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Hello and congratulations on becoming an IU parent! Heading into my senior year, I’m beyond proud to be a part of this incredible university and I hope your child feels the same sense of fulfillment once they step onto campus. I can assure you they’re in great hands.

Although college is a fantastic new experience to look forward to, that doesn’t change the dramatic ups and downs of a new student’s transition


into college. Applications, finances, move-in and everything in between can bring out all sorts of confusion, excitement and stress.

This publication, the 2023 Parent Survival Guide, is geared toward helping you feel ready for whatever freshman year throws at you and your child. We’ve put together a variety of resources to show you the ropes of sending your child to college from students who have been in your child’s shoes.

This includes tips on financial aid, move-in, family fun and more! Hopefully this helps make your family’s transition to IU as easy as possible.

Just as your child will feel their college experience flying by, these years at IU will pass in the blink of an eye for parents as well. While becoming a parent to a college student can be bittersweet, the next four years are exciting ones. Enjoy your time as a Hoosier parent — show off your IU merch, see a

game or two, take endless family photos at the Sample Gates. I hope you have as much fun at IU as your student will.

Best of luck to you and your new Hoosier. Have a fantastic first semester!

Survival Guide Parent Survival Guide
THE EDITOR 4 What’s a Hoosier? 6 IU’s school songs 8 Where to buy IU parent merch 22 “Some things dont change” 23 COLUMN: Bring back the bison 16 IU parents throught the years 14 8 campus photo locations 25 How to address mail 29 Music venues in Bloomington 26 Sporting events for parents 10 IU media to keep up with 12 Financial aid tips 18 Gameday tips for families 20 Local places to visit 24 Care package guide 28 Dealing with move-in stress

What’s a Hoosier? and other IU must-knows

As an out of state student, my family and I knew very little about Indiana University upon my admission. One of the first things that my mom asked me about Indiana was “what’s a Hoosier?” And, along the way, there were some other notable must-knows regarding IU and Bloomington that we had to learn ourselves.

Indiana Hoosiers

To answer the first question my family had: what is a Hoosier? This term is used to describe someone from the state of Indiana; however, there is no clear history for how or why Hoosier came to be the Indiana resident nickname. A popular theory, as shared by the Indiana Historical Bureau, is that the word Hoosier is derived

are referred to as the “Indiana Hoosiers.” In the past, IU did have animal mascots — the most notable being the bison — but as of now, there is no mascot to represent Indiana University. Since calling collegiate athletes Hoosiers caught on, current students and alum of IU have also adopted the nickname.

Sample Gates, the edge of campus

I toured the IU campus in 2019 with my parents around the time when IU admissions was reviewing my application. Reflecting on my tour now, it surprises me that we were not led to the picturesque Sample Gates. The Sample Gates are made of limestone and sit on the edge of campus and Bloomington’s downtown. According to Visit Bloomington, the gates are named Sample after the parents of Edson Sample, who financed the gates’ construction. The gates are an iconic part of the IU campus, although they were only con-

structed in 1987. Since its creation though, the gates remain a popular spot for students to take their first day of school photo — and, in four years, to take cap and gown photos with family.

Kirkwood Avenue and Fourth Street

Leading into downtown Bloomington from the Sample Gates is Kirkwood Avenue. In the warmer months, segments of the street are made pedestrian only and many town events — such as the Pride Festival and the Lotus Festival — take place here. Kirkwood Avenue is home to the Buskirk-Chumley Theater, Monroe County Public Library, affordable school merchandise shops and an array of some of the most popular Bloomington restaurants. Adjacent to Kirkwood Avenue is Fourth Street, home to authentic ethnic restaurants and host of the annual International Food Festival. If you are looking for a place to take your college student for dinner, then Kirk-

wood Avenue and Fourth Street are the spots to go.

Showalter Fountain, the center of campus

The center of the IU campus is the Showalter Fountain. It is a traditional bucket list item for students to place their feet inside the water of the fountain — whether this happens freshman or senior year. But as the center


and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art, the IU Auditorium, and the Lilly Library. This part of campus is a must visit with your college student — or somewhere to go while they are in classes — whether that is admiring European art in the Eskenazi Museum, watching a show at the auditorium or perusing rare books and manuscripts at the Lilly Library.

Little 500: An annual bike race

Indianapolis might have car racing, but Bloomington has bike racing. During the third weekend of April, Bloomington hosts the largest collegiate bike race according to the IU Student Foundation. The race is two days long, with women competing on Friday and men competing on Saturday. Student teams spend months

training to ride and, just like in the Indy 500, must qualify before being able to race during Little 500 weekend. The 2024 races will take place on April 19 and April 20 at the Bill Armstrong Stadium. Don’t be surprised if you and your college student bump into bikers training throughout the semester. They go so fast that you might miss them!

