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Lake Constance

A journey through time

Discover the dream gardens at Lake Constance!


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Our partners A.Vogel/Bioforce AG BBZ Arenenberg Bible gallery Meersburg Bibelgarten Gossau Bregenz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH City Garden Singen City Garden Stockach Frauenfeld Archaebotanical Garden Gartendenkmal Stiegeler Park Konstanz Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH Ittingen Charterhouse with the Ittinger Museum Jardin Suisse Thurgau Kreuzlingen Tourismus Landkreis Konstanz Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH Mainau GmbH Napoleonmuseum Thurgau – Castle & Park Arenenberg Park hotel St. Leonhard Überlingen Parkstift Villa Rosenau Konstanz REGENA AG Tägerwilen REGIO Konstanz-Bodensee-Hegau e.V. Schlösslepark Kressbronn Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg St. Arbogast Götzis Thurgau Tourismus Tourist-Information Messkirch Überlingen Marketing und Tourismus GmbH Verkehrsverein Reichenau e.V. VitaPlant AG Uttwil Wartegg Castle | Würth Management AG

Helpful tips: Take the train, bus (free with VHB guest card), or the ship for your next garden visit. If you choose to visit by ship, this visit could look as follows: Day 1 – First Mainau Island, than Garden Culture Path Überlingen Day 2 – First Castle & Park Arenenberg, than Reichenau Island or 'Höri' gardens. Take advantage of the BodenseeErlebniskarte (BEK) as 'Garden Card', for example the BodenseeErlebniskarte for 'Seebären', 3 days: Day 1 – Meersburg New Palace and Salem Monastery and Palace Day 2 – Hesse Museum Gaienhofen and Reichenau Island Day 3 – Castle & Park Arenenberg and Mainau Island (to be paid) 2


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time


Welcome to the


Lake Constance

For centuries, hard-working gardeners have been sowing, planting and weeding at Lake Constance. From the castle grounds to the cottage garden, today there is row upon row of charming green oases spread across the Lake Constance. The parks and gardens allow their visitors to take an exciting journey through the epochs of garden culture – from the Stone Age to the present day, interspersed with some magnificent views of the lake.

Contents Map of the Lake Constance Gardens with tours ................................ 4-5 Introduction to the Lake Constance Gardens ................................... 6-18 Garden bicycle tour for individualists .................................................. 19 Middle Ages tour | M | and Contemporary tour | G | ........................ 20 Aspects of the gardens for groups ....................................................... 21 Events 2019 . .................................................................................. 22-23 Flower magic & Long night . ................................................................ 23 Imprint and Contact............................................................................. 24

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20 Frauenfeld Archaeobotanical Garden

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Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

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Mittelaltertour Middle Ages tour Gegenwartstour Contemporary tour Unlimited Grenzenloses Garden Rendezvous Garten-Rendezvous

arden Culture Path eonhard Überlingen 6 Salem Monastery and Palace

7 Meersburg New Palace 8 Fürstenhäusle Meersburg 25 Bible gallery Meersburg 29 Stiegeler Park Konstanz 30 Parkstift Rosenau Konstanz

ark Kreuzlingen

14 VitaPlant AG Medicinal Herb Garden

26 Schlösslepark Kressbronn

9 Bavarian Riviera Lindau

Vogel World of Natural Remedies 10 Bregenz port gardens 11 FORUM WÜRTH RORSCHACH 12 Wartegg Castle

ibelgarten Gossau 27 St. Arbogast Götzis |



1 | D-Mainau Island

Experience an oasis of natural beauty, harmony and relaxation in the middle of Lake Constance: changing flower abundance with countless tulips, rhododendrons, fragrant roses, perennials and colorful dahlias. Immerse yourself in tropical worlds in the Germany’s second largest butterfly house or let from the force of the sequoias in the over 150 years old arboretum impress. Mainau GmbH D-78465 Insel Mainau | Phone +49 (0)7531 30 30 | » Open all year from sunrise to sunset 2 | D-Reichenau Island

