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Jamie Smith BSc. MBA Founder and MD of the Ice Factor Brand of Adventure Centers. 20 Years Blue Chip Consulting. MIT Sloan. Feasibility Market Analysis, Design and Ops

Robert Murray CA, M.A Chartered Accountant. Funding and Finance, Business Start Up & Turnaround, Business Processes, IT, EPOS, Key Performance Indicators

Neil Cunningham BA,MBA Business Law, Business Strategy. Business Development. Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management. Commercial Development and Markets

Prof. Phil McCully MBA Course Leader Dobson Institute for Entrepreneurship McGill University Montreal. Strategy, Government, Federal and Franchise

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How we can help? Franz Josef Glacier Centre New Zealand

Operational Review

When an ambitious plan was proposed to build a unique visitor experience for the South Island of New Zealand, Ice Factor were asked to provide expertise and some practical solutions. The proposal to build a solitary Ice Wall, without additional spend capture was unlikely to be commercially viable. Consequently we advised the development agency to diversify and establish a visitor hub, booking agency for the glaciers, visitor exhibition and retail concessions. Only the elements that Ice Factor advised proved successful.

benchmarking The brief It is a truism that companies and organisations frequently struggle to identify the core issues. This is not a criticism. It’s difficult to see the woods through the trees when your are constantly fire fighting. After meeting with your exec team to identify your objectives and challenges we will audit the organizational plan. Our finance team will review the existing or proposed financials. Immediate insight can be gained from reviewing the Management Accounts, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows and Profit and Loss Statements or forecasts. This allows an immediate ‘feel’ for the profitability and sustainability of operations. This analysis will allow us to focus attention on the core issues. Simultaneously, we will audit the operational effectiveness of the company. This means we provide staff, each expert in their field, to conduct a detailed review of your core operations. Detailed analysis will be undertaken of your operational flow, the facility layout and design, the staffing levels for coaching, instruction, supervision and benchmarking against industry standards. We frequently encounter a scenario where an organisation is pulling in one direction, despite the evidence clearly indicating an alternative route must be followed.

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Sport Factor Consultants

How we can help? Who is your customer? This question is fundamental. Who are they, where do they come from, how often do they visit, what is their profile, what is there expenditure? Some of the most interesting projects are those where core data is overlooked. Our Marketing Experts will assist with the preparation of your plan to ensure it addresses the needs of your customer base.

Facility Audit

Within the Adventure Sports, Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Industries, there are often onerous regulatory requirements.

Energy Review

The safety of your customers and staff must always be the single over-riding priority in any facility operating in this sector. This over-riding need for safety, means the Adventure Sport, Tourism, Recreation and Leisure Industries operate in a highly regulated environment. Sport National Governing Bodies, Health & Safety and Risk Assessment require annual review. The calibre of training required for coaching and instructing staff all have mandatory requirements. Any credible operator in the sector must adhere to a swathe of mandatory requirements including Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, Climbing Wall Manufacturers Association, Association of Climbing Walls, United Institute of Alpinism, Mountaineering Councils, British Canoe Union, The European Ropes Course Association, American Mountain Guides Association, Association of Mountaineering Instructors, The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation et al. Ice Factor has over the past 12 years developed an enviable track record on safety and performance. Our instructors and coaches train at other facilties and provide Technical Advisor expert counsel. We can remove the administrative burden, streamline the process and enhance your internal HR capability to applying best practice in those fields.

Feasibility... A division of Ice Factor速 International

Waterfront Development Burlington Vt Whilst traveling back from MIT, two Ice Factor Consultants chanced upon an abandoned, post industrial building. This 28,000ft2 building dominated an area of the waterfront in beautiful Vermont. We immediately met with the Mayor to outline a strategy based on transforming the building into a core hub for visitors and families in the area. This led to meetings with the Governor and pulling together a huge variety of stakeholders, community groups and government agencies to outline a feasibility plan. The proposal was presented to the city in a series of open forum meetings securing the necessary buy in from communtiy members. The plan has secured several million dollars of Federal Funding and pulled together a team of committed operators to transform the waterfront.

