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With 40 years of experience within reflective personal safety products we consider ourselves amongst the few specialists in the market of within this segment of PPE products both for nonprofessional and professional use. RFX+CARE is a company with their own R&D, compliance, technicians, production plants, stock and offices in China, Denmark and Lithuania. RFX+CARE have all procedures and mechanisms available for you in-house

from development, design, production, legal compliance to delivering you the complete ready for market final product. All our textile garments and some of our accessories are manufactured at our factory in China. Some of these items we even keep in stock in Lithuania for fast deliveries. The soft reflective assortment we manufacturer in our Lithuanian factory. We have 100% transparency throughout our company structure. This means that

our customers can both buy fob china from RFX+CARE manufacturing co. ltd. / Shaoxing or get serviced by our European sales team based in Denmark.

FLASH SAFETY HARNESS Materials: 100% Polyester - Adjustable buckles - Adjustable, lightweight High visibility harness with LED flash function. Maintenance: Wash separately. Do not use softener. Wash inside out. Remove promptly from washer. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dryclean. Close all zippers, velcro, and press buttons before wash. NOTE! Remove the battery pack when washing. Test: Tested in accordance with EN 13356:2001 Art. no. 200-562664 Size: S/M Measurements: 39 x 43 cm Weight: 90 g Art. no. 200-562671 Size: L/XL Measurements: 49 x 54 cm Weight: 102 g

REFLECTIVE BLACK HARNESS Materials: 100% Polyester - Adjustable buckles - Adjustable, lightweight High visibility harness.Maintenance: Wash separately. Do not use softener. Wash inside out. Remove promptly from washer. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dryclean. Close all zippers, velcro, and press buttons before wash. Test: Material tested in accordance with EN 13356:2001 Art. no. FA800-69000 Sizes: One size Measurements: 44 x 53 cm Weight: 125 g

CITY HARNESS LIGHT Adjustable, lightweight High visibility city belt harness Materials: Polyester, latex thread, elastic band. Adjustable POM buckle. Certification & Standards: We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment.. Test Tested in accordance with EN 13356:2001 Type 2 Declaration of Conformity: Declaration of Conformity is available upon request. Art. no. 1300687 Size : One size Measurements: adjustable Weight: 85 g

FABRIC COLLAR The safety collar is easy to wear added safety device ideal for pedestrians and cyclists who want to ensure the visibility in the traffic. An extra safety accessory that increases your visibility. Materials: 100% Polyester, rreflective film. Certification & Standards: We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment. Test: Tested in accordance with EN 13356:2001 Type 2 Art. no. 100000020 Sizes: One size Measurements: 28 x 43 cm Weight: 45 g

Back Front

REFLECTIVE COLLARS Both as a pedestrian and cyclist the RFX™ collars is an excellent personal safety product which is available in both textile and soft reflective RFX™ material. Because it is smaller and handier than a safety vest, the collar is ideal for kids. In RFX™ material you can choose between a full reflective collar and a more economical version where only the front triangular flap is reflective. Both versions have a clip fastening to secure the collars onto clothing. The RFX™ soft

Full collar. (Junior/Senior size)

reflective versions have pre-determined shoulder breaks for additional safety. EN13356:2001 CE Tested and certified in accordance with EN13356:2001 Type 2 Full collar: 501012212 Triangle collar: 555015200

Triangle collar. (Junior/Senior size)

28.5 / 34 cm

28.5 / 34 cm

Same print area on front and back

22 cm

22 cm

REFLECTIVE BANDOLEER Materials: Micro prismatic retro reflective film. EN13356:2001 CE Tested and certified in accordance with EN13356:2001 Type 2 Bandoleer A Art no. 0511002210 Sizes: 110 cm Bandoleer B Art no. 0514002210 Sizes: 140 cm

Example: Print

30 cm Logo max 20 x 3 cm

HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTARD VEST A lightweight breathable trafic and running vest with high performance reflective glass bead strips around the waist and chest. Black zipper closure. Materials: 100% Polyester - 5 cm Reflective tape. Tested / Certified: Tested in accordance with EN 1150:1999 Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL Measurements: Size S 52 cm x 67cm Size M 56 cm x 72 cm Size L 61 cm x 75 cm Size XL 66 cm x 79 cm Size XXL 66 cm x 80 cm Weight: 130 - 215 g Certificate id: HWR1-2

REFLECTIVE GARMENTS RFX+CARE offers safety vests and garments for both professional and non-professional use. We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment. Each vest program complies with different standards. The HW2 vest assortment is designed to meet the EN ISO20471:2013+A1:2016 standard for professional use. This vest is mandatory have in your car in most of European countries for use in case of an accident or road breakdown.

The HW1 vest assortment is designed to meet the European Standard EN 1150:1999 for non-professional use. The PT2000 vest assortment is designed to meet the European Standard EN 1150:1999 for non-professional use. Our standard vest full assortment is now updated in accordance with the new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 which was in effect by April 21, 2019.

VEST HW2 High visibility vest. Fluorescent yellow or orange background with high performance reflective glass bead strips around the waist and chest. Materials: 100% polyester, 5 cm Reflective tape. Certificates and standards: We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment. Tested / Certified: The HW2 vest is CE tested and approved in accordance with EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 for professional use.

Art. no.: one size (XL) 5502862612 - Yellow Art. no.: one size (XL) 5502866614 - Orange

Sizes/ Measurements L/XL W: 134 cm H:64 cm XL W: 134 cm H:64 cm 2 x XL W: 143 cm H: 74 cm 3 x XL W: 152 cm H: 74 cm 4 x XL W: 161 cm H: 74 cm 5 x XL W: 169 cm H: 74 cm Weight: 130 - 215 g

VEST POUCHES Vest pouch with zipper and transparent front or textile pouch with velcro. Textile pouch Art. no. 7012315 Size: 16 x 19 cm Printing area: 10 x 7 cm Zipper bag: Art. no. 7012314 Size: 24 x 15 cm

Textile pouch

Zipper bag

VEST PT2000 The PT2000 Safety Vest for kids and adults is ideal not only for enhancing the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists on the street but also, at sporting and other outdoor events. Materials: 100% Polyester - 5 cm Reflective tape. Certificates and standards: We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment. Tested / Certified: The PT2000 vest is CE tested and approved in accordance with EN 1150:1999 for non-professional use. Art no./Sizes/Measurements Art. no. 5500862012 Size: XXXS - 39 x 43 cm Art. no. 5500862112 Size: XXS - 45 x 48 cm Art. no. 5500862212 Size: XS - 48 x 50 cm Art. no. 5500862312 Size: S - 51 x 51 cm Art. no. 5500862412 Size: M - 53 x 55 cm Art. no. 5500862512 Size: L - 57 x 59 cm Art. no. 5500862612 Size: XL - 60 x 64 cm Art. no. 5500862712 Size: XXL - 66 x 68 cm Weight: 130 - 215 g PT2000 is also available in other colours - Pink - Green - Orange all tested accordance with EN1150:1999