Candy striped pants and overalls

In 1971, the Indiana men’s basketball team wore candy striped pants during warmups. This small change in training attire trickled into a staple piece of Indiana fashion, becoming one of the most well-known pieces of clothing associated with the university and its sports teams. The crimson and cream that make up

The Indiana Daily Student

The IDS is the place for campus and Bloomington town news. Located in the Media School right next to the Sample Gates, the IDS newsroom is independently staffed and managed by students. An award-

winning publication, the IDS has been providing news (including breaking coverage) to the Bloomington community for over 150 years. Along with news, the IDS publishes columns, cultural pieces, investigations and more content daily online at and releases a print paper on Thursdays. Newspapers can be found across town and campus. In addition, the IDS also publishes an array of special publications, including the annual Housing Guide detailing on and off campus housing options and tips for college living — which certainly helps alleviate parents’ concerns about off campus housing.

Tell your student to contact the UITS Support Center when they need tech help! Tech Do Don’t pay for computer software IU students get free access to Microsoft 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud Don’t ask for their passphrase Set up third-party access to pay the bursar bill or see your student’s schedule Top three Tech Don’ts for freshman parents Don’t forget to put money on the CrimsonCard Students can use their card as payment at campus locations, local restaurants, and Grubhub

Learn IU’s school songs!

Indiana, Our Indiana

Indiana, Our Indiana Indiana, we’re all for you

We will fight for the Cream & Crimson, For the glory of Old IU

Never daunted, we cannot falter

In the battle, we’re tried and true

Indiana, Our Indiana Indiana, we’re all for you!

Hail to Old IU

Come and join in song together, Shout with might and main; Our beloved Alma Mater, Sound her praise again.

Gloriana Frangipana, E’er to her be true. She’s the pride of Indiana, Hail to Old IU!





to getwhere youneedto go




Checkoutthebikingcommunity,storageoptions, repairkits,and x-itstationsoncampus.BringagoodU-lock.



HOOSIER RIDEBOARD canbe rentedbythehourord



Zipcars are availableon campusand

Theyare availablefor studen 18+andinternational student zipcar

Where parents of IU students can find their own cool merch


The Indiana Shop

With locations on Third Street and Kirkwood Avenue, The Indiana Shop has just about every type of IU product imaginable. The wide range of products makes the store a place that can serve any type of customer. They also have a online store for the ultimate IU shopping experience from anywhere.


421 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408


Also located on Kirkwood Avenue, Greetings is both a merchandise and gift shop. This is a prime shop to find fun, trendy t-shirts and a variety of IU and Bloomington memorabilia. It’s a smaller shop, but the products are unique to the location.


429 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408

Indiana Memorial Union Bookstore

This shop is found in the center of the IMU, which makes it a prime spot for families to shop for merch on visits. The three-floor store has IU clothing, home décor, and even school supplies for students. It’s a convenient shop for students during the school year, with a diverse selection of items sold at this IMU location.


900 E 7th St, Bloomington, IN 47405


Doubling as a record and spirit store, Tracks is the place for both music-lovers and Indiana University fans. This location is additonally known to have frequent deals on both its clothing and music merchandise.

Address: 415 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47408

Rally House

While it features spirit wear outside of IU merch, Rally House has some solid options for Bloomington and IU clothing, along with apparel for other Indiana teams. The store is located in College Mall, making it a convenient stop while shopping at the mall.

Address: College Mall, 2874 E 3rd St Suite C01, Bloomington, IN 47401

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has lots of options for where to find Indiana University spirit wear, whether it be on or off campus. When parents begin to move students onto campus, it is a perfect opportunity to add to their own IU clothing collection. Students, parents and fans alike can show off their merch after visiting any of these shops across Bloomington.
812-855-7823 • We started a credit union and created a community. Federally insured by NCUA We’re on campus, online, and in the palm of your hand. Mobile Banking makes it easier than ever for you to manage your account on the go! Open your account at any branch or online: Follow us on IU Credit Union members enjoy: • Mobile Banking* with Mobile Deposit (and touch ID for phones with touch ID capability) • Free Mobile & Tablet apps • Online Banking • Online Loan Applications • Full-Service Branch at 17th & Dunn • Nationwide ATM & Shared Branch Network • Free Checking • And so much more! *Message and data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider.
The IU Bookstore is seen Feb. 13, 2018, inside the Indiana Memorial Union.

Keep up using these student media outlets

Many student media outlets at IU can give students experience in different areas of media, including writing, editing, photography, broadcast, design and more. Explore some of the student media outlets IU has to offer in the list below.

The IDS allows students of all majors to explore different aspects of newspaper production including reporting, editing, sales, social media, advertising, photography, design and digital media. The newspaper publishes a print edition every Thursday, with daily online content on its website,

The IDS is also editorially independent from the university.