Sport Factor Consultants

Government and Public Sector “You manage an existing Public Sector Trust Leisure Centre. There is a moratoria on spend and you now have to make additional efficiencies...... Those decisions can be hard from an in house team. Ice Factor Consultants will meet with the executive team to understand the magnitude of savings to be made. There after undertake a detailed audit of the centre - focussing on: • Core Objectives • Stakeholder Requirements • Existing Financial Structure - Capex, Overheads, Fixed Costs and Cash Flow • Examine in detail current staffing levels • Focus on the Key Performance Indicators Post Audit we will meet with you to discuss the results and outline some proven strategies and options for mitigating loss making establishments, provide proven formulas for growing elements of the facility and generating additional cash flow. Ice Factor Consultants will work with you throughout, after board approval of the outlined strategies, Ice Factor Consultants will help with the systematic implementation of the plan.

“How can I reduce my staffing without killing moral and impacting on the operations?”


There is no easy answer to this. Staff, whilst often your greatest asset, are frequently your highest cost. It is therefore an obvious target when budgets have to be sharply reduced. This need not result in enforced redundancies. In most cases alternative positions can be found for staff within the network of facilities. Natural wastage, freeze on new recruiting and encouraging early retirement can all help mitigate budget imbalances.

Halkirk Community Sport Centre

The core mission should be to ensure each facility operates at the highest levels of efficiency. That will drive the financial reserves to maintain jobs and develop sound career pathways for your staff.

The village of Halkirk lies in the remote district of Caithness in the far North of Scotland. Despite the region consistently producing some of the best rugby and football players, there was an absence of all weather training and coaching facilities.

Unison are diametrically opposed to the current reductions in staffing evidenced on a number of facilities. These have lead to over 285 Employment Tribunals and an ongoing attrition of staff moral and turnover of management. Ice Factor can assist identify and deliver core savings and retain jobs.

Design A division of Ice Factor® International

Ice Factor was engaged by the local Development Agency to come up with a design and plan that would operate within a < £2.5m financial plan. To achieve this, IFL conducted a detailed market appraisal, determined maximum and forecast usage. From this it was clear the scope and scale of the facility needed to be reduced. Rather than opting for this, Ice Factor came up with an alternative design which was achievable within the budget. To this additionality was provided by new tenants and revenue stream.

Sport Factor Consultants

Government and Public Sector


“Surely we can achieve efficiencies without affecting staff levels?” Ice Factor Consultants undertake a comprehensive business review, staffing is only one element of the mix - albeit,invariably, a large one. Following the audit the information is used to determine the entire facility profile. We use our detailed knowledge of the industry benchmarks and key performance data to compare the facility’s performance against a number of Key Performance Indicators from Private and Public sector operators. This analysis will frequently flag areas of overspend in stock items, janitorial products, administrative overheads and energy costs. These can be reduced, often with limited impact on the daily operations. Discussions with banks and funders can often allow for reduction in fixed outgoings and ongoing mitigation of costs.

“...we didn’t contract. We grew” In times of recession and contraction, it’s easy to keep pulling back. Ice Factor consultants can quickly determine opportunities for increasing your business turnover. That is always the core area of focus, can we grow our way out of this issue? Frequently, revamped coaching and instruction methods can reap major benefits, adding significantly to the bottom line. Equally, there are invariably opportunities for bringing in 3rd party operators to drive revenue streams.

Instructor and coaching standards

Key Performance Indicators A division of Ice Factor® International

Sport Factor Consultants

Facility Management “Cultural Service Bodies established Trusts, to ring fence operations of Sport and Leisure centres in a cost affective fashion. Result and performance vary” It is true that many mandatory community sport facilities operate as a cost to the local authority. But in times where core services are being attacked, councils have a statutory responsibility to drive efficiencies. This is often done by a 3rd Party Management and Service Agreement. Ice Factor Consultants in 2005 established the Anderson Mountain Training Trust, a not for profit company, limited by guarantee with an independent 3rd party board, specifically to provide a medium for the safe and efficient operating of Leisure Centres and Sporting Facilities. Unlike other companies, we don’t just supplant the name and continue the status-quo. We bring our core commercial values to the table.

who says that commercial realities can’t coexist with altruistic delivery? The ability to deliver a high performing product, in a budget constrained environment is possible! Ice Factor Consultants apply the core board level input. This greatly reduces the individual facility management requirement. Our network allows us to achieve economies of scale and scope that are often denied single entity facilities, driving efficiencies from the bottom up. Our track record in safety and performance gives us access to preferential insurance rates, reduced stock costs, faster and greater ROI on Capex projects and proven formulaic systems driving surplus.

