them on the plane! Save that valuable space in your carry on. • Roll your clothing. When you do this, it takes up less space and helps with wrinkles too! • Use a small zippered bag within your carry on to access flight essentials easily.

Enjoy this holiday season with less stress, more mindfulness and more prepared for next year!

• And use a packing checklist. It keeps you organized and ensures you won’t forget anything

Ask Kari!

This month’s column revisits a few of the best from Ask Kari. Enjoy! Dear Kari, My wife is addicted to social media, i.e. Facebook. She has become obsessed with posting everything about our lives for the whole world to see. I don’t feel that everyone should know our every movement through the day; actually, I don’t think they even care. But, my wife disagrees with me and just keeps on posting! We are now starting to fight about this. How can I get her to see that telling everyone our business is not good? - Mr. TMI

Dear Mr. TMI, Social media and the internet can become addicting. Minutes can turn into hours without one even trying. For one’s overall wellness, I do not recommend zoning out by following others’ lives on Facebook. Nor do I recommend missing the current moments of one’s life by posting every single action one does in a day on their Facebook page. Good lives don’t need to be posted about constantly. They are better lived in the moment. Show your wife this column. Tell her you want to live the moments in the room together. Hopefully, she can reflect on your feelings and make the active change necessary to be better connected to the people who matter to her. Good luck. -Kari Dear Kari, I am dreading this holiday season, as my brother is demanding yet again that all our family members come to his house for Christmas Eve dinner. We don’t hear from him for most of the

year until early November when he sends us a request (aka demand) that we drive three hours to his home on Christmas Eve for dinner. Most of our family lives close by each other except for him, but he doesn’t seem to care that the concept of driving for hours on the holiday is of no interest to us. He is getting nasty this year, telling us that “we need to attend the dinner or else”. What would you do to handle this tricky family situation once and for all? - Tired of the Holiday Press Dear Tired of the Holiday Press, Family dynamics certainly spike during the holidays and it seems your brother takes it to a new level. Demanding that you and your family members come to his home on the day that he demands this holiday season is neither hospitable nor reasonable. It sounds like he is both immature and selfish to believe that he can rule the family calendar in this manner. I recommend that you politely decline the invitation and continue with your preferred chosen plans. You are not responsible for your brother’s temperament and choices. He is. If he chooses to demand people follow his requests, he will be the one who chooses by his actions to isolate himself from his family members and the special moments that occur in life naturally. -Kari I love to hear from our readers. Email your Ask Kari questions to All questions will be answered in upcoming columns. About Kari: Kari O’Neill, MSW, LICSW, is a licensed independent clinical social worker and is a resident of Issaquah Highlands. This column is for entertainment purposes only. If you are in crisis and in need of support, please contact the Crisis Clinic at 866-427-4747.


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections

Christmas at Timberlake DECEMBER 23 · 10A


9Round Agave Cocina & Tequilas Aji Sushi & Grill Allegro Pediatrics Bai Tong Thai Restaurant barre3 Ben & Jerry’s BevMo! Big Fish Grill Caffe Ladro Carters Chinoise Sushi Bar & Asian Grill Civilized Nature Pet Dick’s Sporting Goods Frame Central Francesca’s GNC Great Clips Harborstone Credit Union Highland Cleaners Home Goods HomeStreet Bank IHCA Issaquah Highlands Dental Group Issaquah Nails Jimmy John’s JoS. A. Bank Kumon Marshalls Mobivitel Verizon MOD Pizza Naturomedica Optica Vision Care Orangetheory Fitness PinkaBella Cupcakes RAM Restaurant & Brewery Regal Cinemas Safeway Scout & Molly’s Seattle Sun Tan Sip at the Wine Bar & Restaurant Soma Intimates Sorella Salon & Spa Starbucks The Habit Burger Grill The UPS Store Ulta Wells Fargo

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



Home Energy Efficiency PSE Can Help! by Renee Zimmerman, Ashland Park Resident, Community Projects Manager for Puget Sound Energy

If you would like to find out how much money (and energy!) you can save, just ask PSE! Schedule a home energy assessment and a certified member of the energy assessment team will visit your home and help you find ways to lower your energy bill.

