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Whether it be a film, TV program, commercial concept or corporate promotional presentation, whenever I have a vision or an idea, it’s always a thrill to see just how that vision or idea takes shape and becomes a reality in the hands of the gifted artists whom I have been lucky enough to surround myself with. Idyllwild 2012 was a huge success, and this was due largely to the hard work and talents of new festival chairman Philip Calderone. With Phil’s guidance and the continued support of the people and businesses of Idyllwild, we came into our own in 2012, and earned a reputation as a film festival worthy of showcasing and giving a voice to some of the finest independent filmmakers worldwide. Now we move into our fourth season, and ICF 2013 is shaping up to be bigger and more successful than ever before. Phil’s stamp is firmly branded into the fiber of our festival, and I am happy to report that my decision to bring him on board last year was one of the best moves I have ever made.

I never doubted that, with Phil’s business savvy, organizational brilliance, and great love of film, he was the right man for the job. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we would come into 2013 on such a firm footing as we have. Film festivals are lucky just to get off the ground. Those that do rarely see year two. Very, very few accomplish a third. We are heading into our fourth, and the Idyllwild CinemaFest seems to be on track to move forward, growing stronger every year, for decades to come. With our official festival host, the always amazing Ashley Stewart, who has been with us since year one, the support of Shane and the crew at the Rustic Theatre, the unwavering commitment to excellence from Publisher Grace Reed and

everyone at the Idyllwild Town Crier, and the continued commitment of Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone and the Riverside County Economic Development Agency, we are no longer crawling or even taking our first steps as a festival. I am proud to say we are firmly upright in the starting blocks and ready to sprint into a new season with more great films, informative seminars, and our unchanging mission: to provide a festival for and about the filmmakers and their work. I love being an independent filmmaker. I love independent films and the people who create them. And I love being in the honored position of saying, “Welcome To Idyllwild 2013.”


Last year’s festival came together so quickly, in about four months, that much developed on instinct. As it turned out we seem to have done a few things right, so this year was about taking those lessons and defining a base method we could reproduce and build on. The most significant expansion this year was adding the online submission service, “Withoutabox,” a move that expanded our reach both in finding films and in filmmakers finding us. The result was a growth from 67 films to 95 films, while maintaining the quality that is now expected of us. I dare say that we have even raised the bar, as evidenced by the difficulty you’ll have in spotting an obvious best in any category this year. If last year was the year of the short film, 2013 is the year of the featurette. We’ve grown from 10 featurettes to 24, more if you count the Idyllwild Arts Academy films. Did this come at the expense of short films? No. Twentyfive last year, 28 in 2013. We may have dropped “international” from our name (we admit, it was just too long) but the mandate to program international films continues. With the added reach of our selection processes, we are presenting you with projects from all around the globe this year—the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, Egypt, Guyana, the Netherlands, Russia and Iran. How’s that for variety? That’s five continents.

Are documentaries your inspiration? We’re stimulating you with a new category this year—the Documentary Short Film. We launch this category with four films, one made here in Idyllwild. That should be just enough to prepare you for the full slate of 16 long-form docs. We’ve expanded the schedule to five days this year—Wednesday through Sunday—to fit all this material. Plan your week well. The website has descriptions of all films and trailers of almost eighty. Many films are shown twice and I can all but guarantee that you’ll find something of interest in every two-hour slot. Oh, a word about food. We heard your comments about not wanting to miss anything, but of course you need your sustenance. However, this is a film festival, so we can’t stop showing films. Instead, we’ve arranged permission for you to eat while you watch, though — festival rule, no potato chips. The Rustic Theatre will be selling sandwiches at the concession stand this year. For the Caine Center and Astrocamp Galaxy Theatre, you may bring your lunch into the show. We do ask, however, out of kindness to the facility’s carpets, that you try to restrict beverages to water for refreshment. You are free to buy or bring your own, though we will have water for sale at both locations. There are many great places around town that can prepare

a carryout meal. Thirty minutes between films may not be enough time to eat a sit-down restaurant meal but it’s definitely enough time to pick up your lunch. Order ahead! Finally, I need to give a huge thank you to The Town Crier staff. They have truly outdone themselves, not only with their amazing article coverage in recent weeks (the filmmakers are so happy) but also with daily blog updates during the festival. So there is lots to see and do in five days. Check our Facebook page regularly too ( idycinemafest). That’s where I’ll be posting last-minute info, particularly on project-specific mini-events. So whatever your interest — from horses to heroes, Siberia to Coney Island, bunglers to freelancers, clichés to revelations, spicy noses to broken fingers, sea drifts to Schermann songs — we’ve got you covered. Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013. Breathe in the experience.

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ICF LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECIPIENT 2013 Some actors just have that “thing” about them. It’s a look, a voice, a presence. That “thing” of course doesn’t always mean leading man, or matinee idol. More often than not, it signifies an actor who has come to be recognized by a mass audience as recognizable and trusted — trusted to turn in an amazing performance. This ability makes us sure that the film or television program we are watching has a legitimacy and a credibility, just by virtue of the fact that one of these trusted actors is on the screen. Marshall Bell is just such an actor. His body of work speaks for itself. His list of film credits alone (without even mentioning his TV and stage appearances) is nothing short of phenomenal. From iconic films such as “Stand By Me”, the original “Total Recall”, “Twins” and “No Way Out”, to indie classics such as “Starship Troopers”, “Truth Or Consequences NM” and “Natural Born Killers”, Marshall Bell stands out as an actor who enjoys doing what he

does, and who never lets his audience down. As director Stephen Savage (who recently had the honor of working with Marshall on his newest film, “Vertical”) is quick to point out, he is an actor who delivers. In Savage’s words, “Marshall makes no distinction between lower budget indies and huge Hollywood productions. He shows up ready to give his all for the good of the film. He shows up ready to work”. Bell has shared the screen with some of the industry’s biggest stars — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christian Bale, Kevin Costner, Christopher Walken, Johnny Depp and John Cusack (to name but a few). We are proud to now add his name to the distinguished list of recipients of the Idyllwild CinemaFest Lifetime Merit Award. We look forward to many more years of great film performances from this humble and talented actor. Marshall Bell, you honor us with your presence.

ZEN AND THE ART OF FILM FESTIVAL MECHANICS BY DEVON MORRIS, DEVON ON FILM Stephen Savage is a filmmaker. There’s no other word that fits. He wears the monicker proudly. And as a filmmaker, he is no stranger to the ins and outs of film festival navigation, having seen his works screened at the Palm Springs International, the Sedona Film Festival, and the New York International, among others. But it wasn’t until his first experience at the Sundance Film Festival in 2009 that he ever even considered starting a festival of his own. His writing and directing of such films as “Cosmic Radio,” the Netflix bound thriller “Legacy,” and his newest creation, “Vertical,” have established him as an indie artist to be reckoned with. Working with actors such as Michael Madson, Wes Studi, Black Eyed Peas front man Taboo, Irene Bedard

(the voice of Disney’s Pocahontas), “A Few Good Men” scenestealer Wolfgang Bodison, “Starship Troopers” icon Marshall Bell, and former “Boy Meets World” star Rider Strong, Savage has always attracted great talent to his projects. And now, locked into development on three new feature films with the likes of Kim Bassinger, Willie Nelson, Ken Wahl, Judd Nelson, Ed Harris, and Bo Derek, Savage has, in

TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcomes to the Festival ••••••••••••••••••• 2 Lifetime Achievement Award •••••••••••••• 3 Film festival mechanics ••••••••••••••••••••• 3 Featured filmmakers Gary King and Ignatius Fischer •••••••••••••••••••••• 4 Rustic Theare upgrades •••••••••••••••••••• 5 Will Wallace: Actor, Producer, Director ••• 6 An inner-city rugby tale •••••••••••••••••••• 7 Aroma Bondo & closing night awards •••• 7 Map of festival locations ••••••••••••••••••• 7 Festival Program •••••••••••••••••••••••••• 8-9 Synopses of Festival Films •••••••••••• 10-13 About the Seminars •••••••••••••••••••••••• 14 List of Awards •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 15 Festival Sponsors ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 16

PRODUCTION NOTES The 2013 Idyllwild CinemaFest program is published by the Idyllwild Town Crier newspaper in conjunction with the ICF committee. The newspaper offices are located at 54925 Village Center Drive, Idyllwild, CA 92549. (951) 659-2145. Grace Reed, Publisher; J.P. Crumrine, Editor; Halie Johnson, Production Manager; James Larkin, Assistant Production Manager; Marshall Smith, Program Editor; Shane Fender, Advertising Sales Representative; and Sandy Burns, Customer Service Representative.

See Mechanics, page 14

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2013 Idyllwild CinemaFest DOCUMENTARY


Thursday, Jan 10th, 2:00pm @ Rustic Saturday, Jan 12th, 8:00pm @ Caine

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A story about persistence, resourcefulness and an American dream. Filmmaker Reception: Earth ‘N Fire The Fort, second level Thursday, January 10th, 4pm following the 2pm screening. FOR THE ARTIST INSIDE US — “WE HAVE THE GIFTS TO SUCCEED.”

