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Special Holiday Issue

December 2018


Professional Imspiration for Promotional Products Buyers

Top Holiday Promotions from the Pros REVERSE LOGOS & SELFIES Trend, Long-Term Change, or the Future of Promotional Products?

This Holiday Season Goes to the Dogs Dog Promos Completely Underutilizied Pepsi & Puma Team Up Co-op Doubles Hype & Ad Impressions

Trump’$ Tariff War

Ken Reinstrom


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Host a 12 Day Giveaway This promotion will get some of your non-paying consumers that you want to convert to buy or work with you. You start off by offering to try out samples of your products or services (along with getting other fun promo goodies). The result of this will be to increase daily traffic to your site/store because users will want to see what’s offered each day of the promotion. You can promote any theme related to the “12 Days of Your Any Event”. And it’s critical to support your program across all social media accounts and newsletters. What are the expected results? This program works because it engages customers and creates tons of impressions in a really short time. Traffic can be expected to increase by about 20-30% on your website and social media. Some days you will see your visitor amounts double for the day and sales should spike dramatically on the days where the products or samples you offered as incentives were hot. Pay attention to those days for future use. If you have some low days...don’t worry. Offered sales can be low during the event (most likely caused by people waiting and seeing if there would be more cool products on another day). After the event, sales should remain steady going into the next month and beyond.

Match Your Promotions to Your Content & Social Strategy Businesses ALWAYS have so much going doesn’t matter if it’s during the holidays or in the heat of the Summer. We all have overwhelming schedules where we multi-task...and as a result its pretty easy to let one’s guard down and forget to run concurrent Content & Social Strategy Campaigns. Make sure that you tie your Content & Social Strategy Campaigns all together. For example, if you’re running a health club, write a blog on how to stay stress free, then let your customers know you’re sponsoring discounted gym memberships on instagram with a free gift for joining. Make sure you top off your efforts with a targeted product to be the most effective.


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Professional Gifting Dec '18