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Editorial ar ine -Jacques

Dossier: Ethnic Music p7

A RJv iew of Choral Music in Serbia Dim i trije Stefanovic


Cho al Art in Greece through the Cernturies 1 Valer in Stefanov

p 13

Choral Culture in Macedonia Prof. lSotir Golabovski

p 16

Choral Singing in Kosovo

---- -Ll lfdC hi

. __


p 37

A Conversation with Felix Nassi Nuria Tura ;\ os

Collector• Corner p 41

New CD Relea es Jean-Marie Mar hal


.rim NReaw sim si------~-----

p 45

~ep_er.toire Polish Choral Music Today


Marta Jakubie d p19

In Brie f: Extracts from the IFCM Mon hly NeJ letters to the Board Jean Claude Wilkens

p 21

Ne s from the Tagger Foundation 1 Alessandro Cortese

p 24

The /first Asia Pacific Choral Summ/i Ro~ e Saltzman

- p2-5

Compose • Corner p 49

Interview wi , Libby Larsen Kathy Saltz an Romey

- --------'----Gl:liclel ines for - a-T0tal -eua Hty-H1arter---- l,:l➔.§-Ga leA0a i..ef-e-veA-tJean-C/ ude Wilkens

p 29

P , rque cantando se alegran I s corazones Ah1erica Cantat IV in Mexico 1 sp nja Greiner /

p 31

t>nce again ... - America Cantat IV aria Guinand


50th Cork lnternatio l)al Choral Festival / P~ter Grahame wo 9 rt

// ----

ext Dos~·er Copyright /

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy


The complete sacredvocal music in critical editions from Carus The three oratorios Paulus · St. Paul op. 36 Elias · Eliiahop. 70 Christus. Oratorio fragment op. 97 Part I: Die Geburt Chri sti · The Birth of Christ Part II: Das Leiden Christi• The Suffering of Christ

The five psalms Der 42 . Psalm. Wieder Hirsch schreit As the hart longs op . 42 Der 95. Psalm. Kommt, laBt uns anbeten • Come let us worship and kneel before the Lord op. 46 Der 98 . Psalm. Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied Sing to the Lord a new-made song op. 91 Der 114 . Psalm. Da Israel aus Agypten zog When Israel came from Egypt 's land op. 51 Der 115 . Psalm. Non nobi s Domine op . 31


N .....

..... "' "' d

.... V,



The eight chorale cantatas Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein • 0 God, look down from heaven on high Christe , du Lamm Gottes • Christ, thou Lamb most holy Jesu, meine Freude · Jesu, thou my pleasure 0 Haupt voll Blut und Wunden · 0 sacred head, sore wounded Verleih uns Frieden gnadiglich · Dona nobis pacem Vom Himm el hoch · From heav en on hi gh Wer nur den lieben Gott la.Btwalt en · My God, whose wisdom ever guides me Wir glauben all an einen Gott· We all believe in one tru e God

Latin and German church music Hymn e "Hor mein Bitten"· "Hear my prayer" Lauda Sion o p. 73 Lobgesang . Sinfoni e-Ka ntate · Hymn of praise. Symphony Canta ta op. 52 Denn er hat seinen Engeln befohlen ... and many other works. For detailed info rmatio n please ask for our new M endelssohn ·catalog . Full scores and performance material are available for sale.

Carus-VerlagStuttgart· Sielmin ger Str. 5 1 · D-70771 Lf. -Echt erd ingen Tel. +4~ / 7 11 797 330-0 · Fax -29 • E-mail: sales@carus-verlag.com · www.carus-verlag .com

Editorial Martine Jacques Depute perman ent, Namur, Belgium



--- --- ~--1ii: W hen I became permanent deputy for th e

Thi s parrnership allowed us to plan for a

Sinc e 2003, rh is new ini tiative rook form

Pro vince of Namur in 1999, I was honored

period of five years, without having to

und e r the stat ute of a fou nd ation and carries

re nego tiate a budget each year, or again having ro conv ince the pub lic author ities of

the riame Tagge r Founda tio n, in homage co lace Preside nt C laude Tagger of th e IFCM. offices gracio usly placed at his dispo sit ion by

to receive« C ultur e


as an assignment.


big task that raised so me fears. T heater , dan ce, mu sic, painting, singing, folklor e, cinema, poecry , ca rniv als,

rh e proj ect's m erit s. We recognize that mark of co nfide nce as a

co ntinuing educat ion ... Where to begi n in

sig n of the publi c au thoriti es' grat itud e fo r

the City in rhis sup erb casrello, rhe largest

this long appr e nt iceship?

the C IMC, and appr ecia te the favor shown

castle built in Europe.

Alessandro Cortese roo k possession of the

At about the sa me rime, I became pre side nt ,

ro the CIMC, which allows it to better

It is a pla ce of arr in a city of arr. Th e C ity

vice-pr esident, or board memb er of more

achieve its mission.

ofVige vano outdid its sister s (Namur and

rhan 40 cultural associatio ns in rhe pro vince!

Once Namu r was co nvinced, the I FCM

Alrea) by unitin g the three gove rnm encal

May I say that my first e ncounter wirh th e

su cceeded in 1999 in seducing the town of

levels with private operators, a fortunate

CIMC (Int ernat iona l Ce nter for Ch o ral

Altca and in obtain ing an agreem e nt wit h

Italian pra ctice that Namur and Alica , a las, do no r follow.

Musi c) whose pres ident I had becom e was love a t firs t sighr. And it car ried with it an

cha r town. T he situ at io n the re is mor e

Three magic.1l locarions , thr ee d iffe re ntly

aur om atic appoint men t as ex-officio Board

deli cat e bec.1usc rhe co ntinued use of I FCM 's generou s office space in Alrea

Me mb er of the I FCM.

depend s entirel y on rhe good wi ll of one

since th e ir inceptio n have teemed wit h

Na mur occup ies a central place in rhe choral

level of c ivil authori ty, whi ch at a ny mom ent

mu sical intellect s from around the world,

world , thank s to seve ral local po litician s

co uld qu estion rhe benefits of helping th e

with complem e ntar y profe ssional ba ck-

who beli eved in thi s proj ec r, bur espec ially

Federation , wheth er char aide be financial or

ground s and diver se cu ltural origins. Th e re

consrirured proje cts, three land scapes which,

becau se of rh e courage of some « kamikaze »

logistica l. Negot iation s arc undcrway

mu sicia ns who wo rked like crazy, non -stop ,

rhis project on a more permanent footing.



eman atcs from eac h of rhese meetin gs, and I feel it eac h rime, suc h a love fo r mu sic, such

ro over come rhe man y bur eaucrat ic

2002 Vigcvano: The cul rural dr ea m in all

a d esire to share idea s, suc h a richn ess of

roa d-blo cks thar on e e ncount ers when

its splendor. Alessandro Co rtese , tha nks co

spirit on the part of eac h parri cipanr , suc h

rrying to ger a new co ncept off rhe ground. Thu s rhey gave birrh to this innovati ve

his unr emittin g dis cussion s with the City of

div ersity, bur also suc h cohesion rowards the

Vigcvano , succeeded in co nvincing

attainment of a commo n goal, th at I wond er

proj ec t: an inr e rnari onal cent e r.

decis io n-mak ers char the c ity shou ld

why I was so afra id back in 200 I .

The birrh went wel l; the nex t stage was to

welcome th e« co mmuni cations and

To be accepted into rhe hea rt of th e Boa rd

insriru tionaliz e it for th e be nefit of c ho ral

mark et ing » branch of th e I FCM.

o f th e I FCM is for me, a n ho nor and a great

mu s ic.


Wit h seven yea rs of expe rience, rhe C IM C

Allow me in these co lumn s ro thank the

was finally in a posit ion ro sign a five-year

mem be rs for the ir great spi rit and for their

finan cial plan , on e which unit es rhe th ree

boundl ess good will.

levels of govcrnrn enral aut hority char have sub sidized th is proj ec t fro m rhc start : nation, ciry, and pro vince, und er rh c

Martine jncqu es, President C/MC (Emnil: 111nni11 e.jncq11es@provi11ce.11n111 111: be)

auspi ces of rhe C iry of Na mur . (Tra ns) : Ani ta Shaperr , USA)

ICB Edi1or ial


Dimitrije Stefanovic Conductor nf tlw \t dy Cho of th

Beginnings Th ere is evidence rhar in rhe 1830 s already, Serb ian cho irs existed in small and big rowns outside Serb ia in rhe Aust ria-Hun ga rian


1te o' rv1 sKoloqy 11 lq cide S "I> c

mo sr ta le nted a nd re nowned Serbian

rob e perform ed ar every conce rt. As a

compose r and choral co ndu c tor , led the

co nsequ enc e, rhe cultural , mu sical and

Belgrade Singi ng Soc iety, a g rea t advancement was made in rhe mu sical life

sp irirual ed u ca tion wh ich played a n

nor only of Belgra de bur also of Serbia a t

important role dur ing th e 19th and in th e first pare of rhe 20t h ce nruries was sto pped.

Empire c. g. in A rad and Tim isoa ra (Roman ia), Budap est , Szcgcd in (Hun gary),

large (4). Serb ian co nce rt tours wirhin the

From the !are I 980s a so mewhat free r

Vienna , Tri este and Croatia . Choral singing

borders of form e r Yugos lavia th en und er

atmo sphe re eme rged and Orrhod ox c hur ch music was sung in ch urch es and rega ined its

has played an impor tant role in Serb ian

Au stro-1-lunga rian rul e, as well as to urs ro

mu sic histo ry sin ce the I 85 0s and co nr inu cs

Tur key, Ge rman y, Hun gary and Ru ssia,

place at co nccrrs .

ro do so ro th is d ay. Thre e of rhe old est cho irs are still acrivc. The

fu lfilled a kind of diplomatic mission a nd

Tod ay, mus ic teachers an d srud e nrs ac r as

greatl y co n tribut ed ro che high repurario n of

cho ir cond uctors both in O rth odox ch ur ches and in secular cho irs, so th :ir almo sr eve ry

Church Singing Society w hich was found ed in

rhe choir led by Stevan Mokranjac . Ac rhe en d of ch e I 9rh c . about I 00 Serbian

Pan ccvo nea r Belg rad e in 1838 (1) . A yea r

choir s were acrive.

By singing in churc h , by rrying ro

lare r in 183 9, rhej edinstvo (Un iry) ch o ir was founded in Koror (Monte neg ro) . The First

Th e arr isric leve l was gradua lly raised so rhat great ch ora l-instrumenra l works were

und erstand rhe meanin g o f rhe Ch ur ch Slavon ic rexc, you ng sing ers beco me peo ple

cevo Serbian oldest of th e m is the The Pa11

row n ha s chur ch and sec ular chora l soc ieries.

BelgmdeSi11gi11gSocie1ywasfound ed in 1853

pe rforme d in Belgrade : Ha ydn's Seven

of goo d will and a rc thus w illin g ro respec t

(2) . T hese choir s served as exa mple s for rhe

Words of C hri st in 190 7 , Th e C reation in

eac h or her, in ot h er words th ey acquire a n ew

fou nding of a numb er of choir s in othe r

1908 and eve n Beet ho ven's N inth

spiritual d ime nsion w hich is gradu ally

towns . Serbian ch o ral music d evelop ed g raduall y

Symph o n y in 1910. Th e first oraror io by a

enr ich ed.

Se rbian composer was co mpl ercd and

There ar c a nnual c ho ir compet it ions for

borh in Se rbia an d in Au st ro-Hun ga rian

performed in Belg rade in 191 2 . (5). The

school and amateur choir s. So me a mareur

towns in wh ich Se rbs lived. Church choir s

Un ion of-Se rbian Chora l Soc ieties was

choirs joi n prof ession al ensembl es at big

were rhc pillar s of Se rbian mu sica l life. The

found ed in 19 11.

vocal-in scrumenral co ncerts (Cancatas,

grew with n ew co mpo sit ion s by Serbian,

After the rwo World War s and th e present

At th e yea rly Festival in ho nour of Srcva n

German, Ukra inia n and Ru ssian co mpo sers.

Situ at ion

cla11 i, wh ich tak es Mokran jac - Mokm11jce1Ji

C hoir s also pe rform ed on vario us secu lar

Berwcc n rhe rwo world wars almo st all

p lace in his birthplac e Negor in , nariv c a nd

mod est c hur ch mus ic repertor y graduall y

Requi ems, and M issae) .

occas io ns, sin ging sec ula r co mpo sitions.

Serbian composers wrore liru rgies, church

forei gn choirs perfo rm various pieces

Th ese were based o n parriori c rex rs rhat

m usic for co ncert pe rforman ces as we ll as

in cludi ng Mokranjac's co mpo sition s. Th e

promot ed national feelin gs and folk me lodi cs

sec ular compos itions o ften based on folk

Vi1goslnvChoir Frstillities in the to wn of N is

w ith so m e romanti c flavour. Amateur

melodic s. T he re was mu ch mu sic in

chang ed irs nam e aft er rhe di sso lu rion of

Serbian mu sic ia ns parri cipa red a lo ng w ith

chur ches, and cho ral and vocal -inscrum cn rnl

foreigners, Slove nes and Cz echs. Th ey

wo rks were wel l represc nced ar co nce rrs. After th e Seco nd Wo rld Wa r, rhe co untr y fell und er co mmuni st rule a nd as a result c hur ch

Yugoslavia and roo k the nam e of Choir Festillities.At an other yea rly Belgrade Festival !-lorovi mecljuji-esk1111111 ( Choirs a111011g 1-i'escoes) - esta blished in 1994 - cho irs from

Th e first train ed Serbian mu sician Kornel ije

mu sic was banned fro m p~rfo rnun ccs . Th e

diff e re nt towns perform o ld a nd

Stankov ic ( 183 1-1865) wrorc, performed

major ity of c hu rch and sec ula r choir s were

conrem por ar y chur ch music. In 2003 rhe

and publi shed Serbi a n chur ch an d folk songs

di sso lved. A numb er of so -called cul rur a l

First FestillnlofSerhian church choirs borh

wirh four : part harmoni cs in Vienna (3).

and arri st ic soc iet ies we r~ founded whi le

fro m rhc co untr y a nd from abroad rook

During rh e period h crwccn 1887 and 19 14

snmc ch o irs change d the ir names. Und er rhc

place in Belgrade and a n ew U11iouo/'43

wh~n Stevan Mokran jac ( 1865-1914),

new cu l rural po licy rhar was im posed.

Serhi1111 choirs was form~d .

co ndu cted Se rbian c ho irs, pla yed in o rchestras and raug h r ar scho o ls.


po li1ically- mo rivarcd songs for rhc masses, or link ar tisric value, were ob ligato ry and had

ICB 11)o,sicr



A numb er of cho irs have perform ed at intern ational festival s and wo n di stin ctive

There was mu ch int ern atio nal activity before th e sanctions we re imp osed ar rhe end of the

pr izes, e.g. Belgrad e stud ent cho irs: Br rmko

last ce ntury: twenry Yugos lav-G erm an choir

Krsmrmovic (severa l tour s in rh e USA, thr ee first pri zes at Arezzo, Italy), lvo Lola Rib ar, Collegium musicum (many fore ign dist in ction s); rhe Belgrade Madrigalists and

weeks rook pla ce ( 1969 - 1989). At pr esent

Stefan D ecanski from Nov i Sad (at rhe lnt ernari o nal Eisteddfod in Lan go llen , Great

organi zed in mon asteries and town s. Youn g

Brirain) , Juv entus Ca11tatfrom Sombo r

Yugoslav ia and neighbourin g countries .

in ternati o nal co nn ectio ns mostly d epend o n priv ate initi at ives. More than 35 d ome stic choir week s w ith lectur es have been peop le atte nd from Serbi a, parts of form er

(am o ng ot hers, won first pl ace at the C hoir

Seve ral co nt emp o rary co mpo sers have

Ol ymp ics in Seo ul , Sout h Kor ea). The choir Ka ea Kolaro v from Z renjanin (won prizes in Hun ga ry, Germa ny, Belgium , G reece) be came a member of Europa Crmtat and th e

written litur gical mu sic based o n traditional


melodi es or har m o ni es bur have tak en a so mew hat or igin al - not avant-ga rde approac h . Alm ost all of th e cho irs have produ ced co mp act di sks co nt ainin g both chur ch a nd sec ular com po sition s by native and fore ig n co mpo sers. A numb er of imp orta nt qu estion s rem ain ro be answered : how ro find the righ t

Footnotes 1) A histo rica l review of chora l beg inn ings

ed ucat ion al appr oac h a nd m ethod s in the

and its furth er d evelo pm enr was pub lished

CJMi hov il

field s of cu ltur e, th e church and a rt; how ro

o n its 100th anni versary.

develop com muni ca tion w ith the wo rld ; how

Tomand l, Spome ni ca Pa ncevackog srpskog

ro crea te a system atic projec t for printing

crkvenog pevac kog drustva (Spom e nica -

cho ral mu sic in o rd er ro make up for th e lack

M emor ial book of Th e Pancevo Serbi a n

of m usic material.

C hur ch Sin ging Soc iety) Pa ncevo 1938 .

In spit e of all th is it is robe hoped th at

2) An import an t cata log ue of t he exhibi tio n

yo un g singe rs w ill fol low th e exa mpl es of

of the choir' s 150th anni versary gives a

th eir pred ecesso rs in con tinuin g th e tradition

chron o log ical, scho larly acco unr nor on ly of

of chora l singing and tra nsmittin g ir ro

th e chor al mu sica l life in Belgrade but also

futur e ge ne ration s. •

un veils aspecrs of Se rbi an m usical culrur e.

CJD anica Petro vic, Prvo beograds ko pevacko drustv o (First Belgrad e Sin ging Soc iety), publi shed by th e Inst itu te of Mu sico logy and th e Ga llery of th e Serbian Academy of Sc iences and Arts , Belgrade 200 4, with an extens ive Eng lish abst ract , pp . 2 17-247 . 3) Kornelije Sta nkovic publi shed three vol um es of The Ort hodox Church Music of rhe Serbian peo p le, Vi ¡n na 186 - 1864. Moreov er he co ndu crcd a co nce rt of Se rbi an C hur ch mu sic in the co ncert hall of the Vienna M11sik/Jcrei11 in 186 1. H e also wro te

Perfor111anceTours EUROPE

and published 78 fo lk m elod ics. 4) Hi s manifol d co ntri b uti ons include: notable church and sec ula r co mpo sitions, imp o rta n t tours abroad that were more like great dipl o ma tic a nd cultura l missions; peda gogic a l work whic h led to the foundation

in 1899 of the first Se rbia n

mus ic schoo l st ill ac tive in Belg rad e; enri chin g mu sica l life with instrum enta l music; pr intin g chora l mu sic . Hi s com p let e op us of chur ch and secu lar mu sic was publi shed in I I rolio editi o ns w ith rcxrs in th e ve rna cu lar and C hu rch Slavoni c, and wit h Eng lish tr a nsla tio ns: Stcva n Mokranja c , Sabrana d ela (Co llec rccl worb ) 13elg rad e

1992 - 1999. (5) Oratorio Resurrection - a bibl ica l poem by Stevan H risric ( 1885- 1958).

Dimitrij e Stefr111o vic is n musicologist,nnd receivedr1doctomte nt Li11col11 College,Oxford, wherehe studied Byzrwtine 11111sic under Pr Dr Egon \'(lel/esz . He is co11d11c tor of the Study Choir of the Institute of Musicology in Beigmde, Serbir1. (Email: Dmitrije.Stefo11o vic@sn1111.n c.y11)

Choir festivals

Guest Editor of the Dossier:

16thAnnualAustralia InternationalMusicFestival June 28 - July4, 2005 )l Exchang e Concerts )l Offices Worldwide )l Excellent References

Theodora Pnviovitch, Cond11 cto1;Associnte Stnte Professor nt the Pnncho Vlr1digerov Acndemy of Music n11dSofia University, 811/ gnrin, IFCM Bonrd Membe1; Chflir of the Music Commission and Vice-Presid ent of Europa Cr111tnt(EFYC). (Emnil: 1heodom@1echno-linlt.co111)

)l Since 1984 )l Cus tom Touring )l Major Fes tivals

USA (707) 556-5885 info@world-projects.co m "Commitmentto Music Education and the PerformingArts"


ICB Dossier

Valentin Stefanov Artistic Director of the International Choir Festival and Compet ition of Sacred Music of Preveza


Ev e ry Gr eek mu sician rakes prid e in havin g been born in Gr eece and in living in a co untr y whi ch has g iven so mu ch to uni versal civi lizat io n and especially to Europ ea n c ultur e a nd arr. Afte r all , man y mean ing ful word s such as demo cracy, mu sic and Europ e, d erive from an c ient Gr eece . Even th e word ch o ir ha s its roots in che G reek la n gu age . Furch ermor e, th e m agnirud e of che c horal arc in an c ien c Gr eece is well kn own wo rldw ide, as well as th e role of th e choru s in a nci ent craged y and co med y. Bu r this topi c wo u ld requir e mu ch f11rrher anal ysis. Loo kin g back ro the past, we first find Byza ntin e chant with che app earan ce of C hri st ianit y and aft er che schism betwee n th e Eascern and Weste rn C hur ch es, when che Byza n cine era began in G reece . T he n , from the fifth to rhe fifte enth ce ntur y, m any schoo ls of Byza n ti ne ch ant we re estab lish ed in rhe met ropo lises and mona ste ries. Afte r an in rer ru p cio n o f four hun d red years beca use of th e Ottoma n d o min atio n - all rhese schoo ls sta rred t heir wo rk aga in and chey no w fo rm th e basis of rhe Greek C hur ch's cho ral m usic. A lmos t every tow n a nd village has its own sch oo l of Byzantin e ch ant and ch o ir, ch e most im po rtant o nes

bei ng chose of At hens, Th essalonik i, Patra s

T he financial a nd culrura l life o f the co unt ry

and Ag rinio. Th e most charac ceristi c feature s

was tr ansferred to Ath ens whe n it beca me

of chis kind of mu sic are th e mo noph o nic mel o dy with dron e and the no cation system

t he cap ital o f the co u ntr y at th e beg inn ing of

whi ch is called neumaci c. O nly men s ing in

th e 20th cenru ry. Th e pro fession a l op era

these choir s and in add ition to par tic ipatin g

(Liriki Skin i), th e Philh a rmo n ic O rchest ra , th e first Co nservato ries, i.e. t he H ellenic

in th e limr gies, th ey also g ive con cercs a nd

C on serva tor y ( 19 19) a nd th e Na tio nal

take pa rt in m any festivals and cont ests.

C on se rvator y (192 6), man y popular cho irs

Du e to hi stori cal factor s pol yphoni c ch ora l

a nd or chestr as we re found ed . M any G ree k

mu sic seareed mu ch lacer in G reece. Th e firsc

co mp os ers concribut ed co th e continui ty of

typic al exampl es app eared in th e mi d dle o f

G ree k et hn ic mu sic a nd tradi t io ns, suc h as:

th e nin eteenth cenrur y in che Aegean Island s (Corfu, Ce falo ni a, Lefkas, Z akinto s) and in

M. Ka lomiris , D. Lavragas , D. Koromi las, D. Kokkinos and other s.

C rete. Th e first G reek co mp osers wrote o p eras a nd o pe retta s w ith lralian a nd Fren ch inAu cnces. Du ring this pe riod rwo very

How eve r, we ca n talk o f a h igh po in t in Greek mus ic and espec ia lly c ho ral mu sic o nly on ce rhe 2n d Wor ld \Xlar, rhe civil w ar

imp o rcant wo rks for G reek histo ry we re

and rhe d iccarorsh ip ( 196 7- 1972) had end ed

writ te n : th e Hymn to Liberty by N.

and de moc racy ha d bee n reescablished .

Matzaros - w hich later becam e th e G reek

Hon o urab le m enri on h as to be g iven ro the

Na tion al H ymn - and th e Olympic Hymn b y

m iniste r of cultur e of that rime, Meli na

Sp. Samara s .

Merkou ri a nd ma ny wo rld-famo us Gr eek co mpo sers such as M. T heo<lorak is, M. Hatz id akis , G. Markopou lo s and ot hers . In rhe m id -seve nt ies an d th e beg in ning of

the 1980s, a numb er of cho irs were establis hed all aro un d rhc co untr y and rhe firsr chora l meetings and fesrivals were orga nized. The mo sr famou s on es, whic h st ill exist. are tho se in Nikca, Kifissia, Prevcza, Kardir sa and orhe rs. Ar rh e same rime, th e

choi r of Ath ens, " Polyp hon iki" of Parras and

wh ich help ed in rhe coord in ation and rhe

Cho ir Co ngress has take n place, wh ere the mo st seriou s probl ems o f the amare ur chora l

esrabl is hm enr of new choir s and festivals. Ar

ar r arc di scussed . Most of rhcsc proble ms arc

rh e end of the 1970s, rhe first pro fession al

du e to rhe follow ing facrs:

Pan -Hellenic C horal Uni on was set up ,

cho ir of rhe Hell enic Nationa l Radi o was

I) T he lcgislario n co ncern ing mu sical

also ser up , wit h A. Kondo geor giou as irs

ed ucat io n d ares back to 1956 an d rhu s do es nor mcer today 's requir ement s. 2) Th e sta re d ocs nor prov ide sufficien r fin ancial aid to culru re. 3) Th ere is still no choral co nducrin g degree: th ere is no such cour se in th e G reek

co ndu cto r. In addition , many amar cur choir s, such as rhe "O TE " choir, " Emporiki Bank" choir, rhe "Piramariki " choir, th e "Agia Triada" childr en's choir from T hcssaloni ki achieved int ernat io nal distinc tion. Compo sers and

ed ucat iona l system.

co ndu cto rs such as M. Ada mi s, A. Ca rbon e,

Thi s year in Ap ril, the 13t h Pan-Hel lenic

G. Ioa nnidi s, T. Kavoura s, D. Papapo sro lou , A. Papa giannopo ulos and many ot hers help ed in rhc developm ent of

Cho ir C ongr ess was organ ized in Prcvcza for

cho ral life. T hroug h rh c yea rs, choral life expanded and we co uld say rhar rhe 1990s were th e most pro sperou s years . C hora l mus ic spread everyw here and th ere arc po lyp honic and


orh ers, were awarde d internationa l prizes in comper irio ns all over rhe world. T h is internat ional success has promoted rhc standa rd of rhe am ateur cho irs even mo re. Every year since 199 1, rhe Pan-H elleni c

Vnlentiuos Stefimov, Artistic Director of the /11temn tio11nlChoir Festivnlnud Competition of Sncred Music of Prevezn, Artistic Director of the "An11011in" Chon,! Society of Prevezn, the "lyk iou Elli11ido11"Mixed Choii· of lonm1i1111 the "Orpheus" Music Society of Agriuio, 1111d sic tenchl'r 111the /0111111i1111 1111 d chorrrl11111 J\11111icip11! Conservatory (E11111il: vn!e11ti11@hol.gr)

th e rhird rim e. Th e main issues discussed ,verc: 'E:va'1offer'sCfioir fA111sic

- T he relations hip be tween the Board , th e condu cto rs and rh c chorisr s; - Th e role of poerry in Greek cho ral mu sic: choi rs and tech nology; - Th e formarion of new gro up s, such as boys'

By-tanti ne choirs in alm ost every rown and village. Th e first chora l mu sic comp etit ion s

choi rs ere. Alrhou gh rhe srare cannot help mu ch in the

roo k place in At hens, Preveza, Kard irsa,

promorio n of cho ral mu sic, we arc co nfid ent

Rhodes, ere. Th ese com petitions co ntri bute ro rhe ac hieveme nt of higher qu ality in

th at it will co ntinu e ro thri ve, because rhar is rhe wish of th e thou sand s of peopl e who arc

G reek choirs , so rhar they ca n reach th e Europ ean and wo rld level. In rh c I 990 s, som e G reek choir s, such as th e "Armenia " mixed an d child ren's choir s of Prcvcza, rhe " Friends of Mo dern Mu sic"

involved in rh is arr and of rhc thousa nds o f peo ple who wirh rheir ralcnrs, rhcir love for m usic and their crea riviry will help preserve rhe great heritage of rhcir ancestors . •

Choralorranscrr.en1 s for nwccd • wo men's • men's cho u OrJl!rr..u,1onHn:&d.! .n:1111:.:rlh.'nl~ Ou, 11. .•:1J,•m.1t L• .:hc;,1:c l mo'IC for ,ou r..hon1bnth m,,d.:m for Ht \l \'.h~lll. r..:\\Tlll'1!' c,f r.., 1 ;i11Mgcm..,u~. nnJ ,,1h<r ,,•n1t.:,... .·md d ,.i-.-1 http //¥.•ww ev:i1oller sd 1ou nms1c':) c/

Orde,) Our 3ITilJl gt:mentSby c-m3JIt\ :u olltf'l'i'S\, ipnt l.SC'


!C B Dossier

HOW TO CARRYA TUNE. Elasti c ized cord s se curclv re tnin sco res.

Rings f~r l,olc-punclwd 111usic also i.1vuilable .

Rea r st rap comfo rta bly secur es folder l o sin ge r's

Hand som e, ligl1Lweigl,t lcathe rcllc con s tructio n will, meta llic trim.


Bo ttom strap supjJOrls larger scores and detaclic s lo el folder lie Oat. Also fold s in ward lo serv e as placebolder wben sing er is takin g a bow.

t' s easy when you u se The Black Fold er. LJ<e our sty lisb ECBF -CP version above . It s rear-mounted

/-f olds bot/1 No rt/1 A merican and lnt crnalio11a / paper sizes . E CBF-CP . ersio11sl,own.

surplus music. And to be lp l<eep you as inf orm ed as your audience durin g a pe rforman ce, a trans-

hand strap sec ur es tl1e folder

to Lhe sin ger 's hand , whJ e it s de la cl1able bottom stra p and


pa rent po cl?et put s your con cert program

ri ght

before yo ur eyes.

clever elasti cized re tainin g co rd s (or

To find yo ur nearest distribut or, or t o see (and

optiona l ring adaptors for hole-pun ch ed mu sic) add

ord er ) yo ur favouri te Blacl~ Fo lder version onli ne,

furLher insurance aga inst un sch edul ed scoo pin g.

visit u s today at musicfo lcler.co m. O r conta ct us a t

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on e of tl1e numb ers below. You sho uld.

pen cJ holder for reh ear sal as well as sid e po cket s for


M a n ufacture d To ll-f ree (Cana d a

Af ter all, goo d singing req uir es proper sup po rt.

by and

Smal l Wor ld . o nl ine USA) : 1-877-2 4 6-7253 •

at Tel

www.mus an d f ax :

icfold e r .com +1 - 60 4 - 733-399 5

Prof. Sotir Golabovski Professor of Musicology at the Music Department of Skopje University

I nformation ab out Ma cedo nian chora l cultur e ca n be found as ea rly as Sr. Kliment Ohrid ski (I Och- I I eh cenrur ies). In his lesso ns about rhe Resurr ect ion he m ent ioned rha r rho C herub im so ng sho uld be sun g mon op honi ca lly, which enab les us to conclude chat so me sort of polypho ny existed ar char per iod. Unfort u nately, there are no materials to pro ve this assumpt ion. Fourteen manu scr ipts have been preserved in Ohrid since rhe !Och to 14th cenruri es, a nd all of chem are monodic. Therefore, we can conclude rhat mono di c singing in Macedo nia ha s deep root s, co min g from th e Chr ist ian ideo logy. New resea rch on th e Ma cedo nia n wri tt en her itage and mu sic in the o ral tradition has co nfir med thi s th esis. A compose r of th e first polyph onic liturgy whic h srarred c ha nging th is tr ad itio n by replac ing monody wirh eastern European harmo ny was Aranas Badev who lived in Pril ep. Sinc e then, a numb e r of pi eces on che liturgical rexrs have been co mp osed in che same harmoni c sty le, many of the m recendy recorde d on CD . A simil ar long tradit io n exists in the field of Ma cedon ian secular mu sic about which there are writt en a nd ora l sou rces as we ll. Parr of th ese so urce s were discov ered at the end of the 19rh cen rur y by th e first Macedonian melographs: Nawn M ilad in , Todor Gavazov, Alexa nder Konev, Todor Nerkov, Ivan Klink ov; more were discove red in th e 20t h cenrury by Z hivk o Firfov, Alexander Lin in , Vassil Ha ximanov, M eto dij a Simonsk i an d others . C horal mu sic composed by the first Ma cedo nian com pose rs (Todor Ska lovski, Trajko Prokopiev,Vlastimi r N ikolovsk i, e tc.) was based on rho se so urces . Dra gan Shupl evs ki Th e mo sr important perso na liry in rhe field of choral musi c in Ma cedonia in rhe 20t h century was Dragan Shupl evs ki ( 1933-

20 0 I ). He was born in Skopj~ where he also

later, in I 963, the choir won fourrh place in

graduat ed from rhe Seco ndary Music Schoo l.

