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May/June 2015

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Huade Introduces its new North American Headquarters

Very Competitive Prices - Quick Deliveries - Large Inventory During the last 30 years, Huade in China has had joint-ventures and license agreements with one of the world’s top hydraulic manufacturers. Huade kept intact every standard of quality manufacturing it implemented with its market leading German licensor-partner. All Huade quality control systems comply with the highest standards, including ISO9001, Six-Sigma...

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Proportional Valves

Please contact us for price, delivery and general questions at: 1152 Marsh Street, Suite D - Valparaiso, IN 46385 - Phone: 219-548-2211 - Email: CIRCLE 479

Hard at Work In tHe Heart oF tHe amerIcan SteeL InduStrY

Forged Strong to LaSt Long. From continuous casters and melt shops to hot and cold mills to galvanizing lines and coke plants, Yates Cylinders are working hard in all areas of the steel industry— designed and manufactured to stand up to the rigorous environment these cylinders must endure every day.

Yates works closely with many companies to help solve their cylinder failures, first determining the cause and in many cases recommending upgrades for a rebuilt cylinder. This process not only eliminates the original problem, it also offers an extended life for the cylinder at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

High heat, debris and dirt are some of the factors our series of Mill Duty, Tie Rod and Round Body Welded cylinders overpower daily in a steel mill.

With three regional locations offering full service capabilities (engineering, welding machining, grinding and assembly) and around-the-clock service, Yates is one of the largest and most complete cylinder manufacturing and repair companies in the country.

YateS InduStrIeS, Inc.

YateS cYLInderS, aL.

YateS cYLInderS, ga.

23050 Industrial Dr. E. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 Phone: 586.778.7680 Fax: 586.778.6565

55 Refreshment Place Decatur, AL 35601 Phone: 256.351.8081 Fax: 256.351.8571

7750 The Bluffs Austell, GA 30168 Phone: 678.355.2240 Fax: 678.355.2241 CIRCLE 452

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EATON PRODUCTS DRIVE the Pro Power Motorsports Team as the National Hot Rod Association Season Begins


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FLUID POWER PROFESSIONALS’ DAY: Don’t Forget to Celebrate June 19th


Shorter Stroke Lengths Make LVDT LINEARPOSITION SENSORS Ideal for Hydraulic Cylinder Applications




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2 • May/June 2015 •

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His dad is one of our everyday heroes, keeping our roads safer

and our homes brighter. He’s counting on his dad to get home in time to tuck him in tonight. His dad is counting on Muncie products to make sure that happens. At Muncie, we understand that we’re building much more than hydraulic components. We’re building trust.






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An Emerging Workforce Crisis for U.S. Manufacturers A sound recruitment strategy can help small- and midsized manufacturers stay competitive in the hunt for talent By Robert J. LaBombard

PUBLISHER INNOVATIVE DESIGNS & PUBLISHING, INC. 3245 Freemansburg Avenue, Palmer, PA 18045-7118 Tel: 800-730-5904 or 610-923-0380 Fax: 610-923-0390 • Email: Founders: Paul and Lisa Prass Associate Publisher: Marc Mitchell Editor: Kristine Coblitz Technical Editor: Dan Helgerson, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPSD, CFPMT, CFPCC - CFPSOS LLC Account Executive: Bob McKinney Art Director: Quynh Vo Director of Creative Services: Erica Montes Accounting: Donna Bachman, Debbie Clune Digital Strategy Manager: Jeff Maile Publishing Assistant: Sharron Sandmaier Circulation Manager: Andrea Karges


Manufacturing companies across the country are searching high and low for trained, experienced workers for drill press, welding, lathe, injection molding, and a myriad of other manufacturing positions. Despite rapidly rising salaries, an estimated 600,000 skilled jobs are unfilled according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The days of placing help-wanted ads, receiving multiple applications, and hiring the best from a slate of qualified candidates are long gone. What happened? Slowly and gradually over the past 30 years, the number of workers with the required skills for manufacturing jobs has declined substantially. Here are some of the contributing factors: 1. Foreign competition, and the shift of manufacturing south of the border or to Asia, resulted in millions of lost jobs. As result, younger workers were forced to look for jobs in other fields. 2. The Information Age and rapid growth in technology produced high demand and plentiful jobs for people with information-technology skills. 3. High schools and vocational schools shifted curricula away from metalworking, woodworking, and similar “shop” coursework and shifted resources into computer, software, and high-tech education. 4. Public perception placed more emphasis on the four-year college degree and its pathway to a high-paying, so-called “white-collar” career. Fueled by more financial-aid money, college application and matriculation rates substantially increased. These and other factors decimated the demand for training in skilled manufacturing trades among young people. Clearly, we’re paying the price today. Despite the current situation, there is room for optimism in making the manufacturing trades more attractive. Consider these facts: 1. According to government statistics, only about 55% of the people who enter college actually graduate within six years. While the cost of college is clearly an issue, it’s safe to say that college probably isn’t the best post-secondary educational option for a lot of high school graduates. 2. Data from various sources indicates that as many as 80% of new college grads are leaving campus without professional jobs using their degree. While most will find jobs, it is estimated that as many as 50% will be underemployed. 3. About 70% of new college grads don’t know where their education and skills can be applied in the workforce (i.e., they don’t know what jobs are a fit). 4. The average entry-level job for new grads pays around $40,000—far less than what a skilled-trades job might pay for a high school grad at 22 with 3-4 years of experience. A college education is still a fantastic investment for a lot of young people after high school. However, college is not the best option for everyone, as the above information suggests. While college is not the right answer for all high school graduates, I firmly believe that all of them should have some type of post-secondary education.


4 • May/June 2015 •

1930 East Marlton Pike, Suite A-2, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003-2141 Tel: 856-489-8983 • Fax: 856-424-9248 Email: • Web: 2015 BOARD OF DIRECTORS President & Chairperson Marti Wendel, CFPE, CFPS, CFPCC - Curtiss-Wright Sprague Products Immediate Past President Tom Blansett, CFPAI, CFPS, CFPIHT, CFPCC - Behco-MRM, Inc. First Vice President Rance Herren, CFPSD, CFPECS, CFPMT, CFPAI - National Oilwell Varco Vice President Education D. Dean Houdeshell, PE, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPE, CFPS, CFPIHT, CFPMHT, CFPMHM - Danfoss Treasurer Jose Garcia, CFPHS - Purdue University Vice President Membership & Chapter Support Richard Bullers, CFPPS - SMC Corp. of America Vice President Certification Timothy White, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMIH, CFPMMH, CFPMIP, CFPMT, CFPMM - The Boeing Company Vice President Marketing & Public Relations Justin Sergeant, CFPS, CFPMHM - Seven Stars Industries Vice President Educational Foundation Patrick Maluso, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPS, CFPMHM - Western Hydrostatics, Inc. DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE Kenneth Dulinski, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPECS, CFPHS, CFPMIH, CFPMMH Macomb Community College Frank Fetty, CFPMHM - JH Fletcher & Company Scott Sardina, PE, CFPHS - The Oilgear Company Scott Gower, CFPS - Gulf Controls Co., Inc. Jeffrey Hodges, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPMHM - Altec Industries, Inc. Bill Jordan, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPMHM, CFPMHT - Altec Industries, Inc. John Juhasz, CFPECS, CFPS - Kraft Fluid Systems, Inc. Jeff Kenney, CFPIHM, CFPMHM, CFPMHT - Coastal Hydraulics, Inc. Scott Nagro, CFPS - HydraForce, Inc. Sam Kaye, CFPS, CFPMT, CFPMM, CFPMIH, CFPMMH, CFPMIP - Ensign Drilling Rocky Phoenix, CFPMHT, CFPMHM - Open Loop Energy, Inc. HONORARY DIRECTORS John Groot Raymond Hanley, CFPE/AI-Emeritus Robert Sheaf, CFPAI/AJPP, CFPE, CFPS, CFPECS, CFPMT, CFPMIP, CFPMMH, CFPMIH, CFPMM IFPS STAFF Executive Director: Donna Pollander, ACA Communications Manager: Adele Kayser Assistant Director: Jeana Hoffman Membership Coordinator: Sue Dyson Certification Coordinator: Susan Apostle Bookkeeper: Diane McMahon Administrative Assistant: Beth Borodziuk Fluid Power Journal (ISSN# 1073-7898) is the official publication of the International Fluid Power Society published bi-monthly with four supplemental issues, including a Systems Integrator Directory, Off-Highway Suppliers Directory,Tech Directory, and Manufacturers Directory, by Innovative Designs & Publishing, Inc., 3245 Freemansburg Avenue, Palmer, PA 180457118. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part of any material in this publication is acceptable with credit. Publishers assume no liability for any information published. We reserve the right to accept or reject all advertising material and will not guarantee the return or safety of unsolicited art, photographs or manuscripts.

Air Compressors

Success in any type of recruiting is all about the law of supply and demand. The more qualified candidates you have, the easier it is to fill open positions. With this in mind, industry groups and companies can do more to increase the supply of people with the right skills and education. Here are five things that manufacturing industries can do now to increase the availability of skilled workers: 1. Government, broadcasters, and industry associations could collaborate on advertising and/or public service announcements providing education on jobs and career opportunities available in manufacturing. 2. Local chapters of industry groups and member companies could visit high schools and vocational schools to promote careers in their industries. 3. Local chapters of industry groups and member companies could offer to provide financial support to fund the development of jobs-training curricula in the manufacturing trades. 4. Companies could sponsor internships to support high school and vocational training. 5. Industry professionals could support political candidates who support the manufacturing trades and the development of effective educational programs in the trades. While these initiatives will not provide instantaneous payback, it doesn’t take long for an intern or apprentice to make an impact after receiving a two-year degree from a quality vocational technical college. Manufacturing jobs are once again in high demand, offering great pay and attractive benefits. With interest in these jobs battered over the years, industry trade groups and member companies have much to offer and be proud of. The key to success moving forward will be to aggressively promote the opportunities available and to invest in high-quality educational programs. Once understood, for many younger job seekers, the manufacturing trades will be their career path of choice.

Robert J. LaBombard is the CEO for GradStaff, Inc. Serving a national client base, GradStaff provides an outsourced college-recruiting program to help hiring companies fill entry-level positions. LaBombard has over 30 years of business experience in the chemical, environmental, professional services, and staffing industries. For more information, visit

Clean Dry Air Improves Performance... Clean, Dry Compressed Air Starts with The Extractor/Dryer® Manufactured by LA-MAn Corporation • Point of Use Compressed Air Filter to Improve and Extend Equipment Life • Removes Moisture and Contaminates to a 5-Micron Rating: Lower Micron Ratings are Available • Models with Flow Ranges of 15 SCFM to 500 SCFM Rated Up To 250psi are Standard • Differential Pressure Gauge Built in • Mounting Hardware Included for Easy Installation • Weep Drain is Standard; Float Drain or Electronic Drain Valves Optional


At AHE, our team is composed of technical minds ready to find creative solutions to your most demanding challenges. For more than 40 years AHE has been providing unsurpassed value added products for our customers. PLEASE CONTACT US AND LET US BE YOUR VALUE ADDED PARTNER.



ELECTRICAL PANELS (UL-508 panels optional)

821 E. 11th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37403 1-800-277-4466 » » CIRCLE 455 • May/June 2015 •




Drive the Pro Power Motorsports Team as the National Hot Rod Association Season Begins HYDRAULIC, ELECTRICAL, AND VEHICLE GROUPS HELP BUILD A COMPETITIVE CAR


aton launched its sponsored National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) Pro Power Motorsports team for the 2015 season. Kicking off the season with the Detroit Autorama Car Show, taking place March 6-8 in Detroit, Mich., the team will put Eaton’s hydraulic, electrical, and vehicle solutions to the test. “With one of the only pro-level cars with a torque-converter-driven transmission, the Top Alcohol Funny Car was considered an underdog in 2014, yet we smashed through the ranks to achieve a runner-up position in the 60th-annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals Event,” said Todd Robertson, driver and owner, Pro Power Motorsports. “Eaton’s engineering experts have continuously helped our team understand the pressures, flows, temperatures, and technologies required to make a torque-converter-driven transmission competitive at this level of racing.” Since the team was founded in 2001, Pro Power Motorsports has relied on the Power of One Eaton – a combination of solutions from the company’s hydraulic, electrical, and vehicle groups – to build a competitive car. Eaton components on the car include the following: ƒƒ Hydraulics Group – Eaton supplied 100% of hoses and fittings used on the car, including Aeroquip® StartLite® hoses, which are flexible, high-temperature hoses that are also flame retardant to improve driver safety in the event of a fire or crash, and Synflex® nylon tubing, which is manufactured from raw materials instead of reground products and prevents air pockets from forming. Even

8 • May/June 2015 •

in the tough conditions on the racetrack, the team experienced no hose failures in 2014. The group also supplied quick-disconnect valves, which make changing the moving components between runs faster and easier. ƒƒ Electrical Group – Eaton supplied switches, toggles, and pushbuttons that regulate electricity in the car and help eliminate “ghost problems”—electrical issues where systems are not working or data is not being collected. With Eaton’s switches, 100% of Pro Power Motorsports’ ghost problems have been solved. ƒƒ Vehicle Group – Engineers worked with the team to build a custom supercharger that could achieve the massive 3,000 horsepower (hp) required for the racecar to run up to 250 miles per hour. The group also provided the engine lifters. “The success of the Pro Power Motorsports team has been exciting to see, and we look forward to the challenges and successes of the 2015 season,” said Mike Rasnick, business development manager, hydraulics, and Eaton’s Pro Power Motorsports team representative. “Our products and engineering inputs have helped transform the team from weekenders to professionals, while the team is continuing to help spread the word about Eaton’s performance products in and out of the racing world.” The Pro Power Motorsports’ 2015 race season will begin with the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series regional race, May 1-3, at Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis, Ind. The team will participate in regional and national events throughout the year, culminating with the 61st-annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals, September 2-7, also at Lucas Oil Raceway.


