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Message from the Head of school Congratulations, the class of 2018. The chapter of schooling has come to an end for you, but new chapters in your life are beginning. The DP is hopefully done for all of you. But also hopefully, learning isn’t done as yet, learning that goes beyond the mere certificates! The world today is changing at ever-increasing pace and the only way you can keep abreast is to be lifelong learners. At FS throughout your years here, I hope you’ve had great learning experiences that went beyond your academics, perhaps some that you thoroughly enjoyed and some that you thoroughly complained about. As you go to colleges and into the real life across the world, we hope that you continue to show the personal leadership that many of you have already shown and that all of you have learnt, even if you haven’t yet shown it. Degrees and grades are nothing but commas in your life and they’re certainly not full-stops. As the 3rd graduating class from FS, the expectations from you academically and otherwise have been high. And yes, despite whatever I have written above about commas and full-stops, all that applies after you’ve done the very best that you can with respect to the IBDP! Let me be clear - we all want all of you to get good grades :) But seriously speaking (or rather continuing to speak seriously), take charge of your life. Make it happen as you want it to rather than how the world around you wants you to. You no longer will have your parents, your teachers, your friends, your girl/boyfriend or your school to blame. It’s your life now. If you really really want to be something

Vardan Kabra

or become really good at something, then remember it’s going to take many many hours of focused practice (10000+ perhaps?). So whatever you do next, focus on what you really want to do in the long-term and work really hard towards it. Of course, you don’t all have to become big leaders in the area of your work (which does mean that some of you need to become big leaders for sure), but what’s important is that you lead your lives with the right principles. Eat right. Exercise. Earn money but don’t get blinded by it. Maintain balance. Work hard to maintain good relationships. And read! Best wishes graduating class of 2018! Vardan Kabra Head of School

Message from Deputy HOS & PSP More than 2500 years ago, Aristotle said that one thing that all humankind looks for is happiness. If I have to give one message to the Class of 2018, it is this: “Seek happiness”. Breaking down this very broad message into smaller chunks, it would be this: 1. Know that everyone has their own personal definition of happiness. Know that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. 2. Being happy is not easy as much as it sounds like. It's a lot of hard work: taking care of your well being, finding balance in your life, fulfilling your potential as a human being. 3. Cliched as it may sound, happiness does not lie in good clothes, cars, tons of money, an exotic vacation or in a myriad of things/ experience. As you step into adulthood, the world will tell you that you will find happiness in a certain thing/ job/ career/ partner. Don't forget that your inner voice knows better. Know to listen to it in all the cacophony that the world bombards you with. Your batch has been the one that has surprised us pleasantly in different ways. I am excited to see where life takes

AnkitA Diwekar Kabra

all of you! Do come back and share your stories!

Senior School Vice Principal As the year draws to an end, we all carry bittersweet memories in our heart of all the years that we have been together. It has been a wonderful journey for all of us, knowing you all… your pranks, discipline issues, squabbles with teachers, heartbreaks and new friendships; it has been mind boggling sometimes, but fulfilling as well as entertaining nevertheless. There may have been times when we have taken a few harsh steps, loaded you with never ending tasks and deadlines; which may not have been liked. But the intention has always been to support you, at the same time helping you to be independent as you spread your wings and venture out in the world all by yourself. Each one of you has immense potential, and no one but only you can unleash the same. Do not let go of the enormous opportunities that lie ahead, and do not let the fear of failure deter you from fulfilling your dreams. As quoted by J.K Rowling, “It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all—in which case, you fail by default.” All our experiences will help in carving a niche; and we gain to learn from each experience irrespective of the outcomes. And there is no alternative to working hard and putting in the best efforts to achieve what we aim for. So just go for it! Life after school will give you a lot of freedom in many ways, but make sure you are grounded and deal with courage and act responsibly at all times.

Bhumika Parmar

I look forward to hearing a lot of success stories... they may be small in their own way but should give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction for the same. I wish you all the happiness and success while a new world awaits you with open arms.

DP Coordinator Life often gives you a moment to express what you feel and for me “Year book” is the right platform. My journey with you started from grade 7 and lasted till grade 12. There are a lot of memories which I cherish when I look at the photographs clicked during the educational trips, my interaction with you all during Biology classes and not to forget, a lot of interactions in DP related to all the subjects but specifically IA’s and CAS. I thank and appreciate you all when you trusted me by sharing your small queries or sharing your life. Respecting my harsh decisions at times which always had something better hidden for you all. School life has come to an end and now you will enter a new life exploring new dimensions, irrespective of what comes on 5th July ;) I will always miss those scheduled meetings with some of you, those interactions in the dining area or field trips, those gestures and requests of deadline extensions when you struggled with time management issues among other things. Although, it taught me to be imperturbable every time after such requests. We all know that the skills set you all possess will help you become leaders of your own life wherever you go and whatever you do. I like this quote of Paulo Coelho which says, “You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.” Best wishes for your life beyond Fountainhead.

Bhargavi Bergi


At FS Since 2012 - 6 Years Nicknames : Hims, Jaadi, Himu, Pehalvaan Moments that I will cherish : Everything from having to change so many Math teachers in Grade 7, to making ateacher sit on a dustbin because he was late to class, then being as crazy as possible with friends and indulging myself in the things which weren't allowed, from being teased to taking 'babaal' with the teachers and giving the most silly excuse possible for why I was late to class. Everything has been so amazing, there are so many incidents I cannot put them all into words. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Standing at the back in the class because either we (Harshil Smriti, Saket, Pratik and I) were late to class or we did something we shouldn't have, in each and every Nihar sir's class. Our nature camp to Madhya Pradesh was the best trip that I'll always remember. We had so much fun, without the tension of studying, or I should say with the happiness of not

Himani Pachchigar th

17 November 2000

doing IBDP. There's so much more that FS has given me to remember, its crazy, I am going to carry it in my heart forever. Most caught doing : Pranking and teasing and making fun of others with my friends. Future Plans : Rise above everything that I do, in whichever ďŹ eld I choose to pursue and be happy and kind.

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Zeal. The names by which my friends call me are too inappropriate to be here :P Moments that I will cherish : Savarkundla school trip, Playing basketball in playtime, Bunking Hindi classes, Having Mango lassi. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Teasing a teacher for her accent in the Global Politics classes. Most caught doing : Eating in class :P , Being late after lunch break, Having tattoo, Hitting someone, Talking in class Future Plans : I am going to opt for Liberal arts for my UG with Psychology as Major and Mass Communication as Minor. Post that I want to pursue mass communication or psychology.

Zeal Shah th

8 March 2000

At FS Since 2012 - 6 Years Nicknames : Tani, Tanu, Gippi Moments that I will cherish : All the DJ parties that we've had in school during the night-outs and last days of academic years.. Also, the never-ending antaakshari sessions during the night-outs, teachers vs. students! Specifically, during the IGCSE Hindi Final exams, when we were singing old Hindi songs in the exam hall before the exams started and making Fevicol art. :P Also, the memories I made with my best friends during our Nature camps, especially Jayalgarh in 2015. The video diaries and suhaali-achaar in our tents, freezing in the 12-13 degree waters and waiting in line to bathe with hot water and what not.. Along with that, every French, GloPo and IM Core classes had something to reminisce and laugh out loud about.. My mates from these subjects will surely understand what I'm talking about. All the transition times that we've spent playing footloose and coming late to class will be times that can never be forgotten.. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Some incidents can't be spoken about, but the one I can write about is when in one of our Grade 10 Math core classes, our Math teacher (who isn't a part of the school anymore),

Andrea Sunil th

14 November 2000

utilised our double slot, not to teach us a new concept or to explain a complicated problem, but to translate and decode the lyrics of a famous Bhojpuri song! That was one of my favourite Math classes because there was no Math involved in it! It all started because my classmate had played that song on his laptop, I'm sorry "Chromebook", BY MISTAKE, which led us to embark this insightful journey about B-Grade song lyrics! Most caught doing : Reading books, listening to music/watching videos during class. Future plans : In my future, I might be working for some huge Media agency and writing articles where I will be interacting with celebrities on a daily basis and maybe be one myself! (Yes, future Tanvi, your main motivation in life to become successful was that you can meet celebrities :P ).

At FS Since 2011 - 7 Years Nicknames : Dhairya Moments that I will cherish : Was class representative in 9th grade and was also a member of student parliament in 11th, and all the school trips that I have been to was a wonderful memory that I can never forget throughout my life. Have learnt an amazing sport(frisbee) that I have always enjoyed playing and will continue playing whenever I can play. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Gossiping every morning in the corridors and giggling around. Harassing friends all the time and making fun of them (Nishtha, Harsh, Jugal, Ishika) and watching friendly ďŹ ghts everyday, and also being part of it. Most caught doing : Getting late for the economics class, not submitting homework. Future plans : Want to pursue a career in hotel management and want to expand my Father’s business

Dhairya Jadav th

5 January 2000

from a restraunt to a hotel.

