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Stay Balanced Dr. Jonathan Wright explains bioidentical hormone replacement for women

The long and short of it - Noel Patton discusses telomeres and TA65® MSH: It’s not ‘just’ a tanning hormone Dr Ward Dean answers your questions ia


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inhibits its intrinsic carcinogenic actions. In order to best approximate the natural premenopausal hormonal environment, it’s best to take estradiol and estriol, and occasionally estrone.

Conventional HRT: At Odds with Nature Contrary to most conventional doctors’ erroneous belief, safe and effective use of BHRT demands a philosophical approach to medicine that is probably alien to what they have been taught throughout their entire careers. The key misconception was clearly expressed by the author of a review of “hormone” replacement regimens: “The aim of any [conventional] hormonal treatment of postmenopausal women is not to restore the physiological serum levels occurring in ovulatory cycles of fertile women, but to prevent or improve complaints and symptoms caused by estrogen deficiency.” (Italics added) That pretty much says it all. The conventional medical approach – see a symptom, suppress a symptom with a patented drug – is at odds with Nature and completely inappropriate for BHRT. In the conventional view, whatever might be causing those symptoms is typically of secondary concern; as long as the treatment works and is not too toxic, it is deemed acceptable. The way the FDA’s drug approval process is structured, the treatment need not be better or safer than a natural or bio-identical alternative; it only needs to be more efficacious at removing said complaints and symptoms and not significantly more toxic than an inactive dummy drug, or placebo, the proverbial “sugar pill” (although they’re usually not made of sugar any more).

Getting the Most Out of BHRT By Jonathan Wright, M.D.

It’s Simple Really: Just Follow Mother Nature’s Hormone Recipe Many doctors and patients think they are using genuine BHRT just by taking pills containing bio-identical estradiol and progesterone. Although estradiol is the primary estrogen produced by the premenopausal ovary, normal metabolic processes eventually result in three primary circulating estrogens: estriol, estradiol, and estrone. Estradiol is the most potent and most carcinogenic of these and also comprises less than 10% of the total circulating estrogen. When women “replace” deficient ovarian hormones with 100% estradiol, they can distort the natural balance of circulating estrogens, and there’s no guarantee that their natural metabolic processes will produce sufficient estriol to counteract the inherent carcinogenicity of estradiol and the estrone, which the body does form from estradiol. In true BHRT, potentially carcinogenic estradiol – in its natural physiologic proportions (10% or less) – is balanced by relatively high doses of the more benign, anti-carcinogenic estriol, which


Rather than merely suppressing hot flushes using any patent medicine or pseudo-hormone that seems to work, the primary goal of BHRT is to restore a hormonal environment as close to the natural, premenopausal state as possible. BHRT requires that we follow the hormonal recipe Mother Nature has worked out over millions of years of evolution in the human female. The closer that recipe is followed, the happier and healthier you will be. If symptoms are caused by an imbalance in a complex, integrated physiologic system, like the one that controls sex steroid secretion and activity, rather than ignoring and/or overriding that control – as conventional treatments almost always do – natural medicine aims to restore the natural balance of hormones to which the body is accustomed. Since menopausal complaints and symptoms are largely a result of a “hormone deficiency,” once that deficiency is resolved by replacing the deficient hormones with bio-identical copies, the complaints and symptoms generally go away of their own accord. There is no need to suppress them artificially. This may seem like a subtle distinction, but when it comes to the overall health of women using hormone replacement, it makes all the difference in the world. Maximizing the value of BHRT requires that doctors have a real appreciation of the way these hormones are metabolized and how much the body actually needs and can safely handle at any one time. Using too little may yield unsatisfactory results, while using too much may carry unacceptable risks. In this regard, what often gets lost in the translation from conventional HRT to BHRT is any serious attention to the dose, timing, route of administration, and metabolic processing of the replacement hormones. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

If BHRT has any disadvantages, it is that it asks women to do more than just pop a pill every morning. It also requires doctors to pay close attention to their patients’ doses and hormone levels, and to make sure those hormones are safely metabolized. Thirty years of experience with BHRT have taught us that close attention to these and other factors is essential if women are to achieve the highest degrees of safety and effectiveness from BHRT. Proper use of BHRT demands: • The correct mix of human bio-identical hormones • The optimal amount of each hormone • Taking hormones by the safest, most natural route • Approximating the natural timing of hormone secretion • Close monitoring levels of hormones and metabolites for safety

What’s the Best Way to Take Bio-Identical Hormones? You can take bio-identical hormones via one of several routes: • Oral capsules. Nothing unusual here. Like most patented medicines and nutritional supplements, just swallow compounded bio-identical hormone capsules and the body does the rest, although as we shall see, not always for the best. Oral administration of steroid hormones has distinct disadvantages, as discussed below. • Creams or gels. You can rub hormone-containing creams or gels into your skin (transdermal), or preferably your vaginal mucosa or labia (transmucosal or transvaginal). Based on more than 25 years of personal experience at the Tahoma Clinic, we have found these topical methods (especially transmucosal) to be the preferred ways of using bio-identical hormones, especially if they are personally formulated by a compounding pharmacist. • Suppositories. You insert the hormone, formed into a suppository by a compounding pharmacist, either in the vagina or the rectum for rapid transmucosal absorption. • Lozenges (troches). You allow the hormone-containing lozenge to dissolve in your mouth, but try not to swallow, so that a large portion of the hormones get absorbed directly into your blood stream through the mucous membranes that line your mouth. This method, which is technically considered to be a transmucosal method of administration, is designed to avoid having the hormones pass through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The problem is that, due to normal saliva formation, it can be hard not to swallow and usually 50% or more of the hormone winds up getting into your GI tract anyway. • Sublingual (under-the-tongue) drops. The same logic as lozenges. Oral administration works reasonably well for some drugs and nutritional supplements, but for replacement of sex steroids, oral administration can seriously detract from their optimal use. In fact, oral administration of steroid hormones is Exhibit A when it comes to demonstrating how profitability trumps safety and efficacy. To prove our point that taking sex steroids by mouth may not be the best idea, all we have to do is look again at the way the human body is designed.

Running the GI-Liver Gauntlet Now, if Mother Nature had only thought to locate the ovaries in the stomach or some other part of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, it might make sense for women to take their hormone replacements by mouth. With ovaries inside the GI tract, the body would certainly have evolved a way to process them safely and efficiently so that everything worked out the way it was supposed to. Of course, the ovaries are not inside the GI tract; they’re located in the pelvic region of the lower abdomen, outside the GI tract, and connected to the uterus and vagina via the fallopian tubes. In this location, the ovaries have direct access to the circulatory system via a pelvic plexus of veins, which delivers their hormone secretions to estrogen-, progesterone-, and testosterone-sensitive cells all over the body. Viewed from this perspective, taking hormones by mouth is just about the most unnatural way imaginable for sex steroids to gain entry to the body. In fact, simulating ovarian hormone secretion by delivering bio-identical hormones in physiologic amounts directly into the bloodstream is a lot simpler than we might imagine. Hormones, carefully measured and formulated in an appropriate cream or gel, need only be rubbed once or twice a day into the skin, or preferably, mucous (epithelial) membranes, especially those that line the labia or vagina. The hormones diffuse through the skin or epithelial tissue and pass easily and directly into the bloodstream. With no destructive detours through the GI tract and liver, bio-identical estrogens and progesterone applied topically enter the blood stream metabolically unchanged. When you apply estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone topically it is estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone that go into your blood stream. Admittedly, this may take a little more effort than popping a pill in the morning, but the advantages are substantial!

