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Islamic Center of Rolla Missouri (ICRM)




Special Issue: April 1st, 2015


Its the time to embrace one another and make everyone feel welcome to the ICRM


Muslim Student Association, established in 1967, is the most influenced organization to ICRM


During Ramadan and Eids, ICRM shining with social stars whose working hard to bring a smile to all community in Rolla


Muslim Student Association; Page 6

CONTENTS: 03 Letter from Shura

04 Your Muslim Neighbors Welcome to ICRM; Pages 3-5

Planning & Construction; Page 7

HISTORICAL ASPECTS 6 Muslim Student Association (MSA)


Planning and Construction of Current ICRM Building


Grand Opening of Recent ICRM Building

8 Interview with Dr. Salah Taqieddine


10 Contributions to Local Community

Social Events : Page 12-13

11 Organizational Structure of ICRM 12 Social Events 14 Educational Programs

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elcome to the very 1st and special edition of the Islamic Center Rolla Missouri (ICRM) annual magazine, The Message. ICRM had its humble beginning back

in the year 1994 and by the grace of Allah, the Rolla Muslim community moved into its new building in the year 2012. This last year,

Chief Editor

we marked an important milestone for our community, the 20th year

Mohammed A. Debree

anniversary of our foundation. This is also a very gratifying and emotional time for those who have worked tirelessly to see the dream of a new Islamic center come true. This Masjid is one of up to 3000 Islamic centers across America and its goal is to provide a convenient place of worship, interfaith dialogue, Islamic education and community outreach services. Located near the campus of the Missouri university of Science and technology (MS&T), the Islamic center hosts a diverse group of individuals, students and professionals, from many different countries around the world.


The magazine provides a historical overview of the Islamic center and its construction. It also details the ICRM structural organization, provided community and social services and the introduction to the available educational programs for adults and kids. Everyone is welcome to participate and help us grow as a strong community. Through the magazine, we intend to reach the Muslim and nonMuslim community of greater Rolla region, introduce folks about what we have to offer the area and seek suggestions for our continued improvement. It is the time to embrace one another and make everyone feel welcome to the house of Allah. The previously conducted and future planned open house events at ICRM also hope to build bridges between different faiths and promote a culture of peace, inshaAllah (God willing). In the end, I also like to take the opportunity to thank all those who have spent their time and effort, contributing towards the preparation of this magazine. Thanks for your cooperation.

Dr. Yaqoob Ali Chairman, Shura Council

Editor Alsedik Abousif

Contributing Editors Dr. Yaqoob Ali Alsedik Abousif Anan Takhrori Esam Ali Mohammed Debree Tarique Ahmad Rashid Kasim El Jilani Hamuda Ghaith Alshaia Emad Abdulrasoul Abdulsalam Alamri Adel Elkurry

Revisers Dr. Yaqoob Ali Marwan Hameed Rashid Kasim

Photography Azzam Alsaihany Yousf Ali Esam Ali Anan Takhrori Hesham Tuwair Tameem Ahmed Khan Emad Abdulrasoul 3.

YOUR MUSLIM NEIGHBORS “ O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you” Surat Al-Ĥujurāt (5-2)


By: Alsedik Abousif

he city of Rolla, which is often described as “in the middle of

Today, there are nearly 300 Muslim stu-

nowhere”, has a Muslim com-

dents, and about 6 faculty members of the

munity with members that

University of Missouri for science and tech-

came from all corners of the world includ-

nology. Moreover, the number of Muslim

ing students, engineers, and doctors. For

alumni from this scientific institution far

them, it was not easy to relocate unless the

exceeds the number of active students and

next place will meet their spiritual, academ-

faculty. Many of them have left this city, but

ic, and economic requirements. Missouri

their research and contributions are still

S&T, Mercy clinic, and Phelps County

talking about them. For example, Farouk

Regional Medical Center (PCRMC) became,

El-Baz who graduated in 1961 was a mem-

undoubtedly, significant reasons for stu-

ber of the Apollo mission to explore the

dents and doctors from all over the world

moon. In 1969, he helped to locate the

to study and to work in Rolla. Moreover,

landing site on the moon and also helped

the Islamic center of Rolla Missouri became

to train of astronauts for the most famous

an additional reason for Muslims to

trip of the humans outside this planet.

choose Rolla city as their final destination.


