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OPHTEL2010 Project Outline August 2009 General Objective The general objective is to evaluate digital data management in Ophthalmology worldwide based on standards used by “real world” applications. This shall be achieved by the research of software use in ophthalmic environments in Europe, America and Asia. OPHTEL2010 aims to provide significant impact on the development and use of electronic systems like Electronic Medical Records, Disease Registries and Telemedicine Applications in Ophthalmology. Strategic Relevance The number of ophthalmic professionals using digital systems is increasing worldwide every year. However there is a lack of information and documentation on the quality and benefits of the use of electronic applications. OPHTEL2010 shall support knowledge about standards and structured data concepts for the meaningful use of digital patient data management. The international approach shall help to synchronize electronic tools to support best practice and quality in eye care. Context The first OPHTEL project was launched in 1996 and received funding by the European Union (EU) within the Telematics Research Program. Specialists from Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain and Italy researched IT systems for registries, electronic medical records, image databases and knowledge based systems regarding their functionality for co-management and telemedicine. The main focus of OPHTEL was the use of structured data (standard multilingual terminology) for the management of patients with retinal diseases (e.g. diabetic retinopathy/DR) and glaucoma. IOTA (International Ophthalmic Technology Association) is a non-profit organization supporting the development and standardization of state-of-the-art technologies for eye care professionals worldwide. IOTA is registered as a nonprofit organization in Bonn, Germany (registration no. 4945).


Iota-Projekt Ophtel 2010