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Taxes raised for 2012-13 In school board budget

WINDOWS were boarded up after the fire in this stone home at 3101 Beersville Rd., Bath, that broke out Thursday evening. – Home News photo

Fire hits Moore Twsp. home A Moore Township family of six persons was displaced Thursday evening, after fire hit their home at 3101 Beersville Rd. Reportedly, the fire started at the rear of the home, owned by Stephen Corby, Sr. and Stephanie Metz. No one was home at the time of the

fire. A neighbor said she saw heavy black smoke coming from the home. Klecknersville Rangers Vol. Fire Co. of Moore Township and the Bath Firefighters responded to the blaze, which heavily damaged the stone home in a wooded area. One firefighter was treated at a lo-

Moore Township Supervisors voted on Wednesday, June 27 to approve the preservation of two lands in the township: the 20-acre John Kostenbader property and the 78-acre Joseph Schiavone property. The decision will cost the township nearly $400,000 of the $1.19 million they currently have in the coffers for farmland preservation. The meeting was well at-

INSIDE THIS WEEK: Bath student studies in Tanzania ..................... 4 Natural Perspectives...... 5 Homme honored ............ 10

tended by residents of the township who wanted to see both properties preserved, no matter the cost. Almost every one of the 48 residents in attendance took the floor at least one time to talk about the importance of preserving the lands and thwarting future development in their country setting. Jeff Cook, who has walked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail, said that while his experience was great, some parts weren’t as nice as others. “The biggest problem from Georgia to Maine is development, it really took away from the experience” he said. The cost to preserve the Kostenbader farm is $98,000. The township will cover half, or $49,000, with Northampton County’s Open Space picking up the other half. The county had not yet voted on the Shiavone property, the item was

mer vo-tech school property in Northampton Borough. Business Manager Terry Leh also said 0.54 mills in tax money will have to go to the project the next four budgets. Unlike other school districts, where programs have been cut or reduced, Northampton Area’s educational programs will remain intact, thanks to a cooperative effort between staff and the school board. Many of the 30 job vacancies that will occur during the school year will not be filled. But, like other districts across the state, NASD will have to contribute more to the Public School Employees Retirement System fund, about $1.4 million, or a total of $4.5 million.

cal hospital for smoke inhalation. No other injuries were reported. The Lehigh Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross is providing temporary lodging, food, clothing, shoes and toiletry items to the three adults and three children who reside at the home.

Moore supervisors approve preservation of Two properties and residents concur By ALICE WANAMAKER The Home News

Property owners in the Northampton Area School District will be paying 1.97% higher taxes in the 2012-13 school year. The school board approved a $86,819,670 budget at their meeting on June 25 that raises the new rate to 46.65 mills, an increase of 0.9 mills. The increase was approved 6-2 with David Gogel and Jean Rundel voting against. The increase means that the average property owner in the district will see a $50 per year tax increase, based on a property assesment of $56,000. One-third of the tax increase will be devoted to paying part of the debt service that comes with the district’s new middle school that will be constructed on for-

tabled at their last meeting. Supervisors of the township were more than willing to approve the preservation of the Shiavone property, but were hoping to have a separate discussion on how to finance it before moving forward with a vote. Based on the response from the residents, Supervisors voted to foot the entire cost of $347,944 to preserve the land. The motion did include an amendment for Wildlands Conservancy Coordinator Kent Baird to continue to seek funding

Andrew Decker and his son Kurt work on the foundation.

Work continues at gazebo Contractors have been working and progress is swift at the site of the future gazebo at Keystone Park in Bath. Workers and volunteers are laying the concrete for the foundation of the gazebo, which will feature a roof and hand washing stations.

Community Project The gazebo, when complete, will be for the entire community to enjoy. Sponsored by the Bath Business & Community Partnership, funds are being acquired through various fundraisers, generous donors and grants.

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Holiday Delay

Due to the early press time because of the holiday, the report of Bath Borough Council will be printed in the July 12-18 issue.

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Who's in the News? Who's in the News?

2 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

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Who's in the News?

Find this weeks news makers in the crossword puzzle below. F BtheHsecret C I message R K RbyIusing E NtheDleftover S Z letters ThenKreveal on theElines below. You can find theAanswer on our T H E I P C S V N D A K F B H C I R K R I E N R DTwebsite S Zat






ing the time between when store, it can STEWART GABLE be difficult to dethe food is picked and when termine what SVANDA HAHN foods are in seaWERNER it HARRAR is consumed helps __ __ __ __ __ ensure __ __ __son. __ __ __ __ __ __ that the nutrients have been Farmer’s Market preserved. Shopping List 4. It __ __ supports __ __ __the __ local __ __ __ __ __Tomatoes __ __ __ 1. Heirloom – Add economy. Many markets put variety to a salad or vegetable a mileage limit on vendors, platter. Unlike store-bought ensuring that the food is from tomatoes, each heirloom looks the area. By purchasing food and tastes different than the at a nearby farmers’ mar- rest. They’re also a great ket, you are giving money to source of numerous vitamins neighborhood farmers and and minerals and contain lystimulating the local econo- copene, which studies show my. may lower the risk of certain 5. Farmers and growers are cancers and cardiovascular the best resource. As you are disease. making your food choices, 2. Raw Honey – This is hontake time to talk to local ven- ey in its purest form. Not only dors about their products. does raw honey contain vitaAsk them about the growing min B, amino acids, and minSearching for fresh, nutri- ping list ideas. process and when the food erals like iron and potassium, tious food? Want alternaReasons to Buy Local was picked. Many of them but it also has antibacterial tives to everyday ingredients? 1. It comes direct from the are also a great resource for and antifungal properties. To find healthy foods and farmer or grower. You can cooking tips, or recipes. 3. Free-Range Eggs – A test unique products, you don’t trust that the produce is fresh 6. You can try new foods. A by “Mother Earth News” maghave to look much farther and learn more about where farmers’ market is a great op- azine suggests that eggs from than your “backyard.” Lo- it comes from. portunity to learn about foods grass-fed, free-range chickens, cal farmers’ markets provide 2. The products haven’t had you’ve never seen and pur- on average, have one-third of less-processed, flavorful pro- a long journey. At a farmers’ chase items that will spice up the cholesterol and one-fourth duce and other farm-fresh market, it’s safe to assume your refrigerator or kitchen of the saturated fat of convenproducts that can add variety that the food hasn’t traveled pantry. It keeps your meals tional eggs. They also contain to your diet and keep you on long distances to get there. interesting. omega-3 fatty acids. track with healthy choices. This reduces energy con7. They offer seasonal pro4. Fresh Herbs – Basil, sage, TOPS Club, Inc. (Take Off sumption to transport them duce. Vendors offer vibrant cilantro, and other spices and Pounds Sensibly), the non- and decreases the time be- fruits and vegetables that herbs are a great way to boost profit weight-loss support or- tween harvest and consump- change with the season. a meal’s flavor without adding ganization, explains the bene- tion. When foods are in season, calories. They are also gainfits of visiting a local farmers’ 3. Vendors offer recently they are more colorful and ing attention for their potenmarket and offers some shop- harvested produce. Reduc- flavorful. At a conventional tial to decrease inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, fight heart disease, and more. 5. Beets – Beets are a unique source of betaine and folate, nutrients that help protect against heart disease. Grate “PROUD OF OUR HONEST & FAIR PRICES” raw beets for a colorful adWE USE D.E.P./E.P.A. APPROVED TREATMENT FACILITIES dition to a salad or marinate WE REPAIR/INSTALL WE PUMP them in lemon juice, olive oil, •Standard & Sand •Septic Tanks and fresh herbs. Mound Septic Systems •Garage Pits 6. Swiss Chard – Like spin•Pressure Dosing Pumps •Truck & Car Wash Bays ach, Swiss chard is rich with For Sand Mounds •Restaurant Grease Traps nutrients, including vitamins •Perc Tests & Soil •Non-Hazardous Industrial K, A, and C. Use boiled Swiss Probes Liquid Waste chard in omelets to add some NAZARETH, PA • Prompt Professional Service zest, or mix it with whole grain • Homes A Speciality pasta. • Electric Eel Service 7. Homemade Bread – Buy • Free Estimates homemade whole grain bread “Did you know that your septic tank needs from the farmers’ market. to be pumped and cleaned anywhere from

Home News Inquirer We asked Moore Township Residents, “Are you satisfied that the Supervisors voted to preserve the Kostenbader and Schiavone properties at a cost of nearly $400,000?” last Wednesday following unanimous votes for both properties.

Tom Wright: "I am very happy, very happy."

Farmers’ markets offer fresh, Healthy options, says TOPS


once a year to once every four years?”

Visit us Online:

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Margaret Graver: "Oh I'm over joyed. We've been fighting for this, I can't even say how happy I am."

Bernadette Eckhart: "I am thrilled and relieved with the results of of the meeting."

Dick Gable: “It’s what the tax payers wanted.”

the Fence GabGab OverOver the Fence by Pete G. Ossip by Pete G. Ossip

I hope you all recovered from the second tropical heat wave of the summer season last week. It was a real steamer, with the humidity taking out all the energy of folks. It had an effect on the farmers market, with people just wanting to stay at home with their fans and air conditioners rather than going out and suffering in the heat. We can stand the temperatures, but the humidity is the real killer. Elmira made a pitcher of iced tea and we stayed indoors. It was too hot even for the backyard hammock. . . . East Allen Township had its Summerfest on Saturday, and I hope Chuck Frantz and his committee made out okay, because the humidity was down and there was a breeze, so it

was a lot better. . . . Maybe the heat and humidity got to the supervisors on Thursday, ‘cause they cancelled their meeting. . . . Ye Ed’s daughters and their families must be suffering down in the Atlanta area, where it got up to 99 degrees in the shade and 107 degrees out in the open. That was the REAL temperature, not the heat index. For that, a bottle or two or three of water to keep hydrated is the only answer. . . . Took notice that the corn leaves are tightening up from lack of water. The heat’s got the crop, too, it seems. Scattered thunderstorms were predicted, but so far there’s not been much rain again. . . . The only thing that’s down this year is the Phillies ball team. They can’t win with

their best pitchers, and nothing is going right. From where I sit I think they’ll be cellar dwellers even at the end of the season. Too bad, the fans had such high hopes. . . . I hear the Republican Club is gonna have a sorta boat race down the Monocacy Creek this Saturday. That’s one way to cool off. You know how the BBCP committee has been running plastic ducks down the creek the past couple of years. Well, this time, I hear, it will be boats made out of paper cups and tape that will be racing. They’re gonna have lots of entertainment, food and fun at the club before the race, too, I hear. It oughta be exciting. . . . .Fair goers will have their pick next week, with the Catholic picnic here in town and the Northampton community days fair running practically on the same days. My mouth is drooling for the steamed clams at the picnic. They usta be big favorites with the late P.A.K. from Bath, Pa., and I hear Msgr. Nave likes ‘em, too. Republican Club had their own clambake the other night. . . . . 512 project drags

THE HOME NEWS on and on. It’s a bumpy ride, too. Seems to me they oughta pave all of the lanes when it’s done. . . . Gas prices are in the $3.25- $3.27 range right now. . . .Noticed a couple Model T’s or old-time cars passing through town. Musta been a car show. . . . Well, I hope you enjoyed them fireworks and had a safe and happy holiday. Take care and keep cool if you can. I’m gonna hit the swimming pool!

Budget legislation Draws Hahn’s support

State Rep. Marcia Hahn (R-Northampton) voted Thursday in favor of Senate Bill 1466, the general appropriations portion of the state budget, which now moves to the state Senate for concurrence. The bill contains no new taxes and spends $27.7 billion, an increase of $370 million over last year, which is within the rate of inflation. Hahn issued the following statement upon passage of the legislation:

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July 5-11, 2012


“The legislation we moved to the Senate today calls for a responsible spending plan, one which reflects state government living within its means. It will be accomplished on time without reliance on Pennsylvanians in the form of a tax increase. It Continued on page 16

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4 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012


Republican Club benefit raising Funds to aid stricken children


The Bath Republican Club will have a special fund-raising event this Saturday that will help children stricken with cancer, some other disease, or burns that has caused them to lose their hair. Starting at noon, the club, located at 140 N. Chestnut St. in Bath, will have an event called “Hair Drive & Jubilee”, in which there will be entertainment by a D.J., along with raffles, tricky tray, food, and games. They’ll also be giving haircuts in the project that Christine Shaneberger of Bath is pictured with a child in Karagwe, benefits “Wigs for Kids”, an Tanzania. A senior political science and international studies ma- Ohio organization. jor, she is participating in a service learning project from Jue n3 to The highlight of the day will come at 4 p.m. when people July 13 in Africa

Bath college student works on Service project in Tanzania

Wilkes University senior Christine Shaneberger of Bath is learning lessons about AIDS policy in Africa as part of a service learning trip to Karagwe, Tanzania. Shaneberger, a political science and international studies major, is spending a month in Tanzania to learn more about the impact of AIDS in the African country. She is the daughter of Jack and Ann Marie Shaneberger. Shaneberger’s trip has included visiting the Nyakahanga Hospital, learning about the AIDS Control Program and visiting the Bweranyange Secondary School, an all-girls

school in Rwanda. The trip, which began June 13, concludes July 13. Shaneberger and fellow student Kirstin Cook are writing about their experience on a blog and posting photos about their experience. Friends and family at home can read more about their experience on the blog www. communityserviceintanzania. Shaneberger has written, “As a child I grew up hearing you can be whatever you want if you are willing to work for it, but that is not always the case here. Some of the children we met are in school only be-

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Flamisch Family Tree Day Care Center

cause they receive educational aid from Mr. Venant and the AIDS Control Program. Some of them are nearly at the top of their class because they have such a drive to succeed but their aspirations are limited by their family situations. Today, we witnessed a brief snapshot of the harsh reality of AIDS, not only for those that are infected, but by their children and grandchildren….” The students are accompanied on their trip by Evene Estwick, associate professor of communication studies at Wilkes, and Linda Winkler, dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. For more than a decade, Winkler has spent the summer working in Tanzania with AIDS orphans.