Intravaginal Dosing Avoids “Dermal Absorption Fatigue” Experience has shown us that intravaginal application offers more than merely theoretical advantages. At the Tahoma Clinic, we monitor the 24-hour urinary hormone levels of women using BHRT at regular intervals to make certain their levels are within their individual physiologic “target range.” Over several years, this monitoring has shown us that, in many women using transdermal estrogen preparations, urinary estrogen levels begin to decline progressively, suggesting that they are absorbing less and less estrogen through their skin as time goes by. However, we have found that when we switch the route of administration from transdermal to transvaginal – without altering the dose – their urinary levels rise right back up to their target range, and any symptoms of low estrogen they might have been experiencing quickly disappear. We attribute this loss of effect of transdermal administration to a factor we term “dermal absorption fatigue:” repeated transdermal applications over many months seem to cause the skin to lose some of its ability to transport the hormones into the blood stream. Why this happens remains a mystery, but we know it does, and we know that switching to intravaginal dosing avoids it. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Progesterone: Never Take Estrogen without It

take them. Here are a few examples that I’ve heard over the years:

Quantities of topical progesterone, can vary from 25 to 30 milligrams (after menopause) and up to 50 to 100 milligrams (during the menopausal transition), depending on each woman’s age and response. Progesterone is typically started on days 10 to 15 of the cycle and continued through day 25, as noted below.

• “I just take Premarin® every day, no pauses.”

DHEA: Help Restore Testosterone Levels DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is an androgen secreted by the adrenal glands. Like testosterone, DHEA levels decline with age, so most women of menopausal age (or even younger) would do well to replace this hormone, too. It is my observation that DHEA replacement is essential for maintaining optimum immune function and for helping to reduce the risk of cancer. A daily schedule is recommended when replacing DHEA, because the adrenals secrete DHEA daily (not cyclically, like estrogen and progesterone). Since women’s bodies metabolize DHEA into testosterone, I frequently delay testosterone replacement until tests show whether DHEA is restoring their testosterone levels to normal. A reasonable, conservative starting dose of DHEA for most women is 15 milligrams per day, although for a few women, follow-up testing may indicate that the daily dose needs to be raised to 30 milligrams. Like progesterone, OTC versions of DHEA are also available. However, these are presently all oral capsules. Continuing clinical observation is persuading me that the transdermal or transmucosal route is best for all steroid hormones, even DHEA. I write prescriptions for topical DHEA, both because I have a greater trust in the standard material available through compounding pharmacists, and because, at present no OTC topical DHEA products are available.

Testosterone: Women Need it too, but at Much Lower Doses If testing shows that a woman’s DHEA is not getting metabolized to produce sufficient testosterone, she can also take testosterone (at an average dose of 5 10 milligrams daily). It’s very important to remember that women require a fraction of the testosterone that men do. Thus, patented products containing bio-identical testosterone – patches or gels – designed for men are completely inappropriate – and dangerous – for women. The only option for women at the present time is testosterone formulated by a compounding pharmacist. A good starting topical dose for women is 2.5 milligrams per day. A woman’s body will metabolize much of this testosterone into estrogens, so follow-up testing is mandatory to be sure that levels of both hormones are “just right” – neither too high nor too low.

• “My doctor told me to take Premarin® and Provera® on weekdays and not on weekends.” • “I’ve used the ‘estrogen patch’ every few days for the last year or more.” • “My doctor says my uterus is gone [surgically removed], so cycling hormones isn’t important anymore.” We all know that Nature works in cycles. Ovaries don’t secrete estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone on weekdays, but take the weekends off; nor do they secrete hormones continuously for months or years without ever pausing. When a woman starts BHRT, we try to mimic as closely as possible the timing of the full menstrual cycles she experienced during her earlier years. Of course, as every woman knows, “period” length varies from one woman to another; for some the typical period may be 26 days, for others 32. We ask her to think back to her early 30s, while her periods were still regular, and tell us approximately how long they were. We then use that number of days as a starting point to modify the schedule shown in Figure 9-6. However, many women find it simpler and more practical to work with a “regular” 30-day calendar. Since she is no longer menstruating, the date she chooses to start her BHRT cycle is arbitrary. Her job is to keep track of the days she starts and stops each hormone. She can do this by crossing off days on a calendar or any other method she might find convenient. The exact pattern should always be specified by the pharmacist right on the prescription. While estrogen cycling is pretty straightforward, the pattern for progesterone can be a bit more complicated. This is because progesterone’s functions (despite what conventional medicine preaches) go beyond merely “opposing” estrogen activities. In addition to its role in the menstrual cycle, the body uses some progesterone as the basis for making a whole other class of steroids that include cortisone, aldosterone, and many others. So when progesterone production drops, so does the production of these other important hormones. Although our basic schedule calls for adding progesterone midway through the “cycle,” some women find they feel much better with continuous progesterone. For these women, we have found that we can modify their regimen by adding a small amount of progesterone (e.g., 10-20 milligrams per day), depending on whether she is having a “bleeding cycle” or not. The highest daily dose of progesterone – about 25 to 50 milligrams – should be used during the “luteal phase”. If she needs to use it the rest of the month, a “step-down” dose of about 10 milligrams per day should be adequate.

Are Monthly Menstrual Periods Really Timing Hormone Replacement According Necessary? Are They Desirable? to Nature’s Clock An important principle of natural medicine is to prescribe the Women who use conventional HRT are given all sorts of misinformation about the “hormones” they are taking, including when to


least amount of a substance necessary to do the job. Following this principle, many practitioners of natural medicine (including // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

myself) recommend sufficient hormones to eliminate menopausal symptoms and to provide protection against osteoporosis, heart and blood vessel disease, senile dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but not enough to induce a monthly menstrual period.

“...Nature works in cycles. Ovaries don’t secrete estrogens, progesterone, and testosterone on weekdays, but take the weekends off...” Some proponents of BHRT advocate taking high doses of estradiol in order to induce a monthly “menstrual period” (with no ovulation, of course). They claim that this assures that the body is getting enough estrogen to provide its other benefits, that it is advantageous to “flush” the uterus on a regular basis, and that it may also help women feel more “youthful.” The only research on this topic so far failed to support any health value of inducing a monthly period in postmenopausal women. A five-year study (during which routine endometrial biopsies were done to look for cancer cells) of women using estrogen and progesterone on a cyclic basis found no cancer cells in either the women who had monthly bleeding or those who did not .

Monitoring Hormone Levels for Safety Saliva, Blood, or Urine Testing? Saliva Testing: Inexpensive, Convenient, and Highly Unreliable Saliva tests are commonly available by mail order, through some compounding pharmacies, or some physicians. In the basic saliva test, you fill a small bottle with saliva, seal it and send it off to a laboratory for testing, and the results are sent to your doctor. The primary advantage of saliva tests for hormone levels is that they are relatively inexpensive, noninvasive, and convenient, because they can be done from home without having to go to a doctor’s office or lab. On the other hand, you get what you pay for. Saliva testing may provide some useful information about sex steroid levels for younger women who are not using BHRT, but of the three major test modalities, it is certainly the least reliable. Let’s get one important point about saliva testing out of the way right now. Saliva testing is not useful for women on BHRT, because it is very likely to indicate “sky high” hormone levels that bear no relation to their actual physiologic levels and may falsely suggest a hormone overdose. Blood Testing: Sometimes Useful but Difficult to Interpret We’ve all had blood tests, and the procedure for hormone blood tests is no different. Blood tests can measure levels of total estradiol, estrone, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA in serum (the liquid portion of blood); they can be relatively accurate for women whether or not they are on BHRT. However, interpretation of hormone levels based on blood tests must be done carefully, because levels may vary depending on the timing of the test.