Arezzo , Italy and in 1967, rhi rd prize ar rhe

Lacer he worked as a pianist of th e Skopje

H armo ny Festival in \'{/est Germany .

Radio Ch o ir und er th e baton of Stefa n Ga jdov. In 1954 Shup levsk i wenr to stud y in

In 1966, und er rhe patro nage of the c icy's

Belgrade , where he gradu ated in 1959.

culrur al-edu ca riona l org ani zati on, Shuplc vsk i ser up rhe Rllzvigorchechildr en's

Durin g his yea rs of stud y, he conducted the

cho ir, and in 1972 a fema le choir nam ed

"Z hi kirsa Jovanovic h - Shp anac" stude nts'

May 25th. With th ese choirs Shupl evski

choir. From I 960 to I 963 he worked as a

ach ieved high result s as well. A yea r after irs

teac her at t he Seco ndary Mu sic Schoo l in

founda tion! the Razvigorchechildr en's choi r

Skopje an d la cer o n as a n edimr of music production ac th e Macedonian Radio an d TV. W hen rhc Academy of Music was founde d in 1966, he was inviced to reach chor al conduct ing, choral singing and chora l literatu re. Hi s pup ils were a number of young and calenred cond ucmrs, amo ng chem Zapro Zaprov a nd Panc he Jos ifov who se activ ities and ach ieve ments are well-known in M acedonia and ab road . From 1960 to I 973, D raga n Shu plevski led

M11cheAtsev Ac;iderrnc Chorr

CConcl AIPxilnder Lekov~kr1

rhe Mirche Atsev Academ ic Cho ir wi th which

gave its first concert in a full Universal H all

he ga ined an int erna tiona l reput at ion,

and was high ly appla ud ed. In 197 1, rhe

tour ing in Mac edonia, Poland, Bulgaria ,

Rawigorchech ildr en's cho ir won a go ld

Czec hoslovak ia, Hun gary, Grear Britain ,

meda l at rhe Pa,1-Yugoslav Festiva l for

Ita ly, etc .) . In 1962, in competit ion wirh

C hild re n's and Youth C hoir s a nd larer, the

mor e than 60 choi rs from Europe and

November 13th Award of the ciry of Skopje .

America , rhe choir wo n first pri ze in rhe

T he May 25th female choir became very

mi xed choirs' cat ego ry an d fourt h plac e in

popu lar afrer a pe rfo rm a nce of th e Stabat

the female choirs' category ar rh e

mater by G . B. Pergo lesi. Larer on ,

lnr ern a riona l C h ora l Festiva l in Llango llen.

Shu plevs ki enrru sred th e rwo choir s to his

After char big success, rhe MircheAtsev

scud enr Zap ro Zaprov who obtai ned even

Academi c C hoir was given rhe November

higher results wit h rhem .

13t h Atvllrd by rhe c icy of Skop je. A year

As a chora l con d ucto r, Dragan Shup levski achieved his greatest success with th e Radio and TV Cho ir of Skopje which he conducted for 22 years. T he reviews pub lished in rhe regiona l and foreig n press afrer rhe choi r's CCM;)CCrt

rours are indicative of irs success.

Mose sign ifica nr we re rhe choir 's co nce rts in rhc form er Yugoslavi a: in Splir , Z agreb, Belgrade, Negorin an d Kraina. H e gave more rhan 15 co ncerts at the Ohrid's S11111111er

lntematiol/{il FmivaLand organized concert


ICB Dossier


cho irs. Dra gan Shup levski was also very


Zapro Zap rov

ac tive in d ifferent forum s, co mmi ssio ns,

Dragan Shup levski's mo sr su ccess fu l pu pil is

fest iva ls ere. Hi s wo rk for the d evelop me n t of cho ral sin ging in scho ols is o f g rea t

Za p ro Za pro v , a p rofe ssor ar rhc Pedagog ica l Facu lty o f Skop je. H e was bo rn o n 3

importan ce. For all rhis, Sh up levski was

Octob er 1947 in Piper evo - St ru m ishsko

awar d ed the Ord er o f Mer its of rhe Peo p le

and g rad uat ed fro m rhe Music Acad emy in

w ith Silver Ribb o n.

Belgrad e. As a resu lt o f h is work, he h as rece ived IOI high award s ( 48 inte rn atio n al

MBUN "ll11aN,kol Lui'' Mixed Choir

to urs abro ad , in Italy, Po land , Belgium , Great Brit ain a nd Fran ce. The cho ir's perfor man ces were g reeted w irh appla use, and rhe natio nal and int ern at io nal rev iews unde rli ne d Shupl evsk i's g rea t co ndu ct ing q ual ities. And o nce aga in he was awa rd ed th e dis tin g u ished October I Ith n at io na l pri ze in

1979, bur eve n before, in 1974, rhe ch o ir itself had been g iven rh e same awa rd . Th e Sko pje Rad io a nd TV C h o ir and irs cond ucto r co nr ribut ed grea tly ro rhe po pula rizatio n of M ace do nia n cho ra l and chora l-in stru mental mu sic in th e cou nrry and abro ad. T hey produ ced a numb er of audi o a nd v ideo reco rd ings for bro adcas t, as wel l as g ram o p ho n e reco rds, most famo u s amo ng rh em be ing a reco rdin g of th e ' Lirnr gy o f rh e Sr. Jo hn C hr ysosrom" by Ara nas Bad ev. Prof Shu p levsk i's me rits in the field of mu sical edu car io n were a lso very special. His pu pils show very good resu lts as leade rs of school and amate ur cho irs, and some of them have alre ady won h ig h p u b lic recO'gn ition . T heir choirs h ave won various nat io!1al an d inre rn atio nal aw a rds . For rhe req uir ements of the choirs and the srud cn rs in Macedon ia, Draga n Shuplevski edited five co llecrions and anrholog ies of chora l pie ces b y Macedonian and Eu ropean compose rs. A(1cr h is rcr iremenr in 1999, he co llccrt:d his know led ge and sk ills in a boo k nam ed ''The Arr of C horal Sing ing" , a u n iq ue e ncyclopcd ia abo 111work ing wit h

53 n atio nal ),

Alexand e r Lekovski

a nd

Ano th er famo us name in t he Mace don ia n

state recog nit ion : the October 11th Award .

ch o ral a rt is Alexa nd er Leko vski wh o was

Since 1973 Za p ro Z ap rov has co nd ucted

born in 1933 in N ish ; four yea rs larer his fam ily move d to Bitolia. H e rece ived his firs t

di fferent choir s, the mos t su ccessful being the lzvo rche c hild ren's choi r, the May 25th

m usical edu ca tio n in Skopje a nd later g radua ted fro m th e Seco ndary M usic Sch oo l

you rh cho ir, the Rustico fema le cho ir and th e Razv igorche childr en's cho ir. H e has g iven

amo ng rhe m rhe h ighest

in Zag reb. In 1967 he obrai ncd h is

more rh an 2,500 concerts in Macedon ia a nd

con d uct ing d iplo ma in Belgrade (u nder

ab road (T he Ner he rb nd s, Hun gary, Tur key,

Z hivo lin Z d ravkov ich ), whe re he a lso

Belgium , Ausrria, Poland, Bulgar ia, Ja p an

o bt ai ned his maste r's d egree in I 967. Besides


h is wo rk at rhe Ma ced on ian Opera an d Ballet, he has co nd uc ted th e Mirche Atsev

Pan ch e Yosifov

Acad emi c C ho ir a nd ach ieved h ig h

Th e second b est -kn ow n p upi l of D ragan

int ern at iona l recog nition .

Shu plevski is Pa nch e Yosifov, rh c ch ief

co nducror of th e "St. Klime nt Ohr idsk i" Ca th edral Chamber C hoir in Skopj e. Born in Veles in 1956, he went to primary and seco ndary mu sic scho o l in Bitolia , and stud ied at th e Mu sic Academy of Skopje wh ere he o b ta ined his master's degree und e r Dra gan Shupl evski. With Yos ifov as th e co ndu ctor , th e cat h ed ral ch oi r pla ys an important

part in rhe limrgy and h as tou red

in Bulg aria, Italia and Poland w here he has received exce lle nt reviews. •

Prof Dr Sotir Gofnbo11sk i (' 1937) Composer and musicologist,director of the Srruga A11t11111 n Music Festival. Doctoml thesis in philosophy in 1985: "The Music Mmmscripts of the Ohrid Collecrio11 a11drhe oldest Slavonic Studied with Pr Macedonian Triodio11s". Bial11si11Mu11ich, Pr Karl-/-leh1z Stockhausen iu Cologneand Pr Frank Bner i11Berlin. Ar pmmt , fidl professorof musicologyat the 11111s ic depnrt111 e11tof Skopje U11i11ersi1y (Email: sogo@so 11et.co111 .111k).


Adhurim Rasimi Music Professor, Conductor of the GJilan Children's Choir


music al pieces such as: masses, mo tets,

C hor al sing ing is a co mpon ent of mu sical a nd ge neral ed ucation that is of fund a menta l

madri gals, cantata s, even Mozart' s Requ iem.

import ance. As wel l as the pr esence of

On e of the mos t success ful choir s char made

hererophony a nd po lypho ny in our na tive

a grea t conrr iburi on in t he development of cho ral singing was undo ubt edly the Rad io-

mu sic, wh ic h would naru rally help advanced choral singing, va rious circ um sta nces suc h as economica l, histo rica l and soc io-cul ru ral factor s did nor favour the development of this form of musica l express ion in Kosovo. Even tho ugh we do nor have a long trad iti o n of c hora l singi ng in ou r co untr y, we exper ienced a blos so min g of cho ral singin g imm ed iately afte r th e Seco nd World War. In urb an areas a great number of culrura larris ric associa tions we re estab lished and included cho irs. One of the cho irs to be remembered is th e cho ir of th e "Agimi " cu lrur al-arris ric associat io n in a ciry with a great feeling for mu sic: Pri zre n. Th is choir

Television of Prishrina ch oir , which success fully perform ed d ifferent mu sical works . Th ere we re also other popula r cho irs like the c hoir of th e Facult y of Arts in Prishtina and th e Men's Cho ir in Gjak ova. During th is period , rhe best scho ols and the bes t teachers have always shown a great

Colleg,um C. n:o,um

sin gers who at that rim e were working w ith diffe rent hum anitari an organiza tions in

inr eresr in chora l singing . The re were recogniz ed compe ririo ns for primary schoo l

Kosovo. T his choir perform ed the Req uiem by Dom eni co C imaro sa in rhe "Saint Ndou"

choir s t hat att rac ted a great num ber of parti cipant s in the yea rs 1970- 1990. Many

Alb anian Ca th olic chur ch in Prishtina. Kosovo is st ill facing diffi cult pro blems as a

choirs competed : a very popula r one was rhe

co nsequence of war. A grcar numb er of

Cho ir of th e "Em in Du raku" primary schoo l

professionals, whet her singe rs, com posers or

in Prisht ina. In add it ion to tho se in th e

co ndu cto rs we re force d to leave rhe count ry

has achieved a n adm irab le level especially

urb an areas, the re were a lso choirs in rura l

and emigrate an d th ey see no pro spe cts of

than ks to rhe ha rd wo rk of rh e pion ee r of ou r

areas, such as a very we ll-known children 's

comi ng back.

c hora l artistic musi c Lorenc Anto ni and his

c hoir in Keqeko lla Village. T his whole pro cess stopped for mo re tha n a

C hora l singing is a n issue mu ch discussed,

vision as co mpo se rs a nd di splay a high level

decade durin g the years 1989 - 1999: as a

of mu sica l leaders hip .

co nseq ue nce of rh e dif'ficult pol itica l a nd eco nom ic sirua rio n many aspects of life

edu cat io n process, desp ite the fac t char rhe curr icul um clea rly spec ifies char "rhe cho ir is

followe r Rex ho Mu lliqi who have great

T he 1970s saw th e esta b lishmen t of rhe "Co lleg ium Ca nt o ru m" choir, which we ca n say was mo re than an amateur cho ir, beca use the majority of the members we re profess iona ls. Under th e dire ct ion of co m poser Mark Kaqinari and lace r of Gjergj Kaq inari , thi s choir has perfo rm ed different

beca me paralyzed. De spite the overa ll difficu lt siruarion , rhe re were attempts

but not fully appl ied in the m usica l-

a spec ial a nd mandatory form to be taug ht in prima ry and high scho ols. Th e choir shou ld


pursu e chora l singi ng even durin g these

have srudenrs of distin c tive mu sica l skills an d others tha t shuw a part icu lar interest. T hese

years. Th e Cho ir of the Faculty of Arts was

forms of mu sical educat ion rep resent a high

active durin g th is period and they held

level of mu sical inrerp rera rio n a nd represent

rehear sals in private houses because the

the school in all public perfo rmances wir hin

correspondi ng in sriturions were occ upi ed.

rhe school or ourside. Work ing with school

With th e assistan ce of the Soros Foundation

choirs, as a basis for c reatin g an art istic life

and rhe work of p rofesso rs Bahri Cd a and

shou ld be planned and scheduled. The re

Jehona Zajmi, durin g 1996 - 199 7, a choir was esrahlish ed in Prishrina which ma inly

co uld be c hoirs of d ifferent levels and the choir class should be of the same length as

inclu d ed professiona l si ngers, music

orher classes, i.e. 45 minutes . Th e work of

aficio nados and a sma ll nu mber of fore ign

the choir teach er co unt s in his week ly norm, with a 2-4 classes per week (dependi ng o n


the level). During th e schoo l year, the cho ir prepares and present s programmes based o n pedagogica l and art istic c rit eria." Despite the curriculum, there are great delays in consider in g worki ng with choi rs, because of circum stances like: the lack of teachers, o r of cho ir conducrors,

the overfi lled school

buildings (4 shi frs) m ake it diffic u lt co find spac es for working with ch oirs; the nonread ine ss of legal authorit ies to rrea t chora l sin ging as m andatory for those students that have great mu s ical skills and show distinct int erest in joinin g a choir e tc. All th ese factor s do not full y a llow this part of che curri culum to be impl ement ed . All this disco ur ages teachers from fou nding and wor ki ng with cho irs as rh eir pr ofe ssiona l obligation . D espite this un satisfactory situation, we can say that there is some lig h t at th e end of th e runn el. In the schoo ls where with cho irs. We ha ve a far bett e r siru ati on

T his is a realistic surv ey o f che d evclo pm e ncs

und e rstand s hi s resp o nsibiliti es and his

with prof essional musi c schoo ls, especially

a nd the scare o f choral sin ging in our

profe ssion , th e re a rc cho irs. We hop e chat

hi gh mu sic school s, whi ch , under the cu r-

counrr y. \Y/e hop e that in th e futur e ch oral

this year we will restart the comp e tition s for

ricu lum , have 4 choir classes a wee k and are

singin g will be far mor e pr esent a nd that ir

active in all of the sch ools in citi es like Prishtina , Prizr e n , G ji lan , Ferizaj, Mitrovi ce.

will have a rrue arti stic an d mu sical value.

Th e N atio nal Op era also pla y an important

(Email: adh11rns@hot111r 1il.co111 )

th e teac he r is enthu siastic and full y

prim a ry and hi g h sch ool choir s. By react iva ting ge neral primar y and h igh school choir s , we w ill b e able to d etecr a nd draw the pot ential futur e mu sica l scho o l scudenrs or furure cho ir singe rs. Th e re is o ne notic eab le ph enom e no n: man y c hoir s ar e activat ed in certain period s such as: The Flag Da y, 8 th of M arch , th e Sc h oo l Da y, th e Teach er's Day etc. T his d oes not allow co nti n uou s work

ro le, how ever irs op e ra choir is ve ry sma ll. Th ere is also che cho ir of the Facult y of Arts , che Gjako va men's c hoir , th e Gjilan children 's and th e Alba nian C atholi c c hur ch "Saint Ndou " childr en's cho ir in Prishcina. Even a fter rcstarcin g che ir wo rk , che "Co lleg ium C antorum " choir had to stop irs activiti es clue to the diffi cu lc mat e rial a nd rec hni ca l co ndicion s. •


ICB Dossier

Jean-Claude Wilkens IFCM Secretary General

IFCM IF CM Am bassa dor s Afrer more rhan rwo decad es of int ensive work, rhe IFCM's outr eac h has expand ed int o a glob al n etwor k of acriviries that requir es repr esent atio n beyo nd what is po ssib le from its Board and Advisor s. Inasm uch as th ere are o ther persons who have served in variou s lead ership cap acities and remai n committ ed to rh e goals and aim s of th e Federat ion, th e Exec uti ve Commi ttee has determ ined th at such perso ns should be invited to represen t JFCM when th e need arises. It has bee n dec ided to app oi nt so me of them with rhe title of" l FCM Amba ssador" . Th e IFC M execu tive comm ittee will soo n issue the list of cu rren t IFC M Amb assadors .

Membership and Marketing Abo ut 75% of the memb ers have renewed their me mb ershi p for 200 4 . T he last remind ers will be sent to the rema in ing add resses before the end of Apr il. T he IFC M will begin plans for marketin g membe rship in Ma y in o rde r to increase th e nu mber of ind ividu al m em bers. Jean-M arc Pon celer {ICC M ) will lead this projec t. M o re in fo: jcwilken s@ifcm.n et Wo rld C hamb er C hoir T he World C hamb er choir (a grou p made up of form er memb ers of the Wo rld You th C ho ir) will m eet in No rma ndy in June as part of th e celeb ration fo r the 60t h an niversa ry of D- Day. Th ree con ce rts will be given under the bato n of Volker H empA ing. M ore info : icc m@skynet .be

t rend s and fu tur e pro spects in the

Son gbrid ge An agree me nt is ready for signatur e betwee n M. Po hjo la and th e IFCM. Th e rexr h as been ado pted by the IFC M execut ive co mmitt ee, and rhc ICCM in N amu r wi ll be respons ible of rhe management for the So ngb ridge

develo pm ent , p rodu ct ion , p romo tion and accessibility o f d iverse form s of mu sic . Aim ed at governm ent officials, pr ivate sect or exec ur ivcs, prof essiona ls from rhe civi l sociery, sch olars, art ists an d stude n ts, ir seeks

proj ec ts from now on.

sy nergies ac ross diffe ren t sectors and

Thre e candida tes arc ap plying for

pro fessional group s. It will add ress issues

So ngbrid ge in the fu rn re: Argent ina, Euro pa

related to m usic and social cha nge; mu sic

Cant at and Ho ng Ko ng. Th e guid elines fo r the organi zat io n of a Son gbridg e will be ready by Septe mber 2004 and will be pu blished by rhe IFC M and in

edu catio n and traini ng; techn ology and

rhe IC B.

Framewo rk Agr eem ent betw ee n th e IM C

ICB and adverti sem ent You have pro ba bly received the new version

pub lic access; cop yright and rhe livelihoo d of m usic- ma kers. www.m usicworldforum .o rg

and UNE SCO Unde r the ter ms of the Framewor k

of rhe lnt erna rion al C horal Bulletin ; the

Agreement betwee n U NESCO and the IM C, rhe Secretar iat has secured fund ing

whole ream ho pes th at you app reciate the

from U NE SC O for the 2004-20 05

new loo k o f o ur m agazine. I sho uld like to rake this oppo rtun ity to inform you th at rhe I FC M and the Tagger Fo und at ion have raken ove r (in-house) th e

bienn ium for its Rost ra, pub licat ions and netwo rk ing act ivities, fo r America C anta r IV

management o f adve rt ising in the IC B. Ian Bullen has done a grea t job fo r many years and we thank him for his co m mit me nt to rhe federati o n. You m ight thi nk of inserti ng an ad for yo ur act ivity in rh e next issues of the IC R and take advantage of rhe spec ial co nd itions offered to IFC M me mb ers. Do n't hesitate to ask us for rh e new ad verti sement rates : jcw ilkens@ifcm.net

International Music Council M usic Wor ld Forum The first Mu sic Wo rld Fo rtun will take place fro m I to 4 October 20 0 5 in Los Angeles within th e framewo rk of IM C's next Ge nera l Assembl y. As a global know ledge- bu ild ing platfo rm on rhe theme "M usic and Soc iety in

(an I FC M project), as well as for regio nal co nsul tation s in pre paratio n of the M us ic Wo rld For um . T he majo riry of these fu nds have bee n decentra lised by UNESC:O an d will be made available dir ec tly fro m UNESCO offices in rhe co nce rned regions .

Tagger Foundation T he Tagge r Fou nd atio n finally received legal recog ni tion from the Prefecture of Pavia. T he cu rrent wor k of the Found at ion is focussing o n the Inte rna tiona l Choral Bullet in, the Sep temb er Vocal Festiva l in Vigevano, th e crea tion and ma int ena nce of d ifferent webs ites and the rest ruc tur ing o f t he Vigevano M usic Schoo l. T he Taggc r Foun dat ion w ill also wor k on a globa l re-brandin g of the I FCM and its p rojec ts. A prese nt ation is pla nn ed for the Genera l Assemb ly in Kyoco.

rhe 2 1st Cen rnr y", it is in tended to prov ide a cr irical review and assessment of cur rent

ICB Jr:C M News


Karm111a S,lec - W11inerof the Robert Edler Prize,


Awards C ongratul ations ro Pat ricia Abbo t t , who was award ed rhe Ordre du merite choral by the Alliance des chora les d u Qu ebec Qu ee n Elisab eth co m pet iti on for so lo

Address changes Eesti Kooriiihin g - Kajc Tann er, Roos ikrant si 13 - EE 10 119 Tallinn , Eston ia Pho ne work : +372- 627 4451 Fax work: +372 -6 27 445 0 T he Email is unchanged: kooriyhi ng@kul. ee

sin ge rs in Belgium We have the great pleasur e ro infor m yo u that four forme r m emb ers o f th e Wo rld Yout h C hoir have reached th e semi -finals of rhi s prestigio us comp etitio n. On e of them , J ohann es Schend el, Ger man y, has bee n cho sen by rhe j ury ro app ea r in the finals. Co ngratu lations !

The 2004 Robert Edler Prize for Choral Music ...h as bee n awarded ro Karmina Silec, Co ndu cto r of the Car min a Slovenica gi rls' choi r, M aribo r, Slove nia, for he r int ernationally-recogn ised and h ighlycrea t ive artistic wo rk as well as her edu cat iona l ach ievement s. Co ngra tu lat ions!

Obituaries M rs Collee n Ki rk, pas t president of rhe AC D A and board member of the I FC M

fam ily. Jim Bjor ge passe<l away o n 3 0 Januar y 2004. A large part of h is life was devot ed to choral m usic in which he also invested mu ch of his perso nal resour ces. Alth ough he was nor very act ive wit hin the If-CM after its creat ion, he worked hard towa rds rhc latter; he was invo lved in wr iting rhe I FC M's sta rnres. To get her with Walter Co llins, he produ ced

Tel Aviv 692 03, Israel Tel/ Fax: +972 3 64277 00 Mob ile phon e (to be used by preference) : +972 54 59 888 96 E ma il: shan im ic@ne rvision .ner. il •

Norweg ian Childr en's and Youth Cho ir Assn . - Kjet il Am ann - pb. 44 0 Sentrum N -0 I 03 Os lo, Norway - Tel, fax and ema il rem ain th e same :

Finni sh C horal D irec tors Assoc iat ion , c/o Sann a Keto la, Tornit aso 3 as 6 - 02 120

pa rt icipants. If you r or gan izatio n is planni ng such events

Phone wo rk: +358-4 0-7323674 Fax work : +358-9-294495 0 Em ail: ske tola @siba.fi

in rhe futu re, send us rhc necessary info rma tio n ro have them listed ! T he new co lumn will sta rt in the !C B issue in the third q uarte r of2004 and will list all events raking place afte r 1st Decembe r 200 4 . In or der to help us in rhe hu ge wo rk of

Ho mepage: www.visioiva. fi/ skj

Don't forget! / Pensez - y! / Denken Sie da ran ! / iN O lo olvideis!

co llect ing in format io n, please send your de tails to jcwi lkens@ifcrn .net, in a sim ilar

Inte rn at ional Day ofCh f al Singing 2004 Jou rnee lnr fo~t l D , ri lu hap Chora l 20 04 \ I (£/ lnrern arion aler Tag des Chor gesa~~ 004 Dfa fncern acio nal dcl Ca nto Co , · Qti

'f .J



Decemb er



_ -.,


Con(a_s:r: Z enaid a Vasqw FI MC7,7 ~ ice presidenc'a Fundac i6 n~c hola Ca n ")~

"mu sic ca mp s" etc. for singers and choi r con du ctors open to int ern at io nal

Espoo, Finland

I 2t

New ICB Events Column Th e IFCM has dec id ed to start a new column in the In tern at iona l C horal Bu lleti n. T he new pages will be sim ilar to the already well-received int erna tiona l festivals, wo rksho ps and com petiti o ns list at th e end of the magaz ine. T he new column will list all known "master classes", "ateliers", "wo rkshops", "semin ars",

Ph one work: +47-23-3 10350 Fax wo rk: +47-23-3 1035 1 Mo bi le: +47- 93-4244 8 1 E mail: nobu @nobu .no Ho mepage: www.nob u.no

from 1982 ro 1985, passed away recen tly. T he I FCM p resent s irs cond olences ro her

M ichael Shani Tago r Str eet 23/ 4


forma t to the o ne in wh ich we curren tly publish the festiva ls list: - Na m e of th e even t - C iry - Co unt ry - D ares - Max imum 50 wor ds of d escript ion - Contact name and add ress - C ontacr Emai l - Website

rJa":f acas

the first issues of the International Choral B11!l eti11.And at rhc IFCM's first official

Tel : +58-2 12~S'M~l!8' Fax: + 58- 2 12-5646923

hop e thar rhis new col umn will help you ro

Board rnceri ng in 1982, he was appo inted an

E-mai l: fundas cc@relcel.ncr.vc

adv ert ise your activities . •


1i 8-lp,"

Th an k you very m uch for your help. We

Alessandro Cortese Executive Director of the Tagger Foundation

.,, :,




0 0



T he 'fagger Fou nd atio n is nea rly one year old. When we sta rred ou r wor k, we had plans and ideas about whar the Foundati on co u ld and should do in order co serve the international chor a l mov eme n t. And with time, tho se id eas have become clea re r: today the Foundation

is sta rtin g co operate as

efficie ncly as man y of ou r sta keholde rs expected . In fact , we kn ew from rhe ve ry beginn ing chat our c hall enge wou ld ma inly be in th e fields of co mmuni cation s and market ing. Th is mea ns char rhc ¡1,,ggc r f'ou nd ar ion is in cha rge of im plementing a ll o f rhe IFCM 's com muni cati o ns th roug h tradit iona l and n ew medi a . For insta nce, yo u might have noticed char ch e lase th ree issues of rhe

lnt ematio11nl Choral 811/letiu h ave a n ew layo ut. Thi s is o ne of the firsr resul ts of che Foundation 's work and e nsur ed rhe chang eove r from rwo co four co lours . Thar change was also chc rrig ge r for reo rganizing seve ral asp ects of the pro du ct io n of che Int e rn acio nal C horal Bu llet in. So w hil e Ju tta Tagger remain s in char ge of rh e editoria l aspects of rhe magaz in e, rhe Communicat

ions Ma nager of

che Tagger Foundatio n , C hi ara Barto lozzi, is now in c ha rge of a ll relat ed operations . Another imporranc sec to r of acciviry conce rn s the Int e rn ee and rhe roo ls wh ich can be developed th rough chc we b . Ar th e moment, our work is more "beh ind chc scenes" as we arc working very mu ch on softwa re d eve lop m ent. In face, we a rc creatin g web- based softwa re which wi ll allow persons with no tech n ical sk ill co bui ld the ir own website as eas ily as wr iting a Word document. Thi s pro cess is very imp o rtant for severa l reasons: first of a ll, ir allows us co mak e our own software, whi ch we will be ab le to offe r at a reasonable fee ro chose who need it ; seco nd , we w ill be ab le ro spec ialise in mu sic-related websires; a nd



th ird, we w ill be able co provide IFCM

acriv i cies.

mem bers w ich a new serv ice.

Bur che Tagger Foundation



.c 0..

is also active in

If you wis h ro see a first resu lt of chis

che o rga nization of an an n ua l Festiva l whic h

working techniq ue, yo u can browse rh e new

wi ll cake p lace in Vigeva no, rhe city where

website of o ur partner in th e World Youth C h o ir orga nization, Jeun csses Mu sica les

we have o ur headquarter s. Dares: 4 ro 12 Septe m ber 2004 . The Fest ival is ca lled

Int e rn acional , at www.jmi.n et. Th is website

YOCEversa and is dedicated ro voca l

was bu ilt by che JM ! staff in Bru ssels and is

cre ativity in all its aspects . lr is a new co nc ep t

based on a d esign made by u s in respo nse to

w here we try co offer an event wh ose ma in

rheir co mmuni cat ions needs. The pers on in

goal is to sho w ch e importan ce of voca l

cha rge of chis pro cess is o ur Creative

com muni cat ion thro ugh music as a univ e rsal

Mark etin g Manage r, Padraig Kitterick .

tool. And a mo n g che va riou s aspects of voca l

Co min g co o ur marketing ac tiv ity , I shou ld like co make a small di gression. Dur ing the

creativ ity, we und erl ine rhe role of chora l mu sic as a n im portant soc ia l a nd cu ltural

lase months, the Tagger Fou nda tion has imp leme nt ed a c han ge of stra tegy in its way

insrrumenr. VOCEve rsa belongs to che fam ily of events wh ich pr opose a new

of working an d fu nd-ra ising for th e IFCM .

experie nce to people arrending ic. Our

In face, the IFCM has scarred co think about

dedicat ed Project Ma n age r, G a ia Facc io li,

spec ia lised ce ntr es with professional sk ills,

has bee n very careful to en sure char th e

which cou ld also o ffer fu nd -ra ising

whole city w ill b reath e with che Fest ival,

opportun ities, throu g h che cons cruccion of

becoming parr ofics co ntenc and nor on ly its

netwo rks b etwee n in te rna tion a l

sur roun di ngs.