College Corner Dean’s List

Univ. of Delaware – Two local students have been named to the University of Delaware's Dean's List for spring 2012: Nicole Arkey of Bath and Alyssa McHale of Northampton. Fairleigh Dickinson University - Loren Rich,

will race “boats” in the waters of the Monocacy Creek behind the club. The no-largerthan 12 x12-inch “boats” will actually be made of red Solo cups wrapped in duct tape. A club spokeswoman said supplies to build the boats can be picked up anytime after noon on Friday until race day. People who wish to sail the boats will also be asked to fill out a form and pay a $10 entry fee. Half of the money that is collected will go to prizes and half will go to the wigs organization so that children afflicted with disease or burns may feel better about themselves. For more information about this project, call Ashley at the Bath Republican Club, 610837-9730.

of Northampton has been named to the Honor's List for the Spring 2012 Semester. Indiana University of Pennsylvania - The following students from Northampton County have been named to the spring 2012 dean’s list at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Students achieve dean’s list status when they are fulltime (12 or more credits) with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher. Jessica Marie Paulus, of Bath, B.S. in Interior Design, Stacey Amber Haverstock, Nazareth, B.S. in Fashion Merchandising, Stephanie Marie Prekopa, Nazareth, B.S. in Hospitality Management, Amy Elizabeth Rydeen, Nazareth, B.S. in Chemistry, Ali M. Stoudt, Nazareth, B.S. in Interior Design, Matthew J. Klitsch, Northampton, B.S. in Natural Science/Pre-Chiropractic, Megan E. Yezzo, Northampton, B.S.Ed. in Middle Level Education/Mathematics. Wilkes University - Wilkes University Provost Reynold Verret announces the dean's list for the Spring 2012 semester. The university extends its congratulations to the following students: Wayne Cacciola, of Bath, Christine Shaneberger, of Bath, Jaclyn Werkheiser, of Northampton.

Taking Enrollments Enrollments for for ages ages Infant Infant through throughSchool SchoolAge Age Taking

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Crib Set LEO PISCO Leo was born on June 17 at Lehigh Valley HospitalCedar Crest, weighing 9 lbs. Parents are Emily and Tony Pisco. He has a big brother, Evan.

FUTURE EVENTS: ~July 13 ~ Sunflowers ~July 20 ~ Sweet Corn Fest

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Northampton Community College - The following students have been named to the Deans’ List for the spring semester at Northampton Community College. Bath: Douglas Baier; Bobbi-Jo Boronski; Jennette Broutin; Morgan Bruneio; Jennifer Burgess; Alisha Davies; Michael Dominguez; Casey Drexler; Kathleen Dube; Christopher Duffy; Glenda Fevrier; Holly Floyd; Ivana Fox; Kyrstin Fox; Erik Garces; Yvette Garces; Kelsey Gates; William George; Rebecca Gowarty; Eric Gross; James Haddad; Cheryl Joswick; Anna Killea; Kimberly Klingborg; Kristen Klipple; Jacklyn


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Unburden the Body

What can gout, diabetes, hypothyroidism, fatigue, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia have in common? They all can be present in one person!!! The implications of multiple illnesses presenting more often is staggering to me. I believe these compounding disease presentations are from an overburdened body that just can’t take the onslaught anymore. If you suffer with just one of the afflictions mentioned above, could you imagine them all? If you are an otherwise healthy person and are reading this, you must be thinking “poor souls”. What can we do about this? In speaking to my associate, Kim Fallon, on the need to help our community, she made me come to the stark realization that many people really don’t want help even though they express that they do. She’s right! A pattern we often see is when individuals come to realize that they themselves must actively participate in their own health restoration they suddenly aren’t willing to put in the time, effort, or finances to get better. I see this often as once the novelty of chiropractic, nutrition, exercise, eating better, etc., wears off they are quitting and trying the next new thing. The cycle keeps repeating itself and all the while medicine prescriptions pile up and health continues to decline.

To reclaim health we need to unburden the body first and foremost. This means to stop putting into the body the “stuff” that is slowly destroying you. No other way to say it. Unburden now or suffer the consequences later. My clinical experience demonstrates that this first step is the number one reason why patients quit and fail altogether. The vast majority refuse to even consider giving up their potatoes, grains, coffee, soda, fruit, dairy, corn, eggs, Splenda, etc., for a day, never mind a week or the months that may be required. Typically they say they are doing what they should. In reality they’re not. They joke off the seriousness of the situation and very quietly they discontinue care. They’re letting their health slip away as well. Recently I was listening to Dr. Dietriech Klinghardt, MD PhD, who in my opinion is one of the greatest scientific and clinical minds of our time. He loosely stated that the relationship with our patient cannot be like a parent giving their child advice. He is absolutely correct. It has to be a heart to heart, peer to peer, mature adult relationship. It won’t work any other way. The patient MUST be ready to take responsibility and do something about their ailment(s). Clearly, disorders, diseases, and addictions are a chal-



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lenge to shake off. They take time, intervention, consistency, commitment, and effort, a lot of it. Know that step one, unburdening the body is the very first step in ALL conditions. Not just one or two, not just some, but ALL! If you have MS, unburden the body. Asthma, unburden the body. ADHD, autism, obesity, mental illness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, neuropathy, diabetes. You name it. UNBURDEN THE BODY. On Thursday August 16th from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, I am having a seminar discussion on this very issue. Unburden your body, lose weight, increase energy, sleep better, live more. You will come away with a plan to become the healthier you that you long for. Don’t expect a miracle; expect a frank, mature discussion that needs to take place. Please know that because seating is limited we are taking reservations. Please call and reserve as soon as possible. Bring a pen and paper. Bring questions. Bring an open mind. Bring a friend. See you then. “Natural Perspectives” is a health commentary only and does not claim to diagnose and/or make treatment recommendations. Always seek the advice of your health care professional.

Wanamaker Family Reunion


July 5-11, 2012


French students Need host families Volunteer host families are needed for French students ages 16-18 from July 10-31. A bed of their own, meals, hospitality and some transportation is all that is needed. Families can come from Easton, Nazareth, Slate Belt Area, Bath, N.J. or any area where host family is willing to transport to/from Weis Parking lot, Forks Township for 6 trips* + pick-up for arrival: 7/10:3:30pm and dropoff for departure: 7/31:8:30am. Host families do not need

to have children and working families are OK if someone (teenager or adult) is at home during the day with the French student. Students can go on Family vacations and participate in other family activities for the three weeks they are here. For more information: call Gerri DeMilio, Local Coordinator, Horizons Du Monde at 484-298-0032 or email There are still five students who do not have host families at time of printing.

“Sky” theme of VBS

Vacation Bible school will be held at Christ Church of Bath UCC from July 16 thru 20. The daily sessions, based on the theme for this year, “Sky”, will be from 6:15 to 8:30 p.m. Pre-registration forms are available at the church office. The school features amazing experiments, incredible music, lip-smacking snacks,

surprising adventures, and wild games, as the fellowship hall is decorated based on the theme. Closing program will be on Sunday, July 22, during the 9:30 a.m. worship service.

No Collisions

“You say you never clash with your wife?” “Never. She goes her way and I go hers.”


The Wanamaker Family Reunion returns this year on Sunday August 5, at 12 p.m. at the Coplay Park pavilion. The families of Earl and Marion Wanamaker and their families are invited to attend. There will be a Chinese auction, cake walk, adult and child bingo (please bring gift/ donation). Each family is responsible for providing their own food (grills are there, bring charcoal) and drink. Donations will be collected. Swimming will be available for a fee of $4 per person paid in advance due by July 27 paid to Carol H or Phyllis B or to Jocelyn W. Call Carol Haydt at 484-623-4563 or 610-844-1956 for more information and to RSVP your family. Please check out the facebook events page "Wanamaker Family Reunion" for more information.

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6 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

Plenty of baseball action in Northampton County Legion

Bath won a couple games, Nazareth lost one, Northampton lost a pair, and Lehigh Township won one of three in recent action in the Northampton County Legion Baseball League. Bath edged Northampton 7-5 as Jim Bertoletti had two hits and two RBIs, while two hits were also hit by Jake Tone, Ryan Brong and Tom Esparo and they had an RBI each in their 10-hit total. Northampton had 11 hits in the loss, with Zac Edwards getting three along with an RBI, and Preston Koehler doubled in a run. Later, Bath shut out the Birches, 3-0, as Pete Daland threw a four-hitter and struck out 12. Bob Bertoletti went 2-for-3 with a double to help Bath’s cause. Nazareth has had a winning record, but fell to East Stroudsburg, 6-3, with Dan Alicea leading the charge with 2-for-2 and scoring three runs, while pitcher Zach Werner held Nazareth to five hits, but his team only had three hits. Mike Garzillo went 2-for-3 and had an RBI for Nazareth. The Blue & White committed four errors, unusual for the team with a 12-2 record. Northampton’s other loss was to Big Pocono, 10-5. Despite Dave Derkits driving in three runs for Northampton, Big Pocono had Rich Brandes going 4-for-4 with an RBI and Kevin Sensale, 2-for-4 with an RBI. Both teams had 10 hits, but Northampton had four errors to Big Pocono’s one. Roseto ripped Lehigh Township, 8-1, but Lehigh Town-

ship edged Big Porcono, 8-7, and then Kemp Post socked it to Lehigh Township, 16-7. Roseto had doubles by Tom Diguiseppi, Brett Wagner, Pysher, Karasak and Nigito to highlight their attack. A six-run second innings was a factor in Lehigh Township winning over Big Pocono, led by Mark Szoke’s three-run single and Brian Scharnitz going 2-for-3 with two RBIs. Sixteen hits by Kemp Post gave them that many runs as Lehigh Township fell, 16-7. The losers were held to eight hits, with Zack Michael hitting a double and getting an RBI. Kemp Post had more errors than Lehigh Township, 4 to 2, but the hits overcame that poor fielding.

TWELVE of the 18 members in the “Final Flight” team are pictured at the Center Penn sporting clay championships at Wellsville, Pa.

Blue Mt. Quarter Midget Finishes

These were the finishes in June 29 racing at Berlinsville: Beginner Honda Feature 1. Damion Dusheck 2. Tobie Behler 3. Mackenzie Hixon Novice Honda Feature #1 1. Wyatt Harrar 2. Ryan Graver 3. Jacob Balliet Novice Honda Feature #2 1. Aiden Svanda 2. Peyton Arthofer 3. Gracie Hixon Heavy Honda Feature 1. Tj Bowman 2. Kyle Lillick 3. Cody Kohler Honda 160 Heavy Feature 1. Brittany Erlsten 2. Kyle Lillick 3. Tyler Eckhart Continued on page 15

Gun Show Mount Bethel Fire Co

Sunday, July 8, 2012 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

THIRD PLACE in intermediate shooting was won by Tyler Ball, Josh Wetherhold and Christopher MacNeal, shown with coach John Meyers at left. – Contributed photos

East Bath R&G scholastic clay shooting Team repeats as Pa. state champions Young people from East Bath Rod & Gun Club participated in the Pa. State Championships at Central Penn Sporting Clays at Wellsville, Pa. on Saturday, June 16. The varsity team from East Bath successfully defended

Admission $4.00 for Adults, Children under 12 years of age are free when accompanied by an adult.

For more information, contact Harry Nasatka at 610-588-7538 Email: Fax: 610-599-0748

Collectors, Dealers, Gun Bugs, Buy, Sell, or Trade, Modern and Antique Guns, New or Used, Guns, Knives, Hunting and Fishing Supplies. Archery Supplies Available. For information or Future Show Date:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

their varsity title and repeated as champions for 2012. The winning squad consisted of Brady Simms, Mike Pogerski, and new squad member Shawn Kemeter, who replaced last year’s champion, Matt Edelman, who recently graduated from high school

and is now away at college. The team of 17 boys and one girl competed in a 100-clay sporting clay tournament, along with 200 other students from across Pennsylvania. They are all students ranging Continued on page 15

Open Bowling Bowling Open Saturday SaturdayNight and 6:30 P.M. - ? Sunday Night

NEW: SUNDAY NIGHT 6:30 P.M. -? OPEN BOWLING 6:00 p.m. - ?

directions, day of show, call 570-897-6767

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Wednesday Afternoon 1:00 Tuesday Afternoon 1:00pm pm- 3:30 - 3:30pm pm Friday Morning - Noon Friday Morning10:00 10:00am am - Noon

Located on Rt. 611, approx. 8 miles So. From Delaware Water Gap Exit Off I-80 East From New Jersey, take Exit 4 off I-80 going west. Cross over Portland Columbia Bridge, continue on Rt. 611 So. Approx. 2 miles on left.

Mount Bethel Vol. Fire Company • 2341 No. Delaware Drive • Mt. Bethel, PA •




Pharmacy Ribbon Cutting - The Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony last Friday at Southmoore Pharmacy on 512 in Bath. Owners Lora Durigan and Dawn Weber are pictured.

