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Teaching, Research, Outreach, Service to the Community Make Idaho State University a Great Institution

For more than a century, Idaho State University has built a reputation for high-quality teaching, cutting-edge research, service, education and innovation. Founded in 1901, the University is renowned for its energy and health-care programs, and its strong offerings in nuclear research, teaching, humanities, engineering, performing and visual arts, technology, biological sciences, pharmacy and business. From the main campus in Pocatello and centers in Meridian, Idaho Falls and Twin Falls, ISU offers more than 280 programs and has an annual enrollment of approximately 19,000 full- and part-time students. In 2011, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching announced that ISU had advanced to Research UniversityHigh status, thus joining the ranks of fewer than 100 institutions of higher education in the country to have earned that designation. ISU is a recognized world leader in its global endeavors with collaborations and partnerships with 1,008 federal, state and local agencies, businesses and universities worldwide. The University’s economic footprint, including economic impact to the local economy, is $312 million annually. Additional earnings from ISU alumni living and working in Idaho contribute $873 million annually to the state economy. These selected ‘points of pride’ offer a snapshot of the exciting story unfolding daily at Idaho State University. It’s a story about extraordinary caring faculty, engaged students and dedicated staff who are making breakthroughs that will profoundly change our lives. No matter where you live, your life will be affected by the teaching, research, service and innovation being conducted at Idaho State University.

With the vision and generous support of alumnus Jack Wheatley, ISU has begun a campus-wide beautification program. As part of this initiative, more than 600 new trees will be planted on the Pocatello campus. 3

A team of Idaho State University researchers has discovered that fish show autism-like gene expression after exposure to water containing psychoactive pharmaceuticals. The research was published in the journal PLOS ONE. The results may suggest an environmental trigger for autism, although this finding may only apply to genetically predisposed individuals. The discovery implies that these drugs might be involved in the increase in autism in the past 30 years, although the researchers say it’s too early to draw firm conclusions.


Potential Causes of Autism

Heading to the Red Planet

Dr. Mike Smith, engineering physicist with the ISU Idaho Accelerator Center, designed the portable linear accelerators used to check welds on the $2.5 billion Curiosity Rover which landed on Mars.

Alaska Coast Human Travel Corridor

A potential corridor along the coast of Alaska for humans to travel down to populate the New World was open and free of ice 1,500 to 2,000 years earlier than previously thought, according to a new study completed by Idaho State University researchers in collaboration with colleagues from Oregon State University. Dated core samples on Sanak Island, which would have been near the ocean at that time, determined the coast was free of ice between 16,000 and 17,000 years ago. The findings establish that human migration down the coast during this time was possible.

The Wake of a Discovery

ISU researchers have found that sleep problems in adolescents are the top risk factor for suicidal thoughts and attempts in youths. Dr. Maria Wong, associate professor of psychology and director of experimental training, noted: “Sleep problems appear to be a robust predictor of subsequent suicidal thoughts and attempts in adolescence and young adulthood.” Her research notes, “Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep had both direct and indirect effects, via depression and suicidal thoughts on suicidal behavior.” Her research has been published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research.

Increased Support for Researchers, Economic Development

The Office of Research has been restructured to better accommodate and support researchers and to promote benefit of that research. The Office of Research now has three major focuses and departments: Research Development, Research Integrity and Research Innovation. The new model provides greater clarity in ISU’s operating model and will better serve the needs of research faculty.



Ancient Shark Mystery Solved

The Idaho State University Museum of Natural History houses the largest public collection of Helicoprion spiral-teeth fossils in the world. The fossils of this 270-million-year-old fish have long mystified scientists because, for the most part, the only remains of the fish are its teeth. New CT scans of a unique specimen from Idaho show the spiral of teeth within the jaws of the animal, providing new information on what the animal looked like and how it ate according to Dr. Leif Tapanila, associate professor of geosciences and principal investigator of the study. Tapanila’s findings are being published in the Royal Society’s journal, Biology Letters. The Royal Society, based in London, is a self-governing fellowship of approximately 1,450 of the world’s most distinguished scientists, including more than 80 Nobel Laureates.

