8th International Emmy® Kids Awards Program

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March 31, 2020

There are a lot of problems in the world right now- problems which led to the necessary if unfortunate cancellation of Miptv and our awards ceremony there. But children are still growing up and watching television and so the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and Reed MIDEM are proud to be showcasing global excellence in children’s programming with the first ever virtual presentation of the International Emmy® Kids Awards.

Bruce L. Paisner President & CEO International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

This year 28 nominated programs from 16 different countries competed in the categories of Kids: Pre-School; Kids: Animation; Kids: Digital; Kids: Factual; Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment; Kids: Series and Kids: TV Movie/MiniSeries. We congratulate the Nominees for their outstanding achievements and for inspiring their peers in their countries and the global television community with their exceptional work. The Nominees are from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and the United Kingdom. We would like to thank our 2020 Presenting Partners: TV Kids, E&Y and Junior@MIPTV

Paul Zilk President & CEO Reed MIDEM

Bruce L. Paisner

Paul Zilk



ANIMATION GRIZZY ET LES LEMMINGS (GRIZZY AND THE LEMMINGS) – SEASON 2 HARI PRODUCTIONS FRANCE The bear Grizzy feels it’s only natural that the Forest Ranger’s house becomes his territory. No other animal dares to contest this, except the Lemmings - who also move into the house. Executive Producers: Josselin Charier, Antoine Rodelet Producers: Josselin Charier, Antoine Rodelet Directors: Victor Moulin, Cédric Lachenaud, Corentin Lecourt, Célestine Jacquel-Plays, Idriss Benseghir, Alexandre Wahl Writers: Josselin Charier, Antoine Rodelet, Victor Moulin, Alexandre So, Valérie Chappallet, Simon Lecocq, Clément Girard, Corentin Lecourt, Idriss Benseghir, Célestine Jacquel-Plays, Alexandre Wahl, Sébastian Guérout Principal Cast: Pierre-Alain de Garrigues, Josselin Charier

IRMÃO DO JOREL (JOREL’S BROTHER) – SEASON 3 COPA STUDIO / CARTOON NETWORK BRASIL BRAZIL The series happens in 1980’s and the main character is Jorel’s Brother, the youngest son of an eccentric Brazilian family. He is a shy boy that is always referred to as “Jorel’s Brother”, because of his older famous brother. Jorel’s Brother tries to get his own identity by trying to be someone important in the family. Executive Producers: Felipe Tavares, Rodrigo Soldado, Zé Brandão Producer: Zé Brandão Director: Juliano Enrico Writers: Felipe Berlinck, Nigel Goodman, Daniel Furlan, Juliano Enrico Principal Cast: Andrei Duarte, Melissa Garcia, Cesar Marchetti, Cecilia Lemes, Hugo Picchi, Tania Gaidarji, Criolo



ANIMATION LAMPUT VAIBHAV STUDIOS / CARTOON NETWORK INDIA Lamput is a gooey orange substance that escaped from a secret laboratory. Two scientists, Specs Doc and Skinny Doc, are trying their best to catch him. But Lamput, a master of disguise, escapes right under their noses! Executive Producers: Yoshiya Ayugai, Mark Eyers, Silas Hickey Producers: Chai Yoon Fei, Kurt Weldon Directors: Anand Babu, Vaibhav Kumaresh Writers: Anand Rabu, Rajiv Eipe, Vaibhav Kumaresh

ZOG MAGIC LIGHT PICTURES UNITED KINGDOM Zog is the story of a keen young dragon who wants to learn how to fly, roar, and breathe fire in his first years at Dragon School. He’s desperate to impress his teacher and win a golden star, but he’s accident prone and each year he has to be helped by a kind young girl who patches up his bumps and bruises. A half-hour family film based on the picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Producers: Michael Rose, Martin Pope Directors: Max Lang, Daniel Snaddon Writers: Max Lang, Suzanne Lang Principal Cast: Patsy Ferran, Sir Lenny Henry, Hugh Skinner, Tracey Ullman