Students can gain experience as a writer, reporter, editor, production crew member, on-air talent, podcaster and more at IUSTV. This student-run outlet allows students to create content for IU and the Bloomington community. IUSTV content can be viewed on YouTube.

This annual 500-page publication is over 110 years old and serves as coverage for a wide variety of news, campus events and student stories from the prior year. Students can work as photographers, writers and designers. The IDS oversees the production of Arbutus.

SEASON Magazine

SEASON covers local and national fashion trends, beauty and art with editorial spreads. In addition to a print publication, SEASON updates their website with articles and also has a podcast titled “What’s in SEASON?”

Big Ten Network Student U allows students to create television productions for IU sporting events. The productions are streamed on B1G+ and BTN TV often rebroadcasts the programs.

WIUX Pure Student Radio is a student-run radio station that broadcasts both online and on 99.1 FM. Listeners can tune in to hear music and both local news and local sports coverage. Students are able to work in sports, news, public relations, underwriting or as a DJ.

Indiana Daily Student Big Ten Network StudentU IU Student Television Arbutus Yearbook WIUX Pure Student Radio
Your student will thank you for this. Use order number 2432 for Indiana University Bloomington. The Arbutus yearbook captures all of the defining moments of your student’s experience at IU. Order a yearbook today.

Financial aid tips for new Hoosier families

Paying for college is one of the most stressful parts of attending. As you’ve probably told your future Hoosier before, money doesn’t grow on trees. However, there are plenty of options when it comes to funding your student’s education that make

the process much easier.

Scholarships are one of the most useful resources for students. Encourage your student to look into various scholarships and fill out as many as they can. Sometimes they might get it simply because they’re the only one to apply!

IU offers tons of schol-

arships through various avenues. The general scholarship application, found on One.IU, is a great place to start. Students fill out general information about themselves and can be granted a variety of scholarships. This application only takes about 20 minutes to fill out and can really make

a difference in your bursar bill.

Along with this, individual schools offer their own special scholarships. Advise your student to look out for emails from their specific school regarding scholarships and grants. For example, The Media School offers specialized scholar-

PHOTO BY SAM HOUSE | IDS A $10 and $20 bill rest on a desk in a house in Bloomington.

ships that aren’t awarded through the general application.

But wait, there’s still more! Before your student moves to Bloomington, look around for local scholarships. Many community organizations — such as Veterans of Foreign Wars chapters or community coops — offer grants to local students.

Google is your friend, as well. There are tons of fun online scholarships that can be beneficial. For example, the Make Me Laugh scholarship offers $1,500 to students who make the judges laugh in 250 words or less. There are a lot more out there in this vein, so make sure to search around.

Loans are another important aspect of paying for education. Finding the right

loan is an arduous task, but there are many resources to make it simpler.

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is a must, no matter how you’re paying for college. Even if you’re not planning on using federal loans, IU uses information collected from the FAFSA to determine financial aid eligibility.

The FAFSA requires both personal and financial information, so make sure you have those tax returns ready. It usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to fill out. Both subsidized and unsubsidized loans are offered.

The Department of Education pays the interest of subsidized loans until after graduation, while unsubsidized loans accrue interest through your student’s

school years.

Private loans are also an option, but make sure to compare interest rates with other companies and look into others’ experiences before signing anything. INvestEd is just one education company that offers loans and other financial aid options for Hoosier families.

Now that you’re prepared to pay tuition costs, how do you actually do it? It’s relatively simple. Students and parents pay tuition bills through IU’s online bursar system.

Students can authorize bursar payments through “View/Pay Bursar Bill” in One.IU. They can also set up third-party access for parents through this application, where you can pay using multiple financial methods or set up a payment

plan. It usually only takes a few clicks to pay these bills.

Students receive emails when new bursar bills are ready to be paid. These usually come through at the beginning of the semester when students pay for housing and tuition, but there are sometimes smaller fees associated with on-campus activities and organizations, such as membership dues. Make sure to pay bursar bills on time, since they can accrue late fees.

Lastly, don’t be stressed — be informed. IU’s Student Central provides a myriad of resources for you and your students about paying for college, from how to pay your bills to potential scholarship opportunities. Sure, money doesn’t grow on trees, but if you play it right, it can grow elsewhere.

IU Hidden Gems
Illustration by Britta Hess
Snap the perfect photo of your freshman at these eight lesser-known photo locations
: This story originally ran in the 2023 edition of Arbutus, Inidiana University’s student yearbook. For more information on Arbutus, visit
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Indiana University Bloomington campus

1. Lauren Robel Plaza

2. Biddle Hotel Fountain

3. Aboretum Bridge

4. Beck Chapel

5. Conrad Prebys


6. Maxwell Hall Courtyard

7. Ballantine Hall Courtyard

8. School of Education Entrance

Reporting & Editing & Podcas ting & Designing & Pho tography & C oding & Multimedia & You.

