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rule or rumor When you were growing up, your mother, grandmother, or even your friends may have given you advice about certain things you should NEVER wear, like stripes, plaids, white shoes after labor day, or white stockings and black heels.

uparrelled luxury If you would have told Kenneth “Kas” Flanagan that he would be the victor of a standing-room only, sold out show during 2007’s New York Fashion Week, he would have told you, you were lying. Well, the crowd proved to be a group of unabashed liars, as they screamed and hollered, praising the Kas Collection as “being the next chapter in fashion greatness.”

i now pronounce you husband & wife

music and fashion have been dating for a couple of years now however it’s with extreme pleasure that I announce to you that the two are officially married

medium fomat photographer showcase

The photography bug bite Craig A. McKenzie, at 11, when he discovered an enlarger in his basement . One very early morning his father woke him, saying “ The bar is burning...

high society “Every true fashionista knows that your ensemble is not complete without that perfect shoe!”

fashion go round It’s so true when people say that history repeats itself and in the ever-changing world of high fashion, it’s safe to say that there’s no exception.

scarf chic The scarf has been a classic fashion accessory for decades, donned by style icons like Jackie Onassis and Nina Simone. But for me, it all started with the infamous Nicole Richie. Sexy skinny jeans, super-sized sunglasses and stylish scarves screamed swank, yet simple, to me. I just love the style. And a lot of others do as well.

dolls in the attic

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big pimpin to big primpin So by now many of you are all too familiar with this new phenomena, the urbanite male who can spit a Weezy verse word for word while reciting GQ’s fashion Do’s and Don’ts with the same amount of ease.

back 2 basics This winter is all about the classic look. For example everywhere you look everyone is wearing argyle. Let us take a walk down the road of fashion for the winter. Men if you are into wearing the sport coats, slacks, dress shirts and sweaters you will love what the winter brings to you! We also will take a look at the hot shoe for the winter.


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It’s here! Finally Can you say the”F” word? You can say the “F” Word if you know its true meaning. You can say the “F” word if you’re willing to embrace it. You can say the “F” word if you are willing not to exploit it. Say the “F” word like you mean it… Can you say “Fashion”? Aaron Williams editor

ico·nog·ra·phy Pronunciation: [ahy-kuh-nog-ruh-fee]

1 : pictorial material relating to or illustrating a subject 2 : the traditional or conventional images or symbols associated with a subject 3 : the imagery or symbolism of a work of art, an artist, or a body of art Iconography is the branch of art history which studies the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of images. The word iconography literally means “image writing”, Iconography is a quarterly publication designed for everything fashion. Iconography is not about opinions but about feelings. It’s about what's hot; it's about freedom of expression. Iconography embraces all audiences regardless of race, sex or social status. In each issue of Iconography, readers can expect an eye-catching array of boutique and fashion photo spreads, fashion reviews, designer profiles, editorial forums and professional advice from leading industry individuals. Readers will be drawn in by the dazzling and innovative imagery on each and every page throughout the publication. The name Iconography itself is to be held to the highest of standards. Iconography will offer an invigorating and progressive publication with the purpose of making everyone and icon. Individuals who grace the pages are more than just faces; they will forever become Icons in every sense of the word -Idols of the fashion world. How would you like to become the next Fashion Icon? Fashion is you, fashion is me, fashions us, "It's" everybody and everything. "It's feeling, "It's" expression.... "It’s" a lifestyle. " THAT IS WHY WE DID IT!"

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hen you were growing up, your mother, grandmother, or even your friends may have given you advice about certain things you should NEVER wear, like stripes, plaids, white shoes after labor day, or white stockings and black heels. But is it still a RULE? Or is it just a RUMOR? Your skin tone, your body shape or weight, and your own personal image standards determine many things in fashion. What a model would wear may not necessarily be what a high school teacher, or lawyer would wear. More often then not when we relay on the media to rule your wardrobe, you run the risk of becoming a Fashion Victim. Here's our TOP 5. Write to us and tell us yours.