After menopause, women usually take their replacement hormones once or twice a day. Either way, the hormones do not circulate throughout your body at steady levels (unless you’re using a “patch”). Thus, the results of a blood test will depend on when you took your replacement hormones relative to the time your blood was drawn. Blood tests are also can’t even find the important anti-carcinogenic estriol, which is always present in urine in pre-menopausal women, and most frequently in amounts greater than estradiol or estrone. One researcher found that estriol gets “cleared” from the blood very rapidly, within a few minutes to slightly over an hour. 24-Hour Urine Testing: The “Gold Standard” Because sex steroids are excreted in the urine, urine collection is without doubt the oldest and most reliable method of collecting steroid hormones, dating back thousands of years to Chinese emperors, not to mention still serving as the source for Premarin®. Although conventional doctors rarely use urine assays for measuring steroid hormones, they have known about their advantages for decades. According to one standard medical textbook, “Urinary assays are considered to reflect the secretory activity of the endocrine glands … [and] to provide clinical information that can reflect the production rates of these steroids.” Unlike the small urine sample most of us are used to giving for a typical urinalysis, urine collected to measure hormone levels is collected over 24 consecutive hours in a large bottle. In other words, for one full day, you are asked to urinate into a bottle. Not only does this method even out all the peaks and valleys that complicate analysis of blood test results, it also facilitates the measurement of “unbound” (ie, “free”) levels of estradiol, estrone, estriol, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA. Urine testing does not measure protein-bound hormones, which comprise the largest portion of “total” hormone production but are functionally irrelevant. Without a doubt, 24-hour urinary collection is the preferred method of measuring sex steroid hormone levels, the “gold standard.” Moreover, this method is accurate for all women, whether or not they are on BHRT, unlike saliva testing. In women just starting BHRT, we usually recommend a 24-hour urine test every 3 to 6 months, until acceptable, stable levels of all hormones are achieved. 24-Hour urine collections are also preferable for two other reasons. First, they give the careful physician so much more information, including whether the hormones taken as BHRT are getting metabolized to mostly “safe” metabolites including estriol (anti-carcinogenic), 2-methoxyestradiol (very, very anti-carcinogenic), and 4-hydroxyestrone (pro-carcinogenic). Second, the expense for capturing a 24-hour urine “picture” of 25 to 30 metabolites of the hormones administered as BHRT is very much lower than checking for all these metabolites in blood. In fact, as noted above, many of these metabolites can’t even be measured with standard blood tests. This article is edited and adapted from Chapter 9 of ‘Stay Young and Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormones” (2010) by Jonathan V. Wright M.D. and Lane Lenard Ph.D. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:



With Esnatri & Progesterone

Mother Nature’s Balancing Act Brought to you by IAS and Dr. Jonathan Wright

The most famous advocate of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Dr. Jonathan Wright has formulated his unique Esnatri cream to exactly mimic nature’s own ratios of estrogen which must be used in combination with Progesterone. Dr. Jonathan Wright

Progesterone Natural 2500mg 50ml Cream - $29.99 Esnatri Cream Natural triple estrogens 100mg 50ml Jar - $49.99 Visit today for much more information Restrictions may apply in some countries. All information is educational and does not replace your physicians and is subject to IAS terms and conditions which may change without notice.

The long and short of it An interview with Noel Thomas Patton about telomeres and TA-65® In this interview, the Founder and Chairman of TA Sciences, Mr. Noel Thomas Patton discusses the role of telomeres, health, longevity and TA-65® with Phil Micans PM: “Thank you Noel for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk a bit about telomeres and your unique product TA-65®. Now I don’t want to start with a controversial question! But a lot of people in the industry know that you paid a considerable amount of money to get the rights for the TA-65 ingredient/ function from California biotech company Geron Corp; what was it that excited you about the product to do that?”

NTP: “Sure, telomeres are the protective end caps of your chromosomes. Telomeres are made of repetitive sequences of DNA and act like the protective plastic tips at the ends of a shoelace. But with each cell division, telomeres get shorter and damaged until eventually they get too short and the cell either dies or becomes senescent. So telomere length directly correlates to the age of our cells, they are the ticking clocks of cellular aging.”

NTP: “I originally got interested when I realized I was aging and I wanted to do something about it! I had learned about telomeres being the ticking clock in our cells and that an enzyme called telomerase can lengthen short telomeres. So when I heard that Geron had discovered something proven to extend telomeres, I went after it with a passion. To be quite honest, at first I just wanted to save my own aging ‘derriere’.” PM: “Perhaps we should just backtrack for our readers; could I ask you to describe what telomeres are?”

PM: “It is a scientific fact telomeres shorten with age and are associated with most diseases of aging. So what do we know now about the types of improvements we can expect if // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


telomeres are kept in a ‘longer’ condition?” NTP: “As you say, telomere shortening is linked to aging as well as lifestyle factors such as stress. Shortened telomeres are believed to be the root cause of a whole group of diseases named by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn as Telomere Syndrome diseases. Telomere Syndrome diseases include both heart disease and cancer. Theoret-

“Telomere lengths differ from person to person based on inheritance, different lifestyle factors, and age. We do have general guidelines for dosing in relation to age, but most people can benefit by taking 1-2 capsules per day.” ically, longer telomeres should lead to a longer lifespan, but more importantly, we believe that longer telomeres should lead to extending quality of life as we age.” PM: “And has TA65 been shown to improve telomere length in humans?” NTP: “TA-65 has been independently proven in three published studies to transiently activate telomerase. Our research shows TA-65 can safely and effectively lengthen short telomeres. PM: “I understand that TA-65 is a single natural molecule that comes from the Chinese medicinal herb astragalus. Is it not possible to simply consume the herb or buy a low cost extract and achieve the same results?” NTP: “There are thousands of molecules in astragalus, one of which is TA-65. Through our proprietary process, we are able to extract, refine and purify the bulk plant material so we end up with just the TA-65 molecule. Many people take a daily general astragalus supplement, but you would be lucky to find 0.01% (one hundredth of one percent) TA-65 in an astragalus extract supplement. Basically, unless you actually take TA-65, you would not get any useful amount TA-65 at all.” 10

