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Cover Story “How technology is changing the way we live?”

Dear Members and Friends, Unfortunately, throughout the summer, Hong Kong has been the scene of unprecedented political and social turmoil, whose positive end is eagerly awaited from all of us. Notwithstanding all the negative impacts on several businesses caused by the protests, from the peaceful to the violent ones, Hong Kong is still one of the safest global tourist spots and it is, as always, open for business. While the economic situation in the short and possibly medium-term looks challenging, we are solid in our trust in the city and its people being able to pull through and emerge stronger than before. Nevertheless, there are many exciting projects to look forward to in the coming year, of which one that is particularly close to my heart is ITALIA MIA: opening in September, this festival will last for the next couple of months featuring some incredible events that celebrate and promote Italian culture and lifestyle here in Hong Kong. ITALIA MIA is not to be missed! Italian culture, art, and cuisine are usually at the forefront of our magazine, but for this edition, we decided to focus on something that is affecting everyone, regardless of where you come from: the effects of Technology on all our lives. Our cover story articles focus on everything from social media to the industrial applications of technology. The magazine, however, would not be complete without some recommendations for unparalleled Italian cuisine, to be found in our imperfect cuisine section. As we begin the second half of the year, I am proud to announce the Chamber’s continued success and growth. I am particularly proud of the extremely successful 3rd edition of, the innovative program which aims at supporting the internationalization of high-potential Italian start-ups in Asia. This year the program explored the vast opportunities offered by the Greater Bay Area and gathered 6 start-ups from the retail and fashion sector. The SOGO Italian Fair was another great accomplishment, and it proudly promoted Italian cuisine and kitchenware at a family-friendly event; to find out more about this incredible initiative make sure to read out event highlights section. I would like to extend my warmest wishes to our members, your teams and loved ones, and, most of all, to our loved Hong Kong to regain soon its unique serenity and unity.



THE NEW HOME OF TURKISH AIRLINES The airline that flies to more countries than any other awaits you in the world’s new aviation center

ISTANBUL AIRPORT | +852 2861 3111 |

The final step to inclusive global commerce: virtual accounts By Sam Coyne, Currenxie Limited


money if you can prove you don’t need it. This is equally true of opening your first business bank account. For many, it is the ultimate catch-22 on the path to establishing their new business. Can’t win without it, can’t get it until you’ve already won.

usinesses born today belong to a global market. Armed with nothing more than a computer and an internet connection, today’s entrepreneurs access a global market largely free of national boundaries, or the burdens of distance, time and language. All obstacles are easily surmounted, with services catering to every need.

Let’s say you overcome these challenges, and now you have an account. But your customers are in a different country to you, your business, and your account. In fact, they’re in many countries. And they want to pay you in their local currency. Furthermore, the local payment processors in those countries want you to have a bank account there, or face enormous fees to remit your profits to your hard - won original account. And to open an account in that country, you need to register a business there. It begins to feel like a theme.

The hardest aspect of registering a company in Hong Kong is choosing from the many corporate secretaries vying for your business. Identifying a supplier is as simple as registering a WeChat account, browsing Alibaba, and engaging in conversations. If you need a physical product inspection, order one online. Legal and accounting help is delivered as a digital service. Remote employees and contractors await your queries on specialist skill marketplaces. Online storefronts, with integrated fulfilment and delivery, are commonplace.

Now here’s the realisation: in an efficient ecosystem, you should only need one business bank account. One final resting place for your profits. Everything else is moving money; making payments, receiving payments, converting currencies, and borrowing. If information, products, and services can move freely, surely money can follow?

This is not to suggest that building a successful or viable business is easy. It still requires hard work, an understanding of your market and your audience, and delivering a quality product or service. But the actual act of setting up and operating a business has never been more simple.

Well, it can. Imagine a globally accessible, universally inclusive financial platform, a layer existing in partnership with banks, but without borders, in-person identity checks, or deposits.

This simplicity is the result of other entrepreneurs looking at the world and seeing a way to improve it. To deliver better, cheaper, more accessible services by leveraging technological advancements. Over time, these improvements layer and connect until you have the ecosystem in which so many new businesses are now thriving.

You don’t really need bank accounts around the world, you need account numbers so that you can accept and make payments in the currency of your choosing at real-time competitive rates. Easier, faster, and cheaper. This platform is the missing link in the global digital ecosystem of modern commerce, and because innovation never stops, it has now arrived. Wherever you are, if you have a computer - you’re ready to do business with virtual accounts.

But the ecosystem isn’t complete. You may follow all of the steps outlined above, and deliver a product to your customer’s doorstep, or inbox. Yet it will all be for nothing, if you are not paid. And it will not be repeated, if you do not in turn pay your supplier, your employees, your accountant, or your hosting provider - and so on. Registering a company in Hong Kong is relatively trivial, and very attractive. Opening a traditional banking business account is not. The greatest hurdle to any new business - one that is still trying to prove its worth, to take that first step up the ladder - is accessing the kind of financial services that will enable it to operate legitimately and at scale. The comedian Bob Hope once said that a bank is a place that will lend you

ABOUT CURRENXIE LIMITED The Currenxie Global Account™ helps thousands of businesses expand globally with fast, low-cost, cross-border payments and integrated financing. Additionally, leading corporations and online marketplaces rely on Currenxie’s technology to send funds to their beneficiaries worldwide. 8

The digital evolution of customer behaviour to hook a viewer, so we know that consumers expect flawless web design, quick loading times, and easy navigation. Product reviews and price comparisons are just a click away, putting even more pressure on businesses to leave their customers feeling satisfied with their service. Choice and the convenience of shopping from anywhere dominate consumer motivations, while affordability also plays another key role.


he rise of the digital age has changed consumer behaviours and has led to the transformation of shopping experiences and e-commerce. Chinese shoppers are leading the world in online shopping, with 86% having made purchases on mobile devices, far above the global average of 24%. Chinese consumers continue to be early adopters of retail innovations: 44% would consider a drone as a delivery method for a low value product versus 22% globallyi.

While profits of online retailers skyrocket, traditional stores are scrambling to keep up. So how has this digital progress changed consumer activity, interactions, and expectations online, and how can we expect this to change in the future? Digital technology has been a growing part of our daily lives since the first PC came out in the 1970s, but it’s only really in the past decade that we’ve seen a huge change in online behavior among consumers. To put things into perspective, Hong Kong’s e-commerce revenue amounts to US$4,742M in 2019; and China’s e-commerce revenue totals US$723,131M, the highest amongst all other global marketsii. Meanwhile, in other parts of Asia, Indonesia is predicted to become the next big e-commerce market behind China and India, with a projected growth of 50% annually and a market value of $130 billion by 2020iii. Consumers are now constantly connected to the internet with their smartphones, and Millennialsiv are leading the rise in shoppers who are willing to buy everything, from books to insurance policies, via a device. With so much competition online and the range of services offered online increasing, new expectations for online versus physical locations have emerged. Studies show that the average website has just 15 seconds

Moving from physical shops to online services has also transformed how consumers interact with businesses. Traditionally, the financial services industry, especially insurance, often emphasis on face-toface engagement, but with a wealth of information now available at their fingertips, consumers depend on websites and social media channels to access product reviews and information, and even to make the purchase. They're more important than you might think— over 67% of consumers think reviews are an important element of online shopping! In an attempt to gain great reviews, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow businesses to promote the personality of their brand and interact directly with customer compliments and complaints. So what’s next? As web browsing and mobile payment systems become more and more sophisticated, experts suggestvi that the majority of purchases will eventually be made from smartphones, using technology such as ApplePay and digital fingerprint recognition. In turn, online retailers and services will need to offer more personalized options for customers to grab their attention away from competitors. Physical shops, on the other hand, will need to invest in new strategies such as better delivery services, interactive stores, and competitive pricing to compete with the online market. From news, KOL and video feeds to drone deliveries, it’s clear that the way we use retailers and services will never be the same—and the time has come for businesses to accept the future and embrace digital evolution alongside their customers. i PwC, End-to-end value chain digitisation spurs next retail disruption in China, Jun 21, 2018 ii Statista, eCommerce Hong Kong, 2019 iii The Straits Times, All eyes on Indonesia's e-commerce pie, Mar 27, 2016 iv USA Today, Millennials drive spike in online shopping, June 8, 2016 v MOZ , New Study: Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are Influenced by Online Reviews, Sep 2, 2015 vi HUFFPOST, The Future of Online Shopping Is In the Palm of Your Hand, Dec 6, 2017

ABOUT ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI S.P.A Generali understands the importance of embracing the digital age and the need to revolutionize the age-old insurance sector. With the introduction of the Bravo app, people can manage their purchases and claims with just a few simple clicks.

Fintech news: FPS & virtual banking conquer Hong Kong By Lapo Lastrucci, Gianni Origoni Grippo Cappelli & Partners (Hong Kong office)


he Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the de facto central bank of Hong Kong, has launched the Faster Payment System (FPS), which allows instant money transfers and bill payments via mobile phone, regardless of the bank or e-wallet that is being used. FPS is currently operated by Hong Kong Interbank Clearing Limited. FPS, allows for instant money transfers and bill payments to be made via mobile phone, regardless of the bank or e-wallet that is being used and supports both Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) and Renminbi (RMB) payments. The new system operates on a round-the-clock basis and connects banks and stored-value facility (SVF) operators on the same platform. Users will be able to transfer anytime and from any part of the world through banks or SVFs with funds available almost instantly. Thanks to the technology, taking advantage of the use of the mobile phone or email address as proxy of the account, it is and will be very easy for the beneficiary to transfer funds.

In processing virtual bank applications, priority has, and will be, given by the HKMA to those applicants which can demonstrate that (i) they have sufficient financial, technology and other relevant resources to operate a virtual bank, (ii) they have a credible and viable business plan that would provide new customer experience and promote financial inclusion and fintech development, (iii) they have developed or can develop an appropriate IT platform to support their business plan and (iv) they are ready to commence operation soon after the granting of the licence. However, it should be noted that a minimum paid-up capital requirement of HK$300 million is provided for in the Hong Kong Banking Ordinance and is applicable to all virtual bank applicants3. 1

Hong Kong Economical Journal, 5th October 2018


Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Press Releases, 6 November 2018 “Statistics of the Faster Payment System

in the first month of operation” 3

Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Press Releases, 30 May 2018, Guideline on Authorization of Virtual


On 17 September 2018 the platform began accepting registrations and, to date, 21 banks and 10 digital wallet operators have registered for the system, including all HSBC, Citibank, Bank of China (Hong Kong), TNG Wallet, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and the city’s Octopus card payment system1. In October 2018 FPS has processed a total of 1.58million transactions, including 1.56million transactions denominated in Hong Kong dollar which amounts to HK$33billion. Out of the HKD transactions, around 828,000 transactions were money transfers made by individual customers through an account proxy. Transfers using account numbers, including mainly transfers to registered payee accounts previously set up via Internet or mbile banking, which were effected through the FPS, amounted to 608,000 transactions2. In 2019, the HKMA also granted eight virtual banking licences, enabling licensees to open purely digital banks. A virtual Bank is defined as a bank which primarily delivers retail banking services through the internet or other forms of electronical channels instead of physical branches.

ABOUT GIANNI ORIGONI GRIPPO CAPPELLI & PARTNERS GOP can provide a full Company Secretarial service in Hong Kong and Italy. Includes: company incorporation; registered office; and dealing with all follow-up regulatory procedures relating to the Companies' Registry.

Blockchain administration for beginners By Hawksford


he first application of Blockchain technology was done via Bitcoin. In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto issued a Bitcoin White Paper describing a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, then a few months later Blockchain was “born”. This breakthrough led many people wrongfully assimilate Bitcoin to Blockchain, but actually Bitcoin is just one type of this broader technology, which also includes Cryptocurrency, ICO etc There are two categories of Blockchains: public and private. Public Bloc chains allow anyone to participate to verify or add data to the system (ie. Bitcoin and Ethereum), private Blockchains only allow certain authorized entities to participate in a closed network (ie. Ripple and Hyperledger). Blockchain technology comes with three main features – all designed to store and exchange data in a secured manner without the need for any central authority. 1. Distribution: Blockchain relies on a distributed ledger where data is shared in real time, among all users, and through a peer-to-peer network. 2. Safety: In Blockchain, all transactions recorded therein are verified and cannot be altered. This requires 3 steps: 1.Grouping transactions in batches (“blocks”). 2.Broadcasting and validating each block to the network of users. 3.Time-stamping each block so that it becomes immutable. The key innovation lies in step 2 and the validation of a block of transactions by the network of users. 3. Decentralization: Thanks to the “Consensus Protocol”, there is no need for a central authority to approve and record transactions. From the legal point of view, in order to successfully achieve a Blockchain project stakeholders shall take into consideration various aspects, such as contractual law, intellectual property rights, confidentiality, data security, liability and regulatory compliance. Many challenges happen across the borders and involve several jurisdictions. Depending on their legal qualification, cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets (including digital tokens) might receive a specific tax treatment. The recurring nature of some transactions might also trigger a trading tax treatment, therefore would require proper accounting records. From the tax point of view, in the case of ICO, if companies run ICOs

abroad, they should be subject to BEPS regulation. If the income from ICOs is considered a trading income, it should be taxed in Hong Kong at the rate of 8.25 % - 16.5%. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), where a company goes from private to public status by selling shares for equity. This is typically done to get funds without the need to go to a Venture Company (VC) or bank. Despite its rapid growth, Blockchain applications remain complicated and costly to implement. Businesses should carefully evaluate their needs before considering to use the technology as part of their business , and seek advice from professionals as early as the launch of their project.

How can Hawksford Help? In an era of increased digitalization, businesses need more and more digital experts. This includes technology developers, but also solid corporate advisors and administrative officers who have a good understanding of the legal, regulatory, accounting and tax impacts related to this digital economy. Hawksford assists many businesses in the innovation industry, our expertise covers: • Regulatory analysis • Corporate Structuring • Accounting • Tax compliance • Payroll • Custody • Corporate advisor

ABOUT HAWKSFORD Hawksford is a leading provider of corporate, trust and fund administration services. We help clients to make the most of their business decisions and their wealth by taking on the burden of regulatory, fincial and tax compliance, corporate governance and reporting obligations. 11


Internet Essentials’ Dictionary By Dante Alighieri Society


f you are thinking of becoming the next Chiara Ferragni (we know you are her follower) and join the fabulous world of Italian social


media, it is better for you to learn new terms and phenomena that you

might encounter while surfing in the World Wide Web.

Lat. Panthera Leo Claviaturae, or Eng. Keyboard Lion

In the digital world, we use many English words and, in many cases, we

That is why, most of the times, behind a webete there is a leone da tastiera

just adapt them to Italian. So, feel free to use verbs such as: Taggare (to


tag), Googlare (to google), Postare (to post), Hackerare (to hack), Sharare

This strange animal is famous for its widespread diffusion all over the

(to share) or Instagrammare (to Instagram).

world. Keyboard Lions live quietly and peacefully in front of a pc screen

But we would like to present you some more authentic and iconic ex-

(or a smartphone/tablet for the most evolved ones) scrolling down the

pressions of the Social media world. There is no faccina (emoji) that can

daily news and comments on social media. They are usually harmless, but

express the true meaning of these expressions.

they can get really aggressive when feeling threatened; and that is when the real beast comes out! As soon as someone tries to get into its so called “comfort zone”, a Leone da tastiera starts writing all kinds of insults you


could imagine (and even beyond!), supported by its wolfpack. However, the Leone da tastiera has a strange behavior when it comes to

Umberto Eco (one of the finest Italian writers) once said:” Internet ha

direct confrontation: it tends to withdraw, saying that he wrote all those

dato diritto di parola agli imbecilli” (Internet entitled idiots to freedom

terrible things during an anger attack, or using one of its most famous

of speech) and this word describes perfectly what Eco was referring to.

camouflage technique: “mi hanno hackerato l’account” (somebody hacked

Webete is composed by two words: web and ebete, that literally means

my own account). But you can be sure there will be another lion waiting


for you behind the following post!

A Webete uses the internet in the worst way possible, and he/she is a perhis free time (and apparently, he has a lot of free time) sharing bufale and


commenting other people’s posts with either bufale or aggressive com-

No, unfortunately we are not talking about that delicious type of moz-

ments. These are usually accompanied by a lot of exclamation marks and/

zarella cheese

son you definitely do not want to meet on any social media. He spends

or upper-case letters (just to make sure you understand how angry and correct he/she is).