DIGITAL LIK MEG (LIKE ME) NRK SUPER NORWAY Like Me is a web series that combines elements of social media, instant messages and live action drama to tell a realistic story about exclusion and bullying. This program is presented with daily posts, in real time on the same website. The story unfolds from two wildly different, but equally valid, perspectives. The viewers can put themselves in the shoes of both main characters and “take over” their cell phones. When one of them receive a message, the viewer reads it on their own phone... Executive Producers: Gisle Halvorsen, Cathrine Simonsen Producer: Tone Rekdal Sperre Director: Anne Wisløff Writer: Anne Wisløff Principal Cast: Jenny Evensen, Sana Omar, Andrea Lynne

MALHAÇÃO AO VIVO (YOUNG HEARTS LIVE) GLOBO BRAZIL At the end of each story on TV, an exclusive web show is aired live on all the series’ social media and digital platforms, marking the end of one story and the beginning of a new topic. The show brings together the actors from the series, and has the help of doctors, psychologists, educators and specialists who use the net to broaden and expand the debates about every topic presented on TV. Executive Producer: Natália Grimberg Producers: Juliana Castro Director: Natália Grimberg Writer: Patrícia Moretzsohn Principal Cast: Camila Morgado, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Daniel Rangel, Alica Milagres, Rayssa Bratillieri, André Luiz Frambach, Pally Siqueira



DIGITAL MARCOPOLO WORLD SCHOOL MARCOPOLO LEARNING LTD. UNITED KINGDOM MarcoPolo World School is a learning platform which features short-form HD videos. Designed with PhD’s in early childhood education, the program teaches preschoolers how to develop important 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, teamwork, creativity and curiosity. Executive Producer: Justin Hsu Directors: Holly Gregory, Susan Hart, Ratha McCann Writers: Steve Cannon, Simon Davies, Sharon Miller, Paddy Kempshall, Miranda Larson, Katie Simmons, Alison Ray, Elena Wurlitzer Principal Cast: Jeremy Levy, Sally Meehan, Erica Rabner, Priscilla Gaspari, Luke Sere, Jared Rascio, Braeden Brickner, Rachel Stanbury, Alexander Marsh, Shechinah Mpumiwana, Richie Lawrence, Jacob Soley, Rebecca Chan

ULTRA NYT (ULTRA NEWS) – SEASON 6 DR DENMARK Ultra Nyt explains complicated matters in a simple form for children to understand the world around them and how they fit into it. By engaging children on digital platforms, we make them active co-creators of the content. Executive Producers: Johanne Bagge, Christoffer Ebbesen Producer: Christina Johansen Directors: Rasmus Agger, Thea Vinther Writers: Anna Lin Lundsgaard, Jonas Madsen, Rie Bytoft, Isabella Alberte Hedeager, Cecilie Amalie Lang, Andreas Fløistrup Principal Cast: Anders Richardt Ekström, Thea Emilie Elvira Konings, Johan Wiklund, Maja Lomholdt, Sofie Kirkegaard Øritsland, Emil Svejstrup, Sofie Lade Broch-Lips, Louise Hahn Lauridsen



FACTUAL MY LIFE: HIKE TO HAPPINESS NINE LIVES MEDIA UNITED KINGDOM My Life is a CBBC strand of documentary series following the highs and lows of children across the world, each with a unique story to tell. In this documentary we follow four young people on a week-long trek with the Wilderness Foundation charity. They are determined to learn how to manage their mental health and build their resilience by carrying out a range of outdoor activities and camp in the wild. Executive Producer: Cat Lewis Producer: Kerry Allison Director: Kerry Allison Principal Cast: Ellie, Harry, Henry, Michael

NOSSO SANGUE, NOSSO CORPO FOX LAB BRAZIL / YOUR MAMA BRAZIL The documentary follows the lives of 5 young girls from across the globe and focuses on how they deal with the dilemmas of growing up and their periods. Mixing reality and fiction, the film exposes how this generation is fighting the myths, taboos and stigmas of the female body. Executive Producer: Mayra Faour Auad Producers: Leonardo Haar, Leonardo Neumann, Henrique Molina, Bruno Almeida, Wladimir Winter, Beatriz Morgado, Cristiane Miotto Director: Mariana Cobra Writer: Caroline Margoni Principal Cast: Luciana Fasani, Natália Santos Correia, Aranya Johar, Candela Abril Fernández, Miche Williams






