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o here we are, moving into 2012 and the third annual Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema. I want to say that again... the THIRD annual. Most film festivals fail before they start, and the majority of those that do manage to get up and running never see a second year, let alone a third. Yet here we are, gearing up for another amazing run; healthy, more experienced, and definitely ready to roll. The beautiful village of Idyllwild, our festival promoters and organizers and our incredible group of volunteers are all feeling a well- deserved sense of pride and accomplishment. For year number three, the celebration of film that Devon Morris of the Desert Sun calls “The greatest little film festival on earth” once again shines a spotlight on the work of some of the world’s coolest indie filmmakers. And when I say world, I mean world. In 2011 we changed the name of the festival slightly, from International Festival Of Cinema, to Independent Festival Of Cinema, reflecting our desire to focus on movies from the USA in support of domestic film production in an economy that was less than filmmaker-friendly, to say the least. But this year, due to the high volume of both American and foreign submissions, we have decided to return to our original name and move into 2012 as a true international event. I know Idyllwild 2012 will be looked upon as a benchmark year for the town of Idyllwild, the film festival, and all the amazing filmmakers whose work we showcased between January 12th and the 15th. We have again held true to our mission — to celebrate movie making at a festival for and about the filmmakers. I am humbled and proud to once again be named co-director, with the amazingly gifted Will Wallace, of the Idyllwild 2012 International Festival Of Cinema. So bring on the movies, the parties, the actors and creators, and let’s celebrate the Jan. 13: General Membership Meeting Greatest Little Film FestiMarch 10: Eye of the Artist val On Earth — Idyllwild Judged Art Show & Fundraiser April 28-29: Judged Artist Members’ Show 2012.

2012 AAI Event Calendar

— Director Steven Savage

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great film festival is an experience that goes beyond watching movies. It’s like a great vacation - a combination of places, events, interactions and feelings that combine into a memorable whole, something that always leaves you wanting more.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Featured filmmaker Allan Levi •••••••••••• 4 Synopses of Festival Films ••••••••••5, 8 & 9 Festival Program •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 6-7 Award Recipient Mike Moder •••••••••••• 10 About the Seminars •••••••••••••••••••••••• 10 List of Awards •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 11

But there are practical needs too. There’s the need of a filmmaker to find an audience for their art, to take a step forward toward making a profit on their project. And then there’s the need of the audience, the desire to be entertained, amazed, provoked in thought, or even frightened. For them a film festival goes beyond these elements which could be gained from home viewing; the festival is an environment where they can interact with the art and the artists - asking questions, finding out how things were done, giving feedback and praise, sharing a scene interpretation over a glass of wine. Finally there are goals, filmmaker to filmmaker. Motivation, learning, teaching, inspiration and yes, even consolation. As we take this Festival of Cinema into Year Three, one step closer to permanence, we’re going to exceed your expectations this time around. Count on it.

PRODUCTION NOTES The 2012 Idyllwild Independent Festival of Cinema program is published by the Idyllwild Town Crier newspaper in conjunction. The newspaper offices are located at 54925 Village Center Drive, Idyllwild, CA 92549. (951) 659-2145. Grace Reed, Publisher; J.P. Crumrine, Editor; Halie Johnson, Production Manager; James Larkin, Assistant Production Manager; Marshall Smith, Program Editor; Shane Fender, Advertising Sales Representative; and Sandy Burns, Customer Service Representative.

We l c o m e t o I d y l l w i l d 2 0 1 2 International Festival of Cinema. — Festival Chairman Phil Calderone The