The Indiana Daily Student has been telling the stories of IU, Bloomington and the world for more than 150 years.

Come join our sta — no experience or specific major required.

Apply online at

2 5 3 4 6 7 8 1
An Equal Opportunity Employer

guard Robert Johnson thanks his father, grandfather and mother in his senior day speech after the IU v. Ohio State basketball game at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Feb. 23, 2018. Johnson was one of five seniors on IU’s team. He played in the inaugural 3X3U Championship, and he scored the game-winning shot.

IU parents through the years

Families will have years to share college experiences while their students are at school. Here are some Hoosier parents who came before you.
ARBUTUS FILE PHOTO BY ROB HILL 1994 Then-senior Todd Yeagley shares a moment with Jerry Yeagley, his father and head coach, following the Hoosiers victory over University of California, Los Angeles in the Final Four of the 1994 NCAA Soccer Championships. Todd Yeagley is now coach of the Indiana men’s soccer team. INDIANA UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES 1970s Students at an IU football game in the 1970s send a message to their parents. 2018 Then-senior ARBUTUS FILE PHOTO BY BOBBY GODDIN IDS FILE PHOTO BY BRITTANY MASON 2010 Kim Davis shakes the hand of the Herman B Wells statue during an orientation tour in 2010 on behalf of her son. Wells was a long-time, much-admired president and chancellor at IU. It’s a tradition to shake hands with his statue for good luck. INDIANA UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES 1950 A mother and daughter from the Philippines pose in their caps and gowns. They graduated together in 1950.



INDIANA UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES 1940 Bill Houghton, shown in cap and gown, was a fourth generation IU graduate on his mother’s side and a third generation IU graduate on his father’s side. Both parents are Class of 1917. IDS FILE PHOTO BY LIONEL LIM 2015 Camille Kellems, a freshman from Newport Beach, California, shares a moment with her parents before the start of the 2015 Freshman Induction Ceremony. INDIANA UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES 1948 Law student Jean Seidel Miller, standing with her husband and parents, receives an award for having the highest GPA in her class in 1948. Sometimes IU parents are also students. Father of six Lamar Peterson graduated in 1970 with his family in attendance. Peterson was a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa, a national, professional, honorary fraternity that was founded in 1913 originally for individuals engaged in the field of Physical Education. UNIVERSITY ARCHIVES IDS FILE PHOTO BY ANNA TIPLICK 2018 On Senior Day 2018, then-senior softball infielder Taylor Uden walks down the field with her parents and her younger sister, Madison, a player for the University of Michigan. The Hoosiers lost the April 29 match to Michigan 2-0 in extra innings. IDS FILE PHOTO 2010 Then-freshman Ashik Shah moves in to his new dorm room in Ashton Center in 2010 with the help of his father, Bhartesh, and his mother, Rekha. ARBUTUS FILE PHOTO 1980 After the Founders’ Day ceremonies on April 16, Dohn Mehlenbacher takes a picture of his son, Matthew (left), his wife, and son Mark, a junior finance major. The family drove from Illinois to see Mark recognized as one of the more than 7,000 students who maintained a 3.5 or higher grade point average during the fall semester.

Game Day tips and tricks for parents

Game days at IU are always a big deal, but they can be extremely hectic. Here are some ways to be prepared so you and your family can have fun at Memorial Stadium.

Plan for parking

Give yourself extra time before the game starts to find parking. Sometimes finding parking can take five minutes and sometimes it can take an hour. If you can, ask someone you know who lives by the stadium ahead of time if you can park at their place or in the visitor lot at their complex. You do not want to spend so long

looking for somewhere to park that you end up missing the beginning of the game. Season parking passes for the football season are available with different location options.

Check the weather beforehand

Indiana weather can be crazy, so make sure to look at the forecast the night before or even the morning of gameday. The Memorial Stadium does not have a roof, meaning you will be exposed to the elements the entire game. Whether it is sunny or rainy you want to be able to enjoy the game

without being uncomfortable.

Dress for game day

You always want to make sure to represent your team on game days. Make sure you have something IU themed that you can wear no matter the weather or how you are feeling that day. You can show up to the games in jeans and a T-shirt or sweats — if it is IU themed you will be set. You can never go wrong wearing cream and crimson to an IU event. Popular stores that people shop at for IU gear are Tracks and Greetings on Kirkwood.

Try to tailgate if you can

Tailgating is a big part of the fun on game days. Sitting out and eating food with close friends ready to cheer on your team can make the experience all that more enjoyable. It is important to get your tailgating passes as soon as you can so you can ensure that you’ll be able to tailgate for the games you want. Many parents will host tailgates for their students and friends during the football season. The number one thing you will need is some foldable tables. They can be used for games and setting food or drinks on.