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CIRCLE 457 • May/June 2015 •


Economic Report

Global Manufacturing Update By Chad Moutray, Chief Economist, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Manufacturers are facing some significant headwinds from sluggish growth abroad and from a U.S. dollar that has strengthened sharply over the past few months. According to the Federal Reserve Board, the trade-weighted U.S. dollar index against major currencies has risen from 75.6968 on July 1 to 91.5660 on March 6, a 21% increase. Along those lines, the euro has fallen to its lowest levels since January 2003. It peaked in 2014 on May 6 at $1.3924 for each euro. On March 12, it closed at $1.0640 to the euro, with some expectations that it will move to parity soon. It last reached parity in November 2002. Overall, these developments could hurt the ability of manufacturers in the United States to grow exports. (Some recent comments from me in the media on this topic can be found in the Financial Times, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.) Reduced crude oil prices have posed another challenge. Beyond the negative impacts seen throughout the energy sector and its supply


U.S. Dollars to One Euro Exchange Rate, 2014-2015

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Stringent Testing,

Zero Failures. The only flare solution for


. O.D ° 37


Before Flaretite

° 37

. O.D Visit our website for


After Flaretite


samples! CIRCLE 458

10 • May/June 2015 •


chain in the United States, lower petroleum prices have also hampered growth in Canada, our largest trading partner. The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Canadian Manufacturing PMI dropped from 51.0 to 48.7, its first contraction since March 2013. Canada was one of two countries among our top 10 markets for U.S.-manufactured goods—the other being Brazil—that had negative sentiment in February. Each slipped below the threshold level of 50 in their PMI values for the month, with China and Hong Kong shifting into the growth column this time. In contrast to these nations, Mexico and the United Kingdom had the fasted paces of expansion in their manufacturing sectors among our top 10 trading markets last month. Despite some challenges, the global economy continues to expand modestly. The J.P. Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI edged marginally higher, up from 51.7 in January to 52.0 in February. This marks the fastest pace in four months. This measure not only reflects improvements in the U.S. economy, but also some incremental progress in China, Europe, and the emerging markets. Each had slightly better data on new orders and output. Yet, weaknesses persist. Eurozone real GDP grew 0.3% in the fourth quarter, or 1.3% on a year-over-year basis. In addition, industrial production in the Eurozone declined 0.1% in January. Many observers continue to worry about deflation, with the latest annual inflation data showing a decline of 0.3% in February, exacerbating those concerns. Moreover, the unemployment rate remains elevated at 11.2%. It is for that reason that the European Central Bank will spend 1 trillion euros over the next 18 months to help stimulate the European economy as part of its quantitative easing program. Meanwhile, manufacturing activity in China bounced back from two straight months of decline, but its economy continues to decelerate. After growing 7.3% year-over-year in the fourth quarter, China has reduced its target real GDP growth rate for 2015 to 7%. Along those lines, a number of recent indicators have reflected slower paces of growth. This included industrial production, fixed asset investments, and retail sales. Investments from manufacturers have fallen from 13.5% year-over-year in December to 10.6% in January/February. It is worth noting that each of these growth rates is strong relative to other nations, but the challenge is that growth remains much less than what we have become accustomed to for China. Action of trade legislation, particularly Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), is now expected in the April-May timeframe, as efforts to negotiate a bipartisan, bicameral TPA bill continue. New legislation reauthorizing the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank has been introduced in the House, while work on crafting a bipartisan Senate bill continues. Other manufacturing legislative priorities are also

stacking up. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks are ongoing in Hawaii this week, and the next round of the U.S.-EU talks move forward in mid-April. Efforts to negotiate sectoral tariff-cutting talks and broader multilateral talks are ongoing at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Product-specific export control reform also continues.

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) represents small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector in all 50 states. For more information, visit

Excerpt reprinted with permission. For the full report, visit

HYUNDAI MOTORS AND VFDS IN STOCK: - General Purpose Motors - Explosion Proof Motors - IEEE-841 Motors - Medium Voltage Motors - Variable Frequency Drives - Enclosed Pump Drive Packages

ble availa


ce servi t r o p cts supENGINEERINGd pAND oduFIELD d r l e fi an g and ai brSERVICE d THE HIGHEST rinQUALITY n e SUPPORT AVAILABLE u e y n i H y t i Eng l s a t c qu NAME BRAND iPRODUCTS AROUND roduCLOCK ghest f pTHE o h h e t r h o T llion w i s m 0 $4 house e r a w ional 6 reg

WorldWide Electric Corporation

1-800-808-2131 / CIRCLE 460 • May/June 2015 •



Infinite increment locking of the die platen protects the operator and machine via a Sitema safety catcher (picture: Mueller Weingartenag Esslingen).




he Sitema safety catchers from Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. (AME), Rockford, Ill., stop and lock a dropping platen via a wedge mechanism located on a smooth rod that can be placed in any position and that is activated by the weight of the dropping mass.

Some machines are equipped with safety devices that operate in only one or a few positions, such as interference rods or linkage mechanisms. The upper platen must travel the full stroke even if a fraction of the stroke would be sufficient for production reasons. With such devices, total safety cannot be guaranteed. If, for example, an emergency stop or a power failure occurs in the middle of the full stroke, the latching device cannot be activated. With multiple-ratchet-position devices, it is questionable whether or not the ratchet will properly engage and withstand the forces of the dropping mass. Installing safety catchers on hydraulic presses and other machines in which dropping masses are a concern can eliminate such dangers. Infinite position locking is an advantage. These safety catchers lock the mass to a smooth round bar.

The safety catchers can be used not only on hydraulic presses, but also on any other machines or devices in which dropping masses must be stopped for safety reasons. They include vertical-axis devices of machine tools, portals, material-handling systems, and platforms in theaters or amusement park rides. The safety catchers are certified by the German TÜV to comply with DIN EN 693 standard as lift-secure devices. Other certifications also are available upon request. Exotic clamping problems also can be solved with Sitema special devices for low- or high-quantity applications to satisfy even those customers with complicated requirements. MORE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE AT WWW.AME.COM.



The load is secured by stopping the dropping mass using the weight as a means to wedge the safety catcher against the acting hydraulic cylinder rod or a separate catcher rod. The locking capability is proportioned to the dropping mass: the heavier the dropping mass, the stronger the grip.

drops, the safety catcher is set to automatically secure any dropping load.


The full-locking force is created only by the load. The unit will lock only when the safety catcher is in the locking position (no hydraulic or pneumatic pressure is present) and the load is moving downward (such as when the acting hydraulic cylinder of the press is leaking).


The locking position functions for the Sitema safety catchers are available entire stroke of the machine, which guarin various sizes. Stopping the movement of the dropping antees a safety stop at any stroke position. mass is not an issue with proper safety Productivity loss as a result of positioning the catcher selection. Mass deceleration generally is 1-3 g. platen to a certain point to interlock the safety device is eliminated.



Depending on the device type, the locking system is held open by either hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. Whenever the pressure

12 • May/June 2015 •


The proximity switches signal “load secured” or “unlocked.” They can be used for the machine control.


ƒƒ Wear emblems/pins/badges/shirts noting your fluid power affiliation. ƒƒ Treat your staff/co-workers to a pizza π. ƒƒ Plan a picnic or company cookout – include practical hydraulics with a squirt gun battle! ƒƒ Take your employees to an amusement park or raffle off an admission ticket. ƒƒ Give back to the industry! Help the next generation of fluid power professionals by making a donation to the Fluid Power Educational Foundation ( to help support individual scholarships for students entering the fluid power industry and/or to the NFPA Foundation ( to help build more fluid power educational resources at 2- and 4-year colleges and universities. If the fluid power industry has supported you in your career or business, please consider support of your industry by giving back and paying the generosity forward through a donation. TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ACTIVITIES AND E-MAIL TO ASKUS@IFPS.ORG.

THE NEXT GENERATION DELIVERY SOLUTIONS AVENTICS Quick Ship Program. Kjell Lyngstad, Director AVENTICS North American Sales, helps ensure his customers have the high-performance pneumatics they need through our Quick Ship program. It offers a wide selection of our most popular pneumatic products, ready to ship with fast, reliable delivery that meets or beats market lead times. And standardizing on these products saves time over your system’s lifecycle. Get the current catalog: Visit

AVENTICS Corporation Lexington, KY


avent3696-05Quick-HPH-fpjD5.indd 1

4/1/15 1:23 PM • May/June 2015 •


Safety Focus


An Employer’s Guide to Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training By Colin Bonner, Founder and CEO, Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada (HSAC) Inc.

Many occupational standards and regulations explicitly require employers to train employees in the health and safety aspects of their workplace. Occupational Health and Safety standards make it the employer’s legal responsibility to limit certain tasks to employees who are certified, competent, or qualified—meaning that they have completed special training to perform specific duties and are aware of the related hazards. Training must be a part of every employer’s health and safety program for protecting workers against injuries and illnesses.



Research has shown that workers who are new on the job have higher rates of incidents and injuries than more experienced workers. The Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada (HSAC) Inc. has developed training guidelines to assist employers and personnel in providing health and safety information needed to reduce risk to workers, the public, and the environment when hydraulic equipment is used. The development of these guidelines can assist employers in their efforts to meet the training requirements of current and future occupational health and safety standards. • May/June 2015 •

To determine whether or not hydraulic safety training should be incorporated into a company’s health and safety training program, employers should begin by determining whether or not hydraulic systems are used by employees either within or outside of the facility. The following questions can be used to help make the determination: ƒƒ Do we use hydraulics in our facility for plant processes? ƒƒ Do we have mobile or construction equipment? ƒƒ Do our employees maintain equipment that utilizes hydraulics? ƒƒ Do we have employees who work within one meter of a hydraulic system or component? ƒƒ Do our employees operate equipment that utilizes hydraulics in public areas? ƒƒ Do we operate hydraulically driven equipment in fragile ecosystems? If employers are unable to answer these questions or determine with certainty whether or not hydraulic equipment is being utilized by their employees, they may need to consult with others within the company. If it is determined that hydraulic equipment is being utilized, employers must determine who is at risk of being injured from hydraulic exposure. One way to identify employees who are at risk of exposure, and therefore require training, is to consider an employee’s occupation and specific duties. The nature of the duties and tasks performed will indicate which employees should receive priority information on hydraulic safety. Some employees are employed in high-risk occupations, but even within hazardous occupations, some personnel operate at greater risk than others. Once employees who are at risk of hydraulic exposure have been identified, they should be enrolling in the level of training that is best suited to their specific needs. The following guidelines are intended to help determine an employee’s level of exposure to hydraulic hazards in the workplace, however, it is important to realize that hydraulic hazards do exist outside of the workplace, as well. Outside of work, people may be exposed to tractors, lawnmowers, wood splitters, jacks, power and tilt on steering in boats, brakes on vehicles, and rental equipment that all utilize hydraulics. Hydraulic systems are a way of transmitting energy, which together with the loads they manipulate, are extremely hazardous. Therefore, maintenance, reliability, ethical choices, and knowledge play a substantial role in risk reduction.

EDUCATIONAL REQUIREMENTS BASED ON LEVEL OF EXPOSURE TO A HYDRAULIC HAZARD The following three-part scale can be used to determine an employee’s training needs based on his or her level of exposure to hydraulic equipment.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: The mission of Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada (HSAC) is to provide proactive health and safety awareness programs specific to hydraulic systems and components. These programs provide a guideline for companies to follow as they show the necessary due diligence required for providing a safe work environment and improving their existing health and safety systems. Contact by phone: 416-363-7272; e-mail:; web: The IFPS is now an authorized provider of HSAC’s Hydraulic Safety Awareness e-learning courses.

Less Likely

GREEN SCALE In this situation, hydraulic hazard exposure is low, as the employee does not work within one meter of a hydraulic system. Recommendation: Exposure-Level Training.

Medium Risk

YELLOW SCALE In this situation, an employee is exposed to a moderate level of risk of hydraulic hazard exposure because he or she works within one meter of a functioning hydraulic system, operates equipment that utilizes hydraulic systems, or may come into contact with hydraulic fluids. Recommendation: Exposure-Level Training.

Most Likely

RED SCALE In this situation, hydraulic hazard exposure is high because the employee maintains and repairs hydraulic systems and components, has physical contact with hydraulic components and fluids, or completes tasks that include designing, assembling, commissioning, decommissioning, or demolishing equipment that utilizes hydraulic systems. Recommendation: High-Risk Maintenance-Level Training.


Hydraulex Global is your main source for remanufactured, new aftermarket, and surplus hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, servo & proportional valves, cylinders, PTOs and replacement parts. We offer a wide variety of units and components for all your mobile and industrial hydraulic needs covering most all hydraulic component manufacturers such as: Bosch/Rexroth, Continental, Denison, Eaton, Hitachi, Kawasaki, Linde, Moog, Oilgear, Parker, Pegasus, Racine, Staffa, Sundstrand, Uchida, Vickers and more. We’re here to serve your immediate hydraulic needs. Experience the one-stop shop at

MINIMIZING RISK In addition to providing employees with appropriate training to reduce their exposure to hydraulic hazards, employers should consider enlisting a competent person to perform a job hazard analysis to determine if a job or task can be redesigned to make it safer.


© Hydraulex Global. All Rights Reserved.





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STAINLESS STEEL LIQUID LEVEL GAGES Corrosive resistant properties make stainless steel gages suitable to a variety of applications. Oil-Rite offers 304 and 316 stainless steel liquid level gages in sizes from 3” to 60”. A red line on a white background enhances liquid level visibility. Available with adapters and thermometer. Made in the USA.

Proudly sold through distributors. Distributor inquiries welcome. 222 S. Navigation Blvd. Corpus Christi, TX 78405 Toll free: 844-251-7646 Local: 361-561-1525 Fax: 361-883-3893






Adaconn® and Inserta® combine to eliminate leaks and bulk associated with line mounted components by removing pipe, tube, and hose connections. Flange mounted modular fittings, ball valves, diverter valves, check valves, and adapters can be used to obtain a compact integrated hydraulic system. Special variations of these products can be made.