Far away from its culinary counterpart, this bufala is something that affects the internet almost everywhere. Its etymology is quite curious: according to the Accademia della Crusca, this term comes from the expression “menare per il naso come una bufala” that means “to take somebody on a stroll by the nose”, just like farmers do dragging their buffalos by the ring they have in their noses. So, what does buffalos have to do with internet?? Well, bufala is an Italian word that means “fake news”. Just like buffalos, readers are dragged around by fake news. Do not be afraid, it is quite easy to spot bufale on the internet: titles containing ATTENZIONE! or INCREDIBILE! (careful or incredible) are usually pretty obvious indicators of fake news. Be careful with immagini photoshoppate as well (maybe that frightening explosion comes from a movie, so chill out). Last but not least, search carefully the fonte (source) of the article you are reading: or theworldsmostimportantnews.kj maybe are not as reliable as they look…


SPOILERARE to spoiler regarding TV series and movies

ATTENZIONE SPOILER - SPOILER ALLERT This brand-new verb is the nightmare for those who are addicted to TV series. Imaging you open your Facebook page and find your most hated primary school classmate posting: “So disappointed, 8 seasons and winter was just a chill breeze …”. And all your expectations, hopes and fears cultivated in years of devotion to a Series are burned away. What’s the point of seeing the rest of the Series? What to do with all the junk food that you have already bought for the Netflix marathon? Nothing has any im-


portance once you have been “Spoilerato”. Friendships collapse, newborn

aka the average 50 y/o Italians motto

expression and do not reveal any secrets.

relationship destroyed by the SPOILER. So be careful, in order to survive there are only two solutions: 1) Be like John Snow and “know nothing”. Freeze your mouth and facial 2) Be like the dragon, watch all the series before everyone, sacrifice your social life, get the power of knowledge and spit spoilers like fire!

Together with bufale and leoni da tastiera there is another plague affecting the Italian social media. It is made up by middle-aged people that, in an attempt to fit in the influencers-webstars world, constantly share random selfies in the most awkward situations ever. And, as if it was still not enough, they just keep spreading a peculiar kind of pictures (among these the sadly famous buongiornissimo kafféèéè one) in which you could testify a totally random combination of animals, coffee mugs and hearts/emojis wishing you a good day or a good night. It is hilarious and quite sad at the same time, but it is something you cannot miss on any social media!

Interview to Bruno Feltracco, President of Dante Alighieri Society When and how was the Dante Alighieri Society

and other nationalities) decided to help reviving

Patron. And Angelo Paratico, our vice-president for

founded in Hong Kong?

Dante in Hong Kong. Angelo Pepe, another pioneer

many years, who moved to Italy last year.

Dante has a long history in the world as well as in

in the Italian trade in Hong Kong, a true gentleman,

Hong Kong. Founded in 1889 in Italy by a group

was leading us; I remember him fondly, he passed

How does the Dante Alighieri Society support itself?

of intellectuals, among them the poet Giosue’ Car-

away prematurely a few years later. In over 10 years

Dante in Hong Kong (as well as around the world)

ducci, currently over 500 branches are active around

we have been able to build a strong team (board and

is totally self-funded. We have learned over the

the world, from the countries with long history of

school group) becoming the destination of choice

years to stand on our own legs in one of the most

Italian migration (for example Argentina) to cities

in our city for anyone keen to learn italian language

expensive cities in the world, if just think about

like Hong Kong or Tokyo where a growing number

and get closer to our country. Over 600 individuals

rental costs (and we need to be in central loca-

of local and international residents are keen to get

attend our group courses in one year; another 100

tions, near good public transport services).

closer to our language and culture.

attend private lessons and over 30 learn in corporate

The entire team is focused on managing wisely our

courses tailor made for companies in Hong Kong.

costs while focusing on the quality of our teaching

In Hong Kong Dante started way back in 1934.

Our Causeway Bay office and school has become

and of our events. We look at support from the wide

A local businessman, a pioneer in the importation

indeed a “piece of Italy” right in the centre of Hong

community in the city every day of the year: how

of Italian products, Leo Lee, has been for years the

Kong. Talking about our achievements, I like to

to help? A couple of examples: Companies having

leading force of the local Dante branch, up to end

mention another 2 keen friends of Dante: Richard

business with Italy can organize corporate cours-

of last century. In 2007, after a few years of limited

Lee, Hk entrepreneur, who has introduced brands

es, we can tailor make them based on the indus-

activities, a group of HK residents (Italians, Chinese

like Ferrari in this part of the world, currently our

try. Companies and individuals can become Dante


members: a corporate membership costs 3500 HK

train them to be our full-time teachers. Our staff are

Today the power of a country is also dependent on

$ for one year and gives access to discount for our

well-qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language

the ability to assert itself though communication

services. Very recently we obtained from HK gov-

and help students explore various aspects of Italian

and culture, from this point of view Italy is at an

ernment the so called “charity status”: it will allow

art, culture and explore the history. We have a range

advantage: history, art and culture are everywhere

complete deduction of donations in the tax return.

of classes available, from beginner to advanced, as

in Italy and contribute constantly to our real Soft

well as courses focused on specific topics. Last but

Power. To translate soft power into real economic

Could you describe your team? What makes the

not least, we offer corporate classes tailor made for

benefits our cultural prestige has to translate into

teaching offered by the DAS different from any

the requirements of each single company, which

action through the Dante Alighieri Society.

other language school?

can also act as a team building exercise for their

Dante Alighieri Society in collaboration with the

The new DA charity is composed of a dedicat-

employees, this enables staff to benefit from diverse

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and

ed and closely knit Board of Directors, a group of

learning, and of course is a massive advantage for

Macau, Scuola Manzoni, The Italian Women’s Asso-

professionally qualified full-time teachers and two

companies whose staff regularly deals with Italian

ciation, Italian International Kindergarden and The

administrative staff. Under the supervision of our

suppliers, customers or consumers.

Italian Trade Commission is proud to be part of the Italian Institutions of Hong Kong and continue its

capable School Coordinator Francesco Marascia we have had the opportunity to coordinate with

What is the contribution of Dante Alighieri Soci-

work under the capable leadership and inspiration

the top Universities in Italy to recruit interns and

ety to the SOFT POWER system of Italy?

of our General Consul Mr Clemente Contestabile.


YOUR CHOICE 450 lawyers 11 offices worldwide 20 specialist practice areas 7 desks dedicated to specific geographical regions

How technology is chan The development of technology, especially in the last

revolution (the internet, the cloud, digital cameras,

Fourth revolution will transform the way humans

50 years, has made the world a much smaller place.

wireless devices). Each of these revolutions brought

live, work, and relate to one another.

It is almost impossible to imagine a part of our lives

about profound change. The quality of life for peo-

that has not been touched by it in someway. Technol-

ple living in the developed world has drastically in-

In Hong Kong, the HKPC (Hong Kong Productivity

ogy is pervasive in every aspect of modern daily life,

creased over the last few hundred years; our lives

Council) has many programs in place to facilitate the

from business to education, such that it is no longer

are convenient and connected.

development into the Fourth Industrial Revolution,

a luxury, but a necessity.

which is referred to as i4.0. They provide training So where are we now? We are at the cusp of the

programs and consultants for HK based business

Historically speaking, humanity has undergone

fourth industrial revolution. Key factors driving the

who wish to upgrade, with one of their main areas

three technological revolutions that changed the

incredible changes we’re experiencing include the

of research being smart manufacturing. This aims at

way we live. We are currently in the aftermath of

decreasing cost of computing power and connected

turning factories where items are produced by man-

the last of these three revolutions that transformed

devices; the ease of using sophisticated algorithms,

power into self-managing ‘smart’ factories where ev-

our modern society into the one we know today.

machine learning, and other forms of artificial in-

erything is produced by machines. World renowned

The first began in 1760 with the invention of the

telligence. Smart and connected machines and

companies like Adidas and Amazon are already ex-

steam engine, where steam began powering ev-

systems are helping us build self-driving cars, cre-

ploring Smart Manufacturing options and there are

erything from agriculture to textile manufacturing.

ate virtual assistants, and diagnose more precisely

already examples of factories in china that are entire-

As a result, agrarian societies gave way to urbaniza-

– transforming the physical, digital and biological

ly self-run by robots.

tion. The second was the age of science and mass

worlds. What is the impact of all this change? To-

production. Gasoline engines, airplanes, and even

day’s children will see advances in science, medi-

Aside from optimizing the manufacturing process,

the assembly line was invented. The Digital revolu-

cine and other technology converge to cure previ-

there are ways this technology can be used to re-

tion was the third, beginning in the 1950s and we

ously incurable diseases and disabilities meaning

duce negative environmental impact. The appliance

are now experiencing the wonders of the digital

that people will live longer and be healthier. The

manufacturer Whirlpool set itself a goal of eliminat-

nging the way we live? ing the waste that its factories send to landfills by

live our lives from the way we get out news, to the

work, even where they live. This side of a more con-

2020, and to help facilitate this the company be-

way we interact with our loved ones. Social media is

nected world has made some people nervous about

gan using an analytics platform across all the factories

everywhere. It’s unavoidable, it’s powerful, and it’s

the use of technology, as private lives are no longer

to monitor the amounts of waste they generate and

here to stay.

as private as they once were.

ample of how companies will continue use intelligent

Social media is growing in terms of its reach and

So while technology is changing our lives in dras-

tools to support their future goals. These technolog-

impact, 54% of social browsers use social media

tically positive ways, making it easier, quicker and

ical advancements will, if they haven’t already, touch

to research products. More buyers are joining so-

more convenient to do almost everything, there are

all our lives and change the way we think about the

cial media networks and looking for reviews and

also new challenges that arise. Internet users are

products we use everyday.

recommendations. It has become essential for any

concerned about corporations’ misuse of their data,

change their behavior accordingly. This is a prime ex-

business to have a prominent online presence on

as well as increasing worries about cyberbullying

However, there are more immediately tangible ways

various social media platforms.

among young people and the depression that can

that technology is changing the way that we live,

Aside from ease of communication, the use of social

result from the excessive use of social media.

and these are most noticeable in the daily use of

media and the internet has dramatically upgraded

technology like phones, laptops, smartwatches , etc.

the capability of managers to gather, process, evalu-

The changing technology industry will result in

Worldwide, about 39% of the population was using

ate, and act upon data. Facebook remains the most

a change in the job market as well, fewer jobs for

a smartphone by the end of 2018, and this percent-

widely used social media platform, with 85% of in-

unskilled workers and more for technicians and

age is expected to grow to 48% by 2021.

ternet users having a Facebook account.

engineers. Technology is changing the way we live

There are also estimated to be 3.2 billion social

for the better, but as always advancements come at

media users, which is about 42% of the global pop-

All it takes is a quick google search and you can eas-

a cost. We must learn to resist techno-social pres-

ulation. The use of social media around the world

ily find out ‘private’ information, like where some-

sures and use the new technologies at our disposal

is ever-increasing and it has changed the way we

one is from, where they were educated, where they

within reason and in moderation.

Technology and the future of work: More questions than answers


ardly a day passes without the media re-

tional intelligence, foresight and creativity) more in

op human emotional intelligence, making such human

ferring to buzzwords like Artificial Intel-

demand. We must move up the pyramid of human

competencies more precious. On the other hand, humans

ligence (AI), machine learning or some

skills and competencies to compete in the new world.

crave affection, social relations, and so on, which are pro-

other 21st-century technology. AI refers to machines

grammed in our genes and unlikely to change. With human

that can do things smartly. In machine learning, we

Emotional intelligence

needs so complex to understand and satisfy, truly human

let machines access data and learn by themselves.

Will AI possess human emotions and emotional intel-

competencies such as empathy will gain greater value.

These emerging technologies generate excitement

ligence? I believe it does not and will not. AI enthusi-

and anxiety, hopes and fears, and will create winners

asts want to create AI with emotional capability but


and losers.

so far their success has been very limited. If AI were

Does AI have foresight? Probably not, at least not the

to take over the future of work, empathy would still

type of foresight that cannot be extrapolated from past

Both academics and practitioners are curious about

be the last area of humanity to remain in the work-

data. AI does what humans “train” it to do, often only

the future of work in a world of AI, machine learn-

place. Human beings are empathic and affectionate,

narrow tasks. AI and machine learning operate based

ing, big data and digital technology. But predictions

and do not act according to “cold” data and logic

on algorithms and historical information. Despite the

about the future are frequently inaccurate and, more

only. Research shows that emotions can promote

ability to discover patterns in data, AI is not capable of

often than not, plain wrong. So I will not play the role of

ethical decision-making. AI is limited precisely be-

“imagining” or “seeing” possibilities outside of what’s pos-

fortune-teller. Instead, I will raise potential implications

cause of its lack of human emotions.

sible from existing data. Human beings, on the other

and questions in the area of HR and employment relationships to stimulate further discussion.

hand, can imagine and eventually create possibilities Research shows that general mental ability or IQ has the

beyond existing data. Thousands of years ago, Chinese

greatest predictive validity for job performance. Will

scholars had the foresight to imagine the possibility of

What will emerging technologies mean for skill and

emotional intelligence become a key competitive ad-

flying to the moon, a possibility that historical data and

competency requirements?

vantage in a future era of AI and robots? Once intellectual

technology at the time did not allow.

Some technologies will make certain skills and com-

skills such as logical and analytical thinking become readily

petencies (e.g. physical skills, logical reasoning and

available through AI, emotional competencies will become


rule-based decision making) less important, while

precious and in demand. Ironically, we may have fewer

Logical thinking and rule-based decision-making will no

other tech will make separate areas (such as emo-

opportunities to work with real people and thus devel-

longer be exclusive to humans because such processes


can be written into algorithms, allowing machines to be

“should scientists create machines that replicate and

employer provides wages, benefits, and occupational

programed to perform them. Machines do them even

even surpass human brains?” We must have a legal and

safety to name a few. The rise of digital technology has

better because of their greater processing power. For in-

ethical framework in place before we move further along

given rise to digital platforms. Examples include ride-hail-

stance, aided with a vast pool of precedences (cases) and

this path. The bottom line should be: We create machines

ing platforms such as Uber and DiDi, which connect drivers

regulations, and powered by superior processing capacity,

as tools to promote human wellbeing, not as another spe-

with passengers. So far, research has focused on the ef-

AI can give better legal advice and do it faster than a law-

cies to replace humans.

ficiency and optimization side of these sorts of plat-

yer. Creative skills, which do not follow fixed rules and

forms, not the workers and their well-being. With digital

algorithms, will gain prominence in a world of AI. Is AI

What does it mean for wage inequity?

technology passing information in real time and in a

capable of creativity? Yes, but currently it’s limited. AI

The greater importance of creativity also means wage

transparent manner, it is tempting to conclude that

works according to algorithms and reinforces the exist-

inequity is likely to be greater in an era of AI. We sim-

the market will be efficient and therefore maximize

ing patterns of its data. AI may be able to create many

ply cannot make everyone creative. In essence, only 5

the benefits for all parties, including workers.

things, some of which would appear creative, but it is

percent of ideas are considered creative. We will see a

all formed on the basis of its existing data and nothing

smaller percentage of employees who can perform the

But is that so?

beyond. Human creativity, on the other hand, can go be-

fewer but more critical and higher level intellectual tasks.

Certainly, technology-enabled digital platforms provide

yond historical data and patterns. The limited creativity of

In a competitive market, this means a smaller percentage

more opportunities for workers and make for more efficient

AI is actually a result of human creativity: we train AI to “cre-

of employees will grab an ever-larger share, leading to ev-

use of resources. They also challenge traditional concepts of

ate” based on algorithms and the data we provide them

er-greater income inequality. How do we allocate wealth

employment relationships, including employee benefits and

with. Human creativity fashions AI but it also helps us to

in a world of AI where significant wealth is generated but


“beat” them. In a race against AI, humans must necessarily

tilted toward a few?

be one step ahead.