Developing Robotic Hands

Dr. Alba Perez Gracia, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, received a four-year $445,570 grant from the National Science Foundation National Robotics Initiative for the design of robotic hands. The goal of the research project is to develop a systematic methodology for the design of multi-fingered robotic hands and grasping devices for a desired mechanical motion.

Sports Concussions

Dr. Caroline Fauré, associate professor of sport science and physical education and a nationally-recognized researcher, heads ISU’s Center for Sports Concussion. Some of the country’s leading research related to traumatic brain injury is being conducted at ISU.


More than $36 million in research grants and funding during the past five years and $12.6 million annually in free medical services are among the highlights of a new ISU Division of Health Sciences Economic Impact Study. Other highlights include that ISU is the only school in Idaho with the following programs of study: family nurse practitioner, pharmacy and physician assistant.


Casting a Giant Health-Related Footprint

Studying Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Russell Spearman, senior research associate for the Institute of Rural Health, was recently awarded a grant to study the mortality rates of Idahoans who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in motor vehicle accidents. Spearman, a senior research associate in the Institute of Rural Health, and his team also assess the needs, resources and services available to TBI survivors and their families in Idaho.

Clues to the Treatment of Dementia

Dr. Shawn Bearden, associate professor of biological sciences, heads a team that is finding clues on how to block the effects of a chemical in the brain that contributes to dementia and strokes. Bearden’s team has documented that the drug, memantine, can counter the effects that the chemical homocysteine has in disrupting the blood-brain barrier. Disruption of this barrier is believed to contribute to vascular cognitive impairment diseases such as dementia and stroke.

Partnering with the Smithsonian

Under the leadership of Dr. Herbert Maschner, the Idaho Museum of Natural History at Idaho State University is now affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution. The museum is the only one in the state and one of just a few in the Intermountain West with such an agreement. Through the program, the Smithsonian shares its artifacts, programs and expertise. The Idaho Museum of Natural History now hosts Smithsonian exhibits. 9

The excellence of our pharmacy program and students is exemplified by the fact that graduates from ISU’s College of Pharmacy achieved a 100 percent pass rate on their national board exam this year. The North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination (NAPLEX) is part of the licensure process for future pharmacists.

Idaho’s Health Care University

ISU is the state’s health care university and offers 75 percent of the state’s health profession degree programs.

ISU Teacher Preparation Program

National test results confirm the positive influence of the Idaho State University teacher preparation program on the ability of candidates to meet targeted teaching standards and increase student achievement.


Every Student in the College of Pharmacy Passes the National Board Exam

Clinical Psychology

ISU is home to the only clinical and experimental psychology Ph.D. programs in the state.

L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Complex

ISU-Meridian is home to the L.S. Skaggs Pharmacy Complex with research and compounding laboratories. Students are able to complete all four years of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree in Meridian or Pocatello.

College of Business

ISU’s College of Business is one of only 179 schools out of more than 15,000 worldwide that has achieved Associate to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business accreditation for both business and accounting programs.


Idaho State University is home to three faculty members to be named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Dr. Howard Grimes, vice president for research and economic development, Dr. Herbert Maschner, director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History and professor of anthropology, and Dr. Terry Bowyer, professor of biological sciences are leaders of the world’s largest general scientific society.

Communication Sciences

ISU is the only university in Idaho with programs in the communication sciences, such as audiology, sign language interpreting and speech language pathology.


American Association for the Advancement of Science

Football Success in the Classroom

The football program achieved a perfect 1,000 Academic Performance Rating (APR) score for the 2011-12 school year. The APR is a way for the NCAA to measure an athletic department’s academic success.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

ISU-Meridian offers Idaho’s only accelerated Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Students complete the program in 16 months with nearly 100 percent of graduates passing the NCLEX—the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses—the first time they take it.

Earning College Credit Early

Through a unique partnership with many of Idaho’s public school districts, Idaho students in the dual enrollment program can also earn an Associate of Arts degree in general studies through ISU.

Best Case Award

ISU husband/wife team Drs. Joanne Tokle, professor of management and associate dean in the College of Business and Robert Tokle, professor of economics, won best case at the 34th Annual Case Writer’s Workshop. The Journal of Case Studies, vol. 30, #1 published “ISU Credit Union Faces the Great Contraction of 2008-09.” The Society of Case Study Research awarded the Tokles top honors among 24 published cases.