M  |


Almost 1,200 years ago, a monk from Reichenau, Walahfrid Strabo, wrote the first garden guide in Europe under the pseudonym of ‘Hortulus’. In it he describes 24 medicinal plants and explains how they can be used. Today it is primarily tomatoes, cucumbers etc. that grow on the ‘Vegetable Island’, but in the former cloister garden an old-fashioned herb garden shows plants from Hortulus's guide. Tourist-Information Reichenau | Pirminstraße 145 D-78479 Insel Reichenau | Phone +49 (0)7534 92 07-0 | » Cloister garden ‘Hortulus’ open all year, free of charge 6


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time


3 | D/CH-Unlimited Garden Rendezvous

From the enchanted tree garden to the magnificent castle park, the German-Swiss side of Lake Constance offers a heavenly diversity of rural horticulture. At the ‘Unlimited Garden Rendezvous’, viewing gardens and park grounds invite you to visit. Many private people host guests in their own personal green havens. Tours, hikes and cultural events on the topic of horticulture complete the offer. REGIO Konstanz-Bodensee-Hegau e.V. | Obere Laube 71 D-78462 Konstanz | Phone +49 (0)7531 13 30 40 | » Opening hours at 4 | D-Garden Culture Path Überlingen


The Überlingen garden culture path connects to about four kilometers the most beautiful green sights of the city with each other. Botanical highlight of the consistently signposted way is the city garden. In shady arbours you can here amidst exotic plants and mighty tree giants listen to the lapping of the fountain or the imposing cactus free sounding marvel. Tourist-Information Überlingen GmbH | Landungsplatz 3-5 D-88662 Überlingen | Phone +49 (0)7551 947 15 22 | » Überlingen Garden Culture Path open all year, free of charge |


5 | D-Park hotel St. Leonhard, Überlingen

Garden hotel!

Park hotel St. Leonhard is located at a particularly attractive location high above the lake with a marvellous view to the Alpine landscape. Three restaurants, the spacious panoramic terrace and the 70 hectare large hotel park offer flair and attraction, even for guests from this region. Besides the land-scape park an herb garden and a historical orchard complete the offer. Parkhotel St. Leonhard**** | D-88662 Überlingen Phone +49 (0)7551 808 200 | » Hotel park open all year, free of charge 6 | D-Salem Monastery and Palace

In the centre of the park and garden grounds lies the former Cistercian Monastery and current Palace Salem. The grounds lives from its cultural diversity. Representative, french-style baroque gardens meet imposing architecture from seven centuries. Baroque courtyard gardens with a labyrinth and geometrically arranged beds make an impression and vast park grounds with old trees invite you take a stroll. Kloster und Schloss Salem D-88682 Salem | Phone +49 (0)7553 916 53 36 | » Open daily from 1 April to 1 November 8


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

7 | D-Meersburg New Palace

The baroque garden impresses with its great panoramic views on Lake Constance. He goes to the design Christoph Gessingers of 1712 back, who designed the plant in the French style had laid out on two terraces. He is an excellent example for that, a pleasure garden within a cramped space to design. The garden pavilion on the lower terrace is in the frame accessible by special guides. Neues Schloss Meersburg | Schlossplatz 12 | D-88709 Meersburg Phone +49 (0)7532 807 94 10 | » Open daily from 1 April to 3 November 8 | D-Fürstenhäusle Meersburg

Surrounded by vines, the Fürstenhäusle is on one hill above the Meersburg old town. Garden and terrace invite with a breathtaking view to the Alps to linger. Also the famous poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff was of 1600 by Prince-Bishop Jakob Fugger thrilled and rebuilt a house in the vineyards as a creative retreat.

Fürstenhäusle | Stettener Straße 11 | D-88709 Meersburg Phone +49 (0)7532 807 94 10 | » Open daily from 1 April to 3 November |


9 | D-Bavarian Riviera Lindau

During the 19th and at the start of the 20th century, the aristocracy and middle classes of Lindau had elegant villas built for them on an approximately six kilometre stretch of the shore of Lake Constance. There are rows of almost 30 important villas of various architectural styles. The Lindau Garden Culture Path follows four different trails through the villas and parks on the Bavarian side of Lake Constance. Lindau Tourismus und Kongress GmbH Alfred-Nobel-Platz 1 | D-88131 Lindau | Phone +49 (0)8382 26 00 30 | » Open all year, free of charge 10 | A-Bregenz port gardens