At FS Since 2009 - 9 Years Nicknames : Pari, Pai, Hawa, Bubble Moments that I will cherish : I think all the memories starting from the day I joined school and Vani offering me to sit by her side to this day where all of us live like a family (maybe) and very literally consider school to be our first home are all cherished. So point number one that each memory be it in Jungle Gym or the winter trips or the slots each and every memory holds some space in my brain and it will stay like that *hopefully* forever. Point number two I don't believe in grading all the fun or bad memories as good, better, best because each memory is special in its own way. Point number three before I get into the philosophy mode let's stop. A funny incident with you or with your friends : So back in Grade 5 when returning from Dholavira, we being we had this small cat fight. Some girl slapped some other girl, and we formed parties on who was correct. So here I have not mentioned name (to older me) because I seriously do not remember what really happened. Now cat fight and forming allies is pretty normal the next thing that we did is what now I call overdrama (not melodrama but overdrama), so in this small Gypsy we all

Parishi Madhogaria st

21 November 2000

were crying because apparently "tune meri dost ko mara to dard mujhe bhi hua". The most vivid memory says that the background music was jag soona soona lage for some reason. Now I know it did not come across as funny but <3 Most caught doing : Everyone would probably say studying, personally I think it would be arguing Future Plans : If someone gets one share it with me please, I have no idea what the future holds. But I'm asked to predict or lets say hope it will be starting a firm which sells ideas

At FS Since 2016 - 2 Years Nicknames : Stutaye Moments that I will cherish : Reading books of old and gold, taking life and career decisions and best of all realising that I am an introvert and that its great, I simply grew as a person everyday in those 45mins on my way to school. A funny incident with you or with your friends : We sincerely hoped ma'am would not be lenient and give us punishment for not reading Tamas because it was so cool just sitting outside class in a group casually playing mafia while those inside class wished they hadn't done their work(or lied like most of us did). P.S. best way to formally bunk the class. Most caught doing : Banging on a wall or walking in the wrong direction with my head almost in the book Future plans : Future theology-philosopher and a professor at some school of arts.

Stuti Mavani st

21 July 2000

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Jayu, Mango, Joker, Silly & Doggy Moments that I will cherish : There are no memories in Fountainhead School that I wouldn't cherish despite them being painful or fun. The sleepless nights, dramas, buzzing stories, puns, events, talks, classes, trips, exams, meetings and a lot more things that happened in the school were all worth whatever we did leading to this pool of memories left with us to take along and forever remember in our lives. The night stays were by far the best moments I adored out of my school life. Living a decade in this school with a family of this kind will never let me replace it with anything else and growing up in this school would've never been any better. I will love and miss the school life we lived forever while sadly saying goodbye. There are a lot of things I have stashed in myself, but I don't know what to say... thank you for everything <3 A funny incident with you or with your friends : There are a lot of things me and my friends have done against the school's many policies that we shouldn't have and everyone knows about them. Yet, there was this time just

Jay Mangukiya th

20 June 2000

before our Diwali holidays when someone bought a grenade (not a real one, obviously :P) and tried to throw it from the second ďŹ&#x201A;oor bridge into the empty splash pool, but... (Karma) we eventually ended up bouncing off the grenade back at us because it hit the railing and had to run for our lives. (excuse my hyperbole) Most caught doing : Dreaming Future plans : I want to build my Fashion Brand, travel the world & Party... *_*

At FS Since 2009 - 9 Years Nicknames : Cloud Moments that I will cherish : - My first day at school in splash pool to the years ahead where my friends and I have made many memories from fights during Sports day and to all the united spirit in music competition. - This is my first school where I can share whatsoever with my teachers which made me so close to my teachers. - The most amazing one was my long hair period where it was quite a tough journey as I was the only boy who had long hair. I was asked by my teachers to trim my hair due to school policy but later the rule was changed and then everyone was allowed to keep long hair and I felt so amazed about HOS supporting us and allowing us to keep long hair. A funny incident with you or with your friends : - On the last day of our 10th board exams we decided to do some thing to avoid our boring talks so we decided to play cricket in class with glue sticks and class name plate and so a friend of mine and I rushed to other classes to collect glue sticks. When we started playing, we were shouting like hell and then suddenly the HOS appeared on the floor bridge and then everyone was alerted and scared so everyone started reading books and threw away every possible clue he could still catch some of us with glue sticks in hand so he gave us a punishment of sitting in huddle room

Harsh Doshi th

12 April 2000

and we laughed out a lot because we felt so connected and so crazy about making funny memories. Most caught doing : - Cheat in exam sometimes. - Teasing someone loud in corridor. Future Plans : - I want to be both a self worker and a social worker by growing a huge industry of ideas in luxury like diamonds and jewelry and also to all the thanks giving to rural as by providing jobs and safety to all who wants to work for their future. - I also want to do something for nature but haven't figured out what to do for it. - I wish that in future I come back to this school as a guest speaker.

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Ishu babes, Susu, Chudail, Puchki, 36B Moments that I will cherish : Fountainhead has given me so many memories that I have lost count... I have made more memories here in the past 5 years than I ever had in the previous school where I was for 7 whole years. This school has given me friends who will be there, right beside me for my whole life! It has given me memories which will make me smile every time


resurface... it has given me good times and happiness and confidence to develop into a person of my own, the confidence that I never had before. I owe a lot to this school, a box full of memories and a handful of lifelong friends among a few! We have literally indulged in madness, dancing like crazy in the classes and during night outs, playing cricket with broken table tops and getting caught by Vardan Sir, SCHOOL TRIPS!!! The list can go on and on and on just like my tears when I have to finally leave this place, this place which has given me some of the best times of my life so far! A funny incident with you or with your friends : How I got a fracture, grade 10 Chemistry class, bunking classes to play footloose, chudail

Ishika Mittal th

12 August 2000

gang's night out, drunk calls from "friends' and so many more... Most caught doing : Talking or more like shouting Future plans : Someone who's making a difference

At FS Since 2010 - 8 Years Nicknames : Big Daddy Moments that I will cherish : When it came to random security checks...I Always Won, Always. A funny incident with you or with your friends : (*_*)/ \(*_*) <) ) Peace out ( (> / \ Peasants! / \ Most caught doing : Thinking/Cracking Jokes Future plans : Dyamm, it feels good to be a gangster...

Rahul Desai rd

23 March 2000

At FS Since 2011 - 7 Years Nicknames : Satu Moments that I will cherish : Trip to Jayalgarh, Savarkundla and Nainital. Night outs in and out of school. Pranks played. Walking to lunch with friends. Bunking French class and going to Jungle Gym. Playing varies games at Jungle Gym. Math slots in Grade 7. Singing Honey Singh songs out of nowhere in grade 7. Coming to sports camps in the morning. Playing PS at our places and then fighting over them! Going to Dumas at 3 a.m. Playing Garba at STC and then going for long drives. Dinner after Navratri at Aieroc. Night after SGMUN. New year's eve 2016. A funny incident with you or with your friends : So it was the first night out of Grade 11 and to be honest the best one ever. We went out for a long drive. We were 7 people in total and 5 of us were in my car. Now all of a sudden a policeman stops us and we had no idea what to do! So one of us was driving the car and like all of us he was scared as well! I was siting on the passenger seat in the front. The Policeman asked him "Where are you going?". He looked at me and smiled. The policeman asked him "Do you have a license?". He looked at me and asked "Kya bolu bhai?". All of us couldn't handle ourselves and started laughing. Somehow we apologised to the policeman and promised him

Satwik Goyal

that we won't ever leave our house at late night. Funny thing, later that night we didn't return to my house. We rather went to Dumas as planned and enjoyed our night like it was our last. And... till date on every night out we still go to Dumas and enjoy ourselves. Most caught doing : I am most caught leaving sarcastic comments on my friends or cracking lame jokes and in return waiting for them to abuse me and then laugh on it with them. Future Plans : I see myself celebrating friends and success together. I see myself to be in touch with all my batch mates! In the end however, wherever or with whomsoever I am, I see myself to be happy


11 January 2000

and enjoying life.

At FS Since 2009 - 9 Years Nicknames : Babe, Noob, Chakki, Diddy, Ms. Gross, Stock Market, Installment Moments that I will cherish : Madhya padesh trips, CAS trips. All these trips were amazing, it gave me a chance to know my friends better, to come close to them and also it did help me in making new friends. All the memories are either related to the trips or school campus. Standing near the cooler during transition time, going late to the class, bunking classes, having fun in the classes, having deep conversation with teachers, teasing them and what not. A funny incident with you or with your friends : A lot of funny incidents took place, the one I remember was on a trip I was bathing and suddenly ma'am pulled me out of the washroom saying that we are getting late and she literally dressed me up just because I was doing it very slowly. It was weird yet a funny one. Most caught doing : Some vulgar or gross talks.

Khushi Arya th

29 December 2000

Future plans : I want to become an entrepreneur and want to start up with my own hotel chain.