Happy 20 years, Issaquah Highlands! As a resident for 18 of those 20 years, I’ve seen how our community led the way with every home certified Built Green, and so much more from the zero-net energy zHomes to our Eastside Fire & Rescue’s Silver LEED Silver certified Fire Station #73. Puget Sound Energy has a long history of providing a variety How to of services and incentives to maximize help customers save energy your energy and money. PSE’s energyefficient efficiency programs have home helped customers conserve nearly 5 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity and almost 50 million therms of natural gas. Even though the homes in Issaquah Highlands are built green, PSE can help them perform green! Consider taking advantage of PSE’s conservation programs from rebates to energy-efficient furnaces and appliances for homeowners. As we head into winter and temperatures begin to drop even more, call PSE for a free home energy assessment. That means a certified member of our Energy Assessment team will come out to your home and help you find ways to lower your energy bill while identifying efficiency upgrade opportunities.

Home Energy Assessment

You’ll receive a customized summary of recommended energy efficiency upgrades, information about energy efficient equipment rebates from PSE, and contractor referrals for future upgrades and helpful energy efficiency tips.

I recently went through a free home energy assessment so as a fellow PSE customer, I am happy to answer any questions you might have.


See more details, and submit a request form, here: rebates/home-energy-assessment If you’re looking at buying a home or remodeling, you can take advantage of some of PSE’s valuable rebates and incentives to save on energy efficiency upgrades to your living space. The more energy-efficient your home becomes, the lower your bills can be.

Rebates and incentives

From energy efficient appliances to insulation, lighting, and water heaters to windows you might find some help with our numerous rebates available. PSE offers incentives on energy efficiency upgrades for your home. You may qualify and get up to 70 percent of the cost covered for making energy efficient upgrades to your home or business. Common upgrades include boiler upgrades, installation of variable frequency drives on fans or pumps, HVAC equipment replacement, envelope improvements, high efficiency chillers and air compressor upgrades.

Custom Grants

For most non-lighting retrofits, PSE incentives provide up to $.30per kilowatt-hour (kWh) or $5.00 per therm of projected annual energy savings, which can be up to 70 percent of the total cost of equipment and installation.

Did you know?? In 2003, the Master Builders Association rated Issaquah Highlands as Puget Sound’s Highest Rated Built Green Community?

With PSE, you have the power to save money while lowering your carbon footprint. What are you waiting for?

Boy Scout Annual Holiday Tree Recycling Drive Saturday, January 5, 9:00am Community -Wide

The Boy Scouts on the Sammamish Plateau will collect your holiday tress for recycling. Support your local troops and help the environment by leaving your live tree at the curb by 9:00am the first Saturday in January. A donation of $25 is suggested, via check in an envelope (or ziplock bag if wet outside) attached to the tree. Please check for stray ornaments! Questions? Contact: No artificial trees, tinsel or frocking, please!


December 2018

Issaquah Highlands Connections


To Catch a Thief Protect yourself from a holiday Grinch and keep your holiday purchases safe by taking steps to prevent package theft. During the holiday season, Issaquah police see more package thefts. Many of the incidents are crimes of opportunity that occur when a thief sees an easy target that can be quickly taken without notice. To help deter package theft, the City has collaborated with “Ring” to loan video doorbells to homes in high-target areas. As part of the pilot program, residents — rather than police — monitor the devices’ audio and video. Police have asked residents to share footage if the device captures illegal activity. Interested in being part of the program? Contact Community Resource Officer Ryan Smith via email or at 425-837-3208.

Plan Ahead: Holiday Closures Mark your calendars! City offices will be closed the following dates December 24 & 25, 2018 and January 1, 2019. In case of emergency, please contact police at 911 or the non-emergency line at 425-837-3200. Thank you and have a safe and fun holiday season!

Volunteer Opportunity for the Civically Inclined Serving on City of Issaquah Boards and Commissions is fun, intellectually stimulating and a great way to give back to the community. The formal application period opens in January, but if you are interested, start looking into it now. There are a variety of opportunities from those in economic development to human services, from the library to parks.

If you would like more information, Lindsey Walsh, Issaquah Highlands resident and member of the Planning Policy Commission would be happy to talk with you. Nina Milligan, Highlands Council Communications Manager and past City Councilmember and Urban Village Development Commissioner also offers her advice and Ship your package to a location where someone you know will be available to observations of city service to any who calls. receive it, such as your workplace or the home of a relative, neighbor or friend.