Located directly on Lake Constance, the Bregenz port gardens extend in all seasons in magnificent colors from the Festspielhaus Bregenz to the sunset steps at the harbor. Historic tree populations with over 350 coniferous and deciduous trees, rhododendrons, azalea species and summer flowers transform the riparian strip into a varied park. The marinas are popular alike due to the colorful variety of plants and the proximity to the water. Bregenz Tourismus & Stadtmarketing GmbH Rathausstraße 35a | A-6900 Bregenz | Tel. +43 (0)5574 49 59 0 | » Open all year, free of charge 10


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

11 | CH-Sculpture garden FORUM WÜRTH RORSCHACH

It is a panorama of modern sculpture, which is located on Lake Constance and continues through the exhibition rooms inside the Würth Haus Rorschach in the sculpture garden to the lake. For there, the strollers can expect a Jardin extraordinaire, which is brought to life by the charming, in part playable mosaic sculptures like the "Bear" or "Large Bull Totem" by Niki de Saint Phalle. FORUM WÜRTH RORSCHACH Churerstrasse 10 | CH-9400 Rorschach | Phone +41 (0)71 225 10 70 | » Sculpture garden open all year, free of charge 12 | CH-Wartegg Castle

Garden hotel!

Over 90 years ago even Empress Zita enjoyed the unique variety of the English Parks around Wartegg Castle at Rorschacherberg with a view of Lake Constance. The green oasis was planted in 1860 and today is an enchanting national garden memorial. In the middle of the park the castle vegetable garden spreads over an area of 2,500 square metres – a biologically dynamic variety garden by Pro Specie Rara. Schloss Wartegg | Von Blarer Weg CH-9404 Rorschacherberg | Phone +41 (0)71 858 62 62 | » Park open all year, free of charge |


13 | CH-A.Vogel World of Natural Remedies

The Native Americans already knew to cherish the curative powers of the purple coneflower, the echinacea purpurea. The pioneer of natural medicine, Alfred Vogel, first brought the seeds of this plant from America to Lake Constance. In Roggwil visitors can discover the new experience centre for natural medicine, the EchinaPoint, and enjoyed gazing at the purple magnificence of the flower. Guided tours are also available for groups. A.Vogel/Bioforce AG | Grünaustrasse 4 CH-9325 Roggwil (TG) | Phone +41 (0)71 454 62 42 | » Show garden open all year, free of charge 14 | CH-VitaPlant AG Medicinal Herb Garden

On the shores of Lake Constance, directly on the bike and hiking trail, 2014 was a small but fine medicinal plant garden opened. Extra laid out tables give information about ingredients and effectiveness and guide the interested visitor from plant to plant. Loungers invite you to linger. Of the entrance to the garden is near the Lake Constance hiking & cycling path and Schlatterstrasse. VitaPlant AG Romanshornerstr. 39 | CH-8592 Uttwil | Phone +41 (0)71 466 03 33 | » Garden world open all year, free of charge 12


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

15 | CH-Seeburg park Kreuzlingen

The beautiful Seeburgpark around the castle Seeburg extends from the harbor Kreuzlingen to the marina Seegarten. With zoo, medicinal and spice garden, miniature golf course, large playground, the restaurant Schloss Seeburg and the maritime museum, the park is an ideal destination. The old trees, changing wet habitats and large natural areas invite to long walks. Kreuzlingen Tourismus CH-8280 Kreuzlingen | Phone +41 (0)71 672 38 40 | Âť Park open all year, free of charge 16 | CH-Garden Canton Thurgau

M  |


The lovely landscape of Thurgau seems like a large natural garden. The spectrum ranges from wide-spread orchards and expanses of vineyards and fields, to tended public and private gardens. The Bischofzell Rose Weeks, the Seeburg Park in Kreuzlingen, the farmer's garden path Thurgau and the Fischingen monastery with its courtyard are just a few examples of this special garden landscape. Thurgau Tourismus | Friedrichshafnerstrasse 55a CH-8590 Romanshorn | Phone +41 (0)71 531 01 31 | |