PM: “You recommend different doses for different people, between 1 to 4 caps a day, can you tell us a bit about that?” NTP: “Telomere lengths differ from person to person based on inheritance, different lifestyle factors, and age. We do have general guidelines for dosing in relation to age, but most people can benefit by taking 1-2 capsules per day. We do recommend 4 caps per day for individuals over 65 years old, but we have consumers who suspect they have shorter than normal telomeres taking 4 caps per days even in their 40’s.” PM: “You say “suspect,” but is it possible for individuals to actually get their telomere length tested? If it is, what do you recommend?” NTP: “There are a few tests available out there. The most important thing to know is how many ’short‘ telomeres you have, since those are the ones that put you at risk. There are three companies offering short telomere testing. The Spanish company Life Length offers a blood based test and two American companies, TelomeHealth and TelomeMe offer saliva based tests.” PM: “TA-65 has been on the market now for several years. Have there been any side effects or contraindications noted? In particular, could you comment on the concern that since cancer cells have telomerase permanently turned on that a telomerase activator might cause or accelerate cancer?” NTP: “TA-65 has been on the market for 6 years. There have been no detrimental side effects reported. In fact, the feedback we receive has been very positive and encouraging; to hear that TA-65 is helping many individuals. Regarding cancer, there is a big difference between permanent activation of telomerase which is the situation in cancer cells and transient (short term) activation which is what happens with TA-65. As I said, cancer cells have telomerase activated permanently and that makes cancer cells immortal. You cannot make something immortal more immortal. So there is no scientific basis to support the idea that a telomerase activator like TA-65 would have an effect on immortal // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

cancer cells. However, TA-65 has been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system and a rejuvenated, stronger immune system is important for people undergoing cancer treatment.” PM: “One doesn’t have to look very long on the internet to find others that claim that their supplement extends telomeres- what do you have to say about that?” NTP: “TA-65 is the only product on the market that has been proven to activate telomerase and lengthen short telomeres. In any case, if someone is thinking of buying some other product, they should first demand to see human safety and efficacy tests. As far as I know, no other product except TA-65 has been tested on humans for safety and efficacy.” PM: “No one can deny that TA-65 remains an expensive supplement. Can you offer any advice for the individual who wants to use it to protect their telomeres without having to consume it daily? Could they combine it with other substances that may support and enhance its effects?”

are lower, my bone density is stronger, and my executive cognitive function is faster. My vision has improved and for the first time in my adult life I actually had to change my glasses prescription to a

“TA-65 has been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system and a rejuvenated, stronger immune system is important for people undergoing cancer treatment.”

lower number. These are objective measurements done by third parties. Subjectively, I notice myself not getting sick as often. My sexual performance and tennis game has improved. In general I have more vitality.” PM: “Do you believe that longer telomeres may relate to longer life too?”

NTP: “Certainly longer telomeres allow cells to live longer. And we are made up of trillions of cells. While there are no studies that have looked at human life extension for a telomerase activator NTP: “We recommend 4 caps per day for older people or those tested to have short telomeres and (that would take decades and millions of dollars), I personally believe that lengthening telomeres can admittedly that is expensive. But at any age, one a day combined with a healthy lifestyle and omega 3 have a profound effect on the length of the human health span, the number of years we can remain fatty acids can have a significant impact.” active, productive, and being able to truly enjoy PM: “I can imagine that you as an individual life.” may have been using TA-65 for longer than just PM: “Thank you Noel, I think you’ve given our about anyone else. How or what difference do readers a really useful insight into this remarkayou feel it has made for you?” ble product.” NTP: “Blood testing has shown a positive impact NTP: “My pleasure Phil.” on my immune system. My homocysteine levels // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


TA65 The World’s First Proven Telomerase Activator

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Animal studies have shown that shorter telomeres equate to a shorter life and poorer health. Clinical studies confirm that TA65 can lengthen the shortest telomeres in humans. Available online at Restrictions may apply in some countries. All information is educational and does not replace your physicians and is subject to IAS terms and conditions which may change without notice.

Enhanced appearance, libido, and health with the all-natural tanning hormone, MSH2Pro™ By Dr. Richard Lippman

“If you look five years out, most of these meetings will be about [natural] therapies.” Mario Sznol, M.D. Recently, Dr. Ruger M. Perlmutter, head of research and development at Merck & Co. Inc. said, “I think all of you will recognize this is a special moment [in medical research].” He made this dramatic statement to a standing room only audience at a traditional pharmaceutical meeting in New York. What inspired the esteemed Dr. Perlmutter was a recently uncovered strategy to conquer diseases and aging that cannot be achieved by traditional drugs. This new strategy seeks to stimulate a body’s biologic systems. It is significantly superior to treating

patients with harmful drugs that indiscriminately attack both healthy and sick cells and cause serious side effects. This strategy uses a short protein chain of 6 to 9 amino acids in length that trigger the body’s key receptor sites. One such site is located in the melanocyte cells of our skin. These cells cause our skin to naturally tan. This is an all-natural process because melanocyte cells also cause natural pigmenting in brown- and dark-skinned people with and without sunlight. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Enhanced tanning with MSH2-Pro™

health (1), libido (2, 3), and physical appearance (1) without risky and painful injections. MSH2-Pro™ is a natural, cutting-edge, aging-prevention spray that—when combined with the body’s endogenous anabolic hormones—will increase the repair and rejuvenation of the body’s cells and organs.

Scientists have developed a new protein chain of amino acids that induces our melanocyte cells to produce the tanning pigment, melanin. To this end, we have achieved what many deemed impossible, namely an all-natural tanning spray product we call MSH2-Pro™. Unlike other tanning products, it does Testimonials not need to be injected with cumbersome and uncomfortable needles because we’ve made it available “I used MSH2-Pro™ only once or twice weekly, and I experienced a lovely tan all over my body without as a convenient nasal-spray bottle. the need for sunbathing.” W.B., Arizona

A breakthrough in enhancing libido

MSH2-Pro™ also increases libido since it contains a cutting-edge proprietary mixture that helps people to gather and meet and embrace their sex lives with greater gusto and togetherness (1), especially when combined with our other libido enhancers, such as our short-protein nasal-spray Oxy-Pro™ (2, 3). Both of these need only be sprayed once daily in one side of the nose.

“I have been lying in a hospital bed for months without proper sunlight for my health. As a result, I have been using Vitamin D3 supplements as a substitute for the healing rays of sunlight. Then I discovered MSH2-Pro™, and my body became lightly tan after a half-dozen sprays in my nostrils. Thanks for a great product.” J.H., Hawaii

The benefits of MSH2-Pro™ are:

“Your wonderful spray, MSH2-Pro™, gave me a great tan in the middle of a cold and dark Swedish winter. Thank you.” S.L., Sweden

a. No needles are necessary


b. It helps with weight loss by reducing appetite

1. Hertoghe, Thierry. 2010. The Hormone Handbook, Vol. 2, International Medical Pub., Surrey, England.

c. It also helps to promote tanning without harmful sunlight in the completely natural way that Mother Nature intended

2. Hertoghe, Thierry. 2010. Passion, Sex, and Long d. It can be used by both men and women who desire Life, International Medical Pub., Surrey, England. enhanced sexual arousal and increased libido (1). 3. King, S.H., Mayorov A.V., Balse-Srinivasan P., Hruby V.J., Vanderah T.W., Wessells H. “Melanoe. It works in synergy with other anabolic horcortin Receptors, Melanotropic Peptides and Penile mones such as growth hormone or GHRP6 (ReleasErection.”. Curr Top Med Chem. 7 (11): 1098–1106, ing-Pro™) and IGF-1 to repair and rejuvenate the 2007. body, especially during REM sleep (1). When used properly with a 10 IU spray-dose daily, MSH2-Pro™ is significantly beneficial especially when compared to synthetic drugs. (For the technically interested, please see the addendum below).