At FS Since 2015 - 3 Years Nicknames : Shreemu, Pali, Booty Moments that I will cherish : It has been 3 complete years since I joined FS. My journey at Fountainhead School was ďŹ lled with unforgettable memories. I will always miss school events such as FSMUN, SUO, Bal Mela, Life Class and Night Out. The memories of these events will always hold a special place in my heart. I will always miss bunking classes and running to the Sickbay. I will miss the bus transition time where we all would meet and gossip. Bus rides, ďŹ eld trips, Free Slots, Breaks, AS/PS every single memory will be cherished. A funny incident with you or with your friends : It was our school winter trip to Nainital in Grade 11 and I took my phone to the trip even though it was not allowed. Suddenly teachers entered our room and started checking our bags as they spotted a chunk of junk food in our room. Akshat and I got tensed about the phone. I wanted to save my phone anyhow so I acted as if I was not well and I am going to faint. By seeing this both the teachers stopped the bag check and diverted their attention to me. In the meantime Akshat hid my phone at a very safe place. Sir kept on asking me the entire trip if I was "OKAY". We still laugh over this incident. LOL

Shreemann Paliwal

Most caught doing : Talking, Playing Pranks, Smiling, Sleeping, Bunking, Studying Future plans : Shreemann Paliwal will be the greatest young entrepreneur that any Indian has ever witnessed. I will pursue MBA and will become an astute businessman. 10 years down the line I see a very corporate and professional Shreemann Paliwal who has friendly relations with all the people around him. Don't worry friends you will not need an appointment to meet me :-P


14 December 1999

At FS Since 2014 - 4 Years Nicknames : Darshuda Moments that I will cherish : Jayalgarh trip A funny incident with you or with your friends : After we were sent out of the class by our Physics teacher due to certain reasons, we started throwing almonds from the next class to our class.The class didn't know where they were coming from. Most caught doing : Getting late for the class, getting scolded in Maths class. Future Plans : Maybe a businessman or an architect.

Darsh Mangukiya th

4 April 2000

At FS Since 2010 - 8 Years Nicknames : Mehta, Chudail, Flatty Moments that I will cherish : The Jayalgarh trip in grade 10, all the dance parties in school, the PYP exhibition, playing cricket in the class A funny incident with you or with your friends : We were once playing cricket in the class, with resources such as the chair (stump), glue stick (ball), and the classroom name tag (bat). It was our last day in school in grade 10. My friends and I were fully engrossed in playing in the class, being fully aware that this wasn't allowed. We didn't notice that the security had caught us and complained this to HOS. After 30 minutes of play, we saw Sir coming, towards our class, from the window. In a span of 30 seconds, we all packed up our game and rushed to grab a book and pretended that we weren't doing anything. We were so silly to act as if Sir hadn't seen us from the window. The funniest part was that we were all reading books that we wouldn't even open in our whole academic year. One of us was actually pretending to read a Math textbook and 2 people were reading a book which was about 2-3 inches thick, and ofcourse we

Khushi Mehta th

26 July 2000

thought Vardan sir didn't notice that. We were all sent to the cabin near Sir's office as a consequence. As soon as Sir left we all burst into laughter. No one amongst us was feeling guilty or even a bit scared by the consequence given, infact we were feeling happy as we would be able to sit in an AC room. This was the best incident of years I spent in this school. Most caught doing : Cracking some silly and lame jokes Future plans : I want to get a degree in Fine Arts, and then I plan to do community service through the skills of art and give it back to the society. I may get into a profession, but not a job or a business for sure.

At FS Since 2010 - 8 Years Nicknames : Lasan, Lasu, Point God Moments that I will cherish : There are no moments in FS that I don't cherish. Every minute I spent at FS all school trips, celebrations done at FS, sports event, lunch table talks, laughing at the most silliest jokes cracked.. its like my whole journey of FS is cherishable. However the event which I always flaunt about was, scoring an alley-oop basket at basketball district level tournament. It is a memorable moment as no one from our school had done it before. This play got me selected for the state-level tournament. In FS I have always learnt to live the life fullest, its always that lots of memories are made and noting it down is the toughest job; as I feel all my feelings attached to that event may get lost. Still I'm happy that I will leave my school with tonnes of memories which I can talk about in future. A funny incident with you or with your friends : JNIS tournament had many funny incidents. Only those people could relate to incident who where staying in my room. Gossip and mischief (pun intended) between the roomates . Yes! In my batch there are few who are scared of horror stories. December trip to Nainital and Corbett, the horror stories session with camp fire and in between someone got scared by the

Darshan Shah

sound of barking dogs and pebbles hitting the metal drum. The mischief was done at Vadodara airport during our winter trip. We played frisbee, celebrated a friends birthday and annoyed airport staff. Chanting 'Ganpati Bappa Morya' while the flight was taking off. :D Most caught doing : Talking, Playing Pranks, Smiling, Sleeping, Bunking, Studying Future plans : I want to do masters in Business Management. I want to get flying license of ATR and private jets which will be like dream come true. Also, I will join my family business and expand it by


4 September 2000

settling abroad.

At FS Since 2016 - 2 Years Nicknames : Chopra Moments that I will cherish : To become friends with some amazing people - Kanish, Harshil, Dhairya, Rahul, Jay, Josh, Pulkit A funny incident with you or with your friends : I don't bunk my classes very often but when it gets really boring I bunk it with my friends. me and my friends Kanish, Shreeman and Jay were bunking our Hindi slot and throwing pens in grade 11 classes during an ongoing slot. It was fun. I cherish every moment spent with my friends. Most caught doing : Laughing and talking Future Plans : Businessman

Abhishek Chopra th

7 February 2000

At FS Since 2010 - 8 Years Nicknames : Rocket, Frooti, Nups Moments that I will cherish : School trips, night outs, field trips, bunking classes, playing pranks, unofficially eating in classes and many more are all the memories I will always cherish. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Last day of grade 10 would be the best memory of FS, it was my last day with 2 of my closest friends as they were going to leave the school. Four of us stood in the bridge area and consecutively we called students who passes by us and said "The librarian is searching for you since a long time, please go and meet her" There were almost 10 children who actually believed, and after the 10th student the librarian got so irritated that she came searching for us that who are these people who are continuously playing pranks and we got a consequence that was to keep the books properly. Except this, each and everyday of FS is worth remembering and living and I will always remember and miss Fountainhead.

Nupur Bansal th

27 February 2000

Most caught doing : I am most caught sleeping in my classes or either bunking breaks. Future plans : I want to become a clinical psychologist, earn money and travel around the world.

At FS Since 2016 - 2 Years Nicknames : Ranbir Moments that I will cherish : Friends I made in this journey of 2 years, Trips we had throughout the years. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Bunking Hindi class and throwing pens randomly in grade 11 classes, Pranked Harsh by gluing him to a chair in BM class. Most caught doing : Laughing on serious moments Future plans : Actor

Kanish Batra


26 November 2000

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Bobuuuu, Boobly, Jumul Moments that I will cherish : There are many memories associated with FS that I cherish a lot. It may be hard to write them all in a small passage but the top 5 would be : 1. Nainital Trip | 2. Jayalgarh Trip | 3. Every Xbox Performance | 4. The times spent with my closest friends (Y.D.D.H.H.H.I.N.K.) | 5. â&#x20AC;&#x2039;Troubling and teasing all my teachers A funny incident with you or with your friends : 1. Ishika's fracture | 2. WANKHEDE | 3. Abheek Sir's INCIDENT (Sir woh kya haaaiii??) 4. Rafting at Jayalgarh (Hriday, remember?) | 5. Bunking Chemistry class (Footloose) Most caught doing : 1. Cracking silly jokes. | 2. Getting myself thrown out of the class. | 3. Troubling teachers. 4. Doing something that gets me in trouble. | 5. Looking confusedly at a Math Question. Future Plans : I will most likely become a lawyer if things work out right. If they don't, I will probably be

Jugal Kachiwala st

21 February 2001

doing something else that I love and makes me happy. Maybe I will even meet some of my classmates in the court of law.

At FS Since 2010 - 8 Years Nicknames : Blossom, Utsi Moments that I will cherish : 1) The most cherished memory I think Fountainhead has given me is, the birth of TRYUMPH, which is a group of my best friends. Tanvi, Rashi, Yashita, Utsavee, Mahimna Parishi and Hiral. Also when we had gone to Jayalgarh, it was one hell of a trip where we all had so much fun while we were drenched in ICE COLD water and paper bowls full of maggi. <3 2) Bunking for the first time in our life, Me, Parishi, Hiral, Tanvi and Rashi had bunked a double COS practical slot in Grade 10, right before our Boards and we went to Cinderella (Which happens to be our place) and had shit loads of fun... A funny incident with you or with your friends : I don't really think that there is something funny about our lives, because we are doing "IB" Most caught doing : I am most caught laughing with a group of my friends in the corridor, or eating, or if you can hear one person shouting in the corridor for no reason, you have found me.

Utsavee Desai rd

23 August 2000

Future plans : I suppose I would still be studying after 7 years, however more importantly I would want to be most happy, bubbly and enthusiastic person always...