ISU’s Society of Physics Students (SPS) received the 2011 Outstanding Chapter Award from the National Society of Physics Students and the American Physical Society. Criteria for the award includes involvement in local, regional and national SPS meetings as well as other professional meetings; participation in SPS programs; and outreach efforts to grades K-12 and the general public.

First Nursing Doctoral Program in Idaho

Idaho State University’s Division of Health Sciences has broken new ground by offering a Doctor of Philosophy degree in nursing through the ISU School of Nursing. The program is the first doctoral program specifically in nursing in Idaho.


Physics Club Nationally Recognized

NSF Awards Supports ISU Undergraduate Research Undergraduate research is an important element of the ISU educational curricula. The National Science Foundation cited ISU’s unique and internationally-recognized interdisciplinary programs and laboratories in applied nuclear science by awarding Dr. Steven Shropshire, professor of physics, $247,732. The highly competitive award will help support undergraduate research programs.

ESTEC Awarded Funding for Student Scholarship

For the third consecutive year the Energy Systems Technology and Education Center (ESTEC) at ISU’s College of Technology has been awarded funding for student scholarships. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) awarded ISU nearly $150,000 for distribution to students. ESTEC conducts innovative research in nuclear safety and operation.

ISU Wins U.S. Department of Energy Competition

Idaho State University won the 2012-13 National Student Geothermal Competition conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy. Teams were challenged to conduct cutting-edge research in geology, geosciences, chemical and bio-molecular energy and engineering that could lead to breakthroughs in geothermal energy development. According to Dr. Michael McCurry, professor of geosciences, “This prestigious award indicates national recognition of the hard work, talent and enthusiasm of ISU students in the field of geothermal energy-related research and exploration.”


The ISU outdoor program was one of the first programs on a college campus in the United States and offers a major and minor in outdoor education.

Physician Assistant Graduates Pass With Flying Colors

The five year average first-time pass rate for the National Certification Exam is 94 percent for Graduates of the ISU Physician Assistant Program. The program is also nationally recognized for its distance learning technology.


Outdoor Education Major and Minor

Education with Altitude

The ISU Aircraft Maintenance Technology program formed a partnership with Western Aircraft, a Boise-based aviation company. The $250,000 commitment from Western Aircraft includes the donation of a fully-functional flight simulator, training modules and advanced instruction from company representatives.

Graduate with Honors

The University Honors Program at Idaho State University is an elite academic program for students who aspire to a more engaging and enriching collegiate experience. Graduates of the University Honors Program receive Idaho’s only Honors Degree — either the Honors Bachelor of Arts, the Honors Bachelor of Science, the Honors Bachelor of Business Administration, or the Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts.


Idaho State University scientists are part of a team that has documented the signature of increased human nitrogen emissions across the Northern Hemisphere. Dr. Bruce Finney, professor of biological sciences, and post-doctoral researcher Dr. Mark Shipley had their findings published in the highly-respected journal Science. The major study documents the release of nitrogen, which also has the potential for dramatic environmental effects, into remote watersheds.

Post-Wildfire Recovery

Post-wildfire recovery efforts in Idaho—and potentially nationwide— could receive a large boost from the results of a prototype GIS-based fire recovery “decision support system” being developed at Idaho State University. ISU and NASA scientists are building and evaluating a computerized decision support system that will be an automatically deployable, site-specific, multi-criteria decision aid. It will bring together in a single application the information necessary to plan reseeding strategies and monitor ecosystem recovery in the aftermath of wildfires.


Studying Nitrogen Release

Saving Electricity

Just by changing the lighting on ISU’s main campus, ISU saves 203,000 kilowatts of electricity annually. In larger buildings, Facilities Services is switching to LED lighting to reduce wattage and is reducing energy costs on heating and cooling and using less water.

Recycling Pays Off

In 2012 ISU Facilities Services recycled more than 74 tons of materials, including more than 57,000 pounds of cardboard; 29,000 pounds of white paper; 53,900 pounds of office pack (non-white paper); 3,768 pounds of plastic and metal; and 2,385 pounds of newspaper.