SAFETY VEST - FOR KIDS AND ADULTS HW1 The HW1 Safety Vest for kids and adults is ideal not only for enhancing the visibility of pedestrians and cyclists on the street but also, at sporting and other outdoor events. Materials: 100% Polyester - 5 cm Reflective tape. Certificates and standards: We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment. Tested / Certified: The HW1 vest is CE tested and approved in accordance with EN 1150:1999 for non-professional use. Art. no.: one size (XS) Art. no.: one size (XS) Art. no.: one size (XS) Art. no.: one size (XS)

5501862212 - Yellow 5501865216 - Pink 5501864217 - Green 5501866214 - Orange

All sizes: XXS-XXXL Measurements: XXS 100 x 44 cm XS 101 x 48 cm S 115 x 52 cm M 116 x 57 cm L 127 x 63 cm XL 134 x 64 cm XXL 143 x 68 cm XXXL 152 x 74cm Weight: 90-120 g

GYM BAG WP 600 The gymbag is an extra safety accessory that increases your visibility. Made of waterproof WP 600 polyester with high performace reflective glass bead material. Materials: 100% Polyester. Waterproof WP 600, 2,5 cm Reflective tape. Certificates and standards: The gym bag is an extra reflective accessory designed to improve the visibility of the user in the dark. Test: Tested selected parameters according to EN 13356:2001

GYM SHOPPING BAG WP 600 The gym shopping bag can be worn as a backpack or carried as a shoppingbag. It is an extra safety accessory that increases your visibility. Made of polyester with high performace reflective glassbead material. Materials: 210T polyester taffeta WP600 Property: Waterproof. Test: Tested selected parameters according to EN 13356:2001. Art. no. 100000316 - Yellow Size: One size Measurements: 34 x 45.5 cm Weight: 50 g

Art. no. 110000004 - Yellow Art. no. - Pink Art. no. - Green Art. no. - Orange Art. no. - Black Size: One size Measurements: 34 x 45.5 cm Weight: 80 g

BAG COVER Light and compact bag cover. Easy to carry in your backpack at day and to put on at night. Materials: 100% polyester waterproof WP 600 material, 5 cm Reflective tape. Certificates and standards: The bag cover is an extra reflective accessory designed to improve the visibility of the user in the dark. Test: Tested selected parameters according to EN 13356:2001 Art no. 110000002 Size: One size Measurements: 53 x 65 cm (stretch) Weight: 50 g

HELMET COVER The ideal helmet safety cover for cyclists. An extra safety accessory that increases your visibility. Made of waterresistant polyester with high performace reflective glassbead material. Materials: 100% Polyester, Reflective film. Certification & Standards: The Helmet Cover is an extra reflective accessory designed to improve the visibility of the user in the dark. Test: Tested selected parameters according to EN 13356:2001 Art no. 110000005 Size: One size Weight: 25 g

SADDLE COVER Materials: 100% Polyester waterproof WP600. Art no. 110000003 Size: One size Weight: 25 g

360° REFLECTIVE BALL PURSE The reflective Meteor is a 360 degrees’ reflector that reflects a white bright light to motorists all around. It is lightweight, only 25 g and throws back the light from any light source from the vehicles all around you, from up to 300 m. Attach it to your rucksack, saddle rails, key chain or simply on your clothing and you will be sure to be seen in the dark. Certified in accordance with CE EN 13356 standard. Design patent. DM/092 368 - China ZL 2016 3 0300456. X

PRINT AREA max Ø28 mm front + back

Standard zipper colors

Grey 10-140100

Black 10-141616

Blue 10-141100

Red 10-140700

METEOR WITH CONTENT - REFLECTIVE ACCESSORIES Content: 1 Kids safety vest Art no. 110000008 Content: 1 Shopping/Gym bag Art no. 100000316

METEOR WITH CONTENT - REFLECTIVE BICYCLE ACCESSORIES Content: 1 Bag cover Art no. 110000002 Content: 1 Helmet cover Art no. 110000005 Content: 1 Saddle cover Art no. 110000003

METEOR WITH CONTENT - MISCELLANEOUS ACCESSORIES Content: 1 Rain poncho Art no. 110000001 Content: 1 pair of ear buds

REFLECTIVE RFX MATERIAL Important printing information All our RFX soft reflective products can be printed ON or BELOW the reflective material, as well as on the back using either a digital or a screen-printing process. Printing BELOW the gives you the optimal reflective capacity required to meet the EN 13356:2001 standard for nonprofessional accessories. Printing ON the reflective film can compromise the reflective efficiency. To meet the requirements of the standard there must be at least 15 cm2 free reflective area.

Inside the reflector Reflectiv e base layer White reflectiv e film

Fill layer FM 011 blue

Reflectiv e base layer White reflectiv e film

RFX 01

FM 011

H-12-442 0 No prin t

This is 15 cm2 Phthalates free Our products are tested and free of phthalates.


RFX 01 white

ReflexECO base

RFX 02 lime









SILVER Print ON only


PVC Fill 7107 white



light grey black


dark grey yellow





dark red






light blue blue

Foam PVC Fill FM 001


FM 003

FM 004

FM 005

FM 008


orange pink






FM 011


TPU Fill TPU 1000


TPU 2000

TPU 5000

TPU 6000

yellow orange pink

TPU 4000


TPU 3000


TPU 7000


PRINT ON / PRINT BELOW PRINTING ON the surface of the film decreases the reflective area and can compromise visibility.

PRINTING BELOW the film gives you a reflective surface with an efficiency factor of 100%. .




TPU Flock (Velvet)




orange piano



4332 dark blue

REFLECTIVE BANDS Reflective bands come in many different widths and lengths both for people and pets. It is a welded soft band with hook and loop attachment which makes it easy to adjust. Furthermore, you can shorten it if needed, by cutting of a piece in one of the welding edges. HI-VIS Reflective LED bands are ideal for running and cycling. Can be adjusted so it fits both arms and legs. •

3-IN-1 LED function will make you glow in the dark

The ultra-high visibility reflection makes you visible from all angles

Adjustable hook and loop closure ensure a comfortable fit

Easy-fit pocket for replacing battery

replace batte

ry system

LED- HANGER/BAND LED-JB-06-3608 - 280 (415) x 36 mm - With Lithium battery (CR2032)

36 mm

415 mm

Print area 25 x 25 mm


LED-GO lime / art. no. 1001020

LED-GO white / art. no. 1001010 LED Hanger LH-250 - 265 x 38 mm - With Lithium battery (CR2032)