Different ge nr es of vocal mu sic wi ll coex ist

loca l pa rtn ers and private

spo n so rs. In shorr, the possibility of

in che progra mm e: in face, chose who co me ro V igevano durin g rhe Fesrival w ill b e able

srru cru ring che Federat ion's wor k in deparcmenrs w ith spec ific skills cor respon d s to the need to find stro ng partnerships


to listen to " big names" in che cho ral mov emen t, e.g. Tonn /(nljuste, next ro jazz

areas and te rritories pla nnin g to inves t in

concerts, e.g. by rhe Neill York Voices; or the)'

cultur e for th eir own developme n t.

w ill be able ro hear a n or iginal version of

The Tagg er Founda tion has therefore

Mont everdi 's Vespride/In Seara Ve1gi11e

prese nt ed a new co nce pt in its way of

toget her w ith performances by rhe l'(lor/d

working and fund- raising, showing how

Chamber Choi,~ a new lFCM project, or ir

speci fic elements from rhc for -profit secto r

w ill be po ssib le ro liste n co che first mod ern

co uld also be used for the not -for-profit o ne. Today, che new frontier of our work co nsists

perfo rmanc e of Mont eve rdi's Gloriafor 8 voiceswh ic h was lying in a libr ary in Naples

in a thorough marketing a nal ysis of what che IFCM represents in terms of persons, ideas

wa it ing to be republ ish ed and performed. Th e co nce rt programm e wi ll be comp leted

an d initiativ es. Thi s ana lys is will enabl e rhe

by mee tin gs with artists , o pen rehearsa ls,

1FCM ro emp loy its resources in effic ient

confe rences, mas ter-classes ere.

ways in order to offer new and better services

The re is probab ly no need ro say ir, but of

to its members and to de fine a mem bership

co ur se you are all vCr)' welcom e in Vig evano

packag e ofbe nefics and serv ices attrac tive

in Septe mb e r ro share chis new expe rienc e

and valuab le for curr en t an d new members.

wirh us 1 (restivnL website: IVIVIV. 11oce11ersn .01g)

So much for rhe operat ional parr of our

(Email- nlessn11dro@1ngge1jo1111dn1io11.org) •




· ..



, .


.' -,·, _


,..~r _··_·, ...:f!;, _,·r·,·fl'.l"""

-, •.

TheInternational Federation for ChoralMusicibvitesyouto the' 7,. brld Symposium C/,oro/ M11uc







7thWorldSymposium on ChoralMusicin Kyoto,Japan July 27 - August3,2005 Cantuspopuli,cantusmundi.Cantusomnibusunus. Songsof the people,songsof the world. Onesongunto all.

Workshop/Seminar Sessions Ther e will be 41 workshop and seminar sessions at which 30 choral experts from around th e world will speak on such topics as "C horal music from different regions of th e world, " "C hoirs in th e his tory of Occidental m us ic," "Conducting and voca lizing" and "J apane se choral e."

Lupwishi Mbuyamba - Mozambique: Chora l Mu sic in Africa Annemarie van der Walt - South Africa: C horal Mu sic in Africa Theodora Pavlovitch - Bulg aria: Cho ral M usic in Eastern Europe Peteris Vasks - Latvia: C horal Mu sic in Baltic countr ies Edson Carvalho - Brazil: Choral Music in Larin America Randie Fong - USA (H awai i) : Chora l Music in Sou th Pac ific Igelese Ete - New Zea land: Chor al Mu sic in Sourh Pacific Kifah Fakhouri - J ordan/F rance: Middle East - Choral Music in Asia

Coomi Wadia - India: C ho ral Mu sic in Asia Jonathan Velasco - Philippin es: C horal Musi c in Asia Rung-Shun Wu - Taiwa n: C hora l Mu sic in Asia Geonyoung Lee - Korea: Cho ral Musi c in Asia Marcel Peres - Fr ance: Ea rly Renaissance era Florian Heyerick - Belgium: Renai ssance era Masaaki Suzuki - Japan : Int erpr etatio n of Bach's works

Frieder Bernius - Ge rma ny: Romantic period Erwin Ortner - Austria: Late Roma ntic period t.b.a - British choral mu sic of the 20th cen tu ry Duane Davis - USA: Jazz C ho rus Dan-Olof Stenlund - Sweden : Co nd ucti ng master class ( I) Theodora Pavlovitch - Bul garia: Conducting m aster class (2) Yoshihisa Matthias Kinoshita - G erm any: Voca l soun d buildin g (l) Vera Scherr - Germa ny: Vocal soun d b ui lding (2) Akira Miyoshi - Japan: Contact between J apa n and West Yoriaki Matsudaira - Ja pan : Co ntact between Japa n and West Toru Nakamura - Japan: Japan' s scale - H eterophon y Akira Nishimura - Ja pan: J apa n 's scale - H eterop hony Toshi lchiyanagi - Japan: Voi ce and J apa nese mu sical instruments Atsuhiko Gondai - Japan : Voi ce and J apa nese mu sical instrum ent s Yozo Sato (as Coordinator)- Japan: C horal act ivities at school s and in soc ial edu cat ion in Jap an.

SymposiumConcerts Th e Symp osiu m wil l comp rise a series of 13 concerts. In add irion ro 22 choral groups from 19 countries plus 10 groups from Japan, all pub licly sought by the Int ern at ion al Federation for C ho ral Mu sic and selecred by the Anisric Co mmirr ee.



Afr ica-USA : Afr ica n Chi ldr en 's C hoir , J amima h Nasa nga : SAT+ Drum/Prof essiona l So uth Africa : University C hoir o f Stel lenbosch, Andr e Van der M erwe: SATB

LATINAMERICA Cu ba: ENTREVOCES , Di g na Gue rra Ramir ez: SAT B/P rofess ion al Gua tema la: Coro V ictor ia, Juli o Cesa r Santos Ca mp os : SATB

NORTH AMERICA Ca nada: Na than iel D err Chora le, Brai nerd Blyd en-Tay lo r: SAT B/Pro fessio nal Ca nada: \1Vinnipeg Singers, Yuri Klaz : SATB/Prof ession al USA : Th e Yo un g P eo ple' s C horu s of N ew Yo rk C it y, Fran cisco J . Nuii ea: SSA(A) USA : San Fra ncisco G irls C horu s, Susan M cM ane: SSA(A)


Denmark: Voca l Lin e, J ens Jo han sen: SAT B Ge rman y: Ca ntabi le Limb urg, Jur gen Fassbende r: TTBB Ital y : I Madri gal isti Ambro s iani , G ia nlu ca Cap ua no: SATB/ Profess ional Neth erland s: N eth erlands Yo uth Cho ir, W ilma ten Wo lde: SSAA Norway: Os lo C hambe r C hoir, Gr ete Pede rsen: SAT B Norway: Nordic Vo ices: SAT B/ Professio nal Russia: Vok alensemble Anim a, Victo r Sm irnov: TTBB/Pro fessional Sloven ia: Carm ina Slovenica, Karmina Silec: SSAA Sweden: Schola Gothia , U lrike H eid er: SSAA/ P rofessio nal

ASIA SOUTH PACIFIC Austra lia: C anr icu m C ha m ber Cho ir, Emi ly Cox : SAT B Indone s ia: Para hya nga n C athol ic U n ive rsity C ho ir , Av ip Priama: SATB Korea: T h e Nar iona l Cho rus o f Kor ea , C h in -Seu p Yom : SATB/Pro fessio nal P hi lippin es: Th e Sa n Mi gu el Mast er C ho ral e, Eu de n ice Palaruan: SATB/Profess io nal Tu rkey: O rfeo n C hamb er C hoir, Elnara Kerim ova : SAT B




Vocal En sembl e <EST >, Ma sao Mukai: SAT B C ha mber Cho ir VOX GAUD IOSA , Ko Matsus hi ta: SAT B Th e Litrl e Singers of Tokyo, Hisa e H asegawa: SSAA N an iwa C hora liers, Keishi Ito : TT BB Jap an Your h C ho ir: SATB C hocur Joycux, Ts unco T akas u: TTB B Kyo to Echo C ho ir, Keiichi Asai: SAT B Tajimi C hildr en' s C hoir . Nobuaki Tanaka: SSAA T he T ARO Singers, Hnros hi Sarn i: SAT B/Profcssiona l Green Wood Har mo ny, Kun io Ima i: SATB

Schedule Hour s 09:00 - 09:45 10:00 - 12:00

Wed. 27 Jul y

12:00 - 13 :00 13:15 - 14:30 15:00- 17:00 19:00- 2 1:00

Opening Gala Concert

Thu. 28 - Sar.30 Jul y Open Singin g W o rkshop/Seminar (4 con cu rrent sessions) OkoshiyamCon cert Afrernoon Co ncert Work~hop/Sem inar (4 concurrent sessio ns) Evening Concert

Sun . 3 1 Jul y JC A presen rs: Junior Chorus Fesrival

& Mother s' Chorus Concert

Mon. I - W ed. 3 Augusr Open Singing W or kshop/S eminar (4 concurrent sessions ) OkoshiyasuConce rt Afternoo n Concerr Workshop/S em inar (4 co ncurrent sessions) Even ing Concert / Clo sing Gala Co ncert

- IFC M 's Gen eral Assembly will be ho ld at 9:00- 12 :00 on 3 1 Jul y and I August. - As an adj un cr to rh e Sympos ium , the Japa n C horal Association plans to ho ld a "Junior Chorus" festival as a harb inger of future choral acciviries. Th e J CA will also stage an "Okasnn (mothers) Chorus" concert, which has bee n dr awing global accenrion as a choral acciviry unique ro J apan. Borh will cake place in Kyoto and aim ar promoting an understanding of J apan's chor al cultur e am o ng the man y partici pants from around che wo rld .

Delegate Registration Fee The registration fee for rhe Kyo rn Symposium will be decided in rh e same price range as rhe previous co nfere nce. Of particula r note is t hat it is th e firsr time to base th e fee on the United Nrztio11 H11m11nDevelopment Ind ex.


Cl assification

Jr C M Member s - full week IFC M Members - hal f week All ot her non- IFCM members - full week All oth er no n-IFCM m embe rs - half wee k

G roup I in Yen 50, 000 30,000 60,000 36,00 0

G roup II in Yen 40, 000 24, 000 48, 000 28 ,800

Group III in Yen 27, 000 16,200 32,400 19,400

Gro up II in Yen 28,000 16 ,800

G ro up Ill in Yen 18,900 11,300

Guest Registration Fee (for your family) Includes adm1ss1onto concerts and reception C lassification All G uesrs - full week All Gu ests - half week

Grou p I in Yen 35,000 2 1,000

Registratio ns received after May I, 2005, will be subject rn an addition al 10% sur charg e on the registrarion fee.

Hotel Kyoro has 1.3,000 Wesrern sryle horel rooms scan ered th rougho ut th e city . Co mbin ed with che 35 ,000 ro oms of rhe many Japan ese scyle 1yoka11, or rrad itio nal inns, Kyoro can acco mmodat e gro ups of almost any size. The num ber of horcls and ryokan leads ro a wid e var iety of cho ices for lodgin g, from five-srar hotel s ro econ o my room s. Fo r th e derails, please see the 2n d An nou ncement.

Hotel Rates (for reference) C lass





Fare in Yen T win Single 20 ,000 - 22, 000 15,000 - 16,000 I 8,00 0 - 19,000 14,000 - 14,5 00 15,000 - 18,000 '----T o ,ooo 12,000 ------•14, 000 - 17,0 00 8 ,000 - 9, 500 I 2,000 - I4 ,000 7 ,000 - 7,5 00 r.b.a r.b.a


2nd Announcement Th e Execu tive C o m mitt ee will publi sh rhc 2nd Announcement rhis summ er, when we srarr acccprin g regist rat ions on linc. W e sin cerely in vire yo u ro join us in Kyoto for th e Symp osium . To receive the 2 nd Anno un cemc n r th is summ er, please regisrcr your name and addr ess as soon a~ poss ible, ar rhe website: www.jcan cr.or.jp/w scm/.

Royce Saltzman Past President, IFCM


A sign ificant

event for IFCM rook place in

Busan , Korea on 22 May 2004. An Asia Pacific Choral Summi t brought rogerher


indication char on ce again IFCM is

World Chora l Sympo sium 7 in Kyoto


Saeko Ha segawa, Japan - C hair , Arti stic

to the enhanceme nt of choral

music in all parts of rhe world.

Co mmi ttee of rhe WCS 7 in Kyoro Chew Hok Pin g, Mala ysia - co nducror,

chora l lead e rs from I O cou ntri es. H osted by I FCM's Asia Pacific Reg io n al Secretar iat (APR S), whi ch is part of rhe Kor ean Choral

(Emnil: s11frzm 1111 @orego11.11orego11.ed11 )

Ma laysia Nat iona l Cho ir Saida Rastam , Mala ysia - compo ser

Institute , rh e Summit focused on rhe sharing

List of participants

Karen Gry lls, N ew Zealand - co ndu ctor,

of ideas and rhe developm ent of activ ities

Internation al participants:

that would lead ro rh e expan sion of choral

Royce Sa ltzman, USA - IFCM Pasr

music throughout

rhe reg ion. Represe ntin g

Presid e nt of I FCM

the Federation were Jea n-C laud e W ilkens,

Jea n -C laude Wi lkens, Belgium/Spain -

Secretary-Ge nera l, and Royce Saltzma n,

IFCM Secretary Ge nera l Mi tsukazu Suwak i, Japan - I FCM V ice-

Past-Preside nt. Speaki ng on beha lf of rhe Ko rean C horal Institut e was Madam O ho Young-S him,

President Nie Zo ngm ing , C hina - President, China

Ambassador of C ultural Coo p eration for rhe Republi c of Korea .

C horus Association Leon To ng Shiu-Wai, Ho ng Kon g-

Th e Acti ng Ma yo r of Busan op en ed rh e

Presidenr, H on g Kong Treb le C ho ir

Summit by welco min g rh e d elegat es,


pledg ing h is co mmirm e nr on be half of rhe

Nariman H. Wadia, Indi a - President,

city ro supp or t rhe A PR S. Throu ghour rhe da y Madam e Oh o e mphati cally emp h asized the imp orta nce of rhe AP RS and how ir can ,

Paranjori Academy C h orus of Bombay Avip Priarna , Ind onesia - co ndu cror Manry Rizkidominggo , Indon esia -

w irh fin anc ial support from rhe city,

Executi ve Di recro r, Baravi a Madrigal

srimul are act ivities for rhe Asia Pacific


Regio n and rhe ciry of Busan. Al read y rhis supp o rt has b een demonsrrared


by host ing

rhe Wo rld Youth C ho ir in Korea rhis summ er. Important

Kandi sapmra , Indon esia -

Presidenr , Bandung C hora l Soci ety Yozo Saro, Jap a n - Past President, Japan

in rhe furur e for the

C horal Org ani za tion

APR S is an Asia Ca nrar for cho ir singers in

Yoshi Egawa, Japan - Executive Dir ecto r,

200 6 . T h e Asia Paci fic C hor al Summit is an

Nat iona l ch oirs of N ew Zea land Nor ma n Firth , New Zea land - President, New Zealand Choral Fed erat io n Andrea 0. Vencracion, Ph ilip p ines Found er, Ph ilipp ines Madri ga l Sing e rs Jona than Velasco , Phil ipp ines - in del egat ion of the Ph ilippi nes Federati on for C hora l Music Dirk Duhci, Ta iwa n -C hina - Preside nt , Taip ei Ph ilharmo nic Foundati on Korean Parti cipants: Oho Youn g-Shim - C hairp erso n, Korean C horal ln sr iru re Yom C h in- Se up President, KC I Arrisric Co mmirr ee Oh Sei-Jong co ndu cror Bae Se un g-Tak co nducror Jacob C hang So n g Gi-in - VicePreside nr, KC I C ho i Sang-yoon - KC ! Vice- Prcside nr Im Joo-Se up - KC ! Execut ive D irecto r

Asia Pacific IJ t •M

Choi:aI Summit A l'U S/ K( ' I

l. ee lk-J oo - Di rccror ofCu lrurc a nd Tourism, C iry of Busan Were Exc u sed: Alben Yeo, Singapo re - Dir ec tor , Youn g Musi cia n's Socic1y Andre D e Quadro s, lndia /USA - IFCM Board Memb e r No el Ancell, Ausr ralia - Fo rm e r Prcside 111 , Australian C h ora l Assnc iarion •

below. It is the ji-uit of long discussions by the

Part icipant: A choir, mus ical gro up, choi r co nd ucto r, ind ividu al singer, music teacher,

Th e pnrtic ipnnt mu st be ab le to ide nti fy rhe flat fee to be pa id to the organiser. T he organiser mu st specify rhe costs o f acco mm oda tio n, mea ls, t ranspo rtation, mu sic prog ramm es and genera l adm in istration. Th e orgnniser m us t give clear

IFCM Execut ive Committee nnd the Bonrd of

etc. wh ich cakes pa rt in an ac tivity as defin ed

info rmation abou t th e na mes an d add resses

D irectors of th e "/n temnt ionnl Chortil


o f hot els or other acco mm oda tion , and

A lmost two years ngo, th e IF CM stnrted to work on n reference text far those who offer their services nnd ski lls to nmnteu r choirs as tour op erntors or event organisers. The text is now rendy nnd we submit it to you

Organiser: Any ent ity, whether com mercial o r no n-profit mak ing, which orga nises an

ac tivity as defin ed above .

restaurants .

Network '; nn msocint ion which brings together n lnrge n umber of chornl ftst ivnls nil over the

Total Quality Charter

world. Jenn-Clnude Wilkens, Secretary Genernl, !FCM

Preamble C horal m usic needs a platfor m such as con ce rts, festivals, co mp et itio ns, arti st ic to urs, reco rd ings, etc. to develop its ac tivities. T his pl atfor m is usua lly prov ided by professionals wo rking in touri sm or oth er com me rcial secto rs. Beca use of their natur e, chora l activ ities requ ire sensitive und erstandi ng . T he Inte rn atio nal Federation for C horal Mus ic (IF C M ) and th e C horal Fest ival Netwo rk (CFN) are th erefo re

Respo nsibil ity of the orga niser T he organiser mu st provide clear ident ifica tio n detai ls, includ ing its name and legal sta tu s, sta ti ng wheth er it is p rofit - o r no n-p ro fit maki ng as well as its goa ls. It m ust prov ide a posta l add ress and a legal incorp orat io n addr ess, as well as all m eans of commu nicat ion such as telep hone, telefax and e-ma il. An organiser which also acts as a tr avel agent for the pnrticipnnt shall respect all the rul es laid dow n in t he IAT A licenses as well as by its natio nal pr ofessio nal associatio n of to ur operato rs.

pro posing th is Tot al Q uali ty C harter as a coo l to make che relatio nsh ip betwee n th e

Relat ionship betwe en the orga ni ser and t he

orga niser and che cho ir more tran sparent .

pnrti cipant

H owever , it is not th e ro le of the I FCM or

T he organiser m ust orga nize its commu nicat io n and p ublicity regarding all

th e CFN to ensur e com pliance wit h thi s

activities and services p ropose d to th e

chart er.

particip nnt transpare ntl y and accurately, so as

Definitions Activity: An event in which a choi r, mus ica l gro up, cho ir conductor, individ ual singe r, music teac her, etc. rakes part act ively or passively. Such events includ e but arc no r limi ted co: a chora l fest ival, a choi r competition,

a mass cho ir activity, a concert

ro provide the latte r with a clear un derstan din g of the co nte nt and operat ion of the proposed act ivity Th e organiser must propose a clea r wr itt en co ntract betwee n itself and rhe pnrticipn11t. Thi s co nt ract must descri be in deta il all rhe services (and rhei r ex rent) prov ided by rhe

rour, a conf erence, a sem inar, a masrer-class

orgn11iserro the prtrti cipnnt , as well as rhe

o r a record ing.

p rice to be pa id for those services.

T he orgn11iseris answerable for rhe activiti es of an y sub contracro rs. T he re shall be no div ision of respo nsib iliry. Th e con tract m us t m en tio n th e term s, such as perfor min g fee and expenses if any, u nder wh ich the pnrticipn11t performs at co ncerts or festivals. Logistics T he orgnniser m ust pro pose a reasonab le schedu le of activit ies such as perfo rm ances and rehea rsals. Th is schedul e m ust be an inregral pa rt of the contrac t. Th e tour ism pa rt , if any, and the artistic part of an act ivity mu st be m entioned clearly. A to ur ist gu ide shall be in charge of the touri sm part and a mu sically expe rienced m emb er of the organ iser's staff sha ll be in charge of th e art istic par t. Whe n ca tering for a large grou p , th e orgn11iser must prov ide th e m inimum service at mea ls such as a prope r place to sir, quality food , clean setting, sufficie nt and pro fessiona l staff, reasonable wa it ing rime to be served, etc . . . Co nce rt performan ce The pnrticip n11tm ust receive com plete

information on the performing venue(s) pr ior ro rhe activity, such as: name(s) of th e hall(s), add ress(cs), nu mb er of scars, acoust ic condirions, possib le restriction in repertoire



(e .g . in chur ches), ere .

Choir competitions

- Th e jur y's decision s are resp ected and

Th e organiser mu st ask th e participant to

Th e orgt111i ser must publ ish rhe comp et itio n

ava ilabl e in writing.

state its log istical and technical need s. Aft er

rule s. Th ese rul es must be as compr ehe nsive

ne go tiation, the organiser must meet rhe agreed conditi o ns su ch as: stage size,

as po ssib le a nd clea rly specify the followin g: con di tio ns fo r parti cipation , rul es for th e

tec hni cal featur es, lig htin g, so und

selectio n of th e parti c ipant s, comp etiti o n

equipm en t, inst rum ent s a nd tunin g , size and

cat ego ries, compul so ry wo rks, rim e a nd

num ber o f dr essin g room s, access to

co nt ent o f the pe rfo rm ance, co mp os it io n o f

fac ilities, h ea ring an d remp era ru re, reh ea rsal

th e j ur y, adj udi ca tion. To avo id probl ems regar d ing rhe acce p ta nce

If appro p riate, d oo rs mu st b e close d a n d

o f a mateu r a nd /o r pro fessiona l cho irs, the

sile nce ensu red dur ing p erforma nces.

01ga11iser mu st clearly d efin e who is allow ed to ta ke part in rhc compe ti tion.

Th e org1111is er mu st prov ide su fficie nt and adequat e p ro m o tio n so th a t the re is a n

1iser mu st trea t a ll part icipants Th e 01g111

aud ie nce for the activ ity.

equ ally (fina nc ial a nd mat eria l co nd itio ns). If g rant s are ava ilab le for participants, the rul es for obta ini ng th em mu st be adv ert ised

co m plia nce in all cases w ith th e ve n ue's rules

by rhe organiser and g ra n ts mu st be ope n to

a nd req u iremen ts, as well as p erformin g :111d

a pp lica tio n . Wh en a co mp etit ion is adv ert ised as

Tr a inin g and work sh o ps In its advcrriseme nrs, th e orgt111i ser mu st

"in te rnat io n al" , the 01ga11 iser mu st ensu re

p rov ide fu ll in fo rmat io n o n a wo rkshop o r

- T he parti cipant s co me from a large numb er

o the r 1-rain in g event, su ch as: list of work s

of co u ntr ies;

a nd repe rto ire, nam e of rh e condu cto r a nd

- Th e cat egor ies arc arti st ically ho moge neou s

th at :

ass istant s, na m e o f the o rch estr a, soloi sts and

(numb er o f me mb e rs in th e cho ir, type o f

instrum e n ta lists, as well as th eir wo rk

g ro up , ty pe of repe rto ire, a capp ella o r nor ,

sched ule. T he wo rk ing bn g uages must be


me nri o ned. All par1icip1111ts shoul d be ab le ro

- T he ju ry is mack up of ar ka st five

un de rsta nd th e in sr ruct io ns

membe rs, the major it)' being from ab roa d. treated as pro fession als a nd srricrly

Th e co111racr must p rovide informat ion

in d cpcnd cn r of the organ iscr;

about rna rcrials req uir ed, e.g. scores o r books

- T he jury me m be rs are fu lly co nvcrsa 111w ith rhc com pel irion ru les a nd pro ced m es, :1swdl as d dib erar ion rul es a nd p roced ures;

In eve n t of"c ha ngcs in rhc pro g ra m me or in

- Th e leng th o f"1hc perfor mance is lo ng

rh e teac hin g staff. th e orgr111iser 111u sr pro vide

eno ugh ro allow rhe ju ry

adequ a te altern a tives. If it foils rn d o so, rhe

assess men r:


make a ge nuin e

partici;,11111 mu st h e able ro ca ncel its

- Th e n u mber of p rizes awa rck d docs 1101

pa rt ic ipa1io n a1 n o cost.

excc..:d a reaso nab le pro po rt inn ol° 1h e nu m be r of pa rt icipa n ts;

Ca n any one help rhe I FC M Secretariat find the followin g memb ers w ho see m to

Angola: - M acedo , Jo rge (Anti g. C reche Infa nril Pop d e Radi o Luanda) China: - Yungiu Ta ng - Yu Lin g Ma German y :

- Juergen Pusch beck Japan:

- Yuuka C hoi r Swe den:

publi shi ng righrs.

prov ided a nd the ir pr ices.

Desperately Seeking Lost Members

h ave moved :

rime and durati o n , etc.

It is th e organiser'srespon sibi lity to ensu re

- l ncca Rasm usso n- Belin Pue rto Ri co :

- Luze Elen a Fern a nd ez Republi c of South Afri ca

- N ic hola s Nicola idi s Russia:

- llya M yak ish cv

USA: - Jess ica Bisserr

l o en able rhcm ro co nrinm ' receiving rhc lmcrna rio nal Choral Bulletin , please send 1hci r new ad d rcsscs ro:

jea11-Cl1111de \'(Ii/kens IFCM /111em111io111d Office (.i·111rolu1en111rio11al di' /11!vliisicnde la

UNL:;co Vi/111 Gadm /:"-O.l590 li!tet1,5jHtin l:'111ail: j,wilkeus@ifi·111.111 ·1

Pacific Children~s


An Adventure in Cho ral Music a nd Danc e fro m Pac ific Rim Coun tries ....... ........... ...... ................................ . This 9-day residential program is designed to provide treble choirs an opportunity to experience the cultures of the Pacific Rim through their choral music repertoire in an interactive, non-competitive environment. Highly recommended for Independent Directors as well. Connect with new friends, new cultures, and the world.

' ,. - ® .....



Pac ifi c

J _:_JjJ _::j

.JjJ-.:::3_j ·J



Wanda Gereben, Executive Directo r Tel: (808) 595-0233 Email: info@Pac RimFestival.o rg

HOST CHOIR Hawa i' i Youth Oper a Chorus Nola A N cihulu, A rtistic Director
















th e 22nd


to th e 30th of July

2004 .

Durin g 7 d ays a t d u sk, t he p a rti cip ant ch o irs wi ll s in g ou td oo rs h ab an eras an d po ly ph on y in th e wo n der ful audi tor iu m Eras d e la Sal in th e coast of the Med iterranean Sea. For m o re i nforma t ion and ru les pl ease visi t our we b s it e: h ttp :// www.ha b aneras.org / e -m a il : manuel@ h ab a ne r as.org. Telep h one: +34 965 710 702

Fax: +34 965 712 570


C E R TA r/l E N

I N T E R r,, A C J O N A L

HABANERAS ··1vm'f .PDLlFD!'-111-\ • IIMMISMifiliMF◄ihAMIYiHifilii





ll U Ll •tun


"1vm iiiiiii


1<11111" 01 tlO

tU t 1111101





Sonia Greiner




. .. .

Cork International Clioral Festival Peter Grahame Woolf


Sonja Greiner Secretary General, Europa Cantat

I was in vited

to artend th e final days of

Amer ica Ca nt a c IV in Mex ico C ity, as represe ntat ive o f che European "siste r organisation",

and I was very curi o us to sec

ch e para llels a nd diff erences between ou r rwo festivals. My first cho u ghr when I Aew into M exico City Ai rp ort and saw th e dimen sion s of it from rhe ai r (wit h 22 Million inhabitan ts!) was how th e M exica n C hoir O rganisation cou ld or gan ise a fest ival th ere if pa rrici panc s of EU ROP A CANTAT XV h ad already co nsidered cha r Ba rcelona was too big for such an eve n r. Part of che "sec ret" was rhe CENA RT (Ce ntro Na ciona l d e las An es), a hu ge centr e w ith exce llenr rehears al and conce rt halls, w here all ateli ers re hears ed, all ateli er co n ce rts (as well as severa l choi r con certs) were p resent ed a nd where eve rybody met for br eakfa st and lun ch un der th e cenrs. H ere ic was po ssib le co meet the part icipan ts, rhe orga nise rs an d che guests, to b rowse th ro ugh score s ar chc open -air exh ib ition area, to h ave a c up of co ffee or co p lay footba ll or have a rest und er rhe tr ees in che beau tiful par k . 1.300 parti c ip ant s, co ndu cto rs a nd g uests fro m 24 diff erent co u ntri es h ad gath ere d , wit h 2 4 Mexica n ch o irs an d 2 1 forei g n ch o irs (mo stly fro m Larin Ame rica, bur also from C anada , USA, Martini qu e, Ger man y, Spa in, G rear Brira in , South Africa and Austra lia) . Th ey work ed every mo rnin g, in 13 work sh ops, on mu sic from diff ere nt

Larin- A merican countri es, bo th traditiona l

were singing almo st every afternoon, a nd ,

and concemporar y mu sic for ch ildre n,

du e co rhe size of rhe city and having co

Europ ean c horal works from the 20th

tr avel around in bu ses, were nor ab le to listen

century a nd Afro -America n mu sic. Th e qua lity of che work sho p co ncerts was very good in gene ral, partl y thank s to invited

co mo st of the even ing concerts, and sometimes had co si ng in front of very sma ll audi ences. Unforrunarcly , rh e guests were

"pilot choir s" wh o had co m e prep ar ed a nd

usu ally no r able co attend bot h che afte rno on

knew che reperto ire. T he most unfor geccable

and th e even ing con ce rts, either, so we

mom ents for me we re :

usuall y chose to att end th e d aily Ga la

- Th e works hop w ith Cuban mu sic,

con cert where we hea rd 4 choi rs as well as a

conduct ed by Al ina Orraca, in whi ch che

comm issioned work of a M ex ica n compos er.

Academy C hamb e r C hoir from Canada

Apart from che ofte n excellent guest choirs,

mag ica lly mana ged co so und like a Lar in-

we discover ed so me very goo d M ex ican gro up s, among oth ers th e Chamber C h o ir of

America n gro up, an d where a licrle girl siccing beh ind th e choir was copy ing Alina 's

the CEN ART , con du cted by t he H o nor ary

co ndu c tin g gest ur es, tota lly lost in rhe

Preside nt of th e fest ival , Ge rardo Rab ago

wonderful rh yth ms o f the music

Palafox .

