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does it mean to be a


THE IBIS Sebastian the Ibis stands on the sidelines of the field at Hard Rock Stadium. An ibis was chosen as the mascot because they are the last to leave and first to return when a hurricane arrives. Photo by Kristian DelRosario















FROM THE EDITOR I have to give my thanks to the yearbook staff for keeping me around freshman year. I was a terrible designer with limited Photoshop knowledge from a semester-long class in high school. Now, I can confidently put three Adobe programs on my resume, and I have made life-long friends through my years on staff. The Editor-in-Chief position fell into my lap because I loved the book so much and I wanted to keep it up to its award-winning standard. A recipe of strong design and genuine student voices who embody exactly what ‘Cane spirit is make this book special. There’s no correct answer to “What does it mean to be a ‘Cane?” The students in these pages each have their own perspective. We are defined not just by orange and green or a mascot, but by the fierce love for Alma Mater, friendships and school traditions that permeate the campus. With this 93rd volume of the Ibis, we hope to convey what it means to be a ‘Cane through direct quotes, highlights on events and places on campus that hold collective memories. “This is Miami” invites you to see the neighborhoods that students may call home or learn to love in their collegiate career. Don’t miss the many features on student organizations - an integral part of student life at the “U,” and our lifestyles section where you can see a slice of everyday ‘Cane life. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as the Editor-in-Chief for the Ibis. I’m following in the footsteps of some great books - the 91st volume won a Pacemaker from the Associated Collegiate Press, and the 92nd won a Gold Crown Award and 58 Gold Circles from Columbia Scholastic Press, the Pinnacle from the College Media Association and is a Pacemaker finalist. I hope that I can live-up to the legacy of the Ibis and, most importantly, give my fellow students a memento that they will cherish. LYGC (Love You, Go ‘Canes),

Morgan Thomson Class of 2019


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does it mean to be a




care for




'Cane means caring about 'Canes

embracing others



Being a


means being a part of a

community that has your back

forever #CaneForLife EMMI VÉLEZ




does it mean to be a


Being a

means being open to

new experiences even if it pushes you out of your

comfort zone so you can broaden

horizons your



spirit School


giving back to the campus NATHAN DUMONT



Being a


means being part of a


and doing your best to


the lives of fellow 'Canes AMY GRACE HUMBER




does it mean to be a



BEST thing ever!

I love my UM

We care for one another


thick &






To be a

'Cane means being

a part of the


family ever! MELINDA BABAIAN


It means

to be in a

community where everyone is

welcomed and can

unapologetically be themselves DIANE STEPHEN




Gathering around Lake Osceola to watch the fireworks, tanning at the UC pool on weekends or trying something new at the Farmer's Market - it's a 'Cane thing

Inside Look

18 Keep Your Hard Hat 'Canes Campus Constructions

34 This is Wynwood This Is Miami

52 The Roots of Spirit Homecoming

64 Orange and Green U Sustainability



SOUTHERN SUNS A staple on campus, the UC Pool is perched on the edge of Lake Osceola and home to the swimming and diving team, organization pool parties and of course, lounging students on weekends. Photo by Vivien Dominick




Photos courtesy Tribune Content Agency





Fashion designer Kate Brosnahan Spade died this summer after an apparent suicide in her Manhattan apartment. Kate Spade New York is widely known for its unique and colorful handbags, with over 140 stores in the US, and more than 175 internationally. A fashion journalist who had worked with Spade, said "She always had such a great ray of light about her.” Kate Spade New York was sold to Tapesty, Inc. in 2017 and made a $1 million donation for mental health awareness after Spade's death.





Chef, story-teller, and Emmy award-winning TV host, Anthony Bourdain, took his own life this past summer. Chef Eric Ripert, Bourdain’s longtime friend, found him unresponsive in his hotel room, in Strasbourg, France, where they were filming Parts Unknown, a popular show which had aired on CNN for five years. Viewers of the show and fans who adored Bourdain will never forget his passion for experiencing the beauty of different cultures. Former President Barack Obama tweeted, “'Low plastic stool, cheap but delicious noodles, cold Hanoi beer.' This is how I’ll remember Tony. He taught us about food — but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. To make us a little less afraid of the unknown. We’ll miss him.”


Eliminating single-use plastics, can help create a more sustainable environment. This summer, paper straws were trending in several businesses in South Florida. However, even larger companies - like Starbucks, say that they will be incorporating lids instead of straws by 2020. This could have significant impact on decreasing our carbon footprint. Environmentalists stress the harm that plastic causes for sea life. Statistics show that plastic straws are among the top five things that end up being collected on the beach. According to the Ocean Observatory, in 2017, volunteers picked up 409,087 straws littered on the beach.




For many reasons, the 2018 FIFA World Cup stood out from past years. Not only was it the first World Cup to be held in Eastern Europe, in Moscow, Russia, but it was also the most expensive, costing about $14 billion. It was a cup of surprises for favorable teams like Germany, Spain, and Portugal, who made early goodbyes from the competition. It was the first of many shocks with not a single South American team making it to the semi-finals since 1982. Croatia advanced to the final game in the Luzhniki Stadium against France. The French claimed their second World Cup title with a final score of 4-2, making it the fourth consecutive win by a European team.




The 2018 Russia–United States summit between President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin was held in Helsinki, Finland. This was the first time Putin and Trump interacted in a stand-alone meeting. The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs titled it as the #HELSINKI2018 Meeting. Days after 12 Russian military officers were charged for meddling in the 2016 presidential election, they met with Finnish leader Sauli NiinistÜ at the Presidential Palace.



Tragic deaths, calls for change, sporting events and political news kept the headlines rolling throughout the summer. While students took internships, got ahead in summer courses or took a break, important and noteworthy things were happening STORY Izabella Felpeto


adventure make your own

When summer calls, anything is a possibility. Vacations, internships, volunteering or just relaxing in preparation for another busy semester STORY Madison George and Morgan Thomson

Imagine three months of free time that could be taken up by anything. It can be difficult to weigh whether applying for internships or exploring the world before true responsibility hits are more important. Often times, a balance of work, play and relaxation are key to getting the most out of summer break. "It’s always been a dream of mine to visit Africa, and this past summer that dream finally came true!" senior Misha Cruz exclaimed. She was able to test her photography abilities on the safari. Isa Ciradelli, a senior advertising major decided to



stay in Miami and take an internship with Markham and Stein over the summer as an account intern. "I was eager to get agency experience," she said, "This experience has taught me the ins and outs of how an agency functions." There are nearly endless options for students to choose from. Simply relaxing, taking classes over the summer, or volunteering with an organization are the right fit for some. These summer experiences enrich the academic and personal lives and can determine what roads one will take in the future.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, DIOR Senior Noelle Barreda spent his summer interning for Dior. "I got to work with skin care specialists who travel all over the world to the Dior spas and many other great artists and executives," the broadcast journalism major explained. As a regional makeup artist for Dior he plans to move over to their public relations or social media team to continue pursuing creative positions in the company. Photo by Noelle Barreda

SAFARI TIME On the eastern coast of Africa is Tanzania, known for its expansive wilderness areas. Misha Cruz, a senior and advertising major visited the country for a photography-oriented safari with her father for two weeks. "I got on the plane, not knowing what to expect when I landed in this new continent. But, to my surprise, Africa captured my heart," Cruz said. "I hope someday I can visit Africa again." Photo by Misha Cruz

LIKE A MOVIE "This summer was filled with adventures," sophomore Sofia Osio said. She considers her visit to Morooco as one of the most unique with stops at the Marrakech medina, Essaouira and the Sahara Desert. "When we arrived, the sunset was setting behind the red dunes and it seemed impossible that anything could be more beautiful." Photo by Sofia Osio

NEW STATE OF MIND Public relations major and junior Elizabeth Pozzuoli was able to find an internship at M. Shanken Communications in New York. "Living in New York city was an entirely different experience that I have never had before. The constant hustle of the city really gave me a taste for real life," she said. Photo by Elizabeth Pozzuoli

HISTORICAL SITES Junior Emma Finn toured some European countries including Spain and Italy where she snapped a picture with the Colosseum. Photo by Emma Finn GREAT VIEWS Exploring new places and cultures, junior Ishan Outram spent a week in Peru. The motion pictures major was introduced to Peruvian cuisine such as fresh fish and guinea pig, and stayed in a hotel 13,000 feet above sea level. "It was an incredible experience to see Machu Picchu and walk along the path of the Inca civilization," Outram extolled. Photo by Ishan Outram

ON THE WAY UP On his summer abroad in South Africa, senior Jack Dickman hiked up Lion's Head to get the best view of Cape Town. Photo by Jack Dickman




‘Twas the night before move-in day and all through the 305, more than 2,300 'Canes were anticipating a new home. They were hyped STORY Izabella Felpeto



Before classes begin, thousands of incoming students and their families are welcomed onto the Coral Gables campus by dozens of university employees who offer directions and assistance. As students arrived at their designated residential college, cheers and applause from the move-in staff served as an initial greeting. Once their vehicles were unloaded, large bins transported all items safely to the students' assigned room. A well-organized team worked efficiently to make the transition more than chill. “It was super-fast, so fast that they beat us to the room,” said freshman parent Iris Bonet. “Everyone from the students to staff have been so helpful; everyone’s smiling and has made us feel so comfortable.” Comfort is a fitting description for the students' overall feelings towards the transition. Luke Arends, a freshman from Minnesota, admitted “UM feels like home.” For a majority of newcomers, it is their first home away from home. A pop-up shop by Bed Bath & Beyond was another plus for those movers with last-minute necessities. This, among other things, demonstrated the preparation of the move-in staff and left parents and newcomers impressed and at ease as they embarked on a new journey. “But this has been such a difference from our other experiences," said dad and move-in day expert Rick Dalton. This was his third time helping his children move for college. “It’s been a breeze. We have so much extra time and we can really enjoy Miami with our daughter before saying goodbye.”

MAKE IT HOMEY Freshman Enjolie Vadella was lucky enough to move in before her roomate arrived. From Satellite Beach, FL, she is majoring in chemistry on the premed track. Photo by Morgan Thomson

MASS MOVE IN Cars filled with families and their freshman's belongings line up under temporary tents for team members to bring their boxes up to their room, ensuring a less stressful move in and more time for the families to explore campus. The operation is referred to as a "Cruise Ship Move In." Photo by Jenny Abreu

STOCK UP The Bed Bath & Beyond pop-up shop sells dorm room essentials on campus. Photo by Morgan Thomson

DON'T FORGET DECOR Majoring in jazz vocal performance, freshman James Evans puts the finishing touches on his room.

LAUNDRY DAY A little advice from your mom goes a long way. Traveling from Mumbai, India, freshman Rohan Tharaney is helped in the laundry room by his mother. Tharaney is majoring in entrepreneurship and lives in Stanford Residential College. Photo by

Photo by Morgan Thomson

Morgan Thomson

PICTURE DAY After her photo is taken in the Stanford Residential College study room, freshman Tram Huynh waits for her Canecard to be printed. Photo by Morgan Thomson

AWARD-WINNING ATHLETE With his dad's help, freshman DeAndre Athias hangs his track medals from high school on the wall above his bed. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FIRST YEAR TRADITION As the crowds of first year students gather on the Intramural Fields to take their class photo in the shape of a giant "U," President Frenk mingles with Orientation Fellows and freshmen Leila Johnson, Siaunna Jenkins and Laura Francois. Photo by Jenny Abreu


GREAT START A week-long schedule of activities to bring new students closer together and teach them how to become true 'Canes comfortable in their home away from home STORY Madison George

One of the largest freshman classes of more than 2,300 students coming from 47 states and over 80 different countries was welcomed in the fall. While some students returned to Miami ready to start another semester, many were gracing the campus for the very first time. Between moving into dorms and finding where classrooms are, the newest members of the Hurricane family kicked off their first year at Miami. From Toppelfest and ‘Cane Bash to the



President’s Welcome Address and ‘Canes Take Flight, new students were able to see some of the many pillars that UM is made of during ‘Cane Kickoff. Jordan Basco, freshman electrical engineering major said “Cane Kickoff made me feel welcomed.” “Looking at the schedule was a bit overwhelming but once I got into the swing of things it all became so exciting,” said Basco who chose to attend UM because of

its culture, diversity, and swag. What surprised some students during orientation was the Miami heat and humidity. “I really liked the location, even though now I’m dying from this heat,” said Milena Pak, freshman biomedical engineering major from Moscow. Putting the South Florida weather aside, Ryan Hansburg, a New York native is settling into his new routine and is “ready to hit the ground running.”



Move in began for special groups and the College of Engineering and Frost School of Music students. Legacy students and their families were invited to a reception by the Alumni Association.

'Cane Kickoff checkin began with new students and their families flooding the Shalala Student Center to get a jump start on the activities offered during Orientation and a familiarity for campus and the surrounding area.

START WITH SERVICE After meeting in the Shalala Student Center for breakfast, students volunteer were bussed to Comstock Elementary School in Northwest Miami to spruce up the campus by repainting and planting shrubs. Photo by Jenny Abreu

WEDNESDAY DANCE AND SHOUT At the 'Canes Take Flight pep rally, the Hurricanettes, perform a routine with the Frost Band of the Hour. Students learn cheers, traditions, and what it means to be a 'Cane. Parents get a chance to attend this event as well to get a taste of that 'Cane spirit. Photo by Jenny Abreu

OUR FIRST 'U'; The orientation group was given orange and green t-shirts to make the "U." Photo by Mike Montero

SATURDAY Orientation Outreach is the first community service project available to many at the "U" and nearly 200 students participated in the volunteer event put together by the Butler Center.

SUNDAY The busy week cumulated with Canefest, a student involvement fair of more than 200 organizations held in the Watsco Center just for new students.

FOR SERVICE During an information session for Orientation Outreach, junior Nhat Nguyen and freshman Huy Nhat Tran learn about the first community service opportunity of the school year. Photo by Jenny Abreu

Freshmen and transfers met their Orientation Fellows, students who would guide them through campus as well as during orientation week events such as 'Canes Take Flight and Orientation photos.

THURSDAY The annual "U" photo was taken on the Intramural Fields behind the freshman towers. Orientation sessions both optional and mandatory were spread out throughout the day.

FRIDAY Sessions throughout the day such as morning yoga, campus tours or walk-in hours for the Financial Aid office gave new students the flexibility to explore campus on their own.

WE GOT SOME 'CANES OVER HERE At the welcoming celebration for new spring students, Sebastian poses for a selfie with freshmen Hailey Moreo and Diana Alonso. Students and their families were welcomed with food and an appearance from Sebastian on the UC Patio. Spring orientation may have fewer students, but the lack of crowds and the mild weather make it a memorable event for all families. Photo by Jenny Abreu


keep your


Canes Construction delays for the new Lakeside Village postpone its grand opening until fall 2020 STORY Izabella Felpeto

Noisy drilling, welding, and the loud knocking of jackhammers became as ordinary as the steady hum of students going to class. The 540,000 square-foot village was originally scheduled to open in fall 2019. However, due to damages from Hurricane Irma, time and resources had to be divided for underground projects and utility work around campus. Besides that, ample time is critical for the project’s construction. The village’s design is not like a typical college housing project. It would set the standard for residential colleges around the nation. “It’s a very cutting-edge design, and the design really asks that everything be built in very deliberate sequencing, more than a traditional design,” Vice President Patricia Whitely said. With 25 interconnected buildings, multiple outdoor spaces with a grand courtyard, recreational spaces, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified construction, “There’s been a lot of added time because of the sequencing and the structural approvals that have to go through to make sure this is safe.” Whitely said the construction team and architects proposed to finish part of the project on time and finish the rest throughout the semester. However, University administration—Whitely, President Julio Frenk, Provost Jeffrey Duerk and Executive Vice

President for Business and Finance Jacqueline Travisano—and the Board of Trustees, voted against this because it would require students to live in an active construction site. “We decided that we wanted to delay the village’s opening to ensure a high-quality living experience from day one. We didn’t want anything to detract from students’ ability to study,” Whitely pointed out. Students will continue to be assigned to the existing dorms through fall 2020. The ten-year housing plan to redesign Hecht and Stanford residential colleges will also be pushed back a year, to make sure the university can house the same amount of students. “Had this been announced a couple of months before the planned opening date, you’d have a lot of students that would be scrambling to find somewhere to live,” Student Government President Evan de Joya said. He believes announcing the postponement with sufficient time was the best decision for students planning on living in the village next year. While the Lakeside Village will increase costs for the university, it is not expected to raise tuition or housing costs for students. NEW VIBE When students returned from their monthlong winter break, they were greeted by an improved hallway in the food court. The updated booths and ceiling fixtures add atmosphere and make the food court more inviting. Photo by Morgan Thomson



QUICK STOP The convenience store Outtakes became The Market over winter break. Photo by Morgan Thomson

MOVING ALONG The new Student Housing Village quickly began to spring up over Lake Osceola. Constructions has been unhindered by major inclement weather since Hurricane Irma in fall 2017 and the progress being made reflects that. Photo by Morgan Thomson

HARD HAT ZONE Student Government was given a special tour of the new student housing village during its construction period. Photo by Jackie Abreu AWARD WINNING A creative space for architecture students to work on their projects, the Thomas P. Murphey Design Studio Building won the title of 2018 Building of the Year by World-Architects. The studio was just opened to students in the fall semester. Photo by Mike Montero

PRACTICING SMARTER With Miami’s temperamental weather, football practice had often been cancelled or delayed in the past due to downpours and thunderstorms. But with the 3,000 square-foot Carol Soffer Indoor Practice Facility’s opening this Fall, weather is no longer an excuse. Just 15 months after breaking ground at the university’s Greentree Field, the $34 million-dollar facility was ready for practice. The official grand opening for the facility was on Oct. 11, but the team began practices months before. “It’s a huge win for our program to have that facility in place. I just want to thank the Soffer family and everyone else that was involved in making it happen in such a short time span,” said UM’s Athletic Director, Blake James.


PARTY in the

PARKING LOT Tips and tricks to ensure an A1 tailgate is the start to a game day for the books and a Miami win STORY Madison George



"W" IS FOR THE WIN With their hopes set on a "W" for the 'Canes against rivals FSU, juniors Ana Schaubeck and Taylor Rice take picture at the tailgate. Photo by Gabriel Meullion

IT'S A PARTY Crowds of students mingle with fans and alumni hours before the FSU and Miami game starts. The FSU match-up was the home game with the most attendance. Photo by Vivien Dominick




“Tie dye a couple days before game day so that you can fix it if you mess up. Michaels craft store has EVERYTHING and the thrift stores in Miami have the best selection of vintage UM shirts."





“Stock up on ponytails, bring sunscreen, dry shampoo, chapstick, a portable charger and empty water bottle to fill at the game."

'CANES SZN On their way to the tailgate at Hard Rock Stadium, seniors Jenny Davis, Joey Haas and Sydney Steel wear their best game day threads. Photo by Madison George





"Wear dirty shoes. Don't take clean ones - it's not worth it!"


FOR THE 'CANES Before the FSU game, juniors Courtney Penny, Albani Suph, Daniela Osorio and Kamila Pecherek party at a tailgate. Photo by Madison George





"Drink lots of water before the game, during the game, and after the game because you know hydrate before you diedrate."




"Buy beads, face tattoos, and fun glasses to up your school spirit!"

6 7







"Drinks are expensive and I really don’t want to spend $15 for a shot with splash of liquor and a pinch of juice. Go to Costco to stock up to get more bang for your buck." "Get to the tailgate early so you’re not scavenging for beer on the ground. Nobody likes pavement beer. You should also use your elbows to get through the crowd." PARTY BEFORE THE PARTY Juniors Paul Schulz and Meghan Morrison throw up the "U" at a pregame decked out in their Saturday best. Photo by Madison George


WELCOME TO MIAMI The skyline off of the neighborhood of Brickell is peppered with office buildings, luxury residential areas, swanky nightclubs and bars. Photo by Samuel Stern




Miami With a population of over 450,000 people, Miami is an unique cultural, economic and financial center of the world. The diverse neighborhoods of the Greater Miami Area with a population of more than five million offer residents and visitors experiences that can only be found in the 305 STORY Staff



Brickell Luxury hotels and condos, fine dining and picture-perfect views. It sounds like an exotic location, but it's actually Miami's downtown STORY Madison George

SUNSET SNAP Apartments in Brickell give residents the chance to catch a view of the sunset over the Miami River and Biscayne Bay. Photo by Catalina Chaves



HIGH-END HOTELS The Mandarin Oriental has 326 guest rooms and suites with a view of the bay. It's one of the many hotels along the water that convinces millions of tourist to visit Miami each year. Photo by Samuel Stern

BEST STAYCATION Looking for the perfect staycation destination? The Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Brickell Key is the perfect option for a getaway without going too far. Surrounded by water and offering amenities such as a private infinity edge pool and exotic day spa, The Mandarin Oriental is within walking distance to Brickell City Centre, has a 1.3 miles scenic jogging path, and has four dining options ranging from Peruvian cuisine to poolside eats.

MIAMI NIGHTS Fifth-year architecture student Felipe Delgado has his silhouette captured while in one of Brickell's Instagramworthy spots. Photo by Catalina Chaves

LUXURY LIVING Catalina Chaves, a fifthyear architecture student takes in the view of Biscayne Bay and Port Miami. Photo by Catalina Chaves


A NIGHT OUT On a night out in Brickell, seniors Jocelyn Kane and Katie Davis and recent grads AlizĂŠ RamirezCaĂąas and Kelly Zahnen visit the Miami River that runs through downtown. Photo by Morgan Thomson

Located on the 40th floor of the east Hotel is Sugar, an Asian inspired rooftop bar and garden oasis. This is a great place to go day or night to enjoy a drink and appetizers while taking in the view of downtown Miami. This hotel rooftop bar also has a speakeasy that only a select few are allowed to visit called The Tea Room. This separate space offers a DJ and more room for dancing and mingling.


PERFECT WALK Brickell Key is surrounded by paths that many visitors and residents regularly walk like fifth-year student Catalina Rubio. Photo by Catalina Chaves

Offering a multi level dining experience, KOMODO has a menu that features contemporary Southeast Asian cuisine right here in South Florida. Famous for their handcrafted cocktails, Peking Duck, and bird nest seating, KOMODO has become a Miami hotspot for local residents and even celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, LeBron James, and Drake. The restaurant is perfect for a special occasion or a splurge.

CITY LIGHTS The view of downtown from Brickell Key highlights the high-rise hotels and offices. Photo by Catalina Chaves


Coconut Grove THIS IS

BRUNCH ANYONE? The patio outside of Lulu in the Grove gets busy around meal times. Photo by Samuel Stern

This tropical oasis known to locals as simply, 'the Grove,' and is home to a diverse selection of restaurants, eclectic boutique shops and bohemian vibes STORY Izabella Felpeto




GREEN LIVING With limited parking available, enjoying the Grove is best done on foot or by bike. Junior Jinglin Chen takes a break from walking next to a rack shaped like a bike. Photo by

What started as a bicycle cart serving cold brew around town has quickly turned into one of the hottest local coffee shops. With multiple locations across Miami, Panther Coffee, a specialty deep-roast retailer and wholesaler knows how to brew. From sourcing to roasting, everything is prepared in-house. In a fastpaced city, a barista becomes a best friend. Panther understands this. Especially after years of successfully achieving praise from its highly caffeinated regulars.

Haomiao Zhou

BEST KEPT SECRET As it recently celebrated its third birthday, Ariete has proved that it is here to stay. This innovative American eatery, sprinkled with Cuban influences, epitomizes community and family in Miami. With its menu changing every 7-14 days, and a seasonally rotating cocktail menu, customers will never know what to expect. For an indoor and outdoor experience like no other, this tree-lined treasure will surely not disappoint. BRUNCH HOT SPOT The Peacock Garden sign is surrounded by the foliage you'll expect to see while inside. Senior Mansaab Khan sits next to it. Photo by Brandon Fay

COFFEE BREAK Taking a sip of her colada, senior Ashley Garb visits the Miami-based Panther Coffee. Photo by Brandon Fay


GOOD EATS Ariete's aesthetic relies on plenty of greenery, natural decor, and a Instagram-worthy neon sign. Photo by Brandon Fay


Breezy yet rowdy can best describe Monty’s Raw Bar, the Grove’s oldest bar and restaurant. Since 1969, Monty’s waterfront tiki has been serving locals the freshest seafood, starting with their famous stone crabs, straight from the Florida Keys. Live Caribbean music helps customers relax and compliments an array of signature frozen drinks. Happy hour is Monday through Friday from 4-8 p.m.


PAINKILLER TIME Happy hour at Monty's is no time to skimp on drinks. Seniors Kaitlin Castillo and Madison George partake in one of the establishment's signature painkillers and piña coladas. Photo by Casey Lue

CHECK PLEASE Junior Jinglin Chen and freshman Yibo Zhang snag a table outside of Ariete. The wicker chairs and hanging greenery lend to the establishment's modern farmhouse feel. The oysters and drink selection is commonly recommended. Photo by Haomiao Zhou

ORDER UP Panther Coffee delivers atmosphere along with coffee drinks to its Coconut Grove clientele . Photo by Haomiao

New school eats meets old school vibes at this botanical garden tucked away in the corner of the winding Bayshore Drive. A weekend’s paradise awaits with mimosas and specialty Sunday drinks galore at Peacock Garden. The outdoor terrace with stringing lights, a plant nursery and patio umbrellas shade out all the week’s hardships into a greenhouse of leisure.

BAY VIEW Boats pepper Biscayne Bay on Coconut Grove's shore. Senior Jarred Dahlerbruch strolls down the coast. Photo by Brandon Fay


THE TOWER The Biltmore is a hotel and historical landmark in Coral Gables. Skip de Kanter poses in the front lawn. Photo by Cristian Fajardo


Coral Gables

Right in our own neck of the woods are gems that aren’t too far from campus. A Sunday escape, ladies night that won’t break the bank or the perfect place to take a break from the dining hall food - the Gables is the place to be STORY Madison George




FIRST COURSE Cong you bing, also known as scallion pancakes, is served in a sweet soy sauces alongside yuzu creme freche and garnished with more scallions at Ichimi.

With the recent ramen craze, it’s always a plus to find a new spot with authentic ramen. Ichimi which is located in downtown Coral Gables, serves up some of the best ramen in town along with other favorites such as gyoza, scallion pancakes and fried oysters. They even offer a lunch special for just $14 gives you ramen of your choice, salad, gyoza, and Japanese pickles.

Photo by Tongyi Shen


The beautiful tower is visible from somewhere around campus and it is just as stunning up close and personal as it is from afar. The Biltmore Hotel has been a favorite of celebrities, world leaders, and students at UM. Featuring Mediterranean architecture and Spanish influences, the resort also includes four restaurants, golf course, tennis and the largest hotel pool of the East Coast of the country. The pool by far has to be one of the best places to spend a Sunday afternoon. Ordering lunch and a pitcher or two of their signature mojitos while laying out is a day well spent. SUNNY DAY Freshman Liyao Guan lounges in the Biltmore's backyard. Photo by Tongyi Shen

RAINY DAY RAMEN Ichimi is most well-known for their ramen with homemade noodles, but they also offer a large selection of sakes and appetizers like gyoza and scallion pancakes. Photo by Liyao Guan


NEXT SET Bougainvillea's Old Florida Tavern features live music along with drinks and food. Photo by Liyao Guan

A good time with your girls can sometimes be an expensive habit in Miami, but Bougainvillea's Old Florida Tavern in Sunset Plaza, also known as Bougies will give you and your girls one happening Wednesday night. This South Miami spot offers free vodka, rum, and whiskey drinks for ladies as well as beer from 10 p.m to 1 a.m. as well as music old and new every Wednesday night. If you’re really feeling frisky and are up for the challenge you could skip the Uber and walk which would make your Wednesday night out free of charge. CATCH ME POOLSIDE The pool at the Biltmore is one of the largest in the continental United States with 23,000 square feet of pool space and private cabanas availble for rent. Photo by Madison George


Just off of Ponce de Leon Boulvard sits Eating House, which started as a pop up and quickly turned into a Miami go to. The restaurant offers brunch classics such as eggs Benedict and mimosas, but also offers a selection of items that will sure get your taste buds tingling such as the Cap’N Crunch pancakes


CALLE OCHO The heart of Little Havana and Miami's Latin district is Eighth Street, widely referred to in Spanish as "Calle Ocho." Photo by Ilsse Peredo


Little Havana

Bienvenidos! The Latin heart of Miami is one of the city’s must-see neighborhoods with live music, Cuban coffee, salsa lessons, cigar shops and the iconic Maximo Gomez Park. If Miami could dance, it would salsa to the beat of Little Havana’s proud Latin roots STORY Izabella Felpeto




AZUCAR The bright exterior and ice cream sculpture is the perfect backdrop for senior Ilsse Peredo's photo. Photo by Ilsse Peredo

YOU SCREAM, I SCREAM The ice cream selection at Azucar features a wide variety of colorful and delicious flavors served in a cone or cup. Photo by

Chill out mami - Miami style. This ain’t no average ice cream cone. Miami’s very own Cuban homemade ice cream sits in central Little Havana. Azucar’s unique flavors are inspired by Miami’s cultural upbringing and tropical atmosphere of the city. Their ingredients are locally sourced from South Florida’s farmer’s markets and all natural. The “Abuela Maria” and “Café con leche” are among some customer favorites, for their originality and delicious taste. You won’t find anything like it around the city.

Ilsse Peredo

LATE NIGHT Senior Maan Ezmirly and sophomore Annie Kyriakidis sit outside of an eye wear store on Calle Ocho. Photo by Alice Hsu


CUBAN SANDWICH Classic Miami fare such as sandwiches on Cuban bread can be found anywhere, but go to a shop in Little Havana to get authentic eats. Photo by Ilsse Peredo TOWER THEATER One of Miami's oldest cultural landmarks the Tower Theater on Eighth Street displays classic Art Deco architecture and has been showing films since it was opened over 93 years ago. Photo by Alice Hsu

Ball and Chain bar and lounge not only serves up a mean mojito, but also serves up some salsa moves, offering dance lessons and live music every night. Did I mention the outdoor main stage is in the shape of an over-sized pineapple? Seems pretty appropriate for the tropical ambiance and boisterous crowd of salsa-crazed locals. Don’t worry about the humidity ladies. They have an indoor fullbar with a DJ.

BEST SANDWICH IN MIAMI While out with his friends, senior Federico Nuñez orders a sandwich at Sanguich de Miami in Little Havana. Photo by Ilsse Peredo


What started out as a shipping container, shortly became one of Miami’s best Cuban sandwiches. Sanguich de Miami is located right on Calle Ocho next to an auto shop. This ventanita-style gem has a menu perfect for on-the-go foodies. All ingredients, from the pickles, mustard and smoked pork, are made from scratch and prepped daily in-house. Some other popular menu items include: the plantain fries-with five different mojo dipping sauces, croqueta preparada, pan con bistec, medianoches and so many more favorites - a la Cubano.

OLD SCHOOL MAIMI Ball & Chain's classic vibe is reminiscent of its past as a nightclub in the 1930s-1950s. Now, it serves food, drink and dancing. Photo by Ilsse Peredo

NEON NIGHTS Ball & Chain features live music seven days and nights a week and hosts salsa dancing . Photo by Ilsse Peredo


Miami Beach THIS IS

Known for its pastel colored Ocean Drive buildings, Miami Beach continues to be a hotspot for tourists to come and enjoy one of the most talked about beaches, retail therapy on Lincoln Road and experience nightlife Miami Vice style at one of the many clubs it has to offer STORY Madison George

MIAMI DREAMING Graduate student Angelica Manos stops at the juice bar Dreamer in South Beach. Photo by Claudia Safavi




Located in the infamous Fountaibleau hotel, LIV has been named one of top nightlife venues in the world and has ultimately redefined the nightlife scene in Miami. Opening their doors in 2012, the club features four full service bars, 60 VIP tables, and is equipped with an Infinite Hybrid Sound system. It is also known for booking some top of the line talent to perform such as Miguel, Lil Wayne, and Migos.

PARTY ALL NIGHT LIV is a hot bucket list item for UM students and features popular artists such as Miguel. Photo by Madison George


NEON WISDOM Sweet Liberty's "Pursue Happiness" neon sign is a popular addition to Instagram stories. Photo by Madison George

FINE ART Graduate student Nathalie Moreau at the Eden Fine Art Gallery. Photo by Claudia Safavi

BEST ICE CREAM Who would’ve thought you could get some of the best tasting ice cream at the same place where you could pick up some new drip? Identifying as a progressive retail establishment, KITH offers a wide variety of products from premium brands as well as their own in house brand of apparel and clothing. The company also features KITH Treats which has become a staple within the company. KITH Treats is a cereal bar that lets customers create their own concoctions of cereal, ice cream, and other toppings into either a traditional bowl with milk, a milkshake, or an ice cream swirl. If you can’t decide on a creation of your own, they also have a menu of specials that were created by celebs such as Action Bronson, Virgil Abloh, and Don C.

What may be classified as your local dive bar, Sweet Liberty is five steps above that title. With a den like room accompanied by booths and high top tables, Sweet Liberty’s atmosphere and they even offer rosé on tap!

BEACH DAY Miami Beach has miles of shore available to the public as well as casual eateries that make it easy to pop in for an after-beach meal. Photo by Naomi Somolu


Opened for over 100 years Joe’s Stone Crab has become a part of Miami’s culinary landscape. Providing a warm and family friendly atmosphere, a staff providing top of the line customer service, the restaurant has had people coming back for more each year. SHOE STORE The shoe arch at KITH gives shoppers like graduate student Angelica Toruno an interesting photo opportunity. Photo by Claudia Safavi

SWEET TREATS What may be considered an odd addition to a clothing store, KITH Treats offers a fully customizable menu of ice creams and cereal for a truly original snack. Photo by Claudia Safavi

NEW KICKS Shelves of tennis shoes are neatly displayed at KITH in Miami Beach. Photo by Madison George

MIAMI CLASSIC Joe's Stone Crab is a classic dinner spot for visitors and locals alike. The restaurant has been in business for over 100 years. Photo by Soany Nguyen


BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL There's nothing that Wynwood is known more for than the gigantic, photo-worthy murals. They're the reason the area is known as Miami's art district. Senior Claire Chen passes murals on her way to lunch at Coyo Taco. Photo by Xi Zhang Zheng

Wynwood THIS IS

Where street art, hip eateries and boutiques meet Wynwood is the heart of Miami's art scene and a prime destination for locals, visitors and students alike STORY Madison George




ART DESTINATION The mural by Ron English is just one example of the many talented artists featured at the Wynwood Walls. The public is free to take pictures with the walls, and many people like graduate students Jinglin Wei and Kai Liu interact with the murals to enhance their photos. Photo by

Known as the after brunch party spot, El Patio gives guests an outdoor latin escape with an atmosphere like no other. While this famous Wynwood establishment may charge a hefty cover, guests will get a portion of this fee back in "patio dollars" that can be spent on drinks and other goods at the bar.

Yaozhi Zhang


To the walls! Wynwood is known for the collection of painted walls that are truly an Instagram highlight. The Wynwood walls have brought some of the world’s best artists and their street art talents to Miami. Since 2009, the walls have seen over 50 artists from 16 different countries. The walls are what makes Wynwood such a staple in Miami's art scene.

DANCE WITH ME El Patio is popular for dance, drink, food and the atmosphere and decor that makes Wynwood special. Photo by Casey Lue

BEST TACOS After bar hopping around Wynwood, 2 a.m. tacos may be the way you end your night. With locations in Wynwood, Panama and the Dominican Republic, Coyo Taco offers tacos on hand pressed corn tortillas up until 3 a.m. The Wynwood gem also has a small full service bar in the back with a DJ that allows you to continue the party after satisfying your taco craving.

FOR THE 'GRAM Freshman Joseph Torres visits murals in Wynwood. The shops and restaurants in the area feature art of some form even if they’re not officially considered the Wynwood Walls. Photo by Elyse Waterman

FRIDAY NIGHT VIBES 1-800 Lucky is one of Wynwood’s popular spots to grab a quick lunch or dinner. There are many food stalls inside and outside of the establishment that offer a variety of Asian cuisines such as ramen, sushi, dumplings and pad thai. Photo by Yaozhi Zhang

BEST RESTAURANT SWEET TREAT Taiyaki NYC sells fish-shaped cakes filled with red bean paste and ice cream. Senior Xi Zhang Zheng enjoys a taiyaki filled with matcha ice cream. Photo by Xi Zhang Zheng

TACO TUESDAY With her fish tacos and horchata, junior Claire Chen lunches at Coyo Taco, a popular taqueria in the heart of Wynwood. Photo by Xi Zhang Zheng

Planting its roots in a renovated house, Morgans offers a menu to appeal to all of your tastebud cravings. With menu items such as mascarpone and raspberry stuffed French toast, chicken & waffle sandwich, and three types of sangria makes Morgans the supreme brunch spot. The restaurant is full of vibrant colored wallpaper and printed furniture giving you the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram.


Hard Rock Stadium was originally named Joe Robbie Stadium and is where the Dophins and the Hurricanes play

Miami has more than 800 parks in total and is the only US city surrounded by two national parks: Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park

The Miami metropolitan area is home to 6.1 million people and the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the nation

Miami is ranked as one of the most expensive places to buy a beer with an average cost of $8.97 per drink

The city of Miami has a 2018 estimated population of 470,914 and Miami-Dade County has a population of 2.74 million residents


Coral Gables On average, Miami drivers spend 65 hours in traffic per year

Sources: Grayline Miami Blog, Greater Miami and the Beaches, Miami Herald, Miami New Times, UM News and Events



Ball & Chain, a music venue and restaurant in Little Havana, was a nightclub in the 1930s

Maximo Gomez Park in Little Havana is well known as "Domino Park"

The Biltmore Hotel served as a hospital during World War II

The first Burger King opened in Miami in 1954

The Salty Donut was cofounded by a UM alumna in 2015

The University of Miami is one of South Florida's biggest employers with over 16,000 faculty and staff

Giralda Plaza hosted the Umbrella Sky art project which has been featured in cities such as Paris and Lisbon

Coconut Grove

Miami has an average temperature of 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit during winter making it one of the warmest major cities in the continental US


From the Everglades to the ocean, Miami features a variety of wildlife. The Florida Reef is the only living coral barrier reef in the continental US

Wynwood, a warehouse district, was thrust into the center of Miami's art scene with the 2009 Wynwood Walls project

Sun tan lotion was invented in Miami by pharmacists Benjamin Green in 1944 which later became Coppertone

South Beach

Havana Brickell The Port of Miami is known as the "cruise capital of the world," serving almost five million passengers annually

The Cape Florida Light lighthouse was constructed in 1825 on the tip of Key Biscayne

The sand in Miami Beach is imported from a quarry in central Florida to fight sand erosion because international imports of sand is banned



The bustling center of South Florida that welcomed over 23 million visitors in 2018 may not be well-known for these fun facts STORY Staff


















SPOT Vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, Kosher or gluten-free - the selection of food on campus is always changing and expanding





STORY Baila Mudgil



O ,V












Fresh Fusion


Vegan: A bowl can be customized to fit any taste. Quinoa, hummus, and roasted vegetables will elevate your lunch over a cold salad any day. Vegetarian: The grilled cheese specials rotate and try the macaroni and cheese if it is a comfort food kind of day.

Tossed Vegan: Customize your salads, wraps or sandwiches with vegetables, greens, dressings, and select “toss-ins.� Vegetarian: Don't forget to check out the soup special of the day or the warmed pitas filled with veggies and feta.

Einstein Bros. Bagel Vegan: Try the bagels with hummus, avocado toast, select lattes, coffee, tea, smoothies and juice. Vegetarian: Take advantage of the large selection of bagels and customize a sandwich with eggs or egg whites.





L, V




Subway Vegan: Customize your sub and pick up some apple slices and chips available at the check out. Vegetarian: Menu items such as soup, pizza or breakfast selections are available alongside the customizable subs.

Pura Vida Vegan: Start your day off right with organic acai bowls, superfood smoothies, juices, wellness shots or a vegan lentil bowl. Vegetarian: Along with good coffee and tea, Pura Vida offers protein-rich breakfast items like avocado toast which you can get with cage-free eggs.

Pollo Tropical Vegan: The TropiChop bowl can be customized to fit a vegan diet and sweet plantains, fried yuca and other sides like rice and beans will round out any meal. Vegetarian: Deserts like guava cheesecake or flan are hard to pass up, but Pollo Tropical also has macaroni and cheese plus other tasty sides and meals



Starbucks O


Vegan: With the option to substitute dairy for coconutmilk, almondmilk or soy, get your tea or coffee fix first thing in the morning.



Vegetarian: Bistro boxes offer plenty of vegetarian options that are also high in protein. Try a meat-free wrap or salad, and don't forget - many of the sandwiches in the case can be toasted.

Jamba Juice Vegan: Opt for any classic smootie, substituting dairy products for soy milk if necessary and add pumpkin seeds for an additional protein kick. Vegetarian: Classic smoothies, creamy treats, steel cut oatmeal, flatbreads and so much more.



Trendy AND

TOTALLY TRENDY Sophomore Alessia Cusumano models various trends such as mom jeans and chunky sneakers. Photo by Reece Marcelle

Fashion forward styles change from year to year, but that doesn't mean that classic looks can't come back STORY Baila Mudgil


Tom Ford


ER 2018-19

MOM JEANS Mom jeans have always been the most versatile fashion trend around the world. Whether you're dressing up for a fancy dinner or dressing down for a day out shopping, you are sure to turn heads.



DAD SNEAKERS Dad sneakers are the oldest yet newest trend taking over the fashion world. These chunky sneakers can be paired with anything from casual jeans to a date night dress to make an outfit pop.

Photo courte

sty of Tribun

e Content Ag


Looking to upgrade your wardrobe? A statement belt is the perfect piece for this task. If you're looking for a chic-as-ever day look or a funky fashion statement, add a belt to anything and make it your most unforgettable outfit yet.

LEOPARD PRINT Lepoared is the most iconic and classy print to ever take over the fashion indsutry. You can never go wrong with either a subtle leopard lining or a head-to-toe leopard print outfit to stand out in any room.

COOL BLUE A jean jacket modeled by freshman Elijah Davis illustrates a classic style. Photo by Reece Marcelle

BOLD COLORS Displaying how elements from '90s fashion have come back in style, freshman Isaiah Walker sports colored sunglasses paired with a bold shirt and sneakers. Photo by Reece Marcelle

KEEP IT CLASSIC Freshman Jordyn Jackson models blue ripped jeans and a neutral sweater - pieces that never go out of style. Photo by Reece Marcelle

FROM THE STREETS TO SPRING FASHION WEEK Most jaws would drop at a $1,000 price tag for a simple sweatshirt but for fans of streetwear, it's a normal price to pay for a limited piece. It's all in the logo, and fans of brands like Supreme wait for days outside stores in anticipation for a new drop. "In my opinion brands like Gucci and Balenciaga have gone downhill in trying to appeal to a mass market and stealing from smaller designers instead of creating original content," critiqued junior Ariana Winter. With its origins in California skate and surf culture, streetwear is a casual fashion style characterized by bold graphic tees, hoodies and sneakers. Slowly rising in popularity since the '90s, it has seen a boost in the past five years and many consider it high fashion.

Celebrities have contributed to the success of the trend, notably Kanye West and Rihanna, who both have their own streetwear lines, Yeezy and Fenty respectively. West's longtime creative director, Virgil Abloh, is the founder of the famous streetwear brand OFF-White. His brand is a symbol of status and in an Instagram-driven world, influencers decked out in designer duds have added to the hype, especially amongst teenagers. "Supreme put their logo on a brick and people bought it; there are Yeezys that look like Sketchers and BAPE bags are hideous but everyone has them. So at this point I think everyone is just buying into an image to flex," Winter continued. Whether you're a fan of the hype or not, streetwear has made its place in the everevolving fashion industry and has created a culture unlike any other. By Casey Lue



At the Patti and Herbert Wellness Center, there seems to be endless options to customize workouts with cardio and strength machines, personal trainers and amenities available in the 18,000 square-foot fitness room STORY Baila Mudgil

Which one: Strength or cardio? The answer is both. The two types of exercise work in tandem to provide a complete workout, with cardio challenging your heart and lungs and strength your muscles. Cardio, or more formally known as cardiovascular exercise, is a workout that successfully raises both heart and breathing rate. Some of the benefits of cardio exercise include a release of endorphins, an increase in blood flow (feeding the immune system with fresh white blood cells) due to widening of blood vessels, a metabolism boost, and, of course, the burning of calories. Cardio is an excellent way to relieve


stress and give the mind a respite from the day’s chaos. Hitting the treadmill at the gym allows the expulsion of tension and self renewal with each successive breath while the heart races and body drips in sweat. It’s a form of mindfulness and cheap therapy that targets the heart and lungs, while strength training focuses on muscles. This type of workout is for decreasing muscle injuries, toning or building muscle groups, improving flexibility, and simply obtaining overall fitness. Many everyday injuries are a result of weak muscles. For example, lower back pain can be due to one not engaging the correct muscle groups (internal obliques and quadratus


lumborum) because they have not been sufficiently strengthened. Additionally, working on strength can boost body image perceptions. With the work and time one devotes to shape a stronger and healthier version of oneself, one ultimately gains a sense of self pride and accomplishment. Freshman Angela Bayron commented, “a good balance between the two is most ideal, and it is what I personally practice in my workouts everyday.” Workout classes that are specifically marketed as solely being cardio or strength incorporate the counterpart at some point during the workout. For instance, at SoulCycle, there is a strength training

NEW SPACES The total remodel of the Wellness Center's lobby provides more lounge space for members before or after workouts and the updated furniture gives the space a modern feel. Photo by Amrutha Chethikattil


Free dance-based workouts like Zumba, full-body workouts and muscle group specific routines allow patrons to change up their weekly workouts. It doesn't hurt to try a new class, and the instructors know when to push participants or adjust to their skill level.


FEEL THE BURN Cardio machines and strength training equipment are readily available in the Wellness Center. Photo

Patrons can purchase one or two classes per week and will get one-on-one instruction as the classes max at five participants.

by Amrutha Chethikattil

segment with weights. On the flipside, the “Butts and Gutts” class at the Wellness Center initiates the workout with exercises to elevate respiration and heart rate. Freshman Nathalie Rodriguez shared, “Sometimes I like to double up on the classes at the Wellness Center to get a targeted workout, like doing “ab attack” and then Zumba!” "My favorite class is definitely Music Video Cycle. The instructors have always been very considerate about your skill level and push you to improve," junior Morgan Thomson said. "There are so many other things to do if I'm not in the mood for group exercise."

STUDIO CYCLING Classes that guide riders through hills, jumps and sprints or classes set to music videos allow participants customize their workout style.


ENGAGE YOUR CORE A small area behind the Wellness Center gives students the opportunity to work out in the fresh air. Junior Daniel Palma uses a bar to do pull-ups. Photo

A variety of yoga styles such as Vinyasa or Hatha, power or slow flow and beginner sessions are available depending on the semester. If you're an early bird or night owl, there are plenty of classes available.

by Morgan Thomson




Farmer's we eat at the

A variety of stalls selling fresh food unfolds on campus in front of the library STORY Baila Mudgil



Providing fresh flavors and a change from the daily dining hall or food court cuisine, on Wednesdays students, faculty, staff and visitors congregate outside the Richter Library, eager to satisfy their taste buds with a tasty treat from the Farmer’s Market. Freshman Andrea Rivera exclaimed, “I live for Wednesdays!” With one turn onto Memorial Drive and a single whiff of the air, one becomes swallowed and entranced by the infectious energy and irresistible aromas circling the courtyard. Fruit options ranging from fresh picked berries to delectable tropical diced papaya and pineapple, mean that one is guaranteed to find a juicy refresher to break with under the warm Miami sun. The Farmer’s Market is not just a place to eat, it is

FRESH FRUIT COMING UP Many fruits are sold ready to eat at this stall. The fruits are prepared fresh - still warm from being ripened by the sun.

an experience and a weekly tradition at the "U." “The Farmer’s Market always has the friendliest vendors and best selection of food,” freshman Bao Duong commented. For students looking for a luxurious lunch, the choices to combo with are endless: Some of the most notable stands are Sweet Blendz Açaï, Incredible Popcorn, Poke Smash, The Argentinean Grilled Spot, juice from Jamaica Caribbean Things, and Classic Gyros Greek Food. It is not just the myriad of choices to choose from when seeking to find an authentic delicacy, but also the multicultural immersion one gains that makes the visit to the Farmer’s Market a trip to look forward to and the middle of the week grind a little bit better.

Photo by Jackie Abreu

SO MANY CHOICES A wide range of cuisines is available at the Farmer's Market including Greek, Argentinian, Peruvian, Korean and many more. Photo by Jackie Abreu

QUICK BITE Easy to eat foods such as empanadas are popular treats for those with busy schedules. Photo by Jackie Abreu

POKÉ BOWL HYPE The line to popular food stall Poké Smash stretches down the ramp toward the bookstore. They attract a crowd every week. Photo by Jackie Abreu

GOTTA TRY 'EM ALL At peak lunch hours, it can be difficult to wind through the crowds, but the Farmer's market is only open for a few hours and it is difficult to pass up the opportunity of a new place to try. Photo by Jackie Abreu

SOMETHING NEW Some vendors not only sell food but educate the public about dietary benefits of a greener plate like The Green Bar which serves smoothies and juices that are sugar free and vegan friendly. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FALL EVENTS As one of the biggest wildfires in recent history raged across California, controversy was stirred with political statements from brands, the migrant caravan made front-page news, and the World Series and midterm elections shook things up STORY Madison George






After a national disaster was declared in August for the Northern California wildfire damage, the area caught fire again in November, killing 85 people and leaving 475 people missing. The wildfire completely destroyed Paradise and other nearby towns while demolishing thousands of acres, homes and 19,000 buildings. People packed up their lives to relocate to hotels, shelters, or wherever they could find refuge. The flames have destroyed more than the last seven wildfires did combined.

Photos courtesy Tribune Content Agency











Nike’s campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of their infamous slogan, “Just Do It,” features ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick who has became a polarizing sports figure after his efforts to bring attention to social issues such as police brutality and racial inequalities. The campaign features both a billboard and two minute commercial in which Kaepernick says “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” The campaign that was released in September caused a influx of differing opinions among the public.


More than 7,000 Central American migrants travelled 2500 miles to the US-Mexican border to get away from their home countries that are corrupted by government, crime ridden and, impoverished. The migrants which include many young children, were given temporary the city of Tijuana. The migrants hope to build better futures for their families and dream of reaching the United States. President Donald Trump called the caravan “an invasion” before the migrants reached the US border.

Fourth title in the last 15 years. This World Series win made Boston’s 11th for sports title since 2001. In 2004 Boston broke their 86-year drought with a World Series win followed by another World Series title in 2013. In spring training they went 22-9-1 and won 108 games in the regular season setting a franchise record. In celebration of their newest title, the Red Sox held a Championship Parade on Wednesday October 31 so the fans and Boston residents could help ring in the excitement with the team.


During the 2018 midterm elections Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib became the first Muslim women to be elected to congress. In 2016 Omar was elected into Minnesota’s House of Representatives and will replace Democratic Representative Keith Ellison. Omar moved to the US as a Somali refugee and was inspired to getting into politics by her grandfather. Tlaib became this first Muslim female member of Michigan’s state legislature in 10 years.


thank you,

NEXT A blind date turned uncomfortable to creepy to chilling all in the span of two hours at the Jerry Herman Ring Theater STORY Morgan Thomson

Theater is known to push the bar, but "Boy Gets Girl," came with a strong warning about the mature content of the production. It was introduced to the stage 18 years ago by Rebecca Gillman in Chicago, and despite the age, it's all too easy to imagine this scenario playing out in real life. The play opens with an awkward blind date between the show’s main characters Teresa and Tony, played by seniors Rachael Gregoire and Jonathan Zaken, respectively. Tony is eager and excited during the date - albeit a little nervous, and Teresa seems to mirror the same emotions, but it's obvious to the audience that she's not interested in him. “She is a character most women and men can relate to in society today," Gregoire stated about Teresa. "I have encountered many experiences of stalking by just walking on the street or even in the work field. It does take away a part of your sense of freedom and keeps you on alert at all times, but the best thing to do is to go to someone for help and let them help take care of the situation.” Gilman depicts a reality that people don't want to think can happen to them. Her fourth production, "Boy Gets Girl" has been nominated for three different awards since its release in 2000.

TAKE A HINT, HARRIET Despite telling Harriet, sophomore Mackenzie Roberts, to stop accepting flowers from Tony, she doesn't get the message and they keep reminding Teresa that Tony is still out there. Photo by Jenny Abreu



HOT TAKE Teresa must deal with director Les Kennkat, played by senior Christopher Otero, if she wants to successfully write a piece that her boss gave her. Otero's character acted as a source of comic relief that was reflective of the play's mature warning. Photo by Jenny Abreu

A LITTLE TOO FAST With their awkward first date coming to a close, Tony assumes that things went well and tries to go in for a kiss with Teresa. Photo by Jenny Abreu

POLICE REPORT A series of disturbing voice mails left on Teresa's work phone leads to a report being filed with Detective Madeline Beck, played by junior Nicole Delsack, after Teresa's coworker Mercer, senior Ben Salerno, urged Teresa to take Tony's messages seriously. Photo by Jenny Abreu DISTURBING ENCOUNTER After Teresa's boss Howard stumbles in, she and the intern Harriet help him inside the office. It is revealed that he ran into who he thinks was Tony when he was on his way to work. Senior Chirstopher Brian portrays Howard. Photo by Jenny Abreu

100 YEARS OF BERNSTEIN With famous productions such as "West Side Story" under his belt, it is no wonder the late conductor, composer, pianist, and author Leonard Berstein is still celebrated. Though the acclaimed artist died in 1990, his legacy still lives on through the Leonard Berstein Office, which announced an international celebration of Berstein and his work in honor of what would be his 100th birthday. The Jerry Herman Ring Theater paid their tribute to one of America’s greats with their opening fall production of "A Simple Song." The play featured various songs from Berstein's musical theater repertoire. The experience taught many to appreciate the late artist more, such as senior Nick McCarthy, who played Lenny in the production, “I think most of us knew Bernstein from 'West Side Story,' which I was in high school, but he wasn’t on my radar," McCarthy remarked.

OPENING NUMBER While student actors hold up books titled "Alternative Facts," junior Alecsys Proctor-Turner sings "Best of All Possible Worlds" from "Candide." Photo by Jenny Abreu


ADVENTURE IN THE CITY Opting for a colder climate, junior Ariana Winter explored the museums and national monuments in Washington, DC. Photo by Karina Sloan



NATION'S CAPITAL Junior Marilyn Martinez experienced true fall weather when she traveled to our nation’s capitol. Martinez was able to play tour guide with two of her friends who had never visited Washington DC. “It was really chilly and we did all the tourist attractions. It was a great break to spend time in a new city together,” said Martinez. Photo by Jackie Abreu

PARTY ALL NIGHT Senior Danielle Brothers visits Las Vegas for the first time for her long weekend. Photo by Kaitlin Castillo PUT YOUR MOUSE EARS ON Seniors Jenny Davis, Erica Sabel, Joey Haas, Jessica Hamorsky and Sam Steel travel around the world at Disney's Epcot on the first day of their weekend trip to Orlando, Florida. Photo by Jenny Davis

STAYCATION Living in Miami means there is always something to do. Fall break allows students to get out and take advantage of the term staycation. Senior Sagar Sharma spent time with his mom and grandpa here in Miami and even took a day trip to Key West. “It was great to show them around South Florida and give them an insight into the region in which I have been studying for college in,” said Sharma. Photo by Sagar Sharma

THAT'S A STRIKE Taking advantage of a long weekend in Miami, senior Madison George bowls at Basement, a popular club in South Beach. Photo by Taylor Rice

FUN FOR FALL Some consider Fall Break an extended weekend and others, a full weekend for vacation, no matter what, adventure is out there - even if it's in your own backyard STORY Madison George


SMILES WITH SEBASTIAN Vice chair and chair of the Homeciming Executive Committee - junior Elizabeth Pozzuoli and senior Camila Lopez-Bosch pose with Sebastian at the Spirit Tree ceremony. Photo by Vivien Dominick

'CANE SPIRIT The ornament that the Association of Commuter Students created for the spirit tree highlights Hard Rock Stadium where the Hurricanes play home games. Photo by Vivien Dominick



CHEERS FOR HOMECOMING The Federación de Estudiantes Cubanos (FEC) members cheer during the Spirit Tree competition. A minimum number of members were required to represent the organizations at each event or they would lose points. Photo by Vivien Dominick




Homecoming week kicks off with the presentation of murals made by student organizations and the Alma Mater preliminaries.

BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE HOMECOMING Council of International Students and Organizations (COISO) members Akki Gunda, Neil Patel and Dhyey Desai hang their ornament on the Spirit Tree. Photo by Vivien Dominick

the roots of



Competing organizations send their best singers and dancers to perform their own rendition of the Alma Mater, remixed to the rhythm of popular songs of their choice.

At first glance, the Spirit Tree may be unassuming, but its ornaments show the love organizations have for UM STORY Morgan Thomson

It’s a walk that many students take every day to one of the busiest general classroom buildings on campus. The stretch of sidewalk between the Ashe building and Dooley Memorial is the site of more than just bustling crowds rushing to their next class, it’s where the Spirit Tree is planted. The Spirit Tree is the only orange tree on campus, and the orange tree is deeply symbolic to the university. The orange, green and white school colors reflect the orange tree’s components – orange represents the fruit, green the leaves and white the blossoms. The competing student organizations present a handmade ornament that fits with the theme of homecoming and represents their organizations. These ornaments are judged not just by the pure artistic skills of the organization, but also a minute-long skit that is performed. The Association of Commuter Students (ACS) took home the win for the Spirit Tree competition, but there were many more opportunities for other teams to advance in the days leading up until Homecoming.


'Canes give back to the community for their day of service as they're sent out to different parts of the city to provide their share of community service.


COURT OF 'CANES Prince Abdiel Caballero from the Federaciรณn de Esudiantes Cubanos (FEC), Princess Katerina Quintairos from the Association of Commuter Students (ACS), Queen Kristi Reynardus from FEC, and King Bobby Shore from the Council of International Students and Organizations (COISO). Photo by Morgan Thomson



crowning a

COURT of 'Canes A tradition nearly as old as the university itself, the Homecoming Court was crowned in the Shalala Student Center grand ballrooms STORY Izabella Felpeto

Homecoming was filled with events, cheer, and of course - spirit. The theme was “Your Greatest Adventure.” And for many students, the Homecoming king and queen pageant was among the many adventures that took place during one of the most exciting weeks of the year. The pageant is one event where representatives from the student organizations could compete to earn points, in the hopes to win Homecoming overall, and to earn a spot on the Homecoming Court. Preliminary auditions were held in front of a panel of judges, prior to selecting the final eleven representatives that competed in the pageant. “We hope that students gain the sense of knowing that their king and queen is someone that is enthusiastic about the university,” said Homecoming Executive Committee member, Patrice Essien. Once selected, the students practiced

for three weeks leading to the competition. “In the past three weeks, they have been very dedicated to making sure that they deliver the best performance,” said Essien. Contestants were judged on their talent, school spirit skits, and response to an on-stage question. “Homecoming is the best time of the year, said FEC (Federación de Estudiantes Cubanos) President and Homecoming Prince, Abdiel Caballero. “It’s where you truly fall in love with the university. Being Homecoming prince for FEC, feels incredible.” Among other Homecoming winners were Katerina Quintairos, who was crowned princess, and Kristine Reynardus and Bobby Shore reigned over the night as Homecoming king and queen. “I am so excited to be able to represent UM and to be a happy 'Cane,” said Homecoming Queen Kristine Reynardus.


A representation of the UM orange tree, the Spirit Tree embodies the colors of the "U" and is decorated for Homecoming with ornaments made by student organizations. The Association of Commuter Students won the ornament contest.


A panel of judges made up of staff and distinguished community members choose their top picks for UM royalty, which gives big points for the organization the king and queen represent. Bobby Shore and Kristi Reynardus were crowned after the competition.


SOUTHERN SUNS Members of SpectrUM perform their remixed Alma Mater in the Alma Mater competition. Photo by Jackie Abreu

LETS GET THIS STARTED The Homecoming Executive Committee, Emma Lam, Milind Khurana, Patrice Essien, Olivia Dobrin, Camila Lopez-Bosch, Emmi Velez, Mary Balise, Elizabeth Pozzuoli and Andy Fernandez on stage for the opening ceremony. Photo by Jackie Abreu

Organizations compete as they dance their way through a magically themed storybook referencing the "U" and its rich history. Points are given to each team based on choreography, plot line and mentioning the Homecoming sponsors in their skit. ACS took first, FEC second and COISO and UBS third.


party all

NIGHT The Watsco Center was lit up by a spectacular show from EDM artist and DJ Zedd - one of the biggest names UM has seen on campus recently STORY Madison George

The entertainment and programming boad, Hurricane Productions brought out Zedd for the Homecoming concert held at the Watsco Center. The Russian-German DJ, producer, and songwriter is famous for his EDM tracks and remixes featuring big name artists such as Alessia Carr, Selena Gomez, and Hayley Williams. The 29 year old provided UM students with a vibrant setlist which included songs such as “Clarity,” “Sicko Mode,” and “The Beautiful Now” accompanied by unique vivid graphics and lighting. “Zedd is one of those EDM artists where he’s at the top of the charts with ever single, Hurricane Productions Marketing shadow group member, Holly Schwartz said. “For years now you can’t deny his songs are extremely catchy." Some students had different feelings about the choice of the artist before they went. “At first I was upset that Zedd was performing,” said freshman Leila Metellus. “I thought it was a lame thing to do because felt like other schools had better people—21 Savage, Lil Baby, and such. Those are bigger names, so I felt like it would be better.” She attended the show despite her concerns and had a different outlook. “I had a great time. Honestly, it was fun. He played rap music, pop music, Hispanic music, and classic songs,” Metellus added.

DANCE WITH ME If students reserved their tickets in advance with HP Concerts, they were able to go to the free concert Zedd concert. Photo by Kristian DelRosario



TURN UP Zedd donned a Hurricanes jersey for his first performance of the night. Photo by Kristian DelRosario


Everyone shows off their spirit around campus wearing their best ‘Canes fashion and boasting their orange and green pride.


Voices of UM fill the Rock with the their own renditions of the Alma Mater for a chance to perform at the homecoming game. ACS took first, FEC second and COISO third.


BIG STAGE DREAMS Students were given the opportunity of opening for the Homecoming concert. Senior Chris Wright was the recipient. Photo by

Zedd, the RussianGerman DJ, producer and songwriter famous for his EDM tracks hypes up students on the rowdiest and most anticipated night of Homecoming weekend. Throughout the week prior to the concert, backstage passes and priority floor access are given out to students through social media giveaways.

Kristian DelRosario


ORANGE AND GREEN STARS Crowds gather on the steps of the Shalala Student Center before the big show begins. Photo by Jackie Abreu

CRUISIN' IN Miss University of Miami Chelsea Lovell rides in the Homecoming parade. Photo by Jenny Abreu



WELCOME HOME Sebastian's entrance in the Homecoming parade marked the beginning of Hurricane Howl. Photo by Jackie Abreu


New construction on campus could not hold the parade back as they changed their route and marched on. Each organization made signs based on the adventure theme and showed off their school


Per tradition, the university serves the best as they invite top food trucks to supply the hungry 'Canes.


With music blaring, the Homecoming festivities continue as students, alumni and the Miami community come together to celebrate school spirit.


FINALE Fireworks lite up the night sky over the Coral Gables campus after the teams walk in the Homecoming Parade and students and alumni enjoy festivities STORY Madison George

One of the final events of Homecoming leading up to the game is Hurricane Howl. A night that is jam packed with food trucks, a block party, parade, and to end the night, the boat burning ceremony and fireworks show around Lake Osceola. Hurricane Howl attracted students, faculty, alumni, and people of the Coral Gables community to come out and celebrate. The attendees were given light up foam light sticks and special 3D glasses that showed the “U” when directed at light. “My favorite part of Hurricane Howl was definitely the food trucks. I liked the variety of cuisines that they offered because there was something for everyone,” senior Vallerie Felix said. “As a senior it was a a good send off before I graduate and a chance to see friends that I don’t get to see often."


The boat burning and fireworks leaves viewers in awe as the spectacle sets the tone for the game to come. Before the boat burns, the winners of the overall competition are announced.


Though the boat burning predicted a win for the 'Canes, the game didn't end in their favor. The team fell in the second half after a five point lead, finishing the game at 20 - 12.



CIVIC DUTY Actor Christian Slater comes to campus to promote student voter registration before the deadline. Photo by Hunter Crenian

seat was

and now it's



With one of the largest turnouts for a midterm election, efforts to increase voter awareness dominated campus for a few weeks STORY Izabella Felpeto

As results poured in election night, former president of the university Donna Shalala won the race for Miami’s Congressional District 27, flipping the Republican seat to Democrat. Shalala served as the Secretary of Health and Human Services under Bill Clinton’s presidency, and then served as UM's president from 2001-2015. She announced that she would be running for congress, in the hopes to increase Democrats’ chances of tipping the U.S. House in their favor. "Mr. President, here we come," Shalala said during her victory speech at the Coral Gables Woman’s Club. "Bringing us together is absolutely crucial. Some people would like to divide us. We just can't let that happen, because it's un-American." This was Shalala’s first run for elected office, facing Cuban-American ex-journalist Maria Elvira Salazar in the race to replace



SHALALA FOR CONGRESS Former president of UM, Donna Shalala and Andrew Gillum, Florida's democratic nominee for governor rally for votes in Miami. Gillum lost in a close race. Photo by Al Diaz

retiring Rep. Illeana Ros-Lehtinen. For many students, it was their first time voting. Get Out the Vote, a nonpartisan campaign on campus, was very active in registering students to vote, informing them of early voting locations, and sponsoring shuttles to early voting locations in partnership with Student Government. They also visited classrooms and tabled in the Breezeway Freshman and first-time voter, David Oliver, said he focused on key issues, rather than on a particular party. “I paid really close attention to the candidates and their views on immigration and the environment for this election, said Oliver. “I feel like those two topics are really the most urgent in our country at the moment.” Overall results concluded with Republicans retaining control of the Senate and Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives.

MICHELLE O RALLIES FOR VOTES Former first lady Michelle Obama encouraged youth voting at the University of Miami’s Watsco Center on Sept. 28. The rally was part of the “When We All Vote” campaign, which she co-chairs with other well-known names. Comedian Keegan-Michael Key and Kelly Rowland were among the speakers who urged crowds to register to vote by the Oct. 9 deadline. During her speech, Obama told voters "you wouldn't give your crazy uncle the power to post a picture to your Instagram feed, so why would you give a stranger the power to make far more important decisions in your life?"

LETS ALL VOTE Former First Lady Michelle Obama calls for high voter turn out at the Watsco Center, targeting young voters. Photo by Izabella Felpeto ASK ME ANYTHING As an ambassador for Get Out the Vote, Maxwell Wray, a junior majoring in neuroscience educates interested students on how they can register to vote, where their polling location is and how to find nonpartisan information on ballot items such as candidates. Photo by


Donna Shalala (D)


Maria Elvira Salazar (R)



Ron DeSantis (R)


Andrew Gillum (D)


Jackie Abreu


Rick Scott (R)


Bill Nelson (D)


Amendment 4

Reverse Felon Disenfranchisement





This reversal allows 1.4 million adults to engage in their civic duty, and in the future, only felons actively serving their sentence through incarceration, probation or parole will be unable to vote until they are released.

Amendment 13

End Dog Racing Yes




By 2020, greyhound racing will be banned in Florida, and in the meantime, animal activists are trying to find homes for the thousands of dogs that are bred for racing throughout the state. Data collected from the Miami Herald.

WOMEN IN POLITICS Congressional candidate Donna Shalala, Hillary Clinton, R. Jai Gillum, Kristen King and congressional candidate Mary Flores attend a Coral Gables Women's Club fundraiser lunch right a few weeks before the election. Photo by Ellen Fleysher

DONNA 2018 Adjunct faculty member Ellen Fleysher meets candidate Donna Shalala at a fund raising event. Photo by Ellen Fleysher

ON CAMPUS ELECTIONS Treasurer Elect Jason Kaplan, President Elect Emily Gossett, and Vice President Elect Millie Chokshi won in an election with over 3,500 votes cast by the student body. Photo by Izabella Felpeto


KARINA LUTFEY SENIOR “This showcases people's’ support of victims of sexual assault, rape, and other forms of sexual violence which is important because many suffer in silence and we want to bring awareness to their stories.”



Hundreds of T-shirts were strung across the pathway through the Foote Green to raise awareness of violence against women STORY Morgan Thomson

With the #MeToo movement and accusations against President Trump’s second Supreme Court nomination in the news, the Clothesline Project appeared on the lawn of the Foote Green to raise awareness of victims of sexual abuse and violence. Colored t-shirts were strung up between the trees that lined the walkways students take on their way to class. Each one was decorated with a message, piece of artwork and occasionally, jewelry. “Confessing can be the hardest part. Thinking that it’s your fault. It takes a long time to stop that idea. It’s something that I struggle with every day. However, after telling someone it got easier. Each time it gets easier,” was written in blue ink slightly darker than the shirt the message was scrawled on. The color of the shirts reveals the nature of the abuse the survivor faced. Blue and green shirts represent those who have survived incest. White shirts always indicate a victim, a woman who has died because of violence. The Counseling Outreach Peer Education group



(COPE) had a table set up with blank t-shirts and markers for those who wanted to create one to be hung on the clothesline for future exhibitions. The shirts displayed had been collected over the years from students and women at a local women’s shelter. As well as undergraduate members of COPE, Stephanie Best, a graduate assistant for outreach services was answering questions of passersby about the project. She described it as a “vehicle for voices to be heard that would otherwise be silenced.” Continuing, she said, “I think it raises awareness for us to step up and support victims.” The project was created by artist Rachel CareyHarper in the early nineties. Since then, it has spread across the country and internationally. COPE displays this project annually as a part of their programming to bring awareness of violence against women and the support services the Counseling Center offers to students.

PINNING THEM UP Straightening one of the T-shirts as they blow in the wind, graduate assistant for outreach services Stephanie Best waits for students to ask about the project. Photo by Jackie Abreu

COLORS ON A CLOTHESLINE The imagery of a clothesline may be a dying one as modern conveniences become the norm, but nonetheless, a clotheslines association with women lives on. That’s why a clothesline is used by this project to highlight the issue of violence against women.

RAISING AWARENESS Passerbys have the chance to learn more about the project thanks to senior Karina Lutfey and all the members of COPE. Photo by Jackie Abreu



STORIES ON T-SHIRTS A member of COPE, senior Karina Lutfey educates students on the t-shirts her and the COPE team hung in the morning. Photo by Jackie Abreu









REALITY OF VIOLENCE The T-shirts are designed by or for survivors or victims. Most are sourced from a local women's shelter and others from students. Photo by Jackie Abreu





Senior, ECO Director "When I was 12, I took a cruise in the Bahamas and went snorkeling. The coral was completely trashed. There were bottles, straws and cans, all around the coral polyps. Seeing that made me angry because here was this cruise line capitalizing on a destroyed eco-system. That's when I first became environmentally conscious. At ECO, our goal is to raise awareness for environmental issues in the Miami community." ETHICAL FOOD Sophomore Bhargavi Pochi works the UThrift table during Food Day, educating students on how they can prevent needless waste and reduce the environmental toll fast fashion generates. Photo by Jackie Abreu

HANDS-ON LEARNING Students learn how to garden through a class on food production. Photo by Jackie Abreu

#FREESTUFF Sophomore Celine White passes by the Green Committee's UThrift stand and sifts through the donated items. The number of items one can pick up depends on how much they donate themselves, and UThrift accepts more than just clothes. Photo by Jackie Abreu



FAST FASHION UThrift raised awareness of how fast fashion affects the environment and the condition workers overseas face in factories. Photo by Jackie Abreu




Q: How would you describe UM's current environmental standing?

Q: When did you became passionate about the environment?

A: There’s always more we can do but we're off to a good start. There are always going to be costs and people who are pessimistic. But people who have a passion can push for a sustainable future.

A: I became passionate about the environment after I watched “Cowspiricay." It talked about how food choices impact the environment. It is a really eye-opening documentary and is what inspired me to go vegetarian.

A: It was fall semester of my junior year when I went to UGalapogas. The community lived humbly and it showed in their local ecosystems.

Q: When did you get involved with sustainability efforts on campus?



Fostering a sustainable campus one step at a time by student organizations and green agencies STORY Veronika Seider

From the abundant greenery that coats the campus, to the football team’s uniforms crafted by recycled materials, UM aims to be a friend to the environment. Being a coastal school right along Biscayne Bay, and home to a flourishing marine science department, oceanic and environmental protection is of primary importance to the school and its students. These sustainability efforts are spearheaded by the organization-at-large “Green U.” The umbrella organization is composed of Student Government’s ECO

Reducing waste, repurposing items, and recycling items that can't be reused has a significant impact on landfill mass.

CONSERVE WATER On average, about two gallons of water are used per minute in a shower. Shave a few minutes off your time to save a little everyday.

EAT MINDFULLY Agency, Green Committee, the ECORep Program and the Office of Sustainability. All of these teams work to raise awareness and foster an environmentally conscious culture and community. The organizations each work with the student body, faculty, administration and various departments to propel sustainable initiatives. By evaluating environmental risks, unhealthy behaviors and lacking infrastructure on campus, GreenU’s initiatives aim to address and improve UM’s green standing.

Consider how much land and water your food used to get to your table. Shop locally and limit consumption of certain products.

ECO-FRIENDLY CLOSET The textile industry has a large impact on pollution. Natural fibers produced under certain conditions are better for the environment.



IS COMING A time to go home and visit with family or experience new places with friends and refresh for next semester STORY Madison George

From the heat of Miami to the heat of South Africa, junior public relations major, Amalia Ivaldi starts her winter break excursion in Cape Town. She continued her journey to various lodges to go on safaris. “Waking up at 4 a.m. everyday was worth it…I got to see four out of the Big Five!” remarked Ivaldi Courtney Penny spent her winter break riding horses on the beach, fishing, and riding ATVs in Cabo San Lucas. Her absolute favorite part of the trip was getting the opportunity to swim with whale sharks and being able to see humpback whales breaching. “The whale sharks can be up to 40 feet. When you see them jump before you you’re just in complete awe,” said Penny. Making his way to the land where coladas and cortaditos planted their roots, Jorge Chabo spent part of his winter break in Cuba. He was able to spend time with family that he hadn’t seen in years and have the traditional Nochebuena celebration on Christmas Eve. “Although the power did go out, we all went on the roof to see the stars on one of the clearest nights I’ve ever seen” says Chabo. While many other students spent their winter break traveling, Gabriel Meullion focused on his self care routine over the break. “I like to start my day with a shower and shave followed by washing my face with Clean&Clear Morning Burst to deep clean my pores. I now like to move onto a charcoal mask and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes.” Meullion said.



CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS Celebrating Nochebuena in Cuba with his family, senior Jorge Chabo got the chance to visit relatives. Photo by Jorge Chabo

HELLO, NEW FRIEND On a trip to the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa, a World Heritage site, senior Meg Berger got the chance to interact with cattle. Photo by Meg Berger

GOOD MORNING Early days in Cape Town, South Africa were spent by junior Amalia Ivalidi on safari. Photo by Amalia Ivalidi

OLD TOWN While visiting Amsterdam in the winter, sophomore Yifan Zhang got to visit the sites in the historic city with her friends. Photo by Yifan Zhang

CRUISIN' Senior Noelle Barreda enjoyed a cruise over his winter break. Photo by Izabella Felpeto

HIT THE SLOPS Senior Gabrielle Sami was in Aspen, Colorado for the X Games and watched athletes compete in skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and snow bike events. Photo by Jackie Abreu

LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH In Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, junior Courtney Penny enjoyed the beaches and even got the chance to ride a horse down the shore. Photo by Courtney Penny

GO TEAM Bringing 'Canes spirit to New York, junior William Larossa attended the Miami v. Wisconson New Era Pinstripe Bowl game at Yankee Stadium. Photo by William Larossa



REPEAT Giving back to the community is one of the guiding principles of the Butler Center which builds leadership in the university community STORY Karina Sloan

The Butler Center for Service and Leadership is the hub for students to get involved with various service-oriented programs, events, and initiatives around the UM campus. The Butler Center contains more than 35 servicebased student organizations and also has connections to over 450 local community partners. The Butler Center offers a wide variety of opportunities for all students and staff including single day events, ongoing involvement with service organizations on and off campus, and many programs and events throughout the year.

HOODIE PROJECT Senior Khaila Prather writes a message about police brutality on a large hoodie art installation for Social Justice Week. Photo by Jackie Abreu


HUG THE LAKE Hug the Lake is an annual event hosted by the Butler Center. The 14th annual Hug the Lake Event included more than 700 students and faculty gathering around Lake Osceola to celebrate Earth Day. Everyone stood around the lake, joined hands and sung the Alma Mater song to recognize and express gratitude for the environment.

ALL THE WAY AROUND Students, administrators, faculty and staff join hands around Lake Osceola to celebrate Earth Day. A student organization called Random Acts of Kindness began the tradition and it has been running for fourteen years since.

Social Justice week is dedicated to bringing awareness to social issues that are impacting, our campus and greater community. This student-led initiative was created in order to bridge gaps within the campus community through various dialogues and initiatives. The week-long event featured an interactive art piece called “The Hoodie Installation” open to the public in the UC. The piece was meant to raise awareness for police brutality, and was designed by Dr. Billie Lynn from the Department of Art and Art History. An event called “Getting To Know U" immersed individuals in a cultural experience that helps peers from various faith based organizations discuss their beliefs with other students. The week ended with an evening showing of a popular movie exploring race issues, "The Hate U Give" and a social media pledge for students to take.

Photo by Jackie Abreu

GRAB YOUR POPCORN Freshman Jevonna Jarvis and Mimi Mbaukwa have their Canecard swiped to enter the free "The Hate U Give" movie screening by junior Mavi Seth. Photo by Vedasta Masangu



CIVIC ENGAGEMENT At the Celebration of Involvement, sophomore Shravya Jasti recieves the Newman Civic Fellows Award from Robin Bachin, director of the Office of Civic and Community Engagement and Andrew Wiemer, director of the Butler Center. Photo by Evan Garcia

HEALTH WEEK The Healthy U Healthy Me (HUHM) organization advocates for bridging the health and wealth gap in the Miami-Dade community. For Health Week, HUHM held multiple events throughout the week to promote physical, mental and sexual health and bring awareness to health disparities. HUHM had a series of events during the week with their biggest event, Streamline Miami Field Day, taking place on Saturday. This event included 200 students from Streamline Miami who participated in a full day of fun activities learning about nutrition and physical fitness. HEALTH WEEK The organization Healthy U Healthy Me won the SOAR Award for best programming with their annual Health Week. President of the organization Rhea Manohar accepted the award. Photo by Jenny Abreu

BLACK AWARENESS MONTH Black Awareness Month (BAM) takes place in February and is a series of events and programs that celebrates and promotes black history and black culture. During this month of celebration, there is a day dedicated to giving back. BAM Day of Service chose to give back to the South Florida community by volunteering among three different organizations: Miami’s Children’s Initiative, Overtown Youth Center and Lotus House.

CELEBRATION OF INVOLVEMENT Campus-wide awards for service are presented at the annual Celebration of Involvement hosted by the Butler Center. Edward T. Foote II Award for Excellence in Student Leadership Divya Bhansali Vice President’s Award for Service Rhea Manohar Destiny James Faith Boone Obianeze Okolo Magaly Santos Llaca Endowed Memorial Scholarship - $10,000 Madeline Valverde Ann S. Waldman Endowed Scholarship - $10,000 Ajirioghene Uzere Vivian Berger Giller Impact Award $3,000 Talula Thibault

Sherwood Weiser Memorial Fund for Student Community Service - $2,000 Amanda Perez Derek Auguste Mizelle Hornilla Emma Lam

Newman Civic Fellows Award Shravya Jasti

Robert Bates Cole Award for Volunteer Leadership - $2,000 Ethan Cheng

Graduate Award for Excellence in Student Leadership Fahd Qadir, Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and Diabetes Research Institute

Gerald J. Pierri ’65 Read and Lead Award for Excellence in Academics and Intramural Sports Leadership Award - $1,000 Jordan Austin UM Civic Scholar Sara Soto

Iron Arrow Honor Society Sophomore Leadership Award Giselle de la Rua

Excellence in Civic Engagement Award Susan Prather, assistant professor of clinical, School of Nursing and Health Studies Claire Oueslati-Porter, senior lecturer, College of Arts and Sciences


OWN THE RUNWAY Elaborate costumes, makeup and stage-worthy personalities such as Andro Gin, a Miami-based drag king, makes DragOUT a successful fundraiser for local LGBTQ charities. Photo by Kristian DelRosario



Crown fit



SpectrUM hosts their sixth annual DragOut show to raise money for South Florida LGBTQ+ charities

WINNER WINNER Senior Torrey Crosby performs. He was later crowned as drag queen of the night. Photo by Kristian DelRosario

STORY Izabella Felpeto

The DragOut show featured a three-person faculty group, two drag queens, two drag kinds and multiple student performers all under one roof in the Shalala Student Center. DragOut has been a major highlight event for SpectrUM as they raise money for charities serving both LGBTQ and non LGBTQ people. SpectrUM partnered with SunServe, an organization that provides critical life assistance and professional mental health services with an emphasis on economically disadvantaged, marginalized youth, adults and seniors all over the South Florida area. SunServe’s goal is to provide compassionate and progressive care regardless of sexual orientation or gender identification. The night was filled with rock-and-roll vibes, Cardi B hits and to top it all off, a “Single Ladies” rendition put together by a group of faculty members. Senior public relations major, Torrey Crosby was crowned as drag queen of the night after taking the stage and putting on an Envy the Bitch performance. “I have waited since my freshman year for the opportunity to compete, simply because I wanted to leave all I had on the stage—to do that and be crowned is and experience I will never forget. The experience itself has always been incredible, ad it has gotten better each year! It is inspiring to see your peers put themselves out there in this way, while the professional queens remind us how important it is to live authentically and with confidence” said Crosby.

STRUT YOUR STUFF Tiffany Fantasia, a local South Beach drag queen, hosts Drag Out for the third year in a row. Photo by Kristian DelRosario

MAKE IT RAIN President of SpectrUM and senior Mary Balise pours the donation bucket on the vice president of the organization, junior Emma Lam. The event was free for students to attend but bringing cash was strongly encouraged in order to raise money and engage with the performers. SpectrUM doubled the attendance and tripled the fundraising of the event. Photo

I'M THE KING Drag king Spikey Van Dykey performs on stage with multiple costume changes throughout the night. Photo by

by Jenny Abreu

Jackie Abreu


'CANES beyond


The Council of International Students Organization (COISO) celebrates a new theme for campus diversity with its yearly tradition of hosting International Week STORY Izabella Felpeto

“Beyond the Borders" kicked off International Week - five days of food, performances and educational tent activities. Each day highlighted cultures from certain continents of the world. Students enjoyed food, a few history lessons and the atmosphere of unity throughout the week. Opening night kicked off on Monday with a variety of festivities to recognize each of the world’s regions throughout the week. Tuesday celebrated Africa, Wednesday honored the Middle East and Europe, Thursday danced with Latin America and the Caribbean and Friday admired Asia. Activities began in the early evening, followed by a dinner with performances right after for everyone to watch while they ate food. “This is exactly the best way to interact with different cultures, by trying their food. This is why we are here. We want to experiment by trying new things from each of the cultures represented here,” said former CNN journalist and current Miami Business School student Alessandra Angelini. Performances representing over 100 different countries were also showcased through students of diverse ethnic backgrounds. According to the COISO team, a subtle understanding of a culture creates a more meaningful connection between students and the global population as a whole. COISO executive board member and junior Nimesh Nagururu said, “With Beyond the Borders, we’re touching on the intangibles of culture and also breaking down those barriers and providing the bridge between borders.” Out of about 34,000 total freshman applicants for the fall 2018 semester, 10 percent were international. With nearly 2,800 students from over 120 countries, UM is renowned as one of the most diverse institutions in the nation.

GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT Volunteers get first pick at the dinner each night before students who completed tent activities. Senior Sahil Patel got dinner on the first night of the week. Photo by Jackie Abreu

HARD WORK Juniors Tanvi Bafna and Sharnikha Saravanan are volunteers with the set-up and break-down of everything from the tent activities to dinner. Photo by Jackie Abreu



PATIENTLY WAITING Dinner is served every night of International Week with food that corresponds to the region of the world COISO is celebrating such as sushi, rice jollof and arroz con pollo. Photo by Jackie Abreu



AND THE THEME IS... Students from COISO created the "Beyond the Borders" mural for International Week that was on display at the UC Patio and the backdrop of the performances. Photo by Hunter Crenian

"I value diversity. I like spreading diversity. For me, it’s a learning experience, and for other people, it’s contributing to their learning as well."


'CANES beyond


LEARN SOMETHING NEW Deborah Adeyemi, Maya Oton and Tiara Ranson man a booth about hair and headwrap styles worn throughout the region. Photo by Morgan Thomson


AFRICA Tuesday kicked off the first theme day of the week with Africa night. Africa night shared various aspects of their culture through dance performances, fashion shows and bracelet making, along with a menu filled with African dishes. The tent activities included learning about African hairstyles and headwraps, getting familiar with unique African instruments and songs, plus so much more. On the Lakeside Patio, there was a poetry performance by senior Breana Ross and a dance performance called Oleku. While students enjoyed these performances, they also had the opportunity to pick up some well-known African dishes including sambusa, chin chin, peri peri chicken, and jollof rice.



COME AND LEARN Activity tents on the UC Patio exposed attendees to various aspects of the region's culture. Photo by



Jackie Abreu

ORDER UP COISO member and junior David de Luca passes out plates before attendees go down the food line. Photo by Jackie Abreu

QUIZ NIGHT The first 50 students to complete the tent activiteis - including one that tested one's knowledge about cities in Africa - got to skip the line for dinner. Photo by

The second night of I-Week celebrating the Middle East and Europe shared the uniqueness of their cultures. As students and faculty enjoyed the lively energy of Tuesday night, they were able to learn about the calligraphy, holidays and religion of Europe and the Middle East. Along with the tent activities, an Isaeli dance performance by UM Hillel, Arab Students Union with two famous Arabic dances and a belly dance from Anastassia Cafatti took place on the patio. To top off the night, European and Middle Eastern dishes were served including pita bread, a round, leavened flat bread; falafel, a popular fried Israeli street food made from chickpeas and spices; and apple streudel, a popular Austrian pasty made with a warm apple filling inside a flaky pastry puff.

Morgan Thomson


President of COISO

"The goal of this I-week was to educate and show appreciation of backgrounds and understand differences around us. We worked for 16 weeks on everything from logistics to research. It's a lot of work, but most importantly, it is a lot of fun. At the end of the week, we get to showcase the amazing culture and diversity around campus. We see the parts of culture that we don’t always get to see. Culture is so rich, but we can’t always see it.”

