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of perfection

Ihat I llrg~ chain groups c311ed ROrphl"OOCS" wcre fomled . Thesc groups wereoriginall)' romposedof male chonslS. oflen numbering 3round 100 singers. Most of Ihe<.e groops _ere crcuted 81\)und Împon anl musical

pc:rsonatities. 1300ur cenler.> (industries ln Euskadi), !rade-union. nnlionaris! group.

bener training and sprcading our fame on a warldwidc $Cale. The deci~ i ve s uppon of the Basque Govemmcnt and local authontles for the choral movement encourages us to I..eep worl..ing wi lh hi.!;h s pirils. We nope that one day the world ma y come to know the culture whic h is so dear tO ou r hellns .

event wi ll nextbcheldfrom Augu!>14to 12. 1992.

ln 1992 the World Youth Oloir will be hosted b)' Spain and the conduc tors WIll be Tonu K ~ljus t e from Estonia and Eduardo Matta fmm Mexico.

elC! •••

Ta illuslmtc the standard they rcac hcd. wc can cite the stringe"1 competitions which "-cre held. ln these COnlCSIS Ihey nQI only I\sd [0 intcrpret the mosl ad ... anœd choral repcno ire bU I ;dSQ to re nd III " fi".! s ick" pieces Ihat werc on ly handed 10 the COnlCSllln lS al the bcginning of Ihe

competition. uttT, "Îlh the nccd loutlach t~ repcnoire of lhegreôlt 19th ccmul)' rnusicians. wduen on Il grand scule for mixed choirs. women 'ltcre invilcd IOjoin the "orphconcs", Toda)' the "Orpheon Oooostiarru" orSan Sebastian foundcd in 1897 slill cnjoys Il worldwide FRstige a n er almOSI a century. AnoI:her lypical fonn alion h. lhe ftOchole~ (composcd of e i&ht men TITIBBBB). Thue gro ups arose mainly fro m the ..orpheoocsM. parish chairs and gaslronomie SOCKlic.<i. und were give n lhe mission of .ip«ading and popu lurizing the choral m usic. Thank..'I lo the :.maller size of Ihesc cbotrs Ihcy were much casier 10 hire and lIICIœ arOlllld. Sa they bccarne ~Ira vt lling cboIrs" whie h ,' isited ail comers o f our c o untry . Im po rtant festival s a nd axnpetitions wert :dso :munged for IheSC

-p'. C hoir innovai io ns in Eus ka Her ria MkrVlllican Il Council. lhe cooir 5Choo l ~ _ panshehotrs (sante Slil l surviving with difflCtllty) lost ground 10 the new "popul:lr" ~ mi~laken l y dirttted towanh the pmshiooers panicipation. 1'1Ic 3dvances ace umul:ned during the ~ing cenluries lill into o blivion and ~ noplace.'i by a poor quali ty music ~Iy conceived and wi th 00 cJellr t...Idalion in the chureh IilUrgy ....... k'lsÎng thei r re ligious role. lhe big ,.nsh choirs grnd uall y d iminished and the ir ~onnances were limi ted to major trcvlUC5. The people had to JXlnieip:ne 10 6tl.c:ur!:y but al lhe sante lime required lhe ."."umlly 10 listen tO the Great music ~d for "Goo's glory Mthus ollly IWO are avai lable : 1. 10 rdnsmle the ~ Iyle of mu:-.Îc. 2. to creale a rl\!W qu2Jity mus ic, lW ' orpheones survived with greal 4I8icvh1CS. Tmvelling to concen venues ~ every day more e . . pe nsive . cr the)' lIscd to c mploy si ngers - . from dislam places, e nta iling li CII:Ju. fali in the group spirit and identi l)', .~ . followcd them in theirdccline. ...~ a mÎn ha ndful s urvive. o nl y @ sporndicall)'. My e .... plan!lt ion _ (ail is thal the scareity of lhe ~- combioed with ihe lackofvocal made- il qui te difficult for lhe · 10 lind qllalily c horislers. . . . . awnberof secularchoirs.sollK'how .-rd 10 the Church have staMed gaining . . . - pIrIlCip:u ing in a il son s o f concens 1d:J,IOU5 and secular). even wm ning pnus in the rirst internat loml t . .. .,;,.,.;.tsorgan i7.cd fIXchoirs in Spain. .-d Wale:s. ~1hr 80', lhe c horal music in Euskal .ail) look o ff wilh lhe foundation the: " Fedemelon Vascu de Coros · f-t ' i il:o abesbatze n e7.kanea Mand the T • dedireclorcs ". The IClleris of 7 431 imponancc bc:cause it created _ ~ between ail c hoirs indeccm ~_ )'CVS ago. The programme wert Uy modified. combini ng bolh -..:lA aad KSIhe lic aspects. Our panicipa. ... ..an:Jlional contestli has opened _ -.:n ofne"" schools providing us wilh