- T he im press ive so un d and prec ision of che

Towa rd s rhe e nd of ch e festival I was inv ited

ch o irs from Karl sru he and Tenerif e, sin ging

co a hi sto rical m eeti ng ac which rhe

co nt emp o ra ry musi c w ith Werner rfaff

organizers of rh e pr ev io us Amer ica Cancar

- Oscar Escalada 's expla n ation s of che ra n go

Festivals ( 1992 an d 1996 in A rgent ina, 2000

and ch e excel lent pr esen tat io n of h is

in Ven ezuela) and rhe orga nisers of Am e rica

wo rkshop - A licrle g irl listen ing wi ch her mout h and

"Am e rica Ca n rar" w hich wi ll accompa ny rhe

eyes wid e o p en and tota lly st ill co a co n te mpora ry work co ndu cted by Nestor

C anrar IV decided ro found a n orga nisation preparat ion of rh e furur e festiva ls on rhi s

Andre nacc i.

co nr in enr. Thi s comm iccee offic ia lly anno u nced ar rh e end of che festiv al rhac chc

In add itio n co che wor ksho ps, th ere we re I 0 7

Amer ica Cancar V w ill rak e pla ce in 200 7 in

co nce rt s in 20 diff erenc conce rt halls. T his

I.a H abana, C ub a.

was, o n rhe one hand, wond erful b ecause che

Am erica C anrar IV end ed wir h a Song b ridge

mu sic of rhe festival w as sp read all ov er

ga la con cert in rhe prese nce of Erkki Pohjo la,

M exico C icy, bur , on th e o th er hand ir was

present ing childr e n's choirs and co mp ose rs

di fficu lt for rhe parti c ipatin g cho irs as rhey

fro m M exico, Argent ina and Aust ra lia . Thi s was followed b y a bi g gala co nce rr ar whi c h rhe result s of differe nt "O pen Singin g Workshops'" rook rhe a ud i.:n cc o n a mu sical tr ip throu g h rh e Ame ricas. Ar this co n cert , which e nd ed wirh a first pe rform an ce in vo lving all parri cipati ng c hoi rs. rhc LarinAme rica n rcmp i:ram cnr becam e very appa rent: - Mada Gu ina nd , w ho pr esent ed mu sic fro m Vcnewela and irs neighb o urin g co untri es. dan ced whil e co ndu ct ing a nd had the


IC B C horal World News




Choir Events 2004/2005

7 '"l ntcrn:1tiona l Folksong Choir Fcst h':tl ''Europe :tnd it s songs" Barcc lon:t (Spain) , September 29 1"


October 3 rd, 2004

Addr essed to male. female. mixed. youth and ch ildr en choir s: reperto ir e of folksongs without co mpul sory piece a nd difficulty level with at least one piece of folk mus ic from the ch oir·s country of orig in and one Euro pean folksong. Dead line for registra tio n: 25.07 . 200 4

10 1" lntcrn:ttion:11 Sac red Music Choir Competition "GioYmmi Picrluigi du P:1lcstri1111"

L:1th1mRegion, Rome and the Vatican City, March 4,1o- 6'", 2005 Addressed to male. female. mi xed. yo uth and childr en choir s. Co mpreh ends catego ries with and without co mpul sory piece: a reperto ire of only sac red a-cappeUa mu sic mu st h e pr esen ted am ong whi ch at least one piece of G. I'. (l:1 Pal estri na. one piece from th e XIX ce ntu ry and one con te mporary pi ece co mposed after 1920. Deadline for regis tration: 15.01.2005

30 12'" International Cho ir FcstiY:tl "Orlando di Lasso" .M:trchc, Italy, l\fay 27 th -30'", 2005 Addressed to m:dc. female and 1nixcd ch oirs. vocal group s with ma x. 12 singers. fnlksong choir s. you th and childr en choirs . Co mpr ehends catego ries with and without co mpul sory pi ece; a repertoire of both sacred and profan e a-cappclla mu sic is to be pre sented. with one piece of folk mu sic from th e choir's co untr y of ori).\in: sp ecial category for folk choirs. Deadline for registration: 01. O.J.2005

Choir Rc, ,icw in Rome - Chornl Meet ing, Summer 2004 An occas ion to meet wit h ot her ch oirs an d per form in the most beautiful chur ches and open spaces in Rome and its surr oundin gs. with accomodatiou around St. Pctcr·s Square. Co mbin e a splendid summer vacation with unfor ge ttabl e choi r c\'c nts in the most ma rvellous ,·cnucs of the Eternal City with th e po ssihilit y to meet other choir s.

Choir RcYicw in Rome - Chorul Meeti ng, Winter 2004-2005 Enj oy the enchan ting Roman Ad\'ent :mcl Ch ristmas atmosph ere wit h s hopp ing and a tour to th e hundr eds of Christmas cri bs in chu r ches and axhibi tions, and co n te mp orari ly pr esen t \'o ur countn ..s Advent and Chri stma s songs to an ent hu siastic Roman audience in the most splendid chur ches ,;ml b asili cas .

For furth er information.

pl ease co nta ct

1\.~soci:tzionc Intcr1111zion:1lcAmici dclln M11sic11 Sacrn Via Pa olo VI. 2 ') 00 193 Home ( Ital y) Tel: 0039/06 61l309H9 Fax: 0039/0(, 68308568 e-mai l: infu -cori@u iams. it web sire: www.ami cimu sicnsacn1.cu m

audience clapping, mo ving and dan cing along within a mo men t - Freddy Milcon from Venezuela accompanied several so ngs on his drum s with fascinati ng Latin-American rhythm s and you cou ld not help co tap your feet to them - Th e concerr finished with surpri se firewo rks (on a th eatre stage!) - Th e co mplet e audience sang along to th e Mexican nat iona l anth em and th e wellknown song "C ielico lind o" whi ch finish es

into the hearrs), whic h could have been th e

have a long tradition , as Netzahualcy o tl

motto of th e festival.

alread y said in th e 15t h cen tur y:

D espite the fact chat certain aspect s of the festival may be criti cized and there were, as always, po ssibiliti es of improving th e schedul e and some basic principles, th e ma in orga nizers and th eir small energet ic team of help ers mu st be hearrily con gratu lated o n th eir wond erfu l wor k. Gerar do Rabago and hi s wife, Ver6ni ca Alexa nd erson, (bo th excellent mu sicians and organisers) can be

wit h th e word s "po rqu e canta ndo sc alegra n,

proud of their achi evement. I'm sure that all part icipants and guests will rememb er the

cielico lind o, los co razones" (because, my

warm welcome th ey were given in th is

dear, beautiful singing and dan cing brin g joy

beautiful country of Mexico wh ich see ms co

"Esperamos qu e de vuelta a sus lejan as tierras nu escros amigos lleven ( ... )e n sus co razon es cl calor de nu estra am israd " (We hop e that when th ey have return ed to th eir ho melands, ou r friends will car ry in t heir hcarrs the warmth of our friendship). I certain ly will! • Sonja Greinel', Secretary General, Europa Cantnt (Email: i11fo@E11l'opaCrmt11t.org)

Maria Guinand IFCM Vice-President for Latin America

The co lorful Mex ica n cu ltu re, rhe rasre and

There is no doubt chat we arc a creative

rrue. This time, more rhan 1,3 00 singers

sme ll of irs exqu isite cuisine, che

conc inenr, where "anything is poss ible. " \Y/e

rep resenting 45 cho irs from 24 co untries and five continents converged in lovely Mexico

incom parable beauty ofics landscap e, an d ics long indigenous and vice-regal histo ry made

mu st continue co explo re new paths and

Ciry, Mexico.

rhis Ame rica Cantac magi cal and

Thanks co che effort and dedication of


Vcr6nica Alexanderson, Ge neral Dir ec tor ,

Bellas Anes, Nezahualcoyocl H all,

Gerardo Rabago Palafox, Honorary

Chapu lrepec Castle, rhe Hel lenic C ultural

perfect io n, discip line, and co nsiste ncy arc all

President, and rheir ange lic co llaboracors,

Ccnrer an d the Vice- Rega l Mu seum served

values cha r will ena ble co ncinu cd perso nal growt h in our societies o n rhis magica l conr i-

... rhe dream of rhe Ame rica Cantar came

Th e stages of che Palace of

make choral sing ing one of ou r besr allies in soc ial inregration and che impcovemenr of our childr en and you th. Teamwo rk, the search for beaury and artis t ic

Luisa, Ivonne, Luis, Man ha, Xavier, and

co highlight che marve lous performances of

Ralph among ot hers, che Mex ica n Cho ral

our cho ir participants . The visir co

nen c, full of generous and en thu siast ic

Foundation, w ith che support of che

Teotih uadn was also unforgettable .

National Couns el of Cu lture, rhc Society of

The wa rmth , kindness , and hospiraliry of rhe

Mexican Au tho rs and Co mpos ers, rhe lnce rna rional Music Cou nsel (IMC) and

Mexica n peop le was immediately apparenc when we began o ur activit ies in CENART

peop le. Once again, rhanks ro everyone who made chis dream come true, and good luck co rhose

che national and srnte

(Nat iona l Center of chc Ans), known for its

govern ment s of Mexico and Mexico C iry, the

bea utifu l gardens and inscallarions and whe re

I FCM, and che dive rse public and private

most of che festiva l cook pla ce .


organizations chat made America Cantar IV

Du ring rhis America Cancar, we made

po ssible. Th is fest ival, which was n10deled afte r the

advances in che creat ion of an int ernat ional asso ciarion with rhe "D ecla rat ion of

Europa Canta c, seeks co protect th e work of

Mexico," a document supporr ed by

choirs and cho ir dir ectors on rhe contine nt ,

Arge ntina (MM CANT), Venezuela

as well as rhe creatio n of choral repertoir e by

(Fundac i6n Schola Ca n corum de Caracas),

new composers . The fest ival a lso co ntrib utes co rhe stre ngt henin g of regio nal, national,

and Mex ico (Fund aci6n Coral Mex ico), Canrac fest ivals I, II , Ill , and IV. In rh is

diffusion of che diverse cu lrur es of rhe

do cume nt th ey esta blished rhe bases for rhe

Americas a nd building musical bri dges with

creation of a continental platform char would

ot her cont inents. All of rhese objecrives, and

guarantee che co nti nu ance of th is impo rtant

more, were co mpl ercd, culminating in 18

chora l encounte r. In addit io n, C ub a, whi c h

wo rkshops, I 05 concerts , and I O prem ie res.

has presented its can dida cy o n rwo occasions, will be rhe locat ion of America Ca ncac V.

persona l and collec tive efforr a venture suc h as chis req uir es, not on ly in terms of budg et , bur also in organ izational, logist ica l, and c reat ive terms . Bravo M exico!!!

(Email: 111nri11g11i1111nd @ho1111nil.co111) (Trans!. Thais Fletche r, USA)

which were che o rgan izers of the Amer ica

and internat ional networks, st imulati ng rhe

We wan t to reco gnize what an enor mou s

who will co nrinu c down rh is road . •

The Mexican C hora l Movement has di splay ed grea r macuriry and wisdom in rhe orga nizat ion and executio n of this festival. Its arre nri on co arcisric qua lity wi ll be reflected in futu re festiva ls.



C horal World News


Peter Grahame Woolf Founder of 'Musical Pointers' and 'Seen & Heard'


This year Cork's ve ry spec ial Choral Festiva l has celebra ted its record as the long est-


lastin g annual festival in Ireland, a uni que

Aioys Fleisc hmann's nam e is justly revere d

sto ry an d cu ltura l ach ievement in world

for h is GOyears prominen ce in Ireland's mu sica l life, a visionary who built

te rm s. Und e r the leadership of John Fitzp atri c k th e

up th e Unive rsiry of Cork Mu sic

Cork International Choral FestivaI has

D epa rtm e nt and duri ng his di recro rship of

ga ined in prest ige and int ern at io nal

the Festival never spar ed h imself a nd, most

import ance. Th e 2004 fest ival opened with a

notabl y per h aps for readers of Musical

spa nnin g 196 2- 1999. We heard commissioned works by Milhaud ( I 962), Wa lron ( I 97 4) a nd Shched rin ( 198 2) , th ose by Walro n and Jan W ilso n (bluebrighreyes, 1999) partic ularly ear-catchi ng , as was Fleischmann 's Poet in the suburb s ( 1974 nor a com mi ssion, composed ro celebrate 2 1 yea rs of th e fest ival).

special event celebrating th e inspirationa l

Po int e rs, introduced a Co mpo sers' Semina r

co ntribu tio n of compo ser Aloy s Fleisc hmann (Cha irman 1954-GG; Dir ector 196 7 -8) who d evo ted his life to mu sic in Co rk and

w ith commi ssio ns for n ew choral works. Th ese we re a nalysed , rehearsed a nd discuss ed in pub lic ove r rhe yea rs, to genera l

The effec t of th e NCC's concert as a wh ole was severely co mpromis ed by th e lac k of

Ireland. A concert of hi s la rge-scale mu sic

enli ght enment , befo re the ir formal premi e res

p rogramme n otes a nd words to follow;

was given by the comb ined forces of the Cork Sch oo l of Music Sympho ny O rchestra

in main festiva l co n certs . Prof. Fleischmann 's seminar s were nor all

driven m us ical serri ngs, an omiss ion


esse ntia l ro make full sense of the word-

a nd Fle isch man n C hoir , wit h Pau l

plain -sailin g at first; Bori s Blache r didn't like

remarked wide ly. To a lesser extent, thi s

M cNa mara (tenor ) in n at ionali stic

h aving his work anal ysed 'with a qu estion

absenc e d ista nces listeners ro the compe titive

compo sitions wh ich lift ed th e roof offCiry

mark ove r any of ir' and William Walron

seque n ces o f choi rs too , and it see med

Hall , especially wh en and Kieran Murphy

found ini rial comments on his piece "not

additionall y co u nte r- prod uct ive to h ave the

(wa r p ipes) joined them to cele brate th e

ent irely ro th e compos er's taste". To

lights ge nerally dimm ed (for d ramat ic

1706 rout of the Engl ish by Lo rd Clare's

enco ura ge d iscussion, his Cam i dcl So le had

'armo sphe re', I supp ose') ma king it har d

Dra goon s.

b een played once mor e, afte r whi ch , wi th

even to follow our programmes!

To co inc ide with thi s year' s parri cu lar

una ssa ilab le aur horiry , h e announ ced ' fr is a

It is relevant ro lea rn fro m Ru eh

cclc brar io n an imp ressive wri rrc n history of

ve ry bcaurifu l work and ir h ad a very

Flcischmann 's book rhar the modern

the festival ha s been publi shed. As a record of

beautiful performance ' a nd sat d ow n,

commiss ione d wo rks rufAed feathers in rhc

civic coo perat ion an d generosiry, dur ing rhe

br ing ing rhe procee din gs ro a sudden un sch ed u led end!

C ity Hall co ncerts, wh ere a udi ences

lan er ha lf of th e 20th Ce nmr y a nd into th e new Millenn ium, th ere co uld be non e berr e r

T he su p erb Nat io nal C hamb er Choi r o f

Welsh m ale voice choir sing ing just abo u t an yth ing". Repeat perfor ma nces of such

prefer red "an Italia n ch oir sing ing Verdi or a

tha n this ma ssive rome (584 pa ges of sma ll

Ireland gave a specia l concert ar Sr Finn

and sm aller p rint !) with co nrr ibur io n s from a

Ba rre 's Car hedral ro ma rk th at fruitful and -

'd ifficu lt' mu sic p rovoked ho sriliry an d the

multitud e o f peo ple who k new a nd stu di ed

it mu st be said - cos rly innovation, wh ich

practi se had ro be abandoned.

w ith th e 'Prof' ; th e whol e edi ted

has bee n mainrain ed und er John

me ticu lo usly by his eld est daughter Ruth

Firzpar rick's leade rship, w ith h is parricu lar

\'v'hen audiences were given cop ies of texts and the ho use-light s were p ur on during

Fle ischmann, with inva lua b le assistance from her yo u nge r sisters Ann e and Ma cve - rhe

co nce rn ro promote edu ca tiona l outrea ch . Th e selec ted items we re chose n by the cho ir' s

perfor man ces, rhere was a greate r accep ran ce of thi s 'NEW MUS IC', and under Ce lso An ru ncs the NCC has beco me far more

o ut co m e a co mpr ehe nsive so urce book of

Brazilian co ndu c tor C elso An tu nes from a

in for mation and precious re minis ce nce .

rora l of I 00 spec ial co mmission s fro m

exp erie nced in negotiat in g the complexities

co mp osers of man y narionaliti~ s. T he

of curring -cdgc co nt emp orary chora l mu sic

acoustics are perfec t and this was an

rhan had been the case in th e ea rlier decades.

cnrhrallin g mu sica l expe rie nce, eh~ m usic



The imposs ibiliry of reco ncilin g word s, music and dramari c chor eogra phy was highlighred in rhe oursrandin g cvenr (fo r us) oF rhe whole fcsrival, rhe br e nighr perform ance by rhe versarile and uniquely

The Narional C ho ir of Ireland' s co ncerr of Cork commi ssions was record ed for b roadcasring and hop efu lly may find irs way inro on e of rhe Cork Festival's fine CDs (see review o f the 2002 C D) and wirh the o mission of rex1s, somethin g of a hobb y- hor se of

accompli shed Philomeln of a sequence of choral songs by Tu rkka, Matve ine n, Kahara

mine, rem edi ed ?

and or hers, man y of rhcm derived from rhe

The doubl e CD of the 2003 Fesrival shows

Knlevnln. These youn g Finni sh wo men had been rrain ed by Marjukka Riihimaki ro di scover in rhemsclves a palcrre of rones high and low, sweet and raucous, each girl emergi ng as a confident solois r from rime ro rime . One cou ld only begin ro guess whar 1hey were s inging abour, bur we were rivered ro 1heir singi ng and exp ressive bod ily lan guage as rhey moved around rhe aisles and sreps of rhe beami ful modern inrerio r of Co rk's Norrh Cathedra l. On ly afrer acquiri ng rhei r new CD of rhe same programme could we discover 1har th e rexrs car ry enor mous power and resonance in rheir explorat ion of women's lives, asp irat ions and griefs. The complete exper ience of rhi s programme Micli is on ly open 10 narivc speakers of rheir languag e, and in live perfor mance . Nex1 best mu sr be rhc DVD wh ich is crying ou1 to be made (I und erstand rha1 Philomcla' s crear io ns have been rckvise d in rhcir nar ive land) and mu sr by example rcvolurioni se 1he ap p roach ro rhcir crafr of choi r di recto rs and co nducror s who arc fonu na1c enough ro cncounrcr ,hi s 1ora l musi co- 1hcatrical experience and rhink how , omc aspcu, migh t he adapte d in thl¡ir ow n prcsc n1a1ions. A DVD includin g op tional suh ridcd texts in a range of language, would comb ine 1he best of all worlds in 1his lllod crn wo rld n111 s ic inspired by li,lk 1radi1ion an d archa ic li>lk pncr ry'.

rhe pirfall of no r doin g so, norwith standing expens e cons iderati ons. Beyond bald ti tles of


pieces sun g, and iniria ls and surnam e of co mposer s, and of cho irs and condu cro rs fearur ed, rherc is no info rmarion wha1soeve r. lr can according ly be o nly a souvenir for rhat who were th ere and is no r reco mm endable

and preserv e a mu sical culrure in Ireland inro the futur e, arrc nded as iri s by very cvidenr personal and social benefirs. To fosrcr inrerest and en thu siasm in teenager s, rhe rebr ively rece nt Co 111p oser- in -the -C lassroom scheme has latterly con cenrrat ed o n encoura ging childr en ro bcco111eOedgling compo sers themselves. A pr esentat ion hy rwo ofJohn Spillane' s pop-folk classes showed what can be done; a confide nr boy singer/composer demon srra red how boys and girls can be help ed to surp rise rhemsclvcs and enrcr rhe world of practical mu sic-mak ing.

for genera l purchase, even rhough rhese may rema in th e only reco rdin gs ofr he two


inrerestin g co mmi ssioned works of rhe year. etse1n11 by J avie r Busto in O ne of those is A111 his foscin:ning, tongue-twisting native Basque lan guage (e.g. 'rxa- la' recentl y) and

the outc om e of rhe co n 1enr io n for the

Ii woul d be invidiou s fo r us ro comm enr on coveted Fleischmann Int ern ati onal Troph y. T here was a great deal of insp irin g musicmak ing, bur o nly rhe five ad judi cators ,

rhc o rher Irish co mpo ser G rain ne Mu lvey's demanding S1nhn11\1/ntafor 17 solo voices.

m ulri-national and vasrly expe rienced. had rhe henefir of sco res in frn nr of them . Their spokes man, Perer Erd ei of Hun gary, urged cho ir co ndu crors ro imm erse

IRISH SCHOOLS at the Festival The Co rk C horal Fest ival is robe

rhemselves in national and pe riod musical languages, an d ro uril ise rhe full scope of

comm ende d for open ing irs doors 10 schoo ls

sragc space to enhan ce rheir musical

fro m all over Ireland. Ii was hcan cnin g ro

perfo rm ances, creatin g excitement 1or rhe audicn ces, bur wirhou t di srracti ng from 1hc

listen to so man y children from far and wide rrying th eir bcsr. H owever many of rhc co m perin g Irish childr en had ye1 10 'find rheir voiC(:s' and sing om wirh co nf,d cncc; 1101all of rlw cond ucrors were mu .,ic teachers wi1h rrai nin g in voice prod union . Ii can only be hop ed 1har mu sic reaching, and the co111para1ivcly recc1111radi1ion of d 10r:1I singi ng in Ireland , ca n cnnrinue to he su pporr ed ro fosrcr and do justice 10 a pool

com posers. O ur own fovourires. from Belgium, Czecho slova kia, Finland and l.arvia. all won prizes and we were del ighted 1ha1 Marjukka Riih i111 :iki carried off rwo of rhe111. for Philo mda and for her mi xed choir Crex Musicus.

of poren 1ial 1alcm, an d help 10 encourage

IC:B ( hnr.d World New,



M EM OR IES Competitio n and ente rt ainm ent were

Reproduced with k ind pe rmi ssio n of Peter

in te rtw ined t h ro ugho u t the week in a packe d program m e th ro ug ho u t the city and beyo nd.

G ra hame Woo lf.

Everyone wi ll have ca rried away cherished

T he full arti cle ca n be viewed at:

memories; amongst mi ne were the you n gest

h trp://www. musical pointe rs.co. u k/ fest ivals/

and best of the sch oo l ch oi rs, stagger ing

inte rn at iona l .ht m l

musiciansh ip from N iamh W illiams's primar y sch oolc h ildren of Sr Brig id's,

The competition

D ub lin . We saw Slova k ian folk sing ing and

festival website: http://www.co rkchora l.ie.

results are posted on the

dancing on Eu ropean Accession Mayday, an d

For purc h ase in for matio n about Cor k

o n several occas io ns th e stun n ing footw o rk of trad itiona l Irish da nci n g; the smallest girl singer from Slovak ia and rhc smaller of th e

Fest ival CDs, an d Rut h Fle ischm ann 's biograp hy of Aloys Fleischmann ( 19 10 -92) A Life for Music in Ireland, and he r

Irish girl dance rs in the Cowhie Ryan group

celebration of th e festival ( 1954-2004)

radiat ed assurance and c harm.

to: chorfest@ io l.ie


See also the article about AJoys Fle ischma n n


on Music Web by David Wr ight

Next year Cor k wi ll be the Eu ropean C iry of

htt p://www .m us icweb .uk. ner/Aeisc h ma n n/

Cu ltur e (t h e Fest ival having play ed no sma ll part in the C iry's successf1.tl bid) and it


wou ld be a n apt gesrure for partic ipating choirs to be encouraged to revive so me of the ninery or so works commissioned

since 1962

in their p resen tation s and for some rwenry or so of the bes t of them to be col lected an d issued as a commemorative Aloys Fleischmann's

C D in ho nour of

pioneering sp irit.

Th e fin al word, as last year, must be for the smooth organ isation head ed by John Fitzpatri ck, and for the atte ntive care we privil eged guests received from eve ryone . It mu st be a mark of the spec ial sta nding of the fesrival among local peo ple rhar it el icits th e dedicatio n of over 170 volunt ee rs, some of rhem eve ry year over d ecades. Their concerte d efforts and know -how help to lifr the Cork C horal Festival into a truly outstand in g musical and social cvcnr. •

Peter Gmhnme Woolfmrd Alexa Woolf © Peter Gra hame Woolf (Emai l: p ccer.woolfl @brinrcrnct .co m)

Pete,· Grnhnme \Voolf is Fou11derofMmicnl Poi11tersht1p:l/www.111micnlpoi111ers.co . 11kaud Fowuler/Emerit11sEditor of Seeu&Heard 11k.11et!Sa11d H/2002/Fe (http:l!ww11J.111usicweb. b02/PGW75.ht111).He hns reviewed 11umerom competitiom far SeeucrHenrd nud Musical Poi111ers, i11cludi11g e.g. nn nunlysis of the results n11dmarkings nt 3rd Rhodes lm emntionnl Music Festivn!nnd Choir Competition Nntionnl Theatre of Rhodes, April 2001 H/200 I I (http://www. musicweb.uk. 11et!Sn11d Mny0l!rhod e;.htm)

( 1990/92)

Editor's note: Plense look nlso at the website of the Irish Comempornry Music Centre www.cmc.ie which mu be searchedfor nil co111missio11ecl works nnd which cnn nlso be purchased.

orld Chidren's Choir 9-14 July, 2005 in Hong Kong

Festi valHighlights

International experience withmorethan20choirsfromallovertheworld Various sight-seeing tours Opportunity tovisit Chinainachoralexchange tour Opportunity to performworldpremieres ofworksespecially commissioned fortheFestival

Inaddition,ourAssocia tionhopesto grouptogethersomeof theoutstanding choirstojointhe3rdInternational Children's ChoirFestival in China(15-26July,2004)rightaftertheHongKongFestival forfurtherprogramme exchange, experience sharingandperformances in MainlandChina(Guangzhou, Ningbo& Shanghai).

30October , 2004. ChoirApplication Forms canbedownloaded fromthewebsite. ChoirApplication Deadline: General Registration willalsobeopenforall individuals, choirlovers, teachersand professionals. Information onGeneral Registration willbereleased in early2005 . Formoreinformation onthefestival, ChoirApplication andGeneral Registration, , 2005World Children 'sChoirFestival please contac t:Secretariat Sponsoredby c/oRhapsoArts Management Ltd. Co-presentedby ,,_./ Tel:(852)2722-1650Fax:(852)2724-1960 '~ . tCO E-mail :info@rhapsoarts.com rniemaik>NIFederaiion ~~ Festival website: www.hktreblechoir .com/2005 _World _Children's _Choir_Festival/ ro,ChoralMuir, ~~~.

~= 41--


'\'I\Ww .coppla.orgar

- cantap



10 - 5500 VI.KM )O'l A 1 m.ar~ PIIONC '+ M-::, u;l.420379.1- PAX: '(.._








Nuria Tura i Ros

Conducted by Nuria Tura i Ros

One mu st see Felix N assi in action. He talks

choi rs: tradi tio nal cho irs singing th e

ed u cat ion; the rea lity howeve r is very

w ith lots of gestures and uses his whole body to

tradi tio nal repe rto ire which has bee n passed

di ffere nt , essenti ally fo r rhr ee reasons : first of

express th ings that are impossible to pw dow n

on b y rh eir a ncesrors rh ro ugh rh e cen ru ries, exclus ively in o ne of rhe na tio na l la nguages . T hen rhe re are Prot estant chu rch choirs,

all, beca use rhe teache rs do not ha ve

Ca tholi c ch ur ch cho irs, a nd fina lly so- called

ove rpopu larecl and do no t have big eno ugh

in w rit ing. Consequen tly\ his conv ersation is not only fit!! of h,formation, but also of mbtleti es and nu an ces. . . . H e does not gi ve a

adequat e m usica l train ing; seco ndl y, rhere is a lac k o f reso u rces: rhc schoo ls are

simpl e answ er to a concrete qu estion but want s

mode rn c ho irs. Th ese "modern " cho irs

rooms; th e re is o n ly one hall where we can

to expl ai n a lot of things wh en talking about

incl ude only singe rs who have com ple ted

accommoda te 65 ro 70 pu pils. T he rhird reaso n is ch ar rhe basic subj ects, such as

his countr y, his proj ects, and he wants 10 con vey

form al schoo ling and wh o speak a Euro pean

a way of listening to mu sic, sayi ng 1h11t'ih e

langua ge (Fre nch, Engl ish , Lat in, Span ish,

ma rh s, lan gua ges, b io lo gy, histo ry or

singer m ust be a complet e musician, he m ust

G erm an . . . ). T he youn ge r gen eration plays

geog raph y ta ke u p a ll rhe ava ilable rime.

use his entire body far the singing to come t~

guitar, electr ic p ian o , per cussio n ere . an d

In sp ire of th is, th e re a rc co urageo us teachers


they use these in strum ent s to acco mp any th e sing ing. lnr erprerat ion of fo re ig n re perto ire

w ho volu nt ee r to sing w ith thei r pup ils, ofr en in an im p rovised m ann er; rhey rehea rse

cakes o n very African colour s: swi ng, a nasal timbre of t he voi ce, in Auen ce of lo cal

wi th th em th e sam e o ld so ngs, lull ab ies and nur sery rhym es.

lan gu ages, ere . T hese ki nd s o f ch oirs can be

C on cl usio n: Everyth ing rem ains to be don e

fou nd in ch u rch es, scho ols and

in rhe scho o ls as far as m usic ed ucation is

co m mun it ies.

co nce rn ed. Th is is why I am wor kin g

Are th ere any choral fe derati ons'

Seco nd ar y Ed ucation in o rder to impr ove rhc

Most sing ing happ ens in rh e co mmu niti es o r

situat io n; on e of my p roj ects is to c reat e a

the ch u rch es; rhe exist ing associations a re

mu sic school whe re lea rnin g ro sing wo uld

always relig io us or ethn ic. Th ere is no

be rhc most im p orta nt sub ject .. .

to get he r w ith t he M inistr y of Prim ar y a nd

n at io n al fed e rat io n in Ben in yet, con siderin g the co mp lexity o f rhe siruario n .

Are there tlll)' pl ans to create one' On e of my ma ny o ccu pat ion s is exacrly to



trilk about choral mu sic in Benin in the

mak e rhe var io us cho irs awa re of the need to

rontex1 of Afri ca . . .

crear e a n atio n al cho ral fed erati o n in the near

Africa is a mu sical co nti ne n r, and Be n in is a

fu ture .... Jea n-C lau d e Wi lke ns fro m rhc

sma ll co u nt ry w ith 6 mill io n in habiranr s and

IFC M h as alread y com e ro Beni n rwice, a nd

ah our 2 00 diff erent langu ages a nd dia lec ts. Ir is a cu lru rally and a rt istica lly rich co un try.

we went tog eth e r ro rh e M in istry of C ultur e

As far as choral m us ic is co nce rn ed , ir mu sr

choral sing in g a nd ro help d evelo p rhc " Rcnco nrr cs Polyph o niqu cs" fosrival.

bc said tha t co llec tive sing ing has a lo ng trad ition. H oweve r cho ral sing ing in fourpan mi xed vo ices (SATB ) was inrro d u c..:d

in ord e r ro find support for rhc pro mo tio n o f

A m I righ1 to rnppose th11tyo u are trying to srty

inro Be nin b y C h ristian m issio naries w ho

thm there is a lot of work to be done' . . . Wh11t

had co me ro eva ngel ise Afr ica.

plr1cedoes music ocwpy in general, and choral

Ar prese nt, th ere a hundr ed s of c ho irs in

singing in prmirn lm; in the educat ion of a

fk nin ; ch o ral sing ing is also pra c tised in


chur ches. Basica lly. rhe rc a rc ro ur kind s of

O ur school curr iculum d ocs incl ude m usic

ICB World of C:h ilJ rcn's :ind Youd, Cho ir,


I would like to refer to Europa Ca11tatJunior 3 in Namttr OJ, to the body percussion workshop there. You made the children dance, create rhythm with their bodies, sing, play small perrnssion instr11me11ts, etc. Wasit a demonstration of what can be done, or an ordinary way of working;

and a good mu sician also needed to be ab le

Let me te ll you that th e choral co ndu cto rs in

kind o f work are very different w ith each of

to dance.

Tellme about yo ur choirs .. . about your work. .. I co ndu c t thr ee choir s: two child ren's choir s and a yout h choi r. The reperto ire and th e

Be n in d o fama stic work, cons idering the fact

th em. For instance, one of th e cho irs with

that th ere a re many tasks to fulfil whi ch they

whi ch I work, includ es 150 schoo l ch ild re n

do on a volunrary b asis, as we do not h ave

w ho co m e from a schoo l near Cotonou

profess io nal choir s in our country.

w he re th e re is st ill no electr icity. I do a lot of

Our concep t of "choral conductor"


"o rche stra l co ndu ctor" is co mpl et ely diff ere n t. I will give you an example: in

polyrhythm s an d uni son sing in g with them . The ch ildr en si ng very loud, a nd the reaso n

traditiona l mu sic, rhe pe rso n who con du cts

for thi s is that in their da ily lives most people here spea k in a lo ud voic e. Thi s affects th e

the choir is th e so lo ist, th e principal singe r or

quality of th e vo ice, an d the maj or diffi c ulty

the main pe rcuss ionist. Who ever it is, he o r

for me is to give d ept h to th ei r singing ...

she must be a co mplete music ian and express

T he repertoire for my other c hoirs is rather

the mu sic wi th his or her entire body .

varied, th ey sing Afr ican and ot her mu sic.

