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Huge Congratulations on the fantastic news that you’re getting married! Now let us help you on your way to wedding planning bliss…

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We’ve got a jam packed magazine this year that’s full of weird and wonderful wedding ideas to get your wedding planning off to a brilliant start! Your local wedding suppliers have really outdone themselves in the pages of this magazine to help create your perfect wedding day. Also, make sure you check out the real life wedding stories for some inspiration on your own upcoming nuptials too. Our 2nd annual I Do Wedding Awards were a roaring success and completely smashed last year’s event. We had more than double the amount of entrants and votes and some very worthy winners received prestigious awards for being top dog in their wedding supplier category. Check put page 48 to find out who won. Also, don’t forget to check out our online wedding directory for all your local wedding suppliers

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and make sure you attend one of the I Do Wedding Exhibitions. They are the UK’s biggest one day wedding shows and are definitely not to be missed! It’s a day filled with ideas and inspiration for planning your wedding and the best part is, it’s free for all brides-to-be! Whatever you may be looking for to help plan your wedding, we want you to use this magazine as your own personal wedding planning bible. We’ve got wonderful wedding venues, bespoke bridal houses, va-va voom venue décor and so much more to help you plan this special day and make it unique to you. So get your pen ready to circle some wonderful wedding ideas and local wedding suppliers. And remember, nothing could beat that feeling when you get to say ‘I Do’!

The I Do Team x

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BRIDAL GOWNS: Ronald Joyce • Victoria Jane Eternity Bride • Art Couture •Christina Wu • Marylise

Award winning Retailer

BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES: Ronald Joyce • Christina Wu • Venus MEN’S FORMAL HIRE: Cameron Ross



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groomed The wedding preparations are gathering pace – all you have to do is sit back and let your beloved bride organise everything, right? Wrong! Grooms today are getting more involved, and one essential job is choosing a best man and ushers. Being selected as a groomsman is considered an honour and it’s important to choose carefully and handle the decision tactfully.

especially if you have many close friends. Some grooms choose to have two or more best men to share the responsibilty and duties. The Best Man is considered to be the third most important attendant behind the bride and groom, acting as their chief assistant.

How to choose your Best Man and Ushers

The Best Man’s role

He may be your best mate, but will he lose the rings or forget to invite your bride’s brother to the stag do? The best man’s role is pivotal with a range of responsibilities, so make sure you choose with care...

The Best Man

It is a real honour to be selected as the Best Man or Best Woman; choosing the right person can be a real headache,

On the day of the wedding, the Best Man’s role typically involves organising the groomsmen/ ushers, ensuring the groom gets to the church on time, safeguarding the rings, acting as a witness to the marriage, keeping everything running calmly and smoothly, announcing the speeches, delivering his speech and being there for his groom in his hour of need not forgetting to enjoy the day!

The Usher’s role

Usually the groom will select his closest friends and family members to act as his groomsmen or ushers. Their main roll is showing guests to their seats and ensuring everyone is in the right place at the right time. They will be on hand to offer support to their groom and mingle with guests, ensuring everything runs smoothly and punctually on the big day.

The Stag Do...

Last but not least, the best man will be organising the stag do. The Stag Do roles could be shared amongst the groomsmen, such as organising the stag party, the transport, evening’s entertainment etc. It could be a good idea to make sure this is well in advance of the wedding; one eyebrow is never a good look!

Pictured: Cameron Ross Mens Hire available at Gracie Bleu

NOW FOR THE SPEECHES Traditionally, three people make a speech at the wedding reception; the father of the bride, the groom and the best man. Wedding speeches are usually held after the meal (wedding breakfast) and before the cutting of the cake. The traditional running order is father of the bride, groom, then last but certainly not least, the best man. At some weddings, the bride, the father of the groom, or a key guest may also say a few words. The best man or toastmaster will introduce the proceedings… The Father Of The Bride The father of the bride should welcome the groom’s parents and all attending, compliment the bride, tell an endearing story from her childhood and welcome the groom into the family and offer some wise words about marriage (ideal joke opportunity). Toast: to the bride and groom. The Groom The groom should thank the father of the bride for his speech, thank both sets of parents and thank the guests for their kind gifts and cards, pay tribute to his bride and thank the best man and ushers. Toast: to the bridesmaids. The Best Man Last but not least, the best man’s speech, the moment we’ve all been waiting for (no pressure then!). The best man should read messages from absent guests and relate a few entertaining (but not offensive!) stories about the couple. Toast: to the bride and groom. CHEERS!

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Which Bridesmaid dress will you choose?

Picture this; you’ve picked your bridesmaids; your sister, best friend and your future sister in law; or if you’re like me, you have 3 sisters, 2 stepdaughters and a best friend who all want to be bridesmaids… and they all want a different dress in a different style & colour… Complete nightmare right? WRONG! Did you know that

it’s actually becoming more common for bridesmaids to wear mismatched dresses at a wedding and everyone be ok with it? But, rather than just letting your bridesmaid roam free to find the busiest print on the most colourful dress, the following pages cover some fab ideas for your bridesmaids to be mismatched in style!

Bridesmaid dresses by Ronald Joyce www.ronaldjoyce.com


FLORAL PRINTED DRESSES Especially beautiful in the summer months, floral printed dresses can be quite popular with your bridesmaids. They add an extra feminine touch and, as long as the print is not overly busy, they can go hand in hand with the colour scheme for your bridal bouquet and buttonholes too.

MAID OF HONOUR’S TIME TO SHINE Why not have the maid of honour in a completely different colour/style to the rest of the bridesmaids. This is particularly good if you have a larger bridal party. Your maid of honour can stand by your side in her gown with the other bridesmaids in one uniform colour. If you don’t want a complete colour change for the maid of honour, add an accent colour around the waist or across the shoulder to distinguish them from the other bridesmaids.

BLACK DRESSES You’d be surprised at how popular these are becoming. Black is flattering for all and though deemed a depressing colour, it can actually add a fantastic contrast to a white wedding dress. The best thing about black bridesmaid dresses is they will make the bride stand out even more. So make a statement with your bridesmaids and deck them out in black!

SPARKLE OR SEQUINNED DRESSES Similar to metallic dresses, these can add a bit of glitz and glamour to any wedding day. Sparkly dresses will catch the light and create a wonderful atmosphere for your wedding. See your bridesmaids as moving venue décor, like disco balls moving around the dancefloor adding a twinkle to every corner of your reception. Just make sure these dresses are the right length, as if they’re too short they can look rather tacky and no one wants that on their wedding day.

ALL WHITE Surprisingly, all-white bridesmaid dresses are really trending right now on the wedding circuit. So if you’re happy for the bridesmaids to wear the same, if not similar shade of white, then go for it. Gone are the days where the bride should be the only one wearing white. More and more brides are going for alternative colours for their own dress now anyway and if you’re skeptical, why not have your bridesmaids wearing knee length gowns to really distinguish them from you in the wedding photos. Any and all of these options are great ideas to really mix it up for your bridesmaids dresses. If you do want to have all your bridesmaids wearing the same dress, that’s absolutely fine too. You could always colour contrast their bouquets or headbands and still get a varied look which will look brilliant on your wedding photos! Bridesmaid dresses by Kelsey Rose www.kelseyrose.co.uk

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Wedding hair

your crowning glory

French braids with a centre parting These were a big hit at this year’s bridal catwalks as a 2017 trend to watch. Centre parted French braids keep the hair off the face but can be interlaced with individual gemstones to add a touch of sparkle to your do.

Flower crowns

Fake or real, these are still a very popular trend that look set to continue well into 2017. Keep it minimalist with a small dainty floral arrangement, or go big with a rainbow of summery flowers to add a punch to your bridal look.

Choosing your wedding hair can be stressful. You want something that looks amazing and stays all day but you also don’t want it to look overdone, with too tight curls or uncomfortable pins.

Simple ponytails

These can be made more elegant with a golden crown hair piece laid along the top of a low pony for a simple, yet classy look.

Loose side plaits

With flowers or gems woven in to them, these are a beautiful look on any bride with long hair. Pull loose strands out of the plait and curl them for a beautiful, bridal look.


Here are a few suggestions to help you on your way to choosing your perfect wedding day hair.

Braids all the way

With tonnes of braided styles coming back with a vengeance in a rebellion against the traditional chignon, look forward to plaits along the front of the hairline wound into an elaborate, but beautiful braided bun at the back.

Fresh flowers in your up do

Very popular for 2017, with tiny flowers like daisies coming to the fore. Wrapped up in a twisted bun, fresh flowers add a subtle splash of colour to finish off any bridal look. These can be tailored to a wedding at any time of year; just choose your seasonal flowers!

Effortless waves

This fresh look enables any bride to have catwalk style as lazy waves are in for 2017. Hair can be worn loose around the shoulders for a modern and relaxed wedding look and can be accessorised with a golden tiara.

1950’s Glamour hair

Why not add a touch of 1950’s retro glamour into your hairstyle with tight curls and waves secured by pins and a heck of a lot of hairspray! This style will scream old school Hollywood. Think Marilyn Monroe!

Complimenting any bridal look, headpieces add a focal point to your wedding hair. Headbands are becoming very popular, try a lace applique head band to frame a chignon, or go for a pearl comb to make your ballerina bun look like royalty! Also, try wearing your headpiece on the side for something a little different. Don’t forget to take your chosen headpiece along to your hair trial too!



Make up tips It’s generally considered by most that your bridal makeup should be understated and not too over the top. Remember, those wedding photos will last a rather long time, so you want to make sure your makeup is on point for the big day. Rather than going through different makeup styles for your wedding day (just because the general consensus is that less is more), here is a quick rundown of some top beauty tips to stick by to make for a perfectly made up wedding day.

Pick a good waterproof mascara

No expense should be spared here; it can mean the difference between still looking flawless on your wedding night and having panda eyes after crying every time someone tells you how beautiful you look. Waterproof mascara is a MUST HAVE for any

bride and No. 7’s extreme length waterproof mascara does the trick pretty well. Benefit’s BADgal waterproof mascara also has pretty good staying power and will really make your lashes pop.

Opt for a heavier than normal foundation

Less is indeed more in the grand scheme of things but when it comes to your wedding day and, depending on the time of year and weather, you may want to go for a heavier foundation that lasts you well into the night. A good thing to try out if you haven’t already is Boots’ Match Made Service. It’s quick and easy and will ensure you get the exact right shade of foundation for your skin tone, no trial and errors needed.

Be sure to use an eye base primer

Rather than just putting eyeshadow straight onto the lid, try using an eye base primer before you apply your shadow for a longer lasting eye look that won’t leave creases. Maybelline’s colour tattoos are a great example of this, and retailing at around £5, they won’t break the bank when preparing for your wedding. They are also 24 hour wear which means they have pretty amazing staying power. If you’d like a clear base instead, you can’t get much better than Urban Decay’s Primer Potion to give you crease free eye makeup to last all day and night.

Go neutral but apply a little more than normal

Ok, this is contradictory but there’s a method in my madness. You want a neutral makeup look so you don’t look like a clown but for your wedding photos however, apply a little more makeup than usual to make sure it stands out enough to be caught on camera. Lighting and the camera will tone down the look of your makeup so you still want to make sure your beautiful face is seen when looking back at your wedding day photos. Most of the above are common sense tips when planning your wedding day makeup. Whether applying your own make-up, getting a friend to do it or using a profeesional make-up artist, one thing to make doubly sure of, is to have a makeup trial before the big day. Here you can ensure that your makeup will stay on as long as you need it to and also that you’re not

Sweet Scent-sation! Choose a Signature Wedding Day Perfume This is a lovely idea, because it means you get to remember your wedding day in years from now, just by the scent of your signature perfume bought specifically for that day. Choose a scent you wouldn’t buy every day and only use it on special occasions (other than your actual wedding day of course). It’s a great way to get that nostalgia on future anniversaries too! It doesn’t matter which scent you go for, just pick something that is unique to you and which adds a beautifully scented touch to your special day.

allergic to any of it too. There would be nothing worse than trying on your makeup the night before or worse still, slapping it on the morning of your wedding, just to come out in a horrible rash minutes later because you haven’t planned far enough ahead. Hopefully with these simple makeup tips, you can ensure you look absolutely flawless on your wedding day, without a panda eye in sight!


Emma working her m

About me


I work on TV commercials, fashion shows and model assignments across the UK so you would be booking a MUA that's in the know to create your perfect ‘big day’ look, be it classic, sophisticated, vintage, dramatic or funky and edgy.

Achieving ‘the look’ My goal is to achieve the look you desire: fresh faced, beautiful flawless skin, big bright eyes, perfected cheeks and lips, accentuated features, a suitably gorgeous and stunning bridal up or down hair creation, and make you feel every bit the special bride you should be. I put my heart and soul into making this happen for every bride.