Th ~ Cana d ian C hor.tlies: S ma ll But

He au lifu l by patricia Abbolt (page 47) TheCanadian e hapter oflhe largely Frensh· speaking choml movement A Coeur Joie (ACJ> held ItS 9th edirionof lhec horalies in lhe historic town ofTerrcbonne. nonh·east of Montrtal. last Jul )' 20.028. The: trienmal choral fesllval anr3Cled over 100 panlcipams this year. Ahhough mast c horiste rs were from the province or Q uebec. organizers were pleased 10 hast s ingers (rom Ontario. the UM e<! States aod Eu rope. In addi tion. the festival played hos t to seyera l g ue s t choirs and Înstrumcnta[ists. Although ACJ Canada had hoped to DUmet a@l'l!atc r number of partlcipants. the smllll ish numbcrof regislrmions made for li reigning atmosphcre thal was Wllml and we!comin!!. ACJ S .... il7.Crland pres ident Nlcollb Ruffieux. who is aiS«) an inte rn atIonal council membcr for the organi zulton. sc-rved as honorary president of the evenl.

ChoriSlcrs had thechoiœ offour "" ori;shops led by cond uc lors ..... ho have made their mark boI:h in Qucbec chornl circles and in ACJ eve nts . Chanlal Masson-Bourque. of Qucbec Cily's u.val UnivcDu)'.collduclcd ",",orb by Mozarl , including the Mbericordias Domini, K.222 and a Regina Cacli. James Wild. pres ident of ACJ's British chapler called Sing for Pleasllre. chose works from the 20th ttn tu ry Englîsh sacred repenoire. On the program ..... ere worts by Matthias. Gardner und Ruuer. Bdgian condue tor Yvcs Wuyts alsochClSC.' socred ""'orks for his works hop program. including works bythe 17th-œntury Ilal ian mnster~ FrescobaldI. Mo nleverdi and Marcello. Canadian content was handled b)' Jean· Pierre Gugnon. frorn T rols· Pistoles. Quebec. who gave choriSlers a ghmpse of the best Québécois singer-songwriters and arrangers of the past 50 yeat1;. including sangs by Leclerc. Vigneau lt. Ferland , Lapoin te and Part. Ail participants had a chance to sing wi th each of lhe conducton for severnl pieces performed by lhe musscd choir. André Beaunier and Ric hard Duc:tS. of ACJ Ca· nada. also conducled. Ils did Nicolas Ruflïeul( . The opening·night cuncen gave visiling singers a cha~ 10 hear local choirs. as tl1ey perfomled Cantale pour une joie b)' Canadian l'ompcr..c:r Piem Mclt'ure. n wori. for c hoir and OR:hestra bascd on Gabriel Charpentier's poems. Guest choirs from France. Quebee and New BrunswIck also pcrformed Ihro ughoui the week. O ther ne ti"Îties iocluded a picnic and perfor· mances br lhe internationall y acclaimed Quebec folk-dance company. Les SonÎ lè· ges . and la Bande Magnétik . a \'ocal group which combiocs e hor.tl music and humour.


The next major ACJ event wi ll be the Choralies in Vaison·la· Romaine. in the south of France. Heldevery Ihree years. the

linally to Belgium and Amsterdam. atthe inv itation of the Intem:llional Centre forChoml Music and its directOf. Jean-Claude Wilkens.

This )'eaTS 5e.'iSIOO of the World Youth Choir took place al the presl igiou~ s ite of Kecskémet, " ungary. blnhplace ofZoltan Kodaly. Thunks to the doSt' collabor.tlion of the Kodal)' InslÎtute, "" hKhhadorganized ilS Intemational Mus ic Camp at the snme time · from 141h 10 281h July - Il had been possIble ror thechoi r's .... orkShopseSSIon 10 lake place . The Hungurian scclion of Jeu· oe$StS Muskales. headed by Béata Scha.ncb. wa.<i in charge and did a fantB5t ic jOb. and the choir was able 10 .....orl.. under exttllent conditions: Il washousedat the local nursing school. The cho ir rchearsed two mus ical programme) ; an a cappella programme ind udi ng work~ by Rau luvuum. Ligeti. Eben. Brahms. Reger. Sandstrom. Plin. Hahn and someo fthc best neg ro·spintuals: and MOl.an's C·minor Mass. Fred Sjl)bcrg whose rc!lponsiblily was the a cappella progmmme. did a m(lrvelou~ job. Fred is a wonderful pedagogue and he make:s lhe best use ~iblc ofhis an which lM: leaml wi th Eric Ericson; he conqucred the c hoir' heans with his precis ion . hi .. musicalcholces and wilh hisgrtat klndne!>S and patience. Il must be said that the pro· gra.mme ..... L~ elluemely diffi c ult. The qUllntity o f worl.. dont' in Icn da)' ~ ....·as unbc lie\'able. In lhe six daily haurs of rehea~1. 10 which must be IKlded 3O()(her hour's panicipalion in Ihe c onducling workshop of the Kodal y S(minar. the 86 singers leaml more Ihan 200 pages of in· tensivemusk. lhus obtaining a rtSult whic h was acdaimed b)' the press wilh e lag ious commenls "" hercver the coolr sang. The: dght a cappella conct'rts in Bungary (two of thcm in Budapest), Prugueand Bclgium allrac ted more Ihan 5000 e nthus illStic lis lenen.. Frieder Bcmiu.~ ha<! becn expecled by the n!'·invited singe rs (ahl. 40 % of the Choir) with great impallence. In 1990 he had e nlhmlled list\'ners and singers alike wilh his mUSIcal polll'er and ~incamalion M. This year he tri umphed with his intcrpretalion of Mozan's C -minor Ma.'iS. which the director of the Coocen~ebouw Amsterdam praised as ~ I hc heSI coocen of this Summer in his M walls . Conclueting an orche.tra puttogclher in Progue for Ihe occasion. whic h included scvcml membersofthe D.ech Philharmonic Orchestra as we il us Ihe: p re sligious CoJlegium Mus ic um Pragens e . in connivance with perfect soloists IWO of which had come from the choir. Frieder Bemius was able 10 g lve his very besl . logethcr wit h a choir overll owing with enthusia.'im. This ""'11$ the th ird tinlC that the World Youlh Choir had come together (and the second l ime under the joinl leadership of the International Fedemtioo for Choral Mus ic and Ihe International Federulion of Jeu~ Musica les). lllC project bring.~ logelher every )'ear abou t 100 singers bctwccn 17 and 24 year<> of age: th is time the)' came (rom 29 counlries ail over lhe world. The conccn tour look them Ihroogh Hu ngary to Prugue t l"i\C mcmor.tble da)'s and IhTet eoncens. IWO of whic h wilh Ihe Mourt Mas.'i.lhanks tO thceffons of Jamila Hlo Shwe. a member of the choir) and

