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Local designer Stephanie Nichols has taken the design world by storm with her fresh take on vintage-inspired trends for the Judith March collection. For spring, we’re particularly partial to these eye-catching side-tie shorts—they’re sure to make a colorful statement! Judith March Butterfly-Print Shorts, $69.99


DECADENT SHUT-EYE These Comphy Company eye pillows, each with an additional vial of lavender fragrance oil and diffuser pads, will ensure a better night’s sleep! Having made luxurious and durable linens for the spa industry for the last eight years, the Comphy at Home line gives you a luxurious spa experience each time you turn in for the night. All of their lines are designed with the most eco-friendly fabrics available today—that’s eco-chic and luxurious!

Sunny days have arrived, and we’ve gathered a myriad of products for the upcoming season that have caught our eye and tickled our fancy. Each of these products will be a hit for spring. From fashion to food, we’ve got the best!

The Comphy Company Eye pillow and case, $21.90 Find a retailer near you by calling 323.225.8234

CRUSH-WORTHY COUTURE WILD GINGER DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES The decision between Mary Ann and Ginger had to have been a tough one for ole Gilligan, but not for us! When it comes to these chocolates, we vote ginger! These bold chocolate fudge truffles have a kick of natural wild ginger—the spiciness is unmistakable. Cocopotamus Chocolate Gilligan’s Fave 5-piece box, $9.50

In his Paris atelier, Nabil Hayari creates beauty and luxury for the discerning woman’s wedding or special event. It’s really no wonder we have a serious fashion crush on the exquisitely crafted gowns that come out of this design house. As a sponsor of the GBK Celebrity Gift Lounge, we caught Jennifer Love Hewitt also gushing over the couture line! Hayari Couture Gown price upon request

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VIE is a French word meaning “life” or “way of living.” VIE sets itself apart as a Northwest Florida regional, high-gloss publication focusi...

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