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Private Label Wall DĂŠcor

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Private Label Wall Décor? Good Reasons To Consider • • • • • • •

Cost effective Design to look and price Increase $ per sq. ft. Added value to your customer Increase ease of purchase choice Private Label cannot be shopped Just in time inventory

I am Melissa Van Hise, Founder and Creative Director for Big Fish. If you want to explore Private Label Design in wall decor, we would like to talk with you. Melissa Van Hise CEO, Big Fish


Big Fish

What is Big Fish Private Label Design? Instead of designing to the market generally, Big Fish works directly with clients to custom-design wall dĂŠcor to the specifications of customers. This confers both product design advantages, as well as and cost advantages for customers. The partnering relationship enables wholesale customers to be part of the design and product process such that price points can be established and designed towards, which is especially valuable for matching of art to standard or private label furniture.


For Whom is Private Label? • Customers who have multiple locations or high volume • Customers who want to better integrate their wall décor with product lines • Customers who desire to increase wall décor sales • Customers who want exclusive products • Customers who sell from the high-end to promotional price category • Ideal for furniture manufacturers with gallery programs

How It Works • Meet the Big Fish Design team • Review private label questions • Customer offers fabric & color samples, furniture vignettes or product groups, style samples & examples • Big Fish creates sample images digitally and submits to customer. Review process ensues with some moulding recommendations • Meet & review images, mats, & moulding recommendations, determine pricing & product sizing • Submit digital imagery for final approval P.O. • Product Delivery: 6-8 weeks


Big Fish

How “The Big Fish Approach” Benefits Retailers or Manufacturers • Big Fish Private Label designs to a target price point • Big Fish allows efficient use of buyers’ time in product development and selection • Private label allows for control over merchandising across multiple locations • Wall décor is merchandised as part of the “whole room.” This approach makes it easy for the end-customer regarding what “matches” • Exclusive wall décor becomes part of the private-label furniture package — and nothing is more exclusive than art • These exclusively-designed items cannot be found by customers at :MEG:HH 9>G:8I other retail venues or Internet sources • Big Fish provides multiple distribution/inventory options including justin-time inventory and 9>G:8I (drop ship program) • Wall décor can be produced on demand, and in quantity All Big Fish wall décor is “Made in the U.S.A.” This will please endcustomers, and also allows for rapid reordering — a service benefit that companies ordering from foreign manufacturers cannot match.


“Customers who have participated in Big Fish’s Private Label offering have been exceedingly pleased. They have taken advantage of our design team’s experience in private label combined with our manufacturing and distribution capabilities.”

Melissa Van Hise, CEO


Big Fish

Why Private Label from Big Fish? • •

• •

For 23 years, Big Fish has led the way in designing, developing and producing wall décor for the most discriminating customers Private label is a natural fit for Big Fish, in that the company is vertically integrated with design, graphics, material sourcing, manufacturing, packing and logistics related to supplying and offering marketing support for wall décor Private label is not new to Big Fish. We have gained experience from a variety of programs, each time meeting different set customer requirements All Big Fish products are manufactured in the USA, which will please the end-customers, and allow for rapid reorder Our factory of experienced crafstmen take pride in their skills and pay special attention to the details that make our product superior in the private label and custom wall décor market. This attention to detail, workmanship and 4-6 week turn around attributes to the success of Big Fish’s Private Label


Frequently Asked Questions Q: What is Big Fish’s experience in designing private labels? What have the results been? A: Private-label design has been a growing part of Big Fish’s business. The results have been spectacular. Top 100 retailers participate in Big Fish’s active private label programs, and a few more — who started with semi-custom designs — are on the path to private labels.

Q: Generally private label design requires significant minimums. Do you have minimums? A: We have minimums, but they are not onerous. Private labels in the wall décor market do not mean simply attaching the retailer’s label to an existing product. Rather, they involve designing to a customers’ specification and reserving the result for that person or business. Generally, we design an entire line of products for private labels because multiple products lend greater credibility to the entire line of products offered — and, where relevant, to the furniture going with them.

Q: Can you design to my budget? A: Yes, and that is the beauty and challenge of the creative development process. We can engineer the product backwards by first selecting manufacturing materials that have “the look,” while meeting the price point required. We can also work with quantities needed to make the formula work. We invite you to meet with us to discuss your ideas.

Q: Where do you find the subject matter? A: We have one of the largest libraries of prints and images in the business — a compilation of 23 years of gathering materials to inspire designs. But that is just the start, because we use in-house, highly skilled artists and graphic designers to evolve images into final products that work for you.

Q: Can customers request a starting point for a design? A: Of course! Inspiration and ideas come from many venues. Pulling multiple examples of items that provide direction is a good place to start, and has worked well for Big Fish customers from the start. Typically, customers with whom we partner bring with them size requirements, specific colors, subject matter and even some images and other particulars.


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Art Match TM



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Big Fish


Custom Color Wall Decor Customize Big Fish Ar twork by selecting your choice of colors to highlight the color of your decor.


www. bigfish

For more information, contact Josh at: (443) 773-7000 10

Big Fish

Existing Customizable Product Lines and Programs Generally, Big Fish designs wall décor and supplies it to the wholesale market through catalog and Internet sales of manufactured or predesigned products. In addition, Big Fish offers ways for larger customers to take advantage of our offerings: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Monogram Program Streets of Series- Customization of content, color palette, size, matting and framing available. Art Match- Customization of product, color palette and style. Semi-Customized- Standard products that are slightly customized to meet a customer’s specific need (modest volume purchasers) Private Label/Fully Customized- Products that are designed specifically for high-volume purchasers . This offering turns purchase decisions on their head; instead of a customer’s choosing from what is available, Big Fish will design an exclusive line to fit the retailer’s “package” of what is selling, at specific price points. Such lines include hard-to-find images, atypical sizes, unique combinations — and numerous other possibilities.

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