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Anniversary Gala Dinner & Dance - The Gala Dinner Dance for Bath 275th anniversary is scheduled for August 11th at the Bath Fire Social Hall with live music by Desert Rain from 7-11 p.m. Tickets are on sale, so stop by the store today for yours! 21 and over only! Anniversary Choir Concert - A performance by the Anniversary Choir will be held at St. John’s Church in Bath on Sunday, August 12th. The performance is scheduled for 2 p.m. Later in the day, an ecumenical church service will be held at Sacred Heart Church in Bath at 6 p.m. with a hospitality hour after the service. Park Dedication - A dedication of Monocacy Creek Park will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday, August 13th. Kids Night - Kids Night will take place on Tuesday, August 14th at Ciff Cowling Park. For just $2 children will have all the fun they can with unlimited use of various moon bounces, obstacle courses and games. There will also be face painting crafts and food available. A live musical performance by Bobby Siegfriend’s band will Continued on page 12

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Trimming of Plants & Shrubs Demonstration Band - “Josef Kroboth” - 6:30-10:30 pm Saturday, July 14th 10-11:30 am call to register SAT. JULY 10th 5-11 pm

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HOURS: Monday-Friday 8-7, Saturday 8-5, Sunday 9-5


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dents came out to show their support and unwillingness to take that gamble, “The money will replenish as time goes on, land won’t”, Belinda Cook said of the supervisors wanting to find other funding sources,“they aren’t making more of it [land].” The two properties are now preserved and protected from future development. The preservation supersedes all zoning and gives Moore Township the development rights to both properties. The Conservancy is responsible for enforcing the preservation.


Open: Mon.-Thurs. 9am-8pm • Fri 9am-9pm Sat. 8am-9pm • Sun. 10am-4pm

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THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012




from other sources. Township residents were against delaying the approval due to the fact that the current owner is looking to sell the land and as mentioned in previous discussions, had already received offers from developers for the acreage. Dr. Schiavone hopes to sell before the end of the year and if the property were not preserved at Wednesday’s meeting it may have been lost. Resi-





PRINTING & DESIGN 391A Nazareth Pike


8 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

SENIOR CITIZENS Visit and Participate in Senior Center Activities Local centers include: MidCounty Senior Center, 234 S. Walnut St., Bath; Nazareth Senior Center, 15 S. Wood St.; Northampton Senior Center, in Grace UCC Church, 9th St & Lincoln Ave., and Cherryville Senior Center at Hope Lutheran Church, Rt. 248, Lehigh Township. Northampton Co. Agency on Aging Menus Wednesday, July 4: “Closed for the 4th of July” Thursday, July 5: Apple Juice; Baked Ziti; French Cut Green Beans; Italian Bread w/

Marg.; Sugar Cookies Friday, July 6: Orange Juice; Fried Haddock Sandwich w/ Lett/Tom/Tartar Sauce; Sun Chips; Cole Slaw; Sliced Peaches Monday, July 9: Calve’s Liver/Onion Gravy; Mashed Red Potatoes; Brussels Sprouts; Wheat Bread w/Marg.; 1 pkg. Graham Crackers; Lemon Meringue Pie Tuesday, July 10: Breaded Veal Patty w/Gravy; Buttered Noodles; Succotash; Wheat Bread w/Marg.; Fresh Fruit in Season Wednesday, July 11: Cranberry Juice; BBQ Chicken Sandwich w/Bacon & Cheddar; Pasta Salad; Fresh Cantaloupe

More Events Coming Soon

Cherryville Senior Center For Meal Reservations please call: 610-767-2977 by 9:30 a.m. Hours 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, July 4: “Closed” July 4th Holiday Thursday, July 5: 9:00 Puzzles/Crafts/Quilts; 10:30 Exercise; 1:30 Shopping Friday, July 6: 10:00 Puzzls Monday, July 9: Closed for Hope’s Vacation Bible School Tuesday, July 10: “Closed” Wednesday, July 11: “Closed” Thursday, July 12: “Closed” Mid-County Senior Center For Meal Reservations: Please Call 610-837-1931 Hours 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Wednesday, July 4: “Closed” - Happy 4th of July Thursday, July 5: 9:00 Pool/ Cards/Games/Puzzles; 10:15 Sing-a-Long; 11:30 Lunch; 12:30 Penny Bingo Friday, July 6: 9:00 Pool/ Cards/Games & Puzzles; 10:00 Council Meeting; 11:30 Lunch; 12:15 Pinochle/Games Monday, July 9: 9:00 Pool/ Cards/Games/Puzzles; 11:30 Lunch Tuesday, July 10: “Birthdays” 9:00 Pool/Cards/ Games; 9:45 Exercise; 11:30 Lunch; 12:30 bingo Wednesday, July 11: 9:00 Pool/Cards/Games/Puzzles & Sewing for Gracedale; 11:30 Lunch; 12:30 Crafts/Ceramics Nazareth Senior Center For Meal Reservations please call: 610-759-8255 Wednesday, July 4: “Center Closed” Thursday, July 5: 9:00 Exercise Group; 9:30 Craft Class Friday, July 6: “Bakery Day”; 10:00 Penny Bingo Monday, July 9: 9:00 Exercise Group; 9:30 Barbara’s

Blueberry Festival Saturday, July 14 from 3-9pm in the Grove At Salem UCC, 2218 Community Dr. (Rt. 946), Bath, Pa. Music by Steel Creek Country Band Food J Games J 50+ Prize Raffle Cake Walk J Bingo ine

r Sh ent Rain o em of incl

e in the (In cas 3-7pm r l) e h t ip Hal wea llowsh e F h c chur

Bring a Lawn chair

Know The Weather

Does the weather affect our mood because of psychological factors or because of physical factors? The changing weather affects the way we feel in both the real, physical sense, and the psychological. In the first place, changes in the pressure of the air affect us, as does the relative amount of moisture in the air, so that many people feel genuine physical “omens” and “signs” about the weather in advance of a weather change, and during certain periods. The psychological effect is also great. Psychologists have found that some people associate cheerfulness with rain, others link it with bright, sunny skies. Both of these influences must be taken into consideration in appraising the effects on humans which is sometimes great. Generally speaking, of course, most people feel best, physically, when they are under a high pressure area of clear, dry air.

Weekend Forecast - Northampton County

The Eastern PA Weather Authority is calling for partly cloudy and a high of 92 on Thursday with a 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms. Friday is going to hot and dry with a high of 94 and Saturday will be mostly sunny with a high of 96. It is expected to be mostly sunny on Sunday with a high of 90. For up to date information on local weather, visit www. or find them on facebook (Eastern PA Weather Authority).

Craft Class; 10:00 Council Meeting Tuesday, July 10: 10:00 Exercise w/Marion; 10:00 Bonus Bingo Wednesday, July 11: “Bakery Day”; 10:00 Pinochle; 11:00 Sing-a-Long with Julie Northampton Senior Center For Reservations Please Call: 610-262-4977 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:30-1:30 Wednesday, July 4: “Independence Day” – Center Closed! Thursday, July 5: 9:00 Cards/ Puzzles; 11:00 Music with Steve; Noon Lunch; 11:30 Bakery Corner; “National Family Day” Friday, July 6: 9:00 Cards/ Puzzles; 9:30-11:00 Needlecraft; 11:30 Lunch; Red, White or Blue Bingo after Lunch Monday, July 9: 9:00 Cards/ Puzzles; Noon Lunch; “Nat’l. Sugar Cookie Day!”

Tuesday, July 10: 9:00 Cards/Puzzles; Noon Lunch; “Don’t Step on a Bee Day!” Wednesday, July 11: 9:00 Cards/Puzzles; Noon Lunch; “Cheer up the Lonely Day!”

AARP meeting

Northampton AARP Chapter 3915 will meet on July 11, at the Allen Township Fire Company, 3530 Howertown Road, Northampton. Doors will open at 12:00 noon. Refreshments will be served. Entertainment will be Sterling Lamm, musician. Anyone interested in the AARP bus trips please contact Sharon at 610-262-9182. New members are welcome at their meetings.

Summer Picnic

St. John's Friendly Fifties will hold their annual picnic, rain or shine, at 26th St. Playground in Northampton on Monday, July 9 from 12 noon until 5:00.


Residents make their Own rain barrels

On Saturday, May 12 The Bertsch-Hokendauqua-Catasauqua Watershed Association members and many residents came out to Indian Trail Park to make their own rain barrels. The association provided all the materi-

als and tools necessary. Rain barrels are great water saving devices and ideal for gardens. The barrel sits underneath a downspout and collects water from rooftops each time it rains. The collected rain water can then be used to water lawn and garden plants. This helps conserve groundwater, utilizes high quality water for plants and decreases water bills. And the rain barrels can be painted with paints that adhere to plastic. The association strives to be the area’s leader and chief advocate for conservation— inspiring residents, businesses and local governments to value their natural resource, engage in conservation practices and work collaboratively with the Association to protect and preserve the area’s natural resources and water quality. Photo on Page 15.

Railroad Station Open sunday

The Siegfried Railroad Station, the home of the Northampton Area Historical Society, will be open to visitors on Sunday, July 15, from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m.. The Station is located on West 21st Street (Route 329) in Northampton. The station is a museum housing artifacts of Northampton and surrounding areas.

Store Hours Mon.-Fri. 7-7 Sat. 7-4

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Route 329 & Savage Rd., PO Box 311 Northampton, PA 18067-0311 Phone 610-262-4566 Fax 610-262-7847

Along with permanent displays in the station, there are special displays each. This year’s special displays are Rotary International, a World War II exhibit (the Capkovic family) and a Laubach Family exhibit. There is no charge to see the exhibits. Donations for

the ongoing restoration of the station are always accepted. New members are also welcome. The Society will take part in Community Days to be held at the Municipal Park at Laubach Avenue and Smith Lane from Wednesday, July 11, through Saturday, July 14.


THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

It’s A Fact only reason

The a great many American families don’t own a big elephant is that they have never been offered one for $10 down and $10 a week.



THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012


Reports given by Council At workshop meeting By BILL HALBFOERSTER The Home News

Members of committees made their reports at the June 28 workshop meeting of Nazareth Borough Council. Before they did, however, a complaint was brought by a resident, who said he has a problem with his neighbor. Mark Stewart said the neighbor’s property is disorderly. The house has been condemned three times, and he noted odors from fecal and urine matter from pets there. “There’s no reason that you have to put up with a situation like that,” said Council-

man Larry Stoudt. Stewart added, “It’s a never ending pattern.” Council advised Stewart to check with the animal control officer, and in the allegation of a child being left home alone, he was advised to call Northampton County Children & Youth. Chief of Police Tracta also commented, “You have a legitimate complaint.” The Reports Stoudt, of the property committee, noted that the small pavilion at the park will be painted in September. He reported that Constance Brown has requested use of the park

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gazebo for a family reunion on Aug. 25, and permission was to be granted on Monday. Stoudt also noted that Vigilance Hose Co. wants to pay for lights at the big pavilion, with installation to be done by the borough. It would give more light for their carnival, which Stoudt said went very well recently. Councilman Carl Fischl wasn’t present, but chairman Dan Chiavaroli reported for him that the fire company will use their ladder truck on Nazareth Day. Also, the Bushkill Twsp. Fire Co. wants to plant 200 trees around the Nazareth circle for Veterans Day. Frank Maurek, for ecology, announced that there will be a recycling day on Sept. 22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Nazareth Intermediate School for all county residents. But starting in January it will be illegal to pick up computers. . . . He said the committee discussed the possibility of a regional yard waste recycling facility that would serve Nazareth, Lower Nazareth, Upper Nazareth, Stockertown, and Tatamy. The municipal authority has land that could accommodate it. Two identical bids were received to remove a dead tree and stump along Center St. for $550, Maurek said, so Council planned to flip a coin on Monday at the regular Council meeting to determine who will do the job. Maurek also said the highway superintendent will have trees trimmed that have branches obstructing stop signs.

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FRANK HOMME (center) is shown receiving one of several DAV awards. – Contributed photo

Homme wins honors On June 11, Franklin L. Homme received a letter from National Headquarters of the D.A.V. awarding him a bronze star for getting new members. At the Disabled American Veterans Department convention on June 1316 he took annual Service Officers Training (renewing his certification). And on June 15, Homme received from D.A.V. Department of PA The Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award. Homme is Commander of

D.A.V. Chapter #7 Lehigh Valley and a member of American Legion Post 367, Fullerton. He volunteers at the following: Miller-Keystone Blood and also gives blood (over 1000 hours-over 31 gals.); V.A. Clinic in Allentown-(over 1000 hours) and Gracedale Nursing Home (over 1000 hours) and has been at St. Luke’s Hospital several months. Franklin finds volunteering arewarding and he enjoys helping people.

Councilman Jack Herbst noted that three part-time police officers will be hired, and also a police secretary. Councilman Charles Donello noted details on a street paving project. Councilman Mike Kopach reviewed the Emergency Policy and Protocol that was established in 2009, and what needs Council approval and what does not. Secretary Paul Kokolus reported $1,308.74 lost in earned income taxes for the Allentown Neighborhood Improvement Zone. Council was expected to approve $750 for the Nazareth Day fireworks sponsored by the fire company.