265 mm

Print area 110 x 22 mm


435 mm

Soft bands Jogging band JB-380 - 31 x 380 mm

Jogging band JB-435 - 31 x 435 mm

31 mm

380 mm

Armband AB-435 - 50 x 435 mm

B. Horse band

350 mm

C. Cat band

400 mm

D. Dog band DB-580- 30 x 580 mm D. Dog band Dog band DB-600 - 20 x 600 mm

20 mm

C. Cat band CB-400 - 20 x 400 mm

52 mm

B. Horse band HB-350 - 52 x 350 mm

580 mm 30 mm



Armband AB-440 - 100 x 440 mm

REFLECTIVE LED-CLIP The reflective magnet LED clip is a reflective accessory made in CE EN13356:2001 certified material. You attach the clip with magnets that are welded inside together with a 3 step LED blinker. Double safety - a small safety product with multiple functions. Magnet LED-light / CR 2032 Lithium battery

Size: 4 x 12 cm Folds to 4 x 6 cm

White Lime Orange Pink Red Blue Green

SLAP WRAP Slap Wrap is an elongated reflector with a specially developed spring welded inside. By a light slap it easily curls around the arm or ankle and you will be seen and safe in the dark. Slap Wraps provide 360º visibility and is also fun and ideal for carrying promotional messages. Additionally, by using Slap Wraps certified to meet the EN 13356: 2001 standard you make traffic safety a feature of you brand. Our Slap Wrap can be made in white or yellow florescent RFX™soft reflective film. Both colours are certified according to the EN13356:2001 Type 2. Slip



SLAP WRAPS Duble XXL SlapWrap - DBLXXLSW-2-4200 - 75 x 420 mm

Explaining our product codes

SW - XX - XXXX 3

XXL SlapWrap - XXLSW-5-4100 - 43 x 410 mm

Maxi SlapWrap - MXSW-7-4400 - 30 x 440 mm

Maxi SlapWrap - MXSW-7-3800 - 30 x 380 mm

SlapWrap - SW-7-3400 - 30 x 340 mm

SlapWrap - SW-7-3100 - 30 x 310 mm

SlapWrap - SW-7-2600 - 30 x 260 mm

Mini SlapWrap - MSW-7-2200 - 30 x 220 mm

30 mm

SlapTag - ST-14-170 - 30 x 170 mm

340 mm

43 mm

1 2 1 = SlapWrap 2 = Price code 3 = Tool number

410 mm

SLAP SHAPES able to customise any required shape. It will always be made in accordance with the legal compliance of with the EN13356:2001 standard.

52 mm

The Slap Shape is a profile shaped Slap Wrap made by using our registered technology process to give it your distinct look. Beside our own standard shapes, we are

58 mm

340 mm

340 mm


* Client protected

SS-03-3431 410x63 mm

SS-03-3546 432x67 mm



SS-03-3548 440x64 mm

SS-03-3549 410x64 mm


* Client protected

SS-04-2538 340x50 mm

SS-04-2554 220x52 mm

SS-04-2560 340x52 mm

SS-04-2565 340x52 mm

SS-04-2568 226x53 mm

SS-04-2569 237x53 mm



® SS-04-2596 340x53 mm

SS-04-2672 340x51 mm

SS-04-2674 340x47 mm

SS-04-2702 225x52 mm

SS-04-2777 324x52 mm

SS-04-2778 340x52 mm

SS-04-2796 340x59 mm

SS-04-2800 340x71 mm

SS-04-2835 340x53 mm

SS-04-2897 340x47 mm

SS-04-2915 340x50 mm

SS-04-3648 340x58 mm

SS-04-3073 340x58 mm

SS-04-3095 340x50 mm

SS-04-3107 340x50 mm

SS-04-3158 340x51,5 mm

SS-04-3168 380x44 mm

SS-04-3196 340x50,5 mm

SS-04-3237 340x50 mm

SS-04-3246 340x49 mm

SS-04-3250 340x52 mm

SS-04-3273 340x51,5 mm

SS-04-3292 440x30,5 mm

SS-04-3389 340x50 mm

SS-04-3390 340x52 mm

SS-04-3402 340x49 mm

SS-04-3403 340x45 mm

SS-04-3404 340x50 mm

SS-04-3405 340x30 mm

SS-04-3405 340x30,5 mm

SS-04-3590 260x50 mm

SS-04-3405 380x71 mm



* Client protected

SS-05-2573 340x50 mm

SS-05-2703 340x50 mm

SS-05-2779 340x49,5 mm

SS-05-2906 340x42 mm

SS-05-2907 340x43 mm

SS-05-3244 340x42,5 mm

SS-05-3291 340x42 mm

SS-05-3319 340x44 mm

SS-05-3395 380x44 mm

SS-05-3406 340x40 mm

SS-05-3554 340x45 mm

SS-05-3563 366,5x44 mm


REFLECTIVE ACCESSORIES The EN 13356:2001 is a standard specifying to the optical performance requirements and surface area requirements for personal accessories intended for non-professional use, and made to signal the consumers presence visually in the traffic when illuminated by vehicles on dark roads. The accessories can be worn or attached to clothing or other objects carried by a person. The standard identifies 3 types of accessories: Type 1: Free hanging i.e. hangers, meteors any item dangling Type 2: Removable accessories i.e. slap wraps, slap shapes, soft bands, collars Type 3: Mounted i.e. adhesive stickers.

Optical performance standards are obtained by manufacturers for certain types of reflective film. Our RFX®-01, RFX®-02 as well as the RFX® ECO reflective raw materials, are all reflective film that has been certified as to meeting the optical performance criteria. The surface area requirements for Type 1 accessories shall be between 15 cm2 and 50 cm2. If a Type 1 accessory is reflective on both sides, the thickness shall be a maximum of 10mm. Type 2 and 3 accessories must have a surface area exceeding 15 cm2.

TASSELS The reflective tassel is a popular fashion item which in addition is enhancing the visibility. A tassel is made from glassbead reflective film and an elastic band for attaching it to you hand bag, suitecase or backpack. Test: Selected parameters tested according to EN 13356:2001 Materials: PU leather, retro reflective material Measurwements: 10cm (reflective material length) Weight: 25 g

Art. no. gold 3504006 Art. no. silver 3504004

REFLECTIVE TOYS 2D Intended use / Properties: Improve the visibility during the day or at night. Ingredients / Materials: Polyurethane leather, retro reflective material, metal button. Test: Our 2D reflective toys are tested and certified in accordance to EN13356:2001 Type 1 and EN71.

Sizes: Max. 74 x 97 mm

REFLECTIVE BADGE The badge is a popular safety device to enchance visibility. A classic badge with high performance glassbead film or highgloss material and a safety pin for attaching it onto your bag or clothing.

