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QUICK FACTS Format: Blended*, Blended Squared* or Face-to-Face

Profile: Professionals with an average of 10 years demonstrated work experience and a minimum of 3 years in positions of responsibility, who want to master skills beyond their area of expertise, leading to a strategic level of responsibility.

Program Structure: Core + Module. Language: English, Spanish or Bilingual. Duration: From 11 to 17 months.

International Experience: S達o Paulo, Shanghai, London or Boston, among others.

Application deadline: Rolling admissions process. No Closing date. URL:




(*) Combines face-to-face learning with interactive online periods.

Academic excellence


Applied knowledge



At IE Business School, innovation is a way of life. We have been training executives for more than three decades, preparing them for a world in constant evolution, a world that needs leaders capable of utilizing innovation to turn challenges into opportunities. More than 45,000 students have benefited from the IE experience, and can now be found holding executive positions in more than 100 countries, forming a worldwide network of IE ambassadors. If I had to specify what it is that makes IE Business school so unique, I would say without a doubt that it’s our ability to bring together incredibly diverse groups of students and professors in an intense learning experience. All against the backdrop of one of the most important capital cities in Europe, or via the latest technologies in education in our Blended programs. Vitally, we place the student at the heart of the learning process. It’s an eminently practical model which ensures that students acquire not only the technical expertise they need, but also the vision and the interpersonal skills essential for forging a successful professional career. When you add to all this the excellent relationships we maintain with the business community, you have all the ingredients for a remarkable program that guarantees students a head start when it comes to finding their place in the demanding international labor market. This is how we create the IE experience on a day-to-day basis, with the hard-work and enthusiasm of all those who make up the IE Business School community. An experience that sets us apart as an innovative and entrepreneurial Business School, consistently ranked as one of the best in the world. A School that forms opinions. A School that makes a difference.

Santiago Íñiguez Dean, IE Business School

THE IE DIFFERENCE ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT The Executive MBA+ offers a unique entrepreneurial perspective that inspires senior executives to impact the world of business, from startups to multinationals.

AN EMPOWERING COMMUNITY Networking is not about knowing everyone--it is about becoming part of a community that takes you where you want to be and challenges your vision beyond boundaries. Thrive among a class of hand picked executives from around the world. They will not only become your classmates, but your colleagues, business partners, and friends. Equally significant is the community of outstanding faculty, ranging from directors of leading companies, to international industry leaders, serial entrepreneurs, growth experts, management consultants, global bankers, and international policy thinkers, all of which will support you every step of the way.

AN INNOVATIVE PROGRAM Innovation guides the choice of our faculty, the content of our curriculum and the learning experience we deliver. We are not set in our ways. With support of our expert faculty, our highly adaptive and constantly evolving curriculum equips our students for excellence.

AN IMMEDIATE AND LASTING IMPACT ON YOUR CAREER Alumni tell us that the highlight of the program, even beyond career opportunities or network, is the knowledge of how to make the most of them. Thanks to faculty, students, and career management coaches, you will start to reevaluate your career options from day one.

IE’S DIVERSITY A distinguishing feature of the classes in this program -independent of the format- is their international character. Forged by the experiences, countries of residence and nationalities of their students, the Executive MBA+ boasts an 80-90% international class.

A WORLD CLASS DEGREE IE Business School is certified by the three most important accrediting bodies in the world, guaranteeing high quality and academic rigor in all our programs.

AACSB International

Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business


Association of MBA’s


European Quality Improvement System

Year after year, IE Business School consistently holds a top position in a range of league tables. Not only does this attest to our academic excellence, but can also serve as your personal marketing tool all over the world.