17 | CH-REGENA Medicinal Herb Garden

In the middle of extensive flower field meadows one finds the REGENA AG with its harmonious company garden. About three Virbula Shells, the water flows dynamically into the pond, which of surrounded by various medicinal plants. Discover visitors under expert guidance the REGENA complex remedies and get to know medicinal herbs. Guided tours in german: 8.5., 22.5., 12.6., 26.6., 10.7., 24.7., 14.8. every 11 am (registration required). REGENA AG – Homöopathische Komplexmittel Poststrasse 32-36 | CH-8472 Tägerwilen Phone +41 (0)71 414 17 00 | | » Only guided tours, free of charge 18 | CH-Castle & Park Arenenberg

M  |


In 1816, Queen Hortense, the exiled First Lady of France, probably the first landscaped park on the lake. In doing so she moved elements of an older renaissance garden. Since then, inspire e.g. the water - covered grotto, the ladder of heaven and the breathtaking sightlines visitors from near and far. Today the Arenenberg is a cultural, seminar and educational center with over 600 years of experiencing garden culture. Napoleonmuseum Thurgau – Schloss & Park Arenenberg CH-8268 Salenstein | Phone +41 (0)58 345 74 10 | » Garden world open all year, free of charge 14


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

Garden hotel!

19 | CH-BBZ Arenenberg

The education and counseling center is located directly at the castle (BBZ) Arenenberg with its three gardens. In the school garden with greenhouse (newly created in 2018), tree and arable garden can the typical peasant culture and ornamental plants get discovered The gardens provide fresh vegetables and herbs for the BBZ kitchen and serve the education and training. In addition, great views of the submarine region. Schul- und Versuchsgärtnerei des BBZ Arenenberg CH-8268 Salenstein | Phone +41 (0)58 345 80 00 | » Garden world open all year, free of charge 20 | CH-Frauenfeld Archaeobotanical Garden


In addition to ancient grain varieties, the archaeobotanical museum garden is home to nearly forgotten vegetables and oil crops. Medicinal and aromatic herbs exude beguiling scents and colorful wild herbs delight the eye. In the Museum of Archeology directly next door, numerous original finds from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites document the skill and imagination of prehistoric farmers across the millennia. Naturmuseum | Museum für Archäologie Thurgau Freie Strasse 24 | CH-8510 Frauenfeld | Phone +41 (0)58 345 74 00 | » Garden open all year, free of charge |


21 | CH-Ittingen Charterhouse

Garden hotel!


The magic and the variety of the gardens in the former Carthusian monastery invite you to take a gentle stroll. Herb, vegetable, hop gardens and vineyards can be discovered with the audio-guide on four trails. More than 1,000 rose bushes and the largest rose collection in Switzerland transform the garden into a unique blossoming wonder every year. Those looking for peace and quiet will find it in the tranquil centre of the Thyme Labyrinth. Kartause Ittingen | Kunstmuseum Thurgau und Ittinger Museum CH-8532 Warth bei Frauenfeld | Phone +41 (0)52 748 44 11 | | » Parts of the garden open all year, free of charge 22 | D-City Garden Singen The historic city garden with its island location in the Hegauer Aach boasts old trees, exotic summer plants, works of art and a herb garden.

Stadt Singen Phone +49 (0)7731 853 49 23 | D-City Garden Stockach In the summer Mediterranean planted, recommends the city garden in Stockach for one half day excursion with tour through the historic old town and a detour to the city museum in the „Old Forestry Office“. Kulturzentrum „Altes Forstamt“ Phone +49 (0)7771 802-300 16


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

24 | D-Castle Garden Meßkirch Carefully designed Bagnato the terrain between the yard walls and created the courtyard garden after baroque role model with a sequence of the ground floor, Bosquet and Bosco. Kultur- und Museumszentrum Schloss Meßkirch Phone +49 (0)7575 206 46 25 | D-Bible gallery Meersburg The bible and herb garden invite to linger in the idyllic courtyard. In the museum the stories and the history of the bible are brought to life.