Raasay House Hotel and Activity Centre Operating from a small island in the Highlands of Scotland, Raasay House had for decades delivered a high quality adventure experience to schools and youths groups. The facility was extremely ‘tired’ though and past its shelf life. Ice Factor was engaged by the local Development Agency to prepare a detailed plan of the facility design and layout, scope of activity provision and financial model of the Market Potential. Based on our research, it was apparent that there was an opportunity to broaden the customer base, increase the activity revenue, enhance the scope and scale of accommodation and address the unmet demand. Our research and subsequent report played a key role in allowing Raasay House to realise it’s full potential. A multi-million pound refurbishment was realised and the facility’s future as a stable of a fragile area was secured.

Business Plan


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Facility Management â&#x20AC;&#x153;Energy costs have risen by 63% in real terms in the past 5 years, this is presenting an intolerable burden on a number of trustsâ&#x20AC;? Rising energy costs present a considerable impediment to future planning and operation of Leisure Trust Facilties. Ice Factor has worked with a number of specialist Mechanical and electrical engineers, Refrigeration Specialists and Energy Monitoring Specialist to provide a means of identifying energy savings. By benchmarking and applying energy sensors, we have been able to reduce energy expenditure by 27% over the past 5 years.

One degree of energy in-efficiency results in 7% budget overspend Once the areas of energy in-efficiency are clearly understood we work with the plant and M&E specialists to look at carbon neutral solutions, which result in real savings. The increased cost of plant and M&E install can be 100% funded through Carbon Trust Loans and additional grants. This results in a cleaner, greener building operating at lower cost per annum. A total win/win scenario.

Bhaltos Centre, Isle of Lewis

Energy Audit

The Bhaltos Outdoor Centre had served the communities of Lewis and Harris for nearly 50 years, but lacking ongoing investment in the fabric of the facility and amenity provision had become run down and was earmarked for closure. Ice Factor were engaged by the local Community Trust to conduct a full feasibility of the facility, provide alternative operational plans and to outline strategies for the facility to play a wider and fuller role in the Community. Following a stakeholder consultation exercise, Ice Factor prepared a detailed development plan complete with schematics and renders, a marketing plan for the facility and wider community and demonstrated proven means of enhancing the sustainability of the facility by appealing to the islands 80,000 annual visitors. A detailed report, including Capex, Balance Sheets and 5 years cash flows was presented to the Island Council. This resulted in a funding application being prepared for Sport Lottery and HRC Funding.

Carbon Trust

Green Building

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Sport Factor Consultants

Facility Management “An Audit Commission analysis of 84 inspection reports on local authority sport and leisure services showed that only 6% of directly delivered local authority services were excellent, compared to 0% of trusts” Since 1993 over 157 Leisure Trusts have been set up. The key rationale was to affect savings by reducing Non-Domestic Rates Bills and to mitigate V.A.T liability whilst ensuring greater focus on the specific delivery of core cultural and sport services. Those sound financial reasons have often become distorted, with a number of trust struggling to address to burgeoning liability for energy, Human Resources, Plant and Facility Fabric enhancement and renewal and Pensions Liability.

At least 4 large Trusts have collapsed

It is clear therefore, that whilst Trusts offer a proven means of mitigating some costs, they are by no means a stand alone solution for the panacea of issues facing Sport, Culture and Leisure Facilities. Ice Factor Consultants are skilled at reviewing a whole facility as a business and quickly determining the core issues to be tackled in that financial year. This need not be the oft touted maxim of reduce staffing, affecting worker’s benefit and rights and incurring the ire of Unison. By affecting increased turnover, reducing variable overheads and making inroads in major energy consumption the facility can offer the best of both the private and public sectors - high performing facilities that operate in a sentient manner.

Health Initiatives

Llundudno Junction Leisure Centre Sitting on the stunning Conwy Estuary the town is overlooked by the Medieval Castle, which draws in hundreds of thousands of annual visitor. Ice Factor was approached by the Development Officer for the Council’s Sport and Recreation Team to draft a feasibility study into enhancing and improving the aging Llundudno Junction Sport Centre. It was clear from the initial audit, that the facility had scope for increasing the provision of sporting activities, replacing the aged heating system and greatly increasing the provision for the region’s tourists. As the site is less than 17 miles from the main Welsh Mountaineering Centre of Betws-y-Coed, Ice Factor submitted a detailed report on the provision of an enhanced climbing facility, improved cafe/bar facilties and the provision of an external Rope Course. Plans have been submitted to the Council, Sport Wales and the Lottery Funds for this exciting development

External Capital

Trust Set UP

IT Support A division of Ice Factor® International

Sport Factor Consultants

Facility Management Leisure Trusts

“We never even considered that option.....”