“never Wear Horizontal Stripes”






& wife


words by: Keisha Starr

Music and Fashion have b now however it’s with extre you that the two

he success of a prosperous marriage depends on many factors such as love, communication, trust, and loyalty just to name a few. However I believe the key element in obtaining and sustaining a thriving marital relationship is compatibility. As noted on, compatibility is two elements being capable of existing or living together in harmony. As I sit to think of two elements that are predominantly compatible with one another besides peanut butter and jelly, the number one couple that sits on the top of my list is Music and Fashion. Music and Fashion have been dating for a couple of years now however it’s with extreme pleasure that I announce to you that the two are officially married. They work well collectively and to be honest I can’t imagine one without the other.

In the past there were individuals who worked in the music industry and those who worked in the fashion industry however these days it’s not uncommon to see your favorite singer or rapper blessing the runway with their own clothing line. It’s true that music is highly linked to fashion whether someone’s modeling to the latest hit on the runway or simply wearing a distinctive and stylish outfit in their music video. Nikia Davis, a fashion teacher at Barbizon modeling and acting school who put on several local fashion shows in Maryland, stated that the music selection for a fashion show is extremely vital to the success of that venture. Picture for a second, a fashion show without some feet stomping upbeat tempo music or better yet think about a music video without the glit and glam worn by the artists and models in the video.

When Beyonce comes out with a new music video, we don’t run to the TV screen to hear her song, we run to see what she’s wearing because she has a unique style of fashion that catches our eye and excites us. When paparazzi are flocking down the streets of Hollywood to catch a flick of Rhianna shopping, we don’t purchase the magazine to read the articles on her; no, we want to see what new chic outfit Rhi-Rhi is sporting on that day. Even men are tuning into the importance of having one owns fashion awareness. Rappers like Andre 3000 and Kanye West may catch a lot of flap from some critics who feel their style is way over the top, but one thing that shouldn’t go unnoticed is that these two men recognize the significance of distinctive dressing and going against the odds which, hint…hint… gives them more exposure and media hype. Jay-Z, who was once known for wearing hip hop attire such as the baggy jeans and sport jerseys, has ultimately switched the game up by getting his “grown-man” on as he so calls it. And I for one feel that, that one move he made had a domino effect on other rappers such as T.I, Ludacris, and 50 Cent who have blessed recent red carpet events in some of the most fashionable, stunning, and stylish suits that we have ever seen worn by any performer in the game. Literally rappers are putting up the throwbacks and opting for tailor made Armani designer suits complemented with a pair of sharp leather shoes to match. Without a doubt music has been used to bridge the gap to the fashion industry for many singers and rappers who want to expand their empire. More and more, many artists are seeing the benefits of

that his deal with Reebok also brought him in an extra $100 million. Forbes recently released an issue with a list of the top 100 wealthy celebrities of the year and way at the top of that list sat Jay-Z, P. Diddy, and 50 Cent which were closely ranked next to wealthy tycoons such as Donald Trump. The magazine stated that Jay-Z generated $83 million in 2006, which should be credited to the sale of his Rocawear clothing line and the deal he closed with Iconix for $204 million. 50 Cent was noted as bringing in 33 million from his empire which includes his G-Unit clothing line. Indeed, these musicians are reaping the benefits of their smart investment into the fashion industry which in returns keeps them #1 on the music chart. Fashion Rocks is one of the biggest events of the year which combines fashion and music. defines Fashion Rocks as a star-studded concert, honoring the extraordinary relationship between fashion and music. This function features some very influential and prominent fashion designers as well as live music performances from some of the industrys most alluring trendsetters. A couple of artists and clothing lines that you may see sporting down the runway during Fashion Rocks is P. Diddy (Sean John), Jay-Z (Rocawear), 50 Cent’s (G-Unit), Gwen Stefani (L.A.M.B), Beyonce (House of Dereon), and Russell Simmons (Phat Farm) just to name a few. These are all well-known musicians who shifted their title from just being an “artist” to “artist/ apparel designer.” Music can stand on its own just as well as fashion however when united they are a force to be reckoned with. These two elements of life provide foundation and support for one another just as a married couple. Without these two essentials, we the consumers might as well live life through a vintage black and white TV screen. You see music and fashion offers the world color, excitement, and joy. Fashion is something that we confront every single day. We are constantly bombarded with an assortment of fashion trends. Music is the second language. Through music we communicate feelings, emotions, and thoughts. Together music and fashion is life so rock on and look damn good doing it!

