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Colocation & Dedicated Servers

Which plan is the right one for your business

Colocation 

Server is hosted in a datacenter sharing rack space with server’s from different companies

Gives small businesses the benefits of having a large IT department without the cost

Colocation providers provide the IP, bandwidth, and power for the server

Advantages of Colocation 

Low cost bandwidth with high redundancies

Protection from downtime due to natural disasters

Virtual and physical security from a dedicated hosting provider

Option to have an experience professional managed your server

Disadvantages of Colocation 

Can be more expensive compare to other hosting plan 

Colocation means having to set up and manage the server yourself

Physical access to the server means traveling to the datacenter

An unusually large amount of traffic can result in a huge service bill

Dedicated Server Hosting 

Lease a pre-configured server that is hosted in a state-of-the-art facility

Store in a shared rack space or your own server rack

Total control over your web presence Managed hosting

Managed and monitored by the datacenter’s IT

Advantages of a Dedicated Server 

Great choice of customers that want to run custom software or need enhance server control


Permits the deployment of complex applications such as databases, streaming media, and highend e-mail solutions

Host multiple websites on one server dedicated hosting

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Server 

Costly monthly plans


Bandwidth plans are not shared so it cost more

Which Hosting Option is Best? 

Colocation is good for

Small businesses who need a strong web presence

Websites that small businesses hosing experience high traffic

E-commerce websites that needs to be up 100% of the time

Which Hosting Option is Best? 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Content heavy websites (videos, pictures)

Small to medium businesses that need to host and manage multiple websites

Businesses that need to run custom software and advance emailing system

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Colocation & dedicated servers  

Machine is located in a datacenter expressing stand area with server’s from various businesses Gives small businesses the benefits of having...

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