The Yates Industries H6 Heavy Duty Cylinder is rated for 3000 PSI and features 1½ to 20” bores standard, 22 different mounting options, is JIC-NFPA interchangeable, and can be customized with nearly limitless combinations of rod ends, cushions, couplers, seals, and ports – all backed by our legendary warranty and repair capabilities.


16 • May/June 2015 •


23050 Industrial Dr. E. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 586-778-7680






Power Valve U.S.A. represents, as factory warehouse and sales office, a Taiwan manufacturer of D03, D05, D07, D08, and D10 valves, and modular circuit stack valves. With inventory in the Houston warehouse, all products are competitively priced, and machine tool quality. In fact the parent company, Tai Huei Oil Industry Co., Ltd. has been selling valves for over 25 years to the machine tool industry in Taiwan. All standard AC and DC voltages are available, and all standard spool configurations are in stock. Special spools are available. Pressures to 5000psi and flows from 16GPM (D03) to 211GPM (D10) are standard. With inventory on the shelf and very competitive pricing, we invite your inquiry.

• Pressures up to 5,000 psi with 125 psi air drive • Flows over 4GPM at no pressure and 3 GPM at 1,000 psi. with 140 scfm air drive • All wetted parts stainless steel • Compatible with most fluids • Air operated - No electricity needed • Dimensionally interchangeable with most competitive model pumps



Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Contact the company at 1-888-862-1064 or e-mail to View basic specifications at

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, rust, and staining. It maintains its appearance over long periods and minimizes unwanted bonding between parts. Sight glasses enable viewing inside a reservoir, hydraulic line, or machine compartment. Oil-Rite offers 303 stainless steel window sights with straight or NPT threads. Made in the USA.




(920) 682-6173 •


DIN COMPRESSION FITTINGS World Wide Metric offers a wide selection of DIN 2353 compression fittings. These fittings are a high quality product used for fluid power systems joining tubes together. Available in carbon steel and stainless steel with sizes ranging from 4mm – 42 mm.



PENINSULAR CYLINDER’S CAD CONFIGURATOR SAVES TIME & MONEY! PENINSULAR CYLINDER’S CAD CONFIGURATOR is designed to eliminate ordering confusion & complexity in today’s hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder industry. Our CONFIGURATOR allows you to download & quote any NFPA or METRIC standard cylinder - quickly & efficiently. It provides you with our Peninsular part number along with a 2D or 3D cylinder CAD image that can be easily downloaded into your CAD drawings. Our CAD downloads are available in most common 2D & 3D formats. With decades of cylinder engineering & application experience, we build longer lasting cylinders for virtually any cylinder application! Call us for your next cylinder requirement



502 • May/June 2015 •




Save Time • Save Money Save Labor • Save Oil • • • • • • • • •

No tools required, one hand installation No expensive hardware needed No more rags stuffed into hoses No more messy plastic caps The ultimate contamination control tool Eliminate hydraulic oil spills & clean up Quick installation & ease of usage Safe for personnel & environment Industry acclaimed • 100% Made in USA

FLANGELOCK™ Contact Mike Pearl at 914.980.8890 or email:


HIGH QUALITY HYDRAULIC FILTER ELEMENTS Eaton is a leader in manufacturing high quality hydraulic and lubrication systems, filter media, and condition monitoring systems. Eaton’s Internormen product line consists of more than 4,000 different types of high-quality filter elements with the highest dirt-holding capacities, ensuring consistent filter efficiency, even at high pressure differences. Various filter materials, construction types and micron ratings are available, guaranteeing a long lifetime of your systems. Filter materials, bonding and processing are regularly controlled and tested in our R&D centers. Features include: • Deep filtration • High particle holding capacity • Best micron rating at high Δp • Usable for mineral oils, emulsions, and for most synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils • High material stability and strength


FLANGE TYPE CHECK VALVES The patented Inserta® Slip In Check Valve in the Inserta® Flange Type Body provides a simple means to install a check valve or a fixed orifice flow control valve in a piping system using SAE 4-Bolt flanges. These valve assemblies can be installed between pumps, valves, manifolds and flange retainers in an effective manner using threaded fasteners. The slip-in valves can be installed with the free flow in either direction.

TORQTITE ADJUSTABLE TORQUE WRENCHES Flaretite’s new adjustable open-end torque wrenches allow all tube and hose ends to be precisely tightened to their correct torque requirements. These new wrenches can be used on all fittings requiring a torque specification. Developed to compliment Flaretite’s patented flared seals for 30, 37 and 45 degree flare fittings, these wrenches are used by quality conscious mechanics in all industries. Torque Wrench Benefits: • Five Sizes with ranges from 7 to 500 ft-lbs (10 - 700 Nm). • Fixed wrench ends with hex sizes (jaw opening) from 7/16” thru 3”. Box ends available as specials. • Ratchet end and adjustable ends also available. • Low profile, reversible, spanner design • Precision quality design with +/- 5% accuracy • Shipped with torque rating tables for all common fittings

FLARETITE, INC. Fenton, MI, USA • Tel: 810-750-4140 •

18 • May/June 2015 •

INSERTA® PRODUCTS 538 Township Line Road Blue Bell, PA 19422




“AA” FLANGE, 1DG SERIES DOUBLE PUMPS “A” FLANGE, 2DG SERIES DOUBLE PUMPS “B” FLANGE, 3DG SERIES DOUBLE PUMPS 2DG and 1DG double pumps available from Houston stock. 3DG series based on factory lead time. Honor Gear Pumps Corp. of Taiwan, with U.S. warehouse in Houston, is pleased to announce local availability of double pumps in “AA” flange and “A” flange. The “B” flange doubles are available subject to factory lead times. OEM inquiries through distribution are welcome. In addition to doubles, all single pumps are kept in stock in Houston, in the 4F17, “AA”, “A”, and “B” flange models. Aluminum body with cast iron flanges and rear covers are standard. Standard stock displacements in the 3GB series pump are 2.31, 2.68, 3.17, and 3.66 All other displacements are available subject to factory lead times.

HONOR GEAR PUMPS CORP. Proudly sold through distribution. Please call to be referred. Honor Pumps U.S.A. 1601 W. 25th St. Houston, TX 77008 101 Toll free: 800-984-9727 Local: 713-984-8144 Fax: 713-461-9631 Email: Web:


FLUIDYNE'S REMAN PRODUCTS & PARTS FluiDyne buys original cores and discards out of spec parts. Our remanufactured units are carefully rebuilt and tested to the highest quality standards. Rebuilds are offered on pumps, motors, valves, and components. FluiDyne repairs Bosch-Rexroth, Continental, Oilgear, Racine and Vickers/Eaton and more.

FLUIDYNE Call (586-296-7200) or visit our website at: for more information.


Muncie Power Products is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its lineup of directional control valves, the V250. Designed for flow capabilities of up to 75 GPM, the V250 is built to withstand extreme, high pressure applications. With high-grade iron castings, hard chrome and nickel-plated spools, the V250 is built to resist wear and promote long product life. Its versatile design lends well to many configurations with different spool, control, positioner and accessory options, allowing for customization.  Take control of your hydraulic system today with Muncie Power Products’ V250.

CLEAN FILTRATION U.S.A. 1-888-861-8058 or 713-861-8058.




Clean Filtration U.S.A. is proud to offer their RAF and RTF tank top return filter assemblies. With inventory in Houston these filter assemblies are very competitively priced to meet U.S. market demands. From 3/4" NPT to 3-1/2" SAE code 61 flange porting, these filters offer flow range from 14 GPM to 264 GPM. Synthetic glass fiber filter elements come in 5, 10, and 20 micron ratings for best pressure drop flow conditions. With inventory on the shelf in Houston, and very competitive pricing, we invite your inquiry.




FPEF Updates

The Fluid Power Educational Foundation is proud to present

“Art for Industry” Industry Supporting The Arts / Artists Supporting Industry Friday, September 25, 2015 Pittsburgh Botanic Garden 799 Pinkerton Run Road • Oakdale, PA 15071 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. ($40) – refreshments and awards 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. ($100) – food and cocktails The Fluid Power Educational Foundation, in conjunction with the Community College of Allegheny County, is proud to present an artwork showcase “Art for Industry” at the Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. Silent Auction items will also be on hand. Proceeds raised at this event will be donated toward scholarships provided by both the Mechatronics Program at CCAC and the FPEF.



20 • May/June 2015 •


IFPS Updates

AVAILABLE IFPS CERTIFICATIONS CFPAI Certified Fluid Power Accredited Instructor CFPAJPP Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor CFPAJPPCC Certified Fluid Power Authorized Job Performance Proctor Connector & Conductor CFPE Certified Fluid Power Engineer CFPS Certified Fluid Power Specialist (Must Obtain CFPHS, CFPPS) CFPHS Certified Fluid Power Hydraulic Specialist CFPPS Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Specialist CFPMT Certified Fluid Power Master Technician (Must Obtain CFPIHT, CFPMHT, & CFPPT) CFPIHT Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Technician CFPMHT Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Technician CFPPT Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Technician CFPMM Certified Fluid Power Master Mechanic (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPMHM, & CFPPM) CFPIHM Certified Fluid Power Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic CFPMHM Certified Fluid Power Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic CFPPM Certified Fluid Power Pneumatic Mechanic CFPMIH Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPIHM, CFPIHT, & CFPCC) CFPMMH Certified Fluid Power Master of Mobile Hydraulics (Must Obtain CFPMHM, CFPMHT, & CFPCC) CFPMIP Certified Fluid Power Master of Industrial Pneumatics (Must Obtain CFPPM, CFPPT, & CFPCC) CFPCC Certified Fluid Power Connector & Conductor CFPSD Fluid Power System Designer CFPMEC (In Development) Mobile Electronic Controls CFPIEC (In Development) Industrial Electronic Controls

Know Your IFPS Membership Benefits When you join IFPS, you have the benefit of the Society’s 50+ years of expertise and experience representing the fluid power and motion control industry. Your membership supports a nonprofit organization dedicated to the unique interests of fluid power engineers, specialists, technicians, and mechanics throughout their careers. IFPS membership and certification are two different entities. Once your technical certification is achieved, your certification must be renewed every five years. IFPS membership is optional and highly recommended, and here’s why: DISCOUNTS

ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ ƒƒ

Online Training – $99 for members only! Hydraulic safety awareness training Online Job Performance review offered through CFC-Solar, Inc. Certification test fee Recertification fee EVERYTHING in the IFPS store – books, patches, publications, and safety cards/posters! ƒƒ Hertz car rental ƒƒ ScriptSave prescription savings card ƒƒ Mutual of Omaha Insurance PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

ƒƒ FREE (only available to members) access to a growing list of archived Web seminars ƒƒ FREE study manual downloads ƒƒ FREE industry-related Web seminars by Accredited Instructors ƒƒ Professional development points – earn points for every year you are a member. Personal development points are important when it is time to recertify. SUBSCRIPTIONS

ƒƒ Free subscription to Fluid Power Journal ƒƒ IFPS monthly E-news NETWORKING

ƒƒ Only members can find other members. ƒ ƒ Social Media – IFPS has Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter connections. ƒƒ You will also have access to the “Members Only” section of the IFPS website. Visit or call 800-308-6005. • May/June 2015 •


IFPS Updates


2015 Certification Review Training Certification Review Training Review-training courses offered through third-party Accredited Instructors vary in hours. You’ll learn how to ƒƒ Use the math required for testing ƒƒ Analyze and design systems ƒƒ Select components ƒƒ Prepare and properly take certification tests All review-training options are taught by IFPS Accredited Instructors. The written certification test can be taken at any IFPS testing location (additional test fees will apply). If you are an IFPS Accredited Instructor and would like to list your training or open test events, please e-mail HYDRAULIC SPECIALIST (HS) CERTIFICATION REVIEW The online self-paced Hydraulic Specialist certification review-training course, offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc., covers all seven chapters (8.5 hours) and every outcome in preparation for the Hydraulic Specialist test. (Members receive 20% off with coupon code.) Online Live-Distance Learning - October 2015 dates are available. Review and testing offered through NTT Training E-mail: Centennial, CO Review: July 7-9 Job Performance and written tests: July 10 Virginia Beach, VA Review: September 22-24 Job Performance and written tests: September 25 Review and testing offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc. E-mail: Fairfield, OH Review: October 19-21 Written test: October 21 Review and testing offered through Eaton Hydraulics Training Services E-mail: Eden Prairie, MN Review: November 10-12 Written test: November 13 PNEUMATIC SPECIALIST (PS) CERTIFICATION REVIEW The online Pneumatic Specialist certification review-training course, offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc., covers all six chapters (8.5 hours) and every outcome in preparation for the Pneumatic Specialist test. (Members receive 20% off with coupon code.) Review and testing offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc. E-mail: Fairfield, OH Review: July 27-29 Written test: July 29

CONNECTOR & CONDUCTOR (CC) REVIEW W/ JOB PERFORMANCE TEST Review and testing offered through Eaton Hydraulics Training Services E-mail: Maumee, OH Review: June 2-3 Job Performance test: June 3 / written test: June 4 Review and testing offered through NTT Training E-mail: Centennial, CO Review: August 25-26 Job Performance and written tests: August 27 Virginia Beach, VA Review: December 15-16 Job Performance and written tests: December 17 Review and testing offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc. E-mail: Fairfield, OH Review: August 26-27 Job Performance and written tests: August 28 INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULIC MECHANIC (IHM) REVIEW WITH JOB PERFORMANCE TEST Review and testing offered through NTT Training E-mail: Sacramento, CA Review: June 2-4 Job Performance and written tests: June 5


June 4, 2015 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST Presented by: Jon Jensen, CFPAI, SMC Corp. of America All personnel have a responsibility to control the costs and environmental impact of excessive energy use in their facilities. Leakage is an area of major concern in pneumatic systems, but leaks rarely get addressed because the feeling is that "they'll just come back!" This webcast will focus on the costs associated with air leaks, the typical causes of air leaks, and strategies to repair them so they don't come back. “PROPORTIONAL VALVE AMPLIFIERS - SETUP, TUNING, AND TROUBLESHOOTING”

August 13, 2015 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EST Presented by: Ken Dulinski, CFPAI, Macomb Community College Basic operation of a proportional valve amplifier with LVDT feedback will be covered in this web presentation. Starting with the block diagram of an amplifier, we will discuss proper wiring methods followed by a step-by-step tuning procedure for maximum valve performance. Finally, we will discuss troubleshooting the amplifier using the built-in light indicators and a voltmeter to localize various common problems.