At FS Since 2013 - 5 Years Nicknames : Adi, Adu, Half-Tea, Ads Moments that I will cherish : This school has been very special. Each year has come with supreme VERVE, new friends, amazing teachers, rules that we all wanted to break, and beautiful memories. It's been a splendid FORTUITY to have been a part of this journey with such amazing people; each one unique and exceptional in their own way! It seems like this school was the most important HARBINGER of the kind of life we are set to see in the coming days or months. Another reason out of the thousands that I am grateful to the school for is bringing out the VERSATILITY in me. From studying and participating in competitions to enjoying the school trips, night outs, business fairs, field trips, CAS trips, Xbox performances, Jungle Gym and all the other times that we spent together in learning and getting a thrill out of. From complaining about troublemakers to becoming the troublemakers. From cribbing over others' mistakes to making mistakes and learning from them. From fighting with each other to fighting for each other. From cracking lame jokes to oh.... that didn't change for me at all :P But each one of us has grown. We have become better human beings and have learnt to listen, understand, respect and have fun. Today, I accept both the good and

Aditi Iyer


3 January 2001

bad with EQUANIMITY. I will take with me these bags full of memories wherever I head on to.

At FS Since 2013 - 5 Years Nicknames : Malji Moments that I will cherish : Eating in the same plate in school and standing behind in economics classes. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Running to catch the train in GSES. Most caught doing : Branding my showroom. Future Plans : CFA

Hriday Malji rd

23 September 2000

At FS Since 2009 - 9 Years Nicknames : Hira, Hiru, Jerry Moments that I will cherish : There are many memories which I will cherish in my entire life. Memories made during the winter trips (especially Jayalgarh), this was the only trip where whole TRYUMPH was there. Forming of TRYUMPH during Chemistry class will be also remembered. Football competitions were so much fun. I would also cherish few memories made in classroom and dining area.

A funny incident with you or with your friends : There are many funny incidents which took place with me and my friends . One of them was bunking COS practical and going to Cinderella (clicking amazing pictures). I also remember a funny incident from Jayalgarh trip, where one of us got phone and was talking to somebody on phone. At that time someone from outside knocked the tent door and everyone shouted, "wait, log change kar hai" (Note - it might not sound as funny as it was).

Hiral Hirpara th

28 November 1999

Most caught doing : Hanging out with my group of friends, singing songs and dancing with those friends. Sometimes I am also caught in the library working or doing time pass. Future plans : My future after 6 years would be I would have completed my MBA and would have started with my career. I would be where I always wanted to be.

At FS Since 2011 - 7 Years Nicknames : Jinnu Moments that I will cherish : I'll always remember Jay sir's not-so-lame jokes. I'll always remember the advises given by Ayman ma'am. I'll always remember Subhalaxmi ma'am's sarcasms and her bold speech. I'll always remember Kinjal ma'am's enlivening classes. Ruchita ma'am, I'll always remember you sticking by and encouraging us. Smruti ma'am, I'll always remember the effective and fruitful TOK consultations, learning French songs. I'll also remember your joyful laugh. Urvashi ma'am I'll always remember you for your understanding and I miss you. I'll always remember Shezin ma'am being so lively and full of spirit. I'll always remember Vagisha ma'am for cheering me up. Finally, I'll forever remember & love FOUNTAINHEAD. A funny incident with you or with your friends : In Jayalgarh, while rafting, as we entered the rapids, the raft started hurtling between the rocks. The instructor was advising us to hold the grip and bend inwards. I was listening to him and the next thing I know was, I was tossed off the raft and ďŹ&#x201A;oating in the water. I was

Manasvi Jariwala


26 September 2000

spotted & rescued. Most caught doing : HA HA HA.......Laughing Future plans : Not so confused anymore. Lit major.

At FS Since 2014 - 4 Years Nicknames : Aki Moments that I will cherish : I had a lot of fun in school. I organised an Annual day performance and showed by taking up the intiative and I enjoyed a lot in bringing up this big event in front of all the parents of our Grade 12. A funny incident with you or with your friends : I and my friends brought a bomb in school some time back. As in me Prabhav Jay and other and the bomb was like a grenade so I removed the top of the grenade and while throwing it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t go down and bounce back towards us and then we had to run to save ourselves. Most caught doing : I am most caught doing distracting the class and speaking shamelessly in front of everyone.

Akshat Poddar rd

23 November 2000

Future Plans : I want to become a businessman and I will surely join my father's business to expand it more and specalise in the field of textile.

At FS Since 2013 - 5 Years Nicknames : Modi Moments that I will cherish : From panicking for Xbox performances to coming late to Economics class or rather trying to mass bunk Chemistry slot in Grade 10; from taking the pain to photocopying all lost textbooks and past papers though not using it except during the exams and trying the best to complete the book club requirement and yet not being able to make it. From singing crazy songs during field trips to endless talking and gossiping during the winter trips. The nervousness which thrived in while walking in for PTCs to finding out secrets of our teachers in free slots.

A funny incident with you or with your friends : Sitting in a large group and reading "Just for girls" and "Just for boys" in one of the book clubs and hilariously laughing about how humans were created. Most caught doing : Eating chewing gum, coming late for economics class, chit-chatting in math class.

Nishtha Modi th

18 May 2000

Future plans : Hope to achieve all by dreams but more importantly stay connected with these fun loving friends and teachers

At FS Since 2009 - 9 Years Nicknames : Aaka, Aaku Moments that I will cherish : My ďŹ rst day at Fountainhead as a student will always be the most cherished memory. All of my anxiety went away when I met all my classmates who helped me out with everything be it study related or life related,. Most caught doing : Watching T.V shows and movies in the library. Future plans : I haven't decided what I want to become but whatever I do, I want to earn enough that I can travel wherever and whenever I want to.

Aakanksha Jariwala th

25 December 2000

At FS Since 2016 - 2 Years Nicknames : Nimi, Niru Moments that I will cherish : Drinking Tea which was available only for teachers, spending time with friends in Jungle Gym, going to Sickbay frequently in G11. A funny incident with you or with your friends : When we went to the old age home for the Hindi Field trip, I made Rahul our so called singer. The woman in the old age home asked him to sing with her and she told him "tu iss baar Indian Idol mei jeet ke aana. Mei tujhe TV pe dekhungi.â&#x20AC;? Most caught doing : Drinking tea and eating in class Future Plans : I am aspiring to become an investment manager or an investment banker and I want to establish my own asset management company.

Nirmay Choksi rd

23 February 2000

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Tingu, Chotu, HeyShe Moments that I will cherish : Every moment is this school is worth cherishing, beginning from Grade 3 to Grade 12. I have made the most amazing friends here and met the most incredible teachers, who are not just teachers but also wonderful people. Learning from them has always been of utmost pleasure. The journey at Fountainhead has been a rollercoaster ride, not only the school has imparted knowledge but also made me grow as a person. All memories made here in between these walls will be cherished forever. A funny incident with you or with your friends : There is no single incident that is funny, everyday with friends is a day filled with laughter. We crack lame jokes and still laugh at them, we listen to and sing crazy songs that people refuse to like. We tease each other like no one other does and we can start being our crazy selves where ever we are together. I'd remember everything with them always. Most caught doing : Laughing in between ongoing classes.

Harshee Adnani st

21 October 2000

Future plans : I aspire to only work hard towards what I really want to achieve in my life and what will hold the utmost importance.

At FS Since 2014 - 4 Years Nicknames : Bhauu Moments that I will cherish : Hanging out with friends at Jungle Gym. drinking tea illegally. throwing water balloons. Detention time. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Once a friend of mine bought a firework in school at the time of Diwali and there was one instance where he was trying to throw it in the pool from the third floor but he was so dumb that he threw it aimlessly and the firework hit the grills and fell in front of us and because of that we had to run immediately and that caused a lot of noise. Later, we were called for it and we are sorry to lie but we were on our last warnings. Most caught doing : Bunking Future plans : Earn a lot of money by doing the thing which interests me a lot.

Prabhav Mehra


3 August 2000

At FS Since 2016 - 2 Years Nicknames : Josh Moments that I will cherish : The time when we were all preparing for our X-box performance and the time when we were bidding farewell to the 2017 batch and all those times when all the students were together. Needless to say, the more the merrier. I can't really pinpoint memories that I cherish the most but I have loads. I can say that because when I close my eyes to think about my most cherished memories of Fountainhead, it's not dark at all. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Well, it was my second day of school and I kind of sort of used a slang in front of our ESS teacher and was obviously caught and scolded for, I'm not going into details because all those who were there know exactly what happened and also know that I'm very scrupulous when it comes to class discipline. Haha I'm only kidding, I'm very mischievous. Jokes aside, I know I'm coming off as irreverent but it was really funny in the moment. However, I show no appreciation of such attitudes in learning environment and whatever happened was a mere mistake for which I'm sincerely sorry. (This incident has been mentioned only for the purpose of yearbook and shall not be discussed at all.) I'm just kidding, I don't think I'm ever going to forget this incident, school has been fun, almost always :'D

Josh Tak

Most caught doing : Wow, this is a tricky one, so I think I'm most caught without a Chromebook but there are chances I've been caught dozing off in class more than that and needless to say, my submissions have never been made on time let alone before time. I'm not proud of anything mentioned above neither am I ashamed, I'm embracing every moment I spent in school, and trying to take in most of it, making constant efforts to be a better learner because I'm a part time student and a full time learner :D Future Plans : So here is a little sneak peek into my future. 5 years from now, no wait, 10 years from now, I'm still studying, don't really know what but I can see myself engaged in education. One of the things I like most about the whole idea of education is that through the course of it, the organisation you're a part of most definitely becomes a part of you and changes you subliminally and sooner or later becomes family, just like FS has been for me. So yeah, school will be over in a few months and I will be moving on


21 December 1998

with my life, what stays are the memories of this school and hopefully the school's memories of me.