Your beauty preparations: • Call to reserve your date (07866 453670) • I’ll come to you, or your venue, so you can relax and chill with your bridesmaids • Book a date for your hair & make-up trial • You may want to trial my tan application for your hen do • Choose from 3 different types of lash extensions that I offer • Try the pre-photographic facial treatment to look your best. Unisex and Suitable for any age. See before & after pictures on my website • After your honeymoon we’ll meet up for your lash extensions removing (yes they really do last that long) • Make up lessons are available. Overseas brides can benefit from climate tips and techniques

One of my happy brides:

“You are so talented and I’m so pleased I booked you early...and you were available. My mum said she loved her make-up and it felt very light yet stayed on all night and I looked airbrushed, I was so flawless, so thank you"

Read more on my website...

Please CALL me to secure your date and book in your our trial trial. TTel:l 07866 453670 Visit my website for more information: www.makeupartistmidlands.com HAIR | MAKE-UP | LASHES: 3D Fibre • Nouveau • Party Lashes | NAILS: Gelish Manicures & Pedicures | TANNING

Top tips:

Feel fab

on your big day

So, your wedding is a few months away, you’ve bought your dress, organized the venue and everything is finalized, except one small detail, you. The planning has taken its toll and you’ve been left feeling super stressed and lethargic. You might have also eaten too many of the wrong things lately and are worried that your dress may be a little more snug than you’d like. Not to worry. Here are 7 top tips to get you on your way to feeling fab on your wedding day!

Drink lots of water


This sounds simple, but will work wonders for your skin; especially if you want the minimal makeup look on your wedding day. So drink away and let your perfect skin shine through!

You knew this one was coming. Start walking or if you’re feeling super energetic, join a gym or find an exercise you enjoy. That’s the most important part because if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it. Set yourself a goal, whether it’s to lose a certain amount of weight or whether you have problem areas you’d like to work on ready for your big day and plan to exercise a few times a week. If you find you’re not managing 2/3 times a week, look at why. There’s always time for exercise, even if it means walking to the shop, instead of driving. Remember, every little helps!

Limit processed foods where possible. All those cakes, crisps and processed meats are heavenly when going in your mouth but can wreak havoc with your insides and make you feel lethargic and bloated. Stick to all the colours of the rainbow veggie wise, lean meats and fruits and you will feel on top form for your wedding day.

Cut your alcohol intake

Get an early night

I know I know! Sometimes it’s easier said than done, especially with all the stresses of planning your wedding. However, if you do enjoy an alcoholic beverage, cutting back will really help you reduce bloating for the big day. Also, try and switch to spirits instead of wine, lager or cider, as they’re lower in calories and won’t bloat you as much. Cutting back your alcohol intake will also help you fit better into that dress and make you feel a million dollars.

This may get harder closer to the date, but try and sleep as much as you can. There’d be nothing worse than waking up on your wedding day absolutely exhausted with bags under your eyes because you’ve tried to burn the candle at both ends and failed. You need time for you, to make sure you feel 100% on the big day. So, sleep like an angel and make sure your bedroom is a relaxation haven to give you the best quality sleep possible.

Pamper yourself

START A SKINCARE ROUTINE If you already do this, fab. If not, don’t worry. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money, just make sure at the end of each day, you wipe your face clean of all makeup and moisturise before bed. Your skin will thank you.

Closer to your wedding day, try and go a few days without makeup to allow your skin to breathe and to clear up any blemishes. Then you can really sparkle when it counts.

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In the run up to the day, you’ll probably be feeling stressed and in need of relaxation. Run a bath and put your favourite bubble bath in, throw in a bath bomb, light a candle, grab a glass of wine, put some music on and relax. You can even read if that’s your sort of thing. Paint your nails and apply a face mask. Have an all-out pamper session. Invite a few friends over if you like or simply have some YOU time. These tips should get you well on your way to feeling fantastic on your wedding day. Just remember, try not to stress and enjoy working towards feeling fab!


Located within a serene oasis, at Buxton, Derbyshire, you will find Rosey’s Beauty Lounge; Home to Award-winning Make-up Artist and Beauty Therapist, Rosey. Set within private gardens, the Lounge provides tranquillity for your individual Bridal Make-up and pamper.


A combination of Rosey’s artistic flare and the use of PRO MAC Cosmetics (highly commended for its longevity), you will be confident all day knowing your Make-up will last throughout your celebrations. ABOUT ROSEY: Rosey listens carefully to and cares for your specific needs, applies Make-up with exquisite attention to detail - whether a natural or very dramatic style is desired, Rosey ensures the Bride’s preferred look becomes a reality.


As well as offering a mobile Bridal Make-up service, Rosey offers appointments at the Lounge, including: Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, CalGel Nails, Waxing & Holistic Therapies. ‘Every Bride is beautiful, unique and special, and it is paramount that all needs and wants are met. With a pre-wedding consultation, together, we discuss and plan ideas, in order to collectively reach expectations and achieve your desired results of Bridal Make-up’ ROSEY I Do Magazine Winner 2016: Hair & Beauty: Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire As voted by Brides & Grooms Professional Member of PRO MAC Cosmetics. Recommended Peaks & Dales Bridal Make-up Artist.

WHAT BRIDES SAY... ‘A big Thank you to Rosey for my Bridal Make-up and the Make-up of my mum and bridesmaids on my wedding day. Rosey made us all feel and look absolutely beautiful and I got so many comments’ Megan - Sheffield


‘A massive thank you for my gorgeous makeup on Saturday...I had it done at 4pm and it lasted all the way until the next day when I took it off! Very lovely beauty lounge, highly recommend!’’ Sian - Derbyshire

‘Being the fussy person that I am, Rosey is so lovely and pandered to my every need. She is fab so relaxed and chilled out with a lovely heart! She went above and beyond on my wedding day! She was like a second mum! Thank you so much you were absolutely amazing. Will definitely be returning for regular beauty treatments!!!’ Jeni - Buxton I looked so much better than I could have imagined and the makeup stayed on all day and evening’ Jade - Hayfield

For enquiries and appointments Telephone 07516 261 437 Email: rosey@roseysbeautylounge.co.uk www.roseysbeautylounge.co.uk


She looks good... As the mother-of-the-bride or bridegroom, you need a once-in-a-lifetime special outfit for the big day. One of the best places to shop is She Fashions in Chesterfield town centre. Run by Val Quigley for the past 23 years, the shop in Knifesmithgate is well known for its occasion wear and is something of a regional wedding specialist. She Fashions are very excited to offer a stunning selection of dresses from the beautiful Olvi’s Lace Collection. New to She Fashions for 2016, Olvi’s Lace couture dresses are made using only the finest French stretch lace offering exquisite detail. Other top names for mother-of-the-bride include Spanish labels Zeila and Cabotine, two collections which bring a touch of Mediterranean style, colour and warmth to any wedding.

Look out too for Ann Balon, John Charles, Condici and Inspirato, all guaranteed to make you feel feminine, glamorous and stylish. Along with an extensive choice of wedding outfits, She Fashions also offers accessories including hats, fascinators, shoes, handbags, wraps and jewellery. Val is particularly proud of the choice of hats and shoes, with many designs in a real range of colours to co-ordinate with mother-of-the-bride outfits. She said: “We also offer a fantastic alterations service and have an excellent seamstress. So don’t worry if your outfit is a little too long or needs taking in slightly, we can easily sort it out with our experienced seamstress.’’ As a regional specialist, She Fashions has many repeat customers and word-of-mouth recommendations from delighted customers all across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. Why not enjoy a visit and let Val and her team dress you for one of the most special days of your life? View the website for more details...

A DIVERSE, STUNNING, FASHION FORWARD COLLECTION SHE FASHION OFFERS A WIDE RANGE OF STYLES FOR ALL OCCASIONS. SPECIALISING IN MOTHER OF THE BRIDE AND SPECIAL OCCASION OUTFITS. Established for over thirty years, She Fashions has a reputation for excellent quality and friendly professional service. Situated in the Historic market town of Chesterfield, off Junction 29 of the M1, She Fashions is ideally sited to meet the needs of customers in and around the Peak District and South Yorkshire.




Sizes 8-24 | Hats, fascinators and shoes and bags to compliment all outfits. IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR ‘THE OUTFIT’ CALL IN AT SHE FASHIONS NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY





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Tel. 01246 275275 sales.shefashions@googlemail.com

New for 2016 Olvi’s Lace

GET IN TOUCH: 56 Knifesmithgate, Chesterfield S40 1RQ Tel. 01246 275275 Email. sales.shefashions@googlemail.com Web. www.shefashions.co.uk


Make Your

Special Day

Extra Special...




View the stunning t i collection ll ti now att our secure online li shop

Website. www.thegalleriaofgems.co.uk


Email. anita@thegalleriaofgems.co.uk Tel. 07921 828863


Bespoke jewellery and hair accessories designed and hand-made just for you... JEWELLERY JEWELLERY

...using stunning Swarovski Crystals & Pearls available in a large variety of colours

Necklaces | Earrings | Bracelets | Tiaras | Hair Accessories & More... View more beautiful pieces online

www.jewellerybybeth.co.uk Or to discuss your ideas contact Beth:

07939 849 839





0114 258 5020 / 07736 039028

enquiries@tiagojewellery.co.uk WEBSITE: www.tiagojewellery.co.uk www.facebook.com/tiagojewellery


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How much should I budget for flowers?

floral inspiration with Wedding Flower Specialist Sasha Chappell of Fleur Chappelle

Let’s take a look at what’s trending right now... Colour: On the colour scheme, the current popular trend, that shows no sign of disappearing any time soon, is blush. It’s what brides think of as blush varies from soft pale pinks seen in peonies, through to peaches and nude tones picked up in beautiful roses; all equally as stunning.

Bouquet style: The most popular bouquet style is definitely “wild”. Uniformed round bouquets have definitely taken a back seat and have been replaced for the time being with freeform uneven bouquets that almost look as if they have just been scooped from a meadow. These beautiful bouquets are created using a variety of mixed wild flowers and lots of greenery and can be tailored to near enough any colour scheme. And for your bridesmaids, gypsophila posies

are definitely top of the list. Such a versatile flower, Gypsophila can be used to create large bouquets for your adult maids, and also used in flower baskets or wands for your little ones. Perfect!

Table centres: Centrepiece styles are always so personal, and definitely are extensions of brides’ and grooms’ personalities. The styles can range from large and elaborate tall designs on glass plinths, to the simplest of things and even 1 or 2 flowers in a tall vase. However, the most popular option currently is jars and vases. Lots of small vases, and jars clustered together on a mirror or, as is a growing trend, on log slices, and filled with flowers. These centrepieces appeal to both the DIY bride and the florist, as once finished, they look uber stylish and allow the bride to create something which is a big part of their day.

This one all depends on how you envisage your day to look. Typically, brides look to spend around 10% of their budget on flowers. If you imagine a flower filled day with big blooms and large bouquets however, you’d need to put a little more aside.

How do I know which florist to chose? Having a look at their previous work is the best starting point; check that their style matches yours and that of your wedding. Arrange to meet any prospective florists for a consultation, to discuss designs and ideas based on your colour scheme and wedding theme. Make sure you ask lots of questions about how they work, what will happen on the day etc.

I’m on a tight budget, can I still have fresh flowers? Absolutely! Your florist will help to create a design that both matches your wedding day and your pocket.

How much are wedding flowers? Again, this one depends on what flowers you choose. There is no set cost of a bouquet. If you are 100% set on an Orchid bouquet, be prepared to pay more than a bride who’s looking for Gypsophila, for example.

Will I have to supply my own vases? Most florists have a stock of glassware/ metalware for centrepieces, so it’s always worth asking your florist before finding another supplier as they may include it in your package.

How far in advance should I book my wedding florist? Most brides book their florist around 6-8 months before their wedding, sometimes up to a year or more in advance, especially if you’re looking for unusual blooms or those that are out of season. But, make sure you have your dress first, so that your florist can design your bouquet to compliment your dress, rather than detract from it.

What can I do to keep my budget down? By selecting flowers that are in season when you get married, you will lower the cost of your flower bill. Your floral designer will be able to advise on what will work for you, in the month you get married to achieve your desired look. See my article on seasonal flowers for an idea of what’s in season when you get married.

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What’s in season?... Choosing flowers that are in season is the easiest way to make your wedding flower budget stretch that little bit further. Spring & Summer


For Spring and Summer weddings, you have the most choice, as the majority of flowers are blooming beautifully during this time of year. Be it soft pink Peonies, or lush Delphiniums, your florist will help you choose from a huge selection of beauties for your big day.

