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Introduction Within the work place, alcohol consumption and the use of illicit drugs is a significant threat to employee safety and productivity. It’s estimated that alcohol and drug abuse cost the Australian community $18 billion each year - of which $4.5 billion is borne by industry. Furthermore, fifteen per cent of all Australian workplace accidents have been attributed to alcohol consumption. Similarly, alcohol has been identified as being a contributing factor in five per cent of workplace fatalities. (NCETA – Alcohol and the Workplace). Managing alcohol consumption and illicit drug use is important for the safety of your team and the productivity of your business.

Our Services At Fit4 Duty, we devise and implement onsite workplace drug and alcohol programs custom-designed for the requirements of each individual company.

a “people” strategy that is encouraging and proactive, aligns safety communication, and holds people accountable for their fitness for work with their colleagues.

We understand that routine drug and alcohol testing can be confronting for employees. We don’t advocate a witch hunt process; rather we see our goal as identifying current practices and provide mechanisms for behavioural change.

Our accredited testing mechanisms are accompanied by a policy development phase and staff education through informative interactive workshops. We also analyse all the data collected to provide detailed reports on the results. Our approach is designed to spark change within your company rather than constructed to catch rogue employees.

Behaviour change does not occur instantaneously. It takes a lot of energy and effort to initiate successful change, and it takes even more energy to build on that momentum. A partnership with Fit 4 Duty will help your organisation influence and inspire employee engagement in the safety message by building

Our services include: • • • •

Comprehensive policy development Informative education workshops NATA accredited onsite drug and alcohol testing Statistical reporting and analysis

Fit 4 Duty was founded in 1999 by Darron Brien, who has over 10 years experience working in the drug and alcohol testing industry. Darron has surrounded himself by a team of highly-skilled scientific and nursing staff who share his passion for quality, accuracy and superior customer service. Our team, who hold nursing, science and healthcare qualifications, take integrity and professionalism very seriously and never compromise on safety. We understand that the testing stage of our program can be confronting; that’s why our staff pride themselves on their ‘human touch’, to ensure all employees feel comfortable and relaxed during the process. Research by Gallup* has shown that upholding employee morale and engagement is essential to productivity, profitability, quality, site safety and a reduced turnover of employees. At Fit 4 Duty we understand that employee engagement is a force that drives business outcomes. We take the time to treat each employee with the respect, privacy and discretion they deserve. As a company, Fit 4 Duty holds enviable professional qualification including: • NATA Accreditation AS 4760 and 4308. (Detailed scope available on request) • Quality Assurance compliance JAS-ANZ ISO 9001 • Quality Assurance for Medical Laboratory Competence ISO 15189 These qualifications ensure that our testing process and procedures are validated for reliability and accuracy, whilst providing the assurance that your testing program is legally compliant.

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Privacy & Security Guaranteed At Fit 4 Duty we guarantee all confidential material is stored safely and securely. Our offices are protected with personalised swipe card entry and our electronic documentation uses encrypted pdf password protected files. We never leave paper files unlocked in our offices and our tracking procedures ensure donor samples and consent forms are never lost.


We are exceptionally proud of our track record over the past eleven years; a testament to the success of our security procedures and processes.

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Feedback Fit 4 Duty regularly requests customer feedback to make sure we’re servicing our clients to their expectations. We pride ourselves on measuring our safety record, privacy measures, punctuality and adherence to test protocol requirements. On the basis of this feedback, we continue to hone our services towards absolute client satisfaction.

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The most valuable asset to your organisation is your people. So keep them safe with a professional drug and alcohol program. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact us on 1300 660 908.

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The most valuable asset to your organisation is your people. So keep them safe with a professional drug and alcohol program


The most valuable asset to your organisation is your people. So keep them safe with a professional drug and alcohol program