Mayor Fred Daugherty said $195,000 was spent on workmen’s compensation for police overtime. With an Eagle Scout looking for a project, it was suggested that he could do the signs at the entrance to the park. Council had a number of executive sessions on various issues following the public meeting. The Council building was the focal point of a July 4th celebration yesterday that followed a kazoo parade sponsored by the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce. (Report on that event in next week’s issue.)

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Church Directory ADVENT MORAVIAN, (610) 8680477, Bethlehem. Sun - 8:30am W 9:30am SS; 10:45am W ASSUMPTION BVM PARISH, Northampton. 610-262-2559. Sun - 8/10:30am W; Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri – 8am Mass; Wed– 7pm W; Sat – 4pm W BANGOR CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, Bangor. 610-588-6929 Sun - 9:30am SS for all ages; 10:40am W; Children’s Church Tues. - Y ladies BS 6 pm, Y men’s BS 7 pm BETHANY WESLEYAN, Cherryville. 610-767-1239. Sun - 9/10:30am W BUSHKILL UNITED METHODIST, Clearfield, Bushkill Twp. Sun - 9:15am W, 10:30am SS CARPENTER’S COMMUNITY CHURCH, Nazareth, 484-285-0040 Sun - 10am W CHAPMAN QUARRIES UNITED METHODIST, Bath. 610-837-0935 Sun. - 11am W, 10am SS CHRIST U.C.C., S. Bath. Sun. - 9:30am W w/nursery. 2pm Mission Church. Thurs. 7:30pm Mission Church CHRIST U.C.C., Allentown. Schoenersville. Sun. - 10:15am W CHRIST U.C.C. – LITTLE MOORE, Danielsville. Sun - 9am W CONCORDIA LUTHERAN CHURCH Northampton Sun - 9am W, 10:30am SS & BS COVENANT UNITED METHODIST, Bath. 610-837-7517. HA Sun – 8/10:30am W, 9:15am SS, Mon. 7/9 - Fri. 7/13 9am – 12pm V.B.S. DRYLAND U.C.C., Nazareth. 610759-4444 Sat – 6pm W Sun – 8/10:15am W, 9am SS EGYPT COMMUNITY CHURCH, Whitehall (Egypt) 610-262-4961 Sun. – 10:30am W - 9am SS HCA EMMANUEL’S LUTH Bath. Sun – 9:30am – W, Wed. 7pm W FAITH REFORMED, Lehigh Twsp. Sun - 10am W GOD’S MISSIONARY CHURCH, Northampton. Sun – 9:30am SS, 10:30am & 7pm Service; 6:30pm. Evening Youth GOOD SHEPHERD LUTHERAN, Northampton Sun – 8/10:45am W 9:30am SS GOSPEL CHAPEL, Northampton Sun – 9am W, 9am Nursery Service GRACE BIBLE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH, Nazareth 610-759-7039 Sun. - 9:30am W, 10:30am SS, 6pm

W. GRACE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, Pen Argyl Sun –8:30 & 10am W, 10am SS HOLY CROSS EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN, Nazareth. Sun. – 8/9:30 W/HC, Tue. 6:30pm BS HOLY FAMILY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, Nazareth Sun – 7am/9am/11am M, Tues. 6:30pm BS HOLY TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH, Northampton 610-2622668 Sun. – 10:30am W Communion 1st Sun. of the Month. 9:15am SS HOLY TRINITY SLOVAK LUTHERAN, Northampton Sun. - W/SS - 9am HOPE LUTHERAN CHURCH, Cherryville 610 767-7203 Sun– 8:00/9:30am W MOUNT EATON CHURCH Saylorsburg, PA 570-992-7050 Sat. - 6:30pm W, Sun. - 8/10:30am W. 9:30am SS, Wed. - 7pm BS, NAZARETH MORAVIAN CHURCH, Nazareth 610-759-3163 Sun - 9:30 Worship and Confirmation NORTHAMPTON ASSEMBLY OF GOD, Northampton Sun – 10:45am & 6pm W; 9:30am SS; Wed – 7:30pm W QUEENSHIP OF MARY CHURCH, Northampton 610-2622227 Sun. – 7:30/9:30/11:30am S. Holy day & Vigil – 6:30, 9am; Vigil 7pm SACRED HEART CATHOLIC, Bath. Sat Vigil– 4:30pm/6pm M, Sun - 6:45/8/9:30/11am M; CC during 9:30am M; Mon– Thurs 8am M; Fri – 8:30am M, Morning Prayer MonThurs 7:30am Fri. 8am. SALEM U.C.C., Moorestown. Sun 9:30 W SALEM UNITED METHODIST, Danielsville. Sun – 9:30am W ST. BRIGID’S EPISCOPAL Nazareth Sun –10am W, 9:45am SS, Holy Eucharist 9 a.m. ST. JOHN’S LUTHERAN CHURCH, Bath. 610-837-1061 Sun 8am/10:15am W – HC 1st & 3rd Sun. ST. JOHN’S EV. LUTHERN CHURCH, Nazareth 610-759-3090. Sun. –9am Sat. 5:30pm ST. JOHN’S U.C.C., Northampton. Sun – 9am W ST. JOHN’S U.C.C., Nazareth.

Pastor’s Pastor’s Comments Comments In large print at: In large print at:

Northampton Northampton Assembly Assembly of of God God

3449 Cherryville Cherryville Rd., Rd., Northampton Northampton •• Sun. Sun. 10:45 10:45 am am & & 66 pm; pm; Wed. Wed. 7:30 7:30 pm pm 3449

Daniel E. E. Lundmark Lundmark •• •• 610-262-5645 610-262-5645 Daniel

God Bless America!

The Pilgrims’ The Pilgrims’ goal goal in in 1620 1620 was was to to establish establish aa government government based based on on the the Bible. Bible. The The New New England England Charter Charter reads, reads, “ “ advance advance the the enlargement enlargement of of Christian Christian religion, religion, to to the the glory glory of of God God Almighty....” Almighty....” The principles of God’s Word guided the decisions on which this nation Theits principles of God’s Word guided the decisions onthe which this nation built foundation. In 1787 Benjamin Franklin addressed convention that built its foundation. In confusion, 1787 Benjamin Franklin addressed the convention that was about to adjourn in “I have lived, Sir, a long time, and the longer to adjourn in confusion, have Sir, athat longGod time,governs and the longer Iwas live,about the more convincing proofs I“Isee of lived, this truth: in the I live, the proofscannot I see of truth: that God governs in the affairs of more man. convincing And if a sparrow fallthis to the ground without His notice, is itaffairs probable that an empire can risecannot without We have been His assured, of man. And if a sparrow fallHis to aid? the ground without notice,Sir, is the Sacred thatcan ‘except the Lord buildWe thehave house, laborSir, in itinprobable thatWritings an empire rise without His aid? beenthey assured, vain buildWritings it.’” in thethat Sacred that ‘except the Lord build the house, they labor in Ourthat firstbuild president vain it.’” in his inaugural address to Congress stated, “...the propitious smiles of heaven cannot be expected on a nation that disregards the Our first president in his address to Congress “...the propieternal rules of order andinaugural right, which heaven itself hasstated, ordained.” tious smiles of heaven cannot be expected on a nation disregards the Alexis de Tocqueville, the noted French historian of thethat nineteenth century eternal rules oftoorder andsecret right,ofwhich heaven itself has ordained.” visited America find the her greatness. After witnessing the church Alexisofdethis Tocqueville, the noted French historian he of the century pulpits land “aflame with righteousness” said,nineteenth “America is great because America and ifofAmerica ceasesAfter to be good, America will visited America to is findgood; the secret her greatness. witnessing the church cease great.” pulpitstoofbe this land “aflame with righteousness” he said, “America is great I sing, “God Bless America,” a prayer knowing ourbe nation is America far from God, because America is good; and as if America ceases to good, will guilty sins and in desperate need of spiritual awakening! May God ceaseoftohorrible be great.” bless America with conviction and repentance to turn from sin to Himself. I sing, “God Bless America,” as a prayer knowing our leaders nation iswho far from God, May God bless America with wisdom to vote for godly will stand guilty horrible sins May and in desperate need of as spiritual awakening! May “ God up for of righteousness. God bless America, Abraham Lincoln said, bless America with conviction and repentance to Scriptures turn from and sin toproven Himself. recognize the sublime truth announced in the Holy by May God bless America with only wisdom vote forwhose godly leaders will stand all history, that those nations aretoblessed God is who the Lord.”

up for righteousness. May God bless America, as Abraham Lincoln said, “ recognize the sublime truth announced in the Holy Scriptures and proven by all history, that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.”

610-759-0893 Sun 8/10am W JULY 11TH First Wed. Communion 11am ST. NICHOLAS CATHOLIC CHURCH, Walnutport. 610-7673107 Sun 8/9:30/11am M , Sat 4:30pm M Daily Mass at 8:30am ST. PAUL’S UCC, Northampton, 610-261-2910. HA Sun. 10:15am W, Communion. 1st Sun. of Month. 9am SS ST. PAUL’S U.C.C., of Indian land, Cherryville. Sun - Adult & youth, 9am SS; 10:15am W ST. PETER’S U.C.C., Northampton .PA Sun- 9am SS, 10:15 W VALLEY VIEW BAPTIST, Northampton Sun - 9:30am BS; 10:45am W WALNUTPORT SEVENTH-day ADVENTIST, Sat – 9:30am W, - 10:45am SS ZION’S STONE U.C.C., Kreidersville. Sun- 9am W ZION WESLEYAN, Pt. Phillip. Sun- 9:00am SS, 10:15 W

KEY –W- Worship, M – Mass, S – Services, SS – Sunday School, CE – Christian Ed, BS – Bible Study, CC - Child Care, HC – Holy Communion, H/A – Handicapped Accessible. * Please send Church Schedules and activities to editorial@ Or mail bulletins to PO BOX 39, BATH PA 18014. Church Directory is a free listing of area Churches in alphabetical order and includes: Services, Sunday school and Bible Study regular schedules. Please call the office for directions or more information.

Nazareth C of C Folk music festival The Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce and Dynamic Renaissance in the Arts are proud to co-sponsor the first annual 100th Centennial Celebration of Woody Guthrie. The event will take place on Saturday, July 14th with Sunday, July 15th scheduled as a rain date between the hours of 2-8PM. The event will be located at The Nazareth Borough Park, Broad Street Extension, Nazareth. The festival will feature two music venues presenting various forms of folk, country, classic rock, contemporary blues and music. The park concession stand will be open with a full offering of refreshments. There will also be several kid and family friendly crafters and businesses in attendance offering everything from face painting to caricatures. Inspired musicians can come to join in jam sessions throughout the day. Some of the featured entertainment includes: Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society, Lehigh Valley Cloggers (Irish step dancing), Aaron Masters, Schubert & Binder, Jim & Denise Stocker and The Performing Artists Learning Center. In addition, there will be a children’s show and art mural project entitled ”This land is your land”. For additional information, please contact the Nazareth Area Chamber of Commerce at: 610-7599188. www.nazarethchamber. com, and find our event page on facebook.


July 5-11, 2012


Jesus Frees Us From Our Sins Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32 (NIV) When Jesus said this, he was speaking to Jews who believed him. After hearing this statement, the Jews were puzzled because Moses had led them out of slavery. They believed God had already freed them so why is Jesus now telling them, you will be set free? Jesus went on to tell them they should live by what the Father commands; to live by His truth and the truth will set them free. We here in the United States of America have great freedoms although our historic nation has had its share of slavery. Today, most of us believe slavery is something that happened many years ago. Today we are free to do whatever we desire as long as we don’t hurt others. You may have the power to do whatever you want but you are not free. Jesus explained, “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (34-36) True freedom comes only by accepting Jesus Christ, who is the truth of God manifest in the flesh. You see, Jesus is the only one who can make us truly free. You may feel you are totally free to do what you want but we all sin and have fallen short of the glory of God. People who indulge in sinful lifestyles experience the slavery of sin today. Go ask any recovering alcoholic or drug addict and they will tell you the urge to use their drug of choice is a cruel slave master. I’m sure you know of people who have become slaves to the desire of money, power, etc. Yes, we are Americans celebrating our Independence Day this week. We are free according to our government documents. But without the power of Jesus to set us free of our sins, we are not free. In order to receive true freedom we must accept God’s Son and be willing to allow God’s Word and love into our lives. We must accept the Truth and that Truth will set us free. America needs Jesus. Only Jesus can set America free. True freedom is freedom from sin. We are blessed to have been given so many freedoms as American citizens. This is still the best nation on earth but true freedom is more than the freedom to practice our religion, to say what we believe, or to gather peacefully. We need Jesus Christ to make our freedom worth living.

Activities at Bethany Wesleyan Church

Upward Flag Football - a great opportunity for girls & boys ages Kindergarten thru 8th grade. Games every Saturday beginning August 18 - October 27. Registration forms and online registration are available on our web site Vacation Bible School - For

ages 3 thru 5th Grade - Monday, August 6th - Friday, August 10th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm. SKY - 3 years old to completed Kindergarten. Kids discover that by trusting God, everything is possible...the Sky is the limit! Break Free - Grades 1 to completed 5th. Each night will feature unique games, team competitions, tasty snacks, encouraging messages, lively worship and lots Continued on page 13

St. Peter’s UCC

8142 Valley View Road • Seemsville, Northampton


St. Peter’s U.C.C. 8142 Valley View Rd. Seemsville, Northampton

Wo r s h i p 610-837-7426 9:00 a.m. “There Are No Strangers Here,

St. Peter’s U.C.C. 8142 ValleyOnly View Rd. Friends We Haven’t Met!” Seemsville, Northampton 610-837-7426

“There A re No Strangers Here, Only Friends We Haven’t Met!”