MUSIC MAKER To highlight the importance of music in many African cultures, junior Edugie Osunde teaches attendees about instruments used across the African continent. Photo by Jackie Abreu

CALLIGRAPHY TIME Tent activities teach students and visitors about Middle Eastern and European cultures and invite them to try their hand at Arabic and Russian script. Photo by Jackie Abreu


'CANES beyond




DANCE ALL NIGHT The UMiami Abhinaya performance features juniors Radhika Gore and Devi Nallakumar. Abhinaya is an Indian classical dance style. Photo by Jackie Abreu

HAVE FUN WITH IT Performers from various student groups such as UMiami Abhinaya, Tufaan, LOCKED, and the Filipino Students Association dance on the stage of the UC Patio for the Asia night performances. Photo by Jackie Abreu

BE CREATIVE Graduate student Jess Osborn colors pictures relevant to Latin American and Caribbean night at one of the activity tables. Photo by Jackie Abreu


LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN This combination night was filled with plenty of cultural activities and celebration. To kick off the festivities there were games like Music Trivia, Guess that Fruit and Coffee and Cultural Arts, giving individuals the opportunity to recreate some of the most renounced paintings from Latin America and the Caribbean. Performances were given by both individuals and teams including SugaCanez, the official dance team of the Caribbean Students Association and Gabriel Mendonca, a junior and lead singer performing music from Brazil. Along with these cultural performances and activities, everyone enjoyed large plates filled with food. Items included on the menu were cheesy bread, curry chicken, rice and peas, tarts and brigadieros.

I-WEEK FUN Freshman Sandesh Shrestha and sophomores Alex Sanchez and Wanlong He volunteer during the tent activities. Photo by Jackie Abreu



EVENT SET-UP Korean Students Association and other student organizations help COISO by sponsoring tent activities. Photo by Nhat Nguyen

SHAKE IT OFF Live performances by student and off-campus groups entertain the crowd as they sat down with their dinner. Dandiya is a traditional folk dance from India and features sticks brandished by the dancers. Photo by Jackie Abreu

DINNER TIME Asian dishes were the highlight of the most popular night of International Week. Photo by Jackie Abreu

There was no drought of students and faculty as they came together to celebrate Asia, the last culture of the week. The start of the night was filed with Asian dishes including samosas, cheese wontons, vegetable spring rolls, wontnameras and Thai Donuts. Everyone was encouraged to grab a bite to eat as they walked around and enjoyed tent activities and special performances. The tent activities were filled with lots of crafts and food options like Diya Making, which is a small type of lamp lit on Diwali for decorative and worship purposes and the Soda In A Bag activity which allowed students and faculty to try soda in a bag as it is served in the Philippines and learn why they have adopted the practice. Lastly, the night finished off with special performances from UMiami Abhinaya a south Asian classical fusion dance and Filipino Students Association, combining hip-hop and tinikling fusion dance that originated in the Philippines.




Photos courtesy Tribune Content Agency





With just seven minutes left in the game, a pass that was intercepted by Stephon Gilmore sealed the deal. Tom Brady led his team to their sixth title under coach Bill Belichick. The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers tie for the most Super Bowl titles in NFL history and Brady holds the title for most wins by any player in NFL history.





At the 91st Academy Awards Bohemian Rhapsody took home the most awards of the night including Best Actor, Best Sound Mixing, Best Film Editing and Best Sound Editing. Editor of the film, John Ottman called the film “a labor of love” as he accepted the Film Editing Award. Just after three weeks at the box office, Bohemian Rhapsody earned enough money to make it on the list of highest-grossing music biopics.


Word surfaced about a nationwide scandal which exposed how CEOs and Hollywood stars traded checks for student admissions to top of the line universities around the country. The scheme included cheating on standardized tests and students being recruited as athletes regardless if they participated in athletics or not. At the heart of this news lies stars Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin and designer Mossimo Giannulli who are just a few people in the US who have tried alternate routes to try and get their kids into prestigious schools. The ringleader of much of this is William Rick Singer, the founder of The Key, a for-profit college counseling and preparation business. Singer walked away with around $25 million and pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruction of justice.




A gunman opened fire at two mosques during a Friday prayer in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15, 2019. The 28 year-old man from Australia was charged with murder after killing 50 people and leaving another 50 injured. This was the country’s first mass shooting in more than a decade. Just 72 hours after the terrorist attack, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her cabinet agreed to reform gun laws. The prime minister later announced a ban on all militarystyle semi-automatic weapons as well as high-capacity magazines.




Coordinated attacks across three Christian churches and three hotels occurred in Colombo, Sri Lanka during Easter services. A seventh suicide bomber detonated their explosives later in the day when police were searching residences for suspects. The death toll is "about 253" according to the health ministry, and ties between the Islamic State and the suicide bombers continue to be investigated.


EVENTS Headlines in the US and abroad shocked the world as years of scandal came to light, a gunman terrorized New Zealand and widespread attacks erupted in Sri Lanka. Some of the mostanticipated events of the year set new records STORY Madison George


HIDDEN GEM Vizcaya Garden is just a few metro stops away from campus and offers views of the bay. Sophomore Chloe McElvein visited for the first time over break. Photo by Chloe McElvein

FIRST TIMER IN NYC Senior Mansi Hukmani traveled to New York for the first time over spring break with junior Divina Chandiramani and senior Shriya Airen. The health science major tried lots of eats including a Times Square hot dog, pizza from Brooklyn as well as Indian and Korean Michelin star restaurants. Photo by Mansi Hukmani

TO THE WALLS Sophmores Ajna Wilson, Chloe McElvein and Jessica Malone visit the iconic Wynwood Walls over their spring break. Photo by Jackie Abreu

WEST COAST BEST COAST Road tripping from San Francisco to Los Angeles, junior Emma Schwartz vacationed with her sister senior Holly Schwartz. “The best thing we came across was this place that specializes in Brown Butter Cookies. There was a sign on the highway and my sister yelled ‘take the next exit!’ It was a quaint little town called Cayucos and I will be going back again in the future.” Photo by Holly Schwartz

BY THE BAY Senior Holly Schwartz poses in front of the Golden Gate Bridge on the first leg of her and her sister's road trip down the west coast. The Schwartz sisters ended their vacation in Los Angeles. Photo by Emma Schwartz



A STAR-STUDDED SPRING BREAK Junior film major, Patrick McCarthy spent his spring break getting a taste of touring at SXSW with Wycelf Jean. After being featured on Wycelf’s new album, McCarthy got the chance to open up for the three-time Grammy winning artist at the Parish, a music venue in Austin. “Overall I learned a lot about performing and what it means to really take the music industry seriously while putting the music first. Wyclef is a class act and a brilliant teacher” said McCarthy. Photo by Patrick McCarthy


FEVER Escape the Miami crowds and travel elsewhere for spring break, or stay local to discover hidden gems STORY Madison George

STAYCATION Many students took advantage of their location and stayed in Miami for break like junior and public relations major Kara Roberts. Roberts went to the beach everyday and didn't skimp on great food. "I went broke, but it was all worth it for the Instagram pics," she said. Photo by Kara Roberts



Education in RHYME

MISUNDERSTOOD Eliante, portrayed by senior Heather Fisch, tries to seduce Frank when she thinks he just admitted he was in love with her, when really he was talking about her cousin. Photo by Jenny Abreu

The third production of Jerry Herman Ring Theatre’s 80th season is full of rhymes and opulent costumes with just a few lies and a dash of ridiculousness from the all-student cast STORY Morgan Thomson

Opening at the beginning of the spring semester, “The School for Lies” transported the audience into 17th century France. The adaptation of Moliére's “The Misanthrope” is performed in rhyme, a challenge the student actors had to overcome. “Speaking in rhyme is really hard,” guest director Kevin McGuire expressed. “You have to have enough breath to get to the end of the line so you don’t drop the line. In the beginning, they were dropping the lines all over the stage, but look at them now.” On top of that, the elaborate costumes are a chore to get in themselves with multiple layers, and for some, hoops that flare the skirt of a dress at the hips. Costume designer Michiko Kitayama Skinner and her team “Once you get in, there is not getting out,” senior Devin Cherry noted on the costume for her character, Celimene, a young widow who is being sued for slander and carries a sharp tongue with her many suitors. Senior Gabe Szajnert tried out for his first role in a Ring production before he graduated in the spring. He landed two – Celimene’s servant and the valet of Frank, a traveler from England who Celimene smitten by. Szajnert had to master the art of lightning fast changes. The comedic romance ties the old with the new – modern English rhymes in a 17th century setting where scandalous behavior is presented in a ridiculous way to provide a more sobering commentary on society and its relationship with lies.



IN A BIT OF TROUBLE Celimene, played by senior Devin Cherry, is the main character of the show and is smitten with Frank. Photo by Jenny Abreu

ON THE HUNT Senior Nick McCarthy plays Frank, who is looking for a note from a baliff in his valet Basque's pocket. Basque is played by senior Gabriel Szajnert. Photo by Jenny Abreu




Umbrella &

My phone +


water bottle DYLAN ROZANSKY




Laptop, chargers, water bottle, jacket BRION MURILLO






Spencer Schwartz Brian Murillo Dylan Rozansky Marisa Cabral Sonali Khiyani Gregory Alvarado Kylea Henseler Carlos Rohl Millie Chokshi Nathaniel Cleri Giovanni Aprigliano Alexa Fragoso Cecelia Poole Claudia Martinez

WHATare you



Everyone has their list of campus essentials that they would be lost without. Sunscreen, sunglasses and an umbrella are musts in Miami STORY Morgan Thomson



Backpack with


headphones, phone, pen and wallet GIO APRIGLIANO


My laptop/debit card CECELIA PULE


cell phone + water bottle KYLEA HERSDEE






of pens

headphones, phone charger CARLOS ROHL





Come one,


The annual 'Canes Carnival marked the end of the academic year with carnival rides, treats and music STORY Madison George and Izabella Felpeto

To mark the end of classes, students spent Friday evening on the green at Hurricane Productions' biggest event of the Spring semester. ’Canes Carnival was a jam packed event full of food, carnival games, rides and musical performances. “Canes Carnival is a celebration for all the success we have had in the semester get to enjoy the fact that the semester is over in the best way I can,” said junior Anael Gavizon. Students got the chance to enjoy several attractions including a Ferris wheel and bumper cars, plus carnival eats such as cotton candy and snow cones. During the Friday night festivities Hurricane Productions also lined up a number of student performers to showcase their talent on a decked-out stage located in the middle of the green. The lineup included Christina Martino, Chrlip, Thelen, Dan Lerner, Says, The Kids Can’t Sleep, DJ K9 and Daniel Arci. “This year HP concerts decided to take a different approach to recruiting talent for Canes Carnival. We announced that the artist would be 'YOU'- a student. We received an array of submissions and picked eight acts,” said Hurricane Productions marketing assistant Carly Perlmutter. “Watching my peers perform increased comradery and a sense of community on campus. I have seen the work these students have put into their rehearsals and it was rewarding to watch them perform on a large platform.” The carnival also had iconic carnival games and food trucks located in Stanford Circle for students to enjoy a variety of cuisines ranging from pizza and acai bowls to burgers and sweets from Wynwood’s Salty Donut.



MOVE TO THE MUSIC Daniel Lerner, a singer and songwriter based in New York, New York, played his set at the beginning of the evening. Photo by Morgan Thomson

HELLO TO SUMMER Freshmen Keavon Washinton and Isaiah Walker play one of the carnival game offered to students. Photo by Vivien Dominick

CARNIVAL THRILLS The Shockwave echoed classic carnival rides that threw the riders back and forth. Photo by Vivien Dominick

ROCK ON Alex Arnaout, a junior majoring in media writing and production accompanied Daniel Lerner on the 'Canes Carnival stage. Photo by Morgan Thomson

SPINNING AROUND Sophomore Noor Khaled takes a spin on the Ferris wheel. Photo by Vivien Dominick


CANDY FLOSS Freshly spun cotton candy was given to students and guests for free courtesy of Hurricane Productions. Photo by Morgan Thomson

EYES ON THE PRIZE Graduate student Laura Miller and senior Casey Lue play skee ball to compete for the prizes that were available. Photo by Morgan Thomson

HI, FRIEND Sophomore Gabby Rosenbloom and junior Elizabeth Pozzuoli wave to friends as they ride around. Photo by Morgan Thomson

JUMP! Inflatable obstacle courses tested students' athletic abilities. Photo by Vivien Dominick

SO MANY CHOICES Food trucks selling a wide selection of different foods were available to the public, and students could pick up a voucher when they checked into the event. Photo by Morgan Thomson

it's all

FUN GAMES With nearly unlimited rides, food and prizes, 'Canes Carnival was a HP event like no other STORY Morgan Thomson

FROSTY MEMORIES Members of Hurricane Productions like sophomore Kerra Masso helped serve carnival treats to students. Photo by Morgan Thomson



ALL THE WAY UP Up to four people could scale the rock wall, and a safety waiver had to be signed in order for students to get a green wristband and partake in rides. Photo by Morgan Thomson


THROW UP THE 'U' Seniors Madison George and Sarah Stankard and juniors Gabriel Meullion and Taylor Rice celebrate the graduation of the seniors at the Rathskeller. Photo by Jenny Abreu

PITCHERS ON PITCHERS Those working the Rathskeller on Senior Day keep the pitchers coming like senior Giacomo Delgado. Photo by Jenny Abreu

PAINT THE NIGHT AWAY The class of 2019 was invited to paint and partake in drink at the Lowe Museum. Senior Jorge Chabo paints the "U" with acrylic on canvas with fellow seniors. Photo by Jenny Abreu


DRINK UP Seniors Ashley Garb and Violet Sullivan enjoy a pitcher at the Rathskeller to kick off the weekend. Photo by Brandon Fay

Seniors celebrate their last semester with a week-long calendar of activities STORY Madison George





The week of festivities kicked off with a night at the ballpark when the ‘Canes took on their in-state rival, FSU. Free milkshakes and other giveaways were given to a select number of seniors during Saturday night’s game, and the 'Canes took home the win with a final score of 4-0.

Giving back to the local Miami community was the theme of Charter Day and students could build a bag for kids. They stuffed goodie bags with pencils, erasers, snacks and notes of encouragement to be distributed to elementary school students before test days.

A special edition of Tuesday night trivia at the Rathskeller put students' knowledge of UM to the test. Attendees got the chance to win prizes and take advantage of exclusive discounts.

The Lowe museum broke out the paints and canvases and invited seniors to sip on a glass of wine and paint the legendary 'U' and ibis as a memorable keepsake with their fellow 2019 classmates.



HAPPY SENIOR DAY With their senior pint glass ready to 'cheers,' seniors Kyle Kingma and Emmi Vélez grab a photo with Sebastian. Photo by Jenny Abreu





Students were able to catch a free movie at the Cosford Cinema inside of the Dooly Memorial classroom building. “Vice” told the story of Dick Cheney and featured stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Steve Carell.

As part of the Senior Week Bucketlist, Patio Jams hosted a special Senior event which included Miami’s Best Pizza for lunch. Students sat by the lake and enjoyed the tunes to celebrate the class of 2019.

Seniors took a trip to the Rosenstial School of Marine and Atmospheric Science campus overlooking Biscayne Bay to enjoy a special Senior Happy Hour at SALT, a waterfront restaurant.

The weekend kicked off on campus with a day at the Rathskeller. Seniors were able to pick up their "Class of 2019" pint glass and sit back and enjoy a drink on a glider with their friends and fellow classmates.


CASINO FUN Nick Hartman and Tatiana Stevens join a game of blackjack to win raffle tickets as the dealer deals the first hand. Photo by Jenny Abreu


The four-year running Commencement Ball provided a night of dancing, cocktails and of course, casino games in celebration of the class of 2019's graduation STORY Madison George

A night à la Casino Royale, sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs and the University of Miami Alumni Association came to life as students arrived in stylish cocktail attire and were greeted with a red-carpet entrance at the Coral Gables Country Club. It was especially a special night for those seniors in attendance. “I went with a close group of my friends to commencement ball, and we all had a great time! I really enjoyed the fact that the venue was at the country club


because there was room to dance with people inside, but you could walk out into the lobby to take cute pictures and catch up with everyone before graduation,” said senior Allison Kadampelil. Admission to the ball included heavy hors d’oeuvres, dessert and three drink tickets for beer or wine for $30, and early-bird tickets sold for $25. The most special moments of the night, however, was watching students out of their usual school environment socializing and being in the


moment with one another. Senior Torrey Crosby said “My favorite part about commencement ball was the opportunity to see all the people that I’ve spent the last four years with in one place; seeing how we have all developed both personally and professionally, and reflecting on all the memories, both good and bad, that brought us together. The whole event held a certain nostalgia, realizing that this is one of the last times we were going to be together was bittersweet.”

DANCE DANCEE A DJ played a wide variety of tunes through the night for attendees like Jenny Davis, Joey Haas, Jessica Hamorsky and Ashley Garb to dance the night away to current and classic music curated by the DJ. Photo by Jenny Abreu

NEVER FORGET THIS NIGHT Friends Marissa Hanson, Ebony Eddy and Kyra Freeman take a break from the Commencement Ball. Photo by Jenny Abreu

CELEBRATE! Sydney Steel and Mila Mikalacki met up on the sidelines of the dance floor. Photo by Jenny Abreu

ON A ROLL Annie Zigman, Sam Steel, Kristi Schleicher and Brandon Fay attempt to win roulette. Photo by Jenny Abreu



With many spaces dedicated to enhancing education and research, furthering the tradition of academic excellence has been a prominent staple at UM for over 90 years Inside Look 104 In All Shapes and Flavors Demographics

116 We'll Be Louder PhilADthropy

134 Workin' Hard, Playing Harder Student Employment

138 Studying Around the World Study Abroad



CLUB RICHTER Richter Library houses a vast collection of materials and opens for 24 hours during finals in the fall and spring semesters. Photo by Vivien Dominick



35% OF











11% ARE












& WORLD-CLASS numbers

Recognized for its achievements in research and the arts, the university welcomes thousands of new students every year who strive to get the most from their premier education at one of the top colleges in Florida SOURCE UM Factbook





board of


Richard D. Fain — Chair

Hilarie Bass — Vice Chair H.T.Smith — Vice Chair





52% 48% FEMALE MALE $48,720






Senior Members Betty G. Amos Jose P. Bared Fred Berens Charles E. Cobb Edward A. Dauer George Feldenkreis Phillip Frost Phillip T. George Rose Ellen Greene Arva Moore Parks Ronald G. Stone Patricia W. Toppel David R. Weaver G. Ed Williamson II National Members Nicholas A. Buoniconti Lois Pope Alex E. Rodríguez Regular Members Leonard Abess Hilaries Bass Jon Batchelor Tracey P. Berkowitz Marc A. Buoniconti Alfred R. Camner Wayne E. Chaplin Adriana Cisneros Evan De Joya Paul J.DiMare Joseph J. Echevarria, Jr. David L. Epstein Richard D. Fain Miguel B. Fernandez Barbara Hecht Havenick Allan M. Herbert Marilyn J. Holifield Manuel Kadre Marcus Lemonis Jayne Sylvester Malfitano Marilu Marshall Stuart A. Miller William L. Morrison Judi Prokop Newman Jorge M. Pérez

Aaron S. Podhurst Steven J. Saiontz Robert E. Sanchez Marvin R Shanken Laurie S. Silvers H. T. Smith, Jr. Jacquelyn R. Soffer E. Roe Stamps, IV Johnny C. Taylor, Jr. Ana VeigaMilton Jonathan Vilma Geisha Jimenez Williams Ex-Officio Members Brenda Yester Baty Julio Frenk Kourtney Gibson Frank R. Jimenez Eric Todd Levin Alejandro F. Vicencio Emeriti Members Michael I.Abrams Adrienne Arsht M. Anthony Burns Paul L. Cejas Laura G. Coulter-Jones Carlos M. de la Cruz, Sr. Edward W. Easton Gloria M. Estefan Enrique C. Falla, Sr. Alfonso Fanjul Peter T. Fay David I. Fuente Thelma V.A. Gibson Bernard J. Kosar, Jr. Fredric G. Reynolds Eduardo M. Sardiña Frank P. Scruggs Steven Sonberg Robert C. Strauss Gonzalo F. Valdes-Fauli Marta S. Weeks-Wulf Barbara A. Weintraub Frances L. Wolfson Thomas D. Wood, Sr. Secretary to the Board of Trustees Leslie Delinger Aceituno




Research efforts on all three campuses make strides in their respective areas of study and place UM in the top 25 research universities ranked by Best College reviews SOURCE UM Factbook


$703,300,000 RESEARCH EXPENDITURE BY CAMPUS $300,000,000

$260,553,890 $250,000,000






EXPENDITURES $100,000,000









Source: UM Factbook




$133.5 M




$12.6 M


$8.4 M


$6 M


$4.5 M


SPOTLIGHTS Music Assisted Physical Therapy Zhan Liang studied whether ICU survivors can begin to reverse muscle loss by exercising with music made especially for them. The study was done to determine a low-cost solution that would reduce the amount of time ICU survivors heal. Music therapist Sharon M. Graham from the Tampa Bay Institute for Music Therapy assisted Frost School of Music assistant professor Kimberly Sena Moore and graduate student Hilary Yip in writing the music pieces for the study.

Center for HIV Research in Mental Health Forms With Miami as No. 1 in the nation for new HIV cases, the Center for HIV Research in Mental Health (CHARM) is formed to address the mental and minority health disparities that perpetuate the disease. Steven Safren is principal investigator on the grant that is administered through the College of Arts and Sciences but works with faculty across schools and colleges at the University of Miami.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Graduate students Hunter Howell, Brianna Almeida and Emmanuel Medrano of the College of Arts and Sciences received the federally funded fellowships to study their respective projects. “Winning two is an even bigger deal, but winning three is really, really unusual,” professor and chair of biology Athula Wikramanayake commented. Almeida is studying the way plants interact with different kinds of organisms; Medrano how behaviors are controlled by the brain and how individual neurons communicate; and Howell focuses on Everglades restoration programs.

Lo Mejor de la Universidad de Miami en México The opening of a regional office in Mexico City, Mexico expands President Julio Frenk’s goal to become the “hemispheric university.” Educational exchange and mobility, research, technology innovation and health care will be the main areas of focus in this new endeavor. “Our presence will allow us to deepen research collaboration, particularily in areas where UM researchers are already active, such as climate change, urbanization, public health and well-being, journalism, anthropology, and mathematics, among others,” Frenk said. Source: UM News





Dean of School of Communication

VP for University Communications



Dean of the Graduate School

BRANDON GILLILAND VP and Chief Financial Officer

HENRI FORD Dean of the Miller School of Medicine

"For me, being a Miami Hurricane is being part of a diverse community that is having a significant impact in South Florida and around the hemisphere. As a double alumnus of UM, I’m proud of all the 'U' has accomplished in its short 93-year history. I’m honored to have had the opportunity to contribute to this history as a graduate student and now as one of the 'U'’s academic leaders."


Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Studies "Being a Miami Hurricane means being a part of something bigger than yourself. All of us togetherstudents, staff, and faculty-are making a positive impact that extends beyond our individual impact. Together, we are changing the world for the better!"

AILEEN UGALDE VP and General Counsel and Secretary of the University





Executive VP and Provost

Dean of the College of Engineering

Chief Information Officer




Dean of the Division of Continuing and International Education

VP of Facilities Operations and Planning

Dean of School of Education and Human Development





VP of Enrollment Management

Dean of the Frost School of Music

Executive VP for Business and Finance and Chief Operating Officer

VP for Hemispheric and Global Affairs and Senior International Officer



TOPof the

JOHN QUELCH Dean of Miami Business School

Nationally ranked, competitive universities are created with wisdom from their experienced leadership - new faces join the top of the line to push the university forward INTERVIEWS Kayla Foster

PATRICIA WHITELY VP for Student Affairs


Dean of Libraries

"To me, being a Miami Hurricane means being part of a dynamic and diverse learning community, with lifelong membership privileges!"

PATRICIA WHITE Dean of the Law School


Dean of the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science EDWARD ABRAHAM, M.D. Executive VP and CEO of UHealth



Dean of the School of Architecture

Senior VP for Development and Alumni Relations



Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Senior VP for Public Affairs and Communications and Chief of Staff

"Being a Miami Hurricanes means understanding, forecasting and preparing for hurricanes coming our way (and of course I refer to the severe storms....)."


Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences "The University of Miami unites all of us into one diverse and inclusive community, both on and off campus. Our mission to transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service is why being a Miami Hurricane—on an academic level—is an honor for me. As members of the UM family, we are all embarking on our greatest aspirations and goals: to address real-world challenges and have a positive impact in our communities and beyond."

JULIO FRENK President of the University of Miami


SOAKING IN THAT SOL Visiting Selaron's Stairs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, transfer student Jeffrey Stewart received a prestigious fellowship and award because of the Office of Academic Enhancement's resources. Photo by Jeffrey Stewart



LEADERS With various programs to cater to the unique needs of students, the Office of Academic Enhancement is devoted to exposing students to resources, encouraging them to grow and empowering their education STORY Torrey Mahall



BRIGHT FUTURE Senior Ashley Brooks received the David L. Boren scholarship to study Arabic in Jordan. Photo by Ashley Brooks



interactions logged WITH RESIDENTS
















ME FIRST is geared toward first generation college students with special newsletters and advising including scholarship opportunities and activites on campus.

SCHOOL/COLLEGE BREAKDOWN OAE also provides services to Gates Millennium Scholars, Gates Scholars, and Jenkins Scholars.

Hammond Scholars

First Generation



College of Arts and Sciences



Miami Business School



School of Communication



School of Architecture

School of Education and Human Development College of Engineering Frost School of Music







School of Nursing and Health Studies






Continuing Studies



30 FYFs



first year residents

Information from the Office of Academic Enhancement

LEARNING IN STYLE On the scenic Cat Ba Island off of Vietnam's coast, medical student Eric Ardman learned Vietnamese through a directed language learning program offered by the Office of Academic Enhancement. Photo by Eric Ardman

MAKING HISTORY ACCESSIBLE Boasting over 7,000 original artifacts, the Black History 101 Mobile Museum is an award-winning collection of items from the trans-Atlantic slave trade era to hip-hop culture today. The museum has visited over 300 institutions, adding the University of Miami to the list with the help of the Office of Academic Enhancement as well as other departments. In the lobby of the University Center, students were able to visit the museum to learn about its contents. Growing the large collection of items showcasing black history such as documents or antique photos has been founder Khalid el-Hakim’s passion for over 20 years. He decided to display his expansive collection in public spaces in order to educate, inform, and touch the lives of others. “We want students to see themselves in this historical time line...and see themselves as agents of change.” El-Hakim said. He holds onto hope that the exhibit will continue to be a source of connection for students to the past.

MOBILE MUSEUM With select artifacts displayed from his collection of over 7,000, founder Khalid el-Hakim poses in front of his Black History 101 Mobile Museum which tours the country. Photo by Khalid el-Hakim








Black 9,151









2,144 2,077 ,590 ,511 1,115 ,693 5,577 1,842 1,691 1,091



Asian/Pacific Islander

in all


Flavors and

A world-class research and educational hub, the University of Miami is made up of a vibrant and diverse community of students who push the limits of innovation with the help of distinguished faculty members and supportive staff STORY Casey Lue


Hispanic/Latino 104



Two or More Races













52% White


HISTORIC SITE With its bright facade, the MikvĂŠ Israel-Emanuel synagogue is hard to miss. Hector Valdivia, a third-year architecture major described he the structure as "a place filled with inspiration." Photo by Maya Bell

SHINE BRIGHT After they decorated their lanterns, freshmen Brooke Hall and Greta Hicks prepare to release the lanterns on Lake Osceola. Photo by Farha Reshamwala

CRAFT NIGHT At the festival's activity tables, second-year Cecilia McCammon and third-year Madison Seip hone their oragami abilities. Photo by Farha Reshamwala

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT Celebrating the end of the lunar calendar, the Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional Asian holiday observed by many diverse groups on campus. Hosted by the School of Architecture, the lantern festival brings all those wishing to celebrate together under the full moon. Activities at the event included food stalls, carnival games, wishing lamps, moon cakes and other festivities in late October. With an estimated turnout of over 500, the festival was a huge success, covering the area from the architecture school courtyard to around Lake Osceola. The Asian night market theme brought several fun-filled activities and events. Food trucks and vendors were available to attendees as well as a lantern design competition complete with floating architecture scale models. Attendees also participated in student led stalls such as a fortune telling style raffle, calligraphy, and origami. Students from diverse cultural organizations such as Asian American Student Association and AIA Miami played a crucial role in guest and student volunteer performances.



SPOTS OF LIGHT Dozens of decorated lanterns float on Lake Osceola to celebrate the end of the lunar calendar. Photo by Farha Reshamwala

by the

SHORES of CURAÇAO Architecture is more than designing new structures - preservation of historic buildings is crucial for centuries-old landmarks to exist in the future STORY Torrey Mahall

The western hemisphere’s oldest operating synagogue, Mikvé Israel-Emanuel, stands proudly near the shore of Caribbean island Curaçao. For the first week of fall semester, eight University of Miami School of Architecture students documented every corner and crevice of this historic landmark. As part of Professor Jorge L. Hernández’s design studio course in historic preservation, the students took on the challenge of creating comprehensive architectural drawings of the oldest surviving synagogue in the Americas. Though grueling, the trip was an impactful learning experience, they say. “When the work is tedious, you can rest your mind in a place filled with inspiration,” stated fourth-year student Hector Valdivia Arrieta. “Just lie down on the sand floor and look up.” Arrieta left Curaçao enamored with his first taste of preservation work. The feeling was shared by many students on the trip, who spent their time measuring and sketching the structure that lacked air-conditioning. Between a floor plan team and a longitudinal sections team, they explored every inch of the synagogue to create refined architectural drawings. To establish a datum line, the reference point from which all measurements start, the students used lasers, levels, plumb lines, and even a translucent water tube to set the perfect line. Back in Miami, the team spent class time combining their work and reviewing the building’s most intricate details. Built nearly 300 years ago by Dutch Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition, the synagogue holds great historical significance from its sandy floor to its lofty interior. The sand muffled the footsteps of Jews praying in secret, and towering brass candle chandeliers are lit on Yom Kippur and weddings. Mikvé Israel-Emanuel has retained the rituals and customs of its originators from Spain and Portugal who arrived in 1651. During second semester, the preservation studio students continued to preserve and improve the historical significance of this landmark by proposing additions to auxiliary spaces. Professor Jorge L. Hernández described how these changes would draw more people to the historic treasure while honoring its rich history. “There is a wisdom embedded in these structures that goes back generations,” he said. “Every culture embeds that wisdom in its built environment, and we can’t lose them for that reason. They are like textbooks. We can learn from them, and adapt them for contemporary use.” HARD AT WORK Documenting one of the oldest Synagogues in the Americas, fourth year architecture students Hannan Vilchis-Zubizarreta and Hector Valdivia begin by sketching. Photo by Maya Bell


ON THE STAGE Since 1936, the Department of Theatre Arts has been cultivating young actors, stage managers, costume designers and more. The Jerry Herman Ring Theatre was named by the Tony-Award-Winning Broadway composer and lyricist who graduated from the University in 1953. The Ring puts on four shows each academic year, two in the fall and two in the spring semester. New-age theatre is featured as well as well-known classics. The shows A Simple Song, Boy Gets Girl, The School For Lies and The Wild Party showcased the talents of the department’s students. “Our B.F.A. students, who are the majority of students that perform at the Ring, are training in a professional conservatory program to go directly into the business, and many times that means Broadway,” Michael Bush, the artistic director of the theatre, pointed out.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT The Jerry Herman Ring Theatre's production of The Wild Party features senior Dayana Corton as Queenie, one of the four main roles. Photo by Jenny Abreu

BACKSTAGE Professor Michiko Skinner fits senior Devin Cherry for her role as Celine in The School For Lies, a spring Ring Theatre production. Photo by TJ Lievonen

A WORLD OF MEDIUMS The Art and Art History department exposes student artists to a variety of digital and physical mediums. Additionally, all fine arts majors automatically minor in art history, deepening their understanding of the art industry's past. Graphic design and senior Kimberly Diaz took an introductory course on glassblowing which opened her eyes to the many creative paths she could take in the future. "Glassblowing is a lot of work and very time consuming, but making beautiful pieces of glass art is so gratifying," she said. "I see many students pass through the glassblowing class I teach. Few actually grasp what it takes to be an artist and what it means to be an acute observer of life," lecturer Jenna Efrein said. Student artists also have their work displayed in an exhibition in the College Gallery near the end of their collegiate career.



2,000 DEGREES Students of Professer Jenna Efrein's glassblowing course attended a demonstration from guest artist Richard Jolley. Photo by TJ Lievonen


THROWING CLAY Elizabeth Guignino, a graduate student in art and teaching assistant helps a student with her pottery project. Photo by TJ Lievonen

As North America’s largest contemporary art fair, Art Basel weekend is incredibly important for artists and aficionados alike. A lucky few student artists were able to display their work in the world-renowned event that regularly attracts thousands of people. “This is such a dream, I can’t believe it. I’m extremely blessed and fortunate to be a part of this,” said junior Mariana Cordoba who was featured in the “Pinta Miami” art showcase. Pinta Miami highlights Latin American artists in Wynwood, nearly as important a location for art as the Miami Beach Convention Center where the main Art Basel showcase is. “Ever since I was little I’ve always dreamed of being featured in a large-scale event. I’ve always been creative, and now that I’m making it a reality, it really means the world to me,” Cordoba continued. Cordoba is a Columbian artist pursuing a degree in fine arts and featured her abstract acrylic and oil paintings in the Wynwood-based exhibit.

ON DISPLAY Photography by graduate student Sidney Sherman was displayed at the Wynwood Gallery for the "Intermedial Bodies" exhibit. Photo by TJ Lievonen

WYNWOOD GALLERY The Lowe Art Museum is well-known by students due to its prime location on the Coral Gables campus, but some may not know about the University’s Wynwood Gallery which regularly features artwork of selected students. For Art Basel weekend, the Wynwood Gallery showed an exhibit called “Intermedial Bodies” with work from masters of fine arts students. “There are so many artists that would kill for the opportunity to be in a gallery that is in the art district. The students are also grateful to be able to show their work for free. A lot of artists in the area are paying a lot of money to be able to get their artwork in a gallery,” gallery director Milly Cardoso commented. Outside of Art Basel season, the gallery showcases work of students, faculty members and alumni. Lectures by artists are also hosted at the gallery.

TRIP TO NYC ArtLab students and professors visited the Guggenheim in New York over spring break. Photo by Jackie Abreu

FineArts From glass blowing to art history, there are nearly endless possibilities available to the more artistically inclined. Galleries, shows and the location in Miami offer many opportunities STORY Morgan Thomson


GREEN THUMB Doctoral student in the biology department Brianna Almeida received a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship to study how plants interact with organisms, including fungi. Photo by Mike

STEM STUDENT Austin Berger, a sophomore and chemistry major comments, "The curriculum at UM has allowed me to pursue my passions and discover new ones. It has shown me opportunities that I could have never thought possible. I work to challenge myself every day in order to achieve my goals." Photo by


Mike Montero

HUMANS AND NATURE Hunter Howell, a doctoral biology student conducts research on Everglades restoration projects. Photo by Mike Montero

HARD Biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics - they're the foundation of a well-rounded STEM education, and the university offers it all STORY Morgan Thomson



MODELING THE PAST The divide between science and art was never so undefined to the students of a springs semester class called "Animating Antiquity." The class is taught by art history assistant professor Karen Mathews and classics lecturer Han Tran and gave students the unique opportunity to combine art and science through 3D modeling and printing. "3D printing has a lot of potential in different industries, so it's worth picking up on that skill," junior and biology major Johnathan Libier noted. The class began with photos taken of the pieces at all angles, and then those photos were meshed together using modeling software. Mathews expounded on the course's focus on the history of ancient tools and 3D printing. "This class is a lot more hands-on than other classes and I like using this software because it could be beneficial in my science career," senior Ashly Marcinak said. Visitors to the Lowe Museum had the opportunity to engage with the pieces after the class had completed them.

BUILDING THE FUTURE At the 50th annual Miami Winter Symposium, President Julio Frenk revealed the vast network of research organizations which make up the university’s new Frost Institutes. The global and interdisciplinary network concentrates on discovery and solutions. This transformative initiative will use STEM to address pressing world issues. “Continued excellence cannot be sustained without critical investments in basic and applied science,” Frenk said. “These disciplines, which form the building blocks for innovation, must be strengthened to maintain our leading edge as a research university.” Thanks to a $100 million donation by Dr. Phillip and Patricia Frost, applied sciences and engineering will able to grow. The Institute of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences will advance technologies in chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering. A portion of the $100 million gift will also be used for the completion of the Phillip and Patricia Frost Science and Engineering Building. Of the remainder, $30 million will create at least 13 chairs in STEM fields, with $3 million for graduate student support. The university reports that it will launch a national search for an individual to lead them, with additional branches to be created over the next several years. By Torrey Mahall

A CLOSER LOOK Anthropology graduate students work with Dr. William Pestle to identify fossils. There are three masters programs to choose from - applied archaeology, applied biological anthropology and applied cultural anthropology. Photo by Mike Montero THROUGH THE LENS McKnight Doctoral Fellow Emmanuel Medrano studies how neurons influence behavior through microscopic worms, caenorhabditis elegans. Photo by Mike Montero

GETTING TO WORK Sophomore Daniela Baboun works with her group to create a copy of an artifact that can be interacted with through virtual reality. The teams had to apply artistic and computational skills to create their physical and 3D models. Photo by Mike Montero STEP BACK IN TIME A virtual reality headset was used to facilitate interacting with the newly 3D modeled objects. Photo by Mike Montero


let's get



BUSINESS Special events and courses give the opportunity for hands-on experience and networking STORY Morgan Thomson

Health care professionals in the top of their field exchange ideas on the stage in the Watsco Center on the Coral Gables campus. The eighth annual Business of Health Care took a global focus on the intersection of technology and human behavior in health care. The conference sold out and featured more than 900 attendees. "Every year our conference attracts outstanding leaders, regionally, nationally and internationally," John Quelch, dean of the Miami Business School, said. With advances in medical technology constantly being made, the contents of the conference changes every year and is an opportunity for professionals to come together from across the world. The conference featured speakers from the university such as Edward Abraham, M.D., the CEO of UHealth; President Julio Frenk, M.D.; and Norma Sue Kenyon, Ph.D., the Vice Provost for Innovation and Chief Innovation Officer in the university and the Miller School of Medicine respectively. A keynote panel titled "The Role of Government in Health Care Around the World" was moderated by Frenk and featured the ministers of health from Latin American countries including Argentina, Chile, Columbia, and Jamaica. Frenk was previously the Minister of Health for Mexico. Additionally, Aetna offered free admission to the conference for students who applied through the Department of Health Sector Management, and majors and minors of the department were invited to apply for networking and learning outside of the classroom.



GRADUATE CLASS Emphasizing a hands-on approach to entrepreneurial problem solving, Michael Wilson listens as his students discuss their potential business plans in his new graduate-level course. Photo by Rebecca Goddard


DISTINGUISHED LECTURER U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza returns to her alma mater as a special guest lecture in the Stroer Auditorium of the Miami Business School. Photo by Chloe McElvein LET'S GET DOWN TO HEALTH CARE Dr. Steven Ullmann introduces keynote speakers at the annual Business of Health Care Conference in the Watsco Center. TALKIN' ABOUT TECH The morning keynote panel gave special attention to technology and human interaction in health care, specifically electronic medical records and the possibility of integrating mobile applications into health care on a large scale. Photo by MBS

KEEP IT GREEN In honor of Earth Week, the Miami Business School advocates for preparing for the effects of rising sea levels with its experiential ecology initiative launched "Plan(t)ing for the Future." The school's new Master of Science in Sustainable Business was highlighted at the event. Photo by Robert Wagenseil

Speakers ranging from professors to chief executive officers (CEOs) gave presentations at the Business School through the fall and spring semesters. The lectures were open to students, alumni and members of the UM community. Members of the audience were free to ask the speaker questions and many of the sessions were taped for anyone to view at a later date. CEO of UnitedHealthCare Steve Nelson offered his thoughts on the "Medicare For All" plan that many presidential hopefuls spoke about in their campaign. Professors urged their students to attend these events as part of their classes to learn more and network with professionals.

Photo by MBS

HANDS-ON LEARNING Applying their global business and marketing knowledge, Carolina Tundidor and Paige Braia assist U-Sure, a local tourism company, while on the Global Business Studies Program in Costa Rica. They created a marketing plan, updated the company's website and launched its social media platforms. Photo by Dr. Maria Lorca-Susino


ANOTHER DAY IN DWELLVILLE Facilitated by assistant professor Lien Tran, a group of nursing students play "Dwell," a simulation board game created to educate future health professionals on the complexities of poverty and its affect on health care access. The game was recognized at the 2019 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare as Best in Show runner-up in the Academic Games category. Photo by Casey Lue


GAMES FOR CHANGE Recognizing contributions to the field of play-based learning, the Games for Change Festival Vanguard Award is awarded to associate professor Lindsay Grace. Photo by Karina Valdes


UMTV’s sports show becomes only one of nine shows that receives a prestigious CTA award STORY Madison George

Equipped with a virtual reality lab, post production suites, 28 smart classrooms and an Interactive Media Center, the School of Communication is a place where students have access to state-of-the-art equipment used to create their one-of-a-kind projects. In the spring semester, UM’s own sports show, SportsDesk received a College Television Award from the Television Academy Foundation. The Television Academy Foundation are the producers of the Emmys and recognizes student productions through the CTA awards. Out of 600 submissions from 174 colleges across the country, SportsDesk as well as NewsVision was one of 25 nominees. “The award came about as a result of a lot of hard work, preparation, dedication and commitment to producing the best show possible. We had entered the CTAs many times before, but never even got so much as a nomination. I was obviously excited when I found out we got nominated, but I kept my expectations in check. That said, I knew deep down inside that we produced a quality show that had a really good shot of winning,” said Ed Julbe, faculty adviser to SportsDesk and senior lecturer at the School of Communication. The award-winning episode featured a segment on former UM Baseball coach, Jim Morris during his last season, a local high school football player who experienced a major tragedy as well as a cheerleader who has multiple sclerosis (MS) from UM. Six members of SportsDesk traveled to Los Angeles to receive the award on behalf of the entire team.



DEAN SHEPARD RETIRES Dean Gregory Shepherd joined the 'Canes family in 2011 after his tenure as dean of Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University. He made strides in transforming the School of Communication through the establishment of two new state-of-the-art centers: the Koenigsberg and Nadal Interactive Media Center and the Robert and Lauren Mann Broadcast Center and achieving national recognition on the The Princeton Review’s ‘Top 25 Graduate Schools for Game Design’ for the school’s new M.F.A. program. Furthermore, Shepard was instrumental in establishing the Orange Umbrella Student Consultancy and guiding the creation of the Center for Culture, Collaboration, and Change. Shepherd is succeeded by Karin Gwinn. By Karina Sloan

FAREWELL Dean Shepard sits behind the desk in UMTV's studio.

IN THE PAST Dean Shepard speaks at an awards ceremony in 2012.

Photo by Jenny Abreu

Photo by Jenny Abreu

EVERGLADE IMMERSION Waistdeep in Everglades waters, professor Kim Grinfeder places a VR camera in a remote area to collect footage for Swampscapes, an immersive four-platform project designed to reconnect users with the importance of the swampland. The SwampScapes team was awarded first place in VR Films in the Tacoma Film Festival. Additionally, the project was a featured installation at GEMs, an extension of the Miami Film Festival. Photo by Kim Grinfeder

COLLEGE EMMY Faculty adviser Ed Julbe and seniors Amanda Fuentes and Luis Gonzalez recieve a College Television Award for SportsDesk. Photo by Karina Valdes

THE BLOODY TRUTH Fighting the cultural stigma surrounding menstruation, seniors Chloe Glenn and Hayley Buchholz's project "The Case for Her. Period." receives awards at the PRADDYs. The duo also received the Student Best of Show award at the National ADDYs. Photo by School of Communication


we'll be

LOUDER Around the clock work, four Parkland, Florida nonprofits and an immeasurable amount of support and dedication from the UM community STORY Morgan Thomson

Over 130 participants dedicated 25 hours of their weekend to creating promotional materials for four Parkland-area nonprofit organizations. After the mass school shooting, the organizations make gun reform, mental health services and rebuilding their mission. Branding and website redesign, social media content, campaign ideas and a host of other materials were produced by the student teams, led by UM alumni or faculty members. PhilADthropy founder Professor Meryl Blau led the event to this special 10th anniversary by narrowing the focus to just four nonprofits and making the theme a resounding call for gun reform and healing. “It’s our 10th anniversary and it’s a really special year for us in marking the amount of time we’ve been serving the community, but this is also one year since the massacre happened at Parkland," said Blau. "They’re in our backyard and for us to be able to take this special year and dedicate it to something so incredibly important, it just felt right and a necessity." With donations of food and energy drinks from sponsors, the students were fueled throughout the hours of the morning and presented their materials to the clients less than 24 hours after the event kicked off. “This year PhilADthrophy has a huge chunk of my heart in it,” senior Chole Glenn said. “I just really wanted to be here to work with the survivors. I got to know them over the last several months, and how amazing they are, and I just wanted to give it my all and give them the best work I could do.”


SOCIETAL REFORM CORPORATION Pushing for mental health programs in schools to aid those affected by tragedy and mental health issues including depression and suicide. They were presented with an updated logo, color palette as well as multiple ideas for merchandise and branding.


SHINE MSD Making mental health a priority by creating arts and wellness programs around Parkland. A campaign to increase donations, social media strategy, promotions and reorganization of their website was created as well as ideas for Camp Shine, a summer art camp.


BRANCHES OF BRAVERY Rebuilding affected communities through inspirational speakers, educational programs or supplies to rebuild. They were completely rebranded with a new logo, color palette, marketing materials and a new and improved website.

CHANGE THE REF Working toward gun reform by giving the youth of America a voice that can lead them to enact real change in their communities. One of the campaigns that was created for the nonprofit will allow them to directly connect the NRA with the other side of the argument

SHINE Isabela Barry, Alex Moscou, Jessica Bass, Delaney Metcalf joined Sawyer Garrity and Andrea Peña to sing "Shine," an anthem written by Garrity and Peña after the shooting. Photo by Karina Valdes

LONG NIGHT Junior Rachel RubĂ­ designs in the computer labs in the School of Communication where the creative and account teams worked through the 25 hours. Photo by Karina Valdes

HOLD FOR APPLAUSE The teams presented their finished work to the clients as well as each other. Photo by Karina Valdes

MEDITATION TIME Right before midnight hits, the participants gather in the School of Communication courtyard for a short meditation session to de-stress before they get back to work. Photo by Karina Valdes

CHANGE Parkland survivior Sam Zeif spoke for Change the Ref before the teams started working. Photo by Karina Valdes


STORY TIME Dr. Gigi Gilbert acted as Principal for the Day at Thena Crowder Elementary, a special center for pre-kingergarten students with cognitive learning disabilities. Photo by Dr. Gigi Gilbert



6% ofthe






Popular Majors

1 Sports Administration TOTAL Exercise graduate & 2 Physiology Human undergraduate Development Elementary STUDENTS major is 3 Education 10


SEHD at a glance Nurturing students' pursuit of understanding how to make people the best version of themselves with hands-on learning and research

HONORABLE PROFESSOR Dr. Guerda Nicolas was honored with the 2018 International Humanitarian Award from the American Psychological Association for her mental health service and support to Caribbean immigrant populations. Photo by Evan Garcia

STORY Morgan Thomson

With three departments - Educational and Psychological Studies, Kinesiology and Sport Sciences and Teaching and Learning and Educational, the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) is committed to developing generations of students through world-class research and handson experience. The department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences integreated augmented reality into reasearch of diseases that impair cognition such as Parkinsons. A walking test was developed by Professor Joseph Signorile, Assistant Professor Moataz Eltoukhy, and Ph.D. Candidate Jim Buskirk to test how fast someone reacted to stimuli produced by augmented reality goggles. This data lends to how up-to-speed their cognitive function is and possibly train them to improve that function. “So many people can benefit from this. There is no end to what we can do. If we can achieve successful testing, it will thrive and move into a clinical setting," said Eltoukhy. Further reasearch on Parkinson's patients explored the effect yoga and meditation could have on the mind. Professor Joseph Signorile led the research on the non-curable disorder that affects nearly one million in the United States, and graduate student Nick Cherup coached the participants through blended yoga and meditation. “We are not treating the disease,” said Signorile. “We give them the intervention that will give them better balance and a better understanding of where they are in space.”

ANALYZING WRITING Graduate students in the Teaching and Learning Department Hua Ran and Ji Shen presented their research titled "Writing for Science Learning: Assessing Science Literacy in Science Fiction Writing." Photo by Jackie Abreu

CHEATING Assistant professor Cengiz Zopluogluical spent more than a decade researching how to detect and reduce cheating on standardized tests and has developed a software that could help do just that. Photo by Evan Garcia

OUR WORK Edgar Diaz, Ayanna Young, Kanushri Wadhwa and Ignacio Barrenechea assisted in research on the strengths and needs of urban teachers. Photo by Jackie Abreu

OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS Dean Laura KohnWood presented The Louise P. Mills Award to graduate student Raisa Sequeira who researches domestic violence as a public health issue. The dean spoke at the Women's Commission breakfast. Photo by Mike Montero


PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD The attendees of the Senior Design Expo got the chance to vote for the most interesting project proposed by the student groups.

FIRST Ryder Fleet Management Solution A Ahmed Alanazi (BSIE ’19), Sebastian Echeverri (BSIE ’19), Ahmad Ali (BSIE ’19) and Adem Sahil (BSIE ’19)

SPACE ON THE MIND Hiba Benkhye and Luiz Felpe Lopez show their robetic arm that is intended for exploration on other planets. Their project won "Best Senior Design Project." Photo by Jenny Abreu

SECOND Clinic Resource Optimization Hannah Bernstein (BSIE ’19), Alex Davis (BSIE ’19), Natalia Campo (BSIE ’19) and Adriana Gorrin (BSIE ’19)

THIRD CMX – Optimization of Movie Theater Payroll Eric Dolman (BSIE ’19), Natalino De Simone (BSIE ’19), Maria Gabriela Espejo (BSIE ’19) and Ana Cristina Finol (BSIE ’19); – “Improving the Performance of Tank-less Water Heaters” – Mohammad Alshuaib (BSME ’19), Mohammad Alshati (BSME ’19) and Khaled Alkaabi (BSME ’19)

COMPUTER ENGINEERS Istvan Von Fedak, Sophie Wattret and Jocelyn Kane designed a wireless individual encryption software. Photo by Jenny Abreu

A DAY FOR SCIENCE The Design Expo in the Shalala Student Center Ballroom features posters and physical models of the groups' projects. Projects were judged based on the category of engineering they fit into and Best Expo Display was awarded to Christian Marquina, Aaren Sirak, Jonathan Bown and Peter Stansky for "Automatic Wet Pet Food Dispenser." Photo by Jenny Abreu



IS THIS REAL LIFE? Groups utilized virtual reality viewers that could be activated using a standard smart phone. Photo by Jenny Abreu

NEW RIDE Interactive projects and presentations gives students and visitors the chance to engage with the College of Engineering's senior class' innovation. Photo by Jenny Abreu

a new generation of

ENGINEERS Groups of engineering seniors show off their ideas for a capstone course at the Senior Design Expo STORY Karina Sloan

The College of Engineering is filled with bright minds and innovative ideas that are ready to shape our future. The three-year-running College of Engineering Senior Design Expo coincides with the senior design and capstone course required of all undergraduate engineering students. In teams across all engineering departments: biomedical; civil, architectural and environmental; industrial; electrical and computer; and mechanical and aerospace, showcased innovative projects. The theme of the year’s Expo was “Canestarter,” which symbolizes the College of Engineering’s growing partnerships with industries to transform innovative ideas into real products to improve quality of life. The projects were judged and rated by judges and guests. Joining some of the guests were a group of senior technology and business leaders who were judges for the Industry Impact award, given to the project with the greatest potential to change the world. Guests were also able to cast votes based on their favorite projects and the top three teams with the most votes were awarded a Senior Design Project People’s Choice award.



“The Society of Women Engineers has taught me so much professionally and opened many doors for my career. I made my best friends in college, and for life, through SWE. I truly feel that our SWE events are better described as hanging out with 60 of my closest friends. My favorite part of SWE is working with the next generation of female engineers at outreach events.”


HAPPY HOMECOMING The SONHS faculty, staff, alumni and students come together on Homecoming to celebrate 70 years. They were given the chance to march in the Homecoming parade and eat dinner. Photo by Jenny Abreu

NURSES BEYOND BORDERS Earning a doctoral degree in three years requires a lot of work in the clinical setting, and the School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS) gives its post-baccalaureate nurses just that through their BSN-DNP degree. Nurses training under this degree earn an excellerated docorate and certification to become a registered nurse anethetist. Viviana Castillo, a graduating student in the program, made a trip to Guatamala for her rotation at Hopital Corpus Christi Patzún. Castillo had completed clincial rotations at 10 institutions in South Florida before she was selected for this trip with Healing Hands, a foundation which provides critial surguries and dental care in undeserved regions. “We moved pretty fast. While I was bringing the patient out, someone else was taking care of cleaning and setting up for the next case, so I’d come back with the next kid ready to go,” she recounted. By Morgan Thomson

HEMISPHERIC & GLOBAL INITIATIVES In collaboration with the U.S. Army, SONHS continues at the forefront of hemispheric impact. Dr. Juan M. Gonzalez and Mr. Amauri Quintana with MSN students arrive in Huehuetenango, Guatemala to provide much needed primary care to the population in this rural area. Photo by Jackie Abreu





OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR Dr. Juan M. Gonzalez, Director of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program, receives “Outstanding Graduate Program Director” award. Photo


by Jackie Abreu

Seventy years of nurses and health professionals is celebrated by students, alumni and faculty STORY Izabella Felpeto

During the University of Miami’s Homecoming celebration and alumni weekend, SONHS alumni gathered in commemoration of the nursing school's 70th anniversary party. Class of ’68, Rona Fagan, flew in from El Paso, Texas in anticipation of her classes' 50th reunion. “There were only about 20 of us in that graduating class,” said Fagan, who works as a faculty associate in orthopedics at Texas Tech University. The 70th anniversary festivities on Friday afternoon included students, faculty and staff enjoying food and desserts and then moving to the sounds of the Frost School of Music band Conjunto Huracán. Later in the evening, the SONHS Alumni Association led a long procession across campus to the starting line of the annual UM Homecoming Parade. Dean Cindy L. Munro coordinated 70 marchers in honor of the school’s first 70 years. “We have a wonderful group of volunteers who lead our alumni association,” said Munro. “These annual traditions are emblematic of their dedication to the University of Miami, to our school and to our mission of nursing and health studies education, which is producing tremendously talented professionals for the future of health care.”

SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY Exuding 'Cane spirit, over 85 alumni, faculty and staff march in the homecoming parade to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the SONHS. Photo by Jenny Abreu OFF TO A TASTY START Senior Brittny Ellis picks up some food from the selection of hot dogs, french fries and other food at the 70th anniversary and Homecoming celebration. Photo by Jenny Abreu

WALKING FOR CHANGE Drs. Kenya Snowden and LaToya Lewis-Pierre represent the SONHS Beta-Tau chapter at the AUTISM SPEAKS 20th Anniversary Walk . Photo by Jackie Abreu



CELEBRATE! Tufaan members celebrate their first place win in the Association of South Asian A Cappella championship in Washinton, D.C. They weren't the only 'Canes to make strides in the a capella world. BisCaydence was announced as runner-up at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Finals in New York City. Photo by Jenny Abreu

Frost Opera Theater showcases young vocal performers through the season of shows STORY Torrey Mahall

Emmy and Grammy decorated faculty can be found in all corners of the Frost School of Music as they make it their mission to inspire a new generation of musicians. No different is the Frost Opera Theater program, striving in its mission to recognize today’s opera world as one that is vibrant and everchanging. The faculty and students embodied this mantra in their season of performances, which explored themes from social issues today to classic works spanning countless decades. The fall semester kicked off with “Cheers! Celebrated Opera Scenes on Stage,” which combined the talents of the Frost Opera Theater, Frost Chorale, Symphonic Choir, and Women's Choir. This production staged scenes from renowned operas and musical theater works spanning classical composers such as Verdi and 20th century composers such as Bernstein. The following spring also brought in a variety of modern performances, jumping forward to current works such as “Black Lives - Music from the Operas of Anthony Davis,” which explored not only history but a deeper understanding of the political and social forces that shaped America. "I toured and auditioned at all 11 schools. But at most of them you didn't get live-performance opportunities until your sophomore or junior years. Or the master's students get all the roles. I came here because I thought I'd have more opportunities and I couldn't be happier. It's already everything expected and wanted," freshman and vocal performance major Stefan Biller said. Frost Opera’s mission is three-pronged: to educate students of their possibilities as performers, to provide them with the diversity of training, and to maintain creative alliances within the community. This season of works certainly lived up to this expectation, and audiences are following closely to see what is in store next.

TO THE MUSIC Keyboard performance graduate student Anna Gryshyna plays the piano during an opera practice. Photo by Evan Garcia

WINTER WONDERFUL Students sing at the Winter Wonderful where proceeds help benefit the Donna E. Shalala MusicReach Program. Photo by Jenny Abreu

BRINGING HOME THE GOLD A successful award season left associate professor and trumpeter John Daversa with three more Grammy's to add to his shelf. Daversa was most recently nominated in three categories for his 2017 album "Kaleidoscope Eyes: Music of The Beatles," but the three nominations for "American Dreamers: Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom" in 2019 led to a big win. American Dreamer was nominated in Best Large Jazz Ensemble, Best Instrumental Arrangement and Best Improvised Jazz Solo. With a Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album, Dafnis Prieto's big band's debut CD "Back to the Sunset" was critically acclaimed. Prieto, a drummer and composer, is an assistant professor in Frost. On the stage of the Emmy Awards ceremony, faculty member Carlos Rafael Rivera scored his first Emmy Award for the theme music from Godless, a Netflix limited series. "Creating the music for Godless was an amazing experience," Rivera exclaimed. "I am ever so grateful to have been nominated by my peers at the television academy - and for the honor of recieving this award. I still can't believe it." By Morgan Thomson



3X THE GOLD John Daversa holds his three Grammy Awards for his "American Dreamers" album after the ceremony. Photo by Taylor Arthur


SEE 'U' IN GALร PAGOS Launched in January 2010, U Galรกpagos takes students to the famed Galรกpagos Islands for a field-oriented semester of study. Students live on the mainland with families in Ecuador as well as on the Galรกpagos islands. Photo by Evan D'Alessandro

ALGAE RESERACH Larry Brand, professor of marine biology and ecology holds just one of several hundred samples of blue-green algae collected from the St. Lucie River Estuary and Indian River Lagoon in Florida. Photo by Diana Udel


WORKIN' HARD Martin Grosell, professor of marine biology and ecology works on marine research with Emma Esch, a senior in the Marine Science and Biology program. Photo by UM Admissions Office


changing the


Cutting-edge marine reasearch is central to the Rosenstiel School's educational mission STORY Karina Sloan

The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science in one of the world's premier marine and atmospheric research institutions. Rosenstiel’s basic and applied research encompass nearly all marine-related science. Through their research, the Rosenstiel School has been able deepen the knowledge and understanding of students, researchers, and the local and national public. Currently, the Rosenstiel School has been focusing their research on climate change, one of the biggest and most controversial topics making headlines all over the world. With climate change becoming an emerging crisis, the Rosenstiel School has wasted no time making strides to research, understand, and inform both policymakers and the public about the effects and changes needed to be made. Recently, the Rosenstiel School partnered with the Miller School of Medicine to co-host their third University of Miami Climate and Health Symposium. This symposium discusses many of the emerging health issues we are facing as temperatures rise and other climatic issue present themselves. While the Rosenstiel School and Miller are no strangers to researching and collaborating to understand the overlapping health and climate challenges the world is facing, they have just recently introduced the nation’s first Masters of Science in Climate and Health (MSCH) program. This interdisciplinary course will discuss overlapping disciplines in public health and climate change to understand issues such as infectious diseases during times of extreme weather. With this new course, the Rosenstiel School will be making educational strides in order to continue researching and informing the public and policymakers on how to make a difference and stay updated on these issues.

RESCUE OPERATION Andrew Baker, associate professor of marine biology and ecology places rescued corals into a holding tank at the Rosenstiel's Experimental Fish Hatchery. Over 1,500 healthy corals have been rescued from the Dry Tortugas as part of an multi-agency effort to create a coral bank for future breeding and replanting on the Florida reef tract. Photo by Diana Udel



Graduate Student & Chair of GradOUT "GenderChill is a social justice fashion show with a huge educational component. We started out with limited resources and worked with countless organizations from campus departments, student organizations and the local community to make it all come together. The show was perfect - there's nothing I would have changed. The goal for years to come is to make a bigger and better show for more people and educate and empower them. "

WELCOME Kia Comedy, an Atlanta-based comedian and the master of ceremony (MC) of the Andro Fasion Show MC'd the event. Photo by Jackie Abreu

HALF TIME TUNES Biscaydence, a campus a capella group, performs during intermission at GenderChill as the models prepare for the second part of the fashion show. Photo by Morgan Thomson

ANNUAL FESTIVITIES The Graduate Student Association (GSA) functions as an invaluable part of the Graduate School by promoting graduate student involvement in campus affairs. GSA supports its graduate population by curating programming especially for graduate students and their families, and also hosts the annual Graduate Student Banquet and Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was held in one of the banquet spaces available at the Lennar Foundation Medical Center. Graduates were treated to a roof-top view of the setting sun, a catered dinner and the awards ceremony from the GSA. “It was really an amazing banquet; great food, fun music, good drinks, and a beautiful venue!” graduate student Anna Nelson Bennett commented. Throughout the year, GSA hosts social events for graduate students to relax and mingle.

Genderchill OWNS By Morgan Thomson



GradOUT’s Genderchill puts inclusivity and gender diversity in the spotlight in a student fashion show STORY Torrey Mahall

From fashion designers to spoken word performers, all kinds of local artists are featured in GradOUT’s fashion show, Genderchill. UM’s LGBTQ graduate student organization dazzles audiences with this all-inclusive queer fashion show - but it’s more than just great entertainment. "I feel really lucky that it has all come together because there were a lot of logistical challenges that are natural to the environment we exist in. Limited time for grad students, being a new organization...I work 40 hours a week and luckily I was able to swing this project as a credit," GradOUT chair Jessica Osborn commented. The event raises consciousness for gender diversity and body positivity with a social justice lens. It is also a benefit for local organization PFLAG South Miami, which is dedicated to gender diversity and other queer issues’ awareness and education. At the end of the night, Grad-OUT donated $2,800 to the organization. Special guests and entertainment included models, makeup artists, the Andro Fashion Show and MC Kia Barnes. GenderChill hopes to make the South Florida community more united and supportive of each other.



DESIGNER DUDS Under the purple spotlights, clothing designed by local artist Maria Tokareva from the Miss Frais brand was highlighted on the GenderChill runway. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FAREWELL TO DEAN WHITE Patricia White became a part of the 'Canes family in 2009 when she took the position of dean of the University of Miami School of Law. Before coming down to the 305, White was the first woman law school dean in Arizona. While at Miami, she created numerous milestones and transformed UM's School of Law into the prestigious institution that it is today. Under her leadership, she has expanded Miami Law’s student services program, adding the unique Student Development



WISE WORDS Dean Patricia White addresses the new class of law students at a 2017 reception. Photo by Jenny Abreu

Program, the Ask Us Fellows Initiative, Academic Achievement Program and the Office of Professionalism to name just a few of her achievements. Additionally, she has also established Law Without Walls, a program that links students and faculty from over 30 academic institutions around the world to examine issues and develop solutions in legal education and practice along with expanding the Miami Law’s clinics to allow accessible legal services. By Karina Sloan


CURRENT 'Miami Law Explainer' focuses on the backgrounds of current events in a weekly podcast available on public platforms STORY Morgan Thomson

From gun control to gender-neutral bathrooms, the weekly podcast by the School of Law explores topics in easy-to-devour episodes that sit around 20-minutes long. "Miami Law Explainer" is available on a variety of podcast mediums such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud to name a few. "Options these days for media coverage are either watching the news somewhere or news outlet web pages where the stories can be really long, or Twitter, which can be too short," podcast host Annette Hugues said. "With each podcast you're keeping up with the top headlines in the news in 20 minutes or less." Season two of the series was released early in the spring semester after a 15-episode first season aired in the fall semester. Guests on the podcast are mainly School of Law faculty, but experts in the field being discussed are occasionally brought in. Political and social issues are explored in episodes such as The Kavanaugh Effect, Children of the Caravans and Fentanyl and the Dealth Penalty. Episodes such as A Netflix Star's Appeal and The Bernie Madoff of Silicon Valley turn the focus to popular topics that appear in the news and media.

DIGGING DEEP Podcast host Annette Hugues listens to Clinical Professor Teresa Verges discus Elon Musk in the seventh episode of season one. Photo by Hunter Crenian

'CANES IN PUBLIC SERVICE UM alumnae Michelle Alvarez Barakat and Tanya Brinkley are appointed to the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court by Florida Governer Ron DeSantis. Photo by Hunter Crenian

STUDENT SPEAKER Sanjana Palla spoke during the spring commencment ceremony for the School of Law. "My biggest thanks to my parents who brought me to this country for this opportunity of a higher education; our duty is to be the voice of the voiceless and to create lasting change." Photo by Jenny Abreu

SEE YOU IN MOOT COURT Second-year law student Clayton Schmitt and third-years Keigan Vannoy and Dimitrije Canic place second in the Duberstein Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition. Photo by Hunter Crenian


A DAY TO CELEBRATE Third-year medical students find the envelope with their name on it to reveal where they will complete their residency Photo by Gustavo Freundt

I GOT A MATCH! Medical student Simran Shah celebrates her match at the annual celebration. Photo by Jorge Perez



One hundred and seventy-two medicine students seeking residency and fellowship positions were celebrated at the annual Match Day ceremony where the results of the matching program were released to the crowd of students and families


Graduate student

“It’s a surreal moment, a combination of excitement, achievement, and relief at the end of a long but rewarding journey. It was years of hard work and sleepless nights, but we made it as a class, and we look forward to what’s next. That’s what we’re all celebrating together.”

STORY Morgan Thomson












National Resident Matching Program Results 39


Internal medicine, obstetrics-gynecology and pediatrics were the most popular fields for Miller School of Medicine students moving on to complete their medical residency at hospitals across the country. Residencies last for a minimum of three years, but some surgical specialties last five years.


173 STUDENTS total











9 7










3 1





5 2




An es th e De siolo Em rm gy er ge at ol nc og Fa y M y ed m ily ici n M Ge ed e ne ici r al ne In In Su te te rv rn rg en a er tio l M y ed na M i c l ed in Ra e ici di ne ol og -P M y ed M ed ed ia ici t ici r ne ics ne -P -P Ne r r e im l ur ar im. ol og yC ica ar lS e Ob ur ste ge N ry tri cs eur ol -G og yn y Op ec Or o ht l o th ha gy op lm ae o lo di gy Ot c Su ol r g ar yn ery go Pa logy Ph th ys ol og M P y ed ed ia ici tri ne c & Pl Re s as h tic ab Su r ge Ra Ps ry di yc a Ra tio hi a di nO t ol nc ry Su ogy o lo -D rg gy ia er gn yos Pr tic eli Th m or i na ac ic ry Su r Tr ge an ry sit io na l Ur ol og y

Number of Students


A NEW HIGHLIGHT ON SURGICAL BURNOUT The nature of a physician’s Physician burnout has been work and expectations hasten a problem for decades, but a the burnout out. As Dr. recent spike in rates of burnout Allespach said, “Surgeons, in and suicide has led institutions particular, have unspoken rules to tackle the problem head on. such as, ‘Never complain, always “Thankfully, there is now work harder, and do as much as a growing awareness on an you can for as many hours as international level about you can.’” physician burnout, as well as The program goes beyond an equally important dialogue dealing with stress in general about the current epidemic of with lessons that teach physician suicide. Prior to this residents how to interact with new awareness, the prevailing RESEARCH IN ACTION Dr. Heidi Allespach of UHealth difficult patients, communicate thought was that physicians conducts a stress management exercise with general surgery interns. Photo by Jackie Abreu bad news and diminish adverse were supposed to be ‘perfect’ outcomes. and somehow immune to “The most important change is the shift in the culture stress, depression and worry,” said Dr. Heidi Allespach, or mindset, where we emphasize to our trainees that it’s a clinical psychologist, associate professor of clinical not weak or selfish to say ‘I need a day to decompress and surgery and director of behavioral medicine for the surgical recharge,’” Dr. Yeh added. “That kind of statement was residency program at the Miller School and UM/Jackson unthinkable in the past.” Memorial Hospital.



Sophomore Major

Marine Science and Biology Minor Marine Policy Cognates World of Music & A Cross Cultural Historic Examination of Sexuality Why do you like your cognate? My music one is really interesting because you get to understand music at a deeper level. It helps to analyze how music has changed over time and how genres have developed. I also got to see how music has impacted the world on a global scale. For my people and society cognate, I get to learn about things that I am already passionate about in terms of female rights. I get to learn about these issues on a scholarly level and see how gender has impacted all aspects of life through media, society, and school.

course of

STUDY Cognates may seem confusing at first, but the ability to customize required courses helps students delve into interests without devoting a large class-load into them STORY Staff


Senior Major

Public Health Minor Psychology, Spanish, Motion Pictures Why do you like your cognate? I loved my cognates so much that I turned them into minors. I was really interested

in psychology which was something I never got to do in high school, so I was excited to be able to explore that in college. I also felt that my Spanish cognate/minor was extremely helpful because it is such a useful skill to have, especially living in Miami where there are so many native Spanish speakers.

MAKE YOUR MUSIC The Clarke Recital Hall hosts student and outside performances. It's one of the recital spaces that performance majors can use to host their required recital. Photo by Morgan Thomson




Freshman Major Biology Minor

Sports Administration Cognate Africa and the African Diaspora Why do you like your cognate? Having the opportunity to learn about the diaspora of African Americans allows me to reflect and learn about myself and understand how it relates to my own background as a black woman.

STUDY HARD The Cox Science Building is a hub of science classes for students across the university The three-floored building features large lecture halls, classrooms and labs. Photo by Morgan Thomson


Sophomore Major

Intercultural Communication Minor Spanish and Marketing Cognate

DIVE IN The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science is located on Virginia Key. Photo by Sevahg

Ecology and Conservation Why do you like your cognate?


I hated my cognate at first but

I eventually ended up loving it. The intro course made me feel like I made a mistake because it was super introductory. I took Environmental Policy for my second course and it changed my life and how I viewed the world. I feel like I’m a more well-rounded individual because of it.


Junior Major

Music Performance Cognate Revolutionary Change in History Why do you like your cognate? When I started getting bogged down with the

courses in my major it gave me something completely different to focus on. One of my favorite things to study in history is warfare, so I took classes that I knew would discuss conflicts like Vietnam, the First and Second World Wars, and the Napoleonic Era.

BUSINESS CENTER The Miami Business School is two buildings built together with an auditorium in the back. Photo by Morgan Thomson


CREATIVE MAGIC Always a pair, senior Chloe Glenn and her dog Sushi went to Baltimore, MD to intern at Under Armour as a graphic designer over the summer. She had the opportunity to design her own collection. Photo by Chloe Glenn

workin' HARD playing

Exploring career fields and gaining experience - perks for taking an internship in school STORY Morgan Thomson




BEHIND THE DESK Relocating to Bristol, CT, senior Amanda Fuentes spent her summer at the ESPN network. While there, she worked on SportsCenter, the flagship program of the network, to create various video elements for air everyday and also produced video for the ESPN app and website. Fuentes is a broadcast journalism major in the School of Communication. Photo by Amanda Fuentes

MANY TALENTS Staying local for her internship with the CW South Florida, senior Maddi Brown acted as a creative services intern. She produced content, shot man-onthe-street interviews and floor managed "Inside South Florida."

SECURE YOUR INTERNSHIP Toppel Career Center is a useful resource for students who wish to take an internship to explore what they want to do or embellish their resume for future employers. Resume and cover letter help is offered as well as assistance in searching for openings and preparing for the interview. The Career Fairs that take place at the Watsco Center each semester are organized by Toppel as well as company information sessions and interviews on campus. UM students have access to Handshake, a website that makes finding a job or internship more available. With these resources at hand, it is easier for students to take an internship over the summer and gain real world experience.

Photo by Maddi Brown

GOING CASHLESS Senior Rafael Cariello interned at Visa, a credit card company, over the summer with a team of others. He is an economics major. Photo by Rafael Cariello WITH THE TEAM A sophomore majoring in managment, Austin Furgatch took an internship with the Los Angeles Rams, a NFL football team. Photo by Austin Furgatch

By Morgan Thomson

SUPERSTAR INTERN Spending her summer in Portland, OR, senior Jade Simmons interned at adidas for product marketing. Photo by Jade Simmons

A HELPING HAND With Onward Isreal, junior Gabi Aklepi was able to travel to Petah Tikya, Isreal and work at Beit Rivka Geriatric Hospital. "It was an incredible experience getting to live in another country, work a real job and commute on public transit like a local." She saw patients each day in the cardiac section of physical therapy and had the opportunity to apply her exercise physiology knowledge on the job. She is confident that her UM will prepare her for the future. Photo by Gabi Aklepi


MONKEYING AROUND While first year graduate student Peri Green was in Cape Town, South Africa, she visited the monkey sanctuary in the World of Birds. Photo by Breana Ross

studying around the




A semester, a year, or even just a few weeks - experiences studying abroad leave a lasting impression STORY Morgan Thomson

DAY TRIP Scott Rivlin, Tyla Azan, Brittany Csik, Marcos Serur, Professor Joaquin Roy, Jane Huh, Sidney Harley, Natalia Asenjo Molina, Eric Gibellini, Sebastian Shironoshita, Rocio Alvarez-Closas, Aline Marie Nell, Sara Soto, and Daniel Torrents spend the day in Tarragona exploring Catalan history including the Roman background and legacy during a summer abroad program in Barcelona. Photo by Melanie Goergmaier

SIGHTSEEING AND STUDYING Juniors Cami Bresee and Jessica Bayuk and seniors Kenzie Phillips and Brenda Combs study abroad in Amsterdam and Berlin. Photo by Gabe Roark

SITE SEEING Senior Alison Cawthon visits the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. Photo by Alison Cawthon

'CANES IN CAIRO Senior Courtney Seams and junior Evelyn Pang visit the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Courtney Seams

PHOTO DAY Abroad in Scotland, senior Karen Sancen takes pictures of the highland cattle in Fort Augustus. Photo by Karen Sancen

MOST MAGICAL PLACE IN EUROPE During her fall study abroad in France, junior Nina Garza carved out some time to make it to Disneyland Paris. Photo by Nina Garza

CAMELBACK Taking an excursion to the Sarah Desert during her study abroad in Spain, junior Amanda Delgado rides a camel. Photo by Amanda Delgado

WHEN IN BERLIN Abroad in Amsterdam and Berlin, seniors Hunter Welsch and Gabe Roark attend the Fan Mile to view a World Cup match along with more than 400,000 fans. Photo by Cami Bresee

FESTIVAL SEASON Senior Rowana Parker and junior Andrew Simms celebrate Tanabata, or the Star Festival in Japan and both wear yukata, a summer kimono. Photo by Jackie Abreu


BEST PIC Samantha Topchik poses with President Frenk during the ceremony. Photo by Jenny Abreu

ALL SMILES Jay Schroff takes a photo at the U Statue with his family on graduation day. Photo by Jenny Abreu



farewell to the

FALL GRADS For fall graduates, December isn't just a break, but the beginning of a new journey STORY Torrey Mahall

Fall graduates were recognized for their years of hard work and achievements in the annual commencement ceremony. Commencement is a special time at the University of Miami, and for those who couldn't make it to the Watsco Center to see their graduate walk the stage, a livestream broadcast of the event was availble online. The event always begins with an academic procession of faculty and alumni, followed by the president’s procession, ceremony welcome, and presentation of degrees. After the alma mater soars over the venue, the Grand Marshal leads the recessional, followed by the stage party, faculty and graduates. The afternoon graduate program followed the undergraduate ceremony. "I wouldn't be the same without the 'U' - I couldn't have asked for a better college experience," Kaitlin Castillo said. WELCOME The December graduates watch as President Frenk addresses the crowd. Photo by Jenny Abreu

#CANEGRAD Nicole Venn, Princeley Avril, Stephanie Nwadike, Gloria Ukaegbu and Blessing Adebesin throw up the "U" while they wait for the ceremony. Photo by Jenny Abreu

CONGRATULATIONS Moving the tassel from right to left symbolizes the degree being earned and is often call the "turning of the tassel." Tara Samra, a biology major, turns the white College of Arts and Sciences tassel. Photo by Jenny Abreu

READY FOR THE FUTURE Kaitlin Castillo, Vanessa Kanan and Mariangela Gamardo walk to their seats in the Miami Business School section. Photo by Jenny Abreu


ONE LAST SPELL OUT Sebastian the Ibis riled up the crowd in anticipation of his parting spell out to the graduates. Photo by Jenny Abreu

SECURED THE DEGREE Rodney Miller, a basketball player, holds his sports administration degree high as he exits the stage in the Watsco Center. Photo by Jenny Abreu

BE BOLD Pat Mitchell, the first female president of PBS advised graduates, "You can't be dangerous from the sidelines," in reference to her commencement address urging graduates to advocate for social change . Photo by Jenny Abreu



SPECTACULAR GRAD Dean Shepard of the School of Communication introduces Torrey Crosby, the student speaker who spoke about bettering the world and the importance of living in service to others. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FACES of the

FREE HUGS Sebastian the Ibis gives Emmi VĂŠlez a hug in the aisle during the ceremony. Photo by Jackie Abreu

Three days, six ceremonies, a few Sebastian appearances and thousands of spring graduates ready for the future STORY Morgan Thomson

Three undergraduate ceremonies welcomed thousands of new 'Cane alumni into the world. Richard Blanco, a poet from Miami and associate English professor at Florida International University recited a poem entitled "Teach Us, Then" to the class of 2019. Blanco's address was followed by the presentation of the graduates and a short speech from Serene Shehadeh who just received her degree in biology. "I'm not the same person who came here in 2015 when my father dropped me off at Hecht Residential College," she began. "I've grown in terms of confidence and leadership."

The second ceremony featured Pat Mitchell as speaker. Mitchell was the first woman to serve as president of PBS and gave the graduates a powerful message about social change. With the final ceremony of the day, Frederick W. Smith, the chairman and CEO of FedEx Corporation gave a speech about following their dreams, citing his original idea for FedEx. Graduate ceremonies took place the day before undergraduate festivities, and law and medicine graduates celebrated the day after.



With 18 sports represented in the ACC, the Hurricanes have showed athletic prowess since the university's first year with an undefeated 8 - 0 record for the newly formed Inside Look football team in 1926 152 Battle for the 305 Football

178 Battling the Fighting Irish Women's Basketball

182 Dreams Come True Women's Tennis

196 Playoff Ready Baseball



MAKE WAY FOR THE 'CANES The football team emerges from the smoke, a tradition that is continued at each home game. Photo by Jenny Abreu


GO 'CANES Sebastian the Ibis riles up the crowd at the Miami v. Pittsburgh football game in Hard Rock Stadium. The 'Canes won 24-3. Photo by Ryan Morgello

we got some


'CANES over here

Balancing classes and athletics is no cake walk, but these student athletes make it look easy STATS Hurricane Athletics

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL Made the NCAA Tournament for the fifth straight season. All-ACC Academic Team Emese Hof Laura Cornelius First Team All-ACC Beatrice Mompremier Emese Hof

ACC All-Defensive Team Emese Hof All America Honorable Mention Beatrice Mompremier



Second Team All-ACC Tessa White Parsons

All-ACC Academic Team Elizaveta Lukianova Haley Templeton

All-ACC Academic Team Jackie Lippincott Autumn Kramer Meredith Costello

First Team All-ACC Haley Templeton Second Team All-ACC Elizaveta Lukianova

MEN'S TRACK & FIELD First Team All-ACC - Indoor Raheem Chambers Second Team All-American Outdoor Kevin Arreaga All-American Honorable Mention Outdoor Raheem Chambers



SOCCER All-ACC Academic Team & All-ACC Second Team Phallon Tullis-Joyce

GOLF ACC All-Academic Team Kristyna Frydlova Renate Grimstad



ACC All-Academic Team Franco Aubone Francisco Basitas

All-ACC First Team Shaquille Quarterman

All-ACC Second Team Adria Soriano Barrera

All-ACC Second Team Gerald Willis III Jaquan Johnson Travis Homer Brevin Jordan

All-ACC Third Team Francisco Basitas

All-ACC Third Team Trajan Bandy All-ACC Honorable Mention Tyree St. Louis Joe Jackson Michael Pinckney Michael Jackson, Sr. Sheldrick Redwine

Second Team AllAmerican Gerald Willis All-ACC Academic Jaquan Johnson Travis Homer Hayden Mahoney

MEN'S BASKETBALL All ACC Academic Team Chris Lykes

SWIMMING & DIVING NCAA Honorable Mention All-American Alicia Blagg NCAA All-America Alicia Blagg ACC Women’s Diver of the Year Alicia Blagg

MEN'S DIVING ACC Men’s Diver of the Year Briadam Herrera NCAA All-America Briadam Herrera Zach Cooper David Dinsmore

WOMEN'S TENNIS Second Team All-ACC Daevenia Achong

All-ACC Academic Team Estela Perez-Somarriba Daevenia Achong Ana Madcur Lucia Marzal Daniella Roldan

ACC Player of the Year Estela Perez-Somarriba ACC Scholar Athlete of the Year Eestela Perez-Somarriba

First Team All-ACC Estela Perez-Somariba

BASEBALL Freshman All-American Team Slade Cecconi Adrian Del Castillo All-ACC Second Team Michael Admitis Adrian Del Castillo Brian Van Belle

All-ACC Academic Team Evan McKendry Daniel Federman Chris McMahon Alex Toral Slade Cecconi Adrian Del Castillo JP Gates Anthony Vilar

All-ACC Third Team Raymond Gil

WOMEN'S TRACK & FIELD ACC Performer of the Year Indoor Michelle Atherley First Team All-ACC - Indoor Michelle Atherley Symone Mason Brittny Ellis Kayla Johnson Samantha Gonzalez First Team All-ACC - Outdoor Brittny Ellis

First Team All-American Outdoor Michelle Atherley Debbie Ajagbe Tiara McMinn Samantha Gonzalez All-American Honorable Mention - Outdoor Kayla Johnson Second Team All-ACC - Indoor Brittny Ellis Tiara McMinn

Second Team All-American - Outdoor Brittny Ellis Zakiya Rashid Carolyn Brown Tiara McMinn Alfreda Steele Amuru Patterson Kayla Johnson Brittny Ellis Samantha Gonzalez Symone Mason

NCAA Women's Tennis Singles Champion Estela Perez-Somarriba


Good the




FUTURE Riding on the success of the previous season, the Hurricanes experienced a tumultuous series of joyous wins and disappointing losses with the end of the season bringing unexpected changes to the program STORY Morgan Thomson



THE BIG LEAP Brevin Jordan (9), tight end for the Hurricanes leaps over FSU's linebacker Dontavious Jackson (5) in Hard Rock Stadium. Jordan ran a career-long 41-yard touchdown reception in the fourth quarter. Photo by Ryan Morgello


TURNOVER FOR THE WIN Defensive back Jhavonte Dean (6) made an interception from Savannah State's quarterback TJ Bell in the first few seconds of the fourth quarter of the game at Hard Rock Stadium - his first interception of his football career. Dean saw action in all 13 games and racked up three interceptions. Photo by JC Ridley

MEET THE CHAIN Intercepting a screen pass, defensive lineman Joe Jackson (99) gets to wear the turnover chain for the first time. Photo by JC Ridley


Boasting over 4,000 stones and brimming with 'Canes spirit, the new turnover chain in the style of the classic Sebastian the Ibis made its surprise debut at the Miami v. Savannah State game in the first half when cornerback Trajan Bandy recovered a fumble that would be the first turnover of the season for the Hurricanes STORY Morgan Thomson



TURNOVER GANG Sheldrick Redwine (22), defensive back and senior, dedicated his second turnover of the FIU game to his mother. "I mean, I love my momma so I had to give her a shout out, and I appreciate everything she does for me," Redwine said Photo by JC Ridley


CAN'T DRAG ME DOWN Running back Deejay Dallas (13) resisted being pulled down by FIU's defensive back Stantley Thomas-Oliver III (21). Dallas caught two passes in the game against FIU, totalling 30 yards. Photo by JC Ridley




FAST AS A PANTHER Linebacker Terry McCray (23) and defensive lineman Nesta Jade Silvera (1) run after FIU's running back D'Vonte Price (24) as tight end Sterling Palmer (88) tries to keep Price protected as he gains yards for the Panthers. Photo by JC RidleyObis eosam que

305 Running up the score for the first three quarters kept the 'Canes in a safe spot while FIU took the fourth STORY Kayla Foster

PROTECT IT The Hurricanes swarm FIU starter quarterback James Morgan (12). While Morgan finished the game with two touchdowns and an interception, the score leaned in the favor of the 'Canes. Photo by JC Ridley

The ‘Canes showed who really runs the 305 with their 31-17 win against hometown rivals Florida International University. This also marked the first of many appearances by redshirt freshman quarterback N'Kosi Perry, who replaced quarterback Malik Rosier with 7:35 left in the first quarter. With 2:51 on the clock, running back Travis Homer was able to break through with a 35-yard run putting the ‘Canes on the board in the first quarter. This gave the ‘Canes the momentum they needed for the second quarter which resulted in two touchdowns and field goal. Perry had completed his first 10 passes, and by halftime he was 12 of 13 for 170 yards with touchdowns to receiver Lawrence Cager and tight end Brevin Jordan. The ‘Canes ended the game with another pass to Cager in the third quarter, and by then FIU just couldn’t keep up with the guys who run the 305.

HOLD UP FIU linebacker Sage Lewis (3) dove for tight end Brevin Jordan (9), trying to take him down before he gained any more yards. Brevin made five catches at the game. Photo by JC Ridley

SIDE STEP Early in the second quarter, redshirt senior running back Trayone Gray (32) cuts to the left on the fly as FIU's Olin Cushion III (10) tries to block his path to the endzone. Photo by JC Ridley


NICE TRY A kick from Bubba Baxa (21) allows quarterback N'Kosi Perry (5) to pass to wide receiver Lawrence Cager (18) who scores a touchdown despite FSU's defensive back A.J. Lytton's (12) efforts to prevent it. Cager brought a total of two touchdowns home in the FSU game during the best season of his career where he started 12 of the 13 games and caught a career-high of 21 catches. Photo by Ryan Morgello


Rivals OF THE

Hard Rock Stadium was nearly shutout as Miami continues to lead 33-30 in the decades old rivalry STORY Kayla Foster

With only one point and one quarter to do it, the ‘Canes pulled through with the biggest comeback that would give us a home win against FSU since 2004. This game started like most rivalries: an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for the whole team, after an altercation involving Jeff Thomas and Florida State’s sideline. A FSU touchdown in the first quarter fired up the field during the second, resulting in a touchdown by Lawrence Cager after a 10-yard pass from N'Kosi Perry. A Bubba Baxa kick equaled the playing field…until FSU pulled out two field goals and a touchdown. A 13-point deficit to ended the first half with 20 -7. The second half didn’t start so hot neither after yet another touchdown by FSU. The score now an impossible 27-7. Things looked hopeless for the ‘Canes until another connection with Cager gave us all the hope we needed. Another Baxa kick and the score was now 27-14. Still down by 13 points, the turnover chain finally made an appearance after an interception by Michael Pinckney. By the third quarter, after a 17-yard pass from Perry, Jeff Thomas had avenged himself with a touchdown. A Baxa kick and there was excitement on the field again. The ‘Canes were ready. With 11:52 on the clock in the fourth quarter, a 41-yard pass to Brevin Jordan from Perry ended the game indefinitely.