Financial Times • Masters in Finance 3nd worldwide • MBAs 4th in Europe, 11th worldwide • European Business Schools 1st in Europe • Executive MBAs 4th in Europe, 12th worldwide  • Masters in Management 6th worldwide Economist Intelligence Unit • Executive MBAs 2nd worldwide • Distance Learning - Executive MBAs 1st worldwide Wall Street Journal • MBAs 1st worldwide Forbes • MBAs 3rd worldwide América Economía • MBAs 5th worldwide Aspen Institute • Business Schools 1st in Europe, 3rd worldwide Bloomberg Businessweek • Non-US Business Schools 3rd worldwide • Executive MBA Programs 4th worldwide

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Student Profile Student Profile


The Executive MBA+ is designed for professionals with demonstrated experience, who want to master skills beyond their area of expertise, broaden career possibilities and earn recognition in a competitive business world. PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND Other management / entrepreneur 33%

Senior management 27%

Top management 15%

Middle management 25%
























Average age

35 years

Average professional experience 10 years

Gender ratio







Executive MBA+


Start Here

Core period+Module

Covers all the fundamental topics of an MBA, with a global perspective and from the viewpoint of the extended enterprise.

Now customize your program

Utilizes the knowledge acquired during the Core period and enhances it with specialized skills and a network that is more focused on your area of interest.


Choose your language -English -Spanish

What format do you prefer? -Blended -Blended Squared -Face-to-face

Choose your Module + Advanced Global Management + Corporate Finance + Entrepreneurship + Healthcare + Information Technology + Marketing

Finally, choose the language and format of your Module


DESIGN YOUR IDEAL PROGRAM The Executive MBA+ is an MBA composed of two parts: a Core period and a Module. Students can choose to study the Core of their program following a number of formats, including face-to-face, Blended and Blended Squared, which allow them more flexibility and limits travel to Madrid. After completing the Core part of the Executive MBA+, students will study the Module of their choice. Different formats and languages are also available depending on the Module.

CORE FORMATS Study in English and develop a global network This is for you if you have a very busy work schedule, and do not want to make frequent trips to Madrid’s campus.

• Blended Format

Module: 6 months

Core: 9 months Opening: Nov / Apr

Nov or Apr

Online Period: Forums and Videoconferences

1st Residential week

• Blended Squared Format

Mar or Oct

Online period

End of the Core

2nd Residential week

This is for you if you prefer to spend more time on campus and travel to Madrid every 6 weeks to participate in Friday afternoon and Saturday classes. Module: 6 months

Core: 9 months Opening*: Nov / Mar

Week Online Week Online Week Online Week Online Week End of 6 1 period period 12 period 18 period 24 the Core

1st Residential 2nd Residential 3rd Residential 4th Residential week weekend weekend weekend

5th Residential weekend

*Opening week in Madrid

For more information on the Modules offered and their formats, please see the next section of this brochure: ‘Modules’. It is important to note that a student can choose to follow the Core part of the program in one format, and then choose a Module in another format. This is also the case for languages; a student can choose to study the Core of the program in English for example, and then choose to study the Module in Spanish.

Study in Spanish and develop a network specifically for Spain and/or Latin America • Blended

This is for you if you have a very busy work schedule, and do not want to make frequent trips to Madrid’s campus. Module: 6 months

Core: 9 months Opening: Apr

Online Period: Forums and Videoconferences

Apr 1st Residential period

• Bi-weekly


Online period

End of the Core

2nd Residential period

This is for you if you are able to travel to campus every 15 days.

Module: 6 months

Core: 9 months Opening: Nov

• Weekly

Bi-weekly Classes in IE’s Madrid Campus

End of the Core

This is for you if you are able to be on IE’s campus on a weekly basis and want to finish the program in less than 15 months. Module: 6 months

Core: 9 months Opening: Nov / Apr

Weekly Classes in IE’s Madrid Campus

End of the Core

Legal disclaimer: Please note that the mentioned information may be subject to change.