been dating for a couple of years eme pleasure that I announce to are officially married. investments and entrepreneurship in regards to the fashion extravaganza. Realizing the overall longevity of acquiring mass revenue from production of sale for their clothing line, music artists aren’t only creating their own line of fashion but are doing it very successfully which open countless doors of opportunities. The fashion industry offers artists from the music industry many benefits including an increase in their annual revenue, respect and notability, and exposure to the rest of the world that they wouldn’t normally have years ago. Where as many music stars have to pull skin just to see a profit from their CD after the record label, management, and lawyers take out their cut, the fashion industry guarantees these artists vast profit if their line is booming. Jay-Z’s Rocawear Clothing line generates over $700 million annually. Then on top of

medium format

beauty in the box T

he photography bug bite Craig A. McKenzie, at 11, when he discovered an enlarger in his basement . One very early morning his father woke him, saying " The bar is burning...You should go take some photos" and he did. These photos landed him a job at the local weekly newspaper where his primary task was photographer and darkroom technician. Craig graduated high school, and attended St. Clair County Community College where he studied graphic design. He was awarded a scholarship to study abroad in Japan for the summer, and upon his return, was awarded a full tuition scholarship at The College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He graduated with a double major in Graphic Design and Photography. He has dedicated this past year to learning the ins and outs of digital photography. You can see more of his work at

Photography: Craig McKenzie Photo Assistant: Matt ‘Bear’ Spies Wardrobe provided by Lost & Found Vintage Boutique. Shoes: Nine West Stylist: Le’Ticia F. for Mon Reve Hair: Le’Ticia F. Makeup: Le’Ticia F. for Model: J.Nicole Eatmon


"Every true fashionista knows that your ensemble is not complete without that perfect shoe!"

igh ociety

am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, as many women are. I love shoes, but I am not a tennis shoe girl, give me some 4 inches or better stiletto’s and I’m happy! Height does matter! I wear heels everywhere, to work, a party, a dinner or even running errands. Its something about taking a stride in high heels that makes me feel uberly sexy. Off top I’d say I have bout 100 pair of shoes and looking to add to my collection! Every true fashionista knows that your ensemble is not complete without that perfect shoe! We all have that “perfect” shoe for that “perfect” occasion. Besides giving your outfit that special touch, high heels also accentuates your legs making them look longer and you taller. Whether your’e trying to add additional height or you want to give yourself that extra humph in your strut, the perfect shoe is out there for you!

Words by: Ashley B. Silva


seduce 453 Black Patent Leather 5 inch heels $34.99

very glam girl should always have a great pair of black pumps in their repertory. They’re timeless and season-less and can be worn with just about everything, from a suit to jeans and a t-shirt. Nude pumps are also always great to have because the nude color elongates your legs. Another timeless shoe would be snakeskin and leopard print. Unleash your inner erotic animal with these prints, they’ll instantly make you feel seductive and add a bit of va va voom to a simple black dress. Another classic must have is a sleek strappy sandal, like the pump it goes with everything. I think every woman should have that pop of color. Sometimes its always good to have the basic black or red but mix it up every now and then and add a dash of color like, hot pink or neon yellow. Make sure that you give your high heels a break in before wearing them for an extended period of time, because no matter how great the heel looks nobody looks good wobbling in a pair of heels that they can barely walk in.


omen express themselves through their shoes. Are you a women who has the lifestyle where “money ain’t a thing”? If yes, then you’ll love Italian Designers like Giuseppe Zanotti (, Manolo Blahnik (manoloblahnik,com) , Jimmy Choo ( , Valentino (, and my personal favorite the instantly recognizable red soled Christian Louboutin (christianlouboutin. fr). These designer’s shoes make women drool at sight, and the price tags may make you do a double take ranging from $400 to $1500 or more. These designers are well worth every penny, because of their finely crafted detailing and they’ll always exhibit great style and quality, lasting longer than some cars. If you’re a babe that’s “ballin’ on a budget” then American Designers like Betsey Johnson (, Steve Madden (, LAMB


( and my other favorite Jessica Simpson ( will work for you. These labels sell all of the latest trends at more affordable prices ranging from $60-$400. Also check Italian Designers websites periodically for great buys of previous seasons collections at about $20-50% off, making many shoes under $300. Shopping for the designer shoes online at well-established sites like Saks Fifth Avenue, Tower Bridge, Zappos Couture, Neiman Marcus, EDesignerShoes, and Bergdorf Goodman, which offer astonishing discounted rates on designer shoes won’t leave your pockets dry. Beware of unknown site and independent seller who may try to sell you astonishing fraudulent merchandise.