Going Green (with a scent of hamburgers and fries) ISU’s facility vehicles run on recycled cooking oil. The fryer oil was previously going to waste, but now powers facility vehicles. The recycled oil is carbon neutral and non-toxic to the environment.



ISU Sound of Music

ISU bands and choirs have performed on four continents and foreign choirs from five continents have performed on campus as part of the biennial Idaho International Choral Festival.

Perfect Acoustics

The renowned Stephens Performing Arts Center is home to music, dance, theatre and other cultural offerings. It is considered by experts to be one of the best acoustically-designed performing arts venues in the country.

So We Can Dance

Idaho State University’s Bengal Dancers have consistently placed in the top 10 in national competitions. Most recently the Bengal Dancers placed third in hip-hop and second in jazz at the National Cheerleaders Association/National Dance Alliance Collegiate Cheer and Dancer Championship. The dancers won the Innovative Choreography award for their division and were the only team in their division to place in the top three with both routines.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Dance

Idaho State University offers a bachelor’s degree in dance beginning Fall 2013. The major is the only one of its kind offered within Idaho’s university system. With the new Bachelor of Arts degree in choreography and performance, the ISU School of Performing Arts now boasts majors in all three of its major disciplines: music, theatre and dance

Opera is Alive and Growing

Idaho State University scored a cultural coup by landing a Metropolitan Opera National Council district audition in October 2011. ISU will again host these auditions in fall 2013. These are the preliminary tryouts for the most prestigious opera company in the United States. Two Idaho State University senior performing arts majors, Teaira Burge and Jared Johnson, performed at the auditions in 2011. Burge won at the ISU audition and advanced to a regional audition in Seattle.


The Intermountain Center for Education Effectiveness (ICEE), led by Dr. Chuck Zimmerly, is piloting a model to integrate the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) into classroom instruction. The model will be tested in 20 school districts statewide during the spring 2013 semester.


Teacher Professional Development

Serving Grateful Patients

Last year ISU outpatient clinics registered more than 54,000 patient visits. Many of these patients were underinsured or uninsured.

Free Community Health Screenings

ISU-Meridian partners with Ada County and other organizations to provide free community health screenings for uninsured adults in the Treasure Valley. The screenings provide student clinicians with interdisciplinary education that extends beyond the classroom and delivers vital health services to underserved populations.

Operation Diabetes Wins First Place

ISU’s College of Pharmacy recently won first place in the national competition for Operation Diabetes from the American Pharmacists Association (APhA). Operation Diabetes is a student outreach program that involves screening the public for diabetes and offering education on management of the disease.

Educating Veterans

ISU’s Veterans Sanctuary provides an array of services to veterans utilizing their GI Bill. GI Jobs Magazine has recognized ISU as a “Military Friendly” school since 2010. That honor is bestowed upon the top 15 percent of colleges, trade schools and universities in the United States.

Hitz Grant and Virtual Museum of Idaho

The Virtual Museum of Idaho received a big boost from a $600,000 grant from the Hitz Foundation. The grant will allow the museum to continue its efforts to create displays for the Virtual Museum of Idaho. The goal of the Museum is to use the same revolutionary technology to bring the collections of the Idaho Museum of Natural History to the public and educational groups.


Idaho State University-Meridian, with the City of Meridian, is a co-founding member of The CORE—a health, research and medical technology corridor located in the heart of the Treasure Valley dedicated to sustainable economic growth.

ISU-Meridian’s Future

Idaho State University-Meridian is the future home of anatomy and physiology laboratories that will aid advanced health professions students in the study of the human body and its functions. Funding will come from state appropriations and private donors.

ISU–Idaho Falls

Idaho State University–Idaho Falls is the largest provider of highereducation opportunities in one of the state’s most dynamic cities.



Located at University Place, adjacent to the scenic Snake River Greenbelt and Freeman Park, ISU–Idaho Falls provides a local option for a world of opportunity for individuals from all backgrounds, from recent high school graduates and working adults to Idaho National Laboratory employees seeking career advancement. Opportunities include complete associate, bachelor, master’s and doctoral degrees that can be earned through day and evening classes. Many academic programs cover the first two years of general education requirements for any degree.