Badge ø 50 mm Print area ø 44 mm

Reflective badge - 07092100

High gloss badges

REFLECTIVE HANGERS The reflective hanger/pendant must be the oldest reflective safety item. We have made them for 40 years and are constantly developing new shapes and designs. It is the perfect safety item to place on your clothing for enhancing the visibility in the darkness in all weather conditions. Children love these as they come in 1000 of fun shapes, some even collect them. Note! A hanger must have minimum 15 cm2 in order to comply with CE standard EN13356:2001 for personal safety devices. All our standard shapes are EN13356:2001 CE Tested and certified in accordance with EN13356:2001 Type 1.

FOAMY HIGHGLOSS HANGERS Requires special tool Hanger reflectors can now be made in ”foamy” material - max 12 mm thickness.



FLASH HANGERS Print on only


HARD REFLECTORS Print on only Digital print - CMYK + white

Art. no. 10002403C

Art. no. 10001603C

Art. no. 10001620C

Art. no. 10001821C

Hanger reflector Code 1

H-01-2954 213x213 mm

H-01-2955 215x206 mm

H-01-3391 220x140 mm

H-01-3470 176x220 mm

* Client protected

H-01-2956 213x200 mm

H-01-2994 220x220 mm

H-01-3314 220x133 mm

H-06-2597 101x60 mm

H-06-3290 85x90 mm

H-06-3411 75x80 mm

Hanger reflector Code 5-6 Back

EN 13356:2001 - Type 1


H-05-3429 56x88 mm

Foamy Hanger reflector Code 6

H-06-2842 62x102 mm

H-06-3048 79x96 mm

H-01-3318 220x153 mm

Hanger reflector Code 7-8

* Client protected

H-07-2503 80x84 mm

H-07-2875 62x80 mm

H-07-2876 62x80 mm

H-07-3234 71x93 mm

H-07-3355 70x80 mm

H-08-3461 79x69 mm

H-08-2589 52x101 mm

H-08-2667 80x71 mm

H-08-3561 62x106 mm

H-08-6762 100x55 mm

H-08-7876 51 x 105 mm

H-08-2801 44x129 mm

H-08-2803 55x55 mm

H-08-2829 45x101 mm

H-08-2991 37x120 m

H-08-3038 44x114 mm

H-08-3055 54x88 mm

H-08-3132 84x64 mm

H-08-3163 56x96 mm

H-08-3181 75x81 mm

H-08-3265 64x65 mm

H-08-3284 96x58 mm

H-08-3357 65x80 mm

H-08-3360 70x80 mm

H-08-3378 63x106 mm

H-08-3380 49x105 mm

H-08-3407 68x75 mm

H-08-3412 70x75 mm

H-08-3414 70x75 mm

H-08-3415 70x75 mm

H-08-3416 70x75 mm

H-08-3417 70x75 mm

H-08-3424 88x55 mm

H-08-3558 100x62 mm












Hanger reflector Code 9

* Client protected

H-09-2516 87x55 mm

H-09-2517 70x69 mm

H-09-2539 104x48 mm

H-09-2566 61x75 mm

H-09-2616 62x102 mm

H-09-2624 63x70 mm

H-09-2629 68x70 mm

H-09-2664 79x71 mm

H-09-2679 65x70 mm

H-09-2739 71x70 mm

H-09-2741 67x67 mm

H-09-2742 93x49 mm

H-09-2744 71x70 mm

H/S-09-2745 82x74 mm

H-09-2746 100x65 mm

H-09-2775 70x70 mm

H-09-2805 71x66 mm

H-09-2806 79x53 mm

H-09-2891 60x60 mm

H-09-2901 67x67 mm

H-09-2910 51x51 mm

H-09-2913 63x68 mm

H-09-2914 119x59 mm

H-09-2950 55x55 mm

H-09-2972 73x73 mm

H-09-2978 71x71 mm

H-09-2981 76x72 mm

H-09-3008 58x58 mm

H-09-3032 80x60 mm

H-09-3069 73x73 mm

H-09-3070 80x72 mm

H-09-3072 70x72 mm

H-09-3074 76x73 mm

H-09-3105 56x85 mm

H-09-3112 80x64 mm

H-09-3113 80x67 mm

H-09-3115 78x70 mm

H-09-3162 71x71 mm

H-09-3202 70x71 mm

H-09-3219 70x71 mm

H-09-3220 70x72 mm

H-09-3227 72x79 mm

H-09-3229 58x58 mm

H-09-3231 66x90 mm

H-09-3235 80x37 mm, 64x30 mm

H-09-3240 70x60 mm

H-09-3241 71x59 mm

H-09-3262 66x68 mm

H-09-3271 84x71 mm

H-09-3289 86x72 mm

H-09-3298 75x71 mm

H-09-3304 59x91 mm

H-09-3321 71x66 mm

H-09-3332 77x64 mm

H-09-3324 51x94 mm

H-09-3325 53x73 mm

H-09-3339 62x62 mm

H-09-3346 70x63 mm

H-09-3348 75x65 mm

H-09-3349 70x61 mm

H-09-3350 70x70 mm

H-09-3351 70x60 mm

H-09-3352 70x75 mm

H-09-3353 70x74 mm

H-09-3356 70x70 mm

H-09-3359 70x70 mm

H-09-3363 70x70 mm

H-09-3364 70x70 mm

H-09-3366 70x70 mm

H-09-3369 70x70 mm

H-09-3370 70x70 mm

H-09-3371 70x70 mm

H-09-3372 70x70 mm

H-09-3373 65x70 mm

H-09-3375 70x70 mm

H-09-3376 70x80 mm

H-09-3379 74x74 mm

H-09-3383 67x77mm

H-09-3386 79x75 mm

H-09-3396 68x78 mm

H-09-3410 70x75 mm

H-09-3455 68x73 mm

H-09-3459 85x76 mm

H-09-3466 70x70 mm








H-09-3467 70x70 mm

H-09-3468 62x63 mm

H-09-3556 62x73 mm

H-09-3557 70x67 mm

H-09-3559 80x65 mm

H-09-3570 60x66 mm

