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LAST MONTH’S BULLET POINTS  Dominic Price and his boyfriend, Taylor, are spending their semester doing some wetwork-study with Dominic’s mom, Octavia. They’re interning for the most dangerous game. They’re helping her hunt down and kill people is what I’m getting at.  They haven’t had to pull the trigger on anyone yet; however, they’ve been busy working on their own interpersonal drama.  Their mission, should they choose to accept it: find and rescue Kyler, Dominic’s cousin-of-sorts, with Octavia as their leader.

Cover RI by Aud Koch

Cover B by Aud Koch

Cover A by Gilbert Hernandez

 When they set out, it doesn’t take long before they encounter something scary (a robot...lion?) and something that doesn’t quite register as reassuring: Kyler’s tattered T-shirt...

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