Safety Tips To Prevent Theft

Use delivery options that deliver to secured locations, including lockers, or allow you to pick up your package at a retail store or package center.

See more information here:

Require a signature for your deliveries.

Contact Lindsey Walsh at

Track your package, and request email or text alerts about its delivery status. Be a good neighbor — be alert. If you see a package being stolen from your neighbor’s home, call 911. To report suspicious activity, call the Issaquah Police Department’s nonemergency line at 425-837-3200. If a package is stolen, file a police report and contact the shipper immediately. Call the Issaquah Police Department’s non-emergency line at 425-837-3200. Contact Nina Milligan at

Lindsey Walsh (above) serves on the City of Issaquah Planning Policy Commission (PPC). She expects several openings on the PPC in 2019. Nina Milligan (below) served on the Issaquah City Council 2014-15 after serving eight years on the Urban Village Development Commission.

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018



Falling and Rising by Carol Halas, Dahlia Park Resident The names in this story have been changed to protect these neighbors’ privacy.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius

Catherine Callahan and her family have always risen each time they fall because, as Catherine says, “I’m a mom, it’s what I do.” Catherine is very happy to be part of the YWCA Family Village with her three daughters. A typical day for Catherine often begins in the middle of the night when her middle daughter, who has autism, wakes up in a panic and extremely agitated. Catherine tries to calm her down, and before she knows it, her day begins. Eating and getting dressed are always a challenge for Catherine and her daughter. Catherine must secure her daughter in a wheelchair before leaving the apartment to ensure that she will not take off running, with no awareness of where she is or the potential danger around her. Catherine is thrilled that her daughter excels in the special needs program at her school. While her other daughters have learned to be independent and self-sufficient, Catherine wishes she could devote more time to them. Catherine knows that dealing with difficulty and facing hard times is a part of life. Sometimes the day seems insurmountable and a solution or answer seems out of reach. Catherine copes by finding the good in the world. She looks on the bright side of life. She appreciates her three beautiful girls, and the fact that her oldest and youngest accept and love their sister. They stand up for her when they need to and are understanding of her difficulties. Her daughters are compassionate and kind toward all children who struggle with being different. Catherine is grateful to have her mother live nearby so the other two girls often get to stay with her on weekends. Catherine and her family love living in the Highlands. The mountains and forests, and the beautiful and peaceful community are just some of the things they value in this community.

This YWCA family picked themselves up with help from Issaquah Community Services.

Catherine sought assistance from Issaquah Community Services (ICS) after realizing her daughter’s social security check would be delayed. ICS covered her rent for the month so Catherine and her family did not need to worry about losing their home in the Highlands. Issaquah Community Services (ICS) relies on financial support from the community. If you wish to support ICS during their fundraiser, Merry Christmas Issaquah, you can donate on line at

Give Back Through Community Giving Trees

Giving Tree at Grand Ridge Plaza

On Saturday, November 17, Grand Ridge Plaza celebrated to beginning of the winter holiday season with a Giving Tree lighting on the Plaza. Each gift tag on the Giving Tree represents a wish from a local child or teenager. Choose a gift tag from the tree, buy the gift, and drop it off at Regal Cinemas Issaquah Highlands. All donations are managed by the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank. Best if items are donated by 12/4 but will be gratefully accepted until 12/20.

Giving Tree at Swedish Issaquah

Share the joy of the season with others in the community by dropping off an unwrapped gift at the Giving Tree in Swedish Hospital Issaquah at 751 NE Blakely Drive. Gifts accepted through Friday, December 14.


December 2018

SCHOOL DECEMber SPOTLIGHT written and produced by Tracie Jones, Wisteria Park

Issaquah School District

Issaquah Schools Foundation

3 5 5-6 12 20 - 1/1 1/2

Elementary & Middle School Trimester Report Cards Family Partnership Parent ED Night Elementary Conferences, No School School Board Meeting Winter Break, No School All ISD Classes Resume


Dining for Kids @ Chinoise

7 7 11

Popcorn Friday Parents Night Out Comet Choir Concert

Issaquah Highlands Connections

Winter Weather Closures, Emergency Notification Information

ISD closures and delays are announced early in the morning, usually between 6:00 and 6:30 AM. If you anticipate emergency transportation conditions, please check for an announcement on TV, radio, or the Internet. To receive closure information straight from the district: • Make sure to receive District eNews. Sign up on our website, Weather delay notifications will NOT be sent via individual school eNews. • Check the ISD homepage, • Subscribe to receive ISD emergency news, www. (weather emergencies only) • Check recorded messages at (425) 837- 7000 (Admin.) or (425) 837-6333 (Transport).