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New York filmmaker Gary King, one of two Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013 honorees, spent five years in the corporate world of Silicon Valley before deciding to build a career doing what had always been his passion — storytelling, writing and making movies. He ditched the West Coast technology hub and moved with his wife to the Big Apple to make films. “I spent the first two years in New York networking, getting to know the area and the local artists,” King recounted. “I took odd jobs editing and doing web commercials. I cashed out my 401k to make my first feature, ‘New York Lately.’ Each film got me into the next.” He has not looked back since. Now he is bringing his fifth feature to ICF 2013, “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song.” This film is about the creation of an off-Broadway musical that took two years to make. There are not many indie filmmakers who attempt the complexity of a feature film musical, since, at least with Schermann, the project involves acting, dance, music, lyrics, score, full orchestral backing and New York City location shooting. “At times I felt my career was on hold, since it was taking so long to make,” said King. In making five features, he has managed to dip into different genres, with the result that each of his films has a different look, beautifully shot and framed, but conceptually different. Three of the films he both wrote and directed. Two were written and produced by others and he served only as director. “I subscribe to the one for me and one for them approach,” he said, noting that he makes both his own “personal” films as well as those for hire. Mentioning Steven Soderbergh as one of his favorite directors, and a model for covering many genres, King said he did not want to brand himself as a onestyle-only filmmaker. Prior to Schermann, King’s other features covered drama,


horror, psychological drama and an action, comedy, horror film. “I come from a very movie-driven family,” said King. “On weekends, we’d rent five films. Over time we ran out of new releases, so my parents suggested viewing films they’d grown up with, ‘Rear Window,’ ‘The Music Man’ and many other classics across a broad genre base.” King related how seeing those different film genres as a kid influenced how he decided what to make as an adult. “Watching those different styles, I paid attention to the process, how the filmmakers would shoot. Then when DVD’s came around, with director commentary, I learned even more about the process.” Making “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song” proved to be King’s ambitious project, a two -year odyssey in which he wore many hats — writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor. King noted his five-year corporate stint in Silicon Valley in human resources management served him well. “I’m very well versed in project management,” he said of his experience. “I learned how to keep track of numbers and get things done. Asked why he decided to take on such a multi-layered project, King said, “I’ve always been interested in Broadway musicals. I grew up watching them with my parents and was always in awe of the sheer talent of the actors on the screen. I’m thrilled to make a film in a genre that does not get much recognition anymore and I believe there is an audience out there that is still hungry for unique musicals.” Schermann has already won festival awards, proving King right about audience need for and enjoyment of this genre. At the United Kingdom’s London Raindance Film Festival, Schermann won the prestigious Film of the Festival award. At the Phoenix (Arizona) Film Festival, it won the Cox Audience Award along


with the Dan Harkins Breakthrough Filmmaker Award for King. “Schermann” is currently making the festival circuit rounds. King cautions that “Schermann is not the typical “song and dance” musical reminiscent of the MGM musicals of the 30’s and 40’s. “The goal of the film is not spectacle,” he said, “but rather a more intimate tale about an aspiring Broadway songwriter (real life songwriter Joe Schermann) who jeopardizes his relationships and budding career after showing interest in a talented singer.” King released his first feature in 2006. He said the See King, page 15

Ignatius Fischer, one of two Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013 honorees, had one of those off-the-charts serendipitous launches into the filmmaking business. Like Quentin Tarantino who worked as a clerk in a Manhattan Beach video rental prior to breaking into the business of movie making, Fischer also worked in a South Bay store when he got “the fax.” “It was a Torrance hobby store,” said Fischer. “It was in 1996 when there was a big hiring spree for physical effects in major films. “A fax came in and asked anyone who had experience building models to submit a portfolio to this company in Culver City.” Fischer recounted that he submitted a portfolio, got the interview and the job the same day. He started the next day at Vision Crew building the front end of a 10-foot by 4-foot model of a spaceship for the movie “The Fifth Element.” “It was pretty disconcerting that first week,” said Fischer. “They asked if I

could use a table saw. I told them I didn’t know what a table saw was. I had never built at that scale.” He went on to build models for “Titanic” and “Dante’s Peak” before digital revolutionized the special effects business. Serendipity describes much of Fischer’s career arc. Another juncture came after he saw Kevin Smith’s breakout indie film, “Clerks.” “I had been a writer as a kid. I was still writing short stories [while still building movie models professionally] when someone suggested I should write a screenplay. I saw ‘Clerks’ and then I thought, I could make a film. I could make that.” Fischer began writing screenplays and in 2004 his screenplay for “The Men Who Fell” was put into production. Fischer spent a month on location in Tucson during which time 60 percent of the movie was shot. Later, having acquired and mastered video editing using Final Cut Pro, he was hooked. “I realized I could do the whole thing.

When you make a movie, you’re the ultimate author. I love working with actors, getting everything in front of the camera. And when we’re rolling, that’s the most magical moment of all. Like fellow ICF 2012 honoree Gary King, and many other indie filmmakers, Fischer has needed to wear many hats. His credits attest to the broad spectrum of career facets that have allowed him to work successfully in the industry — in making national commercials, cinematic book trailers, short and feature films, reality television, event coverage, industrial work and web series. “But See Fischer, page 15

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Town Crier file photos

Award format. By the end of 2013, Fithian said, celluloid prints of new movies from the major studios will no longer be available in the United States. From now on, all major films will be distributed only in digital, a format that is less costly for studios to distribute (saving them an estimated $1 billion annually in printmaking fees and shipping costs) and one that results in markedly superior on-screen visual quality. Marshall Smith can be reached at


Experience the magic of Red, White, Black & Blue at the Idyllwild CinemaFest World Premiere. 38 South Los Angeles high school students are tested on a journey through New Zealand playing rugby. The results will surprise you! Step performance before the film and a complimentary New Zealand chocolate delicacy for every viewer.

3 P.M.

investment to guarantee a movie house would remain on the Hill and to make sure the Idyllwild film festival was a quality venue for independent filmmakers,” said Stewart. He had previously installed an upgraded state-of-theart Dolby digital sound system. “We’ll be providing the same quality screening experience as Sundance, Toronto and Telluride,” he said. He also noted that it is fortunate the Rustic is as old as it is, with grandfathered distribution licenses with major studios that go back for decades. Stewart said it would cost over $1 million to construct a new movie house on the Hill with the kind of equipment and screening abilities studios are now requiring, and to acquire the necessary distribution licenses for first-run films. “Given our population, with that kind of $1 million-plus investment, the numbers would never make sense,” Stewart said. “If this theater had disappeared, we would never have been able to get back [major film] distribution rights or have a new first-run theater.” Long the standard throughout the world, the distribution and screening of movies filmed in 35 millimeter is ending, forever curtaining an era associated with marketing terms like Technicolor, Cinemascope, Cinerama and Academy


The Rustic Theatre shuttered in mid-April, 2012 for four days to convert from long-dominant 35 millimeter to state-of-the-art digital projection. Part of the reason for this, according to Rustic owner Shane Stewart, was to ensure that the Idyllwild CinemaFest could offer festival attendees, both filmmakers and audience, state of the art sound and video quality. Stewart made the conversion as the era of film on reels was ending. For movie houses that could not afford the digital upgrade, it was also their end. Conversion is forcing the closure of nearly 1,000 smaller movie theaters, representing about 10,000 screens, or 20 percent of all movie theaters in North America. These estimates come from the National Association of Theatre Owners. The change to digital projection costs between $60,000 to $90,000 per screen, which is simply too large a hurdle for many small theater owners to overcome. “Convert or die,” said John Fithian, CEO and president of NATO, of the mandatory change, summing up the situation facing small operators. Idyllwild will not be among those small cinemas that will slowly fade to black and disappear. On Friday, April 20, the Rustic reopened with its new digital projection system. “I decided to make the