12 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

Obituaries James D. Balkam James D. Balkam, 58, of Laury’s Station, died Friday, June 29, after complications with heart transplant surgery at Hershey Medical Center. Hewas the husband of Michelle A. (Balla) Balkam. James worked as a project manager for Lucent Technologies Corp., Allentown, for 28 years retiring in 2001. Born in Natick, MA, he was a son of the late Horace Balkam and Mrs. Anne (Cassidy) Balkam of Wells, ME. He was a member of St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Berlinsville. Besides his wife and mother, he is survived by three daughters, Kelley Balkan of NH, Ashlee Balkam, and Victoria Balkam, both of Laury’s Station; two sons, Thomas Balkam and Kyle Balkam, both of Whitehall Twsp.; stepdaughters, Kristin Kosalko of Slatington, Erika Kosalko of Laury’s Station; stepson, Joseph Kosalko of Laury’s Station; eight grandchildren; sisters, Cynthia Thornton of Hopkinton, Mass., Katie Fitzgibbons of Ashland, Mass., Ann Kenline of South Yarmouth, Mass., brothers Stephen of E. Sandwich, Mass., Mark of Venice, FL and Edward of Manchester, NH, and many nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday in St. Nicolas Catholic Church, 1152 Oak Road, Walnutport (Berlinsville). Call 7-8:30 p.m. Thursday and 8:459:45 Friday, Schisler Funeral Home, 2119 Washington Avenue, Northampton. Private interment. Contribution may be made to the Heart Transplant Program at Penn State Heart and Vascular Institute, c/o the funeral home.

Robert P. Bieber

July 28, 1927 – June 28, 2012 Robert P. Bieber, 84, of Moore Township died Thursday, June 28 at home. He was the husband of the late Velma (Peters) Bieber, who died in 2003. Born in Bethlehem on July 28, 1927, he was a son of the

Frances Bensing Funeral Director

late Ira J. and Dorothy R. (Riegel) Bieber. He attended Coolidge School in Bethlehem Township and Wilson Borough High School, then served in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War II, where he gained much of his experience with machinery by maintaining the boilers on his ship on the Mississippi River. He ran bulldozers and other heavy equipment for more than 60 years before retiring from the Charles Chrin Companies. He was very adept at building roads and ponds, and grading for houses in many developments in Northampton County. On his farm in Moore Township he grew prizewinning hay with his partner, Dennis Newhard. He was a master mechanic who spent many hours in his shop repairing and re-designing farm equipment. Additionally, he bred and raised registered quarter horses, and was an active member of the Plainfield Riding Club. He also had an extensive horse-drawn vehicle collection, which included an antique hearse that was part of the Bath Halloween parade for many years. His driving tam of horses pulled his surrey for numerous brides and grooms in the area. Surviving are a sister, Mary Louie Strausz, of Cowiche, Washington; two nieces, and four great-nieces and greatnephews. Preceding him in death was a brother, William Bieber. Services will be held on Saturday, July 7 at 11 a.m. in the George G. Bensing Funeral Home, 2165 Community Dr., Rt. 946, Moorestown. Friends and relatives are invited to call on Saturday morning from 10 to 11 a.m. in the funeral home. Interment will follow in the Farmersville Cemetery, Bethlehem Township. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the 4-H Clubs of Northampton County, 14 Gracedale Ave., Nazareth, PA 18064, c/o Donna Faulk.

John h. simons supervisor

Anna Marie Erdie

Jan. 30, 1922 – June 25, 2012 Anna Marie Erdie, 90, of Nazareth died Monday, June 25 at home. She was the wife of the late John “Lefty” Erdie, who died on May 5. She worked at the former St. Regis Paper Co., Nazareth, for 40 years before retiring. Born January 30, 1922 in Nazareth, she was a daughter of the late Anthony and Anna (Gornick) Franczak. She was a member of Holy Family Church and its Altar & Rosary Society and Golden Agers in Nazareth. Surviving are a son, John, of New Paltz, N.Y.; three daughters, Sharon Kistler of Boyertown, Eileen Paukovits and Sandie Lichtenwalner, both of Nazareth; five grandchildren, two great-grandchildren; a sister, Josephine Searock, and brother, John Franczak, both of Nazareth. Preceding her in death were her twin brother, Henry Franczak; another brother, David Franczak; and a sister, Rose Wzontek. Services were held on Saturday morning in the Reichel Funeral Home, Nazareth, followed by a Mass of Christian Burial in Holy Family Church and interment in the parish cemetery. Memorial donations may be made to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, c/o the funeral home at 220 Washington Park, Nazareth, PA 18064.

Verna E. Fehnel

Jan. 16, 1918 – June 25, 2012 Verna E. Fehnel, 94, of Nazareth died Monday, June 25 at Gracedale. She was the wife of the late Norman E. Fehnel. She was born Jan. 16, 1918 in Lower Nazareth Township, daughter of the late Richard and Lizzie (Moyer) Hahn. She was a member of St. John’s Evan. Lutheran Church, Nazareth. Surviving are a son, Larry L., of Nazareth; two grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Services were held on Friday morning in BartholomewSchisler Funeral Home, Nazareth. A committal service was at Cedar Hill Memorial Park, Allentown. Contributions may be made to the memorial fund of St. John’s Lutheran Church, c/o the funeral home at 211 E. Center St., Nazareth, PA 18064.

Harold H. Good

June 26, 1916 – June 26, 2012 Harold H. Good of Tatamy died on the day of his 96th birthday, Tuesday, June 26, in the VNA Hospice of St. Luke’s in Lower Saucon Township. He was the husband of Beulah Good. He worked for and retired from Lehigh Cement Co., in Sandt’s Eddy and later worked at Harker’s Hollow Golf Course. Born on June 26, 1916 in Bangor, he was a son of the late Martin and Martha (Harding) Good. He was a member of St. Peter’s U.C.C. Church, Tatamy, and was also a member of the Martins Creek Rod & Gun Club, Sandt’s Eddy Fire Co.,

and Stockertown-Tatamy Lions Club, where he was a past president. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son, Barton, of Bath; a daughter, Barbara Frutchey, of Mt. Bethel; four grandchildren, 10 greatgrandchildren, and one greatgreat-grandchild. Preceding him in death were a son, Martin, in infancy; a brother, Paul, and a sister, Marion Rader-Weaver. Funeral services were held on Saturday morning in St. Peter’s U.C.C. Church, with The Rev. Ernest G. Schaffer officiating. Burial was in Forks Cemetery, Stockertown. Arrangements were by the Schmidt Funeral Home, Nazareth. Memorial contributions may be made to St. Peter’s U.C.C. Church, P.O. Box 188, Tatamy, PA 18085.

Rose C. McIlvee

Dec. 15, 1065 – June 28, 2012 Rose C. McIlvee, 46, of Bath died Thursday, June 23 at home. She was the wife of Garry E. McIlvee, Jr. A 1984 graduate of Northampton High School, she was a member of Covenant United Methodist Church, Klecknersville. She was born Dec. 15, 1965 in Manhattan, New York, daughter of the late William A. and Muriel J. (Archibald) Senft. In addition to her husband, she is survived by five sisters, Mimi Simmons of Coplay, Marge Duffy of Allentown, Debbie Scholl of Bath, Sophie Glose of Jim Thorpe, and Denise Kuntzman of Northampton; two brothers, William K. Senft of Port Orange, Fla., and Paul Senft of Warwick, N.Y.; 13 nieces and nephews and 14 great-nieces and nephews. Preceding her in death were a brother, Daniel Senft, and a nephew. Services were held on Monday morning in the Reichel Funeral Home, Northampton, with The Rev. Christina Keller officiating, followed by burial in Zion Cemetery, Kreidersville. Memorial donations may be made to St Jude’s Hospital, c/o the funeral home at 326 E. 21st St., Northampton, PA 18067.

Bath 275th Anniversary Continued from page 7

be from 7-9 p.m. Please bring lawn chairs. Make your own “Sundae Night” - Who doesn’t want to top their ice cream off with all the best stuff; peanuts and sprinkles, chocolate syrup and more? A Sundae Night will be held on Wednesday August 15th at Christ UCC Church fellowship from 6-8 p.m. For just $2 you can make your own sundae and enjoy the company of good friends and neighbors! Live Music in the Park - On Thursday August 16th from 7-9 p.m. the Rifters will be playing at Ciff Cowling Field. Patrons are asked to

bring their own lawn chairs and/or blankets. Parade - The Grand Marshalls for the Bath 275th Anniversary Parade scheduled for Saturday, August 18th, at 1pm, will be Mr. and Mrs. Carl Rehrig The Rehrigs have been active in the Bath community for many years... They both continue to dedicate their time and talents to many organizations in the Borough. The committee is honored to have the Rehrig's be a part of the 275th Anniversary. Any organization, club, business, family, etc interested in being in this parade please fill out the form in today’s paper or contact Parade Chairperson, Barry Fenstermaker @ 610-837-8448. Fireworks to culminate the anniversary weeklong celebration are scheduled for 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 18th. The anniversary committee is looking for anyone wishing to volunteer for any of the events. Please contact Barry Fenstermaker or Fiorella Mirabito.

Bethany Wes. Continued from page 11

of fun. Come have a great time

and learn how God created you unique and special. You can now log onto the church website and view live video coverage of the building progress of the 1200 seat mutil-ministry facility! www. Encounter Saturday evening service at 5:00 pm in the gym. Nursery available, Children’s ministry, casual dress, live message, fellowship time before service. Zumba classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30—7:30 pm in the Family Life Center Dining Room. Women of all ages are invited from ages 13-99! $4/class. Coed Recreational Volleyball for ages 15 and up Sunday evenings @ 6 pm in the gym. Coed Competitive Volleyball for ages 15 and up Monday evenings @ 6:30 pm in the gym. Coed Pick-up Basketball for ages 15 and up Tuesday evenings @8:00 pm in the gym. Bethany Wesleyan Church is located at 675 Blue Mountain Drive in Cherryville. Worship services are held each Saturday at 5:00 PM and Sundays at 9:00 & 10:30 AM. For more information, please call the church office at 610 767-1239, or visit us online @



“Serving Families Since 1853”

• Traditional Funerals • Cremation Services • Pre-Planning Available

Zee R. K. Bartholomew Supervisor

610-837-6451 243 S. Walnut St., Bath, PA 18014

Northampton county Citizens’ academy Open to residents

Northampton County has announced that it will be conducting its first Citizens’ Academy this fall. This 10week program will educate participants on the diverse operations of county government. The Academy is modeled after a similar program that has been offered by the City of Bethlehem to its citizens for several years. The Northampton County Citizens’ Academy will begin on September 12, and run through November 15. Sessions will be held at various locations on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. except for the final session, graduation, which will be held at the County Council meeting on Thursday, November 15. The course outline includes sessions about the Northampton County Home Rule Charter and its form of government; tours of the county jail, Juvenile Justice Center and the 911 Center; presentations by major county programs including the court system, human services, parks and recreation, and fiscal operations; a visit to the Gracedale Nursing Home and much more. Graduates of the Academy will be encouraged to apply to serve on one of the county’s many boards, commissions, and authorities; or to continue their involvement with other volunteer services programs offered by the county. Academy participants must be residents of Northampton County. The only other prerequisites are a commitment to attend all sessions, a willingness to learn, and a genuine interest in county government. The deadline for registration is August 17, 2012 and enrollment will be limited to no more than 25 participants. Interested county residents can enroll by completing a registration form found on the county’s website: www. and

mailing it to the Department of Administration, County of Northampton, 669 Washington St., Easton, PA 18042, Attention: Camille Bartlett. Phone 610-559-3192 or email

College Corner Continued from page 4

Maritch; Melissa Mast; Jason Merker; Athena Metz; Kathy Mueller; Ricardo Osorio; Alexandra Overholt; Joseph Paltanavage; Valerie Paul; Sylvia Petro; Kristi Ponnett; Christopher Remaley; Jenna Schmoyer; Savannah Schneider; David Shaffer; Zhoubo Shi; Allison Smith; Denice Speranza; Nicole Strohl; Alicia Torres; Wendy Wagner; Zachary Weidner; Matthew Yankovich Danielsville: Michael Brown; Jack Chambers; Christopher Eroh; Kelly Lebish; Stephanie Lipp; Brenda Williams Nazareth: Kristopher Andersen; Kyle Apgar; Kristen Arndt; Zackary Audenried; Mary Baldree; William Baldree; Andrea Baum; Danielle Bercy; Shawna Bernecker; Lori Biege; Andrew Bisson; Charles Blanchard; Jason Bok; Ryan Brandt; Tammy Britcher; Carly Brown; Samuel Burnett; Colleen Capuano; Hillary Carrigan; Faiqa Chaudry; Vanessa Childs; James Choi; Ann Conte; Matthew Creazzo; Tyler Daney; Kaitlyn Deemer; Debbie Della Ragione; Alyssa Dillonaire; Garrett Downing; Roberta Dragan; Miranda Eberhardt; Nicole Fedor; Ashley Fehnel; Audra Fehnel; Pamela Fehnel; Lindsey Fehr; Donna Firman; Brittney Flank; Gregory Frey; TaraLee Fulmer; Sara Giroux; Jon Gonzalez; Elizabeth Gordon; Amy Gregory; Vanessa Gruber; Denise Hahn; Joseph Hart; Julie Horn; Isaac Irving; Paige Jenkins; Davin Jurgensen; Rebecca Kalapay; Kirsten Kast; Trevor Kenney; Michael Knight; Deborah Korner; Jacob Kreil; Raylene