Challenger Elementary

7 7 13 14

Popcorn Friday Gingerbread House Night 2nd Grade Concert Dads at Recess

Grand Ridge Elementary

7 4-7 12 13

Popcorn Friday Scholastic Book Fair After-school Movie @ 1:30 P.M STEM Club

Endeavour Elementary

4-6 7 12 13

PTA Book Fair and Kids’ Corner Popcorn Friday Kind Kids Meeting Jaguar Singers Concert

Issaquah Middle School

3 3 6 7 14

End of Trimester #1 Band Concert @6:30 PM Choir Concert @6:30 PM Grading Day, Early Release Spirit Day

Pacific Cascade Middle School

3 7 10

End of Trimester #1 Grading Day, Early Release Combined Holiday Concert @7:00 P.M.

No Events for Gibson Ek High School

8 11 12 15 19

IH PTSA Staff Appreciation Breakfast Candlelight Concert @ 7:00 P.M. Winter Band Concert@ 7:00 P.M. Evergreen Concert – Home for the Holidays IH PTSA Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Clark Elementary

Gibson Ek High School

Issaquah High School

IHS “Candlelight” Family Concert CANDLELIGHT is a family concert that appeals to all ages. Issaquah High School Concert Chorale, Treble Clef Women’s Choir, Mix It Up, Hi Tones, & In Harmony will move you with a wide variety of songs, including music of the season, and a new tradition, our Candlelight Processional. In order to make this event more accessible to families and friends of our choir members, admission is FREE for students with an ASB card and children. General tickets will be $8.00 at the door. December 11th, 2018, at 7:00 P.M.

“Home for the Holidays” Concert The 2018 “Home for the Holidays” Annual Tradition, by the IHS Evergreen Philharmonic Orchestra, will be held December 15th, 2018, in the Issaquah Performing Arts Center, at 700 2nd Ave SE, Issaquah. Tickets are $8 for adults, and $5 for students and seniors, at the door. The annual Home for the Holidays tradition is less of a concert, and more like a family gathering for the holidays. This concert includes an audience sing along, with the good old holiday carols, as well as guest appearances from outstanding local talent. We look forward to your family joining our IHS family, this holiday season.

What Every Parent Wants to Know about ISD

December 5, 2018, at Issaquah Valley Elementary School, at 6:30 PM. Topics will include - Special Services, including 504 and IEPs, curriculum information and adoption process, how families can participate in schools. Sponsored by the Issaquah School District Family Partnership. For language interpretation services, questions, contact Lorna Gilmour, 425.837.7205, or

Issaquah Highlands’ Student National Merit Semi-Finalist

**Be sure to check individual web sites for details and updates

Issaquah Highlands resident Amanda Brown has been named a Semi-Finalists in the 2019 National Merit Scholarship Program. Amanda is an Issaquah High School (IHS) student. Of the three IHS semi-finalists, Amanda is the only one from the Highlands. The National Merit Scholarship Program honors overall academic excellence and achievement, representing less than one-half percent of over 1.6 million applicants. Congratulations, Amanda!

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018


Scholastic Book Fairs Scholastic Book Fairs are continuing through December at most local elementary schools, during conferences, and in time for holiday shopping! The community is invited to attend these fun reading events, which inspire lifelong readers in all students. What a great way to support Issaquah school libraries, encourage literacy, all through finding the perfect book! More information can be found by checking local PTSA websites!district/21.html

Highlands Fiber Network: Fiber to the Home, Community Owned Issaquah Highlands was designed as an innovative, highly connected, urban village enjoying traditional neighborhood design.

Lunch for the Winter Break: How You Can Help This 2018 winter break, Lunch for the Break will once again partner with Supply All Kids, allowing donors to purchase boxes online, which is a great way for those who may not have time to shop, pack, deliver a box to still provide a tangible contribution to fight childhood hunger. The program works to end hunger during school breaks by providing food boxes with a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch and snack foods. Each box costs $45 to fill, pack, and deliver. December 19th, 2018 is the last day to donate. Your donations will directly impact families experiencing food insecurity in our community. Thank you so much for your support! Questions, contact Erin at 425-392-4123 x16.