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It’s late afternoon, autumn, 2009. Will Wallace is ments. I managed to catch drinking coffee, standing on the cliff ledge of a deso- up with him recently to late island, overlooking a calm lake at the edge of the talk about his involvement Arctic Circle. He is there to play the lead role in a with the ICF and where he joint Scottish-Canadian film titled “Tide Of Whispers”, sees it going into the next directed by his friend Stephen Savage, who emerges decade and beyond. to stand beside Wallace. Without even glancing at one Devon Morris: So, another, a very matter of fact conversation takes place Will... the festival is now between the two filmmakers: entering it’s fourth year, Savage: “I’m thinking about starting a film festival and as co-director, you in Idyllwild.” have played no small part “Good idea,” Wallace responded, a full 10 second in helping it to become the beat before answering. special event that it has. Savage turns and walks quietly back to the cabin. How has the experience Wallace finishes his coffee as south-bound geese move been for you in previous overhead beneath the Northern Lights. years, and what are you If this sounds like a scene from some cool little looking forward to at the indie flick, it’s not. It’s just a typical moment in the 2013 festival? life of Will Wallace. A guy who attracts doers, and Will Wallace: Previous Will Wallace at the Movieguide 2012 Faith and Values Awards. never misses an opportunity to do what he loves best years have been nothing Courtesy MingleMedia.TV — making things happen. short of uplifting, theraWithout ego or pretension, Wallace’s career has been peutic, and reinvigorating. And yet again, for 2013, I it become a film market such as other bigger festivals a ride indeed. As an actor he has been seen in some find myself anxiously awaiting reunions with the talented have become, or do you see it always as a small indie of the biggest films in recent memory — “The Tree filmmakers and attendees who are making this event an fest, geared more toward showcasing new, untested talOf Life,” “I Am Sam,” “Rules Of Engagement,” “The annual tradition. ent? New World,” and “The Thin Red Line.” He has also DM: How did you first become involved with the WW: It has the potential to be a very large and lent his acting, producing, and directing talents to doz- festival? prestigious festival. As it continues to grow, I know I ens of well-received and award-winning indie pictures. WW: In the festival’s first year, Stephen Savage gra- will miss the intimate times, but I think it’s wonderful His involvement as co-director of the ciously asked me to be the featured film- that we can hold an event like this in a unique town Idyllwild CinemaFest is just one more maker. That year, the festival showed such as Idyllwild, while still remaining so close to Holaspect of his dedication to promoting 12 of my films. I was so honored and lywood. I hope if it does grow to be huge and that it the art of film. impressed with everything I saw in the will always gear towards true independent films. As an educator, Wallace founded opening year that I eagerly accepted DM: Your own acting career continues at a nice the Will Wallace Acting Company over Steve’s offer to be the honorary chair- pace, and your film directing and producing continue a decade ago. And as a producer at man in the festival’s second year. By the to be a benchmark of your steady climb to the top. Sunflower Films, with partners Terrence third year, Steve asked me to co-direct How do you feel your own accomplishments, and the Malick and Ed Pressman, he continues the festival. It is a part of the year I accomplishments of your co-director Stephen Savage, to move at a rumbling pace, recently always look forward to. I love the time will help the festival as your respective careers grow? directing the Sunflower Production I spend with these now close friends in WW: As Steve and I work with more and more of film, “Red Wing,” staring Bill Paxton, this beautiful quaint, mountain town. the top industry folk, we will be excited to show them Francis Fischer, and Luke Perry, as well DM: You’ve been instrumental in this hidden little jewel of a town and a festival. as recent stints executive producing the developing a “Hollywood” connection DM: The quality of selected films this year is phenomnew IMAX film “Flatland: The Movie”, for the festival through your ability to enal. The bar has been raised in 2013, and can only go starring Martin Sheen & Kristen Bell, draw name actors and filmmakers as higher as the festival moves forward. Steve has credited “Rock Slyde”, starring Patrick Warburguests. Top notch filmmakers like Joe Festival Chairman Phil Calderone with generating a buzz ton, Andy Dick, and Jason Alexander, Dante, Leslie Zemeckis, Alan Levi, as among indie filmmakers to make this possible. But he also and “Clear Lake, WI,” starring Michael well as celebrities and screenwriters credits you for reaching out to better known filmmakers Madsen. Last Fall Will produced “The have attended previous festivals through and making them aware of Idyllwild’s unique presence. Will Wallace Appearing”, where he worked with your efforts and relationships with high How do you think your role as festival ambassador will Dean Cain and Quinton Aaron (lead actor in “The Blind caliber talent. How important, do you feel, is it to an grow or change in coming years. Side.” up-and-coming festival such as Idyllwild to attract those WW: Steve has impressed me more and more with Wallace has worked alongside some of the biggest sorts of names? all he has accomplished. And Phil has taken his chairnames in show business — Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Javier WW: I believe it gives a special credibility to an man position and run with it in more ways than I had Bardem, Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams and Barry Pep- otherwise new festival. I think the guests that have imagined. I only hope that I can do my fair share in per. He has also appeared in such landmark TV series previously attended and spoken so highly of the event working with such a phenomenal team. as “Leverage,” “Beverly Hills 90210,””Pensacola” and have been instrumental in the rapid growth we have DM: Thank you, Will. Any last words to the film“Baywatch.” seen. makers and attendees of Idyllwild 2013? As co-director of ICF, Wallace adds one more feather DM: Idyllwild is now entering its fourth year. How WW: Welcome filmmakers and attendees of ICF to an already illustrious cap-full of amazing accomplish- do you see the festival say, in year eight or ten? Will 2013! I hope to meet you all on the mountain!


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“Red, White, Black and Blue,” is first a sports story that follows a traditional arc of inner city youth winning on the field and in their own lives, despite the odds stacked against them. But it goes beyond the playing fields and also chronicles the challenges these South Los Angeles students face in their families and private lives. These choices created a film that is a very intimate and personal story about the key players — their home lives, their doubts, fears, and personal resolves both on and off the field. At the center of the film is the Inner City Education Foundation rugby program in South Los Angeles, that for 10 seasons has provided physical education and rugby programs for 4,000 elementary, middle and high school students in class and after school. ICEF Rugby founder and former professional rugby player Stuart Krohn said the program is much more than rugby. “It’s

about developing leaders and decision makers. “The film is in many ways a culmination of the years of building ICEF Rugby. Our ICEF players are interested in life, engaged, and want to grow and do well,” Krohn said. “That’s why we made the film, to inspire marginalized youth around the world.” Shot in Los Angeles and New Zealand, the documentary follows 38 ICEF high school rugby players — boys and girls — on a trip to New Zealand to play local high school teams. Many of the Kiwi rugby teams are composed of players of Maori descent. Krohn said an overriding purpose of the annual ICEF overseas trips is to provide the mostly African-American students immersion in other cultures and to help prepare players for going to college and living away from home. On the trips, players stay in host family homes, thus

deepening the cultural immersion. New Zealand is a country where rugby is a long-established sport that local youth grow up playing — like baseball or basketball in the U.S. Many of the American players come from families struggling with overwhelming personal problems and issues. Stephanie Curry, 5th grade teacher at Frederick Douglass Academy Elementary School, an ICEF participating school, talked about screening “Red, White, Black and Blue” for her students. “In the movie, athletes experience real-life issues that mirror my students’ lives; absentee parents that have made negative choices that follow their children, loved ones killed for senseless reasons and well-thought out plans that lead to disappointment,” she said. In the film, New Zealand-based director


See Rugby, page 15

Stuart Krohn Photo courtesy of Stuart Krohn


BY STEPHEN SAVAGE, FESTIVAL DIRECTOR The Band. The Bistro. The Legend. Jive. It’s a word that conjures up images of smokefilled jazz clubs of the 40’s and 50’s. Of turtleneck sweaters adorning the frames of hip cats, beat poets, and ultra brainy chicks in French berets. Now, let the visual play out in a new century, in a very cool little mountain bistro a mile above sea level. The music is sharp. Alarming in it’s perfection. Unexpected to any casual traveler who might happen upon the scene. The aroma that floats out from the kitchen reminds one of Italian sidewalk cafes, even to those who have never been to Italy. The band is Aroma Bondo Therapy. The bistro is the world famous Cafe Aroma in Idyllwild California. The turtlenecks give way to a casual mountain chic, but the experience is nonetheless amazing. The food and wine flow with the tempo, and all is right with the world. Idyllwild is an artistic community. Painters, filmmakers, graphic designers and some of the best musicians to be found anywhere. Every Tuesday night at Cafe Aroma

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can be heard a sound that would best be described as “heavenly.” Founded at exactly the same moment, Aroma Bondo Therapy and Cafe Aroma combine to create a fusion of music and cuisine that is to die for. Renowned saxophonist Paul Carman (The Frank Zappa Band), legendary bassist Marshall Hawkins (Miles Davis Quintet), and famed piano virtuoso Barnaby Finch (Lionel Ritchie Band) together form what has become one of Idyllwild’s most treasured wonders. And now, as the Idyllwild CinemaFest moves into year four, the closing night awards ceremony will be filled with the magic that is this incredible band. Joined by drummer extraordinaire David Hutchings, the ICF 2013 Closing Night Awards Ceremony promises to be nothing short of miraculous. So hold onto your hats (and your trophies if you’re a winner) as Aroma Bondo Therapy begins what we hope will become a festival tradition for years to come — an event that will musically rival even the best Late Night talk show moments. Aroma Bondo Therapy now belongs to us ... at least for an evening. Let the Jive begin ICF!!!



eric townsend construction co. Have a drink with the filmmakers! Come to the screening to find out where ... The Stagecoach Bar: An American Crossroads Wednesday Jan. 9 12-2 p.m. at Astrocamp