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Introducing off-campus living at its best.

In a few short weeks, they’ll be freshmen. In a few short months, it will be time to reserve housing for sophomore year. Our fully furnished, brand-new units at Touchdown Terrace, Crimson Corner and Lincoln Tower are the places to be with premium amenities like in-unit washer/dryer units, study lounges, an on-site gym and an indoor/outdoor pool overlooking Memorial Stadium. Contact us today.


PHOTO BY ALEX DERYN | IDS 1. An IU football helmet sits on the field Oct. 12, 2019, in Memorial Stadium. IDS FILE PHOTO 2. People tailgate Nov. 21, 2009, near Memorial Stadium. IDS FILE PHOTO BY ALEX PAUL 3. Senior Kevin Jones enjoys a tailgate before the Indiana home football game against the University of Idaho on Sept. 11, 2021, at the Indiana Tailgate Fields.


Family friendly
to visit in Bloomington
offers multiple indoor and outdoor entertainment activities for your family. Here are some activities you can do during move-in weekend:
Monroe Lake
a relaxing break after moving in? Take your family camping, fishing, hiking, boating and beaching at Indiana’s largest body of water, Monroe Lake.
Located in the heart of Indiana, visit the beautiful Hoosier National Forest, located just 30 minutes outside Bloomington. Here you can find hiking and mountain biking trails. You can also go
Take a trip to the Hoosier Putt Hole and play 18 holes of miniature golf! ILLUSTRATIONS BY JULIETTE ALBERT GO GREEN! WITH BLOOMINGTON TRANSIT! For maps and schedules visit: Visit our live bus tracker at
Hoosier National Forest
Hoosier Putt Hole

Inside the Indiana Memorial Union, Bowling and Billiard’s offer a 12-lane bowling alley, nine billiards tables, one snooker table and three ping pong tables. Reserve a space for your family by call ing (812) 855-2328.

Visit the Sidney and Lois Eske nazi Museum of Art—located right in the middle of IUs campus—which was built with no 90-degree angles and offers free admis sion to the public. The museum has numerous fascinating exhibits to discover.

Griffy Lake

Take a relaxing break in Bloomington’s Griffy Lake Nature Preserve to go canoeing, kayaking, paddleboarding and row boating. You can rent boats, paddles and other necessary items from the boathouse. There is also a ramp available for privately owned non-motorized boats.

Beanblossom Bottoms Nature Preserve

Want to show your children your rolling skating skills? Western Skateland offers open roller skating for all ages Tuesday, Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays. More information on their specific hours is available on their website.

This wetland nature preserve offers a two-mile trail with a raised boardwalk. While visiting, you will be able to view threatened, rare animal and plant species. Featuring 80 different bird species that are known to live in the area, this is the perfect outdoor adventure for your family.

Starlite Drive-In Sidney and Lois Eskenazi Museum of Art Western Skateland
Application Fee, Administrative Fee, & Deposit WAIVED e and microwave in every unit asher and dryer included Internet, water, sewer, trash and gas to heat your home and water 4-hour fitness center with new ength equipment, cardio machines and free weights ennis courts et-friendly community ed amount of upgraded ailable Now Showing Upgraded Amenities! Now Leasing for 2024-25 school year! Come see us in October to not miss out. Call 812-323-1300 to schedule an in-person tour. Find & submit events at What’s Happening in B-Town? What’s Happening in B-Town?

Some things don’t change:

Keep plenty of tissues handy for the day you drop your student off at college

Editor’s note: This story originally ran in the 1982 Arbutus yearbook chronicling a mother dropping off her daughter at IU in 1981.

Donna left for school today. Although dried tears

have to fight the college crowds in her career as a mother. She has packed up seven others who have made the trip, all to different schools. Now, Donna is the easiest to let go.

Drotha listened, un-

daunted, to her daughter talk about the wonderfulness of life without curfews or stupid high school men. “She didn’t tell you guys,” Drotha interrupted, “but she thought she had too many mothers and fathers at home, with all those brothers and sisters

wrapped a mothering arm around her daughter’s shoulder. “I have so many mixed emotions. I’ve gone through these motions of sending them off — why, we both know them well. I just know she’ll be okay.”

As for herself, with a new

on her first day of college, 18-year-old Donna Bruno became the last of a family of eight children to break the apron strings and head for school. She wasn’t scared, though.

“I can’t wait to get to know all these super people from everywhere,” she said. “And the guys have to be better than high school. They were the worst.”

The guys, however, were not the only call Donna heard coming from the Big Ten. She’s going to join a sorority. She’s going to get good grades and season football and basketball tickets. But she isn’t going to miss home. “Not much, any-

Donna struggled to hold her tears, then borrowed another Kleenex from a friend.

But she’s not going to miss home. She is sure, and besides, there are more important things to think about right now, with a new roommate arriving any minute and the room to be decorated and new people to meet.