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lan J. Levi, veteran film and television director, director of photography and producer is the featured filmmaker for Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema (IIFC) 2012. And given his professional credits and regimented preparation for becoming a filmmaker, he will have much to offer indie filmmakers at IIFC 2012. “My junior year in high school I knew what I wanted to do in my life,” said Levi. While still in high school, Levi formed Petite Productions, financed by his schoolmates, and before finishing high school had produced and directed 43 films for such disparate organizations as the National Conference of Christians and Jews, the St. Louis Board of Education, the National Safety Council and others that could not afford to hire a commercial company. Before finishing high school and with a cache of completed films under his belt, Levi wrote to three Hollywood celebrities who had been known to mentor young filmmakers. One, actor, director and producer Dick Powell, responded. After high school graduation and before enrolling for his first year at Northwestern University, Levi traveled to Hollywood to begin his apprenticeship with Powell. “His wife, June Allyson, became my surrogate mom,” remembered Levi. During that interregnum between high school and college while under Powell’s tutelage, Levi demonstrated his penchant for thorough preparation. He studied film technique at various studios, direction under Andre de Toth, makeup with William Tuttle at the MGM makeup department, photography at Paramount and Warner Brothers on sets of shooting features, and editing with Warner’s editing staff. At Northwestern, Levi, certain of his professional path, crafted his class choices accordingly. He minored in psychology so as to better understand and direct actors. He also minored in engineering, partly to please his father, but also out of his own interest in technology. As a result of that minor, Levi helped design and build the nascent film and television studio in Kresge Hall at Northwestern. Levi also held patents for a process he invented in 1963, called Video Assist that combined a motion picture and television camera all in one, viewing through one lens. Commenting on how the business has changed technologically, Levi noted the miniaturization of cameras



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Woman.” Levi has directed the A-list of Hollywood royalty including actors George Clooney, Ernest Borgnine, Sandra Bullock, Ed Asner, Peter Falk and Frank Sinatra. He has also directed for film. Levi was, for 13 of 18 years at Universal, the only producer and director under contract to the studio. His peers have honored him with awards at Cannes, Emmy nominations and many others. As a director, Levi said he belongs to the collaborative school, acknowledging that the final product is enriched by the contributions of all who work in the process, regardless of where the suggestion comes from. “That way it is more of a community,” he said. Starting young and moving fast, Levi learned the jobs of everyone on the set. “If you’re making an indie film you’re a jack of all trades,” he said. “Not because you want to — you have to. As a result, you learn how to talk to the crew from a point of understanding exactly what they do.” Levi teaches filmmaking at UCLA, the University of Southern California and Brooks and sound recording equipment has made filming easier Institute. “I feel it’s important to give back and I enjoy by enhancing mobility and allowing cameras to be taken doing that,” he said. “I currently have three young people to places where they weren’t easily taken before. I’m mentoring as well as teaching the courses I do.” “Everything can be moved and set faster,” said Levi. “It’s easier to make movies now with less equipment. Where in the early days of my directing I could do 22 & gas station of the 201 to 23 setups a day, today I’ll do 45 to 60.” Levi’s enarket 2 II F m l a OC ci fi gineering and technical background will enable him to f O discuss, with attending filmmakers, both the evolution of filmmaking as well as tips on field production, location scouting and non-linear editing. Levi has directed commercials, episodic television, miniseries and movies of the week for the small screen including the series “NCIS,” “ER,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Quantum Leap,” and TV movies and miniseries such as “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Incredible Hulk” and “The Immigrants.” He produced pilots and series such as “Columbo,” “Airwolf,” and “The Invisible

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SYNOPSES OF IDYLLWILD 2012 FILMS THURSDAY FILMS OFF THE BOULEVARD ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 96 minutes Director: Jeff Santo A story of art and heart, the dedication it takes to achieve your dreams. An entertaining and informative documentary feature about seven artists whose friendships are created through struggle and perseverance. WAKING DREAMS Running Time: 93 minutes Director: Deepika Daggubati Against a backdrop of video games and Bollywood fantasies, an Indian-American family struggles with the age-old question: is there life without medical school? SILVERLAKE VIDEO Running time: Not available Director: Matteo Ribaudo Ben, on the verge of losing his video store, has one day to get a business partner before his lease expires. His day takes a turn for the worse, when his “out of his league” girlfriend leaves a message, proclaiming “We need to talk”. RATIONS Running Time: 6 minutes Director: Craig Ouellette A couple is lost in the desert with only one bottle of water...and a long way to go.