BLOCKED Wide receiver Dee Wiggins (8) is kept from quarterback N'Kosi Perry's (5) ball by FSU's defensive back Kyle Meyers (14). Wiggins later caught his first career pass. Photo by Ryan Morgello

JUST ANOTHER HURDLE A flying leap over FSU's linebacker Dontavious Jackson (5) leaves tight end Brevin Jordan (9) a few yards further to the end zone. Jordan completes N'Kosi Perry's (5) 41-yard pass in the fourth quarter. Photo by Ryan Morgello



FINAL and bittersweet Spirits were dampened after a four-game losing streak, but the ‘Canes ended the regular season with two wins and qualified for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl STORY Morgan Thomson

Match-ups against Virginia, Boston College, Duke and Georgia Tech left the ‘Canes in a sore spot, but they were redeemed against Virginia Tech with a 3814 win. This win ensured a bowl game for the sixth consecutive season and the third bowl under head coach Mark Richt. In the last game of the regular season, the ‘Canes were back at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami to face off against Pittsburgh. A field goal by kicker Bubba Baxa (21) in the first quarter put the Hurricanes on the board first, and it wasn’t until the third quarter when Pitt scored their first and only field goal. The game finished with a three-yard touchdown rush by running back DeeJay Dallas (13) in the fourth quarter, 24-3, and Pittsburgh went on to challenge Clemson in the ACC Championship. “It was very obvious that it was a dominating defensive performance and I thought it was a dominating special teams performance, as well,” Richt commentated after the win. In New York City, the Empire State building was lit up in each team’s colors and Yankee Stadium was converted into a football field for the New Era Pinstripe Bowl which offered Miami the opportunity for a rematch against Wisconsin since their 34-27 loss at the Orange Bowl in 2017. The Badgers took an early lead in the first quarter with a touchdown just shy of three minutes into the game. Miami managed a field goal by Baxa in the first quarter, but Wisconsin was already leading with two touchdowns under their belt. The game finished 35-3 in Wisconsin’s favor.



FOOTBALL | 7-6-0 4-4-0 in the ACC

LINE IT UP Bubba Baxa (21) goes in for the kick with the assitance of punter Jack Spicer (43). Baxa was the starting kicker and is a freshman. Photo by Ryan Morgello






L, 17-33



W, 77-0



W, 49-24



W, 31-17



W, 47-10



W, 28-27



L, 13-16



L, 14-27



L, 12-20



L, 21-27



W, 38-14



W, 24-3



L, 3-35

*denotes conference game **denotes bowl tournament

FRONT ROW: Bubba Baxa, Michael Jackson Sr., Gerald Willis III, Malik Rosier, Suleman Burrows, Turner Davidson, Elias Lugo-Fagundo, Michael Parrott, Jimmy Murphy, Jordan Butler, Tito Odenigbo, Jeff Thomas, Tyreic Martin, John O'Boyle, Zachary Lerman, Sam York; BACK ROW: Brian Polendey, Jahair Jones, Will Huggins, Camden Price, Bar Milo, Lawrence Cager, Marco Baeza, Hayden Mahoney, Evan Brunelle, Evidence Njoku, Brevin Jordan, Michael Scibelli, Brian Hightower. Photo by JC Ridley

FRONT ROW: Terry McCray, Al Blades Jr., Mark Pope, Gregory Rousseau, Marquez Ezzard, Gurvan Hall Jr., Mark Richt, Gilbert Frierson, Steven Billings-Larson Jr., Lorenzo Lingard, Ryan Rizk, Nigel Bethel Jr., Clay James, Devin Golden; BACK ROW: Will Mallory, Jordan Miller, Darian Stephenson, Realus George Jr., Dee Wiggins, DJ Scaife Jr., John Campbell Jr., Brevin Jordan, Jared Griffith, Patrick Joyner Jr., Cleveland Reed Jr. Photo by JC Ridley

KEEP UP Running back DeeJay Dallas (13) evades Pitt's defense. Dallas made two touchdowns in the victorious final game, which the 'Canes finished 24-3. Photo by Ryan Morgello




COACH Head coach Mark Richt’s impact on the program won’t be forgotten after his sudden retirement STORY Morgan Thomson


Mark Richt was introduced as the head coach of the football program at the end of the 2015 season. The announcement followed Director of Athletics Blake James relieving head coach Al Golden of his duties in October.








A quarterback for the Hurricanes in the early 1980s, Mark Richt’s return to Miami was celebrated after former head coach Al Golden was fired. His first season at the “U” ended with 9-3 overall and 5-4 in the ACC. Overall, the 'Canes ranked number 20 –the first ranking they held at the end of the season since 2009. It seemed like the team couldn’t be stopped in Richt’s second season coaching. With the Turnover Chain making national headlines, the Hurricanes boasted a 10-game winning streak that they hadn’t seen the likes of since 2002. The ACC season concluded with a 38-3 loss to Clemson in the championship game, and they challenged Wisconsin in the Orange Bowl, but lost 24-34. Despite a challenging end, the 2017 season was the highlight of Richt’s career at Miami. The following season took a turn with a 3-35 loss against Wisconsin at the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City just days before the coach announced his retirement. “My love for the 'U' is simply great. My true desire is for our football program to return to greatness, and while terribly difficult, I feel that stepping down is in the best interests of the program,” Richt stated in his press release after the bowl game. Richt has left his mark on more than the football programs past three season records. He supported fund raising efforts for the Carol Soffer Football Indoor Practice Facility which replaces the open field on the Coral Gables campus. Additionally, he launched a program that focuses on networking and career placement for former players called "The U Network."

Sure, the Hurricanes had made it to bowl games, but the West Virginia game was their first bowl win in over a decade. The 4-0 start of the season was also unexpected with 9-4 overall. After the loss against Clemson 58-0 in 2015, Richt's affect on the team was hard to miss.


At the Bethune-Cookman game, the coaching department debuted the Turnover Chain when defensive back Malek Young forced a turnover. Copycat chains started appearing and fans were buying homemade chains. The team rose to third in the nation for forcing turnovers and led an impressive 10-3 overall with a 3-38 loss at the ACC championship against Clemson. In a return to the Orange Bowl, the 'Canes fell to Wisconsin 24-34.


THROWBACK In 1981, quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Mark Richt discuss strategy with quarterback coach Earl Morrail. Richt launched his coaching career at Florida State University shortly after graduating and is best known for his coaching career at Georgia State from 2001-2015. Photo by Sid Savitz

IN ACTION In his first season as head coach, Richt talks with offensive coordinator Thomas Brown during practice. Photo by JC Ridley

BIG DEBUT Head coach Mark Richt enters the field for the first time with the team during the 2016 season.

NEW BEGINNINGS Back at his alma mater, Richt throws up the "U" as he is appointed the 24th head coach of the football program following Al Goldman. Photo by JC Ridley


With a Turnover Chain redesign, the 'Canes were high off of the success of the previous season. They made the New Era Pinstripe Bowl in New York and were able to challenge Wisconsin to a rematch. The post season game ended 3-35 in Wisconson's favor.

DEC 30



Photo by JC Ridley

OCT 26

Manny Diaz will take the reigns as the 25th head coach of the football program. He served as a defensive specialist for nearly two decades at various collegiate football programs until he was picked up by the Hurricanes as defensive coordinator around the same time as Richt. That was until he left for a span of weeks near the end of the 2018 season and became Temple University’s head coach. Less than 24 hours after Richt’s announcement, Diaz was named head coach for the Hurricanes. This involved a fourmillion-dollar buyout as Diaz had already signed his contract with Temple and was officially head coach for all of a few days. Diaz stated about his buyout, “as excited as I am about staying home, I hate the way this unfolded with respect to Temple. I was given a tremendous opportunity to lead the Temple program and I was actively engaged in doing just that when I woke up this morning. I never saw this coming, no one did.” Diaz’s first season as head coach includes an anticipated game against the Florida Gators who the Hurricanes last played and won against in 2013 with a score of 21-16.


Richt announces his retirement in a letter released by the athletic department days after. He expressed that he felt stepping down was in the best interests of the football program's success. "This was my decision," Richt stated in his letter.



Blake James, the director of athletics named Manny Diaz as the 25th head coach of the football program. "Manny Diaz is our head coach because he is the right man at the right time and he has the vision to build upon what Mark Richt built and continue us down the path towards national prominence competing for conference and national championships," James said.


breaking from the

PACK Breakout underclassmen Ryley Howard and Dylan Sykes lead the program to new heights STORY Morgan Thomson

For all four invitationals and the ACC and NCAA Regional Championships, sophomore Dylan Sykes was the first ‘Cane to breach the finish line. He finished fifth at the FAU Invitational with a 5K time of 15:38.39 and was the only one to compete for the men at the 10K NCAA Regional Championships. Another newcomer, freshman Ryley Howard was an unexpected frontrunner, leading the way for the women at the first three invitationals, placing third for the first 5K with a time of 18:45.14. At the Mountain Dew Invitational, she finished with a time of 18:32.37- the tenth fastest 5K times in the history of the cross country program. "Ryley continues to impress me with her consistent performances no matter how she may be feeling," distance coach Damon Griffiths said. "She ran another personal best and an all-time top 10 performance today." With an illustrious cross country and track and field past, senior Anne den Otter was one of two ‘Canes to participate in all six events of the season. She ended her final cross country event with a time of 24:15.8.

SHINING STAR At the ACC Championship, sophomore Simone Vreeland posted a team best of 21:15.6 in the 6K. Photo by JC Ridley

CROSS COUNTRY Men's and Women's placed 15th in the ACC Championships WOMEN'S TOP MARKS DATE







5K, 18:45




6K, 23:25




5K, 19:23




5K, 18:32




5K, 19:14




6K, 22:53


LEGENDS OF THE TRAIL A promising new member, freshman Ryley Howard and seasoned senior Anne den Otter run together at the FAU Invitational. Howard placed third and den Otter in seventh in the 5K. Photo by JC Ridley










5K, 15:38




10K, 32:25




8K, 27:44




8K, 25:39




8K, 28:35




8K, 26:13

FULL SPEED AHEAD Dylan Sykes, a sophomore from Michigan was the breakout star of the men's cross country team. Sykes led the 'Canes men in every meet they participated in and soley represented the Hurricanes at the NCAA Regional 10K. Photo by JC Ridley


a season of


A few promising shut outs before the regular season raised hopes, but things quickly fell apart away from home STORY Morgan Thomson

An undefeated ACC season at home looked like it was in the books for the Hurricanes until they met the Clemson Tigers at the Knight Sports Complex, losing the final three sets. Regardless, they kept a steady record at home, finishing with 9 – 3 overall in the ACC. It was on the road where the ‘Canes stumbled. Coming back from a stellar season where they ranked third in the ACC, it was a sharp fall to eighth out of fifteen. The majority of away games were lost, but they found victory against in Virginia, winning all but one set against the Cavaliers. After a long game against FSU, clocking in at nearly three hours with five sets, the Hurricanes delivered the Seminoles one of two losses in their ACC season. "To see this young group manage that 12-8 deficit in the fifth set and to have the composure to finish the match was very rewarding to see as a coach," head coach Jose “Keno” Gandara said

after the match against FSU. Miami dropped in the second and third set, but the Seminoles didn’t have much time for hope when they brought it back in the last two sets, finishing 25-18 and 19-17 in the fourth and fifth sets respectively. It was through team work that Miami came out back on top with three kills from middle blocker Bridget Wallenberger, one from outside hitter Kolby Bird, and an ace by defensive specialist Priscilla Hernandez who tied her career high of two aces. Outside hitter Chloe Brown delivered the fourth set with a block that sent them into the final set. "It's awesome to get this win because you can't downplay the rivalry Miami and Florida State has," Gandara said after a close fifth set came to its ends. The Hurricanes finished the conference with nine wins and nine losses, and overall 13 wins and 12 losses. FRONT ROW: Chloe Brown, Sophie Walls, Priscilla Hernandez, Sara Duque, Emily Damon, Maddie Naumann, Taylor Burrell; BACK ROW: Haley Templeton, Cameron Dobbs, Lucia Pampana, Elizaveta Lukianova, Bridget Wallenberger, Maya Sullivan, Kolby Bird, Hannah Sorensen. Photo by JC Ridley

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Off of the court, outside hitter Elizaveta Lukianova and setter Haley Templeton were name to the All-ACC Academic Team. Templeton is a three-time recipient of the honor, but Lukianova received her first. They continue the tradition of at least two ‘Canes making the All-ACC Academic team for the sixth consecutive season. All conference student athletes with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are recognized on the ACC Honor Roll after the academic year ends, but only a select few get named to the All-ACC Academic Team. Performance in athletics is taken into account when team is selected as well as their academic achievements.



ACC STAR Setter Haley Templeton (5) has received multiple honors from the ACC and finished third in Miami history with 4,632 career assists. Photo by Vivien Dominick

WATCH OUT Outside hitter Chloe Brown (4) attempts to bypass FSU's guards and score for the 'Canes, but their defense is too quick. Brown achieved her third career double-double with 12 kills and 12 digs in the match against FSU Photo by JC Ridley

VOLLEYBALL | 13-12-0 Ranked no. 8 of 15 in the ACC DATE





W, 3-1



L, 0-3



W, 3-0



L, 0-3



L, 2-3



W, 3-0



W, 3-0









W, 3-0



W, 3-1



L, 0-3



W, 3-1



W, 3-1



W, 3-1



L, 1-3



W, 3-0



L, 0-3



W, 3-1



W, 3-2



W, 3-0



L, 1-3



L, 0-3



L, 2-3



L, 1-3



L, 2-3



L, 2-3

*denotes conference game


HEAD IN THE GAME In an effort to keep the ball away from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, midfielder Tia Dupont (23) heads the ball forward with minutes left in the game. Photo by JC Ridley

STAY FOCUSED After a tough save against a Virginia Tech goal attempt, goalkeeper Phallon Tullis-Joyce (91), punts the ball up the field. Tullis-Joyce logged two saves against the Hokies, and made the Second Team All-ACC in her last collegiate season. Photo by JC Ridley



KEEPING POSSESSION Defender Selena Fortich (14) kicks the ball up center field for an attempted shot; Miami took one shot at the goal and Virginia Tech took four shots, two successfully. Fortich attempted six shots through the course of the season. Photo by JC Ridley

Comeback ON THE

With a less-than-stellar season in the past, women’s soccer slowly makes their comeback STORY Morgan Thomson

Slowly on their way back from last season’s overall tally of five wins and 11 loses, the ‘Canes left Cobb Stadium with six wins, nine losses and three ties. They began the ACC season in South Carolina in a rematch against Clemson. Unlike last year, they were able to get on the board against the Tigers in the first half when freshman forward Mallory Olsson made her second career goal. Ultimately, the ‘Canes fell during overtime and Clemson brought home the win in a 2-1 match. Not all rematches were futile. The score was flipped in their match against Syracuse where the ‘Canes took it home 1 –0. “I am really happy for the team. We have been on the cusp of some wins for a month now, but we have fallen a little bit short and have not quite executed," Sarah Barnes, the newly appointed head coach of the soccer program said after the Syracuse win. Barnes came to Miami after six seasons as head coach at George Washinton University. She replaced Mary-Frances Monroe. Miami landed a final ranking of 12 out of 14, just ahead of Pittsburgh and Syracuse who were shut out of the ACC entirely with zero wins. Nonetheless, the team celebrated their highpoints. "I am a completely different person and player then from when I first stepped on this field," redshirt senior goalkeeper Phallon Tullis-Joyce said. Tullis-Joyce broke her career record for saves during the final game against FSU, one that boasted the second highest attendance in the program’s history with 1,850 spectators. With 85 saves, she comes out with the third highest ranking at UM – 259 in total.

EYES ON THE BALL Forward Gudrun Haralz (8) protects the ball as she tries to escape University of Texas Rio Grande Valley defenders and push the ball forward. Harlaz is one of two freshman who saw action in all of the games, and she led the Hurricanes with seven goals throughout the season. Photo by JC Ridley

SOCCER | 6-9-3 Ranked no. 12 of 14 in the ACC DATE





W, 3-2



W, 4-1



L, 1-2



W, 1-0



L, 1-2



L, 0-2



T, 1-1



T, 1-1



L, 1-2



L, 0-2



L, 0-2



W, 1-0



W, 3-2



L, 0-3



T, 1-1



L, 0-1



L, 0-2



W, 1-0

*denotes conference game

GOOD GAME Defender Morgan Asmussen (24) and midfielder Lauren Markwith (15) high-five after the match against Virginia Tech. Asmussen played in 10 games while Markwith saw action in 16. Photo by JC Ridley




With every ACC diving honor for the season secured, the men's diving team made it to the top at the NCAA Championships STORY Morgan Thomson

Head coach Randy Ableman was named both ACC Men's diving Coach of the Year and ACC Women's Diving Coach of the Year, and the program didn't have a problem making further headlines. Redshirt senior Briadam Herrera was honored with ACC Men's Diver of the year, and redshirt sophomore Alicia Blagg earned the same honor as the ACC Women's Diver of the Year. The announcment followed redshirt junior and diver David Dinsmore's finish as the national runner-up on platform at the NCAA Championship. Zach Cooper, a sophomore



and diver finished fourth in the same category, passing his performance the year before where he placed seventh. Herrera finished in the top as well, competing in the three-meter springboard and placing second on the final stage of his collegiate career. "We didn't quite get what we wanted here," Ableman said. "All three of these boys are representing the United States in two weeks. We're the only school with that representation, and I'm very proud of that."

FLYING TO THE FINISH Senior Katie Sickinger demonstrates a butterfly stroke at the meet against FIU. Sickinger was one of three captains for the season. Photo by JC Ridley

LAST YEAR TO IMPRESS Roxanne Yu finished the final dual meet of her career against Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) and finished in fourth-place. Yu is a senior who swims in the backstroke position and is one of the three senior tri-captains on the swimming team.

SWIMMING & DIVING Finished no. 11 out of 12 in the ACC DATE





L, 184-95



W, 165-133



113, 227.5 pts



W, 176-44



W, 121-119



L, 59-200



L, 93-165



W, 256-170



W, 294-90






137, 341, 467 pts






L, 59-239



L, 71-225



W, 126-116






239.5 points




*individual result, more details at hurricanesports.com **conference ranking

Photo by JC Ridley

HEAD FIRST In a meet against Boston College, sophomore diver Zach Cooper demonstrates a tuck dive. Cooper was named All-American on the 10-meter at the NCAA Championships and finished fourth in the platform diving final, just a couple places behind teammate and fellow diver David Dinsmore who finished as the national runner- up in the category. Photo by JC Ridley

JUST KEEP SWIMMING The Hurricanes won with flying colors in a meet against Boston College, hosted at the UC Pool. The Eagles fell 256-170. Photo by JC Ridley

THREE CHEERS The swimming team celebrates the end of a meet against hometown rivals Florida International University (FIU). The Hurricanes were victorious with a final score of 165-133. Photo by JC Ridley

FREESTYLIN' Freshman Grace McGinnis races against her sister in the 500m freestyle. She finished with the second-fastest time in a meet against FAU and Boston College. Photo by JC Ridley

FRONT ROW: Emily Weissman, Carmen San Nicolas, Alaina Skellett, Iliana Oikonomou, Roxanne Yu, Sydney Story, Katie Sickinger, Carolyn Chaney, Manon Viguier, Chandler Sensibaugh, Sydney Knapp, Alicia Blagg, Millie Haffety; BACK ROW: Andy Kershaw, Tanja Kylliainen, Chloe Hull, Maria Artigas Fernandez, Claire McGinnis, Briadam Herrera, David Dinsmore, Zach Cooper, Zorry Mason, Grace McGinnis, Maddie Lauther, Randy Ableman, Dario Di Fazio. Photo by JC Ridley


MIA TO CHS Eight teams are competing in the Charleston Classic 2019 tournament at TD Arena in Charleston, South Carolina. The fall tournament will offer those participating a week full of experience and practice around the historic city. Miami is no stranger to this tournament having won two titles previously in 2009 and 2014. Miami is set to compete alongside the University of Florida, University of Connecticut, Missouri State University, Penn State University, Saint Joseph’s University, Towson University and Xavier University. Four of the eight teams competing made it to the postseason in 2018 including Xavier, Miami, Florida and Penn State.

DUNK ON EM' Center Ebuka Izunda (15) celebrates his massive dunk over two UNC players. He set a single-season shooting record with 63.5 percent from the field. Photo by Ryan Morgello



TAKE IT TO THE HOLE Guard Zach Johnson (5) drives to the basket for a layup. The senior who transferred from Florida Gulf Coast University finished his basketball career with 1,720 points. Photo by Ryan Morgello

HARD IN THE PAINT Guard Zach Johnson (5) shots over UNC's Garrison Brooks (15) in an attempt to dunk the ball. Johnson finished second in ACC in conference games with 34. Photo by Ryan Morgello IT'S LYKES THAT Point Guard Chris Lyes pump fakes right and goes left after being double teamed. Lykes ended the season with 10 games scoring 20 or more points. Photo by Ryan Morgello

OVER THEIR HEADS Guard Anthony Lawrence II evades UNC's defense and scores. He contributed 18 points to the final of 85-76, in UNC's favor. Photo by Ryan Morgello



Hurrıcane GET A

The season opener against Lehigh's Mountain Hawks leaves the Hurricanes on a high note with a 21-point lead STORY Madison George

The season officially kicked off and head coach Jim Larrañaga began his eighth season with the Hurricanes. The ‘Canes put on an explosive performance against Lehigh’s Mountain Hawks. All of Miami’s five starters racked up double figures in the 83-62 game. Guard Chris Lykes ended the night with eight free throws and four 3-pointers giving the sophomore a career-high of 22 points. Senior guard Anthony Lawerence II was able to finish the night with his third career double-double which included 19 points and 12 rebounds, and three steals, both teamhigh records. Junior guard Dejan Vasiljevic, scored 16 points, sophomore forward Sam Waardenburg poured in 11 points and senior center Ebuka Izundu had 10 points, nine rebounds and three blocks. With the help of Lykes’ smooth cross over move followed by a three-pointer, the ‘Canes were up by 12 in the half. Momentum was then continued into the second half when Vasiljeivc knocked down back-to-back threes and free-throws giving the ‘Canes eight out of ten points of the period. Leading with just 1:26 remaining, Lawrence knocked down his fourth threepointer which gave the ‘Canes a 24-point lead. Miami ended up sinking 14 three-pointers and forced 18 turnovers giving the Hurricane’s a win for the season home opener.

GOIN' IN Guard Dejan Vasiljevic (1) goes up for the layup. Vasiljevic ranks eighth in career 3-pointers made, with 199 at the end of the season. Photo by Ryan Morgello


taking DOWN


The post-break slump doesn't stop Miami from catching fire in order to defeat the Houston Baptist Huskies in the first match-up between the two teams right on our home court STORY Madison George

After a 15-day break for the ‘Canes, they were back in action at the Watsco Center as they took down Houston Baption 80-73. Senior Anthony Lawrence II and Ebuka Izunda led the team to victory both ending up with double figures for the night. Lawrence scooped up 17 points and five rebounds while Izunda came out with 15 points and 11 rebounds while also closing out the night with a career-high playing time of 33 minutes. The two seniors were also helped out by Chris Lykes who scored



14 points and Dejan Vasiljevic who scored a total of 13 points. The guards also were able to manage four assists and pulled down five boards. After giving Houston their first lead of the night, Lawrence drained a three, giving Miami a lead they would continue to maintain. With just a little over nine minutes left in the game, head coach Jim Larrañaga decided to make a defensive adjustment and called for full court press. This change led to a quick back-to-back

Houston turnovers and forced the Huskies to take a timeout. “Our intentions were to press them a little bit and as a result, the press worked,” said Larrañaga who coached his 250th career game at Miami. The Hurricanes were able to hold at least a seven point against Houston for the remainder of the game which later ended in victory.

OUT OF MY WAY! With quick footwork, guard Chris Lykes (0) is passing through Clemson's guards with ease. Photo by Ryan Morgello


MAKING MY WAY Guard Chris Lykes (0) weaves jos way down the court to score against Clemson. He totaled 21 points in the close 65-64 win against them. Photo by

Both of Miami’s men’s and women’s basketball teams traveled to Italy for a foreign tour in the summer. The men’s tour covered Rome, Florence and Como where they starred in four games. The last tour the ‘Canes took was in 2014 when they traveled to Spain. While the team put in hard work, they also participated in tours of the Roman Colosseum, Vatican City and were able to get a true taste of Italy in Florence. “The trip to Italy is a tremendous opportunity for our players to grow physically, mentally and educationally together as a team," Miami's head men's basketball coach Jim Larrañaga said. Fans were also welcomed to join the ‘Canes on their Italian tour that they will take in the upcoming fall semster that will “provide our team with a once in a lifetime experience,” Larrañaga ensured.

Ryan Morgello



STANDOFF Miami met up with their gulf coast neighbors Florida Atlantic University and won a 30-point lead STORY Madison George

MAKE THE SHOT Guard Zach Johnson (5) gets caught in Pitt's Xavier Johnson's (1) defense. The Hurricane's won the game with a 13-point lead. Photo by Ryan Morgello



Landing their second home victory, Miami took down the Florida Atlantic University Owls in a 75-55 win. Ebuka Izundu and Anthony Lawrence II continued to lead the team as Izundu finished out the game with 19 points and Lawrence with 17 points. Lawrence also has eight rebounds and eight assists in addition to his 17 points, making the guard just shy of a triple double. Chris Lykes also contributed with a total of 12 points and seven assists. The ‘Canes shot 50.9 percent from the field while FAU shot 33 percent, Miami’s lowest opponent of the season. Within the first eight minutes of the game Miami quickly had 19-5 lead and ended up having a 23 point lead by the end of the half. While the ‘Canes continued to dominate the court, the Owls quickly fell behind as Miami had a 32 point lead with nearly 11 minutes left in the game. Anthony Mack played 20 minutes and scored a career-best right points as a Hurricane. Zach Johnson scored six points which added to his running total of 1,482 career points.

BASKETBALL | 14-18-0 Ranked no. 12 in the ACC DATE





W, 91-61



W, 83-62



W, 96-58



W, 78-70



W, 85-49



W, 78-76



L, 81-83



L, 54-57



L, 73-77



L, 75-89



W, 80-73



W, 75-55



W, 73-62



L, 82-87



L, 73-90



L, 62-68



W, 76-65



L, 76-85



L, 53-73



L, 66-78

FRONT ROW: Chris Lykes, Kameron McGusty, Dejan Vasiljevic, Pooh Williamson, Chris Caputo, Jim Larrañaga, Adam Fisher, Lamont Franklin, Zach Johnson, Willie Herenton, Anthony Mack; BACK ROW: Deng Gak, Dewan Hernandez, Rodney Miller Jr., Sam Waardenburg, Ebuka Izundu, Anthony Lawrence. Photo courtesy of UM



L, 70-82



L, 46-56



W, 62-47




L, 85-88



W, 65-64



L, 57-64



W, 80-65



L, 75-76



L, 57-87



W, 76-63



L, 70-84



W, 79-71



L, 56-71

*denotes conference game **denotes NCAA tournament

I GOT YOU With his sights set on the loose ball, guard Chris Lykes (0) returns control to the Hurricanes. Photo by Ryan Morgello

THE LONG JUMP Center Ebuka Izundu (15) dunks on Pitt. He made 14 rebounds in the game. Photo by Ryan Morgello

BREAKING THROUGH Guard Anthony Lawrence II (3) has his opportunity for the hoop blocked by Pitt. He scored a career-high 27 points. Photo by Ryan Morgello


BACK and BETTER than ever

In a battle against New Orleans, Miami dominated the court for the second year in a row STORY Madison George

Returning after their longest break of the season, the ‘Canes were able to take down the New Orleans Privateers right here in Coral Gables. Both racking up double-doubles this season, forward Beatrice Mompremier and forward/ center Emese Hof contributed to the victory over the Privateers. Head coach Katie Meier commented on the changing defense saying “I thought that really made a difference in the game and it made a difference in our energy level. It gave us a few more possessions to have some fun,” said Meier. Soon after scoring 12 straight points, the Hurricanes used a long run to have a 17-point lead, making the score 37-20. Going into the second half, Miami didn’t allow New Orleans to score for nearly the first seven minutes of the game, giving Miami a 35-point lead. Mompremier led with 16 points and 10 rebounds, giving her the sixth doubledouble of the year. Hof scored 10 points and 10 boards as well as blocking two shots in this game against New Orleans. Guard Kelsey Marshall closed out the game with 14 points and tied a career high with four 3-point shots. This is the 12th season that the ‘Canes have defeated an opponent who has scored fewer that 40 points in a game.



AND ONE Forward Beatrice Mompremier (32) soars towards the basket in an attempt to make a layup. As a redshirt, she posted 25 doubledoubles, including 20 in her last 24 outings. Photo by

BYPASSED In the NCAA tournament, forward Beatrice Mompremier keeps the ball in possession by passing it to her team. Photo by JC Ridley

JC Ridley

PULL UP N' WRECK GUARD Mykea Gray (5) rushes to the basket and makes her way into the paint for a layup. Gray is only one of three players to start all 34 games and conferences. Photo by JC Ridley

JUMPING FOR VICTORY Forward and center Emese Hof (21) jumps for the hoop to score points for the 'Canes. In the NCAA tournament game against Florida Gulf Coast University, Miami won 69-62. Photo by JC Ridley

GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING BJ Ablot, a South Florida transplant and supporter of Miami athletics, pledged a seven-figure estate gift to establish a women’s basketball scholarship endowment making it the first fully endowed women’s athletics scholarship here at Miami. Ablot attends all home women’s basketball games and travels around the country to support the team during the regular and postseason. The endowment will be named after Miami head coach Katie Meier per Ablot’s request. Once the endowment is established, it will provide funding for a full scholarship for one team member. “This is a truly transformational gift for our women's basketball program that will positively impact the lives of so many young women for years to come,” said Blake James, Director of Athletics.

FAKE RIGHT, BREAK LEFT Emese Hof (21) dribbles the ball down the court. Hof was the 2019 receiver of the ACC Most Improved Player Award. Photo by JC Ridley



DOWN the

HEELS Miami plays aggressively to solidify their third ACC season victory over North Carolina STORY Madison George

For the fourth year in a row, Miami defeated North Carolina while hosting a home game in Coral Gables, ringing in a 76-68 victory. While North Carolina missed 11 straight shots, Miami picked up the first 14 points in just under three minutes. Forward Beatrice Mompremier and guard Mykea Gray racked up a combined 29 points in the first half, Mompremier with 14 and Gray with 15. “We played free. We played aggressive,” head coach Katie Meier said. The Hurricanes continued that aggressiveness into the second half holding a 20-point lead. After trailing for a good portion of the game, North Carolina used a 16-2 run late in the fourth period with just 1:39 left to go. Miami was able to come back and score seven of the next nine points in order to come out on top. “That was a beautiful game for a while there. You're supposed to win the game and we've been finding a way to win,” Meier affirmed.

I GO HARD IN THE PAINT Mykea Gray (5) goes for a layup on the left agains FCGU. Gray finished third in scoring amongst her teammates with 12.6 points per game. Photo by JC Ridley



DOMINATE Flying towards the basket, Beatrice Momphimer (32) towers over FCGU as she goes in for a bucket. Momphimer tallied in the most points made in a game by a 'Cane with 27 points. Photo by JC Ridley

JUMPIN' JUMPIN' Forward Beatrice Mompremier (32) does her pre-game dance while getting ready for the game. As a redshirt junior, she set the Miami singleseason rebounding record with 401 rebounds and was named ACC Player of the Week three times in the spring semester. Photo by JC Ridley


FRONT ROW: Taylor Mason, Destiny Harden, Sarah Mortensen, Mykea Gray, Laura Cornelius, Kelsey Marshall, Endia Banks, Rebecca Ripley; BACK ROW: Tia Jackson, Octavia Blue, Khaila Prather, Emese Hof, Beatrice Mompremier, Jamir Huston, Katie Meier, Fitzroy Anthony. Photo by JC Ridley

Adidas released a collection of NCAA uniforms inspired by the Harlem Renaissance for teams to wear during the month of February. Each jersey features patterns and prints of those that came out of the 1920s. All of the details in the uniforms pay homage to forms of art and sport during the Renaissance and how they played a role in shaping AfricanAmerican culture. Each uniform has a unique stitching around the team name as well as a “Celebrating Black Culture” patch. “We are honored to partner with adidas to celebrate Black History Month and recognize the enormous contributions of so many,” said Director of Athletics Blake James.





The defeat of fourth-ranked powerhouse Notre Dame was just the beginning of the road to the NCAA tournament STORY Madison George

With the home court advantage, Miami was able to defeat the Fighting Irish for the second time right here in Coral Gables. For the first 32 minutes the Hurricanes took charge and led the game, making nine of their first 13 shots. “I felt really good about it going in. I told them in the locker room before the game and at halftime, do not be surprised when you win this basketball game”, said Miami head coach Katie Meier. Just before the half, forward Beatrice Mompremier made a basket giving Miami a two point lead going into the second half. Coming back onto the court, guard Taylor Mason connected on two 3-pointers. With Notre Dame trailing, Miami managed another two point advantage going into the last ten minutes of the game. “It’s a significant game. I’m really excited to win it,” said Meier. This was the first time this season that Notre Dame didn’t lead during any quarter of a game, giving the ‘Canes another advantage. Mompremier finished the game with 18 points and 12 rebounds, giving the forward her 18th double-double of the season. Mason logged a career high of 13 points in the second half, and Emese Hof topped the charts of all scorers with 21 points and 13 rebounds.

CAN'T TOUCH THIS Guard Laura Cornelius (1) breezes past Notre Dame's guard Jackie Young (5) to return the ball to her team members. Photo by Vedasta Masangu



BASKETBALL | 25-9-0 Ranked No. 4 of 15 in the ACC

CAN'T KEEP UP Forward Beatrice Mompremier (32) catches a rebound and goes for the hoop. Mompremier put up 18 points and 12 rebounds in the game. Photo by Vedasta Masangu

THIS IS MINE In an effort to keep the ball out of Notre Dame's possession, forward Beatrice Mompremier (32) nudges the ball toward her. Photo by Vedasta Masangu FOR THE TEAM Guard Endia Banks (3) celebrates the hard-earned victory. She played in all 32 games and started in the final 14. Photo by JC Ridley






W, 94-43



W, 81-60



W, 75-62



W, 63-55



L, 75-52



W, 82-68



W, 73-61



L, 74-63



W, 73-58



W, 78-38



W, 7153



W, 90-65



W, 101-74



W, 103-54



L, 90-80



W, 68-61



W, 72-57



L, 76-67



W, 58-60



W, 76-68



W, 84-71



W, 76-73



L, 62-58



W, 72-59



W, 72-65



W, 65-51



W, 79-73



L, 73-65



W, 64-54



W, 69-56



L, 70-68



L, 92 85



W, 69-62



L, 57-55

*denotes conference game **denotes NCAA tournament

STOLE THEIR LUCK The women's team celebrates their victory against fourth-ranked Notre Dame. Photo by Vedasta Masangu




A successful ACC season was solidified with back-toback wins and the second appearance at the NCAA Singles Competition in the past decade celebrated breakout-sophomore Adria Soriano Barrera STORY Morgan Thomson

Led by head coach Aljosa Piric, the men’s tennis team competed in matches as far away as Arizona for the Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s (ITA) fall championship and ended the post-ACC season in the second round of NCAA championships. The ACC opener gave the ‘Canes a taste of a good season. In the match against Georgia Tech, the ‘Canes showed what they were made of and came out on top. They finished the ACC season against Clemson where they swept the competition in a 7-0 victory. “Great effort by our guys to get back-to-back ACC victories,” Piric said. Sophomore Adria Soriano Barrera made it to the NCAA Singles Championship where he faced off against the nation’s second-ranked singles player, JJ Wolf of Ohio State. Wolf claimed victory in the end, but Soriano Barrera was only the second Hurricane to compete in the NCAA Singles Championship over the past decade. In the final Oracle/ITA Southeast Region rankings, two Miami sophomores made the cut. Adria Soriano Barrera claimed seventh in the regional singles rankings, and Bojan Jankulovski earned No. 11. Miami finished sixth in the region and No. 36 in the national on the team list. Adding to the list of achievements by the men’s tennis team, freshmen Frano Aubone and Francisco Bastias were selected to the ACC All-Academic Team.

JUST GETTING WARMED UP In a preseason invitation at home, Franco Aubone lobbies the ball back to the other team. Aubone made ACC Doubles Team of the Week in March. Photo by JC Ridley



WE GOT THIS Junior Adria Soriano Barrera makes history as only the second Hurricane to make it to the NCAA Singles Chamionship in the past decade. Photo by JC Ridley

GET THAT WIN The team gets hyped for their match against Florida Atlantic University. The 'Canes won 6-1. Photo by JC Ridley

MEN'S TENNIS | 17-11-0 Ranked No. 5 of 13 in the ACC

Francisco Bastias, Pablo Aycart Joya, Bojan Jankulovski, William Grattan-Smith, Adria Soriano Barrera, Dane Dunlap, Stephen Madonia, Franco Aubone, Tatsuki Shimamoto. Photo by JC Ridley






W, 7-0



W, 6-1



W, 6-1



W, 4-2



L, 0-4



L, 1-4



W, 4-0



W, 4-1



L, 2-4



W, 6-1



W, 7-0



L, 0-4



W, 4-0



W, 5-1



W, 5-0



W, 4-3



W, 4-0



W, 4-0



W, 4-3



L, 1-4



L, 0-4



W, 4-3



L, 0-4



L, 1-4



L, 1-4



W, 4-0



L, 2-4



L, 0-4

*denotes conference match **denotes NCAA match


FOCUSED Named Second Team AllACC because of her season performance, freshman Daevenia Achong gets ready for an underhand hit. Photo by JC Ridley

THAT'S HOW WE DO Freshman Lucia Marzal celebrates after a victory. Marzal went 3-1 this season against ranked single opponents. Photo by JC Ridley

HUSTLE AND HIT Senior Ana Madcur brings the heat during one of her singles matches. Madcur reached her career high with 83 wins this season. Photo by JC Ridley


TRUE The second ever ‘Cane to win a national title in women’s tennis since Audra Cohen in 2007 celebrates her victory against Georgia’s Katarina Jokic, a top-seeded opponent STORY Morgan Thomson

After finishing as a semifinalist in the NCAA Singles Championship her freshman year, junior Estela Perez-Somarriba returned to the championship and took home the title against the second ranked tennis player in the country. "I don't think I have ever seen a better college tennis match in a bigger moment in my career," head coach Paige Yaroshuk-Tews said. "It was just incredible." Along with her championship trophy, Perez-Somarriba also ended her year with a 43-5 record, the highest victory total of any player in the country and second-most wins in a season by a Hurricane. "It's amazing. Dreams come true," Perez-Somarriba said. "I am just really happy that I got to be here and that I was able to experience all of this. I am just really grateful to the University of Miami; the coaches, teammates and the staff, for making this possible and for helping me every single day." Additionally, Perez-Somarriba won the elite Honda Sport Award for tennis – just the fourth Hurricane in history to earn the 43-year old honor. With the release of the Oracle/ITA Southeast Region rankings, Miami came in fourth and continued the tradition of ranking in the top five since 2010. Perez-Somarriba took second at the singles rankings, with her NCAA Championship competition Katarina Jokic from Georgia taking first. Freshman player Daevenia Achong earned No. 16 on the singles list as well as a fourth on the doubles list with senior Daniella Roldan. Nationally, Perez-Somarriba placed second in singles, Achong No. 123 in singles as well as No. 25 in doubles with Roldan.



TOP TWO AND SHE'S NOT TWO. There's nothing junior and NCAA Tennis Singles champion Estela PerezSomarriba can't handle on or off the court. Estela was named ACC Player of the Year and ACC Scholar-Athlete of the year. Photo by JC Ridley

TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK Junior Yuna Ito and senior Ana Madcur encourage each other after a sucessful duobles match. Photo by JC Ridley


Ranked No. 5 of 15 in the ACC

EYES ON THE PRIZE Focused on the ball, senior Daniella Roland prepares for her opponents serve. Roland ranked in doubles three different times, finishing at No. 25 and peaking at No. 13. Photo by JC Ridley






W, 4-1



L, 3-4



W, 5-2



W, 4-0



L, 2-5



L, 3-4



W, 5-2



W, 6-1



W, 5-2



W, 4-0



W, 6-1



L, 1-6



L, 3-4



W, 6-1



W, 6-1



L, 3-4



W, 5-2



W, 7-0



W, 6-1



W, 4-1



W, 4-2



L, 0-4



W, 4-3



L, 3-4



W, 6-2

*denotes conference game **denotes NCAA tournament


Bringing home the


PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Sophomore Julia Giannotta rows down the Miami River during a practice run. Photo by JC Ridley



Second Varsity Four boat earned a bronze medal at the ACC Championship STORY Morgan Thomson

Early morning practices on the Miami River and six invitationals primed the rowing team for the ACC Championship. "The team had a mix of racing results this weekend," head coach Dave Sanderson commented on the championship. The Varsity Four placed sixth in a grand final, and the Varsity Eight and Second Varsity Eight finished second in their petite finals, but it was the boat manned by Maren Stickley, Loretta Brueckner, Catherine Notarfrancesco, Marilou Chardin, Victoria Stewart, Sammi Tripp, Maddie O'Rilly, Halle Alitz and Mackenzie Holmgren that earned bronze overall. Additonally, All-ACC Academic Team honors were given to Jackie Lippincott, Autumn Kramer and Meredith Costello. They earned the honors for the first time in their careers. "The team is young and they just gained valuable experience at this championship regatta that will serve as a strong foundation for stronger results next season."

ROWING Tied for seventh at the ACC Championships DATE





8+ 1st Place A Boat


Miami Beach, Florida

AT UCF Orlando, Florida


CARDINAL INVITE Oak Ridge, Tennessee

TRAINING HARD Madison O'Reilly and Tessa White-Parsons row on the Miami River. Both rowers were members of the first varsity eight boat at the Cardinal Invitational and finished third. Photo by JC Ridley ON THE LOOKOUT Freshman Abby Schwenger acts as the coxswain, sitting in the stern of the boat and is responsible for steering and keeping the rower's rhythm coordinated. Schwenger is originally from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. Photo

4+ 2nd Place A Boat 1V8+ 2nd & 3rd 2V8+ 3rd & 4th 1V4+ 3rd 1V8+ 3rd 2V8+ 3rd 2V4+ 3rd



1V8+ 3rd*

Sarasota, Florida

2V8+ 3rd* 3V8+ 7th* 1V4+ 6th* 2V4+ 4th**



1V8+ 3rd

Sacramento, California

2V8+ 3rd 1V4+ 2nd



1V8+ 2nd in Final 3

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

2V8+ 2nd in Final 3 3V8+ ??? in Final 3 1V4+ 2nd in Final 3

by JC Ridley

2V4+ 2nd in Final 2 5/17


1V8+ 2nd*

Clemson, South Carolina

2V8+ 2nd* 3V8+ 3rd* 1V4+ 6th**

*denotes petite final **denotes grand final

2V4+ 3rd**

FRONT ROW: Shelly Sclater, Maren Stickley, Colleen Gillis, Ariannie Peña-Aleman, Jackie Lippincott, Abby Schwenger; SECOND ROW: Sadie Shireman, Anastasia Ray, Sara Hansen, Catherine Notarfrancesco, Madeline Martinez, Tatiana Esparza, Kathleen Hanson; THIRD ROW: Savannah Alario, Isabella Larder, Mackenzie Holmgren, Rebecca Camplin, Meghan Doyle, Laura Alcorn, Loretta Brueckner; FOURTH ROW: Madeline Parente, Madison O'Reilly, Halle Altiz, Emily Kean, Demetra Vlahos, Marilou Chardin, Samantha Tripp; BACK ROW: Tessa WhiteParsons, Victoria Stewart, Katarzyna Pasternak, Julia Saltonstall, Michaela Kerin, Ana Weed, Glorianna Perrotte. Photo by JC Ridley


making it under


Strong mid-season performance left the golf team ranked No. 20 before the championships STORY Morgan Thomson

The ACC Championships wrapped up with the 'Canes holding eighth place out of 12 teams competing. Claudia De Antonio, a graduate student from Caracas, Venezuela led the team in her first year at Miami. She tied for 23rd with sophomore Kristyna Frydlova right behind her at 26th. After three days in Cle Elum, Washington, the Hurricanes finished at fifteenth place in the NCAA Regional competition. Junior Renate Grimstad tied for 35th overall, leading Miami in the tournament. "We had a decent season,but unfortunately not a great conference or regional," head coach Patti Rizzo said In additon to the ACC All-Academic team honors given to Grimstad and Frydlova, De Antonio, Grimstad and Frydlova were named Women's Golf Coaches Association (WGCA) All-American Scholars. The team overall ranked No. 21 in the WGCA Coaches Poll, and was one of 25 ACC teams to be ranked in the top 25.



GREAT TEAM Head coach Patti Rizzo, Anna Backman, Renate Grimstad, Claudia De Antonio, Macarena Aguilera, Kristyna Frydlova and assistant head coach John Koskinen at the Florida Challenge in Tampa, Florida where the team finished second overall. Sophomore Kristyna Frydlova led the team and tied for third. Photo by Travis Pendergrass

GOING FOR A BIRDIE While junior Macarena Aguilera tied for 13th at the Florida Challenge, she saw her best performance at the Illini Women's Invitational at Medinah where she tied for sixth. Photo by Travis Pendergrass

POWER SHOT Freshman Anna Backman was named ACC Golfer of the Month. She secured a trio of top-25 finishes in her first collegiate season with the 'Canes.

ON PAR Sophomore Kristyna Frydlova tied for 26th at even par (216) in the UCF Challenge. Frydlova finished her second season for the 'Canes tied for 44th at the NCAA Regional Championship. Photo by Travis

Photo by Travis Pendergrass



8th place at the ACC Championships

FINISHING AT THE TOP Tied for 77th at the UCF Challenge, graduate student Claudia De Antonio shined at the ACC Championships where she finished tied for 23rd, leading the 'Canes.




































Photo by Travis Pendergrass


STRENTH TRAINING At the Power 5 Trailblazer Challenge, Debbie Ajagbe gets ready to throw the discus. She recorded a mark of 49.58 meters. Photo

KEEP PACE Isaiah Taylor runs the 4x100 meter relay at the ACC Outdoor Championships. Taylor ran with Raheem Chambers, Tyrees Moulton and Hasani Knight. Photo

by JC Ridley

by JC Ridley

FRONT ROW: Taj Bland, Davonte Fuller, Sam Fleischman, Andreas Christodoulou, Anna Runia, Anne den Otter, Alison Johnson, Tiara McMinn, Carolyn Brown, Daria Pietropaolo, Jared Lee, Matthew Wiefels, Dylan Sykes; SECOND ROW: Tyrees Moulton, Christopher Moree, Isaiah Taylor, Myles Valentine, Selina Dantzler, Brittny Ellis, Celine Thompson, Kayla Johnson, Alfreda Steele, Michelle Atherley, Peyton Russell, Simone Vreeland, Sean Hagert, Paul Spada, Chauncy Smart, Hasani Knight; BACK ROW: Thomas Burns, Mckinly Brown, Raheem Chambers, Kevin Arreaga, Molly Caudery, Sherry Lubin, Zakiya Rashid, Hannah-Sophia Hall , Debbie Ajagbe, Amuru Patterson, Symone Mason, Samantha Gonzalez, Isabella Gentil, Tristan Schultheis, Xavier Coakley. Photo by JC Ridley


ACTION Four athletes made it to the podium at the NCAA Outdoor Championships STORY Morgan Thomson

The NCAA Outdoor Championships concluded with the women's team tying for 20th overall. The bronze medal for heptathlon and a program record of 6,014 points went to Michelle Atherley. She ran a personal-best time of 2:10.50 in the 800m run, and beat her previous program record by 48 points. "Michelle started hot and finished hot," Amy Deem, the director of the track and field program said. "She struggled a little bit in the middle but never gave up. You watch her and see she gets down on herself but never gives up. She fought to the end. People don't know that even though she's a junior, this is her first complete heptathlon at the NCAA Championships. I think you're going to see some big scores from her in the future." Atherley wasn’t the only ‘Cane to embellish her record with personal bests. Debbie Ajagbe finished fifth in the NCAA championship with a personal-best and second-best mark in Miami history of 56.92m in discus. Tiara McMinn ran the 100m hurdles in 12.74 seconds in the preliminaries, her personal-best time. She broke Miami’s program record in the 100m semis with that run. Samantha Gonzalez was the last ‘Cane to step on the NCAA Championship podium and finished her track career with eighth in the 400m hurdles.



ACC OUTDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP Men's Top Marks | Finished 8th Overall EVENT






400m Hurdles



4x100 Relay



4x400 Relay



High Jump









Long Jump



Triple Jump



Women's Top Marks | Finished 2nd Overall EVENT


















100m Hurdles



400m Hurdles



4x100 Hurdles



4x400 Relay



High Jump






Long Jump



Triple Jump



Shot Put






BIG LEAP Hasani Knight finishes sixth in the long jump at the Power 5 Trailblazer Challenge with a mark of 6.60 meters. At the same meet, Knight also participated in the 4x100 relay and the triple jump. Photo by JC Ridley


ACC INDOOR CHAMPIONSHIP Men's Top Marks | Finished 11th EVENT









4x400 Relay



Long Jump



High Jump



Weight Throw



IN FOR THE LONG JUMP Michelle Atherley competes in the high jump at the ACC Championship and finishes third with a mark of 1.69 meters. Photo by JC Ridley

Women's Top Marks | Finished 1st EVENT


















4x400 Relay



Triple Jump



Long Jump



High Jump



Shot Put



Weight Throw



Pole Vault





HEAD TO HEAD Raheem Chambers races against Florida State's Bryand Rincher and Darryl Haraway in the 60m final. Chambers cinched second while Rincher and Haraway fell to fourth and fifth respectively. Photo by JC Ridley

ON THE PODIUM Assistant coach Rob Jarvis takes a photo with Andreas Christodoulou and his bronze medal for the men's heptathlon. Photo by JC Ridley

ON THE LEADERBOARD Tying with the nation's second-fastest time, Tiara McMinn took first place in the 60m hurdles at the ACC Championships. Photo by JC Ridley WHAT A TEAM Symone Mason, Brittny Ellis, Kayla Johnson and Samantha Gonzalez take a photo together after their first place relay victory. Photo by JC Ridley

ON TOP Sprinter Brittny Ellis zips to the front of the crowd in the 400m at the ACC Championships. Ellis took first by just 0.36 seconds. Photo by JC Ridley



The season was one full of highlight and several athletes shined this season by not only setting personal records but also by breaking school records STORY Madison McKesson

Both the men and women’s 4 x 400 teams cracked the top five fastest times in the history of the university. The men’s 4 x 400m relay team placed second in the ACC Indoor Championships with a time of 3:12.04, the fourth fastest in school history. The women’s 4 x 400 team placed seventh at the NCAA Indoor Championships with a time of 3:32.62 which was their best of the season and the fourth fastest in UM history. The women’s team was led by senior All-American Michelle Atherley. The 2019 ACC Indoor Track and Field MVP earned first place in the heptathlon at the ACC Indoor Championships, first place in the pentathlon at the NCAA Indoor Championships and was ACC Women’s field performer of the year. Atherley also holds the program's indoor pentathlon record with 4,498 points. Track and Field director Amy Deem said of Atherley, “I think you’re going to see some big scores from her in the future.” The men’s team had standout athletes such as freshman Davonte Fuller and sophomore Hasani Knight. Fuller set the UM record in the 600m with a time of 1:21.00. Knight now has the third best mark in school history for the triple jump with 15.38m. With broken records and personal bests, this 'Canes squad was unstoppable. The women’s team won the ACC Indoor Championship for the third time in four years. The men’s team also performed very well, with athletes breaking Miami school records.

GET SOME GOLD Michelle Atherly shows off her first place medal for the ACC pentathlon. Photo by Jackie Abreu





Another win is written in the books after the regular season game against fourth ranked Gators STORY Madison McKesson

The Gators were the highest ranked team Miami beat all season. The Hurricanes defeated the fourth ranked Florida Gators 5-2. Junior Evan McKendry’s pitching was key in this game, as he only allowed two runs in seven innings. Miami’s win came in their first out of three games against Florida. The ‘Canes were not fazed by the away crowd in their first game with Gainesville. After a scoreless first inning, Miami took the early lead by scoring two runs in the second inning. Sophomore infielder Alex Toral blasted a homer into a right field with a man on base. Florida was not done yet, though. They slowly but surely came back to tie the game. The Gators scored their first run of the game thanks to a triple from freshman outfielder Kendrick Calilao. The next inning was scoreless but Florida struck again in the sixth inning. Senior outfielder Nelson Maldonado hit a ground-ball to third base, allowing the man on third to score. Entering the seventh inning, the game was tied 2-2. But, the 'Canes would counter with another two-run inning. Redshirt sophomore catcher Michael Amditis started the inning with a home run to left center field. Later, sophomore infielder Freddy Zamora bunted for a single which led to another run. At the end of the seventh, Miami led 4-2. The 'Canes added one final run to seal their impressive road victory. After sophomore outfielder Tony Jenkins singled, Amditis scored an unearned run.

GOIN' DOWN. Redshirt sophomore Michael Amditis catches a fast ball during the game against the University of Florida. The catcher also hit his first career home run. Photo by JC Ridley




IT'S OUTTA HERE Freshman Jordan Lala (28) swings at a pitch which helped bring the Canes to a 4-2 lead. Lala made one run in the game against the Gators. Photo by JC Ridley

STRIKE THREE Pitcher Slade Cecconi threw three perfect pitches during the final NCAA regional game against Mississippi State. Cecconi threw three perfect innings in his first NCAA postseason start . Photo by JC Ridley

THROWIN' UP THAT 'U' Outfielder Tony Jenkins and Freddy Zamora get ready for warm-ups before they hit the road for the NCAA Championship. Photo by JC Ridley


NOT A CHANCE Infielder Alex Toral (30) touches the FAU runner and gets him out. Toral totaled 10 putouts during the game. Photo by JC Ridley


HOME Postseason 18-3 win for the D1 Baseball Championship against Central Michigan avenged their previous loss STORY Madison McKesson

Miami’s second highest scoring game was against Central Michigan thanks to Redshirt Junior Brian Van Belle, whose solid pitching limited the Chippewas to three runs in eight innings. Miami took control of the game early. By the start of the fifth inning, the 'Canes held an 8-0 lead. At the start of the bottom of the fifth, the score was 11-0. Miami tied their season high with six home runs in this game. The Hurricanes would eventually win the game 18-3, their second largest margin of victory of the entire season. Sophomore outfielder Gabe Rivera, freshman infielder Anthony Vilar, sophomore infielder Raymond Gil and freshman catcher Adrian Del Castillo each hit a home run. Not to be outdone, sophomore infielder Alex Toral led the 'Canes with two homers. With this win, the 'Canes avenged their earlier loss to Central Michigan.



READY, SET, THROW Team captain and pitcher Evan McKendry (14) gets ready to throw a fast one to the University of Florida batter. He held the Gators to two runs on four hits. Photo by JC Ridley

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME Sophomore Raymond Gill (16) and his fellow teammates take off their hats for the National Anthem as they prepare for their first game in the NCAA Championships against Central Michigan. While the game ended 6-5 in Central Michigan's favor, the Hurricanes had their redemption moment with a 18-3 win in a rematch. . Photo by JC Ridley

BATTER UP Sophomore Freddy Zamora (2) prepares for the pitch at the Central Michigan game. He drove the first run batted in during the game. Photo by JC Ridley




The Hurricanes lead a successful season in Gino DiMare's first year as the head coach. The young team was able to win a game in the ACC Championship against Virginia before falling to eventual runner up North Carolina. The ‘Canes also dominated fourth seeded Southern and third seeded Central Michigan in the D1 Baseball Championship Regionals before being eliminated by top seeded Mississipi State. Miami also had a strong regular season. They finished with a 41-20 overall record and led the ACC with 85 home runs. Additionally, the ‘Canes bested many highly ranked teams such as fourth ranked Florida, eighth ranked North Carolina and eighth ranked Louisville. Freshmen Adrian Del Castillo and Slade Cecconi were named to the Freshman All American team. Michael Amditis, Del Castillo,

STORY Madison McKesson

Brian Van Belle and Raymond Gil were all named to the All-ACC team. Miami also had eight players who were named to the AllACC Championship team. Although the team still has plenty of talent, it lost a lot as well. Five Hurricanes were drafted. Evan McKendry to the Tampa Bay Rays; Gregory Veliz, Los Angeles Angels; Michael Amditis, Cleveland Indians; Mark Mixon, Los Angeles Dodgers; Tyler Keysor, Milwaukee Brewers. After Miami’s final game, DiMare said, “This season was definitely a step in the right direction.” He continued, "We are going to remember this feeling and be back next year better.” The ‘Canes secured a postseason win for the first time since 2016 - against Southern University and Central Michigan - and ended the season ranked in the top 25 in every major poll.

Relentless preparation under new head coach leads team to a season filled with high rankings, new records and ACC Championship recognition for its players




DATE 2/9 2/15 2/16 2/17 2/20 2/22 2/23 2/24 2/27 3/1 3/2 3/3 3/6 3/8 3/9 3/10 3/12 3/13 3/15 3/16 3/17 3/19 3/20 3/22

Ranked No. 4 of 14 in the ACC

BASEBALL | 41-20-0


L, 3-6

L, 2-4


L, 5-8

L, 3-9

W, 6-4

W, 8-1

W, 4-3

W, 9-6

W, 6-5

L, 4-5

W, 6-1

W, 20-1

W, 3-2

W, 8-2

W, 10-8

L, 1-4

L, 3-9

W, 5-2

W, 11-4

W, 9-3

W, 7-1

W, 19-3

W, 4-2


HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK Infielder Anthony Vilar (27) watches his ball as it soars past his opponents and tosses his bat to run his fifth home run of the season. Photo by JC


Photo by JC Ridley

HUDDLE UP Miami kneels together in a circle preparing for their game against Central Michigan and listens to a pep talk from the assistant strength coach Brian Gabriel.

FRONT ROW: Willy Escala, Chet Moore, Michael Amditis, Isaac Quinones, Daniel Rivero, Anthony Vilar, Jordan Lala, Adrian Del Castillo, Luis Tuero; SECOND ROW: Andrew Gold, Julian Rivera, H.R. Powell, Bo Durkac, J.D. Arteaga, Gino Dimare, Norberto Lopez, Robert McDaniel, Christian Pasciak, Jake Yardeni, Brian Gabriel; THIRD ROW: Chad Crosbie, Raymond Gil, Daniel Federman, Jeremy Cook, Gregory Veliz, Freddy Zamora, Alex Ruiz, Mark Mixon, Tony Jenkins, Gabe Rivera; BACK ROW: Joe Sparber, Alex Toral, Dylan Cloonan, Brian Van Belle, Chris McMahon, Tyler Keysor, Slade Cecconi, Albert Maury Jr., Tyler Paige, Evan McKendry, JP Gates. Photo by Jackie Abreu

TIME TO CELEBRATE Infielder Alex Toral (30) and catcher Adrian Del Castillo (44) celebrate their win against the Gators. Photo by JC Ridley

W, 2-0 W, 9-3 W, 12-7 W, 13-5 L, 7-8 W, 7-3 W, 8-4 L, 7-9 W, 4-3 L, 3-12 W, 5-1 W, 10-3 L, 5-7 L, 5-6 W, 12-2 W, 18-3 L, 2-5


5/3 5 /4 5/5 5/8 5/10 5/11 5/13 5/16 5/17 5/18 5/23 5/24 5/31 6/1 6/2 6/2

*denotes conference game **denotes NCAA tournament

W, 1-0

L, 5-7



W, 13-4

VS. FGCU 4/16


W, 3-1




W, 2-1




W, 9-6



W, 4-3

W, 10-1



W, 18-10

W, 13-9




L, 5-6




W, 4-0




W, 11-0




L, 4-6



L, 6-9

W, 5-3



W, 16-11

L, 10-11




W, 13-10




W, 16-6




L, 4-6




L, 6-7





Intramural sports enrich the campus experience and offer the opportunity to participate without an athletic history STORY Morgan Thomson

Kicking off the fall semester with flag football, Intramural Sports boasted nine different competitive sports available for students, and a relatively new fall intramural sport was featured video gaming. The video game competition was first listed the past fall season where participants played "Overwatch," a team-based firstperson shooter game. Unlike last year, participants played "FIFA 19," another team-based game which simulates soccer. The video game tournaments are held in the atrium of the Wellness Center just a few steps away from the entrance and are played on an XBOX One console. The spring semester video game league challenged participants to "NBA 2K19," which simulates basketball. Among others, flag football, soccer, volleyball and basketball are popular sports offered by Intramurals. There are multiple circuits and then an all-campus winner is determined at the end of the sport's short season. The seasonal leagues are staggered which allows for students to participate in multiple Intramural activities throughout their semester.

PI KAPPA PHI | SPRING MEN'S SOCCER Jacob Triarsi, Marshall Arons, Gordon Bonhomme, Patrick Budisak, Yanni Cacho, David Downey, Thomas Gamma, Cameron Helm, Nicolas Martinez, Kyle McKee, Ian Newman, Christopher Richardson, Johnnie Sargenti, Nicholas Tricarico, Noah Warren, Conor Zeya.

CHUBBY ALONSOS | FALL MEN'S SOCCER Ethan Soloway, Omar Aloui, Robert Budd, Roberto Claure, Sebastian Coello, Nicholas Galimberti, Thanos Koutsoupakis, James Lai, Melvin Mendy, Keenan Rodriguez, Jorman Vasquez, Scot Wood. CHUPACABRAS | FALL MEN'S VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Brandon Runner; BACK ROW: Matthew Christie, Brandon Runner, Ryan Hanusik, Brendan With, Benjamin Ferman, Conor Zeya, James Lippiard.



BIG FOOTY PITCHES | FALL CO-REC SOCCER Patrick Parker, Valentina Briceno, Elyse Hansen, Emma Pixley, Danielle Abel, Megan Siebert; Andres Martinez, Alejandro Costas, Eric Tazawa, Baabak Mostoufi, Steven Thompson. WE EATON TONIGHT | FALL HOUSING AND ALLCAMPUS SOCCER Charles Elder, Aaron De Lisle, Paul Dowd, Zachary Fishman, Eduardo Lago Chamero, Benjamin Manishimwe, Mohamed Mbaye, Kyle McKee, Beltran Moreno De Alboran.

PAVIANA 7 | SPRING CO-REC SOCCER Brian Rodriguez, Joshua Dillon, Cecilia Criddle, Charles Huffman, Julia Stevens, Valeria Da Silva Monteiro, Colin Shaffer.

EATON ELITE | FALL WOMEN'S SOCCER FRONT ROW: Teana Tee, Miranda Anhalzer. BACK ROW: Julia Buan, Derricka Neysmith, Morgan Nicholson.

ALPHA EPSILON PI | FALL IFC SOCCER Max Valenci, Ethan Terp, Jack Feinberg, Sebastian Molter, Jacob Gubin, Thomas Gassner, Alec Milbauer, Charles Parker, Jacob Steirer.

DUHNUH | FALL CO-REC VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Kesina Daley, Cameron Bennett, Amanda Frey; BACK ROW: Connor Pohl, Matthew Balcer, Ana Ruiz-Melendez, Savit Dhawan

THE GRANDPAS | SPRING MEN'S BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Joseph Geller, Samuel Stone, Daniel Pollitt; BACK ROW: Anthony Bell, Austin Holzknecht, Mitchell Kaufman, Jacob Koffsky, Ali Rafiq.

BETA THETA PI | FALL FRATERNITY VOLLEYBALL Kyle Zonghetti, Nathan Seidle, Alex Carbonel, Justin Danto, Justin Martin, Alexander Youssef, Jordan Austin.

LOB CITY |ALL -CAMPUS 3 ON 3 BASKETBALL Andrew Jacobs, Joshua Molina, Joseph Geller.

SOUTH SIDE SWAMP | WOMAN'S SAND VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Jessie Lauck, Megan Valcq, Julie Erhardt; BACK ROW: Amanda Frey, Ashley Caples, Sydney Tulloch, Kirra Peery, Isa Didio.

SETSY BEACHES | CO-REC SAND VOLLEYBALL Andrew Smith, Elyse Hansen, Ryan Nolan, Duyen Vo.

SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON | SPRING MEN'S BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: Jeremy Lieberman, Maguire Crouse, Joseph Dellostritto, Evan Storch; BACK ROW: Ryan Stone, Zachary Bladd, Ben McNaughton, Patrick Norris, Max Bechtel, Will Rosenberg, Adam Freundlich.

LIGHT WORK FC | SPRING MEN'S & ALLCAMPUS SOCCER FRONT ROW: Austin Fink, Shiv Sharan, Melvin Mendy; BACK ROW: Alex Dolan, Luca Saputo, Evan Porter, Scott Kellow, Matt Kellow.


GO GREEK Members of the Greek community gather at the UC Patio for fraternity Bid Day at the beginning of the spring semester. Photo by Morgan Thomson




Twenty-seven fraternities and sororities allow their 2,500 members to continue in UM's long history of community service, philanthropy, academic excellence, leadership building, and developing live-long friendships through the Greek community

Inside Look 202 Bid Day

Bring in the New Bids

206 Greek Week Going Greek

220 AGLO Awards AGLO Awards

222 Philanthropy

Greeks Give Back to the Community


ICE ICE BABY Sisters of Alpha Delta Pi get into the Bid Day spirit before they welcome new sisters to the sorority. Photo by Kristian DelRosario

Bring in the


With a week of meeting and mingling with the chapters, Greek hopefuls get their big reveal on Bid Day STORY Veronika Seider

A week before classes begin, 449 women pick out a t-shirt that would lead them to their new home and shape the friendships and interactions for the rest of their collegiate career. These shirts, themed from icy to galactic to 1950's diner, each represented the six sorority chapters participating in Bid Day - Alpha Delta Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Sigma Delta Tau and Zeta Tau Alpha. Emotions, ranging from exhausted to excited, culminated in the grand reveal at the UC patio, a new location for sorority Bid Day. Lining up from the IM fields to the stage, up to 10 girls a time unzipped their hoodies and jackets to announce their choice before running into their new sisters. Accepted with joy, the new recruits were whisked away to the Panhellenic suites with photo shoots and snacks galore. Several sororities celebrated through BIG REVEAL Talia Eske the day and night, taking a chapter field trip to different venues and events. reveals herself as an Alpha The Panhellenic community continues to thrive at UM, with Bid Day being Delta Pi member on Bid Day. a symbolic commencement ceremony of the exciting semester to come. Photo by Kristian DelRosario



CHECK OUT THAT CROWD Zeta Tau Alpha sisters wave their flag above the crowd before the Bid Day festivities begin. Those who rush for sororities arrive to campus a week early to participate in the rush process which lasts all day. Photo by Kristian DelRosario


READY FOR REVEAL Brothers of Pi Kappa Phi gather on Bid Day to welcome their new members. Fraternity rush takes place the first week of spring classes. Photo by Jackie Abreu

SISTER SISTER Sisters of Sigma Delta Tau Carly Chaskin and Ashley Levine stop by the Merrick Fountain, a popular spot for Bid Day photos. The new bids are initiated later in the spring. Photo by Kristen DelRosrio





WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the chapter's sweethearts gather at the UC Patio for Bid Day. Photo by Kristian DelRosario


welcome to the

FAMILY New members bring the promise of new memories in the next era of Greek life INFORMATION Dean of Students Office

Panhellenic ALPHA DELTA PI Addisen Antonucci Ali Anguil-Andriacchi Ali Smith Alice Lee Ally Hochhauser Amber Miller Amita Tilak Angelica Hanna Anna Schaubeck Anna Ward Audrey Louden Bri Heaney Brielle Branco Britni Strobeck Cameron VanDyke Carly Hall Charlotte Kessinger Chloe Bolton Claire Landon Clare O'Connor Devin Martinez Elinor Howells Emily Butler Emily Hale Emma Carlson Emma Daft Emma Frank Emme Schuessler Erica Jones Eva McCusker Fatma Soliman Gaby Diaz Gemma Luther Gigi Carney Haley James Hannah Salman Helen Carroll Irene Sullivan Jacquelyn Fedyk Jaime Decker Jenna Hochkammer Jill McSheffrey Julia Armand Julia DiMarco Julie Maduras Katie Juhase Katie Pigott Katya Abuhoff Kay Begg Kendall Gallo Lalitha Kanumuri Lauren Habig Lauren Trentacoste Lexi Wallery Lexie Alpeter Leyla Shapiro Libby White Lily Gordon Lizzie Golden Maddie Lyon Madison Hawthorne Michaela Kerin Michelle Lipson Mikayla Keating Monica Arango Nadia Mirfendereski


Olivia Babice Olivia Joyce Paige Brala Paige Inslee Rachael Garcia Rainey Beveridge Sabrina Thill Sarah Barry Shay Beldner Sheila Taratuta Simran Pahuja Sofie Hamilton Soph Sundaram Sri Banala Stephanie Gabel Sydney Voss Talia Eskenazi Taylor Bresk Taylor Grieb Theresa Keller

CHI OMEGA Ally Sample Anjuli Sharpley Anne Oliver Ashley Baez Ashley Jayne Bianca Villamar Brianna Oard Camila Smith Camille Awono Caroline Koschik Cassandra Couri Dani Tenbeng Daniela Rodriguez Danielle Clayton Diana Matei Elizabeth Arruda Emily Parks Erin Flynn Ester Posner Faith Shiere Gabriella Coronel Gabrielle Aguiar Grace Gu Grace Harden Haley Goldstein Hannah Eiger Hayley Tesser Heather Cyr Isa Didio Julia Cohen Julia Saltonstall Julia Weinmann Julie Erhardt Kaitlyn Payne Kate Reilly Katie Zgorski Kendall Nelson Kylea Henseler Laurel Schmidt Lilly Gumenick Lucero Barrantes Lutfiah Hammad Madison Clinger Madison Mihailuk Madison Purkerson Mallory Blum Manel Seridji


Maria Garcia Maria Geoly Marissa Katz Meghan Doyle Mia McClain Nicole Vershov Olivia Humpel Olivia Lorenzo Paula Santi Jost Rachel Cristol Sabrina del Rosal Samantha Kamath Sarah Gubin Shirin Taee Sitara Rambarran Skylar Rodriguez Sofia Heyl Sophia Avina Tamilla Askerova Tatiana Nazelrod Taylor Tilson Trud Fleishman Zishan Cai

DELTA DELTA DELTA Adelaide Dixon Alexa Boric Alexa Stamatis Alexandra Glass Alexandra Martinez Allie Janotha Ally Harpole Amanda Conte Amy Agne Ana Weed Angela Lobifaro Anjou Sharma Ari Amato Audrey Berner Carolyn Keatley Cassidy Ragunas Cassidy Renninger Charlotte Fox Davis Richmond Devin Waller Dylan Kossar Emily Greco Erin Fryer Gabriella Martinez Gabi Trujillo Grace Ruh Hailey Towbin Hailie Berman Heidi Zirnkilton Hope Kenny Isabella Arege Isabella Palmeri Jamaya Purdie Jessie Ripes Joanna Greenberg Jodi Caplan Kamilah Ruiz-Rodriguez Katelyn Dorane Kathryn Ford Katrina Nguyen Kayla Janas Kayla Prolow Kayla Rivera Kennedy Stewart

Kerry Smallman Kirra Peery Lauren Mokhtarzadeh Lauren Madonia Leah Harper Leah Martin Lindsey Rosenbloom Liz Eapen Lucia Yannuzzi Maddie Robinson Madison Brandon Mallory Garber Maren Gierlatozicz Margot Mather Maria Kaufman Matilda Tracy Megan Sheehan Melanie Lattin Melanie Veerasammy Mia Martone Michelle Ng-Reyes Miranda Posey Miranda Perez Natalie Haydon Natalie Martinez Niaz Elie Nicole Biegel Nicole Khalil Nicole Weber Nidhi Chardy Nikki Perone Nina DiSandro Olivia Ginsburg Olivia Marzovilla Paulina Conte Paxton Antonucci Rachel Lange Rachel Morin Samantha Ramos Sammy Diaz Sara Li Sarah Fur Shanna Gilton Sophia Pekerovic Sophie Weed Sydney Pincus Taylor Schinto Tyler Schellenberg Veronica Garcia

Emily Fuchs Emma Niemeyer Erika Frazier Erin Gallagher Gabby Lord Gia Gallitelli Gia Lacalamita Gillian Geary Grace Quinones Haley Lanzoni Hallie Stevens Hannah Benjamin Izzy Adamson Jessie Bernstein Jillian Meyer Julia Putrino Kat Bragan Katherine Poppiti Katie Fitzpatrick Katie Piccolo Katie Samuel Kristina Collins Laura Vieira Leigha Kircher Lilly Gilmore Linnette Romay Maddie Manning Maddie Mazur Maddie Rucolas Maddie Smith Maddy Carey Madeline Earle Madi Hirsch Maggie Martelli-raben Marisa Annunziato Meade Wallman Paige Accetta Rachel Nelkin Rachel Rader Rebecca Fingerhood Rory McPhillips Schuyler Tasman Sofia Serres Sophie Oustatcher Sophie Polenghi Talia Mereles Teรก Young Theo Brophy Veronica Apice



Alanna Lenihan Alena DelBene Alex Daiagi Alexa Franchi Alexa Hirt Ali Ferris Aliza Dodge Allie Lailas Allie Lutz Allie Rubin Allison Spivak Amanda Calicchio Amanda Carballo Ana Sakellakis Andie Ajello Anna Scott Arianna Goldberg Ariel Fromm Ashley Caserta Ashley Howell ava paynter Avery Formato Beatriz Sadala Blaire Bowers Bri Dyon Caro Tundidor Caroline McDonald Carolyn Arthur Cat Koennecke Charlotte O'Hare Claire Bisson Corinne Issa Danielle LaRochelle Elena Quinonez Elizabeth Cronin Emi Soto Emily Bergwall

Alexa Pilatich Alexis Jackson Ashley DeBartolo Bae Schulz Bella Freedberg Blake Ottimo Bria Cratty Brooke Buonocore Cami Oresky candy perchik Caro Bouza Casey Goodman Casey Moskowitz Casey Quanstrom Chelsea Beckelman Chloe Glennon Cindy Ripoll-Martinez Claudia Lippman claudia spivak Cory Levy Debra Baldwin Defne Selen Eden Mindel Emma Hantgan Emma Poole Gracey Mounsey Hannah Fahn Hannah Porter Hannah Rosa Isabel Tragos Izzy Nakash Jasmine Shakir Jessica Burg Julia Armstrong Julia Barger Julia Guiffre Julia Mariano

Julia Wisell Julie Young Kat Molinelli Kayla Lindemann Kaylin Ranges Kendall Grogan Keri McGill Kylie Accardi Lauren Yelner Lexi Rudnick Liv Gellis Lucia Fernandez Mackie Arnold Madigan O'Donnell Maria Cuomo Marisa Menist McKenzie Stoute Meghna Mhatre Melina Grossman Melissa Medal Mia Wolosky Michelle Lee Michelle Prestigiacomo Morgan Marks Natalie Nitzberg Niki Randall Nikki Flores Olivia Goldenberg Olivia Manzo Olivia Tanchel Orielle Volk Paulina Pages Rachel Troob Rachel Wojtowicz Rose Satriale Sabrina Snyder Sam Katz Sam Valdes-Diaz Sari Adler Sasha Nihamin Serena Feng Sofia Kolodin Sydney Baum Tiffany Deplas Yasmin Mahyar Zara Jaff

ZETA TAU ALPHA Adrianna Sacco Ali Pitta Aliya Redd Allison Gherovici Ally Sabo Alysia Mendia Amanda Rojas Amelia Tzotza Annette Yates Aoife Whelan Ashley Zonghetti Becca Moore Briana Byron Brooke Carroll Carly Schmidt Caroline Strong Charlotte DeMartini Chloe Friedman Claire Szymanski Cora McKean Dani Winer Danielle Trubish Ella Merkle Ellen Ruch Ellie Alban Ellie Gaither Emily DeFelice Emily Hanus Emily Tsokopoulos Emma Henzy Emma Lingberg Emma Turner Erica Mostovoy Gabi Lopez Gillian George Grace Tenke Haley Abio Haley Dowd Jackie Mait Jayna Schack

Jess Mitchell Jess Morgan Jill Ferreira Johanna Loughran Jordan Molloy Julia Byerly Julia Morris Kate Hofmeister Katie Simon Kristen Pagliaro Lea Shah Leah Farmer Lexi Mascellaro Lila Yerman Liv Ekholdt Lucy Barnard Lucy Strickler Lyndsey Siracusano Marissa Coppola Meaghan Arviv Morgan Nicholson Morgan Rapp Mounika Vattigunta Naomi Graney Nikki Goldwert Nikki Nicole Hurtado Ning Geng Olivia Zukowski Reese Alspector Rose Goewey Sam Rice Samantha Yates Sarah Catherine Gillard Scout Froney Skye Jannery-Barney Sydney Burnett Taylor Yeley Tessa Begue Yasmeen Rabiei

IFC ALPHA EPSILON PI Andrew Taggart Anthony Bascone Bartolo Castano Bartolo Castano Benjamin Dias Carter Owen Christopher Labianca Conor Gibbons Cooper Beitman Cristian Herrera Dylan Anagnos Ethan Gropper Jason Berkun Jose Paz Alborta Joshua Feinberg Joshua Lerner Kyle Mendelson Landon Ferris Matthew Fiebach Matthew Luckman Max Solodar Michael Lehner Mitchell Hueniken Myles Griffith Nicholas Anderson Nicholas Basham Philip Drohat Ryan Ghodsian Ryan Pech Ryan Garay Ryan Hansburg Ryan Walpole Samuel Hecht Samuel Rosenberg Sean Obrien Skyler Sands Stanley Spiegelman Stefan Biller Tyler Sklut Zachary Rosenblatt

ALPHA SIGMA PHI Aaron De Lisle Adam Dodge Alexis Ebue Benjamin Fishman Brian Earle Day Meyer Elijah Bogdanski Faisal Alotaibi Hugh Burgdorf Ibrahim Ghaddar Jason Barraza Joshua Biggins Matthew Katz Mitchell Hurtado Nathen Castillo Nikhil Giyanani Yudian Chen

BETA THETA PI Alexander Youssef Andrew Shalgos Andrew Athanas Andrew Escobio Benjamin Gahman Brady Miret Brandon Nitschke Brandon Bailey Carson Christensen Dan Dellaventura Daniel Monaghan Dante Ditommaso Dario Spina Devin Knott Frederick Bondar Jack Morton Justin Danto Kyle Ziegler Luke Sukiennik Maxwell Lucia Michael Shaak Noah Wescoat Reese Leonhard Reid Baltuch Samuel Guillory Vytharna Srikakulapu William Egan Zachary Sherman

KAPPA SIGMA Aiden Smith Alan Chen Alexander Joseph Anish Bharwani Brian Harrison Christian Shoemaker Christopher Young Eli Griswold Gabe Berkowitz George Palermo Jack Birchenough Jack St Hilaire Johnathan Zach Kason Kreis Kevin Johnson Krishna Brahmbhatt Max Zussman Michael Bartner Nicholar Gounaris Noah Gardner Noah Jaccard Richard Morales Roberto Caputo Ryan Russo Samuel Jashinski Simon Schaefer Talon Smith Tyler Camp Tyler McCartney William Koffler Zach Fishman




Anthony Labrador Heath Ruchman Jack Eisenberger Jonah Dross Jordan Teitelbaum Jorge Jaime-Rivera Logan Katz Varun Krishnan

Adam Freundlich Adam Vaynerman Aidan McLaughlin Aidan McNaughton Andrew Teller Benjamin Essenfeld Benjamin Kunz Benjamin McNaughton Brian Court Chris Klein Connor Byrd Daniel Klein Evan Storch Harrison Dranoff Henry Congdon Jack Denhart Jackson Kyser Jacob Segal Jared Shapiro Jeremy Lieberman John Becker John Kim John Robinson Joseph Dellostritto Joseph Scotti Joshua Ulin Kyle Gold Matthew Martini Max Squeri Michael Zenni Nicholas Molinaro Nicholas Sconzo Phillip Shaw Rami Mahmoud Robert Walek Ryan Cahoon Samuel Koss Sean Smith Tomas Gay-Betton Trevor Antonucci Tyler Stimmel Tyler Sullivan Valentin Murphy Xander Boyd Zachary Polley

PHI DELTA THETA Alex Hill Andrew Gedeon Anthony Caraballo Anthony Alfe Blayne Dee Brendan Summers Cameron Bridge Christopher Wong Dan Hersey Daniel Benayoun Jack Meghreblian Jack Gingrich Jackson Dill Jeremy Villarrea John Paragioudakis Jose Simon Joshua Purvis-Torello Kevin Gonzalez Kyle Schroeder-Feyrer Matthew Ryan Mitchell Abitz Nick Houser Nicolas Castellan Patrick Bauer Ryan Schack Ryan Shields Tyler Gallant William Hurlbrink Zac Shamah Zachary Grissom

PI KAPPA ALPHA Ben Kern Caleb Clifford Connor Silk Jason Betz Kyle Fallon Matthew Caliendo Oswald Joseph Thomas Glasser

PI KAPPA PHI Alejandro Vargas Alton Hughes Andrew Almeida Blake Benson Blake Oliver Brandon Schwartz Brandon Senia Casten Ernberg Charles Bisset Charles Himmelrich Clayton Johnson Connor Shatz Donovan Brennan Julian Albanese Laterrian Moore Liam McSorley Marcus Patalano Matthew Schneider Matthew Balcer Michael Stuart Myles O'Brien Nathan Taminger Nicholas Campanini Parker Magid Ryan Garemani Ryan McCaffery Scott Shainberg Wesley Jakimowicz William Greenman

SIGMA ALPHA MU Alexander Philliou Benjamin Evar Benjamin Avidor Brian Halley Charlie Bidwell Daniel Dilone Daniel Haines Hakan Samli John Wolfe John Sweeney Joseph Echols Juanandres Vega Noah Beal Ryan Brennfleck Ryan Travers Shamar Drumond Zachary Swartz

SIGMA CHI Adam Saitowitz Aidan Griffin Alexander Reiner Benjamin Lewis Blake Kantor Brendan Meagher Bryan Doe Christopher Butler Christopher Marzullo Colin Crean Connor Saslow Connor Motsko Declan Scanlon Dominick Svrcek Dominick Speranza Donovan Smith Elias Gianopoulos

Ethan Gorelkin Farod Alba-Thomas Garrett Larson Gavin Davis Gustavo Alexanian Jacob Grossman James Fee James Gilmus Jaxon Kelley Jonathan Goldberg Joseph Perrini Justin Goodis Justin Pellitteri Major Oswald Matthew Clark Matthew Bell Matthew Schuman Maxim Mocharnuk Michael Shanley Mitchell Bloom Pablo Espat Patric Hyland Peyton Kaffl Richard Parrillo Rodrigo Carvalho Ryan Sutton Samuel Mistretta Sawyer Coseglia Scott Rounick Spencer Schneider Zachary Slogoff

SIGMA PHI EPSILON Anthony Esposito Anwar Khan Beltran Moreno De Alboran Bennett Richter Carter Scott Christian Tinoco Colin Hively Connor Pohl David Riobo Ethan Drinkwater Felipe Sadala Jack Vandermolen John Kaitz Joseph Neary Julien de Wit Lachlan Falconer-Adams Mario Suarez Michael Falcon Michael Federici Mitchell Crane Mitchell Lisa Paul Fischer Philip Dressler Ryan Hammer Savit Dhawan Spenser Adams Trent Bell William Hoy

LAMBDA THETA ALPHA Dora Angélica Pagán Jarelis Cabrera Samantha Medina Valentina Neira-Diez

NPHC DELTA SIGMA THETA Bianca Phillip Courtney Hamilton Ebony Eddy Grace Ugwueke Jamilah Muhammad KamilleWillis M. Rachel Smith Maria Akinyoyenu Maya Miller Morgan Threatt Sade Prithwie Tiffany Crawford

KAPA ALPHA PSI Alan Robinson Alex Harris Brand Taylor Bryan Calhoun Jabari Wilbon Mark Akhimien

OMEGA PSI PHI Aaron Williams Justin Sauer Kpotogbe Octavio

ZETA BETA TAU Arthur Spears Brandon Lobisi Casen Gavidia Daniel Bonan Joel Shapiro Michael Pisciotta Stephen Burkly Steven Beda

MGC DELTA EPSILON PSI Devarsh Desai Eshwar Mohan Karna Nagalla Pranav Sriraman Raghuram Reddy

*All Greek leaders were contacted to correct lists provided by the Dean of Students Office. Any inaccuracies may be due to failure to respond by the given deadline.


DANCE TO SAVE THE DAY Sororities and fraternities came together on the UC Patio stage to perform in the O-Cheer competition where teams choreographed dance routines with music. Photo by Jackie Abreu


Six teams, seven days, 470 pints of blood and $40,000 - the Greek community rallied together during Greek Week to raise money for It's On Us and Kristi House STORY Veronika Seider

Greek Week calls upon the Association of Greek Letter Organizations to join forces in a charitable battle. Together, six teams donated 470 pints of blood and raised over $30,000 for sexual assault awareness and education. The proceeds were donated to It’s On Us, a prevention and advocacy organization, and the Kristi House, a refuge for victims of assault. The week-long event included an opening kickball ceremony, a blood drive, a Greek God and Goddess pageant, the Last to Leave, First to Arrive art show, a rowing competition, trivia at the Rat, O-Cheer, a scavenger hunt and fundraising partnerships with businesses Whip’n Dip, SweetBlendz and Chipotle. The overall winner, Team Wonder Woman, made up of Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Epsilon Pi and Sigma Chi, raised over $5,000 for the sexual assault prevention organizations. “It was really rewarding to know that all of our hard work paid off,” said Alpha Delta Pi’s Greek Week co-chair Emily Race. Alpha Delta Pi also won Greek Week the previous year on Team



Fresh Prince alongside fraternity Kappa Sigma and the National PanHellenic Council. “The fact that it was our second year in a row made it all the more special,” added Race. Competition aside, Greek Week unites the chapters in a shared goal of giving back to the community. Sophomore Nicole Beckemeyer, Greek Week’s Sponsorship CoChair, shared her experience organizing the fundraising efforts. "With so much negativity, especially in the media, toward Greek life, Greek Week reminds me of all of the great things that come out of Greek life,” Beckemeyer said. “We're all college students, we're all on a budget and we all have so many commitments, so it's nice to see everyone take time out of their day and put money toward giving back.” Adding to the sentiment of unity, Chair of Greek Week senior Caroline Smolkin said, “Fostering friendships between chapters and unity within Greek Week is an essential mission of Greek Week."