“I’ve gotta find my mailbox,” Donna said, for an ex-

Her mother handed her another Kleenex.

ARBUTUS FILE PHOTO Drotha Bruno drops her daughter Donna off at IU in 1981. Donna was the last of eight children in the Bruno family to go to college, all different schools.

COLUMN: The case for IU to bring back the bison mascot

It’s been over 43 years since IU has had a recognizable face to go along with its name. Ever since, all there is to look at are the IU letters that make up the pitchfork and the “Hoosiers” nickname — which hardly anyone understands.

A brief history of Indiana’s mascot attempts and suggestions seem necessary. Most attempts have been utterly stupid, explaining their short tenures.

Between 1908 and 1965, IU attempted mascots including an owl, a real-life toddler, a golden eagle named Jim Watson and a fraternity bulldog named Ox.

In 1965, the student senate unanimously voted on a new

mascot to represent Indiana: the bison.

The main inspiration for the choice is the state seal of Indiana, which features a bison. Already, it has more connection to the state than any previous mascot.

The original draft was rough to say the least. There were no arm holes inside or hind legs on the costume. It also had terrible posture.

According to a 1969 IDS article, the school reached out to Walt Disney for help in a new design. Disney redirected the school to a Los Angeles firm, who introduced a new design.

It was not so improved. The inside of the costume swelled with heat, and there were no eyeholes, requiring a cheerleader to pull the bison around by rope.

Unable to ever get the right design, the bison was discontinued in 1969 after four years as the mascot.

Indiana tried its hand at a mascot once more in 1979 with Mr. Hoosier Pride. The reception was terrible, and he was booted after one year.

Since then, the ever-so familiar pitchfork has been Indiana’s identity. While it isn’t necessarily bad, it’s time to bring back the bison, and here’s why:


In all of Division I, there are currently three schools with a bison mascot, none of them at the Football Bowl Subdivision level Indiana is. Indiana is the biggest brand of those schools by far, so adopting the bison has the potential to become one of

the more recognizable college mascots due to IU’s already big brand and a distinctive icon.

What is a Hoosier?

Those associated with Indiana are all too familiar with this question. The bison would not only be an image for the nickname, but it could further tie together the state identity due to its roots.

Branding and marketing

This is, by far, the greatest argument for reinstating the bison. The branding and marketing opportunities would be endless with a new logo to plaster everywhere.

Adidas would eat it up. A whole new clothesline featuring the bison could be introduced, and I can assure you that merchandise would fly

off the shelves.

In terms of school use, there are several directions to go. First to mind is a new set of alternate uniforms, likely appearing on a football helmet or as subtle as on the waistband of basketball uniforms. At its biggest, it could be a temporary or permanent logo on courts and fields across all sports.

Something new

Since Indiana has abandoned mascots all together, we’ve seen the “IU” pitchfork have multiple evolutions. Like the thicker pitchfork from 1976-1981, the drop shadow form used from 19822002 and now its current solid pitchfork.

While continuing the same logo can be identified as history and tradition, it

can also be boring. Introducing something new to see and identify with is refreshing, and it’s ten times better when it’s a bison.

If you’re unsure of your stance on the bison, just imagine an Old Oaken Bucket game with Purdue Pete and Indiana’s bison mascot facing off. Two magnificent figures facing off as the pride of their respective universities.

The university itself seems dead set on keeping the trident, which makes sense. The pitchfork has become the school’s entire brand, so it would be hard to make that transition.

Whether or not this will happen in the future is unknown, but one thing is certain. If Indiana ever decides to bring back a mascot, it should be the bison.

Download the mobile app to request a ride and rides for students within Bloomington city limits FREE SAFE S T U DE N T O P E R A TED & UNIVE R S I T Y FUNDE D https://iuride.indiana edu/

The perfect care package

Thoughtful gifts to brighten their day from far away

Gift card Letter Socks Candy Face mask Soap Cards Snack

How to address mail to the residence halls


is a
[Student’s name] [Residence hall name, building name, room number] [Residence hall street address] Bloomington, IN, 47406 Here is an example: John Doe Forest Quadrangle, B Tower, B505 1725 E. Third St. Bloomington, IN 47406
residence? Central neighborhood Ashton Center 1800 E. Tenth St. Collins LLC 541 N. Woodlawn Ave. Eigenmann Hall 1900 E. Tenth St. Teter Quadrangle 501 N. Sunrise Drive Union Street Center 445 N. Union St. Wright Quadrangle 501 N. Eagleson Ave. Northwest neighborhood Briscoe Quadrangle 1225 N. Fee Lane Foster Quadrangle 1000 N. Fee Lane McNutt Quadrangle 1101 N. Fee Lane Walnut Grove Center 1200 N. Walnut Grove St. Southeast neighborhood Forest Quadrangle 1725 E. Third St. Read Hall 125 S. Eagleson Ave. Spruce Hall 1801 E. Jones Ave. Wells Quadrangle 1021 E. 3rd St. Willkie Quadrangle 150 N. Rose Ave. $77,347 average starting salary (based on 2022 hiring statistics) 98% success rate employed or accepted to graduate school within six months of graduation (based on 2022 hiring statistics)
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Indiana fall sports