COYOTE HUNT Running Time: 10 minutes Director: Melissa Townsend Thirteen year old Levi has run away from home again. His absentee father who taught Levi to run away from his problems returns to take Levi into the wilderness to hunt. Can Grey stop his son from following in his footsteps? IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 15 minutes Director: Derek Ellingson As his wedding approaches, Groom-tobe Paul gets a strange feeling and needs reassurance that his wife is faithful. He turns to a private detective for an answer he may not want to hear. ESTEEM Running Time: 11 minutes Director: Jared Elkin Jackie struggles with her chronic insecurities by playing out the perfect versions of her social encounters in her imagination. She soon realizes that fantasies can only keep a person happy for so long. THE COSMONAUT Running Time: 8 minutes Director: David M. Altrogge

COUNTDOWN TO DEATH Running Time: 6 minutes Director: Craig Ouellette After his cover’s been blown, Special Agent Hiko Chan has 5 minutes to save his partner from a ticking time bomb and an army of kung-fu assassins.

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A young man who left earth once upon a time returns to find that everything has changed. His memory fragmented by a crash landing, he searches the desolate wasteland of home to rediscover why he left in the first place.

PARANOID ACTIVITY Running Time: 10 minutes Director: Tony Repinski Katie and her husband move into their new house, only to be increasingly disturbed by a demonic presence which Katie tries to prove exists to her unconvinced husband.

GET OFF MY PORCH Running Time: 13 minutes Director: Patrick Rea A man is terrorized by Girl Scouts selling ‘delicious’ cookies. MOVING DAY Running Time: 10 minutes Director: Jason Wingrove A small girl moves into her new home, an enchanting and lavish estate filled with wonder. The simple discovery of a forgotten box of toys leads to a battle in the garden of good and evil where no one will ever be the same. CERTIFIED Running Time: 9 minutes Director: Luke Guidici In rural 1950’s America, a postman’s first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him of her family’s horrible tragedy. FISH! Running Time: 7 minutes Director: Mark Eccleston, Damian Samuels Chef Jeff is sure his prize salmon will help him win Fish Chef of the Year award and a one-way ticket out of his dull seaside town, but on the way home he’s lured into a local swimming pool by an insatiable mermaid. CONTINUED ON PAGE 8

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NOON – “Waking Dreams”

NOON – “Off the Boulevard”

2:00 – Shorts (Raibow A)

2:15 – “Silverlake Video”

4:00 – “The Lempke Brothers”

4:15 – Shorts (Rustic A) 6:15 – “Fireflies in the Garden” CREEKSTONE INN





9:30 a.m. – REGISTRATION 10:00 – “Six Degrees of Helter Skelter”



NOON – “Look At Me Again”

10:00 – “Waking Dreams”

2:00 – Shorts (Rustic B)

NOON – “Silverlake Video”

4:00 – “Bone Dry”

2:00 – Shorts (Rainbow A)

6:00 – “The Dungeon Master,” “Cosmic Radio”

4:00 – “Fireflies in the Garden”

8:00 – “The Selling” 10:00 – “(Not) Addicted,” “Gone,” “Brookwood Sleaze”

6:00 – “Six Degrees of Helter Skelter”

RUSTIC SHORTS RUSTIC A “Get Off My Porch” “Moving Day” “Certified” “Fish!” “Knight to D7” “Buttons in the Ground” RUSTIC B “Two Bulls” “Bosco’s Guitar” “In Transit” “Resolution of Two” “The Understudy” RUSTIC C “One-Fourth Therapy” “Black Rainbow” “A Cube & A Button” “Burnt Out” “Time” “Albert” “Simone” RUSTIC IA “Dead Serious” “Bond Over Breakfast” “Fitz” “Penelope” “Rockstars” “Kenza” Untitled Special Screening

RAINBOW INN 10:00 – Shorts (Raibow B) NOON – “Ride the Divide” 2:00 – “First Generation” 4:00 – “For Lovers Only” 6:00 – “Father VS Son” 8:00 – “Mary Pickford” SHORT FILM SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT WARNING DUE TO TIME RESTRAINTS.