WA PTA STEM Game Development Competition for High School Students The WSPTA Game Development Competition is a STEM-based program, introduced to encourage and support student success. The theme for the 2017-2018 competition is TIME. Students in grades 9-12 may participate and share their knowledge of computer science. Teams are encouraged and may include up to six members of multiple grades. The purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents and express themselves by developing a computer game. Students’ submissions are judged in the following areas: game of the year, arts and animation, game design, programming (code), and audio design. Submission forms are due January 15th, 2019. Final projects are due March 15th, 2019. For further details, visit game-competition/.

To help fund our own communications network, and other amenities in the Highlands, the “Covenant for Communities” was created, attached to land titles. The Covenant Fiber to the home, states that each home must community owned! have a connection to the network (which currently costs a $250 one-time fee, required at closing when you buy your home). And each home is required to subscribe to the minimum connection (10/10mbps), which is currently $50/month. Most apartment rentals in Issaquah Highlands provide the option to join the network, with the same hook up fee ($250) and the same monthly rates. HFN’s High Speed Fiber Optic Network is fast, reliable, and competitively priced. Our current offerings include 10/10mbps, 100/100mbps and 1000/1000mbps speeds. For current rate plans and more information, visit our website at:

Winter Break Dates NO SCHOOL!

December 20, 2018 through January 1, 2019

Highlands Fiber Network Customer Service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (425)427-0999 or see Questions about the Covenant for Communities should be directed to: Frank Pineau, General Manager, HFN, 425-394-4184 HFN Office is at Blakely Hall

 ISSAQUAH HIGHLANDS PHOTO TREASURE HUNT  Every month we publish a photo of something (or somewhere!) in the Highlands. While some “hunts” are easier than others, all have photos taken of something accessible to the public. It is up to you to know or guess where the photo was taken. Last month’s photo was of a wonderful work of landscape art located in an alleyway just east of 30th Ave NE and NE Magnolia St. I had passed by this spot many times but hadn’t noticed it until recently. Just an example of the ways this neighborhood can still be surprising. Correct guesses submitted by: Dana Hanson “My in-laws were re-doing their back deck on their home in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. They gave us this old bench to put in our garden in our home in Madison, WI. Our family was relocated and bought that home on 31st in Issaquah Highlands. We later moved to another home still in IH but that bench looked better staying in that alley garden than any spot in our new home so we left it for the buyers.That bench has moved around a lot!” - Dana Hanson

Thanks to everyone who participated! This month’s photo is below. Can you identify the location in this picture? If you think you have the answer, please email it to IHPhotoHunt@ along with your full name. Please be as specific as possible when emailing your response. Responses will be accepted until December 12th. Those with the correct answer will see their name published in next month’s issue of Connections. Everyone who responds with a correct guess will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Bai Tong. Every correct guess is an entry! The drawing will take place after December 12. The Photo Treasure hunt is coordinated by volunteer Chelsea Musick of the Central Park neighborhood.



resents come in all shapes in sizes. Some are wrapped with beautiful paper and others tucked into lavish bags.

However they’re wrapped, our loved ones know that whatever is inside the box or bag, it was chosen with love. This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift that will give for years to come. One that just might save their lives. Give the gift of preparedness. Emergency kits range from a simple keychain sized multitool to pursesized, car, work, or multi-day home kits. Here are a few ideas that will fit any budget:

Issaquah Highlands Connections

This Holiday Season Give the Gift that Keeps on Giving by Amanda Keverkamp, CERT Team 9, Resident of Crofton Springs

Gifts under $15 ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾ ¾¾

Multitool Paracord bracelet Flashlight and batteries First Aid kit Rain poncho and emergency blanket Whistle Travel size personal hygiene kit Waterproof matches

g i f t s r a n g i n g f ro m $1 5 - 3 0 ¾ ¾ Personal water filtration kit – there are many options to choose from including LifeStraw or water bottle kits ¾ ¾ Solar powered Lanterns ¾ ¾ Fire ex tinguisher (useful for home and car) ¾ ¾ Flint ¾ ¾ Auto kit with jumper cables ¾ ¾ Single charge compact USB cellphone c harger

g i f t s r a n g i n g f ro m $3 0 - 7 5 ¾ ¾ Hand-crank, solar, and batter y-powered NOAA alert radio ¾ ¾ Solar power lantern – there are a number of great options out there including Goal Zero’s Torch 250 Fl ashlight ¾ ¾ Fully loaded 3-day, person emergency kits Most of these gifts can be easily picked up as you are running your holiday errands. They are usually found in the camping section of any number of local stores including Fred Meyer, Home Depot, and REI or ordered through your favorite online retailer.