Market mechanisms, with their imperfections, are likely to

One critical question is, “Who is the employer?” Is

reinforce and enlarge wealth disparity.

it the customer? Certainly not. In the case of Uber

Human brains are complex and poorly understood. AI will

or DiDi, the customer pays the taxi fare but is not

not replace truly human skills and competencies unless sci-

What does it mean for employment relationships?

responsible for benefits such as a pension, medical

entists fully understand how the human brain works and

In a traditional employment relationship, an employee

insurance or worker safety. Is it the platform then?

program machines to do the same. The bigger question is:

provides physical and/or intellectual labor and the

Again, depending on the nature of the specific platform,


they may perform quasi-management functions (e.g.

ministrative role. Thanks to technological advancement,

recruiting and evaluating workers) to various degrees,

they can finally be liberated from much of their tedious

often via automated algorithms. The platform makes a

administrative work. For instance, HR professionals can use

profit by charging a fee but it does not provide the

digital technology to aid payroll administration and deliv-

aforementioned benefits nor protections (e.g. cover

er real time performance feedback. HR professionals can

workplace injuries) that standard employers do. Nei-

also use technology to aid non-administrative work. To take

ther do these platforms provide any training and

just one example, AI can aid recruiters by administering a

development for workers.

series of tests and conducting initial screenings based on minimum scores. HR professionals can then spend their

Indeed, some platforms explicitly claim they are not

valuable time on more strategic HR activities – activities

The development of increasingly sophisticated

employers but a facilitator or venue of communication.

that truly create value and achieve competitive advantage

artificial intelligence raises many questions for

Uber or DiDi drivers certainly have a great incentive to

for their organization.

employers and employees, but the future of work

work as they are essentially paid by a piece-rate. The

is ultimately human writes, GONG Yaping, Chair

drivers perhaps enjoy greater freedom than other workers

Technology can even help HR professionals to play their

Professor and Head, Department of Management,

– they can choose to accept or decline an opportunity to

strategic role more effectively. For instance, aided by

HKUST Business School

make money – but they forfeit benefits and protection, at

AI and big data technology, HR professionals can better

least in the current stage of development, by working for

identify performance problems and devise solutions.

such companies.

Nevertheless, HR professionals must utilize their deep HR theory and knowledge, empathy, creativity, and

Technology also has implications for power. Platforms of-

imagination to make sound judgment and devise effec-

ten decide who should be given a work opportunity via

tive solutions. Data need a human touch in order to be

technology-enabled performance evaluation and closely

useful. Otherwise, it will be “garbage in, garbage out”.

Gong Yaping Chair Professor And Head, Department Of Management HKUST Business School

monitor workers to a sometimes uncomfortable level. Such systems can exert substantial control over workers.

In summary, empathy is the key to understanding

Powered by technology, platforms can quickly achieve

employees’ needs and problems; creativity is the key

massive and global scale at a speed that more traditional

to devising effective solutions; and AI and big data

firms cannot match. This means asymmetric power – in

technology provide the necessary tools. Corporate HR

which platforms have much greater power than workers.

functions will gain increasing prominence precisely

The question becomes how to balance such power in or-

because they work with humans and require deep and

der to ensure fairness in addition to efficiency?

irreplaceable human skills.

What does this mean for the HR profession?

The future is around the corner. Are you ready? Buckle up

HR professionals have historically played a decidedly ad-

before the dust settles!

Technology: Blessing or curse? By Francesco Nicosia

Operation Manager @TablO Ltd (former I.T analyst in Italy)


ello, how may I help you?. This used to be the standard reply when answering the phone until 1998 when we had no idea who was at the other end of the line. Communications used to be via cable only (fixed line or telex), and it was only by the end of the

year that the number of mobile phones doubled. Nowadays, there are almost 5,1 billion people with a mobile device, forcing to change the standard phone reply into a more direct “Hello, where are you now?”.

Nevertheless, connectivity comes with a price. When we post pictures while on holiday, we are telling the world that we are not home. When we want to show off our newly bought car, we might be showing its plate number and even the address of the house beyond it. We communicate our next moves in advance to the whole world, by making sensitive information easy to access, without considering the potential threat behind such actions. Nowadays, it is possible to rob a car digitally between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. Electronic keys are no longer safe, especially if not protected properly. We are turning our mobile phones into electronic wallets: almost 70% of the people interviewed in China feel more scared of losing their phone, rather than their wallet.

Alessandro Bisagni is the Founder and President of BEE Incorporations, a sustainability engineering consulting and technology company specializing in the creation of green and healthy buildings. BEE is a GBCI recognized LEED Proven Provider and part of USGBC’s LEED User Group for Retail. The company specializes in building simulations, commissioning, green building certification, and cloud-based building data management for ensuring ongoing performance. Alessandro has managed over 200 LEED projects, across 25 countries, with a combined GFA of over 35

However, connectivity also enables parents to monitor in real-time their baby and streaming allows us to check on our beloved pets while keeping a constant eye on our house while on holiday. At the same time,

million square feet. BEE is one of the most experienced green building consultancies in the retail sector worldwide.

we can accomplish work duties beyond the standard business hours, on a plane or on our sofa during weekends, or on a sunbed on a tropical beach. 20 years ago we would wander around with our phone in our hands searching for a line signal, like contemporary Pokemon hunters, while today we pay expensive detox clinics constraining us on weekly offline programs just to do something we could do on our own,

Alessandro has been recognized by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) as a Top 40 Under 40 professional class of 2016, and Tatler Hong Kong Generation T List class of 2017.

whenever needed.

Technology really changed the way we live. Italy ranked third in the worldwide list of mobile owners compared to the overall population, just beyond Hong Kong and South Korea. Every Italian spends an average of 6 hours per day connected on the internet. Most of the times, without knowing anything about technology, without having read any user manuals, without any technical training, and making each one of us subject to online crimes and frauds.

This is just an example to remind ourselves that technology is an outstanding tool, only if used properly and only if first, we get the answers to the key WH-Questions : Who, When, What, Why, Where?

Alessandro Bisagni Founder And President BEE Incorporations

Big data and machine learning: What they mean for greener space operation


n a climate where customers and stakeholders

green building certifications and rating systems. In

easy solution for owners to manage their space’s en-

demand environmental sustainability, technology

essence, Big Data could influence stores operations

vironmental data. As world’s first cloud-based data

can help retailers make more sustainable deci-

globally to nudge every retailer in the right direction,

monitoring system that integrates data directly with

sions. After all, owners are searching for innovative

by keeping them more informed about the impact of

Arc, QLEAR’s real-time indoor environmental quality

ways to operate their stores more sustainably across

their operational decisions.

monitoring, data management, and forecasting ca-

the globe –– with objectives to save utility costs,

pabilities shift the paradigm in building technology.

optimize employee work productivity, and improve

Take Prada. In June, Prada certified world’s first LEED

If old monitoring tech relied on simply storing and

indoor environmental conditions to maximize cus-

Operations and Maintenance (O&M) for Interiors

viewing data, the future of new monitoring tech

tomer experience. Stores already have the necessary

retail project at Gold Level for its 14,230-square

lies in Machine Learning, which creates models to

energy and water usage and indoor environmental

feet Alexandra House store in Central Hong Kong.

ensure continued performance; spot inefficiencies;

quality data. However, this data is of no use if retail-

Prada has publicly announced its corporate sustain-

and forecast future energy performance based on

ers do not utilize it to improve and optimize their

ability strategy to LEED-certify their stores across

historical trends.

day-to-day store operations. As retailers collect and

70 countries at Gold Level. As a commitment to its

compile these exponentially growing amount of big

goals, the luxury retailer is exploring ways to inte-

For facility managers, a combination of Big Data and

data across their global portfolio, Big Data could play

grate innovative technologies into its store design

Machine Learning will provide insights revealing the

a key role in managing stores’ environmental perfor-

and operations. For one, it leverages Arc as a tool

realities of environmental performance and pro-

mance data, as well as benchmarking them against

to monitor the real-time performance of energy,

jecting future operational risks. After all, we make

those of other brands’. For example, the most inter-

water, waste, transportation and human experience.

decisions based on what algorithms choose to show

nationally-recognized environmental design stan-

The increased data transparency has allowed Prada


dard LEED uses Arc, a cloud - based tech platform

to learn from their actions and quickly identify areas

that allow retailers to collect, manage, analyze and

for performance improvement.

communicate information about the operational performance of spaces, buildings, places and entire

As part of their sustainability commitments, others


are working along similar lines: retailers are using smart data analytics solutions to monitor energy,

Arc aggregates and visualizes data from meters, utili-

water, and indoor air quality at their stores world-

ty bills and user surveys, and connects that data with

wide. For instance, QLEAR’s platform provides an

Smart living: how will people live and work in the future?


mart homes, automation, efficiency and com-

every moment of the day with warmer lights or colder

types of channel: via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other pro-

fort. Technology has already become part of

depending on the physiological need, to furnish the

prietary systems designed by companies. The goal is

houses and buildings that make up our cities.

house or environment with different intensities and

not "just" to continue to control the installation system

colors, etc.

more efficiently, but to make lighting more and more

Among the sectors in which its impact is proving most

automatic, able to regulate itself based on environ-

evident are lighting and home and buildingautomation.

There are efficient and energy-saving lighting fix-

mental conditions and the needs of the people.

Choosing the right light for the environments in which

tures, which can implement additional features, such

Speaking of workplaces or public places, there is no

we live our everyday life is very important and it is

as remote control.

more important than security. Sudden blackouts con-

essential to take into consideration the energy con-

stitute a potential great danger, taking into consider-

sumption that depends on it. Lighting is essential to

An efficient lighting management system allows sim-

ation risky activities or overcrowded environments.

ensure the well-being of the people who live or work

ple centralised operations such as the immediate

The importance of an emergency system guaranteeing

there, as it directly affects the performance of their

switching off of all the lights, the lighting of lamps

back-up lighting to end ongoing activities and safety

activities and smart lighting combines visual comfort

through a control panel or presence sensors, the

lighting to evacuate the premises without risk to peo-

and well-being with efficiency and energy savings.

application of preset scenarios that defines which

ple is evident.

lights to turn on and with which intensity based on With the advent of LEDs, in particular, we started

current activity, remote control of lighting via Inter-

Technological progress, driven above all by the af-

talking about intelligent, controllable, integrated light-

net or dedicated Apps.

firmation of the LED source, has led to significant

ing ... Light not simply to illuminate and see, but also to create scenarios and atmospheres, to accompany

product innovations also in the field of emergency Remote management is possible thanks to various

lighting and safety, from the point of view of per-

Heart of the technology wonders: Semiconductors drive our smart living Francesco Muggeri is Regional VP Of Marketing And Applications, Power Discrete And Analog


eanu Reeves sat in a self-driving flying vehicle

is not slowing down. At the heart of these technology won-

chasing his enemies; Jude Law lived with a hu-

ders are semiconductors. STMicroelectronics is a global

manoid robot. There are lots of Hollywood mov-

semiconductor company that offers one of the industry’s

ies featuring futuristic gadgets so amazing that some

broadest product portfolios. Our solutions bring smart

tion Competence Center in Asia and coordinates

may think they sprang from the imaginations of the

changes to our lives in four major domains:

ST’s global Mass Market Power Management

script writers. Yet from the real world:

Task Force.

• This August, Frenchman Franky Zapata became the first person to

Smart Driving: safer, greener, more connected

cross the English Channel on a flyboard

Approximately 80% of all innovations in the automotive in-

• By 2020, there could be10 million self-driving cars on the world’s

dustry today are directly or indirectly enabled by electronics.

road plus another 250 million smart cars connected to high-tech net-

For example, driving is safer thanks to Advanced Driv-

Regional VP Of Marketing And

works sharing the road with them

er Assistance Systems (ADAS) products – vision, radar,

Applications, Power Discrete

• 700,000 cobots2 could be in service by 2025 3

Products at STMicroelectronics APAC. He leads ST’s Motor Control and Power Line Communica-

Francesco Muggeri And Analog Products STMicroelectronics APAC


imaging and sensors, as well as the adaptive lighting systems and user display technologies. Driving is green-

Different types of technology products have been driving

er with automotive processors for engine management

change in our lives and the introduction of these products

units (EMUs), electronic control units (ECUs) and power


formance and design, with benefits also in terms of

creased exponentially: lights but also control of ac-

sustainability. Emphasis has to be placed on prod-

cess, temperature, appliances, energy consumption

ucts with a self- diagnosis function: from the sim-

and so on.

plest self-test function, which highlights the correct operation or fault by turning on a green or red light

But, all things considered, a "smart" building is nothing

on the device, to more advanced systems that send

more than a building that uses technology to improve

the result of the diagnosis remotely to a control unit

the performance of homes and buildings both in terms

that records the results. A solution for large buildings

of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability,

where there is no possibility of an overall view of the

as well as comfort.

installation. With the spread of home and building automation

And our living spaces, thanks to technology, are quickly

systems the possibilities of management have in-

turning into complex tools to serve our needs.

Spes Stanley Ku joined Beghelli Group in 1996 and is the Managing Director of the company. The company mainly focused on energy saving solutions, renewable energy technology development, smart systems and new materials research. Spes is a member of the Board of Administrator of the CIE Hong Kong (Member of Commission Internationale de I’Eclairage – CIE. He has supervised several prime national lighting projects such as the new Beijing Daxing Airport, HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, etc.

Spes Stanley Ku Managing Director Beghelli Asia Pacific Limited

devices made from Silicon Carbide for hybrid and

smart meters help consumers and utilities track

technology innovation has always been at the core of ST's

electric cars. And vehicles are more connected

and manage electricity, water, and gas consumption

strategy. Everywhere microelectronics make a positive

using infotainment systems,telematics processors

and even billing. Intelligent street lighting senses its

contribution to people’s lives, ST is there.

and sensors, and secure car-to-car and car-to-in-

environment and adjusts to lighting conditions and

frastructure (V2X) connectivity solutions.

municipal needs. Sensors measure traffic flow and re-

1 Source: ITU (International Telecommunication Union), the United Nations

route vehicles and pedestrians around obstructions.

specialized agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs)

Smart Industry: safer and more efficient factories

Connectivity solutions then allow these domains to

2 A COBOT (from collaborative robot) is a robot intended to physically

and workplaces

connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

interact with humans in a shared workspace

Do you know over 50% of the world’s energy is con-

3 Source: Barclays Equity Research

sumed by the industrial sector and there are more

Making everyday things smarter, connected and

than 300 million work accidents per year, on average?

more aware of their surrounding

Labelled as the “fourth industrial revolution,” Smart

Our daily lives as individuals benefit from the Smart

Industry is making industrial systems smarter, safer

Things we carry and use extensively. ST is a leading

and more efficient using a broad range of products

supplier of many of the key technologies going into the

that include Microcontrollers, Sensors and Actuators,

next generations of consumer devices:

Motor Control, Signal Conditioning, and many other

Microcontrollers for low and ultra-low power processing

technologies via automation and robotics.

and longer battery life of portable applications, Secure solutions, Sensors and Actuators, Connectivity, Condi-

Making homes & cities smarter, for better living and

tioning and Protection, Motor Control, and Power &

higher security

Energy Management. Thanks to these technologies, we

Smart homes, buildings and cities are enabled and

believe Artificial Intelligence, Neural Network and Deep

managed via energy-consumption and - management

Learning approaches will be adapted for and integrated

systems. With secure, multi-function chips inside,

into smarter things very soon. For more than 25 years,


What to expect from

technology and innovation?


ust a few years ago we couldn't imagine

concluded, will increase, and with this trend

that we could pay our bills in two clicks

we will certainly learn to live very in a more

without filling in paper slips or writing

rapid bureaucracy.

checks. But nowadays that's changing rapidly. Let's use insurance, and by extension, bureau-

Price reduction and transparency

cracy as an example.