For Winter weddings, there are some really amazing flowers available to complement a Winter theme perfectly. Having a Winter wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh flowers. Hyacinths, Narcissus and Tulips to name a few, look truly amazing!


All year Round

For Autumn weddings, the flowers most definitely reflect the season, with some stunning hues of reds and oranges available. Stunners such as Celosia can be striking additions to your wedding bouquet, that haven’t been seen in those of other brides!

And then, we have the wonderful year round varieties. These, despite being available year round, can be beautiful and really complement your big day. Stunners such as Cala Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemum and Hydrangeas can be used year round, and look amazing! (not all colours are available all year round)

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Whether you know exactly what you want, or you have no idea where to start, we'd love to hear from you, and create the floral designs of your dreams for your big day.

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wedding cake trends Your wedding cake is arguably the most important part of your entire wedding day (apart from the dress of course) so it’s important you get it right. Here some of 2016’s top trends when it comes to what sort of cake you could have for the big day.


Still as hugely popular as last year, a naked cake is just that; naked. It has no fondant so all the inside goings on of the cake are there for all to see. Shabby chic in style, these cakes are a tear away from the norm and you could even colour your buttercream for an added twist!


Now if you were a fan of FAB lollies as a kid, you will LOVE this! A sprinkle cake is like an explosion of colour all over your wedding cake. These cakes add a bit of whimsy to the big day and can be tailored however you like. You could add a trail of sprinkles from the top tier to the bottom, or go all out and cover entire cake layers in the rainbow stuff.


Moving on from the still quite trendy metallic cake, a new trend this year is black and gold wedding cakes. Black may seem like the complete opposite of what you want to achieve for your wedding, but hear me out. Gold would really stand out on a black background and it will definitely make a statement on your wedding day.

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Star Wars themed Chocolate Cake byThe Chocolate Kitchen





These have been trending for a few years now and just keep going from strength to strength. There’s loads to go at here, whether it’s profiteroles, little cupcakes or even savoury cakes like little pork pies! The latest idea to enter this category are cakes in a jar. Individual glass jars, one for each guest, are filled with layers of cake and cream, and the best thing is, they stay nice and fresh and moist.

This creates a Polished Marble look. It is becoming ever more popular to have a cake that doesn’t really look like a cake at all. A mirrored glaze cake makes it look like a shining jewel that you can see your reflection in. The perfect wedding accessory don’t you think?


Ombre cakes are big business in wedding terms and the trend has carried on well into 2016.You can pick any colours you like to blend into each other along each layer of cake. Choose between blending colours into white fondant or blend any colour you choose to make your wedding cake look like a subtle rainbow.


Extremely appealing and easy on the eye, drip cakes create a great dripping effect down the cake. Why not change it up even more and use metallic icing to really take your cake to the next level.

We’ve all seen those cakes that spill out with smarties when you cut into them, piñata style. But have you seen a cake with sprinkles inside the batter? This type of wedding cake is really coming to the fore and especially in weddings that have a lot of children, you can be sure you’ll keep the smiles on the kids’ faces when they see what’s inside. A rainbow of cakey goodness!

Believe it or not, these are trending like crazy on Pinterest. New for 2016, gem style cakes feature gems seemingly either hidden inside the cake or decorated on the tiers and drifting downwards. There are some beautiful examples circling the internet at the moment and they are painstakingly created by cake makers. A beautiful feature to your wedding, Geode cakes are looking like the next big thing in wedding cakes.


For the truly chocolate obsessed, this style of wedding cake is PERFECT and Retford-based The Chocolate Kitchen is the go-to-place for one. From the classic to the wacky, tall tiered cakes to individual cakes for each guest, they will work with you to design a cake which looks and tastes fantastic and is unique to you. See their main feature on page 24.

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It’s Chocolate Heaven

at The Chocolate Kitchen One of the most popular ways to celebrate in 2016 and beyond is with a chocolate wedding cake.

HEN NIGHTS Have a fun packed hen night making chocolate (and you get to keep what you make!!)



WE MAKE SPECTACULAR CHOCOLATE WEDDING CAKES WHICH TASTE EVERY BIT AS GOOD AS THEY LOOK TEL: 01777 711007 EMAIL: info@thechocolatekitchen.co.uk WEB: www.thechocolatekitchen.co.uk The Chocolate Kitchen

Churchgate House, 33 Churchgate, Retford, Notts, DN22 6PA


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If you’re considering a chocolate wedding cake, who better to contact than The Chocolate Kitchen, who recently won ‘Best in Exhibition’ at the I Do Wedding Awards 2016. Voted for by brides and groomsto-be for product quality, customer service, and overall exhibition stand décor. Cake Designer and Chocolatier, Meghan takes her inspiration from the classical French method of chocolate making and has the same skills and passion as leading French chocolatiers. She can turn her hand to just about any cake design, large or small. One of her most incredible cake designs was a specially commissioned Disney cake weighing 120 kilos. Using the best quality chocolate, including some Fairtrade, she has been established in business for eight years and makes both simple and elaborate bespoke wedding cakes, truffles, chocolate cake stands and much more. Her father Bob, who is also involved in the family business, said: “When Meghan came out of university, she went to France to learn the art and skill of chocolate

‘Meghan takes her inspiration from the classical French method of chocolate making’ work. The amount of compliments she receives is amazing and she works to a very high standard and is totally reliable. She is a real perfectionist.’’ Meghan’s cakes are mostly created using quality fruit cake or sponge cake in various flavours such as lemon drizzle, carrot, chocolate, orange, cherry and brownie cake etc. A photographic gallery of flavours and wedding cake designs is also available to see on the website. Put your trust in Meghan for the most important day of your life. *Any brides who can’t wait until the big day can always organise a hen party at Emily’s, situated above The Chocolate Kitchen. Perfect for a girlie get-together, Emily’s is the place to make your own chocolate creations including top table gifts, wedding favours, truffles and chocolate decorations for your wedding cake. Book your evening now!

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01777 711007 Email. info@thechocolatekitchen.co.uk Web. www.thechocolatekitchen.co.uk


Hidden behind a country house on an old English estate is a charming restored Victorian walled garden. Within its secluded walls sits a Georgian marquee on spacious lawns holding up to 220 guests for weddings and ceremonies both inside and out. A graceful combination of history, nature and contemporary design makes The Walled Garden a truly exceptional venue. Download your free wedding brochure & discover more about this unique wedding venue

www.walledgardennottingham.co.uk For enquiries CALL

0115 925 7062 | EMAIL info@walledgardennottingham.co.uk



Old meets


at The Pumping House Recently refurbished, The Pumping House on the edge of Sherwood Forest is the perfect venue for your wedding day.

Following the successful refurbishment of this old characterful building, which dates back to 1905, various modern features have been added creating an ideal mix of old and new, perfect for your special day. The distinctive landmark building at Ollerton, originally pumped thousands of gallons of water to households across Nottinghamshire. Given listed building status in 1974, it has seen various uses since the mid-1970s but now it is a prime six-acre wedding and events venue, with plenty of charm, character and outdoor space. Today, the tranquil setting provides the perfect spot for your civil wedding ceremony, reception and evening party. The charming grounds, complete with a large croquet lawn for outdoor drinks receptions, are ideal for wedding photographs with the stunning indoor setting making for equally unique pictures. Inside, the venue has two rooms which are licensed for civil wedding ceremonies; the Ollerton Room, which seats up to 100 guests, and the Engine Hall, which can seat anywhere between 80 and 170 guests. The venue is also equipped with a conservatory where the happy couple and their guests can go for drinks after the ceremony. What makes The Pumping House really special, is that it has its own bridal boutique where the bride and her bridesmaids can prepare on the day. Available from 10am, it is perfect for those finishing touches or for the bridal party to relax ahead of the nuptials.

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After the ceremony, a wedding breakfast for up to 170 guests can be enjoyed in the Engine Hall with its distinctive arch windows and high glass ceiling. Afterwards, guests can dance the night away and celebrate a wonderful day. The Pumping House has its own experienced catering team who can help you choose the right menu for your first meal as a married couple. There are suggested menus available, which use locally sourced delicious homemade dishes, or you can discuss exacting and bespoke requirements with the chef and her kitchen team. And there’s no need to worry about keeping any younger guests occupied – The Pumping House has its own 20-seater cinema room, full of dvd’s, a giant plasma screen and games. Every couple who books The Pumping House for their wedding day is guaranteed the exclusive use of the venue from start to finish. They also have the services of the venue’s wedding co-ordinators who will make sure the day runs smoothly and without a hitch. So to enjoy the perfect day, take a look at Nottinghamshire’s new wedding venue and create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01623 705800

Email. info@thepumpinghouse.com Web. www.thepumpinghouse.com

The Pumping House is a beautiful Grade II listed venue in the heart of Sherwood Forest This beautiful red brick building, still featuring the original and distinctive chimney, is located on a six-acre site in the heart of Sherwood Forest. The tranquil surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding and offer ample opportunity for unique photography. Featuring a licensed ceremony room, main hall for wedding breakfasts, a large croquet lawn for outdoor drinks receptions and cinema.

The Pumping House, Brake Lane, Ollerton, Newark NG22 9HQ www.thepumpinghouse.com | 01623 705800 | info@thepumpinghouse.com


The perfect place for your perfect day ...at The Peak Edge Hotel AWARD WINNING FOOD The hotel has many awards for food and service and 2014 saw both the Hotel and Bistro presented with a second rosette from the AA and Certificate of Excellence Winners from Trip Advisor.

THE ICING ON THE CAKE The 26 luxury bedrooms, three adaptable function rooms and award winning food all add to the experience which is ‘The Peak Edge Hotel’.

WELCOME TO BEAUTY ROOM 101 Peak Edge Hotel now has its very own Beauty Salon, Beauty Room 101, having sourced the best products from around the world, along with the most highly qualified and professional staff to bring you the ultimate pampering experience.

If you’re looking for a superb wedding venue, then take a look at the Peak Edge Hotel at The Red Lion, which will prove to be the perfect place for your perfect day. Nestled on the edge of Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District National Park and close to the Chatsworth Estate, the family owned four-star Peak Edge Hotel has everything you and your guests need for an unforgettable wedding day. The hotel was built in 2011 to complement the existing Red Lion Bar and Bistro which dates back to the 17th Century. Full of charm and character and with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, this stunning venue combines the classic natural beauty

of the Peak District countryside with the sleek elegance of modern boutique style, all combined together in one venue.

EXCLUSIVE EXPERIENCE Peak Edge’s promise to you is that the hotel will only ever hold one wedding a day, allowing you and your guests to experience the staff’s undivided attention. The hotel’s experienced wedding planners will be on hand throughout your planning and then on your wedding day to ensure everything is as perfect as you can imagine.

EXCELLENT LOCATION Located within 10 minutes of the M1 between the market towns of Chesterfield and Matlock and surrounded by open countryside, the venue lends itself as an ideal location. With the historic Chatsworth House, Haddon Hall and Bakewell only a short drive away, why not stay longer and explore the local area and discover the delights of The Peak District.

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The venue is Licensed for Civil Ceremonies, catering for up to 140 Wedding Breakfast guests and up to 200 Evening Reception guests.

