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Special Features On the Cover 24 Warrior Women Featuring Patrice Lee

26 Warrior Women

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Featuring Rita Arreola

28 WQ Runner Up #1 Featuring Bree Jaxson

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37 Mind+Body+ Soul

Featuring Dean McMurray

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Featuring Hasina Rahman

60 Women on a Mission Featuring Jen Bayer

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21 Blogger Spotlight: Lindsey Whiting-Schnepper

Letter from the Publisher

10 Editor’s Note

22 Author Spotlight: Marnie Schneider

12 Company Info

24 Warrior Women: Patrice Lee


Our Peeps

26 Warrior Women: Rita Arreola


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28 WQ Contest Runner Up #1: Bree Jaxson

18 Q&A- Ask the Experts

30 WQ Contest Runner Up #2: Dawn McCoy

20 What’s Next & Publisher’s Choice

32 Mind + Body + Soul: Melissa Joiner



34 Mind + Body + Soul: Melissa Morehead Moore


42 On the Cover: Kathryn Starke


Mind + Body + Soul: Andrea Ramírez

51 On the Billboard: Natalie Henry


Mind + Body + Soul: Dean McMurray

52 Women on the Move: Julie Jay-Kanz


Stars and Entertainment: Jaye Madison

54 Women on the Move: Allison Jernigan


Stars and Entertainment: Liv Bryne

56 Girl Power: Hasina Rahman


Stars and Entertainment: Produced By A Girl

58 Kidpreneurs: Abigail Aishwarya


Stars and Entertainment: Tarah Who?

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60 Women on a Mission: Jen Bayer 62 Women in Business: Danielle Cobo


Letter from the Publisher Here is what I learned this past year. It is perfectly OK to say, “No.” While we don’t want to appear rude, we do not need to explain ourselves or go into detail as to why we can’t or don’t want to do something. Don’t let people make you feel guilty. Know your limitations and stick to it. We can’t say, “Yes” to everything. Focus on doing the things that will make the most impact. It is important to establish your boundaries. Secondly, I want to get back to basics. I grew my business and my network without social media. However, I found myself feeling “pressured” to produce content. I got away from having a proper view of social media. It is a great tool, but I see so many people on it now doing all sorts of things trying to get noticed. For me personally, I want to focus on making real connections. Lastly, self-love and self-awareness shouldn’t be something we just post and celebrate on social media. We should look at our calendars and plan time for ourselves like we plan and schedule everything else. Taking care of our mental health and getting to know our own feelings and desires is imperative to our overall well-being. Focus on staying grounded. Peace and Blessings, xoxo

Ilene Carol

Connect with WQ We want to give women a voice to share and tell their stories that will inspire and pave the way forward for others on their journey. We are advocates for living a full circle healthy lifestyle - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. Our readers will find practical advice, good common sense and savvy on various topics that women encounter from everyday living. www.instagram.com/womensquarterly www.facebook.com/womensquarterly

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Editor’s Note We’ve made it into our second year of publishing Women’s Quarterly Magazine. Our team is small, and we had a lot of obstacles to overcome. We are very thankful for the continued support we receive from our readers and our followers. Stay tuned as we will be doing things differently. Our social media posts, updating our website and designing a new look for the magazine. As we mentioned in our last issue, we are tossing around some new features – Four-legged Friends, Kidpreneurs, Food Lovers, What are you listening to, What’s on the nightstand and Do-gooder Spotlight. In addition to, showcasing our followers, podcast and blog topics, life’s survival guide and so much more! Our focus will be on career, business, entrepreneurship, and your money. We are interested in establishing VIP Partnerships for sponsorship opportunities, advertisement, promotions, and Brand Ambassadors. Funding will continue to support ALS and Extended Hugs, providing resources for disadvantaged children and their families in the form of living, medical and educational expenses. Send an email to: media@icemediaent.com to inquire about these opportunities. We are so thankful for all the amazing testimonials! #womenempoweringwomen

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Quotes to Live By: Girls love Football check out our favorite quotes!

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” –Vince Lombardi

“When you find your opponent’s weak spot, hammer it.” ― John Heisman

“A champion is simply someone who did NOT give up when they wanted to.” ― Tom Landry

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” –Lou Holtz


“Gain INsight. + Be INspired. + Get INnovation = EMPOWERMENT”

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Pillow Talk with the Tea Pillow Talk with the Tea Podcast is a Open, Truthful, Candid, Unguarded and Raw podcast that speaks on uncomfortable conversations with a sip of some HOT TEA. A no judgment zone with an old school family vibe and straightforward kitchen table talk!!! We’re exploring on all topics and subjects that most people are afraid to talk about and discuss. We’re no longer sweeping it under the rug and pulling the rug from under your feet STRAIGHT FORWARD, TO THE POINT in REAL TALK!!! Follow Pillow Talk with the Tea on: linktr.ee/pillowtalkwiththetea PillowTalkwiththeTea @pillowtalkwiththeteapodcast Photographer: Zee @bycestlazee


Our Peeps Contributors AMBER GREENUP Marketing Assistant

I recently graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities. As Marketing Assistant for WQ, I have dealt with obstacles and creativity blocks, but in the end, I am always proud of my work no matter what I had to overcome to get to the final result. Working for WQ has been an amazing experience, it is always a fun, friendly, and motivating environment.


Social Media Manager My name is Maria Viola, and I am a sophomore at Delaware Valley University. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, jewelry making, and drawing. Pretty much anything creative I enjoy. I am constantly finding new creative projects to work on. When it’s not a pandemic, I enjoy going to local art festivals and restaurants. I also have a cat named Fiona who I love spending time with.


Graphic Designer Hello My name is Starr Turner. As a single mother from Chicago who has always been creative I have had a knack for solving problems as well as helping people. Which made a career as a Graphic Designer the perfect fit for me. I strive to create designs that are not only colorful and beautiful but that also have a impact in making the world a little bit better and brighter.


Graphic Designer Madison Park is a senior at Boise State University in Idaho. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. Madison has worked with several clients for branding and logo design. She also enjoys photography and works for Boise State University as a student photographer. Madison has contributed design and marketing material to Women’s Quarterly and ICE Media.

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Public Relations My name is Niyah Coles and I am a Marketing Team member for ICE Media Entertainment. I just recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Psychology. As a marketing member, I love working on the WQ Brand. It allows me to express creativity all while gaining marketing experience. It also allows me to gain insight of some of the lessons taught within the brand.


Creative Team Shamrin Yaseer is a social activist, public speaker, YouTuber, writer and a student. Shamrin is well-known for her resilient presence and involvement in social issues especially that of which involves women and youth. Her polished opinions and her keen interest on the well-being of the community is highly noticed and appreciated making her one of the most inspiring women personalities in Sri Lanka.

Marisa DeRoma

Graphic Designer My name is Marisa DeRoma. I recently graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication Design. In addition to being a graphic designer I also do photography on the side. My personal goals are to keep getting better and better with each passing project as I enjoy challenging myself. I have contributed designs to Women’s Quarterly.


Graphic Designer Hi! My name is Tehya Moore and I am a senior at James Madison University, studying Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Interactive Design. As a member of this team, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute I have spent creating content for WQ Magazine. I have contributed design and marketing material to Women’s Quarterly and ICE Media.


Journalist Lindsey, an undergraduate student at James Madison University, is studying Communication Studies with a minor in Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication. She has experience in writing, editing, & digital marketing practices. “Writing and editing is one way that I know how to best serve others.I believe that what we say and how we say it, goes a long way in making an impact”. SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 15

Women’s Quarterly Online

Pamper yourself with a winter wonderland vacation

The holiday season is magical, with colorful lights sparkling in the snow and festivities abounding. But once the holidays are over, don’t let the lingering winter force you inside. Instead, use the winter months as the perfect opportunity to take a winter wonderland vacation. For the rest of the article visit wQmagazine.com.

Seven ways to a healthier home and you this winter During the winter months, it’s important to take extra care of your home, your family and especially yourself. In addition to taking steps to prevent cold and flu viruses that are common at this time of year, you should also pause to relax and recharge, if only for a few minutes each day. For the rest of the article visit wQmagazine.com.

New year, new you: Great beauty tips!

The new year is a great time to make some resolutions to keep your skin, hair and nails healthy. Your dermatologist can help you with these resolutions. For the rest of the article visit wQmagazine.com.

Six ways to use social media in your job search Resume? Check. Cover letter? Check. Now you’re ready to begin that job search, right? Wrong. There may be some very important things you’re forgetting about that could dramatically enhance your job search. For the rest of the article visit wQmagazine.com.

16 WQMagazine.com

Stop your relationship rut: 3 simple steps to a fresh start Feeling like you’re in a relationship rut? You’re not alone. Whether you’re single or married, getting stuck in a routine may be normal, but that’s no excuse to keep on down the same path. Take control of your love life and break out of your relationship habits. For the rest of the article visit wQmagazine.com.

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Disrupt the Everyday In April 2021 we launched Disrupt The Everyday Podcast. We are here to help you navigate life while disrupting the status quo. Our discussions cover a number of topics relevant to everyday life. We discuss everything from relationships to entrepreneurship. We also engage in some difficult but important conversations.