Bibelgalerie Meersburg Phone +49 (0)7532 53 00 26 | D-Schlösslepark Kressbronn The Schlösslepark connects the town center with the lake and hosts an arboretum with around 80 mostly exotic trees. The ice cold Kressbach source and the concert pavilion are popular locations. Schlösslepark Phone +49 (0)7543 96650 27 | A-Youth and education house St. Arbogast Götzis The perennial garden in St. Arbogast invites guests to linger and earth. The nature becomes a teacher: Everything has his time, flowering and retreat. An ideal starting point for Garden Tours. Bildungshaus St. Arbogast Phone +43 (0)5523 62 501-0 |


28 | CH-Bibelgarten Gossau Over a hundred different plants let the biblical experience the world with all your senses and invite you to contemplative lingering in the first and so far only bible garden of Switzerland. Bibelgarten Gossau/SG Phone +41 (0)71 388 18 48 29 | D-Stiegeler Park Konstanz The story started 100 years ago of Stiegeler Park the terrain of a gravel pit. Today thrive in the garden monument different ornamental plants and woody species. Managerial dates: Stiegeler Park Konstanz Phone +49 (0)7531 240 75 30 | D-Parkstift Rosenau Konstanz The park offers a sensational view of the silhouette from Constance and to the swiss shore. Delight in the spring tulips, in summer the roses and in autumn the colorful giant trees. KWA Parkstift Rosenau Phone +49 (0)7531 80 50 |

View from Meersburg New Palace on Lake Constance 18


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

Offer for individualists

ature Enjoy n in the ation & relax nstance Lake Co ns! Garde

Garden bicycle tour at Lake Constance Experience Lake Constance gardens in 6 days by bicycle The tour goes to Reichenau Island, Mainau Island, Castle and Park Arenenberg and the medieval garden at Arenenberg, the Ittingen Charterhouse, the fruit orchards surrounding Altnau, the Meersburg New Palace and the gardens at the Salem Monastery and Palace with the following services included: » 5 nights with breakfast in a good, middle-class hotel » Bicycle rental (as well e-bike) and baggage transport » Ferry transfer Meersburg – Constance including bicycle » Ferry transfer Wallhausen – Überlingen including bicycle » Entry and tour of the Salem Monastery and Palace » Entry to Meersburg New Palace and Mainau Island » Entry to the Napoleon Museum in Thurgau – Castle and Park Arenenberg and Arenenberg medieval garden » Topical garden routes with audio guide in the Ittingen Charterhouse and entry to the museum, baroque church and rose garden » Travel documents with maps (1 per room), 7 day service hotline Price per person (can be booked from 13.04.-13.10.2019) from EUR 499.– for a double room EUR 150.– single room surcharge Information and booking office Radweg-Reisen GmbH | Fritz-Arnold-Straße 16a D-78467 Konstanz | Phone +49 (0)7531 81 99 30 | |


Offers for groups (from 20 persons)

Napoleon museum

nstance Lake Co book s– Garden kage! ac p r u o y

Middle Ages tour in 3 days | M » 2 nights with breakfast at the Ittingen Charterhouse » Excursion on the Reichenau Island and visit to the herb garden » Entry to the museum and audio guide through the gardens of the Ittingen Charterhouse » Tour of the archeobotanical garden and the Museum of Archaeology in Frauenfeld » Guided tour through the Arenenberg garden world » Wine tasting with 3 Lake Constance wines on Arenenberg » Guided tour through Stiegeler park Constance followed by a drink

Contemporary tour in 3 days | G » 2 nights with breakfast: 1 night in Radolfzell and 1 night in Arenenberg or in another three-star hotels in the area » Park tour and entry to the Napoleon Museum Thurgau – Castle and Park Arenenberg » Tour of the Überlingen garden culture path » Access to Mainau Island and guided tour » Visit to a private garden on Island Reichenau » Visit to a private garden in western Lake Constance » Visit to a landscape nursery at Lake Constace Price per person (at least 20 persons) Middle Ages tour from EUR 258.– for a double room Contemporary tour from EUR 240.– for a double room For both tours from EUR 50.– single room surcharge Information and booking office for both tours art cities REISEN | D-Konstanz | Phone +49 (0)7531 368 90-0 | 20