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9:30 a.m. – REGISTRATION

10:00 – “Ride the Divide”

10:00 – “Life at the Resort”

NOON – Shorts (Rustic B)

11:45 – “Greencastle”

6:00 – Shorts (Rainbow C)

2:00 – Seminar 1, “The Working Actor in Hollywood” (see page 10)

8:00 – “Father VS Son”

4:00 – Seminar 2, “From Screenplay to Screen” (see page 10)

11a.m. to 8:30p.m. – REGISTRATION

6:00 – “Walk a Mile in My Pradas” 8:00 – “The Cheater,” “Paradise Recovered” 10:00 – “Primitive”


CAINE LEARNING CENTER 10:00 – Shorts (Rustic A) NOON – “For Lovers Only” 6:00 – “First Generation”



9:30 a.m. – REGISTRATION 10:00 – Shorts (Rustic IA) NOON – Shorts (Rustic C) 2:00 – Seminar 3, “Distribution Alternatives” (see page 10) 5:00 – AWARD CEREMONY 7:00 – “Life at the Resort”


11a.m. to 5p.m. – REGISTRATION

RAINBOW SHORTS RAINBOW A “Rations” “Countdown to Death” “Paranoid Activity” “Coyote Hunt” “In Sickness & In Health” “Esteem” “The Cosmonaut” RAINBOW B “The Unforgettable Proposal” “Long Black Lashes” “Sheer Luck” “Yet2BeNamed” “Libby Girl: Surprise!” “The Visitor” RAINBOW C “Been Good to Know Yuh” “Interview” “Fish Meat” RAINBOW D “It’s Always Smoggy in LA”


6:00 – AFTERPARTY 9:00 – Night on the Town TBA CAINE LEARNING CENTER 10:00 – “Mary Pickford” NOON – “Paradise Recovered” 2:00 – “Western Leatherman”

RAINBOW INN 10:00 – “The Selling” NOON – “Off the Boulevard” 2:00 – Shorts (Rainbow D) 7:00 – Favorite TBA or victim feature film


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KNIGHT TO D7 Running Time: 14 min. Director: Nathan Scoggins The story of two best friends, Dustin and Brady, grappling with the realities of cancer. What’s harder than dealing with the death of a good friend? Dustin is about to find out. BUTTONS IN THE GROUND * WEST COAST PREMIERE * Running Time: 19 min. Director: Andrew Fisher A loss of innocence story about a young girl who naively believes that she can grow buttons THE LEMPKE BROTHERS Running Time: 98 min. Director: Andy Forrest A story of The Lempke Brothers, box factory workers from a small Eastern Block country called Kreplach, who discover their unique ability to dance and to dream.

explore, always looking for something fun and new to do. This is the latest adventure in the Libby Girl Series of films featuring a spirited canine trio. THE VISITOR Running Time: 7 min. Director: Jorge Ferragut A couple’s happy hour turns dangerous after a seemingly chance encounter with a dangerous stranger. They are about to learn that you must never doubt your instincts. WAKING DREAMS (see synopsis, page 5) LOOK AT ME AGAIN ** SO. CALIF. PREMIERE ** Running Time: 104 min. Director: James Christopher Three sisters torn apart by tragedy, infidelity, and heartbreak must now fight for their family or lose it forever. RIDE THE DIVIDE Running Time: 80 min. Director: Hunter Weeks An award-winning feature film about the world’s toughest and immensely beautiful mountain bike race, 2700 miles along the Continental Divide. The film follows three riders including Idyllwild’s own Mary Metcalf-Collier.

FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN ** SPECIAL EVENT ** Running Time: 99 min. SILVERLAKE VIDEO (see synopsis, page 5) Director: Dennis Lee (not in competition) TWO BULLS The Taylor family is devastated by an Running Time: 13 min. accident that takes place on the day their Director: Ricardo Ultreras matriarch is due to graduate from college Six years ago a tragic incident forever changed -- decades after leaving to raise her children. the lives of best friends Vinny and Michael. Starring Ryan Reynolds, Willem Defoe and Julia Roberts. Over the years each has quietly carried the burden from the decisions made on that fateful day. But today, all that changes...


THE SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER Running Time: 105 min. Director: Michael Dorsey Dorsey retraces the footsteps of the Manson Family from the remains of their Death Valley hideout to the properties where the seven victims were murdered, shedding new light on even the most well-known aspects of the story.