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noon – “Privacy” (1) 2 p.m. – “Hawk,” “Anaphora,” “Revelations” (1) 4 p.m. – “Red Road,” “Posey” (1) 6 p.m. – “Player” (1) 8 p.m. – “Least Among Saints” CAINE LEARNING CENTER noon – “Confine” (1) 2 p.m. – “Jungle Fish,” “She Had Some Horses”

4 p.m. – “Broken,” “Beside Her,” “There/Not,” “Souled,” “A Perfect Day” (1) 6 p.m. – “Book Club,” “Among Giants” (1) 8 p.m. – “Haunting of Whaley House” ASTROCAMP noon – “The Rent Party,” “The Stagecoach Bar” 2 p.m. – “Tortoise in Love” (1) 4 p.m. – “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers” (1)



noon – “Thirst” (1) 2 p.m. – “A Handmade Life,” “Luckiest Man Alive,” “Spicy Nose,” “I Need A Hero” (1) 4 p.m. – “Bound by Flesh” 6 p.m. – “The Cheater,” “A Psychological Thriller” 8 p.m. – “Condor’s Shadow” (1) CAINE LEARNING CENTER noon – “Risky Business” 2 p.m. – “Pieces,” “Oysters Rockefeller,” “Nothing Ventured,” “Clichés,” “Sarah’s Wish”


CAINE LEARNING CENTER (cont.) 4 p.m. – “The Pain of the People” 6 p.m. – “As High As the Sky” (1) ASTROCAMP noon – “Heads Up,” “Success Driven,” “Soliloquy,” “Road to Jacob,” “The Trial of Ben B” (1) 2 p.m. – “Don’t Pass Me By” 4 p.m. – “Fat Cat”


10 a.m. – “Tortoise in Love” (2) noon – “How to Kill Your Clone,” “Bookstore,” “A Timely Maneuver,” “Spicy Nose,” “Bunglers” 3 p.m. – “The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas” (1) 4 p.m. – “Book Club,” “Among Giants” (2) 6 p.m. – “Siberie Monamour” 8 p.m. – “How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song” 10 p.m. – “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers” (2) CAINE LEARNING CENTER 10 a.m. – “Things Fall Apart,” “An Arctic Story,” “Guests of a Nation” noon – “Bidder 70,” “A Man Since Long Time” 2 p.m. – Blender Seminar; “Sintel,” “Tears of Steel”


4 p.m. – “Player” (2) 6 p.m. – “Broken,” “Beside Her,” “There/Not,” “Souled,” “A Perfect Day” (2) 8 p.m. – “Confine” (2) 10 p.m. – “Abram’s Hand” (2) ASTROCAMP 10 a.m. – “Shift,” “Burned,” “The Luckiest Man Alive,” “Six Letter Word,” “Genre” noon – “Abram’s Hand” (1) 2 p.m. – “Montezuma’s Treasure,” “The Quest for Quetzacoti’s Gold” 4 p.m. – “Libby Girl,” “Another Chance,” “Status,” “Peer/Fear,” “Lieleaders”

REGISTRATION: Quiet Creek Gallery (54300 N. Circle Dr. next door to the Rustic Theatre) 11:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday; 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m. Friday & Saturday; 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday.

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10 a.m. – “Condor’s Shadow” (2) noon – Ignatius Fischer: “Freelancers,” etc. & “Shift,” “The Visit” 2 p.m. – “One Wall: Kings of Coney Island” 4 p.m. – “What’s Up Lovely,” “To Live & Try in LA” 6 p.m. – “Things I Don’t Understand” 8 p.m. – “Vertical” (1) (seperate admission) 10 p.m. – “Sybling Rivalry,” “Nailbiter” CAINE LEARNING CENTER 10 a.m. – “Thirst” (2) noon – “The Box,” “Lockwood,” “Beyond the Dead End”

2 4 6 8

p.m. p.m. p.m. p.m.

– – – –

Seminar 1 (Part 1) Seminar 2 (Part 2) “Hawk,” “Anaphora,” “Revelations” (2) “A Handmade Life,” “The Bunglers,” “I Need a Hero” (2) ASTROCAMP

10 a.m. – “Red Road,” “Posey” (2) noon – “The Dome of Heaven” 2 p.m. – “As High As the Sky” (2) 4 p.m. – “Privacy” (2)



10 a.m. – “Seadrift vs. Big Guy” 11 a.m. – “Grace,” “Knocked Down,” “Genre,” “Sleeping with the Bear” 1 p.m. – “Heads Up,” “Success Driven,” “Soliloquy,” “Road to Jacob,” “The Trial of Ben B” (2) 3 p.m. – “Red, White, Black & Blue” 5 p.m. – “Salton” 6 p.m. – Award Ceremony 7 p.m. – Replay, tbd 9 p.m. – Cleanup CAINE LEARNING CENTER 10 a.m. – “Safe Room,” “Ellie,” “Surreal Estate,” Dead Reckoning” 11 a.m. – “The Right to Love” 1 p.m. – Seminar 3 (Rent) 3 p.m. – Seminar 4 (Dist)


5 p.m. – 30-minute Q&A 7 p.m. – Replay, tbd 9 p.m. – Cleanup ASTROCAMP 10 a.m. – Idyllwild Arts Academy Student Films 1 p.m. – “Vertical” (2) (separate admission) 3 p.m. – “The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas” (2) 5 p.m. – “Juke” 5:30 p.m. – Cleanup QUIET CREEK LIVING ROOM GALLERY 7:30 p.m. – Afterparty 9 p.m. – Cleanup

KEY: (1) = first showing of 2; (2) = second showing of 2 SEE MAP ON PAGE 7 FOR LOCATIONS, OR GOOGLE THE FOLLOWING ADDRESSES: The Rustic Theatre: 54290 North Circle Drive Astrocamp: 26800 Saunders Meadow Road Caine Learning Center (Mary Austin Theatre): 54385 Pine Crest Avenue Quiet Creek Gallery (registration & afterparty): 54300 North Circle Drive (next door to the Rustic Theatre) visit for more information

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Abram’s Hand Running time: 93 minutes Director: James Christopher Seven friends fight to escape a violent death and struggle with the knowledge that their deaths might be punishment from the hand of God. A Psychological Thriller Running time: 91 minutes Director: Daric Gates A woman once possessed by a mysterious entity finds that it still dwells within her. Thinking she’s in the midst of an emotional breakdown, she tries to solve the haunting only to uncover a shocking secret about her past and a new evil lurking in the darkness.

they have lost along the way, and to make time for the things that really matter. Fat Cat Running time: 88 minutes Director: Michele Fiascaris Country of origin: Italy. On a deser ted beach, Burro and Zeus, two goofy gangsters, are dumping a dead body in the sea, worrying that their boss, Mosca, could find out about this murder. What has happened? One week earlier: The two criminals, drunk in a nightclub, misfire a bullet and accidentally kill a pole dancer. This event angers Mosca, a flamboyant psycho millionaire whose best friend is a bronze sculpture of a cat. Making matters worse, Barone, secret lover of the dead dancer, is in a furious rage.

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song Running time: 104 minutes Director: Gary King Gary King’s original musical takes a unique look at love, artistic inspiration and relationships through a composer’s journey in writing the score to an OffBroadway show. Critics are calling it “a crowd-pleaser” (indieWIRE) and “a hidden treasure” (Twitch). When Joe lands an opportunity to write for an Bu bb l e g u m & Off-Broadway show, he is forced to cast Broken Fingers either the love of his life, Evey or his Running time: newly discovered muse, Summer. The realities of show busi106 minutes ness prove to Joe that writing is easy, living is hard. Filled Director: Sean Jackson with “catchy tunes and clever lyrics” (Empire Magazine), this “If you don’t have your own plan, you’ll is a cinematic experience you won’t forget. damn sure be a part of someone else’s.” The quote kicks off the first of mulLeast Among Saints tiple story lines in the crime ensemble Running time: 107 minutes “Bubblegum & Broken Fingers.” This Director: Martin Papazian character-driven collage of sex, violence A haunted Marine sergeant just back from and survival is equal parts Western, war and a boy who has never known gangster film and love story. peace in his home life embark on a life-changing journey as they become Confine unlikely friends — and one another’s last Running time: 91 minutes shot at redemption. Director: Tobias Tobbell Country of Origin: UK Nailbiter A volatile thief breaks into the home Running time: of a reclusive former model and is 82 minutes forced to hold her hostage in this Director: Patrick Rea tense, claustrophobic thriller. A mother and three daughters get caught up in a tornado and take shelter in a storm cellar. While trapped inside Don’t Pass Me By the cellar, they Running time: 100 minutes quickly discover Director: Eric Priestley that they are not A stirring story about regret, love, and second chances, woven alone. together in the vignette style of “Love, Actually” and “Crash.” The story follows four very different people at crisis points Player in their lives, their desires clouded by fear, duty, tragedy, and Running time: 100 minutes regret. As each story unfolds, the characters struggle to find Director: Alina Szpak the courage to live for themselves, to reclaim the relationships As High As the Sky Running time: 91 minutes Director: Nikki Braendlin Margaret’s OCD is in overdrive thanks to being jilted by her fiancé. She’s forced to explore the root of this behavior when her estranged sister and niece show up on her doorstep.