“Wearing high heels is very feminine, apart of being a women, so the ones who don’t wear heels aren’t feminine” - Christina, 22 “You can be fashionable without heels but I cant imagine that” - Alicia, 22 “First off I never pay retail! There’s always a way to find it cheaper and I don’t mean eBay!!! I have paid up to $400 for shoes but they were worth a lot more. I don’t skip bills but I will cut back on stuff, I’d use my phone less, eat out less, and party less to pay for shoes.” - Trina, 27 “No, for one thing a $20.00 shoe can wear and look just as good as a designer shoe as far as I’m concerned” - Beth, 28

"Whether your trying to add additional height or you want to give yourself that extra humph in your strut, the perfect shoe is out there for you"

“Of course heels make a woman look more attractive and I wouldn’t date a person who refused to where heels” -Jay

es, high heels are worn for fashion, but did you know that the type of shoes you were also judge how you are perceived? Many women live in their heels, where some don’t even want to put them on. I interviewed several men and women to see how they viewed women with heels on as opposed to women who wear flats, flip flops or tennis. 80% of men find women who wear high heels to be sexier than those who wear flats. 95% of women said that wearing high heels makes them feel sexier or more confident.80% of women viewed other women who didn’t wear heels as unfashionable. And what some of them had to say will shock you.

“I really really like shoes, price is no object except if it’s like $1000! I will do whatever I have to do to get it! I know that’s terrible and I’m too old for it but I have a dangerous shoe fetish.” - Aiesha, 31


“I love heels...the taller the better ...plat forms... stilettos... stack heels...etc....I do not have a fav Italian designer...if I see and I like it that’s all that matters 2 me...I wear heels does not have to be a special event or anything...I put them on going to the mall...out to gathers...@ home (if u know what I mean)...heel just make me feel sexy...and they can turn an average outfit 2 glam in 2 secs....” -Erin, 22

“I have been spotted shoveling SNOW in my 3 ½ - 4 inch heels and running a marathon thru the mall w/ a baby attached to my hip! I wear heels every single day and although wearing heels on a daily basis may contribute to the back and neck pains I have now, I still can’t live without them.” -Tanesha,30

History repeats itself and words by:

Keisha “Starr� Wizzart

photo twiggy c/o vouge circa 1963


he next time you’re running from mall to mall trying to find that special outfit for that special occasion, STOP and go through your mother’s closet. You may come to find that your next big fashion flair just might be a replica of something that was originated back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.

It’s so true when people say that history repeats itself and in the ever-changing world of high fashion, it’s safe to say that there’s no exception. You must be extremely careful when cleaning and clearing out your closet because you could be disposing the perfect pants that your granddaughter will need to accentuate her outfit ten years from now. Yes, the same skirt that may be outdated and taking up too much space in your closet, could actually be the latest trend years to come. And all those “reasonably priced” clothing that you’ve donated to charity could cost you double to purchase back a few years down the road. Some of the same mod looks that are sold cheaply

Many designers today are simply generating ideas from previous fashion legends and reproducing their work with their own flair.

and so will your wardrobe! in boutiques may be restructured, modernized, and resold for thousands of dollars.

It’s so I remember looking at old true when people photos of my mother when say that history she was in her prime. Hey, when you’re home and repeats itself and in totally bored beyond the ever-changing imagination, viewing old family photos seems world of high a bit interesting; at least fashion, it’s safe to it was for me. Anyway, although the photos were say that there’s old, nearly colorless, and no exception. a bit dismantled from years, wears and tears, one thing stood out; her peculiar style of fashion. At that time I was about 13 years-old so it’s safe to say that I wasn’t the least bit impressed with her choice of clothing. As a matter of fact, my cousins and I teased my mother for hours and said, “Oh my God I can’t believe you wore that outfit in public.” We had our shares of laughs and my mom did too, nonetheless she said something to me that didn’t make sense then but totally do now. “Fashion revolves like a Merry-go-round. What you see now, is what

you will wear later!” At that particular time, I couldn’t see eye-toeye with my mother however after growing up and seeing how fashion progressed over the years, we’re now neck and neck.