Countries from which the Muslim community in Rolla cames from: Green: current students and residence Yellow: Alumni and former residence

ties. Dr. Mohamed Zoba, who was one of the most active students in the department of Geology and Geological and Petroleum Engineering department and graduated in 2012, said: “ICRM provided a real nourishing environment for me and my family. It provided the space for us to freely practice our

“ I hope every Muslim in the local community will continue to contribute for the wellness of the society and make ICRM as an example institution for future generations” Shikayat Ali Graduate Student at Nuclear Engineering

religion and meet with our fellow Muslims”. Mr. Rashid Kasim, a petroleum engineering graduate student, said: “I am very grateful to God for giving us this wonderful place for worship and to fulfill our religious obligation. I use the ICRM for prayer, Ramadan activities, and as meeting place for the community”. Also, Shikayat Ali who is a current

“ It was 34 years ago when I first set foot in Rolla together with 10 other Malaysians. Nice to see that there is a permanent Masjid for Miners to pray. Khairi Osman Civil Engineering Alumni, Former MSA president

graduate student at the nuclear engineering department was so impressed about his experience in Rolla that he said: “ICRM has a very warm and comfortable environment not only for Muslims but also it welcomes people from other faiths too to come and learn about Islam. Members of ICRM are very friendly and helpful for every one”. Finally, Dr. The feedback of the Missouri S&T Muslim

Mohamed Fitri and his family visited ICRM

alumni reflects a good impression regard-

for daily prayers and other activities espe-

ing the Alumni’s day-to-day experience and

cially during Ramadan. “We like the environ-

various Islamic events in Rolla. Mr. Khairi

ment of the ICRM and the members were

Osman, civil engineer graduated in 1984,

friendly and helpful”, Fitri said. It was amaz-

was one of the former presidents of Muslim

ing to see a diverse group of Muslims in this

Student Association (MSA) and he sum-

city, here to achieve their academic inten-

marized his own experience by saying: “In

tions and then be able to go back to their

August 1980, there were quite a few Muslims

home country after a wonderful experience.

from other countries such as Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Palestine etc. The first Jumu’ah

Despite a different and not so positive atti-

(Friday Prayer) coincided with Eid ul-Fitr

tude toward Islam, during this last decade,

(Ramadan breakfasting celebration), and the

your Muslim neighbors here in Rolla have

university allowed us to use one of the cam-

showed in many different ways, a pleasant

pus empty rooms as our prayer room”. Later

coexistence, openness, and how peaceful

on, Mr. Osman and his colleagues rented an

religious Islam is. This has been reflected

apartment for their prayers and social activi-

in various social activities including three community blood drives, Joplin tornado

Dr. Farouk El-Baz, Rollamo, Missouri S&T Yearbook, 1961. Landing Site Selection secretory and Astronaut Training mission.

relief campaign, child abuse stand, Ramadan

“Thank you Rolla community for your tolerance and hospitality that made us live peacefully and freely practice our religion. Your support is so much appreciated” Dr. Mohamed Zobaa Geology & Geophysics Alumni

“ICRM plays main role to show the Islamic religion as valid for all time. So, we should share and participate in volunteer work to show a better image of Islam” Esam Altalhi Graduate Student at Physics Department MSA President

I really believe that the committee who are running the ICRM are doing a wonderful job, and I know it takes patience and hard work to run a place like the ICRM. Rashid Kassim Graduate Student at Petroleum Engineering

open Iftar for the local communities and neighbors, and various food and clothes distribution. In fact, your Muslim neighbors are gratified to be a part of greater Rolla community and proud representatives of their countries in their labs, classrooms, offices, and other avenues of daily interactions.

