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After convincing Texas leaders to join the East in the fight against the Allied States, Jake and Hawkins travel through A.S.A. territory to break out John Smith from Loomer Ridge Prison. John Smith, the mastermind of the September attacks and former Jennings and Rall architect, can grant the resistance access to “The Precipice”—a flash drive that possesses critical J and R intel to help the East win the looming Civil War. Jake and Hawkins have now returned to Jericho to find that things in town are not exactly as they left them… Eric and Mary have gotten married, Mimi and Stanley are expecting a child, and Allison has run away from home, which is devastating news for Hawkins. With John Smith in tow, Jake and Hawkins must watch out for Smith while keeping his terrible secret from everyone around them. But there’s one thing Jake and Hawkins don’t know as they return home—A.S.A. President Tormachio’s right-hand man, Valente, has dispatched a mole to Jericho… a mole who now walks amongst them…

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Jericho: Season 4 #1 (of 5)  
Jericho: Season 4 #1 (of 5)  

Kalinda Vazquez (w) • Andrew Currie (a) • The Sharp Brothers, Photo (c)Overseen by the original writing staff of the television series, Jeri...