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PREVIOUSLY… Ben Fischer helped build the world’s greatest surveillance system -- utilizing every camera, cell phone, and computer in the Bay Area to battle crime.  There were only two problems: Golden Shield wouldn’t work without a more “instinctual” control mechanism, and Homeland Security was about to pull its funding.   So when a terrorist attack took Ben’s sight, his friend/boss, Owen, replaced Ben’s eyes with optical cameras and neuro-hardware which allowed Ben to integrate with Golden Shield itself.   Integrate he did, much more quickly and completely than anyone could have imagined.  And now, with almost complete control over San Francisco’s network of systems, Ben is zeroing in on the terrorist cell responsible for his “disfigurement.”  Unfortunately, doing so has made Ben the primary target of Someone who wants to use Golden Shield, and Ben, to further his own agenda. And Someone doesn’t like anyone asking the wrong questions. When Ben goes to Owen with his suspicions, Owen ends up between Ben and the bullets meant to silence his questions permanently.

MEET THE TEAM RENAE GEERLINGS (Editor) After getting a degree in theatre and moving to Los Angeles, Renae was hired by David Wohl at Top Cow Productions as a lowly editorial assistant in 1997. In 2006, after almost 10 years of climbing the ranks, she ended her tenure there as Editor in Chief. She has continued to freelance as a comic book editor/ consultant with many companies, including Spark Unlimited, IP Factory and Radical Publishing, and is very happy to have come full circle and be working with David Wohl again at Darby Pop! She is married to actor Tyler Mane (X-MEN) whom she met at ChicagoCon and they share a house with his two children and her menagerie of animals.

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City: The Mind in the Machine #4  

As Ben uncovers the true motives behind Golden Shield, his new abilities will be tested to their limits as he fights for the heart, soul, an...

City: The Mind in the Machine #4  

As Ben uncovers the true motives behind Golden Shield, his new abilities will be tested to their limits as he fights for the heart, soul, an...