kay, so who would have believed that my mother was actually sitting on to something creditable? I remember when Capri’s or Pedal Pushers as others would call it, somehow found its way into my generation. I could not believe my eye and at first I was in denial about this new fashion outbreak. I vowed that I would not be caught dead in a pair of pants that resembled high waters yet before the end of summer 2001; I owned about 1,000 pair in various styles and colors. Of course my mother had her own pair stashed in a storing bin way in the back of our attic. It took her sometime to find but when she did, I was totally impressed because it was trendy and I wanted to borrow it right away. Let just say it was a very humbling moment for me when my mother turned the tables around and started to laugh at me. From that point on I became very aware of the fashion phenomena and how it’s constantly changing yet repeating itself at the same time.

This fashion style has recently resurfaced and is taking over runways in the United States and many other countries such as Paris and Europe. Today, high-waist pants, skirts, and even short are very stylish and fashionable if worn properly. Even the shirts that typically accompany these pants show significant signs that they were a blast from the past. You can not walk through a mall and not find a balloon sleeve and ruffle shirt; it’s almost impossible. Also, the balloon baby doll tube dress is finding its niche in the fashion scene once again as seen worn by Rhianna at the 2008 Brit Awards in London. Women are also pairing up their dresses and skirts with tights underneath. I like to call this the “Cindy Lauper” look. As a matter of fact, the leather-looking tights are very hot and highly demanded by many young women. Its true folks, the 80s fed that’s striking in the 2000s, is pairing up a hot dress with footless tights. It’s easy, it’s cute, and comes in various colors and designs to meet your characteristics from day to day. Last but not least, if you haven’t seen someone wearing a headband, very big clothing, and huge sunglasses then you haven’t picked up a magazine in awhile. The Olson twins and Nicole Ritchie managed to bring the “hippy” bohemian look back into the spotlight which has fashion reporters documenting that kids are dressing in a more endearing yet mature fashion

What you see now, is what you will wear later!”

This season has filled the runways with countless chic trends that I perceive was highly inclined from past generations. It is more then apparent that clog and platform heal shoes are heavily influenced from designers stemming all the way back to the 1970s. And if you don’t want to take my word for it, then go through your mother’s old photos and check out the shoes that are on her feet. If you don’t see a pair of platform shoes somewhere she must be from a planet where they didn’t wear shoes. Sequins, beads, and rhinestone decorated shirts and pants are redeveloping and sweeping through this fashion era. And for all who haven’t been paying close attention to the latest fashion shows, magazines, and reviews, please allow me to enlighten you on one thing; high-waist skinny jeans are the new low-cut jeans.

To sum it up, you have to appreciate the old because one day it will be new again. Many designers today are simply generating ideas from previous fashion legends and reproducing their work with their own flair. So the next time you’re doing your Spring cleaning, stop and ask yourself, “Will I need these pants years from now?” If you don’t know the answer right away then the best thing for you to do is invest in a storing bin just as my mother and start putting away rather then throwing away. Think of it as your own fashion insurance; you never know how trendy and resourceful it may be until you need it.

your vision is only as great as the photographer who captures it


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Dolls in the

Photographer: Aaron Williams c/o AW Creative Group Wardrobe Provided by: Neasa Leano Make up: Melanie Jones Hair: Kahlil Oliver Models: Barbara Cheung Raluca Mecca Christopher Moore

From Big pimpin’ to Big Primpin:

Metrosexuals Take Center Stage By: Brittney J. Stylist: Sergio Photographer: Jerris Madison


o by now many of you are all too familiar with this new phenomena, the urbanite male who can spit a Weezy verse word for word while reciting GQ’s fashion Do’s and Don’ts with the same amount of ease. You can find him nestled in the cushy chairs of local beauty salons, treating his self to the mani/pedi combination, boutique hopping indulging in his fashion addiction, sipping lattes locally at posh cafés and pumping iron in the gym. He is a man of manners, suave and debonair in his gait; a man who is liable to compliment you on your shoes because he actually likes them. He is finicky about his appearance. He is the new “straight” man. He is the place where Ferragamo and football collide. But is he too much?