HEROES UNITE Dressed up as superheroes to fit the theme, Josh Dinetz presents the winners of Greek Week. Photo by Jackie Abreu

DANCE DANCE Team Hulk, consisting of brothers and sisters from Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Lambda Chi alpha, the Multicultural Greek Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council dances at O-Cheer. They came in first for their performance. Photo by Jackie Abreu TUNES FOR CHARITY Patio Jams artists Rachel Ohnsman and Garrett Fracol play during the closing ceremonies of Greek Week. Photo by Jackie Abreu

ONE BIG CHECK At the AGLO awards, Greek Week Chair Caroline Smolkin presented the money they raised for Greek Week to It's on Us and Kristi House. Photo by Jenny Abreu

TECHNIQUE Local artists supported Greek Week's Art Walk auction, and painted some pieces on scene. Photo by Jackie Abreu

DEDICATED LEADERS Julian Bangash, Emily Gossett and Sophia Gomez served on the executive board and brought Greek Week to life. Photo by Jackie Abreu


PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE BOARD Olivia Ostermann, Megan Nguyen, Anika Bhavnani, Alexa Occhipinti, Amanda Beyrer, Emily Race, Madeline Reyes. Photo by Vivien Dominick


Chi Omega

PAGE 209

PAGE 210

Sigma Delta Tau

Zeta Tau Alpha

PAGE 212

PAGE 214

Delta Delta Delta PAGE 211



Delta Phi Epsilon






Diamond & Lion

Azure Blue & White

Philanthropy Ronald McDonald House

FRONT ROW: Sydney Brooks, Laura McGee, Josefine Merkert; SECOND ROW: Sofie Rasmussen, Molly RobinCaplan, Caroline Pease, Mercedes Quinn, Alexa Mazzilli, Leala Solomon, Amanda Jaeger, Jobenei Benjamin, Olivia Castellone, Kendall Gallo; THIRD ROW: Samantha Castro, Jules Champlin, Veronika Seider, Lauren Brown, Ali Walker; BACK ROW: Kaitlyn Bowe, Sammy Roberts, Gillian Parkinson, Olivia Baker, Shree Patel, Elan Tran, Maddie Brown, Gaby Horowitz, Morgan Cartularo, Audrey Louden, Nicole Beckemeyer.

BID DAY Courtney Ballotti and Josefine Merkert celebrate Bid Day after a week of rushing.

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY Veronika Seider embraces her little Helen Carrol on Bid Day.

SISTERS Shree Patel and Elan Tran make the Alpha Delta Pi hand sign together at the Merrick Fountain. LITTLE BLACK DRESS Laura McGee, Devin Gilio, Kelsey McGowan, Molly Robin-Caplan, Nicole Beckemeyer, Katie Kean, Lauren Bosin and Emily Sackett near the arches of the School of Architecture.

Chapter Gamma Delta

FOUNTAIN VIEWS Sisters Amanda Jaeger and Alexa Mazzilli make the Alpha Delta Pi hand sign at the fountain near the Business School.

CREW Sammy Roberts, Laura McGee, Lauren Bosin, Olivia Castellone and Katharine Hornish hold up a Alpha Delta Pi flag.

CELEBRATE Elan Tran, Audrey Louden, Tia Rocchini and Erin Grayhack rush to hug the newly announced bids.



Chartered 2013

Symbol Owl & Skull

Colors Cardinal & Straw

Philanthropy Make-A-Wish Foundation

Chapter Upsilon Delta

Photos and captions courtesy of Chi Omega

SUMMER DAY Kate Reilly picks strawberries at Knaus Berry Farm in Homestead, Florida.

FRONT ROW: Vivian Hereens, Sam Janssens, Bella Cenden,Paula Santi Jost, Emilie Trudeau, Sasha Syunkova, Sarena Kalap, Emily Farrell, Maggie Lujan, Julia Erhardt, Saige Saunders, Mattie Marano, Carolyn Niosi, Giselle Spicer, Madison Clinger, Rachel Dimarco, Kate Plogstedt, Nicole Kramptiz, Ashley Garb, Emma Skowron, Stephanie Mosberg, Maria Cordoba, Elizabeth Irving, Viktoria Grossman, Ania Ermarkaryan, Sydney Steel; SECOND ROW: Nicole Newton, Anja Zhou, Miranda Cao, Rachel Siegel, Kira Rapp, Sere Politano, Cristina Padron, Jillian Richmond, Kylea Henseler, Rachel Benowitz, Shirin Taee, Madison Purkerson, Tatiana Nazelrod, Olivia Humpel, Gabrielle French, Trudi Fleishman, Tallia Popowycz, Isa Didio, Rachel Cristol, Laura Soto, Carson Pinker, Erin Flynn, Bianca Villamar, Julia Saltzman, Alanna Adler, Tamilla Askerova, Debbie Noh, Sophie Leicht; BACK ROW: Summer Singh, Danielle Glassman, Kiera Rumbough, Ellen Hinshaw, Kristi Schleicher, Alora Scofield, Tiffany Vlasenko, Sabrina Del Rosal, Megan Doyle, Liz Sprague, Olivia Lorenzo, Allison Kadampelil, Lutfiah Hammad, Briana Oard, Skylar Rodriguez, Ashley Jayne, Katie Zgorski, Liz Dancsecs, Elizabeth Khayat, Camila Smith, Julia Weinmann, Sarah Gubin, Annie Zigman, Joey Haas, Vera Mariani, Gabby Shapiro, Sophia Avina, Madeleine Martin, Julia Cohen, Makayla Manning, Jenny Davis, Jessica Hamorski,Shelby Allen, Sara Soto, Casey Cohen, Fali Abdulai, Mia McClain,Haley Nepple, Julia Dykema, Alexandra Naessan-Do, Sydney Steel, Narrisa Augustin, Melanie Zimmerman, Samantha Hessinger

SISTERS FOR LIFE Indigo Childs, Casey Cohen, Kailey Pickhardt, Tallia Popowycz, Samantha Taylor, Rachel DiMarco, Giselle Spicer, Olivia Cox, Lindsey Ritter.

PHOTO DAY Sisters Carolyn Niosi, Violet Sullivan and Samantha Janssens wear one of Chi Omega's colors.


WEEK OF WISHES Ashley Garb participates in Chi Omega's philanthropy.


FOR GOOD Sisters Casey Cohen promote Chi Omega's philanthropy Make-a-Wish.









Silver, Gold & Cerulean

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

Gamma Delta

Photos and captions courtesy of Delta Delta Delta

FRONT ROW: Hannah Herr, Alexa Garcia, Alana Carolan, Jess Carro, Bri Bujnowski, Mina Rhee, Michelle Ng-Reyes; SECOND ROW: Gabrielle Ferrara, Ali Dobbs, Paulina Corcoran, Mallory Garber, Anjou Sharma, Taylor Schinot, Sarah Fuhr, Sophia Pekarovich, Karina Cepeda, Lauren Madonia, Melanie Veerasammy, Gabriella Martinez, Charlotte Fox, Lindsay Rosenbloom, Liz Eapen, Paxton Antonucci, Erin Fryer, Cassidy Ragunas, Alyssa Moxon, Alex Boric, Julia Ross; THIRD ROW: Kayla Janas, Emily Greco, Olivia Marzovilla, Kennedy Stewart, Nicole Weber, Nicole Khalil, Isabella Palmeri, Ari Amato, Kamilah Ruiz Rodriguez, Leah Harper, Maddie Robinson; FOURTH ROW: Charlotte Willouer, Allie Janotha, Matilda Tracy, Ally Harpole, Lucia Yannuzzi, Olivia Ginsberg, Rachel Morin, Lindsay Bornstein, Nikki Perone, Ashley Rock, Katrina Nguyen, Rachel Lange, Kirra Perry, Niaz Eli, Megan Sheehan, Leah Martin, Davis Richmond, Kathryn Ford, Hope Kenny, Ana Weed, Sophie Weed, Natalie Haydon, Maddison Stokes, Kayla Prolow, Vero Garcia, Meg Kelly; FIFTH ROW: Sara Li, Joanna Greensberg, Lauren Berta, Karli Danielson, Sidney London, Olivia Glegg, Karlie Lobitz, Ally Harpole, Jodi Caplan, Nicoletta Korongy, Caitlin Garner, Amanda Beyrer, Cate Chase, Kelly Mcloughlin, Jackie Coleman; BACK ROW: Lexi Martinez, Taylor Amore, Shirley Gelman, Lauren Aloia, Kerry Smallman, Kinnon Mcgrath, Olivia Medeiros, Fiona Victor, Raquel Roman, Heather Mackay, Jessie Ripes, Michelle Ng-Reyes, Hailie Berman, Savannah Walters, Nidhi Chari, Kristen Wright, Serena Libertad, Amy Agne, Ashley Paetow, Emily Adrid, Caitie Boshers, Caitlyn Fryer, Caitlin Calvo, Alexis Russell, Jannine Flaherty, Becca Rudner, Katie Goldstein, Samantha Ramos, Nina Disandro, Jane Rakow, Lauren Crotty, Erin Galloghy, Liana Brown, Nicki Pellicone, Gabriella Santoli, Christina Markopoulis, Albani Suph, Maelle Arboite.

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME Sisters Kristina Bye, Sophia Janotha, Grace Migliozzi, Gianna Scarpiniti and Jess Carro wear matching baseball shirts before a game.

FRONT ROW: Madison Brandon, Olivia Marzovilla, Sophia Pekarovic; BACK ROW: Adelaide Dixon, Katelyn Dorane, Alexa Stamatis, Maria Kaufman.

FRONT ROW: Sophia Janotha, Kristina Bye; SECOND ROW: Giana Scarpiniti, Shirley Gelman; BACK ROW: Allie Janotha, Charlotte Fox, Emily Adrid, Anneke Schole, Ally Harpole, Margaret Donnelly

FRONT ROW: Sydney Pincus, Alyssa Moxon, Fiona Victor, Hailie Berman, Nicki Pellicone, Sam Linden, Danie Hoffstadt, Maelle Arboite, Caitie Boshers, Natalia Hoffman, Ashley Paetow, Bri Bujnowski, Jess Carro; SECOND ROW: Francesca Beldner, Liana Brown, Serena Libertad, Ashley Rock, Taylor Amore, Shirley Gelman, Karina Cepeda, Anneke Schole, Maddie Helm, Dylan Kossar, Lexi Martinez; THIRD ROW: Grace Bolandian, Jodi Caplan, Grace Ruh, Alexis Russell, Sidney London, Mikayla Berk, Lauren Mokh, Kinnon McGrath, Kerry Smallman, Katie Goldstein, Lauren Aloia, Veronica Garcia, Margeux D'Aberloff, Emily Adrid; BACK ROW: Olivia Glegg, Sara Wilcox, Kelly Mcloughlin, Emily Deutsch, Heather Mackay, Olivia Ginsberg, Cameron Schoeb, Olivia Medeiros , Michelle Ng-Reyes, Allegra Turner, Nicoletta Korongy, Alexandra Glass, Raquel Roman.



Chartered 1957

Symbol Yellow Tea Rose

Colors Cafe au Lait & Old Blue

Philanthropy Prevent Child Abuse America

Chapter Alpha Mu

Photos and captions courtesy of Sigma Delta Tau

FRONT ROW: Emily Leinweber, Carsen Kunzman, Melanie Gershman, Rachel Westhoff, Emily Brady; SECOND ROW: Izzy Nakash, Marisa Menist, Hannah Porter, Sabrina Snyder, Casey, Goodman, Meghna Mhatre, Julia Armstrong, Claudia Lippman, Cory Levy, Casey Moskowitz, Kendall Grogan, Rachel Wojtowicz, Madigan Odonnell, Jasmin Shakir, Bria Cratty, Julia Barger, Hannah Fahn, Michelle Lee, Bae Schulz; THIRD ROW: Natalie Nitzberg, Blake Ottimo, Olivia Gellis, Olivia Goldenberg, Paulina Pages, Niki Randall, Mackie Arnold, Sofia Kolodin, Rachel Troob, Orielle Volk, Brook Buonocore, Kaylin Ranges, Yasmin Mahyar, Kathryn Molinelli, Sari Adler, Nikki Flores, Zara Jaff, Tiffany Deplas; FOURTH ROW: Chloe Glenn, Isabel Tragos, Rose Satriale, Hannah Rosa, Sam Katz, Serena Feng, Sydney Baum, Chelsea Beckelman, Julia Mariano, Alexis Jackson, Cami Oresky, Emma Hantgan, Keri McGill, Kylie Accardi, Casey Quanstrom; BACK ROW: Bella Freedberg, Olivia Tanchel, Mia Wolowsky, Cindy Ripoll-Martinez, Emma Poole, Ashley Debartolo, Eden Mindel, Debra Baldwin, Candy Perchik, Olivia Manzo, Sasha Nihamin, Julia Guiffre, Lauren Yelner, Kayla Lindemann, Gracey Mounsey, Julia Wisell, Julie Young

GET READY Carly Chaskin, Jenna Trainor, Emily Winston and Jacky Vayner get ready to welcome the new Sigma Delta Tau bids.



BLUE SKYS Sisters Caroline Lanfrank, Paige Cilluffo, Rachel Westhoff, Natalie Devink, Juliet Toma, Anastasia Zausner, Yasmin Mahyar, Jessica Rubanich, Veronica Rive, Francesca DeWeerdt, Katherine Raffensberger and Carsen Kunzman attend a brunch to support their philanthropy.

TWINNING Alex Kaire, Mijal Zpolski, Jules Armstrong and Candy Perchik wear matching Sigma Delta Theta jean jackets out on the town.

SISTERS Ali Beyda, Morgan Silverman, Alessia Cusumano and Eliana Litos get together before recruitment begins.

BRUNCH FUN At the annual Prevent Child Abuse America Brunch, sisters Claudia Spivak, Alex Manolis, Serena Singh and Leah Kempler take a fun photo with props in the photo booth. Prevent Child Abuse America is a national charity that Sigma Delta Tau supports throughout the year with their philanthropic efforts.

DAY ON THE BEACH Jess Monterrubio, Paige Cilluffo, Abbie Codispoti and Sophie Dippolito travel to Austraila over the summer together.

ALL THE LOVE Sisters Julia Guiffre, Caroline Fran and Julie Young go out for brunch together by Biscayne Bay.

BEST DRESSED Sisters Jordan Orriols, Katherine Raffensberger, Paige Cilluffo, Natalie DeVinck, Anastasia Zausner, Alaina Cohen, Alyssa Debiasse, Veronica Rive, Francesca DeWeerdt, Carsen Kunzman and Rachel Westhoff get ready to go out for their spring formal.



Chartered 1992

Symbol Five-pointed Crown




Turquoise & Gray

Breast Cancer Education & Awareness

Gamma Alpha

Photos and captions courtesy of Zeta Tau Alpha

FRONT ROW: Haley Abio, Ellie Allban, Reese Alspector, Meaghan Arviv, Lucy Barnard, Tessa Begue, Syndey Burnett, Julia Byerly, Briana Byron, Brooke Carroll, Marissa Coppola, Charlotte DeMartini, Haley Dowd, Liv Ekhold, Leah Farmer, Jill Ferreira, Chloe Friedman, Scout Froney, Ellie Gaither, Ning Geng, Gillian George, Allison Gherovici, Sarah Catherine Gillard, Rose Goewey, Nikki Goldwert, Naomi Graney, Emily Hanus, Emma Henzy, Kate Hofmeister, Nikki Hurtado, Skye Jannery-Barney, Emma Lingberg, Gabi Lopez, Johanna Loughran, Jaclyn Mait, Lexi Mascellaro; BACK ROW: Cora McKean, Alysia Mendia, Jess Mitchel, Jordan Molloy, Becca Moore, Julia Morris, Erica Mostovoy, Morgan Nicholson, Kristen Pagliaro, Ali Pitta, Yasmeen Rabiei, Morgan Rapp, Aliya Redd, Samantha Rice, Amanda Rojas, Ellen Ruch, Ally Sabo, Adrianna Sacco, Jayna Schack, Carly Schmidt, Lea Shah, Kaitlyn Simon, Lyndsey Siracusano, Lucy Strickler, Caroline Strong, Claire Syzmanski, Grace Tenke, Danielle Trubish, Emily Tsokopoulos, Emma Turner, Amalia Tzotza, Mounika Vattigunta, Aoife Whelan, Danielle Winer, Annette Yates, Samantha Yates, Taylor Yeley, Lila Yerman, Ashley Zonghetti, Olivia Zukowski.

THINK PINK, THINK ZTA Sophomores Mary Helen Burt, Ariana Soresi, junior Tina Phan, and sophomore Sophia Gomez on the second day of recruitment welcome the opportunity to teach PNM’s about ZTA’s philanthropy and the Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation. ONCE A 'CANE, ALWAYS A 'CANE Seniors Kiera Adams, Taryn Schrems, Meagan Harmon, Lauren Tortorice, Alexandra Stathas, Sarah Stankard, and Forest Jacobson say their final goodbyes to the Rathskeller.



ZETA IS FOREVER Freshmen Briana Byron, Allison Gherovici, Jordan Molloy and Adrianna Sacco display their ZTA pride, gathering for a photograph following their last new member meeting.

AN AFTERNOON IN WONDERLAND Freshmen Brooke Carroll, Jayna Schack, president Sheila McAndrew, freshman Emily Hanus, and sophomores Olivia Frejka and Daniela Snyder gather at the Shalala Student Center for ZTA’s annual Fashion Show, An Afternoon in Wonderland, to raise money for breast cancer education and awareness. ZTA raised a total of $58,811.92.

IFC EXECUTIVE BOARD Benjamin Gindhart, Amir Davoodi, Cam Vasfailo, Hunter Johnson, Julian Bangash, Peter Cleveland, Justin Grauer. Photo by Brandon Fay


Alpha Epsilon Pi

PAGE 216

Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Kappa Sigma

Sigma Alpha Mu

Phi Delta Theta Lambda Chi Alpha

Sigma Chi

Pi Kappa Phi

Zeta Beta Tau

Pi Kappa Alpha

Beta Theta Pi Sigma Phi Epsilon




Symbol Phoenix




Cardinal & Stone

Canine Companions for Independence

Gamma Theta

Photos and captions courtesy of Alpha Sigma Phi


FRONT ROW: Tristan Kaminski, Nathen Castillo, Daniel Nemi, Ashley Garb, Brandon Fay, Jason Barraza, Lex Ebue, Ben Fishman, Brian Earle, Darren Chen, Jason Perez; SECOND ROW: Brian Dohi, Stephen Kovach, Adam Dodge, Mustafa Zaidi, Thomas Perez, Tommy Calvy, Andrew Blechman, Hunter Crenian, Anthony Ferreira, Ryan Bullen, Mark Rosenzweig, Aaron De Lisle, Dietrich Kuhlmann, Jacob Wise, Jarred Dahlerbruch, Gyles Ward, Will Bates; BACK ROW: Ethan Palmer, Alex Ronco, Renato Alvarado, Ben Bacal, Alvaro Torrejon, Mitchel Hurtado, Hunter Hampton, Ahmed Al Hajari, Sivanne Mendelson, Dilan Samtani, Gary Patel, Adam Warsoff Jacob Haaker, Day Meyer, Nik Giyanani, Nick Briel, Faisal Alotaibi.

FALL FUN Alpha Sigma Phi brothers and Chi Omega sisters teamed up to raise money for Feeding America.

PHILANTHROPY Sisters of Chi Omega Sam Waddell, Nicole Krampitz and Kamila Pecherek help raise funds for Feeding America with Alpha Sigma Phi brother Ahmed Al Hajari. WELCOME Jason Barraza, Joshua Biggins, Elijah Bogdanski, Hugh Burgdorf, Nathen Castillo, Yudian Chen, Aaron De Lisle, Brian Earle, Alexis Ebue, Benjamin Fishman, Ibrahim Ghaddar, Nikhil Giyanani and Day Meyer were initiated in the spring.


FORMAL SEASON Brothers Brandon Fay, Jarred Dahlerbruch, Gyles Ward and Stephen Kovach enjoy a Alpha Sigma Phi event by the beach.

SWEETHEARTS Elana Rusnak, Sivanne Mendelson, Kiera Rumbough and Ashley Garb were Alpha Sigma Phi's sweethearts.


MGC EXECUTIVE BOARD Nikhil Rajulapati, Raghuram Reddy, Jarelis Cabrera, Eshwar Mohan, Margarita Castillo, Karna Nagalla, Samantha Medina, Sean Walson and Devarsh Desai. Photo by Daniel Palma


Phi Iota Alpha

Lambda Theta Alpha

Sigma Lambda Gamma


NPHC EXECUTIVE BOARD Chaz GuerraOgiste, Terrence Burdge, Morgan Oliver, Ebony Eddy, Jabari Wilbon, Kyla Cook, Ashley Chappelle. Photo by Karina Sloan


Alpha Phi Alpha

Delta Sigma Theta PAGE 219

Omega Psi Phi

Zeta Phi Beta Sigma Gamma Rho


Kappa Alpha Psi










Crimson & Cream

Hurricane Relief

Tau Rho

Photos and captions courtesy of Delta Sigma Theta

FRONT ROW: Rachel Smith, Maya Miller, Kamille Willis, Ebony Eddy, Sade Prithwie, Maria Akinyoyenu, Tiffany Crawford, Courtney Hamilton, Grace Ugwueke, Bianca Phillip, Morgan Threatt, Jamilah Muhammad; BACK ROW: Kyra Freeman, Kyla Cook, Morgan Oliver, Jasia Dickerson, Lauren Copeland, Lorna Appiah, Christina Largie, Niara Hill, Imani Taylor.

HIGHEST HONOR Kyra Freeman was inducted into the Iron Arrow Honor Society in the fall.

DELTAS FOREVER Kamille Willis, Ebony Eddy, Kyra Freeman, Courtney Hamilton, Lauren Copeland, Jasia Dickerson, Morgan Oliver, Lorna Appiah, Kyla Cook and Imani Taylor pose for a graduation photo. DISTINGUISHED The sisters of Delta Sigma Theta claim their third consecutive gold trophy from the Greek Extravaganza competition.

AWARD CEREMONY Dean Anthoney Kinney, Jasia Dickerson, Tiffany Crawford, Sade Prithwie, Imani Taylor, Courtney Hamilton, Kyla Cook and Lorna Appiah collect Delta Sigma Thetha's awards at the Association of Greek Letter Organization (AGLO) Awards.

A DAY OF SERVICE Sisters Lorna Appiah, Morgan Threatt, Tiffany Crawford, Rachel Smith, Kyra Freeman, Grace Ugwueke, Bianca Phillip, Sade Prithwie, Courtney Hamilton, Ebony Eddy, Kamillie Willis and Kyla Cook participate in community service at the Overtown Youth Center in Miami.

BRAND NEW DELTAS Morgan Threatt, Courtney Hamilton, Ebony Eddy, Bianca Phillips, Tiffany Crawford, Rachel Smith, Grace Ugwueke, Kamille Willis, Maria Akinyoyenuand and Jamilah Muhammad.


THE SHOW BEGINS Greek chapters sent representatives to the annual AGLO Awards. Photo by Jenny Abreu

AGLO AWARDS Hard work of the Greek community from the Interfraternity Council, National PanHellenic Council, Multicultural Greek Council and Panhellenic Association are honored at the annual Association of Greek Letter Organizations (AGLO) Awards INFORMATION AGLO

Outstanding Faculty Member Award Daniel J. Licciardi Outstanding Administrator Award Denise Lausell Outstanding Chapter President Award IFC: Joseph Esposito, Pi Kappa Alpha NPHC: Ashley Chappelle, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Outstanding Philanthropy Award IFC: Alpha Epsilon Pi Panhellenic: Delta Delta Delta NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Outstanding Campus Relations Award IFC: Beta Theta Pi Panhellenic: Zeta Tau Alpha NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Order of Omega Leadership Award Samantha Medina - Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.



Outstanding Community Service Award IFC: Alpha Sigma Phi Panhellenic: Alpha Delta Pi NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award Panhellenic: Samantha Dawkins - Alpha Delta Pi IFC: Alejandro Rengifo, Beta Theta Pi NPHC: Nicole Esquen, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award IFC: Beta Theta Pi Panhellenic: Alpha Delta Pi NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Outstanding Campus Involvement Award IFC: Pi Kappa Alpha NPHC: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc.

Outstanding Sophomore Award IFC: Brian Baker, Beta Theta Pi Panhellenic: Lindsey Ritter, Chi Omega NPHC: Morgan Threatt, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Nikhil Rajulapati, Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. Outstanding Junior Award IFC: Cam Vasfailo, Beta Theta Pi NPHC: Tiffany Crawford, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Francis Walson, Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. Outstanding Senior Award IFC: Alex Carbonel, Beta Theta Pi NPHC: Lauren Copeland, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Outstanding New Member Award IFC: Aaron De Lisle - Alpha Sigma Phi NPHC: Ebony Eddy - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

GOING FOR GOLD Senior Douglas Corsi poses with Dean Priepke and Dean Holmes. Corsi won the Dean's Award for Service.

AGLO Association of Greek Letter Organization (AGLO) members Ashley Baker, Lorna Appiah, Nick Tosoni, Jacob Haaker, Megan Nguyen, Claudia Delorenzo, Amir Davoodi and Emily Sacket. Photo by Morgan Thomson

Photo by Jenny Abreu

Outstanding Unity/Community Award IFC: Phi Delta Theta Panhellenic: Alpha Delta Pi NPHC: Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. MGC: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Most Improved Chapter Scholarship Award IFC: Pi Kappa Alpha Panhellenic: Delta Phi Epsilon NPHC: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. MGC: Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Highest Chapter Scholarship Award IFC: Sigma Alpha Epsilon Panhellenic: Alpha Delta Pi NPHC: Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. MGC: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Dean’s Award for Service Hope Rovner, Alpha Delta Pi Camila Rodriguez-Rojas, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Morgan Oliver, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Douglas Corsi, Sigma Chi

Alpha Epsilon Phi Marilyn Gernstein Coller Outstanding Junior Award Megan Nguyen, Delta Phi Epsilon Brenda Smith Tucker Memorial Award for Outstanding Campus Involvement Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Woman of the Year Award Imani Taylor, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Delta Phi Epsilon Miriam Zolden Award for Outstanding Chapter President Chloe Vizzone, Zeta Tau Alpha

Mary B. Merritt Panhellenic Award Sierra Schopmeyer, Delta Delta Delta Rho Lambda Spirit Award Amanda Beyrer, Delta Delta Delta Phi Sigma Sigma, May. A Brunson New Member Award Allie Lutz, Delta Phi Epsilon

Most Improved Chapter Award Panhellenic: Zeta Tau Alpha William W. Sandler Jr. IFC Fraternity Man of the Year Chris Schenker, Beta Theta Pi Marilyn Coller Memorial Award to the Outstanding Senior Serena Shah, Zeta Tau Alpha Louise P. Mills Outstanding Service Award Caroline Smolkin, Alpha Delta Pi

AWARD SZN Sister of Delta Sigma Theta Jasia Dickerson carries her chapter's awards. Photo by Jenny Abreu





Behind the parties is a brotherhood or sisterhood that is committed to helping others through fundraising and volunteering their time STORY Staff

A GIFT FOR LIFE Mike Caryl of Alpha Epsilon Pi is pied by his brother Tom Gassner to raise money for A Gift For Life. Photo by Mike Caryl

ST.JUDE Delta Delta Delta sisters Kelly McLoughlin and Olivia Glegg support St. Jude's Childrens Hospital. Photo by Kelly McLoughlin

TREATS FOR GOOD Caitlin Fryer, Elana Rusnak, Jackie Coleman, Shannon Smith, Caroline Ebbert, Lindsey Bornstein, Kristina Bye, Sierra Strattan and Rachael Liberman of Delta Delta Delta sponser a bake sale in the Breezeway for charity. Photo by Kristina Bye



MAKE A WISH Chi Omega sisters Mattie Marano and Giselle Spicer support their chapter's charity, Make-A-Wish. Photo by Jackie Abreu

SIGMA CHI AT YOUR SERVICE Sigma Chi brothers Robert Hahn, Selom Agbitor, Andrew Huff, Dane Garson, Connor Thomas and Drew Hornback clean up highways for their community service project. Photo by Dane Garson

















































































































MAKE A WISH The sisters of Chi Omega help grant Alena’s wish to go to a dude ranch with her family at the end of their annual Week of Wishes. The organization raises money for Make-A-Wish throughout the year. Photo by Kendall Eisenberg









PUPPY LOVE Alpha Sigma Phi brothers Jacob Wise and Ethan Broder raise money for Canine Companions for Independence. Photo by Jackie Abreu




BRIDGING GAPS The Shalala Student Center is connected across Lake Osceola by the Fate Bridge and has an area on the second floor devoted to student organizations. Organizations are showcased at the annual Canefest in the Watsco Center. Photo by Morgan Thomson

Organizations With over 300 student organizations ranging from identity-based to philanthropic to choose from, involvement is a staple of student life Inside Look 246

Scuba Club


African Students Union




SOAR Awards

Under the Sea

Get in Formation Here's the UMTV Rundown Dare to SOAR


GET INVOLVED Sophomore Sarah Decossard, seniors Kristin Williams, Jori Opara, Nia Byrd and freshman Leila Metellus promote the United Black Students at Canefest. The organization strives to expose the university community to African American culture. Photo by Morgan Thomson

PHOTO OP The Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) promoted their organization with an cut-out board fashioned to look like an Instagram post. Photo by Morgan Thomson SPIRIT Category Five committee member and junior Michael Warrell gives away bags to passing freshmen. Categroy Five is the spirit programming board of Student Government. Photo by Morgan Thomson





COME ONE, COME ALL Sophomore Subeen Lee passses out flyers for the Korean Student Association, a cultural organization for Korean students. Photo by Morgan Thomson

Hundres of student organizations vie for the attention of the incoming freshmen class the day before classes kick off for the fall semester STORY Yifan Zhang

The grand festival at the end of orientation, Canefest, is an annual fair held in Watsco Center that help students to get connected with over 300 student organizations on campus. For students from all years, going to Canefest is a great way to get involved in college life, know more people, and explore their new hobbies. This is also the day in a year that students can get information and flyers of different organizations at the same time. “I think Canefest is an amazing way for students to get to know all the campus organizations,” said Anja Zhou, a sophomore at the “U.” “We can explore more opportunities and join different clubs. We can make more friends as well.” As part of the group that helps to organize Canefest, senior Anoop Desai, Marketing and PR Chair of the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO), believes that this event helps students to find out what they are interested in. “It gives freshmen great opportunities to learn about different organizations on campus. I came from a small high school, so when I saw so many clubs, I was kind of shocked and wanted to sign up for every one of them. Thanks to Canefest, I could narrow it down to ten clubs and I am really happy about what I am involved in now.”

THE MANY PARTS OF CANEFEST Canefest wouldn't be complete without some entertainment by students and organizations. Senior and business technology major Keenan Rodriguez was the DJ of the event, and teams from the Miami Motion Dance Team, African Student Union, Swaggeraas, Salsa Craze, Biscaydence, UJhoom, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Tufaan, KAOS and the Filipino Student Association performed dance numbers. In addition to the tables manned by student organizations, fifteen departments participated. T-Mobile, Hair Emporium, Jimmy Johns, AllCanes, Soul Cycle, Spring Chicken, GameTime, Electric Sun, Plus305, Hurricane Productions, Jordan Michael Designs and Army ROTC were sponsors for the event. Canefest was attended by 3,262 people and organized by a 15-person planning committee which was led by COSO Involvement Chair Shruti Karnani. By Morgan Thomson

JUST DANCE Nia Lennon, Melany Rosario and Sara St. Juste of KAOS performed a dance routine to entertain the new students and raise awareness of their team. Photo by Morgan Thomson


AFRICAN STUDENTS UNION FRONT ROW: Patricia Emelle, Ajiri Uzere, Temitope Abisoye; BACK ROW: Maria Akinyoyenu, Eileen Kumi, Kikiloreoluwa Aderoju, Obianeze Okolo. Photo by Brandon Fay


FRONT ROW: Danielle Winer, Nicole Weber, Sophie Weed, Mhairi Webster, Daniela Rodriguez, Isabelle Lopez, Izabek Eop, Kristin Perrucci, Bobby Price, Alexandra Gutierrez; SECOND ROW: Shiram Patel, Abdulmajeed Alkhamis, Thanos Koutsoueakis, Nicole Khalil, Haley Shepherd; BACK ROW: Ricky Almada, Benjamin Oakes, Matthew Wiefels, Corey Fehlberg, Jessica Timmer, Leonardo Durand, Stephanie Billings, Austin Berger, Osvaldo Nunez, Antonia Bartlett, Gabriela Aklepi. Photo by Karina Sloan


FRONT ROW: Celine Mamedova, Haley Goldstein, Samantha Kamath, Pamela Onorato, Caitlin Cavanaugh, Kristen Onorato, Clara Sun, Christopher Hagen, Samuel Pidgeon, Chris Clinton ; SECOND ROW: Timothy Scafaria, Blake Meyerson, Nazir Crump, Kaili Ganigan, Arielle Halldin, Adrien Ramsamy, Anwar Khan, Tyler Busby, Brendan With, Julian Nowicki, Hannah Vossan, Joelle Fleisher, Jessica Monterrubio; BACK ROW: Kyle Riegler, Justin Graver, Collin Leavitt, Spencer Loweth, Lukas Gudelis, Grey Medeiros, David Ufberg, Timur Orazov, Conner Rohl, Max Shevlin, Bryan O’Donnell, Christopher Frydenborg, Reid Baltuch, Gabe Leitner. Photo by Brandon Fay




FRONT ROW: Jacqueline Abreu, Sofia Heyl, Carly Poloskey, Rachel Komroff, Nicole Birmaher, Madeleine Doris, Marisa DiCamillo, Denby Dung; SECOND ROW: Calli Scofidio, Leila Johnson, Amy Hoang, Emily Brewer, Samantha Hassold, Sofia Castaneda, Xinyi Yan, Haley Shaheen, Hilary Yip, Laurie Peebles; BACK ROW: Ben Lavine, Matthew Calle, Jillian Richmond, Sydney Rubinstein, David Cote, Kexin Xu, Jenny Su, Aitor Lujan, Rudolfo Reyes, William Tipton, John Heckel. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Nicole Vershov, Caitlyn Perrone, Roshni Lalwani, Paulina Partridge, Valerie Francillion, Micah Council, Valerie Dania, Nishan Ravichandran, Taylor Osborne, Landon Chen, Puneet Arora; BACK ROW: Ruth Marius, Sophie Weed, Kristin Perrucci, Daniyal Quadir, Nicholas Houser, Jack Gingrich, Bruce Hsieh, Nishant Jain, Quinton Le, Vasanth Govind, Kyle Friedlander. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY/CHI EPSILON PI FRONT ROW: Jackson Dill, Savvy Olivas, Amanda Culp, Emma Borgsmiller, Liv Keefe; SECOND ROW: Tim Higgins, Joshua Stewart, James Kim, Aidin Abramowitz, Liam Sheji, Ali Walker, Jimmy Ge; BACK ROW: George Rizzuto, Nate Taminger, Luke Arends, Max Lagano, Kyle Peco, Sean Macaday, Dave Downey, Ari Tickner. Photo by Karina Sloan


GO TEAM As the Hurricanes approach their end zone, the Band of the Hour spurs them on by performing the Fight Song in the bleachers with the Hurricanettes dance team. Photo by Vivien Dominick

IN TUNE In the bleachers, junior Colin Kasuska plays alongside the band which is made up of UM students and students of any South Florida college without a marching band. Photo by Ryan Morgello

PLAY THAT MUSIC Playing the the saxophone, freshman Akshay Kumbar puts his hours of practice to use for the halftime show. Photo by Ryan Morgello



ON THE FIELD Senior Julia Gorordo plays the saxophone during the half time performance. The band played songs from the late singer and songwriter Michael Jackson for their performance. Photo by Ryan Morgello

the one,

THE ONLY Marching in Hard Rock Stadium, playing all the way down Main Street at Disney World and practicing weekly without fail – the band embodies the energy to rile up the crowd STORY Jeffrey Doucette

It’s the day of the anticipated football game against Florida State University. The ‘Canes are down by thirteen and the stadium is full of fans decked out in their best orange and green. The Frost Band of the Hour, under the direction of professor and director Jay C. Rees returns some sorely needed spirit through their music. The feature show for the football season, the Soul del Sol, arranged by Rees features well-known music from the late Grammy award-winning artist Michael Jackson. Despite the 12-hour days of band camp and nine-hour weeks that band members endure during school, they are devoted to playing for the ‘Canes. There are a few perks to the job. The band was selected to perform at the Disney World Parade in Orlando, Florida as well as the Bands of America Championships. “Being a part of the Band of the Hour has had such a positive effect on my life. It is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it to go out there and perform at the games,” Colin Logatto, a freshman tenor sax player said.

KEEP THE MUSIC GOING After weeks of practice, the Frost Band of the Hour performs their Michael Jackson-inspired halftime routine. The show theme changes every year. Photo by Ryan Morgello



FRONT ROW: Shiley Grinbaum, Melinda Babaian, Lucero Barrantes, Abigail Hason, Maliha Aziz, Aniessa Holland; SECOND ROW: Aileen Cruz-Lezama, Neha Wadhwa, Amanda Segel, Nicole Manfrini, Daniela Rocca, Sofia Rodriguez; BACK ROW: Kaito Nozawa, Mansi Patel, Nick Hettwer, Alex Amador, Jade Bravo, Emily Marquez. Photo by Kayla Foster

ASIAN AMERICAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Patrick Glynn, Alexis Ebue, Bao Tien, Alexandra NaessanDo, Zhiyuan Kevin Li, Julia Meguro, Tram Nguyen, Julie Kim, Vanessa Eng, Hannah Lee, Anisha Kore, Lonyee Eng, Milena Pak. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

BEACH VOLLEYBALL CLUB FRONT ROW: Taylor Vandelicht, Dom Pandolfo, Brianna Nixon, Talia Mereles; BACK ROW: Sami Ligori, Amy Agne, Madi Hirsch, Faith Alexandrea, Rosemarie Bingham, Ben White, Mike Shaak, Brandon Senia. Photo by Madison Ramirez





Nicole Phocas, Elise Herschlag, Scylla Blervacq, Lea Perez, Katie Hahn, Corey Fehlberg. Photo by Karina Sloan


FRONT ROW: Fizza Noor, Kimberly Sookoo, Jazmin Hernandez, Talia Derenencourt, Margaret Donnelly, Alexa Fragoso, Chelsea Baron, Paloma Alvarez, Bae-Corine Schulz, Jozie Schroder, Eda Karagoz, Amber Ponder, Victoria Hatzopoulos, Claudia Perez, Katherine Attong-Mendez, Carly Battipaglia, Peyton Hendricks, Lauren Shelfo, Taylor Yeley, Jacqueline Gibson, Kristina Bye, Jessica Luk, Alexandra Pitta, Maisy Lam, Kayla Janas, Caitlyn Tolchin, Fenisha Shah, Reina Suarez, Natalie Perez, Wilbert Toruno; SECOND ROW: Savannah Olivas, Angel Rodriguez, Amy Houser, Celia Leto, Anthony Corredor, Henry First, Joshua Class, George Rizzuto, Brandon Diaz, Max Baldwin, Carlos De Armas, Michael Harrison, Terrell Key, Kyle Ferry, Estephany Santos, Emmanuel Reid, Grant Yaniv, Steven Mailloux-Adler, Santiago Estrada, Anthony Correa, Jacob Pierre, Marco Kelly, Lucas Garcia, Michael Aquila, Justin Giachetto, Inam Lalani, Zion Ariel; THIRD ROW: Colin Logatto, Quinten Hill, Masimius Watson, Jeffery Diamond, Julia Gorordo, Kevin Ramirez, Halle Fields, Janiela Mabo, Colin Kasuska, Anthony Llerena, Mia Laping, Maydeleen Guiteau, Pierre-Noel, Naja Murphy, Diondra Moss, Elizabeth Fusco, Kristina Betancourt, Dora Pagan, Anthony De-O’leo, Charlotte Kiehn, Angel Morataya, Christina Loisel, Amanda Davis, Jessica Diez, Brenda Day, Cynthia Vento; FOURTH ROW: Rafael de la Zelda, Michael Maulini, Travis Quinn, Gabriela Urquiaga, Eddy Yesca, Alejandro Perez, Jason Prosper, Anthony Velez, Akshay Kumbar, Thomas Fry, Alex Jashinski, Mick Gibbons, Samantha Atlas, Sammi Daugherty, Allison Ruka, Brendan Hess, Nelson Martinez, Donald Fielding, Najsha Sweeting, Jade Santos, James Kim, Kevin Ballester, Gary Duda, Hayden Seager, Miguel Alba, Grey Kafkes; BACK ROW: Angelo Gonzalez, Eliana Leish, Alexander Cruz, Giovanni Sibilia, Martin Alexander Arellano, Daniel Moran, Armando Torrealba, Jack Knowlton, Brian Walters, Logan Rodriguez, David Fernandez, Dennis Lejardi, Adrian Del Rosario, Kevin Rojo, Edwin Ulloa, Jordan Craft, Benjamin Gygi, Jessie Zuiderveld, Donald Olivares, Carrie Furman, Caterina Papadopulos, Anthony Santelices, Lisa Gonzalez, Darien Mozingo, Ginny Oertli. Photo by Jolesch Enterprises

Daniel Watt, Manvi Seth, Haley Abio, Frederic Doub, Kayla Gardner, Sahil Patel. Photo by Karina Sloan


shake those

POM POMS Hundreds of hours of practice and performance are dedicated each season by 21 Hurricanettes STORY Torrey Mahall

Name any sporting event, and the Hurricanettes will probably be there, loyally dancing with the Frost Band of the Hour and brimming with enthusiasm. The official dance team of the “U” boasts 21 talented women, all with a love for their school and their craft. With a commitment to perform at all home football games, select basketball games and several pep gigs, being a member of this elite team is no small feat. The team is coached by Natalie Chernow who also coaches and choreographs for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders. The team has the opportunity to travel to other schools to perform at football games, and because of their connection with the Frost Band of the Hour, they were a part of the Disney World Magic Kingdom Parade. “In order to be a Hurricanette, you must be dedicated and committed. You must be willing to spend long hours at practice but in the end, the results are so fulfilling!” sophomore Paloma Alvarez affirmed. For them, the experience is worth all of the time and effort. Friendships and memories made over the years hold a special spot in their hearts. “My favorite part about being on the team is the friendships I’ve made these past two years,” sophomore Carly Battipaglia explained. “My teammates and I see each other almost every day and they are like sisters to me.”

COMING UP Margaret Donnelly. Photo by Ryan Morgello



GET INTO FORMATION In the middle of a halftime show, sophomores Chelsea Baron and Ali Pitta jog to their positions on the field of Hard Rock Stadium for the last number of their routine. Photo by Ryan Morgello

'TIL THE FOURTH Sophomores Paloma Alvarez, Jackie Gib son and freshman Alexa Fragoso perform their bleacher routine at Hard Rock Stadium alongside the band. Photo by Vivien Dominick

FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! In the bleachers of the Miami v. Pittsburgh game, junior Jess Luck dances to the Fight Song. Photo by Ryan Morgello DANCE NUMBER Margaret Donnelly executes a dance with a cane during a halftime show with the Frost Band of the Hour. She was one of the entering freshmen on the team. Photo by Ryan Morgello



"My favorite part about being on the Hurricanettes is getting to do what I love while repping the 'U.' I also love getting to dance alongside my best friends. "

GO TEAM Kristina Bye, one of the three seniors on the team, encourages the team to gain yards with her pink pom poms at the FSU game in October. Photo by Ryan Morgello


CINEMATIC ARTS COMMISSION Laura Stieghorst, Sterling Corum, Diego Wall,Benjamin Edelman, Byron Duncan, Daniel Souza, Matthew Rembold, Ian MacIntyre, Angelica Bolivar. Photo by Daniel Palma

COMMITTEE ON STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS FRONT ROW: Ruhi Kabra, Neha Raja, Matthew Lischin, Patricia Santana, Sonali Patel, Hayeon Oh, Andrea Trespalacios; BACK ROW: Ali Shaikh, Shruti Karnani, Anoop Desai, Cachay Byrd, Ryan Yde, Gaurav Gupta. Photo by Morgan Thomson


SOAR Award Winner | Excellence in Programming

FRONT ROW: Stefanie Suarez, Sitara Rambarran, Ankit Shah; BACK ROW: Akki Gunda, Dhyey Desai, Nimesh Nagururu, Sahil Patel, Priya Sharma. Photo by Kayla Foster



CRU Megan Last, Madeleine Martin, Daniel Villegas, Chase Morell. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Wen Li, Chidera Nwosu, Cindy Rajkumar, William Paik, Cristian Padilla-Tozzi, Gabrielle French, Elisabeth Hofer, Marisol Fernandez, Margarita Sinko; SECOND ROW: Julia Lynch, Kerra Masso, 8, Emma Cameron, Evan Aldo; THIRD ROW: Hui Zhong, Dewanye Washington, Jonathan Emmanuel, Adrian Minerve, Austin Ettinger; BACK ROW: Kyle Kingma, Artem Sviridov. Photo by Morgan Thomson


SOAR Award Winner | Excellence in Programming

FRONT ROW: Andrew Leonard, Joey Haas, Olivia Stauber, Jorge Chabo; SECOND ROW: Jess Morgan, Tianna Torkan,Olivia Ginsberg, Abby Podolsky, Gabby Rosenbloom, Teddy Willson, Katelyn Gavin, Keagan Larkins, Isabella Vaccaro; BACK ROW: Kathryn Ford, Elinor Howells, Travis Laub, Sydney Burnett. Photo by Morgan Thomson


WERK IT For the "Where They From" routine, senior Ally Citro dances. The third floor ballroom of the Shalala Student Center was home to the showcase which featured the Sunsations and other campus dance groups such as Miami Motion and KAOS. Photo by Jenny Abreu



TO THE MUSIC At the Sunsations Showcase, UCheer member and senior Torry Crosby dances with the team.

RA RA To keep the crowd engergized, Sarah Miranda performs a high kick as part of her sideline's routine. Photo by Ryan Morgello

Photo by Jenny Abreu

"Last year, I was fortunate enough to travel with the football team to the Orange Bowl. It took a long car ride, a flight, and a bus ride to get to our hotel, but it was so much fun. My team and cheer played games at night in the hotel and went to dinner together. Although we lost, it was one of my favorite times on the team. "

show some

SPIRIT Dancing on the sidelines, halftime shows and student events, the Sunsations bring their 'Cane spirit to dance competitions across the nation STORY Torrey Mahall

The Sunsations are more than the smiling faces you see on the sidelines of University of Miami athletic events. They are trained and talented dancers, half-time performers, and UDA Nationals competitors. Sunsations members are willing to put in the work this team entails for their love of dance. “I wanted to become a Sunsation because when I was graduating high school, I couldn’t imagine living without dance. When I decided to come to UM, I knew Sunsations was the team for me,” junior Sophia Janotha said. Being part of this 15-18 member strong elite team is well rewarded. As a Sunsations member, one has full student-athlete access to resources such as tutors, trainers and medical staff as well as a stipend each semester and early registration. With such a busy yet rewarding schedule, the members have quickly become close knit. “When I was looking for a college, I knew I could make Miami my new home if I was a part of the Sunsations. It is my family away from home,” freshman Alexandra Janotha said.



KEEP CHEERING Sunsations captain and senior Jessica Bayuk pumps her fist to keep the crowd energized as the band plays the Fight Song. Photo by Ryan Morgello

POWER POSE Junior Sarah Miranda stands on the sidelines of the FSU v. Miami game as the 'Canes score a touchdown in the second quarter to tie against FSU. Photo by Ryan Morgello


FEDERACIÓN DE ESTUDIANTES CUBANOS FRONT ROW: Dina Thomas, Abdiel Caballero, Sara Soto, Giselle De La Rua, Kristine Reynardus, Katherine Williams; SECOND ROW: Patricia Perez, Nadya Gryaznova, Felipe Parodi, Zhen Chan, Christine Sanchez, Franco Terrero, Amanda Rodriguez, Matthew Calle, Daniela Lorenzo, Agustin Iglesias; BACK ROW: Juan Ochoa, Alexa Aguilar, Melanie McGrath, Lydia Franklin, Ana Calicchio, Shana Rosenthal. Photo by Abdiel Caballero

FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES FRONT ROW: Hunter Hawkins, Dejah Cason, Carolyn Brown, Lakia Rolle, Allie Robison, Symone Mason; BACK ROW: Steven Zanaska, Naomi Sinclair, ZakiyaRashid, Kolby Bird, Cameron Dobbs, Cade Weldon, Robert Burns, Zach Dykstra. Photo by Ariella Tigertail-Gomez

FLORIDA WATER AND ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Jake Vinvi, Gractcion Dearing, Noa Isreal, Nakiya Clausell, Isabel Pérez Rios Bravo, Grace Harden; BACK ROW: : Dante DiTommaso, Tamim Zeineddine, Carlos Michel, Stefanie Getz, Marie Guyer, Sneha Ramasamy, Gil Carter. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Catherine De Freitas, Albany Muria, Samantha Fagan, Ajiri Uzere, Madison Brandon, Julia Platt, Charis Pitter, Mouniia Vatligunta, Phillip Drohat, Ian Malesiewski; SECOND ROW: Chloe Neal, Kinnon McGrath, Nathaniel Manlatis, Millie Chokshi, Robert DiCaprio, Enjolie Vadella, Joshua Stewart, Jack Nemetz, Sasha Milbeck; BACK ROW: Haashim Kurram, Noah Jaccord, Delphine Leove Ngoko Djomo, Mathew Christie, Aneesh Skinkre, Nicholas Kalinowski, Nathan Dumont, Olivia Zukowski. Photo by Morgan Thomson

FUN DAY FRONT ROW: Stephanie Perez, Amanda Perez, Sydney Brooks, Tallia Popowycz, Lindsey Woods; BACK ROW: Daniela Bermudez. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

GIRLS OF OUTREACH & DIVERSITY FRONT ROW: Manuela Caicedo, Anne Jean Baptiste, Tiyah Shell, Jalyn Hamilton, Alexus Jackson, NyahHawkinsHarrison, Jordan Farrell, Isabelle Akinyemiju, Anisha Kore; BACK ROW: Aliyan Cofer, Velanie Croley, Jeronna Jarvis, Mimi Mbaukwu, Natasha Chen, Destiny Dallas, Stephanie Walcott, Meghana Chapalamadugu, Amanda Crowley. Photo by Morgan Thomson


I cheer, we cheer With their pom poms, megaphones and acrobatics on display, the coed and all-girls squads cheer at every football, men's and women's basketball and volleyball games STORY Karina Sloan

The UCheer squad is the heart of school spirit at the "U." With two teams, an all-girls and coed squad, these cheer teams are one of the essential parts of Miami spirit. Whether it’s a women’s basketball game or a football game, you won’t miss these 'Canes on the sidelines. The biggest duty of UCheer is keeping fans engaged and excited. With their myriad of dance routines, acrobatics, and throwing up of the "U," they keep the fans loud and energized. Senior UCheer co-ed squad member,

GIVE ME AN 'I' Mark Farag supports Carolyn Covington as she holds up the letter "I" for a "Miami" spellout. Photo by Ryan Morgello



Torrey Crosby, reflected on his time on the cheer squad, “I am really going to miss my teammates and coaches the most. These people have shaped me into the person that I am today and my heart will forever hold a special place for each and every one of them”. UCheer is a one of a kind organization that brings students together and creates life-long friendships and unforgettable memories. The squad not only cheers at sports games but also participates in the annual Homecoming Parade and multiple service events around the community.

CHEERING FOR THE 'U' Remi Petit and Haylee Privitera watch Miami take on FSU from the sidelines. Squad members sported pink bows and pom poms for in October for breast cancer awareness alongside the team. Photo by Ryan Morgello

KEEP THE PARTY GOING Kennedy Stewart, a sophomore on the coed team waves to the crowd as she returns to her location for the halftime show performance.

POINT YOUR TOES Mackenzie Murrin, Alexis Russel and Brandi Stevens are supported by their squad as they perform a lift. Photo by Ryan Morgello


Photo by Ryan Morgello


READY, SET, GO! The coed team performs their sidelines routine that includes pom poms, signs and acrobatic displays. Photo by Ryan Morgello

POMS UP Junior Carolyn Covington on the coed team waves her pom pom and keeps the crowd cheering between plays against FSU. Photo by Ryan Morgello

THE BEST TEAM Squad members Haylee Privitera, Sidney Sterling, Gemma St. Louis, Emma Sanders, Taylor Dotterweich, Mackenzie Murrin, and Brandi Stevens take a photo in Hard Rock Stadium outside of the bleachers. Photo by Vivien Dominick

Q: What was the most exciting game you’ve cheered at and why? A: The most exciting game I have ever cheered was last year’s game against Florida State. The game was so close and we were all on edge the entire time. In the end, the ‘Canes came out on top for the first time in many years. Q: What is your favorite cheer routine? A: By favorite cheer routine, I am going to assume you mean favorite cheer tradition. My favorite cheer tradition would have to be walking in the parade and performing at Homecoming. Q: What are you going to miss the most about being a part of UCheer? A: I am really going to miss my teammates and coaches the most—these people have shaped me into the person that I am today and my heart will forever hold a special place for each and every one of them.


GOLDEN KEY INTERNATIONAL HONOUR SOCIETY FRONT ROW: Danielle Goldwert, Monique Girgis, Megan Weitzner, Sarah Braddock, Kathryn Doolittle; BACK ROW: Jack Gelb, Aaron Fils, Katarzyna Pasternak, Eric Tolep, Naja Murphy. Photo by Morgan


Deborah Adeyemi, Maya Oton, Simone Phillips, Jonathan Emmanuel, Tiara Ranson, Willow Webb. Photo by Hadieh Zolfaghari


FRONT ROW: Nia Lennon, Sara Stjuste, Makelsey Page; BACK ROW: Jheanelle Miller, Alexys Cruz, Aly Arencibia, Melany Rosario Photo by Morgan Thomson

GRADUATE STUDENT ASSOCIATION FRONT ROW: Christian Elledge, Xavier Hopkins, Steve Simon, Alvaro Ruiz Emparanza, Tarika Sankar; BACK ROW: Kikie Seide, John Chase Ness. Photo by John Ness




SOAR Award Winner | Excellence in Programming

Priya Sankaran, Rhea Manohar, Aarti Madhu, Allison Kadampelil, Hailey Mody, Gabrielle D'Ambrosi, Karan Thakkar. Photo by Morgan Thomson

HILLEL FRONT ROW: Carly Greenspan, Becca Gilpin, Danielle Kanksky, Sandra Feld, Shannan Berzack, Brandon Jackson, Casey Dresbach, Tara Levy, Jason Kaplan; BACK ROW: Igor Khokhlov, Jacob Segal, Gabriela Aklepi, Alex May. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

HISTORY CLUB FRONT ROW: Nikki Hurtado, Kimberly Dodt, Isabella Tennebaum; BACK ROW: Drew Wofford, Professor Michael Francis, Juan Montoya, Kat Wheatman, Kyle Riegler, James Cunningham, Professor Martin Nesvig, Alejandra Fernandez, Raenelle Williams, Nelson Marques. Photo by Jackie Abreu




EXPLORING THE DEEP The Scuba Club dives anywhere from the coast of Miami to Cozumel, Mexico. They bring underwater cameras to capture photos of wildlife. Photo by Megan Berger

From educational group dives in Biscayne Bay to the waters of Cancun, Mexico, Scuba Club gives its members the opportunity to see the ocean and its inhabitants STORY Madison Ramirez

South Florida is one of the world’s top spots for diving year round, and students have the opportunity to take advantage of this by joining the Scuba Club. Scuba Club takes weekly weekend dives in places from Key Largo to Jupiter, Florida. They took their first international trip in many years to Cozumel, Mexico. They not only scuba dived, but they learned about the different creatures living in the coral reefs in that specific area of Mexico. Megan Berger, senior and president



said, “Scuba has been my life for the last four years and I’ve grown so much in these four years starting at the bottom as a freshman officer and working my way up to becoming president. This process has been life changing, I’ve been able to meet incredible people from all over the world who all share a love for scuba and the environment. I’ve made some incredible friends and I’ve got to run an incredible student organization and learn great leadership skills all while doing what I love!

Scuba club has taught me some life lessons and It’s been an amazing journey that has sadly come to an end, but I take away with me so many life lessons, experiences and friends.” Scuba Club is more than just scuba diving, it’s a learning experience along with life long friendships. “Being surrounded by so many passionate divers makes all the dives even more spectacular”, freshman Katie Devore expressed about her involement.

AFTERNOON DRIVE David Ehrens, Dana Biddle, Megan Berger, Sarah Mallak and Adam Roberti drive a rented car around Cozumel, Mexico after the weekend of diving. Photo by Megan Berger

SCUBA FAM Sarah Mallak, Dana Biddle, Diana Dowd, Megan Berger, David Ehrens, Harry Albert, Katelin Cordero, Adam Roberti, Margaux Darbeloff, Reid Yenor and Rachel Sandquist prepare for a group dive during a club trip in San Miguel de Cozumel, Mexico. Photo by Megan Berger

IN THE DEEP During a dive off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, senior Megan Berger captures a photo of a lemon shark and David Ehrens. Photo by Megan Berger

LITTLE RAY Diana Dowd finds a stingray in the sand in Cozumel, Mexico. Photo by Megan Berger

SUIT UP Megan Berger, Sarah Mallak, Diana Dowd and Reid Yenor adjust their equipment on the boat after a dive. Photo by Megan Berger

SITE SEEING Coral reefs provide an opportunity for the club to photograph and explore. They build their underwater photography skills and gain valuable diving experience for anyone who wants to work with marine life Photo by Megan Berger

LAZY RIVER Club members Sarah Mallak, Margaux Darbeloff, Clayton Johnson and Kennedy Wall relax in tubes at Ginnie Springs on a club retreat and dive. Photo by Megan Berger



SOAR Award Winner | Excellence in Programming & Spirit Award

FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Pozzuoli, Camila Lopez-Bosch, Mary Balise; SECOND ROW: Sydney Brooks, Valeria Velasco, Emma Lam, Cachay Byrd, Shree Patel, Emmi Velez, Andy Fernandez; THIRD ROW: Milind Khurana, Obi Okolo, Amanda Beyer, Patrice Essian, Millie Chokshi, Bhavana Srikakolapu; BACK ROW: Asvin Sivarasa, Allegra Turner, Shamir Cetoute, Anuj Shah, Melanie Zimmerman, Tia Black, Nathan Furman, Elizabeth Irving, Sierra Mathis, Jason Perez, Kyle Kingma, James Lai, Josh Brandfon. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil


SOAR Award Winner | Excellence in Programming

Maddie Sardinas, Vrinda Kareddy, Hargun Kaur, Manshaa Babbar , Moeed Moosa, Richa Sandeep, Saketh Yanamala, Marissa Maddalon, Shruti Karnani, Rohan Dureja, Ruhi Kabra, Arjun Bajaj, Meghana Ganjam, Alex Boshnick. Photo by Morgan Thomson

HURRICANETTES FRONT ROW: Bae Schulz, Caitlyn Tolchin, Jozie Schroder, Claudia Perez, Carly Battipaglia, Kristina Bye, Paloma Alvarez; SECOND ROW: Jess Luk, Victoria Hatzopoulos, Eda Karagoz, Maisy Lam, Amber Ponder, Peyton Hendricks, Alexa Fragoso; BACK ROW: Chelsea Baron, Ali Pitta, Jackie Gibson, Kayla Janas, Taylor Yeley, Lauren Shelfo, Margaret Donnelly. Photo by Bert Budde




FRONT ROW: Nico Pezzella, Timur Orazov, Andrew Mount, Natalia Vidal, Cheryl Webster, Kristen Onorato, DJ Washington, Henry Furst, Kevin Wheeler, Nicole Arguelles, Ellen McPhillip (Advsior), Peter Winans, Kyle Kingma, Ryan Rebholz, Kylie Saigol; BACK ROW: Valerie Macaulay, Monica Fernandez, Sara Gomes, Faith Boone, Raina Coleman, Jasmin Dhruv, Olivia Dubi, Emma Purcell, Elsa Zegarra. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

IBIS YEARBOOK FRONT ROW: Morgan Thomson, Izabella Felpeto, Casey Lue, Aishwarya Navale, Hadieh Zolfaghari; BACK ROW: Daniel Palma, Nhat Nguyen, Farha Reshamwala, Vedasta Masangu, Huy Tran, Karina Sloan. Photo by Randy Stano

INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS Al Mahdi Bokhait, Ammar Batterjee, Ethan Guller, Julieta F Surrentini, Mizelle Hornilla, Natalia Campo, Charbel El Barche. Photo by Morgan Thomson


get in

FORMATION With popular programming that highlights African culture, African Students Union brings members together and celebrates their varied heritage STORY Karina Sloan

African Student Union is a cultural organization that promotes unity within the community and aims to educate and inform members about Africa and the countries within it. They host a variety of events and activities throughout the year. Two of their biggest events of the year, are Taste of Africa and Elements, the annual fashion show. A Taste of Africa is an annual event that is a celebration of African heritage through food, dance, and performances. Some of the various foods that were featured on the menu included chin chin, kenyan beef pilau, cape malay curry, and jollof rice. To name a few of their dishes, chin chin is a West African crispy fried dough snack. Another popular dish is Kenyan beef pilau. This is a rice dish made with beef, onion, garlic, ginger and other seasonings. Another one of ASU’s biggest events of the year was their four-year-running fashion show. The fashion show traditionally showcases various aspects of African Culture

through fashion. The theme of the fashion show was Elements. The meaning behind the theme was explored through looking back at African roots, and understanding what makes the culture so unique. These ideas sparked an interest in exploring elements and the various elements that make up African culture. Freshman Kikiloreoluwa Aderoju said, “We knew we wanted to play on this idea and use it as a way to celebrate everything that is so beautiful about African culture, and how all of these things together create something incredible that deserves to be celebrated. So we merged the idea that much of African culture is rooted in mother nature and being grateful for the gifts she gives us, with the idea that each of us as individuals are elements of this bigger picture”.

FRONT ROW: Krysta Bennia, Ruth Rocker, Mirza Tanis, Eileen Kumi, Jori Opera; BACK ROW: Salim Lemond, Daychelle Trim, Kathryn Jones, Glen Howard. Photo by M.

A TASTE OF AFRICA ASU members serve African dishes at the A Taste of Africa event.


Photo by M. Zachs




Q: What does having ASU as a club on campus mean to you? How has it shaped your college experience? A: To me, ASU is family. It means being surrounded by people

who keep me grounded and in touch with my African roots despite being so many miles away from home (Ghana). I’ve always loved learning and educating people about Africa. ASU has given me the chance to do just that over the past three years at UM and I couldn’t be more grateful. I’ve got nothing but love for my ASU fam.



CATWALK EzClothin is one of the brands featured on the runway. Photo by Jackie Abreu

STRIKE A POSE Junior Sara St. Juste and senior Salim Lemond model clothes by African designers at the end of the runway. Photo by Jackie Abreu


IOTA TAU ALPHA FRONT ROW: Luana Suida, Taryn Dal Degan, Daniel Rodriguez, Nicholas Briel, Ali Klute, Maeve McKeeby; BACK ROW: Nicholas Rice, Bret Cassaday, Cami Marshall, Lakia Rolle, Katie Giacobbe, Brian Faller. Photo by Vivien Dominick

IRON ARROW FALL TAPPING CLASS FRONT ROW: Robert Rubin, Sammi Daugherty, Meredith Camel, Blanca Malagon, Deborah Adeyemi, Serene Shehadeh, Andrea Trespalacios, Faith Boone, Breana Ross; BACK ROW: Michael Mena, Peter Koenraad Swart, Emmi Velez, Kyle Kingma, Brittny Ellis, Torrey Crosby, Amber Tavakoly, Julia Lynch, Obianeze Okolo, Sidney Sterling. Photo by JC Ridley


FRONT ROW: Rhea Manohar, Cachay Byrd, Mary Balise, Adrian Nuñez, Felipe Parodi, David Cline, Caitlin Coviello; BACK ROW: Mark Shapiro, Dewayne Washington II, Manvi Seth, Charles Horich, Pepi Granat, Katherine Attong-Mendes, Steve Pearson, Emma Lam, Brandon Jackson, Kristine Stephenson, Nimesh Nagururu, Akshata Gunda, Alexander Carbonel, Sara Ptachik. Photo by JC Ridley





SOAR Award Winner | New Organization of the Year

Avi Botwinick, Jakob Nordenstam, Dan Williams, Donna Documet, Polo Rivas. Photo by Vivien Dominick

Sebastian Sabbagh, Ulises Rodriguez, Michelle Ng-Reyes, Michael Qureshi, John Neil, Chitra Banarjee, Michael Leyva. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

MARINE MAMMAL RESCUE TEAM FRONT ROW: Katie Zgobki, Mikayla Quigley, Emily Green, Claire Griffin, Tamara Popvska, Nina Colagiovanni, Vilet Torrez, Sophia Corde, Taylor Murphy; SECOND ROW: Lilly Blume, Gabrielle Henle, Emma Borgsmuller, Kaela Preston, Amanda Teichner, Meghan Robens, Emily Hoshaw, Madisyn Simpson; BACK ROW: Enzo Newhard, Cassidy Renninger, Raymond Leibensperger, Kyle Peco, Gabrielle Menard, Lindsey Hoshaw, John Pino, Henry Lord. Photo by Vivien Dominick


Jake Harman, Jordan Austin, Cole Stephany, Elijah Lomax, Nelson Monaco, Beau Bridges, Derrick Bell, Drew Rich, Niko Kogionis, Kevin Scott, Jackson Moore, Eli Allen. Photo by Daniel Palma



FUTURE is FEMALE Hillel's year of programming and support of the Jewish student community on campus was spearheaded by copresidents, one of them the first female in the position

JUMP FOR JOY On a Birthright trip, freshman Audrey Finn, sophomore Olivia Frejka, sophomore Shiley Grinbaum, sophomore Amy Muslin and senior Caroline Smolkin visit the Judean Desert. Photo by UM Hillel

STORY Madison George

For the first time, Hillel's presendential election ended in a tie. Candidates Casey Dresbach and Brandon Jackson became co-presidents of the the organization. Dresbach became more involved in Hillel after returning from a birthright trip to Israel and after being a community-outreach intern which allowed her to reconnect with her Jewish roots and connect with other Jewish students around campus. The senior majoring in Marine Affairs is an Aventura native who has devoted her time to making sure that UM’s Jewish Community find their home within Hillel. Her role as president has enabled her to implement new projects on campus including working with other religious and cultural organizations on campus. After graduating, Dresbach will stay in Miami and begin her master’s degree in professional science. Recently, Hillel has added onto their Braman Miller Center for Jewish Student Life with the addition of Pura Vida, a cafe featuring items like avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches and salads. Pura Vida also has several vegetarian, vegan and Kosher friendly items for student to enjoy in between classes. This is part of an effort to make Kosher dining options more available to students.

UNITED TEAM Seniors Casey Dresbach and Brandon Jackson went from competitors to copresidents after tying in the Hillel executive election. Dresbach is the first female president of the University of Miami's Hillel center. Photo courtesy Casey



ON THE FARM Sophomore Dylan Aron experiences farm life at Kibbutz Harduf in Israel on her Birthright Isreal trip. Photo by UM Hillel

MEN'S VOLLEYBALL FRONT ROW: Sven Bornemann, Michael Dvornik, Noah Kraus, Bret Gittleson, Justin Martin, Kate Smith, Albany Muvia; BACK ROW: Lucas Neal, Calvin Cohen, Zachary Fulton, Michael Federici, Evan Gruchot, Jason Betz, Alexander Suarez. Photo by Morgan Thomson

MIAMI INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ASSOCIATION Rachel Daniel, Dina Moulioukova, Martina Cardova, Emmanuela Imansuangbon, Sofia Herrera Guzman. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

MIAMI MINDFULNESS Jabari Brooks, Ana Drobrescu, Ong Xin Kai, Becca Swan, James Hasell, AlMahdi Amin, Cat Cutrone, Taylor Godwin, Valentine Neira-Diez. Photo by Jackie Abreu



FRONT ROW: Jennifer Davis, Samantha Hessinger, Samantha Mirante, Savannah McCaskill, Rachael Vukovinsky, Kiana Ford, Christina Rocchini, Alanna Muldowney; SECOND ROW: Georgia Kambouras, Shannon Dickey, Danae Lally, Giovanna Queiroz, Rebecca Luaces, Nikki Hurtado, Amy Houser, Giselle Spicer; BACK ROW: Sidney Palmer, Rachel Alonso, Jamie Schmidt, Ciana Bello, Madison Hawthorne, Molly Sondel, Sarah Ercia. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Maria Camila Bernal, Carley Havard, Mercy Perez, Jonathan Cola, Sharnikha Saravanan, Camila Moreno, Amanda Perez, Veronica Angulo, Tracey Agyeiwaa-Piasare, Charles Esposito, Maria Sevilla; BACK ROW: Veronica Betancur, Nathaniel Furman, Jabari Ture-Brooks, Jake Sirlin, Gabriela Beverly, Vivian Heerens, Michael Huzior, Kimberly Martin. Photo by Jackie Abreu

MUGGLE QUIDDITCH Annika Socha, Noah Warren, Ellen Hinshaw, Daniel Calkins, Elizabeth Khayat, Marcos Serur, Caile Criscione, Sandesh Shrestha, Alexis Abundino, Abraham Zimmerman. Not pictured: Cameron Daly, Spencer Edwards. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil



MUSLIM STUDENTS OF UM FRONT ROW: Nausheen Merchant, Nishwa Jamil, Qismat Niazi, Sofia Mohammad; BACK ROW: Adam Borai, Sonia Khan, Abdullah Almousalli, Sumra Wahid, Abdulrahman Bin Damnan. Photo by Daniel Palma


Sharod Hinton, Beverly Asante, Jasmine Holmes, Briana Scott, Lorna Appiah, Adrein Amoaku, Kristine Stephenson. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLLEGIATE SCHOLARS Amanda LopezCardet, Tatiana Wawriw, Kendall Kilberger, Kathleen Weetman, Sara St. Juste, Dilina Weerapperuma, Anna Parka. Photo by Morgan Thomson


ORANGE FESTIVAL FRONT ROW: Thomas Franchi, Carolos Aguila; BACK ROW: Max Rosenfeld, Jane Perlman, Ella Johnson, Elizabeth Fusco, Lorena Roman. Photo by Madison Ramirez


FRONT ROW: Caprina Smith, Francesca Deweerdt, Olivia Ginsberg, Melissa Jane (MJ) Barnes, Lindsey Falack, Zachary Nord, Maxim Fisher; SECOND ROW: Amanda Jaeger, Andrea Illan, Elina Katrin, Caitlin Fryer, Matthew Karas, Emma Chozick, Olivia Augustini, Molly McHugh, Nant Phyu, Nicole Arguelles, Elizabeth Pozzuoli, Camila Nunez, Maria Fagerstal, Josephine Argento; THIRD ROW: Danielle Bendavid, Sophia Rodriguez, Klay Drageset, Abigail Lloyd, Joelle Dunkley, Madison Fortna, Michelle Marino, Haydee Figueroa; BACK ROW: Jack Feldman, Miguel Tamayo, Thomas Huerter, Leah Anderson, Gregory Mintz, Gregory Scott, Maisie Baker, Alain Katsman, May Thu, Oliver Zaruba, Nicolas Sambar, Nicolas Iparraguirre, Samuel Stemerman, Jacob Glover. Photo by Morgan Thomson

FRONT ROW: Nicolette Schurhoff, Wei He, Hailey Mody, Rhea Manohar, Aoki Patel, Hyojeong Shin, Ritika Modi; BACK ROW: Neeharika Madala, Dhara Patel, Jasmin Dhruv, Sharnikha Saravanan, Thao Lam, Pooja Patel, Tanvi Bafna, Annesha Balachandar, Brianna Madrigal, Purbasha Rahman. Photo by Rhea Manohar



CHECK OUT OUR NEW THREADS Senior Kimmy Lam and juniors Tanvi Bafna and Sharnikha Saravanan wear their UJhoom shirts before the Aaj Ka Dhamaka competition. Photo by Rhea Manohar



This competitive Bollywood dance team combines different dance styles to bring an unique flair to their events on campus and off STORY Madison George

UJhoom is the University of Miami’s all-female Bollywood Fusion dance team. Bringing many different styles of dance into one, UJhoom is able to create a unique fusion to the stage. The team is made up of dancers from all different corners of the world that all share a passion for dancing. Along with competing against different teams across the nation, UJhoom offers classes, choreography workshops and professional performances for a wide variety of occasions. Each year, the team puts together an 8-10 minute performance that tells a story focusing on a theme

as well as incorporating meaningful and empowering messages. That (Kimmy) Lam, Rhea Manohar and Pooja Patel work together to provide leadership and direction in both choreography and administrative duties. “Being captains gives us the ability to help each dancer grow as individuals and as performers” said Lam. While watching the Bollywood-fusion circuit grow in diversity, the team has been able to build long lasting friendships with one another through their shared love of dance.

GOING FOR THE GOLD The team competes at Aaj Ka Dhamaka, an intercollegiate dance competition held by University of North Carolina's South Asian Awareness Organization Sangam. Photo by Jackie Abreu

HYPED FOR THE COMPETITION Sophomore Ritika Modi, senior Rhea Manohar and freshman Vy Truong perform at FunDay, a day of service that students participate with through the Butler Center, with the dance team. Photo by Rhea Manohar

HYPED FOR THE COMPETITION The team comes goes over their routine before the Aai Ka Dhamaka dance competition. Photo by Rhea Manohar



Jillian Alexander, Abigail Crowley, Sebastian Shironoshita, Tori DiCeglio, Christian Sanchez, Taylor Thiesen, Cindy Zha . Photo by Madison Ramirez



Merritt Ryan, Emily Berkowitz, Katherine Currie, Nina Wojtowicz, Vichayaporn Lohprasert. Photo by Daniel


FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Acevedo, Lily Acheampomaa-Piasare, Deborah Adeyemi, Tracey Agyeiwaa-Piasare, Dema Ammar, Chitra Banarjee, Amber Guiao, Veronica Betancur; SECOND ROW: Gabrielle Bigham, Olivia Cabanas, Natasha Cammer, Vincent Cendan, Tiffany Crawford, Thomas De Leon, Pedro Diaz, Stephanie Duarte, Adam Eibel, Charles Esposito, Brian Faller; THIRD ROW: Rachel Farmer, Annelise Fernandez, Rogelio Gonzalez, John Graham, Christian Guevara, Hunter Hampton, Emilio Hospedales, Michael Huzior, Bryan Ibarra, Rachel Katz, Hannah Kenny, Ruby Kleinbard-Taylor, Marc Levine, Taylor Lindstrom, Emma Lunking,Carolina Mallar, Christina Markopoulos, Mackenzie McDougal, Erik McKee, Farrah Mohammed, Laura Molina; FOURTH ROW: Soyoung Moon, Kunal Naik, John Neill, Michael Nesheiwat, Michelle Ng-Reyes, Morgan Nicholson, Obianeze Okolo, Maria Orbe, Olivia Ostermann, Abigail Panneton, Shareen Patel, Michael Qureshi, Emily Rabinovich, Claudia Ramirez, Jackie Rodriguez; BACK ROW: Ulises Rodriguez, Carla Rodriguez, Lorena Roman, Francesco Sautto, Valerie Schraer, Serene Shehadeh, Patrick Shipman, Joshua Simpson, Sai Singh, Sam Smith, Kate Smith, Brandon Stahl, Lucas Tozzi, Adrianna Uhlar, Daniela Usuga, Brianna Valdes, Sofia Vignolo, Samantha Waddell, Jonathan Wainblat, Laura Wubker, Chengcheng Zheng, Emily Ahearn, Vasilis Alexelis, Emily Berkowitz, Selena Berry, Olivia Burke, Mateo Cardona Mejia, Millie Chokshi, Jacobo Fux, Alexandria Hawkins, Sierra Jensen, Cristina Kontogiannis, Vignesh Krishnamoorthy, Jasmine Marquez, Olivia Medeiros, Josie Merkett, Damien Stahl, Samantha Tano, Ademide Young, John Zizzo. Photo by Morgan Thomson



PARTNERS IN HEALTH ENGAGE MIAMI Kamila Pecherek, Giselle De La Rua, Rayne Mershon, Sadie Shireman, Sydney Steel, Dr. Paul Farmer, Calvin Antonetty, Marian Pedreira, Gabriela Pages, Osvaldo Núñez . Photo by Madison Ramirez

PHI SIGMA PI NATIONAL CO-ED HONOR SOCIETY Valeria Dimitryuk, Alexandra Syunkova, Maxwell Wray, Katie Giacobbe, Sophia Watret, Astrid Jacobson, Marielle Zuber, Camille Awono, Angel PerezCastaneda. Photo by Huy Nhat Tran

PHOENYX FRONT ROW: Davis Flowers, Hannah Nossan, Alora Scofield, Crispin Blamphin, Donald Fielding; BACK ROW: Jordyn Satterfield, Samuel Kumar, Jayme Schrank, Rohan Wadhwa, Joe Marino, Masimius Watson. Photo by Daniel Palma


ANATOMY ON DISPLAY The models come out at the end of the show for the audience's final view of their body paint representing the body systems. Photo by Hadieh Zolfaghari

skeletons on the


Premedical fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon hosts their third fashion show to raise funds for children’s hospitals STORY Morgan Thomson

ANATOMY CLASS Junior Brandon Martin walks down the runway in body paint to represent the male endorine system. The endocrine system sends messages through horomones released by internal glands such as the thyroid, thymus, adrenal glands, pancreas and testes. Photo by Hadieh Zolfaghari


The Antomy Fashion show is a three-year-running event hosted by the premedical coed fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon The admission proceeds collected at the door of the event were donated to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as part of Phi Delta Epsilon’s philanthropic outreach. “It is so humbling to be part of an organization that is aimed towards creating physicians dedicated to philanthropy, deity and academic skills through service and fellowship programs,” microbiology and immunology junior Michael Huzior said. The models were not necessarily members of Phi Delta Epsilon, but donated their time to help raise funds for the cause. They work body suits featuring painted systems of the body. Besides the models and the runway, attendees also were treated to dinner. “Our event really intermixes both health and the arts together,” David Oliver, a freshman majoring in biomedical engineering and the social chair of Phi Delta Epsilon said. “I feel that this event will be both entertaining and impactful to support our cause,” Oliver said.



FRONT ROW: Richard Dale, Ryann Hallums, Vilet Torrez, Swati Narasimhan; BACK ROW: Vivek Brahmatewari, Jordan Chabot, Quinton Victor, Andrew Schwee, Matthew Christie. Photo by Vivien Dominick


Ryan Appleby, Liam McNeer, Nathaniel Furman, Taylor Dumas. Photo by Huy Nhat Tran


Noah Kim, Camila Vizcarrondo, Ashley Garb. Photo by Vivien Dominick


Thuy-Mai Le, Anuj Shah, Jacob Perez, Janeth Campbell, Alex Hawkins, Rakhi Mira Patel, Diana Matei. Photo by Jackie Abreu



FRONT ROW: Gammon Koval, Delaney Farrell, Gillian Carney, Sabrina Ufer , Veronica Lucchese; SECOND ROW: Lily Wittle, Alana Luppino, Emily Green, Becca Vanarnam Katie Devore, Emily Storrs, Luke Arends; BACK ROW: Sean Macaday, Dylan Rozansky, Sander Elliott, Cameron Macones, Jackie Kleinsorgen, Chaos Burruel. Photo by Kayla Foster


Isadora Smith, Remy Aubrey, John Cline, Sarah Levine-Ramirez, Lily Aubrey, Gabrielle D’Ambrosi, Alexis Pupo. Photo by Isadora Smith

ROLLER HOCKEY CLUB FRONT ROW: Victor Vazquez; BACK ROW: Matt Christie, Nick Hurtado, Keith Asplundh, Sawyer Coseglia, Andre Madrid, Isaac Davison, Colin Fitts. Photo by Annie Kyriakidis




Tom Gassner, Carter Owen, Dan Abrams, Max Gurman, Justin Hayes, Harrison Zaye. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil


PICTURED: Emily Parks, Erotokritos Skordilis, Nidhi Gajakas, Vanessa Rodriguez; NOT PICTURED: Daniel Borges, Emily Swafford, Kyrie McLoskey, Lis Llanio. Photo by Hadieh Zolfgaheri and caption provided by Salsa Craze

SCIENCE OLYMPIAD FRONT ROW: Leslie Knecht, Meghana Sankaran, Roshini Murugadass, Siri Choragudi; BACK ROW: Matthew Christie, Rachel DiMarco, Navin Singh, Ankit Shah, Marsalis Atkins. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Clay Johnson, Brian Baker, Kennedy Ashton, Megan Berger, Nick Martinez, Konnor Payne, Anna Ward, Margaux d’Arbeloff, Alana Carolan, Sarah Mallak; SECOND ROW: Chase Glatz, Kristin Pongé, Ernesto Ruiz, Julia Luis, Catherine Chase, Ashley Jayne, Cecia Leto, Rhonda Kremis, Slizard Molner ; THIRD ROW: Brianna de la Osa, Andrew Gelsomini, Madeline Ufheil, John MacMoyle, Robert Hemphill, Sander Elliott, Griffin Alexander, Thomas Alberts, Colin Ruzella; FOURTH ROW: Brendan Meagher, Vicki Tozer, Alana Adler, Celine White, Meagan Ando or Andolo, Sophie Ferguson, Catherine Luther, Emily Green, Emma Walker; BACK ROW: Morgan Glanola, Carley Belangev, Husain Ackhayat, Sean Colm, Giancomo Delgado, Andrew Donohue, Luke Arends, Katherine Devore. Photo by Madison Ramirez


SING YOUR HEART OUT Sandra Taboada, Maria Calandranis, Matthew Calle, Giselle De La Rua, Christine Sanchez, Ben Lavine, Dina Thomas, Amanda Rodriguez, Franco Terrero and Augustin Granada sing at the Alma Mater finals during Homecoming. Photo by Christine Sanchez

LA CUCINA During the Week of Cuban Culture, Teresa Nuñez and Amanda Rodriguez attend a cooking class in the dining hall to make Cuban food Photo by Jackie Abreu


A PORTRAIT FOR YOU Dina Thomas, Nadya Gryaznova, Felipe Parodi, Kristine Reynardus, Zhen Chan, Christine Sanchez, Franco Terrero, Amanda Rodriguez, Matthew Calle, Daniela Lorenzo and Agustin Iglesias present President Julio Frenk with a painting completed in under one minute by Reynardus as her talent at the Homecoming Pageant. Photo by Christine Sanchez



EFFECT Programming during the Week of Cuban Culture, Homecoming and other campus events educates the public about Cuban culture and history STORY Karina Sloan

The Federación de Estuduiantes Cubanos (FEC) is a cultural and social organization over 50 years old, dedicated to educating students about Cuban culture. This student organization is open to any and all students interested in learning about all aspects of Cuban life and culture. The club can be found every first Tuesday of the month giving away free cafecito on the Rock or playing dominos in the organization suite. Newest FEC president and sophomore Christine Sanchez expressed her love for the organization, “FEC is one big familia made of Cubans and non-Cubans alike. We participate in every part of campus life whether it is Intramurals or Homecoming Week with ‘Cane Pride. FEC is dedicated to spreading the culture that has become an essential part of our community as well as fostering a home for any and every UM student.” FEC’s biggest event of the year is “Week of Cuban Culture” that takes places during the Spring. The week-long event includes giveaways, free food, coffee, salsa classes and cultural conversations to name a few. Two of their biggest days include the Cuban Carnival and Cafecito Talks: Stigmas of Cuba. The Cuban Carnival brought students and faculty together with game stations, art displays, dominos, and free food including Paella. Cafecito Talks: Stigmas of Cuba had guest speakers including Andres Solares, a famous Cuban author, and Michelle Maldonado, a professor and Assistant Provost of Undergraduate Education.



“Join an organization that differs from your academic interest, those are the ones that push you to grow the most and might help you find a new passion you otherwise might not have discovered! Obviously being at the university pushes you to grow intellectually, but I think that I grew equally from my student involvements.”

ABUELITA APPROVED Christine Sanchez, Nadya Gryaznova, Andrew Schwee, Matthew Calle, Amanda Rodriguez, Bill Chan, Jordan Oria and Genesis Mileti offer cafecito and pastelitos at their "Abuelita's Breakfast" during the Week of Cuban Culture. Photo by Christine Sanchez

OH, SPIRIT TREE Christine Sanchez and Amanda Rodriguez present FEC's ornament for the Spirit Tree at Homecoming. Photo by Vivien Domincik


SIGMA ALPHA IOTA FRONT ROW: Hilary Yip, Camila Hernandez, Rebecca Gladstone, Halle Fields, Julia Lorenzetti, Caterina Papadopulos; BACK ROW: Jenny Su, Carly Poloskey, Jillian Richmond, Sabrina Langlois, Beatriz Menendez. Photo by Jackie Abreu


SOAR Award Winner | Excellence in Programming

Thomas Goodman, Brice Sewell, Sara Ortiz-Monasterio, Chinoia Weir, William Stickle, Laura Quesada. Photo by Haley Nepple

SOCIETY OF ASIAN SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS FRONT ROW: Kiko Li, Savanna Aires, Bao-Tien Duong, Shefali Mehra, Tram Huynh, Brandon Chou; BACK ROW: David Tran, Rai Tan, Justin Lei, Vignesh Selvaraj, Jonathan Zhou, Yanwen Luo, Akhila Sangadi, Rachna Paruchuri, Yiorgos Takoudis, Joon Jung. Photo by Daniel Palma



SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS FRONT ROW: Luca Cubisino, Eric Delgado, Logan Rutledge, Beiyao Ji, Lanjiabao Ge, Emiri Nourishirazi, Audrey Puschkinsky, Mirette Hanna, Inesa Gegprifti, Redi Llupa; BACK ROW: Benjamin Montgomery, Jacob Mason, Wesley Thompson, Jose Veliz, Martin Alex Arellano, Benjamin Webster. Photo by Daniel Palma


FRONT ROW: Wayne Chibamo, Tyler Schellenberg, Nicole Navratil, Hannah Lerner, Anisha Kore, Edugie Osunde, Swati Narasimhan, Sarah Amundsen, Maisy Lam, Rachael Snyder, Jenna Shorten; SECOND ROW: Katelyn Menninger, Golnoosh Goltapeh, Leanna Pfeffer, Savannah Harpster, Grace Harden, Jordae Bloomfield, Meaghan Wheeler, Dibyanshi Mishrra, Rachel De Paz, Kailyn Tulbodeaux, Vivien Dominick; BACK ROW: Eli Candelarla, Sammy Fitzgerald, Grace Ghiazza, Kimberely Sookoo, Charlotte Kienn, Jasmine King, Isabelle Akinyemiju, Michael Miano, Andrew Garvey, Sebastion Gallo, Aijalon Kilpatrick, Elizabeth Secklinger, Myrtle Valpoort, Dina Thomas. Photo by Morgan Thomson

CRIMINOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY CLUB FRONT ROW: Faiza Ahmed, Catherine Yaya, Suraya Buffong, Juliana D’Alleva, Trinidad Peraza; BACK ROW: Dr. George Wilson, Morgan Thomson, John Zizzo, Sheila Taratuta, Kate McSoley, Ronnel Thomas, Daniella Barton, Stoni Drane, Samantha Katz, Dr. Jan Sokol-Katz. Photo by Jackie Abreu


SPEAK WHAT YOU FEEL FRONT ROW: Naseem Beyah, Glen Howard; SECOND ROW: Nia Hinds, D'Andre McIntyre, Destiny James; BACK ROW: Ashi Cleveland, Tavio Kpotogbe, Divinity AmosRichards, Maya Williams. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Jess Mitchell, Kristen Onorato, Pamela Onorato, Courtney Adelman; SECOND ROW: Sheila McAndrew, Paige Flannery, Eliza Schneider, Julia Cianci, Lindsey Labiak; BACK ROW: Will Stickle, Drew Rich, Annika Socha, Jordan Austin. Photo by Daniel Palma


Dr. Joshua Brandfon, Christine Baez, Kelly Hui, James Lai, Stephanie Bigger, Dhyey Desai, Stephanie Ruiz, Nebeyou Esayas, Noor Khaled, Vincent Lin, Dr. Patricia Whitely, Summer Singh, Amy Meltzer, Nathaniel Burn, Daniel Borges, Anuj Shah, Rafael Cariello, Gilbert Arias. Photo by Kayla Foster



STUDENT CENTER COMPLEX ADVISORY COMMITTEE FRONT ROW: Kaitlin Castillo, Matthew Lischin, Andrea Trespalacios, Stephanie Perez; SECOND ROW: Daniel Borges, Max Rosenfeld, Hannah Gordon, Amber Tavakoly, Victoria Lizotte; BACK ROW: Rafael Cariello, Josh Brandfon, Kelli Finnegan, Dominique Paul, Connie Nickel, Torrey Crosby. Photo by Leslie Leonard


Yiorgos Takoudis, Maia Mulcahy, Brandon Chou. Photo by Madison


Mick Gibbins, Sondra Pearson, Halle Fields, Elizabeth Fusco. Photo by Jackie Abreu



FRONT ROW: Brice Sewell, Marissa Hanson, Janeth Campbell, Sahana Kamisetty, Anil Dalling, Julia Meguro, Isabelle Akinyemiju, Michael Nesheiwat, Mary Vollmar, Morgan Henry, Dean Dayle Wilson; BACK ROW: Marc Levine, Alexandria Hawkins, Virginia Alrdich, Cara Barazia, Aktie Giacobbe, Akshata Gunda, Qismat Niazi, Cayla Lomax, Shane Anderson. Photo by Karina Sloan


MICS ON Senior Madison Brown and her co-anchor prepare to go live for Newsvision, a weekly news segment produced by the station. Photo by Breana Ross



Here's the UMTV


Assistant Student Manager "Involvement in student media is a great way for you to grow and develop as professionals, and learn transferable skills that can be applied in any industry. UMTV has been a family that has given me incredible resources and support, which has shaped not only my college experience but the path I am taking into the future."