If you have ever taken out short -term insurance, for example, you know how many op-

Changes that make our lives easier

tions you have and how much you have had

This is the whole concept of a digital life. Get

to search to find the most important package

everything done quickly, without unnecessary

for you. But surely it was much easier than

visits to traditional institutions, no waiting in

going from insurance to insurance, asking for

As a leader in the global tech industry, Eric is focused

queues, and even not leaving the house. Yes,

brochures from them and examining them at

on developing customer-centric products and trans-

bureaucracy has always been part of our lives,

home. We owe everything to the Internet - a

forming the way professional communities build and

but it doesn't have to be. Just like the eco

place where you can find everything quickly

enrich relationships. He has incubated multiple tech

friendly fad that rose, people changed from

and where you can get everything done with

startups within the software, mobile, and environmen-

plastic bags to cloth ones, and just like these

near instant gratification.

tal industries, and has worked with venture capital and private equity investments in the United States

bureaucratic processes are now coming faceto -face with consumer technology that could


and China. He also founded China Entrepreneurs - a

otherwise obsolete traditional institutional

However, there is also a risk with the conve-

community he built into a 20,000+ member network.

functions or even work around these institu-

nience and simplification of life. Cybercrime.

tions. Think crypto-currency sticking it to fiat

It's not just social bullying, it's also attempts

currency, or Uber showing Taxi companies how

to abuse your sensitive information, identity

it's done.

theft, or straight up database hacks. In the future, and with a reasonable expectation

Less paperwork, more effective help

for more cybercrimes, it will be necessary to

Taking out insurance by filling in an online form

extend the protection and define it more so

is actually quite a normal and common experi-

that it plays directly into the customer expe-

ence, no one pauses to think over what it was

rience and improves perception of technolo-

like a few years ago to do the same task. What

gy. It's cybercrime that keeps institutions as

would you say if it was so "easy" to report an

traditional as they are today, but once doubt

insured event online instead of writing on

fades, technology will reach another break-

- paper and negotiating with an insurance company? This process may have rung a nerve

through introduce itself more into our lives than before.

and apparently a great revolution is ahead of us to un-ring this bell.

Take a step back and remember, if you can,

It would mean more comfortable tools, faster

the headaches required to do tasks that today

resolutions, and above all, satisfaction, be-

only take seconds and probably never take up

cause it costs decrease and sustainability is

much of your time. You can thank technology

reached as we move digital. The percentage

for that.

of online claims reports, as well as contracts


Is Hong Kong Ready to go

cashless? By Claudia Joynt


ong Kong is still largely a very cash domi-

part of a Hong Konger’s life, it has made payments

It was only in August last year that the HKMA granted

nant society, which is surprising given how

for public transportation, tolls, parking and retailers

the first batch of licenses to five stored-value service

economically developed the city is. Unlike

far more convenient. The Octopus card has spread

providers in a move to regulate the city’s expanding

in less cash-dependent countries like Sweden or the

its tentacles to other areas, being used at supermar-

electronic payment businesses. So far it has issued 13

UK, where one hardly needs to carry cash around

kets, convenience stores, restaurants, and car parks,

licenses, to services including Alipay Wallet, WeChat

at all, Hong Kong residents must have cash on them

and for security access to homes, schools, and offices.

Pay, Hong Kong-based TNG Wallet, and Tap & Go.

payment options have become available and rel-

With many players entering the game, Hong Kongers

China is leading the world in online payments. If I re-

atively widely accepted in stores and restaurants.

are spoilt for choice when it comes to mobile pay-

search forecasts are correct, annual online transac­

But when it comes to going cashless, Hong Kongers

ments. The different mobile payment apps are gen-

tions in China will reach 116.7 trillion yuan in 2019.

still lean towards credit cards and the ever-reliable

erally categorized by whether they store money or

That’s almost 50 times Hong Kong’s gross domestic

Octopus Card rather than mobile payment apps.

not. Mobile payments apps that store money, oth-

product. Buying goods and services using smartphone

erwise known as SVF (stored value facilities) are

apps that provide mobile-payment services has caught

regulated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority,

like nowhere else; the rate of adoption is dizzying.

popular methods to pay in Hong Kong. Introduced

which includes players like TNG Wallet, PayMe, Al-

McDonald’s and Starbucks have self-scanning devices

in 1997, it has since issued more than 35 million Oc-

ipay HK, WeChat Pay, Tap N Go. Whereas other

installed beside tills; market traders print QR codes in

topus Cards, with an impressive record of having

mobile payment apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay,

their homes to display alongside goods sold on their

99% of its citizens aged from 16 to 65 using its card.

and Samsung Pay do not store values, hence they

stalls. These mobile-payment systems also provide

Since its introduction it has quickly become a vital

do not require a license to operate in Hong Kong.

users with unexpected benefits. When visiting a pub-

at all times. It is only very recently that contactless

Next, to cash, the Octopus Card is among the most

lic hospital, for instance, patients usually have to

ing to remember to carry around your Octopus

queue for registration and then wait (sometimes

everywhere, one big step towards making Hong

for hours) for their turn to see a doctor. Making an

Kong cashless would be to make alternative

appointment in advance is not possible – unless

cashless payment options available on all pub-

you use Alipay or WeChat’s HealthCare function,

lic transportation so that all anyone would

where you pay upfront and are given a time slot.

need to get around is their smartphone.

Clearly, the biggest advantage of going cashless for the average citizen is convenience. Of course,

Taxis are one of the contributing factors to hard

while cashless payments are dominant in large cit-

currency’s ­predominance, as well as some restau-

ies, there is still room for growth in rural areas.

rants that only accept cash, such as streetside dai pai dong eateries and cha chaan teng tea shops.

Compared to cashless payment options popular

Last year, about 3,000 Hong Kong taxi drivers start-

in the mainland such as WeChat Pay and Alipay,

ed accepting Alipay or WeChat Pay. Still, that rep-

the Octopus card’s drawback is that it does not

resents a fraction of Hong Kong’s around 18,000

let customers pay with their phones by scanning

taxis which are equipped for cashless payment sys-

bar codes, which are usually printed on a card. So,

tems. This is enough evidence to prove that Hong

in order for retailers to allow their customers to

Kong is nowhere near being called a cashless city.

pay with Octopus card, they have to install a specific Octopus Card reader, which is not necessary

If Hong Kong wants to continue calling itself a

with payment apps like WeChat Pay. This means

‘smart city’, then people are going to have to start

there is an extra hassle in using the Octopus Card

using more mobile payment apps, but in order to

for businesses, which highlights the advantage of

do this, the change needs to start with the retail-

other cashless payment apps, as they don’t re-

ers and the government. There are strong incen-

quire any new system installation, you only need

tives to going cashless, like increased control over

to download it onto your own mobile device.

black market industries and a reduction in the possibilities for money laundering, so increasing

Secretary for Commerce and Economic Develop-

provisions in Hong Kong for cashless payments

ment Edward Yau Tang-wah has said that Hong

would be convenient for its’ citizens and benefi-

Kong is lagging behind mainland China in be-

cial to the government. Hong Kong is moving in

coming a cashless society because the city’s first

the direction of cashless transactions, but we are

such payment option, the contactless Octopus

not quite there yet, as locals are still very much

card, was so successful that the city stopped ex-

attached to the convenience of the Octopus card.

ploring more options. However, according to a

However, as mobile payment apps become more

survey of six Asian cities on e-payments, eight

popular and widely used, the population will fol-

out of 10 Hong Kong people think we are lagging

low suit. As as always, convenience is key. Once

behind. The Octopus Card is clearly becoming

Hong Kongers get a taste of how convenient cash-

less convenient than having all your payment

less payments can be, there will be no going back.

options available on your phone. Instead of hav-

URBAN FARMING AND NEW BUILDING TRIMBLE VICO OFFICE is a five-dimensional representation of the project. Linking individual 3D components together with project phase and costing estimation

URBAN SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM GOOGLE wants to improve your smart home with iRobot’s room maps. AXILION enables cities to reclaim their traffic-congested streets & cut commute time by 40% through advanced AI & deep learning that transforms traffic signals into a dynamic, car connected & adaptive network.


CERVELLO reshapes rail safety and control by providing proven solutions and services to protect railways against cyber-attacks. Trusted by leading OEMs and delivering a non-intrusive railway-specific technology that supports global standards and protocols, Cervello offers the most complete, accurate, effective and safe cyber-defense solutions for railway signalling systems.

DOW is offering Zero Liquid Discarge Systems to implement a circular model in water management. Dow partnered with the local municipal water board and water company to implement a wastewater recycling program that uses every liter of water 3 times instead of once.

EXOSKELETONS WEAROBOT’S exoskeletons can be used in single joints to support specific tasks. Different modules can deliver active torque and enable medical-grade AR/VR rehabilitation.

AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY Switzerland-based MINDMAZE offers FDA-cleared VR platforms for helping patients recover from neurological injuries such as stroke.

DOMOTICS US insurance company TRAVELERS teamed up with Amazon to offer discounted home insurance policies and security equipment. Including cameras, motion detectors, and water sensors.

AUGMEDICS is developing an augmented reality surgical navigation system called the xvision spine system to give surgeaons X-ray vision in the line of sight during complex procedures.

QUANTUM COMPUTER PRESIDENT TRUMP has signed $1.2 billion law to boost US quantum Tech. JIAN-WEI PAN, China’s father of quantum, is masterminding its drive for global leadership in technologies that could change entire industries.

ANTI-AGING TREATMENT WELL-KEPT BEAUTY helps ingredient-conscious consumers manage their skin health by monitoring and tracking cosmetic ingredients and expiration. SKIN NINJA allows user to find out what ingredients their skincare products consist of and switch to alternatives based.

ELECTRIC AND AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES EROADARLANDA is a road allowing vehicles to be recharged while driving

NEBULA GENOMICS raise USD 4.3 million to create a blockchain market place for individuals’ genomes. The company aims to drive medical breakthroughs in genetic deseases made possible by genomic data.

JAGUAR LAND ROVER has launched its self-driving car prototype


URBAN FARMING AND NEW BUILDING TRIMBLE VICO OFFICE is a five-dimensional representation of the project. Linking individual 3D components together with project phase and costing estimation

URBAN SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM GOOGLE wants to improve your smart home with iRobot’s room maps. AXILION enables cities to reclaim their traffic-congested streets & cut commute time by 40% through advanced AI & deep learning that transforms traffic signals into a dynamic, car connected & adaptive network.


CERVELLO reshapes rail safety and control by providing proven solutions and services to protect railways against cyber-attacks. Trusted by leading OEMs and delivering a non-intrusive railway-specific technology that supports global standards and protocols, Cervello offers the most complete, accurate, effective and safe cyber-defense solutions for railway signalling systems.

DOW is offering Zero Liquid Discarge Systems to implement a circular model in water management. Dow partnered with the local municipal water board and water company to implement a wastewater recycling program that uses every liter of water 3 times instead of once.

In 2015, Mr Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo, de-

transfer knowledge, create new capabilities, explore new

150 success cases (investments, grants, etc...). Our alumni

cided to create an entire area of governance inside the

algorithms, products and services.

have raised more than 150 million of funds and we have

Group, fully dedicated to foster innovation and perform

Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center also invests in start-ups

had 13 industrial exits.

our future business better.

through its corporate venture capital fund called Neva Fin-

Thanks to our International Scale Up Program, we support

In 2018 that department became the Intesa Sanpaolo Inno-

ventures, in order to encourage the growth of new busi- tasks. the start-ups development the main international support specific Different modulesincan deliver active mar-


WEAROBOT’S exoskeletons can be used in single joints to

vation Center SpA, an autonomous legal entity, 100% owned

1. and enable kets torque medical-grade AR/VRInternational rehabilitation. ness and boost the champions of the future where Intesa Sanpaolo HUB-branches are

by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, whose aim is to explore the

2) Supporting the transition of our SME and corporate cli-

located, such as New York, London, Dubai and Hong Kong,

business models of the future, in order to discover new as-

ents towards the Circular Economy through advisory ser-

and we have the opportunity to work with one of the best

AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL sets and skills that can support the long-term competitive- REALITY vice son open innovation activities. We offer several ser-

innovative platforms of the world in Israel called The Floor.

ness of the Group and its customers, since it has become

4) Boosting open Innovation strategies of Intesa San-

vices to support the transformation of their business models

Switzerland-based MINDMAZE offers FDA-cleared VR platforms for New helping patients recover from neurological injuries the drivng force of the Italian Economy. and thanks to the Circular Economy Lab we can offer R&D such as stroke.


paolo Group company customers through physical and

"High-quality Innovation is our vision, and the Circular Econ-

US insurance teamed upthe with digital TRAVELERS matchmaking platforms. With aim to promote services and strong due diligences to evaluate the level ofcompany

Starting from two main pillars, Data Driven Economy and Cir-

of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, along with leading com-

Tech Marketplace: a market place where established com-

cular Economy, the activities of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innova-

panies such as Google, Nike and Unilever. In February 2018

panies can meet the most promising Italian technologies,

tion Center are focused on five lines of action:

Circular Economy has become officially part of the Industrial

selected and evaluated by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation

1) Investing in new activities and capabilities through

Plan of the Group, that last year launched a worldwide 5

Center. Today the platform counts more than 11.000 start-

Amazon to offer discounted home insurance policies and AUGMEDICS is developing an augmented reality surgical omy is our trajectory," says Mr.called Maurizio Chairinvestments in research andmotion innovation, Intesa Sanpaolo to be equipment. the first navigation system theMontagnese, xvision spine systemcircularity to give of different projects. We are proud security Including cameras, detectors, surgeaons X-ray vision in the line of sight during complex and water sensors. man of Intesa Sanpaolo Innocation Center. Innovation Center has created a digital platform called bank in the world which has become financial global partner procedures.

COMPUTER applied researches andQUANTUM strategic partnerships to enable billion plafond of credit facilities for companies that have

ups and Tech SMEs and 3.000 customers.

the Group's long term resiliency. As a leverage to accel-

5) Spreading the culture of innovation through education-

ground-breaking project about Circular Economy.

PRESIDENT TRUMP has signed $1.2 billion law to boost US quantum Tech. erate the economic growth of Italian companies, focusing 3) Supporting the growth of the most promising start-ups on Data Driven Economy and Circular Intesais masterminding and tech-SMEsits with acceleration programs, credit facilJIAN-WEI PAN, China’s fatherEconomy, of quantum,

drive for global leadership in technologies that could change ities, funding, business development solutions, internaSanpaolo Innovation Center has built 3 different LABS entire industries.

al programs, events, roundtables with Institutions key innovative players. Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center has the mission to promote the Group identity as innovation leader

which create know-how, new assets and new business

tionalization and fundraising. Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation . With the goal TREATMENT to spread the innovation culture among all ANTI-AGING

opportunities for the Group company customers: with-

Center runs different acceleration programs according to

our colleagues, we created a dedicated intranet page where

Economy Lab in Milan, in partnership with Cariplo Facto-

WELL-KEPT BEAUTY helps ingredient-conscious consumers the different level of maturity of the companies. For exthey can information future trends and innomanage their skin health bycollect monitoring andabout tracking cosmetic ingredients and expiration. ample, “StartUp Initiative” is one of the most successful vation events and interact with us and other departments or

ry; the Artificial IntelligenceAND Lab in AUTONOMOUS Turin, in collaboration ELECTRIC

SKIN allowscompanies user to find outGroup. whatSince ingredients their skincare programs we have been running since 2009. It’sNINJA an accelerof the it was born, Intesa Sanpaolo VEHICLES

the Neuroscience Lab, with the IMT of Lucca; the Circular

products consist of and switch to alternatives based.

with ISI Foundation. The aim is to create a new model of

ation and professionalization program focused on technol-

has been running a lot of educational programs, training

cording to market trend evolution and exponential growth

we can count about 4.800 business projects evaluated,

To involve as many colleagues as possible, we have invent-

technologies. Thanks to our Labs we can acquire and

more than 1.200 start-ups trained, 900 finalist start-ups,

ed a successful format called Innovation Coffee: an infor-

EROADARLANDA is a road allowing vehicles to be recharged NEBULA GENOMICS raise USD 4.3 million to create a blockchain while driving ogies and industrial sectors that cover investors’ and corcollaboration between Industry and Research in order to bootcampsgenomes. and inclusive events open toaims everybody, in order market place for individuals’ The company to drive medical breakthroughs in genetic deseases made possible by JAGUAR LAND ROVER has launched its self-driving car porates’ expectations. Quoting some figures, since 2009 satisfy both ISP Group and corporate clients’ needs, acto share competences and methodologies. genomic data. prototype


LIVE HAPPILLY Andrea Bocelli, the renowned Italian tenor, has been perfecting his voice illy has been perfecting its unique blend of nine Arabica origins


There is only one illy blend, unique as the ones who love it. Discover our stories on KERRY COFFEE - The sole distributor of illycaffè products in Hong Kong. A member of Kerry Logistics Network. Email: - Phone: (852) 2410 4292

Featuring art inside hotel rooms and Intersections: China presented by China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch


excited to present internationally recognized artist Roger Dean, among many other interesting and promising artists from across the globe. The founders of the Asia Contemporary Art Show also produce Asia’s largest art website, Asia Contemporary Art Buyer (www.asiacontemporaryart.

he 15th edition of the Contemporary Art Show will take place

com). The site features over 11,500 artworks from 1,600 artists.