About Brine and Tonya Brine and Tonya live, work and podcast from Ontario, Canada. In addition to being the hosts of the Disrupt The Everyday Podcast Brine and Tonya Hamilton are husband and wife and parents to four children ages 4-12 and their mini golden doodle, Samson. Brine has spent over 15 years in the security industry focusing primarily on the healthcare vertical in roles ranging from frontline security to a number of leadership positions. Currently Brine is a System Engineer with Omnigo Software, and faculty at Fleming College and Seneca College in addition to serving on the Board of Directors as President-Elect with the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety. Tonya spent 12 years working in the social work space with her first opporunity working in a shelter for abused women and children. From there Tonya went on to work at the Children’s Aid Society of York Region, Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo Region and facilitated session for the John Howard Society of Waterloo Region. Currently she is a home daycare provider and owner of Raising Our Gifts. Contact Brine and Tonya for more info. Follow the Disrupt the Everyday Podcast on:

Photo credit @ Miranda Elizabeth Photography

disrupttheeveryday.com @Disrupt_the_everyday


Q &A Ask the Experts

Dear Therapist How do I find me again? By: Katherine Scott-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

progression, we are meant to dance with the growth that results from our experiences in life. Our choice lies in the ways we choose to take what we’ve gathered from circumstances and how we intend on carrying it.

This question graces the therapy room in all shapes and sizes. This can be a pondering of an adult child who’s dedicated the past few years to serving as caretaker for an elderly parent and the parent has passed away. Sometimes, the question shows up as an empty nester who has invested all of themselves into their child’s world, and now is left with the memories of what used to be. At times, this question can result at the beginning or ending of a relationship. The list goes on. Yet the common denominator in each circumstance is change and the vulnerability that accompanies it. Somehow it was left out of the “how to be a human” handbook that change should be expectant, and perhaps even relied upon. We watch the world shift and yield, the leaves on the trees molt colors and fall to the ground to prepare for a season of vitality, and yet we’ve somehow left ourselves out of this evolution. It’s helpful to shift our perspectives on the fluidity of “us” as individuals. Just as the seasons are destined to continue their 18 WQMagazine.com

Regardless of the situations that may unfold around you, your soul is gifted at dancing to the melodies of change.

No matter the breakups, the transitions, or the tragedies, nothing could ever take away the essence of you.

Something delightful accompanies our choice in perspective, and this is the uniqueness that we grace this world with. Just as intricate as our fingerprints are our lens of which we see the world from. Choice and perspective ground us as we evolve into actualized versions of ourselves we strive to embody. Sometimes we must break in order to rebuild. It’s OK to feel distant from the “old versions” of yourself at times. If anything, I’m here to tell you this discomfort is a necessary experience in order to continue our plights toward growth. I encourage you to sit with the discomfort of grieving what used to be. However, I want to invite you to not give up hope on what is to come as we continue on this rollercoaster ride of life.

Katherine Scott Katherine Scott is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works at a practice known as Puzzle Peace Counseling located in NE Florida. She received her dual masters from the University of Florida. She is a Level One Gottman certified Couple’s therapist, working toward level 2 of her Clinical Trauma Professional Certification, and is a certified equine-assisted psychotherapist through EAGALA. Educational Advocacy is a passion of hers, and she readily serves as an educational advocate by supporting families within her community during the process of establishing and maintaining 504 plans and IEP’s for children. While she works with people in most walks of life, her niche is working with children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum and their families, as well as broad Neurodiversity. Some of her other facets of interest include OCD, anxiety, grief, and trauma. She also has a blog lovingly known as Kat the Counselor that captures tidbits and tangents from both sides of the therapist chair. She utilizes an experiential approach with clients in the pursuit of healing.

Follow Katherine on: www.katthecounselor.com @ katthecounselor

What’s Next? Insight

Broaden Your Horizons to Succeed The Spring issue is an informative yet fun breakdown of facts every woman can appreciate. Women will be left with a broadened understanding of how they are perceived by the rest of the world. Every woman knows that there are many positive as well as negative experiences and phenomena associated with womanhood. However, this issue will focus on the tools that can equip women for victorious lives. •

10 Tips for Combatting the wage gap

Perspectives from women outside the US

Budgeting/saving advice.

Meditation guide

Healthy ways to cope with stress/anxiety

Money goals

Publisher’s Choice The Perfect Blend is a Valentine’s themed romance novel that celebrates family, community, and the power of love. She has no time to date. He has no desire to date. Nevertheless, one sweet treat blends the perfect match. This contemporary romance reminds readers of the power of a variety of relationships in life. You never know what could be brewing right under your nose! Minnie Logan is the owner of Logan’s Coffee Shop, a staple in a small New England town. Struggling to maintain her grandfather’s legacy and rent payments, Minnie has less than a month to creatively preserve and renew her family business. Robert Vaughan, the CFO of a giant coffee conglomerate, arrives in the small town in pursuit of a takeover of Logan’s Coffee Shop. Unbeknownst to Minnie, she falls for the mysterious newcomer while she uses the magic of love and the miracle of faith to give back to the community that has given so much to her. (Proceeds from profits from The Perfect Blend will be donated to the American Heart Association to support women’s heart health.) Available on: www.amazon.com/Perfect-Blend-Kathryn-Starke/ 20 WQMagazine.com

BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT Online Diary Chronicles the Daily Adventures of Parenting Two Sweet and Spicy Kids Revealing. Refreshing. Raw. Mommylogue. blog is the newest voice in parenting, an online diary where Lindsey Whiting-Schnepper under the nom de plume “Elle DoubleU-Pepper” writes about the hardest career a woman can have: mommying. With unusual candor, a razor-sharp wit and an abiding love for her little ones, “Elle” shares with readers her daily life raising two precious kids. “It’s my inner dialogue (my mommy voice) unedited, unfiltered and undeniably relatable,” says Lindsey. “It’s my real-life documentation of the coveted community called mommyhood. My scrapbook of stories.” This just launched blog includes stories by Lindsey aka “Elle DoubleU- Pepper” about how her life sometimes resembles the 80s comedy Adventures in Babysitting, mommying in the time of Final Four and going crib-less for the first time in seven plus years. “I remember when I first got this crib. My older lovie was still in my belly and I was on the cusp of this journey,” she writes. “By the time he turned 2-years-old, I was sure I was one and done. But a year later, with a pap smear and a pep talk from my OBGYN, I got knocked up again. It’s was actually classier than that but it’s a story for another time. By year three, we used that crib for the second little redhead in my life, and I have to admit it reminded me not only of my kids’ youth, but my own. Now, after seven plus years, my house is crib-less. Which has taken on a different meaning for me. No, I don’t want more babies -- I love my children beyond, but two sometimes feels like 10, even on the best days -- and I feel like I’ve entered a new stage. A new milestone in mommyhood.” Lindsey Whiting-Schnepper is a New York area mother living with two little red heads and her ginger-hued husband. Over a decade ago, Lindsey began writing her daily thoughts in the notes section of her phone whenever she had a moment to spare, but just recently she

decided to jump into social media pool. She worried less about getting her professional blow dry wet— exposing her natural curls and more about sharing these memories and milestones with the world— she writes like she is wearing her heart on her sleeve, which steadily built a growing audience. Now, with Mommylogue.blog, she is sharing her stories with a whole new audience. “I think moms will appreciate my perspective because it’s real. I don’t sugarcoat the daily challenges we face raising children,” she says. “Every day is an adventure. Some days are better than others. Some days we feel like total failures others are epic. But each day belongs to us. This is my way of sharing those stories.” Check out Elle’s spicy excerpts on: www.mommylogue.blog Elle. Double U. Pepper @elledoubleuppepper


Author Spotlight Contributors Super Bowl LV at the Ronald McDonald House in Tampa Bay, Florida which is an annual event in the Super Bowl host city. Currently, Marnie has been traveling (virtually these days) all over the country doing book readings at schools, first-responder events, youth sports clubs and businesses.


Marnie Schneider Marnie Schneider is a CEO, inspirational speaker, author, philanthropist, and best of all daughter and mom. A Philadelphia native now living in the Carolinas, she consistently devotes her time and resources to help others achieve their own victory. Marnie thinks of this as “showing up” on life’s playing field, with positivity and energy, day in and day out.

Gameday Marnie’s passion for sports shines through in her book series, Gameday in the USA (Gameday). The series is in the Top 100 Kids Sports Travel books by Amazon. Writing the stories has been her way of giving back to the many great football communities across the nation. The series includes 7 books (with an 8th one releasing in September 2021) that focus on a city and its football team. It follows lovable characters, Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog, and the rich history and culture of each city they visit. She recently did a virtual book reading during the 22 WQMagazine.com

Marnie finds inspiration from her family. Her grandfather, Leonard Tose, who was the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles and also founded the Ronald McDonald House. Also, Marnie’s Mom, Susan Tose Spencer, was the first female GM of an NFL team. She was also their legal counsel and VP. Their dedication to family, charity, and sports taught Marnie the importance of giving back, something she has carried forward into her career in the nonprofit sector. She has received honors for her time and attention spent raising money for the Ronald McDonald House and Alzheimer’s Association. To this day she remains very active with the Ronald McDonald House in Charlotte and is on their board.