Give the gift of preparedness this holiday. It can be as simple as a first aid kit or as innovative as a solar-powered lantern.

From my family to yours, have a wonderful – and safe – holiday season!

JOEY DALUPAN (206) 437-0142 Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Painting (Interior/Exterior)

Hardwood/Tile Installation

Drywall Repair

Basic Electrical/Plumbing

Fence & Deck Build/Repair/Staining

Appliance Install/Repair

Power Washing

Home Security Camera Installation

Issaquah Highlands Connections

December 2018


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# 1001927

December 2018 + Den28+ Bonus Room

List - $789,000 - $845,000 - Sold $630,000 List $550,000 Issaquah Highlands Connections 4Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1495 Sqft / Iverson Lane

4Bd / 2.5 Bath / Basement home on Iris St.

NOW OFFERING ATlist1% SOLD $41,000 COMMISSIONS over list price! SOLD $33,000 over price!

OLD $67,000 over list price!


money for the sale of your home “It’s

the PEAK season to list! Listed! home call Krista! Just 206-890-6347

YOUR Move!”

2649 NE Davis Loop Pending!

List $550,000 - Sold $617,000



List $469,000 - Sold $510,000

d / 2.5 Bath / 1,440 Sqft / Private Corner Lot!

2Bd / 2.5 Bath / Duplex on greenbelt with views!

on Daphne Street!

Great Price!

Just Listed!

1745 26th Walk NE

1565 24th Ave NE

List $489,000 - Sold $522,000

2Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1,620 Sqft / Views of Seattle!

$1,250,000 MLS# 1375422


$649,888 MLS#1367580

4 Bd / 2.5 Bath / 3,210 Sqft / Central Park view home

3 Bd / 1.5 Bath / 1,240 Sqft / Modern remodel

Great Price!


September Client Testimonial:

2163 31st Lane We needed to sell our house quickly as NE part 4 Bd / 3.25 Bath / 3210 Sqft / Greenbelt Home! 3 Bd / 3.5 Bath / 2,500 Sqft / Basement Home! of a corporate relocation. We knew Krista SOLD $56,000 price! SOLD $80,000 over price! waslistfamiliar with the area and had a strong 2 Listing Agents = Highest Levelover of list Service! reputation. Krista listed our home extremely Custom Home Book fast, while still providing a high level of $1,395,000 MLS#1374110 service. an amazing$839,500 job staging and MLS#1343635 $635,000 She MLS# did 1334329 4 Bd / 3.75 Bathin/out / 3,967 cleaning Sqft / Huge,as sunny backyard Professional move client gift! 3 Bd / 2.5 Bath / 2,020 Sqft / Highlands craftsman 3 Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1,380 Sqft / Beautiful craftsman photographing our home to show it at its best. MLS# 1001927 Even with our tight timeline, she was able to SOLD! Just in Listed! SOLD! SOLD! #1 Placement the Connections List - $789,000 -Newspaper! $845,000 List $550,000 - Sold $630,000 Sqft / + Den + 560 Bonus Room 4Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1495 Sqft / Iverson Lane on IrisCrest St. 1927 NE Kensington Ct Ward St Unit B, Seattle4Bd / 2.5 Bath / Basement 942 home NE Pine Circle 1601 NE FALLS DR run two open house events. Her marketing Free staging consultation efforts resulted in multiple offers and a SOLD $67,000 over list price! SOLD $41,000 over list price! SOLD $33,000 over list price! final sales price 12% over our listing price. Free use of model home furniture & accessories Throughout the process, communication with Krista was very open and she was incredibly Zero pressure, 100% friendly, in home consultation $769,000 Sold $822,000 $1,025,000 MLS#1380103 $1,195,000 MLS#1296386 $1,025,000 MLS#1275992 responsive. Krista also has3 a ton ofenergy, a Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1,417 Sqft / Darling craftsman 3 Bd / 1.75 Bath / 1,363Sqft / In-city retreat 4Bd / 3 Bath / 3,066 Sqft / Pine Crest 3 Bd / 2.5 Bath / 2,350 Sqft / Stunning Forest Ridge home designed to inform you about your options positive attitude, and is fun to work with. List $550,000 - Sold $617,000 List $469,000 - Sold $510,000 List $489,000 - Sold $522,000 We highly recommend Krista. 4Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1,440 Sqft / PrivateCERTIFIED Corner Lot! 2Bd / 2.5 Bath / Duplex on greenbelt with views! 2Bd / 2.5 Bath / 1,620 Sqft / Views of Seattle! ! RELOCATION $919,000 MLS # 957836