H-09-3571 69x75 mm

H-09-3575 70x66 mm

H-09-3577 67x67 mm

H-09-3578 70x75 mm

H-09-3585 66x66 mm

H-09-3587 45x112 mm

H-09-3607 71x71 mm

H-09-3623 71x75 mm

H-09-3632 75x79 mm







Foamy Hanger reflector Code 9

HF-09-3207 68x68 mm

HF-09-3257 70x52 mm

HF-09-3400 68x85 mm

* Client protected

HF-09-3401 70x70 mm

Flash Hanger reflector Code 9

H-FLASH-09-3493 74x59 mm

H-FLASH-09-3503 77 x 67 mm

H-FLASH-09-3510 68x68 mm


HF-09-3428 70x71 mm

HF-09-3496 69x70 mm

* Client protected

H-FLASH-09-3517 70 x 80 mm

Hanger reflector Code 10

H-10-2518 70x79 mm

H-10-2653 78x52 mm

H-10-2663 80x52 mm

H-10-2717 81x54 mm

H-10-2718 105x40 mm

H-10-2740 90x48 mm

H-10-2750 80x52 mm

H/S-10-2807 88x47 mm

H-10-2808 47x123 mm

H-10-2836 40x80 mm

H-10-2845 81x56 mm

H-10-2854 35,5x116 mm

H-10-2949 78x52 mm

H-10-3009 63x84 mm

H-10-3021 72x69 mm

H-10-3096 52x80 mm

H-10-3159 60x78 mm

H-10-3173 94x52 mm

H-10-3178 47x90 mm

H-10-3216 91x47 mm

H-10-3233 94x59 mm

H-10-3335 56x79 mm

H-10-3358 35x100 mm

H-10-3423 59x67 mm

H-10-3377 100x35 mm

H-10-3408 70x70 mm

H-10-3409 100x35 mm

H-10-3418 70x75 mm

H-10-3460 90x57 mm

H-10-3481 36x96 mm

H-10-3560 83x65 mm

H-10-3572 42x95 mm

H-10-3573 76x58 mm

H-10-3579 42x110 mm








H-10-3480 (3488) 56x69 mm


H-10-3597 57,6x70 mm

H-10-3606 48x103 mm


H-10-3636 87x50 mm

H/S-10-4344 106x35 mm

Foamy hanger reflector Code 10

HF-10-3433 58x66 mm

HF-10-3451 51x90 mm

* Client protected

HF-10-3618 90,5x45,5 mm


Hanger reflector Code 11

H-11-2625 50x80 mm

H-11-2668 88x43 mm

H-11-3188 82x52 mm

H-11-3576 70x60 mm



* Client protected

H/S-11-2705 88x49 mm

H-11-2895 85x52 mm

H-11-2917 74,5x51 mm

H-11-2957 51x78 mm

H-11-3189 90x50 mm

H-11-3206 53x90 mm

H-11-3232 77x56 mm

H-11-3454 84x60 mm

H-11-3509 70x55 mm

H-11-3589 77x61 mm

H-11-3602 52x93 mm

H-11-8573 91x45 mm



Foamy hanger reflector Code 11

HF-11-3342 92x58 mm


HF-11-3591 45x75 mm

* Client protected

HF-11-3617 49x75 mm

Hanger reflector Code 12

* Client protected

H/S-12-1231 77x62 mm

H-12-2280 40x86 mm

H-12-2501 70x47 mm

H-12-2505 69x62 mm

H/S-12-2513 80x40 mm

H-12-2520 70x53 mm

H-12-2522 115x33 mm

H-12-2523 69x51 mm

H-12-2524 69x52 mm

H-12-2525 47x83 mm

H-12-2526 59x56 mm

H-12-2527 63x57 mm

H-12-2528 65x50 mm

H-12-2549 49x75 mm

H-12-2559 71x50 mm

H-12-2570 51x70 mm

H-12-2604 52x68 mm

H-12-2619 69x53 mm

H-12-2622 96x33 mm

H-12-2634 79x41 mm

H-12-2639 70x51 mm

H-12-2649 70x52 mm

H-12-2650 66x51 mm

H-12- 2656 70x50 mm

H-12-2662 70x51 mm

H-12-2683 60x56 mm

H-12-2686 70x51,5 mm

H-12-2693 68x55 mm

H-12-2695 70x47 mm

H-12-2699 64x51 mm

H-12-2705 97x4mm

H-12-2709 89x39 mm

H-12-2710 70x46 mm

H-12-2715 62x54 mm

H-12-2747 51x70 mm

H-12-2754 80x40 mm

H-12-2764 70x53 mm

H-12-2765 69x44 mm

H-12-2767 60x52 mm

H-12-2773 70x46 mm

H-12-2785 52x67 mm

H-12-2789 89x40 mm

H-12-2798 55x70 mm

H-12-2799 36,5x86,5 mm

H-12-2809 78x41 mm

H-12-2810 66x54 mm

H-12-2813 52x59 mm

H-12-2834 33x98 mm

H-12-2837 44x63 mm

H-12-2838 73x51 mm

H-12-2843 70x51 mm

H-12-2847 85x37 mm

H-12-2848 46x70 mm

H-12-2850 82x38 mm

SCARE H-12-2853 105x34,5 mm

H-12-2878 73x50 mm

H-12-2903 51x58 mm

H-12-2904 43x69 mm

H-12-2905 84x45 mm

H-12-2911 33x96 mm

H-12-2916 51x70 mm

H-12-2945 28x124 mm

H-12-2947 41x71 mm

H-12-2948 40x90 mm

H-12-2951 51x70 mm

H-12-2960 71,5x45 mm

H-12-2974 65x55 mm

H-12-2977 60x57 mm

H-12-2980 57x70,5 mm

H-12-2987 51x71,5 mm

H-12-2988 51x71 mm

H-12-2989 52x94 mm

H-12-2999 65x61 mm

H-12-3001 100x33 mm

H-12-3002 70x65 mm

H-12-3013 70x65 mm

H-12-3017 45,5x71 mm

H-12-3022 33x108 mm

Sheep H-12-3031 53x71 mm

H-12-3046 60x70 mm

H-12-3054 75x50 mm

H-12-3056 71x52 mm

H-12-3062 52x65 mm

H-12-3075 50x71 mm

H-12-3076 70x56 mm

H-12-3078 70x58 mm

H-12-3092 68x62 mm

H-12-3139 68x55 mm

H-12-3140 68x53 mm

H-12-3152 65x65 mm

H-12-3155/3469 49x71 mm

H-12-3160 47x93 mm

H-12-3164 47x59 mm

H-12-3166 80x47 mm

H-12-3171 65x57 mm

H-12-3174 54x70 mm

H-12-3175 53x64 mm

H-12-3194 56x64 mm

H-12-3208 60x73 mm