Sam is a professional gambler complete with the whole package--highs and lows in fortune, an ex-wife with money, and an estranged son. Rivalry comes to a head when Sam starts living with a much-younger woman. From then on only one rule applies — win when it counts, at any price. Privacy Running time: 98 minutes Director: Jorg Ihle The story of Mark, a tech-savvy college student who creates a cutting edge spyware app, allowing him to remotely view any cell phone in New York City. He begins to invade the privacy of hundreds of New Yorkers and spots a beautiful and mysterious girl, Alexis, who appears to be sought by a shadowy figure. Mark and his best friend Toby conspire to meet her, but a potential romance gets quickly sidetracked when Alexis’ dark past catches up with her, entangling Mark in a web of murder, political intrigue and privacy invasion. Siberie Monamour Running time: 102 minutes Director: Slava Ross Country of Origin: Russian Federation Siberia. In a boreal forest, in an abandoned village an old man and his grandson wait for the boy’s father, who will never come back. A man and his wife raise three daughters, and that is the only thing that still ties them. A captain, who’s passed through two Caucasian wars, tries to find his place in peacetime life. The fates of these heroes interlace unexpectedly and dramatically. They need to make their choices again and again, uncovering humanity and compassion that has been forgotten long ago. The Dome of Heaven Running time: 89 minutes Director: Diane Glancy The dome of heaven is the western Oklahoma sky under which a mixedblood girl, Flutie Moses, struggles for stability in her dysfunctional family. Her brother, Franklin, works with their father repairing cars they thought would never run again. The film is a journey into the loss of identity suffered in native history, and the separation of the family from themselves as they deal with the difficulties of love and loss. The Haunting of Whaley House Running time: 89 minutes Director: Jose Prendes Penny Abbott is a tour guide at America’s most haunted house, The Whaley House in San Diego. When her friends convince her to stay in the house at night to see if there really is any truth to the ghost stories, they find more than they bargained for.

EVERITT’S MINERALS & Gallery and the Quie Quiet Creek Living Room Gallery Welcome the Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013

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Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013 - Page 11 The Pain of the People Running time: 92 minutes Director: Kirby Voss An independent film portraying the story of a long-abused young woman violently coming to terms with herself, her past, and her future.

to mourn her loss, Alex is instead set upon a rocky inward journey to understand herself through the eyes of her remaining family and her mother’s climbing buddies, the ever-opinionated “Rock Chicks.” Along the way she discovers the father whom she has never known, and uncovers a secret her mother had kept hidden for years.

The Unusual Calling of Charlie What’s Up Lovely Christmas Running time: 109 minutes Director: Adam Hampton A socially awkward thirty-two year old high school janitor is inspired to become a costumed vigilante in his small Oklahoma town. Bullied and overlooked his entire life, Charlie receives a “higher calling” even as his tender friendship with his neighbor, a meek and mysterious woman named Gracie, begins to develop into something more powerful. Things I Don’t Understand Running time: 111 minutes Director: David Spaltro The story follows Violet Kubelick, a brilliant young grad student studying near-death experiences and her recent withdrawn, closed-off behavior after a mysterious, failed suicide attempt. She and her two artist-roommates are forced by financial matters to finally confront their fears and step out of the protective bubble they’ve created for themselves in their Brooklyn loft, while Violet herself forms a cathartic relationship with a young, terminally-ill girl in a hospice she is interviewing for her thesis. A story of changing, relationships, love, life and what comes after we die. Thirst Running time: 96 minutes Director: Robert Carter Country of Origin: Australia Set in 2017, four people isolated in their different ways are trapped with little water in the desert outback of Australia. Against impossible odds, can they find meaning — connection, laughter ... even love — before it is too late? Tortoise In Love Running time: 83 minutes Director: Guy Browning Country of Origin: UK Tom, gardener at the big house, is not a fast mover with women. In fact he’s glacially slow. When beautiful Polish au pair Anya arrives for the summer, Tom falls for her catastrophically like the felling of one of the giant trees he cares for in the manicured grounds. Tom’s adviser in matters of the heart is young Harry, abandoned by the rich owners of the house to run wild in the gardens. Harry’s secret wish is for the Red Arrows to appear at the village fair; Tom’s is to win the heart of Anya. Both seem impossible dreams until the whole village decides to lend a hand. Vertical Running time: 90 minutes Director: Stephen Savage Alex Hunter returns home from college after the accidental rock-climbing death of her mother. Seeking a peaceful time

Running time: 69 minutes Director: Gary King Luci loses her job and times are tougher than ever. Unable to sleep, she begins an after-hours journey embarking on a series of strange encounters as she wanders the dark metropolis. During one unforgettable night, Luci comes face to face with her innermost fears and desires as she tries to find her way back home.

FEATURETTES Anaphora Running time: 22 minutes Director: Andre Albrecht Country of Origin: Germany A young man unknowingly comes into possession of a mysterious object the government is searching for. When he and a local barmaid are chased, they are surprised to find out that the object has the ability to create wormholes in time. Another Chance Running time: 16 minutes Director: Barbara Gross “Another Chance” is the simple, heartwarming story of Susan, an older animal shelter worker who falls in love with an abandoned old dog. A Perfect Day Running time: 19 minutes Director: Adam Rubin Max Franklin is far more than a typical suburban kid. However, today, like several others before him, he’s determined to leave a chaotic and frightening mark, planning a “Columbine”-type attack. Zeke, a recently unemployed mailman, is delivering an envelope to Max, on a last route. Two characters, both experiencing intense pain and loss, are unsuspectingly headed on a collision course that will change both their lives forever. Beside Her Running time: 16 minutes Director: Carrie Carnevale A choice for Dr. Rachel Moretti and Sofia

One Wall

Kings of Coney Island a film by Michael Inglesh and Anthony DeAngelo

Rios disrupts their romantic home-life, but what do you do when you sense that something is wrong, yet can’t put your finger on it? Do you stay, or do you go? “Beside Her” tells the story of how, in one brief moment in time, their love for each other is measured beyond the norms of their everyday lives. Bookstore Running time: 18 minutes Director: Alexander Haney Tara, a teenager who dreams of a successful future in business, must manage the school bookstore for one day, dealing with her preoccupied employees and the craziness that gets in the way of her ambitions. Broken Running time: 16 minutes Director: Wolfgang Bodison A high school baseball star struggles to save the life of his older brother, and in doing so, faces a dark truth he can no longer keep secret. Burned Running time: 23 minutes Director: Phyllis Bancroft A veteran, now firefighter, struggles to live with the memories of her wartime actions. Grace Running time: 21 minutes Director: Jo Kelly “Grace” captures the experience of being mentally and physically challenged through the eyes of Jerome, who makes a proposal to Via, a worn-out prostitute, on his 40th birthday. A story about how a “disabled” soul can enlighten a “normal” one ... when it is not taken for granted. Guests of a Nation Running time: 23 minutes Director: Daniel Speers Set during the Irish War of Independence, “Guests of a Nation” tells the story of the unlikely friendship between IRA soldiers and British POWs. Though their countries are at war, the four men bond in an isolated farmhouse. However, their loyalties are tested when the Irishmen are ordered to execute their captives. Hawk Running time: 39 minutes Director: M.J. McMahon Country of Origin: UK The land holds many secrets, and one boy will learn them all. When Rowan is taken away from the civilized world, his lessons in the wild begin. Yet when he shatters the balance of nature, Rowan discovers another world beneath See Synopses, next page


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Synopses Continued from previous page our own. In that shadowy land of old gods and wild hunts, the divide between man and beast becomes uncertain and the fairytales of childhood spring to life. With only the guidance of a hunting hawk, Rowan must make amends for his crime and choose between what is real and what is not. Juke Running time: 25 minutes Director: Michele Remsen “Juke” (verb: to fake out of position). A woman tries to buy a jukebox and gets juked. A funny, intriguing, twisty 25minute face-off, as a woman tries to buy the past and a man tries to sell it. The unexpected encounter takes them both to a new place. Knocked Down Running time: 21 minutes Director: Reaves Washburn Patty, an-up-and coming boxer, experiences a tragic event that forces him to step away from fighting until his friend Donny approaches him with an opportunity to overcome his demons and restart his career.

Salton Running time: 30 minutes Director: Emily Sandifer Uptight graduate student Maxwell Johnson, III, reluctantly inherits his grandfather’s property in Southern California’s deserted Salton Sea area. But when Maxwell meets an eccentric local woman, he gets pulled into the sea’s biggest mystery. A romantic drama with elements of supernatural folklore.