Gorgeous Dream Home in Dahlia Park Offered at $ 919,000

MLS# 957836

$825,000 MLS 2583 # 961193 NE Kensington Ct

2059 NE Nelson Lane Issaquah, WA 98029

CALL (206) 890-6347 TO BUY OR SELL A HOME Lisa and Michael Saracino


September Client Testimonial: 6347 TO BUY OR SELLplacement A HOME! Preferred on Zillow &We Trulia Custom needed to sell our house quicklyHome as part Book of a corporate relocation. We knew Krista

& Trulia


ner ker listing 3y 4 7




Open Houses/Brokers Open was familiar with the area Professional move in/out cleaning as client gift and had a strong reputation. Krista listed our home extremely Unlimited Color Flyers #1 Placement in the Connections Newspaper Custom Home Book fast, while still providing a high level of service. She did an amazing staging and Individualized Property Freejobstaging consultation Professional move in/out cleaning as client gift! Website Issaquah Highlands Homeowners photographing our home to show it at its best. Social Media Campaign Even with our tight timeline, was able to Zeroshepressure, 100% friendly, in home consultation #1 Placement in the Connections Newspaper! run two open house events. Her marketing designed to inform you about your options Full Internet Exposure for your listing Free staging consultation efforts resulted in multiple offers and a final sales price 12% over ourhome listing price. Free warranty or move-out clean Professional HDR photographyThroughout Free use of model home furniture & accessories the process, communication with Local office next to SIP! Krista was very open and she was incredibly Virtual Home Tour Zero pressure, 100% friendly, in home consultation 2 Listing Agents = Highest Level of Service!

designed to inform you about your = options 2 Listing Agents Highest RELOCATION CERTIFIED SIRVA, CARTUS, ALTAIR & MORE

James & Julie Clegg - Brokers 4 2 5 .9 41. 6 5 76 2a 5ton -of 5 7 7a -1917 responsive. Krista also4 has energy,

Level of Service positive attitude, and RELOCATION is fun to work with. CERTIFIED SIRVA, CARTUS, ALTAIR & MORE

j c l e g g72@ g m a i l .c o m

We highly recommend Krista.

* Now advertising directly toMichael international buyers on Lisa and Saracino


ands OwnerHomeowner

Broker Brueckman - Broker 0.6 3 47 a12

Issaquah Highlands Homeowner

Issaquah Highlands Homeowners

James & Julie Clegg - Brokers 4 2 5 .9 41. 6 5 76 4 2 5 - 5 7 7 -1917

Aimee Holy - Broker 314 - 6 0 0 - 7 5 61 j c l e g g72@ g m a i l .c o m

a i mee ho ly@ya

@g ma i Highlands Homeowner Krista Mehr

Lynn Crane Brueckman

Issaquah Highlands Homeowner

Aimee Holy

Sean Meade

Joey Dalupan

Terron Watson

Carla Domingues




hlands Office located at 1114 NE Park Dr. - right next206.898.3044 to SIP Wine Bar! 425.614.6834 206.437.0142

Owner/Broker Broker ane Brueckman - Broker 206.890.6347 207.561.0412 1 - 0 412

ma n@g ma i

Aimee Broker Broker Holy - Broker 314.600.7561 314 - 6 0 0 - 7 5 61 425.941.9934 a imeeholy@ya

VisitOffice our NEW Issaquah Highlands Office located Park Dr. - right next to SIP Wine Bar Highlands located at 1114 NE Park Dr. - right next to at SIP1114 WineNE Bar!

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