H-12-3215 81x56 mm

H-12-3217 92x35 mm

H-12-3218 70x69 mm

H-12-3223 55x58 mm

H-12-3258 55x66 mm

H-12-3263 70x51 mm

H-12-3276 60x70 mm

H-12-3279 60x57 mm

H-12-3285 62x69 mm

H-12-3299 56x68 mm

H-12-3315 64x74 mm

H-12-3320 64x65 mm

H-12-3334 59x62 mm

H-12-3338 53x64 mm

H-12-3340 78x53 mm



H-12-3343 65x64 mm

H-12-3345 83x43 mm

H-12-3347 53x82 mm

H-12-3354 70x53 mm

H-12-3361 54x70 mm

H-12-3362 70x60 mm

H-12-3368 35x100 mm

H-12-3374 54x57 mm

H-12-3397 45x89 mm

H-12-3402 66x60 mm

H-12-3420 62x59 mm

H-12-3434 69X65 mm

H-12-3436 72x46 mm

H-12-3438 59x62 mm

H-12-3448 47x90 mm

H-12-3449 44x69 mm

H-12-3450 45x81 mm

H-12-3463 68x53 mm

H-12-3464 62x59 mm

H-12-3473 96x37 mm

H-12-3478 42x67 mm

H-12-3479 47x69 mm

H-12-3495 47x70 mm

H-12-3504 48x75 mm

H-12-3506 55x70 mm

H-12-3507 50x69 mm

H-12-3508 68x63 ˇmm

H-12-3511/3487 42x92 mm

H-12-3512 69x53 mm

H-12-3513 48x70 mm

H-12-3520 70x41 mm

H-12-3522 69x53 mm

H-12-3524 43x68 mm

H-12-3534 50x65 mm

H-12-3541 80x58 mm

H-12-3551 47x86 mm

H-12-3566 39x85 mm

H-12-3574 58x60 mm

H-12-3580 44x65 mm

H-12-3584 60x60 mm

H-12-3586 60x65 mm

H-12-3592 50x66 mm
















H-12-3595 50x66 mm

H-12-3604 62x69 mm

H-12-3605 41x92 mm

H-12-3612 41x83 mm

H-12-3620 64x65 mm

H-12-3624 51x70 mm

H-12-3627 54x73 mm

H-12-3633 55x69 mm

H-12-3634 50x65 mm

H-12-3641 54x73 mm

H-12-3642 82x36 mm

H-12-3643 65x70 mm

H-12-3649 65x68 mm

H-12-3650 90x37 mm

H-12-4420 62x59 mm

H-12-7766 60x43 mm

H-12-7788 63x50 mm

H/S-12-8899 64x65 mm




Foamy Hanger reflector Code 12

HF-12-2782 70x70 mm

HF-12-3222 68x55 mm

HF-12-3302 78x54 mm

HF-12-3452 62x59 mm

HF-12-3458 70x49 mm

HF-12-3489 68x55 mm

* Client protected

HF-12-3303 47x70 mm

HF-12-3443 33x108 mm

HF-12-3446 56x63 mm

Hanger reflector Code 13

* Client protected

H-13-2685 75x48 mm

H-13-2711 81x44 mm

H/S-13-2811 63x54 mm

H-13-2992 70x49 mm

H-13-3004 44,5x70 mm

H-13-3088 51x89 mm

H-13-3106 45x85 mm

H-13-3251 55x64 mm

H-13-3388 52x65 mm

H-13-3437 57x57 mm

Hanger reflector Code 14

H-13-3058 63x57 mm

* Client protected

H-14-2599 70x52 mm

H-14-2633 66x51 mm

H-14-2797 68x43 mm

H-14-2900 49x81 mm

H-14-2966 77x43 mm

H-14-3137 71x45 mm

H-14-3015 60x46 mm

H-14-3044 51x57 mm

H-14-3079 43x72 mm

H-14-3120 41x95 mm

H-14-3135 40x79 mm

H-14-3010 30x96 mm

H-14-3165 108x30 mm

H-14-3169 85x39 mm

H-14-3404 31x110 mm

H-14-3413 30x83 mm

H-14-3475 32x86 mm

H-14-3482 44x93 mm

H-14-3564 32x101 mm

H-14-3569 97x32 mm

H-14-3594 33x93 mm

H-14-3603 45x80 mm

H-14-3628 54x66 mm




Hanger reflector Code 15

* Client protected

H-15-2000 63x39 mm

H-15-2508 42x67 mm

H-15-2529 70x40 mm

H-15-2530 70x37 mm

H-15-2575 80x30 mm

H-15-2598 70x46 mm

H-15-2612 60x41 mm

H-15-2651 56x52 mm

H-15-2691 70x41 mm

H-15-2723 70x41 mm

H-15-2734 61x44 mm

H-15-2870 48x64 mm

H-15-2872 70x40 mm

H-15-2880 42x72 mm

H-15-2899 35x69 mm

H-15-2902 47x68 mm

H-15-2946 82x40 mm

H-15-2961 70x38 mm

H-15-2971 76x33 mm

H-15-2998 42x70 mm

H-15-3006 47x70,5 mm

H-15-3018 50x60 mm

H-15-3028 70x49 mm

H-15-3037 53x71 Pistol mm

H-15-3059 110x37 mm

H-15-3103 46x72 mm

H-15-3133 67x44 mm

H-15-3136 85x41 mm

H-15-3167 77x42 mm

H-15-3312 46x70 mm

H/S-15-3366 39x67 mm

H-15-3387 42x70 mm

H-15-3392 55x70 mm

H-15-3441 69x44 mm

H-15-3457 52x53 mm

H-15-3474 47x60 mm

H-15-3514 72x39 mm

H-15-3523 77x34 mm

H-15-3537 42x69 mm

H-15-3593 70x45 mm

H-15-3619 46x74 mm

H-15-3621 49x47 mm


H-15-4345 74x37 mm



Foamy Hanger reflector Code 15

HF-15-2716 45x69 mm

HF-15-3486 47x55 mm

* Client protected

HF-15-3519 55x52 mm


Hanger reflector Code 16

* Client protected

H-16-1212 51x58 mm

H-16-2506 54x51 mm

H-16-2531 52x46 mm

H-16-2532 49x52 mm

H-16-2533 52x45 mm

H-16-2544 50x50 mm

H-16-2567 52x52 mm

H-16-2600 51,5x51,5 mm

H-16-2614 52x49 mm

H-16-2631 52x50 mm

H-16-2643 52x53 mm

H-16-2644 49x49 mm

H-16-2654 45x45 mm

H-16-2655 52x50 mm

H-16-2687 51x51 mm

H-16-2704 50x49 mm

H-16-2713 51x53 mm

H-16-2714 50x50 mm

H-16-2733 53x52 mm

H-16-2763 53x52 mm