WEDDING FAYRE AND SHOWCASE To see the hotel’s facilities for yourself, go along to the Wedding Fayre on Sunday November 6th, 11.00am until 4.00pm. Admission is free and this is a chance to see both the hotel facilities and find out about numerous wedding services from a variety of exhibitors who will be attending. A number of wedding offers and packages will be available – or you can ring for more details. Following the Wedding Fayre, the hotel will be staging a Wedding Showcase on Tuesday November 8th, 5.00pm until 9.00pm when the venue will be dressed for a wedding.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01246 566142 Email. weddings@peakedgehotel.co.uk Web. www.peakedgehotel.co.uk

Venue exclusivity on your wedding day | Beautiful Scenery | Natural Charm & Character Modern Boutique Elegance | 26 Luxury Bedrooms | Beauty Room 3 Stunning Adaptable Functions Rooms | Award Winning Food Wedding Fayre: Sunday 6th November 2016 | 11.00am until 4.00pm Showcase Evening: Tuesday 8th November 2016 | 5.00pm until 9.00pm We host wedding fayres and showcases throughout the year... visit our website for details of any forthcoming events www.peakedgehotel.co.uk

If you wish to view our venue or discuss your wedding requirements, contact our wedding team

on 01246 566142 or email us at weddings@peakedgehotel.co.uk PE AK E DGE HOTE L , Dar l e y R oad, S t on e dg e, N r Ch e s t e rf i e l d , D e rb ys h i re S 4 5 0 LW


Photos provided by Chrysalis Photography, Photography for Life, Sandstorm Photography and Andrew Scott Clarke

Hotel Van Dyk... For Your Perfect Wedding

The Hotel Van Dyk is a luxury 4 star, 1 Rosette hotel situated in the beautiful and picturesque county of Derbyshire, within a short driving distance to the marvel which is the Peak District and local historic town of Chesterfield. Set in rural open countryside, the beautiful historic building and established gardens provide an ideal setting for any occasion. ■ Only 4 Star country house hotel in Derbyshire ■ Rosette standard food

2 rooms Licensed for civil ceremonies Elegant Ballroom with diamante drapes Beautiful gardens with your own private terrace Fantastic photographic opportunities including a private 5 acre woodland with Helicopter landing area Why not take a look at all the wedding packages and download our Wedding Profile brochure to choose your perfect package www.vandykhotel.co.uk/weddings ■ ■ ■ ■

You choose the package for you...and New for Brides... Years of experience have led Hotel Van Dyk to be able to offer our Brides & Grooms the Perfect Package... just for them. Each Package has been created to suit budgets, numbers of guests and even the day you wish to be married on. Browse through the Packages then contact our Wedding Co-ordinators for a Exclusive showround ...and let Hotel Van Dyk make your day...just perfect. Sunday to Thursday

Perfect Day



Monday to Thursday




Sunday to Friday




Everyday of the year



Worksop Road, Clowne, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S43 4TD Telephone: 01246 810 219 | Facsimile: 01246 819 566 | Email: weddings@hotelvandyk.co.uk


For that perfect day Take a look at Hotel Van Dyk Hotel Van Dyk’s promise to you is simple... on your wedding day, they ensure that you will receive their personal and undivided attention. Hotel Van Dyk really is one of the most idyllic of settings for your wedding. Located within easy access of the motorway, Chesterfield and Worksop. The building epitomises the charm of a bygone era, beautifully restored and fully refurbished in recent years to offer the glamour of the finest country house hotel in the area. Being awarded the AA 4 stars and a rosette for dining, confirmed the quality and service the hotel has been built on. The gardens are superbly laid out with manicured lawns and a new terrace area that afford excellent photographic opportunities.

AMAZING SETTING Every aspect of the layout, design and decor has been focused with one aim, to deliver an incredible setting for your special occasion. Timeless elegance combined with functionality is the byword; every corner of the hotel has been carefully designed to offer our guests the most incredible experience. One of the unique opportunities offered at Hotel Van Dyk is a true ‘total package’... that includes holding your marriage ceremony at the hotel. With two distinctive suites to choose from, Hotel Van Dyk can provide a bespoke solution to your special day. The Bowden, originally the chapel when Hotel Van Dyk was a private residence, is a magnificent room and with its heritage, offers the perfect setting for

your wedding ceremony. The Ballroom offers the grand setting for the larger affair with its elegant surroundings and allows you total freedom when organising your wedding day.

AN AMAZING CHOICE OF FOOD An integral part of this special day, the food; from the initial canapes on arrival to the buffet at the end of the day, Hotel Van Dyk will create a truly mouth-watering occasion you’ll never forget, all cooked fresh on the day. Create your own menu with their team. We guarantee exquisite food and an impeccable service that will make your wedding day the magical event you’ve always dreamed of.

SHEER LUXURY The Bridal Suite at Hotel Van Dyk is the most unbelievable experience you can imagine. Sheer luxury in every aspect; no expense was spared on this refurbishment from the giant bed with ‘pop up’ television to the dressing room and indulgent bathroom.

WHERE SERVICE MATTERS With beautiful spaces both inside and out, they understand the need for settings and moments when the wedding story needs capturing. Your wedding day is your dream... so, however you see it, Hotel Van Dyk will help you make it happen. From fireworks to laser shows, from fairground rides to a real life casino, let your imagination have no boundaries. Call the Wedding Team on 01246 810219 and let them create... your Perfect Day.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01246 810 219 Email. weddings@hotelvandyk.co.uk Web. www.hotelvandyk.co.uk/weddings

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Doncaster Racecourse:

A winning


When only the best will do on your big day, it’s worth knowing that Doncaster Racecourse flaunts a stunning venue for wedding ceremonies, civil partnerships, wedding receptions, banquets and special celebrations. If it’s beautiful surroundings you’re after – they tick more boxes than most. From well-tended lawns to top-notch service from their expert team - there’s no wonder they’re one of the most popular places to tie the knot in Yorkshire. The beautiful stone-pillared pavilion takes centre-stage for all wedding celebrations at Doncaster Racecourse. Its setting is special, too. The front terrace of the pavilion looks directly onto the perfectly manicured Champagne Lawn. Doncaster Racecourse is a much loved wedding retreat - and a stunning backdrop to your picture-perfect wedding photographs. On the food front, expect the best. Banquets, balls and private functions at Doncaster Racecourse have a real sense of occasion. Whatever the event, they’ll create a menu built with you in mind. It’s Doncaster Racecourse’s job to take care of all the detail - and their team of wedding experts have years of experience, so they know what they are talking about when it comes to creating magical memories. There are regular open evenings and wedding shows so that you can see the venue for yourself. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll understand why hundreds of happy couples choose Doncaster Racecourse to say ‘I do!’. Choose the stylish, traditional option; or go down the modern, vibrant route. Here, we help you choose what’s best for you...



Doncaster Racecourse is home to two of the most striking settings for a wedding venue. The Old Weighing Room is steeped in history - with all the modern twists you’d expect from Doncaster Racecourse. Step outside and you’re footsteps away from their beautiful Champagne Lawn with flowers and greenery everywhere you look. Do a 360 and the pavilion itself gives you the money-can’t-buy backdrop for the wedding snaps you’ll treasure forever. Back indoors and the original beamed structures surround a glass domed roof, which could rival any church or chapel. Together it sets the scene for a truly wonderful occasion. Finally, in terms of guests - The Old Weighing Room hosts receptions of up to 70. And for your evening reception, they’ll open up a dance floor and exclusive bar area - and your after-dark guest list can top 150.

If your guest list is as long as your arm, Doncaster Racecourse’s main stand offers a great range of suites for party sizes of between 30 and 400 guests. When it comes to the suites, they’re all glassfronted with huge sliding doors opening out to a balcony or terrace. It’s from here you get the million dollar views across the course. If you like, get a terrace and BBQ area to call your own. Doncaster Racecourse is also the ideal venue for Asian weddings. They can offer bespoke gourmet menus and compliant service solutions specifically tailored as a complete package to meet your budgets and requirements. It can be your blank canvas to create an elegantly simple and minimalistic feel, or transform it into a lavish and colourful Bollywood dream wedding – which can accommodate as many as 1400 guests! Just ask Doncaster Racecourse for details. The Doncaster Racecourse weddings team can help you organise the whole thing. Get in touch now...

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01302 304216 Email. events@doncaster-racecourse.co.uk Web. www.doncaster-racecourse.co.uk/weddings

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Let your imagination run wild...

This unique, affordable and luxurious venue really is the cream of the crop Marry in the beautiful stone pillared, glass domed Pavilion, dine in The Old Weighing Room, banquet in the stunning glass fronted main stand enjoying million dollar views or even go al fresco with your very own terraced ed barbecue area, you can n really let your our imagination m run n wild, wha whatever you’re looking oki for, package age or bespoke, Doncaster o Racecourse will deliver all your dreams and more...

Complete lete in-hous in-house s team, from m wedding co-ordinators to chefs | A full civil ceremony licenc licence lor-made locations for 50-1200 guest Tailor-made guests

Packagess starting from ÂŁ2,713 P Book an appointment Boo ap me en with ith our wedding coordinator today! ttod day a ! 00 | events@doncaster-racec course.co.uk 01302 304200 events@doncaster-racecourse.co.uk ww ncaste -racecourse.co..uk www.doncaster-racecourse.co.uk


An Award Winning Venue Ringwood Hall Hotel were delighted to win ‘Best Wedding Venue in Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire’ at the prestigious I Do Wedding Awards 2016 as voted for by bridal couples. To receive so many votes from happy couples is a wonderful testament to the exceptional wedding experience at Ringwood Hall Hotel, not only in the lead up to the big day but on the wedding day itself.

Why not visit Ringwood Hall Hotel and find out for yourself exactly what makes this venue ‘Award Winning’. Their wedding team offer daytime, evening and weekend appointments to view, and they hold monthly wedding showcases, where you can view their summer garden marquee and superb licensed suites, finished in exquisite period décor set for both wedding breakfasts and civil ceremonies. Check out the fabulous four posters and feature bedrooms as you look for your honeymoon suite and meet with many of their close wedding suppliers. At any time of year, Ringwood Hall Hotel can be the perfect venue

for your wedding celebrations, ideally located at the gateway to the Peak District and only a short drive from Derby, Nottingham and Sheffield, their beautiful venue offers everything. Set in six acres of award winning formal gardens, the hotel is surrounded by 23 acres of parkland. Check out their website gallery at www.ringwoodhallhotel.com which provides you with a flavour of the garden through the seasons, and the wonderful backdrop it creates for your photographs. So why not plan your wedding with a seasonal theme and take advantage of Ringwood Hall Hotel’s fixed price seasonal packages which

include table dressings and chair covers and in some cases special extras like fireworks, chocolate fountains and live music. Ringwood Hall Hotel have tried to incorporate as much within the fixed price as possible, to help you with your big day budgeting. Further discounts and concessions are available with a midweek package, while the all year round packages include fixed price, late availability, Spring, Easter, Valentines, Summer garden marquee, Autumn, Winter, Christmas and extra special midweek Christmas, all can be viewed on the website www.ringwoodhallhotel.com

• Fabulous summer garden marquee available between April and mid October

If you are looking for a Peak District, Derbyshire or South Yorkshire wedding venue, check out our beautiful Georgian Grade II Listed Manor House.

We have some fantastic fixed price, midweek, late availability, Festive & Winter, Spring & Easter, Valentine’s, and summer marquee wedding packages and offers on our website.

• Our wedding team offer daytime, evening or weekend appointments to view, so call our wedding team today on 01246 280077 to arrange your show round at a time that suits you • Our formal gardens have won the East Midlands in Bloom competitions for the best hotel gardens, so where better to take those memorable images of your special day • Special accommodation rates are available for overnight wedding guests, who can enjoy complimentary access to our Parklands Health & Fitness Club, with new hot tub and beauty treatments available • Wedding celebration ceremonies are available in our stunning Rose Pagoda in our beautiful gardens, or in our beautiful licensed suites. •Outdoor ceremonies are available in our unique Garden Pavilion, licensed for outdoor civil marriages and blessings. Other suites available for up to 250 guests


T 01246 280077 E: weddings@ringwoodhallhotel.com 34 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

W. www.ringwoodhallhotel.com



A unique wedding day...

An ideal countryside location... From cosy intimate gatherings to grand Marquee celebrations. Whether you want a formal dinner, a casual BBQ or afternoon tea on the lawn for your Wedding Day. Alison House Cater to each couple’s individual wishes and budget, creating a bespoke Wedding Day, everytime. • 15 en-suite bedrooms • Fully licensed bar and restaurant • Spectacular views over the Derwent Valley • Beautiful gardens

Alison House Hotel For more information contact our wedding co-ordinators: Tel: 01629 822211 Email: info@alison-house-hotel.co.uk www.alison-house-hotel.co.uk INTAKE LANE, CROMFORD, DERBYSHIRE, DE4 3RH

Absolute Weddings Absolute bsolute Event Deco Decor

Absolute Sweet Cart

Large Horse and Carriage Standard Sweet Cart Small Horse and Carriage from £50

Offer Only £135

Chair Covers, Centre Pieces, Table Accessories, Favours, Twinkling Backdrop


Chair Covers, Centre Pieces, Table Runners, Swags, Scatter Crystals or Petals

Any Cart for 75 people 6 Variety’s of Sweets, Glassware, Decoration, Tongs and Scoops, g Colour Co-ordinated Bags

Up to 75 People £350 Up to 100 People £450

Absolute bsolute Wedding Stationery

The Venue Ashbourne

Invitations, Save the Date Cards, Place Cards, Table Plan, Menu/Table Names, RSVP, Order of Service, Post Box, Order of the Day, Gift Poems, Confetti Cones

Offer Only £350

Up to 60 Invitations, RSVP, Gift Poems, Directions, Place Cards and a Table Plan, 6 Menu’s and Table Numbers

Quote I Do Mag for these Offers

Superb views, stunning food and outstanding service. A relaxed, flexible venue offering excellent value wedding packages at surprisingly low prices.