LaBar; Melanie Lawson; Eliot Lerch; Sharon Lindenmoyer; Rachael LubeneskySpeth; Nicole Malozzi; Leon Manuel; Brianna McFarland; Christine McGrath; Sherrie McNicoll; Ann Mener; Cheyenne Metzger; CathiJean Miller; Elyse Mineo; Marielena Morris; Angelic Murphy; Sadia Naji; Jane Newman; Stefanie Niemira; Katie Noraas; Becky Novotka; Jaclyn Nuss; Joan Orlopp; Courtney Osteen; Reed Pett; Denyelle Pintabone; Ashlan Poniatowski; Megan Post; Allia Riebel; Sean Roberts; Kimberly Rohrer; Brandon Rumsey; Parker Ryan; Megan Santiago; Laura Seebacher; Megan Sevi; Meghan Seyfried; Sheria Shaleen; Dalia Shehata; Tyler Shepherd; Alex Soloe; Allison Spirk; Thomas Stokes; Jayne Styczynski; Eamon Toolan-Rogers; Ryan Transue; Maureen Tray; Lisa Van Doren; Karen Varela-Barahona; Karol Varela-Barahona; Kristen Voigt; Vicki Watson; Lessa Weaver; Michelle Wellington; Patrice Welsch; Brandon Williams; Beth Wilson; Charles Northampton: Christa Albert; Jacqueline Anthony; Barry Batz; Josephine Bernecker; Carolyn Blocker; Shelley Bodine; Rachel Borger; Russell Boyer; Cynthia Breinig; Lynnell Carrera; Katrina Ceci; Terra Cook; Lorrie Day; Erica DeLeon; Damiana Di Pilato; Daryn Dimmick; Kelli-Ann Dreisbach; Kyle Farnholtz; Travis Firing; James Frank; Tiffany Frey; Mariella Fuica; Timothy Gerancher; Judith Gerhart; Rebecca Germani; Mandy Gero; Menna Getahoun; Eric Godley; Kyle Graff; Robert James Greenway; Christopher Guidon; Artemis Hader; Lisa Hanna; Miramar Hanna; Amy Heffner; Nathan Heilman; Tiffany Hein; Carl Held; Kate Hippert; KellyAnn Holihan; Trever Hucaluk; John Hudsco; Alexander Kokolus; Tyler Kuchinos; Elizabeth Kuntz; Maria Kuntz; Mikyla Kutish; Jordan Liggitt; Amy Lukow; Eric Marhefka; Sallie McKenney; Tammy Miller; Danielle Mitchell; BryAnn Morgan; Shawn Moser; Carl Rice; Jason Rodgers; Kimberly Rogers; Jessica Rosario; Judith Sain-Mellner; Kelsie Schmall; Rebecca Sevem; Brian Skrapits; Devon Smith; Kevin Smith; Heidi Sollars; Adam Soltys; Tavia Stopay; Dallas Strohl; Kelly Strybuc; Kevin Tierney; Karen Trively; Ashley Zavodny Tatamy: Stacy Beaty; Douglas Kobrin; Deanna Krom; Dolan Kutzman; Frank Young Walnutport: Jacquele Danner; Alyssa Figura; Joseph

THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012 13 Fronti; Lee Hillborn; Kaitlyn Commemorative dash Keenhold; Candace Nickisch- plaques will be given to the er; Gregory Orender; Dan- first 100 pre-registered auiel Rodriguez; Erica Scherer; tos, with the club having the Kimberly Snyder; Rachel Ta- most-pre-registered cars remandl; Roger Wiley; Briana ceiving $100.00. Pre-registraYost tion fee is $9.00 prior to the Wind Gap: Michele Achen- July 23 deadline. Day of show bach; Ekaterina Bayraktarova; registration fee is $15.00. Jarad Beers; Edwin Belvis; Food and entertainment will Paul Bobko; Alyssa Bray; be available. Veselinka Chausheva; Kelsea Entry forms are available at Coppola; Rita Curry; Nicho- the Tatamy Municipal Buildlas Detrick; Debra English; ing, Breidingers’ Auto Parts Megan Featherman; Monica or by phoning 610-258-3380, Good; Tara Houck; Harun 610-759-6268, 610-258-3832 or Karipcin; Kevin Kitzhoffer; e-mail Lisa Little; James Mendoza; Katie Neistadt; Stephanie Nelson; Nicole Parry; Sara Pfeiffer; Alexandra Pritchard; Laura Smith; Logan Terry; Mary Trumbauer; Sarah Watt; BeanBath Café in the Plaza Omer Yurekli; Sean Zehnder Court Center in Bath is now serving dinner on Friday and Saturday evenings from 5:30 – 9:30 pm. The menu isn’t the only thing changing as dusk falls, the atmosphere at This year’s Tatamy His- the café transforms to one of torical Society Car Show is comfort and tranquility. To scheduled for Sunday, July keep things fresh, the menu 29 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. will change monthly for on Broad Street in Tatamy. guests enjoying a five-course Classes are Truck, Street Rod meal or choosing from a la through 1949, Custom 1950 carte. The café is BYOB and to present, and the follow- includes appetizers, soup, ing Stock Classes: 1903-1949, salad, entrée and dessert. 1950-1959, 1960-1969, 1970- This month the soups include 1979, 1980-1989, 1990-1999, lobster bisque and black and and 2000-present. Partici- white bean, and for dessert pants’ Choice Trophies will be they feature molten lava cake presented in these categories. among others. A Tatamy Historical Society Seating is until 9:00 p.m. Trophy will also be awarded. and management asks that Co-sponsored by the Tatamy for dinner parties larger than Fire Company and Breiding- 4 or for guaranteed seating ers’ Auto Parts, the events will that you please make a reserbe held rain or shine. vation, 484.287.2326.

Café now Serving dinner

Tatamy historical Car show July 29


Soffit • Gutters • Downspouts • Awnings • Roofing Patio Roofs • Carports • Replacement Windows Free Estimates ★ Fully Insured

2815 Whitetail Deer Dr., Bath 610-837-0913

349 S. Walnut Street Bath, PA 18014

Phone: 610-837-7009

Buy a 6” Regular Sub and a Fountain Drink and receive

a 6” Regular Sub if equal or lesser price FREE Not valid with any other offer. Double Meat and Bacon available for an extra charge. One Coupon Per Customer Per Visit. No Cash Value. Not for sale. Rt. 512 OFFER GOOD AT 349 S. Walnut St., Bath Location Only. Offer Expires August 4, 2012

Rt. 248


14 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

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Deadline: Monday at 12 Noon Phone: 610-923-0382 E-mail:

The Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, and disability. It is illegal to deny housing to families with children under 18 years of age unless the housing qualifies as "housing for older persons."

FOR SALE HEISLER’S BATTERY OUTLET Chainsaws sharpened and new chains by the foot. All types of batteries, factory seconds and first line. Call: 610-2628703 TN TOP SOIL $225 Tri-Axle load. LandscapeBoulders-Mushroom Soil. Light Excavating. Call 610-216-2044. (10/25) 4 – 245 – 75.16 Tires like New – 200.00 Soft bow Case – $15, Hard bow or Gun Case Winchester $75, Sure – Loc with 3rd axes 9” sight $50, Little boss release $15, Classic Scope Magnum with 2 Ziess 4 power Lenses $75, L.H. Bodoodle rest $50, Trap door Rest L.H. $20, Call 610-767-6819 (7/5)

FOR RENT Bath 3 Br 1/2 Double home DR Kitchen, LV $800 a month Call 484 707-2819. (7/5) OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT Office – Business Space available along busy Route 248 in Berlinsville. Will remodel to suit tenant. Reasonable Rent. All utilities included. (610) 7673531 TN PARTY TENTS, TABLES AND CHAIRS FOR RENT OR SALE WE DELIVER AND SET UP ALL OUR TENTS 610-776-6225 WWW.PARTYTENTSFORRENTBYMARTY.COM



Looking for experienced Bartender to fill a part time position at Bath Social Hall 484 8092935. (6/21)

Summer Intern Program High School and College Student Intern Programs are available at The Home News. Credits may be available to those who qualify. Interns work directly with the Editor, Art Director, Advertising, Circulation and Marketing departments. Required Skills include customer service aptitude, professional demeanor and a willingness to learn. Reliable transportation is required. To apply, send a resume and letter of interest to: or 4685 Lehigh Drive, Walnutport PA 18088 no later than May 30. No Phone Calls Please. Please include “Summer 2012 Internship Home News” in the subject line. 7/5


Custom Drafting and Blueprinting – I will design your new dream home or home addition to suit your property, lifestyle, budget and you. Full time, quick service since 1980. Free estimates. Call Ron Eberts, Residential Designer: 610-6814613. TN

The Water Store


Water Softeners & Purifiers Sales, service and repairs Since 1981 • Free estimates 610-837-9660 • PA002339 (6/28)


Additions Remodeling Chimney Repairs Ceramic Tile. PA006229. 610-262-6646. TN


All types of roofing. Free Estimates. Fully Insured. Randy C. Silfies owner. PA#036835 610-837-8225 TN

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Laugh not too much; the witty man laughs last. For wit is news only to ignorance.

WANTED Motorcycles and ATV’s 1990 or Newer Clean with Title - Cash Paid - Call Jason 610 780 6969. (4/19 – 10/11) PINBALL MACHINES OLDER GUM BALL & CANDY MACHINES, PENNY ARCADE & ANY OLDER COIN OPERATED MACHINES CASH PAID CALL DARYL 610-7679135 TN


YARD/GARAGE SALE 4633 Timberline Road, Walnutport. Friday, July 13 & Saturday, July 14 from 8am to 1pm. Rain or shine. Three families - holiday decorations, carousel horses, household items, HO trains, & more. (7/5)

PUBLIC NOTICE-LEGAL ESTATE NOTICE Geraldine G. Hunter The Estate of Geraldine G. Hunter, deceased, of the Borough of Chapman, County of Northampton, PA. Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary for the above Estate were granted to KATHLEEN G. BASKAR, AKA: KATHLEEN G. SCHRECK, Executrix, on June 13, 2012. All persons indebted to the Estate are required to make immediate payment, and those having claim or demand are to present the same without delay to KATHLEEN G. SCHRECK, in care of Gregory R. Reed, Attorney-at-Law, 141 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 299, Nazareth, PA 18064-0299. (7/5-7/19) ESTATE NOTICE Herbert C. Silfies The Estate of Herbert C. Silfies, deceased, of the Township of Moore, County of Northampton, PA. Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary for the above Estate were granted to Edward H. Silfies, Executor, on June 7, 2012. All persons indebted to the Estate are required to make immediate payment, and those having claim or demand are to present the same without delay to Edward H. Silfies, in care of GREGORY R. REED, Attorney-at-Law, 141 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 299, Nazareth, PA 18064-0299. (6/28-7/12) ESTATE NOTICE Lester A. Walters The Estate of Lester A. Walters, deceased, of the Borough of Nazareth, County of Northampton, PA. Notice is hereby given that Letters Testamentary for the above Estate were granted to Michael J. Ferraro, Executor, on June 11, 2012. All persons indebted to the Estate are required to make immediate payment, and those having claim or demand are to present the same without delay to Michael J. Ferraro, Executor, in care of GREGORY R. REED, Attorney-at-Law, 141 South Broad Street, P.O. Box 299, Nazareth, PA 18064-0299. (6/28-7/12)

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PUBLIC NOTICE ZONING HEARING 2012-01 The Zoning Hearing Board of East Allen Township will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Municipal Building, 5344 Nor-Bath Blvd., Northampton, PA 18067. The appellants, James and Judith Havassy, 4623 Susan Dr., Bethlehem, PA 18017, are seeking a Special Exception for the property located at 8465 Airport Road, Bath, PA 18014, Tax Map #K5-12-8A. The property is located in the Suburban Residential (S/R) zoning district. The applicant is seeking relief from East Allen Township Zoning Ordinance Section 250.18.B, Uses Permitted by Right, in order to operate a business office at this location. Any interested party is welcome to attend and will have an opportunity to be heard. East Allen Township Zoning Officer, Bettina Serfass (6/28-7/5) Moore Township Zoning Hearing Board Public Notice Hearing/Meeting The regular monthly meeting of the Moore Township Zoning Hearing Board will be held on Wednesday, July 11, 2012 at 7:00 PM. The meeting will be held at the Moore Township Municipal Building, 2491 Community Drive, Bath, PA 18014. 12-ZHB-636 The applicant(s), Gary and Linda Hoskins, applicant(s) of the property located at 1113 Copella Rd. Bath, Moore Twp. PA 18014 request the following relief from the literal terms of the Moore Twp. Zoning Ordinance: a variance to construct a Single Family Dwelling that will not meet the setback requirements. Also the applicants are proposing to reside in the existing home, until new home is constructed, then they will demolish the existing home. The section(s) of the ordinance cited for this application are as follows: Chapter 200, 200-16G Minimum Yard Requirements (setbacks), Limited Conservation Zoning District, 200-26 Limitation of Principal Uses, as well as any other section of Chapter 200 Moore Twp. Zoning Ordinance in which relief may be needed. The property, County PIN# G5-12-3A contains approximately 1.95 acres and is zoned, Limited Conservation (LC). 12-ZHB-637 The applicant(s), Chris and Vicky Chatenka, applicant(s) of the property located at 2915 West Scenic Dr., Danielsville, Moore Twp. PA 18038 request the following relief from the literal terms of the Moore Twp. Zoning Ordinance: a variance to expand a nonconforming structure/dwelling in excess of 50%, expansion will also not meet setback requirements. The section(s) of the ordinance cited for this application are as follows: Chapter 200, Section 20033 (C) (1) Nonconforming Buildings or structures, 200-17F,G Rural Agricultural Zoning District (minimum yard requirements), as well as any other section of Chapter 200 Moore Twp. Zoning Ordinance in which relief may be needed. The property, County PIN# H5-2-1 contains approximately .95 acres and is zones, Rural Agricultural (RA). Jason L. Harhart Zoning Officer Moore Township (6/28-7/5)