Centennial, CO Review: July 21-23 Job Performance and written tests: July 24 Virginia Beach, VA Review: October 6-8 Job Performance and written tests: October 9 MOBILE HYDRAULIC MECHANIC (MHM) REVIEW W/JOB PERFORMANCE TEST The online Mobile Hydraulic certification review course (for written test), offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc., covers all chapters of the MHM Study Manual (6.5 hours) and every outcome in preparation for the written MHM test. (Members receive 20% off with coupon code.) Review and testing offered through CFC Industrial Training, Inc.


Visit to register or call 800-308-6005. IFPS Members: FREE Non-members: $40.00 • May/June 2015 •


WEB SEMINAR TOPICS If your company has educational web seminars on cutting-edge or trending technologies, please e-mail your information to (no infomercials please!).

E-mail: Fairfield, OH Review: August 3-5 Job Performance test: August 5-1:00 p.m. / written test: August 6-8:00 a.m. Review and testing offered through NTT Training E-mail: Henderson, NV Review: September 22-24 Job Performance and written tests: September 25 Houston, TX Review: November 3-5 Job Performance and written tests: November 6 Review and testing offered through HCT E-mail: Bellevue, Washington Review: September 15-18, 2015 Written and Job Performance Test: September 19, 2015 INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULIC TECHNICIAN (IHT) REVIEW TRAINING W/JOB PERFORMANCE TEST Review and testing offered through NTT Training E-mail: Sacramento, CA Review: June 2-4 Job Performance and written tests: June 5 Centennial, CO Review: July 21-23 Job Performance and written tests: July 24 Virginia Beach, VA Review: October 6-8 Job Performance and written tests: October 9 MOBILE HYDRAULIC TECHNICIAN (MHT) REVIEW TRAINING W/JOB PERFORMANCE TEST Review and testing offered through NTT Training E-mail: Henderson, NV Review: September 22-24 Job Performance and written tests: September 25 Houston, TX Review: November 3-5 Job Performance and written tests: November 6 JOB PERFORMANCE ONLINE REVIEW CFC Industrial Training Inc. offers online Job Performance reviews that include stations 1-6 of the IFPS Mechanic and Technician Job Performance tests. Members may e-mail for a 20% coupon code off the list price or get the code in the IFPS Members’ Only area for the entire IFPS Job Performance review (test not included). Live-Distance Learning Job Performance Station Reviews. E-mail register@cfc-solar. com for information.

IFPS NEWLY CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS Adam Adame, MM, PM Western Hydrostatics, Inc. Param Adhikari, HS BOC Water Hydraulics Inc. Derek Adler, HS JLG Industries, Inc. Donald Allen, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Melissa Determan, PS James Downing, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. David Eggert, HS Danfoss Christopher England, IHM, Gestamp Mason

Adam Alrai, PS

Stefan Eshleman, HS JLG Industries, Inc.

Dallas Anderson, PS

Jeff Ferguson, PS

Travis Anderson, PS

John Fleming, HS Danfoss

Timothy Annuschat, IHM, Gestamp Mason Vinayagasubramani Balasubramanian, HS Hydreco Inc. Michael Baumann, S, HS, PS Hennepin Technical College Matthew Becker, HS JLG Industries, Inc. Tomer Bitton, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Girard Bourgeois, HS Hydradyne, LLC Joshua Boyd, IHM Gestamp Mason

Gary Otremba, S, HS, PS Tescom Corp.

Eric Jacobson, HS Danfoss

Henry Papa, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Andrew Kampel, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Robert Post, HS WastAway

Alex Kaprosy, HS Hydraulex Global

Eko Prasetiawan, HS JLG Industries, Inc.

Ivan Karpich, PS

Zachary Ramirez, IHM Gestamp Mason

Todd Katzenbach, MHM, Parker Hannifin Corporation

Nicholas Folwick, HS JEM Technical

Anthony Ruberti, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Chase Korth, PS

Troy Sarkinen, S, HS, PS Hennepin Technical College

Vernon Laurence, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Jasmin Francisco, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

John Leatherman, HS JLG Industries, Inc.

Ryan Francisco, MT, PT Western Hydrostatics, Inc.

Craig Lee, PS

Michael Frye, MHM Terex Utilities, Inc.

Bo Li, E United Equipment Accessories, Inc.

Leroy Garciano, HS Danfoss

Kevin Lingenfelter, HS Danfoss

Mark Giroux, HS Hennepin Technical College

Kristen Loso, S, HS, PS

Latinus Boylston, HS Danfoss Daphne Cai, S, PS

Jordan Grangroth, PS

William Cheesman, S, PS

Bradley Greiner, HS IFP

Garrett McClain, HS Danfoss John McConnell, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation Dwight McCormack, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Ross Groening, HS

Seth Monroe, IHM Gestamp Mason

Vincent Dahl, IHM Western Hydrostatics, Inc.

Robert Harris, S, PS Danfoss

Pedro Moreno, HS

Christian Daley, HS Danfoss

Ben Hemphill, HS Tadano Mantis Corporation

Kyle Damiano, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Tyler Hill, HS Hennepin Technical College

Alex Houle, PS

Cullen Sroka, S, HS, PS Hennepin Technical College Ryan Trenda, S, HS, PS Kazuyuki Uchida, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation - Japan Ltd. Kyle Ussery, S, PS

Jeffrey Wagner, PS

Austin Hansell, HS Danfoss

Michael Dehnke, S, PS

Mitchell Sotelo, PS

Jonathan Mellnitz, HS Fluid Power Sales, Inc.

Adam Cross, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Jeff DeCort, HS BOC Water Hydraulics Inc.

Brian Smith, MHM Parker Hannifin Corporation

Macmillan Venu, S, HS, PS

Bruce Gunzenhauser, HS, Danfoss

Aaron Hobbins, HS Hennepin Technical College

Gilbert Shank, PS

Mario Mejia, S, HS, PS

James Corwin, MHM Terex Utilities, Inc.

Aziz Darugar, S, PS

Mohaned Shahin, S, PS

Caleb Van De Stroet, HS, Danfoss

Andrew Grzelka, HS Danfoss

Tyler Hinrichs, PS

Scott Sasse, PS SunSource

Joseph McDougal, HS Captial Drilling

William Coomer, IHM Gestamp Mason

Hank Daniels, MHM Terex Utilities, Inc.

Jacob Rasmussen, PS

Devin Key, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Matthew Fowler, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Scott Graham, S, PS, HS Hennepin Technical College

Bradford Clauss, MHM Altec Industries, Inc.

Amanda Hurd, S, PS Parker Hannifin Corporation

Tyler Merth, PS

Brian Mueller, MHM Southern California Edison

Rebecca Walker, PS Craig Warzeha, PS Hennepin Technical College Rob Wesley, IHM, PM Gestamp Mason Mark White, HS

Michael Nehring, HS Danfoss

Evan Wiebusch, PS Aspen Equipment

Michael Nendza, S, HS, PS

Eric Wiley, MHM Terex Utilities, Inc.

John Nordstrom, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation Evan Odenthal, PS Van-Tech Corporation

Charles Willey, MHM Altec Industries, Inc. Andy Zilka, PS

Todd Olson, HS BOC Water Hydraulics Inc. • May/June 2015 •


IFPS Updates

IFPS Certification Testing Locations ALABAMA




Auburn University, AL Birmingham, AL Decatur, AL Huntsville, AL Jacksonville, AL Mobile, AL Montgomery, AL Normal, AL Tuscaloossa, AL

Aurora, CO Boulder, CO Centennial, CO Colorado Springs, CO Denver, CO Durango, CO Ft. Collins, CO Greeley, CO Lakewood, CO Littleton, CO Pueblo, CO

Boise, ID Coeur d ‘Alene, ID Idaho Falls, ID Lewiston, ID Moscow, ID Nampa, ID Rexburg, ID Twin Falls, ID

Bowling Green, KY Covington, KY Highland Heights, KY Louisville, KY Morehead, KY


Bossier City, LA Lafayette, LA Monroe, LA Natchitoches, LA New Orleans, LA Thibodaux, LA

ALASKA Anchorage, AK Fairbanks, AK

ARIZONA Flagstaff, AZ Glendale, AZ Mesa, AZ Phoenix, AZ Prescott, AZ Scottsdale, AZ Sierra Vista, AZ Tempe, AZ Thatcher, AZ Tucson, AZ Yuma, AZ

ARKANSAS Bentonville, AR Hot Springs, AR Little Rock, AR

CALIFORNIA Aptos, CA Arcata, CA Bakersfield, CA Commerce, CA Encinitas, CA Fountain Valley, CA Fresno, CA Fullerton, CA Irvine, CA Los Angeles, CA Marysville, CA Riverside, CA Sacramento, CA Salinas, CA San Diego, CA San Jose, CA San Luis Obispo, CA Santa Ana, CA Santa Maria, CA Santa Rosa, CA South San Francisco, CA Yucaipa, CA

DELAWARE Dover, DE Georgetown, DE Newark, DE

FLORIDA Avon Park, FL Boca Raton, FL Cocoa, FL Davie, FL Daytona Beach, FL Fort Pierce, FL Ft. Myers, FL Gainesville, FL Jacksonville, FL Miami Gardens, FL New Port Richey, FL Orlando, FL Panama City, FL Pembroke Pines, FL Pensacola, FL Plant City, FL Rockledge, FL Sanford, FL St. Petersburg, FL Tampa, FL Winter Haven, FL

GEORGIA Albany, GA Athens, GA Atlanta, GA Carrollton, GA Columbus, GA Dahlonega, GA Dublin, GA Dunwoody, GA Lawrenceville, GA Morrow, GA Oakwood, GA Statesboro, GA Tifton, GA Valdosta, GA

Carbondale, IL Carterville, IL Champaign, IL Crystal Lake, IL Decatur, IL DeKalb, IL Edwardsville, IL Glen Ellyn, IL Joliet, IL Malta, IL Normal, IL Peoria, IL Springfield, IL Sugar Grove, IL

INDIANA Bloomington, IN Columbus, IN Evansville, IN Fort Wayne, IN Gary, IN Indianapolis, IN Kokomo, IN Lafayette, IN Lawrenceburg, IN Madison, IN Muncie, IN New Albany, IN Richmond, IN Sellersburg, IN South Bend, IN Terre Haute, IN

IOWA Ames, IA Cedar Rapids, IA Iowa City, IA Ottumwa, IA Sioux City, IA Waterloo, IA


MARYLAND Arnold, MD Baltimore, MD Bel Air, MD Columbia, MD Frederick, MD Hagerstown, MD La Plata, MD Westminster, MD Wye Mills, MD

MASSACHUSETTS Boston, MA Bridgewater, MA Danvers, MA Haverhill, MA Holyoke, MA

MICHIGAN Ann Arbor, MI Big Rapids, MI Dearborn, MI Dowagiac, MI East Lansing, MI Flint, MI Grand Rapids, MI Kalamazoo, MI Lansing, MI Livonia, MI Mount Pleasant, MI Sault Ste. Marie, MI Troy, MI University Center, MI Warren, MI

KANSAS Lawrence, KS Manhattan, KS Overland Park, KS Wichita, KS • May/June 2015 •

Cape Girardeau, MO Columbia, MO Cottleville, MO Joplin, MO Kansas City, MO Kirksville, MO Park Hills, MO Poplar Bluff, MO Rolla, MO Sedalia, MO Springfield, MO St. Joseph, MO St. Louis, MO Warrensburg, MO

MONTANA Bozeman, MT Missoula, MT

NEBRASKA Bellevue, NE Lincoln, NE North Platte, NE Omaha, NE

Individuals wishing to take any IFPS written certification tests are able to select from convenient locations across the United States and Canada. The IFPS is able to offer these locations through its affiliation with The Consortium of College Testing Centers (CCTC) provided by National College Testing Association (NCTA).  



1. Fill out an IFPS certification test application including your desired location by visiting www. 2. Submit your application with payment to IFPS headquarters. 3. Upon receipt of your application, you will be e-mailed instructions. Questions? Please call IFPS at 800-308-6005.