2017 Offer £2250

Room Hire, Linen, Ceremony Room, Drink and Wedding Breakfast for 40 Guests and Evening Buffet for 70 Guests

Contact Vikki on 07875 297134 handmadeinvitations@hotmail.co.uk


Quality Products at Low Prices

The true beauty of the Sitwell Arms Hotel lies at the rear of this 18th century building amongst the magnificent lake and fountain and rose orchard garden, both which form part of the landscaping to 6 acres of beautiful grounds. These picturesque surroundings make this popular Derbyshire Wedding Venue the ideal location for a countryside wedding.


With over twenty five years of experience in planning weddings, the hotel provides quality facilities at value for money prices. The hotel specialises in civil weddings and have been performing ceremonies for many years, our attention to detail is what truly makes our service second to none. The hotel is privately owned and we’re proud of the excellent reputation of being a premier wedding venue. We truly are committed to presenting quality facilities and providing a first class service. Our wedding packages are designed to suit budgets from as little as £2000 through to £5,500 for the all inclusive Gold package. Bespoke packages can also be tailored to individual requirements making your wedding day as unique as the relationship you wish to celebrate. Accommodation is available including the Honeymoon Suite, Renishaw Suite, Four Poster Bridal Rooms, Family Rooms and more, offered at a discounted tariff for anyone wishing to stay over within the bridal party. The on-site Hair & Beauty and Health & Fitness facilities at this venue add the finishing touches for you to make the most of your experience.

Winter Wedding Special Offer only £1,500 Civil Ceremony | Bucks Fizz Arrival Drink for 40 Guests Wedding Breakfast for 40 Day Guests | Sparkling Wine for 40 Day Guests Evening Buffet for 80 Guests | Resident DJ Includes function room hire, table linen, table plan & placecards Available November, December 2016, January, February & March 2017


Contact our dedicated Wedding Co-ordinators for more information: Tel. 01246 435226 Email. info@sitwellarms.com Download our brochure online: www.sitwellarms.com www.ido-magazine.co.uk - 35

Set the right mood with Wedding Venue Lighting

With the help of Yorkshire’s largest décor lighting and dance floor hire company, you can give your event the real wow factor... Whether you want a starlight dance floor, mood lighting, fairy lights, hanging lanterns or much more, simply have a word with the specialists at Wedding Venue Lighting, based in Cleckheaton and take advantage of their expertise. Expert lighting helps set the scene for your wedding. Peoples’ mood, attitude and even confidence can be affected by the correct lighting. If you’re planning to get married shortly, why not think about dance floors, special effects or even a VIP carpet to set the scene. Wedding Venue Lighting specialise in large weddings and corporate events but are equally at home with a smaller more intimate wedding. Why not think about a starlight background, ceiling drapes or have your names projected in lights to really create a magical feel to your wedding venue? Coloured hanging fairylights and colour co-ordinated hanging lanterns are a popular feature, along with the ever-popular large LOVE and MR & MRS Letters. The business is owned and operated by Matt Butcher who has years of experience in the lighting and entertainment industry, and trained by many leading lighting manufacturers. All equipment is regularly tested

36 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

and meets the highest possible standards. New for 2016/17, you can now hire the very best in Photo Booth fun from Wedding Venue Lighting to add even more magic to your celebrations. The interactive Magic Mirror Photo Booth, uses the latest technology to take incredible full length selfies. The built in camera is hidden behind the mirror and it looks just like a classic framed mirror when not in use. Animations on the mirror screen invite you and your guests to pose and use the touch screen, while it transforms your reflection into fun-filled images to take away immediately, upload to social media and it makes an amazing guest book, as guests actually sign their names on the mirror. You can see Wedding Venue Lighting with the mirror, dance floors and lighting effects at all the I Do Wedding Exhibitions and at many local fayres around the county. For more information, take a look at the website for ideas, inspirations and recommendations from delighted brides, grooms and their families.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 0800 031 9018 Email. info@wedding-venue-lighting.co.uk Web. www.wedding-venue-lighting.co.uk

Decor Lighting & Dance Floor Hire Add the WOW factor to your special day

Introducing Our NEW Magic Mirror Photobooth



Black Starcloths • Starlight Backdrops • Mood / Up Lighting • Special Effects Bride & Groom Name Projection • Marquee, Venue & Specialist Lighting Fairy Lights • Flame Effects • LED Starlight and Black & White Dance Floors Red & White Carpets • LOVE &and MR & MRS Letters • Wedding Post Boxes New for 2016/17 Magic Mirror Photo Booth Hire

Tel: 0800 031 9018 Vistit our website: www.wedding-venue-lighting.co.uk www.facebook.com/weddinglighting Email: info@wedding-venue-lighting.co.uk



Your venue décor can really bring a reception together, with a variety of themes to choose from to add that finishing touch to your venue.

Here are just a few venue décor themes to get you started.

DIY rustic style Always a popular favourite, rustic decor can make your reception look completely effortless. Match bare wooden textures with fresh spring time flowers and even tie wild flowers into the bow on your chair covers to carry the theme through. You could even add edible flowers to your meals (if you like that sort of thing). Hang pastel coloured bunting or even place hand-painted wooden love letters at each table and use Hessian table runners to tie the theme together. A simple, yet effective approach to your wedding venue décor

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Blush pink and gold This theme would work well at a hotel venue or any old classy building. Use metallic hues like gold and silver, mixed in with blush pink to create a muted sense of class. Give your guests a real treat for the eyes and have intricate table lamps at each table. Drape ceilings with sheer or silk blush pink fabric that hangs beautifully to frame the room. You could even have name embroidered napkins to add a personal touch.

Shabby chic/vintage Similar to rustic style, this uses more lace fabric and floral/pastel themes, along with alternative centrepieces in oddly matched jars. Think mason jars filled with pastel coloured sand with a tea light resting on top and lace wrapped around the rim. Create an afternoon tea style reception with vintage china cups & saucers and hand out little jam jar favours tied with string.

38 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk


Wedding disco | Photo/video display

A wedding reception to remember... Starlit dancefloors | Dancing on a cloud

Mood lighting & effects | 6ft heart

To make your wedding reception one to remember, you need to call on the services of Craig at Sheffield Wedding DJ. However, it’s not just a DJ service Craig can provide, but a whole lot more – including supplying dance floors, mood lighting, twinkle backdrops and table skirts, ‘dancing on a cloud’ first dance, 5ft and table top LOVE letters, a six foot love heart, photo/video displays and more... So whatever you’re planning for your evening party, talk to Craig and see what he has to offer. Whether you require a small discreet disco setup, a full-on nightclub style sound and light show, or anything in between, Craig can provide exactly what you want. Craig will also work with you to transform your venue with moodlighting, starlight dance floors and much more. It’s always important to get the evening celebrations right. After all this is the time when everyone can let their hair down and really celebrate the day, after the formalities of the service and joy of the reception. To help you

get everything just how you want it, all bookings come with their own personal planner account on the Sheffield Wedding DJ website where you can plan your day and make all your music requests and dedications in advance. In more recent years, Craig has been in great demand for weddings across Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and beyond. With his additional services like LOVE letters and love hearts, moodlighting and dance floors, he can really help to set the mood for the evening ahead. Even if you don’t need a DJ, Craig is still happy to dress your venue and make it extra special. Make sure you put Craig and his DJ services on your wedding list, and let him get the party started!!

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01246 812 503 Email. craig@sheffieldweddingdj.co.uk Web. www.sheffieldweddingdj.co.uk

LOVE letters | Twinkle backdrops & skirts As well as providing high quality, professional, Wedding Discos, Sheffield Wedding DJ also offers a wide range of additional services to enhance your evening and help give you the Wedding Reception of your dreams.

Visit the website for details about our Wedding Disco’s and more...


To discuss your big day call Craig on 01246 812 503 Email craig@sheffieldweddingdj.co.uk

Visit our facebook page www.facebook.com/sheffieldweddingdj www.ido-magazine.co.uk - 39


Bright and bolds

If you’re a ray of sunshine in personality, then bring some of this to your venue dÊcor. Go for all out bright colours like yellows, oranges and bright florals to create a whimsical carefree atmosphere. This type of dÊcor is PERFECT for a Summer wedding, or if you have a lot of kids at your reception too. Use coloured glassware instead of clear and have bright lanterns hanging from the ceiling that seemingly float in mid-air. Have peach coloured chair sashes angled and knotted to one side for an alternative look.

Finishing touches Rather than use conventional table numbers at the reception, many couples today prefer to name their tables with a theme relevant to them. Guests could find themselves sitting on The Beetles, The Jam or The Who table or even the Kit Kat, Galaxy, Bounty or Dairy Milk table if the bride is a chocoholic!! As well as different table names, brides are getting creative with table plans too, rather than opting for the board on an easel, some couples display their table plan on a chalk board, pegged on string, displayed in a set of miss-matched frames or even hung in a suitcase.


Favours are an important part of any wedding and provide something for guests to take away as a momento of the big day. These can be bought ready made or created from stratch by the bride and groom with an original idea. Recently seen wedding favours include: little jam jars containing home made jam and a label detailing the date and time of the wedding, pieces of home made shortbread or macarons in a pretty bag tied with ribbon or string, vintage striped bags or jars of traditional sweets or mints, or even packs of wild flowers or bird seed tied with ribbon. Some brides and grooms buy national lottery tickets or scratch cards as favours for their guests or give them a small, fragrant candle to burn at home as a reminder of the wedding. Favours have come a long way from the traditional favourite of sugared almonds!

40 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk


Call Adèle On 07946450319 Email: info@madamecrepe.co.uk

We ddin gs & E ve n t s Madame Crêpe provides a unique and quirky alternative to sweet trolleys and chocolate fountains at your wedding, serving sweet and savoury crêpes tailored to the bride and groom’s taste and cooked on the spot. Whilst the cosy atmosphere given by its romantic kiosk provides this little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any wedding reception, we can also cater indoor if the situation requires it. Various packages are available, to be served to your guests after the wedding ceremony and/or during the evening reception. Visit www.madamecrepe.co.uk for further details.

Choose award-winning


to add extra sparkle to your big day VOTED BEST PHOTOBOOTH FOR YORKSHIRE, DERBYSHIRE & NOTTINGHAMSHIRE IN THE I DO WEDDING AWARDS 2016 ASK ABOUT OUR: I DO READER SPECIAL OFFER • LOVE Lights & Twinkle dancefloors Photobooth features include: • High quality photos with photo effects • Greenscreen technology • Facial recognition • Video recording • Touchscreen technology •Marryoke/Videoke • Full set of props


Event Decor and Coordination Specialists

07474 156515

For more information telephone. email. diamondphotobooths@hotmail.com or visit our website www.diamondphotobooth.co.uk Feature Image by Geoff Kirby Photography. Discount can not be used in conjunction with any other offer unless stated.

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Food for thought Seasonal ideas

Here are some wonderful wedding food ideas with a seasonal twist to cater to your own wedding, no matter what time of year it is.

A Summer wedding can’t be complete without a barbecue theme running through it. Serve your guests mini burgers and meat grilled to perfection. Or if you have vegetarian guests, why not try grilled peppers, courgettes and mushrooms on skewers? You could also have a summery carnival themed day with popcorn in buckets and little hot dogs. Get an ice-cream bar on the go to cool your guests down from the heat and treat the little ones to fun filled ice cold desserts! Summer is also the perfect time for cocktail style drinks, so get creative and create a mini menu with a select few fruity beverages to really wow your guests. You could even have non-alcoholic versions for the kids, so they still get to be involved in the fun!


Autumn weddings are the perfect excuse to add toffee apples, parkin and hot jacket spuds to your wedding food fayre. Have a jacket potato bar with a selection of toppings that your guests get to pick themselves. If it’s especially cold out, serve your guests with warm apple cider instead of sparkling wine or maybe try a hot buttered rum to get them extra toasty. Or serve mini steak and ale pies with a love heart pastry shape laid on top for a warming main meal option. For dessert, serve individual apple pies topped with whipped cream or custard for an autumnal sweet treat.


Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh, crisp flavours. Salads are ideal here; so serve miniature leaf salads with your choice of meat and a balsamic dressing for a light but refreshing meal option. Use cloudy lemonade in your cocktails to freshen up a guest’s palette. For a main, fish is a great choice for Springtime. Have salmon parcels with asparagus in filo pastry for a truly mouthwatering meal. Serve fruity desserts as most berries are in season at this time of year. Try a fruit crumble or even simpler, chocolate covered strawberries for a naughty but nice sweet finish.


It’s hard not to get all Christmassy if you’re getting married at this time of year, so don’t fight it! Try baked brie in your appetisers and have little tasters of hot soup in mini mugs with garlic croutons. Everyone loves a Yorkshire pudding, so why not minimise these and serve with roast beef or chicken inside as buffet style food with a dollop of gravy plopped in. Go for a hot chocolate bar to warm your guests’ cockles and bring about a warm atmosphere and pick out a selection of hot toppings so guests can personalise their drinks too. Serve melt-in-the-middle chocolate souffles filled with the scent of cinnamon, cloves and Christmassy loveliness. And who could have a winter wedding without some form of gingerbread involved? Kids will love mini ginger bread men, or even better, gingerbread bride and grooms to keep their tastebuds tingling with Christmas cheer!