And where parents can buy tickets

When I toured Indiana University in February of my senior year of high school on the East Coast, my dad and I attended an Indiana men’s basketball game one Sunday. From that point on, my college decision was bi-

ased. C’mon, seeing Assembly Hall berserk as the Hoosiers beat No. 9 Penn State? I was hooked, particularly as I planned to major in sports media.

I won’t forget that game with my dad. The students flocked campus-wide to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall: those nose-bleed seats,

the dunks, the comeback, the liveliness. It’s one core memory of my time at Indiana University, with my dad beside me. To parents: attending Indiana sporting events in the fall is the perfect way to spend time with your college kids.

The men’s and women’s basketball seasons start in

PHOTO BY MATTHEW BYRNE | IDS Players warm up September 6, 2022, at the Bill Armstrong Stadium. Indiana men’s soccer defeated St. John’s University 1-0.

November, and while I fully suggest attending, many other sports coincide with the start of the fall semester in mid-August: football, men’s and women’s soccer and volleyball. The football team’s home-opener is Sept. 2, men’s soccer August 29, women’s soccer August 17 and volleyball likely in late August.

Non-students must purchase football, men’s soccer, and volleyball tickets. IU Football Mini Season packages cost $105, with varying prices for up to three selected games. There is also an IU Football “September Special” Package, which includes tickets to the team’s three September home games. Tickets can be purchased online at https://

Football is an all-day

event. Thousands of fans tailgate in the parking lots and the Tailgate Fields nearby Memorial Stadium. If you’re looking for something more inexpensive and laid back, men’s and women’s soccer along with volleyball, is the perfect choice. Indiana men’s soccer, which reached the national championship last year, sells season-tickets for $40. It includes 10 home matches to watch one of the most successful college soccer programs.

While the men’s soccer home-opener is August 29, the team will play an exhibition match at home against the University of Louisville August 18. The women’s soccer season-opener is the night before, August 17, also at home in Bloomington. The fall semester begins Monday, August 21.

For those in-state, that’s great timing for parents and students to visit Indiana’s campus before the wave of classes, while also attending its first sporting events of the fall.

Men’s and women’s soccer both play at Bill Armstrong Stadium, which seats 6,500. Women’s soccer is free admission for students and non-students. Students gain free admission to men’s & women’s soccer, volleyball and women’s basketball. Single-match tickets for volleyball, which last year defeated two ranked teams on the road for the first time in program history, cost $1014 for adults. Matches are played in Wilkinson Hall, next to Assembly Hall.

Tickets can be purchased online at https://iuhoosiers. com/tickets.

Named one of Indiana’s “Best Unique Sleeps.” Five buildings with 40 unique rooms. Minutes to the IU Sample Gates. Come stay for the experience! • 812.334.2353 310 North Grant Street, Bloomington, IN BLOOMINGTON’S TOP BOUTIQUE INN FIND YOUR CAREER IN THE GEOSCIENCES! scan the code for pathways to a degree in: Earth Science (BS) Earth + Atmospheric Science (BA, MINOR) Atmospheric Science (BS, MINOR, HONORS, CERTIFICATE) Environmental Geoscience (BS) learn more about a career in the Geosciences from the US Department of Labor
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COLUMN: Remind your new college students move-in day will run smoothly

My freshman move-in day at Indiana University seems like forever ago, though it's only been three years. There are distinct recollections: the 12-hour drive with my mother and brother from New Jersey to Indianapolis, driving the hour to Indiana University the next day, then taking the required COVID-19 test

and waiting 30 minutes in the Memorial Stadium parking lot. Naturally, move-in was stress-inducing.

I didn't acknowledge that I was anxious, but I was. After we drove to my dorm in the Southeast Neighborhood, lugging bags and boxes to the fifth floor was fairly manageable. My brother and I moved quickly to stay out of people's way in the elevator, which preoccupied me. Once

we got to the room, however, I became overwhelmed. I wanted to take charge of organizing the room, but there were heaps of belongings being taken out of boxes.

Of course, I appreciated my mom efficiently unpacking items, but I was too worried about organizing so many belongings at once, frantically bouncing around the room. As she suggested where to place the rug and


larger items, I was one step behind, grabbing other items and placing them where I'd like them to go. My brother, who already graduated from college, recognized this, assuring me that this process would work out and be all right.