THE UNFORGETTABLE PROPOSAL Running Time: 10 min. Director: Mohammed Alkazemi Michael decides finally to propose to Becky, but needs to enter a daydream to find the right words. LONG BLACK LASHES Running Time: 21 min. Director: Brandon Lasner With a fading on her modeling career, Margaret Hamilton’s journey into madness begins with a simple wish on a single, fallen eyelash. She quickly becomes obsessed with her newfound power, to devastating consequences. SHEER LUCK Running Time: 13 min. Director: J.D. Koumendakis A despondent man escapes death by a pair of shears at the hands of his crazed girlfriend, but not without consequence. Panic-stricken, he calls the culprit of the rampage to his rescue. LIBBY GIRL: SURPRISE! Running Time: 4 min. Director: JANET MAYSON Libby Girl is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier that loves to play and

BOSCO’S GUITAR Running Time: 22 min. Director: Matt Handy The true story of Bosco, a young musician orphaned by the 1993 Burundian genocide, taken in by a member of the tribe he believes is responsible for the death of his mother. Bosco is forced to choose between hatred and hope. IN TRANSIT Running Time: 8 min. Director: Stev Elam The meeting of two people from diametrically opposite cultures, background, and demographics. A poignant, yet delightful moment amidst the contradiction that is LA.

Running Time: 6 min. Director: Rylee Ebsen A prostitute comforts an anxious teen who thinks his life is over after a botched prom night.


UNDERSTUDY Running Time: 21 min. Director: Christina Malavenda The story of an understudy dancer fighting to be number one. FIRST GENERATION ** SO. CALIF. PREMIERE ** Running Time: 95 min. Director: Adam Fenderson, Jaye Fenderson The story of four high school students who set out to break the cycle of poverty and bring hope to their families and communities by being the first in their families to pursue a college education.

RATIONS (see synopsis, page 5) COUNTDOWN TO DEATH (see synopsis, page 5) PARANOID ACTIVITY (see synopsis, page 5) COYOTE HUNT (see synopsis, page 5) IN SICKNESS & IN HEALTH (see synopsis, page 5) ESTEEM (see synopsis, page 5) THE COSMONAUT (see synopsis, page 5) BONE DRY Running Time: 100 min. Director: Brett A. Hart Eddie is forced at a gunpoint by an unseen assailant on a dark and brutal journey through the harsh terrain of the Mojave desert, pushed through a series of ambushes and mantraps designed to test his humanity. FOR LOVERS ONLY ** WEST COAST PREMIERE ** Running Time: 90 min. Director: Michael Polish The story of a MAN and a WOMAN in love. After seeing each other in Paris for the first time in years, the LOVERS flee together as their love affair takes them across Francefrom Normandy to St. Tropez. FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN (see synopsis, 1st column) THE DUNGEON MASTER Running Time: 13 min. Director: Rider Strong, Shiloh Strong Shane and his friends thought it would be fun to recapture their ‘geeky’ youth with a game of Dungeons and Dragons. But then someone showed up in a cape. COSMIC RADIO Running Time: 90 min. Director: Stephen Savage (not in competition) The owner of a counter-culture radio station finds his modest business unexpectedly threatened when the daughter of a conservative senator sparks a heated political tempest by undermining a plan to clear cut a nearby forest. FATHER VS SON Running Time: 97 min. Director: Joe Ballarini A screwball comedy where a father and his son fall in love with the same woman. Hijinks ensue in this wacky competition for the affections of Darlene (Heather Stephens), with a gut-busting role for Eric Stonestreet. THE SIX DEGREES OF HELTER SKELTER (see synopsis, page 8) THE SELLING Running Time: 92 min. Director: Emily Lou 5 Bed. 4 Bath. 12 Ghosts. A too-honest-forhis-own-good real estate agent has to sell a haunted house before its ghostly inhabitants ruin his life. MARY PICKFORD: THE MUSE OF THE MOVIES Running Time: 101 min. Director: Nicholas Eliopoulos The life and work of the legendary silent film star, movie pioneer, and keen business woman who co-created United Artists Studios. Pickford’s life parallels an even larger story, the birth of the cinema itself. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

CONTINUED FROM PREVIOUS PAGE GONE ** IIFOC 2012 OFFICIAL SPONSORED FILM; Idyllwild Filmworks ** Running Time: 27 min. Director: Will Wallace Monica returns home for the funeral of their father, bringing with her the stains of drug addiction, depression and a dark secret. Will the truth bring her back from the abyss or destroy all those she loves? BROOKWOOD SLEAZEBAGS ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 40 min. Director: Johnny West Arizona’s exclusive Brookwood Condominiums seems to be a perfect cover for Juan’s illegal operation until he discovers that some tenants are Scottsdale’s sleaziest people whose activities might bring unwanted attention.