+MODULES After completing the Core period you will continue your program by either selecting the +Advanced Global Management Module, the continuation of a classic MBA, or one of our 5 specialized Modules. Modules are the perfect opportunity to expand your contact network and to select the area in which you wish to specialize. During the specialized Module students from all the Global MBA+ and Executive MBA+ programs will join together according to their field of interest. Therefore, you will get exposure to diverse backgrounds, different levels of work experience, and connect with other students through common passions. Blended format includes 2 trips (an international destination and Madrid) and an interactive online period in between. Some modules are also available in bi-weekly and weekly formats. +Advanced Global Management Strengthens and deepens the global vision of business acquired during the Core period. Common business problems and the impacts they produce are analyzed in detail to achieve a global and integrated vision of business. Residential weeks: Madrid, S達o Paulo or Shanghai English: Blended Spanish: Weekly, Bi-weekly or Blended +Corporate Finance Develops a global outlook regarding the impact of finance on decision making. It responds to the demands of companies for greater professionalization in the field of finance, and places entrepreneurs in a strong position as they launch their own business ventures. Residential weeks: Madrid, London, S達o Paulo or Shanghai English: Blended Spanish: Bi-weekly +Marketing Promotes a global vision of Marketing and allows students to advance their career in this field. Admitted participants will explore various areas of marketing through industry specific case studies, world awareness seminars, company visits and exciting residential weeks. Residential weeks: Madrid, New York, S達o Paulo or Shanghai English: Blended Spanish: Bi-weekly +Entrepreneurship This module is the state-of-the-art specialized program in Entrepreneurship. It is the essence of the Venture Lab complemented with other key areas such as, Social Entrepreneurship, Family Business, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Technology, Energy and Green Entrepreneurship. Residential weeks: Madrid, S達o Paulo or Shanghai English: Blended Spanish: Bi-weekly

+Information Technology Equips students with three branches of knowledge – management, business and technology –, allowing them to fulfill management roles efficiently in the field of technology. It also boosts the chances of success for new entrepreneurs through the use of new digital media. Residential week: varies English: Blended

+Healthcare This module provides all the necessary components for professional progression in the healthcare industry. It allows students to become efficient leaders and competitive players within the Healthcare Management sector, and to explore every single detail through industry-specific case studies, world awareness seminars, and company visits. Residential weeks: Madrid and Boston English: Blended

Learning Experience

Learning Experience


Core: 9 months PRE-PROGRAM



Intakes: April and November Financial Accounting

Leading People in Organizations

Management Accounting

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Competitive & Corporate Strategy

Economic Environment & Country Analysis Sales & Marketing Management IT & Innovation Strategy Management Skills Workshop

Financial Decision Making Creating Value Through Operations Entrepreneurial Management

Legal disclaimer: Please note that the mentioned information may be subject to change.

BEYOND CURRICULUM Venture Lab: Helps your projects become “investment ready� and puts you in contact with international investors. Global Immersion Week: Travel to different destinations to identify microeconomic scenarios with high-growth potential. World Awareness Seminars: Learn about the cultural factors that must be taken into consideration when doing business in various parts of the world. Clubs and Community: Join industry, region or hobby focused student clubs to foster relationships that best fit your interests. Career Management Sessions: Attend private sessions with a professional coach that will guide you through the range of topics related to professional career development: salary negotiation, relationships with head hunters, etc.

Module: 6 months

+ Advanced Global Management + Corporate Finance + Entrepreneurship + Healthcare + Information Technology + Marketing

BLENDED FORMATS: Designed for Maximum Flexibility If you decide to opt for a Blended format, here is how it works: The Blended and Blended Squared format is the combination of face-to-face and online classes which enriches students’ learning experience and takes the levels of analysis to unprecedented grounds. This is the perfect format if you want to earn an MBA degree from a top-ranked business school without compromising your professional and personal commitments.

RESIDENTIAL PERIODS The face-to-face periods allow you to create personal relationships and meaningful bonds with the people you will work with throughout the year. It combines workshops, company visits, meals and a number of classes that require physical presence. The residential periods, an essential part of the blended experience, allow you to foment a deeper relationship and understand the different angles and viewpoints of your classmates.

INTERACTIVE, ONLINE PERIODS Thanks to innovative use of new technologies, which allow us to replicate face-to-face teaching techniques, students are able to enjoy the same experience they would have in a traditional classroom.

PLATFORM: The IE Online Campus The IE online campus is a web platform that allows students to access all of the program’s online activities any time they want to and from any location. The campus is also accessible from smart phones and tablets.