The Trial of Ben Barry Running time: 33 minutes Director: Shea E. Butler A story of sins of the past, the reunion of an estranged father and son after twenty years. The son, in and out of prison his whole life but now a changed man, Sarah’s Wish returns home to help his elderly father face his past – including the killing of Running time: 20 minutes a voter’s rights organizer 35 years earlier. Director: Wolfgang Bodison When Henry agrees to help his ex-wife, A story of reconciliation, redemption Sarah, celebrate her birthday, old wounds and salvation. surface, forcing both to reassess their The Visit beliefs about faith and forgiveness. Running time: 22 minutes Director: Fara Pasarell Six Letter Word When a tragic event turns Diana’s life Running time: 16 minutes upside down, she receives a visit from Director: Lisanne Sartor the last person from whom she wants A down-on-her-luck, devoted single help – her estranged mother. Can they mom writes off her young son’s crossbridge the gap that divides them? word puzzle obsession to genius until an unexpected encounter makes her realize that her son needs much more than she alone can give him.

Lieleaders Sleeping with the Bear Running time: Running time: 19 minutes 28 minutes Director: Eva Minemar Director: Michael Bayouth and Ryan Emily, a former track and field Olympic Ball hopeful, has lost half her life and all of A production of the Young Actors her dreams from a crippling accident that Camp, this featurette mingles three destroyed her leg. This usually strong short films, the result of three of their woman is spiraling down in ways she camp programs—The Acting camp, never has before until her neighbor, WilFeature Film/Television Segment and liam, knocks on her door, looking for a The Glee Experience. Join these youth friend to share news of his own. A film attendees as they complete their proabout friends helping each other rise gram with the experience of a film festival—here at Idyllwild above life’s challenges. CinemaFest. Lockwood Running time: 26 minutes Director: Donnie McCormick Hoping for a big break on the story of a missing girl, newspaper writer Robert O’Dwyer returns to his hometown of Lockwood. He must choose between his career and his family in order to uncover the girl’s killer in this 1920’s period piece.

After being released from prison, Dean Cooper is faced with a choice. Will he fall back into his criminal ways or try to be the father his son deserves? Witness one man’s struggle to overcome society’s prejudices while gaining the self worth needed to enter his son’s life.

The Box Running time: 27 minutes Director: Melanie Star Scot At the height of the Civil War, two young lovers pledge their love and devotion as they plan their future together. Their lives are torn apart and dreams are shattered as tragedy shakes their world to the core.

SHORT FILMS A Timely Maneuver Running time: 10 minutes Director: Emmett Loverde Arrow-stiff Jane Marwood is surprised when her blind date Reggie pulls out an egg timer and sets it for five minutes. Five minutes later, she is appalled when he invites her to bed, pointing out that women supposedly know within five minutes of meeting a man how far they will ‘go’ with him. Chaos ensues. Beyond the Dead End Running time: 15 minutes Director: Pouria Heidary Oureh A homeless vagabond doesn’t care about anything except a new pair of shoes. When his shoes get torn in an accident he gets an unexpected life-changing lesson.

Cliches Running time: 15 minutes Director: Evgeny Sinelnikov Phil is a pleasant young man of 30, successful at his job in the office of a large international company. One Sunday morning The Bunglers he wakes up to find a strange old man in his flat. This ‘vagrant’ Running time: 29 minutes Posey turns out to be an angel sent to take Phil on a journey of selfDirector: Glenn Camhi Running time: 22 minutes Danny and Luther are a pair of blundering, discovery. Will he choose to change his life? Director: Billy DaMota low-rent hit men who go after the wrong “Posey” is the story of Linda Flemmark, an alluring Flamenco dancer who Ellie ming, who must make the heartbreakovercomes them with a pair of maracas. Running time: 10 minutes ing decision to take her grandmother, Director: Ricky Lloyd George Danny falls for her Posey, to an assisted-care facility. Posey A guy meets the girl of his dreams in a bar one night. But as instantly, while Lusuffers from the beginning stages of they get to know each other, she starts to fear that he will find ther just wants to Alzheimer’s and in a desperate move to out who — and what — she really is. fi nish their job beavoid the inevitable, she escapes. While fore they’re killed her loved ones desperately search for Genre -- if he doesn’t kill her, Posey finds herself in the middle Running time: 7 minutes Danny first. of a unique situation ... one that will profoundly change her Director: Mark Hampton outlook on her future. A woman fantasizes about a blind date, trying to convince her The Road to Jacob roommate of all the exciting possibilities. Running time: 17 minutes Director: Matt Allen

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Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013 - Page 13 Heads Up Running time: 13 minutes Director: Alex Merkin An edgy, comedic story of two longtime friends, partners in crime, and somewhat surrogate siblings who love each other to death. When suspicions of trust and loyalty arise at the weekly poker game the situation erupts in an extreme way - because nobody fights like siblings do!

Souled Running time: 10 minutes Director: Daniel Richard Kovacs Jake has lost all his money, is stuck in a bar in the middle of nowhere, and doesn’t know how to get home. He meets a mysterious stranger, Kingston (Mauricio Mendoza), who offers him an extraordinary business to help him get home — buying Jake’s soul. But after the deal something strange happens.

There/Not There Running time: 14 minutes Director: Robert Fernandez Two brothers, both Iraq War Veterans, hatch a plot to get their hands on some quick cash, but when the plan goes wrong, they face off - and force each other to face the past that haunts them.

The Soliloquy Running time: 8 minutes Director: Josh Murray How To Kill Your Clone Spicy Nose Running time: 5 minutes Running time: 8 minutes A contemporary short film adaptation of Macbeth. Overlaying the Director: Jack McWilliams Director: David Zorn elevated prose of Shakespeare’s story of murder and betrayal onto Dick wants to kill his out-of-control clone, but due to their identical Monty and Simone are a nice-looking couple on a first date at a the protagonist’s vivid layers of stream-of-conscious thought, this physical and mental abilities, he must hire the third party Clone French restaurant—a very special establishment featuring the ‘best film creates an immersive experience. Impressionistic cinematography Killer Corporation to do his dirty work. wine list in the city.’ Monty turns out to be quite the wine enthusiast, explores the unfolding events in a highly personal and subjective way, all the while supported by a thrilling score. and Simone finds herself on a date she will never forget! Libby Girl To Live and Try in LA Running time: 4 minutes Status Director: Janet Mayson Running time: 15 minutes Running time: 14 minutes Director: Christianna Carmine Libby Girl is a sweet Jack Russell Terrier who loves to play and Director: Marc Hampson explore. She is always looking for something fun and new to do, Bud has been in a relationship for so long that he no longer knows A dry comical look at the wacky world of auditioning in Los especially when she can include her little neighborhood friends, how to date. After his girlfriend dumps him on his birthday, Bud’s Angeles through the eyes of an actress who is one audition away Bruno and Rico, both Chihuahuas. This time, Libby learns of a best friend signs him up on a dating website, but his love life from her big break ... down. new camera, and she invites Bruno and Rico over to try it out doesn’t get much easier. when her owner Janet is away. Success Driven Nothing Ventured Running time: 9 minutes Director: Yancey Arias Running time: 10 minutes A Handmade Life Director: Derek Ellingson Meddi Milan arrives in Hollywood, maneuvering his way through Running time: 34 minutes A shy young man attempts to muster up the courage to ask out the sticky web of show business and intrigue to become the most Director: William Stetz a beautiful stranger. Will he take a chance or be thwarted by his successful multi-platinum recording artist on the planet. The inspiring and wondrous story of a lack of confidence? man who in his simple search to “buy” his Surreal Estate freedom and find a place to make his life Oysters Rockefeller Running time: 12 minutes home tells a tale of adventure on a local Director: Lori Romero Running time: 12 minutes level. In a lesson for the global “us” all Director: Charles Rogers A dark comedy. When Mr. Smith attempts to rent a house, everyover the world in these times of financial Gibbon, raised by his overprotective mother and aunt, wants des- thing that can go wrong … does. This story is for anyone who has challenge, Rick Mecagni creates a grand perately to know what it means to be a man and see the world ever been to the DMV, changed checkout lines in a supermarket, world of found and recycled materials, outside. On the anniversary of his grandfather’s death, he meets or tried to navigate an automated telephone menu. It’s the absurd Lucy, and begins to wonder what lies on the other side of the chaos that develops in our minds as fantasy, but for Mr. Smith, teaching us lessons of fiscal responsibility and thrift. Mr Mecagni shows that beauty can be created from fundamental materials it’s all too real. front door. and literally formed from earth in this story of very common human trials that are overcome, producing extraordinary results. Sybling Rivalry Peer to Fear


Running time: 7 minutes Director: Duke Jackson It’s a war of words. On a company’s peer-to-peer recognition board, a safe place to post a message has become a battleground. Two employees square off, erasable markers their weapons, as they jab back and forth until someone frightens them away. Pieces Running time: 15 minutes Director: Mateo Vengoechea Following horrifying news about his daughter’s health, Alan Morris decides to call an old friend to help ends meet. After the deal goes wrong and his daughter Jamie is taken hostage, Alan takes drastic measures to get her back.