Family Marnie’s pride is her three kids—Jonathan, Goldie and Leo. Marnie’s experience with her first son, Jonathan (21 years old now) having neuroblastoma opsoclonus as a young child, taught her much about the importance of an extended family and support. She is currently taking care of her mom who was recently diagnosed with dementia. Marnie has a heart for animals and has three rescue dogs and her handsome pony, Billy.

Follow Marnie on: www.gamedayintheusa.com @gamedayintheusa

Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in the Carolinas

It’s gameday in the Carolinas! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to the stadium to cheer for the Panthers. First, they’ll stop at Cape Hatteras, Kitty Hawk, and other historic locations to learn everything they can about the Carolinas. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for the Panthers!

Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Chicago It’s gameday in Chicago! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to Soldier Field to cheer for the Bears. But first, they’ll stop at Millennium Park, the Navy Pier, and other historic locations to learn everything they can about the Windy City. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for Chicago!

Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Dallas & Fort Worth It is gameday in Dallas! Football Freddie and Fumble are trekking to Arlington to root for the Cowboys. But first, they will have a few stopovers in some historic locations to learn as much as they can about Dallas. Join these friends to cheer for the Cowboys!

Football Freddie and Fumble the Dog: Gameday in Tampa Bay It’s gameday in Tampa Bay! Football Freddie and Fumble are on their way to RJ Stadium to cheer for the Buccaneers. But first, they’ll explore beaches, meet some manatees, and visit other historic locations to learn everything they can about this coastal city in the Sunshine State. Come along and cheer with Freddie and Fumble for Tampa! SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 23


arrior Featuring omen Patrice Lee which required open heart surgery at four months of age. Finding the young woman within me came second to becoming the mother my children needed. In my early 40's, I was surgically thrown into menopause; having five babies in three years did a job on my body. Having to go through menopause that young was devastating. Just as I was beginning to know the woman I was becoming, she simply went away. Menopause took so much from me as a young woman; emotionally, physically and mentally. I wasn’t ready to let go of that part of me. Now, as a woman in my 50's, I feel like the beautiful butterfly emerging from my cocoon and learning to fully embrace me. At this stage, I am living in the highest form of self love. I am thriving in the vitality of this phenomenal season. I have raised my children and I love being a grandmother, but I have decided to take this chapter in life for me. This season belongs to me.

I am Patrice Lee, a 57 year old wife, mother of five amazing young adults and grandmother to seven beautiful grandbabies. As a woman who married very young at the age of 18 and started having my babies right away, I never gave myself permission to get to know who I truly was apart from being someone's wife and my children's mother. Having two sets of twins plus my oldest daughter by the age of 23, I completely lost myself in trying to be everything for them. With my second set of twins, my son was born with Down Syndrome and complicated medical issues 24 WQMagazine.com

I love the woman I am becoming in this season. Every struggle, every heartache, every challenge has molded the woman I am so very proud of today. Now that I am on the other side of menopause, I find so much joy in showing other women what it feels like to come into our own even at this stage of our journey. Life is constantly evolving and as women, we must continue to evolve into the best version of ourselves. Even though life may seem blinding in the moment, know that the journey to owning your crown will be worth it.

pursued college, the military or just taken time to be on my own to discover my own interests, my own beliefs and my own dreams.

Q: We have been checking out your Instagram. What opportunities has your message of self-love as a woman over 50 led you to? A: Self love has given me the confidence

to believe in myself and to step out of my comfort zone and pursue a life long dream of modeling. As an advocate of self love, I feel like I’m beginning to influence the way brands see and market to the 50+ community

Q: What is your favorite quote, motto, or mantra and why? A: “A glowing woman can help another woman glow and still be lit.” I love this quote because seeing another woman shine should never diminish our own shine. It removes the sense of comparing and competing. I’m a strong believer that there’s room for all of us to win. Q: In your story, you mentioned how you married young, started having a family and now focused on yourself as a woman. We often reflect on our lives and think about how we would do things differently. Would you choose to marry and start a family young or wait and use your young womanhood to pursue other things?

Follow Patrice on: @thepatricelee

A: If I could do it all over again, I would

definitely take my younger years to find out who I was before taking on the role of wife and mother. As a young woman, I would have SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 25


arrior Featuring omen Rita Arreola

Find your music.

Find your music is my favorite quote. The reason is when I received the call from my doctor, I was on the 18th floor looking outside. I was staring at the symphony tower. I read “find your music” as the doctor said, you have invasive breast cancer. That moment I knew life would change forever. I was now on a new path, a battle with the hope of survival. I knew when I beat breast cancer, I would find my music and I am on the search for that in music city Nashville.

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I win if I inspire someone to fight harder.

Since I was a kid, I always dreamed about being something big and making a difference in the world. My mom always said, I was the bones who kept our family going.. I cannot take credit for the person who I am I owe my strength to the hard knocks of life. Coming from a family who struggled and being the middle child, I think I had no choice but to learn to be strong. I majored in Business Administration and for several years worked in an office. I never felt like sitting in an office forty-hours a week was my calling. Growing up and as a young adult I tried being a model. I became involved in the entertainment industry. I booked entertainment events almost every weekend. I was a ring girl for combat sports, a gambling tournament host, and many other roles within the entertainment industry. I am social, I enjoy being the life of the party and like networking. I was going fast in life and I lost sight of the things I dreamed of when I was a kid. The day I picked up the phone and my doctor said, you have invasive breast cancer my life changed forever. It is my turn to make a difference and I choose to do it through my journey. Being diagnosed with triple negative cancer and writing a book about it was not easy. I choose to live my dreams, be strong and make a difference in the world. In June 2021, I published my book “The Light in Rita Pearl”. In a raw story I share my battle, vulnerable moments, heartbreak and triumph. The story does not end here, I don’t win by only beating breast cancer, I win if I inspire someone to fight harder. I am a proud cancer survivor, but my proudest moment is being able to openly share my story and save a life.

The Light in Rita Pearl Life feels as if everything is going great. I am talking to a country artist. There is something about him that makes me smile. I am selling the home I raised my son in and spoiling us a little with an upgrade. In minutes, my world gets flipped upside down. I am diagnosed with breast cancer. The biggest battle of my life takes me on a whirlwind of emotions. The fight against breast cancer is during the Covid-19 pandemic, protests, and more challenging times.

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Bree Jaxson My name is Bree Jaxson. I am an Independent American country music singer and songwriter from Baltimore, MD. My music incorporates elements of rock, pop and Jazz within the country genre and while music has been my passion and lifelong dream, I have spent the last eleven years serving in the world’s greatest Air Force. (USAF) My career started in the military by building bombs, rockets and missiles and has now stepped into the role as the Deputy Commander for Cyber Space Operations for the TXANG. This journey has led me on some amazing paths, but the one I am most grateful for is meeting my husband and having our two beautiful babies. Even though I had done so much and experiences so many things, Music is where I always felt the happiest. My experiences throughout life have taught me that music can help you get through anything and that is what I am hoping my fans will get out of my newest music releases. In December2020, I signed my first distribution deal with Heart Songs Records, and I released my first single, “Make Me Hate You” off of my upcoming E.P In February 2021 and my latest single “Country Heart City Roots” was released in May 2021. I will say juggling Military life, a full time Cyber Security Career, A music career, motherhood and my latest, Grad school (Which I Graduate next week!!) there are challenges of trying to make enough time, but all of those things bring some sort of joy in my life, and I truly believe that you have to work hard to get what you want. I have been a fighter since the day I was born, and I do not plan on stopping now!

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Q: What life skills did you learn while being in the USAF? A: I think the most basic life skill that I learned in the USAF was the ability to be independent. I moved out at sixteen, but always depended on a roommate, or a boyfriend and when I entered in the military, it was the first time I truly did something on my own. The military pulled me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to travel and experience other cultures, and through that I gained a sense of confidence and independence that I don’t think any other profession would grant me.

dreams, I decided that I would no longer care what anyone else said and pursued this lifelong dream for myself and my family. -I hope to eventually have a supporting fan base and hopefully get a record deal to pursue country music, so that I could share my music with anyone who needs to hear it. I also would love to be able to have this career as my full-time career and still support my family.

