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UPGRADED ELECTRONIC CONTROLS SPECIALIST CERTIFICATION Elevates Fluid Power Competency By Donna Pollander, ACA, IFPS Executive Director

The IFPS strives to keep pace with changing fluid power and motion control technologies, and the development and re-release of an upgraded version of the Electronic Controls Specialist (ECS) certification is a prime example. Properly designed and installed fluid power systems are reliable, safe, and productive. Electronic control has an integral part in maintaining those features. But, the fact is, there is little or no cross training of fluid power and electronics. Proper training and certification is necessary to ensure the safe and effective integration of the technologies. This was the Board of Directors' impetus for the development of the ECS certification. The IFPS developed the ECS with a cross-industry advisory committee to verify the competency skills associated with the successful application of electronic controls. With support from the fluid power community, many companies and individuals spent countless hours researching, constructing, and financing the certification to reflect this technology. The development process included a rigorous psychometric evaluation and beta testing. The ECS certification is designed to review and test understanding, specification, and application of the full breadth of electronics used in fluid power, from simple sensors and limits to HMls, controllers, and networks. It includes a brief review of applicable pneumatic and hydraulic principles, as well as in-depth examples for both mobile and industrial fluid power equipment. Our newly revised study manual not only helps you prepare for the certification, but it is also a stand-alone reference guide. It contains vital and practical information on best practices for anyone responsible for designing, analyzing, or selecting components for the electronic control of fluid power systems. If you currently hold a Hydraulic Specialist or Pneumatic Specialist certification, or both, this is a perfect complementary certification for you to obtain. For more information about the ECS certification, visit or call 800-308-6005.


I achieved my ECS in 2009. It was a logical next step after getting PS certified the year before. I still use the ECS training manual as a reference. As electronic controls become more and more a part of fluid power, this certification is ideal to prove your qualifications.” James Krause, CFPS, CFPECS, Fluid Power Systems Engineer

I wanted a competitive advantage over other fluid power sales people. My IFPS certifications are proof of my knowledge. It builds immediate trust with my customers and prospects. They can be assured in my abilities.” Matt Kennedy, CFPECS, CFPS Sales Territory Manager

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Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016  

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016  

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016