Our Consultants have designed and established visionary Adventure Sport Complexes, we have developed and introduced new bars, cafe’s and restaurants from the West Coast of Canada to the Highlands of Scotland. We have built retail businesses and negotiated concession operators from the South Island of New Zealand to the mountains of Wales. We’ve consulted on visitor centres and exhibitions, delivered innovative event products and developed global corporate hospitality businesses operating from the UK, India and Australia. Each activity and project has led to an enhanced understanding of what works, why it works and perhaps crucially what failed.

“You get the benefit of our mistakes....”

Market Appraisal Ice Factor Consultants can intuitively identify opportunities for growth based on a strong track record of past performance. Options that you may have overlooked or not considered can add real value.

“Our revenue has increased by 37% against a static cost base”

This scenario is the application of standard commercial practice to a Public Sector facility. Motivated, highly trained staff are often capable of delivering a much greater product for the customer. Public Sector facilities must ensure they do not provide barriers to entry on cost. That does not mean they can’t be made profitable! The formula is straight forward, there are customers who are prepared to pay for an enhanced product, that enhanced revenue stream subsidizes the other element of the facility.

“Leisure Trusts have to operate on a subsidy...”

Not true! As commercial operators we have always been stunned at the general acceptance of ongoing losses. No commercial entity could survive on that basis. There is clearly a requirement to subsidize the essential loss making activities, but they should be mitigated by surplus from other elements of the facility. Ice Factor consultants will conduct a full audit of the facility, business process and revenue streams and then by the application of best practice, seek to drive surplus. Our objective is to make every facility surplus generating within a 3 year period. We do this by shared staffing, shared overhead, economies of scale and scope on outgoings and by shared collaborative marketing initiatives.

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Sport Factor Consultants

New Developments “I’ve got a dream. I’ve got a plan, how do I get it off the table and built?”

Raising Finance

Ice Factor received hundreds of enquires on how to build adventure sport and activity orientated businesses. That promoted the development of Ice Factor Consultancy services. Entrepreneurship and business ownership is unquestionably one of the most challenging roles you will ever undertake. The odds are greatly stacked against success. As many as 1:4 new businesses will fail within the first 2 years, with a number of others struggling on, failing to realise the planned return.

“...Cash Flow is more important than your mother !”

Ice Factor Consultants have developed a full financial indicator model. We will research your market, your location and then plug the data into our Full Financial Indicator Model, this will quickly export the information into a format proven to attract investment. Our team have members who sit on the board for VC and Angel Capital Companies - they understand what the plan needs to reflect! We have an established relationship with HSBC Bank, who through their international connections are able to finance businesses across the globe.


In house we can produce detailed facility renders, illustrating the design, operational flow and Environmental Impacts of your proposal, this can save tens of thousands in seed capital from architect’s fees. We can assist with planning considerations, ISO 140001, Traffic Impact Assessments and best practice LEED Certified Green Building Techniques.

Northern Lights Essex, Vermont USA

Development Yield

Ice Factor was approached by Chris Bacon the CEO of Northern Lights Rock and Ice in Ve r m o n t U S A . S h e outlined her vision of a universally accessible, year round rock and ice climbing facility not dissimilar to the Ice Factor’s head facility in Scotland. After determining the local market, the cost of building a new facility and the ongoing market opportunity, it was determined that a full scale facility would not be best placed to address their ambition or the prevailing local market. Ice Factor then negotiated land at a nearby Hotel Resort, outlined the plan for major Rope Course, and using the dry cold winters of New England to establish a seasonal outdoor Ice Climbing Wall. Our input, saved the principle millions of dollars and yet allowed her to realise her ambition. Northern Lights is now a reality and successfully providing Vermonters with a taste of Adventure.

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Sport Factor Consultants

New Developments “The lone wolf starves!”