Conclusion Even large pharmaceutical companies will agree that natural protein chains of amino acids are the healing vanguard of the future! We encourage you to add these newly recognized natural substances to your arsenal. MSH2-Pro™ will significantly enhance 14

MSH2-Pro™ addendum Chemical: MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone) Ingredients: 5 ml solution with a total of 500 IUs (International Units) Properties: The melanocyte-stimulating hormones (collectively referred to as MSH) are a class of polypeptide hormones that are produced by melanocyte cells, often in the intermediate lobe of the pituitary gland. During aging, MSH and its receptors decrease, thus causing some of the pale whiteness seen // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

in many seniors, including those who are naturally dark-skinned.

Interactions: MSH is not known to be incompatible with any other medicine.

MSH stimulates the production and release of melanin (melanogenesis) by melanocytes in skin and hair. Occasionally, MSH signals increased appetite (ghrelin) and sexual arousal.

Side Effects: Side effects of a general nature are related to the nasal hypertensive activity described under ‘caution’. With normal doses, these are very mild or non-existent. Occasionally, it may produce rhinorrhea and nasal itchiness, headaches, conjunctivitis, sore throat, nausea, abdominal pain or the urgent need to defecate as a result of increased peristalsis.

An increase in MSH will cause skin darkening (hyperpigmentation) in humans. Melanocyte-stimulating hormones and estrogens increase naturally in humans during pregnancy, causing increased pigmentation. As a result of excess of the adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), Cushing’s syndrome may also result in hyperpigmentation, such as acanthosis nigricans in the axilla (darkening of the armpits). Most people with primary Addison’s disease exhibit darkening of the skin, including areas not exposed to the sun; characteristic sites are skin creases, e.g. on the hands, nipples, and on the inside of the cheek (buccal mucosa) and gums. New scars become hyperpigmented, whereas older ones do not darken. This occurs because melanocyte-stimulating hormones (MSH) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) share the same precursor molecule, pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC). Also, in some adrenal-deficient people lacking cortisol, ACTH becomes overactive and causes dotted pigmentation (freckling) of the skin. Different levels of MSH are not the major cause of racial variation in skin color. However, in many red-headed people, fair-skinned people, and seniors who do not tan well, there are fewer hormone receptors, causing them to poorly respond to MSH in the blood. Thus, MSH2-Pro™ will not produce tanning in every person. Directions: Apply one spray to one nostril only once daily (each spray is 10 IU). The maximum daily allowance for adults is 50 IU. The maximum dosage to be given at one time is 20 IU. Check blood pressure. Caution: Although the hypertensive action of MSH is minimal when applied intra-nasally and in normal doses, it should be administered with caution if increased blood pressure is to be avoided. In cases of hypertension, advanced arteriosclerosis and epilepsy, this product should be administered with caution. Contraindications: Coronary insufficiency; halothane or cyclopropane anesthetic.

Intoxication and its treatment: Symptoms of intoxication appear following the taking of very high doses, causing gastrointestinal upsets, intestinal hypermotility, increased blood pressure, collapse, stenocardiac disorders, cold sweats, pallor, problems in renal functioning, convulsions if there is already a predisposition, (for example, in the cases of epilepsy and ecampsia), and eventual uterine tetanization if taken during pregnancy. Treatment- Symptomatic therapy is only necessary in extreme cases: control of the circulatory system, or the hydrosaline metabolism and diuresis. Presentation and use: 5 ml spray bottle. (1) Remove cap and squeeze 3 times before the first spray. (2) Introduce the spray bottle vertically into one nostril and squeeze once. The patient should then inhale gently. (3) Replace cap after use. Each spray delivers 10 IU; there is a total of 500 IU in a 5ml bottle. Storage: The preparation may be kept at room temperature providing it is in a cool and dry place out of sunlight; it can also be kept in the cooler part of a fridge (i.e. the door). Once opened, use and throw away after one month. Precautions: Keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children. This product is not intended for use by pregnant or lactating women. This information does not replace your physician’s advice, always seek and follow your physician’s advice.

“I used MSH2-Pro™ only once or twice weekly, and I experienced a lovely tan all over my body without the need for sunbathing.” // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:



NO PROBLEM MSH2-Pro™ Gives You An All Over Tan Just one or two sprays daily help produce a natural all over tan - without the need to expose the skin to direct sunlight or to have injections.

MSH2 Also: · Reduces appetite and increases libido · Works synergistically with the other hormones to rejuvenate cells and organs

MSH2-Pro™ 5 ml 500 IU nasal spray $69.99 Restrictions may apply in some countries. All information is educational and does not replace your physicians and is subject to IAS terms and conditions which may change without notice.

Dr Ward Dean answers your questions

We are delighted that Ward Dean, M.D., one of the world’s foremost antiaging physicians, has agreed to answer our readers’ questions. Full details about Dr. Dean can be seen at his website:

Dear Dr. Dean... Q. In the last few years my skin has developed ‘liver spots.’ Additionally, I have a diagnosis of Hepatitis C or B. Apparently there are often false positives in the testing. While my liver enzymes are slightly elevated they are not in the range of someone with the hepatitis C virus. The enzyme levels decrease with major autohemotherapy (using ozone). I have had several glutathione IVs, and I regularly do a gall bladder flush. What other therapies are available for liver health? Thanks a lot, J.M., United States

A: Dear J.M., Firstly, ‘liver spots’ don’t have anything to do with liver disease. They are also known as ‘age spots,’ and are due to the deposition of ‘aging pigment’ (lipofuscin). Lipofuscin is a fluorescent, highly crosslinked lipoprotein pigment resulting from the inefficient metabolism of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lipofuscin accumulates in our cells with age, and ‘liver spots’ in the skin are thought to be an indicator of the concentration of lipofuscin elsewhere in the body. Dr. Kalidas Nandy, of the Department of Anatomy and Neurology, Boston University School of Medicine, stated that; “One of the most consistent cytological changes in aging mammals, is the deposition of lipofuscin” (age pigment).1 Researchers in Italy emphasize that; “lipofuscin pigments are well known biomarkers of the aging process.”2 I believe that ‘liver spots’ are an indicator of the degree of lipofuscin accumulation in other parts of the body (brain, heart, muscles). Although there is no evidence that lipofuscin is in any way harmful, it can be considered

as ‘intracellular garbage,’ and may in some way impair cellular function. Fortunately, there are a number of substances that can eliminate these pigments—and you can watch your skin changes as an indicator of the degree of their removal. Centrophenoxine, DMAE, and Hydergine, have all been demonstrated to reduce lipofuscin deposits in experimental animals1. I know several patients who have used these substances to rid themselves of their ‘age spots,’ over 3-6 months I’m puzzled that you have a diagnosis of “hepatitis A or B.” With tests available today, very specific, accurate diagnoses can be made. If you really do have hepatitis, the type of hepatitis can accurately be made—and if you have hepatitis C, a ‘viral load’ (using PCR) will provide an indication of the severity of the disease. Liver enzyme tests are an indicator of liver abnormalities, but may be caused by other factors such as statins, acetaminophen (Tylenol®) or other drugs. I’d ask your physician to recheck, or find another doctor. Nevertheless, to answer your specific question regarding substances that you can add to your ‘liver support’ program, I suggest vitamin B-12, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), glutathione, carnitine, taurine and methionine, and the herbs milk thistle and turmeric. Metformin, which is now recognized as the treatment of choice for Type 2 diabetes, and which I have longrecommended as a premier antiaging substance, has also recently been reported to be of benefit for those with hepatitis C and diabetes. In a study of 100 diabetics with hepatitis C, 26 of whom were treated with metformin, it was found that metformin use resulted in an 81% // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


reduction in the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma and a 78% reduction in liver-related death or need for liver transplantation.3 Ward Dean, M.D. [Ed- Curcumin is the extract of turmeric available in slow release form as CurcuminSR™ from IAS].

