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hcadquart ers. Exchangc n ll C; 1US$ - 34 BEF Ad \'3 nce r eg isl r at ion and pay me nl: The e ncloscd regislr:uion form should be uscd whcll regislcring for the fc sti va l and fo r making hote l reservations. P'lymcnt should lx: maid in advance by meam. of bank e r's drafl forwarded togethe r with your regislfation fo nn and sent to Namur. made o ut [0 "C IMC · Namur". Ho lel

re se r v~l tion :

l-IOIcl rooms o f varying pri ees ha ve bcen booked in Namu r for the Festival. Hotel acco mm oda ti o n w ill be rese rved if the regislnllion form. together with ~I hotel deposil of BEF 5000 reaches C IMC bcfore J une 1. 1992. The de pos il w ill be deducted l'rom Ihe Ilote l billupon presc lHalio n of the parlici palll hotel vouche r. which w ill be payable upon regislral ion in Namur.

Reg is lralion s in Namu r:


Regislr.\lion will beg in on Monday. July 13 al 13:00 al the " Ar~c n a l ". i\amur. 1t also will be possible 10 regisler aflcr Tuesday . July 14. al

Meals are nOI included in the regi~ l rat i o ll l'cc. An officia l self-service re~ taura nl will be opened inlhe "Arsenal " o f alllur. Mea ls w ill be reservcd if reques ted on th e reg istration fonn. A li meals during the re~­ tival wi ll cost a IOtal o mEF 4500

9:00. Ca nce llalion : NOi ific.:nion of cance llati on must lx: sent in writing to C IMe Ca nce lli.lti o ns wi ll be accepted until June 1. 1992 with i.l refund of ail l'ces except for an admini sInllion fee of BEF 1500. No rcfuncl!l call be made for cancc ll alions rcec ived aftcr June 1. 1992. Languilges:

Ex hibil - SOChl1 hours: The re will bc an ex hibil of c ho ral mu sic and other items re lated 10 choir si ngi ng. You wi ll have Ihe a pport unit y to mee l old and new frie nds in .\ ~ pec i a l pl<lcc rese rved in the "Arsenal " for drinking a calTee or a Bel gian beer!

The Ihree main co nfe re nces w ill be si multaneous ly trans lat ed in English. Fre nch. Gennan. and Span i!!oh if the number of parti. cipanl s rcquircs. Reading sC!l~ ion s will be offered in Eng lish .

Programme (Subject to change) Mo nda.v• .lui )' 13 Rcg ist ratio n Opening conce rt Hae nde l - Mess iah C hoeur de C hambre de Namur Mus ica Polyp honica Pierre C ~IO , conduclOr

9:00 - 18:00 20:30

16:30 20:30

Tucsd:'l.\'. Jul~'


F'rida~' .


Inaugurat ion o f the ncw headq uan e rs of the Ce nter ICC M receplion Opcning conference


14:00 16:30

Re:ld ing !lcssion A \'e So l - Riga. Lah'ia Rli ss ian cOlliemporary chori.lllllllliic 20:30 Concert Co ll egiulll Voe.lle Li mburg E be rhard Melternich. CO lldu clOr Seo ul Female C hoir. Ha k \O"on Yoon. co nductor Wedncsda~' . Jul.v 15 9:30 Confe rence a nd round table IFC M and ils role in cu llUral eNc han ges E.1SI -WcSt and Nor lh· So ulh 14:30


'Reading .. es .. ion The Uni\ c r s il y of Ihe P hilipp ines M~ld ri gal S ingers Philipine!- popu lar chora l rnu!'>ic 2. Reading .. c~sion Co li egi ulIl Voc~ll e Limb urg German conlcrnporar: mu!)ic for male c hoir~


Conce rt

A H Sol · Riga ImarHs Kokars. cond uclor Th ursda.\. Jul.\' 16 <):30 Confcrcnœ and round wble Mus i c ~lI ed ucation !lnd 14:00

C hflr~11

s inginJ,!:

Rl!:lding :o.e:-:.s ion A\'é Su l - Riga Ballie republîc:-:. eon t el1lporar~ c horal

Illu sic Read ing sess ion Africlln C ho ir African chora l mus ic Concert Th e Uni \'ersily of the Philippines Madrigal Si nger s Andrea O . Ve ne ratio n. co nduclor July 17 Conference and round tab le O r c heslra lmusil" and C horal music. 1'\\'0 differenl worlels '!


Reading sess ion The U nhersit~' ofl he Philil>pin es Mad rigal S inge rs Asian cOl1lernporary dlOr~llmu:o.ic Reading ses!lion 16:30 Seou l Vema le C hoi r Asian comcmporar) Illu:o.ic for fClll:lle c hoir 20:.10 Concert Arri ca n C hoir C uban C hoir S:llurda.,,, July 18 Moming frec

14:110 16:.10 20:30

Reading se .. "ioll C uban C hoir Latin-americ:.IIl popul:lr choral mu .. ic Clo" ing ce remon) Clo'ling Concert Bee lho\'en - Missa Solem nis C hoeur de C hambre de Namur Seoul Female C hoir Coll egium Vocale Limburg AH Sol. Riga T he Uni\Crsit y of Ihe Philippines Mad ri g:l l S ingers P hilharmonÎck O rk est \ ail \la~lI1deren. Bel~illl11

Woll'gang Sehafer. condllclOr

tm<"m.IIIV1IJI C'lJ.""llIulk:-un.