CANCER--June 21 to July 22--Get ready for change. A trip could bring renewed interest in a relationship with someone important to you. LEO--July 23 to Aug. 22-Stay in the background this week, letting others make the moves. Listen and learn. VIRGO--Aug. 23 to Sept. 22--A splendid week is in store for you. A good trip, good conversation and an overall good time is expected. Relax and enjoy. LIBRA--Sept. 23 to Oct. 22--Jealousy of a person who really has your best interest at heart could cause you to lose a great deal more than you gain. SCORPIO--Oct. 23 to Nov. 22--Take advantage of opportunities to meet new friends. You could get out of your rut by developing new interests. S A G I T TA R I U S - - N o v. 23 to Dec. 21--A special message arrives allowing you to make a major decision about your future. The good news gives you a new outlook and a new spurt of energy. CAPRICORN--Dec. 22 to Jan. 19--You will do well to follow these rules now, even though you don’t necessarily agree with them. A splendid, enchanted evening is indicated. AQUARIUS--Jan. 20 to Feb. 18--Someone who has been a pain in the neck to you finally is over reaching himself. You can now relax. The pesky person fades into the background. PISCES--Feb. 19 to March 20--Watch that temptation to be too aggressive. Otherwise you find a relationship strained. Someone feels smothered by your concern. ARIES--March 21 to April 20--Form your own opinions. Someone else may try to dictate your likes and dislikes. Al- though she means well, let her know you like your individuality. TAURUS--April 21 to May 20--Concentrate on needs during the period rather than wants. Luxuries will come later. GEMINI--May 21 to June 20--Place major emphasis on at home situations this week. Your generosity could make someone close to you a more agreeable companion.


for Marie KeMMerer
 4255 roosevelt 
st. egypt, Whitehall tWp, pa 18052 sat., July 14 @9:00 a.M.

Oak, Depression, Pine Furn., Kenmore dryer; Vict. bracket lamp w/reflect., m.g., satin glass, cobalt blue, Stangl, c.iron doorstops; Coca Cola, Pepsi & other Advert.; Buddy L Mack dump truck, other Toys, Tools, Etc. C 
 lassic Auto: 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe Convertible Coupe: odom. reads 38,.834 mi, 6 cyl. gas eng., auto. trans., yellow w/black top sells Subject to Seller’s Immediate Confirmation of highest bid rec’d.
 Terms: 13% Buyer’s Premium * Major Credit Cards Accepted * 3% Discount w/Payment in Cash or Approved Check * View websites or for Details/Photos * HAHN AUCTION COMPANY ROBERT H. CLINTON & COMPANY, INC.
 102 W. Main St. * Bath, PA 18014 Auctioneers & Appraisers 610-837-7140 * AU-001271-L 610-847-5432 * AY-000093-L

MEMBERS AND FRIENDS of local watershed association gathered to make their own rain barrels. (Story on page 9). – Contributed photo

Northampton Sr. high honors 4TH MARKING PERIOD HONOR ROLL GRADE 9 Distinguished Honors - Taylor Baird, Olivia Barz, Casey Baylor, Alexandra Beavan, Devin Behnke, Evan Betzenberger, Shreya Bhatt, Nicole Bittner, Jacob Buskirk, David Cattano, Grace Cochrane, Michael Csencsits, Brenna Curran, Aneasha Dale, Michaela Ebert, Jared Fantasia, Emily Fehr, Alexandria Fisher, Kasey Frey, Taylor Fullin, Pierce Giancaterino, Delaney Haggerty, Christine Harrop, Amber Heffelfinger, Christopher Henderson, Todd Hetrick, Frank Hutterer, Emily Kleintop, Boris Kobilja, Ty Kokolus, Kristin Kuntzman, Holly Malitsch, Alisha Miller, Zachary Miller, James Morris, Matthew Mottau, Julie Nong, Julia Pany, Kylee Pavlick, Alexander Quaglieri, Megan Reed, Kimberly Ruiz, Amber Saylor, Bethany Skrapits, Jordan Smith, Morgan Smith, Amber Snell, Jolene Stearns, Carter Test, Nathaniel Treichler, Madison Venzke, Matthew Wechsler, Travis Weghofer, Allyson Zelienka High Honors - Matthew Achey, Bryan Alich, Andrew Bartholomew, Joshua Bealer, Taylor Breisch, Joelle Brida, Kelsi Burnhauser, Joseph Butto, Joshua Collo, Darian Cruz, Devon Cunningham, Corrine Datis-Cordero, Stephen Druckenmiller, Noah Durnin, Amanda Egry, Harry Emery, Alexandria Ferrugio , Alanna Follweiler, Alyssa Fordham, Michael Haggerty, Rachel Heimbach, Emese Jordan, Sydney Kane, Amanda Kemmerer, Mitchell King, Allison Laubach, Olivia Leitzel, Kyla Makovsky, Andrew Martuscelli, Taylor McGrath, Jenna Meixsell, Jeslyn Moran, Colin O'Donnell, Hunter Panier, Zachary Penrose, Christian Pinnock, Kristin Rader, Maricella Ramos, Kendel Reed, Alexandra Reppert, Michael Rex, Brandy Schoenberger, Christopher Serman, Sarrah Shiner, Katlyn Smith, Jennifer Szerencsits, Ty Taschler, Erika Veiszlemlein, Samuel Weindel, Brandon Werner, Megan Wiest, Sierra Zechman Honors - Emily Anthony, Alexander Ardle, James Benes, Andrew Capozzoli, Sarah Cherry, Brandon Christman, Evan Chuss, Alex Ciambrone, Gregory Corey, Cory Croll, Tiffany Cuth, Harley Davidson, Larry Eberts, Samantha Frey, Taylor Gollie, Tori Greene, Bryan Heckman, Cheyanne Heckman, Madeleine Hendershot, Zachary Huber, Mackenzie Lee, Makenna Marhefka, Hannah Marth, Stephen Mazzucca, Nathan Michael, Jamie Montalvo, Lily Mordzinski, Emily Moss, Emily Mouer, Justin Nikles, Garrett Oplinger, John Pereira, Bryanna Rosenberger, Robert Samson, Adam Schisler, Jared Schmall, Joseph Scott, Jessica Sine, Brandon Snyder, Michael Stanley, Darren Stauffer, Nathan Strauss, Kelly Thoma, Nicholas Walker, Joshua Weber GRADE 10 Distinguished Honors - Autumn Altemose, Jared Bauer, Courtney Beam, Blake Boehm, Kristin Burger, Anthony Cavallo, Nicholas Cook, Corey Cowitch, Kayla Csencsits, Randy Czankner, Christopher Dickinson, Brooke Eckhart, Alyssa Edwards, Erica Filipovits, Nicole Fox, Haley Fribance, Sarah Fribance, James Gardineer, Kyleigh Goral, Gabrielle Gutekunst, Ryan Hartzell, Glenn Hester, Vasil Hlinka, Allison Horn, David Hornyak, Kyle Iasiello, Mallory Johnson, Boglarka Jordan, Connor Keck, Autumn Klucsarits, Paige Knouse, Alexandra Kovacs, Alex Kratzer, Samantha Leiby, Nicole Lewis, Benjamin Longacre, Miles Magyar, Andrew Mascavage, Ashley Miller, Ross Miller, Zachary Miller, Mikaela Mondschein, Alexis Morgan, Karly Mraz, Ryan Muir, Elizabeth Myers, Hannah Peters, Christopher Rehrig, Jennifer Reznick, Nikell Rhyder, Emily Seier, Chad Seiling, Andrew Serensits, Christopher VanBlargan, Jenna Weidner, Ian Wright, John Yeaw High Honors - Dylan Ashton, Zachary Assenmacher, Maria Belovich, Ashlee Benward, Tyler Berghold, Tyler Best, Samantha Biggs, Heather Boyko, Calogero Bracero, Julia Brearman, Justin Burger, Cheyanne Buskirk, Tiana Coleman, Jaden Daubert, Samantha DeBlass, Victoria DeHaven, Courtney Deutsch, Lori Deutsch, David Dickinson, Jessee Dunbar, Mat-

thew Durich, Kaitlyn Fehnel, Daniel Frack, Madison Gogal, Shawn Gross, Ashly Grube, Evan Grube, Gage Hanna, Trina Higgins, Michael Holihan, Katie Hujcs, Hayley Jackson, Danielle Kaiser, Taylor Kerbacher, Shannon Knipe, Andrew Kokolus, Rhyannon Kuehn, Kevin Kunkle, Katie Kuntz, Landon Lewis, Carina Lombardo, Gabriella Longenbach, Murphy Lynch, Loren Makhoul, LeAnn Makowe, Kayla Marinelli, Erika Meixsell, Nina Micek, Ian Miller, Katie Miller, Alicia Minnich, BrianaMoore, Summer Murray, Matthew Paukovits, Chloe Psarsky, Roslyn Pulcini, Leah Redline, Alison Reenock, Jade Richetta, Peter Schiffert, Amira Shokr, Mickatelyn Shumanis, Brenna Smith, Madison Smith, Tyler Smith, Matthew Sommers, Emma Steirer, Jonathan Stevens, Ashli Updegrove, Zachary Valley, Jennifer Wechsler, Taylor Werner, Chelsea Yenca, Philip Zopf, Lizzie Zweifel Honors - Jenna Augello, Anona Bauman, Amanda Choke, Alexandra Courtright, Jacob DeAngeles, Luke DelVecchio, Giovanna DeMatteo, Christopher Derr, Lauren Dixon, Mariah Eckhart, Donna Fleming, John Fox, Tyquanice Frazier, Melissa Galloway, Gabrielle Gergar, Joshua Gordon, Michael Henne, Virginia Hons, Ryan Hudock, Cheyenne Hunger, Shea Killeen, Rozalia Kindig, Krista Koropchak, James Maxwell, Makayla Miller, Jacqueline Mohn, Joshua Palenchar, Victoria Pizzoferrato, Morgan Ressler, William Rothrock, Kendrick Schell, Paul Schiffert, Joshua Schmoyer, Kaitlyn Schuon, Kaitlyn Searfoss, Joshua Skrapits, Jonathan Skvoretz, Giemaly Soto, Alexa Tauber, Nicole Teklits, Sydney Thorsen, Jeremy Vanderzanden, Olivia Walters, Haley Young, James Youwakim GRADE 11 Distinguished Honors - Chelsea Aguila, Imad Azar, Gregory Azzalina, Kimberley Babicz, Catalina Cavotta, Michele Dally, Annalia Giancaterino, Benjamin Gostony, Allison Hammer, Brittny Johnson, Kailey Jones, Nichole Kline, Zachary koehler , Collin Kofroth, Cody Kramer, Nicole Kutos, Ciara Lane, Patrick Madden, Gabriel Marth, Jonathan Martin, Megan Martuscelli, Darby McCall, Madison McCall, Samantha Mickley, Shelby Middleton, Kaitlyn Nasatka , Mikayla Ninos, Evan Notaro, Yeraliz Pares, Jennifer Perry, Kayla Rajsky, Joshua Reightler, Joshua Ryan, Dakota Sarbaugh, Chloe Schultz,