42 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

These are just a few ideas of what you could do for food at your reception, no matter what time of year it is. One thing is certain though, with these seasonal food options, your guests are sure to leave with big smiles on their faces and bellies full of happiness!



Your wedding, your day, your music... It’s no wonder Amp and Decks Wedding DJs & Events were recently voted Best Wedding Entertainment, as they stop at nothing to make your big day a 5 star experience. They were delighted to be announced as ‘Best Wedding Entertainment for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire’ at the I Do Wedding Awards 2016. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettably fabulous wedding party, Amp and Decks are the perfect choice. Amp and Decks really are more than just another Wedding DJ - your entertainment is tailored to you through their personalised service; from playlists perfect for your music taste to lighting that compliments your colour theme. They even have an online ‘client login’ for you to request those special touches! Amp and Decks keep you in the loop throughout with regular consultation, so you can leave the stress to them and rest in the knowledge that you and your guests will have the time of your lives.

Amp and Decks offer a professional DJ service with state of the art disco lighting, sound, ‘video disco’, mood and uplighting, starlit backdrops and dance floors with stunning effects for your first dance, as well as other beautiful decorative focal points for your venue. Our favourite features have to be the 5ft “LOVE” letters to brightly light up the venue, and the gorgeous “dancing on a cloud” effect for a fairytale experience. It’s so easy, just choose the elements you like and they will create a package for you! Amp & Decks always stick to their motto “Your wedding, your day, your music!”.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01246 209 676 / 07809 722 155 Email. info@djderbyshire.co.uk Web. www.djderbyshire.co.uk


A high-tech sound system, amazing lighting effects, stunning finishing touches and a truly professional service, let the entertainment specialists Amp And Decks set the mood for your big day... Our services include: • Wedding DJ with over 200,000 tracks • Large Screen Video Disco & Photo Slideshow • Venue Uplighting & Moodlighting • Dancing on a Cloud Effect

• Starlit and Chequered Dance Floors • 5ft Love Letters • Starlit Backdrops • Your Names Projected in Lights • 5ft Flame Machines • Event Theming • Confetti Cannons • & Much More...

Order your FREE DVD Brochure or for more details about our services visit

www.djderbyshire.co.uk Telephone. 01246 209 676 / 07809 722 Email. info@djderbyshire.co.uk



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DIY your Wedding

with Manjo Home

Manjo Home takes DIY weddings to the next level. They allow you to add those personal touches to your wedding day without skimping on quality and help you to create a truly involving experience for all your guests. So many bride-to-be’s end up tearing their hair out because they can’t find those last minute finishing touches to make their wedding day perfect. There’s no need to panic. With products ranging from personalized serving spoons to Just Married bunting, Manjo Home will help you transform your wedding day into something that’s truly unique in every way.

44 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

So if you’d like to add your own creative flair to your special day, visit www.manjohome.com or pop into my shop in Huddersfield and feel inspired! It truly is the best day of your life, so why not enjoy doing it yourself, with Manjo Home’s help of course.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01484 462 327 Email. info@manjohome.com Web. www.manjohome.com

o ave t it h t ’ n does e made’ l Y I D a m n ‘ho individu a e m ean t have m n a c s tha to make e c e i p icked pecial. p n e be ay s d go r u e we yo m o H

njo urce t Ma ile to so te a a e r m ea He extra t will cr nce a that h rie t e ucts g exp ts n i v prod l s invo r gue truly r all you fo

Shape Love this Heart ook B t es Jigsaw gu £12.99

White ring x, other styles avbo ailable

Why not do your own…. Photo Booth Props from £1.5


eor, If you’re doing your own dec m fro to, re the we can help paper lanterns to bunting Prices from £6.99

Why not visit us in store: 101, Lidget Street, Lindley, Huddersfield, HD3 3JR.

www.manjohome.com ww Tel: 01484 462 327 T like us on faceboo facebook

follow us on twitter Stock subject to availability

The Laura Crane Trust

Celebration time...

The 2nd Annual I Do Awards The 2nd annual I Do Wedding awards were a roaring success and pretty much obliterated last year’s awards. The top wedding suppliers from the Yorkshire and Midlands regions came together to celebrate their collective successes at this year’s ceremony held on 17th May 2016.

about the festivities to come. Guests were then seated for a three course dinner, with coffee to follow whilst enjoying the soothing sounds of local musician James Sunderland on the keyboard.



Over 230 wedding suppliers entered the awards, with 111 being shortlisted as finalists and 25 category winners. Brides and grooms from each region voted for their top supplier, acknowledging the awards as recognising those wedding suppliers who have gone over and above to please the happy couple and make their wedding day perfect. So a huge congratulations goes out to all the finalists who made it this far. You represent the highest class of suppliers in our region’s wedding industry.

KICKING OFF THE EVENING Jojo from Capital FM was the host of the evening’s events, with over 200 guests in attendance at Sheffield City Hall’s Ballroom. With a red carpet arrival and champagne reception, guests were made to feel a million dollars as they mingled and socialised with each other, conversing

As part of the awards, this year we helped raise desperately needed funds to support The Laura Crane Trust. The Trust supports young cancer patients to help improve their quality of life both during and after their debilitating illnesses. It is also the only UK charity that funds medical research specifically into cancer affecting teenagers and young adults. Cancer is the most common cause of non-accidental death in young people in the UK. These peoples’ lives will be forever change after this illness and the Trust is here to support them through it. For more information about the Laura Crane Trust, visit www.lauracranetrust.org

THE DONATIONS... A charity prize draw was held with guests donating a minimum of £10 for a balloon for the

chance to win some pretty amazing donated prizes. The positive response was astonishing as balloons were sold out in a matter of seconds! After a 3-2-1 countdown, all balloons were popped and guests got to see who won. The sound of 125 balloons popping simultaneously was amazing and was a great sight to behold. A massive £1250 was raised on the night to support the trust so a huge thankyou goes out to all those who donated and took part. We would particularly like to thank the following companies who donated some wonderful prizes for this noble cause Sheffield City Hall, The Chocolate Kitchen, Excelsior Wedding Cars, Rubys Adorables, Mirage Couture, Beau Hair, Rosey’s Beauty Lounge, Dunelm Glass, Xercise4Less, Cedar Court Hotels, Bridefayre, Mrs Bouquets, A Perfect Wedding and Flowers By Glen.


ICO Entertainment, based in Wakefield, were in charge of the technical goings on during the evening and even provided a live Twitter feed onstage for everyone to get involved with and live tweet about the night’s festivities!


They also co-ordinated the music as winners were announced for each category during the evening. All Occasions who are based in Worksop, yet again astounded us with their beautiful and intricately designed venue décor. The entire hall sparkled when the venue dressing and styling was complete. All Occasions even supplied stunning crystal centerpieces and chair covers with sashes to complete the beautiful décor.


As the 2nd annual event, this year’s awards were an even bigger success than last year’s. The best wedding suppliers from the Yorkshire/ Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire regions came together to celebrate each other and were voted for by the happy brides and grooms who they work with. That’s what it’s all about and that’s what we like to celebrate. The I Do Wedding Awards are a good marker of a truly great supplier. Wherever a couple see an I Do finalist or winners logo, they instantly know they are getting top quality service and are about to work with a wedding supplier who has been highly recommended by other brides and grooms.


To take part head over to www.idoweddingawards.co.uk where you can nominate your favourite wedding suppliers. If you know a Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire-based wedding supplier that goes the extra mile and deserves recognition for their hard work. They could be your best friend who’s a photographer, your auntie who’s a florist, or a supplier you used for your wedding. Anyone can nominate a supplier, suppliers can also enter themselves. Once entered, newlyweds who used their services are invited to cast their votes. Wishing you lots of good luck and may the voting commence! www.ido-weddingawards.co.uk


A massive thank you goes out to the wedding suppliers who entered, the brides and grooms who voted, all the sponsors and donations, as well as the technical team, venue staff and everyone else who helped make this year’s awards truly unforgettable. Thank you, we couldn’t do it without you.

A huge congratulations to all the finalists...


The following companies achieved the finalist shortlist. Recognised by the regions’ brides and grooms as those who have gone above and beyond to make their wedding day extra special. Each category was very closely contested, so to all who made it as finalists, well done! See page 48 to see which of these companies was awarded the creme of the crop...

YORKSHIRE REGION: BRIDAL WEAR Adam Shaw Couture Bridal & Evening Gowns Confetti & Lace Cupid Connections Finery Bridal Mirage Couture WEDDING CAKES Chocomoo Cupcakes 2 Love Fairway Cakes Jos Cakes Oliver James Sugar ENTERTAINMENT Andylids Entertainment Emilys Disco James Hey Piano Jonathan Paul Magician MDG Entertainment FLORIST Flowers by Cathryn Flowers by Glen Mrs Bouquets Pretty Perfect Bouquets Sweetpea & Thyme GROOMSWEAR Top Mark Yorkshire Menswear HAIR & BEAUTY Mane Hairdressing Cuts & Co Glam by Elizebeth Daisy Jo Capel Lipstick & Rouge Makeup Studio JEWELLERY Craven Jewellers Iain Henderson Rubys Adorables Smooch Wedding Rings Tiago ADDITIONAL SERVICE Candy Stripe Fun Natalija Co Event Planning Something New The Balloon Bug Yorkshire Wedding Videos

PHOTOGRAPHERS Altered Images Photography by Charl Emily Green Photography Flawless Expressions Jamie Sia Photography Lee Archer Photography Matt Nicholls Photography

HAIR & BEAUTY Adele Coxon Makeup Beau Hair Embellish Made Up Makeup Roseys Beauty Lounge ADDITIONAL SERVICE Bridefayre Laser Cut Love Milestone Weddings

STATIONERS Buttercups Cards Cherish 4 Ever Stationery Handmade by Ella Party Nights Creations Tigerlily Creations WEDDING VENUE Rogerthorpe Manor Durker Roods Holdsworth House The Earl of Doncaster Village The Hotel Club South VENUE STYLING A Perfect Wedding Chappell2Venues Sparkle n Shine Sweetnique Wedding Venue Lighting West Yorkshire Chair Covers DERBYSHIRE & NOTTINGHAMSHIRE REGIONS: BRIDAL WEAR Alison Louise Bridal Bebra Designs Bridal Bells Classy Creations I Do Bridal

PHOTOGRAPHERS DJ Imagery Photography E Pic Photography Lucabella Marie Anson Photography Martelle Photography STATIONERS Design by Daykin Stationery East View Designs PS I Love You Tailor Made Moments WEDDING VENUE Bentley Brook Hotel Van Dyk Ringwood Hall The Maynard West Retford VENUE STYLING All Occasions Gracious Occasions Just a Little Sparkle Memorable Events Weddings by Dragonfly YORKSHIRE, DERBYSHIRE & NOTTINGHAMSHIRE REGIONS:

WEDDING CAKES Bun & Dusted The Pink Cake Box ENTERTAINMENT Amp & Deck D-jays Mobile Disco Derbyshire Wedding Events Jemstone UK Events Sheffield Wedding DJ FLORIST JJ’s Flowers Tineke Floral Designs


PHOTOBOOTHS Diamond Photobooth Fotoboov Instant Image Photobooth TRANSPORT Cartwrights Cars Excelsior Wedding Cars Fairytale Cars Traditionally Iconic BEST IN EXHIBITION Celebrations Bridal House Ltd. The Chocolate Kitchen Emily Bridal Wear

www.ido-magazine.co.uk - 47


And the winner is... The following companies won the I Do Award for being the very best in their category as voted for by local newlyweds. BEST BRIDAL WEAR






Holdsworth House



Matt Nicholls Photography







Mirage Couture

Top Mark Suit Hire


Flowers By Glen

Tiago Jewellery


MDG Entertainment



Cupcakes 2 Love











Handmade By Ella


The Balloon Bug


Cuts & Co
















The Chocolate Kitchen

48 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

The Pink Cake Box

Amp & Deck









I Do Bridal



Proud to Support FINALIST







DJ Imagery Photography

Designs By Daykin

Sponsored By







Ringwood Hall Hotel

Memorable Events

Supported By







Excelsior Wedding Cars

Diamond Photobooths


Rosey’s Beauty Lounge www.roseysbeautylounge.co.uk


Mrs Bouquets

We would like to wish a huge congratulations to all our category winners, they had to fight off tough competition to be awarded the top spot of the very best in the region as voted by the regions brides and grooms.

www.ido-magazine.co.uk - 49

{ REAL LIFE WEDDING } Photography supplied courtesy of Andrew Clarkson Photography T. 07840 140749 W. www.andrewclarkson.co.uk

David and Scarlett’s

big day

down on the

farm WHEN: Saturday 21st May 2016 WHERE: St Mary’s Catholic Church, Derby RECEPTION: Oaklands Farm, Harthill A three-week honeymoon to New Zealand still awaits newlyweds David and Scarlett who became husband and wife in May this year. The couple, who will honeymoon later in the year, were married at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Derby city centre and then took their guests to a very unusual reception venue, Oaklands Farm in Harthill, South Yorkshire. Scarlett said: “Many of our guests wondered how on earth we would hold a reception on the farm, but I am so glad that we did as it was the best day ever and I would love to inspire other couples to take a risk, and do what’s right for them on their special day.’’ The couple transformed the farm’s potato shed into a unique wedding venue with personal touches and lots of innovative ideas including potato pun table names and a recycled pallett sofa. In the end the guests loved the idea and many of them camped overnight following evening celebrations.

