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Get Involved You play an important role in mountain gorilla conservation -- we need your support.

International Gorilla Conservation Programme

Photos: Maryke Gray/IGCP and Paul Thomson/AWF

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Opp. Parliament & Near Lemigo Hotel PO Box 931, Kigali, RWANDA Tele: +250 252 580 465 Email:

There are few animals on earth as strong as a mountain gorilla. Or as fragile . The International Gorilla Conservation Programme’s mission is to conserve the critically endangered mountain gorillas and their habitat through partnering with key stakeholders while significantly contributing to sustainable livelihood development.

IGCP Regional Office

Species Conservation | Conservation Incentives Transboundary Natural Resource Management | Advocacy IGCP’s comprehensive approach addresses the threats to mountain gorillas on all fronts:

A Unique Partnership IGCP was formed in 1991, bringing together three leading international conservation organizations.

IGCP works closely with the protected area authorities in the three countries where mountain gorillas are found: l’Institut Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda.

IGCP Brochure English  

The IGCP brochure packet includes this jacket which contains six different inserts.

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