MAY 2015

Henderson, NV North Las Vegas, NV

Tuesday, 5/5 • Thursday, 5/21


Tuesday, 6/2 • Thursday, 6/18

Branchburg, NJ Lincroft, NJ Sewell, NJ Toms River, NJ West Windsor, NJ

NEW MEXICO Albuquerque, NM Clovis, NM Farmington, NM Portales, NM Santa Fe, NM


Eden Prairie, MN Mankato, MN Morris, MN

Brooklyn, NY Garden City, NY Middletown, NY New York, NY Syracuse, NY






Goodman, MS Mississippi State, MS Raymond, MS University, MS

JUNE 2015

JULY 2015

Tuesday, 7/7 • Thursday, 7/16 AUGUST 2015

Tuesday, 8/4 • Thursday, 8/20 SEPTEMBER 2015

Tuesday, 9/1 • Thursday, 9/17 OCTOBER 2015

Tuesday, 10/6 • Thursday, 10/15 NOVEMBER 2015

Tuesday, 11/3 • Thursday, 11/19 DECEMBER 2015

Tuesday, 12/1 • Thursday, 12/17

NORTH CAROLINA Apex, NC Asheville, NC Boone, NC Durham, NC Fayetteville, NC Greensboro, NC Greenville, NC Jamestown, NC Misenheimer, NC Pembroke, NC Raleigh, NC Wilmington, NC

NORTH DAKOTA Bismark, ND Fargo, ND

OHIO Akron, OH Cincinnati, OH Columbus, OH Fairfield, OH Findlay, OH Kirtland, OH Lima, OH Newark, OH Orrville, OH Rio Grande, OH Toledo, OH

Youngstown, OH

Pittsburgh, PA York, PA

OKLAHOMA Altus, OK Bethany, OK Edmond, OK Norman, OK Oklahoma City, OK Stillwater, OK Tonkawa, OK Tulsa, OK

OREGON Bend, OR Coos Bay, OR Eugene, OR Gresham, OR Medford, OR Oregon City, OR Portland, OR White City, OR

PENNSYLVANIA Bloomsburg, PA Blue Bell, PA Gettysburg, PA Harrisburg, PA Lancaster, PA Newtown, PA Philadelphia, PA

SOUTH CAROLINA Beaufort, SC Charleston, SC Columbia, SC Conway, SC Greenville, SC Greenwood, SC Orangeburg, SC Rock Hill, SC Spartanburg, SC

TENNESSEE Blountville, TN Clarksville, TN Collegedale, TN Gallatin, TN Johnson City, TN Knoxville, TN Memphis, TN Morristown, TN Murfreesboro, TN Nashville, TN

Brownsville, TX Commerce, TX Dallas, TX Denison, TX El Paso, TX Houston, TX Huntsville, TX Laredo, TX Lubbock, TX Mesquite, TX Victoria, TX Weatherford, TX Wichita Falls, TX


Fond du Lac, WI La Crosse, WI Milwaukee, WI

WYOMING Casper, WY Laramie, WY Torrington, WY



Castlegar, BC Kamloops, BC Lethbridge, AB London, ON Mississauga, ON Moose Jaw, SK Nanaimo, BC Prince Albert, SK Saskatchewan, SK Saskatoon, SK Toronto, ON Windsor, ON

Lynchburg, VA Norfolk, VA Roanoke, VA Virginia Beach, VA

WASHINGTON Bellingham, WA Bremerton, WA Ellensburg, WA



Cedar City, UT Kaysville, UT Logan, UT Ogden, UT Orem, UT Salt Lake City, UT

TEXAS Abilene, TX Arlington, TX Austin, TX Beaumont, TX

Olympia, WA Seattle, WA Shoreline, WA

Rockingham, Western Australia

Sam Kaye, CFPS, CFPMT, CFPMM CFPMIH, CFPMMH, CFPMIP Ensign Drilling Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Scott Sardina, PE, CFPHS The Oilgear Company Houston, Texas

PV-4 LOAD SENSE DESIGN PROPORTIONAL VALVE • QUALITY • PRICE • LOCAL AVAILABILITY!! Up to 5000 PSI Up to 61GPM with mid section inlet.... To 37GPM with standard inlet Up to 10 Sections Electric, Hydraulic, and Manual Actuators SEE THE CATALOG ON OUR WEB SITE WWW.YOULIPV.COM Corpus Christi, Texas Toll Free 844-251-7646 • Local 361-561-1525 Fax 361-883-3893 • Proudly Sold Through Quality Hydraulic Distributors Distributor Inquiries Welcome CIRCLE 465

CIRCLE 466 • May/June 2015 •


Figure It Out

Scrap Steel Winder Problem Slowing Down Workers at a coil steel-processing mill received rolls of stainless steel from its parent company to slit in half and trim the edges approximately 1" to 2". They recoil the sheets and ship them to their OEM customer that fabricates stainless steel refrigerators. They have a hydraulic motor-driven unit that coils the scrap edges of the coils onto drums. This operation needs to keep up with the speed of the splitter, or the scrap starts to “bunch up,” which requires the workers to stop the line and remove the excess manually. The hydraulic unit was over 20 years old and needed updating. A local hydraulic distributor built them a new unit, and the mill did the installation. During commissioning, they found that the new unit could not keep up with the slitter line speed as the scrap coil increased in diameter. The unit was upgraded from a fixed-volume open-circuit design to a closed-circuit pressure-compensated pump design to improve energy efficiency. The only other difference was the use of a flow-control module under the pilot-operated directional valve. The old unit had line-mounted flow controls. The builder convinced the mill that it must be the mill’s existing motor leaking more flow to the case, as the pressure increased when the scrap steel diameter increased, causing the motor to slow down. They then replaced the hydraulic motor with a new one, but they still had the same problem.





Any idea what the problem could be? WE THRIVE UNDER PRESSURE



450 Hz (+/- 25%) up to 10 GPM 100 Hz (+/- 25%) up to 400 GPM 75 Hz (+/- 25%) up to 900 GPM


• Contamination Resistant • High Vibration Resistance • No Mechanical Wear Design

PERFORMANCE • Less than 0.1% Hysteresis

The only difference that we saw was the male 37º fitting used as an SAE #8 male boss. Looking into the quick-disconnect female port, there was a center piece that was part of the assembly. It finally dawned on us that the 37º fitting was longer than an SAE of the same thread, and this extra length caused the center hole in the fitting to be too close to the QD center piece, creating a restriction. We milled the nose of the fitting, and it worked great. Using 37º fittings as O-ring SAE bosses works well if there is room for the O-ring to seal AND the longer nose doesn’t interfere when assembled.


The problem was printed in our March/April 2015 issue. You can see it at

ALA Industries, Ltd. 877-419-8536


FULL HYDRAULIC INJECTION CONTROL For more information on this and other solutions, contact the reliability experts at ALA Industries, Ltd.




People in the News






Motion Industries

The Manufacturing Institute awarded Astrid Mozes, chief technology officer, Hydraulics Group, Eaton, the Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Production) Ahead Award for her achievement in the manufacturing industry. The STEP awards honor women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their careers and represent all levels of the manufacturing industry, from the factory floor to the C-suite. Ms. Mozes joined Eaton in 1990.

Bill Stevens announced his retirement as chairman effective March 1, 2015. He began his career with the company in 1978 as director of human resources. After several promotions, Mr. Stevens was named president and COO before becoming president and CEO in 1997. Tim Breen, named president and COO in 2013, then president and CEO In 2014, succeeds Mr. Stevens to lead the company. The two have worked together during the last few years to ensure a smooth transition.



Accuracy up to 0.1% FS Vacuum to 72,000 psi Up to IP69k Media only on contact with Stainless Steel

HIGHLY FLEXIBLE, CHOOSE ANY: • Process Connection: SAE, NPT, JIC, Metric • Electrical Connection: M12, Deutsch, Cable, DIN • Output Signal: Current, Voltage, CAN, Ratiometric • Measuring Range



Asahi/America, Inc.

Hirschmann Automation and Control

George Tenhagen has joined the sales team. He is based out of Florida and represents the company in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. For the past 15 years, Mr. Tenhagen was area manager of facilities engineering at a Tampa, Fla., theme park. He is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Florida. He also has been an active member of Aquatic Animal Life Support Operators (AALSO), serving as an executive board member for 12 years, including two terms as president and treasurer.

Jim Kunkle has joined the Mobile Machine Control Solutions (MCS) division as senior quality assurance engineer. He manages the Quality Department at the company’s facility in Chambersburg, Pa. Mr. Kunkle has more than a decade of experience establishing and improving quality processes. The MCS division supplies information, monitoring, and control systems the meet OEM and aftermarket requirements in lifting applications. • May/June 2015 •


DELIVERY IN 4 WEEKS 10…500 PIECES Made in Germany CIRCLE 468

Safety Focus


Fluid Injection Injury By Dan Helgerson, CFPS-Certified Fluid Power Specialist, CFPSOS, LLC, and Fluid Power Journal Technical Editor When I was working for a mining company, I realized an area that everyone could learn and/or refresh their knowledge in was safety, and with this in mind, I researched and investigated fluid injection injuries. The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) believes that implementation of safe procedures is paramount in all fluid power systems, the electrical and electronic controls that guide them, and all associated technologies. IFPS recommends that, in every circumstance, factory, piece of mobile equipment, or application of any fluid power product or its controls, every employee and employer is responsible to know, understand, and practice the safety policies and procedures already in place. Consult manufacturers’ safety specifications for each machine. Take the responsibility to improve the safety standards whenever an opportunity presents itself. No one knows the equipment better than the people who work with it daily – they are the most important ones to improve that equipment’s safety!



ƒƒ Prevention is always the best treatment. Know the proper operation and maintenance of all equipment. ƒƒ Comply with all rules and requirements established by the particular manufacturer and site where the work is being performed. ƒƒ Use personnel protective devices: face shields or safety goggles, ear plugs or covers, safety shoes and clothing that is suitable for the environment. Wear gloves when handling hot materials or to protect hands against hot surfaces. BE PREPARED IN THE EVENT OF A FLUID INJECTION INJURY

ƒƒ IFPS offers safety cards that contain five critical pieces of information for doctors and emergency medical technicians in treating fluid injection injuries. ƒƒ IFPS offers a free Web seminar - “In The Line Of Fire” - which is available to the public ƒƒ IFPS offers free safety posters for download compliments of the IFPS and HSAC*. Visit ƒƒ IFPS offers Online Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training Courses (fee based). Courses provide an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace, in-depth reviews of potential exposures to injury from hydraulic systems, and ways to reduce risk and eliminate hazards for workers, equipment, companies, and the environment. Courses offered: ƒƒ Hydraulic Safety: Exposure Level Online Course ƒƒ Hydraulic Safety: High Risk Maintenance Level ƒƒ Hydraulic Safety in Construction Overview ƒƒ Fluid Injection Awareness

Doctors may not be experienced in treating injection injuries and therefore may underestimate the urgency of this type of injury. It can take hours to locate a qualified medical professional. Your best chance at proper treatment is to locate a hospital or hand surgeon who is experienced with this type of injury in advance and “Fantastic Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training have contact information readily available. Your company should be prepared to have the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) available whenever an injury occurs. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO

video, and I am convinced that it saved our company from a very serious injury. I used the information gleaned from the video to conduct a lunch and learn on injection injuries. The very next week, a maintenance worker that took the class saved a contractor from grabbing a hydraulic hose to stop a pinhole leak. The contractor was within inches of grabbing the hose when my worker physically pulled him back and educated him on injection injury dangers.



The “Know Before You Go” theory is vital to receiving proper treatment. IFPS offers a safety card to all its members and certified professionals that provides five critical pieces of information to communicate to the medical staff. (Safety cards can also be purchased.) Posters are also available. 1. What type of fluid? (Provide the Material Safety Data Sheet.) 2. What is the amount of fluid injected? As a follow up, we have changed our 3. What was the pressure of fluid injected? corporate policy on accumulators based on 4. What is the spread of injected material? what I saw in the video.” 5. How much time has lapsed between injection and treatment? BRIAN J. SZUCH CFPS, CFPAI, GESTAMP Since pre-planning is recommended, there is a blank space on the card D POW UI that should have the name and phone SAFETY FOCUS number of the doctor or medical faciliSO *Hydraulic Safety Authority of Y C I E T FAST RESPONSE FOR INJECTION INJURIES ty in your area that is experienced in treating injection Injection injuries can result in amputation or death. Canada is the leader in hydraulic DO NOT DELAY - Fast treatment is essential. injuries. safety awareness training, In the event of an injury, you must IMMEDIATELY recognized internationally for SEEK MEDICAL CARE, and having this critical infordeveloping the most comprehensive SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ASSISTANCE HERE mation readily available should help medical profestraining curriculum available in the sionals treat the injury. INTERNATIONA L

safety industry.

The information expressed above is not medical advice or a substitute for a professional medical opinion. The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) provides this information as an educational tool, and IFPS does not assume any liability that may arise from its use or nonuse. IFPS does not verify that this information is valid, current, or suitable for any situation. Consult a medical professional immediately in the event of an emergency.

28 • May/June 2015 •

IFPS Certification Spotlight

Mobile Hydraulic Technician


ƒƒ Recommends modifications to circuit and components to improve performance ƒƒ Supervises system installation, flushing, and commissioning ƒƒ Provides leak-free piping ƒƒ Knows how, where, and when to take fluid samples and read lab reports ƒƒ Can establish ISO cleanliness level for a system ƒƒ Can devise the Target Cleanliness Chart ƒƒ Understands accumulator use and operation ƒƒ Understands hydrostatic drives

ƒƒ Sets pump load sensing and compensator controls ƒƒ Understands basic electrical controls and their application ƒƒ Calculates decompression volume ƒƒ Understands regenerative circuits and their use ƒƒ Understands sequence and counterbalance circuits and associated valving ƒƒ Does troubleshooting and supervises required replacements, repair, or adjustment

The International Fluid Power Society is the only organization that provides comprehensive technical certification offerings for all professionals in the fluid power and motion control industry. The IFPS defines a Mobile Hydraulic Technician as an individual that applies fluid power theory and related knowledge to test and troubleshoot operational mobile hydraulic systems and applications. A Mobile Hydraulic Technician reads mobile schematics, performs basic cylinder and hydraulic motor calculations, and is able to supervise system installations and commissioning. All technician certifications require a three (3)hour written test and a three (3)-hour Job Performance (hands-on) test. SUMMARY:

ƒƒ Sets-up and tests systems and components under direction of engineering and scientific staff

TEST YOUR SKILLS 1. When installing a hydraulic Chevron V-packing, the first two V-rings are installed with the split ring joints: a. 45 degrees apart b. 90 degrees apart c. 120 degrees apart d. 180 degrees apart e. 360 degrees apart 2. What is the horsepower loss if a 22gpm pump dumps its full flow over a relief valve that is set at 1800 psi? a. 17.1 hp b. 19.8 hp c. 20.4 hp d. 22.0 hp e. 23.1 hp 3. Why would a counterbalance valve symbol be shown non-adjustable? a. Prevent valve adjustment. b. Valve is pressure balanced. c. Pressure is adjusted by second pilot. d. Internal drain prevents valve adjustment. e. Spring adjustment would interfere with check valve.