Running time: 7 minutes Director: Tara-Nicole Azarian Twins Sybelle and Kobe are as dysfunctional as two can get. Mommy Dearest favors the do-nothing Kobe and ignores the responsible hard working Sybelle. Find out what happens when family relations move to an interesting and disturbing level. You’ll love this little film to pieces ... so to speak. Tears of Steel Running time: 12 minutes Director: Ian Hubert Country of Origin: Netherlands Set in the future when robots take over the world, one man holds the key to a woman’s heart.

The Cheater Safe Room Running time: 13 minutes Running time: 6 minutes Director: Matt Carmody Director: Will Wallace When a man decides to break into a jewelry store, things don’t go A tradition at the Idyllwild CinemaFest is the ever-popular interacas planned - and nothing is what it seems. tive short film “The Cheater” about a young man who just can’t seem to get out the big secret. If you’ve heard about the hysterical Shift short film where live actors in the theater interact with the actors on the screen ... this is that film. Running time: 15 minutes Director: Kasim Aslam and Joshua M. Lambeth A therapist helps a man cope with his wife’s suicide. The Luckiest Man Alive Running time: 14 minutes Sintel Director: Matthew Temple Running time: 15 minutes Everything that can go wrong for Jon, does go wrong. But for every Director: Colin Levy misfortune he encounters, a greater misfortune is averted. A young woman searches for a baby dragon.

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Bidder 70 Running time: 72 minutes Director: Beth Gage and George Gage Bidder 70 centers on an extraordinary, ingenious and effective act of civil disobedience demanding government and industry accountability. In 2008, University of Utah economics student Tim DeChristopher committed an act that would redefine patriotism in our time, igniting a spirit of civil disobedience in the name of climate justice. Book Club Running time: 70 minutes Director: Hope Hartman Eight women connected through war, love, birth and death, sharing life’s journey for over sixty years. Bound By Flesh Running time: 93 minutes Director: Leslie Zemeckis A documentary on Daisy and Violet Hilton, Siamese sisters joined at the hip who graduated from wax museums and the carnival sideshow circuit to become the biggest moneymaking act in vaudeville. See Synopses, next page

A Mountain Tradition

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Synopses Continued from previous page Jungle Fish Running time: 30 minutes Director: Louisiana Kreutz The last, best hope for a povertystricken village in Guyana might be the largest freshwater fish in the world, the arapaima. Follow three expert fishermen as they undertake a two-week voyage deep into the heart of the rainforest. Their mission: to demonstrate that the arapaima can be caught with a fly rod. If they succeed, it will prove that the country’s fledgling sport-fishing industry is viable. And that will mean a brighter future for the native peoples, the rainforest they call home — and the endangered arapaima itself. Montezuma’s Treasure: The Quest for Quetzalcoatl’s Gold Running time: 90 minutes Director: Ed Schroer and Scott Unruh Five hundred years ago the greatest prehistoric civilization of Central Mexico fell to Spanish steel and disease in an unprecedented short time. This great nation’s treasure was lost to the ages. Today a group of experts attempt to discover the whereabouts of this mythical lost treasure of the Aztecs using painstaking research and state-of-the-art technology. One Wall: Kings of Coney Island Running time: 86 minutes Director: Joe Glickman The National One Wall Handball Championship has been played at the legendary Seaside Courts at Coney Island for fifty years. “One Wall” follows the most talented athletes you’ve never heard of as they train for the 2011 tournament. Past champion and one of New York’s most colorful athletes, Joseph Durso, the player everyone loves to hate, makes one more run at the title at age 56 against the sport’s young guns.

Seadrift vs The Big Guy Running time: 53 minutes Director: Randall Dark The Texas Water Safari has earned its reputation as the world’s toughest canoe race. The race is 260 miles long and its participants have 100 hours to get from San Marcos to Seadrift. Jeff McAdams, a big and brash Texan who is known to ‘smoke a bit, drink a bit and is told he might be overweight’ decided to do the safari because his friends told him he couldn’t. ‘Seadrift vs the Big Guy’ is a battle of nature vs. man that offers a look into this famous race and follows the Big Guy on what may be the dumbest dare he’s ever made. She Had Some Horses Running time: 49 minutes Director: Donna Wells A lyrical documentary about the heartfelt connection between women and horses. Shot throughout the scenic state of New Mexico, this film will remind you of the special bond between humans and equines and will inform you of the threats that our nation’s wild horses are facing in today’s West. The Condor’s Shadow Running time: 90 minutes Director: Jeff McLoughlin A year-in-the-life journey through endangered species recovery, this beautifully shot film follows passionate field biologist Joseph Brandt to reveal the realities of bringing the iconic California condor back from the brink of extinction. Filmed in the rugged California habitat of the condor, the film interweaves scenes of the extreme lengths that biologists take to reestablish a self-sustaining wild condor population with insights from conservationists, scientists, zookeepers and hunters to explore the dilemma of the very first recovery program to be executed after the passage of the Endangered Species Act.

The Right To Love Running time: 91 minutes Director: Cassie Jaye With the majority of Americans voting against the rights of a minority, the issue Red Road of Marriage Equality has the country torn Running time: 64 minutes apart. All sides believe there is much to Director: Piper Dellums and Carlos debate and even more to lose. Husbands Jay Reynosa and Bryan, and their adopted kids Daniel A journey through the life, activism and Selena, were a private family living in and music of Idyllwild resident, Carlos Santa Rosa, California when Proposition 8 Reynosa. passed in 2008. They began posting their home videos on YouTube to show how normal and loving a famRed, White, ily with two gay dads could be. ‘The Right to Love: An American Black & Blue Family’ follows the Leffew family’s journey doing online activism Running time: 81 minutes during the political battle to legalize same-sex marriage. Director: James Brown Students from South Los Angeles fly The Stagecoach Bar to New Zealand to play rugby. In a Running time: 57 minutes sport that is increasingly popular in the Director: Jennifer Tennican United States, the tour provides these Situated beneath the Alpine splendor of students and the Kiwi teams they battle the Teton Mountains, the “Coach” has a rare opportunity to dig beneath long been welcoming an eclectic and the surface of things. On the field, troubled histories melt evolving cocktail of characters – from away as boys rise to men, and girls lead as women, stronger cowboys to millionaires, tourists to exfor facing up to a challenge. ”Red, White, Black and Blue” treme athletes, drifters to musicians, disco provides a sensitive take on a rough game, blending on-field dancers to two-steppers – both young triumph with off-field tragedy. and old. This film paints an intimate portrait of a roadhouse and crossroads Risky Business: A Look Inside Amerithat have been creating their own brand of community for more ca’s Adult Film Industry than 70 years in ways that both define and defy our visions of Running time: 101 minutes the Wild West. Director: David Mech Risky Business examines the social, psychoThings Fall Apart: An Arctic Story logical, and economic impacts of performRunning time: 55 minutes ing in adult films. The documentary also Director: Miko Nincic examines proposed regulations that would Kivalina, a tiny Inupiat barrier island in Arctic address current industry issues, including Alaska, is being swallowed by the ocean. With workplace health and safety such as mandaclimate change, ice sheets that traditionally tory STD testing and condom use, and job protected the island from crashing seas are discrimination once performers decide to fast melting, eroding this tiny piece of land. leave the industry and pursue conventional employment. The disappearing ice also makes it difficult to hunt the seals, walruses, and bowhead

whales on which the community depends for its survival. The village must relocate, but the costs amount to hundreds of millions. With no other options, it is suing the major energy companies deemed responsible for global warming to pay for the move.

DOCUMENTARY SHORTS A Man Since Long Time Running time: 17 minutes Director: Mahmoud Yossry Country of Origin: Egypt A short documentary about male sexual suppression in Egypt. In a religious culture where premarital sexual relations are considered a cause of shame, even a great sin, young men are still resistant to marry because of the money and responsibility that marriage brings. Among Giants Running time: 14 minutes Director: Sam Price-Waldman, Chris Cresci and Ben Mullinkosson As clear-cutting continues to ravage California’s coastal redwood region, Farmer, an environmental activist, decides to tree sit to defend the McKay Tract. A hundred feet up in the ancient redwood canopy, Farmer must battle the elements and avoid isolation as he fights for a sustainable future. I Need a Hero Running time: 13 minutes Director: W.H. Bourne A brief look at the evolution of LGBT representation in comic books over the past 30 years. The Rent Party: Paying It Forward in Rhythm and Hues Running time: 22 minutes Director: Piper Dellums From the Cultural Consciousness of Harlem in the 1920’s to the San Jacinto mountaintop artisan community of Idyllwild, California of 2012 ... because it really does take a village. “Rent Party” is a small community, with big heart, coming together and paying it forward in rhythm and hues.