I will be candid for a moment. What real woman can’t appreciate a man who loves his mama, can put a hurtin’ on some chicken and greens, who wouldn’t wear sweat socks with a suit and trims his nose hairs to boot. Sounds like a winner to me. In fact more often than not, I am highly intrigued to hear a man’s opinion when it comes to my fashion sense. I would adore arguing about the subtle styling differences of pointy-toed vs. round toed shoes, raving over the new season of Project Runway, and planning an outing to hit up the new Philip Lim store in Soho. Actually, to be quite

I" fin d h i m capti vating an d alluring an d pretty dang easy on th e eyes." honest, I do ALL of these things. I just do them ALL with my “Gayles” (those are gay male friends for the layman). So what is happening? Has the world gone mad? Are straight men, dare I say, turning gay?

Whether you just nodded your head in agreement or not, you can’t turn your nose at the fact that the heterosexual American male is gingerly easing his way into territory once reserved for women and gay men. The craze that has surrounded “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” confirms that the proof is in the pudding. A show about a team of five, uber gay men who pounce on some unsuspecting slub, “transform[ing] a style-deficient and culture-deprived straight man from drab to fab,” as noted by the Bravo network, is remarkable. It is a testament on just how accepting society is becoming of homosexuality and how men are growing much more secure in their sexuality. This is a movement toward awareness. This new age consumer is spawning an onslaught of marketing campaigns directed toward a new generation of 20 and 30 somethings who are willing to go that extra mile and splurge on personal grooming. Edina Sultanik-Silver, owner of Brand Pimps and Media Whores, New York-based men’s fashion public relations firm, thinks that metrosexuality is merely a sign of the times. “It’s a generational thing. I think that the Gen-Y and the millennial guys view all the creams and grooming

preparations as OK and perfectly natural for them to use, rather than girly,” says Sultanik-Silver. It is a pop culture trend that shows no signs of slowing, as everyone seems to be cashing in on the goods. While popular brands like Axe, Tag, Head & Shoulders, and L’Oreal jockey for position, magazines l i k e Es-

ever, I do not mind if a man likes to take a little extra time in the bathroom making sure he smells great. So what if a guy can value the pampering a day spa has to offer? After all who wants to canoodle with rough feet and shredded sheets? And who cares if a chap takes the necessary measures to forego that Sasquatch unibrow for a more human appeal. I think the metro man is much needed spice on the dating scene. He adds an entirely new dynamic to what is considered masculine. He is the competition of machismo. He brings Hollywood glam to your front door. Often pegged as homosexual, the difference between the two is rather obvious; sexual preference. I do not mind the metrosexual man at all. I find him captivating and alluring and pretty dang easy on the eyes. I do not feel threatened by his lifestyle in any manner. Nor do I question it. There is just something inherently romantic and sexy about him. I find him to be my fashionable equal and I welcome his dialogue. I respect his fearlessness and I will gladly, gladly take his well manicured hand in mine.

“So what is happening? Has the world gone mad? Are straight men, dare I say, turning gay?" quire, FHM and Maxim are dedicating an increasing number of its pages to fashion. Even our Hollywood heavy hitters, the very men that make us weak in the patellae are spear-heading the metrosexual movement. The poster child, David Beckham, with his model good looks and athletic prowess, can often be found donning a sarong and prettying his nails with colorful polish. Others, like Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake, are no strangers to the salon, carefully mulling over hair color and highlighting regimens. The likes of hip-hop shall never be the same either, as names like P. Diddy and Jay-Z trade in the street chic clothing for their more upscale couture lines. Fashion hawks like Kanye West and Usher have helped to thrust Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent into an urban spotlight, setting the trend for young metropolis. Needless to say, the metro man is everywhere. Now ladies I, personally, am not advocating for you to run out and start dating the first guy you see with lubricated lips, a Zoolander-like pout, tight jeans and a meticulously combed coif (you just may be setting yourself up for an encounter with the down low brother). How-

a b T


ck sics

Words by: Phillip Houston - professional Clothier

his winter is all about the classic look. For example everywhere you look everyone is wearing argyle. Let us take a walk down the road of fashion for the winter. Men if you are into wearing the sport coats, slacks, dress shirts and sweaters you will love what the winter brings to you! We also will take a look at the hot shoes for the winter.