October 4th – 7th, 2019 at the Conrad Hong Kong. The Show kicks

Intersections: China presented by China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch

off on Friday, October 4th with an exclusive Private View while

general admission opens on Saturday, October 5th and continues until Monday, October 7th. The founders and directors of the Asia Contemporary Art Show are three

Presented by China Merchants Bank Hong Kong Branch, Intersetions:

art enthusiasts with more than 30 years of experience, Mark Saunderson,

China is a series of dynamic and diverse works from more than 60 Chi-

Douwe Cramer, and Sarah Benecke. Viewed as pioneers in the art space,

nese artists. This sector focuses on the crossing of artistic ideas between

they have the view that interest of artists, galleries and buyers are best

the past and the present, the traditional and modern as well as East and

served by providing lively fairs and online content which inspire discov-

West, and features works that embody the diversity and dynamism. Some

ery, exploration, and conversations about art. The Asia Contemporary

of the works exhibited include:

Art Show is Hong Kong’s only art fair that takes place twice a year.

Wu Qiong, China – M&T ART, Room 4315

The director Mark Saunderson, explains that a “creative presentation

Sculptor and painter, Wu Qiong (b.1981) creates art that represents the

in hotel rooms connects the art buyer and art gallery for a more inti-

childhood that he and many others of his generation remember and

mate art experience. It offers human interaction rather than a solely

in doing so, creates touching and amusing portraits that are distinct-

transactional one, and it allows up-and-coming artists and galleries to

ly contemporary in the Chinese art scene. The artist’s fairytale visions

directly participate in the art market and to network with a new gener-

of childlike figures against stark backgrounds and pastel skies sets him

ation of collectors”

apart from his contemporaries. His work makes ‘political stress release’

The Show this Fall is pleased to present Jun Zhengda from China who

and cynicism, ideals which were once so characteristic of contemporary

creates fluid and dynamic stainless-steel sculptures and South Kore-

Chinese art, seem generations away. In 21st century China, Wu resonates

an artist Kwak Seung Yong who brings an incomparable illusion to his

with the cartoon aesthetic of a generation absorbed by comic imagery,

paintings that feature the traditional Korean hanbok. The Show is also

online gaming and computer worlds.


Galleries and artists from around the world The show will also include works from international artists and galleries, some examples of which are given below. Coplu, Turkey – V’ Art Space, Room 4203 Coplu (b.1958) is a self-taught artist. Exploring different forms of visual art, he developed his own distinctive style of painting. The subjects of Coplu's paintings are always directly linked to human relationships and the different environments they are connected to, mirroring the feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and experiences that we all encounter during our journey through life. Yoo, Sun-Tai, South Korea – Galerie GAIA, Room 4306 Yoo, Sun-Tai (b.1957) is one of Korea's most widely recognized contemporary artists. While studying in Paris (PH.D), the artist developed his now well-known style of three-dimensional painting. Yoo is obsessed with objects utilised as a means of metaphors of life elements, their meanings depending on personal imagination or interpretation. Yoo’s surreal paintings feature Korean letters that interact with the objects in the works, giving it a meditative and poetic sense. Roger Dean, United Kingdom – Trading Boundaries, Room 4226 Roger Dean (b.1944) is an internationally recognised artist and designer, whose evocative and visionary images with associated graphics, logos, and lettering, created a new genre of work. Best known for his album covers for groups such as Yes, Asia, and Osibisa, Dean has worked in many fields from painting and architecture to typeface, furniture, and stage design, inspiring generations of students and artists. Graeme Stevenson OAM, Australia, Room 4318 Graeme Stevenson OAM began a full-time career as an artist mostly painting endangered species and began a lifelong journey around the plane studying lions, tigers, elephants, bears, and numerous other wildlife species. He has evolved from painting photorealistic animals to scenes of surrealism and expressionism.


Food & Technology Is technology changing the way we think about cooking? By Accademia Italiana della Cucina


his is the question Andrea Strafile poses in his recent article on

the product of harvest, but rather of storing part of it for lean times or

Ambasciatori del Gusto. Where, two thousand years ago, hu-

for sowing.

mans had to cultivate, breed, and immediately consume the food

they had procured, today, technology allows us to have products of ev-

First the Egyptians and then the Romans, discovered how to use honey

er-wider variety, to use increasingly precise processing techniques, and to

and vinegar to preserve food. In 1810 Nicolas Appert invented the airtight

make recipes that are more and more complex.

glass canning jars and Peter Durand patented the tin can. A few years later, Pasteur concocted vaccines for animal breeding and developed pasteuriza-

In the beginning – the Neolithic Age – mankind was capable of influenc-

tion techniques, laying the foundations for the evolution of the agri-food

ing the environment, favoring the transition from a subsistence econo-

industry as we know it today.

my that relied on hunting and gathering, to an economy centered on the domestication of animals and the cultivation of plants. This change was

The restaurants’ kitchens and their equipment are indeed only the point

the trigging force behind the profound societal transformation that led

of arrival of this discourse, while the technical and scientific discoveries in

humans to progress from having a nomadic life to creating increasingly

the agricultural world are its real flagship.

large sedentary communities with increasingly complex forms of politics, all ultimately leading to the outburst of commerce.

Italy has a leading role. Sixty out of four hundred and eighty companies and startups that provide new technologies to improve efficiency and sus-

The Neolithic agricultural revolution would not have been possible with-

tainability in the agriculture sector are Italian— 12.5 percent of the total.

out the social and communitarian decision to not immediately consume

We are entering, and in part we are already, in the so-called agriculture 4.0


where digital apps are used to send live updates of the harvest and drones

We are moving towards a more responsible and sustainable cooking, with

monitor the fields as watchdogs. This precision agriculture, unthinkable

technologies that allow us to work nearly all raw materials, thus reducing

just several years ago, is the product of inter and intra-communication be-

waste to almost zero.

tween the environment, the climate, and the crops. Everything is evaluated in detail in an interconnected agriculture that establishes the exact needs

Steam ovens are becoming more popular both in restaurants and at home;

of the plants, prevents pathologies, and performs targeted interventions.

ovens with remote controls and cameras allow us to cook while jogging or working; pressure cookers now fry; liquid nitrogen blast freezers allow us

Hand in hand, a real technological revolution is also taking place in the

to freeze food in a matter of minutes; ultrasound machines are capable of

cold chain: increasingly advanced cooling systems allow the delivery of

cutting aging time from months to a few days.

freshly caught red shrimps from Mazara, directly to Milan, Paris or Hong

These are all examples of a future that is present and of a present that looks

Kong, keeping the quality of the product unaltered. After an initial disad-

at the future with confidence and great attention.

vantage, Italy is making giant leaps forward; the technological machine is moving in the right direction.

These are all signals of a future in which tastier, more nutritious fruits and vegetables will be grown in hydroponics, in which mushrooms will

Even kitchen equipment has seen remarkable technological advancements

sprout from coffee grounds, where algae will be raised at home, and where

in the last thirty years, that has made it possible to completely change

chocolate will be printed.

the approach to the way we cook food and the ingredients we use. Even the chefs, who at the beginning of the century considered technology a

There is no need to be scared and intimidated by these new technologies.

self-serving instrument, now appreciate its use as a tool to enhance the

We can no longer think of cooking as a technique, as tradition, as survival.


Cooking is curiosity that can only be fed by novelty. To reinvent, to amaze, to enhance‌

Additives are becoming less present: the rotary evaporator distills at low temperatures thus maintaining all the properties of the ingredients other-

Cooking methods, transformations, preservation, agriculture: technology

wise lost with the traditional boiling technique. Similarly, meat has never

is allowing us to live a gastronomic Renaissance, guiding us, towards great

been so tender thanks to the Roner that allows cooking at low temperatures.

improvements in humanity.

The Accademia Italiana della Cucina has been present in Hong Kong since 2012. The Delegation is headed by Mr Savio Pesavento and welcomes new members, individuals who are passionate about food and knowledgeable about Italian cuisine


Highlights of SOGO Italian Fair 2019 Edition


ast May 2019, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

tor also had the chance to attend cooking demonstrations and food tastings.

and Macao organized the second edition of SOGO Italian Fair in SOGO Causeway Bay Department Store. The project, sup-

SECTOR 2 – Whilst parents enjoyed a glass of wine and fine food, kids

ported also by the General Consulate of Italy, is part of “Vivere all’Ital-

were able to enjoy themselves in the kids’ area located on the 7th floor.

iana”, the promotional campaign conducted by the Ministry of Foreign

This floor was organised and managed by the Italian International Kin-

Affairs. The fair started on May 29th and ended on June 4th with great

dergarten in Hong Kong, which offered both Italian and English lanuages

success. It was open to all ages and families, young adults and the elder-

activities for kids including storytelling groups and crafting tables. The

ly were encouraged to participate in a variety of different activities. The

Italian International Kindergarten is the first Italian school to open in

main focus of the event was to bring real Italian culture to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong and the only educational institution which directly cooperates

The fair started with an opening ceremony on May 29th in the late afternoon

with Reggio Children, which uses one of the most advanced preschool

featuring speeches from Mr. Clemente Contestabile, General Consul of It-

methods in the whole entire world for early childhood education. The

aly in Hong Kong and Macao and Mr. Davide De Rosa, Vice-President of

children entertainment sector took place on June 1st and June 2nd which

the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macao and an opera

was a weekend activity around the same time the live cooking was occur-

performance by soprano Michelle Lang, the winner of many vocal compe-

ring. This offered the families participating in the fair the opportunity to

titions including the 2016 Voice of Mississippi Competition. The fair held

relax whilst enjoying the food and wine.

a range of activities over the course of the week, from cooking classes to giveaways, and the attendees had a vast array to choose from. The event had

SECTOR 3 – To serve the cooked food that was made with the fresh

three main sectors the freshmart, kindergarten and the Sogo Club. The fair

ingredients bought at the freshmart, we need houseware, and what is

held a range of activities over the course of the week, from cooking classes

better than authentic Italian houseware

to giveaways, and the attendees had a vast array to choose from. The event

Sector three displayed the best Italian houseware distributed by TABLO’

had three main sectors the freshmart, kindergarten and the Sogo Club.

on the 16/F. From a classic style to a more modern one TABLO’ had it all for the participants in the Italian fair. Live cooking demonstrations and

SECTOR 1 – A real-life representation of Italian culture through meals

food tastings were popular during the week.

and refreshments

Lastly, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday relaxing yoga classes were offered

Sector one included a freshmart on B2 of SOGO Department Store with a

to the fair participants by Fernanda Miotto, in partnership with EA7,

section dedicated to Italian ingredients with exclusive offers and wine tast-

offering a clean slate from the eating and shopping of the Italian fair 2019.

ing fully embracing the Italian cuisine with live cooking demonstrations. Products in the freshmart section were provided by Baladin, Boncafe’,

The SOGO Italian Fair 2019 turned out to be a great success for the Ital-

Bright View, Coffeelin, Lavazza, Metabev, Sabatino, The Caprioli Manage-

ian Chamber of Commerce and its Members as it highlights the best of

ment, Vicenzi, Top Spin, and Vino e Finanza. Participants visiting this sec-

Italian excellence right here, in the heart of Hong Kong.


Highlights of 2019 Hong Kong & Guangzhou

S is an innovative project, first launched in 2017, which

about each start-up. The presentations and Q&A were followed by a pan-

aims to promote promising Italian start-ups in their efforts to ex-

el discussion, which was focused on Circular Economy, one of the main

pand their businesses in the Greater Bay Area and find new in-

pillars of the Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center. There was excellent par-

vestments in Asia. The focus of 2019 was Fashion and Retail

ticipation from the audience and engagement with the panellists and start-

Technology, two of the most relevant industries in south-east Asia and

ups. The event was a great networking platform to connect the start-ups

areas in which Italy is world-renowned.

with vibrant Hong Kong innovation ecosystem.

The program was first opened to applicants from fashion and retail tech

Each start-up presented a final pitch to a panel of judges on July 12 th. The

start-ups in April 2019, of these, the 6 most promising were selected by a

panel was composed of Vincenzo Antonetti, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation

panel of industry experts, composed of representatives from Hawksford,

Center, Stefano Passarello, Hawksford, Esterina Nervino, Retail in Asia,

Retail in Asia, Tech Silu, Intesa Sanpaolo Group, the Italian Chamber of

Carlo Gioja, Sinaxia Asia, Vittorio Olivia, Intesa Sanpaolo, Francesco Lo-

Commerce in Hong Kong and Macau and the China-Italy Chamber of

renzini, Tech Silu. After a deliberation period, the judges selected ELI-


GO, represented by CVO and founder Giuseppe Catella, as the winning start-up of 2019. Their mission is to spread Italian elegance

The 6 selected start-ups arrived in Hong Kong for an immersion week pro-

and sell custom clothing across the world. ELIGO trains and employs

gram. This included forums where the participating start-ups were given

‘Sartorialists’ who provide a personal shopping service for customers who

feedback on their business models from potential investors and industry

prefer a human touch approach to shopping, allowing customers to access

experts to help strengthen their presentations. The participants were also

a personal service and custom-made products easily. As the winners ELI-

taken on tours of Hong Kong-based innovators in the fashion and tech-

GO will be able to grow their business in Asia with a year of advice from

nology industry, facilitated by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, such as

industry experts as well as undergo a 6-month incubation period in Hong

the Hong Kong Productivity Council and The Mills Fabrica.

Kong provided by the Mills Fabrica. The judges also found Artemest, an

The participants also attended the RISE technology conference (the big-

online marketplace for contemporary and luxury design products, very

gest in South East Asia) which had unparalleled networking potential.

impressive in their business proposition and awarded them an honourable

Looking for new business opportunities in the Greater Bay Area as well,

mention and business support, kindly offered by Hawksford.

the start-ups took a two-day innovation trip to Guangzhou where they met Chinese Venture Capital Firms and visited some very successful companies

The other 5 finalists, while unfortunately they will not receive the level of

belonging to the fashion industry. These events exposed the

support awarded to ELIGO, are nevertheless impressive and creative start-

participants to the fast-paced Asian innovation market, and provided the

ups that have benefitted immensely from the exposure they have received

perfect opportunity for a hands-on learning.

to the Asian market and potential investors, and going forward they will

One of the highlights of the week was the Hong Kong Start-up and Eco-

receive continued assistance from the Italian Chamber of Commerce in

system Mixer, which was held at the Intesa Sanpaolo Hong Kong Branch.

Hong Kong and Macau.

More than 120 participants attended, including the Italian Consul Gen-

Once again the event was a great success, and the judges iden-

eral, Mr. Clemente Contestabile, and the Secretary for Innovation of the

tified not just one, but two start-ups, which they believe have excellent

HKSAR, Hon. Nicholas Yang. Each start up presented their business pro-

potential to expand into Asia. It was truly a project that brought together

posals to the attendees, who then had the opportunity to ask questions

the innovators of both Italy and Hong Kong.

“ has once again been a great success, and all the start-ups will leave with a better understanding of the Asian market”

Clemente Contestabile Consul General of Italy in Hong Kong


“And without futher ado, Ding Ding Ding, let's create the competition.”

Luca Cico

President, Italian Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong and Macao

“Hong Kong is a really special place. Investing in Hong Kong is absolutely fundamental because the Chinese market is opening up”

Alessandro Vitale Chief Executive Hong Kong Branch and General Manager Asia Pacific Hub, Intesa Sanpalo

“We strongly believe in Hong Kong as a firm landing point to start your business”

Vincenzo Antonetti

Head of Promotion and Development of Innovation International Network, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center SpA

41 2019 meet the winner and the finalists:

What do you think is unique about your start-up that makes it stand out? Our community of Sartorialists. We have our own academy where we train personal shoppers to become Sartorialists so they can be successful in their own right, while also providing us with a service, which is essentially to become a mobile store. Why do you think your business is suited to the expand Asian market? Firstly, because the Asian market is the one growing the fastest with respect to luxury personal shopping and secondly, because there is a massive target client base and because it is already very similar to markets in which we are already active where access to artisans is, shall we say, fragmented, and there are millions of personal shoppers in these very populated cities, and so it would be a very fertile environment for us to turn these local personal shoppers into ELIGO Sartorialists. ‘ was an incredible way to discover and understand the amazing opportunities of the Chinese market.’ (Damiano Avellino, COO Orthoponics), do you agree? Trains and employs ‘Sartorialists’ who provide a personal shopping service for customers who prefer a human touch approach to shopping. Customers can access a personal service and custom made products easily.