LIFE AT THE RESORT Running Time: 90 min. Director: Jeff Sable, Zander Villayne In a plush resort the trail of scandalous rumors and secrets leads to surprising consequences.

RIDE THE DIVIDE (see synopsis, page 8) GET OFF MY PORCH (see synopsis, page 5) MOVING DAY (see synopsis, page 5) CERTIFIED (see synopsis, page 5) FISH! (see synopsis, page 5) KNIGHT TO D7 (see synopsis, page 5) BUTTONS IN THE GROUND (see synopsis, page 5 GREENCASTLE ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 129 min. Director: Koran Dunbar A quirky off beat drama with a spiritual undertone. Poitier, a single father, enters a ‘quarter-life crisis’ searching for meaning amidst loneliness and disconnection. Fate leads him toward an unexpected and sublime awakening. TWO BULLS (see synopsis, page 8) BOSCO’S GUITAR (see synopsis, page 8) IN TRANSIT (see synopsis, page 8) RESOLUTION OF TWO (see synopsis, page 5) UNDERSTUDY (see synopsis, page 8) FOR LOVERS ONLY (see synopsis, page 8) Seminar 1 and Seminar 2 (see page 10) WALK A MILE IN MY PRADAS Running Time: 88 min. Director: Joey Sylvester Two weeks before his wedding, a homophobic construction worker finds he has suddenly switched sexual orientations with his gay co-worker. BEEN GOOD TO KNOW YUH Running Time: 20 min. Director: Cory Brandenstein Plagued by a degenerative neurological disease and facing his own mortality, Woody Guthrie, relives life shaping occurrences while waiting for his closest friend to show up for one.

KENZA (Idyllwild Arts Academy student film) Running Time: 15 min. Director: Cyrus Paydar, Kenza Kadmiry THE SELLING (see synopsis, page 5) MARY PICKFORD (see synopsis, page 5) A CUBE AND A BUTTON Running Time: 14 min. Director: Beatriz Gutierrez Aguado Trapped in a dark space, a young mother has to face her own memories while she witnesses how these memories are deteriorating. A fantasy drama that explores an unknown place in the mind that we have to walk alone.

FIRST GENERATION (see synopsis, page 8) THE CHEATER Running Time: 6 min. Director: Will Wallace Director Will Wallace’s hilariously innovative short film you have to see to believe. Considered by many to be “the best short film ever,” “The Cheater” is an Idyllwild Festival of Cinema tradition. PARADISE RECOVERED Running Time: 95 min. Director: Storme Wood Esther Harris, a young member of a strict ministry finds employment with Gabriel, a devout skeptic. After committing a “terrible sin,” Esther is excommunicated from the sect and begins to question

BURNT OUT ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 4 min. Director: Teryl Brouillette, Andy Lee One man’s quest for a badly needed smoke in a no-smoking world. ALBERT ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 9 min. Director: Jamison Reeves In order for a relationship to work both people have to be moving in the same direction. Can two people living their lives in different directions make a relationship work?

FATHER VS SON (see synopsis, page 8) PRIMITIVE Running Time: 86 min. Director: Benjamin Cooper A man who makes monsters for a living must confront his own inner demon made flesh before it rips his life to pieces.

SUNDAY FILMS DEAD SERIOUS (Idyllwild Arts Academy student film) Running Time: 21 min. Director: Ellen Jacobs BOND OVER BREAKFAST (Idyllwild Arts Academy student film) Running Time: 4 min. Director: Alexa McLaughlin FITZ (Idyllwild Arts Academy student film) Running Time: 24 min. Director: Brit Wigintton PENELOPE (Idyllwild Arts Academy student film) Running Time: 17 minutes Director: Scarlette Urbano

SIMONE Running Time: 17 min. Director: Wolfgang Bodison Simone and Danny are two struggling artists in love. But love is never easy. So when their union is threatened by life’s ugly realities, Simone is forced to make a fateful decision. OFF THE BOULEVARD (see synopsis, page 5) PARADISE RECOVERED (see synopsis at left) THE WESTERN LEATHERMAN Running Time: 20 min. Director: Stephen Savage Mountain Mike is one of the last of a breed of old world craftsmen, creating one of a kind works of leather clothing the old school way, bringing a new understanding and excitement for leather working to a whole new generation.

