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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

World Forum Overview

world-renowned speakers.

and models that can advance the cause of raising the professionalism of agribusiness and developing a sustained talent pipeline to responsibly feed the world today and in the coming decades.

#IFAMAFRICA The 2014 World Forum—People Feed the World: The Talent Factor, will and agribusiness future has soared to the top of the world’s most elite on agriculture and agribusiness in Africa is based on the fact that the hinges on expanding the capacity of these industries. Our work together during the World Forum will be framed by three overarching themes:

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

Connect to African Agribusiness Age of Opportunity Agriculture and agribusiness are projected to sub-Saharan Africa by 2030—from $313 billion USD today.

do we address the complex challenges that agribusiness faces today—

There is a growing understanding that focusing

People! Through The Talent Factor, we will focus on the tangible outcomes of raising the skills and knowledge of agribusiness professionals. Successful

development. Increasing the talent capacity development.

Noble Ambition: Feeding the World Agribusiness is a global, entrepreneurial, dynamic and purpose-driven

During IFAMA’s Cape Town World Forum, we will address issues central to raising the level of professionalism in African agribusiness, including: • Bringing world-class resources to bear to define, chains • Building and managing commercially-scaled agriculture systems

nobler purpose than Feeding the World. Africa Agribusiness’ Age of Opportunity $1 trillion USD industries in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030—from $313 billion

holder producers to supply chains

Join us to connect to the leaders who are at the helm of driving the growth of African Agribusiness. Immerse yourself and learn about Age of Opportunity.

Trade Exposition A special feature of the 2014 World Forum will be a pan-African trade fair featuring important businesses representing the value chain of food and agribusiness on the continent. Join this exposition to directly learn from businesses actively and successfully working across Africa today. This informative event will be of particular interest to African businesses seeking new technology and services partners and for international participants seeking to have a better understanding of the business landscape of African agriculture. Approximately 70 businesses will be represented, this event will feature technology demonstrations and informative seminars.

World Forum | Special Events Student Career Fair Forum’s Career Fair. More than 150 students – undergraduate,

Student-Industry Leader Luncheon This mini-case session features a facilitated discussion on a current “hot topic” issue designed to promote open dialog among students and agribusiness industry leaders. Each year this Seminar provides a rare networking opportunity for talented students to interact and

IFAMA 2014 World Forum Cape Town, South Africa June 17-19, 2014

Global Agribusiness Leaders IFAMA Impressions

– “I want to thank all the IFAMA students for your passion and your commitment to agriculture. You are the next leadership is something that is going to be urgently and greatly needed in the years ahead.” –

Pre-Forum Sessions For several days leading up to the World Forum, two special events take place that focus on two very important stakeholder group of IFAMA—students and academics. 2014 will mark the 9th year for the IFAMA Global Student Case on the same global agribusiness case study. Students demonstrate

Academic Symposium, June 16-17th Research papers, cases, discussion sessions and posters provide the 150+ papers will be presented on a diverse range of topics. including: the Role of Technology in Agribusiness Value Chains, Talent Sustainability,

that spans the value chain from farm to fork. We cross

just in one geography, but on a global scale.” –Mary Shelman, Director, Agribusiness Program, Harvard Business School

IFAMA Answers the Question Where will the Talent Come From? on raising the professionalism of agribusiness and developing the talent pipeline necessary to feed the world today and in the coming decades. IFAMA members represent more than 50 countries. uniquely, the IFAMA membership includes a vibrant

either of these events please contact who are seeking to engage this talent.

Youth Day, South Africa June 16th is South African Youth Day and IFAMA will be joining with other regional partners to celebrate the next generation of agribusiness leaders. Through a number of interactive activities, teenagers from schools in the Cape Town area will learn about career opportunities in agriculture, the importance of good nutrition and environmental stewardship. World Forum participants will have the opportunity to join in these festivities and the option to contribute their time as a Youth Day Volunteer Mentor. |


people by building awareness of agriculture as a to developing the talent of people who are already a part of this important industry. At the heart of IFAMA is research-based knowledge. Academics from the world’s leading agribusiness and publish topics that are forward-looking and

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

Contact Us: IFAMA Business Office 1155 15th Street NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 20005 USA (202) 429-1610

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