T h e use of hands, fee t or oth er body parts to

I would like ro work wit h Euro pea n chi ldr e n

accompany th e sing ing in un ison is a

in orde r ro teac h them to sing and dan ce th e

freq uent practice in Beni n and elsewhe re in

conte mporar y wor ks whic h I have don e with

Afr ica. Call a nd response is pra ctised a lot in

my ow n cho irs. .. •

Ben in. Our ancestors told us that singing


and dancing were intimatel y bound together,

2 1]11/y200 1.

Europa Cn11tnt J1111ior 3 took pincefrom 13-

Felix Nassi was born 01120 November 1961 in Nat itingo11,in the north of Benin. He is a self taught m11sicin11, b11ttook a number of cond11cti11g coursesin Franceand the Netherlands. He is thefo11nderand director of severalchoirs, the best-known of which is the "Choeur d'E11fan1sc/11Benin" with which he participated in the "World of Children's in 2001. This Choirs"festival in Va11co11ver choir also obtained a prize last year tit the Choir Olympics in Bwan, Koreaand has to11redin France and Belgi11m. At present Felix Nassi is the organizer of the "RencolltresPo91pho11iq11es lntemationril es de Cotonou"festival of which he is also the choral directo1: In addition, he cond11 cts music programmes 011Benin Radio and Television. Felix is an I FCM Advisor in chargeof promoting choralsinging in \Klt?st11fi·ica. Email:felix . 111wi@yahoo.fr This imerview was co11d11cted by N riria 7i1ra i Ros (a 111 e111b er ofthe Editorial Te11111 of"'La of thr Secretari11tde Circular·; the 111af(nzi11e - SC l C- the Comls h1fir11ti ls de Cat1d1111y11 Cr1111l1111 children's,·hoirfet!emtion. E11111il : 1111ri 11.t11m@scic .net The intervit•w took p/11ceduring 1:·11mp11 XV in B11rcelo1111 , Sp11i11 (/8 -27 }11/y Cr111t11t 2003) 1111tl 11111s completed b)' I::11111il rorrespo11de11re . Firstpuhlimti,111in L11Circular 11° 12 5, April. /vlay,J1111e 20 04. reprodurtio11in tm11Sl11tio11 with ki11rlpermission. (T rans!. from C:n~lan by Jurra "fa ggc r)


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TOURS - France

May 27 to 31, 2004 Opening Concerts by : TAPIOLACHOIR, under Kari ALA-POLu i'NEN (May 27) BANCHIERISINGERS,Hungary (May 28)



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Several categories including a Children's Choir category 20 Choirs coming rrom 16 countries : Austria , France, Great Britain, Italy, Kazakhstan. Moldova, Philippines, Russia, Slovenia , Spane, Sweden, Switzerland, Tchequia, Turkey, Ukrania, Ungary.

The winner will compete for· the 2005 European Grand Prix Total amount of the Prizes : 24,000 €uros Next Competitions : o 28 - 3 I May 2004 o 13 - I 6 May 2005 o May 2006 (with a Children' s Choir category) Deadline for Applications : every year, November 30 We offer a free accommodation and free meals for the choristers, but each Ensemble has to organize and to pay for his travel.

2005 Conductor: Bob Chilcott




(111t em ntio11nl Choirs & Orchestms) Mny 21-24, 200 4 Mny 20-23 , 2005

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111te111ntio11n/July 2 005

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Jean-Marie Marchal

Jean-Marie Marchal

z . ' . ' ,.¡-¡. " .



,,,\: ,,11onl

,111d,,ff11f11r. '\/11,,c from



11 11 I 111I IARP

I N'f h 1BI I

F o r about rwenry years, rhe Hi lliard Ensemble has been amon g rhe best en semb les of soloists d evo ted to rhe repertory of rhe Renaissance as well as contemporary


At the beginning of

their mu sical adventure, rhe English musicians built the ir reputation essent ially . . . but not so lely .. .on the repertory of the I 5rh a nd 16 centuri es. This is what th e new CD reissued today by H yper ion in its Helio s line , a CD that offe rs a var ied reperto ry, both secular and sac red, whose compos itions cover six ce nturie s from the

Salve Regina of H erm anus Canrracrus ( 11 rh c.) to the mor e rs of W illia m Byrd , rem inds us. Thi s select ion, origi nall y recorded in 1987 and 1989, demonsrrate s the cohesion, the flexibil ity, and th e precisio n of a vocal quartet called up on to pursue an exemplary caree r (SncreclrmclSernlnr Musicfi'O!nSix

Centuries - Hyp er ion CD H 55 I 48) . Among th e heirs of th e H illiard Ensemb le w ho a re in che news today in the realm of ea rly voca l mus ic is a Flemis h ensemble which sta nd s o u r by its rigor wirhour fault and with its really imaginative talent in the co nception of its program s . We arc referring ro rhc C apilla Flamen ca, dire cted by Bart Demuyt.

Their laresr releas e is devorcd to

rwo Flem ish co mpos e rs ac rive in the

Ger manic counc ries in the secon d ha lf of rhe

early music in rhe areas of accuracy,

16th ce ncur y. If che firsr of rhem , Philippe

homogeneity, expression, and tra nspa rency

d e Monte , ap p ea rs in che references on rhe

of th e to nes (Fon e 0 33 3SAC D ).

sub ject (in sp ire of the facr rhac rhe discog raphy curr en tly devoted to him do es nor co rrespond ro his im mense calenr), rh is is

Afte r Purce ll and Vivaldi, roday iris Mont eve rdi , and spec ifica lly th e sacred works of the Ital ia n com poser, who is the

no r rhe case of his colleag ue Alexandre

su bject of a comp lere recording p roject be ing

Urenda] (c.1530- 158 1), a musi cian who

e ntrusted by H yperion ro Robert Kin g and

spe nr the bulk of his caree r in the service of

ro his faithful King's Co nso rt. Th e first

Fe rdin and, Archduke of rhe Tyro l. Th e

volume of rh is new musica l adventu re mixes

program rhus create d around rhese rwo

four-pare Psalms , a mass in stile 1111tico, and a

people demonsrrares Franco- Flemis h polyp hon y in a ll irs sp lendor. A musi c

hym n by solo ists. King's produc tion is unfortuna tely un eve n. Th ere are indeed

tackled here from rhe angle of a certa in sonic

some very beaut ifu l th ings here, beginn ing

hedonism, seductive even th oug h someti mes inco nseque ncial, a lso very e loq ue nc thanks ro

wirh rhe int e restin g insrru menra l do ublin gs collnpnrte of th e Messaa 4, a nd wit h th e

rhe b eauti ful decla ma tory imp act of a

beaut iful sweet co lors of rh e h ymn Christe Ree/emptorOnm ium . On rh e other hand, the An/ms a re disappointing in th e ir lack of

flexible and fu ll-blossomed sing ing (Pas saca ille 2 07872). Stick ing w irh early polyphon y, rhis time wi th

polyphon ic clar ity an d th ei r often ma ssive

an importanc proj ect, that is the pub lication

a nd un-un iform chora l h and lin g . A mixed

of the comp lete works o f G iova nni Pi er luigi

result , th erefore! (H yperion 67428).

da Palestrina , wh ich includes not only a new

Th e prog ra m selected by J effrey Sk idmo re

edit ion of rhe sco res a nd th e produc tion of record ings, but also co n fere nces, pedagogica l

and his ensemble Ex Ca th edra, whic h p icks up in a sense th e "C he rn ins du Baroq ue"

ini tiatives, ere. Thi s bold accomp lishment,

series ina ugurate d by rh e label K6 17,

which is projected to rake at least rwenry

exp loring rhe repertory born in rhe heart of

years, includes a series of reco rdings , rh e first

the Jesuit miss ion s disseminat ed in Larin

of w hich has jus r been released. It is devoted

Amer ica in the 17th centu ry, from rhe pen of

ro the five ma sses present ed in Palestrina's

compose rs such as Juan d e Araujo and

Mismmm liberprimus, publi sh ed in Rome in

Domeni co Z ipoli , is mu ch more orig inal.

1554 . The performance is entrusted ro Robe rt o Gabb iani and ro a selecr ion of rhe members of the Chorus of the Accademia Nazional e di Santa Cecilia, spec ialists in rh e repertory of rhe 19th and 20r h centu ries, and in part icu lar of Romanti c opera. The twe n ty-four singers chosen from with in th e

Coro Polijimicoare therefore not specia lists in this very spec ific repertory ... and that can be hea rd! Even if their ent hu siasm and desire ro do well a rc obviou s, ir must b e observed rhar their serv ices do not equa l in a ny way the work of rhe besr ensemble s sp~cia liz ing in

ICO Co llector's Co rner



Die Jakobsteiter Friede auf Erden RundfunkehofBe,hn

Deutsche, S)fflphOnie-Ofche sler Bertin



trad it ion al choral version bu r also in its orc hestra l version . And th en J acob's Ladder, an enigmati c wor k left u nfinished as a result of rhe mobilizat ion of rhe com poser du ring the First Wo rld War , and whose fragmenrs we re subsequ entl y reunit ed by \X/i llfrid Z illig

the occa sio n do nor really possess rhe

Bac h: a M ass in C Majo r by an unk nown auth o r, a Magnificat in a minor and a Mas s in c mino r attr ibut ed respect ively to Melch ior Hoffm ann and Francesco D u rante. Th e so nic document is wort h seeking our because it allows one to appr eciate to wha t degree Bach was abl e to sto re u p d iverse sty les in

tem perame nt necessary ro trans late all th e

order to nou rish his ow n mu sical langua ge.

energy th at m ust emerge from rh is m usic ro

Th e int erpretation , clean and d isti nct ive,

at th e head of a cast of idea l so lo ists, is

render it captivat ing. A kind of real b ur cold

remain s u nfortunately beyond the qua lity of

simu ltaneou sly airy, pre cise, lumin o us, in

beauty rhar seems inappropria te em ana tes from th is reco rd ing (Hyperion 673 80) .

rhe wo rks an d their expres sive pote ntial (cpo

perfect balan ce be tween clarity, sens e of color s, and generosity of mo od . Very clearly, th is reco rd ing appears to me ro lead th e d iscog raphy henceforth , all the mo re because rhe sound q uality is also exem plary, coherenr , well leveled and full of relie f. Add

Th ese latter appear on the men u o f a very pleasa nt Span ish-flavore d program th at must be app roac hed wi th natur alness, enth us iasm , and spo nta neity by its int erpreters to give it its fu ll measu re. It is here that th ings get spoil ed, because th e m usicians gather ed for

in a pow erfu l and fascinati ng wo rk . T he inr erp rera rio n offered tod ay by Kent Na gano

T he work of Johann Sebasti an Bach co nr inues to inspire day afte r d ay interpr eters, in rhe first rank of which is Ma saak i Suzuk i, who pur sues u npe rt urb ed

9998 34-2 ) . A return to th e new wo rld and more prec isely ro rhe Un ited Sta res to di scover the latest record ing of rhe en semble Anonym o us 4, devo ted to th e reperto ry of spiri tual s born

rhe buil d ing of a set of the complet e ca nr aras which wi ll make histo ry by the fact of its

at rhe turn from rhe 18th to the 19th ce nturi es. A music unl ike any oth er, wh ich

to th is rh ar th is hybri d SAC D offers an

great aesth etic and int erpretive ma tu rity.

ca rries int erna lly bot h the European roo ts of

ma nu scr ipt of rhe work , and rhe happi ness is

The latest vo lum e to app ear, th e twenty second in th e series, co n firms all the goo d

American mu sic and the first fru its o f a new

co m plete! (Rundfunk cho r Berlin [Radi oc hoirj, Deursches Symph on ieO rch esrer Berli n - H armo nia mu nd i HM C

rhar has bee n tho ugh t of its predecessors. T he Japanese dir ec to r, wh o can counr on a choru s remarkab le fo r its malleab ility and hom oge neiry, defini tely co ndu cts Bach with an inco mparabl e arr of di scours e, mad e of natura lness and freedom supp ort ed by a firm

and very specific reper tor y. Th e int erpretation of the four fema le singers,

add itional visual feat ure of th e comp lete

long- rim e par tn ers as everyo ne knows, is ad m irab le in sponr ane iry and rad iant joy. Gospels, Psalm tunes and Revival tu nes follow eac h oth er in a tabl eau varied in colo r and sensib ility th at mix a healrhy po pulist vigor

80 182 1).

agogic rhat best reveals th e com poser 's

w ith an aut hent ic religio us fervo r (Am ericnn

inr enrion s. A brilli anr success, on ce again , whi ch benefits fu lly from the thre e cantata s

A ngels - H arm oni a M u ndi 90732 6).

var iou s soloi sts and instru mental ensem bles. Under the rid e of "W irn ess," rhese artists

chosen for th e occasio n (Cantatas BWV 7,

follow up, w ith an abso lut ely fabulou s reco rd ing of rwo wo rks by Arno ld Schoe nb erg rhar expr ess all rh e forc e of con viction of rhe comp ose r when he is confr onte d with t he Bib lical message. First,

20, end 94 - Bis 1321). We are less enrhu siasric abo ut rh e reco rdin g of ap ocryphal work s of the Canror (wh ich app ea r in th e Ap pendi x of the BWV cata logue) perform ed by Wolfgang Helbi ch at t he head of the I Fcbia rmonici ensemb le an d of th e AJsfelder Vokalcn semb le. T he pro gra m includ es th ree wo rks copi ed by

D iving inr o the heart of th e 20th centu ry to

there is the remarka ble Friede auf Erden [Peace on Earch], m agnifice nr page of insp irat ion and generos ity offered here in its

Fina lly, from M inn ea po lis co mes a sup erb box set of four d isks reco rded by rhe VocalEsscnce En semble Singers and C ho rus d irec ted by Philip Bru nelle, acco m pani ed by

have und ert aken a lo ng-te rm program wh ich aims to defend and illust rate th e ent ire legacy of Afro -Am erica n mu sicians and co mp ose rs to th e mu sical cu ltur e of rhe USA in rhe2 0rh cenr ury. Space is too lim ited here to describe the menu of this aston ishing and revitalizing mu sical voyage, wh ich lingers successively o n rhe tradit io n of gosp els an d spiritu als, t hen o n rhe work of W illiam Grant Srill (w ho lefr m uch m ore th an the famo us Af ro-A meri can

Symphony), a nd then on the work of rhe last generation of Black Amer ican com po sers, and final ly on rh e sranda rd s of the golde n age of jazz of the 1920 s. Th e variety in

~ Musica Mundi


Concert Tours "T hl' ,\rti,,tic J\ltl'rn,1t iH•"

a tmo sph e re that emerg es from th is very specific repe rtor y is absolut ely extraord inary , and th e mixrur c o f sponraneiry , ene rgy, an d

Experience the Tradition!

tec h nica l competence rhat emanar es from th e inr erpr erarion of th e mu sician s di rec ted by Philip Brun elle is tru ly re markab le . A rea l di scovery, thr illin g from one e nd ro th e orher ! (C lar ion C LR 9 044C D - See a lso

Tuscany International Chil dren's Chorus Festival* Florence/ Rome, Italy

www.voca lcssen ce.or g). •

(Email:jm. marchal@cccwh)

Joan Grego ryk, Conductor/Clinician 2005, July 4 - 12

(Tra nsl: Mar vin J. Wa rd, USA)

Copenhagen International Chil dren's Chorus Festival* Cope nh agen/Ode nse /Sve ndbo rg/ Roskilde, Denmark

Henry Leck, Conductor/Clinician 2005, June 27 - July 4

* See details in the Festivals listing of this ICB. Music a Mundi ConcertTours ·101 First Street, Suite 454 • Los Altos, CA 94022 Phone +1 650 949 1991 • 1 800 947 1991 • Fax +1 650 949 1626 Email: tours@musicamundi.com

www .musicamund i.com

Marta Jakubiec Chora l conduc tor

been rich in in spira rion following rhe

significant role in the piece W11ieboglosy

d iscovery of music of differe nr cult ures and

(Singing to Heaven) by Rysza rd Gabry s (b. 1942), because the com pos ition is des ig ned ro be a piece of musica l rh eacre wi rh si ngers imp erso natin g 3 gro up s of angels - good, ne utral an d rebel lious. T he ang els argue what to ca ll Go d : Jehova h, Ado nai or Eloh im? Singers arc e nco ura ged to improv ise upo n

Oczek iwnnie (\'(laiting) by Jerzy Korn ow icz (b. 1959) exp resses swinging mood s co nnect ed with rhe p resence a nd absence o f a loved on e. We hear shorr senrence s bot h in Polish and English: ,.I am rock ing", .,Go ro sleep", .,I will prot ect you", app ear ing upon a peace ful backgrou nd of mo tifs from a Polish folk dance wh ile late r m ore dramati c text s: .,I am wai ting", ,,You are not here " are obses-


five-yea r co nducr ing experience has

ralking ro chora l c nrh usiasrs rh roughou r rhc wor ld . T he di scussions wit h my fore ign fr ie nds made me realize how few Po lish conrcm po ra ry chora l compose rs were known to rhcm. In face, che o nly composers famili ar to peo ple ours ide Poland are the icons of

T he arran ge ment of singers also pla ys a

the syllables of God's d ifferent nam es. On

sively repeated wirh increasing dynamic s

the ot her ha nd , so me parts of this piece are

unt il a cu lm inating sc ream of the whole

(all born in rhe 30s). On th e orher hand , the re is a large group of younge r co mpo sers who arc successfu lly co nri nu ing rhe Polish chora l rradirio n. Many of rhem dese rve being discove red ro rhe bencfir of chora l mu sic, rh e satisfact ion of co nducror s an d th e enjoyment of aud ie nces.

composed in the tec hn ique nora conrra noram (I) _The composer says: "I wanred the

Th e compositions

improvi sed , vibrant and del icate structures to contrast with the nora contra nora m melod ies illustrat ing a down-to-earth life".

sop histicat ed and demand ing, th erefo re they ca n be found in th e reperto ire of professio nal o r sem i-p rofe ssiona l choir s.

Alt houg h the majority of compos irions by

T he amate ur chora l move ment in Poland has

Edward Sielicki (b.1956) can be classified as

largely be nefited from Marek Jasinski (b .

One of these outstand ing composers is Pawel

sac red mu sic , the sacr ed mea ning of th e

1949 ) whose vivid Psalm JOObelon gs to rhe

Szymanski (b. 1954) who se pieces possess an

words is of less importan ce to the co m poser.

repertoir e o f nearly every Polish acad e mic

In facr, texts are chosen not so mu ch for

c hoir. 1-lis Prelude n11dFughettn is an idea l

th eir mea ni ng but rarhe r because of thei r

p iece for introd ucing po lyphon y to c hildre n's

Re na issance a re repea ted in slightly modified

be ing su itable for mu sic as in the examp le o f

choir s. Jasinski en riches m usic by

for ms, which brin gs about u nusual colour

Jub ilate Deo. (Sec Excerp t 3)

improvi sat ion and sou nd s thar go beyond co nven tional sing ing: whispe ring, screaming

Polish mu sic: Krzysz rof Pe nd e recki, H e nr yk M ikol aj Go recki or Romuald Twa rd owski

easy recog n izabl e idiom: stru ct ur es referrin g mainly ro baroque or

effects. In his Lux netemn , th e initial effect

choir . me nt io ned above a rc

or excessive and slow vib rato as for insrance

of a flickerin g light is achiev ed by shorr Co mp osers born in the 1940 s and th e 1950s

in his D onn nobis pncem.

ce ntur y l 'homme nrm e s ung by individ ual

use secular them es as well. Rilk e-li eder by

(See Excerpt 5)

vo ices .

Kr zysz tof Bac ul ewsk i (b. 1950) for 2 cho irs,

motif s o f the popul a r melod y from the XVth

(See Exccrpr I)

soprano an d baritone so lo, con sisrs of3

Composers born in th e 1960s a nd rhe 1970s

son gs on th e poe ms of Rilke . Th is passio na te

hav e tu rned mainl y toward s sac red mu sic.

c ho ral cantata about love is full of

Paw el Lukaszews ki (b. 1968) says: ,, I have a

(celesta, vibrap hone, harp and piano)

c ulminat ions, swift tempi, comp lex harmony

grea t respec t for the Word and I seek a suit-

co mple re the tra nspa re nt strucrnre of th e

a nd texrn re . Various techniqu es

a ble so und for it. My m usic is ro e ncour age

wo rk. Sudd enly, th e ligh t d isperses whil e rich e r rexru re, rhy thm a nd loud er d ynami cs

co rrespondin g to words of po ems give rise to very suggest ive imag es of love-related

people to co ntemplat e" . Th e cycle of 7 Antiphons is called "O Antiphons " as eac h title begins with the lerrer "O" ( 0 Sapientin, 0 Adonni .. . ). The texr expressing the awaiting of rhe bir t h of C hri st has been emp loyed in rhc C hr isrian litur gy of Adve nt since the IXth centur y. Lukasz.ewski's cycle

High ron cs of accom pa nying inst rum ents

a ppear. Appro ac hin g the end, the gradua l synchroni zatio n of rhc voices illust rares rhe conce ntration of the light. For th e desired e ffect , singers should adopt rhc arrangement o n the stage sugges ted by the co mp ose r. (Sec Exce rpt 2)

e motion s: te nsion, lo nging or loneli ness. For insra nce, imp atience and sudd e n ness while falling in love are reflec ted by "t rem blin g" melodies. (See Excerp r 4)

written as a 40-mi nut e chora l sympho ny is a rea l cha lle nge to the choir owin g to a

ICB Rcpcrroire


co mbin at ion of w ide vocal ran ge, various

Aldona Nawro cka (b. 1977) ru ms to chu rch

d yna mics a nd rich cexrur e . T he w hol e cycle

sca les e m ploy ing rhe Ph rygi an mod e in her

possesses com m o n cha racter istics suc h as

Agnus Dei. She says: " Inspir ed by rhe

frequen t asce nding minor sixchs, fad ing

phe nome non of topopho n y (2) I t ried to

phrase s or qua s i bourdon in ma le vo ices . (See Excerpt 6)

create the effect of permanenr so u nd reflect ion by mea ns of overlap pin g Phr ygian melodi cs inter ru pted by d issona n t cho rds".

In Psnlm 88 by Mar cel Ch y rzy nski (b. 197 1)

New gene ra tio ns of Polish co m posers have

a depres sed ma n co mpl ains bitt erly to God

b een co nt in uing the rich tradit ion of th eir

abo ut h is fare. Th e static a nd impa ssive

great pr edece sso rs. Full of verve, passion and

melod y trai ling for 9 min u tes over dark

colo u r, the ir mu sic see ms to rcAccr genu inely

chords affects the hope less mood of th is

nat io nal qua lities of Poles: spo n ta neity, love

wo rk. Eve n the repeated req uests for rescue w h ich are rh e cu lmination s of rhc piece

of im prov isat ion and fant asy. C an they act as

gradual ly weaken and fina lly di e away. O n che co ntrar y, rhe rhy rh mica l Psn/111

,,Do111 i11eDeus" by Ba rt os z Kowa lskiBan asew icz (b. 1977) a nd Psnlm CL "Laut/ate Do111 i1111111 " by Wojc iec h W idl ak (b. 197 1) explod e wi rh joy. Psalm CL ca lls

a go od counte rwe ight ro th e ser iou sn ess of relig iou s themes tradition ally imp ona nr in Polish mu sic? Th e comp ose r of rhc passionate Adorat io crucis, Wcro nik a

Ratusinska (b. 1977), ca me up wit h a sort of ma nifest of the youn g ge ne rat io n of co mp ose rs by sayin g: " We a rc looking for

fo r prai sing God by playing mu sical

texts which hav e a phi losop hica l, ethi cal.

insr rum e nrs: zit he r, horn o r harp w hose

religious or lire rary meaning . Inspir ed hy

rone s a rc imi rared by rhe c ho ir. Th e Aowing

rrad irio n and the prese nt, we rend to

c haracter of the pie ce is ensured by rhe

co mbin e eleme nt s of classica l m usic wit h

irregu la r mere r 7/8 .

eth n ic o r minim a list m usic" .

Dusz n 1110)11 (M;, Soul) by Pr ze myslaw Zyc h

Still undi scove red, Po lish choral mu sic o f the

(b. 1980) is a rncd irarive work. Based on a

prcse111rimes is wai ti ng for its Co lumbu s. lr

XV lrh cc nrur y Polish C hr isrm as carol, it has

is bound to app eal ro rhc hea rts of" man y

a simp le stru crur e, slow tem po and

mu sic lover s. •

1l1arta J11k11biec holds masters degreesin choml eco110111ics ( 1998) fiw11 conducting (2000) 1111d the Chopin Ac11de111y of M usic in \\'l,mnw, cs. Polnnd, and the \¼rsnw School of Eco110111i Additionnl conducring st11diesinclude Em·ly Music with Erik van Nevel 111the Le111111 em l mti tute, Le11oe11,Belgium (2003); and courses with Cmy Cmden, ]011Washburn, Peter Erdei, and U1VeCronostay. She has 1Vorkedwith 11 11u111ber ofprofessionnl choirs, including the BBC Singers (E11gla11d ), the Vancouver the Debrecen Cha111b er Choir (Ca11ad11), Chmnber Chnir (H1111g111y) . nnd the Siiy11 \lorn/ Eme111hle(S1Veden) . Her rece/11nrtisric ncrioitl'Sinclude pe1for111ing 1111d promoting l'olish co111e111por111y music. /11 2003 she qualified asfi1111/is t in the Mnriele Ventrel111 ematio 1111I Co111pe1 itio11far choml conductors i11Bolog1w, Italy; 1111d, together with her St. Cecilirr Chamber Choi,; she presr111erl f>oli sh co11 tm1pom1y 111usir 111the l111 em111io1111I Chonrl Meetings in Ftrno,ftnly Her scientific interestse111hmrevoice d vocal techniques in various production 1111 musical pn·ir,rls a11rlgenres. E11111il : sr.cecilia@111p.pl I m11rrjak@111p .pl Ti:!: +48 50 1 6263 74, +48 22 446 10 08

inc reasing dy nami cs rill a hu ge culmina tio n. Thi s helps to ach ieve a d eep co nt em plati ve mood and ensure s a real catha rsis in the aud ience . Thank s rn irs s impli ciry rhis piece is very ofren sun g by n o n-pr ofess ional c hoir s. (Sec Exce rpt 7 ) The youngcsr co mp osers freq u en tly refer to arc haic mu sical ele men ts. For instance, Dari usz Lapin s ki (b . 197 7) uses a sry lizar ion of th e plain chant in his Benedictio11es. (See Excerpt 8)

UiNota contm 11ot1m1 - 111yp1 • of rounll'ljJoi111 rhytlm1, in which voicesnregiven the sa111e therebyforming chords. 1217iJ/)()p hony - the sp111 i1,I 11rm11ge111n11 of (groups of) 111usici11m or singers in 11 pnjor1111111ce .

"'71,e11111siml ,·xterprs 111 e111ionl't! in the text 111"1' posted 0111v11m 1.ifi:111 .11etin th,, !CB section ..

Baroque Voices2004 Baro que Mu sic as a Vehicl e for C ultu ral Int egrati on

August 28 - September 10, 200 4

Vigevano (Italy)

C laud io Mo nt everd i wo rkshop Robe rto Gi ni , co nduc to r of the ensemb le "Concerto"

Alessa ndro Scarlatti works hop G ian luca Ca pu a no, cond ucro r of the e nsemb le "! Mad rigalisti Ambrosia11i "

Th e M astercla ss is aim ed at you ng mu sicia ns, be tween th e ages of 18 a nd 35 , fro m all ove r the wo rld . Sch olarshi ps may be grant ed to cove r parti cipati on fees. T he Ma sterclass will cake p lace dur ing th e first Vigevano Fest ival: t his will enable the pa rti cipant s to exp erience the atm osph e re of a great int ern ation al festival. T he Vige vano M as terclass is part of a pilo r proj ect by IFC M , the Int ernation al Federat io n for C horal M usic, to creat e a n int ern at iona l network of maste rclasses shar ing a co m mo n frame wo rk Th e final co ncert will be pare o f the V igeva no int ern atio na l festival . Passes fo r all rhe eve nts of the Vigeva no Festiva l will be avai lable to the pa rt icipant s.

Ven ue Th e Ma sterclass will rak e place in the beautiful renaissan ce town of Vigevan o, in rhe heart of Lo m ba rdy, 30 km . from Mi lan . Th e classes w ill rake p lace in the XJX cenm ry Teatro Cagnoni a nd th e othe r event s w ill be host ed in various histo rica l ven ues kind ly made ava ilab le for use by che C icy o f Vigeva no a nd th e T agge r Fou nd a tio n.

App lica tio n deadline: Jul y 1, 200 4 For fu rther informat ion , please visit: www .ifcm.net

M asrerclass Pro gram me - voca l e nsem ble rcchni q uc - repertoi re for , m .tll vocal e11scmblc ,

- mcc 1i11gs with m usico log ists - im rodu c 1io n ro so ur ce n:searc h m ethodology

- per(ormance practice

- hi~tory and aesthetics of Italian Baro qu e mu sic - pub lic co ncen s by di e teachers a nd pa n icipa m s


b :-t.'>.!. O c..on 1i 11u u p 1~1L li LC

Follo/l)i ng the first Baroque Voices 11111sterc/11ss, 1/)hich took place in Francein J uly 2003, "! Madrigalisti Ambrosiani " of M ilm, in coprod11 ctio11with the Taggerfo 11 ndatio11 , is now organiz ing the second Broque Voices masterdass under the patronage of the IJ\1C, the !ntemt1tio111il Mmic Counci/, anrl in rollt1boration with the lFCM, 1he lntenllltional Fedemtio11fo r Choral Music. This session will place prtnirular emphasis 011 1he centralfigur es of Baroque vomLn111 sic: Claurlio /vfontewrdi and Alessandro Smrlatti . A ter11n of p rofessional tertchffswill introduce111 r¡1hodsf or ,1 detaift,d scientific 11 ppro11rh to the his1oricriland philologimlproblems co1111 ected with the interpretation o/a11cie111music.