ROCKSTARS (Idyllwild Arts Academy student film) Running Time: 24 min. Director: Laura Holliday

Join us for wine and beer during the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema Located across from the Rustic Theatre in the Village Centre Plaza Wine by the glass $6 Craft beers by the bottle or select your favorite bottle of wine.



FISH MEAT ** WORLD PREMIERE ** Running Time: 41 min. Director: Joe Cunningham The age of fish meat is here. Our hunger for seafood grows and grows but the seas are running out of fish. But what exactly is farmed fish? Where does it come from, and how is it made? Two friends, a fish scientist and environmental engineer, take a sailing voyage to pull back the cover on modern fish farming.



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HOURS: Open until 1 a.m. Friday & Saturday.

The Village Centre


Check with us for Sunday hours.

54245 N. Circle Drive ~ C8 • 951~659~WINE (9463)

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he Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2012 honors longtime Hollywood producer, director, and production manager Mike Moder with its 2012 Lifetime Merit Award. The award will be presented at the festival’s conclusion. Moder will have a lot to share both with festival audiences and attending young filmmakers while he is in Idyllwild. Of his time in the business he said, “In 50 years, you have to do something. I was a budget guy. I believed the money you spent should wind up on the screen.” Moder said that is not the case today where budgets are inflated by adding producers who receive credit but do little or nothing to advance the film as well as adding duplicative and redundant personnel. “Now there are just too many people,” he said. “When I produced, I drafted a budget based on how many days I needed to shoot and what crew I would need. That was the money I needed to make the movie. The rest could be used to hire the actors.” Moder, who started in television in the early 1960s with “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” “The Rifleman,” “The Big Valley,” and “The Wild Wild West,” as assistant director (AD) moved on to the big screen on “Little Big Man,” “Jeremiah Johnson,” and “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.” In the 1980s Moder moved up to executive in charge of production on television’s “Perry Mason,” “Jake and the Fatman” and “Matlock.” He received an Emmy Nomination in 1998 as producer for “Cinderella,” a new version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic. He then went on to run Viacom’s operation at Universal Studios. He also served as executive producer on two very successful


“The Working Actor in Hollywood”

Moderator: Will Wallace Actor, Producer, Director, IIFC Co-director The Panel: Wolfgang Bodison • Conor O’Farrell • Marshall Bell • Don Swayze Oscar Torre • Jamison Reeves • Erin Way

“From Screenplay to Screen”

movies, “The Crimson Tide” with Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman, and “Beverly Hills Cop” with Eddie Murphy. Moder said he has been in the business long enough to have seen it all. “I’m one of the few people who’s worked with John Wayne,” he recalled. “He was always on the set, not hanging out in his trailer. Everybody who worked with him loved the guy.” Moder has many stories from his years in Hollywood. He’s very affable and his professional life could itself be a movie. He’ll be available during IIFC 2012 to share what he has seen and experienced while working in movies and television, how the business has changed, and what advice he thinks young filmmakers might benefit from — “Put the money on the screen” being his most salient suggestion.

Idyllwild Pharmacy Serving our Community Since 1977


Good on non-sale or non-prescription items. Also Available: Books | Magazines | Greeting Cards | Cosmetics Vitamins | Supplements | Digital Film Processing


PHARMACY HOURS: Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm Saturday, 10am - 4pm Closed Sunday

STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday, 9am - 6pm Sunday, 9am - 4pm

Located in the Strawberry Creek Shopping Plaza 54391 Village Center Dr., Idyllwild, CA 92549


Diabetes Shoppe™

(951) Expires 659-2135 2/9/12

Kodak Digital Photo Processing

Moderator: Will Wallace The Panel: Mike Moder • Alan J. Levi • Bryce C. Campbell • Evan Crooke Shanah S. Blevins Murisa Harba • Brett A. Hart (Idyllwild 2012 Spotlight Filmmaker) Dan Clifton

“Distribution Alternatives”

Moderator: Philip R. Calderone Producer, Writer, IIFC Chairman The Panel: Orly Ravid, Founder, The Film Collaborative Stephen Dypiangco, Producer of Marketing and Distribution Jeff Santo, Director, Writer, Producer Andie Redwine, Writer, Producer




Dinner Specials

Crab-Stuffed Salmon with Artichoke Spinach Glaze - $1494 Stuffed Pork Chops -$995 Top Sirloin - $1395 BBQ Chicken - $995 Eggplant Parmesan - $995 Special guest appearance Jerome Robinson, formerly of the Platters 8am-12pm Saturday.