A REPUTATION FOR CRAFTSMANSHIP YOU CAN TRUST A reputation can make or break you. Since 1976 Hannon Hydraulics has earned a reputation as the most trusted craftsmen of repaired and manufactured hydraulic cylinders, equipment and parts in the world. We understand your industry and our team can solve your toughest hydraulics challenges. We are proud of our reputation. Now let us help you make yours.

CRAFTSMANSHIP MATTERS. Sales 800.333.4266 Service 800.580.0210

CIRCLE 469 • May/June 2015 •


Answers: 1=d, 2=e, 3=a

Calendar of Events

MAY 4-6




3-day Cartridge Slip-in and Screw-in Logic Valve Technology Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225

Mobile Hydraulic Technology Elyria, OH Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495


Connector and Conductor Review and Testing Fairfield, OH (CFC Industrial Training) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005

Electrohydraulics Maintenance and Troubleshooting Maumee, OH Eaton Tel: 800-413-8809





Proportional Control Technology Burlington, Ontario, Canada Bosch Rexroth Canada Tel: 905-735-0510

Introduction to Hydraulics Milwaukee, WI MSOE Tel: 414-277-7217

Pneumatic Technology for Industry Calgary, Alberta, Canada Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495



Principles of Hydraulics Bethlehem, PA Bosch Rexroth Tel: 610-997-6745

2-day Hydraulic Pump Analysis Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225


Industrial Basics Maumee, OH Eaton Tel: 800-413-8809

Hydraulic Specialist Certification Review and Testing Sacramento, CA (NTT Training) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005

Pumps and Controls, Open/Closed Loop Bethlehem, PA Bosch Rexroth Tel: 610-997-6745


Introduction to Mobile Hydraulic Technology Greenville, SC Bosch Rexroth Tel: 610-997-6745


Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic Review and Testing Virginia Beach, VA (NTT Training) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005


HYDRAULIC FILTERS •QUALITY •PRICE •NOW Spin On Heads & Elements Tank Top Filters Sump Strainers High Pressure Filters

CLEAN FILTRATION USA Houston, Texas 888-861-8058 toll free 713-861-8058 local 713-461-9631 fax CIRCLE 470

30 • May/June 2015 • CIRCLE 471


Mobile Hydraulic Technician Review and Testing Virginia Beach, VA (NTT Training) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005


3-day Level 1 PLC Fundamentals Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225


Industrial Hydraulic Technology Elyria, OH Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495

Fluid Power Protection



3-day Electro-Hydraulics: Proportional and Servo Valves Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225

Hydraulic Component Sizing Elk Grove Village, IL Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495

JUNE 1-4

IFPS Mobile Hydraulic Mechanical Review Class and Exam Elk Grove Village, IL Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495


4.5-day Introductory Basics to Industrial Fluid Power Concepts and Components Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225


Mobile Hydraulics Eden Prairie, MN Eaton Hydraulics Training Services Tel: 800-413-8809


Principles of Hydraulics Ontario, Canada Bosch Rexroth Tel: 905-735-0510


Connector & Conductor Review with Job Performance Test Maumee, OH (Eaton Hydraulics Training Services) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005


Cartridge Valves Maumee, OH Eaton Hydraulics Training Services Tel: 800-413-8809


Industrial Hydraulic Mechanic Review with Job Performance Test Sacramento, CA (NTT Training) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005


Industrial Hydraulic Technician Review Training with Job Performance Test Sacramento, CA (NTT Training) Contact IFPS: 800-308-6005


3-day Hydraulic Conductors: Fittings, Tube, Pipe, Hose, and Leak Prevention Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225



Hydraulic Specialist Certification Review Milwaukee, WI MSOE Tel: 414-277-7217

Proportional Circuit Design Burlington, Ontario, Canada Bosch Rexroth Tel: 905-735-0510





Pneumatic Technology for Industry Elk Grove Village, IL Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495



Principles of Hydraulics Bethlehem, PA Bosch Rexroth Tel: 610-997-6745




Industrial Hydraulic Technology Calgary, AB, Canada Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495

Troubleshooting Maumee, OH Eaton Hydraulics Training Services Tel: 800-413-8809

Stocking thousands of plastic caps & plugs designed for SAE, metric, NPT, BSP & JIC threaded ports and fittings.

2-day Introduction to Pneumatics: Concepts and Components Cincinnati, OH CFC-Solar, Inc. Tel: 513-874-3225

Electro-hydraulic Feedback Systems Elyria, OH Parker Hannifin Tel: 216-896-2495

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Set-up of Industrial Hydraulic Systems Bethlehem, PA Bosch Rexroth Tel: 610-997-6745

Contact us today to request free samples! 888-ECHO-365


Echo Engineering and Production Supplies, Inc. 5406 W. 78th Street Indianapolis, IN 46268 • May/June 2015 •



NFPA Updates

Mark Your Calendars for the

August 10-12, 2015 at the Westin Chicago North Shore, Wheeling, IL

The Industry & Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC) is NFPA’s highly anticipated economic event. Everyone in the fluid power supply chain—NFPA members and non-members alike—are all invited to attend. Focusing on the opportunities and threats associated with the economy as they relate specifically to the fluid power industry, the IEOC features industry experts that share the analyses, hard data, and critical insight needed to help fluid power business leaders translate economic trends into competitive intelligence to successfully plan for the future. Conference content examines industry economics, market forecasts, and technology breakthroughs likely to impact the fluid power supply chain for years to come. The IEOC is a great opportunity for fluid power professionals to connect, providing one of the best


opportunities for information gathering and networking to help your company advance. The IEOC will provide the same great content fluid power professionals have come to expect from the conference, augmented with a broader focus into other emerging trends. Conference speakers cover macroeconomic and global trends, while also providing insights into key mobile and industrial customer markets. This year’s schedule is packed with an outstanding lineup of industry experts. IEOC favorites Alan Beaulieu, Eli Lustgarten, and a representative from Oxford Economics return with engaging presentations, as well as the acclaimed geopolitical analysis by Peter Zeihan.

CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE ECONOMICS ƒƒ Global Economics from an ITR Perspective – Alan Beaulieu, Institute for Trend Research (ITR) ƒƒ Global Economics from an Oxford Economics Perspective – Invited Speaker, Oxford Economics ƒƒ Geopolitical Analysis of Global Economics and Energy – Peter Zeihan, Zeihan on Geopolitics


ƒƒ Agricultural Machinery Forecast – TBD ƒƒ Heavy-Truck Market Forecast – Eric Starks, FTR Associates ƒƒ Industrial Markets Overview – Dan Meckstroth, MAPI, Inc. ƒƒ Industrial Machinery Market Forecast – TBD



ƒƒ Market Technology Trends: VariableSpeed Drives – Mohammad Mian, IHS Technology

ƒƒ Fluid Power Industry Forecast – Jim Meil, ACT Research ƒƒ Fluid Power Customer Markets Overview – Eli Lustgarten, ESL Consultants ƒƒ Construction Machinery Forecast – David Phillips, Off-Highway Research

ƒƒ IEOC Invitational Golf Tournament at Chevy Chase Golf Course ƒƒ IEOC Welcome Reception at Chevy Chase Country Club

NETWORKING • May/June 2015 •

ƒƒ Power of Association Reception and Dinner

IEOC SPEAKERS FORUM Another highly acclaimed feature of this conference is the IEOC Speakers Forum. Join IEOC’s most popular speakers for an economy-driven, interactive session to wrap-up the first day’s program.

Registration to open in early May. For updates to the IEOC program, check For information on becoming an NFPA member, e-mail membership@nfpa. com.

New Trade Show Ranking Shows Strength of IFPE and CONEXPO-CON/AGG By Katrina Schwarz

Earlier this month, CONEXPO-CON/AGG, the show for mobile machinery featuring fluid power, took first place on the 2014 TSNN Top 250 Trade Shows list. The list ranks trade shows held in 2014 in the United States by net square footage of floor space. CONEXPO-CON/AGG topped the list with 2,356,711 net square feet of show space. The show attracted 2,111 exhibitors and 97,091 attendees. IFPE, the premier show for fluid power, and co-located partner of CONEXPO-CON/AGG at the Las Vegas Convention Center, was 135th on the list. IFPE boasted 161,550 square feet with 481 exhibitors and 97,091 attendees in 2014. Other names familiar to the fluid power industry made the list as well, including the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) at number three and PACK EXPO International/Pharma EXPO at number four.


Priority space sales for 2017 IFPE are officially open. The deadline for applications is August 1, 2015. Past exhibitors receive this first opportunity to reserve space in 2017’s largest event for the fluid power industry. Exhibiting information can be found at

Any questions may be directed to the customer service team at

To see the full list, visit

Now Available SC Hydraulic Engineering introduces its new portable test cart. This compact mobile design offers many popular features found on our standard power units.

SC Hydraulic’s Newest Addition 90 Series Portable Test Cart • Mobile self contained power unit • Air drive controls, pressure • Air operated - No electricity gauges and valves included needed • Used in: • Pressures up to 65,000-psi with Hydrostatic testing 100-psi air drive Burst testing • Available with a 5 or 10 gallon Water-jet blasting stainless steel reservoir Hydraulic press operation • Compatible with most fluids Hydraulic cylinder & valve • Available with all 10-series pumps actuation

*Contact factory for gauges over 60,000 psi SC Hydraulic Engineering Corporation 1130 Columbia Street • Brea, California 92821 • USA Phone (714) 257-4800 • Fax (714) 257-4810 Email CIRCLE 473

CIRCLE 474 • May/June 2015 •


Professional Development

Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool By Dr. Robert Cialdini, Ph.D

In business today, effective influence is essential. Want your ideas implemented? You must influence others to act on them. Want more clients? You must influence people to buy from you. Want more advancement or responsibility? You must influence executives to see the value you offer. And to be an effective leader, you must be able to influence others. In all respects, being able to influence others is the ultimate power tool. So, what makes people say “yes” to your requests? Researchers have been studying influence for over 60 years. While it’s nice to think that we are all logical beings who study facts and information to guide our thinking and decision-making process, scientific research shows otherwise. Following are the six proven universal principles of persuasion, that when used ethically, can influence others to change their behavior.



RECIPROCITY There’s a powerful rule that says that we should try to repay what others have done for us. If someone gives us a gift, we feel compelled to give a gift in return. If someone extends us an invitation, we should extend one to them. And if someone does us a favor, we owe them a favor in return. By virtue of the Reciprocity Principle, people feel obligated to the future repayment of items, actions, favors gifts, and concessions. You see Reciprocity initiated in business every day, even if you don’t immediately recognize it. From suppliers sending relevant industry-specific information to clients, to managers providing personalized guidance, to co-workers helping each other meet a deadline, Reciprocity can be initiated in many ways. The key to effectively using Reciprocity is to be the first to give and be sure that your “gift” is personalized and unexpected.

2 34

SCARCITY Have you ever noticed that people seem to want more of those things they can have less of? That’s the Scarcity Principle at work. • May/June 2015 •

Marketers know the power of this principle, which is why their ads often contain such phrases as “Limited Time Only” or “Limited Quantities Available.” When true, Scarcity affects the value of information, too. In other words, information that is exclusive is more persuasive. So the next time you gain access to information that is not readily available and that supports an idea or initiative you would like the organization to adopt, gather the key players and say, “I just got this information today. It won’t be distributed until next week, but I want to give you an early look at what it entails.” Your listeners will lean forward and listen intently. The key to using Scarcity successfully, whether for a product, service, or information, is to not just honestly tell people the benefits they’ll gain, but also point out what’s unique and what they stand to lose if they don’t move in your recommended direction.


AUTHORITY Research shows that people typically follow the lead of those they perceive as credible and knowledgeable experts. For example, physical therapists are able to persuade more of their patients to comply with programs if they display their medical diplomas on their office walls. That’s because people tend to defer to legitimate experts for information and guidance on what to do. Surprisingly, people mistakenly assume that others recognize their experience. To ensure that they do, first determine what your relevant background, experience, and expertise are for the person you are trying to influence. If you don’t do this, you will be sabotaging the power of your own message. For maximum impact, arrange to have a third party communicate this information. Another option is to direct the person you want to influence to something in writing that highlights your credentials (i.e., LinkedIn profile, your bio on your website, etc.). The key to using Authority successfully is to signal to others what makes you credible and knowledgeable before you make your influence attempt.


CONSISTENCY People feel compelled to be consistent with their prior behaviors or statements. When someone makes a commitment actively, either by writing it down or speaking it out loud, it’s even more likely that they’ll follow through with that commitment. You can activate the Consistency Principle by looking for or asking for small initial commitments. For example, suppose you want a coworker, Jim, to submit his reports in a timelier manner. Once you believe you’ve won agreement, ask him to send you a summary of that decision in writing. By doing so, you’ll have greatly increased the odds that he’ll fulfill the commitment, because people tend to live up to what they’ve written down. The key to using Consistency successfully is to look for voluntary, active, and public commitments … and get them in writing.

EXERT YOUR INFLUENCE TODAY Influence is a very powerful tool. When you ethically implement these six scientifically validated principles of persuasion, you’ll be making small, practical, and often costless changes that can lead to big differences in your ability to change others’ behavior. In the end, you’ll not only achieve your objectives, but you’ll also guide the other party to the best decision for their needs. That’s when true success emerges for everyone involved.

About the Author INFLUENCE AT WORK (IAW®) was founded by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing and author of the New York Times bestseller, Influence. Dr. Cialdini is a keynote presenter on the ethical business applications of the Science of Influence. Additionally, IAW offers customized, in-house Principles of Persuasion (POP) Workshops conducted by Cialdini Method Certified Trainers. For availability please call 480-967-6070, visit, or follow on Twitter at @robertcialdini.


LIKING People prefer to say “yes” to those they know and like. But what makes someone like you? Science tells us there are three important factors that contribute to likeability: 1) we like people who like us (and tell us so); 2) we like people who are similar to us; and 3) we like people who cooperate with us toward mutual goals. The key to using Liking successfully is to be honest in your praise, find genuine similarities, uncover opportunities to work together toward common goals, and get to know people more meaningfully before talking business.