Activity ROI analysis

This is an oft touted maxim at MiT Sloan in Boston. Justifiably so. The evidence is compelling, those companies that have a strong team invariably succeed. Those companies with a strong product but weak management invariably fail. However, acquiring a team of high calibre professionals can be prohibitively expensive. Ice Factor consultants can augment your board structure and broaden your team expertise at a fraction of the cost of fixed staffing levels. We will work with you on a specific project, bringing the combined expertise of the team to your venture, thus your costs are controlled and limited. Many of the discussions we have with clients, culminates in us not taking the proposal forwards. This is naturally disappointing, we are a business and look to make revenue, but developing a credible client base is important to our longevity, this means if we agree to take on a project for you, it is has a better than average chance of success.

“a one stop shop, informal advice, expert counsel, and a global network”

HØyt og lavt klaterpark Norway

If your proposal really excites us, and is aligned with our business objectives, we will discuss an Ice Factor Franchise Opportunity with you. This means we will consider investing and providing you with our considerable arsenal of skills.

Hans Christian Wilson is a rare breed in the Adventure Sport Community, having a formal business pedigree allied with exceptional performance in the Mountaineering Industry. Post MBA in Paris, Hans wanted to put his vision for a major Adventure and Activity Centre in Norway into fruition. Having done extensive research he contacted Ice Factor to determine the best options and to conduct a feasibility analysis for his facility. We extensively reviewed the Market Potential, and agree his vision was aligned and would address an unmet demand. We assisted with preparing financial plans and Capex, outlined peak performance instructor models and demonstrated the important of a business that gets from ‘January to December’. Hans adopted all of the key elements and opened on of the most spectacular Adventure Activity Facilities in Europe.

Hospitality Management

Reduced Overheads A division of Ice Factor® International

Sport Factor Consultants


“a franchise business is significantly more likely to succeed than self start” Every year thousands of entrepreneurs start off in business, full of enthusiasm, using their hard earned cash to realise their vision, for an enjoyable and lucrative business. For many the harsh reality is greatly different. Inadequate market research, limited working capital reserves, poorly aligned marketing and lack of a full team of experts within the company force many businesses to the wall, long before they have the opportunity of demonstrating their true potential.

“all new businesses have a ramp up and learning phase”

With a franchise you avoid the ‘heavy lifting period’. You are part of a proven model, with existing systems and processes that greatly increase your probability of success. This doesn’t detract from the fact that you are still the boss. The business is your own, you will still need to work extremely hard and smart to make it the success it should be. But the fact is, all the big, costly mistakes have been made before. The ratios defined, the required capital distilled, the expected returns formulaically prescribed. You need only focus on delivering the model. Banks, financiers, angel capital companies, VC’s, REITS and Private Equity Companies favour franchise models, because they are significantly more likely to succeed than a new unproven concept.

O2 World, Seoul Korea Bae Chang Soon, President of O2 visited the Ice Factor’s Kinlochleven Facility in 2004 to conduct a full feasibility of Indoor Ice Climbing. We were quickly able to demonstrate to Mr Soon that not only was it possible, but we had been operating the world’s biggest indoor ice climbing wall for some time. We outlined the engineering criteria, the bespoke nature of some of the plant, the experts in the field we used and the ‘white magic’ of getting the snow and ice to a consistency suitable for Ice Climbing. Beyond the engineering, we advised Mr Soon on the range of core products and the instructor offering - think ski school for adrenaline sports. Mr Soon, was provided with a full design package, preferred contractors and a model of how a performing facility could function. The O2 world is now a major attraction in the South Korean capital, staging a number of important events and a magnet for experience hungry visitors and residents alike.

Facility Layout

Retail & Concessions A division of Ice Factor® International

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N.G.B Awards A.A.L.A Licenses

Technical Advisors Waveyard Adventure, Phoenix Arizona Richard Mladick is one of the partners and founders of Waveyard Development LLC in Scottsdale Arizona USA. He approached Ice Factor with his vision for establishing a world class Extreme Watersports Resort. Richard’s vision is breathtaking in its scale and size. Like many adventure operators, the challenge is converting that enthusiasm into a real development. We outlined the necessity to increase the scope of activity provision to address the full spectrum of adventure sports, including canyoning, coasteering, kite surfing, scuba diving, an artificial beach and full retail and hospitality concession support. We outlined the funding options including State Aid, Federal Grants, VC Support, Bank Finance and Real Estate Investment Trust investment. Richard and his partner have now progressed their model and are looking for new sites in Dubai.