1. Nandy, K., Mostofsky, D.I., Idrobo, F., Blatt, L. and Nandy, S. Experimental manip[ulations of lipofuscin formation in aging mammals. In: Lipofuscin—1987: State of the Art. I. Zs. Nagy, Editor, pp. 289-304, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, 1988.

2. Del Roso, A., De Tata, V., and Bergamini, E. Regional distribution of the age pigment accumulation across the free wall of the left ventricle of rat heart. In: Lipofuscin—1987: State of the Art. I. Zs. Nagy, Editor, pp. 441-442, Elsevier Science Publishers, Amsterdam, 1988. 3. Nkontchou, G., Casson, E., Aout, M., et al. Impact of metformin on the prognosis of cirrhosis induced by viral hepatitis C in diabetic patients. J Clin Endocr Metab, 96: 2601-2608, 2011.

Q. Hi, Dr. Dean, First I want to say, you are amazing. I love reading everything you have written on this site. I have Hashimoto’s. I live in Argentina, and Armour® thyroid is not available. I want to switch to Armour, as I have heard so many good things about it, and traditional medications are not helping me. My current combination is 100 mcg of Levetiroxina (T4) and 40 mcg of T3. How would you recommend I start with Armour? Thank you so much. D.B., Argentina

A: Dear D.B., One grain (60 mg) of Armour® thyroid is roughly equivalent to 100 mcg of Synthroid® (Levetiroxina). Armour is comprised of a natural balance of T4, T3, and T2. Therefore, one grain would be a good ‘starting dose.’ Generally I suggest advancing the dose of thyroid by about ½ grain each month, until desired results are achieved. Although blood tests provide additional information, I adjust the dose primarily based on how the patient feels, body temperature, and most important, the heart rate. Shoot for a heart rate of 65-75, and try to maintain the resting heart rate in that range. If the heart rate begins to increase into the 80s, and especially the 90s, reduce the dosage to that where you feel well, but have a normal heart rate. In your case, with Hashimoto’s, I’d also add antiinflammatory herbs like turmeric, boswellia and berberine. Also, consider 2-8 drops per day of Lugol’s solution, (potassium Iodide). Ward Dean, M.D. [Ed- Curcumin is the extract of turmeric available in slow release form as CurcuminSR™ from IAS].


Q. Dear Dr. Dean, I have been suffering from adrenal fatigue for several years, and took a round of the peptide bioregulator for the adrenal gland. I am perimenopausal and on bio-identical hormones. About 2-3 weeks after taking the bioregulators, I started having a period and my breasts were extremely tender. Is it possible that the adrenal surge also increased estrogen production in that short amount of time? I will have my blood tested in September for my hormone levels, but in the meantime my naturopath (hormone specialist) lowered my estrogen prescription by half, just based on my external symptoms. What do you think? M.B., United States

A: Dear M.B., Firstly, the Russian peptides are a learning curve for us all at present, although they’re based on very good science. They are a direct extension of the work of my Russian mentor, Prof. Vladimir Dilman, and many of his students.1 Dilman believed that a principle cause of aging was the progressive loss of central and peripheral hormone (and neurotransmitter) receptor sensitivity to negative feedback inhibition. Consequently, he proposed his revolutionary and underappreciated approach to antiaging therapeutics—i.e., to identify drugs and neuropeptides that are capable of restoring this altered receptor sensitivity to a more youthful state. He believed that metformin and phenformin, (a pharmaceutical predecessor to metformin) were the prototypes of these ‘metabolic rejuvenators.’ We’ve already received numerous positive testimonials of the actions of these biopeptides over very short periods of time, and in cases like yours, in very low doses. It appears that the Russian research is being borne out in patient reality. We recommend, (as you have done) that anyone on any type of hormonal therapy monitor themselves closely--especially while taking the peptide bio-regulators. Adaptation to one hormone can naturally affect others, too. Dilman demonstrated long ago that phenformin not only restored insulin receptor sensitivity, but that of cortisol, as well (see figure one).2 I believe that metformin also restores sex steroid receptor sensitivity, although this is merely my clinical impression. It is not yet possible to say definitively whether adrenal changes due to the adrenal bio-regulators made this // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

impact on your estrogen levels, (or the sensitivity of your estrogen receptors), but it is certainly likely that they did. It would be of value to know your before and after levels of your adrenal hormones (including DHEA), and their changes over 24 hours, as well as estrogen and progesterone. It is clearly a favorable sign that you are improving clinically while simultaneously lowering your estrogen prescription.

A: Dear P.H., Unfortunately, you appear to have experienced an uncommon but potentially severe side effect of modafinil in those who are allergic to it- a profound rash (see figure two).

Ward Dean, M.D. 1. Dilman, V., and Dean, W. The Neuroendocrine Theory of Aging and Degenerative Disease, Center for Bio-Gerontology, 1992. 2. Ostroumova, M.N. Age-associated decrease in hypothalamic-pituitary complex sensitivity to dexamethasone suppression test. The effect of stress, epithalamin and phenformin. Probl Endokrinol, 1978, 24: 59-64.

Figure two: A rare, but potential side effect of the Eugeroic drugs is a skin rash.

As you can see, the structures of adrafinil and modafinil are quite similar (see figure three). Consequently, you should avoid both of these medications.

Figure One: Restoration of hypothalamic sensitivity to suppression by dexamethasone by pineal polypeptide extract, (epithalamion) and phenformin in rats. PPE was injected subcutaneously for 5 days, and Phenformin was injected intraperitoneally for 5 days. The results show that both PPE and phenformin restore hypothalamo-pituitary complex sensitivity to inhibition by dexamethasone (i.e., synthetic cortisol) (Dilman and Dean, 1992).

Figure three: The structure of adrafinil is shown on the left, the structure of modafinil is shown on the right; the close similarity between the two can be clearly seen.

Suggestions to replace these drugs include combinations of desmopressin or vasopressin nasal spray, piracetam (Nootropil®), phosphatidylserine, acetyl-L-carnitine, and Vinpocetine—which should all be beneficial, but will unfortunately not give you the ‘instant’ alerting effects of modafinil or adrafinil.

Q. Dear Dr. Dean,

Ward Dean, M.D

I have had issues with foggy thinking since my mid-40s. The rebalancing of my hormones has fixed about 50% of the fogginess. Also, I tried modafinil, and was amazed that I was able to think like I was in my 20s (I’m in my early 50s). Unfortunately, I developed hives pretty badly, and assume it was from the modafinil. So I ordered adrafinil from the IAS site. Do you know if it has the same sulfonamide profile as modafinil? I have sensitivity to sulfonamides, which is likely what brought on the rash.

[Ed- Acetyl-L-carnitine is available in ATP-Boost™ from IAS].

P.H., Canada // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:



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Restrictions may apply in some countries. All information is educational and does not replace your physicians and is subject to IAS terms and conditions which may change without notice.

damaging effects such as glycosylation and mitochondrial decline.