ISU–Twin Falls

Idaho State University-Twin Falls is housed in the Hepworth Higher Education Center on the campus of the College of Southern Idaho. ISU-Twin Falls staff members serve as liaisons between Magic Valley students and the Pocatello campus. ISU-Twin Falls provides a wide range of student services and programs including educational administration, instructional technology, elementary education, emergency management, fire services administration, health information technology, nursing, physical education and athletic administration, psychology, respiratory therapy and speech language pathology.


ISU-Meridian houses three clinics—Speech and Language, Counseling, and the Delta Dental of Idaho Dental Residency Clinic—which provide advanced education for student clinicians and health services for vulnerable populations.


Idaho State University’s debate team placed fifth in a recent national tournament. The intercollegiate debate topic focused on energy policy in the United States. The debate team consistently ranks among the top 10 in the nation.

Statewide, Worldwide

There are students from all 44 Idaho counties, 48 states and 62 countries who call ISU home.

TRiO Grant Award

ISU’s TRiO student services was awarded $1.8 million to work with low-income, first generation high school students to prepare them for post-secondary education. TRiO programs provide academic tutoring, personal counseling, mentoring, financial guidance and other supports necessary for educational access and retention.


Idaho State Debate Team

New Playing Fields

Thanks to the generosity of area donors, including Idaho Central Credit Union and ISU Credit Union, ISU’s basketball teams play on new courts while the football team plays on a new, state-of-the-art soft top matrix field. Through the generosity of Sylvia Papenberg and her late husband Don, the 2013 Big Sky Champion women’s softball team has a new home, Miller Ranch stadium.

Rodeo Team on the Rise

The Idaho State University Rodeo Team had perhaps its best year ever during the 2012-13 academic year, with the women’s team winning and the men’s team placing second in the Rocky Mountain Region of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. Heading into the College National Finals Rodeo, the women’s team was also ranked first in the nation and the men’s team sixth.


Idaho State University joined nearly 800 other post secondary institutions by becoming a smoke free campus. The decision came after reviewing survey results from students, faculty and staff.

Safe at Home

Once again Idaho State University has been ranked one of the safest campuses in the nation. touts ISU as the fifth safest campus in the nation. The survey report noted, “Idaho State is a perennial safe school that is on the list year after year.”

Outdoor Opportunities Abound

ISU offers more than 150 clubs and student organizations, providing a wide variety of great opportunities for student involvement.

Gateway to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons

Idaho State University is located in an area surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery and popular recreation areas in the nation, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, and Sun Valley.


Going Smoke Free

Benny the Bengal … Best of the Bunch

Benny the Bengal is a national champion. Benny was crowned the National Champion in the 2013 US College Championship Mascot Division in Anaheim, Calif. In order to win the title, Benny had to perform a two-minute skit with only a minute to set up and a minute to take down the props.

CW HOG, 30 Years of Adventure

The Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group, otherwise known as CW HOG, is a regional self-help group that was formed in 1981 to provide recreational opportunities for people of all abilities. Dedication from its many volunteers keeps CW HOG alive. 29


ISU Admissions

Admissions Visitor Center (208) 282-2123

ISU Alumni Association (208) 282-3755

ISU Foundation (208) 282-3470

Office of the President (208) 282-3440

Office of the Registrar (208) 282-2661

Office of Marketing and Communications (208) 282-3620

Colleges/Divisions College of Arts & Letters (208) 282-3204

Graduate School (208) 282-2150

College of Business (208) 282-3585

College of Education (208) 282-2783

College of Science and Engineering (208) 282-5793

College of Technology (208) 282-2622

College of Pharmacy (208) 282-3475

Division of Health Sciences (208) 282-4899

Facts • • • • • • • • • • •

19,284 students in 2013 (unduplicated headcount) 5th safest campus in the U.S. 62 countries are represented 160 student clubs and organizations 48 states are represented 34% of first-year students are offered merit scholarships Student to faculty ratio is 17:1 275+ undergraduate and graduate areas of study 15 NCAA Division 1 teams 55% of students are women 2,476 degrees and certificates were awarded at Spring 2013 Commencement




PRIDE a Bengal

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Points of Pride  

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