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“the most be a u t i f ul s uic i de ”

PA R T 4 story by

Roberto R ecchioni

story by

Micol Beltra mini

art by

W ert h er Dell’Edera

art by

Daniele Serra

colors by

Gio va n n a Niro

letters by

Giovanni M arinovich

letters by

Gio va n n i M arinovich edits by

M a rco Schiavone Editorial Assists by


Daniel de Filippis production by

Eliza be t h Br ei & C h ase M a rot z

Christa Miesner

edits for idw by


D av i d Hed g e c o c k

Cover A Art by Werther Dell’Edera Colors by Giovanna Niro

Greg Goldstein

Cover B Art by Davide Furnò

Retailer Incentive Cover Art by Francesco Francavilla

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Crow memento mori 04 pr

Crow memento mori 04 pr