Open 7 Days a Week

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Idyllwild 2012: Independent Festival of Cinema - Page 11




Best Jerky in Any House Beef - Buffalo - Salmon Turkey - Alligator - Elk Upper Level Venison - Ostrich Grandpa Red in The Fort Snacks & More Order Online 951-659-2593

DRE # 01367581

THE MARSHALL HAWKINS AWARDS Best Original Score (Short) Best Original Score (Feature or Featurette) THE CASEY ABRAMS AWARD Best Soundtrack THE JUAN RUIZ ANCHIA AWARDS Best Cinematography (Short) Best Cinematography (Feature or Featurette)

25840 Cedar Street Idyllwild, CA 92549

THE TAHQUITZ AWARDS Best Short Film (Under 15 minutes) Best Featurette (15-59 minutes) Best Feature Film (60 minutes and over) Best Documentary Best Web Series Best Student Film Best Actor (Male, Feature or Featurette) Best Actor (Female, Feature or Featurette) Best Actor Short Film (Male) Best Actor Short Film (Female) Best Director (Short) Best Director (Feature) Best Director (Featurette) Best Screenplay (Short) Best Screenplay (Feature)

Chinese Restaurant

HIDlunch DEN&VIdinner LLAGE (951) 659-2712

Patio tables under pine trees Serving Idyllwild for 23 years. Mandarin & Szechwan Style. Pure Chinese flavor in a warm family atmosphere surrounded by pine trees with comfortable prices.

Heritage House Inn & Vacation Cabin Rentals

Formally “The Cedar Street Inn,” established 1988. Newly refurbished deluxe suites with fireplaces & private entrances. Original innkeepers Patty & Gary Tompkins are back in charge. Can accommodate conferences/weddings/special events. Vacation rental cabins available that sleep 2 to 8 people. Online reservations.

25880 Cedar Street Idyllwild, CA 92549

(951) 659-5150

Living My Dream ... Here to Help You Live Yours

THE JONI AWARD Awarded to the Idyllwild resident who has given the most of their time and energy toward promoting the arts in Idyllwild. THE LILY ROCK LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD


Muirs Mountain Realty Highway 243 Office 26115 Suite A Scenic Hwy 243 Broker-Owner Marge Muir

Cell: 951-440-0114 Office: 951-659-8335 Fax: 951-659-5380




Mexican Restaurant • Dine in the Pines OPEN 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

54650 N. Circle Dr., Idyllwild

JoAnn S. Graham, CSEO Sue Westfall, ESCROW ASSISTANT

DRE # 01436174

Over 30 years of Escrow Experience

54545 N. Circle Dr. Phone: 951-659-1911

54250 N. Circle Dr. P.O. Box 794 Idyllwild, CA 92459

Mile High Cafe 951-659-5502 Patty McKee |

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

Hamburgers • Sandwiches • Korean • Sushi

951.659.2008 HOURS: Monday-Thursday 7:30 am-3 pm Friday & Saturday 7:30 am-8 pm Sunday 7:30 am-4 pm 26600 Hwy. 243 (next to Idyllwild School)



54295 North Circle Drive P.O. Box 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549 E-mail:

DRE#01245964 Bus: (951) 659-2125 Cell: (951) 288-8789 Fax: (951) 659-2127

Page 12 - Idyllwild 2012: Independent Festival of Cinema


Palm Springs Subaru is a proud sponsor of the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema

Located in the Cathedral City Auto Center on Hwy. 111 and Perez Road, 67-925 E. Palm Canyon • (760) 318-4700

Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2012 Official Program  

Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2012 Official Program, Independent Films

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