If you are bctwcen 17 and 24 years or oge. with salid musical and vocaltmining. and if you wish to he a candIdate for ne"l yeaTS St'!>sion of the Workl You th Choir. pieuse contaci your local scction of Jeunesses M usical~ or the choral federation of whlc h you are a member in your country, The y WIll give you the ncces.\I1ry infonnution.-

OPEN ING TOW ARDS T HE EAST ANDTOWA HDS AVANTGA RO E C horal Festivul E uro pa Canta l Il in Ihe Basq ue Count r y by K la us E. R. Li nd em a nn (a rticle p ll blis hed in the Frankfu r ter Allgemfine 7..eitun g da led 19th Augusl. 1991) (page 48) Vi toria.


or A ugust. 199 1

Wllh a mov ing "Dona nabis PllC'Cm ~ b)' ChriMObal Halmc r lhe big in temational choral ftslival "'Europa Canl:u Il "' closcd in VitOflu·Gastelz. capital of the Spanish Basque Count ry. Morc than 3000 s mgers from 40 countnes panicipated. The: Pie« wri u en by Ihe cont emporary Spllni$h co mposer sounded likc a rousin g and drnmalic OUtcry for pe!lCC whie h in the face of the bloody cvems in Yugoslavia WII5 o f a sliOin, lopicalil)'. This composition was a laodmark ofEuropa Cantal. nal o nl )' Ihemlllieall y bUI a lso musically: Neve r befort had lite proponion of contempomry worb becn so high a l a Europa Cantal Festival. nie European Fede rat ion of Young Choirs ( EF YC ). organizt:r of Ihis lri·annual fe stivul since 1961 . eneh lime in a diffe~nl country ' wanted to prove its resolute lum towards modem music in Viloria. This inle nt ion wa.~ viSible in nll lields of the festival: ind iv id ulil conce n s. workshops, a lelier coocens and Open Singing. ln twent)· atelieB or workshop the singe~ rehearsed large choral and orchestral worb under Ihe direction of well- known cooductOf'S whlch ....ere then performcd in lhe hugespons hall cnl lcd ~ Pa bcl16n A 1:1'111". Ne w for Europa Canta t ""cre th e comm i~s ioning or worh by lhe European Federalion of Young Chairs. The pieces ....ere to Ile thoroughl)' modem and of high qualily but also singablc byamalcurchoirs. O n l)' Ih r et wOf'ks had their nrsl p@ rform a ntt. The "Stabat maler dolo ros a " b)' Ihe Norweglnn T rond Kvemo (bom in 1945) is a fresh nnd cleur piecc wilh an intereslin! sonoril y. w h ich does nOI hide ilS Scandl navia n o ri gi n s. The mu!>ica l contemplations ~ De lempon!'" by lhe Czech co m poser Petr Eben (bo rn in 1929> ho .....ever. a~ nluch morecomplell. but ofa fascinating beauty: tlley cod wilh a sensi· tivc fugue on IheGregorian "in parndisum". Mosi accessible of ail is the wart.: br the Eston;an VeijoTomlÎ\ (bam in 1930). His piece ~ M orsja HUva!ilijUt( (Goodb)' to the bride) has a clcar structure. strong rhytmic

JnlC'm aIlQn:r.J Chor.al Bulknn .