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FACTUAL ULTRAS LIKE-EKSPERIMENT (THE ULTRA LIKE EXPERIMENT) STV PRODUCTIONS / DR DENMARK This format targets cyberbullying. Danish children believe they attend a competition asking them to write the most like-worthy caption to a picture of our choice (depicting e.g. a disabled person). The children write creative, often mean captions and, instead of being rewarded with a prize, they are introduced to the pictured person they wrote harshly about. Executive Producer: Jonas Kryger Producers: Daniel Svarts, Maria Thastum Directors: Daniel Svarts, Rikke Dethlefsen Writers: Rikke Dethlefsen, Rasmus Villumsen Principal Cast: Rasmus Brohave, Caroline Petersen, Julie Kvelland, Kristian Persson, Ditte Vallø

BBC WHAT’S NEW? BBC WORLD SERVICE NIGERIA This show is broadcast in English and French via a network of partner TV stations in 13 African countries including Nigeria, Gabon, Uganda, Kenya and Liberia. This show present the positive picture of children’s lives in Africa because we know that our young viewers are tired of seeing their continent portrayed by the media as a place where the majority of people are suffering war, hunger or poverty. Executive Producers: Nisha Kapur, Harriet Oliver, Julie Taylor Producers: Arwa Barkallah, Rene Bissohong, Kirsty Heenan, Ben Hunte, Lara Joannides, Debula Kemoli, Andre Lombard, Caroline Loyer, Christine Njeri, Robert Timothy, Yvette Twagiramariya, Nora Fakim Directors: Paul Pledger, Fergal Spelman



NON-SCRIPTED ENTERTAINMENT HUA NA HA KUOB (THE BABY BOSS) THAI BROADCASTING COMPANY LIMITED / WORKPOINT ENTERTAINMENT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED THAILAND A little boss is being tested for her leadership and communication skills to communicate what she wants the assigned teammate to do. Keep a good eye on how this little boss gets bossy around her adult teammates to complete the missions. Executive Producers: Phanya Nirunkul, Prapas Cholsaranon Producers: Phanich Sodsee, Chayan Chantawongsatorn, Tepparit Wongwanichwattana Directors: Porawee Sriumpunpruk, Dhanadhat Trairatwongse Writer: Akekapot Poolsri Principal Cast: Siwat Chotchaicharin

LEGO MASTERS – SEASON 2 TUESDAY’S CHILD TELEVISION UNITED KINGDOM Eight pairs of amateur fans compete against each other building brick creations with the bricks. Executive Producer: Steph Harris Producers: Zara Margham, Laura Marston Director: Ed St Giles



NON-SCRIPTED ENTERTAINMENT NACHTRAVEN (NIGHTHAWKS) DE MENSEN / KETNET (VRT) BELGIUM In Nighthawks, no one is afraid of the dark, but everyone wants to turn on the lights. Six children get to spend the night playing games. A mysterious character, the Nighthawk, lifts them from their beds and takes them on an adventure they won’t forget. In a dark labyrinth of puzzles, the teams look for solutions with torches, backlights and lasers. Which team is faster? Which team is fearless? Only the winning team get to spend the rest of the night at the desolate location. They are the Nighthawks of the week. Executive Producers: Hans Lovenich, Gaël Van Hoeteghem Producer: Sophie Van Bael Director: Sander Brants Writer: Mariëlle Dazler Principal Cast: Dave Nauwelaerts

THE VOICE KIDS - SEASON 3 GLOBO / TALPA CONTENT BRAZIL The talent show The Voice Kids is the kids version of The Voice Brasil. The season welcomes three judges: Claudia Leitte and the duo Simone & Simaria, who join Carlinhos Brown as coaches in the show. Executive Producers: J.B. Oliveira, Creso Eduardo Macedo, John de Mol Producers: Mariana Monaco,Valesca Campos Directors: Creso Eduardo Macedo, Flavio Goldemberg Writer: Edu Sciortino Principal Cast: André Marques, Thalita Rebouças, Carlinhos Brown, Claudia Leitte, Simone & Simaria



PRESCHOOL ANIMANIMALS STUDIO FILMBILDER / KIKA - DER KINDERKANAL (ARD/ZDF) / SWR GERMANY Each of the 26 non-verbal episodes features a different animal facing an absurd adventure that could only happen to them. While finding the solution, each animal learns a little lesson about life. Executive Producer: Thomas Meyer-Hermann Producers: Thomas Meyer-Hermann, Stefan Pfaeffle, Sebastian Debertin, Benjmain Manns Director: Julia Ocker Writer: Julia Ocker