P rod uced by: I Madrigalist i Ambrosiani

Taggcr Found ation

mad rigal@fasrwcbnet. ir

in fo@raggcrfo u ndar ion .or g

lnc ernat io nal Ma sterclass fo r Bamque Ensemble Vocal M usic Under 1hc pa1ro11agcof 1he l111 ern:11io 11.1I Musk Council (IMC) In collaboration wi1h rhc l n1cm:1r ional Fctlt-r:11 ion for ( :hor:1 1M usic (I F(:M) I n coproduccion with 1hc T :tggc r Founcb.cion



Conducted by Kathy Romey

Kn thy Romey (KR): \.'(!hat nbout the choral

yo u know, a nd it expre sses itself. I find an

perform ance pract ice ecolog ies which

medium npp enls to yo u? Libb y Larsen (LL): I co uld ne ver be thinking of nor working wirh the vo ice. Th e voice is

ext raordinary cha llenge in c reating a chor al utt erance, which is the way I rhink of my

infl uence rh e c reat ive process. Th e global

pieces. I don 't rhink o f rhem as pieces, bur as

eco logy of insrrumcnr al perfo rman ce are

pa rr o f me! Though I co mpo se for solo

creatin g a n utt eran ce. And rhen, rak ing it

qu ire d ifferent. Th ey are nor ar odds , bur rh ey arc quite diff erent just in rhcir

ecology of chora l singin g and rhc globa l

voice, op e rar ic vo ice, com me rcial vo ice -

int o a c ulrur e which has spec ihc d eti nirion s

what appea ls to me abo ut the ch ora l voice is

about what is and is nor choral, is rea lly a


cong regatio n. It is the idea of a congregated

cha llenge.

fifties now, and

group of indi viduals lifting their voices

"C h oral" is infini te. Wher e rwo peop le ar e

my mu sical life I am beg inni ng to

req uir eme nt s. I am into my

I feel chat for the first tim e in

beyo nd th e stree t, in my mind, in an effort

togeth er, cha r is cho ra l. C hall e nge is to

und erstan d how th e instruments

to height en em o tio n , to exper ience

co ntinu e to work in u tterance as a n a rr form

had m ade th em sou nd , and I had und erstood

something char no n e of us ca n exper ience alon e. Voice in a co ngregat e way - I mea n

whi ch has d efin ed itself as a field w ith

techn iqu e, and th e phys ics of che m and what

markets, and w ith subd ivisions of mark ers wi th in rhe field. Bur rhar's nothing new.

have you. Bur I am now begi nn ing to

the sec ular rerm of co n grega te - is an

work. O h, I

ext rao rd inary exper ience. lr is a very rare gem of an expe rie nce . I chink you and I we re

That's an age-ol d ch allenge of a ny art ist.

und erstand m etap h ysica lly, why rhc instruments wo rk. For rhe voice, iris

ta lking righ t after September 11th , and you noted rhe event in which ¡severa l of th e

KR: let's talk about your choral composition s.

sounds wel l, a nd is successf ul. Bur co rake rhe

Are there certain works that are significant to

vo ice beyond w hat it kno ws in a n organic,

senator s gat hered on the ste ps of the Cap ito l.


idioma tic way is where I am right n ow in

The med ia was there, and there was go ing to

LL: Yes. Who Cnm1ot Weep, Com e L enm of

chora l work. I wanr ro rake th e notion of

b e a press conference.

Me was a signiticant piec e for m e. Ir is a cha nt -based piece. le is about the cas tin g of

a way char makes pe rfect sense for th e choir .

that some how the congregate liftin g of vo ice

rhe voice in to a reverberant space , a nd

T ha t is also what I ha ve been doi ng in m y

beyo nd speech , beyond reaso n , is at the hearr of choral - wharever "chora l" is. Th at is

trusting that rhc ai r a nd the space w ill hold rhe mu sic in it, which is o ne of rhe

instrumenta l co mpo sing. Th e inst rume nts

wha t int erests me abo ut ir.

p rofound aspects of ch ant. I want to say rhat it rakes supreme trust, as we are ta lking

in a way char makes evo luti o nar y sense . Even tho ugh the journey - t he ge tti ng th ere -

KR: What about this medium challenges you,

about a sacred tradit ion. There is supr eme

seems un fami liar, one has

if anythin g?

trust char when vo ices co me roge cher in a

jo urn ey more than th e piece itself. Th en,

LL: I ca n te ll what ir is rhar cha lleng es me:

co nd uctorless, mccerlcss Aow, the re wi ll be

w hen yo u ger to pe rfo rm rhe piece, you go -

rh e attempts of ce rrain ind ividuals to d efine

unity . This striving fo r unity th rou gh

and ow n th e d efin it ion of chora l si•ng ing. I

singing ch ant becomes a philo sop hica l and

Aha! You have to h ave an audience in order to ger rh e Aha!

And w hat did tho se

se nator s do? Th ey sang! It was extra o rdinar y

rea lly am a rebe l in conse rvative clothing.


possibl e to writ e piece after piece, which

congregat e utt erance beyo nd irs tradition in

must be raken beyond rhe traditional


id iom

tru st rhe

spi ritu al process, far outweig hin g an

am co nstanrly chall enged by rhe arrem pt s of

ob jec tive searc h for cho ra l so und.

KR: So in writing vocal music, nre there

peop le to ow n m usic - to own its d efini tion, to mak e rules for ir, to de fine ir hierarc hically as ce rtain, crafted "sound. " All rhe whil e,

Following Who Cnnnot Weep, Come Leam

certain compositionnl elements, which inform

of Me came / Ju st li ght ening, Psnlm 12 1 ... othe r pieces char are about flow, cong regate

your writing? farce .

Aow, and utterance . So char was a very signihcanr piece in many, many ways.

Tr ying

rhere is no such thin g as a c horal sound. T here is o n ly a co ngregate vision. And it chan ges as the clorhing in rhe culru rc


sounds 11sif text is 11domi11n111

LL: Yes. The words are the dominan t force. to und ersta nd rhe sign ifican ce of the choic e of wo rd is a pla ce of imme n se

chan ges, as rhe so u nd palace of th e cultur e

KR: \°JC'ould you discussyour creativl' processfar

inspir ation for me . For insta nce, I begin by

chan ges, as rhe need to exp ress rhe language

setting vocnl music versus imrmm entnl music.


of the cultur e ch anges . La nguag e is Auid,

LL: It has taken me 45 years to und e rstan d

rhen rhe word next ro ir. And rhen, rhe rwo

char we have two disparat e rh eorer ical and

wo rds in co m b ination.

ro und ersta nd a single wo rd. and

ICB Composers' Co rner

I rry to understand



the ecology of th e wor d s th emselves, the

fou r minute s, in a way which none of our

cho ices of the wo rds, an d the n the symax.

ot her musica l ritua ls allow us to spea k. I

O nly then I beg in to u nde rstand what the

dec ide d to com pose a work wh ich com b ines th e met ric and rhe no n-m et ric wo rld as a

KR: No, bur there is a//Jarenessof the //Jorld surrounding you. And that n//Jarenesstakesyou beyond i11tern111 e11t. LL: Immeclia rely. T he image o f barbed wir e fee ls like rhe filam ent of a sp ider's web, in irs

mu sic need s to be for th e p iece. For me, th e mus ic m use be MORE meaningfu l to the

metap h or for free spir it and ho pe as more

words th an the wo rds are meaningf u l to th e

powerfu l rhan reg ulation . Ru nn ing rhro ugh

frag ility, because of the srrengch o f rhe spir it.

music. le is all proces s. Fluid, Aui d , Auid.

rh e work is a dro ne, sung almost as a little

You jus t move in an d ou t and aro un d ir. You

met ric ritom ello, for w h ich it tak es the sonic

work w irh ligh t, w ind, heat , the sound o f th e

KR: Wouldyou talk about MAY SKY". What

form of th e letter Z. Thi s dron e, in and of

cicadas, the sha d ow on rhe wall. .. Non e of

factors had an impact on the creation of this composition besidesthe parameters of the commission itself? LL:T he re were outs ide factors which

itself, is iron ic, sinc e in its natural world, the

rh ese rh ings can be contained by barbe d

dr one of the c icad a is non-metr ic. I then set

wire . Non e of it! In rhe simp le, rrue

che tex t, bo th Eng lish a nd Ja panese so th at it

stre ngth of rhe texts and rhe H aiku Kai poer ic form ba rbed wire m rn s into a sp ider's

insp ired me right away. When yo u contacted me about composi ng th is work for the World C ho ral Symposium,

my mind it immediately

ap pears to be metric . Bur th is also is ironic, as th e rexr needs co Aow like chant in or de r to mak e its besr impact. As you know , ir rook me a long rime ro wrire

we b rhar is batte d away - just abso lutel y batted so rhar rhe re is really no conrai nm cn r. Only simarion . T his was extraordinarily

lepr ro th e idea chat th e W o rld Choral

chis piece .. . beca use I wamed co cake so me

humb ling ro me. What I was grappling wirh,

Sympo sium is an opportu n ity for

cha nces culturally, an d I was afraid to do

and I thi nk this pie ce is on e of my imporcanr

internat io n al u tterance a nd und erstandi n g.

rhat. Bur now I a m not afrai d . I said , "No,

p ieces, is this: Is ir possible rou se th e bar

And th en you said , " We wo uld rea lly like for

no, no . T his is a cu lm inat ion ." We ta lked

lin e in rhe way rhac th e bar b ed w ire was used

you to wr ite fo r the Okubu C ho ru s in

about me putt ing cy mbals in che chorus , and

in rhe inr ern mem ca m ps, so that rhe ba r line

Japan". I knew that I want ed ro rry ro speak th rough a cu lture that o u r country had o nce

I decided u pon rhe letter Z instead . . . I tho ught, '(f f cannot compose t he work as an

appears and is by trad it ion regu lat ing, can it

defined as our enemy and wh ose people our

a cap pella p iece, rhen I've chosen rhe w rong

co untry confined in int ernm e nt cam ps

rexc. And if l can nor co mbin e Aow and

during WWI I and I thought , "O u r cu ltur es

merer in a way rhac ques rion s 0ow and

need ro ra lk, nor thro ug h Beethoven but

mere r, rhe n I negate che mea ning o f rhe rexcs

thro ug h ou r ow n words! There are th ings

of che piece .' And what I found in the se

char we can say that we ra rely have the

texts . . . 1 I am so h umb led by these cexrs.


ro say ro each other. Just may be

th is one lirrle four-minut e p iece can be like a

KR: Yes,they nre remarkable.

irsclf can be batte d away? Even though it be batted away) Ca n it be negate d by che n1usic?

KR: Then you have strongjeelings about the inr.erpretmionof the //Jork.It seemsns if you nre attempting to 111o ve the ensemble away fro111 what is here 011the printed page to discover what is //Jithin the111s elvesns im erpreters.

breeze blowing ove r the bar bed-wire fe nces."

LL: An extraordinary freedom in

LL: Yes. Reme mb er, I am suspicious of

I live in the Midwest.


an yo ne who believes that rhey own mu sic.

afrer World Wa r II.

I wasn't born until

rhe im prison ed being but the

free will and spirit. Bur iris profoundly

I h ave a particular

T hat goes for me coo. Every time I sit clown

per spe ctive . Since I am Am e rica n, and since

humbl ing co und e rsta nd rhac rhis tradit ion

I strugg le wirh thi s with in my self I clon'r

rhe Wo rld War II effort in Am erica included

of H aiku Kai uses che pen co escape the pen (pun int end ed). T he texts express t he ability

ow n mus ic . No o ne owns mu sic.

wanr cd like ro facilitate the vo ices of th eir

of co nfin em ent co foste r timeless ness and

po ets throug h this pi ece, MAY SKY. I view

spirirua l freedom. T h e poetry is not abou t

poerr y and m u sic as an arrisr/fac ilitaror. I am

escape. There is nothing in rhis rexr char

KR: So ill co111i11g to nny pe1fan11m1ce ofyour 011111 //Jorks,you are open to the process//Jhich has brought the pe,farmers to thrll point .

the facilimtor, sea rchin g for ways ro raise th e

ta lks about escape.

LL: Yes, I am. I am more and more int erested

th e int e rnm ent of Ja pane se-Ame rica ns, I

poetry off rhe pag e . And so I approached

thi s

in the p rocess tha n I am in controlling


piece as I approach many of my chora l

pro cess. H enc e, rhere is no re mpo markin g .

works: as a n opp o rmnity ro speak, if only for

lr is no t a mistake. There is jusr no tempo

mark ing. And I will be really interested to see if what I th ink about owne rship now is actua lly true. We 'll see! •

., May Sky is bnsed 011Haiku poetry of Japanese inmntes living i11vnriom Am ericn11 intemment cn111ps during World War II. The text, in both Jnpn11esen11dEnglish, is set inn highly descriptive 111n111w; evoking diffirellt imnges of 11nt11re (cf next pnge). The work wns premiered by The Okubo Mixed Choir- Mnsnyuki Tsuji, conductor, in A11gust 2002 flt the Sixth World Symposium on Choral Music held in Mi1111enpolis, Minnesotn, USA. Reference: May Sky - SATB, a cappella, Tok11jiHirai, Neiji Oznwn, Reiko Gomyo, Suiko Matmshita, text; 4 min; 2002 (OUP)

, artiwlnte champion Larsen is also a vigoro11s of the 11111sic and musicians of our time. In I 973, she co-fau11ded(with Stephen Paulus) the Minn esota ComposersForum, 110wthe Americnn ComposersFonun. She hns been Vice-Presidentof the American Mmic Cemer nnd n director of rhe CollegeM11sicSociety. Consistentlysought-after /IS n lender in the ge11emtio11 of 111ille11niu111 thinkers, Libby Larse11's music and idens have refreshedthe concert 111usic tmdition and the composer's role in it. Email: infa@libbylarsen.com Website:1vw111.lihbylnrsen.co111

Kn thy Saltzman Romey is an nssistantprofessor of choral music at the University of Minnesota and the artistic director of the Minnesota Chomle. This i11terview is a11 excerptfrom a longer discussion which was part of a researchproject entitled "FromPageto S1age- The Documentation ofTe11World Premiers''. The resenrchfocused 011 the creative processoften internationally renowned composerswho were commissioned to write new works ns part of the 2002 Sixth World Symposium'sofferings. Chosenfar their unique styles, thefantured composerscamefi·om Lntin America, Canada nnd the USA nnd were in residencefar rhepremier performances, presented by some of the world'sfinest choirs. Email: romey@unm.edu

Libby Lnrse11is one of America's most prolific and most pe,form ed living composers. She has createda cntalogue of over 20 0 works spanning virtually eve1ygenrefi"Olnintimate vocal and chamber music to mnssive orchestraand choral scores. Her mmic has been praisedfar its dynamic, deeply inspired nnd vigorous co11te111pormy Am ericn11spirit. Ill April 2003, the Libmry of Congress as the a1111oun ced Libby Larsen'sappoi11tme11t first holder ofthe HarissiosPapt11narkouChair i11l::. cl11mtionand Technology in the John W. l<l11ge Ce11te1:Ltll"S ell hns received1111111erous 11wm,lsnnd aCt"olades, including a 1994 Gm111my11sprod11cerofth e CD: "The Art of Arleen A11ger''. a11acc!t1i111ed recording that f eatures L.arsen's ··sonnetsfrom the Portuguese". to seme /IS a resident composer T'l,efirst wn1111111 with a major orr!ll'Strtl,she hns held residencies with the Califamia Institute of1he Arts, the Amold Schoenberg l11stit11te, the PhilacMphitt School ofthe Arts, tht• Ci11ci1111t11i ("onsem11101y, rhe Mi1111esota Orchestra,the UJt1rlo1t1 • S)111p ho11 y, m,rl the (,'o/omdo Sy111pho11y.


!C B Com pose,< Corn er




Found in:


A co llection of Haiku Kai , writte n by poets Tokuji Hirai, at Rohwer Concencration Camp and the Denson Valley Ginsha H aiku Meeting, 1944; Nciji Ozawa, at the G ila Camp Ho spital; Suiko Matsush ita, at Den so n Valley Ginsha; Reiko Gomyo (pseu donym of Sadako Abiko), written at Denson Valley G insha.

May Sky There Is Always Tomorrow An Ancho logy of Japanese American Co ncentration Camp Kaiko Haiku. Compi led, translated, and prefaced by Vio let Kazue de Cristofo ra. Publi shed by Sun and Moon Press, Los Angeles, 1997





(Sun and Moon Press - A Program of the

Heari ng so und of train

Day in day out

Concempora ry Arts Educational Projec t,


time on our hands

Inc ., 6026 W ilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles,

rhis end less night ( I)

chinking of many thi ngs(S)

CA 90036) (!)Page 121 - Hear ing so und of train (Tok uji


Hir a i, written at Rohwer Concen tration




We are sile nt


(2)Page 243 - We are silent (Tokuj i Hi rai -

above th e window

the first cicada ch irp s

from th e Valley Gins ha Haiku Meeting,

empty sky (2)

th is day th e grass glistens (6)



1944) (3)Page 22 1 - At daybrea k (Neiji Ozawa, written at the Gi la Camp Ho sp ita l)


From the window of despair

(4)Page 247 - When day breaks (Suiko

May sky there is always tomo rrow (7)

Mats ush ita, wricren at De nson Valley G insha, afrer Japan's surrender, August 16,

sta rs disappear


whe re do I discard my dreams? (3)

(S) Page 239 - Day in , day out (lokuji

H ira i,


written as a Haiku letter to Neiji Ozawa,


August 26, 1945, Denson Valley Ginsha)

Cicada buzzing by che window

(6)Page 195 - Today the first cicada (Reiko

reality is the re

Aew away to distant tree

Gomyo - pseudonym of Sadako Abiko -

as the oats by the barbed wire fence (4)

conci nu es to sing (8)

written at Denson Valley G insha)

When day breaks

(?)Page 223 - From the window (Ncij i Ozawa, written at G ila Camp Hospital) (8)Page 12 1 - C icada buzzing (Tokuj i H irai, written at Rohwer Concentration Camp)



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Jean-Claude Wilkens

We are pleased ro provid e rhis lisr as a service ro our members . Ir is bas ed on rhe besr inform a tion available ro us. Ho wever, we adv ise you ro check rhe derai ls wirh che organ izers of the indi vidua l evenr yo u may be inreresred in. Please submi t eve nt in form at ion for pub lica tion to: IFCM lnternariona l Office Jean-Claud e Wi lkens, Secrerary General Ce nrro Int ern aciona l de la Musica de la UN ESCO Villa Ga dea, E-03590 Altea, Spain le i: +34 96 584 52 13 Fax: +34 96 688 2 195 Email: jcw ilkens@ifcm .ner C hora lics de Vaison ·b -Romai nc, Franc e, 2. 11 Aug 2004. Lu ge non -co mpcli1ivc choir mcc1ing in the bcau1i• rul Roman town ofVai son . \Xlorkshop s. opt'n singing. conccn s . Contact: A Cocur Joie Fr:rn cc. Les Passcrcllcs, 24 . Avenue Joann es- Masse, - Cl' 3 17. F-69 337 l.r on Cedex 09 . Fronce. Tel: +33-4-72 19834 0. Fax: ,33-4 -78434398 . Email:acj .fran ce@wanado o .fr \Xlcb sitc: http: // :1cj.mu sica nc1.org/ 20t h Z imr iya, Mo unt Scopus, J erusalem, lsr.icl, 2- 12 Aug 2004. \X'orkshops. op en sin ging, choir 10 choir scs1.: iom , con cc ru . \X'o rksho p co ndu ctors: Sim on Carri ng1011,Jiirgcn f-assbc11Clcr, lvlich:tcl Goh I, Car y Grad en. Maria Cuinan d and man y 01hcrs. C onra c1: Z IM RIYA, 4 Rd,ov Aharonowi rz. Tel Aviv 63566. Israel. Tel: +972 -3- 52 80233 , Fax: , 972-3- 6 299 524. Email: harzirn co@nc1vis io n.11c1.il \'v'cbsitc: www.zimr iy:1.o rg.il

12 111Mult inat ional C lrnmber C ho ir, Vienn a a nd Aus tri :rn Alps, Aus1ria, 4- 18 Aug 2004 . Muhin:uion al projc c, for IND IVIDUAL SINGERS (capable or singing in very small cn sL·mbl cs and /or one on a pan :u lime s :is well) co b e sclcctl'll fro m du: av:1ilablc appli cation s to f(um a new chamb er choir here in Austria and wo rk 011:1 plenary selectio n o f sacred mu sic as well as in a studio group for secul ar Renaissance wo rks and an oth er o n variou ,:;ligh1 mu sic items . Th e rehearsing pa n of th e meeting will be held o n ,h e Ausir ion Alps, ended br reco rdings and concert s in Austr ia, Vienn a includ ed . Musica l d irector : Mag. H cnn ann Platzer, Austria: O rganiz.:u ional C h:iir: Mo nika F:ihrnb crgcr. Aus1ria. Application deadlin e: M:trch 1, 200 4 : first co me, firs1served - :icco rding 10 sp aces avail.1bk in the voice parts . Full in formati on (includin g exact rules for indi vidu al appli catio ns) is at h11p ://c horolne1.o rg/ca1/mchch.l11ml (in Eng lish) or h 11p ://c ho ralne1.org/ca 1/ mchchde.h1ml (in Ge rm an). Co 111 ac1: Mo n ika Fah rnbe rgcr. Q uellcnm. I R/38. A- I I 00 \Vien , Austria, Email: mon ika.fah rn herger@uni vic.ac.:u 4 th ln tcrna ti onal Choral Fcsti,,al "San Ju an Cora l 2004", Argen tin a, 12- l 7Aug 2 00 4. Co ncert s :1ncl work shop s. No 11-comp cti1ivc choral fcs1ival. for 8-10 .sclcctccl non -pr ofrssion al. mixed. female. nul c and chamh er chuirs. Sch.:c tio n on the h:1sis of audition 1:tpcs. Com act: Maria Elina Mayo rg:1. P:ts:tj l· Cerva n tes 1625. M I. Casa 7, Barrio SMAT A. 540 0 Son Jua n. Argcn1ina. Tel: +54-264 -4234284. Fax: ,54 -264 -4234284. Emai l: 111 ariac li11:un :1yo rga@11ol,;;incctis.com.ar or cli11;1111 ayo rga@ho 1mail.co111o r cxtcns io n@uccuyo.edu .ar 3r d Internationa l "\'(/a1crford Sings!" Festival, Ire land , 12 - 15 Au g 2004. No n -comp etitiv e f~·sti,•al f<,rchoirs in all c:u cgorics. Co ma cc M S\'V Fest iv.ils c/ o TM lnco ·1ravd . II. R:ik6c-1. i I' ,·112 16. 12 14 ll udap eSI. Hun garr , "lei: ,3 6- 1-427 0740. fo x: ➔ 36- 1 -4204796. Email: mwsfes1ivals@:1xclt.·ro.hu \Xlchsi1c: www.mwsfc,;;1ivakcom Euro pa Cantat lnt'I Singing \'(led <, Ljubljana, SIO\•c11ia, 15•2 2 Aug 2004. For mixed choirs. vocal group s .uul i11dividu :1I sin ger,;;.Apply b1.forc: 15 !Vl::t)' 200 /4. C:0111 .1u: Z.1vod ""· S1,111i sl:w:1/S 1. S1:111i :-.l:1t1\ lns1i1minn . _ 1ub 2J . -.,1. 12 10 Ljuhlj:rn:1- _c 111 vid . Slovcni:i.. "lel: , .IR6- l -'i822200 o r 1822202. F.ix: dH(, - 1-'i 12 I 06'i. F.111.1i l: gregor.loiri c€Vgucs1..1ml·"·"i • \'{lchsi1c: www:,avoJ•sv,1a 111 sl.1v...i

Canta Brazil 200 /4, lnt ' I Cho ir f'cstival. 3r d l nt' I Uni versity Choir Fcsti, ·al, Sao Lou renr;o, Mina s Gt rais, Brazil, 17 ~22 A ug 200 /4. Con 1ac 1:Jose 1-fcnriquc ivlani ns, Com itC lntcrn:tcional Can t:t Brazil, ru:t Cc!. Jos,: Ju st ino/68 I, 3747 0-000 S:io Lour en~o. Min as G er:iis . Brazil. Email: ca111 a brasil200 4@zipmail. com.l>r or brazilclrnirfcstiv:1l@zip111ail .com.br \Xlcbsitc: www.br azilcl10irfcs1iv:11.kit.net 4 th Stuttg ar l Fcsti,·al C hoir and Or chest ra. Stutt gart , Germany, 17 Aug- 17 Sep t 20 04. Open 10 all choral singers ,vor ldwid c aged between 18 :tnd 30. Audition s will take place in Europe. C:1.11:id a and the US durin g Jan/Feb 200 4 (taped :1udi1ions :m.· also possible). Cont act : Nick Coh u. Fc:st ival C hoir and Orchestra Europea n Music Festiv:il, lmcrnationale l3:tchabdc mic Stuu gan, Johan 11-Scb:1stian- B:1ch- Plarz. D-701 78 S1u11g:1n. Germany. Tel: +49-7 11-6 I 921 28 . Fax: +49- 7 1 I -6 I 921 12 , Email: fcstivalcnsembk @bachakackmi l·.de \'{/cbsitc: www.festivalcnsemble.org En cucntro C o ral Int ernac io nal de N ino s y Jovcncs, Monie Cisero s, Arge niina, 19-22 Aug 2004. Mcc1iug or chi ldren's choi rs of Argc111i11:1. Brai il and Uru gu:i.y. Co nrac1: Municip:tlid ad d e Mo nte Casc ros. Rivada vi:1· 246, C P 3220 Mon te C:1scro, Argcnti n:1. Email: p:1ubeber@c:1scrosdigiral.com.ar 3 rd International C hora l Fest ival Mario Bae:z..."t, L"t Serena and Sant iago, C hile , 20-29 Aug 200 4 . O pen 10 m ixed. male. female and chamb er choi rs. 1\ppl y hcfore: 3 1 Oc t 2003 . Con1:1c1: \X':ikioJ\d nguiz-Thornp so n, go . C h ile. Tel: +56- 2-225 99 77 , Casilla 3 t 33, Sa111ia Fax: +56-2-22 332 '10.Ema il:warangui1 .@aconex.cl Europa Canta t Vocal J:11.1 . Days. Soes rcrbcrg, Nethe rlan d s, 21-2 7 Aug 200-i . For ad vanccJ (chor al) singers devo1cd 10 vocal j:12z. The repertoir e includ es jazz :1swell as pop sryles. bo1h :1 cappdla and accompan i<:<l. C ontac t: KBZON. Fdi;.:Timmcrm:tn sstr:1:.l1,50. N L-5 751 LS Dcurnc. Ncdmlands . Tel: +3 1-4 93 3 11100, Fax: +3 1-3.34701 62 2. Email: waltcrf@wor ldonlin c.nl \X'e bsitc: www.dcbi b tar~.11l/voc:1ljazzdays/ indc x

In th e footsteps of Dvor&k. Prague, Czec h Repub lic, 2430 Aug 200 4. For singers. co ndu ctor s :i.nd oth ers. M:1ssin D by D vorak: Co niac i: VUS-Chor Prag. Vorsilsk:t Gasse I. CZ- 1 I O 08 Praha I. Czech Republi c. l' ax: .42 0 2242 196 07 , Email: jak ub .zicha@ccntrum .n 52n d "G uido d' Arczzo" Int ernational Polyp hon ic Co mpetition, Arczzo, Italy, 25-2 9 Aug 2004 . For ;1m:11eur ,:ho r:11cnscmhles. C:ucgo rics: C hr is1ia11plain chant, polyphon y, polyph o ny f(ir childre n' s voices, !lpcc ial rn mpc ticion , in1'I '-hor al festival of fu lk!1011g. Appl y bclOre: 28 fc b 20 04 . C on1:1c1: Compc 1ition secrct:iri:11.c/ o Fonclazione G uido d' J\ rczzo. Corso l1alia 102, 1-52 100 J\rezzo, Italy. Tel: +39-0575 -356203 , Fax: +39 -0 575 -324735 . Em ail: fond guid @polifonico.or g - \'Vcbsitc: www.po lifonico.org 19th /\ nnu:11 ABCD Conve ntio n , Exeter, UK, 27- 29 Aug 2004. Pn:-con vcn1ion Condu cting Cour se 26 -27 Aug - Youn i; C ho ral Co ndu cto rs' Co ursl' 27-2 9 Aug. No n-memb ers wd come. Sessions o n co ndu ctin g tcchn i(]ucs. warm-up s. wor king with girls' cho irs. D jcmbc rhy th ms and ch.1111.c1c.. with Eel l3olkuv.tc Bob Ch ilco11, and many o d1crs. Con 1:1c1: T he Co rwcn1io 11 Admi n istr :ttor. 12 Broadfid d s Ro:1d. Birrningham 13 23 5TI.. UK. 1c l/ Fox: +44 12 1 .>73 02R'i . Em:i.il: mas1crsi11ger@:1bccl.o rg.uk Europa C:mtat lm 'I Sin ging \'v'cck "Alpe Adr ia Ca nt at", Lido cli Jcso lo , Vcni1.:c,Ita ly, 28 Aug-5 Sep 1 200 4 . For m ixed cho irs. d 1il<lrcn'i. cho ir!I,11H.I indi vidu al !lin g1.• rs. Apply be fore: J O Morch 2004 . C.oniac t: Alpc Ad ria C::int.tl. Vi:t Castcl lan:t 44, 1-30 17-1Vcnezia/Mc,;:rrc, 11:ily. ·1c1, d<J-04 1-958 1) I 8. Fax: d9-04 1-9500 7 4. Em ail: asac.co ri@us:i..net or fcni.m:o@1in .il • \'v'd,si1e: www.fcni:1rco.it

23 rcl International C horal \'Veel<ofA l:wa, Spain. 3- 10 Sep t 2004 . For any kind of choir s. C nm :1c1:J.1vicr C: 11111.:110 . i\•la111u .:l lr.1tlicr .V)-5°. l·.-U I 00 1 Victo ri:1C.1s1ci,. Sp:iin . Tel: , >4-'J4-'i268 -14 I . )@\:-u\k.ilnL·1.11l'I F.1x: ...)1 i-94-)1~1 I 12, l·.nui l: c1mc111 \'(ld1sitc www.sc111,rnacor ;1l.1.o111