“The ICRM community should really appreciate the building which serves the community not only for prayers but also for education, information and others activities” Dr. Mohd Fitri Chemical Engineering Alumni


HISTORICAL ASPECTS MSA photo in front of a rented house used in their activities (from Rollamo, Missouri S&T yearbook, 1994): Back Row: Azzedine Missoum, Yahya Khawaja, Wajid Khan, Muhamad Aulia, Md Ishfaqur Raza, Ali Al-Qahtani, Shahrul Azmi Yusof, Mohamad Ramadhian, Roziman Abd. Rahman, Abdul Jaleel Afridi, Add Fadhil, Bisma Husen, Maamoun Alhalabi, Mohd Zaidi Jaafar, Ismael Sated, Zeyad Abanmay, Md. Shari! Suki, Shaharudin Saleh, Khalid Khiran, Mohamad Nasir Ibrahim, Abdul Halim Ariff, Mohd Shah Hanif, Thayer Jawhar, Yehia Al-Amrani Front Row: Azmi Zainal Adnan, Nazarudin Che Salleh, Adik Soedarsono, Ahmed Mustafa, Mohamed Al-Tholaya, Reza Mohdar, Roslan Ahmad, Ahmad Fatani, Nanang Burhan, Iwan Sudrajat

Muslim Student Association (MSA)


istorically, the earliest date of the known MSA as a student organization goes back

to 1967. Before that, individual organiza-

principles and goals, which is to succeed

tions representing the students from dif-

in life and learn how to become better

ferent Muslim countries were present, like

Muslims. All our members participate in

the Organization of Arab Students and

various activities such as Ramadan daily

Pakistani Students’ Organization. MSA rep-

Iftar, Eid celebrations, games, and field trips.

resented the strongest student organization and have unified the effort of these

Today, the Muslim Student Association still

isolated organizations. Since 1967, the MSA

plays a significant role to serve the Muslim

has been responsible for arranging stu-

Students, both in the Masjid and the uni-

dent activities, especially Eid celebrations,

versity campus, under the leadership of

Jumu’ah Prayers, and other Islamic occa-

the current MSA president, Mr. Esam Ali.

sions by requesting prayer places from the

“The most memorable moment for me is

university or renting a building for the same

when he served for the preparation of daily

MSA 1984 soccor team (Source Khiri Osman, MSA former president); Mohd Azudin Yusof, Nor Zamri Abu Zarim, Adnan Mohd Yassin, Kamarul Cabe, Hamdan Suhaimi, Wan Asma Ibrahim, Sue Tryon, Azlan

purposes. In early 1992 or 1994, MSA played

Iftar (breaking fast in Ramadan). It was

a major role in establishing the Islamic

wonderful experience for me as I met and

Center of Rolla-Missouri (ICRM), which is the

worked with Muslim students from differ-

Raja Ismail, Abdulhalim Abhamid, Khairi Osman, and Zulkefli Mohamad.

only Islamic center within a 60 mile radius.

ent countries”, Mr. Ali said. MSA organizes

MSA Founders (from Rollamo, Missouri S&T yearbook, 1967); Mangunwidjojo, A Secretary; Ata-Abadi, P., President; Honarpour, M., Treasurer; Farazandeh, A., Mirbab, M., Rezghi, E., Dorosti, J., Rezvani, J., Gharagozlou, F.

different kind of events to benefit not only The Muslim student association (MSA) is a

the Muslims students but also the local

student organization on the Missouri S&T

Rolla Community”. These events included

campus founded on the basic tenets of Islam.

blood donation drives, Arabic language

Its goal is to deliver the message of Islam

classes, Arabic calligraphy classes, Open

through the daily interactions of its mem-

Houses, food distribution, Guest lectures,

bers with peoples from other believes while

Graduation dinners, workshops, and partici-

creating a lifelong bond amongst them.

pating in interfaith dialogues. In addition to

MSA also seeks to uphold the values of tol-

that, our members play a big role in MS&T

erance, compassion, and sincerity in hopes

campus activities; they sponsor activities

of raising awareness and building under-

such as Peace day, earth day, and Census

standing among different campus com-

information day. They also provide the

munities. Events such as Islam Awareness

necessary help to the international office

Week have formed the core of a strong

to help incoming Muslim students get in

tradition of outreach that we wish to build

touch with other friends and get the help

upon and continue in the years to come.

necessary to make their lives a little easier.