Rundown Two weekly newscasts receive nominations at the College Television Awards for the first time in fifteen years STORY Izabella Felpeto

With two University of Miami Television (UMTV) weekly newscasts nominated for the College Television Awards for the first time in fifteen years, it’s safe to say it’s been a noteworthy set of semesters for these broadcasters. The awards College Television Awards are presented by the same foundation that coordinates the Emmys and brings broadcast students together from all over the country. SportsDesk, the weekly, live sportscast, tailored around Hurricane sports, was victorious in their nomination and won the college Emmy at the 39th College Television Award Ceremony. Executive Producer, Amanda Fuentes was grateful for her dedicated team. “We did this for all of the people involved on SportsDesk.” She pointed out that individuals working with UMTV do not get paid or receive class credit. Rather, “Everyone that is there genuinely wants to be there. That allows for exceptional work and amazing work ethic that has gotten us to where we are now,” she said. NewsVision, the 30-minute live newscast, which includes hard news, university news, sports and meteorology, was nominated and won the Suncoast Regional Emmy. As for the rest of the shows, UniMiami, the Spanish 15-minute newscast, received a show revamp with new segments and on-air talent. The Culture, the newest program that highlights issues in political and social controversies from a multiracial perspective, had a successful year in implementing itself into the UMTV family. Broadcast students remain a minority organization on campus, but best describe UMTV as a close-nit family who share a common interest for production and storytelling.

EDIT AWAY Junior Sophia Espinosa and senior Iza Felpeto learn how to edit videos with Adobe Premier. Photo by Iza Felpeto

BEHIND THE SCENES Hard at work, senior Bri Nespral finishes some of the final episodes of the year. UMTV takes summer breaks but films throughout the fall and spring semesters. Photo by Izabella Felpeto

OUTSTANDING REPORTER Station manager and senior Breana Ross wins the Rex Pompadur Award and an Outstanding Senior recognition at the Student Media Awards. Photo by Izabella Felpeto

SLIME ON SET Getting their hands dirty, Off the Wire cast members sophomore Jeremy Erdheim and junior Andrew Glover attempt to make slime. Photo by Jackie Abreu


STUDENT HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE Isadora Smith, Remy Aubrey, John Cline, Sarah Levine-Ramirez, Lily Aubrey, Gabrielle D’Ambrosi, Alexis Pupo. Photo by Madison Ramirez

SUNSATIONS FRONT ROW: Sophia Janotha, Delaney Valdes, Ally Citro, Samantha Jiminez, Karen Slattery; SECOND ROW: Chelsea Lovell, Sydney Good, Sarah Miranda, Jordan Wilde, Alexandra Janotha, Emily Sierra; BACK ROW: Shirley Gelman, Jessica Bayuk, Allison Laforce, Cameron Cruz, Kristina Beyer, Giana Scarpiniti. Photo by Bert Budde

TABLE TENNIS CLUB FRONT ROW: Bo Wang, Angela Lin, Alex Pham, Nathan Fox; BACK ROW: Rohan Wadhwa, Michael Hanan, Danya Bulut, Coach Juan Ly, Scott Waltman, Sicong Huang, Hongtan Liu . Photo by Morgan Thomson



TAE KWON DO CLUB FRONT ROW: Natalie Castillo, Neda Mokhtari, Dora Pagán, Kayla Winter, Hawan Seo; BACK ROW: Shae Krishnaswamy, Leonardo Constantine, Hasani Skinner, Jonathan Caballero, Diego Fernandez Piedrahita, Carson Pinker. Photo by Ariella Tigertail-Gomez


FRONT ROW: Celine Mamedova, Haley Goldstein, Samantha Kamath, Pamela Onorato, Caitlin Cavanaugh, Kristen Onorato, Clara Sun, Christopher Hagen, Samuel Pidgeon, Chris Clinton ; SECOND ROW: Timothy Scafaria, Blake Meyerson, Nazir Crump, Kaili Ganigan, Arielle Halldin, Adrien Ramsamy, Anwar Khan, Tyler Busby, Brendan With, Julian Nowicki, Hannah Vossan, Joelle Fleisher, Jessica Monterrubio ; BACK ROW: Kyle Riegler, Justin Graver, Collin Leavitt, Spencer Loweth, Lukas Gudelis, Grey Medeiros, David Ufberg, Timur Orazov, Conner Rohl, Max Shevlin, Bryan O’Donnell, Christopher Frydenborg, Reid Baltuch, Gabe Leitner. Photo by Paige Petrille

TEDXUMIAMI FRONT ROW: Sasha Baranov, Joseph Brohi, Arianne Hirsch, Craig Contreras, Tanvi Bafna, Manvi Seth, Andrea Candelaria, Julia Sirven; BACK ROW: Max Erbe, Sebastian Sabbagh, Nicholas Basham, Emma Runevad, Paula Becerra, Amanda Beyrev, Tiffany Crawford, Julian Nowilki, Esther Animalu, Noor Khaled. Photo by Morgan Thomson



FRONT ROW: Beltran Moreno, Jared Klutke; SECOND ROW: Sarah Vargas, Teddy Dunn, Juliana Gonzalez, Lily Davis, Mateus Fairbairn, Logan Cytryn, Olivia Schuitema; BACK ROW: Chloe Decker, Katy Wells, Daniel Tormo, Jack Simon, Dylan Sehgal, Sara Jacobs, Daniela Gonzalez, Scylla Blervacq, Anne Oliver, Day Meyer, Dan Kim, Constantine Vogiatzis, Adi Bulusu. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil

THE MIAMI HURRICANE Natalia Rovira, Kay-Ann Henry, Anna Timmons, Rebecca Goddard, Noor Khaled, Jaime Harn, Amir Mahmoud. Photo by Daniel Palma

YOUNG AND COLLEGE DEMOCRATS FRONT ROW: Hannah Ebner, Jendayi London, Kerry Smallman, Kinnon McGrath, Emily Adrid, Talula Thibault; BACK ROW: Jovanie Joseph, Jimmy Ge, Jonah Kansh, Katherine Hornish, Margot Mather, Rachel Stempler, Ava Mandele, Nathan Vanherp. Photo by Daniel Palma



UCHEER ALL-GIRL FRONT ROW: Emma Sanders, Haylee Privitera, Brandi Stevens, Rikki Herrada; SECOND ROW: Remi Petit, Gemma St. Louis, Sebastian the Ibis, Sidney Sterling, Ali Smith; BACK ROW: Alexis Russel, Mackenzie Murrin, Kylie Breslin, Jessica Carro, Lexi Fioto, Taylor Dotterweich. Photo by Bert Budde

UCHEER CO-ED FRONT ROW: Ed McGaley, Kayla Watts, Leah Goldstein, Bryce Stephenson-Pickett; SECOND ROW: Mark Farag, Nasir Mason, Torrey Crosby, Corey Jones, David Castano; BACK ROW: Carolyn Covington, Kennedy Stewart, Cassandra Garcia. Photo by Bert Budde

UMIAMI TUFAAN FRONT ROW: Lea Perez, Olivia Rich, Vyvyan Prado, Simran Gidwani, Leslie Benaudis, Natalie Mastalerz, Elle Knowlton, Carolene Kurien; SECOND ROW: Shreya Patel, Amanda Crowley, Athena Koumanelis, Qismat Niazi; BACK ROW: Arjun Malhotra, Prathmesh Matodkar, Matthew Simpson, Saad Nooruddin, CJ Palma, Bill Zhong, Akhil Madurai, Vignesh Krishnamoorthy, Daniel Arci. Photo by Eric Kevin Cecil


celebrating the



Campus organizations come together to celebrate the Lunar New Year with food, performances and exploration of culture STORY Morgan Thomson

The Asian American Students Association (AASA) and a portfolio of sponsors such as Sushi Maki, Student Government and many more stages a celebration for the entire campus to take a part in complete with activities, dinner, and performances. This annual event falls in late January or early February, the actual date determined by when Lunar New Year falls each year according to the track of the moon. Twelve animal signs define each year, and the year of the dog transitioned to the year of the pig – the twelfth of the zodiac animals. The zodiac animals, much like the Greek zodiac symbols defined by constellations, have their own mythologies. The year of the pig signifies aesthetics, beauty and introspection. Planning for the celebration began in the fall semester. Participants were given a wristband they had to get signed at a certain number of activity tents in order to get dinner provided by Sushi Maki. And for an extra sweet treat, free boba tea from Imperial Tea was available to everyone who stayed until the end of the performances. One of the performances was by the group S.T.O.R.M. who performed a dance that illustrated each of the twelve zodiac animals. “This event really increased my knowledge and appreciation of cultural traditions that I wasn’t aware of,” sophomore Alexia Vignau commented.

NEW YEAR The Lunar New Year celebrations on the UC Patio featured tent activities, performances and free dinner for those who participated in the tent activities. Photo by Amrutha Chethikattil



CHEESIN' WITH SEBASTIAN Freshman Jalyn Hamilton poses with Sebastian in the photo booth. Props that were themed to suit the year of the pig were availbe to photo booth participants. Photo by AASA

GRAB A BRUSH Tent activities challenged participants' Chinese character calligraphy abilities. Photo by Amrutha Chethikattil

IN THE QUEUE Long lines formed when it was time to serve dinner provided by Sushi Maki. Photo by Amrutha Chethikattil

ENJOY THE SHOW Fushu Daiko, a South Floridian taiko drumming group performed for the crowd at the Lunar New Year celebration. Photo by Amrutha Chethikattil








1973, 1985, 1997, 2009

1974, 1986, 1998, 2010

1975, 1987, 1999, 2011

1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

1977, 1989, 2001, 2013

1978, 1990, 2002, 2014

GOAT 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015

MONKEY 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016

ROOSTER 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

DOG 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018

PIG 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

RAT 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020


UBOOK FRONT ROW: Delaney Jacoway, Paula Jost, Marielle Zuber; BACK ROW: Duncan Duff, Emma Lagno, Tarek Guaddar, Anya Balsamides, Diana Juarez-Montano, Madelyn Kahle. Photo by Paige Petrille

UJHOOM FRONT ROW: Thao (Kimmy) Lam, Rhea Manohar, Pooja Patel; SECOND ROW: Wei (Viona) He, Jasmin Dhruv, Sharnikha Saravanan, Dhara Patel; THIRD ROW: Brianna Madrigal, Purbasha Rahman, Aloki Patel, Hyojeong (Kate) Shin; FOURTH ROW: Aavni Gupta, Hailey Mody, Ritika Modi, Tanvi Bafna; BACK ROW: Neeharika Madala, Samantha Kamath, Aneesha Balachandar, Nicolette Schurhoff. Photo by Rhea Manohar


FRONT ROW: Sofia Gonzalez, Lola Whittingham, Blaire Slavin, Maddison Stokes, Jack Dickman, Nash Witacare, Emily Kalbac; SECOND ROW: Julia Dykema, Kristina Manokas, Brie Bigham, Czavier Tan, Kira Telford, Caitie Boshers, Emma Lam, Rachel Camilleri, Marissa Coppola, Jackie Mait; BACK ROW: Cailin Murphy, Sasha Hausman, Connor Howell, Caitlin Kaplan, Jonathan Raskauskas, Gillian Stapler, Brianna Ferrarie, Armand Dubois. Photo by Morgan Thomson



ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB FRONT ROW: Sam Philleo, Matthew Bird, Alex Tran, Ronen Pink; BACK ROW: Lakshya Sewundun, Garrett Valentino, Matthew Collins, William O’Neil, Raden Gustivil, Bobby Williams, Lukas Gudelis, Jordan Shapiro. Photo by Sean Griffin

UM COLLEGE REPUBLICANS FRONT ROW: Paige O'Brien, Micaela Stoner, Sammi Tripp; SECOND ROW: Greg Beeson; THIRD ROW: Matt Lischin, JT Bon; BACK ROW: Collin Lee, Brent Israel, Nicole Lembo, Andrew Friedman, Jack McDade, Bartolo Castano. Photo by Kayla Foster

UMIAMI SCIENTIFICA MAGAZINE Wil Harris, Kimberley Rose, Leila Thompson, Anuj Shah, Amirah Rashed, Elisabeth Hofer, Trevor Birenbaum. Photo by Ryan Yde


UMTV FRONT ROW: Izabella Felpeto, Breana Ross, Gianna Sanchez, Jenna Weiss, Amanda Fuentes, Rebekah Chung, Talia Mereles; BACK ROW: Boriana Treadwell, Andrew Glover, DonaldGeorge, Jeremy Erdheim, Benjamin Ezzy, Erika Orstad, Kristion Matas, Alex Morales. Photo by Breana Ross

UNITED BLACK STUDENTS FRONT ROW: Kristin Williams, Glen Howard, Kara Roberts, Nia Byrd, Kyra Freeman, Nyah HawkinsHarrison, Tikiyah Ivey, Jasmine Page; BACK ROW: Aaliyah Johnson, Grace Ugwueke, Zoria Telfare, Sarah Decossard, Jayla Williams, Dillon Scott. Photo by Reece Marcelle

UTHRIFT FRONT ROW: Natalia Rovira, Kayla Conley, Sofia Mesa, Juile Topf, Rachel Rubi; BACK ROW: Eleanora Mieser, Veronika Seider, Olivia Baker, Jessica Nussbaum, Jorge Jaime-Rivera, Emma Walker. Photo by Vivien Dominick



VETERAN STUDENTS ORGANIZATION FRONT ROW: Jessy Diaz, Roberto Largaespada, Juan Montoya, Jeffrey Eberhardt, Grace Edwards, Jessica Aguirre, Simone Gaines, Amelia West, Calvin Antonetty, Hance Wilbert; BACK ROW: Carlos Mora, Anel Sucre, Michael Gallagher, Justin Kasenberg, Rebeca Mojica. Photo by Morgan Thomson

WOMEN'S ULTIMATE FRISBEE FRONT ROW: Serene Shehadeh, Hannah Lerner, Shareen Patel, Sabrina Ullman, Hannah Eiger, Christine Beckel; BACK ROW: Lian Ortner, Natalia Ruiz-Huidobro, Kristi Fowler, Dija Thomas, Joanna Greenberg, Erin Gallogly, Sophia Watret, Sydne Anschutz, Emma Lagno, Begoña Alberdi, Gabrielle Greenberg, Alissa Farina. Photo by Daniel Palma

WVUM-FM FRONT ROW: Joanna Jara, Emmi Velez, Ezra Remer, Ernest Barral, Emmanuel Gorin, Juliana Byers; BACK ROW: Aaliyah Weathers, Kawan Amelung, Peter Melero, Francisco Narvaez, Michelle Boursiquot, Matthew Walter, Alvaro Baez, John Connolly, Leah Stern, Michael Williams. Photo by Jackie Abreu


Ready to


With money on the line, organizations compete in various tests of strength and teamwork on the Foote Green STORY Morgan Thomson

Organizations registered by the Committee on Student Organizations (COSO) are invited to take part of Rumble on the Green, an Olympic-style annual competition between organizations. It's a time to take sides in friendly competition for a $200 prize that can be used for any kind of organization programming. Hurricane Bhangra, United Black Students, Veteran Students Organization, Relay for Life and Spikeball Club were among the student organizations competing on the Foote Green in the shadow of Richter Library. Games reminiscent of high school gym such as tug-of-war and dodgeball challenged the organization members to work together and tested their physical strength. In the end, Spikeball Club came out on top and took home the prize.



POWER THROW Dodgeball is among the competitive games played at Rumble on the Green. Photo by Vivien Dominick

STARING YOU DOWN In the tug-of-war competition, freshman Reece Marcelle takes the foremost position. Photo by Jackie Abreu

QUICK SAVE Senior Jess Hamorsky keels down to scoop up a dodgeball before the opposing team can take any of her teammates down. Photo by

POWER PYRAMID Glen Howard, competing for United Black Students, finishes the top of a pyramid. Photo by Vivien Dominick

Vivien Dominick

WINNING THE BIG ONE After a variety of competitions, the Spikeball Club holds up their $200 prize for taking first in the competition. Photo by Vivien Dominick

USE ALL YOUR WEIGHT The Spikeball Club engages in a tug-ofwar competition against the United Black Students. Photo by Jackie Abreu

READY, SET, GO! Veteran Students Organization and Relay for Life face off in a game of dodgeball. Veteran Students Organization came out on top. Photo by Vivien Dominick


DARE to Organizations are recognized for their contribution to campus life and culture at the annual Student Organization Achievement and Recognition Awards hosted by the Committee on Student Organizations INFORMATION Shruti Karnani

COSO CREW Committee on Student Organization (COSO) members Ayshna Desai, Mercy Lavado, Matthew Lischin, Ruhi Kabra, Gaurav Gupta, Neha Raja, Patricia Santana, Andrea Trespalacios, Neil Patel, Shruti Karnani and Dean Ryan Holmes. Photo by Jenny Abreu



ABOVE AND BEYOND Senior Daniel Borges and Vice President Dr. Patricia Whitely take a photo after Borges won the David Lin Unsung Hero Award. Photo by Jenny Abreu

FINE DINING Freshly prepared dinner was offered to attendees during the evening awards ceremony. Student Government President Evan de Joya helps himself to some pasta. Photo by Jenny Abreu

BEFORE THE SHOW Senior William Larossa chats with junior Emma Lam and senior Mary Balise before the ceremony starts. Tables were divided by student organizations. Photo by Jenny Abreu



YOU'RE IN Chief Adrian Nuñez strikes the iron arrow in the ground in front of senior Akki Gunda to induct her into Iron Arrow. Photo by JC Ridley

HONOR societies Organizations that value scholarship, involvement and leadership attract students across diciplines and celebrate their achievements with a badge of honor LIST UM Factbook























































































Founded in 1920 at the University of Southern California, Alpha Kappa Delta was affiliated with the Association of College Honor Societies in 1967 and holds affiliation with the American Sociological Association as well. The purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta is to acknowledge and promote excellence in the scholarship in the study of sociology, including the research of social problems and activities that will lead to an improvement of the human condition. There are more than 130,000 members in the more than 670 chapters across the globe.

WHAT IT TAKES Membership is open to undergraduats, graduates and faculty members who meet the

Peijun Chen Claudia Hyman Trinidad Peraza Demi Pietri Roxanne Yu

SPRING INITIATES Lauren Abraham Juliana D'Alleva Noa Israel Sara Soto

minimum standard of ranking in the top 35 percent of their class and are a sociology major or demonstrate a serious interest in sociology. Additionally, one must attain junior status and maintain a 3.0 grade point average in sociology courses to retain membership. FRESH CERTIFICATES Junior Peijun Chen, Dr. Jan Sokol-Katz, senior Demi Pietri, junior Claudia Hyman and Dr. George Wilson celebrate the inductions. Photo by Trinidad Peraza

AKD Dr. George Wilson and Dr. Jan Sokol-Katz induct sophomore Noa Isreal. Photo by Trinidad Peraza


WHO THEY ARE The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) honors high-achieving students in their first or second year in a full time university. NSCS benefits its members with career and graduate school connections, leadership and service opportunities as well as annual scholarships, awards and chapter funds.


Kendall Kilberger Dilina Weerapperuma Sara St. Juste Kathleen Weetman Amanda Lopez-Cardet Tatiana Wawriw Anna Park

WHAT IT TAKES Membership is by invitation only and requires a 3.4 grade point average on a 4.0 scale and to be in the top 20 percent of the class. Those who are invited must be enrolled as a first or second year undergraduate and have completed at least one term of full time study.



GET THIS PARTY STARTED The executive board of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars prepares for the induction ceremony for new members. Photo by Jackie Abreu




There are five criteria for selection, which make Iron Arrow such a distinguished honor. These are leadership, character, humility, scholarship and love of alma mater. In order to qualify for membership, the candidate must be a University of Miami student, faculty, administrator or alumnus. Selfrecommendations are not considered, but an individual outside the tribe can recommend for the tribe to consider an individual for nomination. Final decisions are made by present members at the selections meeting held every semester. Once tapped, members of Iron Arrow receive the iconic colorful jackets handmade by Miccosukee indians.

HOW TO BE TAPPED Honoring students, faculty, staff and alumni who have contributed significantly to the "glory, fame and growth" of UM throughout its history, the Iron Arrow Honor Society was founded on the fundamental principles of promoting and protecting the history and traditions of the university. Founded in November 1926 by the university's first president, Bowman Foster Ashe, Iron Arrow is the first and oldest student organization at the "U". Iron Arrow is based on the ideals and traditions of the Seminole Indian Nation. President Ashe charged Iron Arrow with upholding the traditions of the university and to be its living history; this is the mission and duty of Iron Arrow. Iron Arrow is “the highest honor attained at the University of Miami� and members not only serve as the trustee of the traditions of the university, but a living tradition as well.

Deborah Adeyemi Faith Boone Meredith Camel Torrey Crosby Sammi Daugherty Brittny Ellis Lindsey Finch Kyra Freeman Kyle Kingma William Latham Julia Elise Lynch Blanca Malagon Michael O. Mena Obianeze Okolo Breana Ross Robert D. Rubin Serene Shehadeh Sidney Sterling Peter Koenraad Swart Amber Tavakoly Andrea Trespalacios Omaida C. Velazquez Emmi Velez


WELCOME TO IRON ARROW Professor Jay Rees, the Frost Band of the Hour director speaks with senior and band member Sammi Daugherty who was tapped in the fall semester. Photo by Vivien Dominick

GLAD TO SEE YOU Alumnae Laura Thornton and Ashley Pittaluga embrace senior Torrey Crosby after he is tapped. Photo by Vivien Dominick

MARCHING Newly tapped tribe members and seniors Obianeze Okolo, Deborah Adeyemi and Emmi Velez march on the way to tap a new member. Photo by Vivien Dominick

Katherine Attong-Mendes Cachay Byrd Alexander Carbonel Gaetano Ciancio David Cline Caitlin Coviello Rudy Fernandez Alessia Fornoni Pepi Granat Akshata Gunda Charles Horich Brandon Jackson Emma Lam Susan Leary Rhea Manohar Megan McSherry Stuart Miller Nimesh Nagururu Stephen Pearson Sara Ptachik David Roth Manvi Seth Mark Shapiro Kristine Stephenson Emmanuel Thomas Clara Troccoli Dewayne Washington II Brenda Yester Baty



WHO THEY ARE Alpha Phi Sigma was founded in 1942 and in 1976, it was voted by the Executive Board of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences as the National Criminal Justice Honor Society. With over 360 active chapters, Alpha Phi Sigma promotes excellence in scholarship and performance in fields related to criminal justice. The Beta Theta chapter at the University of Miami is open to all criminology majors, minors and students with an interest in the subject. Meetings take place alongside Alpha Kappa Delta and the Sociology and Criminology Club.

FALL INITIATES Trinidad Pereza Demi Pietra Roxanne Yu

SPRING INITIATES Juliana D'Alleva Noa Israel Alexis Rosado


CRUISIN' IN Sophomore and criminology major Juliana D'Alleva is inducted in the spring to Alpha Phi Sigma. Photo by

All undergraduate students must have declared a major, minor or equivalent in the criminal justice or related field before applying to be apart of Alpha Phi Sigma. A minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale and at least three full time semesters completed with a minimum of four courses

Trinidad Pereza

in the criminal justice field is also necessary for membership. Membership for graduate students stipulates a minimum 3.4 GPA, and law students a GPA of 2.5 or above.


WHO THEY ARE The University of Miami believes in excellence and strives to provide the best environment possible for guiding the Golden Key members to achieve in academics, leadership, and service. The ninth Golden Key chapter, UM was chartered February 21, 1979, as part of US Region Three, which includes schools in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.


EXECUTIVE BOARD Kathryn Doolittle Jack Gelb Monique Girgis Danielle Goldwert Katarzyna Pasternak Eric Tolep

With more than 4,000 members since 1979, the UM Golden Key chapter has been dedicated to serving its members and the local community through a variety of programming including service projects at the local Ronald McDonald House, social events, and professional development workshops. They welcome prospective members who are in the top 15 percent of their class and interested in service and leadership development. These members are selectively chosen based on their high academic performance throughout the semester.

E-BOARD Jack Gelb, Eric Tolep, Katarzyna Pasternak, Monique Girgis, Kathryn Doolittle, Danielle Goldwert. Photo by Katarzyna Pasternak




WHO THEY ARE Omicron Delta Kappa is one of the oldest and most prestigious honor societies at the University of Miami. The Omicron Delta Kappa Society is the national leadership honor society for college students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni that recognizes and encourages superior scholarship, leadership, and exemplary character. Membership in ODK is a mark of the highest distinction and honor. The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is threefold: 1) To recognize those who have exhibited a high standard of leadership and effectiveness in collegiate activities; 2) To bring together student leaders from all sectors of collegiate life in order to help mold the sentiment of the university for questions of local and collegiate interest; 3) To bring together members of the faculty and the student body on a basis of mutual interest and understanding.

WHAT IT TAKES To join one must be nominated; nominees may be students, faculty/ administration, alumni, or Honoris Causa. All students must be in the top 35 percent of their class or school within the University. Undergraduate students must have completed 60 credit hours (junior status); faculty/administration members must have been with the University for at least five years; alumni must have been recognized for their leadership on both the local and national level. The nominations are of five phases of campus life: Scholarship, Athletics, Campus or Community Service, Social and Religious Activities, and Campus Government, Journalism, Speech and Mass Media, and Creative and Performing Arts.

BIGGER EVERY YEAR The fall initiates gather for a group photo after their induction ceremony. Photo by Abdiel Caballero

FALL INITIATES Tracey Agyeiwaa-Piasare Maria Bernal Veronica Betancur Kolby Bird Jabari-Ture Brooks Alexander Carbonel Laura Cornelius Provost Jeffrey Duerk Dane Dunlap Amanda Fuentes Nathaniel Furman Trevor Green Kathryn Henshaw Dean Ryan Holmes Austin Iglesias Ella Johnson Chelsea Lovell Amanda Perez David Perez Stephanie Perez Michael Qureshi Andrew Schwee Serene Shehadeh Justin Stevens Valentina Vargas Daniel Watt

SPRING INITIATES Nicole ArgĂźelles Jessica Nicole Brady Amir Davoodi Giselle De La Rua Ebony Eddy Lukas Gudelis Brandon Hadeed Amelia Llerena Brandon Mitchell Cami Moreno Elizabeth Pozzuoli Herveline Saintil Serena Shah Samantha Verling Matthew Wiefels Roxanne Yu

THE SPRING CLASS The spring initiates gather for a group photo with veteran members of the organization. Photo by Abdiel Caballero





Mortar Board is recognized as the first national organization to honor

Nathaniel Furman Vanessa Hilaire Sharnikha Saravanan Jake Sirlin

senior college women and was founded in 1918 at Syracuse University. Now, more than 250,00 members have been initiated in 232 chapters. The organization recognizes junior and senior level college students for their superior achievement in scholarship, leadership and service. The Nu Kappa Tau chapter has been established since 1937 and offers academic recognition and connections with alumni and the opportunity to win scholarships or

WHAT IT TAKES The minimum requirements for membership are 60 completed credit hours and a minimum grade point average representing the upper 35 percent of their class. The tappees are nominated through a form available online and then the enrolled members of Mortar Board make their selections. After all nominees have been selected, Mortar Board members dressed in black robes CONGRATULATIONS Seniors Vivien Ashley and Veronica Betancur tap junior Tracey Agyeiwaa-Piasare. Photo by Jackie Abreu

WELCOME Olivia Katharina, a senior, taps juniors Mike Huzior and Charlie Esposito. Photo by Jackie Abreu

YOU'VE BEEN TAPPED Mortar Board members and seniors Allison Kadampelil and Veronica Betancur tap juniors Jake Sirlin and Sharnikha Saravanan. Photo by Jackie Abreu

NEW MEMBERS Inside of the Rathskeller, juniors Stephanie Perez and Cami Moreno are tapped by seniors Vivien Ashley and Veronica Betancur. Photo by Jackie Abreu

FUTURE LEADERS Vanessa Hilaire, Jake Sirlin, Sharnikha Saravanan, Nathaniel Furman and advisor Michael Stokes pose for a photo after the juniors were elected to the executive board for the next school year. Photo by Vivien Ashley

NEW CERTIFICATES Juniors Nathan Furman and Jonathan Cola hold up their certificates. Photo by Jackie Abreu






Sigma Tau Delta is an international collegiate honor society for students of English at four-year colleges and universities who are within the top 30% of their class and have a 3.5 GPA. It has over 850 chapters in the United States and abroad. The organization inducts over 9,000 new members annually, and is the largest honors organization in its field and one of the largest members of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS). Sigma Tau Delta's central purpose is to confer distinction for high achievement in English

Emily Parks Chinoia Weir William Stickle

SPRING INITIATES Brice Sewell Nathalie Mairena

language, literature, and writing, and the organization is dedicated to fostering literacy and all aspects of the discipline of English.

WHAT IT TAKES Candidates for undergraduate membership must have completed a minimum of two college courses in English language or literature beyond the usual requirements in freshman English. The candidate must have a minimum of a B or equivalent average in English and in general scholarship, must rank at least in the highest thirty-five percent of his/her class, and must have completed at least three semesters or five quarters of college course work. Candidates for undergraduate membership need not be majoring or minoring in the discipline of English Candidates for graduate membership who did not hold undergraduate membership must be enrolled in a graduate program in English or one of its specializations, have completed six semester hours of graduate work or the equivalent, and have a minimum grade point average of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale. SPRING CEREMONY Sophomore Brice Sewell, junior Chinoia Weir, seniors Sarah Ortiz-Monasterio and Laura Quesada and junior Nathalie Mairena take part in the spring induction ceremony for Sewell and Mairena. Photo

NEW MEMBER William Stickle, a junior in communication studies, is inducted into the honor society by senior Sarah Ortiz Monasterio, the president. Photo by Thomas Goodmann

by Thomas Goodmann

NEW PRESIDENT Junior Chinoia Weir is inducted into the organization. She took up the presidency after Sarah OrtizMonasterio graduated. Photo by Thomas Goodmann

SIGMA TAU DELTA Brice Sewell, Sarah Ortiz-Monasterio, Laura Quesada, Chinoia Weir, Folashade Akinola, Emily Parks and Professor Thomas Goodmann take a photo in the Shalala Student Center after inductions. Photo by Jackie Abreu



Over 17,000 graduates and undergraduates call the 'U' their home for their academic careers and their experiences on campus greatly shape the person they become in the world Inside Look 327 Sportsfest The Test to be the Best

348 Seniors 378 Senior Spotlights

We Got Some 'Canes Over Here

390 Graduation Caps Best Cap Forward

GOODBYE, OLD FRIEND The face behind the Sebastian the Ibis mask is kept hidden throughout their college career and only revealed when they walk down the aisle for graduation. Photo by Jenny Abreu




WHERE TO PARK Two parking garages are available to commuters - Pavia and Merrick, but they become busy quickly on the weekdays. Photo by Morgan Thomson


Long commutes through infamous Miami traffic and the race to get a good parking pass may bring them down, but commuters find a way to be engaged on campus through student organizations geared to their needs STORY Morgan Thomson

COMMUTER STUDENT RESOURCES As it approaches its 30 year anniversary, Great Start, a program for new commuter and transfer students strives to ease the college transition for these students. There are two dates in the summer where commuters and transfers are invited to stay overnight in the dorms, participate in icebreakers, learn cheers and traditions unique to 'Canes and explore on-campus organizations in a small-scale Canefest. Out of the 2,975 entering students in the fall semester, 260 freshman and 206 transfers were from Miami-Dade County, most of which are considered commuter students, but some do opt for on-campus housing for conviencence or experience sake. Commuters students have the ability to join the Association of Commuter Students (ACS) to meet people like themselves and engage in programming designed to their interests. ACS is involved in large campus events such as Homecoming.




Andy Fernandez, Joshua Roman, Sofia Lopez, Abigael Iaguerre, Muhammet Erkoc, Sharif Amastha, Franco Terrero, Gerald Chang, Patricia Perez, Paul Ledon, Lauren Pairot, Lauren Simpson. Photo by Kaitlin Castillo


Allana Persaud, Taylor Miragliotta, Samantha Jimenez, Vanessa Quezada, Adrian Ferrarati, Cecilia Amaro, Natalie Carreno, Carolina Vigo, Dina Thomas, Abdulmajeed Alkhamis. Photo by Alizé Ramirez-Cañas


Nicolas Adler, Bryan Duran, Julian Nowicki, Anthony Cruz, Nina Villanueva, Alexa Gonzalez, Julie Llano, Victoria Garcia, Ana Claure, Naomi Migoya, Caroline Vazquez, Estefanía Caputo. Photo by Jackie Abreu



FRONT ROW: Amirah Rashed, Patricia Herrera, Mikeiveka Sanon, Diana Mercado, Alejandra Moros, Isabella Dotres, Lucia Fernandez, Dija Thomas; BACK ROW: Lauren Foster, Daniella Sanchez, Julio Ojalvo, Stephen Seruya, Nicholas Macias, Franco Cassoni Fraga, Evan Dejas, Cameron Tavakoly. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Maddison Sharp, Natalie Santos, Saskyah Dhaiti, Laura Doyle, Nadezda Gryaznova, Irene Calvo, Begonia Alberdi, Gabriela Torres, Katerina Quintairos; SECOND ROW: Daniela Sanguily, Leo Soyfer, Adrian Parra, Angel Carrasquillo, Camila Quintero, Victoria Torrego; BACK ROW: Emil Chehab, Alfred Shomar, Matthew Calle. Photo by Casey Lue


FRONT ROW: Eldys Fabian, Maria Veronica Perez, Alejandra Rinaldi, Brianna de la Osa, Abdiel Cabalero, Julia Sirven; BACK ROW: Justin Brown, Sina Bonyadi, Carolina Rivero, Andres Perez, Nikki Zevallos. Photo by Morgan Thomson




Natalie Aguilar, Annabelle Menendez, Veroneeka Dorval, Alexia Caslains, Joel Costoya. Photo by Kaitlin Castillo


FRONT ROW: Inés Mendez, Sophia Rebollar, Annabel Estrada, Gabriella Trujillo; BACK ROW: Rebeca Gonzalez, Avani Choudhary, Laura Florez, Lauryn Bausley, Anjuli Sharpley, Amanda Gonzalez, Gabriella Quintero, Elizabeth Ramirez. Photo by Alizé Ramirez-Cañas


FRONT ROW: Antonia Comas-Soares, Anabelle Tolgyesi, Eva Arnarsdottir, Isabella Aires Ribeiro, Hallie Bucher, Derrick Hall, Grace Gilman, Nathen Castillo; BACK ROW: Grey Medeiros, Myles McGregor, Johnny Navarro, Chris Siciliano, Chris Young, Joel Knee, Adam Mariano, Roy Casanova, Doug Warner, Donald Vera. Photo by Morgan Thomson



FRONT ROW: Nicole Lembo, Arianna Guzman, Cleofas Yzaguirre, Bryan Sevila, Xavier Bucknor, Patricio Salazar Adame, Mahaut de Villeneuve Bargemon, Paige Swartz, Wei Yan; BACK ROW: Andrew McNaney, Daniel Ribe, Lilian Morales, Gabriel Bundies, Jacob Mason, Lili Vespa, Charlotte DeMartini, Alexa Brin, Kate Bergin, Peijun Chen, Derek Pichler, Daniela Correa, Mariajose Rodriguez. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Paul Lauster, Chloe McElvein, Priscilla Ruiz; BACK ROW: Niloufar Karamatpanah, Alina Dallal, Janice Raymeny, Kelly Leon, Daniel Milian, Alessandra Morana Bereciartu, Gabby Ridge, Leslie Rowell, Shanika Isaacs. Photo by Kaitlin Castillo


FRONT ROW: Cameron Kalajainen, Sebastian Lopez, Nicholas Egan, Devin Peterson, Manuel Figueira; SECOND ROW: Caroline Nice, Louise Mardellat, Yihui Wang, Melody Siles, Allison Jones; BACK ROW: Ronghang Shao, Peley Julie, Brandon Lobisi, Kevin Perez, Fabrizio Conti, Jenny Hdak, Alistair Norhtam, Tiziana Vazquez, Payton Ruehling, Anoop Desai. Photo by Jackie Abreu




FRONT ROW: Rose Goewey, Roxanna Fridman, Cecilia Verdeja, Ashley Garcia, Olivia McAuley, Kyle Julicher, Dallon Fell, Chandler Feichter, Maria Lopez, Wyatt Deihl, Caterina Villavicencio, Daniel Avila, Michael Lombard, Kylea Henseler, Peyton Kaffl; BACK ROW: Joshua Pockhai, Francis Burke, Anthony Alvarez Riya Shah, Fabiola Registre, Maria Cordoba, Francis Burke, Anthony Alvarez, Hsin Ni Yang, Yifan Gao, Alejandrow Vargas, Da. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Sarah Raboff, Anabella Zambrano, Kaila Desdames, Rashed Al Ajeel, Marc Rodriguez, Alejandra Gutierrez Barbon, Laura Best, Aislynn Mosquera, Richard Campbell, Justin Arenas, Drew Massirman, Alyssa Mora, Sydneigh Lowery, Arlene Donayre Delgado, Sue Salarrayan, Maribel Cabrera, Vincent Lin; BACK ROW: Andrew Shalgos, Santiago Gama Ulloa, Heather Cyr, Nicolas Vila, Shamar Wright, William Easterwood, Emma Sherman, Luis Gonzalez, Marthe Pitous, John Kim. Photo by Casey


FRONT ROW: Genesis Cosme, Matthew Tufaro, Scylla Blervacq, Jack Jarvis, Carlos Mendieta, Daniela Flores, Christ Naranjo; BACK ROW: Milo Ryyan, Alex Bitchatchi, Isabella Leroy, Catherine Luther, Naomi Martinez, Michael Gallagher. Photo by Jackie Abreu


HECHT RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE In 1984, Hecht was the first residence hall to be converted to a Residential College and the Pentland and McDonald towers have a 856 student capacity STORY Staff



"I love being able to help first year students find their place in college and watch them all grow. The staff is also an incredible support system for me, and have become some of my best friends here. Having this position has been one of the best experiences of my college career and I would highly recommend it to anyone who has any interest in applying.."

HECHT YEAH! Hecht is located in between Eaton and Stanford Residential Colleges. Photo by Morgan Thomson




"The most rewarding part of being a First Year Fellow is helping first year students make the most out of their college experience. The staff in Hecht is incredible and full of people who are passionate about what they do."


The freshmen towers are a pinnacle experience for the nearly 1,600 students that reside in them each year. Hecht Residential College was built in 1968 and was originally referred to as the 1968 Complex. Its transformation into the first Residential College happened in 1984, and it was designated as the Honors College. Now, the 856-student towers house freshmen and the Residential Assistants (RA) assigned to each floor. Faculty members have a suite in each tower and provide support to incoming students through programming designed for the first-year experience. Each of the 11 floors in two towers feature double rooms, a few single rooms and communal bathrooms. By Morgan Thomson



FRONT ROW: Nadia Mirfendereski, Jessica Burg, Eliza Stuart, Tiffany Deplas, Kathryn Gonzalez, Taylor Minter, Sophie Sundaram, Kelli Finnegan; BACK ROW: Alyssa Travisano, Amy Li, Cora McKean, Madison Hawthorne, Kayla McCulloch, Sari Adler; NOT PICTURED: Michelle Lee, Alexa Mascellaro, Thea Saunders, Keri McGill, Samantha Mindel, Devin Martinez, Emma Hantgan, Jayna Schack, Grace Benyon, Allyson Sabatelli, Erica Mostovoy, Emily Hanus, Rebecca Modell, Grace Braider Serena Krentsel, Nainika Krishnamsetty, Isha Thornton, Chloe Issa, Giavanna Eckhardt, Mareshah Morton, Jessica Bernstein, Madeline Manning, Gabriella Matteis.


FRONT ROW: Nick Basham, Daniel Souza; SECOND ROW: James Lippiard, James Kim, Johnnie Sargenti, David Barr, Luke Arends, Benjamin Reise; BACK ROW: William Swanson, Jarrod Maloney, Kyle Friedlander, Christopher Grosso, Andrew Donohue, Blayne Dee, Kevin Patrick, Daniel Hersey; NOT PICTURED: Harrison Gale, Adam Salama, Joshua Feinberg, Joseph Boersma, Senlin Ye, Jorge Martinez-Otero, Conor Zeya, Bennett Mueller, Paul Spada, Ryan Schroeder, Nicky Lumaj, Nicholas D’Agosto, Hunter Medler, Brandon Rojas, Matthew McManus, Maximilien Kern, Daniel Menendez Lopez, Benjamin Oakes, Jiesheng Yan, Zachary Shamah, Yutao Ke, Alan Furman. Photo by Casey Lue


FRONT ROW: Alanna Lenihan, Candy Perchik, Ava Paynter, Julie Armand, Riley Cunningham, Reese Alspector, Hyojeong Shin, Olivia Damasco; SECOND ROW: Laura Vieira, Delaney Meek, Kirra Peery, Megan Valcq, Erika Frazier, Luciana Ragolia, Lindsey Kaufman, Emily Smith, Paula Santi Jost, Nicole Weber, Julie Maduras, Jaime Decker, Adrianna Sacco; BACK ROW: Michaela Kerin, Kelsey Hennel, Maggie Martelli-Raben, Emma Poole, Neeharika Madala, Leigha Kircher, Samantha Ligori, Megan Feder; NOT PICTURED: Jiayu Zhao, Kaitlyn Samuel, Romi Rubanovich, Xinyu Li, Elizabeth Pullman, Allison Hochhauser, Julia Wisell, Madailein Carey. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas



FRONT ROW: Manshaa Babbar, Emma Hedrick, Madison Purkerson, Vivien Dominick, Hannah Fahn, Leah Martin, Sarah Tinsley, Gabriella Guerriero, Sophie McIntyre, Sofia Kolodin, Julia Dimarco, Natalie Haydon-Morfogen, Chloe Decker, Allegra Papera; BACK ROW: Eliza Knode, Dayne Luyt, Kathrine Hamann, Lea Shah, Julia Mariano, Emily Hale, Sigal Sharoni, Marisa Menist, Margaret Donnelly, Zara Jaff, Rachel Stec, Isabel Tragos, Casey Goodman, Haley James, Agatha Dias Mendoza, Julia Lefkowitz, Carline Hall, Blake Ottimo, Nicole Flores, Kayla Prolow, Hannah Porter. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Donovan Brennan, Bishara Randolph, Jack Coyne, Jordan Busch, Jonah Dross, Jake Birnberg, Ziji Liu, Zachary McGaughey, Christian Dicicco, Ryan Garemani, Kyle Norris, Alexander Sanjurjo, Philip Drohat, Bofei Wang, Ethan Gropper, Maxwell Bruno, Brendan Meagher; BACK ROW: David Prieto, John Carlstrom, Chandler Bogomolny, Matthew Quirk, Michael Shanley, Mitchell Hueniken, Evan Brunelle, James Schmidt, Cameron Bennett, Joseph Contillo, Timothy Thomas, Michael Thorpe, Matthew Gompels, Dylan Anagnos, Matthew Olesen, Stanton Hudmon, Benjamin Essenfeld, Blake Bailey, Connor Dillon, James Blitz. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Casey Moskowitz, Tianyun Wang, Julie Young, Carrie Furman, Mackenzie Arnold, Ava King, Shengrong Wu, Emily Berwall, Cameron Oresky, Julie Ornelas, Jordyn Blau, Naomi Graney, Lillian Davis, Sarah Miller, Karis Vecchione, Gabriella Lopez, Gramme Grubbs, Sydney Schwartz, Katharina Auster, Jaclyn Mait, Olivia Kamin, Eve Johnson, Valarie Jensen, Nicole Goldwert; BACK ROW: Emma Gerlach, Isabel Munoz-Sune, Tess Brown, Wenxi Xu, Tea Young, Arianna Lombardi, Jennifer Verdelus, Kailyn Thibodaeux, Gerianna Villanueva, Sydney Voss, Karmen Friedman, Madelyn Robinson, Debra Baldwin. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Joshua Ulin, Alexander Luce, John Kaitz, Anthony Esposito, Zack Kornblatt, Mason Verne, Myles Griffith, Anthony Mesi, Griffin Carter, Joseph Dellostritto, Maxwell Schwartz, Raymond Kayal, Zachary Polley, John Paragioudakis, Jesse Schiffman, Mitchell Crane, Charlie Pomerantz, Yuyang Wu, Justin Pellitteri, Ethan Drinkwater, Joseph Recker, Keno Benjamin, Jonathan Slavov, Stefan Biller, Steven Schatzberg, Ryan Garay, David Riobo, Scott Rounick, Jorge Hernandez, Nicholas Amato, Jackson Brymer, Parker Fage, Donovan Smith, Qianyi Zhang, Luke Borelli, Jianwei Wang, Aidan Griffin, Yunlong Jia. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Isabella Freedberg, Alexa Rudnick, Alysia Mendia, Olivia Fox, Madeline Raynor, Emma Lingberg, Mariana Echeverri Tribin, Jada Aaron, Lucia Strickler, Valentina Rueda Villanueva, Kylie Accardi, Erin Gallagher, Brooke Brinkman, Chole Bragg, Samantha Katz; BACK ROW: Kayla Janas, Skye Jannery-Barney, Olivia Tanchel, Sabrina Snyder, Niki Randall, Milena Pak, Alison Anguil-Andriacchi, Mia Wokosky, Julia Cohen, Danielle Trubish, Megan Sheehan, Sabrina Kagan, Maggie Reich, Rebecca Fingerhood, Ana Machado Rusconi, Isabel Nakash, Alena Delbene, Katrina Bragan, Blaire Bowers, Natalie Nitzberg, Hailey Towbin, Wanying Cao. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Julia Rutman, Jalyn Hamilton, Elizabeth Eapen, Kavya Jasti, Nicole Khalil, Wenyuan Ma, Adia Redd, Johari Franklin, Lizzie Arthur, Gabriela Quarles, Sydney Boyo, Oliveah Hope, Laura Morris, Erin Fryer, Marian Pedreira, Yuming Jiao, Sofia Hamilton; BACK ROW: Hanna Ekholdt, Gabrielle Dalton, Allison Harpole, Rory McPhillips, Ashley Howell, Cary Duarte, Sophia Canepari, Megan Wurtz, Cameron Vandyke, Angela Wang, Johanna Loughran, Rachel Rader, Michal Del La Zerda, Simone Pipkin, Samantha Conner, Jacqueline Dubois, Scarlett Bouchard, Melissa Wohl, Remique Richardson, Joy Park Han. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas



FRONT ROW: Andrew Kraynak, Ryan Bradley, Jeremy Adler, Blake Rodack, Jeyhan Turker; BACK ROW: Jonathan Buckley, Ryan McCaffery, Thomas McCaffrey, Marc Shoji, Samuel Koss, Christopher Carson, Justin Davidson, Garrett Larson, David Vaden, Anthony Hoffman, Matthew Osaghae, Adam Vaynerman, Alexander Reiner, Elijah Allen, Charles Reid, Bryan Katchikian, Benjamin Gygi, Dylan Wacksman, Marcos Rojas Ramirez, Nicholas Sconzo, Valentin Murphy, Aaron Bissoondial, Connor Byrd, Scott Hilinski, Thomas Fry, Ryan Cahoon, Michael Shaak, Najy Sadig, Marco Kelly, James Fee, Brian Evans, Abdallah Zaidan, Minghe Wang. Photo by Morgan


FRONT ROW: Sara Schlussel, Samantha Martinez, Ellie Gaither, Mia Flora, Katherine Reilly, Amrutha Chethikattil, Davis Richmond, Lea Cohen, Izabela Pop, Anna Valdez Zauner, Esther Animalu, Cindy Ripoll-Martinez, Carmela Nunez, Emily Finke, Taylor Schinto, Scout Froney, Niaz Elie; BACK ROW: Juliana Gonzalez-Rey, Jasmine Ortiz, Jessica Kaplowitz, Stephanie Gabel, Anna Scott, Elena Zapata Pardo, Talia Eskenazi, Ashley Margaritondo, Chloe Neal, Jenna Jarvis, Gabriela Solis, Elinor Howells, Allegra Rosa, Bianca Pineda, Arianna Goldberg, Jessica Mitchell, Stephanie Walcott, Katherine Begg, Orielle Volk, Rose Satriale. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas


FRONT ROW: Kyle Pearl, Maxwell Lucia, Preston McKenney, William Beairsto, Jonathan Dodyk, Lucas Hammond, Andrew Escobio, Hays Maynard, Matthew Dapic, Patric Hyland, Maxim Mocharnuk, Matthew Christie, Preston Spruance, Berk Basarer, Ethan Gorelkin, Robert Shugart; BACK ROW: Albert Cordoves, Nolan McDermott, Owen Glassberg, Samuel Feuer, James Sanders Ryan Hanusik, John Immello, Brian Negroni, Max Solodar, Kai Mevorach, Jordan Bascoe, Zachary Fulton, Michael Pachuta, Samuel Calman, Andrei Nelson, Lane Henry, Jorge Blacutt Gottret, Brandon Runner, Marshall Swan, Boheng Hao, Vittorio Cavarrubias Goenaga. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Ruiming Wang, Yiran Sheng, Celeena Memon, Aliza Ukani, Ruiyan Qi, Lingzi Ye, Claudia Lippman, Leila Metellus, Gabrielle Feuerstein, Valeria Caballero Shibuta, Wenwei Dai, Mollie Blank, Sonia Singh, Maria Gonzalez, Leah Harper, Diana Bengoechea Eva; BACK ROW: Ngoc Lan By Truong, Aijalon Kilpatrick, Jevonna Jarvis, Marisa Cabral, Cassidy Renninger, Rachelle Bogle, Andrea Medina, Ana Macouzet De Maria Y Campos, Grace Tenke, Sienna Eve Bent, Laura Francois, Andrea Rivera, Shayla Hastings, Marley Smith, Siaunna Jenkins, Sofia Heyl, Caprina Smith, Ariyonna Thomas, Audrey Puschinsky, Bianca Tinnerello, Faiza Ahmed, Kayla Winter Photo by Morgan Thomson


Ryan McCaffery, Thomas McCaffrey, Marc Shoji, Samuel Koss, Christopher Carson, Justin Davidson, Garrett Larson, David Vaden, Anthony Hoffman, Matthew Osaghae, Adam Vaynerman, Alexander Reiner, Elijah Allen, Charles Reid, Bryan Katchikian, Benjamin Gygi, Dylan Wacksman, Marcos Rojas Ramirez, . Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas


FRONT ROW: Morgan Ritter, Yaa Annor, Isabel Muelas, Mia Clarke, Haley Valentini, Amanda Culp, Kunyi Xie, Lai Jiang, Ritka Modi, Amanda Teichner, Makayla Gayle, Zoria Telfare, Francesca Tabak, Akhila Sangadi, Nangala Smith, Shannon Dickey; BACK ROW: Ashlee Sealy, Natalia Brown, Camille Awono, Brooke Hall, Adeline Paulson, Yubei Chen, Cristina Herrera, Sophia Pekarovic, Simranjeet Cambow, Qiaoqiao Shi, Trinity Ramos, Chantal Chalita, Molly Moore, Zhuting Gong, Alexandra Lailas, Emily Greco, Amanda Ribnick, Ziqin Cai, Ruth Stokes, Madison Sandquist, Aliana Ezpinoza. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas



FRONT ROW: Ross Pierson, Xuanbo Liu, Raghuram Reddy, Nicolas Hernandez, Alexander Weber, Anish Bharwani, Isaac Attuah, Berk Mankaliye, Evan Stapleton, Ricky Almada, Timothy Probus, Alexander Dall; BACK ROW: Deandre Athias, Akshay Kumbar, Hari Pradhyumnan, Caleb Calaway, Haokai Luo, Eric Evans, Jasson Makkar, John Harris, Christopher Wilson, Ellington Rutledge, Jiachen Chen, Joel Horton, Abhinav Balu, Benjamin Taylor, Anthony Venant, Soohyun Chae, Hebron Hadaway, George Andris, Lazaro Sandoval, Lucas Rosen, Angelo Gonzales, Haruki Nakamura, Matthew Hanson, Dominic Lanctot, Arron Edgecombe. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Madison Clinger, Mallory Volz, Kylie Roslin, Veronica Weing, Kaylin Ranges, Charlotte Kessinger, Elizabeth Cronin, Maria Estevez, Lauren Colaco, Rebecca Weber, Yasmin Mahyar, Charlotte Kiehn, Angela Bayron, Bao-Tien Duong, Yuwei Chen; BACK ROW: Enjolie Vadella, Emma Davidov, Kaela Preston, Rachel Wojtowicz, Emily Ezeogu, Lalitha Kanumuri, Natalia Rodriguez, Amanda Costello, Baila Mudgil, Samantha Kany, Mmesoma Mbaukwu, Sarah Stebbins, Madison Hirsch, Adrianna Davis, Schuyler Van Den Nieuwenhuizen, Olivia Babice, Aliza Dodge, Catherine Dougherty, Alison Ferris, Sophie Colantuono, Vanessa Crespo, Yiyan Xie. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Jonathan Goldberg, Alexander De Souza, Weiye Zhu, Xingyuan Huang, Tate Ciccolo, Matthew Balcer, Scott Shainberg, Noah Warren, Christopher Culter, Joseph Moschetta, James Evan, Christopher Richardson, Miles Eberhard, Jackson Dill, Justin Herbert, Casten Ernberg; BACK ROW: Hunter Schwartz, Zachary Zagon, Patrick Nestor, Jake Jinete, Jacob Harman, Andrew Smith, Michael Maza, Chen Xie, Mitchell St.Cin, Nicholas Tricarico, Jact Ertel, Chase Granum, Yuheng Di, Brendan With, Myles O’Brien, Brandon Schwartz, Nathan Taminger, Ryan Travers, Levi Steingberg Evans, Brandon Senia, Jiucheng Ding. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Olivia Humpel, Sophia Gerard, Elizabeth White, Morgan Marks, Ashley Debartolo, Andie Ajello, Marisa Annunziato, Chole Bolton, Allie Lutz, Gabrielle Branco, Tatiana Nazelrod, Damaris Zamudio Galvan, Lorena Diaz Gonzalez; BACK ROW: Caitlin Kaplan, Luka Van De Venne, Carolyn Arthur, Jordan Molloy, Ekaterina Smirnova, Eden Mindel, Hannah Benjamin, Nuo Jin, Julia Hryckowian, Geraldine Osorio, Ariana Flack, Gabrielle Lavoie, Leeanne Fang, Madison Rucolas, Kristina Manokas, Julia Putrino, Rachel Troob, Clara Lavandier, Rachel Nelkin, Morgan Rapp, Zoe Hammonds, Mary Tyler, Alexandra Daiagi, Olivia Zablan. Photo by Morgan

OVER THE LAKE Rosborough and Walsh are the two towers that make up Stanford Residential College. Photo by Morgan Thomson




"The most rewarding day in my role as a First Year Fellow is when a resident, whether through my guidance or simple assurance, finds a new club, job, or academic path that increases the quality of their education and meaningfulness to their personal goals. The innovative and vibrant staff of SRC allow for unique programming ideas and a peer support network that propel each FYF to develop meaningful connections with our residents while presenting targeted resources first year students can benefit from. "

Originally named the 960 Complex because of its capacity, Stanford was renamed for the former President Emeritus Dr. Henry King Stanford. The residential college is a prime location for those visiting the IM fields STORY Staff



FRONT ROW: Katelyn Dorane, Courtney Todaro, Nicolette Schurhoff, Miranda Perez, Chelse Salnave, Amy Azzara, Haley Shepherd, Caitlyn Perrone, Audrey Berner, Gabrielle Aguiar, Janine Peroune, Samantha McLaughlin, Sasha Milbeck; BACK ROW: Katherine Hook, Taylor Yeley, Sharae Coffey, Elle Wigder, Valentina OSteicoechea, Brielle Racanelli, Jasmine Page, Paige Brala, Sasa Middleton, Catherine Sautter, Alison Murphy, Sandra Dragan, Savannah Harpster, Nathalie Rodriguez, Srinidhi Banala, Kristina Collins, Kristen Pagliaro, Jordan Polycarpe, Kaitlyn Payne, Caroline Whyte, Nyah Hawkins-Harrison, Kathryn Murray, Lily Walton, Tuana Yazici. Photo by Morgan


FRONT ROW: Antonio Tabash Pena, Stanley Spiegelman, Dylan Melville, Mitchell Hensley, Sidney O’Gorman, Colin Priller, Samuel Kaczynski, Christopher Muchow, Sullivan Fitzgerald, Jared Lee, Tyler Sklut, Eric Finkelstein, Liam Hack; BACK ROW: Nicholas Sustersic, Carson Christensen, Dingsheng Liu, Jack Gingrich, Michael Barrows, Jack Vandermolen, Nikhil Giyanani, Andre Gomez, James Clabby, Joseph Budisak, Salvatore Perrone, Alexander Phillips, Calvin Gay, Jason Donovan, Coleman Dickson, Zachary Gordon, Benjamin Klinger, Benjamin Blackburn, Faris Alguthami, Paul Manderfeld, Benjamin Kunz, Colin Hively, Rohan Dureja, Cameron McKhann, Daniel Monaghan. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Katharine Johnson, Madigan O’Donnell, Ana Alexander, Neha Mohanty, Anastasiia Vereneva, Preslee Tringas, Darianne Curry, Serena Feng, Jessie Zuiderveld, Ella Merkle, Cory Levy, Nicole Lickstein, Stephanie Ruiz, Alia Coy-Smith; BACK ROW: Zoe Thomas, Katharine Johnson, Erica Goldfinger, Kathryn Pigott, Kendall Grogan, Stephanie Hoang, Jaqueline Strait De Roy, Jazmin Garza, Claire Bisson, Jaclyn Levine, Elizabeth Golden, Madison Brandon, Meghan Doyle, Joy Motz, Eliana Leish, Alexandra Cassis, Lauren Cable, Catherine Marcus, Anne Wu, Kayla Painter, Alexa Stamatis, Isabella Adamson, Nikki Hurtado, Danielle Larochelle, Hira Shakeel. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Zacharias Muleta, Jason Berkun, Duncan Adams, William Rinearson, Cameron Helm, Kyle Harrison, Gabe Berkowitz, Ethan Anderson, Isaiah Holmes, Reece Marcelle, Griffin Stasick, Connor Wolfe, Michael Federici, Dylan Camenzuli, Wesley Rifai, Joshua Halper, Alexanian Gustavo; BACK ROW: Dante Ditommaso, William Vetter, Austin Soares, Aiden Smith, Kyle Russo, Christopher Marzullo, Austin Berger, Laterrian Moore, Andrew Koch, Joseph Broehl, Eli Jacobson, Jackson Kyser, Eric Woods, Arash Sahraian, Andrey Nash, Benjamin Birke, Joseph Neary, Eddie Rodriguez, Adam Freundlich, Jordan Teitelbaum. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Gillian George, AnnaLee Bossory, Erica Landry, Maia Marshall, Sydney Rubinstein, Noor Rifai, Toni Ann Farquharson, Jess Morgan, Keri Pursley, Alexis Johnson, Melanie Verschoore, Victoria Beglane, Jasmine Sherfield, Margot Mather, Chloe Friedman; BACK ROW: Rachel Large, Mia Elsheikh, Rachel Stempler, Ana Ruiz-Melendez, Riley Swart, Ava Mandele, Alexis Adornato, Hannah Ebner, Natalia Perez Baez, Valeria Diaz Ruiz, Penelope Hinds, Jordan Primas, Casey Quanstrom, Pantea Azizi Tourshizi, Jordyn Finley, Eva McCusker, Caroline Laybourn, Dana Lettl, Mary Jimenez, Grace Quinones, Grace Harden, Kayla Conley. Photo by Alize Ramirez-


FRONT ROW: Nicole Biegel, Gabrielle Lord, Yirong Lin, Nhadya Lawes, Chelsea Anestal, Olbrine Thelusma, Julianne Canaley, Daniela Loo, Iman Shanawani, Grace Super, Simran Babani Chandrashekhar, Jalen Laney, Victoria Langone, Shantalle Martinez, Tianyu Ma, Maelis Aden-Faden, Abigail Scharf, Meghan Roberts, Katherine Lesh, Anna Timmons, Julia Ortiz, Priscilla Hernandez, Seneka Epasinghe; BACK ROW: Yue Fei, Sana Hasija, Rachna Paruchuri, Qianyu Di, Dara Finkelstein, Jingyi Liu, Tram Huynh, Anan Yu, Zeina Fakhoury, Taylor Washington, Lydia Newton, Meaghan Arviv, Megan Baker, Emmeline Schuessler. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas



FRONT ROW: Zachary Friedmann, Jared Redmond, Alexis Abundio, Yuhang Liu, Yilong Fei, Jichun Cai, Xiaoteng Yu, Aneesh Shinkre, Ishaan Shah, Rishab Malhotra, Alex Boshnick, Crispin Blamphin, Mehmet Ozkaya, Robert Sangrigoli, Zachary Davis, Grayson Guelli; BACK ROW: Jiangke Yao, Matthew McIntyre, Ryan Chen, David Ibrahim, Jonah Karsh, Richard Morales, Devin Valero, Alexander Douma, Eric Lohr, Sandesh Shrestha, Sawan Gurucharan Bhandari, Nicolas Pistorino, Diego Pfeiffer, Tyreek Frazier, Filip Czarkowski, Pavlos Serpieris, Lingbai Ren, Zhenwu Sun, Patrick Leavy, Siyuan Chen, Kaiyu Zhu, Yishen Gao. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Sofia Gonzalez, Jovanie Joseph, Mhairi Webster, Samantha Atlas, Jiahui Rao, Darley Dorvilier, Zhinuo Lin, Natalia Rovira, Maydeleen Guiteau Pierre-Noel, Nicole Rae Lim, Sophia Elwaw, Trudi Fleishman, Sophia Rodriguez, Hope Kenny, Daija Anderson; BACK ROW: Joanna Minott, Nicole Rodriguez, Emma Borgsmiller, Faith Shiere, Wynne Owre, Allison Moore, Marissa Katz, Yunqing Liu, Shiyi Zheng, Zoe Milenkovic, Emily Marquez, Valentina Shelton, Leyao Zhang, Yucong Ma, Xingwen Wei, Aikaterini Beini, Ryley Howard, Betul Aniker, Sophia Eidson, Yi Gao, Xiner Xiong, Ella Tomko. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Jiaming Cao, Yurui Dai, Myles Natenzon, Griffin Alexander, Nicholas Houser, James Allen, Daniel Lim, Ryan Wu, Yanni Akhavan, Kunal Hanchate, Mark Mansfield, David Oliver, Leo Landron, Temuulen Ganbold, Jose Ricardo, Connor Rohrer; BACK ROW: Wasiq Nauman Qureshi, Viral patel, Rohan Tharaney, Li Lin, Wentao Shi, Aryamaan Puri, Ivan Cabrera, Kyle Rowley, Inam Iqbal Lalani, Justin Nuraj, Austin Lent, Isaiah Cashwell, Daniel Schneider, Spencer Edwards, Jeremy Munkelwitz, John Kasarda, Matthew Morrison, Antonio Cedeno Gamardo, Ethan Teo, Yifan Zhou, Luke Zhang, Yichu Yu. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Sasha Nihamin, Haley Dowd, Nicole Willis, Rosemarie Bingham, Theresa Keller, Amanda Conte, Melinda Hartz, Katelyn Fafara, Brooke Carroll, Paige O’Brien, Michelle Prestigiacomo, Sarah Barry, Megan Rampersad, Samantha Tripp, Diya Dharmendran; BACK ROW: Lauren Trentacoste, Katelyn Gavin, Allison Spivak, Nicole Bozkurt, Rosena Chan, Alexis Jackson, Sydney Baum, Eliza Morehouse, Amy Agne, Lucia Yannuzzi, Kamilah Ruiz-Rodriguez, Marielle Fis, Angela Pinheiro, Adriana Hoffman, Allison Sabo, Olivia Manzo, Corrinne Badeer, Hao Yu, Jillian Ferreira, Alexis Masciarella, Aisha Torres. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: James Vuckovich, Josh Dembo, Christopher Wong, Aidin Abramowitz, Sajiv Chandrasekaran, Nicholas Makuch, Jarrod Houseknecht, Jacob Brouillard, Benjamin Shuster, Anthony Kuba, Omar Bah, Michael Aquila, Nicholas Montes, Gavin Prodgers; BACK ROW: Cameron Bridge, Andrew Santulli, John O’Banion, Brendan Reilly, Andrew Gelsomini, Justin Tager, Ryan Shields, Deven Connors, David Mezias, Noam Makover Aberdam, Richard Anapolsky, Lakshya Sewnundun, Dylan Lavoie, Nicholas Morse, Charles George, Ryan Sheft, Louis Bachetti, Samuel Fleischman, Kyle Ziegler, Yusif Gurbanli, Chance Gdansky, Bangjie Zhou, Ruochen Tan. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Olivia Joyce, Camryn McMath, Lauren Higgins, Kyra Chiappini, Katie Juhase, Gabriella Baldassare, Marley Forbes, Defne Selen, Lindsey Rosenbloom, Leila Johnson, Kendall Gallo, Madeline Seitles, Maia Barile, Andrea Avellaneda, Lauren Habig; BACK ROW: Julia Platt, Tyler Schellenberg, Sydney Landry, Noelle Maronak, Maria Planco Germosen, Aubrey Dale, Lauren Shelfo, Maria Lama Perez, Lily Gordon, Hannah Salman, Catherine Koennecke, Paige Accetta, Brianna Heaney, Danielle Winer, Bana Abdo, Emily Defelice, Alyssa Francis, Catherine Runco, Katherine Devore, Nicole Farinella, Emma Levy, Katya Irving. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas



FRONT ROW: Savit Dhawan, Jonathan Arias, Ethan Quinn, Jake Linder, Colin Logatto, Jake Celler, Kalpit Mody, Raymond Pfeiffer, Jack Nemetz, Matthew Karpowic, Nathaniel Maniatis, Connor Pohl, Dillon Murray, Colin Johnston, Anwar Khan, Brett Nemetz, Zhenbo Zhong, Benjamin Gahman; BACK ROW: Joshua Stewart, Robert Bates, Jack St. Hilaire, Ogechukwu Nwani, Ryan Fischer, Bassil Zeineddine, Andy Armand, Paul Fischer, Clayton Sidelko, Sawan Bhatnagar, Zipei Chen, Ezra Zucker, Mert Okyay, Ozan Ipekten, Michael Blount, Owen Curnin, Cade Macneill, Vladimire Civil, Jeffrey Doucette, Alp Arslan. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Luke Speyer, Luke Boland, David Brito, Haoyang Yan, Devarsh Desai, Michael Wexler, William Koffler, Steven Jacobs, Haoyang Yan, Oliver Zenou, Steven Jacobs; BACK ROW: Blake Kantor, Reese Ortenberg, Zachary Michael, Cameron Masiello, Luca Bocseri, Jialin Li, Linyuan Huang, Christopher Milano, Yaoxin Zhou, Brandon Astor, Thomas Fekete, Cole Samschick, Shane Waina, Jake Smith, Jordan Williams, Cole Kreuzberger, William Hoy, Christopher Clinton, Isaiah Manasara, Oliver Zenou, Pranav Sriraman, Samuel Riddle, Phillip Shaw, Samuel Marcus, Yang Lu, Zeyu Zhang, Han Hu, Ahmad Al-Salem Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Sydney Lineberger, Palak Agarwal, Jaclyn Keeny, Allison Gherovici, Tamilla Askerova, Mallery Zeiman, Isabella Palmeri, Jessica Jacobs, Myrtle Valpoort, Gabrielle Chapman, Danielle Clayton, Kira Iacopucci, Rachel Sygall, Nina D’Agostini, Isabella Arege, Stephanie Delvalle, Jazmine Evans; BACK ROW: Emma Weber, Sofia Mesa, Stephanie Billings, Alexa Liah Franchi, Lilly Gilmore, Ana Sakellakis, Kayla Taylor, Xinyu Fan, Rachel Anderson, Skylar Rodriguez, Savanna Aires, Maria Hidalgo, Melina Grossman, Madeleine Mazur, Briana Dyon, Marissa Walker, Jiayue Huang, Taylor Murphy, Ashley Caserta, Margaret Johnston. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Raymond Blickstein, Cameron Markovsky, Felipe Echeverri Tribin, Jacob Li, Evan Bopp, Shun Wang, Raymond Eskenazi Michaan, Shoujie Yang, Ryan Schack, Zachary Slogoff, Jack Kranes, Matthew Bell, Jack Zalta, Robert Dicaprio, Dylan Sehgal, ; BACK ROW: Zixiao Zhao, Jack Esce, Alexander Haar, Hrithik Alwani, Stephen Moosbrugger, Wyatt Kopelman, Michael Concilio, Daniel Dilone, Julian Keifetz, Hanlin Chen, Hillis Sharp, Ilias Fafalios, Alex Collins, Davis Flowers, Jack Denhart, Ziheng Tang, Matteo Chimienti, Andrew Athanas, Chun Fu, Hantao Wu, Jordan Radden. Photo by Morgan Thomson

SEE YOU IN THE GLIDERS Gliders outside of Eaton Residential College offer an outside meeting and studying space. Photo by Morgan Thomson




RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE In 1984, Hecht was the first residence hall to be converted to a Residential College and the Pentland and McDonald towers have a 856 student capacity STORY Staff

"My floor is so incredibly special because they are one big happy family. Whenever I walk past a group of my residents, they always check up on everyone and are so supportive of each other. I'm not always the first person to know what some people might be struggling with academically, so having the residents as another support system for them to rely on has been invaluable for the growth of our floor. It warms my heart knowing that they will always have each other's back no matter what. "

EATON'S HISTORY As the oldest resident hall on campus, Eaton has some history under its belt and was converted into a residential college in 1986. It was opened in 1954 and dedicated to Julian S. Eaton, an alumnus of the Law School and Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 1951. Suite style rooms with a shared bathroom between two rooms boast a 391-student capacity, and each floor shares study spaces and laundry machines. There are a few private single rooms on each floor as well. In its early history, Eaton was established as an all-women dorm before it was converted to coed in the beginning of the 1970s. By Morgan Thomson



FRONT ROW: Gabrielle Gillard, Sydney Tulloch, Kesina Daley, Anna Grace Ogden, Julie Erhardt, Carolyn Keatley, Tralicia Eason, Sydney Burnett, Kruti Patel, Hannah Eiger, Ashley Caples, Amanda Frey, Hannah Lerner, Greeshma Venigalla, Mia Laping, Veronica Tachie-Menson, Sarah Nelson, Daniel Romeu, Madeline Wagner, Sara Jacobs, Abigail Dieter, Aaron Valdes Lobeiras, Schuyler Tasman, Muhammad Hamza Farooq; BACK ROW: Alyssa Pasvantis, Pritika Reddy, Iva Tomchovska, Giovanni Sibilia, Kennedy Farrior, Angelia Lobifaro, Wellysane Mouoyebe-Ndedi, Gracey Mounsey, Kathryn Molinelli, Monica Arango, Evan King, Clarita Delarosa Kassin, Ryan Curran, Anvitha Mandapati, Alexander Gianfortune, Diana Juarez-Montano, Arianna Mubanda, Emilia Torello, Rachel Alonso, Casey Flanigan, Grey Peoples, Britny Sanchez, Samantha Yates, Wesley Jakimowicz, Ryan Bellucci, Alberto De Armas, Gillian Sanford, Gabriel Schonman, Halle Miller, Lauren Scott, Maria Brea Savinon, Audra Sullivan, Julia Hecht, Constantine Vogiatzis, Qianjiang Jing. Photo by Jackie Abreu


FRONT ROW: Collin Lee, Kevan Washington, Tyler Cavataro, Arianna Reed, Aditya Bulusu, Tatiana Monger, Nandi Gzifa, Isabella Simon Pascual, Kayla Rivera, Ning Geng, Mahlia Jenkins, Mahogany Black, Hailey Ray, Shania Altine, Anna Heinzen, Nina Prelack, Madison Arroyo, Vincent Pavan Angel Richardson, Christian Urreiztieta, Remi Patel, Jordan Crenshaw, Joseph Curreri, Meghana Ganjam, Chase Glatz, Isabella Didio; BACK ROW: James Gilmus, Alexa Hirt, Diondra Moss, Luz Estrella Cruz, Brooke Buonocore, Mario Suarez, Sophia Savitz, Nyla Smith, Aihber Khan, Audrey Finn, Jennifer Kowalczyk, Brandon Pennie, Luana Orejuela Cavalca, Hargun Kaur, Olisa Nwaofor, Ryan Tavarez, Edelind Peguero, Siwan Chen, Darren Hannan, Manuel Muchuli, Maya Bhak, Isabel Brett, Christopher Lennon, Rohan Photo by Jackie Abreu Wadhwa, Riley Doherty, Giancarlo Ramirez, Mansi Patel, Fenisha Shah, Liam McSorley, Rachael Bermudez.


FRONT ROW: Christine Chong, Madeline Earle, Grant Swain, Ariel Fromm, Aniessa Holland, Shelsy Fleuridor, Justin Goodis, Jordan Schon, Vanessa Rodriguez, Hollie Albin, Briana Byron, Rahul Babu, Runyu Da, Simone Nix, Jill McSheffrey, Theodora Brophy, Miranda Anhalzer, Ashauni Fraizer, Olivia Goldenberg, Vrinda Kareddy, Elizabeth Seckinger, Mikayla Piroli, Tanya Eathakotti, Scott Lobel, Kiana Hollingsworth, Julia Buan; BACK ROW: Lamaya Davis, Sydnie Kupferberg, Liliana Bravo, Morgan Nicholson, Neale Walsh, Jakob Lowenthal, Adam Saitowitz, Samantha Schaefer, Mariam Samir Soliman, Dakota Banner, Victoria Woznick, Farha Reshamwala, Reina Mitchom Chelsey Guastucci, Peter Haensel, Elias Anton, Taylor Godwin, Caroline Steinberg, Arjun Bajaj, Grace Dowd, Destiny Dallas, Jade Scotti, Shutong Luo, Caitlin Kromidas, Adeeb Ahmed, Margaret Clifton, George Bowman, McKenzie Stoute. Photo by Morgan Thomson



MAHONEY'S HISTORY Daniel J. Mahoney, the late publisher of The Miami News and Chairman of the Board of Trustees was the namesake of Mahoney Residential College, the last of the residence halls to be changed to such in 1988. Originally, Mahoney was an all men's residence hall until the early '70s when it was converted to a coed facility and connected with Pearson Residential College. Mahoney has a 709 student capacity with double rooms in semi-suite style with a shared bathroom between two rooms. There are also single rooms available for the few that manage to get on that list. The dining hall is accessible by a covered walkway and shared with Pearson. There are classrooms on the first floor and a Canecard is required to get into residential spaces. By Morgan Thomson

THIS IS HOME Mahoney has a common area where classes take place during the day. Photo by Morgan Thomson

MAHONEY RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE As one of the main non-freshman residential halls, Mahoney gives residents closer access to academic buildings on the northeast end of campus and is connected to its mirror, Pearson Residential College STORY Morgan Thomson



"My most exciting moment as an RA was definitely Sportsfest! Last year, when I found out that RAs were required to be present the whole weekend, I was so miserable, but it was probably the most fun I've ever had on campus. This year, it was even better! There was never a moment where we weren't dancing, laughing, cheerleading and just enjoying each other's company. We made signs, chants and revived the infamous Oscar head. In the end, it all paid off because we won! For the first time ever, Mahoney won Sportsfest! I was so excited to be part of such a hardworking team."



Jarelis Cabrera, Nick Reis, Kellan Ramrattan, Skylar Prinz Von Anhalt, Christopher Seagraves, Patrick Bauer, Vinay Malut, Brooke Evans, Alexander Kalis. Photo by Oscar Vasquez


Cassandra Pierre, Erik Garza, Steven Ewing, Jeremy Davis, Bruna Fernandes da Silva. Photo by Oscar Vasquez


Gabriela Beverly, Alessio Buraggia, Shaan Kosla. Photo by Oscar Vasquez


FRONT ROW: Noor Khaled, Czavier Tan; BACK ROW: Logan Smith, Gabriella Mais, Teresa Toranzo, Jaislene Vinas, Anastassia Cafatti Mac Niven, Valentina Martin, Linda Rios, Shaniah Mauldin, Lindsey Hoshaw, Sarah Ortiz-Monasterio. Photo by Oscar Vasquez




FRONT ROW: Russel Babiarz, Aliyah Butler, Kaylie Cohen, Kiara Davis, Isabelle Akinyemiju, Lajae Crutchfield , Coleman Ayers, Catherine Coffenberg, Yosef Yishak, Sarah Anderson, Naseem Beyah-Bryant, Alex Plumb, Evan Siegel; SECOND ROW: Jasmine King, Ultimate Peatross, Alexandra Sample, Doreen Gustave, Jabria Roscoe, Henry Lord, Preston Allen; THIRD ROW: Gabrielle Henle, Edugie Osunde, Felicia Dicarlo, Melanie Veerasammy, Ruth Dacius, Shirley Dohuu, Elyssa Salmeron, Naomi Sinclair; BACK ROW: Vyanka Sotelo, Monica Colon, Hunter Hawkins. Photo by Oscar Vasquez


FRONT ROW: Carley Havard, Pamela Nwakakwa, Alexandria Kelly, Nicola Bouldin, Gyles Ward; BACK ROW: Peyton Hazma, Nicolas Wagner. Photo by Oscar Vasquez


FRONT ROW: Lonyee Eng, Lauren Randles, Camila Mosquera-Castro, Hanna Campos, Emma Frank, Blake Reynolds; SECOND ROW: Eric Tolep, Brandon Hadeed, Orshuntis Cross, Alexandra Valen, Saralys Gasca, Gaia Rondard, Mary Vollmar, Naomi Jenkins, Alexandra Naessan-Do; BACK ROW: Yanwen Luo, Noah Kraus, Ian Newman, Armani Rodriguez, Max Saint-Germain. Photo by Oscar Vasquez


PRC Pearson Residential College mirrors Mahoney, its predecessor. Photo by Morgan Thomson




RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE Named for the former president of the university and marine biologist, Jay F. W. Pearson, the Residential College can house up to 717 students and has been operating since 1962 STORY Morgan Thomson

"During my time as an RA I greatly enjoyed working on a diverse team of fellow RAs whom provided valuable support and insight to others. Working in the UV has allowed me to meet and get to know so many outstanding, exceptional, and artistic residents whom have an amazing future ahead of them. Additionally, it has allowed me to enhance myself as a student leader and helping to augment student’s residential life on campus. What I enjoyed most is organizing various events with activities and food for residents, and seeing their joyous smiles during them. Being an RA has also allowed me to enhance my communication skills and expand my understanding of diverse student cultures. "


FRONT ROW: Nailah Anderson, Lily Schmutter, Isabella Lopez, Anastasia Ray, Zorryonna Mason, Adrian Drayton, Madeline Lauther, Lily Gumenick, Maren Gibson, Catherine Notarfrancesco; SECOND ROW: Taylor Kuligowski, Danielle Jattin, Abdullah Arif, Maren Stickley, Elijah Lomax, Frederick Bondar, Peter Gurl, Sander Elliott, Joshua Lerner; BACK ROW: Ethan Murdock, Luis Tuero, Ben Lavine, Calvin Conley, Alexander Dimare, Franco Aubone Prado, Hawon Seo, Calvin Conley, Chenzhuo Wang, Jan-Carolos Ramirez; NOT PICTURED: Luke Sukiennik, Sara Hansen, Madelyn Kahle, Luke Sukiennik, Ariana Munoz, Brittney Walker, Julia Antunes De Oliveira, Emily Fuchs, Sofia Quinones-Vilela, Michael Scibelli, Clay James, Youijia Ding, Fangyi Hu, Muxi Yang, Adi Rubin. Photo by Morgan Thomson




FRONT ROW: Marshall Arons, Stephanie Mosberg, Ye Chen, Priya Sharma, Mariah Hamby; SECOND ROW: Tayana Dix, Jenelle Cranston, Naja Murphy, Haley Nepple; BACK ROW: Peter Alex, Jacobo Saldarriaga Alvarez, Aaron Chait, Varun Reddy, Ryan Wong. Photo by Mariah Hamby


FRONT ROW: Stefan Hopman, Steven Calles, Ren Ito, Taylor Vanderhook; BACK ROW: Jacob Morgan, Deborah Ajagbe, Hannah Hall, Molly Caudery, Shea Halpenny, Zachary Smith, Lily Gumenick, Bryan Levine. Photo by Ren Ito

UNIVERSITY VILLAGE With five layout options and convenient shuttles to the heart of campus, the University Village (UV) is a bustling community of junior and senior ‘Canes. Any student with more than 45 credit hours completed can apply for housing in the UV, but the apartment-style living spaces fill up quickly. The UV opened up in 2006, but experienced construction delays due to a construction boom in South Florida and infrastructure challenges produced by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. The project, according to reporting from The Miami Hurricane, was meant to be completed in the ‘90s, but Hurricane Andrew – the

strongest hurricane to devastate campus before Irma in 2017 - delayed the project. Students temporarily lived in hotels until their apartments were available to move into. Since then, the UV has improved and can now house 797 students in seven buildings. Two parking garages, a convenience store, a computer lab, study spaces and inunit washers and dryers meet the needs of the residents. Whether it’s the full-sized kitchens or the ability to have your own room and bathroom, the UV is a hub for upperclassmen students who want to live with campus only steps away.



FRONT ROW: Laura McGee, Mercy Perez, Taylor Scott; BACK ROW: Jess Nussbaum, Jon Bon, Annette Leo, Kaley Fedko. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Lonyee Eng, Lauren Randles, Camila Mosquera-Castro, Hanna Campos, Emma Frank, Blake Reynolds; SECOND ROW: Eric Tolep, Brandon Hadeed, Orshuntis Cross, Alexandra Valen, Saralys Gasca, Gaia Rondard, Mary Vollmar, Naomi Jenkins, Alexandra Naessan-Do; BACK ROW: Yanwen Luo, Noah Kraus, Ian Newman, Armani Rodriguez, Max Saint-Germain. Photo by Oscar Vasquez

DON'T LET GO Stanford residents participate in the tug-of-war challenge on the Intramural Fields. Photo by Jackie Abreu


WATER ON DECK Battleship is played in the Wellness Center's pool. The event replaced the canoe relays that were done in Lake Osceola. Photo by Jackie Abreu


ON TV Senior and Mahoney RA Gyles Ward gives an interview to UMTV. Photo by Oscar Vasquez

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS In the 34 years of Sportsfest, Mahoney has just taken their first win in the weekend-long competition between student groups. The team used a large photo of their area director, Oscar Vasquez's head to raise spirits throughout the competition. Photo by Oscar Vasquez

THE TEST to be


In the annual battle between buildings, Mahoney Residential College residents take home the gold for the first time after a weekend of team-based competitions STORY Morgan Thomson

The 34-year old tradition of SportsFest started on a high note with the Opening Ceremonies in the Watsco Center right after the women’s basketball team won 72-65 against Notre Dame. With a weekend packed full of competitive events, the campus was bustling more than usual on Saturday and Sunday. One of the first events, SPORTSFEST Battleship, took place in the pool College of the Herbert Wellness Center, Mahoney just a few steps from the freshmen residential colleges. The event Hecht was newly added last year when Stanford concerns about a crocodile in Lake Eaton Osceola prevented them from Pearson continuing canoe relay races. University Village Undergraduate students who Commuters live on campus or commute join teams aligned with their residential college. They compete to earn points for their teams – whether that be Commuters, Eaton, Hecht, Mahoney, Pearson, Stanford or the University Village. “SportsFest is an opportunity for communities to be redeveloped and for people who perhaps are on the

outside of the communities to become a part of them More importantly, it is an opportunity to do something different. SportsFest is for everyone in the community,” senior Alfonso Pocho Cuellar remarked. Cuellar participated in Sportsfest once as a resident and three times as a resident assistant. The event is an opportunity for freshmen to get more Points involved in the spring after they’ve 759.92 spent a semester adjusting to life at the “U.” 670.88 “SportsFest, for me, is a way to 653.40 connect with my peers but also do 607.99 something I love. I am looking forward 524.86 to meeting new people,” Ajiri Uzere, 470.07 a freshman majoring in international 419.57 studies and psychology said. Classic competitions such as basketball or soccer along with new ones like laser tag or battleship gave each team opportunities to earn points, and at the end of the competition, Mahoney came out on top with 759.92 points and top-ranked men's and women's teams.