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time

Package deals for groups


Choose de multitu from a s! of offer

Aspects of the Lake Constance Gardens Garden tours of Überlingen | Duration 1.5 h Tour of the garden culture path or through the town garden. Price per group from 10 people: EUR 85.– from Mon-Son » Garden tour Mainau Island | Duration 1,5 h Learn from professionals – Horticultural guided tour in the park. Price per group from 10 people: EUR 150.– plus entry per person EUR 17.– » Garden tour of Ittingen Charterhouse | Duration 1.5 h Art Museum Thurgau/Ittingen Museum tour of the rose, herb, hop garden and vineyards. Price per group from 10 people: CHF 120.– plus entry per person CHF 7.– » Garden tour Arenenberg | Duration 50 mins Theme tour ‘Arenenberger gardens – a journey through time’ throug patrician garden and park of Arenenberg Price per group: CHF 180.– » Ideal season for garden tours: April/May until October Further modules and information also under |


Events 2019 22.03.-05.05. Orchid exhibition, Mainau Island 13.-28.04.

Decorated Easter wells, Bischofszell

27.04. 10 am-6 pm

Garden day Kreuzlingen

28.04. 9 am-4 pm

Seedling market at Wartegg Castle at Rorschacherberg,

May-Oct. Thu 3 pm

Überlinger garden tour – every 14 days


14th Day of Lindau Gardens, Lindau

09.05. Thu 10-11 am

‘A garden like a poem – Hortulus’ Guided tour, Insel Reichenau More dates: 23.05., 06./13./27.06., 04./18./25.07., 29.08., 19./26.09.

09.05. Thu 4.30 pm

Überlingen herb walk with a wild herb buffet More dates (registration required): 23.05., 06./27.06., 11.07., 08.08., 12.09.

20.05. 3 pm

Guided tour through the gardens Charterhouse Ittingen Warth, More dates: 30.06./19.08./01.09.


Arenenberger Day, Salenstein

30.05.-02.06. Royal island festival, Mainau Island 31.05.-02.06. Flower magic of the Lake Constance Gardens 3 days garten festival at Lake Constance 02.06. 10 am-4 pm

Day of the open cottage gardens Thurgau


Rose buds and election of the Mainau Queen of Roses, Mainau Island,

15.06. Open Day of A.Vogel’s Medicinal Plant Show 10 am-4 pmr Garden, Teufen AR



Castle experience day New Castle Meersburg


Castle experience day Monastery and Palace Salem, | More dates: 13.10.


Lake Constance Gardens – A journey through time


Island festival of ‘Holy Blood’ Reichenau Island,


18th Bischofszell Rose and Culture Week Bischofszell,


‘Island Classic’ in the cloisters with Argovia Philharmonic, Reichenau Island


Arenenberg Wine and garden festival, Castle & Park Arenenberg, Napoleon Museum Thurgau, Salenstein,

31.08.-07.10. Dahlia blossoms & election of the Mainau Queen of the Dahlias Mainau Island, 05.-08.09.

Home&Garden, Monastery and Palace Salem


Long night of the Lake Constance Gardens and Lake Constance Garden Days


Garden.Culture Bregenz

29.09. 10 am-4 pm

Autumn Festival at Castle Wartegg Rorschacherberg,

Flower magic & Long night

Seeburgpark Kreuzlingen

Flower magic & long night of the Lake Constance Gardens 2019 The Long night of Lake Constance Gardens is turning into a garden festival at Lake Constance. Besides the well known evening event there is now also an afternoon programme for families in several gardens. Date Flower magic: Fri - Sun, 31 May - 2 June 2019 Date Long night: Fr i- Sun, 6 - 8 September 2019 Programs and venues from the Lake Constance Gardens Festival » |


Š Map: Mainau GmbH

Enjoy the gardens and parks at Lake Constance

on, Informati book d n a dates travels!

Lake Constance Gardens Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH HafenstraĂ&#x;e 6 D-78462 Konstanz Phone +49 (0)7531 90 94 30 Fax +49 (0)7531 90 94 94 Lake Constance Gardens Schloss Arenenberg CH-8268 Salenstein Phone +41 (0)58 345 74 27

Imprint: Publisher and copyright: Lake Constance Gardens Photos: Achim Mende, Helmuth Scham, Nina Baisch, Gregory Brown, Mainau GmbH and with kind permission of the garden partner Layout: hggraphikdesign Heidi Lehmann, Radolfzell Version dated December 2018, subject to change Foreign currencies are converted at the exchange rate valid at the date of the transaction.

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Bodenseegärten Brochure 2019