Our members come from different parts of the world. They all share the same


By: Anan Takhrori & Esam Ali


s a result of the growing size of

nearby Islamic Centers such as the one in

Muslim community in Rolla, the

Columbia and St. Louis, MO, to observe what

need for a new place of worship

type of architectural design would be appro-

that could accommodate the cur-

priate for the new Rolla Mosque. After explor-

rent and future needs of the Muslim com-

ing several designs, the committee settled on

munity became clear to everyone. Many

a new design for the Mosque.

meetings were held to brainstorm and to come up with a viable development plan to

April 16th, 2010 was a memorable day for

build a Mosque that could accommodate

the Muslim community of Rolla because it

the growing community needs. In the final

was the ground breaking day for the new

analysis, there were two options; expend the

mosque, and as a joyful occasion, many mem-

old Mosque, or build a new Mosque. Though

bers of the community wanted to become

building a new Mosque would present a

the first ones to “shovel the first dirt� out of

bigger challenge in terms of finding loca-

the ground. The action has a symbolic mean-

tion buying the land and financial resources,

ing in the Islamic Culture. Once the construc-

the Muslim community of Rolla decided to

tion of the new mosque was started, and the

go ahead and build a new Mosque because

foundation part was completed, the need

the community felt that the other option of

for procuring needed construction materials

expending the old building would not meet

become a big challenge. The, MPCC commit-

need. The first task for the Muslim community

tee had to continue to build the new mosque

of Rolla was to put in place a credible plan

while the FRC committee was raising fund to

with tangible goals and benchmarks for build-

cover the cost of construction. Even though

ing the new Mosque. Shortly, two commit-

budget was tight, with the help of Almighty

tees were established; the Mosque Planning

God and the sound financial decisions of

and Construction Committee (MPCC) and the

the committees, the construction of the new

Fundraising Committee (FRC), each commit-

mosque proceeded smoothly and according

tee was assigned with specific duties respon-

to plan.

Planning and Construction of Current ICRM Building By: Mohammed Debree

Working on the exterior and the walls of the ICRM building

sibilities. The third phase was to put insulation, electriThe first task of the newly formed MPCC was

cal systems, plumbing, exterior masonry and

to find suitable land that was affordable,

concrete work within the mosque parame-

close to the old Mosque or at least not far

ters. However, the funds available at the time

from the University campus since most of the

were not enough to cover all the expenses

congregations were students. With the help

and the FRC committee decided to double its

of Almighty God, MPCC was able to find and

fundraising effort in order to come up with

purchase the land adjacent to the old Masjid.

the needed funds.

Starting work on the current ICRM building

In May 2007 the house that was neighboring to the old Mosque with two other houses

The fourth phase of the new mosque was

within the same block became available for

interior design such as painting, carpeting

sale in the market and the MPCC quickly pur-

and decoration, and installation of toilets

chased it, and initiated the process of build-

and a kitchen that was big enough to accom-

ing the new Mosque. By 2009, the two houses

modate community-cooking events like the

purchased were demolished to prepare the

Ramadan Iftar or Eid celebration. In order

ground for the new Mosque.

to reduce cost, the community members decided to do some of the work themselves

The second phase was to come up with the

as volunteers. Volunteers did tasks such as

architectural design for the new Mosque,

painting and some portion of interior design.