Q: You mentioned going through a dark period in your marriage. What advice can you share? A: I feel so cliché saying this but communication, communication, communication. Not only just speaking what you feel the other wants to hear, but really diving down to understand what makes both people happy. I also think it is so important to have respect towards each other, even in times of anger, your tongue can be the poison that kills your marriage and it almost did that to mine. Q: What is your favorite quote and why? Q: Since being a mother and wife - what changes have you seen in yourself? A: I have learned to be more confident in myself. I know that my husband and my children are not only looking up to me but are depending on me. I want to instill that drive and fearlessness in my children, so they always feel compelled to follow their dreams without doubt. Q: We love the fact that you are now pursuing your dreams. Tell us about that and what you hope to accomplish. (Include the genre of your music) A: It has been a very long road. I always felt self-doubt and unsure about my talents and my dreams. Some people along the way encouraged me, but a lot of people felt music was a pastime and not a career. Unfortunately, I listened to them and let that fear consume me. After spending a decade in the military and watching so many other artists really take those chances and follow their

A: - My favorite quote (I actually have it tattooed on me) is “Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep” I love that quote because it reminds me that no matter what anyone says, I need to stay true to my own path. It doesn’t matter if I am a warrior, like a lion, if I let everyone’s opinions affect me. I choose to stand my ground and follow my dreams staying true to myself.

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Dawn McCoy

Flip the Script, Change the Game It was a life-changing moment. After my divorce, I became a single, working mom and I wondered how to raise my son who was a toddler with chronic health conditions. He thrived with an eosinophil-associated disease that manifested as chronic food and environmental allergies, asthma, and eczema. His health care required more attention than a typical child with average health. I was clueless. To be honest, I had no idea how I was going to manage his health, home life, working, and personal obligations. Briefly, I experienced selfdoubt and insecurity wondering how I would raise my child alone. My initial approach was unclear. I panicked since I did not have family nearby. I asked myself: Who could help me? Was there a roadmap for single mom success? Where do I find connection and support? Then I oscillated to what I knew best: time management and networking. More than 20 years earlier, I thrived academically in college and worked at the school library. Later in graduate school, I worked full-time on Capitol Hill and went to graduate school at night. After this win-win, I continued part-time community service endeavors. And in yet another life chapter, I was an elected school board trustee moonlighting and served as the director of a college outreach program. Fast forward to mom life, I had unknowingly transferred skills from my professional career to maximize my daily routine. Triumph evolved when I create scheduling patterns and called upon my church, professional network, and mom support groups. I connected with other single moms and rare disease organizations. Rather than a self-pity party, I realized that I had existing resources to achieve single mom success. Being a single mother has been my greatest accomplishment to date nurturing a young human and maintaining my self-care.

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G-tube feedings and excels in spite of autism. He is mainstreamed academically with many intellectual gifts in the arts as well as science and technology. While he will not outgrow his conditions, he continues to show me how to how to live vibrantly regardless of circumstances. Q: Tell us more about your community involvement and mom groups. A: Becoming a single mom, I realized that I needed to expand my circle of support among friends, my faith-based community, and within my social networks. Other special needs moms assisted with safe playdates and exchanged support and I did likewise for them. Mothers of others with his EOE condition, online mom groups, and food allergy networks fostered safe in-person and in-real-life fun such as non-food holidays and birthday celebrations.

Q: What was the moment that gave you clarity as to how you would best handle your new set of circumstances? A: What brought me clarity as I became a single mother while raising a special needs child was when my son’s health was compromised, and he was periodically hospitalized in recent years for pneumonia or other ailments related to his rare disease. Not only did I need to be his primary caregiver, but I still needed to make alternate arrangements for managing my household, acknowledge limitations, ask for help, and request flexibility in my workplace. Q: How old is your son now? Is he still having difficulties? A: My son is almost 11 years old. He thrives and continues to grow despite challenges since he was 18 months and given a rare Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EOE) disease which manifests as significant food and environmental allergies, eczema, and asthma. Thankfully, he grows given a limited diet of safe foods, flourishes with a nutritional supplement given during overnight

Q: What is your favorite quote, motto, or mantra and why? A: One of my consistent mantras is “keep it moving” since there is no alternative in life. This applies regardless of life’s moments along this journey feeling surprised, overwhelmed, unprepared, or being completely ready for action. Interestingly enough, this mantra is coupled with my appreciation for the “rest a while” quote from Lorraine Hansberry since life has taught me to learn to do both.

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Mind+Body+Soul The Power of PerseveranceOvercoming Obstacles and Finding Purpose in my MidLife Journey wrap my mind around believing my longheld goal to earn my degree would happen as I would soon be turning 50 and after all who would promote me heading into my fifties? No one in the workplace talked about or advocated for older workers, their value in pursing advanced education or skills in order to promote.

The JOURNEY As a single mother of two children, working full-time I recall in 1999 at the age of 34 desperately wanting to go to college to earn my degree with the goal to promote within my already nine-year career at a local health insurance company. By 2000 I was attending a local community college eventually transferring to a Christian college that offered an online accelerated Business Management program. In 2010 life through me a curve ball and I was faced with dropping out of school to focus on a family crisis. I believed I would get back to school once things settled down. By late 2011 at 46, I was reminiscing about how much I enjoyed taking college classes, the glimmer of what brought me joy seemed so far out of reach. I found it difficult to 32 WQMagazine.com

The REALIZATION In early 2012, I attended a work in-service on the value of a multi-generational workforce and the need for older workers in the workforce. That in-service was the catalyst in researching the multi-generational workplace and gave me the confidence to go back to school - doubling up on classes. Looking back now, I realize I let society dictate my value as a middle-aged woman and believing because of my age I could not promote.

Looking back now, I realize I let society dictate my value as a middle-aged woman and believing because of my age I could not promote. About Melissa Melissa is the founder of MelJoi Lifestyle, an online company focused on empowering women entering, in midlife and older to age gracefully through a positive aging mindset.

The RESULTS In late 2013 at 48, I received my BS in Business Management. Fourteen months later in 2015, I promoted three levels up. Mission accomplished! From that day forward I never let fear, self-doubt, or anyone write my story. It was in the six years following the promotion that I worked some of the most challenging and consuming responsibilities as a wellness program manager. I learned so much about my power within, perseverance, and made a vow to always advocate myself in any given situation no matter my age. I learned that I write my story and I can take up space by advocating within a society that would otherwise want to box women in midlife and older in and let our years of knowledge and skills be under-utilized.

Following twenty-nine years at a local health insurance company; thirteen years in corporate wellness and the last six years as a wellness program manager, Melissa retired in early 2021. Melissa went on to become a Holistic Health Coach this fall to fulfill her desire to provide 1:1 and group holistic health coaching, an online community group, workshops, self-care planning and affirmation products to women. The goal to empower women to live healthier, happier and more fulfilled by being relentlessly unapologetic in pursuit of aging gracefully and advocating for their well-being. Follow Melissa on: meljoilifestyle.com @ meljoi_lifestyle SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 33

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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Mind+Body+Soul Melissa Morehead Moore By: Lesley Logan Melissa Morehead Moore is a woman who took charge of her future at a young age and has only continued to grow well into adulthood. She spent a portion of her years in the Navy and left a stronger veteran. Many will know her as a minister, influencer, grandmother, and Certified Life Coach. She uses the power of belief in one’s self to give her audience a taste of true self freedom. Her occupations and trials in life gave her the perspective to see others have problems that need fixing, especially if they require assistance from others. Her most important mentor raised her from just a young child and molded her into the woman she is today. Moore credits her mother with instilling confidence in the young entrepreneur and supporting her along the way. Another incredible source she cites is her high school teacher, Ms. Huff. From her, she was able to learn what it was to be a professional young Black woman and create her own success. Today, she knows that the ‘No’ response will be often received based on her color alone, but proceeds to persevere. Melissa found inspiration during the global pandemic and used quarantine to take her business to the next level. She wanted to do what many were cursed with and fall into a slump, but instead she saw her opportunity. As covid is still in process, she has maintained a

strategy that will last on all digital platforms. In the meantime, she is also busy with charitable work in her community. She turned a milestone birthday, number 50, into a vaccine drive with a 62% rate of African-American attendance. Her love of helping others has truly fueled her entire career and outlook on life. She sees what others have done for her and only wants to pay it forward. Melissa Morehead Moore believes there is nothing she cannot do and others should feel the same way about themselves. She often reflects on her favorite Winston Churchill quote when contemplating her choice of career.

Venture to melissamorehead.com to connect with the life coach. Connect with Melissa: melissamorehead.com @fearfightercoach


Mind+Body+Soul Fortuna Living Even people we know well could react against anything you might say or do because of trauma, negative past experiences, etc.

I read this quote from Eckhart Tolle saying: “when you complain, you make yourself a victim, leave the situation, change the situation or accept it; all else is madness.” A couple of nights ago, we went out to see a band playing. They were great, I was euphoric, and I got to talk with the singer. He was very friendly, and everything changed by the night’s end when I wanted to speak to the bass player, which was having none of my crazy, euphoric self. I tried to tell him how excellent everything was. But in the end, he shoved me with his hand on my shoulder. At this point, I thought, “It ´ s OK if he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me”. But my reflection the next day was: This happens to everyone when we are overwhelmed by any situation. Sometimes, we react instead of acting, because it ´ s all we have when we can no longer defend or explain ourselves. In terms of self-evolution, it’s OK to react sometimes when we can’t deal with a situation, but when somebody reacts towards us, we can’t take it personally. It could be something very subtle that triggers the other person to react, so the best thing in this kind of situation is to accept it if you can’t change it and leave it for that person to deal with the situation. 36 WQMagazine.com

And when we have this reactive energy bubbling inside of us or reactive energy directed towards us, never take it personally. When you feel you are going to react against someone, please stop yourself and articulate: “I cań t deal with this situation right now.” “I need time.” “I need to leave.” “Could you please leave me a moment because I cannot deal with this right now?” “Could we talk about this later?.” That will make a world of difference because the other person will understand that you are not fit to deal with the situation and need a little time. Simple things can make our life and other people’s lives so much better. Be kind, be human. About the author: Andrea Ramírez owner of Fortuna Living – Spiritual, Mind, Body, Wellness.