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Tommy, Dhano, D, Mimi Moments that I will cherish : There are innumerable memories to cherish. Its been almost 10 years in this school and I absolutely have no count of the ups and downs I have gone through in this school. Starting from Grade 3 when we played all those games in the Assembly to Grade 6 wherein we were the very 1st Batch to conduct the PYP exhibition, and finally to Grade 12 where the workload never ends. The entire journey has been a great adventure and enough to last a lifetime in my heart. A funny incident with you or with your friends : There might have been funny incidents, but what I have are even funnier friends who make every serious situation and every incident humorous and worth remembering. Sometimes, I am forced to laugh at lame jokes but most of the times I am the one who gets joked upon. They tease me, they make fun of me and we together have such a insatiating playlist that only satisfies us and no one else. Every situation with them in it becomes funnier itself, which will be remembered and cherished forever.

Dhwani Bapna nd

2 November 2000

Most caught doing : Talking and laughing during classes or coming late. Future plans : I am on my way to pursue BBA, and I aspire to be a good person that FS has always wanted me to be.

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Jashkirat Moments that I will cherish : My most cherished memory in Fountainhead school was my grade 6 business fair where I was selling idli sambar and chutney. After selling over 20 plates I realized that my sambar was over and I forgot to bring more sambar with me. I was completely baffled and was confused what to do, as I was thinking about this an idea struck me and I started to sell Idlis with chutney at Rs. 20/- per plate and my entire stock was sold. This was one of my most cherished moments as I learned how to be proactive and you will always find a solution for problems if you try hard A funny incident with you or with your friends : During XBox performance of India Studies in Gr 8, one of my friends pronounced the word sharap (curse) ; sharab (alcohol) and all the parents and the rest of the members started laughing after someone said on the mic that it is not sharab it is sharap. Most caught doing : Bunking my class in grade 7 and going to ICT lab to research about IT stuff

Jashkirat Virdi


12 February 2001

Future plans : I firstly want to do Computer Science then Law and then a job in IT firm as a CISO (Chief information security officer) or else work with a defense department as a Cyber Security Specialist

At FS Since 2011 - 7 Years Nicknames : Vraj (because my full name would take too long to be spoken), Suvaar. Moments that I will cherish : Every single minute of happiness. School trips, lunch table, all those free slots that were just used to realize what are we gonna do and become in life. The memories of reaching late in class after break and making the silliest excuse we can in order to sit in the class, and if not, standing at the back of the class and regretting the decision itself of coming to the class. Also memories of bunking Hindi classes and going to Jungle Gym would be some of the memories that would be cherished for life. A funny incident with you or with your friends : It happened during one of those days, when our IGCSE grade 10 exams were approaching and we were given free slots because of the exam pressure. My friends decided to play cricket using Fevistik, that were left in the class. While we were playing, suddenly Sir opened the classroom door, and within a fraction of second, we all were found holding books in our hands looking like those innocent students who would be studying. The best part about being caught was being sent to one of the Air conditioned huddle room, where we all joked about the incident and clicked pictures.

Vrajrajsinhji Parmar th

12 March 2000

Most caught doing : I am most caught making random and irritating noises, during classes in order to take out my frustration in those boring classes we all have faced . Also I am one of those guys who can always be caught begging for or borrowing a Chromebook, from others in order to stay in class. Also I must say, I have been caught picking up pen and pencils from the floor several times, but man!!!! They are your true life saviours. Future Plans : I haven't yet decided what I want to become in life, but as life is all about making those small steps count, I have planned to study engineering in future, and most probably pursue that in future.

At FS Since 2008 - 10 Years Nicknames : Tindi, Gundi, Nepali, Bhangi and 1000 more Moments that I will cherish : I joined FS in 2008 and since then we have seen each other grow, thats how close I am to this school. There have been innumerable memories that I have made here and will cherish for the rest of my life. There isn't just one or two such memories that I will cherish rather every moment spent at this school will never be forgotten. Nature camps, winter trips, life classes, ďŹ eld trips, PS and AS slots, X-box performances, FSMUN, SUO, Bal Mela, exceeding transition time, lunch breaks, irritating didis at canteen, getting late to class, making fun of each other and what not. But these memories would have been impossible without the people here. Not only my friends but the teachers too. All of you not only have made this the best place but helped me learn a lot. I will never forget any and will miss you a lot! A funny incident with you or with your friends : When we were playing cricket in class and Sir came. When we realised we all ran in different corners of the room and pretended as if we were studying. Well obviously he

Nishtha Jain


19 May 2000

knew the truth so we were asked to sit with two of the teachers till the end of the day. There too we started cracking jokes and had fun. Most caught doing : Eating or beating. Future plans : Doing something big... Somewhere...

At FS Since 2011 - 7 Years Nicknames : BP, Piyu Moments that I will cherish : All the memories which I made at FS will be cherished for life. From going to winter trips, night outs, preparing for Xbox, conducting PYP exhibition, business fair, reaching late to classes, or eating in the class and getting caught. From cracking lame jokes to running across the corridor in the transition time and getting scolded by teachers. Things I will most miss are my friends, teachers and the endless laughter. The Life Classes were the best classes which taught me life lessons and how to face problems and not avoid them. All the memories made from Grade 6 to Grade 12 will be missed. A funny incident with you or with your friends : Picking up a funny incident is difficult but cracking lame jokes and laughing on that again and again is one of the memories I will never forget. Most caught doing : Cracking lame jokes and laughing.

Priyavi Shah st

1 September 2000

Future plans : As of now I have not decided but I have decided to do BBA.

At FS Since 2012 - 6 Years Nicknames : Kaju Moments that I will cherish : Every moment spent in Fountainhead is to be cherished, Fountainhead has taught me every possible thing. Cracking lame jokes in the class, making fun of each other and irritating the teachers. All of it is the best part of being here. A funny incident with you or with your friends : No particular incident because everyday something new takes place! Most caught doing : Eating in the class, laughing and cracking lame jokes. Future Plans : Not sure how it is going to turn out, but will always remember the lessons learnt in school and live life to the fullest.

Kashish Gwalani nd

22 June 2001

At FS Since 2010 - 8 Years Nicknames : Smri, Sumo, Dino, Mard, SD Card, Buttercup, Suvar Moments that I will cherish : Making teacher sit on a dustbin as a consequence for coming late in Class, Singing weird Honey Singh songs and rap whole day! There were certain set of people who always stood behind for every Biology class in grade 7 (Harshil, Saket, Pratik, Himani and I) and we all used to play a game Called Water storage in which we had to fill our mouth with water and whoever keeps it that way the longest wins. Even after trying hard just scoring a 7 out of 60 in Maths with the highest of no more than 11 in our class. Nihar sir challenging everybody to jump from the top of the Jungle Gym, drawing hearts all over the page, playing hide and seek, challenging each other for merrygo-round and everything. Grade 7 was just amazing. In grade 9 we (Jay, Satwik, Nikhar, Manasvi and I) bunked a French class and went to the Jungle Gym. We all just sat there and did time pass but then somehow we were caught and we all promised each other that we won't bunk any other class again! But that really didn't happen :p During the Nature camp Himani, Khushi and I bought junk food worth Rs. 900/- and hid it under our bed in Kanha. While playing a game, Akshat fell off the bed and discovered our treasure! We had to seriously bribe him by giving some of our food so that he doesn't tell anyone else. In the same trip we (Nupur, Khushi, Himani, Manasvi and I) were scolded by the manager as we were singing and dancing soooo loudly at around 12.00 or 1.00 in the night. My free slots would be fun with Aakanksha, Vraj, Utsavee and Pari. Talking about any random stuff, playing songs or even studying was fun for that matter. I have so many of them that I can just go on and on.