UPDATE: ACF228 is now also available in a specially

Featured products

designed mouth inhaler. The ACF228 Breathe-Easy can help those worried about their lung capacity and function, to help protect against oxygen deprivation and hopefully avoid the need for long term use of corticosteroids. In addition to the original ACF228 formula it also contains glutathione. For further details about ACF228 and much more besides we recommend Dr. Lippman’s latest book ‘Stay 40.’

1st Line™ (thiocyanate) 1st Line is an exciting new and all natural weapon in the fight against various types of infections including viruses. 1st Line contains a patented formula that when made up with water becomes a drink that contains thiocyanate ions.

Adrafinil (Olmifon®)

Thiocyanate ions (also known as oxythiocynate) are the same molecules made in body’s airways and passages, for example they can be found in tears, saliva and milk and they literally form the body’s first line of defence against all types of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, flukes, germs and even viruses, helping to destroy them on contact. Consuming 1st Line helps to flood the bloodstream with thiocyanates, but unlike antibiotics 1st Line does not attack self-molecules, in other words beneficial floras are not disturbed. Clinical trials have exposed that 1st Line can help quickly to combat various infections relating to helicobacter, pneumonia, soft tissue infections, upper respiratory tract infections and bronchial infections. Other doctors have reported to us that their patients with various viral infections are asymptomatic, even months later after using a few doses of 1st Line. “...thiocyanate ions are not toxic to human cells... and have little if any effect on probiotic species, making them a near perfect antibiotic system.” Professor Paul Clayton

ACF228™ Dr. Lippman was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work to measure free radical production within the body and as everyone knows free radicals are unstable molecules that cause a lot of damage associated with aging and degeneration. The result of Dr. Lippman’s work is the unique patented and exclusive to IAS- ACF228 (this stands for ‘antiaging complete formula’ version 228). The capsules are designed to neutralise damaging free radical production and help to reduce other age related

Adrafinil works like modafinil- it resensitizes alpha-1 receptors in the brain to be more sensitive to noradrenaline. This heightens awareness and concentration to prevent narcolepsy (sleeping in the daytime). The results can be quite remarkable, leading to heightened states of awareness and attention, whilst at the same time not affecting sleep patterns nor causing ‘highs and lows’ that were associated with the earlier form of stimulants. Adrafinil is not recommended for continuous use past 3-months unless liver enzymes are being monitored.

Aminoguanidine (pimagedine) Aminoguanidine is internationally recognised as the most potent AGE inhibitor currently available. The abbreviation AGE means ‘advanced glycated end products.’ AGEs are cross linked proteins that do not work efficiently/ correctly and are seen in a number of disorders including diabetes, heart enlargement, skin discoloration and hardening (particularly in smokers), cataracts and even arterial stiffness. (If you want to see glycosylation in action, then cut an apple in half and watch it turn yellow and tough). Our aminoguanidine tablets also contain vitamin B6 so there is no need for extra supplementation.

Andro-Pro™ Andro-Pro contains the latest cutting-edge nutritional ingredients to naturally boost free testosterone levels. The most unique ingredient added to Andro-Pro is the recently discovered fructoborate. Fructoborate is a boron derivative that according to Romanian // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


studies is helping to alleviate bone loss and arthritis; but perhaps the most interesting clinical study was done on 13 men. They were given the equivalent of one capsule of AndroPro daily for 60-days, at the end of the 2 months, on average these men experienced serum level increases of vitamin D by 19.6%, DHEA-S up 56% and free testosterone rose by 29.5%. In addition, Andro-Pro also contains the supporting agents of zinc, B6, magnesium and high quality tribulus terrestris. All factors in improving free testosterone production. Adding DIM-Pro 2™ to your regime can help to reduce estrogen levels and therefore improve free testosterone levels even further.

ATP Boost™ ATP-Boost provides 20mg of ATP, the body’s ultimate energy molecule in each capsule. In addition, ATP Boost contains a unique combination of the nutrients acetylL-carnitine and R-lipoic acid that increase mitochondria energy production without the increase in damaging oxidation that usually follows. The result: enhanced energy reserves and reduced aging at the cellular level.

BEC5 Curaderm® cream BEC5 Curaderm cream was discovered by Dr. Bill Cham on the Oceania island of Vanuatu. Dr. Cham noticed that when the local farmers rubbed the plant called the ‘devil’s apple’ (found in that region and which is related to eggplant) onto the backs on animals that were experiencing skin cancers- that they had considerable success in its removal. It is known that BEC5 Curaderm has now been used by more than 80,000 patients, all with remarkable success. Clinical trials in the UK and Australia have confirmed the ability of BEC

The eggplant cancer cure by Bill Cham Ph.D. covers all aspects of BEC5 Curaderm treatment. Curaderm to regress non-melanoma skin cancers within weeks! For example, one open study with 72 patients had 100% healed skin cancer lesions within just 13-weeks of applying BEC5 Curaderm cream twice daily. “BEC5 Curaderm is a topical preparation which is safe and effective, an ideal therapy for outpatient treatment... It is a cost effective treatment for both primary and secondary skin cancer care.” Dermatologists at the Royal London Hospital 22

Here are examples of patients before, during and after treatment with BEC5 Curaderm. A typical treatment period from start to finish is 8 weeks. Furthermore, BEC5 Curaderm is known not to harm healthy cells, therefore only destroying cancer cells on and under the skin’s surface. “What’s near perfection? BEC5 Curadermit’s a treatment that works nearly every time. It’s incredibly simple to use, has no adverse side effects and is inexpensive compared with other treatments.” Jonathan Wright, M.D. BEC5 Curaderm is known to be effective for all the following conditions:

• • • • • •

Basal cell carcinomas (BCC) Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) Keratoses Keratoacanthomas Age spots Sun spots

UPDATE: To achieve the best possible results in the quickest possible time, use HemaGel® and tamanu oil following the BEC5 treatment. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

The most commonly expressed initial reports are that glare is significantly improved, (for example night driving is much safer) and color perception is enhanced.

BCI program Dr Garry Gordon is a world expert in detox and chelation (the removal of heavy metals). His oral BCI program is a world leader. Made up of 3 products, it not only provides the right natural materials to help lock-up, remove from tissues, transport through the body and excrete toxins, but also a plethora of protective vitamins, minerals and oils that have been designed to make it as easy as possible to have the most comprehensive all-in-one package.

What’s more evidence is mounting that Can-C is efficacious for all of the following disorders: cataracts, glaucoma, presbyopia, corneal disorders, eye strain, ocular inflammation, blurred vision, dry eye syndrome, vitreous opacities and lesions, diabeteS mellitus complications, contact lens wearers, (regarding the last point in the list above, Can-C inhibits the accumulation of lactic acid which has greatly benefited those who wear contact lenses, because it enables them to be worn for longer without pain).

Each sachet in the Beyond Chelation Improved® contains 3 vitamin/ mineral pills, 3 chelation/ detox capsules, 1 omega 3 fish oil capsule, 1 omega 6 & 9 evening primrose capsule and 1 brain capsule containing gingko biloba and phosphatidylserine. This is a superb daily nutritional supplement just by itself, but to avail yourself of the full program you should add two more agents; these are: Bio-En’R-Gy C® a unique high-strength and stabilised vitamin C powder that can be added to water or juice. It also contains ribose for your heart health along with MSM, betaine and bioperine to lower inflammation and problematic lipids. Fundamentally, it is this product that transports the toxins from the tissues sites that Beyond Chelation Improved® has released, ready for them to be excreted. Then it is over to Dr Gordon’s Beyond Fiber®. It contains the best forms of fiber, specifically extracted from brown rice husks and Jerusalem artichoke, in addition with EDTA. This product enables the body to defecate the toxins collected into the gut from the body. Simply add a scoop of the powder into your morning cereals or blend it into your power drink. Finally, for those who want to get metals out of their skin, use Beyond Clean® version 2. This powder is simply added to the bath tub and contains both EDTA and zeolite. Here you simply relax your toxins away!