3 1st ln t'I Mee ting of Polyph on ic Cho irs "C iu :l di Fano", fano . lt a.ly, 8· 12 Sept 2004 . Co 111 .1c1: C o mun c di F:u10,Asscssor:i.10alb C ultur:1..Vi:i Arco d'Au gusto 53/ b, 1-61032 Fano ( PS). 11:11 )'. "Tel: +39 -072 1-8874 12-3. Fax: +39-0 72 1-8 25 1SI. Em:i.il:cul111ra@111 o bilia.i1 \'{lcbsite: www.comunc.fan o.ps.it/cul 1ura/ i11con tri/ Magic Mo1..1rt Moments \'(lorld C horus Festival, Salzbur g, Austria, 10- 12 Sept 200 4 . For individu al ch oral singers and choirs who wan t to join th e 1\l oz.1rt Choir with hundr eds of \'Oiccs from :ill o ver 1he world :md enjoy 1hc won d erfu l a1mospherc of Salzbur g. Compul sory piece: G reat Mass in c-minor KV 4 27 . C ho ice pieces (c:ich pani cip:HH!Im:iy L.hoo.!l c 3 pin :cs IO sing): Misericord i:is Domini KV 222. Vcnite Populi KV 260. Ainu Dci C rcatoris KV 277 and l111 cr N:nos KV 72 . Oircc1ed by Ja nos Cz ifra. dircc1o r of th e S.1'1bur g l\ tusic Ca1hedrol. Orch estra and Choir . Apply before : I Jun e 2004 . Co111ac1: C u hour s Austria. C ho ir & O rchestra Conc ert Tour s. H<iglw0 rth weg I 0/4 . A-5020 S.1ltburg. Ausir ia. Tel: +43-662 -82 I 3 I 0-0. Fax: +43 -662-8 2 1310-40, Ema il: office@culi o urs.:11\X'ebsitc: www.cultours.at 8tl 1 l nternal ion al d ays of C ho ral Mu s ic "C, ja de llur go, .., Spai n, 11-1 S Sept 2004 . For an y kind o r choirs. Co ntact: Javier C:1meno . c/ f\bnucl lradi cr 3 5-5°. E.0 I 00 5 Victo ria-G rnc iz, Spain. Fox: , 34-9-15-252 I.I 2. Email: carncn o@cuskalnct.net \Xleb si1e: www.seman :1cor~1l. com Berksh ire C hora l Fcsti \•al. Salzbur g - Mo ndscc, Aus1ri:i., 12- 19 Septembe r 2004. Singing week wit h cr:1ining cb ss• cs. \'(/orks by Mo1..ut :rn<lv:1rious mot ets. Co ndu cto r: V;inc<.·George Cont :1ct: Berkshire Ch or:11 Fcs1iva.l. 245 No nh Unde r111 011n1ain Road. Sheffield. MA 01 257, USA. Tel: • 1-4 I 3-229852 6, F:ix: + 1-4 I 3-229 0 I 09 . Ema il: hcf@cho ralfcs1.org- \'{lebsitc: www.chora lfcst.org Fest ival Inte rn aciona l de Canto Cor al Ma rtin Codax. Co rdoba, Argent ina, 13 Scp1 - 10 Oe1 20 0 4. Co ncem. wo rkshop , exhib ition and conduct ing cb sscs o rg,mi sed in 1hc Univ ersity of C ordoba . Contacr: Sccrcrari:i dcl I Festival Int ernacional de C :1n10 Coral "Ivlanin C6 d :1x", C:1sa de G :i.licia en C0rd ob:i Pb1... 1 de San Pc.·dro 1. E- 1400 2 Co rdob a. Spain. Tel: 957 -1764 64. Fax: 957 47 69 19. Email: info@fcst ivalm anin codax.org \'(lcbsitc: www.fc1ivalrnartin coclax.or g "Pevclicskiy Sobor" Cho ir Festi val, D one1sk, Uk rain e, 13- 19 Sept emb er 2004. Fes1ival and crea1ivc l:tbo r;11ory, master-classes, k c1urc!I,op en discussio ns. Cont. tct: Mikhail Shukh. Intl. Pcrov.1. h. I 6-1', n. 85. 02 125 . Kiev, Ukraine. Tel: +.180 (44) 5 10 OJ 57, Ema.ii: shukh @u kr.nc1 - \'(/cbsi1c: www.s,·-gory.org.u.1 I 0t h C l1o r-3JCo mpo sition and Expression Pi-iz.cs, Conar r Island s, Spai n, awa rded 15 Sep , 200 4 . for chi ldr en' s and aduli choi rs wi1h ins1rumcr11s. a cap pelb choirs and mixed choir s singing 1r:tdi1io nal C:in:1ry Islands folk mu sic. Texts mu st be in Spani sh. C on1:1C1: Vicecon scjcrb d e:C ultur :i y Dcpon cs. Pla1-1 de lo!I Ocrcchos 1-fumanos sin. Edificio de Scr\' icios Ml'ilriplcs Uno. 5° .. E-J5 00 3 l.:is P:ilmas dt· Gr .111Ca n:iri .1. Spain \'{lcbsitc: www.cul1uracanari:1.co m

ln1ern a1ional C ho ir Festival of Uruguay 200 4. Mo n1evid co, Punt a dd E.ste, Col oni a 1 Mina s, San Jos~, Sah o, l'aysand,, , Urug uar, 18-26 Sept 200 4 . For d10r al cnsemhlcs from all over lh c wo rld. Co n1:1c1: ln finit o Rl':ili1.:u.: io11..:sC ultur,t les, Avd:i. dcl Libcrtador 1074 O CI0 4. Mo ,11c vid co. Uruguay. "'lcl: , 598-2-<J247798 or <)247943. Fax: 1598-2-9246.)26 . Email: ,nfip rodC,,, mon • tcvidco.co m.u y \Xlcbsitc: www.u n1gua>•m:1r;1bicrto .com .uy or www.movin1c11to.co m/ J rd Eu ropea n C onvivial \'(li ne Song Festival. Ptc s. H un gar y, 2:3-27 Sept 200 4 . O pen 10 .1ll~111ak d 11 1irs .tnd male voc.1ll·nsc111 bk·~.cdd >r,1ting gr:11w, wi111.·.1ncl goocl comp any. Co n1.1u: Pfr" i FCrfikar J\la pi1v:i11y. dn ·1:1111 :h I .1kncr. Ali:1ligc1i l11 1IJ. 11-7(,.i/4 PCcs. I l1111 gary, F.1x: ..J( ,-72. 2 1160(, . l'.m ail: 1,11na s.lakncr€i'lfn.·t:m .1il.h11\'Vchsi1c: www.wi ncso 11g.l~·s 1iv:11.hu/ i ndcx-cng



RIA S Kamm erch or Co ndu cting Co urse 2 004 , Derlin , German y, 24 -30 Sepe 200 4. Tuco r: D oniel Reuss (Ne1herlond s). Repercoire: Boch , Men delssohn, Brohms, Mcssi:1en, Ligc:ti. Co nr:ict: RIAS K::1mmcr cho r,

lncern acio nal Ch ora l Espoo Fescival, Espoo , Finla nd , 13 -

3 rd "Prof. Ivan Sp assov" Co mp oser s' Com p et itio n ,

19 O c t 20 04. C ho irs from nc.1r and for arc wo rking on new mu sic w ith rhe compo se rs, 1he audien ce w ill p lay an active part as well. C onta c t: Ch o ral Espo o , Hele na

Plovd iv, Bulgorio, 19-21 Nov 200 4 . Co ncacc: Prof. Vassika Spossova, Prcsidenc, 2, T Samodu mov Ser., 40 00 Plovd iv, Bulgaria. Tel: +359 -32 -62 831 1, Fox: +359-3263 I 668 , Email: spasso,•@moil.com -

Tel: +49-30 -2029873 0, Fox: +4 9-30 -20298 740,

Varri , Ahercojonkujo 4 ,0 2 100 Espoo ; Finbnd. Tel: +35 8 -9-8 16 575 04, Fax: +358-9- 8 I 65750 0,

Emai l: info @rias -kammcrc ho r.d e -

Ema il: hanncl c .grano @cspo o .fi -

\Vcbsitc: www.rias-kammcrchor.de

Website: www.choro lcspoo.fi

C harlo cccnscrassc 56 , D - 10 1 17 Berlin, Ge rman y.

\'v'ebs itc : ww w.spassov.ho mcs1cad.c o m 13th Inte rnatio n al Festi v:il of Adv e n t a nd C hristmas

Mu sic, Prague , Czech Republi c, 26 -28 Nov 200 4. Peccr Tone n 2000, Mon sccr, Necherlonds, 24-26 Septemb er 2004 . For amateur mixed chamber choirs up rn 36 singers and vocal ensembles up to 20 singers. Conract: Found ocio n SO P, lrenes craoc 1, N L-2685 BZ Poeldijk , Ne cherlonds. Tel: +3 1- 174-2 455 20, F:lX:+31- 174-245 520 , Emoil: vrankcn @caiw.n l

61h lnce rnaciona l Choir Festival & Competition "Isola del Sole", Grado , Italy, 20-24 O ct 2004 . Comp e1i1ion in diff e re n t c.11cgo ries and diffi c ulties. C on tact:

lncerkuh ur Foundo cion, Am Weingme n 3, D -354 12 Pohlheim, G ermany. Td: +49 -640 3-9 56 525, Fox: +49-640 3-956529, Email: mail@mu sica-mu nd i.co m - \'v'ebsitc: www. m usica-m und i.com

Voices _ Moster C loss Vocal En semb les, Markcobc rdo rf, German y, 26 Sepe - 3 Oct 2004. Rehearsals and work shops with open concerts designed for existing vocal ensembles with 4 m 12 members. The teaching will be given by Th e Sin gp honike r (roma ncic) and Singer Pur (rcnaiss:1nce). Coma.et: Baycrischc Musikakadcmic, Kurfiirscenm osse I 9, 0 -87676 M orkcoberdorf, Germa ny. Tel: +4 9-8 342 -96 I 82 1, Fax: +49-8342-4 0799 , Email: in fo@modmu s ik.de -

Eben Prize. Compe titi on, wo rk sho p, con certs in the

Prague chu rches. Co 111a c1: OR .FEA Prague . Tel: +420 -224- 8 I 4458, Fox: +420-224 -8 I 26 12, Email: inco m ing @orfca .cz 4 th Advent and Chri stm as So ngs Festi val, Budap es t,

H u ngary, 3-6 Dec 200 4 . No n -compe 1i1ive fcscival for cho irs in all c.·u egorie s. Prog ram: Adv e nt .:m d Chri stm as

7 th Inte rnati onal Youth choir Festival, Vc ldh ove n,

Nccherbnd s, 23 -25 O ecober 2004 . For yo uch cho irs and voc al g roups like siud c n1s, go spel ensemb les, po p

choi rs including singers aged 13


30 . Co ,m cc:

Inte rnatio nal Yo uthchoi r Fes tival, Karin Hazcnb e rg,

Kome1enlaan 4, NL-5 505 PP Veldhovcn , Necherb nds. Tel: +3 1-40-2545 220, Fax: +3 1-40-2 78 544 9, Emai l: info@iyf.nl - Websice: wmv .iyf.nl/

Son gs. App ly befo re: May 200 4. Co ncacc: MSW Festivals c/ o TM lnco Travel, II . R:ik6czi F ,11216 , 12 I 4 Budapes t, H ungary. Tel: +36 - 1-427 074 0, Fax: +36- 1-4204796 , Email: nrn:sfesti vals@:1xclc ro.hu \'v'ebsitc: w, vw. mwsfcs tivals.co m

lnt e rna1io nal C ho ir Compelit ion , Dubrovnik , C roat ia,

10th International J.Villarrocl Choir Festival, Isla de

13t h l ncerna tion al Day o f C ho ral Singing, 12 Dec 2004 . C oncacc: Zenaida V:isqucz, FIM C - Vicepresid encio, Fund aci6n Schob Can1o rum de Coracos , Tel: , 58-2125646 362/874 8 -Fox:+ 58-2 12-5646 923 .

24 -27 Occo bcr 2 00 4. Non co mp et itive fest ival for I 0 10

E-m:til : fu ndascc@telc cl .n c1.vc - www .ifc m .net

Maragaril:1 1 Ve nez uel a, 28 Sept - 3 Oc lobc r 2004 . N o n cornp c 1i1ive fcs1ival w i1h co nccn s and works ho ps in the au rac civc C aribbean . Co ntac t: Casa de la C uhu i.1 M .N. E Nava rro . C:1llcFerm ina, La As un ci6 n, Isla de Margue rita,

12 amat e ur m ixed, female and male cho irs Co 111act: Dub ro vn ik C h:tmbcr C ho ir / Fran o Krasovac, O trosm:1.j c rova 3, 200 0 0 D ub rovnik , Croa tia.

\'Vcbsitc : www .mod mus ik.d e

Tel: +385 -20-4 2757 1, Fox: +3 85-20 -42757 1,

Vena ueb . le i: +58-295-2625 048, Fax: +58-295-4 16849 3, Email: xfes1ivaljv@cancv.ne1

Email: <lkz@ne 1.hr

7ch lncern acional folkson g Cho ir Fescival "Europ e and its Son gs", Barcelo na , Spain , 29 Sepe - 3 0 cc 200 4.

20 04, La Man che, Normand y. France, 28 O cc- 1 No,• 2 00 4 . A re feren ce me eting po im berween the best

No n-co mpc1itivc, for male, fe male. mixed, you1h and c hildr e n's cho irs. Rc pcn o ire of fo lkso ngs, with at least o ne piec e fro m the c ho ir's co un try of o rig in an d o ne

amateur cho irs and pro mo te rs and orga nizers of fcsli vals, music seaso ns, cte. plus a "cho ral festive pan y" o pe n 10 all c hoir s. C oma e, : Polyfoll ia, Jacqu es V:inhe rlc, Ave nue des Can :td ie ns 16, 14 1 1 1 Louvi g ny, France.

1st IJHe rnationa l S howca se for C hoi r Singin g Po ly follia

Euro pean folksong. App ly before: 2 June 2004 . Co ncacc: Assoc iazio ne lntc rnazio nale A mi ci de lla Musica Sacra, V ia

Paolo VI, 29, 00 193 Rom e, h aly. Tel: +39-0668-80 58 16 , Fax: +39-0668-8058 16, Email: info-co ncorsi@aiams. it \'v'c bsitc: www.:1micimu sicasac ra.com 3 rd Europ a Ca ntat ln t'I Comp etition fo r Young C ho ral C o ndu c tors , Vien na , Austria, 29 S ept - 3 O ct 2 00 /4. T hree round s: sclcc lion . semi -fina l and final. C ho irs invo lved: Arnold Sc ho e nberg C ho ir, W iener

Kamm ercho r, Sine N omine . App ly before: 3 I May 2004 . Co 111ac1: Os tc rre ic hischer Sangcrbu nd, O pernring ,

11/5 /1 0 , A- I 0 10 Vienna, Aum io. Tel: +43- 1- 5869494, Fax: +43- 1-586 94944, Emai l: c ho rlc i1ung@s:1cnge rbund. at \'v'cbsite: www .s:1cngerb und .at ln1e rnati o nal C ho ir C omp e liti o n , So fia , B ulga ria, 7- 10 O c tober 20 0 4. Co mpe 1itio n org ani z.cd und c.·r the auspices

of th e M in isiry of Cultu re and , he C iry of Sofia. Reserved to amate ur sin gc:rs o nly. Mi xed. male, femal e, chil dre n, yo111h ca1egories. Contac l: Frie nds o f Chora l Mu sic Fou ndatio n, 13 1. Vit0s ha Blvd, 1408 So fia,

ll ulgaria. Td : +359-2-95 04430, Fax: +359-2-95 0443 1. Email: fcmf@abv.bg

Tel: +33-2 -3 17477 40, Fax: +33-2-3 17477 4 0, Email: polyfollio@wonadoo.fr 9t h Im e rnat.io nal Voca l Group Festival, Ti lbu rg, Ne the rland s, 2 ~7 N ove mb er 20 0 4. U nd er 1hc mo no Sing Swi ng Show & Learn som e 4 5 vocal g roups fro m Ho lland and =i. broad w ill sing dur ing the Co111cs1 (3 levels) =i. n<l o n

_vo rc, N o H :ijku 367 , 180 00 Proho 8, Czech Republ ic. Tel: +420 -2- 8482 6608 , Fax: +420-2-84826608 , Email: c 1a@iol.cz - \'v'cbsite: www .accor d io n. cz o r www .cho irs.cz

"Wo rld of O pera" 1st ln c'I Co mp cti cion Fescival o f Op era C horu ses, Prague, Czech Rep u blic, 2-5 Jon 2005. A ric h fr:tmc prog ramm e (sy mph o ny co nccn visit, State Opcr :l.Prague pe rfor mance visi t). Con tac 1: Cl ub To u rs

Agcntur , Pavel _ varc, No H ajku 367 , 180 0 0 l'roha 8, Czec h Repub lic. Tel: +420-2-84826608, Fax: +420 -2-848 26608 , Email: c1a@io l.cz \'v'cbsi1c: www.acco rd io n .cz or www .clio irs.cr. 7 th lru 'I. P.:i'amon Fcsti, ·al fo r C h ild ren & Youth C ho irs,

,he O pen Stage. T he Fes1ival will also offer th e cha nce 10

Jordan Valley, Israel , 10- 12 Feb 2005. You th M ixed

=i. t1c11<.Iwo rkshop s an d cl inics given by im c rnatio nally re nown ed con du c wr s and teachers. C o ntac l: Uni so no,

C ho irs w ill wo rk rngc thc r o n a com mo n repertoire, a1 1he bcau 1iful site o f 1he Sea of Ga lilee, in a warm & no nco mpe titi ve atmosphere . G uest C o nd ucto r: Micha el

Plo mpe1o rengrac h1 3, N L-35 12 C A U1recl11, Ncd 1erlancls. Tel : +3 1-3 0-23356 00 , Fax: +3 1-3 0-233568 0 , Email: ivgf@am3lcur muz iek.nl · \'Vc bsite : ww w.amateu rmuz ie k. nl

Go h I. Wor kshops & co ncens . App ly before Moy 30d, 2004 . Co ncoct: Tova Rcshef, Mus ic Oi recwrlovo Reshcf / C hor:tl Co ndu c to r, t\r1is1ic Di rec tor .• J\n.mo n , 20170

Misgov D .N . , Israel, Fax: +972-4-9909 176. I Gtl1 Malta in te rnatio nal C ho ir festival, Malt a, 8- 12 Nov 2004. Ope n for all ca1egorics . Contac t: Maira ln1crna 1ional C ho ir Fest ival - To urism Au tho rity, Aub crgc d 'Italic, merc hants stree t, ValcHa C MR 02.

Ma ha. Tel: +356- 229 15809, Fax: +356-229 15899. Email: cven 1s@vis itm :tha.co m \'Vcbsi1c: www .m :1l1acho irfcs 1ival.com J0 th Ad1e ns Inte rnation al C hoi r Festival, At he ns,

11 th "Mu sica Sacra Praga" ln 1c rnation al C ho ir a nd Oratorio Fes tiva l o f Sac red Music , Pragu e, C zec h

5tl1"Pragu e C hristma s" lnt 'I Festival of Advent an d C hri stma s Musi c, Prague , C zec h Repub li c, 10- 12 D ec 200 4 . For c hild re n's and adu h choirs. also for folk lore g roups. ,\ ric h frame program me and pe rformance opp o nu nitics. Co ntact: C lub Tou rs Age ntur, Pavel

Greece, 10 - 14 N ov 2 0 0 4 . C ho irs co mpc1i1io n/l yric: so lo ist co mp critio n. O pe n to mixed , ma le , fcm:ilc, c h:11nbcr, yo uth :1nd c hildre n's c ho irs as well :1s fo lklore e nsem-

Email: rcshcfit @ncrvis io n. ne1.il

H appy Birt hday Hand el , Halle (Soole), Germa ny, 24-28 Fe b 2005. Internaciona l cho ir fcsti\•al in honou r of Gcorg Friedric h Ha ndel in his ho me town H alle . Ce ntral 10 the cho ir progra mme is a joim perfor mance of Mcssi:th w i1h

up 10 SOOsingers. Co n1ac1: H appy llirchdoy Handel, Sch lcier mochcrst r. I , D E-06 1 14 Ha lle, Germany , Email: hbh@t-o nlinc.de \'v'ebsite: ww w.hap py-6i rthd ay-h :1ndd .dc

C hoi r fcscival Ma lia , M aha , 26 Feb - 2 Marc h 200 5.

Repub lic, 8-3 1 O ct 2004. O pen for all categor ies. Co 111 ac1: Club To urs Agentur, Pavel _ v:irc. No H:ijk u 367 , 180 00 Praha 8 , Czech Republi c. ·rel: +420-2-84826608, Fox: +420-2-848266 08, Email: c 1a@io l.cz -

bles. Apply before: 29 Feb 200 4. Arti stic Direcwr: Dr.

Co mp c1iiion in d iO-crcnt categories :rnd di ffic ulties . Co ntacr: F0 rdc rvcrcin ln1e rkul1ur, Am \X1ci ngartcn

T hr:tssos Cav ou ras. C on tacr: Pol ifo nia A1hcane um, 2, Sp~1rtissi r.. G R- 153 42 Ag ia Paraskcv i - Athens. Greece .

3, PoS1foch 1255, D -.3541S Poh lhcim , Ger man y. Tel: +49-6403-956525. F,x: +49-6403-956529.

\'Vebsitc: www.:1ccordio n. cz or www .choi rs.cz

Tel: +302 10-6080 I I9, Fax: +30 2 I 0-69 I 884 I.

Email: mail@mu sica- m un Ji. com \Vebs itc: www .111usica- mund i.cum

6 th Inte rnati ona l Festi val o f Ro m ant ic Music, Vlac hovo 8£i c·d, Prachat ice, Vi mp crk, Krato chvll e Cas tle , so u1h o f Bo he mia, C·,.ech Re pub lic, 8 - 10 O c1 200 4 . Concer1s, works ho p, co mpc1i1ion. Con1ac1: IPQS.A RTA MA. D r.

J:irosbva Modroc hova, ll lanick:i 4, l'OB ox 12. 120 2 1 Prague 4. C,.ech Rcp uhlic. "!c l: +420- 22 1-507% I. Fax: +420 -22 1-50795 5. Email: ano mo@ipos- mk.c-, \Vcbsitc: www. ipos -mk.cz/a.rcama

Email : info @imer -fest.co m \Vcbs ite: www .m usicwc b.uk . net/san dh / ln te rnation :il Sc hu be rt C hoi r Co mpe titio n, Vie nn a, Aus tria, 1 1- 14 Nov 20 0 4. International Sc hu ben fcs1ivirics in Vien na. C hoirs mu st bt: 11011-profC'ssio n:11 and cons ist of a min imum of 16 singcrs. Apply before: 15

May 2003 . Co n1ac1: AD M Blaguss. Sch leifmiih lgoS<c I/ 14 , A- I 040 W ien , Ausirio. ·1c l: +4.1- 1-5853939 . Fax: +-/43- 1-5 853939-39.Emai l::nlm@d mcv ic.c o .a1 \'v'cbsitc: www. sc hu6crcc hora lfcs1ival.:1t

Mad e toja Inte rnatio nal Ma le C ho ir C o m petition , L1h ti, Fin land , 12 March 2 0 05. Co n1:1ct:Micsk uo roliiu o ry,

l' rcdr ikin korn S I-53ll, FIN-00100 Helsinki, Finl:tncl. Tel: +358- 9-4 136 1137. fax: +358-9-4136 1122. Em:1il: mics kuorol iin o @sulaso l.fi \Vcbs i1e: www.sulaso l.fi/111kl

10 1h Sac red M us ic C hoi r FeS1iva l "G , P. d a Palestr in a" , Rome , Ita ly, 18-2 1 Ma rch 20 05. For ma le. fem ale, mi xed, yo u eh and child ren' s choirs. Repe rto ire of catego ries with and w itho ut conlpu lso ry piece includ ing s:1crcd :i. cappdla m usic on ly am o ng wh ich ac least o ne pie ce of G . I~ d a Palestr ina, one piece fro m 1hc 19th Cc nrn ry an d on c co n tc111 por:1ry piece co mpo sed after 1920 . Co ntacr: Assoc ia1~ionc lnternazionalc Amici dclla Mu sica Sacra, V ia Pao lo V I. 29 , 0019 3 Rom e, h aly. Tel : +39-06 -6 88058 16 , Fax: +3 9-0 6-6 88 0 58 16, Email: info -co nco rsi@aiam s.i1 \Vcbsitc: ,,•ww.am icimus icasac ra.co m

10t h Int ern ati ona l C hoir Co mp c1it ion , Bud apest, H un gary, 20-24 M a rch 200 5. Co mpc1i1ion in diff erent c:1ccgo rics and difficu lti es for m ixed . fc m:1lc , mal e, chamb er ch oirs & vocal en sembl es, child ren' s & yo u th cho irs, and folklore e nsem bles. C o n1:1c1: lntcrkul tu r H ungaria Kh, , Ro 11cnbille r u 16-22, H - 1074 Budape s1, 1-!un gsr y. Tel: +3 6- 1-46 2 1330, fa x: +36 - 1-342 93 62 , Ema il: ba cs@axcl ero .hu \Vcbsitc: www. mu sic:1-und i.com .co m / m c_c n/ ind cx.html 9, h Int ernation al C hoir Fes1ival "Tal linn 20 0 5", Es 1on ia, 2 1-24 Ap ril 2005. C hoir FeS1ival in cluding a co m cs t fo r m ixed , female, m ale. cham be r :tnd childr en's cho irs :tnd :t se ries o f co nce rts in ,h e ch urches :incl co ncen hall s ofT allinn . ConiaCI : Es1o nian C horal Soc iety, 23 Suu r - Karja S1.. EE- 10 148 Tall inn, Es1on ia. Tel : +372- 6-44 1849, Fax: +372 -6- 449 I 47. Em ail: koo riyhin g@ kul. cc - \Vebsiu.·: www.koor iyhing.cc 6 th lnt ern :iti on al C hoir Fest ival 200 3, Bad lschl , Aust ria , 28 April-2 M ay 2005 . For childr en' s, female youth. m :tlc youth, mi xed youth . fcm :tle, m ale and mi xed voca l ensem bles or choi rs. App ly before: 3 1 Dec 200 4. C on1:ic1: Sab.ka m m crgut To ur istik, Incomi ng Reiscb iiro, Gi:ir,.s1raflc 12, A-48 20 Bad Isch I, Ausir ia. Tel : +43 -6 l 32-40 00 -0 , Fax : +43-6 I 32-24 00 0-44, Em:lil : officc@s:llzbmm crgut.co.a 1 2 n<l lnt crn at iona l M :ilc Voice C hora l Fes tival, Cornw all, Un i1cd Kin gdo m , 28 Apri l-2 Ma y 200 5. Fcsi iva l gala co nccn s, int 'I male voi ce chora l co mp eri1io n. co ncc n s. wor ks ho ps, siglm eeing . Appl y befo re: I N ov 200 4. Co n1:1c1: Co rn wa ll lm crn :t1ion :tl M ale Voice f-estival Lid. , M r. !'Cler Go uld. Gl yncres1. 34 S1. M ichael 's Road. Ponsano o1h, Tru ro, Co rn wa ll T IU 7 EE. Un ited Kin gdom. Tel: +44- 1872-864243 . f-ax: +44- 1872-86 4243, Em ail: gly11c re51@aol.co m • \Vcb si1c: www. ta cro.co m /o rga ni sa1io n.htm lnt crna lio nal C hamb er C ho ir f'est ival and Co mp etitio n, Pees , Hun gar y, 28 Apri l-2 M ay 200 5. Co n1ac t: Pecsi Ne veliik H aza, Szen1 IS1v:ln 1cr 17, H -762 1 Pees , Hun ga ry. Tel: , 36 -72 -3 1567 9. Fax: +36 -72-3 15679, Emai l: ncv ha1.@m:11:ivnc1.hu - \Vcbsitc: www.ckh .in i.lm 13 tl1 Festival Int ern atio nal de Ch ant C hor a l de N ancy, Fran ce, 4- 8 M ay 2005 . Co n1ac1: FeS1ival 1111'1de C hani C ho ral de Na ncy. BP 3335, f--54 000 Na ncy, f-rancc . Tel : +33 -3 -83275656. Fax: ,33 .3 83275566, Em :1il: fcs1ival-c hora l@wanadoo .fr \Vcbs ite: \\'Ww.fest .ch!tnt choral.frcc.fr/ 5th 1-l ar m onie fe st ival, Lim bu rg-L in denh olzhausc n , Germa n y, 5-9 May 200 5. O rg:1ni zcr: {he 1-1 :u mo nic Lin dc nholzhau sc n m ale choir . 14 clifTcre n t co m pr..:titi ons for cho irs :111d fo lk gro ups, co ncc n s a nd folk performances with :in audi ence o f up IO 4, 0 00 people and the hospi tal ity of a who le reg ion. Co nt ac1: H a rm oni c Linclcnh o lzhausen. lh hnho fsirafle 6 5. D -6555 1 Limbur g, Ger many. Tel : +49-643 1-732 68 (Mr . Karl-H ei nz Dcrnbach, Orga n isai io n) or +4 9-643 1-729 68 (Mr . G er hard Nc unzerl in g-Dc rn bac h. Orga nis:ttio n Folk gro up s) .. Fax: +49-6431-97 66 47, Em;i il: in for m ation@ harm on ic-fcs tiv:il.d e \Xlcl>sitc: www. harmo n ie-fcs 1iv:il.de 9 tl1 Interna ti ona l C hamb er Choir Co mp etition, M ar kto berdo r f, Ger m any, 12- 18 M ay 200 5. Co mp etition for mi xed an <l m;ilc choir !,. C hora l wo rkshops, choir s1udi os. co nce rts :incl i111 c rn :1tio nal meet ing. D e:1cllin c fo r :ippli catio n: October 15, 2004. Con 1ac 1: l111crn:1tio n:il C h:im bcr Choir Compe 1i1io n. Kurfiir s1cns1r:1Be 19. B:iycrisc hc Mu sibka dcmic, D 876 16 Ma rkrn herclorf, Germa ny. '(cl: ,49 -8342-96 18'i6, F:ix: , 49 -8342-403 70. Email:info @in 1-ka111111erchur -we11bcwcrb.de - \Xlcbsi1c: www. moclm usik.de

3 4 th ln1crn 3tion :t1 Co m petitio n "F loril egc Voca l de Tours " , France, 13- 16 Ma y 2005 . ln1crna1 iona l C hora l Singing Com pc1i1ion limii cd 10 ense m bles fro m 12 to 36 ama ceur chor isters. Qu:i lific.11io 11rou nd {a capp clla), final ro und {includi ng o ne pie ce wid1 p iano). T he w inner will be nom ina ted for th e 2006 Eu rop c:tn G r:ind Prix. Fo u r c:itegorie s: mi xed choi rs, ma le or fcm:ilc vo ice cho irs, mi xed voc:11 en sembl es, free pr og r:im . Prix spec ial: Rcn:tiss:incc. Prize for a firsc produ ceion work . App ly befo re: 30 Nov 20 04 . The ncx1 Childr en' s cho ir comp e1ition w ill 1ake pl:icc in 2006 'e very tw o yea rs). Co nc3ct: Flori lcge Vocal de Tour s, B.P. 145 2, F-370 14 To urs C ED EX I. Fran ce . l ei: +3 3-2 -472 165 26 , Fax: +33- 2-4721677 1, Em ail: no rilege.voca l@frce .fr . \Vebsicc: www.florilegcvoc:il.co m Vene zia in Mu sica 200 5, Venice, Jcsol o, Italy, 20-24 Ma y 2005 . Co m pcti1 ion in di ffere nt cat egor ies :tnd d ifficu hic s. Contac t: lnt crk ul rnr Founda tion, A m \Vcing:tncn 3, D3 54 12 Po hlheim . German y. Tel : +4 9-6403- 9 56 525, Fax: +49-64 03 -9 5652 9, Ema il: mail@mu sica- m und i.com - \Xlc bsitc: www.mus ic.1-m undi. co m Tamp ere Voca l Mu sic FeSlival, Fin land , 8- 12 Ju n e 20 0 5. C horus review and ensemb le sin gin g co nt es t. C on cert s pr esentin g Im' I :irti sts. Tr ainin g co ur ses for choir leaJ Crs and sin gers. Lccwr es an d work shop s by im' I exp erts. App ly before M arch 2 1, 2005 . Co 111 ac1: Tamp ere Savel , Ta m pere Vocal M usic Festival , Tu llikamarin auk io 2, FI N 33 I 00 Tamper e, Finl and. Te l: +358-3-3 I 4 66 I 36, Fax: +35 8-3- 2230121 , Ema il: m usic@1am perc.fi \Xfcb sitc: www.t amp erc.fi/v oca l 33s t In terna tio n al Fes ti val o f Son gs, O lomo uc, C zec h Rep ub lic, 8- 12 Ju ne 2005 . For cho irs in :1II ca tego ries from all around 1hc world . Co n cact : Fes ta Mu sicale. Slo ven sk:1 5, C Z-7790 0 Ol o mou c, C1.ech Republi c. Tel: +420 -585-237373, Fax: +420 -585 -237373, Ern ail: festamu sica lc@:itl:is.cz \Vchsitc: www.fos 1;1rnu o;ic.1lc.c-,. 2nd H cl sin gborg l n1c rn a1ional C ho ir Co rnpci1it io 111 Hcl sin gb org, Sweden , 9 - 13 J u ne 200 5. In coopera tion with 1he Swed ish N adou:t l C hoir Cornp ctitio n. K<)r Ccn uu m {th e Swedish C horal C ent er). Freel Sjob erg, Nybr oka jcn 11, SE- 11148 Stock holm, SweJ cn . Tel.: +46 -8-4 07 I 679, Fax: +46-8-407 I 727 . Email: korcc n1rum @riksko nser1cr.se \Vcbs ite: w,vw.srk .sc C on1ac 1: ln 1erkul1u r Found:t tio n, Arn \Vcin ganen 3, D -354 12 Pohl hcim, Germa ny. Tel: +49 -6403-956525, Fax : +49-6403 -9 56529, Ema il: m ail@mu sica- mu ndi .co m \Vcbsi1c: www.m usica- mu ndi. co m 12th " Mu sic:i Sac ra Praga" lnt ' I C ho ir a nd O rat orio Festi val o f S:1crcJ Mus ic, Pr~1 g uc, C1.cch Repu b lic, I 0 J une- I 7 Ju ly 20 0 5. Op en for all cai ego ries . Co 111 ac1: C lub To urs Agc 111ur,Pavel _varc , Na I-1:ljku 367, 180 00 Praha 8. C1.ech Repub lic. Tel : +420 -2 -848266 08, Fax : +420-2-8482 6608, Email: c1a@io l.e1. - \Vcbsi1e: www,accor di on.a. or www.choirs .n 7 th De s M oin es Int ern ation al C hi ld ren's C ho ral FeS1ival, De s M oin es, Iowa, U SA , 19-2 5 Jun e 200 5. T his fcs t iv:il w ill explor e th e int im ate rcla 1io n bc 1wcc n "Mu sic :1nd Move m ent " and p resent s an o pp o nunil )' fo r fin e chil dr en's voices fro m around the wo rld IO experience o ne anoth er's mu sic, cuh ur e :md friend ship t hro ugh ;1 varir..: 1yof inclividu al and mass perform :111 ccs led by int crna1ional cli n icians such :ts San na Valv:tnn e ( Finl:ind ) and C ris1ian G rascs (Vcnc1.u cb.) th a1 h:1vcdeveloped 1he co nce pt of m usic :tnd movc m cn1 w i1h chi ld ren's choirs. Co nt ac 1: Iowa Youth C horus, 10 1 I Locust S1rect, su ite 400, D<:>1'v lo ines, Iowa, 50309, USA . Tel: +1-5 15-2 6 283 12, Email: pau le11cihr ig@iowa)•ou1hcho ru s.org \Vcbsi1c: www.iowayo 111hchoru s.org \Xlorld C ho ra l Festi val Salzbur g & Vien na , Aus 1ria , 232 5 Ju ne 200 5. A "O nce in a Lifo1imc" o pp un u nity iu perfor m in S:11'1.bur g and V ien na w i1h 1ht· wo rld renow ned "Vienn a l3oys' C ho ir" and 1hc "'V ienn:1 Ma lt C hora l Socie ty" in Sal7.bu rg at 1he "Gr:1nd H all" of th e "Mozanc: um" :md in Vien na. Co ni act : H ar ing KEG ntorgassc 10/ 7, Clrnral Ft·stivals. Michael H ar in g, Gruc 11t..: A- I 090 Vienna, Aumia. Tel: ,41-664 - 1811180 . Fax: , 43 - 1-.~ I 75460. Email: Worl d .<: hora l.Fe>1ivals@chcllo. :11\Xlcbsicc: www ..nmri:tnfc.:s1ivaka 1/