Christopher Shannon, Ryan Snyder, Lindsay Standlick, Erin Tiwold, April Viola, Nicholas Wachter, Maureen Weaver, Branden Weghofer, Emily Youwakim High Honors - Samantha Albanese, Kyle Bauer, Rachel Becker, Taylor Bosler, Steven Buskaritz, Jacqueline Buz, Jesse Caleca, Rachel Cavotta, Deanna Chenski, Robert Cowitch, Yvonne Dao, Amanda Demczyszyn, Emily DiClemente, Scott Dinan, Daniel Farkas, Jarrett Fenon, Casey Fick, Joseph Fronti, Lauren Gabryluk, David Galloway, Ann Gaydos, Raymond George, Gabrielle Georges, Kayla Gradwohl, Nathan Greene, Elizabeth Grietzer, Brian Heckman, Lindsay Heilman, Paul Hetrick, Amanda Ingram, Cassandra Jones, Megan Jones, Katherine Kline, Braxton Kocher, Cassidy Koren, Thomas Kunsman, Marissa Kvacky, Marlaina Laubach, Joshua Mack, Adam Mannino, Ashley Marsh, Jackie Miller, Sabrina Murphy, Kiana Newsom, Daniel Pany, Lissy Ramos, Ashley Reuben, Kacie Rothdeutsch, Dana Rozakis, Casey Shimkanin, Jennifer Smith, Sabrina Steed, Logan Steigerwalt, Nicholas Stewart, Macy Storm, Megan Tiwold, Dana Trinkle, Alex Walter, Jacob Weaver, Jeffrey Wesolowski, Amanda Wikberg, Dakota Wilston, Nathaniel Xander, Lauren Yelles, Rachel Young, Christine Zopf Honors - Greg Auer, Joshua Barber, Austin Bednar , Darea Blanton, Hannah Boyanoski, Lauren Brosky, Gregory Casee, Crystal Compton, Wade Cooper, Bryton Danner, Brooke Durnin, Olivia Farkas, Alexander Garrison, Kevin Garrity, Marianne George, Michael Gergar, Tori Gollie, Daniel Gutierrez, Keegan Hams, Monica Hanson, Aaron Hodick, Brandon Huff, Kirsten Keet, Natasha Kerick, Bradley Klucsarits, Sarina Kocher, Rachel Krautsack, Derek Kulp, Giovanni Lombardo, AnaMarie Lukaitis, Talene Magee, Avery McCall, Daniel Mycio, Joshua Nierer, Mary Orobono, Danielle Rumore , Gisselle Sanchez, Sirea Sapp, Chandler Simon, Jasmeet Singh, Dylan Skubik, Lindsey Smeltzer, Heath Smith, Erica Stair, Patrick Sullivan, Shea Transue , Joseph Treichler, Lindsey Turner, Rachel Weeks GRADE 12 - Distinguished Honors Nathan Altemose, LeighAnn Ashton, Allison Ault, Corinne Boyce, Maggie Bradford, Stephanie Bragg, William Christman, Kristen Danek, Chelsea Deutsch, Ian Diehl, Eric Dunker, Shelby Fabian, Veronica Fehr, Tara Flanagan, Zachary Gellis, Chelsea Hall, Sonora Hams, Angela Harmony, Rebecca Henderson, Jill Henry, Brittany Hodge, Amanda Hoffert, Victoria Horvath, Mikeya Jones, Koppany Jordan, Megan Keiper, Kaylene Killeen, Michelle Konczyk, Karissa Kromer, Nikolai Kuchinos, Michele Landis, Tyler Laubach, Mikayla Lentz, Meghan Lokay, Victoria Long, Veronica Mattaboni, Abigail McLoughlin, Alexis Merkel, Zachary Michael, Benjamin Muschlitz, Marcus Newsom, Casey Overholt, Bethany Reed, Lauren Reinert, Peter Secoda, Meghan Shafer, Daniel Shaffer, Jude Sharga, Andrew Shearer, Cole Sheptock, Gabrielle Smith, Dillon Treon, Elizabeth Urban, Megan Valley, John Veiszlemlein, Matthew Yanek High Honors - Tyler Bachman, Markie Billy, Gage Blazinsky, Alec Bowman, Tyler Bradley, Kimberly Buz, Jesi Cericola, Cody Chidsey, Katelyn Clancy, Alycia Cranmer, Darius DalCin, Kathryn Dalton, Meghan Damiter, Keri Diehl, Ashley Divincenzo, Casey Drexler, Ryan Duch, Aubrie Eaton, Ryan Eberts, Brian Ernst, Meghann Fiorvanti, Katelyn Foley, Elizabeth Fox, Angela Green, Madeline Hanley, Anthony Heckman, Abigail Heintz, Gary Helm, Dustin Henderson, Amara Hettinger, Kyle Huber, Kira Hubler, Brandi Johnson, Trista Kerns, Emily Kichline, Julia King, Lindsey Kleintop, LauraBeth Klotz, Brianna Kovach, Jessica Kroboth, Stephanie Kuchavik, Nicole Kufrovich, Gregory Lakatosh, Donald Laudenslager, Nicole Lewis, Jaden Makovsky, Jessica Mannino, Derek Marth, Tyler Medina, Andrew Minnich, Logan Morrell, Katie Nikles, Jerel Palmer, Zachary Petrie, Lauren Piehl, Eric Possimato, Maria Ramos Cortes, Sheldon Reed, Brandon Reigard, Ashley Reppert,

We Buy Late ModeL Wrecks used auto Parts For aLL cars For Less

AdAms Bros. Used Auto Parts

610-264-4411 610-264-2334

5995 adaMs Lane aLLentoWn, Pa 18109 oFF oF airPort rd.

THE HOME NEWS Corinne Roberts, Laura Rumble, Allison Rush, Megan Rycek, Jeffrey Sell, Rachel Stair, Sarah Thomas, Tyler Ujvary, Jordan Vitkauskas, Darin Walker, Kaitlin Watkins, Zachary Weidner, Sarah Werner, Alexandra Ziegler, Marina Zweife, Ryan Zwickle Honors - Kevin Borden, Kristen Buschi, Paul Cooper, Brittney DeAngelis, Benjamin DeGroot, McKayla Eckhart, Paul Eppler, Andrew Fetko, Alyssa Flyte, Michael Gable, Zachary Galloway, Jeneva Griffin, Justine Ifkovits, Alicia Kantz, Nejat Karabiyik, Noble Keyser, Zachary Kisthardt, Benjamin Kovacs, Kayla Marsh, Amanda Miller, Said Naqwe, Timothy Price, Nicholas Ross, Stephanie Saeger, Katelynn Tekin, Kelsea Weber, Chynna Yenca

Midget Finishes Continued from page 6 Jr Animal Feature 1. Hunter Wise 2. Aiden Svanda 3. Adam Buchel Honda 120 Open Feature #1 1. Logen Snyder 2. Austin Beers 3. Bryce Dodig Honda 120 Feature #2 1. Makayla Kohler 2. Katie Vreeland 3. Cj Fritz Honda 160 Light Feature #1 1. Cody Kohler 2. Alyson Godusky 3. Collin Bollinger Honda 160 Light Feature#2 1. Billy Koch 2. Makenzie Fritz 3. Jack Hanna World Formula Feature 1. Ryan Lillick 2. Brittany Erlsten 3. Alyson Godusky

East Bath R&G Continued from page 6

from 5th grade to 12th grade. The name of the team is “Final Flight,” a name chosen by the kids. An amazing group of young people, their motto is “Shoot safe, be polite, and have fun shooting.” They participate as threeperson teams in five different divisions –– Rookie, Intermediate Entry Level, Intermediate Advanced, Junior Varsity and Varsity. Brady Simms repeated as the top male varsity shooter. Shyanne Slimmer captured the crown for top female varsity shooter. The younger kids did well also, said coach Bill Kelsey. In the 6th, 7th and 8th grade level, the team of Tyler Ball, Josh

July 5-11, 2012


Wetherhold, and Christopher MacNeal took third in the intermediate entry level division. “It was the first year competing for these three. That’s an amazing accomplishment,” Kelsey said. Tyler Ball was runner-up for high gun in that division. The team as a whole is coahed by Kelsey and John Meyers. Bill is an instructor for Griffin & Howe at their shooting school in Sussex, N.J., while John is the owner of Meyers Gun Shop in Klecknersville. If anyone is interested in getting information about the team or the Scholastic Clay Target Program, feel free to contact Kelsey at 570234-7391 or Meyers at 610837-6376. Meyers also announced that a benefit shoot will be held on August 12 at Whitetail Preserve, 118 Boulevard Rd., Bloomsburg, Pa. The preserve features skeet, trap and shooting clays, as well as guided hunts for pheasant, chucker or quail, and supports youth shooting.

Farmers’ mkt. Continued from page 2

Whole grains are a source of fiber and other nutrients, including potassium and magnesium. They can help lower the risk of cancer, protect against heart disease, and maintain a person’s weight. 8. Rhubarb – This brightlycolored, celery-like food is a source of vitamins C and K, calcium, and fiber. Although it is a common pie ingredient, rhubarb can also be served as chutney for meat or a topper for yogurt. Local Markets Locally, there are two markets where you can go to get fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. The Bath Farmers Market runs every Friday from 3-7 pm at Keystone Park in Bath. The Nazareth Farmers Market is on the circle every Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm.

JULY 19, 20, 21 & 22 SCHNECKSVILLE FAIR GROUNDS ROUTE 309, SCHNECKSVILLE DANNY PAISLEY NU-BLU JERSEY CORNCamping Jamboree  PICKERS MAIL POUCH EXPRESS PLUS MANYand  OTHER BANDS Darren Beachley   The   BLUEGRASS and  Danny Paisley  Legends of the Potomac  The Southern Grass 

DAY PASS: $5 OFF any one day Plus 20 other Great Bluegrass Bands  pass with this ad. 2012 WWW.LEHIGHVALLEYBLUEGRASSFESTIVAL.COM or call 610-573-3770 Or telephone 610‐760‐1085 

16 THE HOME NEWS July 5-11, 2012

Police Blotter Colonial Regional Vehicles Crash; One Driver Flees

On June 21 at 12:29 p.m., Colonial Regional Police responded to a motor vehicle accident at Crawford Dr. & Southland Dr. in Hanover Township. Police were advised by multiple witnesses that a silver BMW SUV truck a white sedan and caused that car to run up over a curb, finally stopping in a yard. Witnesses also reported that when the BMW struck the sedan it was traveling east on Crawford

Drive. After the accident occurred the BMW turned around and the driver fled from the scene, headed west on Crawford Drive. The BMW should have heavy frontend damage and will be missing the front bumper. If anyone has information about the silver BMW that fled from the scene, please contact CRPD at 610-861-4820.

Two Drivers Hurt in Lower Nazareth

CRPD responded to a two-vehicle accident at Newburg Rd. & Georgetown Rd. in Lower Naza-

reth Township on June 28 at 9:33 a.m., in which both drivers sustained injuries. Through investigation and witness account, it was determined that John Dilli of Briarwood Lane, Nazareth, was headed north on Georgetown Rd. and failed to stop for the flashing light at the intersection. Terrence Montes of Sunset Terrace, Palmerton, was going west on Newburg Rd. when Dilli crossed over Newburg Rd. in front of him. Both men were taken to St. Luke’s Hospital in Fountain Hill with undisclosed injuries. Assisting at the scene with traffic were Upper Nazareth police and Hecktown fire police. Hecktown Fire Dept. and EMS responded, assisted by Bethlehem Twsp. Fire and EMS.

Retail Theft

CRPD responded to the Giant food store at 859 Nazareth Pike, Nazareth for the report of a male who took a shirt worth $18.99 and left the store without paying for it. Through an investigation the man was identified as Curtis Buskirk, 27, of Old Allentown Rd., Wind Gap. Charges for the retial theft will be filed through District Justice Joseph Barner’s office.

Bushkill Twsp. Three Charged with Having Meth Lab

On June 18, the Bushkill Township Police Department, Colonial Regional Police, Moore Township Police, and the Bangor Borough Police operating under the auspices of the Northampton County Drug Task Force conducted a drug investigation. It regarded the manufacturing of methamphetamine. At approximately 5:30 p.m., a confidential informant provided information regarding a meth laboratory operating in a wooded area in the 300 block of Old Allentown Rd., Wind Gap (Bushkill Township). A check of the area revealed an active meth laboratory along with

the ingredients needed to manufacture the drug. The informant identified the persons operating the lab as Curtis J. Buskirk, 27, and Ricky L. Miller, 52, both residing in the 300 block of Allentown Rd., and Martin J. Wilmer, 52, of Hickory Hills Dr., Moore Township. The meth lab was unattended when police arrived in the area. The Pa. State Police Clandestine Laboratory Team responded and verified the meth lab was active. All evidence was seized and transported to the State Police laboratory in the Bethlehem Barracks for analysis. On June 20, the Bushkill Township Police prepared criminal charges against all three men, consisting of: 1. Conspiracy to Commit – Operating a Meth Lab – felong two. 2. Conspiract to Commit – Liquefied Ammonia Gas, Precursors and Chemicals – felony. 3. Conspiracy to Commit – Manufacturing a Controlled Substance – felony. 4. Conspiracy to Commit – Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance – felony. 5. Conspiracy to Commit – Possession of a Controlled Substance – misdemeanor. 6. Operating a Methamphetamine Laboratory – felony two. 7. Liquefied Ammonia Gas: Precursors and Chemicals – felony. 8. Manufacturing a Controlled Substance – felony. 9. Possession with Intent to Deliver a Controlled Substance – felony. 10. Possession of a Controlled Substance – misdemeanor. On June 20, at about 6:30 p.m., officers of the Bushkill Township Police Department, assisted by the Pen Argyl Borough Police Department, arrested Ricky Miller in the 900 block of George St., Plainfield Township. He was arraigned before District Justice Todd Strohe and sent to Northampton County Prison after failing to post 10% $25,000 bail. At about 9:15 p.m., officers from

the Bushkill Township Police Department, Bangor Borough Police Department, Roseto Borough Police Department, Washington Township Police Department and Pa. State Police arrested Martin Wilmer in W. Central Ave., East Bangor. A search of a neighboring apartment led to the arrest of Curtis Buskirk.Buskirk and Wilmer were arraigned before District Judge Strohe; bail was not available.All three will have preliminary hearings at 9:30 a.m. this Friday, June 29 before District Judge Douglas Schlegel in Wind Gap.

Hahn likes budget Continued from page 3

also points us in the right direction by spending less than 2008-09, the last fiscal year impacted by stimulus dollars. “This budget will support one of the core functions of government – education. Schools throughout Pennsylvania, including those in the 138th Legislative District, are funded above 2011-12 levels. Higher education is also level funded for the coming year. “House Republicans fought for and succeeded in significantly addressing the 20 percent cut to human services proposed in February by Governor Tom Corbett. With an additional $84 million added to the $17 million which enables citizens on waiting lists to be served, the pressure on our local county budgets is greatly reduced.”

Timely Warning

You can’t change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future.

Home News July 5  

Home News July 5