U.I.A.A Risk Assessments

“You are five times as likely to succeed with a franchise than if you start a comparable business independently” This quote from the BFA in 1996 is a recognised truism. It’s not that franchise businesses don’t experience problems, its simply that the obvious, avoidable problems have been mitigated. You are buying into a proven business model, supported by a passionate and skilled team, plugged in to additional competitive sources of finance and funding and given access to a distilled marketing platform to make your business dream a reality. We have 3 existing scales of franchise National Standard Centre - an adventure multiplex, with retail, cafe, bar dining and guest accommodation Regional Standard Centre - full adventure in a box, but reduced spread of activities, limited dining, no accommodation Local - one or 2 core activities, a family entertainment centre soft play and modest cafe Whether your plan is big and bold, or compact and deliverable, we’d like to hear from you.

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Sport Factor Consultants

DMO’s and Tourism Groups “sustainability should be a driving factor of any successful DMO” The UK has seen the break up of regional tourism offices, into National Tourism Bodies who’s focus must be on attracting international visitors. This places an increased emphasis on the power and clarity of local marketing, to attract visitors to your region. Over the past decade the number of destination marketing organisations has increased exponentially, with now almost every key region in the UK vying to attract the same visitors.

“In an increasingly cluttered market place, how do we differentiate?” With a business your stakeholders are your board of directors, your employees and your customers. With a marketing group its often scores, or hundreds of companies, each with distinct aims and ambitions. This can present a major impediment to joined up collaboration. Getting consensus at an early stage is vital, clearly articulating the shared values and vision and getting all ‘on message’.

Marketing Platform

Even after the hard work of formation, the challenges continue. Public Sector and Local Government Funding dries up, and DMO’s and Tourism Marketing Groups end up in an annual battle, spending disproportionate amounts of time on fund raising and attempting to secure additional local authority support. This can then detract from the core activities and cause membership disenfranchisement, leading to a spiral of failure. How do you break the cycle and get your membership committed for the long term journey?

OCUK, Fort William. UK In 2003 Jamie Smith contacted a number of the region’s top activity providers to arrange a meeting on collaborative marketing. That meeting was to prove the catalyst for establishing an internationally recognised brand. The attendees covered over 68 different activity sports indicating this stunning area of Scotland had more than just great scenery on offer. From those humble beginnings we went on to attract a very high performing team, recruitment of an executive and Public Sector and Local Government Support. Bringing together such a disparate bunch of stakeholders was extremely challenging, but the results have been amazing. Lochaber enjoys one of the highest repeat booking rates for adventure tourism in the UK and under the auspices of the Outdoor Capital have achieved a tangible sense of cohesion and cooperation between the region’s high performing businesses. The brand now includes hundreds of business members and has become the model other areas of the UK seek to emulate.

Our experience of OCUK and a number of Marketing Bodies across the globe, suggest a number of critical success factors. Early articulation of shared vision, communication of the time frame to delivery with key benchmark targets on the journey, but crucially the ability to constantly refocus on what the organizational aims are - to bring in more visitors, more often, who stay longer, spend more and receive outstanding experiences.

Building the brand A division of Ice Factor® International

Sport Factor Consultants

DMO’s and Tourism Groups Incredible customer experiences Somerset House London


Somerset House enjoys justifiable recognition for its outstanding programme of events. Over the years, their winter rink has become a ‘must visit’ attraction of the discerning Londoner’s winter. As ever when something pioneering proves successful, ‘me-too’ businesses seek to emulate the success. Facing increasing levels of competition Somerset House were looking for a novel activity that would once again show case the best that London had to offer. Ice Factor provided a Temporary Ice Climbing Facility. A huge engineering and logistical feat was accomplished in record time, resulting in thousands of Londoners sampling the thrill of ice climbing in the centre of the Capital - we brought the mountain to mamma! The ice wall was featured on over 50 international TV news shots, from the BBC World Service, NBC, Discovery Channel Canada and NHK Japan. A pioneering case of showing what can be achieved with some knowledge.