Of course, I agree! It was a fantastic opportunity and I met some incredible start-up colleagues, and we’ve even started to discuss possible partnerships with them. I met some potential investors thanks to the Italian Chamber of Commerce, and I got some useful feedback from Intesa SanPaolo and the advisors; but mostly it was an immersive, educational experience. I can’t wait to come back to Hong Kong and continue working to expand ELIGO into Asia – so I would highly recommend this experience to any start-ups in the future.

What would you say is the main mission of your business? And what do you mean by ‘curated marketplace? Our main mission is to preserve local art and culture, and we launched our platform in Italy because it is a country where there are many artisans who pride themselves on skills that are passed down from generation to generation, for example, we have businesses that have been around since the 18th century that are still making the same pieces which sell on our website. So, our mission in terms of expansion will also be to expand this concept and to try to go to different countries and preserve local traditions, so we hope to also bring Japanese vases and Chinese ceramics online. ‘Curated’ means that our buying team manages the marketplace. It is not an open marketplace, instead we have experts who analyse the assortment of items we sell and they select the items that are suited to the marketplace and vet them before putting them online. Which of the StartIT.Asia events did you enjoy the most? Why? Well the visit to Guangzhou was super interesting because it gave us the chance to get to know an area that was totally new, as opposed to Hong Kong which I’ve visited before, and we were exposed to commerce brands that were certainly much larger than us which was useful because it helped us understand how a marketplace or ecommerce platform works in the Chinese market. The leading online marketplace for contemporary and luxury design products, it brings online the best artisans and finest crafts in the world. Their platform bridges the gap between luxury consumers and trade customers, like architects and interior designers, and artisans who lack the logistical expertise to reach these markets.

Do you feel as though your start-up is well suited to expand into the Asian market? Absolutely, and that is the very reason that we are here. Within a few months of launching out site we launched in Asia and Hong Kong. A focus on markets in which there is a growth in GDP and therefore a growth in sectors like real-estate and construction will be a focus for us because there will be many people buying furniture for new real-estate, and we have a specific focus on Hong Kong as a linking site between the east and the west.


How did you first come up with the idea for your start-up? The idea came from when I worked in Asia as a general manager, and in my last year in this role I took 160 flights, and a major problem that I encountered with this was luggage space, so I created a solution to this problem. ABCB has already had a lot of success collaborating with brands like Armani and Moschino, what’s next for your brand? To continue collaborations with other brands, we are aiming for two collaborations per season, and to expand ourselves very quickly in terms of

Why did you choose to start a company that worked in virtual reality? What inspired you? Its’ actually quite a personal reason because I’ve been really passionate about virtual reality ever since I was a young boy. Working with emerging technologies is also something I’ve inherited from my family tradition because my father was always a innovator and created a company that was very technological and advanced in this way, and so I think it made a powerful impression on me that inspired me to work in this field. After the StartIt.Asia event, how do you hope to expand your start up? I think we will work a lot on our client base, we currently have a lot of doors open with clients all over the world that are in this moment moving

What inspired you to start your start up? 1clickfashion came about from my personal experience with small business owners in Italy who mostly do not have ecommerce platforms, or sell on any ecommerce platforms. They lose the opportunity for increased revenue from Ecommerce because they misunderstand what companies like Amazon do, Amazon is not a competitor of theirs, it is a channel for them to sell their products. So, there is a gap in the market for these small business to sell their products online that is caused by a lack of information on their side regarding ecommerce. We automated the process for them to enter their products to online stores with our platform. Why did you first submit your start up to this event? What did you hope to achieve by coming to Hong Kong?

If you had to choose three words to describe your business, what would they be? Artisanal sustainability and elegance.We pride ourselves on making authentic pieces that capture the essence of Italy, but we want to do this while staying environmentally friendly. That is the niche of our brand, we are sustainable luxury. Our materials are sourced from excess that local farmers and artisans make, so we can assure our customers that the materials they are getting are very high quality, but also environmentally friendly. What, if anything, surprised you about Hong Kong and the business environment? What surprised me about Hong Kong in particular were the human relations and networking opportunities that will hope

opening more ACBC stores and in investments to our online platform. What do you think is the most valuable thing you have learnt from StartIt.Asia? was a very nice experience. As I come from a managerial background, to come face to face with the ecosystem of start-ups is something completely new for me, and I would highly recommend getting involved in opportunities like this. Also the networking involved in getting to know the other startups and how they were developed really interested me, and is something I am still learning about.

A customizable shoe with a patented zip that makes it possible to change the ‘upper’ part of the shoe with several patterns and designs, while only having to buy one sole.

from planning stages or trial stages to actual implementation of virtual reality technology, so we are relying heavily on this – the transfer of small projects to larger projects with the same clients. We will keep looking for new clients as well, and for the right investors that will allow us to finish developing out platform and then let us expand. Would you recommend StartIt.Asia to other start ups in the future? Of course, because Hong Kong and the Chinese market are incredibly interesting and the team was in Hong Kong was excellent at organising great opportunity for the start-ups to network, find potential investors and get to know the local market. I met some very interesting and driven people, who I hope will have great success with their businesses in the future. Asia is a big market and this will get your foot in the door, so I can absolutely recommend this programme.

A company that develops customised versions of their VR and AR products for large enterprises, while simultaneously developing their own platform for VR events, training and collaboration.

My mentor Alberto Garucci recommended this project to me, because he believed that we should try to launch our start-up directly in the Asian market, as opposed to the Italian one, because in Italy an ecommerce platform like the one I am developing doesn’t appeal to people. What are you hoping to achieve for 1clickfashion after StartIt.Asia? Well, in the very near future we will be taking part in another start-up project in Silicon Valley at the Plug and Play Tech Center, where we will continue to refine our business model because we are still more an ‘idea’ than a fully formed start up. We will hopefully find some partners that will help us grow quickly in Asia, as our main problem is that while there are plenty of people working on AI in retail, there still isn’t a marketplace that does what we are looking for, so we have to develop itourselves, or until there is a model that we can make use of.

A unique platform that through an intelligent POS makes a synced store’s inventory geo-located by linking it with online sales channels like amazon and allowing customers to find the clothes that best fit their style in real time.

fully help us grow our brand. I wasn’t expecting to be exposed to so many potential investors and experts in their fields, so it was a very pleasant surprise. I also thought it was very interesting to see the kind of Fashion innovation that is coming out of Hong Kong, like the Mills Fabrica. \What was your favourite part of the StartIT.Asia event? I was surprised by the organisation of the event as a whole, and the immense professionalism of the management team from the Italian Chamber of Commerce – and I was also surprised by the other StartIt.Asia participants, they are all young and motivated and have really impressive determination when it comes to their businesses. I was very lucky to have the chance to meet such an interesting and driven group of people here.


A luxury fashion brand creating bags made with materials made and used by Sicilian farmers and with the waste materials from big fashion companies. This upcycling and focus on circular economy enhances the product, as they are a perfect blend of raw fabrics and Sicilian style.


he Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong has been active since

Waitress on Top - La Serva Padrona - Comic Operetta in oneact - FREE Event Date & Time: Tue 29 October, 8.00 pm Venue: Youth Square - Y Theatre, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan

2011 as the official Italian governmental body dedicated to promoting Italian language and culture in Hong Kong and Macao.

To this end the Institute regularly organizes concerts, exhibitions, screenings, readings, and other cultural events and it also encourages cultural and scientific collaboration between Italy and Hong Kong / Macao.

“Waitress on Top”: A comic operetta in one-act with music by Giovanni

Bing Bing Wang & Klassik Swing Italian Quartet – Soprano and String Quartet Concert - FREE Event Date & Time: Sat 26 October, 8.00 pm Venue: City Hall – Concert Hall, 1 Edinburgh Place Central

Battista Pergolesi and a guest appearance by Gaetano Donizetti. Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s celebrated baroque farce “La Serva Padrona” is re-imagined in contemporary Hong Kong. Sung in Italian with spoken dialogue in English and Cantonese, this comedy is as bubbly as a glass of prosecco and just as intoxicating.

The Klassik Italian Swing Quartet, composed of Günther Sanin - Violin; Ivano Avesani - Doublebass; and Gianfranco De Lazzari - Accordion; Roberto Corliano - Piano; presents a diversified program that develops from classical music to opera, from jazz to tango and popular music, from Puccini to Morricone, in full crossover style. Wang Bing Bing is a young and aspiring opera singer from Shanghai. She studied classical opera at the Milan Verdi Conservatory of Music.

Quartetto Noûs - String Quartet Concert - FREE Event Date & Time: Tue 19 November, 8.00 pm Venue: Youth Square Y-Theatre, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan The Noûs Quartet, composed of four young Italian musicians - Tiziano Baviera (violin), Alberto Franchin (violin), Sara Dambruoso (viola), Tommaso Tesini (cello), was founded in 2011 at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano. The quartet received its training from the Quartetto di Cremona at the Accademia Walter Stauffer in Cremona, at the Basel Musik Akademie with Rainer Schmidt (Hagen Quartet), at the Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofia in Madrid and at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena with Günter Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet).


other mythical animals are fantasies shared by the West and the East. The

Olivia Steindler - Solo Violin Concert - FREE Event Date & Time: Thu 28 November 2019, 8.00pm Venue: Jockey Club Auditorium, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom

set of texts and arias becomes a tapestry of music and words related to the image of many fantastic animals that Leonardo saw flying in his dreams.

Gran Duo Italiano - Piano and Violin Concert - FREE Event Date & Time: Tue 3 December, 8.00pm Venue: Youth Square Y-Theatre, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan

Olivia Steindler, Italian violinist, was born in Germany into a family with musical traditions: her great-grandfather and her great-uncle were Bernard and Paul Dessau. She plays a German violin, Jacob Stainer school from 1682. She began learning the violin at the age of three; a year later she was admitted to the Akademie für Tonkunst in Darmstadt, where she

Gran Duo Italiano, formed by Mauro Tortorelli (violin) and Angela Melu-

had her first public performances.

so (piano), boasts a discography that includes world-premiere recordings of music by Gaetano Fusella, Camillo Sivori (Paganini's only pupil) and Rosario Scalerio (himself a pupil of Sivori). Mauro Tortorelli is considered by critics to be a virtuoso violinist of rare musical instinct and great interpretative skills. He studied violin with J. J. Kantorow, B. Belkin, F. Gulli and G. Mönch. In 1990 he made his debut at Teatro alla Scala in Milan. Angela Meluso began studying piano at the age of five and graduated with honours at the Conservatory of Music “A. Vivaldi” of Alessandria under Giacomo Fuga. She attended specialization studies at the Accademia in Florence and at the Accademia Hipponiana of Reggio Calabria.

The Stories of Leonardo - Music Concert - FREE Event Date & Time: Mon 16 Decembe, 8.00pm Venue: Youth Square Y-Theatre, 238 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan A concert show about Leonardo da Vinci for seven instruments, conductor and narrator. One of the universal languages in which Leonardo thought of collecting thoughts and fantasies of humanity are fairy tales; the figures of fantastic animals often appear in those tales. Basilisks, dragons, phoenixes and



“Hong Kong geographically is still the best gateway for Asia, with incredible advantages in terms of availability of skilled resources, logistics, suppliers and distance from Shenzhen that more and more is becoming China’s Silicon Valley! ” Mr. Filippo Gori Managing Director Geox Asia Pacific Limited

Latest reports show that about 50% of smartphone owners have already done mobile payments with Alipay and Wechat wallet being the most used platforms. Digital is deeply rooted in anyone’s daily life in China, I guess people will not be too worried to lose their wallets, but they would be desperate if they lost their smartphones! The coming development of 5G networks will also bring this to the next level forcing companies and marketeers to develop even richer digital and interactive content. In terms of consumption online purchases (or we should say mobile since we are talking about more than 90%!) keep growing, what is changing are the motivations and patterns. 11/11 and 12/12 are shaping entire retail slowly forcing offline stores to adapt and follow online calendars.

What brought you to Hong Kong? -“Back in 2008, when I was working at Gucci in Italy I was 31, single and willing to explore the world, so I made myself available for any international assignment, few months later I got the opportunity to relocate to Hong Kong and as soon as I had visa ready, I moved to this fantastic city!” What do you think about the economic opportunities here in general? Any different since the beginning? -“The Asian market in general is becoming more and more tough, however in terms of opportunities, Asia and China still remain extremely interesting and positive markets, business is as tough as anywhere else now, not relatively easy as it used to be until 2010-12. Despite these increased difficulties China economy has been growing well over 5% (some years closed to 10%) in the last 20 years! Until 10 years ago we could have said that many European and American trends were adopted in Asia and influencing local tastes, trends and styles, more and more, now we can say the situation seems to be the opposite! This brings a new excitement and new business opportunities in this region.”

However the main change that I personally observe is how the business is starting to shift from push to pull. Flash sales and promotions have been so far the main driver of purchases however all marketplaces are reducing the duration of their promotions and more and more starting to promote full price products. Another interesting development is social commerce and how this is currently mostly limited to Wechat, even though Xiao Hong Shu (still owned by Tencent) is coming up as well as Tik tok.Many interesting area of development and opportunities to constantly evaluate to make sure we are always where customers expect us to be available!”

Is Hong Kong still the gateway to Asia or has it lost its appeal? -“Hong Kong geographically is still the best gateway for Asia, with incredible advantages in terms of availability of skilled resources, logistics, suppliers and distance from Shenzhen that more and more is becoming China’s Silicon Valley! Of course anyone who lived long enough in Hong Kong cannot help noticing that local government currently seems in difficulty managing its population’s and Beijing’s expectations. I’m sure that the government will find a way to manage the situation.”

How would you describe your relationship with Italy after you moved to Hong Kong for such a long time? -“I definitely love my country, however I can’t help noticing how static it is compared to Asia. This different speed is also existing in business organisations, that’s why I belive it’s key for European companies to have management that can help bridge and manage these differences.”

As you have spent years in China and also witnessed the development of digital, where do you see it heading to? -“I had the luck and opportunity to work for one of the major market place in China, Digital grew immensely in the last 5 years in China, both as a shopping solution, as a marketing channel and in daily life.

Do you have any tips or advises for the newcomer in Hong Kong? -“Go out, attend events, meet new people! Hong Kong is all about connections!”



“Think about the fact that you can be home in 40 minutes only after landing, you can clear immigration with fingerprints and you can pay almost everywhere with your smartphone or smartwatch”

Mr. Francesco Muggeri Regional VP Of Marketing And Applications, Power Discrete And Analog Products STMicroelectronics APAC

How would you describe your relationship with Italy after you moved to Hong Kong for such a long time? -“A Chinese saying has it: The spectators see the chess game better than the players. Italy and China have a lot of great things in common...our civilisations, our family values. Like us, Chinese family’s life involves eating and celebrating together, and many generations often live together in one house. Not to mention the strong family ties between family members and relatives. After living in Shanghai and Hong Kong for two decades, as an onlooker, I become more and more appreciative of the Chinese culture and family values with which Italian people share. Like us, respect is paramount for Chinese and many major Asian blue chips companies are family businesses. My Italian roots have probably helped me in developing trust and mutual respect with our local teams and customers.”