I'M ON A BOAT Seniors Leyi Zhang, Xinwen Wu, Hang Qi, Chao Yun, Yuan Ji and Kevin Sun celebrate their last semester with friends and a boat party. Photo by Xi Zhang Zheng

MAGICAL PUPPY Caroline, a UPup service dog in training, dressed up as a fairy for Halloween. As people passed by they were presented with the treat of taking a photo with her. Photo by Vivien Dominick



PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA | FRONT ROW: Valentina Neira-Diaz, Kristen Kasmai, Trea Harris, Gabrielle Auerbach, Jillian Swimmer, Jacqueline Vayner, Michelle Ng-Reyes; BACK ROW: Cristina Garcia, Samantha Purnell, Heidi Carr, Sofia Estevez, Max Jenkins, Jessy Diaz, Xinjun Li; Daniel Braz, Queenie Li. Photo by Vivien Dominick

#NOFILTER See through the lens of 'Canes as they engage in everyday activities, special events and celebrations on campus and off STORY Staff

ENJOYING WILDLIFE Xi Zhang Zheng, a senior and Big Cypress’s ranger enjoying a Sunday swamp walk. Photo by Xi Zhang Zheng

LAST HOMECOMING Seniors Ashley Garb and Brandon Fay get a drink at the Rathskeller during the Homecoming celebrations. Photo by Brandon Fay

CLEAR THE WAY An international studies class clears palm fronds for the Coral Gables campus' third garden. Photo by Xi Zhang Zheng

EXCLUSIVE TOUR Michelle Ng-Reyes checks out The Miami Heat's three championship trophies during a visit by PRSSA to AmericanAirlines Arena. Club members got on the court and in the locker rooms during a tour. Photo by Heidi Carr

GO 'CANES Seniors Will Silberg, Jared Welsch and Bella Brickle pregame before the FSU tailgate. Photo by Bella Brickle

TAILGATE TIME Junior Olivia Orris and seniors Becca Gilpin, Bella Brickle and Meg Berger get ready for a FIU tailgate pregame. Photo by Bella Brickle

QUICK BREAK Senior Brandon Fay an employee of the Rathskeller takes a quick break during the annual homecoming day rush. Photo by Brandon Fay



GO 'CANES! Hard Rock Stadium was packed with students, fans and alumni for the highly anticipated Miami v. FSU game, which according to ESPN boasted an attendance of 65,490 people. Photo by Vivien Dominick



A Natalie Abatemarco Ritika Abraham Emily Abreu Alexis Abundio Duncan Adams Abigail Adeleke Alanna Adler

Jeremy Adler Alexis Adornato Gabrielle Aguiar Ricardo Aguila Adeeb Ahmed Faiza Ahmed Gabriela Aklepi

Ahmed Al Hajari Marcos Alarcon Madeleine Alban Ana Alexander Griffin Alexander James Allen Ricky Almada

Samantha Almazo Faisal Alotaibi Reese Alspector Daija Anderson Chelsea Anestal Alison Anguil-Andriacchi Marisa Annunziato

Addisen Antonucci Trevor Antonucci Julia Antunes De Oliveira Veronica Apice Ryan Appleby Monica Arango Luke Archer

Isabella Arege Luke Arends Eboni Arnold Carolyn Arthur Meaghan Arviv Tamilla Askerova Deandre Athias

Isaac Attuah Derek Auguste Olivia Augustini Daniel Avila Camille Awono Zeshan Aziz Pantea Azizi Tourshizi


B Daniela Baboun Olivia Baker Debra Baldwin

Abhinav Balu Nicholas Barbarito Julia Barger



"Being a 'Cane is helping fellow 'Canes and having extreme school spirit. It's great. "

John Baumstark Gregory Beeson Tessa Begue Shayna Beldner Matthew Bell Trent Bell Jonathan Beltran

Austin Berger Emily Bergwall Gabe Berkowitz Jessica Bernstein Chase Bertoldo Laura Best Anish Bharwani

Charles Bidwell Daniel Birnholz Claire Bisson Mahogany Black Mollie Blank Mitchell Bloom Erin Blotcky

Chandler Bogomolny Luke Boland Angelica Bolivar Gordon Bonhomme Luke Borelli Alberto Borgonovo Annalee Bossory



David Barr Taylor Barrocas Michael Barrows

Blaire Bowers Katrina Bragan Paige Brala Donovan Brennan Taylor Bresk Brooke Brinkman James Britton

Baylee Brochu Livia Brodie Morgan Brodie Joseph Broehl Sydney Brooks Theodora Brophy Hallie Bucher

Jonathan Buckley Alexandria Budka Azul Buljevich Amadeo Brooke Buonocore Andrew Burch Jessica Burg Francis Burke

Sydney Burnett Mary Helen Burt Jamie Busch Allysa Bush Christopher Butler Christopher Buzzetta Connor Byrd

C Maribel Cabrera Ryan Cahoon Caleb Calaway Irene Calvo Fedelene Camille Nicholas Campanini Sophia Canepari

Diana Cardona Ramirez Gillian Carney Angel Carrasquillo Daniela Cascavita Rincon Alexandra Cassis Franco Cassoni Fraga Barbarella Castillo

Stephanie Castro Ciana Centurion Chantal Chalita Kyle Chambers Rosena Chan Nidhi Chary Peijun Chen


Amrutha Chethikattil Matteo Chimienti Blaise Ciarrocchi Perry Ciriello Elisabeth Clagett Danielle Clayton Margaret Clifton

Catherine Coffenberg Nathan Coffman Lea Cohen Landon Coles Samantha Conner Anna Cook Christian Cordon-Cano

Sawyer Coseglia Meredith Costello Cassandra Couri Brian Court Antonio Couto Carolyn Covington Mitchell Crane

Bria Cratty Colin Crean Aileen Cruz-Lezama Amanda Culp Hannah Culver-Zawislak Runyu Da Steven Dabdoub

D Selina Dantzler Matthew Dapcic Sophie Daria

Madison Darish Saadin Dassum Narino Justin Davidson



"To be a 'Cane means to have spirit and swag."



Amir Davoodi Janelle De Moya Anamarie Del Amo

Joseph Dellostritto Jack Denhart Tiffany Deplas Rosendy Desir Katherine Devore Francesca Deweerdt Benjamin Dias

Agatha Dias Mendoza Alfonso Diaz Sebastian Diaz Juan Diaz Rucco Robert Dicaprio Felicia Dicarlo Shannon Dickey

Jessica Diez Jackson Dill Tayana Dix Thanh Chau Do Jonathan Dodyk Arlene Donarye Delgado Andrew Donohue

Darley Dorvilier Ester Dosner David Downey Sandra Dragan Philip Dressler Ethan Drinkwater Ricardo Du Pond

E Dominque Dumornay Bao-Tien Duong Madeline Earle Tralicia Eason Alexis Ebue Felipe Echeverri Tribin William Eden

Arron Edgecombe William Egan Melea Ehlers Hanna Ekholdt Sander Elliott Nicholas Elwell Vanessa Eng

Seneka Epasinghe Julie Erhardt Talia Eskenazi Raymond Eskenazi Michaan Anthony Esposito Alecsander Falk Leah Farmer


F Sherif Farouk Tawfik Jordan Farrell Michael Federici Jacquelyn Fedyk James Fee Giovanna Carvalho Fernandes Adrian Ferrarati

Rebecca Fingerhood Maxim Fisher Zachary Fishman Randall Fitzgerald Paige Flannery Trudi Fleishman Chelsea Fleuridor

Daniela Flores Avery Formato Devin Foster Charlotte Fox Alexa Liah Franchi Alyssa Francis Laura Francois

Emma Frank Tyreek Frazier Adam Freundlich Kyle Friedlander Zachary Friedmann Carrie Furman Emily Fusilero

G Benjamin Gahman Kevin Galego Temuulen Ganbold Yifan Gao Rachael Garcia Tomas Gay-Betton Gillian Geary

Elizabeth Geiger Isabelle Geller Ning Geng Kathryn Ghougasian Devin Gilio Gabrielle Gillard Lilly Gilmore

Parker Gimbel Sabrina Ginsburg Owen Glassberg Lindsay Goeler Arianna Goldberg Charles Etienne Gonthier Amanda Gonzalez



Juliana Gonzalez-Rey Ethan Gorelkin Kayla Granahan

Joanna Greenberg Aidan Griffin Kendall Grogan


Gramme Grubbs Grayson Guelli Samuel Guillory


"To encourage the UM community to live to their full potential."

H Adrian Guzman-Gallo Alexander Haar Brandon Hadeed Kaitlin Hahn Emily Hale Brooke Hall Caroline Hall

Hannah-Sophia Hall Joshua Halper Kathrine Hamann Mariah Hamby Ryan Hammer Angelica Hanna Jacob Harman

Alexander Harper Brian Harrison Melinda Hartz Piruz Hashempour Sana Hasija Caroline Hatfield Madison Hawthorne

Ranxinji He Emma Hedrick Cameron Helm Gemma Henderson Madison Henkin Lane Henry Samuel Hernandez-Delgado


Cristina Herrera Patricia Herrera Daniel Hersey Brian Hertig Samantha Hessinger Sofia Heyl Greta Hicks

Jordan Hightower Vanessa Hilaire Penelope Hinds Stephanie Hoang Allison Hochhauser Jenna Hochkammer Aniessa Holland

Katherine Hook Katharine Hornish Nicholas Houser Ashley Howell Elinor Howells William Hoy William Huggins

I J K Maia Hunter Andrea Illan Elena Inderbitzin Nicholas Ingold Paige Inslee Noah Jaccard Alexis Jackson

Jessica Jacobs Jorge Jaime-Rivera Haley James Hannahlore Janczur Callie Jardine Kavya Jasti Ashley Jayne

Valarie Jensen Heather Johnson Erica Jones Jessica Joseph Jovanie Joseph Oswald Joseph Duncan Jui

Cameron Kalajainen Samantha Kamath Caroline Kane Dongyeon Kang Samantha Kany Viktoriia Kartavenko Justin Kasenberg



Maria Kaufman Mikayla Keating Carolyn Keatley Jaclyn Keeney Jaxon Kelley John Kelley Scott Kellow

Jacob Kesselhaut Alexandros Ali Khan Anwar Khan Sonia Khan Evelina Khodykina Eliza Kielty Melany Kinderkneht

Elizabeth King Ashley Kirkland Rebecca Klafter Eliza Knode Justin Kochman Sidney Kordy Caroline Koschik

Samuel Koss Sydney Kramer Ashley Krawczyk Andrew Kraynak Caitlin Kromidas Akshay Kumbar Benjamin Kunz

Sydnie Kupferberg Carolene Kurien Jackson Kyser


Alfred Labrada-Aleman Gia Lacalamita William Lacovara

Allison Laforce Maxwell Lagano Alexandra Lailas



"It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice."


Claire Landon Madison Landry Jalen Laney

Garrett Larson Kristian Lastre Paul Lauster



"To be part of a family that strives to be the best."

Eliana Leish Alanna Lenihan Kelly Leon Tara Lewandowski Benjamin Lewis Caleigh Lewis Yanqi Li

Jeremy Lieberman Yirong Lin Jake Linder Daniela Loo Maria Lopez Gabrielle Lord Johanna Loughran

M Catherine Luther Gemma Luther Allie Lutz Madalyn Lyon Marcelo MacEira Ana MacHado Rusconi Nicole MacIas

John MacMoyle Neeharika Madala Estrella Madia Juliana Maduras Torrey Mahall Jaclyn Mait Rishab Malhotra



Paul Ledon Haeun Lee Tafui Leggard

Vinay Malut Berk Mankaliye Madeline Manning Federico Manzo Olivia Manzo Reece Marcelle Ashley Margaritondo

Katherine Marquez Leah Martin Samara Martinborough Matthew Martini Christopher Marzullo Gabriella Matteis Owen May

Alexa Mazzilli Juliana Mazzotta Eva McCusker Nolan McDermott Angelina McDowell Laura McGee Keri McGill

Kyle McKee Cameron McKhann Camryn McMath Rory McPhillips Jill McSheffrey Brendan Meagher Andrea Medina

Jack Meghreblian Celeena Memon Ines Mendez Diana Mercado Talia Mereles Lauren Mergenthaler Josefine Merkert

Sophia Merlino Leila Metellus Marissa Miara Daniel Milian Amber Miller Taylor Miragliotta Nadia Mirfendereski

Dibyanshi Mishrra Nicholas Mispagel Maxim Mocharnuk Ritika Modi Kalpit Mody Joshua Moed Tanja Moissl


Roberto Mojica Kathryn Molinelli Nelson Monaco Tatiana Monger Nicholas Montes Laterrian Moore Molly Moore

Emily Moraes Alessandra Morana Bereciartu Beltran Moreno De Alboran Jess Morgan Julia Morris Stephanie Mosberg Casey Moskowitz

N Joy Motz Manuel Muchuli Liam Murphy Naja Murphy Valentin Murphy Dana Musso Devi Nallakumar

Christopher Naranjo Joseph Neary Sarah Nelkin Brett Nemetz Jack Nemetz Haley Nepple Patrick Nestor

Lydia Newton Sasha Nihamin Carolyn Niosi

Sara Nissen Victoria Nordqust Jin Nuo



"To be a 'Cane means being a part of a family that genuinely cares for one another. 'Canes appreciate their community and try to be the best versions of themselves for that community."



O Olisa Nwaofor John O'Banion Myles O'Brien

Bryan O'Donnell Madigan O'Donnell Charlotte O'Hare Santiago Olea Matthew Olesen Savannah Olivas Katherine Ortner

P Olivia Ostermann Edugie Osunde Major Oswald Sophie Oustatcher Megan Padgett Fernanda Paez Dianne Pagan

Simran Pahuja Lauren Pairot Milena Pak Daniel Palma Katarzyna Pasternak Alyssa Pasvantis Kruti Patel

Justin Paulaitis Vincent Pavan Kirra Peery Erika Pereda Amanda Perez Andres Perez Brandon Perez

Stephanie Perez Vanessa Perez Joseph Perrini Austin Pert Raymond Pfeiffer Nguyen Hoang Pham Alexander Philliou

Bryce Pickett Bianca Pierce Ross Pierson Sydney Pincus Emma Pitcairn Julia Platt Nikolas Plonski

Anastasiya Plotnikova Connor Pohl Sophie Polenghi Emma Poole Romeo Pradines Kaela Preston Savannah Price


Q Timothy Probus Madison Purkerson Joshua Purvis-Torello Julia Putrino Conor Quigley Ethan Quinn Grace Quinones

R Elena Quinonez Wasiq Nauman Qureshi Yasmeen Rabiei Emily Race Rachel Rader Andy Ramirez Trinity Ramos

Morgan Rapp Amirah Rashed Hailey Ray Joseph Recker Raghuram Reddy Shanelle Reid Kate Reilly

Alexander Reiner Farha Reshamwala Howard Retz Amanda Ribnick Samantha Rice Bennett Richter William Riddle

Suzanne Rieger William Rinearson David Riobo Morgan Ritter Maraya Rivera Alana Roberts Samantha Roberts

John Robinson Madelyn Robinson Blake Rodack Caroline Rodriguez Daniela Rodriguez Nicole Rodriguez Amanda Rojas

Catiana Romain Hannah Rosa Lucas Rosen Lindsey Rosenbloom Scott Rounick Natalia Rovira Sydnei Rubin



Sydney Rubinstein Ellen Ruch Heath Ruchman

Madison Rucolas Jeancarlo Ruiz Kyle Russo

S Colin Ruzella Matthew Ryan Brian Saadeh



"To be a part of a dynamic and diverse community of students, professors and staff. Meeting new faces that are very involved on campus and share dedication for making change at UM is part of being a 'Cane. "

Andrew Sabo Emily Sackett Najy Sadig Adam Saitowitz Ana Sakellakis James Sanders Lazaro Sandoval

Gillian Sanford Akhila Sangadi Johnnie Sargenti Christopher Saunders Michael Savage Anna Schaubeck Taylor Schinto

Daniel Schneider Anneke Schole MacKenzie Schwertl Nicholas Sconzo Anna Scott Carter Scott Dillon Scott

Taylor Scott Joseph Scotti Jacob Segal Veronika Seider Stephen Seruya Ishaan Shah Jasmine Shakir


Michael Shanley Jared Shapiro Elise Sharkey Maddison Sharp Louis Shaw Phillip Shaw Emma Sherman

Aneesh Shinkre Robert Shore Sandesh Shrestha Robert Shugart Hope Shuman Giovanni Sibilia Melody Siles

Emily Silvershein Margarita Sinko Hasani Skinner Jonathan Slavov Jack Sleeman Zachary Slogoff Ekaterina Smirnova

Caprina Smith Donovan Smith Maddie Smith Nangala Smith Nyla Smith Sean Smith Talon Smith

Austin Soares Chase Soghomonian Arianna Soresi Laura Soto Paul Spada Arthur Spears Adam Spector

Dominick Speranza Luke Speyer Claudia Spivak Evan Stapleton Griffin Stasick Rachel Stec Joshua Stewart

Tyler Stimmel Lauren Stolz Micaela Stoner Eliza Stuart Mario Suarez Tyler Sullivan Kevin Sun



T Sophie Sundaram Grace Super Isabella Swanson Rachel Sygall Claire Szymanski Shirin Taee Nathan Taminger

Sheila Taratuta Schuyler Tasman Ryan Tavarez Benjamin Taylor Teana Tee Andrew Teller Danielle Tenberg

Nathan Thewes Talula Thibault Dina Thomas Morgan Thomson Destiny Tiburcio Amita Tilak Anna Timmons

Christian Tinoco Nina Tinsley Courtney Todaro Iva Tomchovska Victoria Torrego Alvaro Torrejon Elan Tran

Preslee Tringas Samantha Tripp Karen Trujillo

Joshua Ulin Christian Urreiztieta Isabella Vaccaro

V Megan Valcq Thomas Valenti Devin Valero



"To be a 'Cane is to engage in campus culture and lift each other up."


Kashleen Valmyr Juan Vasquez-Gonzalez Mounika Vattigunta

Jennifer Verdelus Anastasiia Vereneva Natalie Vestergom



"Always having your fellow 'Canes back."

W Caterina Villavicencio Joseph Vitale Orielle Volk Sydney Voss Robert Walek Alison Walker Meade Wallman

Lily Walton Taylor Washington Alexander Weber Nicole Weber Rebecca Weber Xingwen Wei Jenna Weiss

Andrew Weltner Meaghan Wheeler MacKenzie Wilhelm Jordan Williams Maxwell Williams Nicole Willis Christopher Wilson

Danielle Winer Kayla Winter Melissa Wohl Nina Wojtowicz Connor Wolfe Esteban Wood Shamar Wright



William Vetter Laure Vieira Jeremy Villareal

Y Z Anne Wu Ryan Wu Grant Yaniv Samantha Yates Tuana Yazici Lingzi Ye Christopher Young

Tea Young Anan Yu Hao Yu Abdallah Zaidan Jack Zalta Elena Zapata Pardo Julian Zarate

Kathleen Zgorski Shiyi Zheng Rebecca Zlatkin Hadieh Zolfaghari Julia Zukerberg Giovanni Zunino

PACKED STADIUM The student section throws up the "U" to cheer the 'Canes on against FSU with the help of Sebastian. Seniors Michael Croly and Manvi Seth got front row seats for their last FSU game as students. Photo by Vivien Dominick



HIGH FIVE Sebastian the Ibis runs down the aisle to greet the graduates one last time in the Watsco Center. Sebastian has his own graduation regalia that he dons for every ceremony. Photo by Jenny Abreu



A Brooke Aaron Zeyad Abouzeina Oleksiy Abramovskyy Brianna Abrams Jacqueline Abreu

Deborah Adeyemi Sharon Aguilera Narissa Agustin Mark Akhimien Elizaveta Aksenenko

Ahmed Alanazi Gerardo Alanis Nasar Albader Evan Aldo Razan Aldousari

Virginia Aldrich Jillian Alexander Ashley Alfonso Anas Alghannam Abdulmohsen Alhammad

Abdullah Alhasan Ibrahim Ali Khaled Alkaabi Ibrahim Alkhalifi Hamad Almudhaf

Abdullah Almutairat Ahmed Almutairi Matthew Alpart Maytham Alqallaf Meshari Alrabeah


Jasem Alroomi Fahad Alsafar Nawaf Alshamary

Mohammad Alshati Mohammad Alshuaib Shuail Alshuail



"Being a 'Cane means caring for each other, of course! But it's also all about being authentically you and embracing your one-of-a-kind place on campus and off."

Sadhana Anantha Leah Anderson Don Angell Isabella Antonini Ralph Martin Antonio

Lorna Appiah Israel Aragon Bravo Nicole Arguelles Candice Arthur Beverly Asante

B Isabella Askar Crispian Atkins Celeste Ayjian Benjamin Bacal Alvaro Baez



Abdullatif Altabtabaei Nicholas Altobello Sandra Alvarez-Ferrer

Zakaria Bailey Nayal Bajaj Johnna Bakalar Ashley Baker Ariana Baklajian

Ryan Bakutes Mary Balise Nakeshia Balkman Aiqi Bao Sasha Baranov

Fatma Baroun Andrea Barreiro Antonia Bartlett Corinne Batsides Olivia Becht

Nicole Belliard Martuscelli Tali Ben-Ichay Rachel Benstock Paul Benya Matthew Berkowitz

Rosia Bermudez Daniela Bermudez Garolera Galia Bernat Sara Bernstein Nina Best

Rene Betancourt Divya Bhansali Rita Bianchi Lionell Binyard Jr. Nicole Birmaher


Gianfranco Blanco Andrew Blechman Dylan Bluestone Jason Blume Adriana Maria Bolanos Rios

Anthony Bonacolta Faith Boone Nishi Bordia Daniel Borges Jonathan Bown

Anthony Boyd Emily Brady Arielle Brandt Michael Brennan Joseph Brewer

Christopher Brian Liah Brinson William Britt

Danielle Brothers Sylvie Brounstein Christian Brown



"To be a ‘Cane means to be a part of the greatest family in any college, period. We’re surrounded by academic and world leaders, and the best part is we all bleed orange and green."



Kayla Brown Madison Brown Dustin Brownlow

Danoli Bryant Matthew Bunsa Kayla Burakovsky Nicholas Burbella Nathaniel Burn

C Tyler Busby Kristina Bye Abdiel Caballero Olivia Cabanas Alexander Cabrera

Michael Cacace Sean Callahan Caitlin Calvo Emma Cameron John Camoratto

Carmen Campbell Janeth Campbell Natalia Campo Andrea Candelaria Andrea Cano

Robert Capone Alexander Carbonel Rafael Cariello Alana Carolan Jessica Carro

Carmen Caruso Cassie Caruso Samantha Case Javier Caso Ariana Cassells


Natalie Castaner Kaitlin Castillo Margarita Castillo Kelly Marie Castro Caitlin Cavanaugh

Yasemin Cetinalp Jorge Chabo Tiffany Chalhoub Kristen Chamberlain Claire Chen

Jinglin Kailin Muguang Yuetong Yuting

Chen Chen Chen Chen Chen

Zhuo Cheng Devin Cherry Gabrielle Chin Bryan Chong Julia Cianci

Julia Ciardullo Nicole Teresa Cil Mark Cirillo Sharon Civil Mark Clare

Michael Classi Roberto Claure Nakiya Clausell Nathaniel Cleri William Cobas



Shayla Cobb Max Cohan Dannit Cohen

Sharon Cohen Ashlyn Coleman Monica Colon



"To be a 'Cane you have to love the football team (no matter what)." Brenda Combs Monique Concepcion Pamela Concepcion

Juan Pedro Concha-Alecchi Juliana Congote Wilson Conley John Connolly Craig Contreras

Kyla Cook Alanna Cooper Lauren Copeland Sophia Corde Doug Corsi

Hunter Crenian Cailè Criscione Torrey Crosby Abigail Crowley Amanda Crowley


D Misha Cruz Facundo Cuevas MacKenzie D'Andrea Sofia Dacharry Taryn Dal Degan

Valerie Dania Kara Davis Kathryn Davis Melissa De Bedout Aaron De Candido

Evan De Joya Aileen De La Rosa Fabiana De Luca Skylar Deahl Richard Scott Delgado

Taryn Dennie Anoop Desai Parth Desai Kelly Devlin Jasmin Dhruv

Danielle Marie Diaz Jessy Diaz Kimberly Diaz Perry Diaz Victoria Diceglio

Jasia Dickerson Morgan Digiorgio Joseph Diiorio Michael Dileo Shiyuan Ding



Luiz Disconzi Lopes Ana Maria Dobrescu Daniela Dobrowolski Xingchi Dong Michaela Dowicz

Catherine Dremluk Casey Dresbach Ruohao Du Evan Dubow Rebecca Dumornay

E Mikaela Durben Tiffany Dyous Caroline Ebbert Ebony Eddy Benjamin Edelman

David Eides Charbel El Barche Antonios Marianne Elias

Brittny Ellis Malika Elmengad Isabella Englert



"Being a 'Cane means recognizing hard work to overcome any obstacle." Yunus Ensari Alec Ephraimson-Abt Maxwell Erickson


F Nicole Esquenazi Cristian Fajardo Brian Faller

Rachel Farmer Brandon Fay Travis Feather



"A 'Cane is caring, I love being a 'Cane and caring about my friends."

Andrew Ferguson Jonathan Fernandez Kristen Fernandez Maria Del Mar Fernandez Carbonell Julieta Fernandez Surrentini

Anthony Ferreira Nicholas Ferreira Liliette Ferro Alexa Fidelman Haydee Figueroa

Kelly Finnerman Kristina Fisher Stephan Fisher Kelli Fitzgerald Brian Flagler



Gabriella Feito Anne Rojona Feliciano Izabella Felpeto

Connor Fleischacker Sylvia Forsyth Alexandra Fortune Garrett Fracol Thomas Franchi

Alexianna Francois Kyra Freeman Andrew Friedman Molly Fry Caitlin Fryer

Amanda Fuentes Silvia Fuentes Perez Jason Fulbright Monina Furigay Kei Futami

G Richard Conrick Gallagher Erin Gallogly Thomas Gamma Xin Gao Ashley Garb

Cristina Garcia Lindsay Garcia Sebastian Garcia Joselyn Garcia Rayo Catherine Garrido

Cydney Gasthalter James Ge Madison George Melanie Gershman Emily Jordan Gerstein


Katherine Giacobbe Marc Giammarella Jessica Giampia Eric Gibellini Stephanie Gilbert

MacHiah Gill Cory Glinsky Daniela Goldberger Adrian Gonzalez Leonardo Gonzalez

Kyle Gordon Adriana Gorrin Brian Gort Tarik Green Lindsey Green III

David Grossman Evan Gruchot Amy Grundleger


Maria Eduarda Grundling Teixeira Victoria Graefin Von Faber-Castell Allison Guaty


“Being a ‘Cane means you’re part of something bigger, a family of people who bleed orange and green. Being a ‘Cane means caring for each other and wanting those around you to succeed as well. It’s really like a big family, everyone’s different but the biggest thing that brings us all together is the ‘U.'”



Chazz Guerra-Ogiste Christian Guevara Arielle Gurien

H Maxwell Gurman Murat Can GĂźvener Dustin Ha Jacob Haaker Abdelrahman Hammam

Jessica Hamorsky Marissa Hanson Morgen Hardy Sean Harnik Dennis Harrington

Trea Harris Nicholas Hartman Peter Hasslund Danelia Hayes Xinshuang He

Samuel Hemmingstad Verna Henley Kathryn Henshaw BelĂŠn Hervera Jaydon Hibbert

Andres Hidalgo Melissa Hidalgo Trevor Hier Jordan Hill Hannah Hiraki

Amy Hoang Danielle Holmes Ekaterina Hood Connor Howell Hao Huang


I J K Kristina Hudak Nicholas Hurtado Austin Iglesias Emmanuela Imansuangbon Nicolas Iparraguirre

Karim Ismail Kaitlyn Jacklin Brandon Jackson Forest Jacobson Libby Jacobson

Aqyel Jafar Frantzia Jeanty Jailyn Jenkins Rachel Jennings Eleanor Johnson

Haley Johnson Joshua Jones Patrick Jurkiewicz Allison Kadampelil Gregory Kafkes

Vanessa Kanan Jocelyn Kane Emre Kaynar Deja Kearney Dania Keller

Alexis Kesselman Sonali Khiyani Kyle Kingma Taylor Kmety Lorena Knezevic



Elizabeth Knox Julia Kohl Stephen Kovach

Olivia Kramer Danielle Krueger Matthew Kruger




"To be a 'Cane is to be accepting of people from all over the globe!"

Kelly Kudryk Viraj Kulhari Matthew Labkovski

Jael Labrie Cril Lahrssen Istvan Lakatos Craig Lapham Alexander Lapidus

Kayla Laraia Lauren Larosa Lauren Lathrop Kamil Lawal Davis Layton

Jack Lazur Brandon Le Trishelle Leacock Nicholas Leber Daniel Leeds


Kelsy Lehne Nicole Lembo Daniela Lemus Jacqueline Levine Sarah Levine-Ramirez

Julia Lewis Kyris Lewis Michael Leyva Jiaying Li Qiaorui Li

Qun Li Sijia Li Michael Lia Kevin Liebmann Angela Lin

Wei Lin Yu Qi Lin Abigail Lloyd Kyle Long Stephanie Longmuir

Daniella Lopez Amanda Lopez-Cardet Veronica Lucchese Casey Lue Aitor Lujan

M Karina Lutfey Slade Lutz Kelly Lynch Shannon MacKey Kanghua Mai



Alex Malaret Sarah Mallak Nicole Manfrini Rhea Manohar Jake Mansfield

Noe Manuli Saad Marafi James Marcante Ruth Marius Rafael Marques Braga

Christian Marquina Ariadna Marrero Anna Marshall Vanessa Martell Maxwell Martin

Alberto Martin Ulzurrun De Asanza Derlin Martinez Antonio Martinez Rovira

Loren Marx Kyra Maryland Vedasta Masangu



Nasir Mason Charles Mauck Khalil Maxwell

"Being a ‘Cane means I’ve got one big family. A family full of diversity but that I can count on no matter what."


Kyle Maxwell Nicholas McCarthy MacKenzie McDougal

Sean McDuffie Darby McEleney D'Andre McIntyre



"To be a ‘Cane means to rep the orange and green in the best possible light."

Matthew Mendez Alexander Mennella Andrew Micholas Seth Miller Jacob Milner

Shreeya Mishra Luis Moas Steven Moncrief Matias Mongelos Escauriza Ivan Montesinos

Ryan Moon Gabriel Morales Chase Morell Dayna Morelli Andrew Mount



John McLoughlin Connor Mears Peter Melero

Charles Mountain Michael Mouton Josè Antonio Mozza Vargas Maia Mulcahy Scott Murnick

N James Murphy Mary Murphy Kerem Can Mutlu Christina Myers Stephanie Nakash

Swati Narasimhan Crystal Nattoo Laura Navarrete Duque Rosanne Nelan Michael Nesheiwat

Danielle Neskora Nicole Newton Tram Nguyen Morgan Nicholson Kendal (Rae) Norfleet

O Carol Noueihed Megan Novak Isabella Nuccio James O'Keefe Juan Sebastian Ochoa Echeverry

Jack Ogiony Obianeze Okolo Kristen Onorato Pamela Onorato Jordan Oria


Sarah Ortiz-Monasterio Alyssa Osborn Mariana Osorio Rubio Christopher Otero Benjamin Overzat

P Arjun Padmanabhan Abigail Panneton Brendan Parente Mark Paris Shivam Patel

Michael Pedre Brandon Pellitteri Ariannie Pena-Aleman Nicolas Penagos Jaramillo Mario Perdomo

Claudia Perez Jacob Perez Lian Perez

Priscila Perez Belen Perez Serrano Hannah Pesce



"To be a ‘Cane is to experience an environment of unrivaled inclusion, diversity, and support. We strive to build the members of our community up, helping our fellow ‘Canes around us to become their best selves."



Katherine Peters Marisa Petrillo Maddalena Petruso

Nico Pezzella M. Symone Phillips Joseph John Pierce Demi Pietri Gustavo Pino

Elijah Platt Tamara Popovska Kyla Portnoy Vyvyan Prado Khaila Prather

Anthony Preston Iii Laura Puentes Armand Punjabi Brandon Purvis Isabel Pèrez-Rios Bravo

R Kristen Ragusa Jagatheswari Rajakumar Sneha Ramasamy Jake Ramirez Madison Ramirez

Isabella Ramjeet Chelsea Ramnarine Singh Jingwen Rao Samreen Razuman Dakota Regan

Jordan Reid Brandon Remer Travis Reneau Alana Requejo Rodolfo Reyes


Victoria Ricci Timothy Riley Octavio Rios Adrianna Rivera Brendan Roark

Lauren Robbins Roderick Robertson Alan Robinson Katherine Robinson Daniela Rocca

Angelica Rodriguez Brian Rodriguez Christina Rodriguez Giselle Rodriguez Karla Rodriguez

Keenan Rodriguez Sofia Rodriguez Agustin Rodriguez Granda Camila Rodriguez-Rojas Matthew Roesch

Carlos Rohl Amalia Roman Kaeli Romero Xinxin Rong Mauricio Roque

Rachel Rosa Carlyn Rosario Maria Del Mar Rosario Joshua Rosen Mark Rosenzweig



Alexander Rosholt Breana Ross Alexandra Rothman

Dylan Rozansky Eric Rubenstein Gregory Rudman



"Being a 'Cane means caring and having lifelong friends." Barbara Fernanda Ruiz Duarte Nicole Russo Phil Russomanno

S Natalia Ryzak Rim Saab Danielle Saad Joseph Saad Sabrina Saccente

Elliot Sackman Harley Sacks Marla Sagatelian Mohammed Sager Adem Sahil

Valeria Salgado Emiliano Salinas Karim Salmen Alyssa Samberg Gabrielle Sami


Tara Samra Maria San Martin Patricia Santana Yadira Santos-Cruz Elisa Sanz Iglesias

Chelsea Sanzone Julia Saxe Ian Schlifstein Matthew Schneiderman Jozie Schroder

Holly Schwartz Courtney Seams Anella Sebro Amanda Segel Manuel Serrao

Suhas Seshadri Ankit Shah Surkhab Shaikh Sahana Shankar Jialu Shao

Abdulrahman Sharbatli Megan Sheena Stefenie Shenoy Samantha Shinder Keiko Shivers

Sydney Shugarman Alexander Sidelev Virginia Sideleva Brandon Silvestry Jade Simmons



Andrew Simms Sai Samarchita Singh Julianna Sisco Asvin Sivarasa Krystal Socorro

Sara Lucia Soto Angel Soto Jr. Blake Sperling Lindsey Spring Sarah Stankard

Sebastian the Ibis Peter Stansky Karina Steel Emily Steinbach Leah Stern

Tatiana Stevens Carla Stieghorst Maddison Stokes

Nathaniel Strickler Jennifer Su Violet Sullivan



Zhonghao Sun Joshua Sussman Patrick Sutton

“Being a ‘Cane is truly an honor. It embodies the values of diversity, integrity, compassion, teamwork, and perseverance. It is an honor that is special and one that can never be taken away from you."


T Emily Swafford Jillian Swimmer Carolyn Tannura

Agustin Tavares Eric Tavares Ahmad Tayeb



"Dade County made, in Dade I stayed."

Erik Thomas Jennifer Rose Thompson Max Thompson Grant Thorburn Nicole Thornton

Emily Todd Molly Tomer Diego Torres-Lugo Lauren Tortorice Andrea Trespalacios

Yee Ting Tse Joseph Tsuji Mihnea Tudor Diaya Tulshi Rajiv Tummala



Asia Taylor Imani Taylor Kira Telford

U V Samantha Ulin Alexander Underwood Carter Vail Samuel Valancy Michelle Valladares

Frederic Vallejo Minh Van Andrea Vanegas Nathan Vanherp Emmi Velez

Niccola Venezia Fiona Verdon Samantha Verling Alexander Vernon Oraya Vesvoranan

Jessica Vilches Martinez Anthony Villanueva Christina Villar Juaurin Viloria Grant Voirol

W Matthew Vollaro Alexandra Voutsinas Daniela VèLez Adam Wahl Jonathan Wainblat

Nathaniel Wallace Arnost Wallach Xinran Wang Adam Warsoff John Watson


Tiffany Webb Grace Wehniainen Danielle Weinberg Shana Weisman Megan Weitzner

Jared Welsch Audrey Whitaker Jerry Williams Kamille Willis Lauren Wilson

Logan Wolf Natalie Wolfson Ryan Wong Gennet Wright Alieu Wurie

X Zhuyi Xia Nanting Xiao Qinlin Xu

Xiaonong Xu Xinyi Yan Jake Yardeni



"Being a Miami Hurricane means being all about the 'U!'"



Ryan Yde Betelhem Eshetu Yimer Lu Yin

Y Z Jennifer York Samuel York Haoran Yu Jonathan Zaken Zoe Zashin

Yue Zhang Yueyang Zhang Xi Zhang Zheng Sisi Zhong Haomiao Zhou

Jonathan Zhou Yiyu Zhou Anan Zhu

DANCE DANCE The Commencement Ball at the Coral Gables Country Club invites graduating students to dance and enjoy heavy hors d'oeuvres. The theme "Casino Royale" gave seniors and their guests the opportunity to play casino games to win raffle tickets. Photo by Jenny Abreu


we got some

'CANES over here Chosen as those who embody what it means to be a 'Cane - these 20 seniors represent the University of Miami's diverse landscape from the student organizations they are a part of to their areas of study STORY Morgan Thomson


PHOTOS Kristian DelRosario


SPECTACULAR SPOTLIGHTS Kelli Finnegan, Isabel Perez Rios Bravo, Jimmy Ge, Emmi VĂŠlez, D'Andre McIntyre, Vedasta Masangu, M. Symone Phillips, Rhea Manohar, Rafael Cariello, Divya Bhansali, Catherine De Freitas, Sean McDuffie, Andrea Trespalacios and Nia Byrd. Kaitlin Castillo, Evan De Joya, Kyle Kingma, Obianeze Okolo, Khaila Prather and Summer Singh not pictured. Senior Spotlight applications are available in the spring and the Division of Student Affairs chooses the recipients.


DIVYA BHANSALI From Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Major in Biomedical Engineering with minor in Chemistry

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Engineers Without Borders (President) • Engineering Student Council (President)

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

UM has allowed me to expand and pursue all of my interests while being part of a supportive and dynamic community that is truly unique to the 'U.' I have had the amazing opportunity to work with incredible and innovative minds in all of my endeavors at the 'U.' From conducting cuttingedge research in my field to working to bring a sustainable solar powered water pump to remote regions of the Dominican Republic I have had amazing peers and mentors all thanks to our amazing 'Canes Community.




From Chicago, Illinois Majors in Motion Pictures and English (Concentration in Creative Writing)

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• United Black Students (E-board, Co-president) • Homecoming Executive Committee

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

Resilience. The city of Miami, and UM, have this unique way of getting knocked down, but always getting back up. This city has dusted itself off from more than one tragedy, more than one setback. I have pride not just in being a 'Cane, but in being a member of this community, even if it’s just for these four years. Win or lose the games, rain or shine, impossible odds, 'Canes get back up. I’ve worked every day to be here, and it hasn’t been easy. I can’t exactly say how I overcame all of it for the past four years, just that I was never alone.

RAFIEL CARIELLO From Miami, Florida

Majors in Economics and Finance

KAITLIN CASTILLO From Miami, Florida

Major in Marketing with minor in Advertising

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

• Great Start Program (Program Coordinator) • Student Government (Treasurer)

I was able to develop a deeper love for my city and meet incredible people from all over the world.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

I failed two classes my first semester, as a result I almost lost my scholarship. I went into that winter break extremely unhappy and did a lot of searching. I decided to completely change my major and career path. I took a heavy credit load my freshman spring in order to bring my GPA up so I could stay at UM and transfer into the business school. I have been successful academically and extracurricularly since.

• Ibis Yearbook (Editor-in-Chief) • Orange Umbrella (Account, Strategy & Media Manager) Being around a uniquely diverse student body from a variety of backgrounds has allowed me to see things from multiple lenses. I have gained a truly global perspective.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

Coming from a small high school, it was hard freshman year to come out of my shell and make friends - especially as a commuter student. However, after immersing myself in student life and joining organizations I was passionate about, UM became home and I've made life-long friends.




From Parkland, Florida

From Wilmette, Illinois

Major in Marketing

Major in Biology with minors in Chemistry & Geography

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

• Leadership Development Coordinator • Student Government (Vice President)

On February 14th, 2018, my beloved high school and hometown suffered a horrific mass shooting. My heart ached for my hometown, however, my heart continued to beat because I was inspired by the students from my high school to have my voice heard and make a change. This led the Marjory Stoneman Douglas alumni and I at the University of Miami to create “This is America – Mass Shooting Memorial,” an interactive and sensory selfguided tour of various mass shootings that have occurred throughout the years. The event that occurred in my hometown was a terrible tragedy that deeply affected my community and myself, however, instead of staying silent, I used all of my resources, emotions, and energy to curate a beautiful memorial to honor my hometown.



• Student Government (President) • Student Research Assistant

The best thing I gained from being a 'Cane is the awesome network of current students and alumni. It's truly amazing to see how extensive the 'Cane family is, and how this university has impacted the lives of so many.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

Definitely time management - in a place with so many opportunities, both school-related and outside, it was hard to balance everything. My junior year, I finally figured out how to use the calendar on my phone and started making and adhering to schedules, and it really turned my life around.



From Toms River, New Jersey

From Montgomery, New Jersey

Major in English with minors in Philosophy and Political Science

Major in Marketing with minor in Advertising

Key Involvement/Accomplishments • Residential Assistant (Hecht) • Phi Beta Kappa honor society

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane? An appreciation for all types of diversity. I've learned so much about different cultures around the world, and I'm so grateful to have attended such a diverse school.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

I really struggled my freshman year. I missed my hometown and family and couldn't really find my place in student organizations. Sophomore year, I joined Alpha Kappa Psi, landed the RA job and completely turned around my undergrad experience!

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Chair of Counseling Outreach Peer Education (Co-chair) • Student liaison group for the UM Counseling Center • Climate Change & Sea Level Rise Caucus Chair for the UM Young and College Democrats

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

The most difficult part of my early UM career was finding a sense of belonging as an introvert in what I perceived as a very extraverted student body. What made it worse was that I wanted to be outgoing – my need to be validated and liked by my peers, be an active and social college student, and contribute to the world was contradicted by how emotionally drained I got doing these things. It has taken a lot of time reflecting and slowly being more involved on and off campus to come to terms with my personality, and yet I still struggle with this challenge often. To my fellow ‘Canes who might be feeling how I felt, you are not alone, and you can do it.


KYLE KINGMA From Spring Lake, Michigan

Major in Finance and Economics with a minor in Spanish

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Hyperion Council (President) • Student Alumni Ambassadors

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane? The ability to become friends with students from many different places and many different backgrounds.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle? A challenge was balancing school, extracurriculars, and finding a job at the same time. I was able to overcome these obstacles by learning time management and multitasking.



RHEA MANOHAR From Brentwood, Tennessee

Majors in Public Health, Microbiology and Immunology with minors in Chemistry and Biology

Key Involvement/Accomplishments • Healthy U Healthy Me (Founder) • Homecoming Executive Committee

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane? Healthy U Healthy Me is probably the greatest thing that I have gained as a 'Cane. Being a 'Cane to me, has always meant something bigger than myself. To me, this is about caring about my community and the people around me. Through shadowing at University of Miami Hospital, I developed an idea of HUHM that became my passion and opened my eyes to not only the field of public health, where I am now pursuing one of my majors, but also altered the way I think about medicine by changing the context through which I saw people and the disparities evident around me. Miami is so diverse in culture, status, race, language, and so many other things that I honestly can say that I would not be the person I am without this experience.

VEDASTA MASANGU From Democratic Republic of the Congo

Major in Advertising with a minor in French

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Fitness Leader and Instructor at Wellness Center • Equestrian Team

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

When I arrived at UM in 2015, I could not speak English properly, it was hard for me to make friends and be involved on campus. I was failing some of my classes because I did not understand half of what the professors were teaching. I felt like an outsider. I even got a letter from my adviser saying to be careful with my grades. Since that letter, I knew I should work harder. I then found a tutor for my classes. A semester later, I found a job at the Wellness Center where I met a lot of people who became my 'Canes family. My GPA is much higher now and I already received three certificates with the highest scholastic achievements from fall 2016 to fall 2018. I have worked so hard and I am extremely proud of what I've done so far.

SEAN MCDUFFIE From Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Major in Physics and Chemistry with a minor in Mathematics

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (President) • Aikido Club (President) • Individuals Maximizing Potential and Creating Tomorrows

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

I started at UM wanting to study chemistry but after taking a physics seminar spring semester of sophomore year, I really wanted to add it as a second major. I only had two years left, but my advisers opened doors for me and helped me draft a rigorous schedule for me to finish in four years. While I’m proud of the degrees I’ll earn, I know I didn’t do it alone. To succeed, I sought out and tapped strength and guidance from those around me who want me to succeed as much as I do. Faculty, staff, peers, friends and honestly a few strangers have allowed me to perform at my best and put in the hard work and determination necessary to succeed in adding such a major academic load to my four years.


D'ANDRE MCINTYRE From Covington, Georgia

Major in Journalism with minors in Political Science and Africana Studies

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Student Government (Senator) • President of Kappa Alpha Psi

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

When I was in my sophomore year, my grandmother passed away. This was probably the worst moment of my life. She had been such a driving force in me valuing education. Although at the time I was hurting, I still had to focus on school. To combat this issue, I went to the counseling center and talked out my emotions. This was new to me. Before, I thought speaking to a stranger about my feelings was weird but after doing it, I felt relieved and was able to focus on school. This helped me move on in the grieving process.



OBIANEZE OKOLO From Yonkers, New York

Major in Biochemistry with minors in Chemistry and Classics

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity • African Students Union

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane? I believe that UM is unique in its ubiquity of extracurricular opportunities. There is no other school that I know of where students are given the spaces and resources to engage in so many of their interests.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

Trying to remain positive was at times difficult. I overcame it through meditation and connecting with friends and family. I conduct mental wellness exercises to stay on top of my mental health and combat negative intrusive thoughts.

ISABEL PEREZ RIOS BRAVO From Mexico City, Mexico

Major in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Public Health

M. SYMONE PHILLIPS From Covington, Georgia

Major in Marketing and Management with minors in Music Business and Communication

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

• Mexican Student Organization (President and Co-founder) • Florida Water and Environment Association (Vice President)

• Orange Umbrella (Director of Business Development) • Alpha Kappa Psi Business Fraternity

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

Opening my eyes to realize there is a whole world out there where we are all different but somehow connected to each other in a unique way. The experiences for sure and all the people who touched me and changed me forever.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

Being an international student in a wheelchair coming to a new life on my own. I came out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to do the things that scare me the most.

I gained the chance to truly make my education and my experience unique. Whether that be through the cognate system that allows flexibility in class scheduling as well as allows me to study subjects that interest me, or the resources that the university provides - it's truly been an impeccable experience. I know that no matter how close or far I go from the 'U,' there will always be 'Canes there that care for me because 'Canes care for 'Canes!


KHAILA PRATHER From Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Major in Public Health with minors in Sociology and Africana Studies

SUMMER SINGH From The Woodlands, Texas

Major in Psychology with minors in Spanish and Public Health

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

• Women's basketball team (Captain two years in a row) • Minority Women in Medicine (President)

When I changed my major from biology to public health, it was during the same time that I was battling a seasonending knee injury. I felt completely unsure about myself at the university and my future. Coming into college I had a perceived notion that majoring in biology was the only path for me. However, I realized that was not the case. Coupled with the resiliency and strength I gained during my recovery process; and through the guidance of my mentors at UM, research, patience, and faith I was able to take a different route to still pursue my dream and passion.



• Chi Omega (Greek Week Chair, Informal Recruitment Leader) • Phi Delta Epsilon (Committee Chair) Love for alma mater, 'Canes resilient spirit, and love for Miami culture.

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

I struggled with a series of health issues related to my horrible allergies, and used to get sick all the time. But thanks to my amazing support system at UM, and learning how to adapt my schedule to prioritize my health, I was able to overcome it!

ANDREA TRESPALACIOS From Miami, Florida Majors in International Studies and English with minors in Philosophy, Ecosystem Science and Policy


From Fort Lauderdale, Florida Major in Journalism with minors in Political Science and Electronic Media

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

Key Involvement/Accomplishments

What's one thing you've gained from being a 'Cane?

What was a challenge you faced during your time at UM and how did you overcome this obstacle?

• Committee on Student Organizations (Chair) • Student Center Complex Advisory Council Coming from a high school with poor-performing sports teams, which in turn led to very low spirit within the school, I was blown away by the school spirit and culture at UM. Although I know there are other schools with larger sports cultures, UM's unique "Canes care for 'Canes' culture has made my experience here one that I wouldn't have had elsewhere. Being a 'Cane, I know I can rely on my fellow canes and for the first time in my life I actually enjoyed a football game.

• WVUM (General Manager) • Homecoming Executive Committee

Shortly after receiving my acceptance letter, a loved one was diagnosed with a severe illness. It was a shock to my entire family. Attending the 'U' allowed me to stay close to home while still having the opportunity to attend my dream school. My fellow students and my professors were incredibly supportive. They became my community and my support system. I would not have been able to make it through my freshman year without their continued kindness. That’s why I strive everyday to give back to the school that has given me so much.



CAP forward Graduating seniors showcase their creativity one last time on their caps before stepping across the Watsco stage STORY Karina Sloan





























LAST ALMA MATER Hilary Yip sings along to the alma mater at the graduate ceremony to recieve her masters degree in music therapy. Photo by Jenny Abreu



Edwin Almeida Michelle Arrojo Iris Barrios Tania Bejarno Stephanie Best

Ran Bi Norma Cajina Arnett Caviel Gill Chacko Yutao Chen

Veda Cruz Haluk Damgacioglu Alexis Denton Isabella Maria Fernandez Del Rio Haddie Flores

Karla Fortuny Natacha Francois Michele Gaston Natalie Ghosn Melanie Goergmaier

Jordan Golinowski Pavly Greiss Tian Hao Jiajie He Yujing He

Javier Herrera Delano Johnson Jack Jones Cindy Jui Nicholas Karpathy


Busra Keles Hyungmin Lee Jessica Leon



"I'm a proud to be a 'Cane. I'm proud to be part of such a diverse community of classmates, peers, faculty, and locals. I genuinely believe that as a 'Cane I have had the unique opportunity to create lifelong friendships with people who I otherwise would have never met! On the other side of the coin, UM has given me the resources to grow as an individual and push myself to greater aspirations. I'm excited to be spending the next four years at UM Miller School of Medicine. Even after then, one thing will never change: my pride as a 'Cane."

Lisa Nyman David O'Connor Jeanine Ocon Olga Lucia Onate Diaz Daranay Orta

Roseli Perez Marie Pierre Lalintha Polpitiya Dmitriy Poplavskiy Qian Qiao

Jingyang Qiu Oscar Qiu John Angelo Raymundo Iciar Riaza Perez Janelle Rodriguez-Mena



Ye Li Lan Lyu Yessica Maltes

Terrisa Mark Tessa McKay Adrian Mesa

Ryan Rodriguez-Mena Armando Rubi III Daniel Salazar Yusuf Secerdin Jingyuan Shui

Damon Stambolian Alexis Stanish Leah Stevenson Yasukiyo Sugimoto Thomas Sullivan

Sarah Vargas Liang Liang Wang Zihao Wang Rebekah Watson Shawn Wright

Anxin Wu Liu Xing Tingting Yang Wen Yin Yang Yue

Chi Zhang Yue Zhang Zhufei Zhang Xiaodong Zhao Yu Zhou



MINGLE ABOUT In the Newman Alumni Center, faculty members socialize before the Faculty Senate presents the annual Faculty Awards. Photo by Jenny Abreu




Dhananjay Nanda, Kay Tatum, Daniel Medina, Manuel Sicre, Jacklyn Collins, Mark Friedman, Emmanuel De George, Shirley Dennis-Escoffier, Khrystyna Bochkay, Diana Falsetta, Roman Chychyla, Andrew McMartin, Fabrizio Ferri. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Sandra Rieger, Alexandra Wilson, Julia Dallman, Jane Indorf; BACK ROW: Zhongmin Lu, Yunqiu Wang, Kevin Collins, William Browne, Athula Wikramanayake, Barbara Whitlock. Photo by Haley Nepple


FRONT ROW: Vanessa Guzzi, Karen Turner, A. Platon Alexandrakis, Elizabeth Katzen, Joan Martinez Evora; BACK ROW: Ann Morales Olazรกbal, Joshua Espinosa, Mark Shapiro, Martin Segal, Erin Degnan, William Ellet, Patricia Abril. Photo by Morgan Thomson



Maikel Espinosa, Gery Perez, Jose Sevilla, Wendy Chun, Evaline Fornino, Zareef Mohammed, Tarek Sayed, Sara Rushinek, Robert Plant. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Jean-Hubert Olivier, Barbara Colonna, Roger Leblanc, Marc Knecht; BACK ROW: Vaidhyanathan Ramamurthy, Jamie Walls, Burjor Captain, Francisco Raymo, Rajeev Prabhakar, Valentine St. Hilaire, Cesar Gonzalez. Photo by Vivien Dominick


FRONT ROW: Lien Tran, Margaret Cardillo; SECOND ROW: Christina Lane, Clay Ewing, Konstantia Kontaxis, Barbara Millet, Michelle Seelig, Ching-Hua Chuan, Anthony Allegro, John Soliday; BACK ROW: Ed Talavera, Kim Grinfeder, Jim Virga, Zevensuy Rodriguez, Ali Habashi, Grace Barnes, William Rothman. Photo by Casey Lue



CIVIL, ARCHITECTURAL, & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERDavid Chin, Matthew Trussoni, James Giancaspro, James Englehardt, Antonio Nanni, Esber Andiroglu, Derin Ural, Gang Wang, Helena Solo-Gabriele, Prannoy Suraneni, Wimal Suaris, Landolf RhodeBarbarigos. Photo by Morgan Thomson

COMPUTER SCIENCE Liang Liang, Zheng Wang, Victor Milenkovic, Odelia Schwartz, Burton Rosenberg, Huseyin Kocak, Geoff Sutcliffe, Dilip Sarkar, Stefan Wuchty, Ubbo Visser. Photo by Morgan Thomson

EDUCATIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES FRONT ROW: Todd Warner, Soyeon Ahn, Ashmeet Oberoi, Debbiesiu Lee, Maite Mena, Jue Wang; SECOND ROW: Lissette PerezLima, Blaine Fowers, Isaac Prilleltensky, Carol-Anne Phekoo ; THIRD ROW: Lydia Buki, Cengiz Zopluoglu, Dina Birman, Scot Ingold ; BACK ROW: Guerda Nicolas, Robert McMahon, Ed Trickett, Scotney D. Evans. Photo by Daniel Palma



Bruce Bagley, Richard Weisskoff, Joaquin Roy, Lilian Yaffe, Dina Fernandez. Photo by Hadieh Zolfaghari


Michael French, Emma Dean, Karoline Mortensen, Steven Ullmann. Photo by Madison Ramirez


Haim Shaked, Joseph Alkana, Ira Sheskin, Hermann Beck, Bradford McGuinn, David Graf, Henie Hajenberg. Photo by Alize Ramirez-Canas


FRONT ROW: Qingda Yang, Emrah Celik, Singiresu Rao; BACK ROW: Ines Basalo, James Coakley, Victor Graham, Michael Swain, GeCheng Zha, Ryan Karkkainen, Giacomo Po, Xiangyang Zhou, Victoria Coverstone. Photo by Kelly Castro




FRONT ROW: Alexandra Perisic, Tracy Devine Guzmรกn, Viviana Diaz Balsera, Rebecca Doran, Bridget Christine Arce, Omar Vargas; BACK ROW: Steven Butterman, Ralph Heyndels, Andrew Lynch, Ager Gondra, George Yudice, Logan Connors, Gema Pilar Perez Sanchez, Yolanda M. Martinez-San Miguel. Photo by Morgan Thomson

MUSIC THEORY AND COMPOSITION Dorothy Hindman, Charles Mason, Juan Chattah, Juraj Kojs, Shawn Crouch, Donald Scott Stinson. Photo by Daniel Palma

MUSICOLOGY Frederick Reece, Anne Searcy, Melvin Butler, David Ake, Brent Swanson, Marysol Quevedo. Photo by Daniel Palma



FRONT ROW: Harvey Siegel, Lisa Tafares, Simon Evnine, Otavio Bueno, Magdalena Jackson, Anjan Chakravartty; BACK ROW:. Kari Hanson-Park, Jared Hanson-Park , Nicolas Nicola, Helen Yetter-Chappell, Haley Mathis, Elizabeth Cantalamessa, Nathaly Garcia. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Fulin Zuo, He Wang, Orlando Alvarez, Joshua Cohn, Chaoming Song, Sunxiang Huang, Mohammad Hashemi; BACK ROW: Mason Klein, Sheyum Syed, Nico Cappelluti, Manuel Huerta, Thomas Curtright, Luca Mezincescu. Photo by Daniel Palma


FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Simpson, Christine Delgado, Ekaterina Ninova, Sannisha Dale, Amy Weisman de Mamani, Charles Carver; SECOND ROW: Maria Llabre, Lucina Uddin, Jennifer Britton, Elizabeth Losin, Patrice Saab, Youngmee Kim, Amanda Jensen-Doss, Jill Ehrenreich May, Debra Lieberman, Steven Safren, Angela Szeto, Michael Alessandri, Frank Penedo, Neil Schneiderman, Barry Hurwitz; BACK ROW: Rick Stuetzle, Roger McIntosh, Brian Doss, Aaron Heller, Marc Gellman, Jason Nomi, Phil McCabe, Mike McCullough. Photo by Morgan Thomson




Henry Green, David Graf, Robyn Walsh, Veronica Arce, Catherine Newell, Michelle Gonzalez Maldonado, David Kling,Justin Ritzinger. Photo by Morgan Thomson


FRONT ROW: Robert Johnson, George Wilson, Jan Sokol-Katz; BACK ROW: Marvin Dawkins, Michael French, Nick Petersen, Roger Dunham, Jomills Braddock. Photo by Jeanine Carmen Ocon


Queenie Li, Cong Li, Wesley Miller, Juliana Fernandes, Alyse Lancaster, Sarai Nunez, Heidi Carr. Photo by Kayla Foster



Dante Luciani, Dafnis Prieto, Stephen Rucker, Tim Smith, Martin Bejerano, Gary Keller, Stephen Guerra, Gary Lindsay, John Daversa, Kate Reid, John Hart, Brian Lynch. Photo by Morgan Thomson

TEACHING AND LEARNING FRONT ROW: Shawn Post, Elizabeth Harry, Mary Avalos, Ana Menda, Batya Elbaum; BACK ROW: Alissa Blair, Donner Valle, Matthew Deroo, Jennifer Krawec, Nam Ju Kim, Jennifer Kahn. Photo by Daniel Palma

THEATRE ARTS FRONT ROW: Michael Bush, Bruce Miller, Tim Ellis; FRONT ROW: Scott Trip, Christine Jobson, Julie Danae Salkin, Jennifer Burke, David Williams, Burton Tedesco, Victoria Whooper, Michiko Kitayama Skinner; BACK ROW: Darren Blaney, Gregory Brown. Photo by Jackie Abreu



YEARS OF HARD WORK Faculty members Norman J. Altman, Harry W. Flynn Jr., Donald Spivey and outgoing Senate Chair Tomรกs Salerno take a photo after the ceremony. Photo by Jenny Abreu


PLAYING FOR A CROWD Graduate Student William Locke plays the cello at the reception in the Newman Alumni Center before the awards ceremony. He was accompanied by a piano, and guests were free to snack on catered appetizers and treats. Photo by Jenny Abreu

FACULTY SPEAKER Samuel Terilli, Chair of the Department of Journalism and Media Management in the School of Communication and an associate professor gives a speech at the annual Faculty Awards. Photo by Jenny Abreu

FACULTY Outstanding service, teaching and scholarship by university educators is celebrated by the Faculty Senate STORY Morgan Thomson

Three professors honored at the annual Faculty Senate Awards were celebrated for their distinguished work in teaching and research. Provost Jeffrey Duerk introduced Norman J. Altman from the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Miller School of Medicine; Donald Spivey, a history professor; and Harry W. Flynn Jr., the J. Donald M. Gass Distinguished Chair in Ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the Miller School. "It is unbelievable and joyous to receive this award," Flynn, who has spent 41 years at Bascom Palmer and was presented with the Distinguished Faculty Scholar Award, said. Altman was honored with the James W. McLamore Outstanding Service Award for his ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. The Outstanding Teaching Award was presented to Spivey, who previously received a Provost's Award for Scholarly Activity.



Commencement marks a new beginning, not an end. The 'U' will forever be a home away from home for 'Canes all around the world Inside Look 408 Advertisements

THE BIRD The Newman Alumni Center connects alumni with campus events, most prominently Homecoming, and has a statue of Sebastian the Ibis which was sculpted by former faculty member Patrick Filbotte. Photo by Nhat Nguyen






Staff Page


KAITLIN CASTILLO As you enter this next chapter of your life just take a minute to reflect how far you've come, from surviving the morning commute to publishing the award-winning Ibis and so many things in between. You have made new friends and earned respect within the marketing community. With each new chapter, your story gets better. We could not be prouder of the person you are becoming. We reminisce of you picking up your first book as a toddler to your first college course. The 'U' gave you so many firsts‌college games and tailgates, Ibis, 25 hours of PhilADthropy, internships and lifelong friends. Your love for the 'U' is undeniable and the memories will never fade.

Love You Go 'Canes, Mom, Dad & Chris



Congratulations Arielle!!!! Evan Dubow

Love, Mom, Dad, Zack and Zoey



Congratulations Megan!


Congratulations on your accomplishments! We are so proud of you! Break a leg, Mom, Dad, and Matthew




Congratulations, job well done! So Proud with Much Love!

Congratulations Davis! We are so proud of you!

Mom , Dad, Grant

Head Up ! Eyes Open ! Heart Strong !

Love, Mom, Dad and Luke

TAYLOR HARPER To our beautiful daughter Taylor, We are very proud of you. You will be an awesome nurse because of your kind and sweet soul. You are truly beloved by all your friends and family. You have brought joy to many people’s lives already and know that you have a huge impact wherever you go. We can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. Love you always, Mom and Dad




Congratulations DISTRACTION Magazine on a successful awards season. Thank you for all your hard work and passion.



ELISABETH HOFER Gratuliere! Felicitaciones! Congratulations! We are so incredibly proud of you! Nuestro “regalito de Dios,� you have accomplished so much even though you started university only a few months after turning 17. And you did it in such an outstanding way! We are very confident of your success in the future since we know that whatever you get involved with turns out excellently. Not only are you an incredibly hard worker, but also a wonderful, kind, compassionate human being. We are so proud of the woman you are becoming. Not even the sky will be the limit for you! We love you immensely and wish you all the happiness in the universe, always. Mit viel Liebe, Mamili & Papili & Lilly from doggy Heaven



Kristen Ragusa

MADISON GEORGE Congratulations, Madison!

A star is born!

Continue to smile, laugh and enjoy life. The world is yours!

THANK YOU The Ibis Staff would like to express our gratitude to the following: Dean Steven Priepke Demi Rafuls Dean Luna Student Affairs | Dr. Whitely & Dr. Rau Dr. Nicholas Rau JC Ridley | Chief of the '96 Ibis Jenny Abreu Steve Ferguson Valory Greenman Office of Academic Enhancement Our Friends at The Miami Hurricane & Distraction Magazine SCC Staff Greek Week



THE MIAMI HURRICANE STAFF! Homicide detectives investigating third student death of fall 2018 semester

NEWS // Page 2

New tech makes a splash in UM dining NEWS // Page 8

Battle burning over e-cigs on campus NEWS // Page 12 OPINION // Page 6


Matthew Bernanke // Senior Photographer BRAGGING RIGHTS: After an 11-year hiatus, the Miami Hurricanes and the Florida International University Panthers met on the gridiron for a 305 showdown. The Hurricanes remained unbeaten all-time against the Panthers with a 31-17 victory Sept. 22 at Hard Rock Stadium.



SPORTS // Page 10

‘MAGICAL MOMENT’: Linebacker Michael Pinckney flexes and shows off the Turnover Chain to the 65,490 fans at Hard Rock Stadium. The Hurricanes rallied from a 20-point deficit to defeat the Florida State Seminoles, 28-27, Oct. 7.

Matthew Bernanke // Senior Photographer

By Isaiah Kim-Martinez Senior Sports Writer @isaiah_km

The Miami Hurricanes knew what they were getting into when they agreed to play the Louisiana State Tigers in college football’s opening weekend of the 2018 season. “There are no warm up games here,” head coach Mark Richt said. “We will be physically and mentally tested. It will be a gut check, at the very least.” With a nationally televised, 7:30 p.m. Sunday kickoff set in one of the country’s biggest stadiums, all eyes will be on the Canes

in what is undoubtedly a high risk, high reward scenario. Win, and you have the momentum of beating one of the nation’s most successful programs to start the season, which should translate nicely with a favorable schedule in sight. Lose, and not only will the doubters of UM’s resurgence reemerge, but the chance to play in the College Football Playoff – and to stay amongst the top teams in the AP rankings – will take a major hit. But Richt and his staff have that much confidence that this team will pull out the victory, and evidently, the world does too.

Sports // Page 8 EYES ON THE PRIZE: Quarterback Malik Rosier locks in during the Hurricanes’ primetime showdown with the Virginia Tech Hokies Nov. 4 at Hard Rock Stadium.

Vol. 96, Issue 23 | April 9, 2019 - April 15, 2019

Vol. 96, Issue 18 | February 19, 2019 - February 26, 2019

Meet the candidates for the student government election NEWS // Pages 2-3

Misrepresentation of the bisexual community

The real emergency within America’s government

OPINION // Page 7

Hunter Crenian // Photo & Visuals Editor

Vol. 96, Issue 6 | October 2 - October 8, 2018


Students share what Pride means to them

OPINION // Page 6

Hurricanes knock off Cardinals for historic victory

NEWS // Pages 8-9

SPORTS // Page 13

My day at the Miami Pride Festival EDGE // Page 10

III DAYS IN WYNWOOD EDGE // Page 10 WEEKEND IN WYNWOOD: Singer-songwriter SZA performs for a vibrant crowd Saturday night at the III Points music festival. III Points is an annual three day event that celebrates music and art.

Hunter Crenian // Photo & Visuals Editor

Vol. 96, Issue 24 | April 16, 2019 - April 22, 2019


Meet the golf team’s newest star SPORTS // Page 14

PROUD PEOPLE: Sebastian the Ibis and University of Miami students walk down Ocean Drive during the Pride Parade Sunday afternoon for the annual Pride Festival in Miami Beach, celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and all of its diverse members. Hunter Crenian // Photo & Visuals Editor

Vol. 96, Issue 11 | November 6 - November 13, 2018

Counseling center app promotes mental health on the go NEWS // Page 4

Why I voted

TAKING IT TO HEART: Former First Lady Michelle Obama speaks about the importance of voting at a “When We All Vote” event Sept. 28 in the Watsco Center.

Hunter Crenian // Photo & Visuals Editor

Vol. 96, Issue 25 | April 23, 2019 - April 29, 2019


OPINION // Page 11

Questions looming for Hurricanes football SPORTS // Page 12



EDGE // Pages 8-11

Graphic by Austin Lent // Art Director



U ARE HOME Pages 7-10

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: Fireworks sounded off at 8:30 p.m. Friday as thousands of students, faculty and alumni gathered around Lake Osceola to watch the show.

Hunter Crenian// Photo & Visuals Editor

Graphic by Austin Lent // Art Director

ALEC VAIL EPHRAIMSON-ABT We are so proud of you – of all you have accomplished and the person you have become! Congratulations! "My wish for you is that this life becomes all that you want it to. Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small and that you never need to carry more than you can hold.� -Rascal Flatts Lots and lots of love always, Mom and Dad



A Aaron, Brooke 349 Aaron, Jada 307 Abatemarco, Natalie 329 Abdo, Bana 315 Abdulai, Fali 210 Abel, Danielle 198 Aberdam, Noam 315 Abio, Haley 204, 214, 233 Abisoye, Temitope 228 Abitz, Mitchell 205 Ableman, Randy 166, 167 Abouzeina, Zeyad 349 Abraham, Edward 101 Abraham, Lauren 290 Abraham, Ritika 329 Abramovskyy, Oleksiy 349 Abramowitz, Aidin 229, 315 Abrams, Brianna 349 Abrams, Dan 264 Abreu, Emily 329 Abreu, Jacqueline 229, 349, 427 Abuhoff, Katya 204 Abundio, Alexis 256, 314, 329 Accardi, Kylie 204, 212, 307 Accetta, Paige 204, 315 ACCOUNTING 397 Achong, Daevenia 147, 182 Ackhayat, Husain 265 Adame, Patricio Salazar 302 Adams, Duncan 313, 329 Adams, Kiera 214 Adams, Spenser 205 Adamson, Isabella 204, 312 Adebesin, Blessing 141 Adeleke, Abigail 329 Aden-Faden, Maelis 313 Aderoju, Kikiloreoluwa 228, 250 Adeyemi, Deborah 74, 252, 291, 349, 366 Adler, Alanna 210, 265, 329 Adler, Jeremy 308, 329 Adler, Nicolas 299 Adler, Sari 204, 212, 305 Admitis, Michael 147 Adornato, Alexis 313, 329 Adrid, Emily 211, 276 AFRICAN STUDENTS UNION 228, 250, 287 Agarwal, Palak 316 Agbitor, Selom 222 Agne, Amy 204, 211, 232, 315 Aguiar, Gabrielle 204, 312, 329 Aguila, Carolos 258 Aguila, Ricardo 329 Aguilar, Alexa 240 Aguilar, Natalie 301 Aguilera, Macarena 187 Aguilera, Sharon 349 Aguirre, Jessica 283 Agustin, Narissa 349 Agyeiwaa-Piasare, Tracey 256, 293, 294 Ahmed, Adeeb 318, 329 Ahmed, Faiza 269, 309, 329 Airan, Aruna 287 Airen, Shriya 80 Aires, Savanna 268, 316 Ajagbe, Debbie 147, 188, 190, 323 Ajeel, Rashed Al 303 Ajello, Andie 204, 311 Ake, David 401 Akhavan, Yanni 314 Akhimien, Mark 205, 349 Akinola, Folashade 295 Akinyemiju, Isabelle 241, 269, 271 Akinyoyenu, Maria 205, 219, 228 Aklepi, Gabriela 137, 228,


329 Aksenenko, Elizaveta 349 Al Hajari, Ahmed 329 Al-Salem, Ahmad 316 Alanazi, Ahmed 120, 349 Alanis, Gerardo 349 Alarcon, Marcos 329 Alba, Miguel 233 Alba-Thomas, Farod 205 Albader, Nasar 349 Alban, Ellie 204 Alban, Madeleine 329 Albanese, Julian 205 Alberdi, BegoĂąa 283, 300 Albert, Harry 247 Alberts, Thomas 265 Albin, Hollie 318 Alborta, Jose Paz 205 Aldo, Evan 349 Aldousari, Razan 349 Aldrich, Virginia 349 Alex, Peter 323 Alexander, Ana 312, 329 Alexander, Griffin 265, 314, 329 Alexander, Jillian 260, 349 Alexandrea, Faith 232 Alexanian, Gustavo 205 Alfe, Anthony 205 Alfonso, Ashley 349 Alghannam, Anas 349 Alguthami, Faris 312 Alhammad, Abdulmohsen 349 Alhasan, Abdullah 349 Ali, Ahmad 120 Ali, Ibrahim 349 Alkaabi, Khaled 120, 349 Alkana, Joseph 400 Alkhalifi, Ibrahim 349 Alkhamis, Abdulmajeed 228, 299 Allban, Ellie 214 Allegro, Anthony 398 Allen, Chaisson 173 Allen, Elijah 253, 308 Allen, James 314, 329 Allen, Shelby 210 Allespach, Heidi 133 ALLIANCE OF LATINX AND INDENOUS STUDENTS 287 Almada, Ricky 310, 329 Almazo, Samantha 329 Almeida, Andrew 205 Almeida, Brianna 110 Almeida, Edwin 393 Almousalli, Abdullah 257 Almudhaf, Hamad 349 Almutairat, Abdullah 349 Almutairi, Ahmed 349 Aloia, Lauren 211 Alonso, Diana 17 Alonso, Rachel 256, 318 Alotaibi, Faisal 205, 216, 329 Aloui, Omar 198 Alpart, Matthew 349 Alpeter, Lexie 204 ALPHA DELTA PI 202, 204, 208, 209, 220, 221 ALPHA EPSILON DELTA 228 ALPHA EPSILON PI 205, 215, 222 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 218 ALPHA KAPPA DELTA 290 ALPHA KAPPA PSI 228 ALPHA MU MUSIC THERAPY CLUB 229 ALPHA PHI ALPHA 218 ALPHA PHI SIGMA 292 Alpha Sigma Phi 205, 215, 216, 220, 223 Alqallaf, Maytham 349 Alrabeah, Meshari 349 Alrdich, Virginia 271 Alroomi, Jasem 350 Alsafar, Fahad 350 Alshamary, Nawaf 350 Alshati, Mohammad 120, 350 Alshuaib, Mohammad 120, 350 Alshuail, Shuail 350 Alspector, Reese 205, 214, 305, 329


Altabtabaei, Abdullatif 350 Altine, Shania 318 Altman, Norman J. 405 Altobello, Nicholas 350 Alvarado, Gregory 84 Alvarado, Renato 216 Alvarez, Anthony 303 Alvarez, Jacobo Saldarriaga 323 Alvarez, Orlando 402 Alvarez, Paloma 233, 234, 235, 248 Alvarez-Closas, Rocio 139 Alvarez-Ferrer, Sandra 350 Alwani, Hrithik 317 Amador, Alex 232 Amaro, Cecilia 299 Amastha, Sharif 299 Amato, Ari 204, 211 Amato, Nicholas 307 Amditis, Michael 192, 196, 197 Amelung, Kawan 283 AMERICAN MEDICAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION 229 AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY 229 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF PRE-DENTAL STUDENTS 232 Amin, Al-Mahdi 255 Amoaku, Adrein 257 Amore, Taylor 211 Amos-Richards, Divinity 270 Amundsen, Sarah 269 Anagnos, Dylan 205, 306 Anantha, Sadhana 350 Anapolsky, Richard 315 Anderson, Daija 314, 329 Anderson, Ethan 313 Anderson, Leah 258, 350 Anderson, Nailah 323 Anderson, Nicholas 205 Anderson, Rachel 316 Anderson, Shane 271 Andiroglu, Esber 399 Andris, George 310 Anestal, Chelsea 313, 329 Angelini, Alessandra 72 Angell, Don 350 Anguil-Andriacchi, Alison 204, 307, 329 Angulo, Veronica 256 Anhalt, Skylar Prinz Von 320 Anhalzer, Miranda 199, 318 Aniker, Betul 314 Animalu, Esther 275, 308, 309 Annor, Yaa 309 Annunziato, Marisa 204, 311, 329 Anschutz, Sydne 283 Anthony, Fitzroy 177 Anton, Elias 318 Antonetty, Calvin 261, 283 Antonini, Isabella 350 Antonio, Claudia De 186 Antonio, Ralph Martin 350 Antonucci, Addisen 204, 329 Antonucci, Paxton 204, 211 Antonucci, Trevor 205, 329 Antunes De Oliveira, Julia 323, 329 Apice, Veronica 204, 329 Appiah, Lorna 219, 221, 257, 350 Appleby, Ryan 263, 329 Aprigliano, Giovanni 84 Aquila, Michael 233, 315 ARAB STUDENTS UNION 75 Aragon Bravo, Israel 350 Arango, Monica 204, 318, 329 Arboite, Maelle 211 Arce, Bridget Christine 401 Arce, Veronica 403 Archer, Luke 329 Arci, Daniel 277 Ardman, Eric 103 Arege, Isabella 204, 316, 329 Arellano, Martin Alexander 233, 269 Arenas, Justin 303 Arends, Luke 14, 229, 264, 265, 305, 329 Argento, Josephine 258 Arguelles, Nicole 249, 258, 293, 350 Arias, Gilbert 270 Arias, Jonathan 316

Ariel, Zion 233 Arif, Abdullah 323 Armand, Andy 316 Armand, Julia 204, 305 Armas, Alberto De 318 Armas, Carlos De 233 Armstrong, Julia 204, 212 Arnaout, Alex 87 Arnarsdottir, Eva 301 Arnold, Eboni 329 Arnold, Mackie 204, 212, 306 Aron, Dylan 254 Arons, Marshall 198, 323 Arora, Puneet 229 Arreaga, Kevin 146, 188, 190 Arrojo, Michelle 393 Arroyo, Madison 318 Arruda, Elizabeth 204 Arslan, Alp 316 ART FOR KIDS 287 Arteaga, J.D. 197 Arthur, Candice 350 Arthur, Carolyn 204, 311, 329 Arthur, Lizzie 307 Arviv, Meaghan 205, 214, 313, 329 Asante, Beverly 257, 350 Ashley, Vivien 294 Ashton, Kennedy 265 ASIAN AMERICAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 232, 278 Askar, Isabella 350 Askerova, Tamilla 204, 210, 316, 329 Asmussen, Morgan 165 Asplundh, Keith 264 ASSOCIATION OF COMMUTER STUDENTS 52, 53, 54 ASSOCIATION OF GREEK LETTER ORGANIZATIONS 219 Astor, Brandon 316 Athanas, Andrew 205, 317 Atherley, Michelle 147, 188, 190, 191 Atherly, Michelle 191 Athias, DeAndre 15, 310, 329 Atkins, Crispian 350 Atkins, Marsalis 265 Atlas, Samantha 233, 314 Attong-Mendes, Katherine 233, 252, 291 Attuah, Isaac 310, 329 Aubone, Franco 147, 181 Aubrey, Lily 264, 274 Aubrey, Remy 264, 274 Auerbach, Gabrielle 326 Auguste, Derek 69, 329 Augustin, Narrisa 210 Augustini, Olivia 258, 329 Auster, Katharina 306 Austin, Jordan 69, 199, 253, 270 Avalos, Mary 404 Avellaneda, Andrea 315 Avidor, Benjamin 205 Avila, Daniel 303, 329 Avina, Sophia 204, 210 Avissar, Roni 101 Avril, Princeley 141 Awono, Camille 204, 261, 309, 329 Ayjian, Celeste 350 Azan, Tyla 139 Aziz, Maliha 232 Aziz, Zeshan 329 Azizi Tourshizi, Pantea 313, 329 Azzara, Amy 312


Babaian, Melinda 7, 232 Babbar, Manshaa 248, 306 Babice, Olivia 204, 310 Baboun, Daniela 111, 330 Babu, Rahul 318 Bacal, Ben 216 Bacal, Benjamin 350 Bachas, Leonidas 101 Bachetti, Louis 315

Bachin, Robin 68 Backman, Anna 187 Badeer, Corrinne 315 Baez, Alvaro 283, 350 Baez, Ashley 204 Baez, Christine 270 Baez, Natalia Perez 313 Baeza, Marco 156 Bafna, Tanvi 72, 258, 275, 280 Bagley, Bruce 400 Bah, Omar 315 Bailey, Blake 306 Bailey, Brandon 205 Bailey, Zakaria 351 Bajaj, Arjun 248, 318 Bajaj, Nayal 351 Bakalar, Johnna 351 Baker, Andrew 127 Baker, Ashley 221, 351 Baker, Brian 265 Baker, Maisie 258 Baker, Megan 313 Baker, Olivia 209, 282, 330 Baklajian, Ariana 351 Bakutes, Ryan 351 Balachandar, Aneesha 280 Balachandar, Annesha 258 Balcer, Matthew 205, 310 Baldassare, Gabriella 315 Baldwin, Debra 204, 212, 306, 330 Baldwin, Max 233 Balise, Mary 55, 71, 248, 252, 287, 351 Balkman, Nakeshia 351 Ballester, Kevin 233 Ballotti, Courtney 209 Balsamides, Anya 280 Balsera, Viviana Diaz 401 Baltuch, Reid 205, 275 Balu, Abhinav 310, 330 Banala, Sri 204 Banala, Srinidhi 312 Banarjee, Chitra 253 BAND OF THE HOUR 231, 233 Bandy, Trajan 147 Bangash, Julian 207, 215 Banks, Endia 177, 179 Banner, Dakota 318 Bao, Aiqi 351 Baptiste, Anne Jean 241 Barakat, Michelle Alvarez 131 Baranov, Sasha 275, 351 Barazia, Cara 271 Barbarito, Nicholas 330 Barbon, Alejandra Gutierrez 303 Barche, Charbel El 249 Bardet, Jean-Pierre 100 Bargemon, Mahaut de Villeneuve 302 Barger, Julia 204, 212, 330 Barile, Maia 315 Barnard, Lucy 205, 214 Barnes, Grace 398 Barnes, Melissa Jane (MJ) 258 Barnes, Sarah 165 Baron, Chelsea 233, 235, 248 Baroun, Fatma 351 Barr, David 305, 330 Barral, Ernest 283 Barrantes, Lucero 204, 232 Barraza, Jason 205, 216 Barreda, Noelle 13, 67 Barreiro, Andrea 351 Barrenechea, Ignacio 119 Barrera, Adria Soriano 147, 181 Barrios, Iris 393 Barrocas, Taylor 330 Barrows, Michael 312, 330 Barry, Isabela 116 Barry, Sarah 204, 315 Bartlett, Antonia 228, 351 Bartner, Michael 205 Barton, Daniella 269 Basarer, Berk 308 Bascoe, Jordan 16, 308 Bascone, Anthony 205 BASEBALL 193, 194 Basham, Nicholas 205, 275, 305 BASKETBALL 168-179 Bass, Jessica 116 Bastias, Francisco 147, 181 Bates, Robert 316 Bates, Will 216 Batsides, Corinne 351 Batterjee, Ammar 249 Battipaglia, Carly 233, 234, 248 Baty, Brenda Yester 291 Bauer, Patrick 205, 320

Baum, Sydney 204, 212, 315 Baumstark, John 330 Bausley, Lauryn 301 Baxa, Bubba 154, 156 Bayron, Angela 42, 310 Bayuk, Jessica 139, 238, 274 BEACH VOLLEYBALL CLUB 232 Beairsto, William 308 Beal, Noah 205 Becerra, Paula 275 Becht, Olivia 351 Bechtel, Max 199 Beck, Hermann 400 Beckel, Christine 283 Beckelman, Chelsea 204, 212 Beckemeyer, Nicole 206, 209 Becker, John 205 Beda, Steven 205 Beeson, Gregory 281, 330 Begg, Katherine 204, 308 Beglane, Victoria 313 Begue, Tessa 205, 214, 330 Beini, Aikaterini 314 Beitman, Cooper 205 Bejarno, Tania 393 Bejerano, Martin 404 Belangev, Carley 265 Beldner, Francesca 211 Beldner, Shayna 204, 330 Bell, Anthony 199 Bell, Derrick 253 Bell, Matthew 205, 317, 330 Bell, Trent 205, 330 Belle, Brian Van 147, 194, 196, 197 Belliard Martuscelli, Nicole 351 Bello, Ciana 256 Bellucci, Ryan 318 Beltran, Jonathan 330 Ben-Ichay, Tali 351 Benaudis, Leslie 277 Benayoun, Daniel 205 Bendavid, Danielle 258 Benjamin, Hannah 204, 311 Benjamin, Jobenei 209 Benjamin, Keno 307 Benkhye, Hiba 120 Bennett, Cameron 306 Bennia, Krysta 250 Benowitz, Rachel 210 Benson, Blake 205 Benstock, Rachel 351 Bent, Sienna Eve 309 Benya, Paul 351 Benyon, Grace 305 Bereciartu, Alessandra Morana 302 Berg, Shelton 100 Berger, Austin 110, 228, 313, 330 Berger, Megan 67, 247, 265, 327 Bergin, Kate 302 Bergwall, Emily 204, 330 Berk, Mikayla 211 Berkowitz, Emily 260 Berkowitz, Gabe 205, 313, 330 Berkowitz, Matthew 351 Berkun, Jason 205, 313 Berman, Hailie 204, 211 Bermudez, Daniela 241, 351 Bermudez, Rachael 318 Bermudez, Rosia 351 Bernal, Maria 256, 293 Bernat, Galia 351 Berner, Audrey 204, 312 Bernstein, Jessica 204, 305, 330 Bernstein, Sara 351 Berta, Lauren 211 Bertoldo, Chase 330 Berwall, Emily 306 Best, Laura 303, 330 Best, Nina 351 Best, Stephanie 62, 63, 393 BETA THETA PI 205, 215 Betancourt, Kristina 233 Betancourt, Rene 351 Betancur, Veronica 256, 293, 294 Bethel Jr., Nigel. 156 Betz, Jason 205, 255 Beveridge, Rainey 204 Beverly, Gabriela 256, 321 Beverly, Joy 287 Beyah, Naseem 270 Beyda, Ali 213 Beyer, Kristina 274 Beyrer, Amanda 208, 211, 221, 248, 275 Bhak, Maya 318 Bhandari, Sawan Gurucharan

314 Bhansali, Divya 69, 351, 379, 380 Bharwani, Anish 205, 310, 330 Bhatnagar, Sawan 316 Bhavnani, Anika 208 Bi, Ran 393 Bianchi, Rita 351 Biddle, Dana 247 Bidwell, Charles 205, 330 Biegel, Nicole 204, 313 Bigger, Stephanie 270 Biggins, Joshua 205, 216 Bigham, Brie 280 Biller, Stefan 124, 205, 307 Billings, Stephanie 228, 316 Billings-Larson Jr., Steven. 156 Bingham, Rosemarie 232, 315 Binyard Jr., Lionell 351 Birchenough, Jack 205 Bird, Kolby 162, 240, 293 Bird, Matthew 281 Birenbaum, Trevor 281 Birke, Benjamin 313 Birmaher, Nicole 229, 351 Birman, Dina 399 Birnberg, Jake 306 Birnholz, Daniel 330 BISCAYDENCE 128 Bisset, Charles 205 Bisson, Claire 204, 312, 330 Bissoondial, Aaron 308 Bitchatchi, Alex 303 BLACK AWARENESS MONTH 69 Black, Mahogany 318, 330 Black, Tia 248 Blackburn, Benjamin 312 Bladd, Zachary 199 Blades Jr., Al 156 Blagg, Alicia 147, 167 Blair, Alissa 404 Blamphin, Crispin 261, 314 Blanco, Gianfranco 352 Blanco, Richard 143 Bland, Taj 188 Blaney, Darren 404 Blank, Mollie 309, 330 Blau, Jordyn 306 Blau, Meryl 116 Blechman, Andrew 216, 352 Blervacq, Scylla 233, 276, 303 Blickstein, Raymond 317 Blitz, James 306 Bloom, Mitchell 205, 330 Bloomfield, Jordae 269 Blotcky, Erin 330 Blount, Michael 316 Blue, Octavia 177 Bluestone, Dylan 352 Blum, Mallory 204 Blume, Jason 352 Bochkay, Khrystyna 397 Bocseri, Luca 316 Boersma, Joseph 305 Bogdanski, Elijah 205, 216 Bogle, Rachelle 309 Bogomolny, Chandler 306, 330 Bokhait, Al Mahdi 249 Boland, Luke 316, 330 Bolandian, Grace 211 Bolanos Rios, Adriana Maria 352 Bolivar, Angelica 236, 330 Bolton, Chloe 204 Bolton, Chole 311 Bon, Jon 324 Bon, JT 281 Bonacolta, Anthony 352 Bonan, Daniel 205 Bondar, Frederick 205, 323 Bonhomme, Gordon 198, 330 Bonyadi, Sina 300 Boone, Faith 69, 249, 252, 291, 352 Bopp, Evan 317 Bordia, Nishi 352 Borelli, Luke 307, 330 Borges, Daniel 265, 270, 271, 286, 287, 352 Borgonovo, Alberto 330 Borgsmiller, Emma 229, 314 Boric, Alexa 204, 211 Bornemann, Sven 255 Bornstein, Lindsey 211, 222 Boshers, Caitie 211, 280 Boshnick, Alex 248, 314 Bosin, Lauren 209 Bossory, Annalee 313, 330 Botwinick, Avi 253 Bouchard, Scarlett 307