For more of Andrea visit: @fortunalivingspirit @fortunaliving.org

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Mind+Body+Soul 12 Steps to transform Yourself in the New Year 7) Find your tribe - Finding like-minded people and organizations not only helps with support but can be life changing at the same time. It truly takes a village. 8) Disconnect to reconnect - We are bombarded by electronic devices and information at every turn. By disconnecting to the electronic and physical world, you can reconnect to your soul-self. Ram Das once said, “The quieter we become, the more we can hear.”

By: Dean McMurray The New Year can often conjure up a variety of events and feelings for people. For some, its champagne, midnight kisses, and dancing till dawn. For others, it’s setting resolutions that quickly fade away once it hits January 15th. Wherever you are this year, here are 12 actionable steps (one per month) that you can take to help you truly transform yourself, and those around you. 1) Express gratitude everyday (no matter how small) Before you say that you have nothing to be thankful for, stop, and take a breath. You are a living miracle. Know that in EVERY situation there is something to be thankful for. 2) Create a vision board - If you aren’t aware of what this is, let Google be your friend and check out all the different versions of vision boards. They are powerful tools for helping you manifest all your hopes, dreams, and goals. 3) Boundaries - This one can be difficult but is so needed. If you have personal or professional relationships that are extremely negative and know people who tend to just bring the “vibe” of everyone down, perhaps it’s time to examine and reset your boundaries with them. 4) Self-care aka YOU time - Now I’ve been told this is easier said than done, as it can come with guilt. “Why am I getting my nails done when I could take the kids to the movies, etc., etc.”? It’s not about the activity. It is about replenishing your inner emotional vessel so you can be the best version for you. We all need a break from time to time. 5) More experiences and less empty promises to yourself - Humans tend to talk poorly about themselves. Our inner voice can be a bit tricky at times and often this voice can talk us out of taking part in fun and exciting experiences.

9) Finding your WHY - Our why drives us every day from why we do what we do to what motivates us. For some it’s money or fame and others it’s family and friends. If you’re not clear on your why, now is the time to explore and discover your motivations and passions. 10) Become self-aware - Self-awareness is more about how people, places, and things are making you react, feel, or perform. If you can identify what elements are holding you back, you can navigate the “zigs and zags” in life and greatly enhance your emotional and physical state of being. 11) Go on a diet - This isn’t your typical diet! This is what I call the negative word diet. On average, we speak 5,0007,000 words a day and usually there are a good deal of negative words or phrases mixed in there. Some examples include: no, “you can’t do that”, lost, lonely, fearful, regretful, and the list goes on. The idea here is to catch these words before they come out of your mouth and find a more positive substitute (don’t worry the internet has tons of them out there or maybe dust off that dictionary). 12) Give back - This one is an oldie but a goodie. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be financially, it can simply be a compliment, a kind word, or smile. Giving back can come in all forms.

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6) “Get Dirty” – No, it’s not the sequel to 50 Shades of Grey. However, it is time to roll up those sleeves and do some inner work. Finding your deeper sense of self can be very enlightening and help open opportunities that weren't there before.


Stars & Entertainment Jaye Madison Born one minute apart, Jordan and Madison Skinner don’t know life without each other. It seems as if the twins were always meant to be halves of a whole. Having grown up surrounded by the diverse music of Southeast Texas, the twins drew upon their southern influences to create their own unique brand through the duo Jaye Madison in 2017. Blues, rock, country, and folk all contribute to their contemporary soulful sound. They are built in best friends and co-writers! Jaye Madison is now focused on writing originals and performing live around Nashville, Tennessee. Their latest release, “Down” is available to stream and purchase on all platforms. “Down” has gained international airplay and has surpassed 75k streams on Spotify. Their live performance video of their original “Pedestal” aired January 25th 2021 on “Today in Nashville”. This dynamic duo recently recorded their debut album at Revolver Studios in Los Angeles to work in conjunction with Grammy Award Winning Producer Mikal Blue (OneRepublic, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz, Five for Fighting) and Dean Dinning of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Jaye Madison was voted the winner of United Way of Beaumont’s first ever “Raise Your Voice” Fundraiser Competition in 2020. They are also on She Wolf Radio’s “Ones to Watch” list for 2021, while listed with the likes of Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves under Women of Country’s Top 10 Tuesday Playlist for December 2020.

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Stars & Entertainment Liv Byrne

that I have interesting personal situations to draw from and I can also invent interesting situations if I desire. I do a lot of fantasizing and sometimes my fantasies overlap with my reality so I usually write lyrics because of that.

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in New York? A: My favorite part is the overall environment. I can walk outside to do laundry and always know I’ll be entertained. I’m an actor so people-watching has always been a favorite pastime of mine - making up stories about strangers’ lives - and a city is the best place to do that. Q: At 11 years old, what influenced you to write a song? A:Funny enough, it was because 11-year-old felt very threatened by Justin Bieber. He wrote a song and at the time I thought it was stupid so I said, “I can write a better song” and I did. Even today, though, I find myself having a little hidden competitiveness directed towards him and I honestly don’t know why. I don’t know him personally or anything so I don’t know where it comes from....sending Justin Bieber love and light. Q: Where does your inspiration come from to create lyrics? A: My life experiences. I’m an imaginative overthinker and I’ve had a lot of “movie-like” experiences. Because of

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment yet? A: My upcoming album. This whole album era has been a huge learning and growth moment for me and I feel like that is the biggest accomplishment. Creatively I’ve had full control and it’s also taught me a lot about the business side of music, but most importantly I’ve seen large shifts in myself. My perspective has matured, I’m more open-minded, and I’ve opened myself up to new, real experiences where I’m not always in control. I kept my music to myself for a very long time and I think that reflected the kind of person I was - in control of all elements, only allowing certain people to see certain parts of myself. Now that I’m releasing my music, I’m definitely less intense and more of my authentic self all the time. I’m also more chill and relaxed - there’s something comforting about releasing music about your deepest thoughts and having people say they think the same thing. Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? A: Well, in 5 years I’ll be 25 years old. Career wise I hope I a) have a career, and b) am happy with where I am in it at that stage of my life. Personal life wise I hope I’m surrounded by people I consider my chosen family. Follow Liv on: iamlivbyrne.com linktr.ee/iamlivbyrne Photo Credit: Josefine Cardoni @mynameisjosefine SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 39

Stars & Entertainment Produced by a Girl

Q: What struggles have you had to overcome? A: Most likely learning the business side of music. It’s complex! And very time consuming! Someone told me recently that a way to look at music is anything created in the studio- that’s making music. Everything outside of that studio space in the industry is the business of music. Having that perspective helped me a lot. And the lessons learned made me a stronger music executive in the end. Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Q: How did you get your start in the industry? A: Produced by a Girl, aka Mary Knoblock, is an EDM Artist & Composer who started the Produced by a Girl platform, movement and gateway for female producers, and artists while signed to Andre Williams in 2019 for A&R development. Produced by a Girl now spans over 25 avenues in the digital sphere with opportunities for women in sync, distribution and publishing via The Stachehaus. Produced by a Girl continues to utilize her opportunity in the music industry to empower female artists and producers daily. She has recently released 3 albums: Soul DM, Once Upon Forever and Electrify. She recently released her latest Compilation Album with incredible female artists and producers called Femme Frequency. The Compilation Album Series at Produced by a Girl is a part of the legacy she is building that will ensure a gateway to the industry for all women in music in the future. Her current release Lethe Oneiroi is a journey through the river of forgetfulness and subconscious dreams in a holiday Christmas album with neo classical, edm and trap elements all woven in. It’s also her debut with vocals on her tracks in EDM music. Q: Where are you originally from? A: I was born in Chicago, and grew up in Oregon.

A: My biggest inspiration in the industry right now is the women at PBG who have stuck with the brand for two years now and believe in the platform. They inspire me to keep going, to keep trying new things to improve the platform. The women on the Produced by a Girl Compilation Album : Femme Frequency massively inspired me this year as well! Q: What is your greatest accomplishment? A: Greatest accomplishment of 2021 was definitely being able to release a compilation album called Femme Frequency! Femme Frequency was inspired by 5 female artists and producers coming together and exploring the topic of darkness to light to process through what had been happening in the world during 2020 and 2021 when the pandemic was in full force. The female artists:Tess Posner, Lil MC, Sadie Belica of The Waking Point, and Meghan Pulles along with Produced by a Girl (aka Mary Knoblock Founder & CEO of Produced by a Girl), decided on the name Femme Frequeny as it reflects the power of female creators and their unique frequency they bring to music, soundwriting and production. Produced by a Girl sponsored the compilation album alongside The Stachehaus, & KMG, and is honored to be surrounded by incredibly talented females in the music industry. Their talent shines on the album and brings renewal and light to a world that needs healing and equality, and strength. To learn more about Produced By A Girl visit: msha.ke/producedbyagirl/

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Stars & Entertainment Tarah Who?