WEB SERIES Freelancers Running time: included within a 60-minute presentation Director: Ignatius Fischer Freelancers is set in a timeless realm full of magic and monsters, wizards and warriors, dungeons and ... dragons. Inspired by classic literature, modern games and a wide array of cinematic influences, the show features fast-paced, action-packed storytelling, surreal visual effects, exciting combat sequences, romance, adventure and comedy. There are no prophecies, no sagas and no one is saving the world - just flawed characters with extraordinary skill sets trying to make a living. Revelations Running time: 2 episodes, 9 minutes each Director: Robert Michael Ryan The end of the world is just the beginning. After the Biblical Rapture has taken place, those left behind must learn to survive in the new apocalyptic hellscape as the city crumbles around them.

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James Brown and American producer Krohn interweave rugby matches with personal interviews and commentary with the key players. Music also serves as a linking device between two cultures as Maori and African American players share their personal music and pregame chants. “I’ve never made a film before,” Krohn said. “The main challenge was organizing the trip and finding the right production company. It took five months to raise the necessary capital. It was a massive collaborative effort involving the community and some major donors.” Reached in New Zealand, director and editor James Brown said the film is certainly a sports story leading up to the big game, but is even more about the amazing principal players. “My job was to shoot everything as part of a rough story line and then keep a lookout for making the film unique and to keep it moving. “We shot for two weeks. It wasn’t really scripted.” Brown said he shot 80 hours of footage that he edited down to the 81-minute running time. “This is the first film I’ve directed. I’m mainly an editor.” And after discussing the action shots in the game, Brown said, “I never had any interest in rugby whatsoever, but I just fell in love with the kids. I got so emotionally involved.” Monique Bacon, ICEF Parent Liaison at View Park Preparatory Accelerated Charter Middle School, and parent of Jennese, one of the principal female players in the film, said the film has begun to inspire both the community and a wider group of school students in South Los Angeles. “The ICEF program has brought a positive light to our community,” she said. “The film has modeled how to put differences aside and work together.” Krohn said he is bringing 120 of his ICEF kids to the Idyllwild screening. As coach, the film’s producer, and mentor to thousands of students over the 10 years of his program, Krohn embodies “role model.” “This is the seminal work of my life,” he said. “It’s what I was built to do, from all my travel and teaching. It’s about improving the lives of these young people.”

the core of me, inside of me, is the storyteller,” he said. “But when I write I’m not a stickler for dialogue on the page. I love working with actors and am absolutely collaborative. It is his just opted fantasy web series, “Freelancers, The Series” that he is bringing to ICF 2012. RogueFlix, a new web entertainment distributor, has just signed an exclusive distribution deal for the first season of “Freelancers.” “I have to deliver five episodes by Jan. 31,” said Fischer. With his background in special effects and his focus and interest in adventure, magic and fantasy, Fischer is planning to film “Freelancers” full out and “for real,” as he says, with stunts and magic. “I’m planning to show two or three at the festival.” He will also be honored as cinematographer for ICF Director Stephen Savage’s new film, “Vertical, filmed in Idyllwild, the official festival sponsored feature film. Fischer is no stranger to ICF, having been featured two years ago as a filmmaker with “Lisl and the Lorlock,” that he produced, wrote, directed, shot and edited. Fischer is looking forward to returning to ICF. “I think the festival is wonderful,” he noted. “Close to everything but far enough away and with a very special environment. What’s best about this festival is how easy, as a filmmaker, it is to network. At larger festivals, like Palm Springs [International Film Festival], you can’t just go up to a filmmaker and ask questions. In Idyllwild you can even go have a glass of wine with one. The location and the intimacy of the festival make it very special.”

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six-year ride since then has been amazing. “For me, one of my dreams was to see people lining up for a film I’ve made, seeing a room full of strangers taking the ride you’ve created for them. I wake up every day wanting to create. There’s always something of me [in each movie] that I’m expressing.” Marshall Smith can be reached at marshall@towncrier. com.


THE TAHQUITZ AWARDS BEST FEATURE FILM (60 Minutes and Over) BEST FEATURETTE (15-59 Minutes) BEST SHORT FILM (Under 15 Minutes) BEST DOCUMENTARY (Feature or Featurette) BEST DOCUMENTARY (Short) ** NEW ** BEST WEB SERIES BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (Feature or Featurette) ** NEW ** Foreign language films also compete in the appropriate form and length categories BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM (Short) ** NEW ** Foreign language films also compete in the appropriate form and length categories BEST AMATEUR FILM (all) ** NEW ** Amateur films also compete in the appropriate form and length categories

BEST STUDENT FILM (all) Student films also compete in the appropriate form and length categories BEST ACTOR (Feature) BEST ACTOR (Featurette) BEST ACTOR (Short) BEST ACTRESS (Feature) BEST ACTRESS (Featurette) BEST ACTRESS (Short) BEST ENSEMBLE ACTING (all forms) ** NEW ** BEST DIRECTOR (Feature) BEST DIRECTOR (Featurette) BEST DIRECTOR (Short) BEST DIRECTOR (Documentary, all lengths) BEST SCREENPLAY (Feature) BEST SCREENPLAY (Featurette) BEST SCREENPLAY (Short) BEST SOUND (Feature/Featurette) BEST SOUND (Short) THE MARSHALL HAWKINS AWARDS BEST ORGINAL SCORE (Feature) BEST ORGINAL SCORE (Featurette) BEST ORGINAL SCORE (Short)

THE CASEY ABRAMS AWARD BEST SOUNDTRACK (Feature, Featurette or Documentary)

THE JUAN RUIZ ANCHIA AWARDS BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Feature) BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Featurette) BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Short) THE JONI AWARD Award to the Idyllwild resident who has given the most of his or her time and energy toward promoting the arts in Idyllwild THE LILY ROCK LIFETIME MERIT AWARD Marshall Bell THE JEFF STONE AWARD AUDIENCE CHOICE (tbd by audience vote at festival screenings) JUST FOR FUN BEST TRAILER (all) (prize award)


Seminar 1 Producing and Directing the Independent Film, Part 1 Saturday, Jan 12th 2-4 PM

Seminar 2 Producing and Directing the Independent Film, Part 2 Saturday, Jan 12th 4-6 PM

Seminar 3 Staying In the Game: How to be an independent filmmaker and still pay the rent Sunday, Jan 13th 1-3 PM Seminar 4 New Media Distribution: Feeding the indie engine Sunday, Jan 13th 3-5 PM

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just six years as a professional director, managed to build a reputation as a man who gets the job done. The Idyllwild CinemaFest is just one more aspect of this well calculated journey. Working with media partner Mike Croke and event marketing and media giant The Baylor Group, Savage’s commercial work for companies like Hyundai, Time Warner’s Travel Channel, A&E Network, and The History Channel, not to mention his handling of the Suzuki Super Bowl commercial for 2012, has become the foundation for a career that grows more solid with every project.

Seminar 5 Blender: An Open Source Option for 3D animation. Friday, Jan 11th 2-4PM Includes screenings of two Blender Foundation short films, “Tears of Steel” and “Sintel.” All seminars are at the Caine Learning Center

Mentoring with some of the film industry’s most notable legends like producer Mike Moder (“Beverly Hills Cop,” “Crimson Tide”) and cinematographers Juan Ruiz Anchia (“Glen Garry Glen Ross,” “At Close Range”) and Jack Green (“Unforgiven,” “40 Year Old Virgin”) Savage’s career is on the move. But it’s in Idyllwild, and with ICF, that Savage has truly found a place to hang his hat, even as he plants his flag in the arena of big budget Hollywood. Having founded the festival in 2010, Savage plans to continue in concert with co-director Will Wallace and festival chairman Phil Calderone, to nurture ICF until it has become what he originally saw in his head at Sundance — a special sort of festival where talented filmmakers can find a voice among the clouds... 5000 feet up.

2013 AAI Event Calendar


Mexican Restaurant • Dine in the Pines OPEN 11 a.m. - 9 p.m.

54650 N. Circle Dr., Idyllwild

Jan. 25: General Membership Meeting March 9: Eye of the Artist Judged Art Show & Fundraiser May 11-12: Lilac Walk & Art Show May 25-26: Judged Artist Members’ Show & Gallery Working Artist Tour June 7-9: Plein Air Festival July 13-14: Judged Artist Members’ Show & Gallery Working Artist Tour Aug. 31-Sept 1: Idyllwild’s Art and Treasures Weekend Oct. 12: Art Walk & Wine Tasting Event

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Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013  

Welcome to Idyllwild, California and the Greatest Little Film Festival on Earth, the Idyllwild CinemaFest. Year Four is on upon us -- 2013....

Idyllwild CinemaFest 2013  

Welcome to Idyllwild, California and the Greatest Little Film Festival on Earth, the Idyllwild CinemaFest. Year Four is on upon us -- 2013....