Breaking ground ceremony, MPCC committee

and the committee members decided to visit


Grand Opening of Recent ICRM Building


Anan Takhrori

he grand opening of the

provided in addition to lunch and desert.

school and Arabic classes for kids and

Islamic Center took place on

Over 400 people attended the event includ-

non-Arabic speakers. In addition to learn-

January 20th, 2012. Working

ing the Mayor of Rolla. Also, students from

ing about the building, the guests had a

with Muslim Student Association (MSA),

the Missouri S&T campus including Greek

chance to watch a documentary about the

the ICRM committees and the members

Houses and other clubs and organizations,

construction process and the challenges

invited all friends and families of Rolla and

campus staff, Rolla business employees, and

faced during the years of hard work. Movies

the neighboring cities to attend the grand

the construction crew were also glad to get

about Islam, Muslim countries, and Muslims

opening. Guests were welcomed by offer-

a chance to join everyone in celebrating the

around the world in general were played

ing them a cup of Middle Eastern and

grand opening.

in the classrooms. Guests had a chance to

Turkish coffee and dates. Gifts baskets were

The purpose of the grand opening was to

ask questions and get to know the Muslim

also distributed to the guests. MSA mem-

invite the Rolla community to learn more

Community of Rolla and their Muslim

bers offered tours to the building. Question

about the new center where five daily


sand answer and social gathering were also

prayers are offered in addition to Sunday

Interview with Dr. Salah Taqieddin By:

Tarique Ahmad

One of the founding members of the Rolla Masjid is Salah Taqieddin,

they were asked to leave by the landlord. At this point they began

so to learn more about him and the founding of this Masjid we

to go to a friend’s home and hold prayer there, marking the end

conducted an interview with him. A summary of that interview is

of 1979. In 1980 Dr. Salah graduated and returned and went back

attached below.

to Jordan until the summer when he returned as a visiting professor. As a visiting professor he was given a guest in a guest house

Dr. Salah Taqieddin was born in Jordan in 1944. During his time in

with a lot of vacant rooms at the time, so he would invite the other

Jordan he finished a mining engineering degree and worked with

Muslims during Ramadan to come and join him. After that Ramadan

a large mining company in Jordan. While working he was able to

he returned to Jordan again. When he was leaving for Jordan the

gain a scholarship to go back to school and gain his Master’s degree.

Muslim Student Association was forming with Dr. Omur Tag as their

As he was completing his Master’s program he saw an ad to come

advisor. He didn’t have much contact with Rolla again until two or

to the Colorado School of Mines to get a PhD through Yaramouk

three years later. He had heard from his son that a couple of Muslim

University in Jordan. He pursued his PhD there until he his advi-

brothers had bought a home with the intentions of turning it into a

sor unfortunately passed away, which lead him to search for a new

mosque and had started praying there.

advisor and ultimately led him to Rolla, MO and the University of Missouri Rolla.

Dr. Salah returned to Rolla in 2006 as a visiting professor in Civil Engineering. When he arrived he was astonished to see that the

He arrived here in 1979, just a few days before Eid al-Adha and at

Muslim population had grown from 10 to almost 60 with a small

that time there were only ten or so Muslim students. Since it was

home where they all prayed. The growing community was becom-

so close to Eid he and the other students asked the foreign student

ing too big for the house so they decided to build a new mosque

advisor for help finding a place to make Eid prayer. The advisor was

in the same location as the old one. This lead to the creation of the

able to find them a church that allowed them to make Eid prayer.

Mosque Planning & Construction Committee that consisted of Dr.

As some more time passed they gained a Muslim student advisor,

Salah, Dr. Assad Ullah and his wife, Dr. Abdul Jalel bil Arabi, Dr. Fethi

Ibarahim Adawi, who pushed them to find a place that they could

Fenish, Dr. Chaudry, and Dr. Walid Assadi with Abdul Aziz Alkasabi

make prayer. This was when one of the students suggested renting

as their elected manager. They would meet every Saturday on the

a one bedroom house and using it as a mosque. They were able

upper floor of the old mosque to discuss the building of the new

to find such a house and began to hold Friday prayers there until


Continued in Page 11 8.


