TOM 2 - Summary & Outcomes Report

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International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations

Team of Officials 2014/15

Team of Officials Meeting 2 (TOM2)

Summary & Outcomes

Summary & Outcomes Report Presented by IFMSA Team of Officials 2014/15 Dates: December 26th-30th 2014 Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Participants Agostinho Sousa, President Jason Van Genderen, VP for Internal Affairs Claudel P-Desrosiers, VP for External Affairs Wael Nasri, Treasurer Karim Abu Zied, Secretary General Michalina Drejza, SCORA Director Omar Cherkaoui, SCOPE Director Luiza Alonso, SCORE Director Skander Essafi, SCOPH Director Alberto Silva, RC Europe Yuji (Ann) Jeong, RC Asia-Pacific Ahmed Reda, Training SDD Ljiljana Lukic, Projects SDD Mustafa Ozan Alpay, New Technologies SDD

Firas Yassine, Publications SDD Pedro Correira de Miranda, LO to WHO Kornelija Macevičiūtė, LO to Students Organizations Kelly Thompson, LO for Reproductive Health Issues Stijntje Dijk, LO for Medical Education Issues

Observers Carles Pericas (AECS-Catalonia) Murat Aksoy (TurkMSIC-Turkey)

Supervising Council Josko Mise, General Member

*Note: Officials who were not present during TOM 2 were able to actively input the discussions, through virtual participation (live-streaming, daily updates). This way we ensure all opinions were considered.

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Update - Plan of Action 2014/15 At the beginning of the year, the Team of Officials established their joint Plan of Action for 2014/15. This was the first time in IFMSA recent history that such a document was produced. It has guided the Federation work so far, and will continue to do so for the rest of the term. After three months, this was the perfect time for the Officials to take a moment to look at the progress made since October and to evaluate if the plan of action was followed upon. The document was revised and updated, which allow you to track the achievements made and what is yet to be done. Some modifications were made – for instance the exchanges were divided in two different plans of action - and a few timelines were changed so to be more realistic. The Plan of Action will be presented and discussed during the Presidents Session at the March Meeting 2015 in Antalya, Turkey.

The IFMSA Team of Officials 2014/15 together with the Organizing Committee Members of TOM2. We would like to thank CroMSIC-Croatia for their amazing work in organising TOM2!


Summary of the Main Agenda Points Review of the first month in the Team of Officials & EB Updates The Officials reviewed the first months as the Team of Officials, and highlighted the successes, the positive aspects of our work as a team, and the things that would need to be improved in coming months. Overall, the level of satisfaction from the members of the team is high. The EB also gave personal updates about the work done so far. Updates on Taskforces and Small Working Groups The Officials received an update on the following taskforces and small working groups (SWG) that currently exist in IFMSA. The NMOs will receive a more complete update during the Presidents Sessions and in the relevant standing committee sessions at March Meeting. Updates on the General Secretariat IFMSA has a new secretary that was hired recently with the AMC and she shall start working in February. The EB is confident that the Secretary will greatly support the work of the Federation. IFMSA Programs A summary regarding the work done on the implementation of programs in the past months was given by the Projects Support Division Director. In total, seven were submitted for adoption by the General Assembly in March Meeting and more should be submitted by August Meeting. IFMSA on Social Media IFMSA has been growing on social media in the past three months and the organic growth is quite spectacular – and we have to thank you for your active support! The Visibility Strategy adopted by the Team of Officials in October is being implemented and respected. Finances Updates The IFMSA Treasurer gave a presentation on the finances of the Federation. Several recommendations are put to the floor, and they will be discussed at the March Meeting 2015. Fundraising and Marketing A revamped and updated fundraising and marketing strategy was presented to the Officials, as well as a new sponsorship prospectus. It is highlighted that all Officials, particularly the Regional Coordinators and the Liaison Officers, are committed to conduct sustainable fundraising for the Federation. External Representation & Advocacy There is a short presentation by the IFMSA President on the work done together with the Liaison Officers Team to organise and have a good overview of IFMSA external representation efforts. A draft of the advocacy strategy of IFMSA is presented too. Discussion on Regionalisation The Officials discussed the regionalisation of IFMSA, as according to the presented Pursued Goals. The officials answered the questions prepared by the Regional Coordinators. Similar discussions will take place at the Regional Meetings and information will be collected until the August Meeting 2015. IFMSA Meetings Updates are given by the Vice-President for Internal Affairs and the present Regional Coordinators for the past and coming regional meetings. The IFMSA Treasurer, as the EB contact person, shared with the Officials the latest news in regards to August Meeting 2015. All are confident that the meetings will lead to great outcomes and will contribute to continue inspiring members around the world to achieve more for global public health.


We are looking forward to see you in Turkey for March Meeting 2015!

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