Hearing that calmed me down. I greatly appreciated it. That's not to say my mom wasn't assisting; she was in her mom-mode keeping the process moving. Knowing my brother was there to help assure me things would be okay in an entirely new environment at college helped me

complete the last half of the move-in process peacefully. I hit the reset button.

Perhaps I'm the type of person who wants everything to be over-organized, but I believe my move-in experience can apply to all.

To parents and siblings helping family members settle into college: it helps to reassure incoming college students that move-in with go smoothly, even if, at the present moment, it's stressful or frustrating. It likely will be for students!

I also recommend visiting downtown to grab food

somewhere with family if you have downtime during move-in. That helped me to become accustomed to the college-town setting, especially with family right by my side. Plus, it could be one of the last family meals for months. We went to The Village Deli, and already, my mom asked, “You drink soda now that you’re in college?” I drank it in high school, so I’m unsure where that came from.

But anyway, remember: move-in will run steadily! It helps if your new students are told this!

University Lutheran Church & Student Center Open House & Welcome Back Picnic August 20 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m. 607 E. Seventh & Fess Find us on instagram: @ULUindiana JOIN TODAY CONTRIBUTE TO IU'S LEGACY BUILD YOUR RESUME MAKE LASTING FRIENDS W H E R E S T U D E N T S B E C O M E L E A D E R S Learn more at HI - WE ARE A WOMAN-OWNED AND IU ALUMNI-OWNED CONCIERGE LAUNDRY SERVICE EXCLUSIVELY FOR IU STUDENTS. WE HAVE MONTHLY AND SEMESTER PLANS AVAILABLE. THERE IS LIMITED AVAILABILITY FOR FALL OF 2023. SIGN UP NOW! The Laundry Co. Check out the website for further questions. TEXT us @ 317-832-8838 Let us help you focus on what is important. Lockers are located nearby for your convenience. Get on demand service with our app. IU's only door to door laundry service!
Freshmen move their belongings out Oct. 17, 2023, from their room in McNutt Quad.

Explore Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences.

IU’s graduate programs in Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences are ranked #10 and #14 in the US — most of these same outstanding graduate faculty teach our undergraduates.

Our major is interdisciplinary with considerable coursework in psychology, development, anatomy & physiology, linguistics, and acoustics.

DID YOU KNOW? The US Department of Labor (2019) reports that…

• The median annual salary for speech therapists is $79,120 and job growth is projected at 27% from 2019-2029 (“faster than average”).

• The median annual salary for audiologists is $77,600 and job growth is projected at 16% from 2019-2029 (“much faster than average”).

• Clearly, an SLHS major offers the opportunity to “do well” for the foreseeable future.

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists diagnose and treat communication disorders in people ranging from newborns to older adults — our majors have the chance to enjoy a life-long fulfilling career in which they also “do good” by helping their fellow human beings.

To start your journey, register this fall for SLHS S-104

Audiology & Speech Therapy: works of the heart

Top 3 types of IU social media accounts to follow

@IUBloomington on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook:

These accounts are the main social media accounts for IU Bloomington. Posts on these accounts relate to major school updates, like changes in vaccine requirements or school-issued breaks. They can also cover social updates about new restaurants and food options, major career or club fairs and student spotlights and takeovers. Following these accounts will help students and parents stay up to date on happenings on and around the Bloomington campus.

@IUFYE on Instagram:

As incoming students, the IU First Year Experience program account will help first year and transfer students land flat on their feet in Bloomington and connect not only with their new classmates, but also with the campus and town communities. This page primarily posts about events that FYE is hosting on their Instagram stories, but also contains information about life on campus, transferring, advising, Greek life and career advice with guest takeovers. Parents who follow these accounts will also be able to stay up to date on events FYE hosts.

Individual school accounts:

As the parent of an incoming first year or transfer student one of the most important accounts to follow is your student’s individual school page. For example, if they are a student admit or direct admit to the Kelley School of Business, following @IUKelleyschool on Instagram will provide you with information about professors and classes, upcoming speaker series, school specific Wellness resources, career advice and a peek into student life through takeovers. Other IU accounts include @IUArtandDesign, @HamiltonLugar, @ IUMediaSchool, @ONeillSchool_IUB and @IUCollege.

From here students can begin to find their footing as an IU student and follow more direct-to-interest accounts. These might include @PanhellenicIndiana, @IUScholarships, @IURecSports, @ OVPDEMAOverseas and more! Along with IU affiliated accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, students can find @IUBloomington on TikTok for entertaining and lighthearted content or search Indiana University on YouTube pages for interviews, day in the life, dorm room tours and more video content.

As a large public institution, IU has numerous affiliated social media accounts across various platforms that span from informational to educational to extracurricular. Most of the must follow accounts are found on Instagram.
Looking for a major that can lead to a fulfilling career helping others?
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