Warm welcoming with dates and Arabic coffee

The ICRM main entrance in 2012

“Do not think little of any good deed, even if it is just greeting your brother with a Some guests having a warm conversation at the ICRM

Guests having a tour in the ICRM building

Prophet Mohammed (Sahih Muslim)

Some guests at the ICRM opening

9. Some guests at the ICRM opening

Some guests in the ICRM building

Tent outside ICRM center for “Child Abuse Prevention”, July 2013

ICRM participation in interfaith dialogue, February, 2014

Blood drive organized by ICRM and community blood center

“cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression “

ICRM traveled to Joplin (MO) to give hand and to distribute food supply to relief May 2011 tornado


Surat Al-Mā’idah (5-2)

ICRM contribution to Rolla community & beyond R K & ashid


El Jilani Hamuda


hat is community service, in

activities that the ICRM and its members

to remove trees and debris, and distributing

general, and why we believe

undertook that made a difference in our

food supply in Joplin after the May 2011

that community service is

Rolla community and in our lovely state of

deadly tornado. ICRM hosted blood drives

the essence and embodiment of what ICRM

Missouri. For instance, ICRM and its mem-

three times as means of helping and provid-

(the Islamic Center of Rolla, Missouri) and

bers took part in “Child Abuse Prevention”

ing others in need. As ICRM is located in an

its members do every time a need for self-

where we setup a tent outside the center,

educated environment, we offer through-

less activity arises within our community

and encouraged parents to donate, and

out the academic year diverse kinds of free

here in Rolla, or anywhere in the USA. While

kids to sell lemonade to raise money and

courses such as Arabic and calligraphy.

there are broader definitions of what actu-

awareness for the cause. The second picture

ally constitutes as “community service”, the

shows ICRM members participating in an

Ultimately, this quote from writer, Ralph

gist of it is volunteering, where someone

“inter-faith dialogue” where the objective

Waldo Emerson sums up where he says,

performs an activity for the benefit of his or

was to bring people together and promote

“Volunteering is one of the most beautiful

her community.

a better understand of each other’s tradi-

compensations of life, that no man can sin-

tions and cultures. The two bottom pictures

cerely try to help another without helping

show ICRM members giving a helping hand


The pictures above high-light four selfless


ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF ICRM Participation of MSA and ICRM in the international day

Interview with Dr. Salah Taqieddin (Continued from Page 8)

Dr. Yaqoob Ali


he Islamic Center of Rolla Missouri, also called ICRM, is a non-profit, Islamic, charitable and religious organization. This organization is strictly guided by Islamic

principles according to the Qur’an and the Sunna (the practice of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH), consisting of what he said, did, recommended, or approved of in others).

Dr. Salah went back to Jordan and when he returned he brought

Any Muslim who resides in the area and complies with the

back plans for a new mosque but it was met with criticism that

ICRM constitution and By-Laws, is considered a general mem-

the current mosque was big enough. The committee continued

ber. Muslims who comply with the ICRM Constitution and

with the plans because they wanted to provide a bigger mosque

By-Laws and have paid their membership fees are eligible for

that would be fitting for the community in the future and would

registered membership. Only registered members have the

be big enough to serve the Muslims in cities around Rolla as well.

right to vote and hold offices at ICRM.