TGC: We are definitely grunge influenced, but there are elements of punk and sometimes heavier Rock even. We play how we feel rather than trying to fit into one category, which makes it difficult for people or the media to put us in one genre or describe us! Q: Where do you get your inspiration? TGC: Life, people, events, the news... everything and everyone! What do you love most about your work? Q: How did you come up with the name of your band? TGC: It was kind of random. We had a bunch of shows lined up before having a band name! so we went with Tarah Who? with the intent of changing it afterward... we never did! Q: Where are you located and where are you originally from? CH : We are located in Los Angeles, California. I’m from Brittany, North - West of France. TGC: Originally from Paris, France but I moved to LA in 2006. Q: Describe your sound. CH : I would say that the Tarah Who? sound is a mix between different genres like rock/punk/grunge but at the same time, we have our own sound. It’s raw and heavy.

CH : I love being able to travel around the world and discover new places !! TGC: ditto! I love making music, the whole process, from writing in my studio and hearing the full song in my head, to recording it so I can share it with the world. Playing live is also very rewarding, for us it is an adrenaline rush but it is also where we can connect with people, and live shows make us travel around the world, and I love traveling! So all of this is really fun and make us keep going!

To learn more about Tarah visit: tarahwho.com Photo Credit: Javier Caudillo @javavisuals


Kathryn Starke

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“Reach for the moon, even if you fall short, you will land among the stars.” -Kathryn Starke I have been teaching for as long as I can remember. I was the child who asked for a podium and plan book for Christmas. I grew up as the oldest of three girls in Richmond, Virginia, and I played school with imaginary students every single day. I started my first business at the age of nine as a reading tutor for kindergarten students in my neighborhood. I was so excited to finally get my first teaching job as a second-grade teacher in Richmond Public Schools. On my very first day with students, I learned how gun violence affects the community and that many of my students read significantly below grade level. Both of these issues are not unique to Richmond. I was determined to make an impact in the lives of my students. While teaching full time, I went back to school to earn my master’s degree in Literacy and Culture. Reading opens doors; I wanted to give my students opportunity despite their zip codes and circumstances.

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I learned so much from seven-year-olds over the course of five years. They inspired me to write songs and stories to support literacy and learning. I published my first children’s book, Amy’s Travels, after teaching a unit on the seven continents. Then, I realized that my purpose in the world should reach beyond my elementary school classroom. I started a company to originally market the book, which provided me opportunities to speak to fellow educators including an event with the Washington Football Club. My idea for Tackle Reading, a book and movement, was born. 2022 marks the 6th annual event supported by the NFL to promoting a love of literacy with a passion for football in inner-city elementary schools around the country. Today, I am a teacher of a much larger classroom. SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 43

country, preventing gun violence needs to be a priority. Q: When is the next Tackle Reading event and how is this being supported by the NFL?

Q: What led to leaving teaching as an elementary school teacher? I learned so much from seven-year-olds over the course of five years. They inspired me to write songs and stories to support literacy and learning. I published my first children’s book, Amy’s Travels, after teaching a unit on the seven continents. Then, I realized that my purpose in the world should reach beyond my elementary school classroom. I started a company to originally market the book, which provided me opportunities to speak to fellow educators including an event with the Washington Football Club. My idea for Tackle Reading, a book and movement, was born. 2022 marks the 6th annual event supported by the NFL to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football in inner-city elementary schools around the country. Today, I am a teacher in a much larger classroom. Q: You mentioned learning how gun violence affects the community. Tell us more about that. A: Sadly, Richmond, Virginia, like many communities around the country, is impacted by gun violence. Children of all ages have lost siblings, parents, and neighbors due to the senseless violence. Each year, one of my own students suffers this loss, and it changes their entire world. Like so many cities around the 44 WQMagazine.com

A: Our 6th annual Tackle Reading event will be held March 2, 2022, both virtually and inperson. Thanks to the support of the NFL and NFL Legends, athletes, teams, and coaches head into elementary schools around the country to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football. The teams also highlight their participation through social media and NFL pages Q: What are your future goals – personal and/or for your publishing business? A: I am always creating new goals both personally and professionally. I look forward to the day where I will be able to create a balance to become a wife and mom while continuing to grow and expand my publishing business. I have more book ideas to write and publish and teach the world to read. Therefore, I want to increase my national consulting work and educational books to support more elementary schools and partner with the best entrepreneur or company to finally bring my literacy app to fruition using a combination of real literature, reading research, AI, and motivation.

Q: What is your favorite quote, motto, or mantra, and why? A: “Reach for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” This quote always reminds me of the importance of following my heart and working toward making my dreams come true; it always leads to something great.

Tackle Reading We have a lot of work to do in literacy, so why not use America’s favorite sport to address the issue? Tackle Reading is a book and educational movement supported by the NFL to promote a love of literacy with a passion for football. The book provides motivational tips and inspirational stories written by educators and professional athletes to support reading at home. The book is brought to life every national reading month in March when NFL teams coast to coast visit their local or hometown schools to read to elementary school students. Motivation is a powerful tool to hook kids on reading, and sports is often a good motivator for reluctant readers and young football fans. Buy Now! www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073K2V8V1

A Touchdown in Reading Every teacher is a reading teacher. Therefore, we need to help our teachers to become both confident and competent in teaching reading to students of all ages. A Touchdown in Reading: An Educator’s Guide to Literacy Instruction is a newly published, popular reading resource. This is a playbook and how to guide for every homeschool educator or elementary school instructor to help any child become a life-long reader and learner. This back to school season will be uniquely challenging for everyone since many students have not physically been in a school for over a year. Reading is a developmental journey, and yes, some children will be significantly behind in their reading development this year. However, we can help each child make a touchdown in reading this fall by matching them with books and quality reading instruction that help them achieve literacy success. This season, let’s fall in love with reading books again. Be sure to mark your calendar for the sixth annual Tackle Reading event March 2, 2022. Together, we can tackle reading across America. Buy Now! www.amazon.com/Touchdown-Reading-Educators-Literacy-Instruction

Follow Kathryn: Kathryn Starke is a literacy consultant, author, former elementary school teacher, and the founder of Creative Minds Publications, an educational publishing company. Starke is the author of Amy’s Travels, The Perfect Blend, Tackle Reading, and A Touchdown in Reading. She is the creator of the annual Tackle Reading event supported by the NFL. @KathrynStarke creativemindspublications.com


Unwrap the sexiest part of you…confidence.


Own it. Live it. Embrace it. Love it.



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Empowering Women Business Owners! Boss Up Club helps women to grow their businesses and expand their dreams. The club empowers women by providing the necessary resources needed to maintain and grow a flourishing business.Take the steps to start growing your own.

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B2 Beauty By Bella is dedicated and committed to Empowering Beauty by providing exceptional beauty products made with natural ingredients to a wide range of customers.

On the Billboard

Natalie Henry

Byron Bay at Rocking Horse Studio, the album was produced by accomplished Country music heavyweight Catherine Britt, as well as ARIA charting producer Michael Muchow. Henry is the first artist to be signed to Catherine Britt’s label, Beverley Hillbilly Records. Britt remarks, “I am so PROUD of this beautiful gem coming out on my record label!”. An album definitely worth paying attention to, with a bright future ahead. Fans can access the release by ordering the album on Henry’s website (nataliehenry.com.au) or by listening on any of their favourite streaming services after the September 18th release date.

Who is Natalie?

Natalie Henry was born on the 21st of June 1981, destined to be a Gemini tangled between the dualities of wild love and burning chaos. Mama taught her young what it was to watch someone leavin’, but from the warmth of the sleeper cab in her Papas truck, her bright young eyes fixed on the road ahead. Willie Nelson and The Highwaymen rode on static out of the stereo. 17 and invincible saw Henry drink-drive right into a taxi cab; reckless energy meets powder yellow. Papa murmurs down the phone line, “take a taxi home, I’m too drunk to drive to the hospital”. 19 and nothin’ to lose saw her pondering God as the policeman keeps the drugs he found but lets her loose. Henry sits on the pavement thinking, “this life aint’ got any boundaries, for better or worse.”