Smriti Dhariwal th

8 June 2000

A funny incident with you or with your friends : In grade 6 during our PYP exhibition we were supposed to work on our charts in one corridor and by mistake Priyansh spilled whole bottle of black paint. Instead of just wiping off the paint, one of us poured water on it and the whole corridor was black. Most of them escaped by saying they had mentor meeting and as far as I remember Harshee was wiping the floor and I was using 4 mops at a time (one in each hand and leg) and mopping the floor like a frog. On the last day of grade 9 Harshil and I were in the class and he challenged me to aim the wall clock. I took that challenge extremely seriously and both of us were trying to aim it with a duster but I was unaware of why Harshil was so bad at aiming just at that point of time. Finally I made it! I broke the wall clock and won the challenge but what to do next? We called didi and told her that "didi dekhona hum aaye class mei toh ye toota hua pada tha!" Most caught doing : Singing and dancing anywhere.. Future plans : I want to be an architect for now.







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29 November 2000

27 October 2000

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24 May 1999

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2 Augst 2000

1 April 2000

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' T e a c h e r s

Wearing my heart on my sleeve...

(If I don't give you something to look up in the dictionary, I will not have done my job right!) So FINALLY, in your penultimate year at school, I got the opportunity to teach your batch... A batch that has been swishing between 'will she, won't she and why did she ever!' A batch in which some were helping me juggle my role as 'aunty' and 'maam' (one was definitely juggling 'mom' and 'maam' herself). A batch that was spoken about with such fondness and affection by their former (and some current) teachers, that I was wondering if I would ever get a similar fantastic opportunity to enjoy their presence in my class. (Rule of Triad - the above statements...Oh, and don’t miss the Anaphora) And how I loved every minute of the class... the teasers did not do you justice. You guys are really, really awesome (there's Repetition and Hyperbole for you...for emphasis) You understood the jokes (and the sarcasm) and threw some awesome ones back at, that is a good thing for a Language teacher....that shows your ability to use language creatively (Ahem...hopefully you have done that in your CWT as well) And yes...I have filled this piece with ellipses so that I help you remember that like poets who use thought pauses in their works (so what if we are 'over-analysing' those pauses), you may want to take that pause in life and see how far you've come from the babies you were when you entered the portals of this school. But more importantly, I want you to take a thought pause and consider your future - the decisions that you take now, whatever you act upon now, may create for you a future of your dreams. I wish you these thought pauses every now and then.

Subhalaxmi Iyer

I want to write more...but I guess I am so taken by your lively, spirited, exuberant personalities (try and decipher the Euphemisms here) that I think I can't go any further than this... And for those of you who are still wondering - 'Yeh sab simple Hindi mein kyun nahi bolti/likhti' - you are expecting it from the wrong person dude! Love and Hugs, (English facilitator-Extended Essay Nightmare-Discipline Monster-Aditi's Mom-all rolled into one)

Each graduating batch of FS carves an indelible niche in my heart and it is always heartrending to bid adieu to them and you, the 2018 batch, are no different. Each of you with your unique personality and idiosyncrasies is going to be missed sorely. Some of you, I have known and taught since Grade 7 and I began interacting with most of you from Grade 10. I still remember the exclusive introductions you gave of yourselves way back when you were in Grade 7 and those memories never cease to amuse me and bring a fond smile! There were a lot of assumptions made about your batch when you were in Grade 10 and Grade 11 and oh boy, am I glad you surpassed all expectations with your stupendous performance at all levels, aces that you are, in bringing about paradigm shifts! You must be wondering whether I have any pearls of wisdom to share with you as you leave the protected environs of FS. Nah, not really, because I believe we have equipped you with life skills and survival skills to cope with most situations. There were groans of protests and a lot of clamor about those never ending life classes but I am sure those are the reminiscences that you will cherish for a long time to come, if not an eternity. Batch of 2018, the world is your oyster and you were born to conquer it, so go out there and make a positive difference. Make new friends but cherish the old, stay true to your word and honor your commitments, treat everyone with respect and dignity. Do NOT join the bandwagon, sculpt a place for yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Be someone who you can respect. Exercise the mind and body regularly and stay ďŹ t. Make yourselves & the school proud of you. Face challenges with spunk and keep the spark alive! Best wishes to each of you for a rockin future. Whichever culture you inhabit, change is inevitable, Cling to your virtue and ethics in this era of globalization, Be innovative in your approach and design a winning strategy Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a brand new world out there, explore the possibilities! Lots of love

AYMaN Shaikhmahmud

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Ranjana Tandon

nbttht mtt:t vttkat JtMttuO ft ni ytih sttu rf ctnw;t ne gtt’dtth hnudtt > ;twbnthu mtt:t stgttjtdtZ ft rx[vt ;ttu btuhu rjtB Bf htubttkatf yltwCtJt :tt > ;twbt jttudt sttu btrm;tgttä mfqjt btuk fh;tu ntu, Wmtmtu rctjtfwjt ne yjtdt ;twbt jttudttuk ft Ìvt btwLtu Wmt rx[vt fu ’tihtlt ’uFtltu ftu rbtjtt sttu :tt Bf rstbbtu’th ytih Bf ’qmthu ft Dgttlt hFtltu Jttjtu ft > btI ctmt gtne attn;te nqä rf Emt mfqjt fu ctt’ stct ;twbt cttnhe ’wrltgtt btuk f’bt hFttudtu, ;twbnthu mttbtltu ctnw;t atwlttir;tgttä ytBädte ytih ;tct Nttgt’ ;twbnthu ytmt vttmt ;twbnuk mtäCttjtltu Jttjtu ;twbnthu yvtltu rbt*t ltnek ntukdtu > ;tct ;twbnuk Ftw’ ne yvtltu rjtB htm;tt ctlttltt ni ytih htm;tt ne ltnek ctrjf ytihtuk ft bttdto’Ntolt Cte fhltt ni > fCte Cte mJtt:teo bt;t ctltltt, sttu Cte ;twbt ’qmthtuk ftu mteFtt mtftu stÌh mteFttltt ³gttukrf rNtHtf mtu vtnjtu Bft rJt$t:teo ctltltt vtz;tt ni > ’qmthtuk ftu mteFttltu mtu vtnjtu Ftw’ mteFtltt vtz;tt ni ytih nbtuk ltnek vt;tt rf nbttht fct ft fwA mteFtt nwyt nbtthu ftbt yt sttgtu > fCte Cte dtjtr;tgttk fhltu mtu bt;t zhltt ³gttukrf ydth nbt dtjt;te fh hnu nik ;ttu Emtft y:to ni rf nbt fwA ltgtt mteFt hnu nik > jturflt Bf ctt;t nbtuNtt gtt’ hFtltt rf nh dtjt;te mtu rlthtNt ltnek ntultt ni ctrjf fwA lt fwA mteFtltt ne ni ytih dtjtr;tgttuk ftu fCte Cte ’tunhtltt bt;t > yvtltu ntukmtjttuk mtu yvtlte ntg ftu ste;t btuk ct’jtltt > ;twbnthu CtrJtMgt fu rjtB NtwCt ftbtlttBk>

“FS = Batch of 2018” I feel so lucky that I had the chance to spend my first five years at FS with you guys. Creating so many memories, memories that I will cherish forever. I feel so lucky to have people like you in my life, saying goodbye to whom is soooooooo…..oooooo difficult. You all have been my lab rats :) I have experimented with all my new learnings on you, whether it be teaching social studies, enterprise, IS or ToK. The journey has been so good and fun with all of you. Over the years I have heard and tried to solve all your issues (now we can call them silly issues). But things will change now and you all will start the new phase and I am as excited as you all are. Topics of interaction with you all, have changed suddenly from “Do you know how you look today?” “Please do something about the menu?” “Why do we have to attend life class?” “Can partners start sole proprietorship?” “You are a CA, so teach us how to avoid taxes ;) ?” “Why did you start teaching?” “Why you teach enterprise, do your own an enterprise?” “Will you be our CA when we start our business?” to “Which is the best university?” “Will you write my L.O.R.?” “What subjects should I opt for in University?” “Will you stay in touch once we leave school?” I have mixed feelings. I will certainly miss you all so much. But it also feels so satisfying when you discuss your future plans with me now. The confidence with which you all talk about your goals, universities and life ahead makes me feel proud. To end this note, I want to say a few things (which I have often shared with you all in some or another way). Here it goes… Last year… A new beginning… All I see is magic ahead...

Shezin Siganporia

Live your life to the fullest! If you love something or are passionate about it, then give all that you can, even if it goes unnoticed. Sometimes others will not accept you, but you be real (even if imperfect). Be fearless and wise. Take decisions for yourself and stand by them. There will be chaos and madness, but where is the fun otherwise? Travel a lot, meet new people, make memories, keep learning, discover yourself (as discussed in one of the ToK classes – there are many things you don’t know, you know). Let the magic begin! :) Lots of love





Someday you’ll realise (like I did) that every instance and person we meet, carries a lesson we can learn from and they come in a myriad of colors-shapes-sizes. Introspection and a neutral witnessing, would take you near your true unmasked self. Suppression or expression of negativity will harm you and others. So my little flowers, together we had Tom & Jerry time of chasing and playing and I’ll cherish it forever.