SOCIAL PROOF Humans are social creatures. And as such, we rely heavily on the people around us for cues on how to think, feel, and act. In other words, people look to the actions of others to guide their own. This is why using testimonials from happy and satisfied customers is so effective in marketing campaigns. You can use Social Proof when attempting to get your ideas implemented. Imagine that you’re trying to streamline your department’s work processes, but a member of your group is resisting. Rather than try to convince this group member yourself, ask a couple of veteran employees who support the initiative to explain their support for it at a team meeting. The veterans’ testimony stands a much better chance of convincing the resistant group member than yet another speech from the boss, as Social Proof is often better exerted horizontally rather than vertically. The key to using Social Proof successfully is to have similar others present their positive story to your target; this is why testimonials are so effective. CIRCLE 475 • May/June 2015 •










Industrial/Mobile • Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Visit WWW.IFPS.ORG or call 1-800-308-6005 for more information CIRCLE 476


Attica Hydraulic Exchange, part of the Hydraulex Global family, provides Hydraulic Pumps, Motors, Valves, Servo/Proportional Valves, and Parts for a variety of industries including: Plastic Injection Molding, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Energy, Marine, Dump, Refuse, Construction, Agriculture, Logging, Crane & Recycling. We also offer Repair and Return Services for most all major manufacturers, as well as, Service Exchange Reman Units. Whatever your needs, Hydraulex Global is sure to be able to help. AVENTICS Circle 482

The next generation delivery solutions Count on the AVENTICS Quick Ship Focused Delivery Program to help speed your time to market and sustain your competitive edge. Quick Ship offers a range of our most popular pneumatic products, ready to ship with fast and reliable delivery. Browse the catalog or learn more at

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Clippard Pneumatic Control Devices Clippard’s complete line of Minimatic® Control Devices includes over 5,000 standard products. Some of the many products offered include valves, cylinders, fittings, modular components, push buttons, stainless steel cylinders, electronic manifold cards, circuit analyzers and pre-piped manifold subplates. Visit to find complete product information and specifications, engineering drawings, ordering information, literature downloads, useful calculators, technical assistance, distributor information and more. Visit our web site for more information, or call 1-513-521-4261


Sprague air-driven high pressure pumps and power units have been providing reliable, energy efficient performance for over 60 years. Reaching pressures of 36,500 psi with just 100 psi drive air; Sprague’s equipment provides cost effective hydrostatic testing, bolt tensioning, chemical injection, work holding and clamping. Please visit our new website at com to access all of the Sprague catalogs, installation instructions, maintenance manuals and troubleshooting guides. Curtiss-Wright Sprague 10195 Brecksville Rd. Brecksville, OH 44141 Ph: 440-838-7690

Echo understands the Fluid Power Industry and has been providing high quality standard and custom caps, plugs, threaded plugs, and netting designed to protect your components from damage, debris and moisture. Echo also offers a comprehensive line of high temperature masking, hanging, and OEM components such as seals and gaskets. At Echo we always strive to stay head of the curve by partnering with our customers to provide innovative world-class solutions to some of the markets most difficult issues. Echo Engineering and Production Supplies, Inc. 888-echo-365 • May/June 2015 •





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FluiDyne’s wide line of remanufactured Vickers, Rexroth, Continental, Oilgear and Racine products allow our people to quote what you need at a price to save you money. Our new FluiDyne products include popular Vickers Vane, Veljan, Vickers Piston, Rexroth A10V, Pressure Controls Valves, Gear Pumps and Char-Lynn. Call or email us and see what our people can do for you.

Hannon Hydraulics is known worldwide as one of the leading hydraulics equipment companies for custom manufacturing, industrial equipment repair, replacement parts and field service. We offer our global customers lifecycle support that includes equipment commissioning, training, technical support, re-certification and repair services.

We are an innovative medium-sized company who is one of the leading suppliers of industrial measurement technology for diagnosis and condition monitoring of high pressure systems worldwide. In addition to the headquarters in Germany our staff is located in sales offices in France, Italy, China and the United States.

Visit our website or call 24/7 customer service at 1.800.580.0210.

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Call 1.800.333.4266 for sales. LA-MAN CORPORATION Circle 489

La-Man Corporation is a leading manufacturer of compressed air filtration products. With over 30 years of experience, we truly understand the importance of protecting valuable machinery, tools, and finished products from dirty, wet, contaminated air. La-Man’s line of products include the patented Extractor Dryer, .01 micron filter, as well as, LA-MAN-Air Breathing Systems™, SuperStar™ Membrane Dryers, and the Refrigerated Extractor/Dryer. La-Man Corporation PO BOX 328 Mazeppa, MN 55956 800-348-2463




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Muncie Power Products is pleased to announce the release of its new website, created for easier navigation and improved consumer experience. Muncie Power has been a proud supplier of the mobile equipment market since 1935.

Contact us for more information. 800-367-7867 • May/June 2015 •

Oil-Rite manufactures 303 stainless steel flow sights which permit visual observation of liquid flow, clarity, and condition in low-pressure oil lines. Stainless steel is becoming a preferred material in industrial settings because of its corrosive resistant properties. They are available with or without a nylon ball for gauging the direction of fluid movement. Consult Oil-Rite’s online product catalog. Oil-Rite Corporation P.O. Box 1207, Manitowoc WI 54221-1207 Phone: (920)-682-6173 • Email:

Industry News YATES INDUSTRIES Circle 492

Yates Cylinders Offer: • H6 Series - Heavy Duty Hydraulic (3000 PSI) • H4 Series - Medium Hydraulic (up to 1500 PSI) • A4 Series - Heavy Duty Steel Air (250 PSI) • A2 Series - Aluminum Air (250 PSI) • Air/Oil Intensifiers • All Stainless Steel Cylinders • Air/ Hydraulic Welded & Mill Type Cylinders • Special Cylinders per Customer Supplied Prints and Specifications Yates Industries, Inc. Yates Alabama Division 23050 Industrial Dr. E. 55 Refreshment Place St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 Decatur, AL 35601 586.778.7680 ph 256.351.8081 ph 586.778.6565 fax 256.351.8571 fax

PIRTEK Burnsville Assists with Local Farming Innovation PIRTEK Burnsville in the Minneapolis area was contacted by Brian and Gary Pahl, the fifth-generation owners of Pahl’s Market, to upgrade a piece of farm equipment. A few years ago, Brian Pahl recognized the need for a conveyor belt on his farm and envisioned reusing the irrigation unit to make it happen. He reached out to the Burnsville hose service center, and Jeff Quast, mobile sales and service technician, discussed how to turn one of the old field-irrigation units into a conveyor belt to collect peppers grown on the farm. PIRTEK added hydraulic hoses, motors, and return lines to the irrigation system, which created a 50-ft. machine that stretches 16 rows long. The new conveyor belt allows the Pahls and their team to collect crops faster than with previous methods. Within three days, the team figured out the fittings and adapters, ordered the necessary parts, and assembled the machine. With the conveyor belt installation, the farm is able to collect twice the amount of crops within half the time.


Young Powertech Inc, is a manufacturer and distributor of Hydraulic Motors, Electronic Radio Remote Controls, Hydraulic Gear Pumps and Gear Motors, Planetary Gear Reducers, Hydraulic Radial Piston Motors, Steering Control Units and Steering Valves, Steering Columns, Wheel and Track Drives as well as other Mechanical Components for mobile, marine, mining and industrial applications. Young Powertech Inc. was started Exclusive North by people with decades of American Partner of: experience in the field and are dedicated to bringing products and service to the customer at a higher level.

The German Linde Hydraulics GmbH & Co. KG and Chinese Weichai Power Co., Ltd., registered Linde Hydraulics (China) Co. Ltd. in March 2015 in Weifang, China. The German specialist in hydraulic drive systems controls 51% of the shares; Weichai Power, as one of the leading companies in the global commercial vehicle space, holds 49% of the business. (Weichai Power already owns 70% of Linde Hydraulics through a purchase in 2012). The joint venture will start operations with a sales and service center, while local assembly and manufacturing are scheduled to start production in May 2015. The company plans to employ up to 300 workers at the Weifang location.

INTERNATIONAL FLUID POWER CONFERENCE CALL FOR PAPERS The International Conference on Fluid Power (IFK) will be held in Dresden from March 8-10, 2016, where it will celebrate its 10th anniversary. The conference offers a common platform for the presentation and discussion of trends and innovations to manufacturers, users, and scientists. The symposium on the first day is dedicated to presentations focused on methodology and fundamental research. The two following conference days offer application and technology-oriented papers about the latest state of the art in fluid power. A simultaneously ongoing exhibition offers the possibility for attendees to get product information and to have individual talks with manufacturers. The conference is followed by excursions to regional companies and technical sights. Anyone interested in contributing a paper can submit an abstract by PDF file by May 31, 2015 by using the template on the website.



Product Review 2






Danfoss Telematics Solutions is a powerful, easy-to-integrate telematics platform with a “plug-and-perform” design for mobile off-highway equipment. It is available for new machines and existing fleet retrofits. The platform combines machine-integrated technology, satellite and cellular network connectivity, and a customizable, intuitive user interface to give fleet owners visibility of how, when, and where their equipment is used. Through the use of the PLUS+1® platform, OEMs can implement telematics features that customers demand without the need for specific programming knowledge. Capabilities of the system include data analysis; remote diagnostics, change of system parameters, and software updates; machine location and tracking; geofencing; automated report generation; machine-efficiency monitoring and analysis; and frequency and duration use logging.

The 3100 series pressure transducers incorporate a sputtered thin-film pressure-sensing element and all stainless steel wetted parts. They are available in eight standard ranges, from 0-100 psi (0-7 bar) up to 0-30K psi (0-2200 bar), with standard proof pressures as high as 3.00 x FS, and up to 40x FS maximum burst pressure (100-300 psi; 7-25 bar range). A small footprint helps with installation within constrained spaces. They are RoHS compliant with a maximum IP65 ingress protection rating.

Danfoss Power Solutions



The industrial pressure switches offer ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi with wetted-parts material options to fit multiple applications, such as HVAC, gas compressors, and oil and gas. Their rugged construction meets NEMA 4, 4X, 7, or 9 ratings for harsh environments, and they have a high tolerance to shock and vibration. The switches meets NACE standards for sour gas service and are CRN registered for Canada.


40 • May/June 2015 •

Gems Sensors and Controls



Transducers Direct The TDEPD electronic pressure transducer/switch introduces a patented, programmable display that can be set to revolve, hold at a fixed angle, or inverted for upside-down installations of the sensor. The sensor can be programmed to signal the pressure, condition, and readiness of a fluid power system. The unit includes Spike Monitoring Technology, which when coupled with a sub-millisecond update time, allows the sensor to capture and record short-duration “explosions” of hydraulic overpressure.







This small-part gripper expands the EGP series with the addition of the smaller size 25. The gripper weighs 110 g and has a stroke of 3 mm per finger. Gripping force can be adjusted on two stages, and its maximum gripping force is 40 N. The gripper can handle work pieces up to 200 g, making it as efficient as its pneumatic counterpart. Its closing time amounts to 0.09 s. Maintenance-free servo motors are brushless and equipped with efficient cross-roller guidance. Users can transfer the sensor system of the MPG-plus onto the EGP, and existing systems can be quickly changed from pneumatic to electronic. Actuation is done analogous to the MGP-plus digitally or by a sensor distributor.



Bladder accumulators in sizes up to 45-gallon capacity enable the use of fewer accumulators (as compared to smaller 10, 11, or 15-gallon sizes) and their respective valves, fittings, hardware, etc., to achieve the same result. The large-size accumulators are suitable for applications requiring large fluid volume, such as steel mills, rubber-molding machines, paper mills, and processing plants. The accumulators are manufactured and certified in accordance with ASME Section VII, Division 1, and are rated at 3000 psi. The shells are made of spun Cr-Mo steel and come standard with Buna-N bladders. Top-repairable design provides easy access for maintenance without removing the accumulator from the pipeline.



The expansion of the AxisPro® product line now includes a two-stage, D08 size design featuring valve position feedback on the pilot and main stage. The valves offer onboard motion control, enabling closed-loop drive control without the need for expensive motion control cards. Together with the ability to configure the valve using Pro-FX® Configure software, the valve simplifies machine control. The valve also features built-in diagnostic light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and a CANopen bus that makes system commissioning and debugging easier. The KBH valve features 375-lpm rated flow at 10-bar pressure, 350-bar maximum pressure rating, and 30-msec step response with 100-bar pilot pressure. The valve is ambient temperature rated for -25°C to 70°C and IP 65/67 ingress protection rated.