BLUEY LUDO STUDIO / ABC AUSTRALIA / BBC STUDIOS / SCREEN AUSTRALIA / SCREEN QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA This look at modern family life celebrates how imaginative play helps shape healthy children. Australian blue heeler puppy Bluey has a boundless imagination and loves to turn daily life into playful adventures. She and her little sister Bingo throw themselves into exploring their world, using gameplay to conquer their fears and try out adult roles. And they like nothing more than pulling their parents - particularly Dad into their fun and games. Executive Producers: Charlie Aspinwall, Daley Pearson, Henrietta Hurford-Jones, Michael Carrington Producer: Sam Moor Director: Joe Brumm Writer: Joe Brumm Principal Cast: Dave McCormack, Melanie Zanetti



PRESCHOOL PETIT PAKAPAKA / PÁJARO / SEÑAL COLOMBIA / NONSTOP CHILE Petit is a 5 year old kid who interprets everything in his own way. In each episode Petit will face a facet of the everyday world that will lead him to imaginative and unexpected conclusions, resolving conflicts in unexpected ways. Misunderstandings, questions and ideas that build his unusual world; what will Petit do this time? You never know! If I blow a lot of birthday candles will I grow many years at the same time? Will water leak into my brain if I put my head underwater?... Executive Producer: Bernardita Ojeda Producer: Daniela Ponce Director: Bernardita Ojeda Writer: Fernando Salem Principal Cast: Loló Muñoz, Agustina Cirulnik, Valeria Gómez,Luciana Falcón, Mara Campanelli, Pablo Gandolfo, Natalia Rosminati, Ariel Cister

SUPERWINGS MISSION TEAMS – SEASON 3 FUNNYFLUX / ALPHA / EBS CHINA SuperWings! is a series about a jet plane named Jett who travels the world delivering packages to children. When challenges arise, Jett calls for help from one of five amazing airplane friends who bring a team with special skill sets to overcome obstacles and save the day! Donnie, Dizzy, Paul, Astra and Mira will lead their team with diverse skills. Executive Producers: Robert He, Sang Ho Han, Isaac Lin, Jae Woong Um Producers: Do Uk Kim, Kyung Eun Koo Directors: Gil Hoon Jung Writers: Jung Jin Hong, Andrew Sabiston, Hugh Duffy Principal Cast: Chasden Gilson-Walker, Owen Rivera-Babbey, Mikee Castillo, Bill Rogers, Cristina Milizia



SERIES DE REGELS VAN FLOOR (FLOOR RULES) NL FILM & TV / VPRO NETHERLANDS In The Rules of Floor (based on the book series by Marjon Hoffman) we follow the life of Floor, a stubborn girl with an original outlook on life. Floor believes that children, just like adults, should be able to come up with rules as well, and that’s just what she does. Executive Producer: Sabine Brian, Kaja Wolffers, Anna van der Staak, Pita de Leeuw Producer: Dennis Cornelisse Directors: Maurice Trouwborst Writers: Marjon Hoffman, Don Duyns, Lotte Tabbers Principal Cast: Bobbie Mulder, Ole Kroes, Elisa Beuger, Ferdi Stofmeel

GURU PAARVAI 4 BLUE RIVER PICTURES SINGAPORE Guru Paarvai attempts to shed light on how children from dysfunctional families have to overcome all sorts of labels to prove themselves in school, with the help and guidance of their teachers. The teachers refuse to give up on them, and help them discover their innate talents through theater, where they are groomed into performing their very own autobiographies. Executive Producer: T T Dhavamanni Producers: D Muralitharan Pillai, Manjula Balakrishnan, S Manickam Director: T T Dhavamanni Writers: T T Dhavamanni, Bharani Gopinath, GK, Kannan Principal Cast: Gunaseelan, Nora Samosir, Manjari, Renu Theresa, Puravalan N, Kathikeyan Somasundaram, G Selvanathan, Sani Hussin, Nithiyia Rao, Vikneswary, Thavanesan, Adlina Adil, Udaya Soundari