Dear students, The end of school journey marks a very important stage in one’s life and as you move ahead, there will be lots of experiences lying on your way. For many of you it will be a stressful and difficult journey, but simultaneously it will be the most enthralling and funtime of your life. The decisions you make now will help to chart the rest of your lives. I am extremely fortunate to have mentored, befriended, guided and taught most of you in

I feel you all have taught me things and made me feel so good about being a teacher. I wish from the depth of my heart, you all learn from every incident and person you come across in your long and colourful lives and reach to the point where you become truly, deeply, and joyfully contented!

There is no other greater ecstasy, than to know who you are. - Osho

the last three years. I have lots of memories with most of you. You have taught me how to laugh in the phase of stress and enjoy life to its fullest. I can never forget the fun we have had in our HRM slots, and your favorite song which many of you danced on “Blue eyes….” I will miss you all a lot. It has been amazing watching each one of you grow and I know you all will succeed in anything you put your minds to. Remember to always work hard and never give up!! Good Luck for your future endeavours. Stay blessed.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Thoreau.





Welcome to the last phase of your academic year 2017-2018. Yes the last phase

It’s a beautiful feeling when someone tells you, “I wish I knew you earlier”. Batch of

because after this all my buds (students) will modify and develop into beautiful

2018, I might not have got a chance to interact with all of you on a daily basis but the

flowers, because you all will get new fertile soil which will be full of nutrients

ones whom I teach are very special and unique in their own way. We have had

(knowledge) and lot of water in the form of rain (friends) which will help you to grow

wonderful time in class and it was always fun being around you.

in your life.

Let me use this note to let you know how interesting it was facilitating some of you and to bid you goodbye. I would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that be kind and good to people you meet on your way up. You can expect that some

Abheek Chakraborty

challenges await you, which of course, I strongly believe that knowledge we have imparted in you, you will surely overcome them. Wish you best of luck in your days ahead. God bless !!!

the skills and





Congratulations! you are entering a new phase of life. The mountain that you are going to climb is huge and formidable but so is your ability to climb it. Always believe in

A year that was... 2014 - 2015 : A journey that started with you in G9 - French and English

yourself and in times of doubt think of the moment when you rose above the odds. If you

- but ended too soon. But did forge a few relationships that last till now… A year that was recent... 2016 - 2017 : A journey that started with French and English

could do it then, you can do it now!

again and with two additional elements - ToK and mentor teacher, home visits, life-

Each and every day of the last four years that I have spent with you has greatly impacted

classes, CAS supervisor…

my life. The (NUMEROUS and NEVER ENDING) classroom discussions have taken my

A year that is... 2017 - 2018 : A journey that started with French, English and ToK, with

endurance to the next level :) . Starting from Merchant of Venice to the musical X Box

grade mentorship, but by the time 2017 drew to an end, all that remained was French

performances to the unforgettable events of the winter trip..every moment has created a memory that I will cherish for life. I cannot even begin to explain how much will I miss

and ToK… Years that would be 2018 onward : I believe we have had a lot of memories together that

you all. As my heart would swell with nostalgia when I see our old pictures, it would also

you may cherish; that you might want to take forth to the times that would knock at your

beam with pride when I will see you chasing your dreams.

doors beckoning you to explore new opportunities and invite you to a greater realm of

Remember to always stay grounded. If you have to worry, worry about REAL things and not something that is the creation of the monster in your mind. PAUSE.. think.. and

creativity, imagination, ingenuity and enterprise. I am sure all of you would discover your potential further; enjoy and exploit all the moments that present themselves to you….It has been a special experience with all of you and I wish you all the best for all

move on. Nothing and noone is worth your peace of mind.

your new ventures…

So now it's time take all the wisdom, pack it in your bags and just wait for the adventure

C’était une expérience exceptionnelle d’interagir avec vous tous. En fait, j’ai beaucoup

to begin!! Always stay happy! Love

appris de ces interactions. Merci pour tous! Je vous souhaite une très bonne chance pour tous vos futurs aventures!





The year is about to end and soon you all will graduate and rush into a world of your

I recall how Parth Sir and I started our journey with you guys in Eco classrooms. I

personal dream and desires. Before that I take an opportunity to share my journey

remember the initial days when you (Eco students) taught me Hindi and how I

with you all and give you wishes for the future. You all are my very 1st batch where I

taught you some Tamil. These are just glimpses of great memories about you. It has

explored myself as a teacher, a mentor, a friend and an advisor. The moments spent

been a wonderful experience with all of you and all these memories would definitely

with you all are memorable and will always remain fresh throughout the years. I

be inscribed on my heart.

would like to thank you all for the love and support in my FS journey, you all made me feel a part of the gang always!!...

All the students whom I have taught and mentored - you have grown as wonderful individuals over these two years. I have learned a lot from you guys. The kind of

As we speak, outside is a competitive world awaiting you, but I am sure you all have

questions you raised in the classroom, many a time, made me approach topics from

been nurtured through your years in the school to be strong and capable

entirely different angles. You all have great potential and I am hopeful that you


would achieve greater heights in the days to come.

Will definitely miss you guys….Keep in touch!!!

With fond memories

“If life is a journey I wish you have an adventurous one. Bon voyage!”






Making your own path and following your own passion,the batch of this year has

Before the academic year 2016-17 began, I was already anticipating being with you

been my first. Every class I took with them has taught me immense. Despite

all, having heard a plethora of experiences, stories and character sketches about

hardships of taking classes, EE or IA you have managed to show extraordinary

your batch being shared with me. It was an amazing series of experiences with you

abilities in achievement and integrity. You are about to embark on a new journey

all during both, ESS and ToK classes. I hope to have made some difference in your

and hope it is the most beautiful one. Every experience will teach you something.

lives positively. As your final DP examination gets over soon, I feel that OUR

You just need to keep an open mind. But never forget the years spent at FS and the

examination as teachers begin there. Our examination begins as you all step into

wonderful times. Wish you all the best!

the world outside - to put to test the skills, the perceptions, the abilities that we at school attempted to imbibe in all of you; to put to test our ability as teachers to help

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trailâ&#x20AC;? -Ralph Waldo Emerson

you shape yourselves, to become aware of your interests, passions and unique talents that each one of you is gifted with. I think we are confident that WE will come out with flying colours in our examination. :O) I wish loads of happiness for all of you, today and always.





The year is almost coming to an end and soon you all will enter into the real world to

My desire for all of you is that all of you see the light in this world, in yourself, and in

accomplish your dreams, before that I would like to take you back to the journey we

others. I see the light in you. Compliment others, and be pleased with your own

shared together. All the students whom I taught were very different in their own

particular achievements. I am glad for you. Have faith in yourselves, all of you are

ways. First is always special and so was your batch where I explored myself as a

more stronger than you know. I have faith in you. Make a decent attempt, but know

teacher and an advisor. The time that we spent together will always be very

your cutoff points. Inquire as to whether you require help, and trust others will help

memorable for me. It reminds me of those faces, the excuses when we were about

you. I will help you. Fill your heart with laughter and smile frequently. I want to see

to start the class and that sudden sparkle in those eyes when you heard of a free slot

your smiles. All of you are a unique, exceptional and astonishing students. I value

or a field trip. It is a journey of both ways where I teach and simultaneously learn

each one of you. Dream, trust, believe, wonder, inspire, love, nurture, and always

many things from you as well. Being tough on you guys sometimes was just a part

listen. That is what I will do for you all.

and parcel to prepare you for greater challenges ahead. As you move ahead in your life just remember that life is very short, always do what you love and always do what you believe in. Never give up on your dreams.You all have the potential to achieve great success in your life. All the very best for your future endeavours. Keep growing!

All the best for you futureâ&#x20AC;Ś.. With lots of love





Though I did not spend much time with you, I will remember those mischievous moments of my first term where you made me smile while I was angry. I grew as a facilitator and learnt a lot from you. You are on a new journey of life where you will face a new world. I wish you all the very best for your future. Remember each challenge is a learning lesson, SO

My journey of being a mentor, a facilitator and a Math teacher started with you all. 20122013 was such an amazing year spent with you all in which you all entered the middle school. The trips, the life classes, HRM agendas, the math activities and many such more events which we did, really left many memories to be cherished. And amongst all of these activities the best part was the Educational trip to Gir and Beyt Dwarka. You all have an immense potential to follow your passion and achieve dreams. My best wishes to all of you! Hope to see you stepping to your dream place to pursue further


studies! Remember at last no matter however you shape up as professionals in the future, but hope these years of schooling will help you to build “Mass with Values”! So my dear students, as you embark on a new chapter of your life, always remember that learning does not stop inside the classroom. Closing this message with a beautiful quotes which I would want you to read and follow in life :

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who’ll decide where to go." - Dr. Seuss 09/gandhiji-rajasekharan-parameswaran.jpg





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rvt{gt ctaattuk, ctnw;t ctnw;t vgtth, ytvt mtCte ftu btuhe NtwCtftbtlttgtuk BJtk ytNteJtto’> btIltu ytvt mtct fu mtt:t nbtuNtt ltgtt mteFtt ytih bteXe gtt’uk yvtltu Ç’gt btuk mtksttuEo > btI ytvt mtct ft r’jt mtu Ntwr_gtt fh;te nqpk > ytvt mtCte yvtltu SeJtlt btuk yvtltu jtHgt ftu vt{tv;t fhuk ytih bttltJt;tt fu rjtB vt{ftNt m;tbCt rmt} ntu >

Despite some hard tasks, sadness and grief that you have encountered in the course of your studies at FS, at the end of it all, you are about to complete this part of the journey with beautiful memories. Being tough with you at times meant that I wanted you to excel. It was just to prepare you for a greater challenge ahead, and to nurture you to build a strong foundation for your next level. Your sweet memories will forever remain in my heart! There will be definitely some challenges waiting for you in your lives ahead but I strongly believe that the manner in which you have conducted yourselves over the years at FS and the skills and knowledge will surely help you to overcome them. I see you all as good ambassadors of FS and never allow selfish interest to blemish the integrity you have nurtured over the years in this great school. Be kind and good to people you meet on your way up. Allow the words of God guide you towards the journey to greatness.