White Heat Country music’s Wild Woman Natalie Henry has been sitting pretty on her sophomore album, White Heat, which will debut with a whirlwind this September. White Heat comes on the back of two acclaimed single releases this year, Weed, Wine and Women and More Than a Woman. Both were celebrated by the likes of Tim Rogers (You Am I), Shane Nicolson, and Freya Josephine Hollick. White Heat is a country album through and through, but fans of the genre know that’s not as straightforward as it may seem. The album provides a rich landscape both sonically and stylistically of the many diverse and vibrant sounds of the Country genre. There’s tracks that feel straight out of Dollyera Nashville (When’d You Change Your Mind; We Don’t Stand Together), as well as tracks that offer up a contemporary atmosphere (Reckless; Blue). While the risk of an album offering both ends of the stylistic spectrum is confusion and discomfort for the listener, Henry glides by any doubts confidently and instead comes bearing an album that is so satisfyingly balanced and robust. That, paired with Henry’s no-holds, vulnerable and un-sanitised style of story telling, serve to make this album a timeless body of work. “Well, it wasn’t easy…”, Henry begins when asked about the inspiration behind this album. “White Heat was only made possible by all the real life fixins’ that go into cookin’ up good stories. I did the heartbreak in live-action technicolour; the lovin’, the leavin’, the drinkin’ and grievin’. They disturbed all of the peace in me, and what came after the happenins’ were the songs. I hope it feels like I’m speakin’ the truths of many folks out there. ‘Cause lord knows I didn’t hold back to make myself seem shinier…”. The album was made possible by Henry’s supportive and loyal community, who contributed a cool $15,000 to her Pozible crowd funding campaign.Recorded in the hills of

The Woman emerges and she thinks she’s found the 1950’s dream; the man, the ring and the three babies neatly packaged and tied with a bow. But just as dreams are want to do, it fades in the sobering light of day. He’s sleeping on someone else’s couch, she’s watching the empty wine glass on the kitchen bench. The silence is deafening, but not for much longer... The tornado of change keeps whirring until, like the eye of the storm, Henry finds her feet in the promise of new love. There’s a Pride Flag tucked in her back pocket she hadn’t unfurled yet, but she dusts it off and flys it free for all the world to see. Women keep her warmer at night. Country Music’s beating heart is stronger for having her truth. The Apple and Pride era has arrived. But the eye of the storm doesn’t last forever. Henry is no stranger to chaos. The lovin’ and the leavin’ keep her high and wild. When love walked away once more Henry was sucked into the undertow of a thrashing new destructive and empowering energy, where the electricity of it all borne a brand new album. 218 people stood in a room and threw loose change into her ten-gallon. $15,000 later and they had championed Henry’s next chapter into existence. In 2021, Henry signed with Beverly Hillbilly Records, the legacy label of industry legend Catherine Britt. She spent a week sweatin’, cussin’ and cryin’ in a studio, tucked away in the hills of Byron Bay. Michael Moko of ARIA-chart renown banded with Britt to produce the record, and with a firstclass band on board helped to bring this next record kickin’ and screamin’ into the world. Burn baby, burn.

Follow Natalie on:

@naatalie.henry SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 51

Women on the Move Julie Jay - Kanz

international Jamaican DeeJay Shawn Storm under the management of Kim’s Media House, Ghana’s Epixode and British Got Talent star Gold Kay under the management of Gbevu Music Group based in London. Jullie is the first African female reggae and dancehall blogger who through her efforts has been able to put Ghanaian dancehall artists on international reggae and dancehall online platforms. She was the first female to host a riddim in Africa (Social Media Riddim) in 2015 and the second in the world after Jamaican female producer DJ - Sunshine. Through the riddim project ,she unearthed so many talents and rose to fame as one of the best female bloggers and publicists in Africa.

Meet Jullie Jay-Kanz, The Young Black International Female Blogger and Publicist Changing The Status Quo Celebrated Ghanaian based international female Blogger, Nurse and Publicist Jullie Jay-Kanz born Juliana Ntiamoah for the past 4 years has illustrated she is an expert when blogging and artiste publicity is made the topic of confabulation.

Jullie Jay-Kanz has been able to survive a male-dominated music industry in Ghana with multiple recognitions. She was rated as one of the best writers by world-famous Dr Maxwell Heather and Larry London, the hosts of Music Time in Africa Show on Voice of America Radio based in Washington DC in 2015 on an article she published for Stonebwoy and DxD. She has pioneered several charitable events one of which is the donation to the Royal Seed Orphanage in Ghana with her charity firm named Jullie’s Charity Foundation.

Juliana has had her articles featured and published on several international platforms The multiple award-winning blogger and publicist who was recently ranked by Africa including Vision Newspaper based in Canada, Music Data as the best female artiste publicist in Paris En Mode in France, and has won for herself (8) awards within (6 ) years with 15 Ghana happen to be the first West nominations. African female international publicist rubbing She has trained and mentored a lot of female shoulders with her male counterparts. bloggers in Ghana who look up to her now. Jullie Jay-Kanz works as a publicist and African The Young nurse and Publicist is the CEO of representative for Jamaican Record Label HELLOGH PR Agency and the editor-in-chief Kim’s Media House (Jamaican Record label for hello-gh.com and Gospelspotlightgh.com for Shattawale), and has also worked with 52 WQMagazine.com

ABOUT JULLIE JAY-KANZ Jullie Jay-Kanz born Juliana Ntiamoah is a multiple award-winning blogger, showbiz critic, PR Consultant, Online Advertiser, Nurse and a publicist from Accra, Ghana. The 27 year old blogger was born to Mr and Mrs Ntiamoah. Jullie grew up in Techiman in the Brong Ahafo region where she had her primary school and JHS education. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing From Ghana’s Premier Private University, Valley View University. She then continued her high school education at Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS where she studied general science even though she had a great interest in reading and writing. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing From Ghana’s Premier Chartered University, Valley View University.She also has two certificates in Copywriting and social media marketing. Interact With Jullie Jay-Kanz :

@julliejaykanz hello-gh.com/

Photographer: Tumsia SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 53

Career // Money // Business

Women on the Move Allison Jernigan

Q: Where are you located and where are you originally from?

Q: What do you love most about your job?

A: I grew up in Nederland – a small town in

Binge Networks, an award-winning streaming platform, I strategically curate diverse, engaging, and entertaining content for the network. I collaborate with content creators to digitally deliver their video content – films, television series, documentaries, web series, educational, business, and children’s programming – on Smart TVs to viewers around the world. I love finding the next big series or show – and helping producers and directors connect with viewers. We also help clients launch their own streaming network. The client creates the brand and content, and we build, power, and manage the network for them.

Southeast Texas. I moved to the Dallas area for college, and I now live in Frisco, TX. Q: How did you get started in this industry?

A: I’ve always had interest in business

management and marketing, as early as my college internships. My undergraduate degree is in Business Administration. I returned five years later to University of Texas at Dallas to get my MBA in Marketing Management. I started my career at Cinemark Theatres, where I most recently served as Vice President of Business Development. After a 21-year career in cinema, I made a career shift to the streaming/OTT side of the entertainment industry. Smart TV is the fastest growing streaming segment, and it is exciting to be part of this innovative, fastpaced industry. 54 WQMagazine.com

A: In my role as Chief Content Officer for

Q: Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: There are so many inspiring men and

women who are changing the world. Kendra Scott has an inspirational story – how she launched her renowned brand and jewelry line with $500 in her spare bedroom. She

About Allison Allison Jernigan is a respected Marketing Executive with over 21 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She serves as Chief Content Officer for BINGE Networks, an award-winning streaming media platform, providing global distribution and monetization across Smart TV and OTT networks. As CCO, Allison strategically curates diverse, engaging, and entertaining content for BINGE Networks. Allison collaborates with content creators to digitally distribute their video content – films, documentaries, television, and web series, educational and children’s programming – on cross-platform devices to viewers around the world. Allison is the Founder of Ruby Rock Marketing, a boutique marketing consulting firm focused on film/entertainment, country music, sports, and non-profit. Allison previously worked for Cinemark Theatres as Vice President of Business Development, leading national sales efforts for the circuit’s 350 movie theatres across the country.

went door to door selling pieces to local boutiques in Austin with her son on her hip. Talk about hustle and determination! I also like how she founded the company on her core values of family, fashion, and philanthropy.

Q: What advice would you give the upcoming, rising female leaders? A: 1. Seek out opportunities for growth. Volunteer to contribute to that interesting project. 2. Find a mentor. Female leaders are often willing to lend a hand and support the next generation of leaders.

She has valuable experience strategically connecting brands, studios, and content creators to leverage and maximize partnership value and revenue. Her expertise includes digital and social media, marketing strategy, public relations, and blogging. Allison has served in board roles for various community organizations, including Junior League, Sky Ranch Christian Camps, and Leadership Plano. She has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, 4word, United Methodist Women, and Bryan’s House. She resides in Frisco, TX, with her husband John, three boys — Brayden, Gavin, and Cole, and their three dogs – two mini-Aussies, Annie and Bentley, and a German Shorthaired Pointer, Dirk.

Follow Allison on: @allijernigan www.ruby-rock.com www.bingenetworks.tv/

3. Be confident with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge, and don’t be afraid to speak up in meetings.