What brought you to Hong Kong? -“I first joined STMicroelectronics (ST) as a designer for automotive sensors in Italy. Asia had become the powerhouse and centre of manufacturing in the 90s, the electronics business was skyrocketing in Asia. As one of ST’s fastest-growing markets, ST China has over the years built up a strong presence across the country. I took up the opportunity as the marketing manager for transistors of ST and relocated from Italy to Singapore first and then Shanghai, China in 2002. In 2006, with a new responsibility in the Commercial Marketing for Power Discrete and Analog products for the whole Asia Pacific I moved to Hong Kong.” What do you think about the economic opportunities here in general? Any different since the beginning? -“Hong Kong has an impressive reputation for economic freedom and global accolades. It is ranked as the world’s freest economy. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is the Asia's third- largest in terms of market capitalisation behind Tokyo Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the fourth single largest stock market in the world. The Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s busiest airport for international air cargo since 1996, considering that the city is even smaller than Rome but with more than double population, that is impressive. Hong Kong is a five-hour flight from half of the world’s populations. Combining that with its financial advantages and China’s Greater Bay Area plan that includes Hong Kong as part of its major regional hub, the city is fast transforming from a mere gateway to China to become a major launch pad of the mainland’s economic power worldwide. Market research company IC Insights estimates that China's demand for semiconductor totalled US$251.1 billion in 2018, accounting for 58.3% of the worldwide semiconductor consumption. As one of the major IC suppliers in the world, ST has well established our footprint here in Hong Kong and China since 80s. Leveraging the advantages of an international financial centre, trade centres in addition to a transportation and aviation hub as well as its renowned professional services, Hong Kong can (pull together) combine innovative resources from the Greater Bay Area and the world to boost our competitiveness.”

Do you have any tips or advises for the newcomer in Hong Kong? -“Hong Kong is world-class in efficiency being a place where you can get your business suit tailor-made in one day and name cards printed in an hour. So bear that in mind in conducting your businesses. As international as Hong Kong is, businesses still pay heed to hierarchy. So be extra courteous meeting with senior members. When exchanging cards, use both hands and also take a moment to study the other person’s card to show politeness. Besides for local people, the number four is unlucky as it sounds like dead in Chinese. And patting someone on the shoulder when they are about to gamble (like in horse racing or mahjong) would be frowned upon. In addition to business and social etiquette I would suggest to take time to enjoy the multiculturalism in Hong Kong. Of the 6.4 per cent "other" nationalities in the population of 7 million, you will inevitably meet people from everywhere. Also Hong Kong may be better known as a concrete jungle but the city’s countryside which is just 30 minutes away is a real star attraction. There are hiking trails for everyone, from relatively flat walks in the city to steep climbs on outlying islands. And nothing gets better than enjoying the best seafood after a great hike.”


Italian National Day After Party - 2019 Edition l 3 June In occasion of the Italian National Day, our guests enjoyed a late night party at the Dispensary, a gorgeous lounge bar concept with free flow of prosecco, Aperol Spritz, red and white wine, Peroni beer and delicious canapés.

Barolo Wine Tasting - A Sensory Journey l 5 June Our guests had the pleasure to taste two variety of red wine from Piedmont - Dolcetto d’Alba and Barolo Ciabot Berton - kindly sponsored by Abrate & Sons. Guests also had the chance to meet and chat with Federica Oberto, owner of the wine company, and buy her delicious wine at a special discount.

Afterwork Seminar – Green Retail: From Recycling to Lighting, the Price of Sustainability l 13 June Over 40 people joined an exclusive panel of professionals from different backgrounds involved in sustainable practices in the retail industry. From corporate policymakers to designers, the discussion brought together stakeholders dealing with the price of sustainability across different business models, taking into consideration the impact that it may have on purchasing decision of the most conscious consumers.


past ev en t s

IYP Mondays X Ca'Foscari – Redentore Night l 22 July To celebrate the Venetian festivity “Festa del Redentore”, our Chamber offered to the Ca’ Foscari Alumni Hong Kong and the Italian Young Professionals the opportunity to join a night of Italian chats, networking and Aperitivo with tasty cocktails and traditional Venetian cicchetti.

Back to Work Networking Cocktail l 22 August More than 60 people, including guests from the Belgium-Luxembourg Chamber, joined a special networking event to celebrate the last few days of summer. This event represented an important opportunity for business networking and our guests also had the chance to refresh and regenerate with great drinks and delicious canapés.

Wine Glass Tasting Sensorial Experience l 26 August Our guests enjoyed an exclusive sensorial experience at the unique Italian restaurant Tosca di Angelo. During the evening, they had the chance to taste renowned Italian wines, using Riedel glasses, which are designed specifically to give a fun and unique exploration of how glass shape completely changes the flavor of the wine. At the end of the event, they also had the opportunity to bring home a set of 3 Riedel glasses.


We support the real economy.

UniCredit, the leading Debt and Trade Finance House in Europe. UniCredit, the leading Debt and Trade Finance House in Europe. As a leading pan-European commercial bank, we support the economies in which we operate. Our commitment to contribute to the business success of our clients is confirmed by our long-standing track record in EMEA. We would like to thank all our clients for their mutually beneficial trust in UniCredit. The most active player in EUR Bonds

Best Arranger of Italian Loans2

EMEA Bookrunner Ranking, 2012 – 20181 (no. of deals)

2012 – 18























Best Arranger of German, Swiss and Austrian Loans2 Best Arranger of Loans in Central and Eastern Europe2

Euromoney Trade Finance 2019: Market Leader in CEE and 10 countries (BiH, BG, HR, CZ, HU, IT, RO, RU, RS, TK)3 Global Finance Best Trade Finance provider in CEE, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia in 20194

Source: Dealogic; cumulative data (2012 – 18 ranking) 1 Jan 2012 – 31 Dec 2018; annual rankings 1 Jan – 31 Dec Source: Global Capital: Source: Euromoney: 4 Source: Global Finance Magazine: 1 2 3

Loan Awards


Lunch Seminar

Investing and Doing Business in the Philippines

12 Sept

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Room B/E/F, H6 Conet, G/F, The Center, 99 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong This event is FREE (including Italian-style lunch buffet)

Lunch Seminar

16 Sept

Cyber Security and the GDPR - with Live Hacking Demonstration 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm Generali Tower, 16/F, 8 Queen's Road East, Hong Kong MEMBERS 180HKD / NON-MEMBERS 250HKD (including Italian-style lunch buffet)

Lunch Seminar

19 Sept

Financing Growth for SMEs - Sale, Exit & Investment Strategies 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm UniCredit Bank, Prague Room, 26/F, Man Yee Building, 68 Des Voeux Road Central, hong kong MEMBERS 180HKD / NON-MEMBERS 250HKD (including Italian-style lunch buffet)

Breakfast Seminar

InterSME Breakfast Seminar: Finances for growth

24 Sept

8:00 am - 10:00 am KPMG, 22/F Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong MEMBERS 150HKD / NON-MEMBERS 250HKD (including light breakfast)

#TimeToTransform - New Ways to Look at Company Transformation 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm UniCredit Bank, Prague Room, 26/F, Man Yee Building, 68 Des Voeux Road Central, HoNG KONG

Lunch Seminar

Sept 25

MEMBERS 180HKD / NON-MEMBERS 250HKD (including Italian-style lunch buffet)

Tailor Night - The Neapolitan Way 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Dal Duca, 11/F, 16 Wyndham St, Central, Hong Kong


Sept 24

(including upto 40% discounts on selected items, free flow of Prosecco, red and white wine, beer and canapés)

Calzedonia Private Sale & DJ Set 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Calzedonia Store, Shop A, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen's Road Central, Central, HONG KONG


Oct 18

This event is FREE (including prosecco and 30% off the entire collection)

Italian Chamber of Commerce Gala Dinner 2019 6:30 pm - MIDnight Grand Hyatt, Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, 1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong Table Sponsors: 56,000HKD (14px + Advertising Page), 38,000HKD (12px), 28,000HKD (10px) Single ticket: Members 2,900HKD, Non-Members 3,400HKD


Nov 1

what’s on HONG KONG By Lia Campiglio

Born in a small countryside town of Piemonte (Italy), Lia Campiglio then left home and moved to Venice to study Oriental languages (Mandarin) at Ca' Foscari University. After living and studying abroad in Barcelona (Spain), Beijing and Nanjing (PRC), in 2012 she decided to leave her Country and work in a competitive market such as Hong Kong. She is currently working at the Italian Cultural Institute of Hong Kong. While organizing cultural events related to Italian culture, arts and lifestyle she enjoys exploring the wonders of South East Asia.

MUSIC FESTIVAL SHI FU MIZ FESTIVAL Date: 26 - 27 October 2019 Venue: Sai Yuen Farm, Cheung Chao Island Info and ticketing: Shi Fu Miz Festival is a music and art project created by the Hong Kong based creative agency FuFu and the French music collective La Mamie's. This festival wants to offer modern and original cultural activities in town

MUSIC FESTIVAL CLOCKENFLAP 2019 Date: 22 - 24 November 2019 Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space, Central Info and ticketing: Clockenflap is undeniably the biggest music festival in town. This year edition of the three-day music and arts fest will see some big bands and acts play as well as super talented up-and-comers within the local music scene.


SPORT HONG KONG TENNIS OPEN 2019 Date: 5 - 13 October 2019 Venue: Victoria Park Tennis Stadium, Causeway Bay Info and ticketing: The annual Hong Kong Tennis Open returns with an all-star line-up, featuring the newly-crowned US Open Champion Naomi Osaka, World no 6 player Elina Svitolina and China’s top-ranking player Zhang Shuai.

FOOD & DRINK EVENTS CCBC (ASIA) HONG KONG WINE & DINE FESTIVAL 2019 Date: 31 October - 3 November 2019 Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space, Central Info and ticketing: Running for more than 10 years, The CCBC (Asia) Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival brings together everything from gourmet food and dishes from top class chefs to street food, wine pairings to single malts and craft beer, and entertainment alongside the stunning Victoria Harbour skyline. A large part of the festival is given over to zones for the different wine producing countries and regions such as France, Italy, the USA, Australia, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Spain.

MUSICAL DISNEY THE LION KING Date: 18 December 2019 - 5 January 2020 Venue: Arena Hall 1, AsiaWorld-Expo, Airport Expo Blvd, Chek Lap Kok Info and ticketing: The musical phenomenon is heading to Hong Kong for the first time ever: based on the 1994 animation, The Lion King is one of the most successful musicals of all time, not to mention one of the longest-running (debut in 1997). With music and lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice, the production is known for its innovative staging, costumes and choreography.

DANCE INTERNATIONAL GALA OF STARS Date: 31 October - 1 November 2019 Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Info and ticketing: Featuring the artists of Hong Kong Ballet as well as some of the world's most talked-about dancers, Hong Kong Ballet celebrates its 40th anniversary with the International Gala of Stars, a dazzling evening of thrilling masterpieces and stylish contemporary works.


MUSIC BACKSTREET BOYS DNA WORLD TOUR LIVE IN MACAU Date: 19 October 2019 Venue: The Venetian Macao, Cotai, Macao Info and ticketing: Beginning in Portugal in May 2019, the DNA World Tour will then continue to perform across Europe, North America and Asia. The BSB DNA World Tour follows the release of their latest album “DNA” – the group’s 10th studio album.

MUSIC SWIRE SYMPHONY UNDER THE STARS Date: 16 November 2019 Venue: Central Harbourfront Event Space, Central Info and ticketing: The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil) together with its music director Jaap van Zweden present the iconic annual Swire Symphony Under The Stars concert.

MUSIC JAAP│MAHLER 10 & SHOSTAKOVICH 10 Date: 13 - 14 December 2019 Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Info and ticketing: Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra together with Jaap van Zweden as conductor present Mahaler’s incomplete Tenth Symphony and also Shostakovich’s fully complete Tenth Symphony.

LGBT COMMUNITY PINK DOT Date: 13 October 2019 Venue: West Kowloon Info and ticketing: One of the city’s largest diversity events, Pink Dot is a giant celebration of love and acceptance in support of Hong Kong’s LGBTI community. The event features a series of performances from friends and allies of the community.


ARTS FESTIVAL WORLD CULTURE FESTIVAL 2019 - THE NORDICS Date: 18 October - 17 November 2019 Venue: Various locations Info and ticketing: The World Culture Festival 2019 will showcase five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Swsden) by presenting different shows: music, dance, drama, literature, circus arts, and more.

EXHIBITIONS THE WORLD OF STUDIO GHIBLI'S ANIMATION Date: Until 3 November 2019 Venue: Portal 6311, 18 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay Info and ticketing: This exhibition presents 3D sets and installations to re-create iconic scenes from the masterpieces of Dir. Isao Takahata and Dir. Hayao Miyazaki such as My Neighbour Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Kiki's Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, Pom Poko, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle.

DANCE BEYOND MULTI-ARTS' SERIES: XENOS BY AKRAM KHAN COMPANY (UK) Date: 15 - 16 November 2019 Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Info and ticketing: Akram Khan gives voice to the shell-shocked dream of a colonial soldier in the First World War. XENOS reveals the beauty and horror of the human condition in its portrait of an Indian dancer whose skilled body becomes an instrument of war. Akram's movement language shifts between classical kathak and contemporary dance.

DANCE THE NUTCRACKER Date: 19 - 29 December 2019 Venue: Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Info and ticketing: Experience the magic of the holiday season with The Nutcracker, an all-time favourite among audiences of all ages. With glorious sets and costumes and Tchaikovsky’s enthralling score performed live by Hong Kong Sinfonietta, this classic ballet brings fantasy, romance, action and the Christmas spirit to the stage.



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what’s on MACAO By Macau Lifestyle Media

Macau Lifestyle Media is the company behind, a premium English digital publication dedicated to promoting Macau. Founded by Katya Maia and Sally Victoria Benson, the website was launched in 2016. offers unique and engaging content related to dining, events, arts, culture, and heritage. With a reader-friendly style supported by strong social media channels, it is easy to navigate and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Macau Lifestyle provides relevant, up-todate information to the local community and tourists alike also featuring a comprehensive city guide and events calendar.

ARt festival ART MACAO Date: May to October Venue: Various venues around Macau Info and ticketing: Happening from May to October this year, Art Macao, a mega international art and cultural event, brings together cultural institutions, hotels, integrated resorts and foreign consulates to create an unforgettable program of exhibitions, performances, outdoor installations and festivals.

FESTIVAL 22ND LUSOFONIA FESTIVAL Date: October 18–20 Venue: Taipa-Houses Lusofonia Festival is one of the most significant cultural events in Macau, annually celebratingPortuguese-speaking countries and regions. Held outdoor by scenic Taipa-Houses the festivalbrings together cultural booths, gastronomy, music, dance and games for the whole family.


FOOD & DRINK EVENTS 19TH MACAU FOOD FESTIVAL Date: November 8 – 24 Venue: Sai Van Lake Square A favorite Macau foodie event among visitors and locals, the Macau Food Festival brings delicious Asian, European, Chinese and local delicacies, and exciting entertainment and fun foreveryone.

other events 66TH MACAU GRAND PRIX Date: November 14–17 Venue: Macau Grand Prix Building Info and ticketing: One of the most exciting events of the year Macau Grand Prix gathers an international audienceto observe the best motorcycle, WTCC and Formula 3 racers in the world on the narrow,twisting Guia street circuit.

MUSIC festival 33RD MACAO INTERNATIONAL MUSIC FESTIVAL Date: October 4 – 30 Venue: Macao Cultural Centre, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Casa do Mandarim and others Info and ticketing: The 33rd edition of the annual Macao International Music Festival, themed ‘The Instrumentalist’, gathers internationally acclaimed musicians and orchestras from around the world and offers 17 programs in a total of 22 excellent performances.

Fireworks 30TH MACAO INTERNATIONAL FIREWORKS DISPLAY CONTEST Date: September 7, 13, 21 and 28 and October 1 and 5 Venue: Sea Area in front of the Macau Tower Info and ticketing: Possibly the most spectacular fireworks in the world, Macao International Fireworks Display Contest is not only a one-off show but sets of two (20–30 mins each) on every day of theprogram. 30th-anniversary edition is promising an outstanding fireworks experience by countries like Portugal, Japan, Australia, China and others.


