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Initial Research Committee Planning Meeting This meeting must occur within three months of full committee approval, and prior to any research consultation with committee members (other than the Chair). The purpose of this meeting, which can happen by webcam, phone, or in person, is to discuss a plan for the development of the proposal, including roles, time frames, and beginning feedback on the study idea. All members of the student’s core committee and the student must attend. The Chair convenes the meeting and turns this form in to the Registrar. The Core Committee must meet annually based on the date of this meeting if there has not been a hearing (proposal or dissertation) in that time. Student:

Citi Certified: yes____ no____

Date: Approved Chair: Approved Committee: Core Committee: a. b. Readers: a. b. Possible topic area:

Recommendations made:

In attendance:

Signed: __________________________________________________ Committee Chair

_______________________ Date

Effective: June 15, 2016

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Initial Research Committee Planning Meeting  

Initial Research Committee Planning Meeting  

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