This lead the committee to buy a home near the old house. The General Assembly of ICRM consists of registered memOnce all the land was purchased the plans for the new mosque

bers of ICRM and usually meet at least twice a year. The Shura

started with Dr. Fatehi Fenish in charge. In 2009, Salah returned

Council (Board of Directors) is the main governing body of the

to Jordan and has been coming back as a visiting professor ever

ICRM, responsible for safeguarding its tangible and intangible


assets and furthering its mission as per the ICRM constitution. It is the final decision making authority within the ICRM,

Dr. Salah stated that people think building a house for Allah

and develops its overall policies and strategic directions that

(SWT) is hard, but if you try Allah (SWT) will help.

is subsequently implemented in conjunction with the ICRM Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is tasked with

After the end of the interview we asked Dr. Salah what he hopes

conducting the day-to-day activities of the ICRM as detailed

for this mosque and the community, his response was:

in the by-laws. The Executive Committee consists of the reg-

He hopes to see a school for Muslim children so they can be

istered members and have the following positions: president,

raised according to Islam. He believes that the mosque has

IT coordinator, secretary, property manager, treasurer, Da’wah

helped many people here in Rolla and areas around here. He

coordinator, women’s activities coordinator, social activities

would like to see this continue with the Muslim community

coordinator, and, finally, education and community develop-

reaching out to the Non-Muslim community and showing them

ment coordinator.

real Islam and getting acquainted with them through school and volunteer work. We need to work with people of other faiths and

The Executive Committee members perform their entrusted

teach them about Islam that way. We must respect the people in

tasks autonomously, reporting to the President. Details of their

Rolla and serve as ambassadors of Islam.

entrusted tasks are given in the ICRM constitution and they are elected for a one year term. Both the board of directors and the executive committee are open to the suggestions and input from the community at large. ICRM is proud to be a part of Rolla community and continues to strive to build bridges that foster strong and peaceful relationships.

11. 11.

Celebration and food

Eid ul-Fitr Celebration, 2010


EVENTS Ghaith Al Shaia

Eid ul-Fitr Celebration, toys for kids

“Speech remains as a slave to you, but the moment it leaves your mouth, you become its slave.� Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah


he foundations of the social system of Islam rest on the belief that all human beings are equal and constitute one single fraternity. Islam is a practical

way of life as it has responded to reality and necessity. It has also put a check on human tendencies and ensured balance. In the holy Quran, Allah says: (O mankind, WE have created you from a male and a female; and WE have made you tribes and sub-tribes that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable among you, in the sight of ALLAH, is he who is the most righteous among you. Surely, ALLAH is All-Knowing, All-Aware) Chapter 49, Verse 13. Therefore, part of being a Muslim is to be positively active in your society as Prophet Mohammed PBUH simplified the relation of the believer with the society by saying: {the believers, in their love, mercy, and kindness to one another are like a body: if any part of it is ill, the whole body shares its sleeplessness and fever.}.


Soldiers celebrating Eid ul-Fitr with their Muslim colleague in the ICRM

Social activities at ICRM

Here in Rolla, ICRM provided our community with a unique venue

Moreover, we have many other occasional social activities such as

to practice our social life not only with Muslims from more than 30

the wedding celebration for an American brother who converted to

countries with different languages, ethnicities and backgrounds but

Islam and married a Moroccan Muslim. Also, we at ICRM celebrate

even with non-Muslim brothers and sisters. It is a salad bowl of many

the newly born babies by performing “Aqiqah�, an Islamic tradition

different ingredients from all over the world!

which including sacrificing an animal on the occasion of a child’s birth and all the community gathers to dine together and congratu-

We live here as one family who consider Rolla as their hometown

late the parents. At the end of each semester, we conduct a picnic

and its local community as their big family. At ICRM, we share our

for the whole community providing a great chance to welcome the

knowledge, experience, concerns, happiness and sadness social

newcomers and bid farewell for the leaving members.

activities conducted at ICRM are hard to be mentioned all in one page as they range from daily, weekly, monthly to annual and occa-

On the other hand, we announce major health issues that might

sional activities. Daily social activities as an example represented

happen to any member in order to provide a chance for the other

mainly by meeting five times a day to practice our daily prayers.

community members to pray for them and visit them either at the

Furthermore, the whole community along with visitors and Muslim

hospital or at the home. Also, we gather to condolence any member

travelers are gathered every week for Friday speech, prayer and

who lost a relative or a friend and pray and ask forgiveness for him.

lunch. On weekly bases too, ICRM conducts educational, entertain-

In hard financial situation for anyone, we provide that person with

ment and religious sessions for both adults and children. From

his needs in full confidentiality and privacy.