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” - Christian D. Larson





I loved teaching the batch of 2016-18. It was a lot of fun trying to foster conversational and

With your batch, I started my journey of teaching in the school. I clearly remember those

critical thinking skills in young adults.

days when just 4 students used to sit in G11. Initially, some more students used to

The Chem ‘18 group are at this intersection of teenage exploration and adult expectation. I enjoyed helping them maneuver their way through what can be a messy, messy time for many of them, fostering critical thought and feeding their minds with many perspectives from which I hope they can form some semblance of independent, informed opinion. Not allowing me to complete or conclude the sub topic and arousal of those questions at times curious and full of excitement to explore new times this made me furious :) You made me feel proud by confidently handling those "Chemicals" safely for your Chemistry IA. I shall always remember the ATL skills implemented in Chemistry class and lately when most of you wanted to have the Google timer in Alchemy to accomplish your target. You may have not liked me and may not wanted me to be there, but I could sense the expectation nonetheless.

come just to acquire ‘what’s happening around the world ’ as if they are sitting in a news reporter’s room! And this was really a great motivation for me to teach Global Politics. And gradually we (4 students + 1 teacher) became live ‘chalta-firta’ news reporter that whenever I used to enter in the wing you used to ask all the current news and the last question before writing this was, which made me laugh ‘Ma’am, is this Ockhi (cyclonic storm) also connected to GloPo’’!! In G12 I was given your mentorship role where I explored myself as a mentor, friend, advisor.. It was so beautiful to spend time with all of you. Teaching Global Politics inside the class and OUTSIDE THE CLASS to non GloPo students was really fun. All of you made this subject very lively. It was fun to interact with you all. I am definitely going to miss all of you..

Thanks for the trust you have shown in my teaching these past 3- 4 years. Watching you walk down the aisle to receive your Diploma with *7* in Chemistry has always been a teacher's wish and the same is true here as my students deserve nothing but the best. Seeing all those years amount to something.

You don't have the power to make life "fair," but you do have the power to make life joyful. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Last few words for all of youLive life to the fullest.. Ups & downs are a part of life so never get stuck in any pleasant or unpleasant moment. Just keep flowing... Whenever you feel low just remember that everything is changing so this unpleasant moment will also change. Time is the best healer. Keep smiling :)





New Journey begins for you. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride, put in your best efforts and always listen to your heart.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Persistence trumps talent. What's the most powerful force in the universe? Compound interest. It builds on itself. Over time, a small amount of money becomes a large amount of money. Persistence is

Wish you all the best for your new life head.

You have BRAINS in your HEAD You have FEET in your SHOES You can STEER yourself any DIRECTION you CHOOSE - Dr.Seuss

similar. A little bit improves performance, which encourages greater persistence which improves persistence even more. And on and on it goes. Lack of persistence works the same way -- only in the opposite direction. Of course talent is important, but the world is littered with talented people who didn't persist, who didn't put in the hours (remember 10,000 hours theory beautifully explained by Vardan Sir in his Lakshya Session), who gave up too early, who thought they could ride on talent alone. Meanwhile, people who might have less talent pass them by. That's why intrinsic motivation is so important. Doing things not the get an external reward like money or a promotion, but because you simple like doing it. The more intrinsic motivation you have , the more likely you are to persist. The more you persist, the more likely you are to succeed.â&#x20AC;? By Daniel H. Pink I will leave you with this wonderful quote to ponder upon. In whatever little or great things you do in your life. Always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. It's only your hardwork and dedication that will pay you at the end be it now when you are busy with your application process, in your college/university or in life. I wish you all the very best for your life!!





The most precious day in life is the day when you leave your school days and enter the vast

The year is almost coming to an end. It has been a wonderful year spent with you. I shall

world. A world full of experiences, varieties, expectations, responsibilities and what not! You will

never forget those awesome moments we shared together in the class- those excuses for

be engaged in the dream you have, goal which you have set for your life, commitments which you

not turning up for classes, those innocent faces when homeworks were announced and that

have or will be taking in your life. But remember, the only thing when you feel free from

glimmer of hope with the mere mention of watching a movie. I shall surely miss all of you.

everything is when you are with yourself. Yes. You have the tremendous power which radiates around and can interact with nature to achieve any success you want. And that You need to be be very healthy to achieve those powers. Healthy not only in physical aspect but some other precious ones too.

But wait!!! Doesn’t all of this sound too cliched? These goodbyes and alta vistas aren’t really my cup of tea. So let me try once more. Veni. Vidi. Vici. I believe these famous words which were once uttered by Caesar most aptly describe you. From the time I first interacted with you, a switch within my brain

Signs of a good health are :

automatically clicked. Our hearts opened and we became good friends. Considering the

Intellect free from inhibition and arrogance A heart full of compassion Ÿ Confusion free mind Ÿ Trauma-free memory Ÿ Sorrow-free soul


fact that this is my first stint at FS, we managed to hit it off quite well. As we herald towards


yet another splendid end of the year, it is time for some motivational upsurge.

I am fortunate to teach my great students and guide them on their path of higher destination. I am always there when you need me in any point of time in your life. Coaches need not to be a best batsman or wicket keeper. Same way I might not be the best in what you do. But a coach can be a best guide for the students. Last but not the least, A beautiful quote from my Guru, my guide which inspires me a lot. “Difference between Motivation and Inspiration - Motivation is external and short lived. Inspiration is internal and lifelong” - H.H Sri Sri Ravishankar

Hence, it is YOU who can inspire yourself rather than someone impose on you.

As you prepare to embark on your journey into the real world, numerous challenges and opportunities await your arrival. Numerous choices will present themselves in front of you and I am confident that all of you with your unique strengths and talents will make the right ones. As Albus Dumbledore famously said, “It is not our abilities that show what we truly are, it is our choices.” Just keep persevering and believing in yourselves and one day you shall achieve great heights. Always be hungry for more knowledge. Never be afraid or daunted by any challenges you might encounter. Face them head on. Take life as it comes, enjoy every moment of it. I will conclude by wishing you all the best for your future endeavors so that you contribute effectively towards development.

Each and every batch is unique, distinctive and truly one of its own kind. So is the batch of 2018. When I trace back my memory I could recollect few sporadic instances of mischief which compels me to laugh for a good 5 to 10 minutes. Yes I am indeed fortunate enough to know this batch since they were in Grade 9. What an enthralling, exciting, and an adventurous journey it has been. I have observed varying emotions ranging from being overly possessive to being extremely aggressive across the students of this batch. But having said this, all of them possess a golden heart in spite of being adamant at times. To know them better one just needs to knock the door which leads to their heart. Knock it as softly as you can, make them realise and feel how much important they are to you. Give rationale behind each and every action. Stay calm, polite and reasonable, if you approach them with this attitude and these children will then embrace you with unconditional love. You will then become the world to them. They will now surely interpret your hidden purpose and will like you and respect you. Generally it is extremely difficult to mould a teenage mind, extremely difficult to penetrate their thought process but surely this batch is exceptional. One can mould them, persuade them, convince them but ONLY AND ONLY WITH LOVE, CARE, ADMIRATION AND AFFECTION. This batch knows how to love someone selflessly with no ulterior motive attached . To conclude I had an experience of varied interactions with them but at the end of the day I WAS ABLE TO CONNECT WITH THESE STUDENTS. Here lies an opportunity to acknowledge the fact that I have been strict and stern but trust me the ultimate purpose was a genuine concern. I want you all to excel in all the spheres of life. I would wish each and everyone of you to chart down a unique success story. At the end I would say this from the bottom of my heart. I LOVE YOU ALL, I WILL MISS YOU, ESPECIALLY I WILL MISS YOU ON MY BIRTHDAY . I WILL MISS THE ETERNAL BIRTHDAY SONG WHICH YOU USE TO SING FOR ME. THE MELODY AND TUNE OF THIS SONG WILL ECHO IN MY EARS

Kinjal Morkhia


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