Seven Luxury srl is an export company in the watch and jewelery sector. We are official retailers in our “dei mellini” store in Biella, Italy, of the following brands: Citizen, Bulova, Seiko, Oris, Nomos, Tag Heuer, Trollbeats, Rue de Mille, Unode50, Miluna ... We have also a good network for all watches and jewels brand, cosmetics and parfumes. Seven Luxury SRL

Mr. Gaddi Guglielmo Co-Founder

Current is an ICC (cultural and creative industry) enterprise, working with a "Taylor Made" philosophy on the needs of the clients. We are the only company in the world specialized in enterprise consolidation through art. The primary activities are: corporate museography, creation and management of corporate archives and corporate collections, corporate art exhibitions, project for the collaboration of artists with private company, art in retail and in selling points. Current

Ms. Chiara lsadora Artico Managing Director

eeVoices Limited is one of the leading employment screening and talent analytics organizations in the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Hong Kong since 2007, eeVoices has been assisting hundreds of reputable organizations in their people decisions. This includes both locally founded and listed organizations in Hong Kong as well as Fortune 500 companies in a variety of different industries. eeVoices’ key services include pre employment background check, employee engagement survey and different talent analytics solutions customized for client needs. eeVoices Limited

Mr. Leo Ma COO

BIOMY is the new expression of a select group of Italian researchers committed to natural, environmentally - friendly cosmetics. The company specialises in the research and development of products made on a small scale that combine high quality, innovation a nd revolutionary effectiveness. Production is based on the high functional value of products developed with strictly natural processes, the utmost care, and craft expertise. This approach is aimed at reclaiming the values that underpin small - scale producti on typical of Italy's heritage, in conjunction with research in BIOMY SRL Organic SkinCare Solutions

Ms. Lara Zorzan Sales Manager

technology and innovation within a green and sustainable model for growth. The desire at BIOMY is therefore to create cosmetic preparations for extraordinary, unique products for consumers who want to be a proactive, aware and selective customer in modern society. Our researchers develope private label formulas and complete cosmetic Lines in order with Italian quality and tradiction. All private label products are totally Made in Italy.

The Geox Group creates, produces, promotes and distributes Geox-brand footwear and apparel, the main feature of which is the use of innovative and technological solutions that can guarantee the ability to breathe and remain waterproof at the same time. The extraordinary success that Geox has achieved is due to the technological characteristics of its shoes and apparel. Thanks to a technology that has been protected by over 39 different patents and by 12 more recent patent applications registered in Italy and extended internationally, "Geox" products ensure technical GEOX ASIA PACIFIC LIMITED

Ms. Filippo Gori Managing Director

characteristics that improve foot and body comfort in a way that consumers are able to appreciate immediately. Geox's innovation stems essentially from the creation and development of special outsoles: thanks to a special membrane that is permeable to vapour but impermeable to water , rubber outsoles are able to breathe and leather outsoles remain waterproof. In the apparel sector the innovation increases the expulsion of body’ s internal humidity thanks to hollow spaces and aerators. Geox is market leader in Italy in its own segment and is one of the leading brands worldwide in the "International Lifestyle Casual Footwear Market" (source: Shoe Intelligence, 2018).


MB LUXURY WINES is a new concept to supply italian wines produced by small and high quality Estates. The owner, Milena Billi. He started in 2000 following for 11 years the Export of a big italian group of wineries and insurance. Now, after 19 years of wine business and AIS sommelier Diploma, in addition to Asia - Pacific Consultancy with famous italian wineries, he has decided to draw all his labels and to make a special selection of wines from most italian vocated regions, including his familiar winery where tha tradition to make wine began in 1888 in Tuscany, MB LUXURY WINES

Ms. Milena Billi Managing Director

Cortona (the town of "Under the Tuscan Sun" movie). And don't miss his extra virgin olive oil: natural/organic, Hand - picked. Awarded wines DOCG, DOC, IGT, VDT, luxury packaging, personalized labels under request and Hospitality (most of my wineries have "agriturismo" with rooms, swimming pool and relax in the middle of vineyards, wine tours and wine tastings, cooking lessions).

Drive Media is a press firm that works in the automotive field. We have a twenty - years experience with numerous Italian automotive magazines such as Auto, AutoTecnica, La Mia Auto, TuttoRally, La Mia 4x4, Grace Classic & Sport Cars, La Manovella , etc. and numerous newspapers too, such as Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Messaggero, La Stampa. We also write on a lot of important Italian websites including We can count on a huge number of contacts with Manufacturers, engineers, drivers and collectors all over Europe and Usa and we can offer a complete editorial product Drive Media

including the writing of articles, the graphic layout and the pictures and video shooting.

Mr. Francesco Barontini Co-Founder

Statrys aims to unlock access to banking solutions by of fering comprehensive services ranging from multi-currency bank accounts, domestic and international payments, and direct market access to foreign exchange. Statrys leverages digital technologies to provide frictionless client experience for routine transactions and superior client support for complex operations or when issue arises. Born in Hong Kong, Statrys has the ambition to rapidly expand in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas and provide additional support to SMEs and start-ups beyond borders. Statrys

Mr. Jonathan Cusimano Head of Sales & Trading

With a unique blend of expertise at the crossroads of consulting, cognitive science and digital technology, SBT-Human(s) Matter supports businesses in their transformation journey.We question existing paradigms, boundaries and practices, challenging the status quo to create sustainable competitive advantage. We serve clients in Europe through our offices across France; we have been present in New York covering North America since 2016. In Asia, we assist companies from our Hong Kong office, with a strong focus on Luxury, Retail and Consumer Goods. SBT Human(s) Matter

Ms. Andrea Varotto Head of HK Office

Paper Moon now brings its authentic and unpretentious Italian cuisine to food connoisseurs in Hong Kong! Located in the Ocean Terminal Extension at Harbour City, Paper Moon Hong Kong provides unrivalled views of the metropolis it calls home. Being the brand’s first restaurant with a sea view and boasting a large terrace overlooking Victoria Harbour and The Island beyond, Paper Moon Hong Kong is the ideal location to sip on your favourite cocktails or eat your much-loved dishes while unwinding from the daily hustle and bustle of the city. Our principal aim is to provide a wide selection of Italian cuisine in a vibrant contemporary atmosphere that allows our guests to enjoy mouth-watering meals with family 1957 & Co / Paper Moon Hong Kong

, friends and colleagues. The care and attention given to selecting only the best quality ingredients and freshest produce reflects in the seasonally

Ms. Giulio Gongarini General Manager

changing menus that are wide-ranging to suit all palates. Paper Moon Hong Kong Restaurant is also available for small and private functions for any occasion.


Maikii has been operating for over 10 years on the promotional market and specializes in designing and customizing consumer electronics products. We are one of the leading European suppliers of gadgets and corporate gifts, and with our offices in Italy, the United States and China, we are also a sector leader at a global level. Our catalogue offers different categories of tech products and accessories for smartphones: over 40 types of USB flash drives also available in version 3.0 with a minimum order from only 50 units, 50 models of Power Banks and wireless chargers Maikii Ltd.

Mr. Marco Bonamigo CEO

with induction technology, audio products and accessories for smartphones, travel, sport and leisure. Each product can be customized with the printing of company graphics and logos, as well as color, accessories and packaging. Maikii also makes gadgets in 100% custom soft rubber, custom-made starting from a project, a design or an idea. These products are perfect for accompanying a company’s communication and marketing activities, from fairs to freebies for customers and employees. Our promotional projects are within reach of every type of reality: small businesses, large multinational companies, public bodies, associations, and anyone who wishes to communicate their brand in an original and effective way.

Coffeelin, an Italian inspired coffee shop which started in Hong Kong, 2018. Our second branch was opened in Guangzhou, January 2019. We serve our guests with homemade Gelato and specialty coffee, made of 100% home roasting beans from GRISO, Italy. We ensure each sip of our cof fee, is full of true Italian taste. Torrefazione Griso, based in the province of Monza and Brianza, the municipality of Seveso, Italy since 1991. It has been chosen as one of the “Must-Go Coffee Shop” by media. Antonio Biscotti, the founder of GRISO, whom known as “Roasting Master” with Coffeelin

Mr. Lucas Sam Director Facebook/Cofeelin

more than 30 years of the experience in coffee roasting, he has been committed to selecting the best beans and turning them into fine blends and single-origin.

With a proven track record of serving the property market of Hong Kong, Macau and China, the owner of Firmstone Mobili Limited (former Dada (HongKong) Limited) has established the company since 2010 to provide the Italian Origin “Dada” Kitchen Cabinet for the medium to High end residential Property Development Project’s use. While Initially focusing only with the Hong Kong property market, the company has now extended its market coverage to projects in Macau, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities of China. After the successful co-operation with “Dada S.p.A” for several years, the company has extended its partnership with “Molteni&C” and started serving the market with luxury furniture from the beginning of 2015 Firmstone Mobili

Mr. Edmond Pang Marketing Manage International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited, organiser of International Motor Show Hong Kong 2020 (IMSHK), comprises members from different countries, is a team of international professionals who have a range of complementary skills and experience in motorsport, marketing, conferences and events management. With a shared vision of delivering a world class motor show to Asia, we are proud to present Hong Kong’ s first international motor show, which will become an iconic event annually in Hong Kong. International Motor Show Hong Kong 2020 (IMSHK) IMSHK will be held in July 2020 at AsiaWorld-Ex-

International Motor Show (HK) Management Limited

Ms. Carmen Au Yeung General Manager

po. With total exhibition area over 30,000 square meters, the show will feature many futuristic creations and development in the motor industry, demonstrating the transformation of future lifestyle with quality driving and living experience. Renowned car manufacturers from all over the world will showcase their latest models of luxury cars, supercars and concept cars, alongside innovative technology, components and parts. The show is also a platform to facilitate business cooperation, information and knowledge exchanges for car professionals, designers, industry practitioners, start ups and students. A variety of activities such as forum and workshops, automotive innovation competition, eSports and interactive engagement with public, like VR driving, etc., will also be arranged. This promises to be a “must-see” for all car lovers from Hong Kong, Mainland China, APAC region and other countries.

Coppini Arte Olearia is a family company with 70 years of experience in the olive oil production. We are based in Parma with our administrative and commercial office along with our storage and bottling facilities, while our production is based in the South of Italy, in the regions of Apulia, Abruzzo and Sicily. We use 5 different cultivars: Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla, Ogliarola, Coratina and Dritta. The production Headquarters in Sicily (Trapaniprovince) boost an oil mill entirely created using the best Technologies. To offer a sustainable and safe extra virgin olive oil, we have launched our T.o.p. project in the early nineties (Traceability and Origin of the Product) which includes: the certification of traceability of our production chain with CSQA, the Identity Card of The Product on the label, the partnership with small olive growers families to preserve the Italian traditional olive Coppini Arte Olearia

grove maintenance, and our commitment to the olive oil culture through the means of our Olive Oil Museum and of our Olive Oil tasting classes all

Ms. Francesca Lucania Area export manager

around the globe.We are professional suppliers of the Italian Ho.Re.Ca. world, and our commitment to culture and to the preservation of Biodiversity has been recognized and awarded by different institutions and companies. Our Business Objective is To provide Certain and Certified quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil while financing and promoting small family agriculture and a sustainable farming system. We are proud of promoting extra virgin olive oil as a food and not just a dressing in different institutions: ALMA the Italian Cuisine School; Identità Golose chef congress; Michelin Italian Guide; Padiglione Italia at Expo Milano 2015.


It is a historic winery, founded in 1845 and located in Ciró, the heart of the viticulture in Calabria, Southern Italy. The mission is the valorization of indigenous grape varieties, such as Gaglioppo, Greco bianco, Greco nero, Pecorello, etc. in order to produce very exclusive and fine wines with great identity, proposed at a correct price/quality ratio. The production is directly controlled from the vineyards to the trade. The company owns about 100 Ha of vineyards for a production of about 600.000 bottles distributed in over 30 Countries around the World. Ippolito1845

Mr. Vincenzo Ippolito President

Mr. Kevin Angelini Zurich Insurance Company

Head of Strategy and M&A Asia Pacific

Currently Head of Strategy and M&A and Zurich Insurance Company with responsibility across Asia Pacific. Previously spent many years with the Generali Group in Asia. My background is in Strategy and Corporate Development with experience across Asia Pacific in the areas of growth strategy, joint ventures, partnerships, new market entries, innovation and M&A. I have Italian and Korean family background and have lived in Hong Kong for many years.

Mr. Nicola Smeragliuolo

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER Bringing numbers to life, turning data into insights, driving risk analysis into solutions: more than 20 years of professional experience

L'Oreal Hong Kong Ltd

Financial and Insurance Sciences at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Nicola Smeragliuolo begins his professional career in Accenture (then Andersen

Chief Financial Officer

Consulting) mainly dealing with business process reengineering projects. In 1997 he starts his experience in Business Finance in Avon Cosmetics Italy as Junior Financial

in Finance and Controlling in the cosmetics sector, in 4 countries (Italy, Spain, France, Hong Kong), in international environments. After graduating in Banking,

Controller. In 2000 Nicola Smeragliuolo joins L’Oréal Italia as Business Unit Controller and begins a career that leads him to assume roles of increasing responsibility, up to being appointed in 2004 as Director of Administrationand Finance of the L’Oréal Luxe Division. In 2007 he is called to Madrid where he is the Chief Financial Officer of the Spanish branch of the Group until 2010, when he moves to Paris as CFO for the Western Europe region of the L'Oréal Luxe Division; in August 2015 he returns to Italy where he is appointed Country CFO. In April 2019 he moves to Hong Kong where he is currently the Country CFO of L’Oréal Group’s local branch. Competencies Controlling: business partnering, budgeting, forecasting, business planning Finance: management and coordination of the Accounting, Treasury, Tax departments; Risk, Compliance and Internal Control management; cash-flow management; reporting Management: team coaching, animation and development; project management (e.g. new brands integration, purchasing optimization, shared services centers creation, legal entities merger) Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish.

Mr. Alberto Pasini

Alberto is an experienced Wealth Advisor at CIGP Group where we help clients grow their businesses, preserve their wealth, take advantage of opportunities and

CIGP Hong Kong

1964. CIGP Group, built by entrepreneurs, is an independent global advisory firm that offers a one-stop-shop platform made for entrepreneurs, business owners and

Senior Relationship Manager

families who are looking for trusted partners capable of delivering institutional grade solutions to their needs. CIGP activities cover wealth and asset management, as

ensure the prosperity of future generations. Previously he was CEO of the Banca della Svizzera Italiana (BSI) in Hong Kong. Private and Investment Bankers since

well as investment banking services to a sophisticated and international clientele, looking to develop and invest in Europe and Asia. CIGP’s investment scope spans across the public and private markets. Alberto began his banking career with BSI as a Corporate Finance Specialist (focusing on financial institutions, consumer & retail, IT and renewable energies), then moving to front office and senior management roles in Switzerland and Italy. Prior to his banking experience, Alberto worked with KPMG, as well as in Mozambique for a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). He holds an MBA from Bocconi University, an Executive Master in International Fiscal Counselling as well as a Dual Executive MBA in Asset and Wealth Management from HEC Lausanne (Switzerland) and Tepper Business School Carnegie Mellon (USA). He is fluent in Italian, French, English and Portuguese and proficient in Spanish and German.

Mr. Sandro Desideri

Sandro Desideri is the co-founder of Link4Success Ltd , a Company focused on supporting the scale up and commercialization requirements for SMEs and Start Ups op-


East Asia’s largest private gas - fired engine based IPP. He is also advisor for several utilities and IPPs, and consultant, among the others, for Energy Exemplar ,for Maven

Managing Director

Group and for the VPower - Citic Tamar Energy Fund. Sandro has been the Head of the Green Technology Cluster in Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

erating in the sector of technological innovation within Energy, Smart City and Smart Living segments.Sandro is also the Head of Technical Consulting for VPower, South

from August 2014 till February 2016, role in which he was supporting many start - ups and anchor companies i n generating a Smart City platform where to commercialize and industrialize innovations in the Smart Energy, Smart Resources and Clean Tech sectors.Prior to this appointment he has been working for General Electric for 22 years in different executive posit ions around the world (Italy, Houston, Singapore, Melbourne, Hong Kong), and specifically in the Power Gen , Energy Services and Oil & Gas divisions of GE. He has developed 25 years Technical, Sales, Commercial and Operations Management Expertise in M&As ( supported more than 16 M&A in the technical and commercial integration dd), Delivering Projects to Utilities, Structuring Big Deals, Managing Channels, Introducing Innovation and Championing Customers, OEMs and EPCs Values in the Energy Sector worldwide; 1 6 years of experience in Asia in the Energy, Oil &Gas, Biotechnology , Environmental, Smart Grid and Smart City sector; 20 years of Leadership, Coaching and Trainings Experiences in General Electric, one of the most admired company in the world. Sandro gra duated in 1990 with a Master of Science degree (Dr. Ing) in Electronic Engineering from the University of Florence, is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers in several countries.


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