Month to month, several activities took place such as volunteering in (distributing food), cleaning and maintaining ICRM facilities, fund

All these activities and many others are totally free of charge and

raising and many other activities for the whole family. Annually,

always attended and appreciated by our Muslim community mem-

ICRM hosts great event of The Open House, Eid ul-Fitr celebration,

bers are welcomed non-Muslims friends who always honored our

Eid ul-Adha celebration and several blood drives along with the

social activities by their attendance and contribution providing us

greatest social events of Ramadan.

in every social event with a great opportunity to meet, eat, have fun and gather in a very comfortable environment that full of love and peace.

In Ramadan, we as Muslims fast for 30 days from dawn to sunset and we all gather in ICRM every day at sunset to enjoy the feeling serenity, and tranquility when we break our fast together. During each day of Ramadan, ICRM is shining with social stars where you will find volunteers arranging, cleaning, teaching and always you will find one family or more volunteering to cook for the whole community. So you can guess how many cuisine we enjoyed tasting before the end of Ramadan.



Abdulsalam Amri, Emad AbdulRasol, & Adel Elkurry

ince years ago the ICRM is providing an educational

mother language. Therefore, those children who is returning back

services for the Islamic community in Rolla. Among

to their countries will not find a big gap between them and their

these educational services is the Qur’anic School

fellows, especially in Arabic Language. The school opened its

for children. The first class was held in 2010 when Mr. Abdussalam

doors with only two grades (first grade, and second grade) under a

Mohamed, a former petroleum engineering graduate student, set

supervision of four full time female volunteers. In 2012 the school

in a corner of the old Masjid teaching Quran for a few number of

was named AL-Farouk Elementary School and was completely

kids. The Qur’anic School’s goal is to teach the Muslim children

managed by student volunteers who continued to provide a

how to recite Quran as well as memorize some Surah’s (chapters)

complete Arabic education in all subjects for all grades. The total

through which children could learn some of the teachings of Islam

enrollment in this year 2014-2015 is about 45 students, and about

such as prayers. The timing for the Qur’anic School is Friday which

16 student volunteered to teach in these secessions on Sundays.

children come after school as well as their volunteer teachers to start classes which is about two hours. During the study, the

Women Quran class has been started on 2012 when the former

students get to know each other and in the time of prayer, kids

ICRM Da’wah Coordinator, Musa Albousifi, insisted to find a special

start lining up in a straight lines for prayer then afterwards snacks.

educational program and social activity organized by women at

These activities is to strengthen the ties between the people of

the old building. He has done a nice job for arrangement with

the Muslim community in Rolla. In Ramadan, Qur’anic school

Qur’anic teacher, and with encouraging several people to bring

supervisors hold a competition for all students to evaluate the

their families to attend the classes. The class started with a few

students’ level and the winners get awards.

participants at the beginning. However, the class currently taking place at the new ICRM building every Friday at the same time


of kids Quran class with about 12 participants, approximately.

school in Rolla (MO) started in 2009. Later, in one of the pre-

Women gathering at the ICRM building for social gathering also.

liminary meetings for the Libyan Student Association (LSA), Dr.

They prepare some dishes from their countries share their experi-

Mahmoud El Sharafi shared an idea of establishing an Arabic

ence life in Rolla and US, cleaning the Masjid, arranging women

school providing a complete Arabic education. The main idea

party, visiting sick people, and many other activities that make

related to Arabic school is to keep the children in touch with their

them comfortable in this city.

Children in their classrooms





Islamic Center of Rolla - Missouri or ICRM is an Islamic non-profit, charitable, religious organization which is strictly guided by Islamic principles according to the Qur’an and the Sunna (the practice of the prophet Muhammad PBUH)

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The Message April 1st, 2015