H-16-2768 48x47 mm

H-16-2776 62x52 mm

H-16-2830 48x47 mm

H-16-2833 52x51 mm

H-16-2884 45x45 mm

H-16-2894 55x53 mm

H-16-2944 53x57 mm

H-16-2963 55x55 mm

H-16-2970 50x50 mm

H-16-2996 51x55 mm

H-16-2997 53x45 mm

H-16-3007 52x45 mm

H-16-3011 48x55 mm

H-16-3025 76x41 mm

H-16-3051 50x57 mm

H-16-3052 54x58 mm

H-16-3057 50x53 mm

H-16-3063 61x48 mm

H-16-3067 55x52 mm

H-16-3080 57x53 mm

H-16-3081 55x53 mm

H-16-3087 47x47 mm

H-16-3134 79x37 mm

H-16-3142 53x53 mm

H-16-3143 53x47 mm

H-16-3144 53x48 mm

H-16-3145 53x50 mm

H-16-3146 53x44 mm

H-16-3157 53x44 mm

H/S-16-3170 45x53 mm

H-16-3172 55x55 mm

H-16-3199 51x59 mm

H-16-3204 50x52 mm

H-16-3205 53x53 mm


H-16-3209 49x47 mm

H-16-3221 45x53 mm

H-16-3224 45x49 mm

H-16-3245 54x54 mm

H-16-3274 88x27 mm

H-16-3296 94x33 mm

H-16-3435 56x52 mm

H-16-3471 91x29 mm

H-16-3535 53x55 mm

H-16-3565 59x58 mm

H-16-3608 50x50 mm

H-16-3616 55x49 mm

H-16-3631 57x54 mm

H-16-3651 60x48 mm

H/S-16-4422 59x50 mm

H/S-16-6655 49x49 mm


Foamy Hanger reflector Code 16

HF-16-3301 50x50 mm

HF-16-3445 54x52 mm

HF-16-3562 52x53 mm



* Client protected

HF-16-3637 59x50 mm

Hanger reflector Code 17 - Not CE approved

H-17-3033 45x73 mm

H-17-3398 44,5x60 mm

* Client protected

H-17-3447 70x38 mm

Hanger reflector Code 18 - Not CE approved

H-18-2535 70x46 mm

H-18-2536 59x34 mm

H-18-2581 69x38 mm

H-18-2628 70x33 mm

H-18-2680 32x71 mm

H-18-2731 60x52 mm

H-18-2753 69x33 mm

H-18-2883 61x49 mm

H-18-2983 34x75 mm

H-18-3014 30x80 mm

H-18-3019 60x46 mm

H-18-3035 31x65 mm

H-18-3104 37x60 mm

H-18-3154 38x66 mm

H-18-3282 65x50 mm

H-18-3629 56x40 mm

Foamy Hanger reflector Code 18 - Not CE approved

HF-18-3553 37x70 mm


* Client protected

COOL & STRAP MAGNET Cool magnets are made from RFX reflective soft film with two super strong magnets welded. This makes it possible for you to click attach it even onto the sleeve of a thick coat. Cool magnets have become a very popular reflective device in because both adults and kids love it. Easily applied and easily removed. EN13356:2001 CE Tested and certified in accordance with EN13356:2001 Type 2

Magnet reflector Code 5-6-7-8

M-05-3102 63x121 mm

M-06-3381 62,5x162 mm


* Client protected

M-06-3385 50x161 mm


M-07-3588 30,5x340 mm

M-08-3141 63,5x109 mm


M-08-3610 50x119 mm

Magnet reflector Code 10

M-10-3060 41x108 mm

M-10-3544 33,5x108 mm

M-10-3084 55x107 mm


* Client protected

M-10-3106 50x107 mm

M-10-3329 42x108 mm

M-10-3542 42x108 mm


M-10-3543 41x108 mm


REFLECTIVE CLIP Plastic part Art no. 7500516-01 - Black Art no. 7500511-01 - Blue

The reflective clip is easy to carry in your pocket, fast and simple to attach for your safety. Attach the reflector somewhere visible on your clothing or on any object you are carrying. Should be positioned as low as possible, as this is where the rays from the car’s headlamps will hit a reflective object first. EN13356:2001 CE Tested and certified in accordance with EN13356:2001 Type 2

Print area 54 x 32 mm

REFLECTIVE TRAVEL TAGS Travel tag is the perfect personal safety reflector for you rugsack, suitecase.


Hanger Tags

H-08-2720 102x52 mm

H-08-2735 205x52 mm

REFLECTIVE CARD HOLDER The reflective card holder is merely a smart cover to you bus or train card and not an EN13356 conforming product. A clever way to use it, is by attaching it in a visible spot on your clothing or backpack for better visibility.

100 mm


68 mm

Card 86 x 54 mm

78 mm

Card holder sticker

S-08-3567 90x55 mm

Card 86 x 54 mm

60 mm

188 mm

100100 mmmm

REFLECTIVE STICKERS Small product, high value Everyone benefits from being visible. In fact, anyone enjoying outdoor activities is a potential customer for reflective products. The RFX reflective stickers are ideal on a restricted budget. You can either use our standard shapes or design your own. On the following pages you can find some of our made shapes and designs. All our standard shapes are EN13356:2001 CE Tested and certified in accordance with EN13356:2001 Type 3.