f you are wearing a sport coat you have to purchase the two patterns that have made the comeback. They are the houndstooth and the tweed sports coats. Yes, I know you said houndstooth and tweed. Both are definitely a classic because it is what your grandfather use to wear. It gives any man the distinguished look. Please be advised that I suggest that every man purchase one of these types of sport coats. For the man that feels comfortable I would also suggest the wide wale corduroy sport coat.


s far as slacks are concerned the hot colors are your shades of grey and blue. Let it be known that we are not talking the regular grey and blues. You can coordinate the slacks with the sport coats. If you choose to feel free to mix it up a little. Mixing it up a little simply means wearing different patterns in the colors listed previously. The patterns that will spice up the colors of grey and blue are the following: plaid, houndstooth and, herringbone.



he styles for shirts are easy. The three patterns that stand out this winter are the check, plaid, and stripe. Please do not be afraid to try something new. You can wear one of the three patterned shirts with a houndstooth or herringbone sportcoat. Just remember make sure that the colors in the shirt are synonymous with the colors in the sport coat.


ashmere is back for all of you sweater lovers. If you are wearing just the slacks and a shirt the sweater will add an extra piece to your garment, not to mention warmth for yourself. To add an additional flair add a little color like an orange or green. Please be advised that not everyone can pull of the flair of color. It also takes some confidence to pull it off correctly. If you feel that you can not pull the look of choose a light blue, camel, or winter white sweater to accompany your slacks and shirt. Another idea for you is to wear the sweater under your sport coat. I would suggest the V-neck sweater. If you wanted to wear a cravate it can be seen. It is ok to layer your clothing. Cashmere is one of the most elegant materials that one can wear. It will enhance your wardrobe with a warm, robust look.


ast but not least we have to discuss the most important piece of a man’s wardrobe. Shoes are the most important because you can tell a lot about how a man conducts business based on his shoe selection and how he cares for the garment. The shoes that are the best for the winter season are loafers. These shoes are not like the loafers of yesterday. Gucci makes a sleek two-toned loafer that will stand out. Barney’s of New York and Prada are also offering a nice loafer.

For more information or consultations please call 443-846-4474 or e-mail @

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with project runway’s Jeffrey Sebelia True fashionista’s and Project Runway fans braved a windy and rain soaked Friday evening to be a part of Envy fashion show and party at Mosaic Lounge. For the early birds and those that endured the bad weather they had the rare opportunity to meet and greet Project Runway Season 3 winner Jeffrey Sebelia. Not only did he host the event he also gave everyone the opportunity to view his new Cosa Nostra spring line for 2009. Other designers showcasing for the night were Yosoy fashions and Stella Bonds. To view more pictures of this event log onto

september 20, 2008

september 26, 2008

mosaic lounge: baltimore, md

with the orginal paper dolls presents a runway showcase of the industry’s top designers the sky lofts: baltimore, md

The social elite ladies of The Original Paper Dolls - TOPD (Kijuana Chinette, Myloshia Robinson, and LaShella SHELLY Miller) pulled it off just when others doubted their creative ability to produce one of Baltimore’s hottest fashion shows catering to the city’s local designers. The event was held at The Sky Lofts in Baltimore’s historic Highlandtown community. This trendy and artsy loft was filled over capacity by fashion onlookers from everywhere anticipating the preview of the hottest fashions for the season.

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bubbles salon of towson and stilista agencies own sharon so wins the team competition martins crosswinds: greenbelt, md

september 28, 2008

Stylists from BUBBLES salons battle for top honors in a spectacular showcase of hairstyling and pageantry. The hair better look fierce because the judge is none other than Christian Siriano, winner of “Project Runway.� Siriano once worked as a shampoo assistant and receptionist at a BUBBLES salon in Annapolis at age 13. Some of his first creations were elaborate costumes he designed specifically for Hair Wars. Trendy day looks, runway worthy evening looks and outrageous fantasy looks are all on tap.

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2 09 january february march

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Iconography Issue One  

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Iconography Issue One  

We hope that you enjoy the first issue please forward.