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Chapter 5 Boat Cruise The IFPS Chapter 5 May meeting took place on Lady of the Lake cruise on Lake Minnetonka. It was a beautiful night with great food and conversation. Over 60 people attended the event that recognized Ernie Parker, CFPAI and Bob Yund, CFPAI as they retired from their Fluid Power Engineering Technology faculty positions at Hennepin Technical College. Chapter 5 meetings will begin again in the fall. Check emails for the time and location of the next meeting.





1. Ernie Parker, CFPAI 2. Andew Van Beusekom, CFPS, Chapter 5 Treasurer and Laurie Pepin, CPFS, Chapter 5 President 3. Cal Brandt and guest 4. MaryLynn and Terry Christopher, PE, CFPE, Chapter 5 Secretary 5. Bob Yund, CPFAI 6. Pliny Smith and Barbara Firth 7. Tom, Chapter 5 Vice President, and Chris Mielke 8. Guest, Darren Lieser and George Beniek





NEWLY CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS Adib Alam, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Benjamin Craig, MHM Duke Energy

Chelsea Hippler, HS Hydradyne, LLC

Jared Kimmel, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Evan Morgan, MHM Duke Energy

Jerry Scott, MHM Duke Engery

Randall Asbery, MHM Duke Energy Corp.

Edgar Damian, IHM Georgia Pacific

Shane Hunter, IHM

Neil Magee, MHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc.

Curry Oberklaus, MHM Duke Energy

Andrew Seward, IHM Georgia Pacific

Mark Bretz, MHM

Matthew Egbert, MHM Duke Energy

Rich McGrath, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Francois Pitre, IHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc.

Bobby Slaughter, IHM Georgia Pacific

Craig Merluzzi, HS Applied Motion Technologies, Inc.

Robert Pruett, MHM Duke Engery

Seth Spalsbury, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

Thomas Rix, MHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc.

Benjamin Strafuss, HS Air Draulics Engineering Co.

Seth Schroeder, MHM Nashville Electric Service

Alex Wright, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation

James Cann, MHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc. Eric Cory, MHM Duke Energy Aneel Craciun, HS Sun Hydraulics Corporation


Jacob Farmer, MHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc. Thomas Ferrell, MHM Nashville Electric Service Timothy Hall, IHM Georgia Pacific

Timothy Hunter, MHM Duke Energy Bryon Kanenwischer, E FLSmidth John Keenan, IHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc. Robert Kelley, MHM Nashville Electric Service • Manufacturers Directory 2016 •

Tyler Molnar, IHT TRC Hydraulics, Inc.

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Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016  

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016  

Fluid Power Journal Manufacturers Directory 2016