4. Always continue to build your network – in-person and LinkedIn!

Page 55 – Jenna Williams Photography

Page 54 – DeMorris B., Snappr


Girl Power Hasina Rahman 56 WQMagazine.com

business, I’m visiting schools and colleges holding seminars on anti-bullying and selfdefence. Over the past 2 years I have been a public speaker for anti-bullying around the UK, speaking at over 10 events. I am also a mother to two wonderful boys who keep me on my toes! The club has recently won the Best Fitness Award by SIB. I have been awarded the Sports Inspiration Awards by Luton’s Best and won the #Betherolemodel campaign by NatWest & Getty Images. I have been shortlisted for the Grassroots Sportswoman of the year by The Sunday Times and Inspirational Role model by She Awards.

My name is Hasina and I am the owner of a female only combat club in Bedfordshire, called Pink Diamond Martial Arts. I am an author of a children’s book called, Heroes: a guide to Anti-Bullying. I am also a public speaker for confidence & anti-bullying. I started martial arts at the age of 15, on the search for confidence and finding something I enjoy. I’ve always loved fitness, whether it was sprinting, martial arts or the gym. Martial Arts has always been a passion and I fell in love with it instantly. The confidence, discipline and strength you gain from practising it, is incomparable. I have studied various types of combat sports over the past 20 years, including; Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Tai Chi and MMA. I have achieved black belts or equivalent in Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. With my club Pink Diamond Martial Arts, my aim is to help girls and women feel strong, confident and be unapologetically unique! I want the next generation to feel they belong in this world, as a strong Muslim woman. I am the Head coach and club owner. The women and girls learn MMA, Muay Thai and self-defence in a female only environment. The club holds annual charity tournaments raising money for various charities.

Follow Hasina on: pinkdiamond.martial-arts.org.uk @pinkdiamondmartialarts

When I’m not coaching or running my SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 57

Kidpreneurs Abigail Aishwarya

and training Abby in the finer points of being a child model. They were also responsible in helping Abby overcome her fear and helped to instill courage and self-confidence. While she was with Amber Chia Academy, Abigail was selected as a Semifinalist for ‘Face of Asia Pacific Kids 2019’ where she went on to be a Finalist and won the “Kids Superstar (Female) Award”. Soon after, she was given the opportunity to work with an exclusive children clothing brand boutique to be their runway model. She has also participated in runway projects organized by Amber Chia Academy. Abigail has also been featured for Petronas Merdeka & Malaysia Day 2019 social media photoshoot, TM Smart Industry Showcase launch, Gardenia Deepavali 2019 Social Media Video Ad, Sunway Group Merdeka Campaign 2020 Digital Ad and Social Media Video Ad and most recently Perodua Deepavali 2021 social media photoshoot. Besides modeling, Abigail is also a ballet and tap dancer. She is enrolled in Dua Space Dance Academy since 2019. She has performed in the 20th Anniversary Dance Challenge & Dance Collaboration 2019 held in the Kuala Lumpur By Jenar Logeswaran Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC). She also enrolled with Enfinity Academy for Speech & Drama in 2019 Abigail Aishwarya, fondly known as Abby, is one of the but had to put it on hold after 1 term because of upcoming Indian child models in Malaysia. She is the the Covid-19 pandemic. Abby will return to Enfinity only child of Jenarthanan and Ramahwathy@Sujee. Academy soon to complete her course. Abby is also Ever since she was a toddler, Abby started exhibiting a keen swimmer and has been a student with D’ signs of being matured and independent. Over the Swim Academy in Bukit Jalil since 2018. years, she has grown to be an obedient, friendly, responsible, and caring little girl who loves both her Abigail can converse in 4 languages: English, parents unconditionally. Malay, Tamil, and Mandarin. Her ambition is to be a doctor. Like her mother, Abby is an animal lover By the age of 5, Abby started showing interest in who shows compassion towards any animals she performing arts and her parents enrolled her in sees. She also loves nature and enjoys traveling. Her Amber Chia Academy for modeling. Ms Amber Chia vision is ‘to bring happiness and peace to everyone and her team must be given due credit for coaching by showing love and having hope’. 58 WQMagazine.com

Follow Abigail on: @abby_aish


Women on a Mission Jen Bayer I am a follower of Jesus, wife and mom of two boys. I have struggled with my health my entire life. But In 2013, my son and I became ill with lymes disease exacerbated by auto-immune issues. It was one of the hardest seasons of our lives. Through a lot of prayer, and searching we found the team of people that would help us get back on our feet. We refused to accept the diagnosis, and have spent the last decade learning everything we could to live as healthy as possible. In 2017, I started to feel called into sharing what I had learned and I began creating tools and resources to help others. I had done so much research; I had become an expert on fighting inflammatory issues, hormone imbalances and body image issues. I wrote a Gluten free cookbook, a course on Reducing Inflammation and gut health, and a heart healing course which really focused on the internal healing that goes along with healing the body. Then the Lord started speaking to me about my own relationship with my body. Through the many health struggles and pregnancies my body had been putting on unwanted weight. I ate well, exercised and took really good care of myself. I had nearly become an expert in all these areas but still I was struggling in my own relationship with my body. I came across a picture one day of myself at 15 and I thought to myself “What I wouldn’t give to be that small again” and in that moment I remembered how the only emotion I remember having at the time the photo was taken, was how fat I was. I knew this was the next area of my heart that the Lord was working on. That is when Exalted Health started to take shape.

Photographer: Meghan Lee Artistry LLC

One of my greatest personal missions is educating others on the horrors of human trafficking, and what a huge problem it is here in the United States. I had a personal encounter a few years back that allowed me to intervene when a woman was being trafficked in an airport. It set my soul on fire to educate the world about what a terrible problem this is, so we let traffickers know we won’t stand for it. I also host a podcast called Hope, Health and Healing, because the world needs these now more than ever.

60 WQMagazine.com

Q: Thank you for sharing your amazing story with us. How is your health now, any struggles? A: My health is better than it’s ever been, and there is still room for improvement. I still have a lot of things I have to do to manage my symptoms and stay healthy. I continue to stand on the promise that the Lord will heal me completely one day.

Q: You mentioned writing a gluten free cookbook. Where can we find it? A: https://www.exaltedhealth.com/salespage1592158843435

Q: What caused you to get involved with human trafficking? A: Years ago God had me start praying for victims of human trafficking. It was such a dark area that I had a hard time muttering these prayers but did so reluctantly. I started to learn a bit more about it and learn the signs to look for. Not long after my husband was driving through our suburban neighborhood and helped rescue a woman running down the street in the middle of winter. She had been held captive in our little suburban neighborhood. He would not have known what to look for had I not been educating our family. A few years later I came upon a situation where a woman had been taken and was being assaulted in a bathroom. I was able to get law enforcement involved quickly enough that they were not able to leave the airport with her. Hear the full story on my podcast episode: 9 https://www.exaltedhealth.com/podcast

Q: As a Christian woman, what is your favorite Bible verse and why? Bible verse and why? A: I have so many, in this particular season I have been standing on the truth of “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. “ Ephesians 2:10 It has taken me a lifetime to understand how precious I really am to God. I spent so many years of my life critiquing every part of my life thinking that I didn’t measure up. When I truly started to step into who the Lord made me to be, my life was transformed. I wish for everyone to know the deep love of Christ, and how our lives can be transformed in his presence.

About Exalted Health

At Exalted Health, our Mission is to bring revival to women and their relationship in their bodies. We help empower women to make healthy choices and take care of the body they were blessed with, and ultimately focus on a healthy relationship within, versus what the world says. Through my own struggle with body image, the Lord has set me free. I want that for you too. www.exaltedhealth.com @exaltedhealth

Follow Jen on: @jenbayer1 SPECIAL EDITION 2022 INNOVATION 61

Women in Business Danielle Cobo

62 WQMagazine.com

Danielle is a sought-after speaker, published author & host of the “Dream Job with Danielle Cobo” podcast. To work with Danielle go to www.DanielleCobo.com Whether you want to get a promotion or find a new position, the feeling of clarity is priceless. Danielle is offers a free digital download “Career Acceleration Workbook” with proven exercises to help you gain clarity on your career goals and create a roadmap to success.

Danielle has gone from clothes stored in trash bags to leading a team for a Fortune 500 company with no previous management experience. She’s spent 15 years in medical sales, earning four back-to-back Presidents’ Circle as an individual contributor, and led the historically poorest performing sales team to #1 in the nation within two years. At 2 years young she was kidnapped by her mother, met her dad at 15 to then lose her mother to suicide. Through these challenges, she has learned how to transform self-doubt into resilience, drive, motivation & confidence. Since then, through her customized corporate training programs, keynote speaking and individual coaching, Danielle has taught thousands of people how to do the same. The 3 pillars Danielle specializes in are company culture, career acceleration, and sales performance. She empowers professionals to discover their vision, recognize the power within & create the life they desire.

Connect with Danielle on: www.DanielleCobo.com



Have you ever felt down, defeated, or discouraged? Ever been unsure of your next move or felt your confidence slip just when you needed it the most? Whether you’re facing the glass ceiling, a toxic work environment, or anything in between, Heather Monahan’s 3-Step BAK process will teach you how to eliminate any outside or selfdefeating blockers between where you are and where you deserve to be.

Links to Buy Overcome Your Villains: linktr.ee/heathermonahan