50 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

As the clock passed midnight, the celebrations took on a birthday theme as bridegroom David also celebrated his 30th birthday with all the wedding guests. The couple, who have set up their marital home in Derbyshire, met eight years ago through the Young Farmers Club. David works on his family farm and Scarlett delivers apprenticeships to the hospitality industry. For the wedding ceremony, with 130 guests, Scarlett arrived in a vintage Ford car and wore an ivory high-necked lace gown with a jewel band at the waist and a full skirt. She carried a bouquet of red and white roses with thistles. Her three bridesmaids wore blue dresses and carried similar flowers. She was also attended by four flower girls and four pageboys. After the ceremony, the wedding guests travelled to Oaklands Farm



‘Once decked up, the potato shed made a great venue, really unique... It still had quite an industrial feel but was really pretty’ where they enjoyed a wedding breakfast of home produced braised beef and potatoes, along with other delicious produce which was all sourced from the local area. The couple had a cake table with guests asked to bring their own speciality bakes. In the evening, David and Scarlett were joined by more family and friends who enjoyed stone baked pizzas and various unusual flavours of ice cream, all served

from a vintage ice cream cart. “Once decked up, the potato shed made a great venue, really unique with fairy lights in the ceiling. Everyone was really surprised to see what we had done with it. It still had quite an industrial feel but was really pretty with the lights, jars of flowers and decorations. A local pub provided a bar and two local companies provided the pizzas and ice creams.

“It was such a lovely venue that David and I even stayed overnight in the shed,’’ said Scarlett. Following the wedding, the couple enjoyed a week-long holiday to Portugal but will take their three-week honeymoon holiday of a lifetime to New Zealand later this year. “We had a great day and it was nice that David could mark his 30th birthday with all the guests as well,’’ said Scarlett.


MAKE-UP KARA FOLEY VENUE DECOR & STATIONERY Bride & Grooms Own Designs & Makes including: The Bar, Hanging Bar Light, Cart Wheel Chandelier, Pallet Sofa, Calf Buckets As Ice Buckets, Jars For Flowers, Old Photo Frames As Signs and a Typewriter Guest Book ENTERTAINMENT DAMMIT JACK TRANSPORT PAUL SPRAY - Vintage Ford Mini - Grooms Own PHOTOGRAPHY ANDREW CLARKSON PHOTOGRAPHY Nottinghamshire

CAKE Selected Guests Contributed To A Cake Table JEWELLERY/ACCESSORIES Jon Richard, Debenhams WEDDING BREAKFAST: CREATIVE CHEF Chesterfield




Daniel and Francesca’s

perfect Spring wedding

WHEN: Saturday 12th March 2016 WHERE: St. John the Evangelist, Perlethorpe RECEPTION: Thoresby Hall, Nr Ollerton

One guest described Daniel and Francesca Woodstock’s big day as ‘the wedding everyone should aspire to have’! It was certainly different in a variety of ways – as well as a maid of honour, Francesca chose her male best friend Mike to be her ‘man of honour’ who walked down the aisle with her bridesmaids as a bridesman. Although Daniel and Francesca now live in London, they wanted to return to Francesca’s Nottinghamshire roots for their wedding and chose the stunning Thoresby Hall, a 19th Century Grade 1 listed country house situated in the heart of the Dukeries and on the edge of Sherwood Forest. Their wedding ceremony, in March this year, was held in St John the Evangelist Church, Perlethorpe in the ancient grounds of Thoresby Hall. This is just a short walk away from

52 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

the reception venue, the Old Riding Hall and Courtyard, which sits beside Thoresby Hall. For the wedding ceremony, Francesca wore an ivory satin ball gown with a beaded jacket and a full skirt. She carried a bouquet of dusky pink and cream roses. Her maid of honour wore a floor-length, mint green, satin gown while the bridesmaids wore blush pink, satin, A-line dresses and carried bunches of roses mixed with gypsophilia. Her bridesman wore a stone coloured suit with a green tie and pocket square to tie in with the wedding’s blush pink and mint green colour scheme. Once at the reception venue, all the guests enjoyed champagne and



FLOWERS BY MOTHER-OF-THE-BRIDE HAIR & MAKE-UP JENN EDWARDS VENUE DÉCOR ALL HOME-MADE ENTERTAINMENT BAND: SOUTHWEST canapes first in the courtyard on a beautiful early Spring day, before settling down for the wedding breakfast and then an evening party with a band and hog roast. The wedding breakfast included a beef sirloin on each table. Guests were nominated as carvers – the couple had even created handmade aprons with slogans such as ‘love me tenderloin’ emblazoned on the front! The theme embraced Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood, and the ‘wood’ in Woodstock. The couple’s wedding cake was an elaborate three-tier cake featuring pink and green lace and handmade flowers.

As the evening party drew to a close, guests retreated to luxury log cabin accommodation at the nearby Sherwood Hideaway, where they continued the party weekend with more champagne. Francesca says “The wedding was fabulous, but the personal touches were what really made it special. Family and friends all pitched in to craft, stitch and bake, making the run up to the wedding almost as exciting as the big day itself! My brother even played a medley of our favourite songs on the guitar during the service, which was lovely. We were very lucky because the weather was beautiful and the first

real sunny day of the year. I wanted to come home to Nottinghamshire to get married as there are so many beautiful old buildings in the area, but once we saw Thoresby Hall, we knew this was the perfect venue for us.” The couple, who met through friends at a barbecue five years ago, are now back in London where Daniel works as a project manager and Francesca as a magazine journalist.

Photography By 1837 photography T. 07738 248182 W. www.1837photography.com





Mark and Kim’s

great outdoor wedding WHEN: Saturday 12th September 2015 WHERE: The Old Parsonage, Clumber Park RECEPTION: Tipi By Peaktipis The National Trust parkland setting of Clumber Park was the venue chosen for the wedding of Mark and Kim Willett in September 2015. Nottinghamshire’s Clumber Park holds special memories for Kim and was always a favourite family destination when she was younger, so together with husband Mark, they arranged their wedding at the park’s Old Parsonage, overlooking the lake. Around 50 family and friends attended the wedding ceremony, for which Kim wore a champagne coloured lace gown with a fitted waist and full skirt. She carried a bouquet of old fashioned flowers including roses and some wild flowers in a pink, cream and green foliage colour combination. Her two bridesmaids wore cream dresses and carried similar flowers to the bride. After the wedding ceremony, the reception was an outdoor DIY Tipi

reception, just a mile from Kim and Mark’s home. The Tipi reception was all pulled together with hands-on help from close friends and family, along with expert help from Peak tipis. Altogether three tipis were used, all inter-connected to allow plenty of space. Kim said: “This allowed us the freedom to put our stamp on the entire day, from the funky food choice through to the quirky styling - centred around our mutual love for cycling. Not forgetting our favours, which gave a nod towards a traditional, local sweetie producer with the same surname – Willett – which were served in original bags.’’ Throughout the day, the colour theme for the wedding was a

54 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

soft pink and cream combination with jars of flowers on each table, decorated with Hessian and twine, and pretty fairy lights. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the couple had four different types of cake along with some pretty cupcakes for the guests to enjoy. Rather than a three-course wedding breakfast, Kim and Mark opted for ‘street food’ with tapas for starters followed by a selection of salads and foods with Mediterranean influences. Kim said: “The Tipi reception turned out to be a great idea, giving a very relaxed and cosy atmosphere. We had long benches and tables which helped to create a real rustic feel. We were glad that we moved away from the traditional style of wedding and had what we really wanted with the ceremony at Clumber Park and

then the Tipi reception.’’ After the wedding, the couple enjoyed a honeymoon to Kuala Lumpur for two nights, followed by two weeks in Indonesia. “It’s now coming up to our first wedding anniversary, time goes so fast,’’ said Kim. “It’s been such a busy year as we got engaged and married within a year, as well as studying and doing work on our house.’’ The couple have set up home in the popular village of Clowne. Mark, who is an electrical engineer is originally from Bolsover and Kim, a pharmacy technician at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, is from Clowne. They met four years ago through mutual friends. Photography supplied courtesy of Melissa With Love Tel. 07530 033 609 www.melissawithlove.co.uk









Jack and Susan’s



WHEN: Saturday 4th June 2016 WHERE: Locko Park RECEPTION: The Walled Garden When a head chef and an events organiser plan their own wedding, it should certainly go without a hitch and be the best day ever. For Jack and Susan Sherwood, their special day really was a fairytale wedding – with even the sun coming out on cue after a week of cold weather when they married in June. Susan said: “It took two years for us to save and plan for our wedding and after all that time we had the best day ever. We had two amazing venues, and our suppliers did a great job. It really was a fairytale wedding with a few twists, including a red London double decker bus and an afternoon

‘Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they gave guests individual cakes in jars in vanilla, lemon and chocolate flavour’ 56 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

tea with a vintage ice cream tricycle.’’ The couple, who met at a family birthday party four years ago, live at Beeston Fields Golf Club near Nottingham, where Jack is head chef. They were married at nearby Locko Park and held their reception and evening party in The Walled Garden back at the golf club. For the ceremony, Susan wore a light gold A-line dress with a beaded and pearl bodice. She carried a bouquet of pale peach mixed flowers with foliage to tie in with their peach and green wedding colour theme. Her four bridesmaids wore peach dresses and carried similar flowers to the bride. Susan arrived for the ceremony in a classic Bentley while all the guests, who met at the golf club, travelled

Photography supplied courtesy of Total Wedding Photography T. 01159 443108 / 07903 653230 W. www.totalweddingphotography.co.uk






to Locko Park and back in the London bus. After the ceremony, the guests enjoyed some afternoon tea sandwiches and cakes, as well as champagne and ice cream served from the tricycle, while all the photographs were being taken. Later, they returned to The Walled Garden and enjoyed a wedding breakfast, designed by Jack, in a marquee decorated in a vintage style with Hessian and lace table runners, along with jugs and crates of flowers, all in keeping with the peach and green colour theme. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, they gave guests individual

cakes in jars in vanilla, lemon and chocolate flavours, with a fruit cake to cut after the meal. An evening party followed when guests danced the night away, Instead of a guest book, Jack and Susan recycled an old motorbike helmet for guests to write their wishes on. Following the wedding, the couple enjoyed an 11-day Mediterranean cruise, calling at various destinations in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Susan said: “We had a wonderful day and everything went to plan. It had been really cold during the week before but we were so lucky, the sun shone and it was a lovely warm day.’’

Bunting & Table Runners CLIFFS CUSHIONS Nottingham




JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES Something old - nanna’s necklace Something borrowed friends bracelet ENTERTAINMENT DJ: MC PRODUCTION Chocolate Fountain: PURE CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE STATIONERY TWO HEARTS Hulland Village


George and Laura’s


perfect day After getting engaged in the snow on Boxing Day 2014, George and Laura Walker always wanted a white wedding in the heart of the Winter.

Photography supplied courtesy of Butterworth Photography T. 0115 808 1542 W. www.butterworthphotography.co.uk

58 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

WHEN: Thursday 31st December 2015 WHERE: Ashover Church, Derbyshire RECEPTION: Hassop Hall Hotel

So when they married on New Year’s Eve 2015, they were hoping for snow on the ground. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t play ball and the day dawned fine and sunny on the newlyweds when they married at Ashover Church. However, they made up for lack of snow by having a snow-themed photo booth at their reception and based their whole day around a silver frosted colour palette to echo the time of year. The couple, who are a farmer and a farmer’s daughter met in the very unromantic setting of Laura picking up some tractor parts for her father. She said: “Because of our links with farming, our wedding had a lot of personal touches reflecting farming life. We had a tractor for our wedding transport, cattle breed table names, cow ear tags for place names, milk churns for table centres and a milk churn postbox.’’ Laura arrived for the wedding ceremony in a Range Rover and George came by tractor. “We were hoping for snow so went prepared for bad weather, just in case,’’ said Laura. For the ceremony, the bride wore an ivory lace dress with a fitted waist, A-line skirt and train. She carried a bouquet of pale pink and silver frosted roses and other flowers. Three adult bridesmaids wore silver full length dresses and two younger ones wore silvery pink dresses. They carried flowers similar to the bride’s.