3rd l m 'I C ho ir C o mp e1it ion o f Sacre d M usic, Pr ague, Czech Republ ic, 23 -2 5 Jun e 200 5. For m ixed , fem ale. chamb er :1nd chil d ren' s cho irs. A rich fram e progr.u n me an<l performanc e opp o nuni1 ics. C on tact : C lub Tour s Agc n1ur, Pavel _varc, Na I-1:lj ku 367 . 180 00 Prah:i 8 . Czec h Republi c. Tel : +42 0-2-848266 08 . Fax: +420- 2-84 82 660 8. Ema il: c1a@iol.cz \X'cbsitc: ,vww.3ccon Jion. cz o r w,vw.choirs.cz Eric Erics on M as ccrclass, H aa rlem , Ne th erla nd s, 23 Jun e - 2 Jul y 200 5. Pani ci p:u ing en sembl es: N c1herlands Chamber C hoir & Ne,h erlands Radi o C hoir. Facul ty: Simon H alsey, And r~ Th o mas . C om ac t: Eric Ericso n Mas ter Class 1=oun cb 1io n. Kric sticn Jansen .coo rdinai o r, Veilingwe g 3. De Lier 2678 LN . Ne,h crlands . "k l: + 3 1 174 5280 5 1, Fax: + 3 1 174 5209 19, Ema il: info @cricer ic.sonm as tcrcla ss.nl \Y/cbsirc: www.er iccric.son 111astc rclass. nl Inte rn ation al Fcsci,';ll of Sacred M usic , V ienna , A ust ria , 24- 27 Ju ne 2005 . Performin g fes 1ival in V ienn a and sur round ings . C ont act: C ho rus MM , Fuc rst:tllcr g;tssc 48/9 . A-50 20 Salzbu rg, Aumi a. Tel : ,43 -6 6 2-645972, Fax: +43 -662 -645972, Em ail: choru s200 0@ao n.ai • \Vcb site: www .choru s2 000 .co m Cop enhage n In t ern atio nal C hil d ren' s chorus Fes1ival, D enm ark , 27 June -4 Ju ly 20 05. lncern atio nal child ren 's choru ses tot alli ng 400 -5 00 singe rs will join fo r dai ly rchcars:1ls cu lmi nati ng in a g:tla con ce rt w it h or chcs1ra in 1hc Ti voli G ar dens. Co ntact: M usica M u nd i, Inc, 10 1 FirSI S1ree1, Su i1e 454 . Los A ho s, 940 22, USA . Tel: + 1-6 50 -949 199 1, Fax: + 1-6 50- 94 9 I 626, Em a.ii: tour s@mu sic:tmund i.co m \Vcb sitc: www.mu sicamundi. com Coa sta l So un d l n1c rn :11ion:i l Choral Fes tival, Vanco uver, Canad a, 29 J un e - 3 Ju i)' 2005 . Biennia l. no11-compe 1ilive C hora l 1'cS1ival. ·1,cb lc C hildr en's C hoir and SATB Yout h C ho ir!, will p:m ic ip:uc in five cbys of conccru, rehea rsals, f1111 and fr iend shi p. G 11CS1C linicians: Sa nn a Valvan nc (F inland ), Di ane Loo m er (C ana da ) and mu sica incim a vocal ensemb le (C an:td :1). Applicatio n deadl ine: Dece m ber 1, 20 04. Co nt:1c1: Co as1:tl So un d lnt crn a1ional C hor al Fcs 1iv:1I. P.O. Box 6 4528 , Co qui dam, 13ritish Co lumbi a V3J 7V7, Ca nada, Tel: + I -6 04 -469-5973 . Fax : + 1-604-469 - 5974. Email: in fo@coa stal so unJmu sic.co m \v'cbs ite: ww w.co:tscalsou ncl1nusic.co 111 Ca nt us M M C ho ir a nd O rch cSlra FeS1ival , Sa lzbu rg, AuSlria, 3 0 Jun e - 3 Jul y 2005 . Perfor mi ng fc51ival in S:1lzbur g sur ro undi ngs . Co n1ac 1: C ho ru s MM. Fucm allergasse 48/9, A-502 0 Salzb ur g. Ausir ia. Tel: +43 -662-645972 . Fax: +43- 66 2-6 45972. Em ail: cl10ru s2000@ :io n .a1 \'\l'ebsitc: www.choru s2 000. co m 7t h In terna ti onal C ho ir Fes ti val "Su mm er So ngs", Sopr on, H un ga ry, 30 J un e- 3 Ju ly 20 0; . No n-com pe1i1ivc festiva l for choi rs in all c:t1cgo ries. Co nr:ict: M S\V Fw iva lsc/ oT M l ncoTr:wcl, II. Rakoai F ,;, 216 . 12 14 Bud:1pcs 1, H unga ry. 'lei: +36- 1-4270740, Fax: +36- 1-4204796, Ema il: mws festivals@:1xclcro .hu \'\l'cbsite: w,vw. m wsfcstiva ls.co m 3r d In te rn at ion al " Mid summ er Fest ival" for C ho irs, Sto ckh ol m, Swe den , 30 Ju ne - 3 Ju ly 200 5. No n-co m pc1i1ivc fest ival for ch o irs in :111ca 1cgori ('S. Co 111:tct: MSW FeS1ivals, c/o T M lnco la vel. II. 1Hk6cr i I' i'112 16 . I l I 4 BuclapeSI, Hu nga ry. "lei: •36- 1-4270740. f :ix: t36- 1-4270740. Em ail: m wsfcst ivals@axclcro .hu • \Xlcbsitc: www .mw sfes1ivals.com "Si ng to che Lo rd " 3 rd M u lti n:irio n al Cho ir. Pra gue. Czec h Repub lic, 1- 14 Jul y 2005 . Mee t ing in Pr:1gue. for sm:111gro u ps and indi vid ual pan icip:t m s. \Vorking bn guage English. Prt·-s1udiccl m :trcrial: sacn.·d co m pos itions from D vo_ ;ik, Jan:icck and fun her Czec h :tnd world compo sers. Co ncerts and reco rdi ng sessio ns in 1he 8 .1roq uc :rnd Go thi c chur ches in Pr:tguc and in va rious Cl.cch loca1io 11s. Mu sie:tl d irec to r: I~ De nt. V:inco t1ver. Ca nada. Co nt act: C luh To ur s Agcmu r. P;ivcl _v:1rc. Na I-1:\jku 367, 180 0 0 Pr.1ha 8 . Czec h Rep ubl ic. Tel: +420-2 -84826608, Fax: ,420-2-848266 0 8. Em:1il: c1:1@io l.cz - \Xlcbsitc: ,,•ww.acco rd ion,n or www.d 1oir s.a .



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Festival 500 "Shari ng the Voices", St. John"s, Newfound la nd, Canada , 3- 10 J uly 200 5. More th an 75 concerts throughout Nonh America's o ldest'ci ry, St. Jo hn's. Fc:u uring the four-voice ensemble De Boca En Boca (Argentina), M:ula Gu ina nd (Venezuela ) and T 6 nu

7 th \'(lorld Symposium on Choral Music, Kyoto , Japan, 27 July -.'! Aug 2005 . Con tan: \'i/SC M , c/o Japan C hor al Associatio n, Yagunimuna bldg. 6 F, 1-5-8 Ebisu, Shibuyaku, Tokyo I 50-00 I 3, )ap:cn, Fax: +8 I -3 -542 17 15 1, Email: ws7@jc:111e t.o r.jp - \'v'ebsite: ww.jcanct.or.jp/wscm

Kaljou stc (Esto ni:1). Co nt acr: Festival 500 "Sharing th e

Voices•·. P.O.Bo x 2333 - Sm . C, St. John "s. N L, A l C 6E6 , Ca nada. Tel: + 1-709 -73860 13 , Fax: + 1-709-738 60 14, Email: information@fcstivalSOO.co m \Vcbsitc: www.festivalSOO.com Tuscany International Children's Chorus Festival, Florence , Italy, 4 - 12 Ju ly 2005 . lnt'I C hild ren 's cho ruses t01allin g 300-400 singe rs wi ll jo in Joa n G regoryk for daily rehearsals culminating in gab festival co nccn in Florence. Individual ensemble conccns in Florence and Tuso ny. Includes two- days' post-festival extensio n to Rome and participatio n in mass :11 St. Pctcr's B:1silica. Co ntact: Music.1Mundi Co nccn Tours, IOI Firsl Street, Suite 454, Los Altos, C A 94 02 2, USA. Tel: + 1-6 50-949- 199 1, fax: + 1-650 -949- 1626 , Email: tou rs@mu sicamundi. co m • \Vebsite: w,v,v.musicamundi.co m


Vivace International Choi r Festival 200 5, VcszprCm, Hungary , 5-8 Aug 200 5. Special com bin atio n of fcscival, co mpetitio n and mini co nccrc to ur focused on the joys o f life. Cont act: c/o V:irosi Miivelodcsi Kozpo nt , D6u a Gyorgy 112, H -8200 Vesi prl m , Hu nga ry. le i: +36-88 -4296 93. Fax: +36- 88-42 969 3, Email: vmk l @vcszprem.hu • \'Vchsitc: www.vmk.vcsiprem .hu/cvents.html 4 ch International "\'VaterfordSings!" Festival, Ireland, I 1- 14 Aug 200 5. N on-co mpetitive festival for cho irs in all cacegorics. Con1:1cc: M S\V Festivals c/ o TM Jnco li-avcl, 11.R:ik6cr i F ut 2 16, 1214 Budap esc, Hun g:cry. Tel: +36- 1-427 0740, Fax: +36 -1-4204 796 , Email: mwsfcsrivals@axclero.hu \Vcbsite: www.mwsfestiva.ls.com

2 3rd ln t' I C hoir Festiva l of Prevc-ia - I It h lnt 'I C hoir Comp etitio n of Sacred Music, Prcvcz.a,Greece, 7- 10 July 2005 . For mixed, equal vo ices'. children's, chamber vocal ensembles. mixed youth choirs & choirs of By,.antinc chant. Reperto ry muse include a compu lsory piece, a piece composed before 1800 , a piece co mposed during 180 0 - 1950, a piece compose d afccr 195 0 & a folk song fro m th e choi r's co un try of o rigin. Apply before: 28 February 2005. Cont act: C ho ral Sociery "Armonia" of Prcvc-ia, P. 0. Box 139 . GR -48 JOO Prev01.a,G reece. Tel: +30-2682-249 15 / 29852, Fax: +30- 2682-29852 , Email: armo nia4@o 1c11e1.gr \'Vcbsite: ht1p:// uscrs.otcnet .gr/ - armo nia4/

Ca nta Bra·,i l 2005 . lnt'I C hoir Festi val, 3rd lnt 'I University Choi r Festival, Sao Lourens:01 Mi nas Gcrais, Brazil, 16-2 1 Aug 2005 . Cont act: Jose Henriq uc Man ins, ComitC lnterna.cio nal C:111 ta Brazil, rua Cd . JosC' Ju stino/68 1, 3747 0-000 Sao l..ouren~o . Minas G erais, Brazil. Em:iil: can1:1brasil2004@zipmail.com .br or brazilcho irfestival@zipmail.com .br www.brazilchoirfcs1ival.kit. net

5t h Internatio n al Johanne s Brahm s Choj r Festival & C ompeti t ion , We rni gerode , German y, 7- 10 Jul y 200 5. Competition in difTcrem categories and difficulties. Com acl: lncerkultur Foundatio n, Am Weingarten 3, D354 12 Pohlh eim , Ge rma ny. Tel: +49-64 03-956525, Fax: +49 -6403 -9565 29 , Emai l: mail@musica-mu nd i.co m - \Vcbsirc: www.musica-mundi .co m

I 2th Euro trefT Festival, Wolfcnbiittcl , Germany , 7- 11 September 200 5. Con cercs, 8 wo rkshops . For child ren' s and youth choirs. Possibili ry o f region:tl program with a German cho ir before o r after the fcs1ival. Co ntact: Arbe itskreis Musik in der )u gend AM) , Adcrshe imer Str. 60, D-38304 Wolfenbiittcl , Ge rman y. Tel : +49-53 3 1-46 01 7 , Fax: ,49 - 533 1-43 72 3, Email: AMJ Mu sikinder) ugend @t-onli ne.de \'Vcbsite: www.amj-musik.de

200 5 Wor ld C hildr en's C hoir Fest ival, Ho ng Kon g, China, 9- 14 July 200 5. Conce rts, wo rkshops, with cho irs from all over die world, \'Vorld Children's Choir with members selected from the world's best children's choirs. \'(lorld prcmicres of co mmissioned works. Possibili1y of cho ral exchange tour in China. Registration deadline: 30 Apr 200 4 . Con tact: c/ o RhapsoAns Manageme nt Ltd ., 4/F, Albio n Plaza, 2-6 Granville Rd , Tsimshacsu i, Kowloo n, Ho ng Kon g. Tel : +852- 2722- 1650 , Fax: +852 -272 4- 1960 , Emai l: info@rhapsoa rts.com Websirc: www.hk1rchlcchoir.co m Pacific Rim Children's Chorus Festival, Honolulu , Hawaii, 12-20 July 200 5 . An advcmu rc and cxplora1ion o f dis1inc1ivemusic from countries around the Pacific Rim. Artistic D irector: Henry Leck. Fo r treble choirs on ly. Pani cip:mts will inreracdvcly cX'plo re Polyncsi,m music. dance, instruments. language and st0ry telling wid, 11:u ivc speakers and inscrucrnrs. Co ntact: \'v'and:i Gcrcben, Executive Director. 159 L1imi Ro:td,Ho nolulu, Hawaii. Tel: + 1-80 8-59 50233, l'ax: + 1-8 08 -59 55 129 , Email: info@PacRimFestival.org \Xlcbsite: www.PacRi111Fc s1ival.org International Cho ir and O rchestra.Festival "Canrus Salisbu rge nsis", Salzbu rg, Austria , 14- 18 Jul y 200 5. Kaleidoscope o f Nat io ns. tor cho irs :rnd orchestras. Specific pieces to be performed. Con tact: Cu hours Austria, C hoir & O rchestra Co ncert Tours, Hoglworchweg 10/4, A-50 20 Salzb urg. Austri a. Tel: +43-66 2-82 13 I 0 -0 , Fax: +43 -66 2-82 13 I 0-40 . Email: officc@cuhours.at - Websile: www.cuhours.:u 4th lm crn~uional Choir festival of Sacred Music, Rottenburg, Ge rmany, 2 1-24 July 200 5 . C om pc1i1io n in different c.11cgories and difficulties. Co ntact: lnterkultur Foundation, Am \'(/eingartcn 3, D-3 54 12 Po hlhcim , G erm any. Tel: +49 -6403 -9 56525 . f-ax: t 49 -6403 -956529 . Email: m.1il@musica-nmndi.co m - \'(/ebsitc: w,vw.musica-mundi .co m

International Congress o f Choral Condu ctors, Primus Conv ention Center, Sao Louren~o , Minas Gerais, Brazil, 17 -21 Aug 2005 . Co nt act:) osc H enriqu e Martin s, Email: hcnriquechoral@zipmail.co m.br

2 nd ln1crnationa l Cho ir Con1es1. Villa dcl Ma.r, Chile,

9- 12 Sept 2003. For mixed cho irs from all over th e wo rld (M in. 16 , m ax. 4 5 singers). App ly before: J une I, 2003. C on tact: 1st lnt' I C hoir Co ntest, Vina del Mar 2003, Alejandro Scarpeua , l'eru 24 53 5' 10, 5500 Provincia de Mcndoz.1,Argentina. "lei: +54-26 1-4 203 793, Email: co ncursoco rosvinadd rnar@yahoo.co m.ar Rimini in Musica, Rimini , Italy, 23 -2 7 Sept 200 5. Co mpetitio n in different categories and difficulties. Co ntact: lnterkuhur Foundation , Am \'Veingarcen 3, D- 3541 2 Pohlheim, Germany. Tel: +49-64 03-956 525 , Fax: +49-6 403-9 56 529, Email: mail@musica mundi.com • \Xlcbsitc: www.musica-mundi.com

Canto su l C arda, Riva del Gard a, Jcaly, 12- 16 Oc t 200 5. Co mpetitio n in diffcrcn1 ca1cgorics and difficulties. Co macl : Associai iom: Concorso Corale lntcrnazio n:J. lc, Via Maffei 7 - CP 68 I, 3 8066 Riva dcl Ca rda (TN) , Italy. Tel: +39-0 464-56 0 113, Fax: +39-0464-52 0900, Email: info@co ncorsocoralc.it \'(lcbsite: www.co nco rsocorale.it Mallorca in Musica, Palma de Mall orca, Spain, 19-23

8th International C hoir Cont est of Fb.ndcrs, Ma::1 smechelcn, Belgium , 23.25 Sept 200 5. lnternalional cho ir co ntest limited 10 ensembles from 12 10 45 voices. Two c:ucgo ries: equal voices :rnd mixed cho irs. Apply before: 15 J::111 2005 . Comac1: lmernational Choir Contest of Flanders, Gere Vanderlee. Hcistr:tat 239, B-36 30 Maasmcchelcn, Belgium . Tel: , 32 -89- 769668 , Fax: +32-89- 7696 72, Email: cvenemencen@maasmechelen.be Website: http: / / users.skynec.be/ ikv.vlaandere n

15th S. Simku s C horal Comp etiti o n, Klaipeda, Lithuania, 2 1-23 Oct 2005. Co mpetitio n open to mixed, female, male, children and jazz choirs. Co m::1c c: Regio nal Cho ir Sociecy "Auku ras", Do nelaicio str . 4, LT-58 00 Klaiped a, Lithuania . Tel: +370 -4 6-398714, Fax: +370-46-398 70 2, Email: a11kuras@k11.lt 17th Malta international Cho ir festival, Valetta , Malta, 7- 11 No v 200 5. Op en for all catego ries . Co nt acc: Mah a lncernational Choi r Fcstiva.l- Tou rism Autho riry, Aubergc d'h alic, merchants street, Valetta C MR 02, Maha. Tel: +356-229 15809 , Fax: +356 -22915899 , Email: cvems@visitmalta.com \~ebsi tc: www.malt:icho irfcsti,•al.com 5th Advent and Christmas Songs Festival, Budapest, Hun ga ry, 2-5 Dec 200 5. Non -comp eti tive festival for cho irs in all categories. Prog ram:Advent and Christmas Son gs. Appl y before: May 20 0 5. C on cact: MS\'il Festivals c/o T M ln co Travel, II. R:ik6C?.i F u t 2 16, 12 I 4 Buda pest , H u ngary. Tel: <-36- 1-42 70740 , Fax: ,36 - 1-4 20 47 96. Email: mwsfcs tivals@axclcro.hu \'(lcbsitc: www.mwsfcstivals.co m

6t h "Pragu e Chri stm as" l nt'I Fest ival o f Advent and Ch ristma s Music, Prague , Czech Repub lic, 9 - 11 Dec 2005 . For childre n' s and adul t choirs, also for folklore groups. A rich frame progr::1m rnc and performance op po rtunities. Coma ct: ClubTo urs Agentur, P.1vd _varc, N a H:ijku 367, 180 00 Praha 8, Czech Rep ublic. Tel: +4 20-2-848266 08, Fax: +4 20-2-848 26608, Email: cta@iol.cz • \Xlcbsitc: \V', \'\v.acco rdion.n or www.cho irs.cr Srh International Ro bert Schumann Cho ir Com pelitio n, Zwickau, Germany, May 2006 . Compclirion in dirTcrem calcgo rics and di fficulties. Apply before j:J.nI. 2006 . Co macc lm erkultu r Foundatio n, Am Weingarte n 3. D -3 54 12 Pohl hcim, Germa ny. le i: +49 -640 3-95652 5. Fax: +49- 6403-9 56 529 , Email: mail@musica-mundi.co1n \'Vebsite: '"'"'''.musica-mund i.com \'Vorld Choral Festiva.l Salzburg & Vienna, Austria, 2224 June 2006. A "Once in a Lifcti1m:" op ponuni ry 10 perform in S:J.l zburg and Vienna with the world renowned "Vienna Boys' Choir" and the "Vienna Male Choral Soc iety " in Sal1.bur g at the "G rand H all" of chc "Moz..1n cum" 311din Vienna. Co nract: Haring KEG Choral fes tivals, Michael H aring. Gruenentorgassc 10/7, A- I 090 Vienna , Auscria. Tel: -,43-664 - 18 1 I 180 , Fax: '43- 1-3 17 546 0, Email: Wo rl,I.C ho ral.Fescivals@chello.ac \Xlebsite: www.austri:1nfcstivals.at/ Internation al Festival of Sacred Music, Vienna, Austria, 23 -26 Jun e 200 6. Performi ng fest ival in Salzbur g su rroundings.Performing festival in Yienn:1and surroundings. Co nlact: Cho rus MM , Fucrstallcrgassc 48/ 9, A-5020 Salzbur g, Austr ia. Tel: +4 3-66 2-64 5972 , Fax: +43-66 2-6459 72, Email: chorus 2000 @aon.at \Xlcbsi1e: www.cho rus2000 .co m

Oct 200 5. Competit ion in different categories and diffi. cuh ies. Co ntact: l~0rdcrvcrein lm erkulrnr, Am Weingarten 3, Poscfach 1255 , D-354 15 Poh lheim , Ge rman y. Tel: ,49 -6403-956525, Fax: ,49 -640 3-956 529 . Email: mail@musiea-mund i.com • \'v'cbsitc: www.musica-rnundi.co m

Cantus MM Choir and Orchestra Festival, Salzburg , Austri:t, 29 June - 2 July 2006. Performing fesrival in S:tlzburg surroundings. Co ntacl: C ho rus MM, Fuerstallcrgassc 4 819 , A-50 20 Salzb urg. Austria. "li:I: , 43662 -64 5972 , Fax: +43-66 2-645 972 . Email: cho rus2000 @ao n.ar \Xfcbsi1~: www.chorus2000.com

6th Int ernationa l Cho ir Compet ition 2006 , M iltenb erg, Bavaria, G ermany, 6 -9 July 2006. Two categories : Symp hon y o f Voices (choi r composit ion s with one com-

pulsory compos ition) and Folksongs,spirituals & jazz.. Apply before: 3 1 Jan 2004. Contact : Kulturr eferat des L1ndkreises Mihenbcrg . Briickcnm. 2, 63897 Mihenbe rg, Germany. Tel: +49-937 1-50 1503, Fax: +49-9371-50179503, Emai l: kuhur@ lra-mil.de\Vcbsitc: \V\Vw.chorwcttbcwcrb-milccnbcrg.dc or

www.vocalcnsemblc -moemlingcn.de lnccrnational Cho ir and Orchestra Festival "Can ms

Salisbu rgcn sis", Salzburg, Austria , 13- 17 Ju ly 2 006. Kaleidoscope of Na tions. For cho irs and orchestras. Specific pieces to be performed. Con met: Cu h ou rs Austria, Choi r & Orchestra Concert Tours,

H oglwonhweg 1014, A-5020 Salzbu rg, Austri a. Tel: +43-662-821310 -0, Fax: +43-662-82 13 10-40, Email: officc@cultours.at - \Vcb sitc: \V\V\v.cultours.at

New ICB Events Column

Advertisers' Index

The IFCM has decided to start a new column in the Int ernation al Choral

p 39

ACFEA Tou r Consultants

Bullet in . The new pages will be similar to th e alread y well-received int ern at ional fes-

p 39

Ans Bureau for the Co ntin ents


p 30

Associazione l nt ernaz ion ale Amici

work shop s and competitions list at the end of the magazine . The new colum n will list all known "master classes", "ateliers", "workshops" , "seminars" , "music camps" ere. for singers

p 35

C antapueblo


Carus Verlag

int ernat ional participant s. If your orga nization is plannin g suc h

p 53

Ciry ofVi gevano

events in rhe futur e, send us th e necessary

p 43

Co llegium USA

p 11

Eva Toller

p 39

Florilege Vocal de Tour s

della Mu sica Sacra

and choir conductors open Europa Canta ! Festival 2006, M ain z, Germ any, 28 Jul y 6 Aug ust 2006 . Choice of work sho ps, open singing , con-

ductors' courses, and much more. Contact: Europa Ca111a1Festival 2006, Postfoch 2607, D-53016 Bonn, Ger many. Tel: +49-228 -9 125663, Fax: +49-22 8-9125658, Ema il: info@curop aca111a1 .org Wcbsire: h11p://www.ec2006.de/ Vivace International Cho ir Festival 2006, VcszprCm, Hu ngary, 11- 14 Aug 2006. Special combi nation offes1ival, compcririon and mini concert [Ourfocused on the joys of life. Co ntact: c/o V&rosi MiivclOdCSiKOzpont, D67.sa Gyorgy u 2, H -8200 Vcszprcm, Hungary. Tel: +36-88-429693, Fax: +36-88-429693, Email: vmk l @lvcszprcm .hu \Vcbsicc: www.vmk.vcszprcm.hu/cvcnts.html I 0th Internationa l J. Villarroel Choir Festival, Isla de Mara ga ri1a, Venezue la, 28 Sept - 3 Octobe r 2006. Non competit ive festival with concerts and workshops in the anractivc Carribcan.Contact: Casa de la Cultura M.N.E Navarro, Calle Fermina, La Asunci6n, Isla de Marguerita, Venezuela. Tel: +58 -295- 2625048, Fax: +58-295-4 168493 . Email: xfes1ivaljv@>ca nrv.ncr Coastal So und International Choral Feslival, Vancouver, Canada, 28 June - 2 July 2007. Biennial, non-competitive C hor al Festival. Treble Children 's Choi r and SATB Youth C hoirs wi ll participate in five days of concc n s, rehearsa ls, fun and friend ship . Applica1ion deadli ne: December 1, 2006 . Concac1: Coascal Sound ln ternaiional C horal Fes1ival, I'.O. Box 64528, Coq uitl am, British Co lumbi a V3J 7V7 , Cana da. Tel: + 1-604-469-5973, Fax: + 1-6 04 -469-5974,


information to have th em listed! Th e new column will start in th e !CB issue in th e third quart er of 2004 and will list all even ts caking plac e afte r I sr D ecember 2004. In order to help us in rhe huge work of


collectin g informati on , please send your details to jcwilkens@ifcm. net, in a similar format to the one in which we cu rrently

lnre rkultur Foundat ion

p 60

publish the festivals list:

Int ernation al Competi tion of

p 28

H abaneras

- Na me of the event - Ci ry

lntr opa, Inc.

- Co untry - D ates - Maximum 50 words of descr ipti on - Co ntact name and address


- Co nta ct Email

p 43

Musica Mundi , In c.

p 27

Pacific Rim Ch ildren's Chorus Festival

p 12

Small World


World Projects

p 22-23 World Cho ral Sympo sium 7

- Webs ite

Email: info @coas ralsoundmusic.com \'(lcbsitc: www .coasta1soundmusic.com

6 th International Johannes Brahms Choir Festival & Co mpetitio n , Werni ge rod c, Germany, 5-8 Jul y 2007. Compe tition in dilTcrent categories and difficult ies. Con tact: lnt erkultur Foundatio n, Am \Vcingan cn 3, D354 12 l'oh lhcim, Germa ny. Tel: +49-6403-956525, Fax:+49 -6403 -956529. Email: mail@musica-mundi.com - \Vc:bsitc:www.musica~mundi.co m

H ong Kong Treble Cho irs

p 35

Thank yo u very much for your help. We hope that thi s new co lumn will help you to advertise your activit ies.

Vivace lntcrnarional Choir Festival 200 7, VcstprCm, Hun gary, 3-6 Aug 2007. Special combination offcs1ival, competition and mini conccn tour focused on the joys of life. Co ntacc: c/o Vdrosi Mi.ivclOdC s i KOzpont. D61.so Gyorgy 11 2, H 8200 Vcszprcm, Hun gary. ¡rc l: +36-88-429693. Fax: +36-88-429693, Email: vmkl @vcszprcm.hu Wcbsi1c: www.vmk.vcs-tprcm.hu/cvcn1s. html


ICB Events


MUSICAMUNDIÂŽEvents2004-2005 ChoirOlympics 2004 Bremen8 - 18 July 2004(Germany) 6th International ChoirFestival& Competition "ISOLADELSOLE" Grado20 - 24 October2004(Italy) International Festivalof SacredandSecularMusicMalta 26 February- 2 March2005 (Malta) 10th International ChoirCompetition Budapest . Budapest19 - 24 March2005 (Hungary) Veneziain Musica,SpringConcertsin VeniceandJesolo 20 - 24 May2005(Italy) 4th International JohannesBrahmsChoirFestival& Competition Wernigerode 6 - 1OJuly 2005 (Germany) 4th International ChoirFestivalof SacredMusic Rottenburg21 - 24 July 2005 (Germany) Riminiin Musica Rimini23 - 27 September2005 (Italy) 5th "IN ... CANTO SULGARDA" Rivadel Garda12 - 16 October2005 (Italy) Mallorcaen Musica Mallorca19 - 23 October2005(Spain)


UnDi MUSICAMUNDl 11> is synonymouswith first-classinternationalchoir competitionsand festivals andis one of the biggestandmostsuccessf ul culturaleventseries worldwide.

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