SERIES JAMIE JOHNSON - SEASON 3 SHORT FORM FILM COMPANY UNITED KINGDOM Jamie Johnson is a family football drama about a boy who lives and breathes football. Combining drama and realistic sport, we follow Jamie’s highs and lows both on and off the pitch, as he follows his dream of being a professional footballer. Helped by cameos from some of the biggest names in football, Jamie learns that no matter your ability or the mistakes you make, what really counts is your love of the game. Executive Producer: Sam Talbot Producer: Anita Burgess Director: Julian Kemp, Joe Talbot Writer: Shaun Duggan Principal Cast: Louis Dunn, Lenna Gunning-Williams, Jonnie Kimmins, Patrick Ward

MALHAÇÃO: VIDAS BRASILEIRAS (YOUNG HEARTS) GLOBO BRAZIL The search for identity. The acceptance from others. The necessity of concealing behaviors and emotions and creating another reality to be accepted in the society. These are some common characteristics of the young-people generation craving for being everything at the same time and that absorbs a flood of information each minute. Executive Producer: Natalia Grimberg Producers: Fabiana Moreno, Simone Lamosa Director: Natalia Grimberg Writers: Patrícia Moretzsohn, Daniel Ortiz Principal Cast: Camila Morgado, Carmo Dalla Vecchia, Daniel Rangel, Alice Milagres, Rayssa Barillieri, André Luiz Frambach, Pally Siqueira



TV MOVIE / MINI-SERIES DER KRIEG UND ICH (KIDS OF COURAGE) SWR / LOOKSFILM / TOTO STUDIO / BBC ALBA / MG ALBA / CT / EC 1 LÓDZ / CETA / MOMAKIN / TOUTE L’HISTOIRE / SRF / MITTELDEUTSCHE MEDIENFÖRDERUNG / MEDIA / LÓDZ CREATES GERMANY What does it mean to be a war child? This series tells a young and family audience the stories of children who lived through a most difficult era in recent history - and who grew with its challenges. Executive Producer: Gunnar Dedio Producer: Ramona Bergmann Director: Matthias Zirzow Writers: Matthias Zirzow, Maarten van der Duin, Ramona Bergmann Principal Cast: Juri Gayed, Florian Lukas, Ludger Bökelmann, Gwendolyn Göbel

JACQUELINE WILSON’S KATY BBC CHILDREN’S IN-HOUSE PRODUCTIONS / CBBC UNITED KINGDOM Katy, like many young people, has a very lively imagination, inventing fantasy friends and secret adventure gardens for herself and as a place to tell stories to her younger siblings. Her life turns irreversibly when she falls from a tree and ends up with a permanent disability. Executive Producer: Spencer Campbel Producer: Jonathan Wolfman Director: John McKay Writer: Tom Bidwell Principal Cast: Chloe Lea, Simon Trinder, Ruth Madeley, Lettie Butler



TV MOVIE / MINI-SERIES JOE ALL ALONE ZODIAK KIDS / CBBC UNITED KINGDOM Set on a south London council estate, Joe All Alone tells the story of 13 year old Joe, who is left all alone, when his mum and step dad announce they are going on holiday for a week - without him. And he mustn’t tell anyone. He doesn’t, because he’s scared of his stepdad. With only a few pounds to live on, Joe soon runs out of food and electricity... Executive Producers: Steven Andrew, Amy Buscombe Producer: Nadine Marsh-Edwards Director: Beryl Richards Writer: Guy Burt, Joanna Nadin Principal Cast: Daniel Frogson, Liani Samuel, Joe Sims, Kellie Shirley, Vas Blackwood, Erin Shanagher

JUST DANCE KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEM SOUTH KOREA In the midst of Geoje, a city of the declining shipbuilding industry, students from a Girls’ Vocational High School spend their time dancing. As the massive restructuring of shipbuilding factories affect their family, these girls try to find a way to boost energy for the community by dancing. Executive Producer: Hwang Euikyung Producer: Chloe Junho Director: Park Yeongseok, You Youngsen, Gu Sungjun Writer: Gwon Hyeji Principal Cast: Park Sewan, Jang Dongyun, Kim Gapsu, Lee Juyeong