2 Live Video Conferences (1hr 30 min each)

Example of an Executive MBA+ Blended Student’s Week Schedule

SIMULTANEOUS INDIVIDUAL The video conferences allow students and professor to share audio and video material live through webcams. As in a real classroom, students can be called on by the professor for participation.






Online Discussion Forum (2 sessions a week) Participants log in at their convenience and participate in discussions with the professor and fellow classmates.

& GROUP PREPARATION OF COMING SESSIONS Teamwork: each group will be assigned their own area in the Online Campus for their exclusive and private use, from which they will have access to a videoconference room. Preparation of cases: Includes reading of cases, books, multimedia materials, chapters and technicals notes.

Online Class discussion: Forums are open from Monday to Thursday. Active 24 hours a day, students can choose the time that best suits their schedule to participate and provide profound feedback about the cases under discussion. The written format leads to high level reflection and analysis and allows the professor to easily evaluate each student’s input.



Each area of business is studied using practical cases, most of which deal with the real problems that may arise in any company. Our award-winning content development team designs interactive cases, providing our students with a wide range of multimedia tools: simulators, interactive graphics, videos, and podcasts are commonly part of the learning experience. If you wish to learn more, IE has over 500 open multimedia cases available at this link:


Our faculty goes through a very rigorous selection process to ensure that students will always be learning from the best and most up to date professors. Many of our faculty balance a part-time responsibility at IE while holding a top management position in the business world. Learn more:



The Career Management Center at IE helps you to enhance your marketability by providing resources and advising for students to pursue individual career goals in a competitive global marketplace. Through integration with the International Offices and Alumni at IE, this lifelong career mentoring is delivered throughout the world.



Working in constant contact with Recruiters Relations, the Career Advising team identifies the skills and competences that recruiters are looking for. We mentor each student in three key areas:

We create opportunities through job platforms, networking events and career fairs.

• Designing a career project depending on interests and abilities. • Giving advice on how to reinforce professional branding. • Assisting in developing a relevant network that gives access to the world’s best recruiters.

SUPPORT FOR ENTREPRENEURS As one of our core values, Entrepreneurship at IE is not only about starting one’s own business venture - it is a mindset. More than 10% of our students set up a business immediately after they graduate from IE and more than 25% of our alumni go on to set up their own company at some point in their career. The International Center for Entrepreneurial Management has its own venture lab, an initiative that affords a unique opportunity for those interested in setting up their own business under personalized tutorship. We also offer corporate initiatives: training and guidance programs launched in agreement with different institutions. These foster entrepreneurial development in society and within business organizations, from top multinational companies to SMEs. Find out more at


IE Passion with Accenture


Accenture Spain and IE launched “Pasion>IE, 1st Edition”, an initiative to connect the “innovative community” and the entrepreneurial environment, aimed at developing innovative projects that can contribute to social and economic welfare.

Wayra, Telefonica’s innovation platform, supports innovative and profitable information technology projects in Europe and Latin America. It’s in charge of selecting 10 projects in Madrid, which will receive both funding from Telefonica and a training program from IE. Check out for more information.

The main goal of the Pasion>IE project is to make it possible to materialize proposals that aim to solve specific problems of the world we live in. Those projects selected as finalists will be included in a mentoring plan designed by IE and in the Accenture Spain Innovation MarketPlace platform, and will appear in social websites, on and offline media and other channels.

Women Entrepreneurship in Europe (Siemens) Women Entrepreneurship in Europe is an alliance between Siemens and IE created to promote successful entrepreneurship among young women in the EU and candidate countries, aimed at reshaping national economies and fostering new growth opportunities. The WEE project is designed to promote innovation-driven scientific cooperation, boost the ambition of young women with technological training, and build entrepreneurial, constructive attitudes among European youth.