This leads us to the I.C.E. Factor - Incredible Customer Experience - Guaranteed! The success of any DMO is inexorably linked to the proven ability to generate more revenue for the members. The most altruistic aims and ambitions in the world will not overcome that simple point. Therefore, the ability to clearly demonstrate that membership of your DMO delivers tangible, cash positive results, in such a compelling fashion that every hotel, guest house, tourism business and leisure operator in the area have no credible alternative except membership. That is a lengthy process and one that should be audited on an ongoing basis to ensure clarity and consistency of message and delivery. Ice Factor Consultants can draw on our extensive track record and help your DMO monitor the effectiveness of your plan, provide proven formulas for success and engage your stakeholders.

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Sport Factor Consultants

How we can help? It’s easy to tell you what’s not working. Any consultancy firm can do this..... What takes more skill, is sharing practical, proven formulas that work. Staying the course and helping you implement the changes required to make your facility come alive, grow and prosper. Our team have been educated at some of the world’s top business schools (indeed some of the team lecture at those schools). But the key differentiator is the fact that each member of the Ice Factor Consultancy team, have and continue to operate at the highest levels, in high performing businesses that they helped create.


It is the combination of decades of practical business expertise, best practice from leading business schools allied with proven results from our own businesses that we bring to the table. Many consultancy firms have staff who have come from blue chip backgrounds, with strong managerial pedigree and formal business background. But each member of the Ice Factor team have been where you are.

The entrepreneur’s consultancy... Each member of the Ice Factor team have set up multiple entities. Our team have delivered scores of high performing businesses over the last 2 decades. Each member pioneering in their field, establishing profitable entities that contribute meaningfully to the communities where we each live work and play. This background has seen our team working in every continent, in a variety of businesses, large and small, with a unique insight into the Adventure Sports, Leisure and Tourism Industries. That means Ice Factor Consultancy Services brings to the table, proven, real world results that work.

Snow Dome Dubai When Ice Factor built the world’s biggest indoor ice climbing facility in Kinlochleven, Scotland, the project presented a number of enormous engineering challenges. No one had ever attempted to build an indoor ice climbing wall on the scale we proposed. This required bringing in a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and evolving a model that would work. As part of the concept our team had to acquire detailed understanding of snow making technologies, ice making apparatus, atmospheric control mechanisms, insulation and thermo dynamics. It was because of this Ice Factor was asked to travel to Dubai to consult on the snow making devices and energy efficient cooling systems required for the Ski-Dome. As each revolutionary concept has unfolded, Ice Factor has developed its roller deck of contacts - if we don’t know how to, we know someone who does!

Adventure Sports Service Level Agreements A division of Ice Factor® International

Sport Factor Consultants

How we can help? Destination Marketing

Museum of Science and Industry Chicago Our expertise in man made snow and ice structures lead to a call from the Museum of Science and Industry who were looking at establishing an ice feature as part of their new exhibit. Having reviewed the potential and current impact of severe weather we proposed a more embracing exhibit taking account of climate change and demonstrating the power of storms and natural events. This concept was refined and implemented as a major exhibition covering 26,000ft2 on 2 floors. It remains one of the biggest ‘crowd pullers’ at the Museum.

Our Sectors and who we work with..... Ice Factor has worked with some of the biggest Adventure Sport and Tourism Projects in the world. We have used this knowledge with Sport, Recreation and Leisure Projects, DMO and Marketing Groups, Public Sector Trusts, Leisure Trusts, Regeneration Agencies, Architectural Firms, Consulting Engineers, Outdoor Education Centres, and Developers large and small. In the course of work with both public sector and private enterprise, we have provided a host of services from concept to post launch operational flow, including: • Concept Appraisal • Feasibility Studies • Operational Assessments • Marketing Appraisals and Audit • Community Stakeholder Consultation • Management Options Evaluations • Funding and Investment Modeling • Business and KPI systems • Engineering and Architectural Layouts • Detailed Operational Plans

Facility Management

Evaluation • Industry and Sector Benchmarking • Performance Monitoring • Partnership/Stakeholder Auditing Development • PPP/PFI/Developers • Full Life Appraisal • NGB Requirements • Energy Management • Local Authority Remits • Interim Management • Facility and Operational Management

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because experience counts....

For an informal and confidential discussion about your needs and requirements please email Or telephone: Office: +44 1855 811 402 Centre: +44 1855 831 100 24 Hour: +44 7801 790 340 One of our team will contact you to arrange a suitable time to discuss your objectives and initial brief. factor consultancy

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