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Species Conservation International Gorilla Conservation Programme

Conservation Incentives International Gorilla Conservation Programme

Maryke Gray/IGCP

Wellard Makambo/IGCP

Susa family group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.

SACOLA village, a community initiative funded from tourism.

Conservation and management-oriented research and monitoring

Empowering communities to improve livelihoods

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Transboundary Natural Resource Management

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Advocacy International Gorilla Conservation Programme

International Gorilla Conservation Programme

Anna Behm Masozera/IGCP Congolese community group on a study tour in Uganda. Photo Provided by RDB Snares found during a coordinated transboundary patrol.

Facilitating conservation across borders

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Conservation Incentives IGCP works with local communities- via local government, associations, and cooperatives- to provide incentives for conservation, facilitating community-private sector partnership when appropriate. Incentives include revenue sharing from mountain gorilla tourism, beekeeping and handicrafts, and improved access to water. IGCP also works to develop institutional mechanisms for collaborative human-wildlife conflict management.

Species Conservation IGCP works with protected area authorities and a variety of partners to address the threats to the mountain gorilla as a key species in the Virunga Massif and Bwindi ecosystems. Core to species conservation is the maintenance of a regional information system to monitor mountain gorilla populations and to guide park management decisions. Through the establishment of permanent research plots, IGCP is also monitoring climate change and its affect on habitat and species.

For more information , visit us online at or write to

For more information , visit us online at or write to


Transboundary Natural Resource Management

IGCP advocates on behalf of the mountain gorillas, their habitat and the communities that surround the protected areas. By facilitating cross-border study tours and dialog highlighting lessons learned, IGCP encourages best practices in tourism development and conservation. IGCP works to demonstrate the value of the parks and mountain gorillas to local and national economies, ensuring that conservation has a place in socioeconomic development. For more information , visit us online at or write to

The remaining mountain gorillas exist in transboundary national parks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. IGCP works with park authorities to coordinate patrols and facilitate information sharing. Beyond coordinated activities within the parks, IGCP brings a wide variety of stakeholders together with the goal of collectively managing the transboundary mountain gorilla habitat. For more information , visit us online at or write to

IGCP Approaches  

IGCP's approaches to mountain gorilla conservation include species conservation, conservation incentives, transboundary natural resource man...