“I founded IMASTE in 2004 while still a part-time MBA Miguel Arias candidate. Although IMASTE’s MBA Part-Time initial focus was on organizing live career fairs to bridge Spain the gap between companies seeking talented employees and university graduates, we are now the European leader in the organization of virtual events and fairs, with more than 100 successful events delivered in more than 10 countries. I am a civil engineer by training, so before coming to IE, I knew very little about marketing, human resources, strategy, etc. But my MBA experience prepared me to overcome the problems and challenges of a start-up’s initial phases by strengthening my ability to analyze, execute and adapt the original business idea. Sharing ideas with other entrepreneurial students, teachers and mentors was essential to my evolution. IE’s powerful investor and entrepreneur network also provided us with invaluable early feedback that both enhanced our company’s chances of early survival and eventually laid the groundwork for our successful expansion into Europe and the United States. As an active member of IE’s entrepreneurial community, I also currently serve as a member of the Venture Lab’s Selection Committee and as a mentor to student entrepreneurs in the Venture Lab.”

Respiro Car Sharing

“Respiro Car Sharing was born in the Venture Lab. During our MBA, we became increasingly Claus Biernoth, Ian Paterson & interested in the commercialization of green Philippe Remise technologies as an ingenious way of ‘doing well by doing good’. Respiro is the first carGlobal Executive MBA sharing company in the center of Madrid. We Germany, UK, France offer an all-inclusive, e-based, pay-as-you-go service for €0,15 per minute. Respiro empowers people to make smart economical and ecological transportation choices, and gives access without ownership, wheels when you want them. We are part of a global phenomenon of transforming modern cities into more sustainable environments.”


“I came to IE because of the Venture Lab. My company, RenewEn, is a smart energy solutions Drury Elisabeth McKenzie provider, committed to providing everyone everywhere with cost-effective and technologyInternational MBA appropriate clean energy systems. At IE Business USA School, I was enveloped in an unbeatable entrepreneurial ecosystem formed by diverse and globally minded professors and students who helped me transform my idea into a company. Without the support of my classmates (Kannan, Vitaliy Bubka, Ashutosh, Agrawal, Carlos Morodo, Ajibade Ogunbiyi and Andre Franciss), RenewEn might never have been born. My finance professor and Venture Lab mentor helped me develop a partnership with one of the world’s largest renewable energy companies, and we are also about to engage two customers in Haiti for small-scale renewable energy systems and water-purification systems. IE has helped me to make my dream – RenewEn – a reality.”




2. INTERVIEW (video conference or on campus) 2nd Admissions Committee




• A minimum of 10 years of work experience, with at least 3 years in positions of responsibility.

• 3 Application Essays (in various formats)

• University Degree or equivalent. In exceptional cases, this qualification may be replaced by extensive professional experience (a minimum of 10 years coupled with notable career progression). • A complete application form.

• 1 page Curriculum Vitae • 2 letters of recommendation • Copy of university transcripts • Copy of your university diploma • Organizational chart of your company • A company letter to evidence current position and time in the company • Copies of any supporting documents that you feel may contribute to your application • Copy of current passport • 1 passport-size photo • Application fee of 125€



We employ a rolling admissions process and as such there is no deadline for applications for a particular intake. However, given the competitive nature and the limited number of spots on this program, we advise that you embark on the admissions process several months before the program opens. Admission is valid for two intakes, the intake you apply to and the following.

To further foster diversity within our programs, the IE Foundation awards tuition funding assistance to talented students in need of financial aid based on merit, distinctive competences and academic excellence.

For further information regarding the admissions process, please refer to the website where you will also find our online application.

To learn more about the opportunities mentioned above, visit IE’s Financial Aid website: and blog:

CHOOSING YOUR +MODULE Module choices are confirmed when students make their place reservations for the Executive MBA+. The minimum number of participants for a Module is 15. In the event of a Module not reaching this minimum number, IE Business School will inform the students and offer them two alternative options: transferring to the +Advanced Global Management Module, or postponing their entry until the next intake. • If a student chooses to study the Module in a different language from that of his/her Core Period, s/he will need to attend an interview in that language. In addition, a student be asked to present a certificate confirming language level. • If a student chooses to study the Module in its Blended format, but has studied the Core Period in its face-to-face format, s/he will be provided with a preparatory course helping get to grips with the online tools used during virtual group work, and familiarizing him/her with the IE Online Campus.

IE BUSINESS SCHOOL Admissions Department Maria de Molina, 11 Madrid, Spain

T: +34 915 689 610


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