7 • May/June 2015 •





HOISTS Facilitate Crane Repairs on Offshore Platform

When the diesel engine of a deck crane failed, it caused major handling problems for an offshore platform operating in the Dutch sector of the southern North Sea, problems that were solved with the use of air-operated hoists. The crane was operating at 40 meters above sea level and provided a lift capacity of 20 metric tons. Replacing the broken engine, which weighed in at approximately 2750 lbs, presented some logistic problems. The diesel engine replacement operation was successfully undertaken by Gerritsen On- & Offshore Services BV Company from its base in Amsterdam, with the work being completed in approximately one week. As the replacement engine was too large and heavy to be ferried by helicopter, a lifting device was needed that met requirements, such as being explosion proof, lightweight, and which could easily lift the replacement safely from the supply vessel. The suitable lifting device was sourced from the J. D. Neuhaus range of air-operated hoists available in the Gerritsen rental fleet. It was a Profi 2TI model that had a lift capacity of 2 metric tons. This model is available as standard with a 3-meter lift, having an overall weight of approximately 240 lbs, including the control system. This product was easily modified to provide the 40-meter lift required onsite, involving an additional weight for the twin-chain hoist mechanism at approximately 4.5 lbs per meter run. With the replacement engine and its lifting equipment being transported by a supply vessel (16

42 • May/June 2015 •

THIS PAGE Top: The replacement diesel engine close to loading station on offshore platform in the Dutch sector of the North Sea; Left: Typical Mini and Profi hoists similar to those used for the deck crane engine replacement on an offshore platform OPPOSITE PAGE Top: Supply vessel delivering a 2TI hoist and the replacement diesel engine to the offshore platform; Bottom left: A hoist being utilized for a 40-meter lift on an offshore platform; Bottom right: 40-meter lift of the replacement diesel engine utilizing an air-operated hoist

hours sea time), provision was required for an additional primary lifting unit to handle the Profi 2 TI hoist and its 40-meter drop of twin chains utilized for the major lifting operation. Once again, equipment that was light enough to be delivered to site by helicopter was selected from the Gerritsen rental fleet. This was a J. D. Neuhaus air-operated Mini hoist, providing 2200-lbs lift capacity to handle the larger and more powerful Profi hoist and its 40-meter chains. The Mini hoist, plus an appropriate beam clamp for the hoist suspension support, was helicoptered in (30 minutes air time) and mounted ready for the primary lift operation of the Profi hoist and chains utilizing a big bag container. The more powerful Profi unit was then used to replace the Mini hoist, utilizing the same beam clamp installation. The Profi hoist with a 2-metric-ton lifting capacity was then utilized to undertake the more difficult lift and location of the replacement diesel engine utilizing a sling assembly. The work was undertaken with one rig person for safety inspection, together with one rigger and three scaffolders. The range of air-operated hoists is universally deployable, incorporating explosion protection, and are suitable for use in hazardous areas. The Mini series is available in load capacities of 275, 550, 1100, and 2200 lbs together with a manipulator version providing for one-handed operation of lift, lower, and hoist-traverse operations. These products are explosion protected and feature an Ex classification of Ex II 3 GD IIA T4. The Profi series hoists offer a more rugged build quality for heavier-duty operations and can be supplied with lift capacities from 550 lbs up to a full 100 metric tons. Duty rating of 100% and unlimited duty cycles are provided as standard, ensuring no down time and low maintenance requirements. They are supplied as standard with classification Ex II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4, with increased spark protection to Ex II 2 GD IIB T4 and for explosion group IIC: Ex II 2 GD IIC T4. These products are insensitive to dust, humidity, and temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C. They also provide infinitely variable speed controls for the precise positioning of loads.

FOR MORE INFORMATION Contact J.D. Neuhaus L.P. at www.jdngroup. com. Gerritsen On- & Offshore Services BV is the authorized Dutch Sole Importer of JDN products. • May/June 2015 •




SOLVING <CROSS TALK> BETWEEN SENSORS By H.G. Schaevitz LLC, Alliance Sensors Group


hen LVDT signal cables are bundled together or laid close to each other in a wire trough, even for short distances, the result can be a mutual interference phenomenon called “heterodyning” (or “beating”). This effect is created when the frequencies of the oscillator in the individual signal conditioner driving the excitation signal to each LVDT differ slightly. Since the signal cables are close together, there can be capacitive coupling among them, resulting in very low beat frequency signals that are the difference between the frequencies of the individual oscillators. The beat frequency signals can ride on the DC output of the LVDT signal conditioners, appearing as low-frequency ripple or noise with a period measured in fractions of a second, or as a repetitive slow drift with a period of many seconds. When a pair of LVDTs is used together for redundancy, this effect may be evident on only one channel of the system, but in systems with larger numbers of LVDT channels, this effect may be found in one or more channels, depending on many factors like cable length and layout, as well as shielding and grounding. The typical way to solve this beat frequency problem in multiple-channel systems is to create a “master oscillator” by using the oscillator from one of the signal conditioners to supply the same excitation frequency to all of the LVDTs. The oscillators in the other LVDT signal conditioners are overridden by the master and operate as “slaves.” The idea is that there cannot be any beat frequency interference if all the LVDTs are operating at exactly the same frequency. Table 1 shows an example of the drifting over time resulting from a beat frequency on the left side of the graph. The waveform in the output was noted in the right-hand reheat and stop valve hydraulic cylinder-operated valve positioners that were using dual-redundant LVDTs for valve position feedback to the steam turbine control system in a power plant. On the right side of the graph, the beat frequen-

TABLE 1: (Graph courtesy of Rawhide Energy Station, Platte River Power Authority, Fort Collins, Co.)

44 • May/June 2015 •

cy effect was eliminated by utilizing the master/slave function, and the waveform flattened out. The master/slave approach works quite well, but has a major drawback because the “redundant” system is no longer fully redundant. The system is now dependent on one oscillator in one signal conditioner to supply all the LVDTs with the proper excitation frequency. If the master fails, two things could happen: either the other channels stop operating, or they revert back to their original oscillator frequencies and the multiple-channel DC outputs now display beat-frequency-produced noise, ripple, or output drifting. Many companies offer LVDT signal conditioners with a master/slave function, but they all are fully susceptible to this particular beat frequency problem if the designated master oscillator falters or fails. Alliance Sensors Group (ASG) gave very serious consideration to this beat frequency problem in multiple LVDT installations and developed a successful solution to the problem that is incorporated in its Model S1A LVDT signal conditioner. Because the S1A module and its variants include a digital address for RS-485 communication capability, ASG is able to use this digital feature to maintain full redundancy in multiple LVDT systems. If the “master” were to fail, another master having a different digital address would immediately come on stream to maintain a single excitation frequency. With this approach, the only thing lost from a master oscillator failure is the original master channel itself. For multiple-channel LVDT systems, the integrity of the output signals from the other channels is fully maintained. This “auto-mastering” feature is unique to Alliance Sensors’ S1A LVDT signal conditioner module and its variants. FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT SALES@ALLIANCESENSORS.COM OR VISIT WWW.ALLIANCESENSORS.COM.


Shorter Stroke Lengths Make


LVDT LINEAR-POSITION SENSORS Ideal for Hydraulic Cylinder Applications By Michael Marciante, Applications Engineer, Macro Sensors

Pumps · Motors · Valves · Servo/Proportional


he development of computerized layer winding and improved microprocessing has considerably reduced the body length of the linear-position sensor compared to its measurable stroke length. With the improved stroke-to-length ratio (now up to 80%), the LVDT linear-position sensor becomes a viable position-measurement device for hydraulic cylinder positioning. The role of the cylinder in most hydraulic applications is to move “something,” such as a valve, airplane tail rudder, or a boom or shovel on an off-road vehicle. In these applications, the control system needs a feedback device that tells it how far the cylinder or actuator moved to ensure proper operations. That’s where the linear-position sensor comes in. Installed within or outside the cylinder, the LVDT tracks the movement of actuators and reports data electronically to a control system that can monitor and provide alerts on operating conditions. For example, if a pilot wants to turn the plane, he moves the joystick. The plane’s control system senses that he has moved the joystick and sends a signal to the tail rudder actuator to move the tail rudder. If the system has no way of knowing how far the actuator has moved through position feedback provided by an LVDT linear-position sensor, the plane could turn too much or not enough. A second example would be a robotic arm. In this scenario, let’s say the robotic arm is going to move to pick up a piece of glass. If the control system does not know when to stop the arm by receiving position feedback from an LVDT linear-position sensor, the hydraulic cylinder could drive the arm right through the piece of glass. Care should be taken in choosing the right LVDT linear-position sensor for an application. While miniature LVDTs are suitable for high-response dynamic measurement, hermetically sealed LVDTs are ideal for environments that experience high-pressure wash down, dust, and in some cases, submersion. Many modern LVDTs can serve as cost-effective replacements for magnetostrictive technology that are somewhat more expensive over shorter ranges and have difficulty handling large shocks. Table 1 compares the characteristics of LVDT linear-position sensors to magnetostrictive technology in different ranges.

Email, call or fax with a list of your Surplus... We’ll provide you with a price offer! 1-800-422-4279 | 586-949-4240 Fax: 586-949-5302 |

Custom Blocks C ustom QQuatro uatro BloCks IncorporatingISO ISO7368 7368(DIN (DIN 24342) Slip-in Valves Incorporating 24342) Slip-in Valves

• From 16mm to 80mm 6,000 psi From 16mm to 80mm 6,000 psi different configurations in one block ••13 13 different spoolspool configurations in one block Longer life over conventional spool valves ••Longer life over conventional spool valves Incredible control optionsSlip-in Valves ••Incredible options Incorporating ISOcontrol 7368 (DIN 24342) Built-in regen function ••Built-in regen From 16mm to 80mm 6,000function psi Soft shift capabilities ••Soft shiftconfigurations capabilities • 13 different spool in one block

Custom Quatro Blocks • • • •

Longer life over conventional spool valves Incredible control options Built-in regen function Soft capabilities

PO Box 112 Ph: 989.984.0800 777 Aulerich Road Toll Free: 1.877.ALMO.NOW East Tawas, MI 48730 Fax: 989.984.0830

PO Box 112 Ph: 989.984.0800 PO Box 112 Ph: 989.984.0800 777 Aulerich Road Toll Free: 1.877.ALMO.NOW 777 Aulerich Road East Tawas,Toll Free: 1.877.ALMO. NOW MI 48730 Fax: 989.984.0830 East Tawas, MI 48730 Fax: 989.984.0830


TABLE 1 Characteristics

AC-operated LVDTs

DC-operated LVDTs




0.02 – 20” (0.5 – 500 mm)

0.1 – 20” (2.5 – 500 mm)

0.1 – 20” (2.5 – 500 mm)

6 – 120” (0.15 – 3.0 m)


Very Good

Very Good













Temperature Resistance









Very Good






Complexity of Support Electronics




Low • May/June 2015 •

“It’s awesome to see customers become ‘addicted’ to our onsite service when they realize how much we minimize their equipment downtime and its associated costs.” Jim Lager, Owner PIRTEK Love Field & PIRTEK Meacham, Dallas, TX


1 in the USA Exclusive Territories Available #


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Pneumatic Cylinders

Made in the USA Huge Inventory. Ships Same Day! Quality Products. Interchangeable Design.



New World Headquarters 10179 S 57th Street Franklin, WI 53132 USA

800.521.7918 fax 810.953.1385

The facility sits on 6 acres and houses cutting edge CNC machinery. This needed expansion enables us to apply lean manufacturing principles and further focus on quality, cost reduction and increased productivity.

414.645.6000 |

FLUID POWER EXECUTIVE RECRUITERS As veteran recruiters who focus in the Fluid Power Industry, we need outstanding professionals to fill opportunities in:  Engineering  Manufacturing  Design  Sales  Marketing CONTACT:


Eric C. Bergsman Sales/Marketing Dave Sevel Design Engineering William Radke Manufacturing/Operations


Tel: 800-338-1257 CONSULTANTS, INC. Fax: 216-292-7207

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1. Do you specify, select or influence the purchase of components & systems, on new or existing machinery? 03  Yes 04  No. If yes, which technologies? (check all that apply) 05  Hydraulic 06  Pneumatic 09  None of These 07  Vacuum 08  Electronic Controls 2. What is your primary job title? (check only one) 10  Administration: Chairman, Pres., V.P., Sec., Tres., G.M., Owner, Bus. Mgr., Dir., etc. 11  Plant Operations: VP of Mfg/ Oper/ Prod., Plant Mgr./ Dir. Mgr., Supv./ Supt./ Foreman/ Safety Dir., etc. 12  Engineering: V.P. Eng., Eng., Des. Eng., Dir. of Eng., Staff Spec., Chief Eng., Senior Eng., Maint/Prod. Eng., etc. 13  Technical: Chief Tech., Fluid Power Tech., etc. 14  Mechanical: Chief Master Mech., Master Mech., Fluid Power Mech., etc. 15  Purchasing: VP/Dir. of Purch., Procurement Mgr., Buyer, Purch., etc. 16  Other: (please specify)_____________________________________ 3. Number of employees at this location? A  1-19 B  20-49 C  50-99 D  100-249 E  250-499 F  500-999 G  1000+

(View a sample of our PAPERLESS digital edition at 4. What is the primary business activity at this location? In the Fluid Power Industry Outside the Fluid Power Industry 56  Manufacturer 57  Distributor 58  Education 59  Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) 60  End User of Fluid Power Products 61  Other: (please specify)__________________________________________ 5. Which of the following best describes your market focus? A  Aerospace A  Marine & Offshore Equipment B  Agricultural Machinery B  Material Handling Equipment C  Automotive C  Mining Machinery D  Civil Engineering D  Packaging Machinery E  Cranes E  Plastic Machinery F  Drills & Drilling Equip. F  Presses & Foundry G  Flame Cutting/Welding Equip. G  Railroad Machinery H  Food Machinery H  Road Construct/Maint. Equip. I  Forestry I  Simulators & Test Equipment J  Furnaces J  Snow Vehicles, Ski Lifts K  Gas & Oilfield Machinery K  Steel Plants & Rolling Mills L  Heavy Construction & Equip. L  Truck & Bus Industry M  Military Vehicles M  Textile Machinery N  Construction & Utility Equip. N  Woodworking Machines O  Machine Tools O  Other (specify)_____________ P  Government Related P  Fluid Power Industry

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Proportional control? - Low hysteresis? - Easily adapted to control circuits? - Low power consumption? - Simple design and GREAT value?

EVP Series Proportional Solenoid Valves

EVP 22


r e h t r u f o n k o lo

Clippard offers a variety of precision-built, high performance valves for all your proportional valve needs.

• Extremely high cycle life • Fast response • Linear flow gain and low hysteresis • Compact size and n highly flexible design






lpm 300 s flow


Electronic StepperControlled Needle Valves

2” 1”

• • • •


High flow. Millions of cyles Fail as is and no power consumption when static Very linear gain and low hysteresis Flexible design

Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc. Providing innovative solutions for today’s engineering challenges Cincinnati, OH • 877-245-6247 CIRCLE 478

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Fluid Power Journal May/June 2015 Issue

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