Bouldin, Nicola 321 Boursiquot, Michelle 283 Bouza, Caro 204 Bowe, Kaitlyn 209 Bowers, Blaire 204, 307, 331 Bowman, George 318 Bown, Jonathan 352 Boyd, Anthony 352 Boyd, Xander 205 Boyo, Sydney 307 Bozkurt, Nicole 315 Bradley, Ryan 308 Brady, Emily 212, 352 Brady, Jessica Nicole 287, 293 Bragan, Katrina 204, 307, 331 Bragg, Chole 307 Brahmbhatt, Krishna 205 Braia, Paige 113 Braider, Grace 305 Brala, Paige 204, 312, 331 Branco, Gabrielle 204, 311 Brandfon, Josh 248, 270 Brandon, Madison 204, 241, 312 Brandt, Arielle 352 Bravo, Isabel Perez Rios 240, 379, 387 Bravo, Jade 232 Bravo, Liliana 318 Brennan, Donovan 205, 306, 331 Brennan, Michael 352 Brennfleck, Ryan 205 Bresee, Cami 139 Bresk, Taylor 204, 331 Breslin, Kylie 277 Brett, Isabel 318 Brewer, Emily 229 Brewer, Joseph 352 Brian, Christopher 49, 352, 409 Briceno, Valentina 198 Brickle, Bella 327 Bridge, Cameron 205, 315 Bridges, Beau 253 Briel, Nicholas 216, 252 Brin, Alexa 302 Brinkley, Tanya 131 Brinkman, Brooke 307, 331 Brinson, Liah 352 Brito, David 316 Britt, William 352 Britton, James 331 Brochu, Baylee 331 Broder, Ethan 223, 337 Brodie, Livia 331 Brodie, Morgan 331 Broehl, Joseph 313, 331 Brohi, Joseph 275 Brooks, Ashley 102 Brooks, Jabari-Ture 255, 293 Brooks, Sydney 209, 241, 248, 331 Brophy, Theodora 204, 318, 331 Brothers, Danielle 51, 352 Brouillard, Jacob 315 Brounstein, Sylvie 352 Brown Jr., Bruce 173 Brown, Carolyn 147, 188, 190, 240 Brown, Chloe 162 Brown, Christian 352 Brown, Gregory 404 Brown, Justin 300 Brown, Kayla 352 Brown, Lauren 209 Brown, Liana 211 Brown, Madison 137, 209, 272, 352 Brown, Mckinly 188 Brown, Natalia 309 Brown, Tess 306 Brown, Thomas 159 Brownlow, Dustin 352 Brumley, Jessica 100 Brunelle, Evan 156, 306 Bruno, Maxwell 306 Bryant, Danoli 353 Brymer, Jackson 307 Buan, Julia 199, 318 Bucher, Hallie 301, 331 Buchholz, Hayley 115 Buckley, Jonathan 308, 331 Bucknor, Xavier 302 Budd, Robert 198 Budisak, Joseph 312 Budisak, Patrick 198 Budka, Alexandria 331 Bueno, Otavio 402 Buffong, Suraya 269 Bujnowski, Bri 211 Buki, Lydia 399 Buljevich Amadeo, Azul 331 Bullen, Ryan 216

Bulusu, Aditya 276, 318 Bulut, Danya 274 Bundies, Gabriel 302 Bunsa, Matthew 353 Buonocore, Brooke 204, 212, 318, 331 Buraggia, Alessio 321 Burakovsky, Kayla 353 Burbella, Nicholas 353 Burch, Andrew 331 Burd, Sarah 371 Burdge, Terrence 218 Burg, Jessica 204, 305, 331 Burgdorf, Hugh 205, 216 Burke, Francis 303, 331 Burke, Jennifer 404 Burkly, Stephen 205 Burn, Nathaniel 270, 353 Burnett, Sydney 205, 214, 237, 318, 331 Burns, Robert 240 Burns, Thomas 188 Burrell, Taylor 162 Burrows, Suleman 156 Burruel, Chaos 264 Burt, Mary Helen 214, 331 Busby, Tyler 275, 353 Busch, Jamie 331 Busch, Jordan 306 Bush, Allysa 331 Bush, Michael 404 BUSINESS LAW 397 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY 398 BUTLER CENTER FOR SERVICE AND LEADERSHIP 68 Butler, Christopher 205, 331 Butler, Emily 204 Butler, Jordan 156 Butler, Melvin 401 Butterman, Steven 401 Buzzetta, Christopher 331 Bye, Kristina 211, 222, 233, 235, 248, 353 Byerly, Julia 205, 214 Byers, Juliana 283 Byrd, Cachay 248, 252, 291 Byrd, Connor 205, 308, 331 Byrd, Nia 226, 282 Byron, Briana 204, 214, 318


Caballero, Abdiel 54, 55, 240, 300, 353 Caballero, Jonathan 275 Cabanas, Olivia 353 Cable, Lauren 312 Cabral, Marisa 84, 309 Cabrera, Alexander 353 Cabrera, Ivan 314 Cabrera, Jarelis 205, 217, 320 Cabrera, Maribel 303, 331 Cacace, Michael 353 Cacho, Yanni 198 Cafatti, Anastassia 75 Cager, Lawrence 154, 156 Cahoon, Ryan 205, 308, 331 Cai, Jichun 314 Cai, Ziqin 309 Cai, Zishan 204 Caicedo, Manuela 241 Cajina, Norma 393 Calandranis, Maria 266 Calaway, Caleb 310, 331 Calhoun, Bryan 205 Calicchio, Amanda 204 Calicchio, Ana 240 Caliendo, Matthew 205 Calilao, Kendrick 192 Calkins, Daniel 256 Callahan, Sean 353 Calle, Matthew 229, 240, 266, 267, 300 Calles, Steven 323 Calman, Samuel 308 Calvo, Caitlin 211, 353 Calvo, Irene 300, 331 Calvy, Tommy 216 Cambow, Simranjeet 309 Camel, Meredith 252, 291 Camenzuli, Dylan 313 Cameron, Emma 237, 353 Camille, Fedelene 331

Camilleri, Rachel 280 Camoratto, John 353 CAMP KESEM 287 Camp, Tyler 205 Campanini, Nicholas 205, 331 Campbell, Carmen 353 Campbell, Janeth 263, 271, 353 Campbell Jr., John. 156 Campbell, Richard 303 Campo, Natalia 120, 249, 353 Campos, Ana Macouzet De Maria Y 309 Campos, Hanna 322, 324 Canaley, Julianne 313 Cancel, Daniella 427 Candelaria, Andrea 275, 353, 391 Candelarla, Eli 269 CANEFEST 17, 227 'CANES CARNIVAL 86-89 'CANES CARE FOR 'CANES 233 'CANE KICKOFF 17 Canepari, Sophia 307, 331 Canic, Dimitrije 131 Cano, Andrea 353 Cantalamessa, Elizabeth 402 Cao, Jiaming 314 Cao, Miranda 210 Cao, Wanying 307 Caplan, Jodi 204, 211 Caples, Ashley 199, 318 Capone, Robert 353 Cappelluti, Nico 402 Captain, Burjor 398 Caputo, Chris 173 Caputo, Estefanía 299 Caputo, Roberto 205 Caraballo, Anthony 205 Carballo, Amanda 204 Carbonel, Alexander 199, 220, 252, 291, 293, 353 Cardey, Brendan 173 Cardillo, Margaret 398 Cardona Ramirez, Diana 331 Cardova, Martina 255 Carey, Maddy 204, 305 CARIBBEAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 77 Cariello, Rafael 137, 270, 271, 353, 360, 379, 381, 390 Carlson, Emma 204 Carlstrom, John 306 Carney, Gillian 204, 264, 331 CAROL SOFFER INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY 19 Carolan, Alana 211, 265, 353, 391 Carr, Heidi 326, 403 Carranza, Jovita 113 Carrasquillo, Angel 300, 331 Carreno, Natalie 2991 Carro, Jessica 211, 277, 353 Carroll, Brooke 204, 214, 315 Carroll, Helen 204, 209 Carson, Christopher 308 Carter, Gil 240 Carter, Griffin 307 Cartularo, Morgan 209 Caruso, Carmen 353 Caruso, Cassie 353 Carvalho, Rodrigo 205 Caryl, Mike 222 Casanova, Roy 301 Cascavita Rincon, Daniela 331 Case, Samantha 353 Caserta, Ashley 204, 316 Cashwell, Isaiah 314 Caslains, Alexia 301 Caso, Javier 353 Cason, Dejah 240 Cassaday, Bret 252 Cassells, Ariana 353 Cassis, Alexandra 312, 331 Cassoni Fraga, Franco 331 Castaneda, Sofia 229 Castaner, Natalie 354 Castano, Bartolo 205, 281 Castano, David 277 Castellan, Nicolas 205 Castellone, Olivia 209 Castillo, Adrian Del 147, 194, 196, 197 Castillo, Barbarella 331 Castillo, Kaitlin 27, 141, 271, 354, 379, 408, 427 Castillo, Margarita 217, 354 Castillo, Natalie 275 Castillo, Nathen 205, 216, 301 Castillo, Viviana 122 Castro, Kelly Marie 354

Castro, Samantha 209 Castro, Stephanie 331, 335 CATEGORY FIVE 226 Caudery, Molly 188, 190, 323 Cavalca, Luana Orejuela 318 Cavanaugh, Caitlin 275, 354 Cavataro, Tyler 318 Caviel, Arnett 393 Cawthon, Alison 139 Cecconi, Slade 147, 193, 196, 197 CELEBRATION OF INVOLVEMENT 68, 69 Celler, Jake 316 Cenden, Bella 210 Centurion, Ciana 331 Cepeda, Karina 211 Cetinalp, Yasemin 354 Cetoute, Shamir 248 Chabo, Jorge 66, 90, 354, 427 Chacko, Gill 393 Chae, Soohyun 310 Chait, Aaron 323 Chakravartty, Anjan 402 Chalhoub, Tiffany 354 Chalita, Chantal 309, 331 Chamberlain, Kristen 354 Chambers, Kyle 331 Chambers, Raheem 146, 188, 190 Chamero, Eduardo Lago 198 Champlin, Jules 209 Chan, Bill 267 Chan, Rosena 315, 331 Chan, Zhen 240, 266 Chandiramani, Divina 80 Chandrasekaran, Sajiv 315 Chandrashekhar, Simran Babani 313 Chaney, Carolyn 167 Chang, Gerald 299 Chapalamadugu, Meghana 241 Chapman, Gabrielle 316 Chappelle, Ashley 218 Chardy, Nidhi 204 Chari, Nidhi 211 Charles, Darlene 188, 190 Chary, Nidhi 331 Chase, Catherine 211, 265 Chaskin, Carly 203, 212 Chattah, Juan 401 Chaves, Catalina 25 Chehab, Emil 300 CHEMISTRY 398 Chen, Alan 205 Chen, Claire 34, 35, 354 Chen, Darren 216 Chen, Hanlin 317 Chen, Jiachen 310 Chen, Jinglin 27, 354 Chen, Kailin 354 Chen, Landon 229 Chen, Muguang 354 Chen, Natasha 241 Chen, Peijun 290, 302, 331 Chen, Ryan 314 Chen, Siwan 318 Chen, Siyuan 314 Chen, Ye 323 Chen, Yubei 309 Chen, Yudian 205, 216 Chen, Yuetong 354 Chen, Yutao 393 Chen, Yuting 354 Chen, Yuwei 310 Chen, Zipei 316 Cheng, Ethan 69 Cheng, Zhuo 354 Cherry, Devin 82, 108, 354 Chethikattil, Amrutha 308, 332, 427 CHI OMEGA 204, 208, 210, 222 Chiappini, Kyra 315 Chibamo, Wayne 269 Childs, Indigo 210 Chimienti, Matteo 317, 332 Chin, David 399 Chin, Gabrielle 354 CHINESE STUDENTS AND SCHOLARS ASSOCIATION 226, 287 Chokshi, Millie 61, 84, 241, 248 Chong, Bryan 354 Chong, Christine 318 Choragudi, Siri 265 Chou, Brandon 268, 271 Choudharry, Karan 340 Choudhary, Avani 301 Chozick, Emma 258 Christensen, Carson 205, 312 Christie, Matthew 198, 241,

265, 308 Christodoulou, Andreas 188, 191 Chuan, Ching-Hua 398 Chun, Wendy 398 Chung, Rebekah 282, 391 Chychyla, Roman 397 Cianci, Julia 270, 354 Ciancio, Gaetano 291 Ciardullo, Julia 354 Ciarrocchi, Blaise 332 Ciccolo, Tate 310 Cil, Nicole Teresa 354 Cilluffo, Paige 212, 213 CINEMA AND INTERACTIVE MEDIA 398 CINEMATIC ARTS COMMISSION 236 Ciradelli, Isa 12 Ciriello, Perry 332 Cirillo, Mark 354 Citro, Ally 238, 274 CIVIL, ARCHITECTURAL, & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING 399 Civil, Sharon 354 Civil, Vladimire 316 Clabby, James 312 Clagett, Elisabeth 332 Clare, Mark 354 Clarke, Mia 309 Class, Joshua 233 Classi, Michael 354 Claure, Ana 299 Claure, Roberto 198, 354 Clausell, Nakiya 240, 354 Clayton, Danielle 204, 316, 332 Cleri, Nathaniel 84, 354 Cleveland, Ashii 270, 330 Cleveland, Peter 215 Clifford, Caleb 205 Clifton, Margaret 318, 332 CLIMATE REALITY PROJECT 233 Cline, David 252, 291 Cline, John 264, 274 Clinger, Madison 204, 210, 310 Clinton, Chris 275 Clinton, Christopher 316 Clinton, Hillary 61 Cloonan, Dylan 197 Cobas, William 354 Cobb, Shayla 355 Codispoti, Abbie 213 Coello, Sebastian 198 Cofer, Aliyan 241 Coffenberg, Catherine 332 Coffey, Sharae 312 Coffman, Nathan 332 Cohan, Max 355 Cohen, Alaina 213 Cohen, Calvin 255 Cohen, Casey 210 Cohen, Dannit 355 Cohen, Julia 204, 210, 307 Cohen, Lea 308, 309, 332 Cohen, Sharon 355 Cola, Jonathan 256 Colaco, Lauren 310 Colagiovanni, Nina 253 Colantuono, Sophie 310 Coleman, Ashlyn 355 Coleman, Jackie 211, 222 Coleman, Raina 249 Coles, Landon 332 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 108-111 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 121 Collins, Alex 317 Collins, Jacklyn 397 Collins, Kristina 204, 312 Collins, Matthew 281 Colm, Sean 265 Colon, Monica 355 Colonna, Barbara 398 Comas-Soares, Antonia 301 Combs, Brenda 139, 355 COMMENCEMENT 141, 143 COMMENCEMENT BALL 92 COMMITTEE ON STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS 236, 284, 286 COMPUTER SCIENCE 399 Concepcion, Monique 355 Concepcion, Pamela 355 Concha-Alecchi, Juan Pedro 355 Concilio, Michael 317 Congdon, Henry 205 Congote, Juliana 355 Conley, Calvin 323 Conley, Kayla 282, 313 Conley, Wilson 355, 410 Conner, Samantha 307, 332


Connolly, John 283, 355 Connors, Deven 315 Connors, Logan 401 Constantine, Leonardo 275 Conte, Amanda 204, 315 Conte, Paulina 204 Conti, Fabrizio 302 Contillo, Joseph 306 Contreras, Craig 275, 355 Cook, Anna 332 Cook, Jeremy 197 Cook, Kyla 218, 219, 221, 355 Cooper, Alanna 355 Cooper, Zach 147, 166, 167 Copeland, Lauren 219, 220, 355 Coppola, Marissa 205, 214, 280 Corcoran, Paulina 211 Corde, Sophia 253, 355 Cordero, Katelin 247 Cordoba, Maria 109, 210, 303 Cordon-Cano, Christian 332 Cordoves, Albert 308 Cornelius, Laura 146, 177, 293 Coronel, Gabriella 204 Correa, Anthony 233 Correa, Daniela 302 Corredor, Anthony 233 Corsi, Douglas 221, 335 Corton, Dayana 108 Corum, Sterling 236 Coseglia, Sawyer 205, 264, 332 Cosme, Genesis 303 Costas, Alejandro 198 Costello, Amanda 310 Costello, Meredith 146, 332 Costoya, Joel 301 Cote, David 229 COUNCIL OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS AND ORGANIZATIONS 53, 54, 72-77, 236, 287 Council, Micah 229 COUNSELING OUTREACH PEER EDUCATION 62 Couri, Cassandra 204, 332 Court, Brian 205, 332 Couto, Antonio 332 Coviello, Caitlin 252, 291 Covington, Carolyn 242, 243, 277, 332 Cox, Olivia 210 Coy-Smith, Alia 312 Coyne, Jack 306 Craft, Jordan 233 Crane, Mitchell 205, 307, 332 Cranston, Jenelle 323 Cratty, Bria 204, 212, 332 Crawford, Tiffany 205, 219, 220, 275 Crean, Colin 205, 332 Crenian, Hunter 216, 355 Crenshaw, Jordan 318 Crespo, Vanessa 310 Criddle, Cecilia 198 CRIMINOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY CLUB 269 Criscione, Cailè 256, 355 Cristol, Rachel 204, 210 Croley, Velanie 241 Cronin, Elizabeth 204, 310 Crosbie, Chad 197 Crosby, Torrey 71, 92, 142, 238, 242, 252, 271, 277, 291, 355 CROSS COUNTRY 160 Cross, Orshuntis 322, 324 Crotty, Lauren 211 Crouch, Shawn 401 Crouse, Maguire 199 Crowley, Abigail 260, 355 Crowley, Amanda 277, 355 CRU 237 Crump, Nazir 275 Cruz, Alexander 233 Cruz, Anthony 299 Cruz, Cameron 274 Cruz, Luz Estrella 318 Cruz, Misha 12, 13, 356 Cruz, Veda 393 Cruz-Lezama, Aileen 332 Csik, Brittany 139 Cubisino, Luca 269 Cuellar, Alfonso Pocho 325 Cuevas, Facundo 356 Culp, Amanda 229, 309, 332 Culter, Christopher 310


Culver-Zawislak, Hannah 332 Cunningham, Riley 305 Cuomo, Maria 204 Curnin, Owen 316 Curran, Ryan 318 Curreri, Joseph 318 Currie, Katherine 260 Curry, Darianne 312 Curtright, Thomas 402 Cusumano, Alessia 40, 213 Cutrone, Cat 255 Cyr, Heather 204, 303 Cytryn, Logan 276 Czarkowski, Filip 314


D'Aberloff, Margeux 211 D'Alleva, Juliana 290, 292 D'Andrea, MacKenzie 356 Da, Runyu 318, 332 Dabdoub, Steven 332 Dacharry, Sofia 356 Daft, Emma 204 Dahlerbruch, Jarred 27, 216 Dai, Wenwei 309 Dai, Yurui 314 Daiagi, Alex 204 Daiagi, Alexandra 311 Dal Degan, Taryn 252, 356 Dale, Aubrey 315 Daley, Kesina 318 Dall, Alexander 310 Dallal, Alina 302 Dallas, Deejay 152 Dallas, Destiny 241, 318 Dalling, Anil 271 Dalton, Gabrielle 307 Damasco, Olivia 305 Damgacioglu, Haluk 393 Damnan, Abdulrahman Bin 257 Damon, Emily 162 Dancsecs, Liz 210 Dania, Valerie 229, 356 Daniel Arci 86 Daniel, Rachel 255 Daniels, Christopher 220 Danielson, Karli 211 Danto, Justin 199, 205 Dantzler, Selina 188, 190 Dapic, Matthew 308 Darbeloff, Margaux 247 Daugherty, Sammi 233, 252, 291 Daversa, John 124, 404 Davidov, Emma 310 Davidson, Justin 308 Davidson, Turner 156 Davis, Adrianna 310 Davis, Alex 120 Davis, Amanda 233 Davis, Elijah 41 Davis, Gavin 205 Davis, Jenny 21, 50, 93, 210, 256 Davis, Jeremy 320 Davis, Kara 356 Davis, Katie 25, 356, 390 Davis, Lamaya 318 Davis, Lillian 306 Davis, Lily 276 Davis, Zachary 314 Davison, Isaac 264 Davoodi, Amir 215, 221, 293, 332 Day, Brenda 233 De Bedout, Melissa 356 De Candido, Aaron 356 De Joya, Evan 356, 379 De La Rosa, Aileen 356 De La Rua, Giselle 287 De Luca, Fabiana 356 De Moya, Janelle 332 De-O’leo, Anthony 233 Deahl, Skylar 356 Dean, Emma 400 Dean, Jhavonte 150 Dearing, Gractcion 240 Debartolo, Ashley 204, 212, 311 Debate Team 237 Debiasse, Alyssa 213 Decker, Chloe 276, 306 Decker, Jaime 204, 305


Decossard, Sarah 226, 282 Dee, Blayne 205, 305 Deem, Amy 188 DeFelice, Emily 204, 315 Deihl, Wyatt 303 Dejas, Evan 300 Del Amo, Anamarie 332 Delbene, Alena 204, 307 Delgado, Amanda 139, 427 Delgado, Arlene Donayre 303 Delgado, Eric 269 Delgado, Felipe 25 Delgado, Giancomo 90, 265 Delgado, Richard Scott 356 Dellaventura, Dan 205 Dellostritto, Joseph 199, 205, 307, 333 Delorenzo, Claudia 221 DelRosario, Kristian 427 Delsack, Nicole 49 DELTA DELTA DELTA 204, 208, 211, 221, 222 DELTA EPSILON PSI 205, 217 DELTA PHI EPSILON 204, 208, 221 DELTA SIGMA THETA 205, 218, 219 DELTA SIGMA THETA 220 Delvalle, Stephanie 316 DeMartini, Charlotte 204, 214, 302 Dembo, Josh 315 Denhart, Jack 205, 317, 333 Dennie, Taryn 356 Dennis-Escoffier, Shirley 397 Denton, Alexis 393 Deplas, Tiffany 204, 212, 305, 333 Derenencourt, Talia 233 Deroo, Matthew 404 Desai, Anoop 227, 302, 356 Desai, Ayshna 286 Desai, Devarsh 205, 316 Desai, Dhyey 53, 270 Desai, Parth 356 Desdames, Kaila 303 Desir, Rosendy 333 Dessa, Brianna 4 Deutsch, Emily 211 DeVinck, Natalie 212 Devlin, Kelly 356 Devore, Becca Vanarnam Katie 264 Devore, Katherine 246, 265, 315, 333 Deweerdt, Francesca 212, 213, 258, 333 Dhaiti, Saskyah 300 Dharmendran, Diya 315 Dhawan, Savit 205, 316 Dhruv, Jasmin 249, 258, 280, 356 Di, Qianyu 313 Di, Yuheng 310 Diamond, Jeffery 233 Dias, Benjamin 205, 333 Dias Mendoza, Agatha 333 Diaz, Alfonso 333 Diaz, Brandon 233 Diaz, Danielle Marie 356 Diaz, Edgar 119 Diaz, Gaby 204 Diaz, Jessy 283, 326, 356 Diaz, Kimberly 108, 356 Diaz, Manny 159 Diaz, Perry 356 Diaz, Sammy 204 Diaz, Sebastian 333 Diaz Rucco, Juan 333 DiCamillo, Marisa 229 Dicaprio, Robert 241, 317, 333 Dicarlo, Felicia 333 DiCeglio, Victoria 221, 260, 356 Dicicco, Christian 306 Dickerson, Jasia 219, 220, 356 Dickey, Shannon 256, 309, 333 Dickman, Jack 13, 280 Dickson, Coleman 312 Didio, Isa 199, 204, 210, 318 Dieck-Assad, Lourdes 100 Dieter, Abigail 318 Diez, Jessica 233, 333 Digiorgio, Morgan 356 Diiorio, Joseph 356 Dileo, Michael 356 Dill, Jackson 205, 229, 310, 333 Dillon, Connor 306 Dillon, Joshua 198

Dilone, Daniel 205, 317 DiMarco, Julia 204, 306 Dimarco, Rachel 210, 265 Dimare, Alexander 323 DiMare, Gino 196, 197 Dimitryuk, Valeria 261 Dinetz, Josh 207 Ding, Jiucheng 310 Ding, Shiyuan 356 Ding, Youijia 323 Dinsmore, David 166, 167 Dippolito, Sophie 213 DiSandro, Nina 204, 211 Disconzi Lopes, Luiz 357 DISTRACTION MAGAZINE 237, 287, 411 Ditommaso, Dante 205, 240, 313 DIVING 166 Dix, Tayana 333 Dixon, Adelaide 204 Djomo, Delphine Leove Ngoko 241 Do, Thanh Chau 333 Dobbs, Ali 211 Dobbs, Cameron 162, 240 Dobrescu, Ana Maria 357 Dobrin, Olivia 55 Dobrowolski, Daniela 357 Documet, Donna 253 Dodge, Adam 205, 216 Dodge, Aliza 204, 310 Dodyk, Jonathan 308, 333 Doe, Bryan 205 Doherty, Riley 318 Dohi, Brian 216 Dolan, Alex 199 Dolman, Eric 120 Dominick, Vivien 269, 306, 427 Donarye Delgado, Arlene 333 Dong, Xingchi 357 Donnelly, Margaret 211, 233, 235, 248, 306 Donohue, Andrew 265, 305, 333 Donovan, Jason 312 Doolittle, Kathryn 292 Doran, Rebecca 401 Dorane, Katelyn 204, 312 Doris, Madeleine 229 Dorval, Veroneeka 301 Dorvilier, Darley 314, 333 Dosner, Ester 333 Dotres, Isabella 300 Dotterweich, Taylor 243, 277 Doub, Frederic 233 Doucette, Jeffrey 316, 427 Dougherty, Catherine 310 Douma, Alexander 314 Dowd, Diana 247 Dowd, Grace 318 Dowd, Haley 204, 214, 315 Dowd, Paul 198 Dowicz, Michaela 357 Downey, David 198, 229, 333 Doyle, Laura 300 Doyle, Meghan 204, 210, 312 Dragan, Sandra 312, 333 Drageset, Klay 258 DRAGOUT 70 Drane, Stoni 269 Dranoff, Harrison 205 Drayton, Adrian 323 Dremluk, Catherine 357 Dresbach, Casey 254, 357 Dressler, Philip 205, 333 Drinkwater, Ethan 205, 307, 333 Drobrescu, Ana 255 Drohat, Philip 205, 241, 306 Dross, Jonah 205, 306 Drumond, Shamar 205 Du, Ruohao 357 Du Pond, Ricardo 333 Duarte, Cary 307 Dubi, Olivia 249 Dubois, Armand 280 Dubois, Jacqueline 307 Dubow, Evan 357, 409 Duda, Gary 233 Duerk, Jeffrey 18, 100, 293 Duff, Duncan 280 Dumas, Taylor 263 Dumont, Nathan 4, 241 Dumornay, Rebecca 357 Duncan, Byron 236 Dung, Denby 229 Dunkley, Joelle 258 Dunlap, Dane 181, 293 Dunn, Teddy 276 Duong, Bao-Tien 44, 268, 310

Dupont, Tia 164 Duque, Sara 162 Duran, Bryan 299 Durand, Leonardo 228 Durben, Mikaela 357 Dureja, Rohan 248, 312 Durkac, Bo 197 Dvornik, Michael 255 Dykema, Julia 210, 280 Dykstra, Zach 240 Dyon, Briana 204, 316 Dyous, Tiffany 357 D’Agostini, Nina 316 D’Agosto, Nicholas 305 D’Alleva, Juliana 269 D’Ambrosi, Gabrielle 264, 274 D’Arbeloff, Margaux 265


Eapen, Elizabeth 307 Eapen, Liz 204, 211 Earle, Brian 205, 216 Earle, Madeline 204, 318 Eason, Tralicia 318 Easterwood, William 303 Eathakotti, Tanya 318 EATON RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE 317 Ebbert, Caroline 222, 357 Eberhard, Miles 310 Eberhardt, Jeffrey 283 Ebner, Hannah 276, 313 Ebue, Alexis 205, 216, 232 Echeverri, Sebastian 120 Echeverri Tribin, Felipe 317 Echols, Joseph 205 Eckhardt, Giavanna 305 Eckman, Charles 101 Eddy, Ebony 93, 205, 218, 219, 293, 357 Edelman, Benjamin 236, 357 Edgecombe, Arron 310 Edwards, Grace 283 Edwards, Spencer 256, 314 Egan, Nicholas 302 Egan, William 205 Ehrens, David 247 Eibel, Adam 221 Eides, David 357 Eidson, Sophia 314 Eiger, Hannah 204, 283, 318 Eisenberger, Jack 205 Ekholdt, Hanna 307 Ekholdt, Liv 205, 214 El Barche Antonios, Charbel 357 el-Hakim, Khalid 103 el-Khoury, Rodolphe 101 Elbaum, Batya 404 Elder, Charles 198 Eli, Niaz 211 Elias, Marianne 357 Elie, Niaz 204, 308, 309 Elliott, Sander 264, 265, 323 Ellis, Brittny 147, 188, 190, 191, 252, 291, 357 Ellis, Tim 404 Elmengad, Malika 357 Elsheikh, Mia 313 Eltoukhy, Moataz 119 Elwaw, Sophia 314 Emelle, Patricia 228 Emmanuel, Jonathan 237 Eng, Lonyee 232, 322, 324 Eng, Vanessa 232 ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS 287 Englehardt, James 399 Englert, Isabella 357 Ensari, Yunus 357 Eop, Izabek 228 Epasinghe, Seneka 313, 332 Ephraimson-abt 415 Ephraimson-Abt, Alec 357 Erbe, Max 275 Ercia, Sarah 256 Erdheim, Jeremy 273, 282 Erhardt, Julie 199, 204, 210, 318, 332 Erickson, Maxwell 357 Erkoc, Muhammet 299 Ermarkaryan, Ania 210

Ernberg, Casten 205, 310 Ertel, Jact 310 Esayas, Nebeyou 270 Escala, Willy 197 Esce, Jack 317 Escobio, Andrew 205, 308 Eskenazi, Talia 202, 204, 308, 309, 332 Eskenazi Michaan, Raymond 317, 332 Espat, Pablo 205 Espejo, Maria Gabriela 120 Espinosa, Maikel 398 Espinosa, Sophia 273 Esposito, Anthony 205, 307, 332 Esposito, Charles 256, 294 Esquenazi, Nicole 358 Essenfeld, Benjamin 205, 306 Essien, Patrice 55, 248 Estevez, Maria 310 Estevez, Sofia 326 Estrada, Annabel 301 Estrada, Santiago 233 Ettinger, Austin 237 Eva, Diana Bengoechea 309 Evan, James 310 Evans, Brian 308 Evans, Brooke 320 Evans, Eric 310 Evans, James 15 Evans, Jazmine 316 Evans, Levi Steingberg 310 Evans, Scotney. 399 Evar, Benjamin 205 Evnine, Simon 402 Ewing, Clay 398 Ewing, Steven 320 Ezeogu, Emily 310 Ezmirly, Maan 31 Ezpinoza, Aliana 309 Ezzard, Marquez 156 Ezzy, Benjamin 273, 282


Fabian, Eldys 300 Fafalios, Ilias 317 Fafara, Katelyn 315 Fagan, Rona 123 Fagan, Samantha 241 Fage, Parker 307 Fagerstal, Maria 258 Fahn, Hannah 204, 212, 306 Fairbairn, Mateus 276 Fajardo, Cristian 358 Fakhoury, Zeina 313 Falack, Lindsey 258 Falcon, Michael 205 Falconer-Adams, Lachlan 205 Falk, Alecsander 332 Faller, Brian 252, 358 Fallon, Kyle 205 Falsetta, Diana 397 Fan, Xinyu 316 Fang, Leeanne 311 Farag, Mark 242, 277 Farina, Alissa 283 Farinella, Nicole 315 Farmer, Paul 261 Farmer, Leah 205, 214, 332 Farmer, Rachel 358 FARMER’S MARKET 44 Farooq, Muhammad Hamza 318 Farouk Tawfik, Sherif 334 Farquharson, Toni Ann 313 Farrell, Delaney 264 Farrell, Emily 210 Farrell, Jordan 241, 334 Farrior, Kennedy 318 Fay, Brandon 93, 216, 327, 358, 376, 427 Fazio, Dario Di 167 Feather, Travis 358 Fedak, Istvan Von 120 Feder, Megan 305 FEDERACIÓN DE ESTUDIANTES CUBANOS 53, 240, 267 Federici, Michael 205, 255,

313, 334 Federman, Daniel 147, 197 Fedko, Kaley 324 Fedyk, Jacquelyn 204, 334 Fee, James 205, 308, 334 Fehlberg, Corey 228, 233 Fei, Yilong 314 Fei, Yue 313 Feichter, Chandler 303 Feinberg, Jack 199 Feinberg, Joshua 205, 305 Feito, Gabriella 358 Fekete, Thomas 316 Feldman, Jack 258 Feliciano, Anne Rojona 358 Felix, Vallerie 59 Fell, Dallon 303 FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES 240 Felpeto, Izabella 249, 273, 282, 358, 427 Feng, Serena 204, 212, 312 Ferguson, Andrew 358 Ferguson, Sophie 265 Ferman, Benjamin 198 Fernandes, Giovanna Carvalho 334 Fernandes, Juliana 403 Fernandez, Andy 55, 248, 299 Fernandez, David 233 Fernandez, Dina 400 Fernandez, Ernie 100 Fernandez, Jonathan 358 Fernandez, Kristen 358 Fernandez, Lucia 204, 300 Fernandez, Maria Artigas 167 Fernandez, Marisol 237 Fernandez, Monica 249 Fernandez, Rudy 101, 291 Fernandez Carbonell, Maria Del Mar 358 Fernandez Surrentini, Julieta 358 Fernandez Del Rio, Isabella Maria 393 Ferrara, Gabrielle 211 Ferrarati, Adrian 299, 334 Ferrarie, Brianna 280 Ferreira, Anthony 216, 358 Ferreira, Jill 205, 214, 315 Ferreira, Nicholas 358 Ferri, Fabrizio 397 Ferris, Alison 204, 310 Ferris, Landon 205 Ferro, Liliette 358 Ferry, Kyle 233 Feuer, Samuel 308 Feuerstein, Gabrielle 309 Fidelman, Alexa 358 Fiebach, Matthew 205 Fielding, Donald 233, 261 Fields, Halle 233, 268, 271 Figueroa, Haydee 258, 358 FILIPINO STUDENTS ASSOCIATION 77 Finch, Lindsey 291 Fingerhood, Rebecca 204, 307, 334 Fink, Austin 199 Finke, Emily 308, 309 Finkelstein, Dara 313 Finkelstein, Eric 312 Finley, Jordyn 313 Finn, Audrey 254, 318 Finn, Emma 13 Finnegan, Kelli 271, 379 Finnerman, Kelly 358 Finol, Ana Cristina 120 Fioto, Lexi 277 First, Henry 233 Fis, Marielle 315 Fisch, Heather 82 Fischer, Paul 205, 316 Fischer, Ryan 316 Fisher, Adam 173 Fisher, Kristina 358 Fisher, Maxim 258, 334 Fisher, Stephan 358 Fishman, Benjamin 205, 216 Fishman, Zachary 198, 205, 334 Fitts, Colin 264 Fitzgerald, Kelli 358 Fitzgerald, Randall 334 Fitzgerald, Sammy 269 Fitzgerald, Sullivan 312 Fitzpatrick, Katie 204 Flack, Ariana 311 Flagler, Brian 358 Flaherty, Jannine 211 Flanigan, Casey 318 Flannery, Paige 270, 334 Fleischacker, Connor 359

Fleischman, Sam 188 Fleischman, Samuel 315 Fleisher, Joelle 275 Fleishman, Trudi 204, 201, 314, 334 Fleuridor, Chelsea 318, 334 Fleysher, Ellen 61 Flora, Mia 308, 309 Flores, Daniela 303, 334 Flores, Haddie 393 Flores, Mary 61 Flores, Nikki 204, 212, 306 Florez, Laura 301 FLORIDA WATER AND ENVIRONMENT ASSOCIATION 240 Flowers, Davis 261, 317 Flynn, Erin 204, 210 Flynn Jr., Harry W. 405 FOOTBALL 151-159 Forbes, Marley 315 Ford, Henri 100 Ford, Kathryn 204, 211, 237 Ford, Kiana 256 Formato, Avery 204, 334 Fornino, Evaline 398 Fornoni, Alessia 291 Forsyth, Sylvia 359 Fortich, Selena 164 Fortna, Madison 258 Fortune, Alexandra 359 Fortuny, Karla 393 Foster, Devin 334 Foster, Kay Foster, Lauren 300 Fowler, Kristi 283 Fox, Charlotte 204, 211, 334 Fox, Nathan 274 Fox, Olivia 307 Fox, Rebecca 100 Fracol, Garrett 207, 359 Fraga, Franco Cassoni 300 Fragoso, Alexa 84, 233, 235, 248 Fraizer, Ashauni 318 Fran, Caroline 213 Franchi, Alexa Liah 204, 316, 334 Franchi, Thomas 258, 359 Francillion, Valerie 229 Francis, Alyssa 315, 334 Francois, Alexianna 359 Francois, Laura 16, 309, 334 Francois, Natacha 393 Frank, Emma 204, 322, 324, 334 Franklin, Johari 307 Franklin, Lamont 173 Franklin, Lydia 240 Frazier, Erika 204, 305 Frazier, Tyreek 314, 334 Freedberg, Bella 204, 212, 307 Freeman, Kyra 93, 219, 282, 291, 359 Freitas, Catherine De 241, 379, 382, 390 Frejka, Olivia 214, 254 French, Gabrielle 210, 237 French, Michael 400 FRESHMAN LEADERSHIP COUNCIL 241 Freundlich, Adam 199, 205, 313, 334 Frey, Amanda 199, 318 Fridman, Roxanna 303 Friedlander, Kyle 229, 305, 334 Friedman, Andrew 281, 359 Friedman, Chloe 204, 214, 313 Friedman, Joshua 101 Friedman, Karmen 306 Friedman, Mark 397 Friedmann, Zachary 314, 334 Frierson, Gilbert 156 Fromm, Ariel 204, 318 Froney, Scout 205, 214, 308, 309 FROST SCHOOL OF MUSIC 124 Fry, Molly 359 Fry, Thomas 233, 308 Frydenborg, Christopher 275 Frydlova, Kristyna 146, 186 Fryer, Caitlin 211, 222, 258, 359 Fryer, Erin 204, 211, 307 Fu, Chun 317 Fuchs, Emily 204, 323 Fuentes, Amanda 115, 137, 273, 282, 293, 359 Fuentes Perez, Silvia 359 Fuhr, Sarah 211

Fulbright, Jason 359 Fuller, Davonte 188, 191 Fulton, Zachary 255, 308 FUN DAY 241 Fur, Sarah 204 Furgatch, Austin 137 Furigay, Monina 359 Furman, Alan 305 Furman, Carrie 233, 306, 334 Furman, Nathaniel 248, 256, 263, 293, 294, 304 Furst, Henry 249 Fusco, Elizabeth 233, 258, 271 Fusilero, Emily 334 Futami, Kei 359


Gabel, Stephanie 204, 308, 309 Gabriel, Brian 197 Gahman, Benjamin 205, 316, 334 Gaines, Simone 283 Gaither, Ellie 204, 214, 308, 309 Gajakas, Nidhi 265 Gak, Deng 173 Gale, Harrison 305 Galego, Kevin 334 Galimberti, Nicholas 198 Gallagher, Erin 204, 307 Gallagher, Michael 283, 303 Gallagher, Richard Conrick 359 Gallant, Tyler 205 Gallitelli, Gia 204 Gallo, Kendall 204, 209, 315 Gallo, Sebastion 269 Gallogly, Erin 211, 283, 359 Galvan, Damaris Zamudio 311 Gamardo, Antonio Cedeno 314 Gamardo, Mariangela 141 Gamma, Thomas 198, 359 Ganbold, Temuulen 314, 334 Gandara, Jose “Keno” 162 Ganigan, Kaili 275 Ganjam, Meghana 248, 318 Gao, Xin 359 Gao, Yi 314 Gao, Yifan 303, 334 Gao, Yishen 314 Garay, Ryan 205, 307 Garb, Ashley 27, 90, 93, 210, 216, 263, 327, 359 Garber, Mallory 204, 211 Garcia, Alexa 211 Garcia, Ashley 303 Garcia, Cassandra 277 Garcia, Cristina 326, 359 Garcia, Lindsay 359 Garcia, Lucas 233 Garcia, Maria 204 Garcia, Nathaly 402 Garcia, Rachael 204, 334 Garcia, Sebastian 359 Garcia, Veronica 204, 211 Garcia, Victoria 299 Garcia Rayo, Joselyn 359 Gardner, Kayla 233 Gardner, Noah 205 Garemani, Ryan 205, 306 Garner, Caitlin 211 Garrido, Catherine 359 Garrity, Sawyer 116 Garson, Dane 222 Garvey, Andrew 269 Garza, Erik 320 Garza, Jazmin 312 Garza, Nina 139 Gasca, Saralys 322, 324 Gassner, Tom 199, 222, 264 Gasthalter, Cydney 359 Gates, JP 147, 197 Gavidia, Casen 205 Gavin, Katelyn 315 Gay, Calvin 312 Gay-Betton, Tomas 205, 334 Gayle, Makayla 309

Gdansky, Chance 315 Ge, Haonan 318 Ge, James 359 Ge, Jimmy 229, 276, 379 Ge, Lanjiabao 269 Geary, Gillian 204, 334 Gedeon, Andrew 205 Gegprifti, Inesa 269 Geiger, Elizabeth 334 Gelb, Jack 292 Geller, Isabelle 334 Geller, Joseph 199 Gellis, Olivia 204, 212 Gelman, Shirley 211, 274 Gelsomini, Andrew 265, 315 Geng, Ning 205, 214, 318, 334 Gentil, Isabella 188 Geoly, Maria 204 George, Charles 315 George, Emmanuel De 397 George, Gillian 20 George, Madison 27, 51, 90, 359, 413, 427 George Jr., Realus. 156 Gerard, Sophia 311 Gerlach, Emma 306 Germosen, Maria Planco 315 Gershman, Melanie 212, 359 Gerstein, Emily Jordan 359 GET OUT THE VOTE 61 Getz, Stefanie 240 Ghaddar, Ibrahim 205, 216 Gherovici, Allison 204, 214, 316 Ghiazza, Grace 269 Ghodsian, Ryan 205 Ghosn, Natalie 393 Ghougasian, Kathryn 334 Giachetto, Justin 233 Giacobbe, Aktie 271 Giacobbe, Katherine 252, 261, 360 Giammarella, Marc 360 Giampia, Jessica 360 Giancaspro, James 399 Gianfortune, Alexander 318 Gianopoulos, Elias 205 Gibbins, Mick 271 Gibbons, Conor 205 Gibbons, Mick 233 Gibellini, Eric 139, 360 Gibson, Jackie 233, 235, 248 Gidwani, Simran 277 Gierlatozicz, Maren 204 Gil, Raymond 147, 194, 196, 197 Gilbert, Gigi 118 Gilbert, Stephanie 360 Gilio, Devin 209, 334 Gill, MacHiah 360 Gillard, Gabrielle 318, 334 Gillard, Sarah Catherine 205, 214 Gilliland, Brandon 100 Gillum, Andrew 60 Gillum, R. Jai 61 Gilman, Grace 301 Gilmore, Lilly 204, 316, 334 Gilmus, James 205, 318 Gilpin, Becca 327 Gilton, Shanna 204 Gimbel, Parker 334 Gindhart, Benjamin 215 Gingrich, Jack 205, 229, 312 Ginsberg, Olivia 204, 211, 258 Ginsburg, Sabrina 334 Girgis, Monique 292 GIRLS OF OUTREACH & DIVERSITY 241 Gittleson, Bret 255 Giyanani, Nikhil 205, 216, 312 Gladstone, Rebecca 268 Glanola, Morgan 265 Glass, Alexandra 204, 211 Glassberg, Owen 308, 334 Glasser, Thomas 205 Glassman, Danielle 210 Glatz, Chase 265, 318 Glegg, Olivia 211, 222 Glenn, Chloe 115, 136, 212 Glennon, Chloe 204 Glinsky, Cory 360 Glover, Andrew 273, 282 Glover, Jacob 258 Glynn, Patrick 232 Goddard, Rebecca 276 Godwin, Taylor 255, 318 Goeler, Lindsay 334 Goenaga, Vittorio Cavarrubias 308 Goergmaier, Melanie 393

Goewey, Rose 205, 214, 303 Gold, Andrew 197 Gold, Kyle 205 Goldberg, Arianna 204, 308, 309, 334 Goldberg, Jonathan 205, 310 Goldberger, Daniela 360 GOLDEN KEY INTERNATIONAL HONOUR SOCIETY 292 Golden, Devin 156 Golden, Elizabeth 312 Golden, Lizzie 204 Goldenberg, Olivia 204, 212, 318 Goldfinger, Erica 312 Goldstein, Haley 204, 275 Goldstein, Katie 211 Goldstein, Leah 277 Goldwert, Danielle 292 Goldwert, Nikki 205, 214, 306 GOLF 186 Golinowski, Jordan 393 Goltapeh, Golnoosh 269 Gomes, Sara 249 Gomez, Andre 312 Gomez, Sophia 207, 214 Gompels, Matthew 306 Gondra, Ager 401 Gong, Zhuting 309 Gonthier, Charles Etienne 334 Gonzales, Angelo 310 Gonzalez, Adrian 360 Gonzalez, Alexa 299 Gonzalez, Amanda 301, 334 Gonzalez, Angelo 233 Gonzalez, Cesar 398 Gonzalez, Daniela 276 Gonzalez, Juan M. 122, 123 Gonzalez, Juliana 276 Gonzalez, Kathryn 305 Gonzalez, Kevin 205 Gonzalez, Leonardo 360 Gonzalez, Lisa 233 Gonzalez, Lorena Diaz 311 Gonzalez, Luis 115, 303 Gonzalez, Maria 309 Gonzalez, Rebeca 301 Gonzalez, Samantha 147, 188, 191 Gonzalez, Sofia 280, 314 Gonzalez-Rey, Juliana 308, 309, 335 Good, Sydney 274 Goodis, Justin 205, 318 Goodman, Casey 204, 306 Goodman, Thomas 268 Gordon, Hannah 271 Gordon, Kyle 360, 365 Gordon, Lily 204, 315 Gordon, Zachary 312 Gore, Radhika 76 Gorelkin, Ethan 205, 308, 335 Gorin, Emmanuel 283 Gorordo, Julia 230, 233 Gorrin, Adriana 120, 360 Gort, Brian 360 Gossett, Emily 61, 207 Gottret, Jorge Blacutt 308 Gounaris, Nicholar 205 Govind, Vasanth 229 Grace, Lindsay 114 GRADOUT 128 GRADUATE SCHOOL 128 Graf, David 400, 403 Granada, Augustin 266 Granahan, Kayla 335 Granat, Pepi 252, 291 Graney, Naomi 205, 214, 306 Granum, Chase 310 Grattan-Smith, William 181 Grauer, Justin 215 Graver, Justin 275 Gray, Mykea 175, 176, 177 Gray, Trayone 153 Grayhack, Erin 209 Greco, Emily 204, 211, 309 GREEK WEEK 206 GREEN COMMITTEE 64 Green, Emily 253, 264, 265 Green, Henry 403 Green, Lindsey 360 Green, Peri 138 Green, Tarik 360 Green, Trevor 293 Green, William 101 Greenberg, Gabrielle 283 Greenberg, Joanna 204, 211, 283, 335

Greenman, William 205 Gregoire, Rachael 48 Greiss, Pavly 393 Grieb, Taylor 204 Griffin, Aidan 205, 307, 335 Griffin, Claire 253 Griffith, Jared 156 Griffith, Myles 205, 307 Grimstad, Renate 146, 186 Grinbaum, Shiley 232, 254 Grinfeder, Kim 115, 398 Grissom, Zachary 205 Griswold, Eli 205 Grogan, Kendall 204, 212, 312, 335 Gropper, Ethan 205, 306 Grosell, Martin 126 Grossman, David 360 Grossman, Jacob 205 Grossman, Melina 204, 316 Grossman, Viktoria 210 Grosso, Christopher 305 Grubbs, Gramme 306, 335 Gruchot, Evan 255, 360 Grundleger, Amy 360 Grundling Teixeira, Maria Eduarda 360 Gryaznova, Nadezda 300 Gryaznova, Nadya 240, 266, 267 Gryshyna, Anna 124 Graefin Von Faber-Castell, Victoria 360 Gu, Grace 204 Guaddar, Tarek 280 Guan, Liyao 29 Guastucci, Reina Mitchom Chelsey 318 Guaty, Allison 360 Gubin, Jacob 199 Gubin, Sarah 204, 210 Gudelis, Lukas 275, 281, 293 Guelli, Grayson 314, 335 Guerra, Stephen 404 Guerra-Ogiste, Chaz 218, 360 Guerriero, Gabriella 306 Guevara, Christian 360 Guiffre, Julia 204, 212, 213 Guignino, Elizabeth 109 Guillory, Samuel 205, 335 Guiteau, Maydeleen 233 Guller, Ethan 249 Gumenick, Lillian 204, 323 Gunda, Akshata 53, 252, 271, 291 Gupta, Aavni 280 Gupta, Gaurav 286 Gurbanli, Yusif 315 Gurien, Arielle 360, 409 Gurl, Peter 323 Gurman, Maxwell 264, 361 Gustavo, Alexanian 313 Gustivil, Raden 281 Gutierrez, Alexandra 228 Guyer, Marie 240 Guzman, Arianna 302 Guzman, Sofia Herrera 255 Guzman-Gallo, Adrian 335 Guzmán, Tracy Devine 401 Gygi, Benjamin 233, 308 Gzifa, Nandi 318

H Ha, Dustin 361 Haaker, Jacob 221, 361, 373 Haar, Alexander 317, 335 Haas, Joey 21, 50, 93, 210, 427 Habashi, Ali 398 Habig, Lauren 204, 315 Hack, Liam 312 Hadaway, Hebron 310 Hadeed, Brandon 293, 322, 324, 335 Haensel, Peter 318 Haffety, Millie 167 Hagen, Christopher 275 Hagert, Sean 188 Hahn, Kaitlin 233, 335 Hahn, Robert 222 Haines, Daniel 205 Hajari, Ahmed Al 216 Hajenberg, Henie 400


Hale, Emily 204, 306, 335 Hall, Brooke 106, 309, 335 Hall, Carly 204 Hall, Caroline 306, 335 Hall, Derrick 301 Hall Jr., Gurvan 156 Hall, Hannah-Sophia 188, 323, 335 Halldin, Arielle 275 Haller, John 100 Halley, Brian 205 Halpenny, Shea 323 Halper, Joshua 313, 335 Hamann, Kathrine 306, 335 Hamby, Mariah 335 Hamilton, Courtney 205, 219 Hamilton, Jalyn 241, 279, 307 Hamilton, Sofia 204, 307 Hammad, Lutfiah 204, 210 Hammam, Abdelrahman 361 Hammer, Ryan 205, 335 Hammond, Lucas 308 Hammonds, Zoe 311 Hamorsky, Jessica 50, 93, 210, 285, 361 Hampton, Hunter 216 Han, Joy Park 307 Hanan, Michael 274 Hanchate, Kunal 314 Hanna, Angelica 204, 335 Hanna, Mirette 269 Hannan, Darren 318 Hansburg, Ryan 16, 205 Hansen, Elyse 198, 199 Hansen, Sara 323 Hanson, Marissa 93, 271, 361 Hanson, Matthew 310 Hanson-Park, Jared 402 Hantgan, Emma 204, 212, 305 Hanus, Emily 204, 214, 305 Hanusik, James Sanders Ryan 308 Hanusik, Ryan 198 Hao, Boheng 308 Hao, Tian 393 Haralz, Gudrun 165 HARD ROCK STADIUM 21, 52 Harden, Destiny 177 Harden, Grace 204, 240, 269, 313 Hardy, Morgen 361 Harley, Sidney 139 Harman, Jacob 253, 310, 335 Harmon, Meagan 214 Harn, Jaime 276 Harnik, Sean 361 Harper, Alexander 335 Harper, Leah 204, 211, 309 Harper, Taylor 410 Harpole, Ally 204, 211, 307 Harpster, Savannah 269, 312 Harrington, Dennis 361 Harris, Alex 205 Harris, John 310 Harris, Trea 326, 361 Harris, Wil 281 Harrison, Brian 205, 335 Harrison, Kyle 313 Harrison, Michael 233 Harry, Elizabeth 404 Hart, John 404 Hartman, Nicholas 92, 361 Hartz, Melinda 315, 335 Hasell, James 255 Hashemi, Mohammad 402 Hashempour, Piruz 318, 335 Hasija, Sana 313, 335 Hason, Abigail 232 Hasslund, Peter 361 Hassold, Samantha 229 Hastings, Shayla 309 Hatfield, Caroline 335 Hatzopoulos, Victoria 233, 248 Hausman, Sasha 280 Havard, Carley 256, 321 Hawkins, Alex 263 Hawkins, Alexandria 263, 271 Hawkins, Hunter 240 Hawkins-Harrison, Nyah 282, 312 Hawthorne, Madison 204, 256, 305, 335 Haydon, Natalie 204, 211 Haydon-Morfogen, Natalie 306 Hayes, Danelia 361 Hayes, Justin 264


Hazma, Peyton 321 Hdak, Jenny 302 He, Jiajie 393 He, Ranxinji 335 He, Wanlong 77 He, Wei 258, 280 He, Xinshuang 361 He, Yujing 393 HEALTH MANAGEMENT AND POLICY 400 HEALTH WEEK 69 HEALTHY U HEALTHY ME 69, 287 Heaney, Brianna 204, 315 HECHT 304 Hecht, Julia 318 Hecht, Samuel 205 Heckel, John 229 Hedrick, Emma 306, 335 Heerens, Vivian 221, 256 Heinzen, Anna 318 Helm, Cameron 198, 313, 335 Helm, Maddie 211 Hemmingstad, Samuel 361 Hemphill, Robert 265 Henderson, Gemma 335 Hendricks, Peyton 233, 248 Henkin, Madison 335 Henley, Verna 361 Hennel, Kelsey 305 Henry, Kay-Ann 276 Henry, Lane 308, 335 Henry, Morgan 271 Henseler, Kylea 84, 204, 210, 303 Henshaw, Kathryn 293, 361 Hensley, Mitchell 312 Henzy, Emma 204, 214 Herbert, Justin 310 Hereens, Vivian 210 Hernandez, Camila 268 Hernandez, Jazmin 233 Hernandez, Jorge 307 Hernandez, Nicolas 310 Hernandez, Priscilla 162, 313 Hernandez-Delgado, Samuel 335 Hernández, Jorge L. 107 Herr, Hannah 211 Herrada, Rikki 277 Herrera, Briadam 147, 167 Herrera, Cristina 205, 309, 336 Herrera, Javier 393 Herrera, Patricia 300, 336 Herschlag, Elise 233 Hersey, Daniel 205, 305, 336 Hertig, Brian 336 Hervera, Belèn 361 Hess, Brendan 233 Hessinger, Samantha 210, 256, 336 Hettwer, Nick 232 Heyl, Sofia 204, 229, 309, 336 Heyndels, Ralph 401 Hibbert, Jaydon 361 Hicks, Greta 106, 336 Hidalgo, Andres 361 Hidalgo, Maria 316 Hidalgo, Melissa 361 Hier, Trevor 361 Higgins, Lauren 315 Higgins, Tim 229 Hightower, Brian 156 Hightower, Jordan 336 Hilaire, Jack St 205, 316 Hilaire, Valentine St. 398 Hilaire, Vanessa 294, 336 Hilinski, Scott 308 Hill, Alex 205 Hill, Jordan 361 Hill, Niara 219 Hill, Quinten 233 Hillel 75, 254 Himmelrich, Charles 205 Hindman, Dorothy 401 Hinds, Nia 270 Hinds, Penelope 313, 336 Hinshaw, Ellen 210, 256 Hinton, Shane 220 Hinton, Sharod 257 Hiraki, Hannah 361 Hirsch, Arianne 275 Hirsch, Madi 204, 232 Hirsch, Madison 310 Hirt, Alexa 204, 318 Hively, Colin 205, 312 Hoang, Amy 229, 361 Hoang, Stephanie 312, 336 Hochhauser, Allison 305, 336 Hochhauser, Ally 204 Hochkammer, Jenna 204,


336 Hof, Emese 146, 174, 177, 178 Hofer, Elisabeth 237, 281, 412 Hoffman, Adriana 315 Hoffman, Anthony 308 Hoffman, Natalia 211 Hoffstadt, Danie 211 Hofmeister, Kate 205, 214 Holland, Aniessa 318, 336 Hollingsworth, Kiana 318 Holly Schwartz 56 Holmes, Danielle 361 Holmes, Dean Ryan 286, 293 Holmes, Isaiah 313 Holmes, Jasmine 257 Holzknecht, Austin 199 HOMECOMING 55, 56, 57, 58, 59 HOMECOMING EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 52, 55, 248, 287 Homer, Travis 147 Hood, Ekaterina 361 Hook, Katherine 312, 336 Hope, Oliveah 307 Hopman, Stefan 323 Horich, Charles 252, 291 Hornback, Drew 222 Hornilla, Mizelle 69, 249 Hornish, Katharine 209, 336 Hornish, Katherine 276 Horowitz, Gaby 209 Horton, Joel 310 Hoshaw, Lindsey 320 Houseknecht, Jarrod 315 Houser, Amy 233, 256 Houser, Nicholas 229, 314, 336 Houser, Nick 205 Howard, Glen 250, 270, 282, 285 Howard, Ryley 160, 314 Howell, Ashley 204, 307, 336 Howell, Connor 280, 361 Howell, Hunter 110 Howells, Elinor 204, 237, 308, 309, 336 Hoy, William 205, 316, 336 Hryckowian, Julia 311 Hsieh, Bruce 229 Hu, Fangyi 323 Hu, Han 316 Huang, Hao 361 Huang, Jiayue 316 Huang, Linyuan 316 Huang, Sicong 274 Huang, Sunxiang 402 Huang, Xingyuan 310 Hudak, Kristina 362 Hudmon, Stanton 306 Huell, Dewan 173 Hueniken, Mitchell 205, 306 Huerta, Manuel 402 Huerter, Thomas 258 Huff, Andrew 222 Huffman, Charles 198 HUG THE LAKE 68 Huggins, William 156, 336 Hughes, Alton 205 Hugues, Annette 131 Huh, Jane 139 Hui, Kelly 270 Hukmani, Mansi 80 Hull, Chloe 167 Humber, Amy Grace 5 Humpel, Olivia 204, 210, 311 Hunter, Maia 336 Hurlbrink, William 205 HURRICANE BHANGRA 248, 287 HURRICANE PRODUCTIONS 56, 86, 88, 287 HURRICANETTES 17, 234, 248 Hurtado, Mitchell 205, 216 Hurtado, Nicholas 264, 352, 362 Hurtado, Nikki 205, 214, 256, 312 Huston, Jamir 177 Huynh, Tram 15, 268, 313 Huzior, Michael 256, 262, 294 Hyland, Patric 205, 308 Hyman, Claudia 290 HYPERION COUNCIL 249 Iacopucci, Kira 316 Iaguerre, Abigael 299 IBIS YEARBOOK 249, 427 Ibrahim, David 314 Iglesias, Agustin 240, 266


Iglesias, Austin 293, 362 Illan, Andrea 258, 336 Imansuangbon, Emmanuela 255, 362 Immello, John 308 Inderbitzin, Elena 336 INDIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 287 INDOOR TRACK AND FIELD 190 Ingold, Nicholas 336 Ingold, Scot 399 Inslee, Paige 204, 336 INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS 249 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 220 INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 400 INTERNATIONAL WEEK 72-77 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 198 IOTA TAU ALPHA 252 Iparraguirre, Nicolas 258, 362 Ipekten, Ozan 316 IRON ARROW HONOR SOCIETY 252, 291 Irving, Elizabeth 210, 248 Irving, Katya 315 Isaacs, Shanika 302 Ismail, Karim 362 Israel, Brent 281 Israel, Noa 240, 290, 292 Issa, Chloe 305 Issa, Corinne 204 Ito, Ren 323 Ito, Yuna 183 IV, Lonnie Walker 173 Ivaldi, Amalia 66 Ivalidi, Amalia 67 Ivey, Tikiyah 282 Izunda, Ebuka 168, 170, 173


Jaccard, Noah 205, 241, 336 Jacklin, Kaitlyn 362 Jackson, Alexis 204, 212, 241, 315, 336 Jackson, Brandon 252, 254, 291, 362 Jackson, Dontavious 149 Jackson, Joe 147, 150 Jackson, Jordyn 41 Jackson, Magdalena 402 Jackson, Michael 147 Jackson, Tia 177 Jacobs, Andrew 199 Jacobs, Jessica 316, 336 Jacobs, Sara 276, 318 Jacobs, Steven 316 Jacobson, Astrid 261 Jacobson, Eli 313 Jacobson, Forest 214, 362 Jacobson, Libby 362 Jacoway, Delaney 280 Jaeger, Amanda 209, 258 Jafar, Aqyel 362 Jaff, Zara 204, 212, 306 Jaime-Rivera, Jorge 205, 282, 336 Jain, Nishant 229 Jakimowicz, Wesley 205, 318 James, Blake 19, 159 James, Clay 156, 323 James, Destiny 69, 270 James, Haley 204, 306, 336 James., Blake 177 Jamil, Nishwa 257 Janas, Kayla 204, 211, 233,

248, 307 Janczur, Hannahlore 336 Jankulovski, Bojan 181 Jannery-Barney, Skye 205, 214, 307 Janotha, Alexandra 238, 274, 305 Janotha, Allie 204, 211 Janotha, Sophia 211, 238, 274 Janssens, Samantha 210 Jara, Joanna 283 Jardine, Callie 336 Jarvis, Jack 303 Jarvis, Jenna 308, 309 Jarvis, Jevonna 68, 241, 309 Jarvis, Rob 191 Jashinski, Alex 233 Jashinski, Samuel 205 Jasti, Kavya 307, 336 Jasti, Shravya 68, 69 Jattin, Danielle 323 Jayne, Ashley 204, 210, 265, 336 Jeanty, Frantzia 362 Jenkins, Jailyn 362 Jenkins, Mahlia 318 Jenkins, Max 326 Jenkins, Naomi 322, 324 Jenkins, Siaunna 16, 309 Jenkins, Tony 192, 193, 197 Jennings, Rachel 362 Jensen, Valarie 306, 336 JERRY HERMAN RING THEATRE 48, 82 Ji, Beiyao 269 Ji, Yuan 326 Jia, Yunlong 307 Jiang, Lai 309 Jiao, Yuming 307 Jimenez, Mary 313 Jimenez, Samantha 299 Jiminez, Samantha 274 Jin, Nuo 311 Jinete, Jake 310 Jing, Qianjiang 318 Jobson, Christine 404 Johnson, Aaliyah 282 Johnson, Alexis 313 Johnson, Alison 188 Johnson, Clayton 205, 247, 265 Johnson, Delano 393 Johnson, Eleanor 362 Johnson, Ella 258, 293 Johnson, Eve 306 Johnson, Haley 362 Johnson, Heather 336 Johnson, Hunter 215 Johnson, Jaquan 147 Johnson, Katharine 312 Johnson, Kayla 147, 188, 190, 191 Johnson, Kevin 205 Johnson, Leila 16, 229, 315 Johnson, Zach 169, 172 Johnston, Colin 316 Johnston, Margaret 316 Jones, Allison 302 Jones, Corey 277 Jones, Erica 204, 336 Jones, Jack 393 Jones, Jahair 156 Jones, Joshua 362 Jones, Kathryn 250 Jordan, Brevin 147, 149, 153, 154, 156 Joseph, Alexander 205 Joseph, Jessica 336 Joseph, Jovanie 276, 314, 336 Joseph, Oswald 205, 336 Jost, Paula Santi 204, 210, 280, 305 Joya, Evan de 18, 287, 382 Joya, Pablo Aycart 181 Joyce, Olivia 204, 315 Joyner Jr., Patrick 156 Juarez-Montano, Diana 280, 318 JUDAIC STUDIES 400 Juhase, Katie 204, 315 Jui, Cindy 393 Jui, Duncan 336 Julbe, Ed 114 Julicher, Kyle 303 Julie, Peley 302 Julio Frenk 101, 111, 266 Jung, Joon 268 Jurkiewicz, Patrick 362 Juste, Sara St. 251, 257, 290 Kabra, Ruhi 248, 286 Kaczynski, Samuel 312 Kadampelil, Allison 92, 210, 294, 362 Kaffl, Peyton 205, 303


Kafkes, Gregory 362 Kafkes, Grey 233 Kagan, Sabrina 307 Kahle, Madelyn 280, 323 Kahn, Jennifer 404 Kai, Ong Xin 255 Kaire, Alex 213 Kaitz, John 205, 307 Kalajainen, Cameron 302, 336 Kalap, Sarena 210 Kalbac, Emily 280 Kalinowski, Nicholas 241 Kalis, Alexander 320 Kamath, Samantha 204, 275, 280, 336 Kambouras, Georgia 256 Kamin, Olivia 306 Kaminski, Tristan 216 Kamisetty, Sahana 271 Kanan, Vanessa 141, 362 Kane, Caroline 336 Kane, Jocelyn 25, 120, 362 Kang, Dongyeon 336 Kansh, Jonah 276 Kanter, Skip de 28 Kantor, Blake 205, 316 Kanumuri, Lalitha 204, 310 Kany, Samantha 310, 336 KAOS 227 Kaplan, Caitlin 280, 311 Kaplan, Jason 61 Kaplowitz, Jessica 308, 309 KAPPA SIGMA 205, 215 KAPPA ALPHA PSI 205, 218 Karagoz, Eda 233, 248 Karamatpanah, Niloufar 302 Karas, Matthew 258 KARATE CLUB 253 Kareddy, Vrinda 248, 318 Karnani, Shruti 227, 248, 286 Karpathy, Nicholas 393 Karpowic, Matthew 316 Karsh, Jonah 314 Kartavenko, Viktoriia 336 Kasarda, John 314 Kasenberg, Justin 283, 336 Kasmai, Kristen 326 Kassin, Clarita Delarosa 318 Kasuska, Colin 230, 233 Katchikian, Bryan 308 Katharina, Olivia 294 Katrin, Elina 258 Katsman, Alain 258 Katz, Logan 205 Katz, Marissa 204, 314 Katz, Matthew 205 Katz, Samantha 204, 212, 269, 307 Kaufman, Lindsey 305 Kaufman, Maria 204, 337 Kaufman, Mitchell 199 Kaur, Hargun 248, 318 Kayal, Raymond 307 Kaynar, Emre 362 Ke, Yutao 305 Kean, Katie 209 Kearney, Deja 362 Keating, Mikayla 204, 337 Keatley, Carolyn 204, 318, 337 Keefe, Liv 229 Keeney, Jaclyn 316, 337 Keifetz, Julian 317 Keles, Busra 393 Keller, Dania 362 Keller, Gary 404 Keller, Theresa 204, 315 Kelley, Jaxon 205, 337 Kelley, John 337 Kellow, Matt 199 Kellow, Scott 199, 337 Kelly, Alexandria 321 Kelly, Jim 159 Kelly, Marco 233, 308 Kempler, Leah 213 Kenny, Hope 204, 211, 314 Kerin, Michaela 204, 305 Kern, Ben 205 Kern, Maximilien 305

Kershaw, Andy 167 Kesselhaut, Jacob 337 Kesselman, Alexis 362 Kessinger, Charlotte 204, 310 Kettle, Abby 160 Key, Terrell 233 Keysor, Tyler 196, 197 Khaled, Noor 87, 270, 275, 276, 320 Khalil, Nicole 204, 211, 228, 307 Khan, Aihber 318 Khan, Alexandros Ali 337 Khan, Anwar 205, 275, 316, 337 Khan, Mansaab 27 Khan, Sonia 257, 337 Khayat, Elizabeth 210, 256 Khiyani, Sonali 84, 362 Khodykina, Evelina 337 Khurana, Milind 55, 248 Kiehn, Charlotte 233, 310 Kielty, Eliza 337 Kienn, Charlotte 269 Kilberger, Kendall 257, 290 Kilpatrick, Aijalon 269, 309 Kim, Dan 276 Kim, James 229, 233, 305 Kim, John 205, 303 Kim, Julie 232 Kim, Nam Ju 404 Kim, Noah 263 Kinderkneht, Melany 337 King, Ava 306 King, Elizabeth 337 King, Evan 318 King, Jasmine 269 King, Kristen 61 Kingma, Kyle 91, 237, 248, 249, 252, 291, 362, 379 Kinney, Anthoney 219 Kircher, Leigha 204, 305 Kirkland, Ashley 337 Klafter, Rebecca 337 Klein, Chris 205 Klein, Daniel 205 Klein, Mason 402 Kleinsorgen, Jackie 264 Kling, David 403 Klinger, Benjamin 312 Klute, Ali 252 Klutke, Jared 276 Kmety, Taylor 362 Knapp, Sydney 167 Knecht, Leslie 265 Knecht, Marc 398 Knee, Joel 301 Knezevic, Lorena 362 Knight, Hasani 188, 190, 191 Knode, Eliza 306, 337 Knott, Devin 205 Knowlton, Elle 277 Knowlton, Jack 233 Knox, Elizabeth 363 Kocak, Huseyin 399 Koch, Andrew 313 Kochman, Justin 337 Koennecke, Catherine 204, 315 Koffler, William 205, 316 Koffsky, Jacob 199 Kogionis, Niko 253 Kohl, Julia 363 Kohn-Wood, Laura 119 Kojs, Juraj 401 Kolodin, Sofia 204, 212, 306 Komroff, Rachel 229 Kontaxis, Konstantia 398 Kopelman, Wyatt 317 Kordy, Sidney 337 Kore, Anisha 232, 241, 269 KOREAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 227 Kornblatt, Zack 307 Korongy, Nicoletta 211 Koschik, Caroline 204, 337 Koskinen, John 187 Kosla, Shaan 321 Koss, Samuel 205, 308, 337 Kossar, Dylan 204, 211 Koumanelis, Athena 277 Koutsoupakis, Thanos 198, 228 Kovach, Stephen 216, 363 Koval, Gammon 264 Kowalczyk, Jennifer 318 Kpotogbe, Tavio 270 Kramer, Autumn 146 Kramer, Olivia 363 Kramer, Sydney 337 Krampitz, Nicole 210, 216 Kranes, Jack 317 Kraus, Noah 255, 322, 324 Krawczyk, Ashley 337 Krawec, Jennifer 404

Kraynak, Andrew 308, 337 Kreis, Kason 205 Kremis, Rhonda 265 Krentsel, Serena 305 Kreuzberger, Cole 316 Krishnamoorthy, Vignesh 277 Krishnamsetty, Nainika 305 Krishnan, Varun 205 Krishnaswamy, Shae 275 Kromidas, Caitlin 318, 337 Krueger, Danielle 363 Kruger, Matthew 363 Kuba, Anthony 315 Kudryk, Kelly 363 Kuhlmann, Dietrich 216 Kulhari, Viraj 363 Kuligowski, Taylor 323 Kumar, Samuel 261 Kumbar, Akshay 230, 233, 310, 337 Kumi, Eileen 228, 250 Kunz, Benjamin 205, 312, 337 Kunzke, Meredith 220 Kunzman, Carsen 212, 213 Kupferberg, Sydnie 318, 337 Kurien, Carolene 277, 337 Kurram, Haashim 241 Kylliainen, Tanja 167 Kyriakidis, Annie 31, 427 Kyser, Jackson 205, 313, 337


Labiak, Lindsey 270 Labkovski, Matthew 363 Labrada-Aleman, Alfred 337 Labrador, Anthony 205 Labrie, Jael 363 Lacalamita, Gia 204, 337 Lacovara, William 337 Laforce, Allison 274, 337 Lagano, Maxwell 229, 337 Lagno, Emma 280, 283 Lahrssen, Cril 363 Lai, James 198, 248, 270 Lailas, Alexandra 204, 309, 337 Lakatos, Istvan 363 LAKESIDE VILLAGE 18 Lala, Jordan 193, 197 Lalani, Inam 233 Lalani, Inam Iqbal 314 Lally, Danae 256 Lalwani, Roshni 229 Lam, Emma 55, 69, 71, 248, 252, 280, 287, 291 Lam, Kimmy 258 Lam, Maisy 233, 248, 269 Lam, Thao 258, 280 Lam, That 259 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 205, 215 LAMBDA THETA ALPHA 205, 217 Lancaster, Alyse 403 Lanctot, Dominic 310 Landon, Claire 204, 338 Landron, Leo 314 Landry, Erica 313 Landry, Madison 338 Landry, Sydney 315 Laney, Jalen 313, 338 Lanfrank, Caroline 212 Lange, Rachel 204, 211 Langlois, Sabrina 268 Langone, Victoria 313 Lanzoni, Haley 204 Lapham, Craig 363 Lapidus, Alexander 363 Laping, Mia 233, 318 Laraia, Kayla 363 Largaespada, Roberto 283 Large, Rachel 313 Largie, Christina 219 Larochelle, Danielle 204, 312 Larosa, Lauren 363 Larossa, William 67, 287 LarraĂąaga, Jim 169, 170, 173 Larson, Garrett 205, 308, 338 Last, Megan 237

Lastre, Kristian 338 Latham, William 291 Lathrop, Lauren 363 Lattin, Melanie 204 Laub, Travis 237 Lauck, Jessie 199 Lausell, Denise 220 Lauster, Paul 302, 338 Lauther, Madeline 167, 323 Lavado, Mercy 286 Lavandier, Clara 311 Lavine, Ben 229, 266, 323 Lavoie, Dylan 315 Lawrence II, Anthony. 169, 170, 173 Lavoie, Gabrielle 311 Lawal, Kamil 363 Lawes, Nhadya 313 Laybourn, Caroline 313 Layton, Davis 363, 410 Lazur, Jack 363 Le, Brandon 363 Le, Quinton 229 Le, Thuy-Mai 263 Leacock, Trishelle 363 Leary, Susan 291 Leavitt, Collin 275 Leavy, Patrick 314 Leber, Nicholas 363 Leblanc, Roger 398 Ledon, Paul 299, 338 Lee, Alice 204 Lee, Collin 281, 318 Lee, Haeun 338 Lee, Hannah 232 Lee, Hyungmin 394 Lee, Jared 188, 312 Lee, Michelle 204, 212, 305 Lee, Subeen 227 Lee, Teresa 427 Leeds, Daniel 363 Lefkowitz, Julia 306 Leggard, Tafui 338 Lehne, Kelsy 364 Lehner, Michael 205 Lei, Justin 268 Leicht, Sophie 210 Leinweber, Emily 212 Leish, Eliana 233, 312, 338 Leitner, Gabe 275 Lejardi, Dennis 233 Lembo, Nicole 281, 302, 364 Lemond, Salim 250, 251 Lemus, Daniela 364 Lenihan, Alanna 204, 305, 338 Lennon, Christopher 318 Lent, Austin 314 Leo, Annette 324, 391 Leon, Jessica 394 Leon, Kelly 302, 338 Leonhard, Reese 205 Lerman, Zachary 156 Lerner, Dan 86 Lerner, Daniel 87 Lerner, Hannah 269, 283, 318 Lerner, Joshua 205, 323 Leroy, Isabella 303 Lesh, Katherine 313 Leto, Cecia 265 Leto, Celia 233 Lettl, Dana 313 Levine, Ashley 203, 427 Levine, Bryan 323 Levine, Jaclyn 312 Levine, Jacqueline 364 Levine, Marc 271 Levine-Ramirez, Sarah 264, 274, 364 Levy, Cory 204, 212, 312 Levy, Emma 315 Lewandowski, Tara 338 Lewis, Benjamin 205, 338 Lewis, Caleigh 338 Lewis, Julia 364 Lewis, Kyris 364 Lewis-Pierre, LaToya 123 Leyva, Michael 253, 364 Li, Amy 305 Li, Cong 403 Li, Jacob 317 Li, Jialin 316 Li, Jiaying 364 Li, Kiko 268 Li, Qiaorui 364 Li, Queenie 326, 403 Li, Qun 364 Li, Sara 204 Li, Sijia 364 Li, Wen 237 Li, Xinyu 305 Li, Yanqi 338 Li, Ye 394 Li, Zhiyuan Kevin 232 Lia, Michael 364

Liang, Liang 399 Liberman, Rachael 222 Libertad, Serena 211 Libier, Johnathan 110 Lickstein, Nicole 312 Lieberman, Jeremy 199, 205, 338 Liebmann, Kevin 364 Ligori, Samantha 305 Ligori, Sami 232 Lim, Daniel 314 Lim, Nicole Rae 314 Lin, Angela 274, 364 Lin, Li 314 Lin, Vincent 270, 303 Lin, Wei 364 Lin, Yirong 313, 338 Lin, Yu Qi 364 Lin, Zhinuo 314 Lindemann, Kayla 204, 212 Linden, Sam 211 Linder, Jake 316, 338 Lindsay, Gary 404 Lineberger, Sydney 316 Lingard, Lorenzo 156 Lingberg, Emma 204, 214, 307 Lippiard, James 198, 305 Lippincott, Jackie 146 Lippman, Claudia 204, 212, 309 Lipson, Michelle 204 Lisa, Mitchell 205 Lischin, Matt 281 Lischin, Matthew 271, 286 Lisle, Aaron De 198, 205, 216 Litos, Eliana 213 Liu, Dingsheng 312 Liu, Hongtan 274 Liu, Jingyi 313 Liu, Kai 35 Liu, Xuanbo 310 Liu, Yuhang 314 Liu, Yunqing 314 Liu, Ziji 306 Lizotte, Victoria 271 Llanio, Lis 265 Llano, Julie 299 Llerena, Amelia 293 Llerena, Anthony 233 Lloyd, Abigail 258, 364 Llupa, Redi 269 Lobeiras, Aaron Valdes 318 Lobel, Scott 318 Lobifaro, Angelia 204, 318 Lobisi, Brandon 205, 302 Lobitz, Karlie 211 Locke, William 405 Logatto, Colin 231, 233, 316 Lohprasert, Vichayaporn 260 Lohr, Eric 314 Loisel, Christina 233 Lomax, Cayla 271 Lomax, Elijah 253, 323 Lombard, Michael 303 Lombardi, Arianna 306 London, Jendayi 276 London, Sidney 211 Long, Kyle 364 Longmuir, Stephanie 364 Loo, Daniela 313, 338 Lopez, Daniel 305 Lopez, Daniella 364 Lopez, Gabriella 204, 214, 306 Lopez, Isabella 228, 323 Lopez, Luiz Felpe 120 Lopez, Maria 303, 338 Lopez, Norberto 197 Lopez, Sebastian 302 Lopez, Sofia 299 Lopez-Bosch, Camila 52, 55, 248 Lopez-Cardet, Amanda 257, 290, 364 Lord, Gabrielle 204, 313, 338 Lorenzetti, Julia 268 Lorenzo, Daniela 240, 266 Lorenzo, Olivia 135, 204, 210 Louden, Audrey 204, 209 Loughran, Johanna 205, 214, 307, 338 Louis, Gemma St. 243, 277 Louis, Tyree St. 147 Lovell, Chelsea 58, 274, 293 LOWE MUSEUM 110 Lowenthal, Jakob 318 Lowery, Sydneigh 303 Loweth, Spencer 275 Lu, Yang 316 Luaces, Rebecca 256 Lubin, Sherry 188 Luca, David de 75

Lucchese, Veronica 364 Luce, Alexander 307 Lucia, Maxwell 205, 308 Luciani, Dante 404 Luck, Jess 235 Luckman, Matthew 205 Lue, Casey 88, 249, 364, 427 Lugo-Fagundo, Elias 156 Luis, Julia 265 Lujan, Aitor 229, 364 Lujan, Maggie 210 Luk, Jessica 233, 248 Lukianova, Elizaveta 146, 162 Lumaj, Nicky 305 Luo, Haokai 310 Luo, Shutong 318 Luo, Yanwen 268, 322, 324 Luppino, Alana 264 Lutfey, Karina 62, 63, 364 Luther, Catherine 265, 303, 338 Luther, Gemma 204, 338 Lutz, Allie 204, 221, 311, 338 Lutz, Slade 364 Luyt, Dayne 306 Ly, Coach Juan 274 Lyes, Chris 169 Lykes, Chris 147, 169, 170, 173 Lynch, Andrew 401 Lynch, Brian 404 Lynch, Julia 237, 252 Lynch, Julia Elise 291 Lynch, Kelly 364 Lyon, Madalyn 204, 338 Lyu, Lan 394

M Ma, Tianyu 313 Ma, Wenyuan 307 Ma, Xingzhi 316 Ma, Yucong 314 Mabo, Janiela 233 Macaday, Sean 229, 264 Macaulay, Valerie 249 MacEira, Marcelo 338 MacHado Rusconi, Ana 338 Macias, Nicholas 300 MacIas, Nicole 338 MacIntyre, Ian 236 Mackay, Heather 211 MacKey, Shannon 364 MacMoyle, John 265, 338 Macneill, Cade 316 Macones, Cameron 264 Madala, Neeharika 258, 280, 305, 338 Madcur, Ana 147, 182, 183 Maddalon, Marissa 248 Madia, Estrella 338 Madonia, Lauren 204, 211 Madonia, Stephen 181 Madrid, Andre 264 Madrigal, Brianna 258, 280 Madurai, Akhil 277 Maduras, Juliana 204, 305, 338 Magid, Parker 205 Mahall, Torrey 338, 427 Mahmoud, Amir 276 Mahmoud, Rami 205 MAHONEY RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE 319, 325 Mahoney, Hayden 147, 156 Mahyar, Yasmin 204, 212, 310 Mai, Kanghua 364 Mailloux-Adler, Steven 233 Mairena, Nathalie 295 Mais, Gabriella 320 Mait, Jaclyn 204, 214, 280, 306, 338 Makkar, Jasson 310 Makuch, Nicholas 315 Malagon, Blanca 252, 291 Malaret, Alex 365 Maldonado, Michelle Gonzalez 403 Maldonado, Nelson 192 Malesiewski, Ian 241 Malhotra, Arjun 277 Malhotra, Rishab 314, 338 Mallak, Sarah 247, 265, 365 Mallory, Will 156

Malone, Jessica 80 Maloney, Jarrod 305 Maltes, Yessica 394 Malut, Vinay 320, 339 Mamedova, Celine 275 Manasara, Isaiah 316 Mandapati, Anvitha 318 Mandele, Ava 276, 313 Manderfeld, Paul 312 Manfrini, Nicole 232, 365 Maniatis, Nathaniel 316 Manishimwe, Benjamin 198 Mankaliye, Berk 310, 339 Manlatis, Nathaniel 241 Manning, Madeline 204, 305, 339 Manning, Makayla 210 Manohar, Rhea 69, 252, 258, 259, 280, 291, 365, 379, 384 Manokas, Kristina 280, 311 Manolis, Alex 213 Manos, Angelica 32 Mansfield, Jake 365 Mansfield, Mark 314 Manuli, Noe 365 Manzo, Federico 339 Manzo, Olivia 204, 212, 315, 339 Marafi, Saad 365 Marano, Mattie 210, 222 Marcante, James 365 Marcelle, Reece 285, 313, 339, 427 Marcinak, Ashly 110 Marcus, Catherine 312 Marcus, Samuel 316 Mardellat, Louise 302 Margaritondo, Ashley 308, 309, 339 Mariani, Vera 210 Mariano, Adam 301 Mariano, Julia 204, 212, 306 MARINE MAMMAL RESCUE TEAM 253 Marino, Joe 261 Marino, Michelle 258 Marius, Ruth 229, 365 Mark, Terrisa 394 Markopoulis, Christina 211 Markovsky, Cameron 317 Marks, Morgan 204, 311 Markwith, Lauren 165 Maronak, Noelle 315 Marques Braga, Rafael 365 Marquez, Emily 232, 314 Marquez, Katherine 339 Marquina, Christian 365 Marrero, Ariadna 365 Marshall, Anna 365 Marshall, Cami 252 Marshall, Kelsey 174, 177 Marshall, Maia 313 Martell, Vanessa 365 Martelli-raben, Maggie 204, 305 Martin, Brandon 262 Martin, Justin 199, 255 Martin, Kimberly 256 Martin, Leah 204, 211, 306, 339 Martin, Madeleine 210, 237 Martin, Maxwell 365 Martin, Tyreic 156 Martin, Valentina 320 Martin Ulzurrun De Asanza, Alberto 365 Martinborough, Samara 339 Martinez, Alexandra 204 Martinez, Claudia 84 Martinez, Derlin 365 Martinez, Devin 204, 305 Martinez, Gabriella 204, 211 Martinez, Lexi 211 Martinez, Marilyn 51 Martinez, Naomi 303 Martinez, Natalie 204 Martinez, Nelson 233 Martinez, Nick 265 Martinez, Nicolas 198 Martinez, Samantha 308, 309 Martinez, Shantalle 313 Martinez Rovira, Antonio 365 Martinez-Otero, Jorge 305 Martini, Matthew 205, 339 Martino, Christina 86 Martone, Mia 204 Marx, Loren 365 Maryland, Kyra 365 Marzal, Lucia 147, 182 Marzovilla, Olivia 204, 211 Marzullo, Christopher 205, 313, 339


Masangu, Vedasta 249, 365, 379, 427 Mascellaro, Alexa 305 Mascellaro, Lexi 205, 214 Masciarella, Alexis 315 Masiello, Cameron 316 Mason, Charles 401 Mason, Jacob 269, 302 Mason, Nasir 277, 365 Mason, Symone 147, 188, 190, 191, 240 Mason, Taylor 177, 178 Mason, Zorry 167 Mason, Zorryonna 323 Massirman, Drew 303 Masso, Kerra 88, 237 Mastalerz, Natalie 277 Matas, Kristion 282 Matei, Diana 204, 263 Mather, Margot 204, 276, 313 Mathis, Haley 402 Mathis, Sierra 248 Matodkar, Prathmesh 277 Matteis, Gabriella 305, 339 Matthew Clark 205 Mauck, Charles 365 Mauldin, Shaniah 320 Maulini, Michael 233 Maxwell, Khalil 365 Maxwell, Kyle 357, 366 May, Owen 332, 339 Maynard, Charmel 100 Maynard, Hays 308 Maza, Michael 310 Mazur, Maddie 204 Mazur, Madeleine 316 Mazzilli, Alexa 209, 339 Mazzotta, Juliana 339 Mbaukwa, Mimi 68 Mbaukwu, Mimi 241 Mbaukwu, Mmesoma 310 Mbaye, Mohamed 198 McAndrew, Sheila 214 McAuley, Olivia 303 McCaffery, Ryan 205, 308 McCaffrey, Thomas 308 McCammon, Cecilia 106 McCarthy, Nicholas 366 McCarthy, Nick 49, 83 McCarthy, Patrick 80 McCartney, Tyler 205 McCaskill, Savannah 256 McClain, Mia 204, 210 McClelland, Kennedy 305 McCray, Terry 153, 156 McCulloch, Kayla 305 McCusker, Eva 204, 313, 339 McDade, Jack 281 McDaniel, Robert 197 McDermott, Nolan 308, 339 McDonald, Caroline 204 McDougal, MacKenzie 366 McDowell, Angelina 339 McDuffie, Sean 366, 379 McEleney, Darby 366 McElvein, Chloe 80, 302 McGaley, Ed 277 McGaughey, Zachary 306 McGee, Laura 209, 324, 339 McGill, Keri 204, 212, 305, 339 McGinnis, Claire 167 McGinnis, Grace 167 McGowan, Kelsey 209 McGrath, Kinnon 211, 241, 276 McGrath, Melanie 240 McGregor, Myles 301 McGuinn, Bradford 400 McHugh, Molly 258 McIntyre 386 McIntyre, D'Andre 270, 366, 379 McIntyre, Matthew 314 McIntyre, Sophie 306 McKay, Tessa 394 McKean, Cora 204, 214, 305 McKee, Kyle 198, 339 McKeeby, Maeve 252 McKendry, Evan 147, 192, 194, 196, 197 McKenney, Preston 308 McKhann, Cameron 312, 339 McLaughlin, Aidan 205 McLaughlin, Samantha 312 McLoskey, Kyrie 265 McLoughlin, John 366 McLoughlin, Kelly 211, 222 McMahon, Chris 147, 197 McMahon, Robert 399 McManus, Matthew 305