Jose Carlos Garcia de Letona, COO/Founder, Anima, Mexico

Zaihirat Banu Codelli, CEO, Oak 3 Films Pte Ltd, Singapore

Paula Gomez, Director and Executive Producer, Mi Chica Producciones SPA, Chile

Andrea Basílio, Head of Children and Youth Department, RTP, Portugal

Gastón Gorali, CEO, Mundoloco CGI, Argentina

Fatiha Bensalem, Director e-junior, Etisalat, United Arab Emirates Mark Bishop, Co-CEO/Exec Producer, marblemedia, Canada Julien Borde, Head of channels, Warnermedia France and Africa, France Sevilay Bozdemir, Producer, Turkish Radio & Tv - TRT, Turkey Deirdre Brennan, Executive Vice President, Content Partnerships, WildBrain, Canada Massimo Bruno, Director of TV Channels, De Agostini, Italy Michael Carrington, Director of Entertainment and Specialist, ABC, Australia Alvaro Ceppi, Creative Director, Zumbastico Studios, Chile Sean Chu, CEO, WeKids, China Pedro Damian, Showrunner, Televisa, Mexico Nick Dorra, Producer/CEO, Haruworks, Finland Yago Fandiño Lousa, Head of Children Content, RTVE/Clan, Spain Luiz Filipe Figueira, Head of Kids Programming and Content Strategy, Globo, Brazil Terry Fitzpatrick, Head of Children’s Media & Education, WGBH, United States

Ksenia Gordienko, Director of Animation Department, CTC Media, Russia Mehdi Harbaoui, Founder/Owner/Producer, Med&Co, France María Isabel Escobar, CEO, La Mar Media, Colombia Carlos Jimenez, Producer, Sistema de Radio y Televisión Mexiquense, Mexico Juhaidah Joemin, Executive Producer, Giggle Garage, Malaysia J.J. Johnson, Partner, Sinking Ship Entertainment, Canada Makhosazana Khanyile, CEO, National Film and Video Foundation, South Africa Corinne Kouper, SVP Development & Production, TeamTO, France Chantal Lafleur, Producer, Productions Avenida, Canada Rina Lopez Bautista, President/Executive Director, Knowledge Channel Foundation, Philippines Mariana Loterszpil, Director, TECtv, Argentina Syahrizan Mansor, VP, Nickelodeon Brand Asia, ViacomCBS Network International, Singapore Alfredo Marun, Director of Development, Disney Television Animation, United States


Cecilia Mendonca, VP, General Manager Disney Channels Latin America, The Walt Disney Company, Argentina Sebastian Mignogna, CEO, El Perro en la Luna, Argentina Luca Milano, Executive Director, RAI Kids, RAI, Italy Marianne Müller, Director & Scriptwriter, Bivrost Film, Norway Thomas Hankil Nam, Director, EBS- Korea Educational Broadcasting System, South Korea Markus Nikel, Senior Advisor International Cooperations, RAI Radiotelevsione Italiana, Italy Bernadette O’Mahony, Head of Development and Production, Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Australia

Jeffrey Schon, C.E.O., Akili Network, United States Federico Schwalb, General manager, Canal IPe / TVPerú, Peru Douglas Schwalbe, Sr. Vice President, Coproduction, DreamWorks Animation, United States Adina Pitt, VP, Content Acqs. & Co-Prods, CN & Boomerang, Warner Media, United States Pontus Torpvret, Head of Acquisitions, Children, SVT, Sweden Doris Vogelmann, VP Programming and Operations, VME Media Inc, United States Fayez Weiss Al-Sabbagh, Chairman, Spacetoon Group, United Arab Emirates

Henry Or, SVP, Strategic Partnerships, Asia, Boat Rocker Media, Hong Kong, China

Joanna Werner, Producer, Werner Film Productions, Australia

David Østerbøg, Film Producer, Deluca Film A/S, Denmark

Ismihan Yilmaz, Deputy Head of TRT Çocuk, TRT Çocuk, Turkey

John Rice, President, JAM Media, Ireland

Paul Young, CEO, Cartoon Saloon, Ireland

Tatiana Rodriguez, SVP, Brand Head Kids & Family Nickelodeon, ViacomCBS, United States

Ashraf Younis, Channels Director mbc Action and mbc 3, MBC Group, United Arab Emirates

Maritza Sanchez, Creative Director, Echando Globos, Colombia

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