‘Because of our links with farming, our wedding had a lot of personal touches reflecting farming life’ After the ceremony, the couple travelled the 30 minutes to Hassop Hall Hotel near Bakewell by tractor. Once at the reception venue, George and Laura were joined by 120 guests for their first meal as a married couple. The pink and silver colour theme was continued at the reception venue with an ivory wedding cake with layers covered in lace, pleating, beading and pink flowers. One of the tiers was flavoured with strawberries and champagne, making the sponge a delicate pink colour. An evening party rounded off the day with 200 guests. Laura said: “My words don’t do the day justice but it really was the most magical day of our lives. Everything went to plan and it was just a perfect day. All the guests enjoyed themselves and to make up for the lack of snow, our photo booth had a snow theme.’’ A honeymoon to Canada followed the wedding in May when George and Laura spent two weeks touring the country from East to West. The couple have set up their marital home in the Derbyshire village of Holloway. George is continuing his work as a farmer and Laura is a work based tutor at Chesterfield College.






Neil Horner P H O T O G R A P H Y

Introductory Offer Full Day Photography ÂŁ550 All images supplied Royalty Free in both high and low resolution


07929154377 | neil.horner1970@gmail.com

{ CARS }

At your Service:

We are an award-winning, professionally run family business, offering a high quality Chauffeur driven service

Fairytale Wedding Cars Ltd

An award-winning company Let Fairytale Wedding Cars take you on your journey to married life. Fairytale Wedding Cars are an award winning family run Company holding the highest reputation in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Established in 2008 by proud owner Steven McDonald, they have been regional winners for the North East of England as Best Wedding Transport Supplier in the National Wedding Industry Awards for the last two years and were finalists in the 2016 I Do Wedding Awards. Their outstanding fleet of cars and 1st class customer service will guarantee to start your day off to perfection whatever your style of wedding. The range of cars include Vintage, Classic and Modern, all of which can be suited to your requirements. The newly purchased Gold Vintage Badsworth and Bramwith offer that true fairytale theme, while the elegance of their Bentley S1, Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III and

Daimler DB18 give a feel of pure class. The Daimler DS420 offers comfort, style and space but if you want the ultimate wow factor, take a look at their confetti car which showers a colourful array of bio-degradable confetti angels, doves and rose petals. Being the only car of its kind in South Yorkshire, it will definitely add a real talking point to any wedding. Fairytale pride themselves on their little extra touches of handmade bows & ribbons and the 1st champagne drive together as husband and wife after the ceremony. Each couple are unique and that is why Fairytale tailor a package to suit YOUR requirements. A viewing of these outstanding cars is a must; all you have to do is ring and make an appointment and let Fairytale take care of the rest. To see previous clients thoughts, have a look at the testimonials on their website and facebook page.

GET IN TOUCH: Tel. 01909 807 283 / 07968 078 292 Email. info@fairytaleweddingcars.co.uk Web. www.fairytaleweddingcars.co.uk

Our Range of Vehicles covers Vintage, Classic and Modern offering completely unique options... • Vintage Style Landeulette and Stretch Vintage Bramwith Landeulette - 7 seaters both in gold • Mercedes S Class in gold • Bentley S1 1956 in white • Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III 1964 in white • Daimler DB18 1953 in white • Daimler DS420 Landaulette & Daimler DS420 Landaulette Confetti Car both in white • Rolls Royce Silver Shadow I and II both in white • Rolls Royce Silver Spur II in midnight blue • Two Daimler Maid’s Car - 7 seaters - one in white and one in silver • Two ‘Baby Bentley’ Chrysler’s, 300C and 300C SRT both in silver • Mercedes Viano Ambiente - 7 seater in silver Coming Soon our custom built Viscount 3, a seven seater landaulette with a champagne & oyster exterior and cream leather interior

TO ARRANGE A VIIEWING Telephone: 01909 807283 Mobile: 07968


Unit 7A Kiveton Park Industrial Estate, Manor Road, Kiveton, Sheffield, S26 6PB

Visit our Website For further information, booking enquiries, testimonials and photo gallery

www.fairytaleweddingcars.co.uk @FairytaleWeddingCars


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for Yorkshire, Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire

Relax and enjoy the ride with Excelsior... Choose from our 1930's style convertible Beauford, eye-catching old English black and ivory Daimler Limousine, our stunning and extremely refined Audi A5 or one of our modern and lavish stretch Limousines to ride in sumptuous luxury to your wedding.

More details, photos, video and testimonials all online... For more information or to make a booking please contact: T: 01246 488 588 E: info@chesterfieldweddingcars.co.uk W: www.chesterfieldweddingcars.co.uk

@excelsiorlimo @limoexcelsior

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Hen ideas...



Your hen party is a chance to have a fantastic time with your female friends and relatives before you get hitched. So why not make it one to remember with these top hen party ideas.

COCKTAIL MAKING These are always a great way to kick-start your hen night and are a great idea for those wanting to learn a new skill and have a cheeky drink at the same time too! The class tutor will show you how to create a cocktail whilst giving you a history class in cocktail making. You can then have a go yourselves at each creating your own cocktails. The best part is that you get to drink your creation after. This is a great idea that can create a fun atmosphere and get everyone in a fab mood before a night out too! You can find cocktail making classes throughout the UK.

AFTERNOON TEA This is always a hit and is quite a traditional way of spending a hen party. You can get all the girlies together and have a posh afternoon tea at a venue of your choice. Or, you could even do your own version at home, buy all the food in and decorate your house like a quirky vintage tearoom. You could even buy little teacups and saucers to really make the day feel extra special. Feel classy for the day with your pinky finger proudly pointing to the sky whilst you sip your earl grey, or prosecco, whichever floats your boat!

CHOCOLATE MAKING This would be at the top of my list for a hen night. I just can’t say no to chocolate, it’s my weakness! It’s a great excuse to indulge your chocolate fantasies and really get to grips with the art of chocolate making. A professional chocolatier will run the class and will teach you everything from blending chocolate to making truffles. You get to eat everything you make too which is my favourite bit! This is a great hen party for anyone who’s not afraid of getting stuck in and giving something new a go! Take a look at Emily’s Fun, Food and Know How / The Chocolate Kitchen on page 24 for classes. Also, a very popular idea is a hen cake and this chocolate hen cake by The Chocolate Kitchen would undoubtedly go down a treat with the girls.

If you’re looking for a little relaxation, perhaps you need to de-stress from all that planning or escape the rat-race, then a pamper party will do you wonders. You can tailor your pamper package specific to you with face masks, manicures, chick flicks and wine. If you want to take your pamper day out of the home, why not book in to a local spa for the day or even weekend and really feel the luxury while you and your hens enjoy a relaxing massage, chat away in the jacuzzi and enjoy a glass of bubbles... aaaaahhh.

BURLESQUE CLASS These classes will help you release your inner goddess. The instructor will go at your pace and will cater for all ages to make sure everyone gets something out of it. It’s a fun way to exercise, so much so that you won’t even realise you’re doing it! The best part is that you get to dress up to really feel like Dita Von Teese when learning your routine. By the end of the class, you can be certain that you’ll feel more confident and ready to take on anything. You’re also sure to have a giggle with your hen party along the way! Burlesque classes are popping up all over the UK and you can even book burlesque weekend breaks.

GLAMPING Why not enjoy a weekend away luxury camping with your hens. If you’ve never heard of glamping, you get a closer to nature, outdoor experience whilst still enjoying your creature comforts. No need to pack your tent with glamping, just pack your belongings and your accommodation is waiting. From glamping pods, Yurts, Tipis and Wigwams, to tree-houses, you can choose the style that best suits you!

Hopefully you’ve found some great ideas that could be perfect for your hen party but whatever you decide to do, make it one to remember!

www.ido-magazine.co.uk - 63


Comedy Club Night

Stag do ideas...

boys will be boys Your stag do is a chance to have a good knees up with the lads before you get hitched to your other half. However, it can sometimes end up falling flat with the groom tied to a lamppost, having had too many sherberts. Well throw the cheesy rule book out and check out these top 10 ideas to spend your stag do in style

Blindfold Driving Experience

Taking driving to the next level, with one big difference. You can’t see a thing and you have to put your trust in your future brother- in-law who doesn’t like you all that much. Seriously though, this is a real ice-breaker and could turn out to be a real bonding experience as you’re guided round the track through obstacles by your mates who (hopefully) have your back. With you blindfolded and your stags sat in the back directing you, this is bound to create some memories that you won’t soon forget.

64 - www.ido-magazine.co.uk

Comedy Club nights are always happening somewhere and are a great way to add laughter to your night and really set it off to a good start. It also breaks the ice a bit if you’re not as familiar with your future male in-laws as you’d like to be and helps break down those barriers for an all-round good night out. Plus you can also tell the host of the night you’re getting married for some free ammunition for your stags to slate you with later!

It’s A Knockout:

This one had to be in the mix for stag do ideas. This is bound to get your mates laughing and involved with the inflatable obstacle course. Like the TV show, you and your mates will compete against each other to muddle your way through obstacles and really get in the it’s a knockout spirit. It’s the perfect chance to let go and really enjoy yourself whilst battling the inflatable courses.

Bubble Football

If you’ve never heard of this, you haven’t lived! You and your stag group will run around wearing giant inflatable balls on your upper half and will take part in all sorts of games. One thing though, you can’t use your hands to help you balance so will have to try even harder to score a goal and defend against the other team! A host will be here to introduce and explain everything and make sure you can get out of your inflatable ball at the end of the game. It’s a lot harder than you think!

Outdoor pursuits

If you’d like a more hardcore outdoor pursuit than bouncing around on an inflatable, check out Parson House who offer great ideas like canoeing, abseiling and even rock scrambling to really beef up your stag do! You need only turn up with the clothes you’re wearing as all the equipment is provided for you. A particularly good idea Parson House offers is caving, where you explore the Peak District’s underground caves and have to squeeze through tight holes and passages in total darkness to navigate your way out to the other side. www.parsonhouse.com

Bear Grylls Survival Weekend

This really is the best of the best in terms of stag do appeal. This is probably the toughest, most brutal stag weekend you will ever go on. It takes place over 2 nights and 3 days in the Brecon Beacons, where you will learn rock climbing, shelter building, gorge walking and much more. You’ll live the real survivalist lifestyle like having to build your own sleeping quarters and eating gross delicacies to put Bear Grylls to shame! (maybe we’re exaggerating a little) The last day will find you building a raft to safely get the groom to the wedding completely unharmed to avoid the wrath of the bride!

Pub Crawl Challenge

This is a pub crawl with a difference. You will be sent a unique code to download your very own personalised app. You’ll then split your group into teams and begin your pub crawl where you’ll race each other from pub to pub to answer questions and complete tasks along the way. You can even enter personal questions about the groom to make it more difficult for the stag party! You can also stop off for a well-earned drink at each pub to quench your thirst! The team who get to the finish and complete the tasks the quickest will be crowned the winners! I’m sure you’ll have found something a little different from the ideas above to celebrate your stag do in style and have one last hurrah before you get hitched. Hopefully, some of the ideas above will make sure that you’re laughing in years to come.

The ULTIMATE in Stag & Hen Weekends

Climbing & Abseiling • Canoeing & Kayaking g • Orienteering • Mountain Biking ng avin Rock Scrambling • Cavi Stag & Hen weekends or days Prices start from:

Accommodation only £28.00 per person per night Accommodation & meals £54.00 per person per day

Other packages available



Stag/Hen & Adult Parties

Full catering, accommodation, insurance, equipment hire, minibus with 2 activities evening activity extra from £70.00 per person per day Minibus to Sheffield city centre is also available for you to enjoy the city's nightlife.


For further details contact: Tel: 01433 631 017 E-mail: parsonhouse@outlook.com Parson House Outdoor Pursuit Centre, Houndkirk Road, Sheffield S11 7TW


Great little wedding fayres across East Midlands & East Staffordshire

Littleover Grange

Mickleover Court

National Brewery Centr e

Alfreton Hall

Cattows Farn

The Glade @ Rosliston

Burton on Trent Town Hall

For a the full list of dates and locations please visit:


or contact Merv on 07973 371769

Holiday Inn



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