SET - Sticker reflector Code 2, 3

S-02-3630 107 x 151 mm

S-02-3639 90 x 144 mm


S-02-3261 (S-72-3260) 220 x 110 mm

* Client protected

S-02-3640 90 x 144 mm

S-02-3646 90 x 144 mm

S-03-2595 216 x 70 mm


S-02-3647 90 x 144 mm


SET - Sticker reflector Code 4, 7

S-04-2641 104 x104 mm

S-04-2927 104x104 mm

S-04-3644 113x113 mm


S-04-2759 104 x 104 mm

S-04-3453 110x110 mm

S-04-3533 115x115 mm


S-04-3598 110x110 mm

S-04-3581 108x108 mm


Sticker reflector Code 1-4

S-01-2587 200x200 mm

* Client protected

S-04-2975 106x106 mm

Sticker reflector Code 5-6-7-8

S-05-2571 91x95 mm

S-05-2576 101x98 mm

S-06-2585 105x93 mm

S-06-2620 100x87 mm

S-06-3405 183x60,5 mm

S-08-2609 92x77 mm

* Client protected

S-06-2771 100x77 mm

S-06-2943 104x67 mm

S-06-3421 76x77 mm

S-08-2752 104x47 mm

S-08-2846 104x45 mm

S-08-3567 90x55 mm

S-08-3596 63x70 mm

S-07-3272 82x68 mm

S-08-2658 260x25 mm

S-08-2814 136x50 mm

S-06-3236 100x70 mm

S-08-3286 144x33 mm

Sticker reflector Code 9

* Client protected

S-09-2511 67x67 mm

S-09-2546 70x70 mm

S-09-2553 71x71 mm

S-09-2555 71x67 mm

S-09-2557 58x72 mm

S-09-2563 58x58 mm

S-09-2564 54x54 mm

S-09-2583 70x70 mm

S-09-2584 70x70 mm

S-09-2602 70x58 mm

S-09-2657 70x70 mm

S-09-2743 71x70 mm

S-09-2745 82x74 mm

S-09-2787 70x77 mm

S-09-2815 72x57 mm

S-09-2816 57x75 mm

S-09-2817 71x66 mm

S-09-2818 60x75 mm

S-09-2820 60x72 mm

S-09-2821 71x71 mm

S-09-2831 67x78mm

S-09-2873 70x70 mm

S-09-2881 64,5x64,5 mm

S-09-3313 73x56 mm

S-09-3326 70x70 mm

S-09-3406 100x40 mm

S-09-3419 71x66 mm

S-09-3456 75x78 mm

S-09-3614 63x69 mm

Sticker reflector Code 10-11

S-10-2630 105x41 mm

S-10-3213 107x39 mm

S-10-2822 49x85 mm

S-11-2626 50x80 mm

S-11-2705 88x49 mm

S-11-3020 47x70 mm

* Client protected

S-10-4344 106x35 mm

S-11-3179 89x50 mm


S-10-2807 88x47 mm

S-11-3180 82x52 mm


S-11-8573 91x45 mm

Sticker reflector Code 12

* Client protected

S/H-12-1231 77x62 mm

S/H-12-2513 40x80 mm

S-12-2540 70x48 mm

S-12-2558 53x71 mm

S-12-2627 51x55 mm

S-12-2635 53x49 mm

S-12-2636 63x50 mm

S-12-2637 60x50 mm

S-12-2640 62x50 mm

S-12-2676 93x39 mm

S-12-2684 70x51 mm

S-12-2712 63x49 mm

S-12-2724 44x63 mm

S-12-2725 44x64 mm

S-12-2728 100x30 mm

S-12-2781 43x63 mm

S-12-2795 51x70 mm

S-12-2804 59x56 mm

S-12-2823 66x54 mm

S-12-2824 51x85 mm

S-12-2825 53x65 mm

S-12-2826 73x42 mm

S-12-2827 66x51 mm

S-12-2828 61x65 mm

S-12-2832 66x50 mm

S-12-2863 53x103 mm

S-12-2868 57x57 mm

S-12-2877 73x50 mm

S-12-2888 61x65 mm

S-12-2892 74x47 mm

S-12-2908 50x80 mm

S-12-2942 65x51 mm

S-12-2968 58x66 mm

S-12-2982 54x65 mm

S-12-2995 69x55 mm

S-12-3000 65x61 mm

S-12-3003 70x65 mm

S-12-3016 48,5x68 mm

S-12-3047 71x47 mm


S-12-2552 201x27mm

S-12-2556 71x49 mm

S-12-3049 53x103 mm

S-12-3068 58x67 mm

S-12-3082 51x69,5 mm

S-12-3114 69x65 mm

S-12-3156 90x43 mm

S-12-3200 55x71 mm

S-12-3259 55x66 mm

S-12-3316 64x65 mm

S-12-3485 94x33 mm

S-12-3625 57x49 mm

S-12-3626 41x60 mm

S-12-3645 73x48 mm

S-12-4420 62x59 mm

S/H-12-8899 64x65 mm

Sticker reflector Code 13-14

S-13-2621 65x52 mm

S-13-2737 65x44 mm

S-14-2755 81x35 mm

S-14-3327 75x25 mm

S/H-13-2811 63x54 mm

* Client protected

S-13-2874 69,5x42 mm

S-13-3005 44,5x70 mm

Sticker reflector Code 15

* Client protected

S-15-2591 63x39 mm

S-15-2665 42,5x67 mm

S-15-2780 39x68 mm

S-15-2766 62x40 mm

S-15-2690 57x48 mm

S-15-2898 35x69 mm

S-15-3041 45x70 mm

S-15-3177 44x104 mm


S-15-2769 68x37 mm

S-15-2770 68x40 mm

S/H-15-3366 39x67 mm

S-15-3432 37x60 mm

Sticker reflector Code 16

S-16-2547 50x50 mm

S-16-2623 52x52 mm

* Client protected

S-16-2646 51x48 mm

S-16-2969 54x54 mm

S-16-2701 53x50 mm

S-16-2706 99x50 mm

EN 13356

S-16-2986 55x55 mm

S-16-2990 45x50 mm

S-16-3024 62x51 mm

S-16-3039 42x60 mm

S-16-3083 48x50,4 mm

S-16-3149 57x55 mm

S-16-3153 88x28 mm

S/H-16-3170 45x53 mm

S-16-3228 61x59 mm

S-16-3347 49x49 mm

S-16-3609 50x50 mm

S-16-3615 51x58 mm

S/H-16-4422 59x60 mm

S/H-16-6655 49x49 mm

Sticker reflector Code 18 - Not CE approved

S-18-2510 52x60 mm

S-18-2542 70x30 mm

S-18-2574 38x69 mm

S-18-3029 35x72 mm


* Client protected


COMPLIANCE To sustain the highest level of quality management and legal compliance demands a strict self-monitoring system. We are therefore also by nature obliged to stay alert with any changes in all required legislations worldwide and keep all our ISO and EC certifications as well as product registrations updated. We follow the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council for Personal Protective Equipment. What is PPE? PPE stands for (Personal Protective Equipment). Equipment designed and manufactured to be worn or held by a person for protection against one or more risks to that person’s health or safety. New PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 in effect by April 21, 2019 As of April 23rd, we have all our standard reflective products and garments updated according to the new PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425. EC type examination certificates and approvals issued under Directive 89/686/EEC will remain valid for sales purposes until April 21, 2023, unless they become invalid before that date. Our reflective accessories and garments and the relevant harmonized standards HW1 warning vest assortment HW2 warning vest assortment PT2000 warning vest assortment Personal reflective accessories Slap Wraps, Reflective Sticker, Hangers, Clips, Bands, Meteor………assortment. EN ISO 20471:2013+A1:2016 High visibility clothing EN 1150:1999 Visibility clothing for non-professional use EN 13356:2001 Visibility accessories for non-professional use OUR ENVIRONMENTAL & QUALITY CONTROL CERTIFICATE PORTFOLIO: EN ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System cert. for Garment manufacturing site Cert. no. 12 104 36534 TMS ISO 9001 :2015 for Design, Development, Production and Distribution of Reflective Products Cert. no. QS5 17 10 67759 019 SOCIAL COMPLIANCE PROGRAMS Our factory complies with CSR programs audited / certified by Amfori (BSCI) and SEDEX QUALITY CONTROLE CERTIFICATION Our factory is furthermore audited / certified by BRC Global Standards REACH We are testing our materials in accordance with the European Chemicals Agency according to directive EC/1907/2006. Registrations / Certifications. Our Medical products are CE certified by TUV SUD and can be freely distributed and sold in Europe (USA and Australia) NOTIFYING BODY All our ISO and EC certificates are issued by TÜV Produced in Europe legal manufacturer: RFX+Care International A/S Bakkegaardsvej 408, DK-3050 Humlebaek Produced in China legal manufacturer: RFX+CARE Manufacturing co. Ltd.

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• First Aid • Wound Care / Plasters • Bandage and compresses • Cohesive bandage • Medical tape • Hydrocolloid dressings • Support bandages • Cosmetic cream • Insect repellents • Hot/cold treatment

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