McMartin, Andrew 397 McMath, Camryn 315, 339 McMinn, Tiara 147, 188, 191 McNaney, Andrew 302 McNaughton, Aidan 205 McNaughton, Ben 199 McNaughton, Benjamin 205 McNeer, Liam 263 McPhillips, Rory 204, 307, 339 McSheffrey, Jill 204, 318, 339 McSherry, Megan 291 McSoley, Kate 269 McSorley, Liam 205, 318 Meagher, Brendan 205, 265, 306, 339 Mears, Connor 366 MECHANICAL AND AEROSPACE ENGINEERING 400 Medal, Melissa 204 Medeiros, Grey 275, 301 Medeiros, Olivia 211 Medina, Andrea 309, 339 Medina, Daniel 397 Medina, Samantha 205, 217, 220 Medler, Hunter 305 Medrano, Emmanuel 111 Meek, Delaney 305 Meghreblian, Jack 205, 339 Meguro, Julia 232, 271 Mehra, Shefali 268 Meier, Katie 175, 177 Melero, Peter 283, 366 Meltzer, Amy 270 Melville, Dylan 312 Memon, Celeena 309, 339 MEN's BASKETBALL 168173 MEN'S BASKETBALL CLUB 253 MEN'S VOLLEYBALL 255 Mena, Michael 252 Mena, Michael O. 291 Menard, Sasha 338 Menda, Ana 404 Mendelson, Kyle 205 Mendelson, Sivanne 216 Mendez, Ines 339 Mendez, Matthew 366 Mendez, Nés 301 Mendia, Alysia 204, 214, 307 Mendieta, Carlos 303 Mendonca, Gabriel 77 Mendoza, Agatha Dias 306 Mendy, Melvin 198, 199 Menendez, Annabelle 301 Menendez, Beatriz 268 Menendez, Jacqueline 100 Menist, Marisa 204, 212, 306 Mennella, Alexander 366 Menninger, Katelyn 269 Mercado, Diana 300, 339 Merchant, Nausheen 257 Mereles, Talia 204, 232, 282, 339 Mergenthaler, Lauren 339 Merkert, Josefine 209, 339 Merkle, Ella 204, 312 Merlino, Sophia 339 Mershon, Rayne 261 Mesa, Adrian 394 Mesa, Sofia 282, 316 Mesi, Anthony 307 Metcalf, Delaney 116 Metellus, Leila 56, 226, 309, 339 Meullion, Gabriel 66, 90 Mevorach, Kai 308 MEXICANES 287 Meyer, Day 205, 216, 276 Meyer, Jillian 204 Meyerson, Blake 275 Mezias, David 315 Mezincescu, Luca 402 Mhatre, Meghna 204, 212 MIAMI BUSINESS SCHOOL A MIAMI INTERFAITH COUNCIL 287 MIAMI INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ASSOCIATION 255 MIAMI MINDFULNESS 255 MIAMI MOTION 256 MIAMI MULTIFAITH COUNCIL 287 MIAMI VETERAN'S PHILANTHROPY 253, 287 Miano, Michael 269 Miara, Marissa 339


Michael, Zachary 316 Michel, Carlos 240 Micholas, Andrew 366 Middleton, Sasa 312 Mieser, Eleanora 282 Migliozzi, Grace 211 Migoya, Naomi 299 Miguel, Yolanda M. MartinezSan 401 Mihailuk, Madison 204 Mikalacki, Mila 93 Milano, Christopher 316 Milbauer, Alec 199 Milbeck, Sasha 241, 312 Milenkovic, Victor 399 Milenkovic, Zoe 314 Mileti, Genesis 267 Milian, Daniel 302, 339 MILLER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE 132 Miller, Amber 204, 339 Miller, Bruce 404 Miller, Halle 318 Miller, Jordan 156 Miller, Laura 88 Miller, Maya 205, 219 Miller Jr., Rodney 142, 173 Miller, Sarah 306 Miller, Seth 366 Miller, Stuart 291 Miller, Wesley 403 Millet, Barbara 398 Milner, Jacob 366 Milo, Bar 156 Mindel, Eden 204, 212, 311 Mindel, Samantha 305 Minerve, Adrian 237 Minott, Joanna 314 Minter, Taylor 305 Mintz, Gregory 258 Miragliotta, Taylor 299, 339 Miran, Sarah 274 Miranda, Sarah 238 Mirante, Samantha 256 Miret, Brady 205 Mirfendereski, Nadia 204, 305, 339 Mishra, Shreeya 366 Mishrra, Dibyanshi 269, 339 Mispagel, Nicholas 339 Mistretta, Samuel 205 Mitchel, Jess 214 Mitchell, Brandon 293 Mitchell, Jess 205, 270 Mitchell, Jessica 308, 309 Mitchell, Pat 142 Mixon, Mark 196, 197 Moas, Luis 366 Mocharnuk, Maxim 205, 308, 339 Modell, Rebecca 305 MODERN LANGUAGES AND LITERATURE 401 Modi, Ritika 258, 259, 280, 339 Modi, Ritka 309 Mody, Hailey 258, 280 Mody, Kalpit 316, 339 Moed, Joshua 339 Mohan, Eshwar 205, 217 Mohanty, Neha 312 Moissl, Tanja 339 Mojica, Rebeca 283 Mojica, Roberto 340 Mokh, Lauren 211 Mokhtari, Neda 275 Mokhtarzadeh, Lauren 204 Molina, Joshua 199 Molina, Natalia Asenjo 139 Molinaro, Nicholas 205 Molinelli, Kat 204 Molinelli, Kathryn 212, 318, 340 Molloy, Jordan 205, 214, 311 Molner, Slizard 265 Molter, Sebastian 199 Mompremier, Beatrice 146, 174, 176, 177, 178 Monaco, Nelson 253, 340 Monaghan, Daniel 205, 312 Moncrief, Steven 366 Mongelos Escauriza, Matias 366 Monger, Tatiana 318, 340 Monteiro, Valeria Da Silva 198 Monterrubio, Jessica 213, 275 Montes, Nicholas 315, 340 Montesinos, Ivan 366 Montgomery, Benjamin 269 Montoya, Juan 283 Moon, Ryan 366 Moore, Allison 314 Moore, Becca 204, 214 Moore, Chet 197 Moore, Jackson 253

Moore, Laterrian 205, 313, 340 Moore, Molly 309, 340 Moosa, Moeed 248 Moosbrugger, Stephen 317 Mora, Alyssa 303 Mora, Carlos 283 Moraes, Emily 340 Morales, Alex 282 Morales, Gabriel 366 Morales, Lilian 302 Morales, Richard 205, 314 Moran, Daniel 233 Morana Bereciartu, Alessandra 340 Morataya, Angel 233 Moree, Christopher 188 Morehouse, Eliza 315 Morell, Chase 237, 366 Morelli, Dayna 366 Moreno, Beltran 276 Moreno, Cami 293, 294 Moreno, Camila 256 Moreno De Alboran, Beltran 205, 340 Moreo, Hailey 17 Morgan, Jacob 323 Morgan, Jess 205, 313, 340 Morin, Rachel 204, 211 Moros, Alejandra 300 Morris, Julia 205, 214, 340 Morris, Laura 307 Morrison, Matthew 314 Morrison, Meghan 21 Morse, Nicholas 315 MORTAR BOARD NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 256, 294 Mortensen, Karoline 400 Mortensen, Sarah 177 Morton, Jack 205 Morton, Mareshah 305 Mosberg, Stephanie 210, 323, 340 Moschetta, Joseph 310 Moscou, Alex 116 Moskowitz, Casey 204, 212, 306, 340 Mosquera, Aislynn 303 Mosquera-Castro, Camila 322, 324 Moss, Diondra 233, 318 Mostoufi, Baabak 198 Mostovoy, Erica 204, 214, 305 Motsko, Connor 205 Motz, Joy 312, 340 Moulioukova, Dina 255 Moulton, Tyrees 188 Mounsey, Gracey 204, 212, 318 Mount, Andrew 249, 366 Mountain, Charles 367 Mouoyebe-Ndedi, Wellysane 318 Mouton, Michael 367 MOVE IN DAY 14 Moxon, Alyssa 211 Mozingo, Darien 233 Mozza Vargas, Josè Antonio 367 Mubanda, Arianna 318 Muchow, Christopher 312 Muchuli, Manuel 318, 340 Mudgil, Baila 310 Muelas, Isabel 309 Mueller, Bennett 305 Muggle Quidditch 256 Muhammad, Jamilah 205, 219 Mulcahy, Maia 271, 367 Muldowney, Alanna 256 Muleta, Zacharias 313 MULTICULTURAL GREEK COUNCIL 217, 220 Munkelwitz, Jeremy 314 Munoz, Ariana 323 Munoz-Sune, Isabel 306 Munro, Cindy 100 Munro, Cindy L. 123 Murdock, Ethan 323 Muria, Albany 241 Murillo, Brian 84 Murnick, Scott 367 Murphy, Alison 312 Murphy, Cailin 280 Murphy, James 367 Murphy, Jimmy 156 Murphy, Liam 340 Murphy, Mary 367 Murphy, Naja 233, 323, 340 Murphy, Taylor 253, 316 Murphy, Valentin 205, 308, 340 Murray, Dillon 316 Murray, Kathryn 312 Murrin, Mackenzie 243, 277

Murugadass, Roshini 265 MUSIC THEORY AND COMPOSITION 401 MUSICOLOGY 401 MUSLIM STUDENTS OF UM 257 Muslin, Amy 254 Musso, Dana 340 Mutlu, Kerem Can 367 Muvia, Albany 185, 255 Myers, Christina 367

N Naessan-Do, Alexandra 210, 232, 322, 324 Nagalla, Karna 205, 217 Nagururu, Nimesh 72, 75, 252, 287, 291 Naik, Kunal 394 Nakamura, Haruki 310 Nakash, Izzy 204, 212, 307 Nakash, Stephanie 367 Nallakumar, Devi 76, 340 Nanda, Dhananjay 397 Nanni, Antonio 399 Naranjo, Christopher 303,340 Narasimhan, Swati 121, 269, 367 Narvaez, Francisco 283 Nash, Andrey 313 Natenzon, Myles 314 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BLACK ACCOUNTANTS......257 NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 218, 220 NATIONAL SOCIETY OF COLLEGIATE SCHOLARS....257, 290 Nattoo, Crystal 367 Naumann, Maddie 162 Navale, Aishwarya 249 Navarrete Duque, Laura 367 Navarro, Johnny 301 Navratil, Nicole 269 Nazelrod, Tatiana 204, 210, 311 Neal, Chloe 241, 308, 309 Neary, Joseph 205, 313, 340 Negroni, Brian 308 Neil, John 253 Neira-Diaz, Valentina 205, 255, 326 Nelan, Rosanne 367 Nelkin, Rachel 204, 311 Nelkin, Sarah 340 Nell, Aline Marie 139 Nelson, Andrei 308 Nelson, Anna 128 Nelson, Kendall 204 Nelson, Sarah 318 Nemetz, Brett 316, 340 Nemetz, Jack 241, 316, 340 Nemi, Daniel 216 Nepple, Haley 210, 323, 340, 427 Nesheiwat, Michael 271, 367 Neskora, Danielle 367 Nespral, Bri 273 Nestor, Patrick 310, 340 Newell, Catherine 403 Newman, Ian 198, 322, 324 Newton, Ja'quan 173 Newton, Lydia 313, 340 Newton, Nicole 210, 367 Neysmith, Derricka 199 Ng-Reyes, Michelle 204, 211, 253, 326, 327 Nguyen, Katrina 204, 211 Nguyen, Megan 208, 221 Nguyen, Nhat 17, 249, 427 Nguyen, Tram 232, 367 Niazi, Qismat 257, 271, 277 Nice, Manuel Figueira 302 Nicholson, Morgan 199, 205, 214, 318, 367 Nickel, Connie 271 Nicola, Nicolas 402 Nicolas, Carmen San 167 Nicolas, Guerda 119, 399 Niemeyer, Emma 204

Nieuwenhuizen, Schuyler Van Den 310 Nihamin, Sasha 204, 212, 315, 340 Niosi, Carolyn 210, 340 Nissen, Sara 340 Nitschke, Brandon 205 Nitzberg, Natalie 204, 212, 307 Niven, Anastassia Cafatti Mac 320 Nix, Simone 318 Nixon, Brianna 232 Njoku, Evidence 156 Noh, Debbie 210 Nolan, Ryan 199 Noor, Fizza 233 Nooruddin, Saad 277 Nord, Zachary 258 Nordenstam, Jakob 253 Nordquist, Victoria 185 Nordqust, Victoria 340 Norfleet, Kendal (Rae) 367 Norhtam, Alistair 302 Norris, Kyle 306 Norris, Patrick 199 Nossan, Hannah 261 Notarfrancesco, Catherine 323 Noueihed, Carol 367 Nourishirazi, Emiri 269 Novak, Megan 367 Nowicki, Julian 275, 299 Nozawa, Kaito 232 Nuccio, Isabella 367 Nunez, Adrian 287 Nunez, Camila 258 Nunez, Carmela 308, 309 Nunez, Osvaldo 228 Nunez, Sarai 403 Nuo, Jin 340 Nuraj, Justin 314 Nussbaum, Jessica 282, 324 Nuñez, Adrian 252 Nuñez, Teresa 266 Nwadike, Stephanie 141 Nwakakwa, Pamela 321 Nwani, Ogechukwu 316 Nwaofor, Olisa 318, 340 Nwosu, Chidera 237 Nyman, Lisa 394 Núñez, Osvaldo 261


O'Banion, John 340 O'Boyle, John 156 O'Brien, Myles 205, 340 O'Brien, Paige 281 O'Connor, Clare 204 O'Connor, David 394 O'Donnell, Bryan 341 O'Donnell, Madigan 204, 341 O'Hare, Charlotte 341 O'Keefe, James 367 Oakes, Benjamin 228, 305 Oard, Briana 210 Oard, Brianna 204 Obama, Michelle 61 Obrien, Sean 205 Occhipinti, Alexa 208 Ochoa, Juan 185, 240 Ochoa Echeverry, Juan Sebastian 367 Ocon, Jeanine 394 Octavio, Kpotogbe 205 Odenigbo, Tito 156 Odonnell, Madigan 212 Oertli, Ginny 233 OFFICE OF ACADEMIC ENHANCEMENT 102 Ogden, Anna Grace 318 Ogiony, Jack 367 Ohnsman, Rachel 207 Oikonomou, Iliana 167 Ojalvo, Julio 300 Okolo, Obi 69, 228, 248, 252, 291, 367, 379, 386 Okyay, Mert 316 Olea, Santiago 341 Olesen, Matthew 306, 341 Olivares, Donald 233 Olivas, Savannah 229, 233, 341

Oliver, Anne 204, 276 Oliver, Blake 205 Oliver, David 60, 262, 314 Oliver, Morgan 218, 219, 221 Olivier, Jean-Hubert 398 OMEGA PSI PHI 205, 218 OMRICON DELTA KAPPA 293 Onate Diaz, Olga Lucia 394 Onorato, Kristen 249, 270, 275, 367 Onorato, Pamela 270, 275, 367 Opara, Jori 226, 250 OPENING CEREMONIES 53 ORANGE FESTIVAL 258 ORANGE UMBRELLA 258 Orazov, Timur 249, 275 Oresky, Cameron 204, 212, 306 Oria, Jordan 267, 367 ORIENTATION 16, 17 Ornelas, Julie 306 Orriols, Jordan 213 Orris, Olivia 327 Orstad, Erika 282 Orta, Daranay 394 Ortenberg, Reese 316 Ortiz, Anamaria 374 Ortiz, Jasmine 308, 309 Ortiz, Julia 313 Ortiz, Karen 185 Ortiz-Monasterio, Sarah 268, 295, 320, 368 Ortner, Katherine 341 Ortner, Lian 283 Osa, Brianna de la 265, 300 Osaghae, Matthew 308 Osborn, Alyssa 368 Osborn, Jessica 77, 128 Osborne, Taylor 229 Osio, Sofia 13 Osorio, Daniela 21 Osorio, Geraldine 311 Osorio Rubio, Mariana 368 Osteicoechea, Valentina 312 Ostermann, Olivia 208, 341 Ostrow Ozette 65 Osunde, Edugie 75, 269, 341 Oswald, Major 205, 341 Otero, Christopher 48, 368 Oton, Maya 74 Otter, Anne den 160, 188, 190 Ottimo, Blake 204, 212, 306 Oueslati-Porter, Claire 69 Oustatcher, Sophie 204, 341 Outram, Ishan 13 Overzat, Benjamin 368 Owen, Carter 205, 264 Owre, Wynne 314 Ozkaya, Mehmet 314 O’Banion, John 315 O’Brien, Myles 310 O’Brien, Paige 315 O’Donnell, Bryan 275 O’Donnell, Madigan 312 O’Gorman, Sidney 312 O’Neil, William 281


Pachuta, Michael 308 Padgett, Megan 341 Padilla-Tozzi, Cristian 237 Padmanabhan, Arjun 368 Padron, Cristina 210 Paetow, Ashley 211 Paez, Fernanda 341 Pagan, Dianne 341 Page, Jasmine 282, 312 Page, Makelsey 134 Pages, Gabriela 261 Pages, Paulina 204, 212 Pagliaro, Kristen 205, 214, 312 Pagán, Dora 205, 233, 275 Pahuja, Simran 204, 341 Paige, Tyler 197 Paik, William 237

Painter, Kayla 312 Pairot, Lauren 299, 341 Pak, Milena 16, 232, 287, 307, 341 Palacios, Briana 346 Palermo, George 205 Palla, Sanjana 131 Palma, CJ 277 Palma, Daniel 43, 135, 249, 341, 427 Palmer, Ethan 216 Palmer, Sidney 256 Palmeri, Isabella 204, 211, 316 Pampana, Lucia 162 Pandolfo, Dom 232 Pang, Evelyn 139 PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION 208, 220 Panneton, Abigail 368 Papadopulos, Caterina 233, 268 Papera, Allegra 306 Paragioudakis, John 205, 307 Parente, Brendan 368 Paris, Mark 368 Park, Anna 290 Park, Milena 73 Parka, Anna 257 Parker, Charles 199 Parker, Patrick 198 Parker, Rowana 139 Parkinson, Gillian 209 Parks, Emily 204, 265, 295 Parodi, Felipe 240, 252, 266 Parra, Adrian 300 Parrillo, Richard 205 Parrott, Michael 156 Parsons, Tessa White 146 PARTNERS IN HEALTH ENGAGE MIAMI 261 Partridge, Paulina 229 Paruchuri, Rachna 268, 313 Pasciak, Christian 197 Pascual, Isabella Simon 318 Pasternak, Katarzyna 292, 341 Pasvantis, Alyssa 318, 341 Patalano, Marcus 205 Patel, Aloki 258, 280 Patel, Dhara 258, 280 Patel, Gary 216 Patel, Kruti 318, 341 Patel, Mansi 232, 318 Patel, Neil 53, 286 Patel, Pooja 258, 259, 280 Patel, Rakhi Mira 263 Patel, Remi 318 Patel, Sahil 72, 233 Patel, Shareen 283 Patel, Shivam 228, 368 Patel, Shree 209, 248 Patel, Shreya 277 Patel, Viral 314 PATIO JAMS 207 Patrick, Kevin 305 Patterson, Amuru 147, 188 PATTI AND HERBERT WELLNESS CENTER 42 Paul, Dominique 271 Paulaitis, Justin 341 Paulson, Adeline 309 Pavan, Vincent 341 Payne, Kaitlyn 204, 312 Payne, Konnor 265 Paynter, Ava 204, 305 Paz, Rachel De 269 Pearl, Kyle 308 PEARSON RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE 322 Pearson, Sondra 271 Pearson, Stephen 252, 291 Pease, Caroline 209 Pech, Ryan 205 Pecherek, Kamila 21, 216, 261 Peco, Kyle 229 Pedre, Michael 368 Pedreira, Marian 261, 307, 343 Peebles, Laurie 229 Peery, Kirra 199, 204, 305, 341 Peguero, Edelind 318 Pekarovic, Sophia 204, 211, 309 Pellicone, Nicki 211 Pellitteri, Brandon 368 Pellitteri, Justin 205, 307 Pena, Antonio Tabash 312 Pena-Aleman, Ariannie 368 Penagos Jaramillo, Nicolas 368

Pennie, Brandon 318 Penny, Courtney 21, 66, 67 Peoples, Grey 318 Peraza, Trinidad 269, 290 Perchik, Candy 204, 212, 305 Perdomo, Mario 368 Pereda, Erika 341 Peredo, Ilsse 31 Perez, Alejandro 233 Perez, Amanda 69, 241, 256, 293, 341 Perez, Andres 300, 341 Perez, Brandon 341 Perez, Claudia 233, 248, 368 Perez, David 293 Perez, Gery 398 Perez, Jacob 263, 368 Perez, Jason 216, 248 Perez, Kevin 302 Perez, Lea 233, 277 Perez, Lian 368 Perez, Maria Lama 315 Perez, Maria Veronica 300 Perez, Mercy 256, 324 Perez, Miranda 204, 312 Perez, Natalie 233 Perez, Patricia 240, 299 Perez, Priscila 368 Perez, Roseli 394 Perez, Stephanie 241, 271, 293, 294, 340 Perez, Thomas 216 Perez, Vanessa 340 Perez Serrano, Belen 368 Perez-Castaneda, Angel 261 Perez-Somarriba, Estela 147, 182 Pereza, Trinidad 292 Perisic, Alexandra 401 Perlman, Jane 258 Perlmutter, Carly 86 Perone, Nikki 204, 211 Peroune, Janine 312 Perrini, Joseph 205, 340 Perrone, Caitlyn 229, 312 Perrone, Salvatore 312 Perrucci, Kristin 228, 229 Perry, Kirra 211 Perry, N'Kosi 154 Persaud, Allana 299 Pert, Austin 340 Pesce, Hannah 368 Pestle, William 111 Peters, Katherine 368 Peterson, Devin 302 Petit, Remi 243, 277 Petrille, Paige 427 Petrillo, Marisa 368 Petruso, Maddalena 368 Pezzella, Nico 249, 369 Peña, Andrea 116 Pfeffer, Leanna 269 Pfeiffer, Diego 314 Pfeiffer, Raymond 316, 340 Pham, Alex 274 Pham, Nguyen Hoang 340 Phan, Tina 214 PHI DELTA EPSILON 260, 262 PHI DELTA THETA 205, 215 PHI IOTA ALPHA 217 PHI SIGMA PI NATIONAL CO-ED HONOR SOCIETY 261 PHILADTHROPY 116 Philleo, Sam 281 Philliou, Alexander 205, 340 Phillip, Bianca 205, 219 Phillips, Alexander 312 Phillips, Bianca 219 Phillips, Kenzie 139 Phillips, M. Symone 369, 379, 387 PHILOSOPHY 402 Phocas, Nicole 233 PHOENYX 261 PHYSICS 402 Phyu, Nant 258 PI KAPPA ALPHA 205, 215 PI KAPPA PHI 203, 205, 215, 220 PI TAU SIGMA 263 Piccolo, Katie 204 Pichler, Derek 302 Pickett, Bryce 340 Pickhardt, Kailey 210 Pidgeon, Samuel 275 Piedrahita, Diego Fernandez 275 Pierce, Bianca 340 Pierce, Joseph John 369 Pierre, Cassandra 320

Pierre, Jacob 233 Pierre, Marie 394 Pierson, Ross 310, 340 Pietri, Demi 290, 292, 369 Pietropaolo, Daria 188 Pigott, Katie 204, 312 Pilatich, Alexa 204 Pinckney, Michael 147 Pincus, Sydney 204, 211, 340 Pineda, Bianca 308, 309 Pinheiro, Angela 315 Pink, Ronen 281 Pinker, Carson 210, 275, 304 Pino, Gustavo 369 Pipkin, Simone 307 Piroli, Mikayla 318 Pisciotta, Michael 205 Pistorino, Nicolas 314 Pitcairn, Emma 340 Pitous, Marthe 303 Pitta, Ali 204, 214, 233, 235, 248 Pitter, Charis 241 Pixley, Emma 198 Platt, Elijah 369 Platt, Julia 241, 315, 340 Plogstedt, Kate 210 Plonski, Nikolas 340 Plotnikova, Anastasiya 340 Pochi, Bhargavi 64 Pockhai, Joshua 303 Pohl, Connor 205, 316, 340 Polendey, Brian 156 Polenghi, Sophie 204, 340 Politano, Sere 210 Polley, Zachary 205, 307 Pollitt, Daniel 199 Poloskey, Carly 229, 268 Polpitiya, Lalintha 394 Polycarpe, Jordan 312 Pomerantz, Charlie 307 Ponder, Amber 233, 248 Pongé, Kristin 265 Poole, Cecelia 84 Poole, Emma 204, 212, 305, 340 Pop, Izabela 308, 309 Pope, Mark 156 Poplavskiy, Dmitriy 394 Popovska, Tamara 253, 369 Popowycz, Tallia 210, 241 Poppiti, Katherine 204 Porter, Evan 199 Porter, Hannah 204, 212, 306 Portnoy, Kyla 369 Posey, Miranda 204 Posner, Ester 204 Post, Shawn 404 Powell, H.R. 197 Pozzuoli, Elizabeth 13, 52, 55, 88, 248, 258, 293 Prabhakar, Rajeev 398 Pradhyumnan, Hari 310 Pradines, Romeo 340 Prado, Franco Aubone 323 Prado, Guillermo 100 Prado, Vyvyan 277, 369 Prather, Khaila 68, 177, 369, 379, 388 Prather, Susan 69 PRE-PHARMACY CLUB 263 PRE-PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT CLUB 260 Prelack, Nina 318 PRESIDENT JULIO FRENK 16, 18 Prestigiacomo, Michelle 204, 315 Preston, Kaela 310, 340 Preston III, Anthony 369 Price, Bobby 228 Price, Camden 156 Price, Savannah 340 Priepke, Steven 221, 427 Prieto, Dafnis 404 Prieto, David 306 Prilleltensky, Isaac 100 Priller, Colin 312 Primas, Jordan 313 Prithwie, Sade 205, 219 Privitera, Haylee 243, 277 Probus, Timothy 310, 342 Proctor-Turner, Alecsys 49 Prodgers, Gavin 315 PROJECT SUNSHINE 260 Prolow, Kayla 204, 211, 306 Prosper, Jason 233 PSYCHOLOGY 402 Ptachik, Sara 252, 291 PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA 326 Puentes, Laura 369

Pullman, Elizabeth 305 Punjabi, Armand 369 Pupo, Alexis 264, 274 Purcell, Emma 249 Purdie, Jamaya 204 Puri, Aryamaan 314 Purkerson, Madison 204, 210, 306, 342 Purnell, Samantha 326 Pursley, Keri 313 Purvis, Brandon 369 Purvis-Torello, Joshua 205, 342 Puschinsky, Audrey 269, 309 Putrino, Julia 204, 311, 342 Pèrez-Rios Bravo, Isabel 369


Qadir, Fahd 69 Qi, Hang 326 Qi, Ruiyan 309 Qiao, Qian 394 Qiu, Jinyang 394 Qiu, Oscar 394 Quadir, Daniyal 229 Quanstrom, Casey 204, 212, 313 Quarles, Gabriela 307 Quarterman, Shaquille 147 Queiroz, Giovanna 256 Quelch, John 101, 112 Quesada, Laura 268, 295 Quevedo, Marysol 401 Quezada, Vanessa 299 Quigley, Conor 342 Quigley, Mikayla 253 Quinn, Ethan 316, 342 Quinn, Mercedes 209 Quinn, Travis 233 Quinones, Grace 204, 313, 342 Quinones, Isaac 197 Quinones-Vilela, Sofia 323 Quinonez, Elena 204, 342 Quintairos, Katerina 54, 55, 300 Quintana, Amauri 122 Quintero, Camila 300 Quintero, Gabriella 301 Quirk, Matthew 306 Qureshi, Michael 253, 293 Qureshi, Wasiq Nauman 314, 342


Rabiei, Yasmeen 205, 214, 342 Raboff, Sarah 303 Racanelli, Brielle 312 Race, Emily 206, 208, 342 Radden, Jordan 317 Rader, Rachel 204, 307, 342 Raffensberger, Katherine 212, 213 Rafiq, Ali 199 Rafuls, Demi 427 Ragolia, Luciana 305 Ragunas, Cassidy 204, 211 Ragusa, Kristen 369, 413 Rahman, Purbasha 258, 280 Raja, Neha 286 Rajakumar, Jagatheswari 369 Rajkumar, Cindy 237 Rajulapati, Nikhil 217, 220 Rakow, Jane 211 Ramamurthy, Vaidhyanathan 398 Ramasamy, Sneha 240, 369

Rambarran, Sitara 204 Ramirez, Andy 342 Ramirez, Elizabeth 301 Ramirez, Giancarlo 318 Ramirez, Jake 369 Ramirez, Jan-Carlos 323 Ramirez, Kevin 233 Ramirez, Madison 369, 427 Ramirez, Marcos Rojas 308 Ramirez-Cañas, Alizé 25, 427 Ramjeet, Isabella 369 Ramnarine Singh, Chelsea 369 Ramos, Samantha 204, 211 Ramos, Trinity 309, 342 Rampersad, Megan 315 Ramrattan, Kellan 320 Ramsamy, Adrien 275 Ran, Hua 119 Randall, Niki 204, 212, 307 Randles, Lauren 322, 324 Randolph, Bishara 306 Ranges, Kaylin 204, 212, 310 Ranson, Tiara 74 Rao, Jiahui 314 Rao, Jingwen 369 Rapp, Kira 210 Rapp, Morgan 205, 214, 311, 342 RAQUETBALL CLUB 263 Rashed, Amirah 281, 300, 342 Rashid, Zakiya 147, 188 Raskauskas, Jonathan 280 Rasmussen, Sofie 209 RATHSKELLER 90 Ravichandran, Nishan 229 Ray, Anastasia 323 Ray, Hailey 318, 342 Raymeny, Janice 302 Raymo, Francisco 398 Raymundo, John Angelo 394 Raynor, Madeline 307 Razuman, Samreen 369 Rebholz, Ryan 249 Rebollar, Sophia 301 Recker, Joseph 307, 342 Redd, Adia 307 Redd, Aliya 204, 214 Reddi, Sayesh 6 Reddy, Pritika 318 Reddy, Raghuram 205, 217, 310, 342 Reddy, Varun 323 Redmond, Jared 314 Redwine, Sheldrick 147, 151 Reece, Frederick 401 Reed, Arianna 318 Reed Jr., Cleveland 156 Regan, Dakota 369 Registre, Fabiola 303 Reich, Maggie 307 Reid, Charles 308 Reid, Emmanuel 233 Reid, Jordan 369 Reid, Kate 404 Reid, Shanelle 342 Reilly, Brendan 315 Reilly, Kate 204, 210, 308, 309, 342 Reiner, Alexander 205, 308, 342 Reis, Nick 320 Reise, Benjamin 305 RELAY FOR LIFE 263, 285 RELIGIOUS STUDIES 403 Rembold, Matthew 236 Remer, Brandon 369 Remer, Ezra 283 Ren, Lingbai 314 Reneau, Travis 369 Renninger, Cassidy 204, 309 Requejo, Alana 369 RESEARCH A Reshamwala, Farha 249, 318, 342, 427 Retz, Howard 342 Reyes, Madeline 208 Reyes, Rodolfo 229, 369 Reynardus, Kristine 55, 240, 266, 267 Reynolds, Blake 322, 324 Rhee, Mina 211 RHO RHO RHO 264 Rhode-Barbarigos, Landolf 399 Riaza Perez, Iciar 394 Ribe, Daniel 302 Ribeiro, Isabella Aires 301 Ribnick, Amanda 309, 342 Ricardo, Jose 314 Ricci, Victoria 363, 370 Rice, Nicholas 252


Rice, Sam 205, 214, 342 Rice, Taylor 20, 90 Rich, Drew 253, 270 Rich, Olivia 277 Richardson, Christopher 198, 310 Richardson, Remique 307 Richardson, Vincent Pavan Angel 318 Richmond, Davis 204, 211, 308, 309 Richmond, Jillian 210, 229, 268 Richt, Mark 156, 158 Richter, Bennett 205, 342 Riddle, Samuel 316 Riddle, William 342 Ridge, Gabby 302 Rieger, Suzanne 342, 427 Riegler, Kyle 275 Rifai, Noor 313 Rifai, Wesley 313 Riley, Timothy 370 Rinaldi, Alejandra 300 Rinearson, William 313, 342 Riobo, David 205, 307, 342 Rios, Linda 320 Rios, Octavio 370 Ripes, Jessie 204, 211 Ripley, Rebecca 177 Ripoll-Martinez, Cindy 204, 212, 308, 309 Ritter, Lindsey 210, 220 Ritter, Morgan 309, 342 Ritzinger, Justin 403 Rivas, Polo 253 Rive, Veronica 212, 213 Rivera, Adrianna 370 Rivera, Andrea 44, 309 Rivera, Carlos Rafael 124 Rivera, Gabe 194, 197 Rivera, Julian 197 Rivera, Kayla 204, 318 Rivera, Maraya 342 Rivero, Carolina 300 Rivero, Daniel 197 Rivlin, Scott 139 Rizk, Ryan 156 Rizzo, Patti 187 Rizzuto, George 229, 233 Roark, Brendan 370 Roark, Gabe 139 Robbins, Lauren 370 Roberti, Adam 247 Roberts, Alana 342 Roberts, Kara 81, 282 Roberts, Mackenzie 48 Roberts, Meghan 313 Roberts, Samantha 209, 342 Robertson, Roderick 370 Robin-Caplan, Molly 209 Robinson, Alan 205, 370 Robinson, John 205, 342 Robinson, Katherine 370 Robinson, Maddie 204, 211 Robinson, Madelyn 306, 342 Robinson, Mike 173 Robison, Allie 240 Rocca, Daniela 232, 370 Rocchini, Christina 256 Rocchini, Tia 209 ROCK CLIMBING CLUB 264 Rock, Ashley 211 Rocker, Ruth 250 Rodack, Blake 308, 342 Rodriguez, Amanda 240, 266, 267 Rodriguez, Angel 233 Rodriguez, Angelica 370 Rodriguez, Armani 322, 324 Rodriguez, Brian 198, 370 Rodriguez, Caroline 342 Rodriguez, Christina 370 Rodriguez, Daniel 252 Rodriguez, Daniela 204, 228, 342 Rodriguez, Eddie 313 Rodriguez, Giselle 370 Rodriguez, Kamilah Ruiz 211 Rodriguez, Karla 370 Rodriguez, Keenan 198, 227, 370 Rodriguez, Logan 233 Rodriguez, Marc 303 Rodriguez, Mariajose 302 Rodriguez, Natalia 310 Rodriguez, Nathalie 43, 312 Rodriguez, Nicole 314, 342 Rodriguez, Skylar 204, 210, 316 Rodriguez, Sofia 232, 370 Rodriguez, Sophia 258, 314


Rodriguez, Ulises 253 Rodriguez, Vanessa 265, 318 Rodriguez, Zevensuy 398 Rodriguez Granda, Agustin 370 Rodriguez-Mena, Ryan 394 Rodriguez-Rojas, Camila 221, 287, 370 Roesch, Matthew 370 Rohl, Carlos 84, 370 Rohl, Conner 275 Rohrer, Connor 314 Rojas, Amanda 204, 214, 342 Rojas, Brandon 305 Rojo, Kevin 233 Roldan, Daniella 147, 183 Rolle, Lakia 240, 252 ROLLER HOCKEY CLUB 264 Romain, Catiana 342 Roman, Amalia 370 Roman, Joshua 299, 345 Roman, Lorena 258 Roman, Raquel 211 Romay, Linnette 204 Romero, Kaeli 370 Romeu, Daniel 318 Ronco, Alex 216 Rondard, Gaia 322, 324 Rong, Xinxin 370 Roque, Mauricio 370 Rosa, Allegra 308, 309 Rosa, Hannah 204, 212, 342 Rosa, Rachel 370 Rosado, Alexis 292 Rosal, Sabrina del 204, 210 Rosario, Adrian Del 233 Rosario, Carlyn 370 Rosario, Maria Del Mar 370 Rose, Kimberley 281 Rosen, Joshua 370 Rosen, Lucas 310, 342 Rosenberg, Burton 399 Rosenberg, Samuel 205 Rosenberg, Will 199 Rosenblatt, Zachary 205 Rosenbloom, Gabby 88 Rosenbloom, Lindsey 204, 211, 315, 342 Rosenfeld, Max 258, 271 ROSENSTIEL SCHOOL OF MARINE AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE 127 Rosenthal, Shana 240 Rosenzweig, Mark 216, 370 Rosholt, Alexander 371 Rosier, Malik 156 Roslin, Kylie 310 Ross, Breana 74, 252, 273, 282, 291, 371, 390 Ross, Julia 211 Roth, David 291 Rothman, Alexandra 371 Rothman, William 398 Rounick, Scott 205, 307, 342 Rousseau, Gregory 156 Rovira, Natalia 276, 282, 314, 342 Rovner, Hope 221 Rowell, Leslie 302 Rowley, Kyle 314 Roy, Jaqueline Strait De 312 Roy, Joaquin 139, 400 Rozansky, Dylan 84, 264, 371 Rua, Giselle De La 69, 240, 261, 266, 293 Rubanich, Jessica 212 Rubanovich, Romi 305 Rubenstein, Eric 371 Rubi, Rachel 282 Rubi III, Armando 394 Rubin, Adi 323 Rubin, Allie 204 Rubin, Robert 252 Rubin, Robert D. 291 Rubin, Sydnei 342 Rubinstein, Sydney 229, 313, 343 Rubio, Catalina 25 RubĂ­, Rachel 117 Ruch, Ellen 204, 214, 343 Ruchman, Heath 205, 343 Rucker, Stephen 404 Rucolas, Maddie 204 Rucolas, Madison 311, 343 Rudman, Gregory 371 Rudner, Becca 211 Rudnick, Alexa 204, 307 Ruehling, Payton 302 Ruh, Grace 204, 211 Ruiz, Alex 197 Ruiz, Ernesto 265


Ruiz, Jeancarlo 343 Ruiz, Priscilla 302 Ruiz, Stephanie 270, 312 Ruiz, Valeria Diaz 313 Ruiz Duarte, Barbara Fernanda 371 Ruiz-Huidobro, Natalia 283 Ruiz-Melendez, Ana 313 Ruiz-Rodriguez, Kamilah 204, 315 Ruka, Allison 233 RUMBLE ON THE GREEN 284 Rumbough, Kiera 210, 216 Runco, Catherine 315 Runevad, Emma 275 Runia, Anna 188 Runner, Brandon 198, 308 Rusconi, Ana Machado 307 Rusnak, Elana 216, 222 Russell, Alexis 211, 243, 277 Russell, Peyton 188, 190 Russo, Kyle 313, 343 Russo, Nicole 371 Russo, Ryan 205 Russomanno, Phil 371 Rutledge, Ellington 310 Rutledge, Logan 269 Rutman, Julia 307 Ruzella, Colin 265, 343 Ryan, Matthew 205, 343 Ryan, Merritt 260 Ryyan, Milo 303 Ryzak, Natalia 371


Saab, Rim 371 Saad, Danielle 371 Saad, Joseph 371 Saadeh, Brian 343 Sabatelli, Allyson 305 Sabbagh, Sebastian 253, 275 Sabel, Erica 50 Sabo, Ally 204, 214, 315 Sabo, Andrew 343 Saccente, Sabrina 371 Sacco, Adrianna 204, 214, 305 Sackett, Emily 209, 221, 343 Sackman, Elliot 371 Sacks, Harley 371 Sadala, Beatriz 204 Sadala, Felipe 205 Sadig, Najy 308, 343 Sagatelian, Marla 371 Sager, Mohammed 371 Sahil, Adem 120, 371 Sahraian, Arash 313 Saigol, Kylie 249 Saint-Germain, Max 322, 324 Saintil, Herveline 293 Saitowitz, Adam 205, 318, 343 Sakellakis, Ana 204, 316, 343 Salama, Adam 305 Salarrayan, Sue 303 Salazar, Daniel 395 Salerno, Ben 49 Salgado, Valeria 371 Salinas, Emiliano 371 Salkin, Julie Danae 404 Salman, Hannah 204, 315 Salmen, Karim 371 Salnave, Chelse 312 Salsa Craze 265 Saltonstall, Julia 204 Saltzman, Julia 210 Sambar, Nicolas 258 Samberg, Alyssa 371 Sami, Gabrielle 67, 371 Samli, Hakan 205 Sample, Ally 204 Samra, Tara 141, 372 Samschick, Cole 316 Samtani, Dilan 216 Samuel, Kaitlyn 305 Samuel, Katie 204 San Martin, Maria 372 Sancen, Karen 139 Sanchez, Alex 77 Sanchez, Britny 318

Sanchez, Christian 260 Sanchez, Christine 240, 266, 267 Sanchez, Daniella 300 Sanchez, Gema Pilar Perez 401 Sanchez, Gianna 282 Sandeep, Richa 248 Sanders, Emma 243, 277 Sanders, James 343 Sandoval, Lazaro 310, 343 Sandquist, Madison 309 Sandquist, Rachel 247 Sands, Skyler 205 Sanford, Gillian 318, 343 Sangadi, Akhila 268, 309, 343 Sangrigoli, Robert 314 Sanguily, Daniela 300 Sanjurjo, Alexander 306 Sankaran, Meghana 265 Sanon, Mikeiveka 300 Santana, Patricia 286, 372 Santelices, Anthony 233 Santoli, Gabriella 211 Santos, Estephany 233 Santos, Jade 233 Santos, Natalie 300 Santos-Cruz, Yadira 372 Santulli, Andrew 315 Sanz Iglesias, Elisa 372 Sanzone, Chelsea 372 Saputo, Luca 199 Saravanan, Sharnikha 72, 256, 258, 280, 294 Sardinas, Maddie 248 Sargenti, Johnnie 198, 305, 343 Sarkar, Dilip 399 Saslow, Connor 205 Satriale, Rose 204, 212, 308, 309 Satterfield, Jordyn 261 Sauer, Justin 205 Saunders, Christopher 343 Saunders, Saige 210 Saunders, Thea 305 Sautter, Catherine 312 Savage, Michael 343 Savinon, Maria Brea 318 Savitz, Sophia 318 Saxe, Julia 372 Sayed, Tarek 398 Scafaria, Timothy 275 Scaife Jr., DJ. 156 Scanlon, Declan 205 Scarpiniti, Giana 211, 274 Schack, Jayna 204, 214, 305 Schack, Ryan 205, 317 Schaefer, Samantha 318 Schaefer, Simon 205 Scharf, Abigail 313 Schatzberg, Steven 307 Schaubeck, Anna 20, 204, 343 Schell, Sarah 358 Schellenberg, Tyler 204, 269, 315 Schiffman, Jesse 307 Schinto, Taylor 204, 211, 308, 309, 343 Schleicher, Kristi 93, 210 Schlifstein, Ian 372 Schlussel, Sara 308, 309 Schmidt, Carly 204, 214 Schmidt, James 306 Schmidt, Jamie 256 Schmidt, Laurel 204 Schmitt, Clayton 131 Schmutter, Lily 323 Schneider, Daniel 314, 343 Schneider, Eliza 270 Schneider, Matthew 205 Schneider, Spencer 205 Schneiderman, Matthew 372 Schoeb, Cameron 211 Schole, Anneke 211, 343 Schon, Jordan 318 Schonman, Gabriel 318 SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE 106 SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION 114, 117 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 119 SCHOOL OF LAW 131 SCHOOL OF NURSING AND HEALTH STUDIES 122 Schopmeyer, Sierra 221 Schrank, Jayme 261 Schrems, Taryn 214 Schroder, Jozie 233, 248, 372

Schroeder, Ryan 305 Schroeder-Feyrer, Kyle 205 Schroff, Jay 140 Schuessler, Emmeline 204, 313 Schuitema, Olivia 276 Schultheis, Tristan 188, 190 Schulz, Bae 204, 212, 233, 248 Schulz, Paul 21 Schuman, Matthew 205 Schurhoff, Nicolette 258, 280, 312 Schwartz, Brandon 205, 310 Schwartz, Emma 80 Schwartz, Holly 80, 372 Schwartz, Hunter 310 Schwartz, Maxwell 307 Schwartz, Odelia 399 Schwartz, Spencer 84 Schwartz, Sydney 306 Schwee, Andrew 267, 293 Schwertl, MacKenzie 343 Scibelli, Michael 156, 323 Science Olympiad 265 Scofidio, Calli 229 Scofield, Alora 210, 261 Sconzo, Nicholas 205, 220, 308, 343 Scott, Anna 204, 308, 309, 343 Scott, Briana 257 Scott, Carter 205, 343 Scott, Dillon 282, 343 Scott, Gregory 258 Scott, Kevin 253 Scott, Lauren 318 Scott, Taylor 324, 343 Scotti, Jade 318 Scotti, Joseph 205, 343 Scuba Club 246, 265 Seager, Hayden 233 Seagraves, Christopher 320 Sealy, Ashlee 309 Seams, Courtney 139, 372 Searcy, Anne 401 Seatch, Lauren 355 Sebastian 17, 52, 58, 91, 279 Sebastian the Ibis 142 Sebro, Anella 372 Secerdin, Yusuf 395 Seckinger, Elizabeth 318 Secklinger, Elizabeth 269 Seelig, Michelle 398 Segal, Jacob 205, 343 Segel, Amanda 232, 372 Sehgal, Dylan 276, 317 Seider, Veronika 209, 282, 343 Seidle, Nathan 199 Seip, Madison 106 Seitles, Madeline 315 Selen, Defne 204, 315 Selvaraj, Vignesh 268 Senia, Brandon 205, 232, 310 Sensibaugh, Chandler 167 Seo, Hawan 275 Seo, Hawon 323 Sequeira, Raisa 119 Seridji, Manel 204 Serpieris, Pavlos 314 Serrao, Manuel 372 Serres, Sofia 204 Serur, Marcos 139, 256 Seruya, Stephen 300, 343 Seshadri, Suhas 372 Seth, Manvi 68, 233, 252, 275, 291 Sevila, Bryan 302 Sevilla, Maria 256 Sewell, Brice 268, 271, 295 Sewnundun, Lakshya 281, 315 Shaak, Michael 205, 232, 308 Shaffer, Colin 198 Shah, Ankit 265, 372 Shah, Anthony Alvarez Riya 303 Shah, Anuj 248, 263, 270, 281 Shah, Fenisha 233, 318 Shah, Ishaan 314, 343 Shah, Lea 205, 214, 306 Shah, Serena 221, 293 Shah, Simran 132 Shaheen, Haley 229 Shaikh, Surkhab 372 Shainberg, Scott 205, 310 Shaked, Haim 400 Shakeel, Hira 312 Shakir, Jasmine 204, 212, 343 Shalala, Donna 60, 61 Shalgos, Andrew 205, 303

Shamah, Zachary 205, 305 Shanawani, Iman 313 Shankar, Sahana 372 Shanley, Michael 205, 306, 344 Shao, Jialu 372 Shao, Ronghang 302 Shapiro, Gabby 210 Shapiro, Jared 205, 344 Shapiro, Joel 205 Shapiro, Jordan 281 Shapiro, Leyla 204 Shapiro, Mark 252, 291 Sharan, Shiv 199 Sharbatli, Abdulrahman 372 Sharkey, Elise 344 Sharma, Anjou 204, 211 Sharma, Priya 323 Sharma, Sagar 51 Sharoni, Sigal 306 Sharp, Hillis 317 Sharp, Maddison 300, 344 Sharpley, Anjuli 204, 301 Shatz, Connor 205 Shaw, Louis 344 Shaw, Phillip 205, 316, 344 Sheehan, Megan 204, 211, 307 Sheena, Megan 372 Sheft, Ryan 315 Shehadeh, Serene 143, 252, 283, 291, 293, 391 Sheji, Liam 229 Shelfo, Lauren 233, 248, 315 Shell, Tiyah 241 Shelton, Valentina 314 Shen, Ji 119 Sheng, Yiran 309 Shenoy, Stefenie 372 Shepard, Gregory 100 Shepherd, Gregory 115 Shepherd, Haley 312 Sherfield, Jasmine 313 Sherman, Emma 303, 344 Sherman, Sidney 109 Sherman, Stephanie 427 Sherman, Zachary 205 Sheskin, Ira 400 Shevlin, Max 275 Shi, Qiaoqiao 309 Shi, Wentao 314 Shibuta, Valeria 309 Shields, Ryan 205, 315 Shiere, Faith 204, 314 Shimamoto, Tatsuki 181 Shin, Hyojeong 258, 280, 305 Shinder, Samantha 372 Shinkre, Aneesh 314, 344 Shireman, Sadie 261 Shironoshita, Sebastian 139, 260 Shivers, Keiko 372 Shoemaker, Christian 205 Shoji, Marc 308 Shomar, Alfred 300 Shore, Bobby 54, 55 Shore, Robert 344 Shorten, Jenna 269 Shrestha, Sandesh 77, 256, 314, 344 Shugarman, Sydney 372 Shugart, Robert 308, 344 Shui, Jingyuan 395 Shuman, Hope 344 Shuster, Benjamin 315 Sibilia, Giovanni 233, 318, 344 Siciliano, Chris 301 Sickinger, Katie 166, 167 Sicre, Manuel 397 Sidelev, Alexander 372 Sideleva, Virginia 372 Sidelko, Clayton 316 Siegel, Harvey 402 Siegel, Rachel 210 Sierra, Emily 274 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 205, 215 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA 268 SIGMA ALPHA MU 205, 215 SIGMA CHI 205, 215 SIGMA DELTA TAU 203, 204, 208, 212 SIGMA GAMMA RHO 218 SIGMA LAMBDA GAMMA 217 SIGMA PHI EPSILON 203, 205, 215 SIGMA TAU DELTA 268, 287, 295 Signorile, Joseph 119 Silberg, Will 327 Siles, Melody 302, 344 Silk, Connor 205 Silva, Bruna Fernandes da 320

Silvera, Nesta Jade 153 Silverman, Morgan 213 Silvershein, Emily 344 Silvestry, Brandon 372 Simmons, Jade 137, 372 Simms, Andrew 139, 373 Simon, Jack 276 Simon, Jose 205 Simon, Kaitlyn 214 Simon, Katie 205 Simone, Natalino De 120 Simpson, Lauren 299 Simpson, Matthew 277 Sinclair, Naomi 240 Singh, Navin 265 Singh, Sai Samarchita 373 Singh, Serena 213 Singh, Sonia 309 Singh, Summer 210, 270, 379, 388 Sinko, Margarita 237, 344 Siracusano, Lyndsey 205, 214 Sirlin, Jake 256, 294 Sirven, Julia 275, 300 Sisco, Julianna 373 Sivarasa, Asvin 248, 373 Skellett, Alaina 167 Skinkre, Aneesh 241 Skinner, Hasani 275, 344 Skinner, Michiko 108, 404 Sklut, Tyler 205, 312 Skordilis, Erotokritos 265 Skowron, Emma 210 Slater, Christian 60 Slattery, Karen 274 Slavin, Blaire 280 Slavov, Jonathan 307, 344 Sleeman, Jack 344 Sloan, Karina 249, 427 Slogoff, Zachary 205, 317, 344 Smallman, Kerry 204, 211, 276 Smart, Chauncy 188 Smirnova, Ekaterina 311, 344 Smith, Aiden 205, 313 Smith, Ali 204, 277 Smith, Andrew 199, 310 Smith, Camila 204, 210 Smith, Caprina 258, 309, 344 Smith, Donovan 205, 307, 344 Smith, Emily 305 Smith, Isadora 264, 274 Smith, Jake 316 Smith, Kate 185, 255 Smith, Lawrence 2 Smith, Logan 320 Smith, M. Rachel 205 Smith, Maddie 204, 344 Smith, Marley 135, 309 Smith, Nangala 309, 344 Smith, Nyla 318, 344 Smith, Rachel 219 Smith, Sean 205, 344 Smith, Shannon 222 Smith, Talon 205, 344 Smith, Tim 404 Smith, Zachary 323 Smolkin, Caroline 206, 221, 254 Snowden, Kenya 123 Snyder, Daniela 214 Snyder, Rachael 269 Snyder, Sabrina 204, 212, 307 SOAR AWARDS 69, 286 Soares, Austin 313, 344 SOCCER 164 Socha, Annika 256, 270 SOCIAL JUSTICE WEEK 68 SOCIETY OF ASIAN SCIENTISTS AND ENGINEERS 268 SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS 269 SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS 269 SOCIOLOGY 403 Socorro, Krystal 373 Soghomonian, Chase 344 Sokol-Katz, Dr. Jan 269 Sokol-Katz, Jan 290 Soliday, John 398 Soliman, Fatma 204 Soliman, Mariam Samir 318 Solis, Gabriela 308, 309 Solo-Gabriele, Helena 399 Solodar, Max 205, 308 Solomon, Leala 209 Soloway, Ethan 198 Sondel, Molly 256 Song, Chaoming 402

Sookoo, Kimberly 233, 269 Sorensen, Hannah 162 Soresi, Ariana 214 Soresi, Arianna 344 Soto, Emi 204 Soto, Laura 210, 344 Soto, Sara 69, 139, 210, 240, 290, 373 Soto Jr., Angel 373 Souza, Alexander De 310 Souza, Daniel 236, 305 Soyfer, Leo 300 Spada, Paul 188, 305, 344 Sparber, Joe 197 SPEAK WHAT YOU FEEL 270 Spears, Arthur 205, 344 SPECIAL OLYMPICS 270 Spector, Adam 344 SPECTRUM 55, 71, 287 Speranza, Dominick 205, 344 Sperling, Blake 373 Speyer, Luke 316, 344 Spicer, Giselle 210, 222, 256 Spiegelman, Stanley 205, 312 Spikeball Club 264, 285 Spina, Dario 2055 Spivak, Allison 204, 315 Spivak, Claudia 204, 213, 344 Spivey, Donald 405 SportsFest 325 Sprague, Liz 210 Spring, Lindsey 373 Spruance, Preston 308 Squeri, Max 205 Sr., Michael Jackson 156 Srikakolapu, Bhavana 248 Srikakulapu, Vytharna 205 Sriraman, Pranav 205, 316 St.Cin, Mitchell 310 Stamatis, Alexa 204, 312 Stambolian, Damon 395 STANFORD RESIDENTIAL COLLEGE 15, 311 Stanish, Alexis 395 Stankard, Sarah 90, 214, 373 Stano, Randy 427 Stapler, Gillian 280 Stapleton, Evan 310, 344 Stasick, Griffin 313, 344 Stathas, Alexandra 214 Stebbins, Sarah 310 Stec, Rachel 306, 344 Steel, Sam 50, 93, 391 Steel, Sydney 21, 93, 210, 261, 391 Steele, Alfreda 147, 188 Steinberg, Caroline 318 Steirer, Jacob 199 Stemerman, Samuel 258 Stempler, Rachel 276, 313 Stephany, Cole 253 Stephen, Diane 7 Stephenson, Darian 156 Stephenson, Kristine 252, 257, 291 Stephenson-Pickett, Bryce 277 Sterling, Sidney 243, 252, 277, 291 Stern, Leah 283 Stevens, Brandi 243, 277 Stevens, Hallie 204 Stevens, Julia 198 Stevens, Justin 293 Stevens, Tatiana 92, 373 Stevenson, Leah 395 Stewart, Jeffrey 102 Stewart, Joshua 229, 241, 316, 344 Stewart, Kennedy 204, 211, 243, 277 Stickle, William 268, 270, 295 Stickley, Maren 323 Stieghorst, Carla 373 Stieghorst, Laura 236 Stimmel, Tyler 205, 344 Stinson, Donald Scott 401 Stokes, Maddison 211, 280, 373 Stokes, Ruth 309 Stolz, Lauren 344 Stone, Ryan 199 Stone, Samuel 199 Stoner, Micaela 281, 344 Storch, Evan 199, 205 Storrs, Emily 264 Story, Sydney 167 Stoute, McKenzie 204, 318 Stowell, Chris 173 STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION 403

Strattan, Sierra 222 Strickler, Lucy 205, 214, 307 Strickler, Nathaniel 373 Strobeck, Britni 204 Strong, Caroline 204, 214 Stuart, Eliza 305, 344 Stuart, Michael 205 STUDENT ACTIVITY FEE ALLOCATION COMMITTEE 270 STUDENT ALUMNI AMBASSADORS 287 STUDENT ATHLETE ADVISORY COMMITTEE 287 STUDENT CENTER COMPLEX ADVISORY COMMITTEE 271 STUDENT GOVERNMENT 65, 287 STUDENT HEALTH ADVISORY COMMITTEE 274 STUDENTS TOGETHER ENDING POVERTY 271 STUDIO MUSIC AND JAZZ 404 STUDY ABROAD 138 Su, Jennifer 373 Su, Jenny 229, 268 Suarez, Alexander 255 Suarez, Mario 205, 318, 344 Suarez, Reina 233 Suarez, Stefanie 287 Suaris, Wimal 399 Sucre, Anel 283 Sugimoto, Yasukiyo 395 Suida, Luana 252 Sukiennik, Luke 205, 323 Sullivan, Audra 318 Sullivan, Irene 204 Sullivan, Maya 162 Sullivan, Thomas 395 Sullivan, Tyler 205, 344 Sullivan, Violet 90, 210, 373 Summers, Brendan 205 Sun, Clara 275 Sun, Kevin 326, 344 Sun, Zhenwu 314 Sun, Zhonghao 373 Sundaram, Soph 204 Sundaram, Sophie 305, 345 Sunsations 238, 274 Super, Grace 313, 345 Suph, Albani 21, 211 Suraneni, Prannoy 399 Surrentini, Julieta F 249 Sussman, Joshua 373 Sustersic, Nicholas 312 Sutcliffe, Geoff 399 Sutton, Patrick 373 Sutton, Ryan 205 Sviridov, Artem 237 Swafford, Emily 265, 374 Swain, Grant 318 Swan, Becca 255 Swan, Marshall 308 Swanson, Brent 401 Swanson, Isabella 345 Swanson, William 305 Swart, Peter Koenraad 252, 291 Swart, Riley 313 Swartz, Paige 302 Swartz, Zachary 205 Sweeney, John 205 Sweeting, Najsha 233 Swimmer, Jillian 326, 374 SWIMMING 166 Syed, Sheyum 402 Sygall, Rachel 316, 345 Sykes, Dylan 160, 188 Syunkova, Alexandra 261 Syunkova, Sasha 210 Syzmanski, Claire 214 Szajnert, Gabriel 83 Szymanski, Claire 204, 345


Tabak, Francesca 309 TABLE TENNIS CLUB 274 Taboada, Sandra 266 Tachie-Menson, Veronica

318 TAE KWON DO CLUB 275 Taee, Shirin 204, 210, 345 Tafares, Lisa 402 Tager, Justin 315 Taggart, Andrew 205 Takoudis, Yiorgos 268, 271 Tamayo, Miguel 258 TAMID 275 Taminger, Nathan 205, 229, 310, 345 Tan, Czavier 280, 320 Tan, Rai 268 Tan, Ruochen 315 Tanchel, Olivia 204, 212, 307 Tang, Ziheng 317 Tanis, Mirza 250 Tannura, Carolyn 374 Taratuta, Sheila 204, 269, 345 Tasman, Schuyler 204, 318, 345 Tatum, Kay 397 TAU BETA SIGMA 271 Tavakoly, Amber 252, 271, 291 Tavakoly., Cameron 300 Tavares, Agustin 374 Tavares, Eric 374 Tavarez, Ryan 318, 345 Tayeb, Ahmad 374 Taylor, Asia 374 Taylor, Benjamin 310, 345 Taylor, Brand 205 Taylor, Imani 219, 374 Taylor, Isaiah 188 Taylor, Kayla 316 Taylor, Samantha 210 Tazawa, Eric 198 TEACHING AND LEARNING 404 Tedesco, Burton 404 TEDXUMIAMI 275 Tee, Teana 199, 345 Teichner, Amanda 309 Teitelbaum, Jordan 205, 313 Telfare, Zoria 282, 309 Telford, Kira 280, 374 Teller, Andrew 205, 345 Templeton, Haley 146, 162 Tenbeng, Dani 204 Tenberg, Danielle 345 Tenke, Grace 204, 214, 309 TENNIS 180-183 TENNIS CLUB 276 Teo, Ethan 314 Terilli, Samuel 405 Terp, Ethan 199 Terrero, Franco 240, 266, 299 Tesser, Hayley 204 Tharaney, Rohan 15, 314 THE MIAMI HURRICANE 276, 414 THEATRE ARTS 404 Thelusma, Olbrine 313 Thewes, Nathan 345 Thibault, Talula 69, 276, 345 Thibodaeux, Kailyn 306 Thiesen, Taylor 260 Thill, Sabrina 204 Thomas, Ariyonna 309 Thomas, Connor 222 Thomas, Dija 283, 300 Thomas, Dina 240, 266, 269, 299, 345 Thomas, Emmanuel 291 Thomas, Erik 374 Thomas, Jeff 156 Thomas, Ronnel 269 Thomas, Timothy 306 Thomas, Zoe 312 Thompson, Celine 188, 190 Thompson, Jennifer 374 Thompson, Leila 281 Thompson, Max 374 Thompson, Steven 198 Thompson, Wesley 269 Thomson, Morgan 249, 269, 345, 427 Thorburn, Grant 374 Thornton, Isha 305 Thornton, Nicole 374 Thorpe, Michael 306 Threatt, Morgan 205, 219 Thu, May 258 Tiburcio, Destiny 345 Tickner, Ari 229 Tien, Bao 232 Tilak, Amita 204, 345 Tilson, Taylor 204 Timmer, Jessica 228 Timmons, Anna 276, 313, 345

Tinnerello, Bianca 309 Tinoco, Christian 205, 345 Tinsley, Nina 345 Tinsley, Sarah 306 Tipton, William 229 Todaro, Courtney 312, 345 Todd, Emily 374 Tolchin, Caitlyn 233, 248 Tolep, Eric 292, 322, 324 Tolgyesi, Anabelle 301 Toma, Juliet 212 Tomchovska, Iva 318, 345 Tomer, Molly 374 Tomko, Ella 314 Topchik, Samantha 140 Topf, Juile 282 TOPPEL CAREER CENTER 137 Toral, Alex 147, 194, 197 Toranzo, Teresa 320 Torello, Emilia 318 Torkan, Tiana 185, 237, 253, 300, 398, 399, 402 Tormo, Daniel 276 Torrealba, Armando 233 Torrego, Victoria 300, 345 Torrejon, Alvaro 216, 345 Torrents, Daniel 139 Torres, Aisha 315 Torres, Gabriela 300 Torres, Joseph 35 Torres, Juliana 427 Torres-Lugo, Diego 374 Torrez, Vilet 253 Tortorice, Lauren 214, 374 Toruno, Angelica 33 Toruno, Wilbert 233 Toscanini, Alessandra 185 Tosoni, Nicholas 220 Towbin, Hailey 204, 307 Tozer, Vicki 265 Tracy, Matilda 204, 211 Tragos, Isabel 204, 212, 306 Trainor, Jenna 212 Tran, Alex 281 Tran, David 268 Tran, Elan 209, 345 Tran, Huy Nhat 17, 249 Tran, Lien 114 Travers, Ryan 205, 310 Travisano, Alyssa 305 Travisano, Jacqueline 18, 100 Treadwell, Boriana 282 Trentacoste, Lauren 204, 315 trespalacios 389, 390 Trespalacios, Andrea 252, 271, 286, 291, 374 Triarsi, Jacob 198 Tribin, Mariana Echeverri 307 Tricarico, Nicholas 198, 310 Trickett, Ed 399 Trim, Daychelle 250 Tringas, Preslee 312, 345 Trip, Scott 404 Tripp, Samantha 315, 345 Tripp, Sammi 281 Troccoli, Clara 291 Troob, Rachel 204, 212, 311 Trubish, Danielle 204, 214, 307 Trudeau, Emilie 210 Trujillo, Gabriella 204, 301 Trujillo, Karen 345 Truong, Ngoc Lan Vy 259, 309, 427 Trussoni, Matthew 399 Tse, Yee Ting 374 Tsokopoulos, Emily 204, 214 Tsuji, Joseph 374 Tudor, Mihnea 374 Tuero, Luis 197, 323 TUFAAN 124 Tufaro, Matthew 303 Tulbodeaux, Kailyn 269 Tullis-Joyce, Phallon 146, 164 Tulloch, Sydney 199, 318 Tulshi, Diaya 374 Tummala, Rajiv 374 Tundidor, Carolina 113, 204 Ture-Brooks, Jabari 256 Turker, Jeyhan 308 Turner, Allegra 211, 248 Turner, Emma 204, 214 Tyler, Mary 311 Tzotza, Amalia 3, 204, 214 UBOOK 280 UCHEER 242, 277 Ufberg, David 275 Ufer, Sabrina 264 Ufheil, Madeline 265

U Ugalde, Aileen 100 Ugwueke, Grace 205, 219, 282 UJHOOM 259, 280, 287 Ukaegbu, Gloria 141 Ukani, Aliza 309 Ulin, Joshua 205, 307, 345 Ulin, Samantha 375 Ullman, Sabrina 283 Ullmann, Steven 113, 400 Ulloa, Edwin 233 Ulloa, Santiago Gama 303 ULTIMATE FRISBEE CLUB 281 UM COLLEGE REPUBLICANS 281 UMIAMI ABHINAYA 76, 77 UMIAMI SCIENTIFICA MAGAZINE 281, 287 UMIAMI TUFAAN 277 UMTV 273, 282 UNDERGRADUATE HONOR COUNCIL 271 Underwood, Alexander 375 UNITED BLACK STUDENTS 226, 282, 285 UPUP 280, 326 Ural, Derin 399 Urquiaga, Gabriela 233 Urreiztieta, Christian 318, 345 UTHRIFT 64, 282 Uzere, Ajiri 228, 241, 325 Uzere, Ajirioghene 69


Vacca, Sianna 64 Vaccaro, Isabella 345, 427 Vadella, Enjolie 15, 241, 310 Vaden, David 308 Vail, Alec 415 Vail, Carter 375 Valancy, Samuel 375 Valcq, Megan 199, 305, 345 Valdes, Delaney 274 Valdes-Diaz, Sam 204 Valdivia, Hector 106, 107 Valen, Alexandra 322, 324 Valenci, Max 199 Valenti, Thomas 345 Valentine, Myles 188 Valentini, Haley 309 Valentino, Garrett 281 Valero, Devin 314, 345 Valladares, Michelle 375 Valle, Donner 404 Vallejo, Frederic 375 Valmyr, Kashleen 346 Valpoort, Myrtle 269, 316 Valverde, Madeline 69 Van, Minh 375 Vandelicht, Taylor 232 Vanderhook, Taylor 323 Vandermolen, Jack 205, 312 Vandyke, Cameron 204, 307 Vanegas, Andrea 375 Vanherp, Nathan 276, 375 Vannoy, Keigan 131 Vargas, Alejandro 205 Vargas, Omar 401 Vargas, Sarah 276, 395 Vargas, Valentina 293 Vasfailo, Cam 215, 220 Vasiljevic, Dejan 169, 170, 173 Vasquez, Jorman 198 Vasquez-Gonzalez, Juan 346 Vattigunta, Mounika 205, 214, 241, 346 Vayner, Jacky 212


Vayner, Jacqueline 326 Vaynerman, Adam 205, 308 Vazquez, Caroline 299 Vazquez, Tiziana 302 Vazquez, Victor 264 Vecchione, Karis 306 Veerasammy, Melanie 204, 211 Vega, Juanandres 205 Velasco, Valeria 248 Velasco, Valerie 391 Velazquez, Omaida C. 291 Velez, Anthony 233 Veliz, Gregory 196, 197 Veliz, Jose 269 Venant, Anthony 310 Venezia, Niccola 375 Venigalla, Greeshma 318 Venn, Nicole 141 Venne, Luka Van De 311 Vento, Cynthia 233 Vera, Donald 301 Verdeja, Cecilia 303 Verdelus, Jennifer 306, 346 Verdon, Fiona 375 Vereneva, Anastasiia 312, 346 Verges, Teresa 131 Verling, Samantha 293, 375 Verne, Mason 307 Vernon, Alexander 375 Verschoore, Melanie 313 Vershov, Nicole 204, 229 Vespa, Lili 302 Vestergom, Natalie 346 Vesvoranan, Oraya 375 VETERAN STUDENTS ORGANIZATION 283, 285 Vetter, William 313, 346 Victor, Fiona 211 Vidal, Natalia 249 Vieira, Laura 204, 305 Vieira, Laure 346 Vignau, Alexia 278 Vigo, Carolina 299 Viguier, Manon 167 Vila, Nicolas 303 Vilar, Anthony 147, 194, 196, 197 Vilches Martinez, Jessica 375 Vilchis-Zubizarreta, Hannan 107 Villamar, Bianca 204, 210 Villanueva, Anthony 375 Villanueva, Gerianna 306 Villanueva, Nina 299 Villanueva, Valentina Rueda 307 Villar, Christina 375 Villareal, Jeremy 346 Villarrea, Jeremy 205 Villavicencio, Caterina 303, 346 Villegas, Daniel 237 Viloria, Juaurin 375 Vinas, Jaislene 320 Vinvi, Jake 240 Virga, Jim 398 Visser, Ubbo 399 Vitale, Joseph 346 Vizcarrondo, Camila 263 Vlasenko, Tiffany 210 Vo, Duyen 199 Vogiatzis, Constantine 276, 318 Voirol, Grant 375 Volk, Orielle 204, 212, 308, 309, 346 Vollaro, Matthew 375 VOLLEYBALL 162 Vollmar, Mary 271, 322, 324 Voltaire, CaJohn 220 Volz, Mallory 310 Voss, Sydney 204, 306, 346 Vossan, Hannah 275 Voutsinas, Alexandra 375 Vreeland, Simone 160, 188 Vuckovich, James 315 Vukovinsky, Rachael 256 Vèlez, Daniela 375 Vélez, Emmi 3, 55, 91, 143, 248, 252, 283, 291, 375, 379

W Waardenburg, Sam 169, 173 Wacksman, Dylan 308 Waddell, Sam 216 Wadhwa, Kanushri 119 Wadhwa, Neha 232 Wadhwa, Rohan 261, 274, 318 Wagner, Madeline 318 Wagner, Nicolas 321 Wahid, Sumra 257


Wahl, Adam 375 Waina, Shane 316 Wainblat, Jonathan 375 Walcott, Stephanie 241, 308, 309 Walek, Robert 205, 346 Walker, Alison 209, 229, 346 Walker, Brittney 323 Walker, Emma 265, 282 Walker, Isaiah 41, 87 Walker, Marissa 316 Wall, Diego 236 Wall, Kennedy 247 Wallace, Nathaniel 375 Wallach, Arnost 375 Wallenberger, Bridget 162 Waller, Devin 204 Wallery, Lexi 204 Wallman, Meade 204, 346 Walls, Jamie 398 Walls, Sophie 162 Walpole, Ryan 205 Walsh, Neale 318 Walsh, Robyn 403 Walson, Francis 220 Walter, Matthew 283 Walters, Brian 233 Walters, Savannah 211 Waltman, Scott 274 Walton, Lily 312, 346 Wang, Angela 307 Wang, Bo 274 Wang, Bofei 306 Wang, Chenzhuo 323 Wang, Dr. Daniel 220 Wang, Gang 399 Wang, He 402 Wang, Jianwei 307 Wang, Liang Liang 395 Wang, Minghe 308 Wang, Ruiming 309 Wang, Shun 317 Wang, Tianyun 306 Wang, Xinran 375 Wang, Yihui 302 Wang, Zheng 399 Wang, Zihao 395 Ward, Anna 204, 265 Ward, Gyles 216, 319, 321, 324 Warner, Doug 301 Warrell, Michael 226 Warren, Noah 198, 256, 310 Warsoff, Adam 375 Washington II, Dewanye 237, 252, 291 Washington, DJ 249 Washington, Kevan 318 Washington, Taylor 313, 346 Washinton, Keavon 87 Watret, Sophia 261, 283 Watsco Center 141 Watson, John 375 Watson, Masimius 233, 261 Watson, Rebekah 395 Watt, Daniel 233, 293 Wattret, Sophie 120 Watts, Kayla 277 Wawriw, Tatiana 257, 290 Weathers, Aaliyah 283 Webb, Tiffany 376 Weber, Alexander 6, 310, 346 Weber, Emma 316 Weber, Nicole 204, 211, 228, 305, 346 Weber, Rebecca 310, 346 Webster, Benjamin 269 Webster, Cheryl 249 Webster, Mhairi 228, 314 Weed, Ana 204, 211 Weed, Sophie 204, 211, 228, 229 Weerapperuma, Dilina 257, 290 Weetman, Kathleen 257, 290 Wehniainen, Grace 376 Wehniaiwen, Grace 350 Wei, Jinglin 35 Wei, Xingwen 314, 346 Weinberg, Danielle 376 Weing, Veronica 310 Weinmann, Julia 204, 210 Weir, Chinoia 268, 295 Weisman, Shana 376 Weiss, Jenna 282, 346 Weisskoff, Richard 400 Weissman, Emily 167 Weitzner, Megan 376, 409 Weldon, Cade 240 Wells, Katy 276 Welsch, Hunter 139 Welsch, Jared 327, 376 Weltner, Andrew 346 Wescoat, Noah 205 West, Amelia 283 Westhoff, Rachel 212, 213 Wexler, Michael 316 Wheeler, Kevin 249 Wheeler, Meaghan 269, 346 Whelan, Aoife 204, 214 Whitaker, Audrey 376


White, Ben 232 White, Celine 64, 265 White, Elizabeth 311 White, Libby 204 White, Patricia 101, 1300 Whitely, Patricia 18, 101, 270, 286 Whittingham, Lola 280 Whooper, Victoria 404 Whyte, Caroline 312 Wiefels, Matthew 188, 190, 228, 293 Wiemer, Andrew 68 Wigder, Elle 312 Wiggins, Dee 154, 156 Wilbert, Hance 283 Wilbon, Jabari 205, 218 Wilcox, Sara 211 Wilde, Jordan 274 Wilhelm, MacKenzie 346 Williams, Aaron 205 Williams, Bobby 281 Williams, Dan 253 Williams, David 404 Williams, Eva 132 Williams, Jayla 282 Williams, Jerry 376 Williams, Jordan 316, 346 Williams, Katherine 240 Williams, Kristin 226, 282 Williams, Maxwell 346 Williams, Maya 270 Williams, Michael 283 Willis III, Gerald 147, 156 Willis, Kamille 219, 376 Willis, Nicole 315, 346 Willouer, Charlotte 211 Wilson, Ajna 80 Wilson, Christopher 310, 346 Wilson, Dean Dayle 271 Wilson, George 269, 290 Wilson, Lauren 134, 376 Wilson, Michael 112 Wilson, Miles 173 Willson, Teddy 427 Winans, Peter 249 Winer, Danielle 204, 214, 228, 315, 346 Winston, Emily 212 Winter, Ariana 41, 51, 427 Winter, Kayla 275, 309, 346 Wise, Jacob 216, 223 Wisell, Julia 204, 212, 305 Wit, Julien de 205 Witacare, Nash 280 With, Brendan 198, 275, 310 Wohl, Melissa 307, 346 Wojtowicz, Nina 260, 346 Wojtowicz, Rachel 204, 212, 310 Wokosky, Mia 204, 212, 307 Wolf, Logan 376 Wolfe, Connor 313, 346 Wolfe, John 205 Wolfson, Natalie 376 WOMEN'S BASKETBALL 174-179 WOMEN'S ULTIMATE FRISBEE 283 WOMEN’S TENNIS 182 Wong, Christopher 205, 315 Wong, Ryan 323, 376 Wood, Esteban 346 Wood, Scot 198 Woods, Eric 313 Woods, Lindsey 241 Woznick, Victoria 318 Wray, Maxwell 61, 261 Wright, Chris 57 Wright, Gennet 376 Wright, Kristen 211 Wright, Shamar 303, 346 Wright, Shawn 395 Written in My Soul 287 Wu, Anne 312, 347 Wu, Anxin 395 Wu, Hantao 317 Wu, Ryan 314, 347 Wu, Shengrong 306 Wu, Xinwen 326 Wu, Yuyang 307 Wuchty, Stefan 399 Wurie, Alieu 376 Wurtz, Megan 307 WVUM-FM 283


Xia, Melanie


Xia, Zhuyi 376 Xiao, Nanting 376 Xie, Chen 310 Xie, Kunyi 309 Xie, Yiyan 310 Xing, Liu 395 Xiong, Xiner 314 Xu, Kexin 229 Xu, Qinlin 376 Xu, Wenxi 306 Xu, Xiaonong 376


Yaffe, Lilian 400 Yan, Haoyang 316 Yan, Jiesheng 305 Yan, Wei 302 Yan, Xinyi 229, 376 Yanamala, Saketh 248 Yang, Hsin Ni 303 Yang, Muxi 323 Yang, Shoujie 317 Yang, Tingting 395 Yaniv, Grant 233, 347 Yannuzzi, Lucia 204, 211, 315 Yao, Jiangke 314 Yardeni, Jake 197, 376 Yates, Annette 204, 214 Yates, Samantha 205, 214, 318, 347 Yaya, Catherine 269 Yazici, Tuana 312, 347 Yde, Ryan 368, 376 Ye, Lingzi 309, 347 Ye, Senlin 305 Yeley, Taylor 205, 214, 233, 248, 312 Yelner, Lauren 204, 212 Yenor, Reid 247 Yerman, Lila 205, 214 Yesca, Eddy 233 Yetter-Chappell, Helen 402 Yimer, Betelhem Eshetu 376 Yin, Lu 376 Yin, Wen 395 Yip, Hilary 229, 268, 392 York, Jennifer 377 York, Sam 156 York, Samuel 377 YOUNG AND COLLEGE DEMOCRATS 276 Young, Ayanna 119 Young, Chris 301 Young, Christopher 205, 347 Young, Julie 204, 212, 213, 306 Young, Tea 306, 347 Young, Teá 204 Youssef, Alexander 199, 205 Yu, Anan 313, 347 Yu, Hao 315, 347 Yu, Haoran 377 Yu, Roxanne 167, 290, 292, 293 Yu, Xiaoteng 314 Yu, Yichu 314 Yudice, George 401 Yue, Yang 395 Yun, Chao 326 Yzaguirre, Cleofas 302


Zablan, Olivia 311 Zach, Johnathan 205 Zagon, Zachary 310 Zahnen, Kelly 25 Zaidan, Abdallah 308, 347 Zaidi, Mustafa 216 Zaken, Jonathan 48, 377 ZakiyaRashid 240 Zalta, Jack 317, 347 Zambrano, Anabella 303 Zamora, Freddy 192, 193, 195, 197 Zanaska, Steven 240 Zapata Pardo, Elena 308, 309,

347 Zarate, Julian 347 Zaruba, Oliver 258 Zashin, Zoe 377 Zauner, Anna Valdez 308, 309 Zausner, Anastasia 212, 213 Zaye, Harrison 264 Zedd 56 Zegarra, Elsa 249 Zeiman, Mallery 316 Zeineddine, Bassil 316 Zeineddine, Tamim 240 Zelda, Rafael de la 233 Zenni, Michael 205 Zenou, Oliver 316 Zerda, Michal Del La 307 ZETA BETA TAU 205, 215 ZETA PHI BETA 218 ZETA PHI BETA 220, 221 ZETA TAU ALPHA 203, 204, 208, 214 Zevallos, Nikki 300 Zeya, Conor 198, 305 Zgobki, Katie 253 Zgorski, Kathleen 347 Zgorski, Katie 204, 210 Zha, Cindy 260 Zhang, Chi 395 Zhang, Leyao 314 Zhang, Leyi 326 Zhang, Luke 314 Zhang, Qianyi 307 Zhang, Yibo 27 Zhang, Yifan 67, 427 Zhang, Yue 377, 395 Zhang, Yueyang 377 Zhang, Zeyu 316 Zhang Zheng, Xi 377 Zhao, Jiayu 305 Zhao, Zixiao 317 Zheng, Shiyi 314, 347 Zheng, Xi Zhang 35, 327 Zhong, Bill 277 Zhong, Sisi 377 Zhong, Zhenbo 316 Zhou, Anja 210, 227 Zhou, Bangjie 315 Zhou, Haomiao 377 Zhou, Jonathan 268, 377 Zhou, Yaoxin 316 Zhou, Yifan 314 Zhou, Yiyu 377 Zhu, Anan 377 Zhu, Kaiyu 314 Zhu, Weiye 310 Ziegler, Kyle 205, 315 Zigman, Annie 93, 210, 391 Zimmerman, Melanie 210, 248 Zirnkilton, Heidi 204 Zizzo, John 269, 311 Zlatkin, Rebecca 347 Zolfaghari, Hadieh 249, 347 Zonghetti, Ashley 204, 214 Zonghetti, Kyle 199 Zopluoglu, Cengiz 399 Zopluogluical, Cengiz 119 Zpolski, Mijal 213 Zuber, Marielle 261, 280 Zucker, Ezra 316 Zuiderveld, Jessie 233, 312 Zukerberg, Julia 347 Zukowski, Olivia 205, 214, 241 Zunino, Giovanni 347 Zuo, Fulin 402 Zussman, Max 205

meet the






GREEKS EDITOR Madison Ramirez




PR MANAGER Paige Petrille

Nhat Nguyen Mona Zhang


Ashley Levine


Daniella Cancel Ariana Winter


Susan Rieger PHOTO EDITORS Kristian Del Rosario

Vedasta Masangu

Jackie Abreu

Daniel Palma


Yifan Zhang Jeffrey Doucette

Haley Nepple


Hadieh Zolfaghari Amrutha Chethikattil Reece Marcelle

AWARD WINNING Senior Madison George, juniors Amanda Delgado and Morgan Thomson, seniors Kaitlin Castillo and Casey Lue, sophomore Annie Kyriakidis, Randy Stano and senior Teresa Lee take a picture with their Pinacle Awards in Louisville, Kentucky. Photo by Jackie Abreu



Izabella Felpeto

QUICK BREAK At the southernmost point, junior Morgan Thomson, sophomore Annie Kyriakidis and juniors Paige Petrille and Yifan Zhang stop to take a photo before going back on the street to design two spreads by their deadline. Photo by

VICTORY WALK Alizé Ramirez-Cañas, Randy Stano, Stephanie Sherman, Teddy Willson, Joey Haas, Isabella Vaccaro, Madison George, Izabella Felpeto, Vee Masangu, Casey Lue and Morgan Thomson visit Columbia University in New York after Ibis won a Gold Crown Award. Photo by Rory Kotch

WEST COAST Distraction Magazine staffers Isabella Vaccaro and Teddy Wilson with Randy Stano, Demi Rafuls and Ibis staffers Torrey Mahall and Vee Masangu in La Jolla, California. Photo by Morgan Thomson


Morgan Thomson

WINNER'S CIRCLE At the Kentucky Derby Museum, senior Casey Lue and junior Morgan Thomson learn about the derby. Photo by Morgan Thomson

JOIN STUDENT MEDIA Junior Paige Petrille gives out information at the Student Media Expo. Photo by Morgan Thomson



does it mean to be a











does it mean to be a

'Cane? To

care for





Being a

'Cane family being a




Showing school

spirit as well as

being a




Alma Mater

Southern suns and sky blue water, Smile upon you, Alma Mater; Mistress of this fruitful land, With all knowledge at your hand, Always just, to honor true All our love we pledge to you. Alma Mater, Stand forever, On Biscayne's wondrous shore.

THE ULTIMATE 'CANE Sebastian the Ibis dons his Iron Arrow Honor Society jacket at the Homecoming football game against Duke to celebrate the university's traditions. Photo by Kristian DelRosario


COLOPHON The Ibis is the official yearbook of the University of Miami and is staffed entirely by students. Its editorial content does not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Miami. It is a fall delivery yearbook that covers the period between June 2018 and June 2019. Students were identified by year at the time of page production. The 2019 Ibis is 432 full-color pages with a press run of 4,500. It features seven sections: lifestyles, academics, sports, greeks, organizations, people and closing. All pages were printed on 100 pound glossy enamel stock. Apple Macintosh OS X computers using Adobe Creative Cloud software (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Bridge) were used to design and submit all pages. Pages were submitted electronically via Balfour Tools Adobe extension. Student portraits within the people section were taken by Lifetouch Studios on campus by Mike Ellis. Current event photos in the lifestyles section were provided by MCT Campus/Tribune Content Agency. The Ibis holds membership in Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association. The 2018 Ibis was awarded 58 Gold Circles. It has also been named a Yearbook Pacemaker Finalist by the ACP. Nexa Slab, Nexa Script and Gotham served as the major fonts. Headlines varied between all fonts at a range of point sizes and weights. Subheads were set in Gotham Bold at 13 pt. on 14 pt. leading. Body copy was set in Gotham Book at 8.5 pt. on 12 pt. leading. Bylines were in Gotham Black and Gotham Medium at 7 pt. on 10 pt. leading. Captions were Gotham Book at 8 pt. over 10 pt. leading. Photography credits were in Gotham Book Italic at 7 pt. over 10 pt. leading. Folio sections and topics were in Nexa Slab Black and Gotham Bold respectively at 10.5 pt and 10 pt. The folio page numbers were in Nexa Slab Heavy at 18 pt. The 2019 Ibis was printed by Balfour Publishing Company in Dallas, Texas. The cover was designed by Casey Lue, and the cover graphics were embossed and UV varnished. The endsheets were designed by Casey Lue and printed in full color.

Further inquiries regarding the Ibis should be directed to: IBIS YEARBOOK 1330 Miller Drive, Suite 200 Coral Gables, Florida 33146 — OR — P.O. Box 248121 Coral Gables, Florida 33124 305-284-2994 www.ibisyearbook.com RANDY STANO Editorial Adviser 305-284-2285 rstano@miami.edu STEVE PRIEPKE Financial Adviser 305-284-2211 spriepke@miami.edu BALFOUR PUBLISHING 800-677-2800 www.balfour.com

STEPHANIE SHERMAN Balfour Publishing Rep. 407-709-1959 shermanstephanie4@gmail.com ROBERT PORTER Balfour Publishing Account Executive 800-708-6641 robert.porter@balfour.com STEVE FERGUSON Balfour Publishing Senior Representative 727-546-3552 yearbookman@aol.com LIFETOUCH NATIONAL School Studios, Inc. 800-334-1531 www.lifetouch.com


19 100 80 10


0 94 79 0


0 67 91 0


44 2 100 0


0 22 97 0


25 0 89 0


75 0 100 0


100 0 76 22


100 34 99 40


89 76 0 0


31 84 0 0


80 46 63 33


50 25 0 55


87 41 30 4


72 0 21 0


0 79 46 0


40 0 15 0


90 0 42 0


WELCOME TO THE ‘U’ The class of 2021 gathers to form a “U” on the intramural field during Orientation. In the fall semester, 2,366 freshmen and 609 transfers were enrolled. Photo by Jenny Abreu

XXX BB 1 16/32







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