Can-C™ eye-drops Can-C eye-drops are the original formula for use in cataract and contains a purified and racemized form of n-acetylcarnosine, a natural di-peptide with potent antiglycating and anti-oxidant properties that prevent lipid peroxidation.

Left: A woman’s eye shows the cataract before treatment. Right: 5-months later after use of Can-C eye-drops (two drops twice daily), there is no longer a visible cataract and eyesight has improved. Dr. Kyriazis book, ‘the cataract cure’, details the usefulness and evidence of Can-C eye-drops. Now available from IAS as a FREE e-book: “I am so grateful for the development of Can-C eye-drops, not only have they significantly improved my own eyesight, but many of my patients report most favorably about them too. Now we have a real alternative to eye surgery so Can-C can be considered to be a genuine breakthrough.” Richard Lippman, Ph.D.

Can-C Plus™

Patients in trials placed 2-drops of Can-C into their eyes twice daily. After 6-months of use, 88.9% of patients showed improvement in the clarity of their lens and 90% saw an improvement in their visual acuity. There have been numerous reports of cataract shrinkage and even disappearance with documented evidence that Can-C eyedrops remain effective (and safe) more than 24-months later.

Can-C Plus capsules are specially designed to be used alongside the Can-C™ eye-drops to aid and even boost their effectiveness. As there are a few supplements that can block the action of Can-C eye-drops, Can-C Plus capsules have been carefully designed to avoid them. Three Can-C Plus capsules a day can be taken with food, with or without Can-C eye-drops, although for maximum benefit it is recommended that they are used together. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Centrophenoxine (Cent-Pro™) Like all good antiaging supplements, centrophenoxine has many useful features with few side effects. From a memory and cognition viewpoint, centrophenoxine has demonstrated significant improvements, most notably its ability to speed up the process of memory recall. One of centrophenoxine’s most noted benefit’s is its ability to effectively and quickly remove a cell toxin that accumulates with age (and Alzheimer’s disease) called lipofuscin. Lipofuscin can make up parts of the socalled Alzheimer brain plaques, but it can even be found in the brains of ‘normal’ aging people as well as other organs such as the heart, the lungs and even the skin- where it forms part of the so-called age or liver-spots, the brown flecks found in ‘aged’ person’s skin. Indeed several weeks of centrophenoxine supplementation has seen removal and lightening of such spots. “Centrophenoxine has shown many facets to improve conditions related to my membrane hypothesis of aging, for example its ability to improve brain-performance, survival time in animal experiments, and to remove the cell aging-pigment called lipofuscin. It has been my antiaging supplement for more than 30-years.” Professor Imre Zs.-Nagy

CoQ10 CoQ10 is a universal energy agent that has significant protective qualities for the heart and the cardiovascular system. An important point- anyone taking a statin drug to lower cholesterol must also be taking CoQ10 since statins lower CoQ10 levels.

UPDATE: Our CoQ10SR™ is a slow release version

combined with cyclodextrin, a new technology that enables greater bioavailability by improving the passage through the stomach into the blood. It has been clinically shown that CoQ10SR™ has up to twice the bioavailability of ‘regular’ CoQ10. Thus depending on how you look at it, CoQ10SR is either double the effectiveness of CoQ10’s of the same dose, or half the price of CoQ10’s of twice the dose!

Crème-Pro™ Cellulite The specialist range of Crème-Pro’s work to attack and defend against all aspects of aging skin problems; here the cellulite contains a high 10% of phosphatidylcholine, proven to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Simply apply it regularly onto clean, dry skin on the inner thighs and buttocks or wherever cellulite appears. (Avoid the eyes). 24

Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer does what exactly says on the label. A unique combination of hyaluronic acid, procaine, NADH and vitamin B12 helps to keep skin looking plump, moist and radiant. Simply apply it onto clean dry skin once or twice daily. (Avoid the eyes).

Crème-Pro™ Protector Crème-Pro Protector is a day cream designed to help protect the skin against environmental agents, including sunlight and oxygen as well as pollution. The agents can attack skin and make it age prematurely through their oxidative effects. The most unique agent in the Protector cream is idebenone, it is the single most potent antioxidant yet studied, and rarely found except in the most expensive antiaging skin creams. Apply it onto clean dry skin and use it as a regular day cream. (Avoid the eyes).

Crème-Pro™ Smoother Crème-Pro Smoother is designed to be the alternative to injectable nerve freezing agents such as Botox®. Smoother can be applied to any fine lines such as crows’ feet around the eyes and around the lips etc. It contains synthetic snake venom that temporarily paralyses nerves in the skin, thereby relaxing and unfolding the skin in that region, immediately reducing the wrinkles and producing younger looking skin. (Avoid the eyes).

CurcuminSR™ By harnessing the power of the natural healer, curcumin, (found in turmeric) we have access to a wide-ranging set of positives. From bolstering the immune system, it also acts as an anti-viral and an anti-fungal agent, to moderating inflammatory response; curcumin’s a true generalist. It’s even been found to have the ability to counter many conditions including a very recent study as an anti-depressive.

UPDATE: Our curcumin is a unique slow release version that is much more bioavailable than regular versions. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

Esnatri™ cream (bio-identical estrogens)

Deprenyl (selegiline) Parkinson’s disease is characterised by the loss of the brain neurotransmitter dopamine and deprenyl helps to prevent this loss by acting on the specific enzyme MAO-b. Professor Knoll also believes that deprenyl very significantly increases PEA (phenylethylamine) and that this may have an even more significant function that the MAO-b inhibition, (for more details on this please read Professor Knoll’s excellent book on the subject- ‘the brain and its self’). Professor Jozeph Knoll of Debrechen University in Hungary- the inventor of deprenyl

In addition to improving dopamine levels, deprenyl has also been shown to help rebalance serotonin, noradrenaline and acetylcholine levels and whilst the uses remain ‘off-label’ deprenyl has been used for Alzheimer’s and even cancer treatments. Our focus here is upon deprenyl’s enhancement of dopamine, which is a key brain chemical responsible for drive, focus and well being and even libido (especially for men). The experiments of Professor Jozeph Knoll dramatically extended the lifespan of rats who were given deprenyl. Even the first rat to die that was treated with deprenyl died after the last rat not treated with deprenyl died.

Esnatri cream is the world’s only bioidentical estrogen cream to replicate the work of Dr. Jonathan Wright. Dr. Wright has highlighted that the ‘average’ woman produces estrogens in the ratios of estriol 90%, estradiol 7% and estrone 3% and these are the exact same ratios found inside Esnatri. Each 1ml of Esnatri cream provides 2mg in total of the triple estrogens and it enables a precise, natural and indeed bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for women concerned about the menopause. IAS provides dose and timing advice from Dr. Wright for both estrogens and progesterones with every purchase. The additional use of bioidentical progesterone should be used along with an estrogen replacement program. For further information on estrogens we recommend one of Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s Hormone handbooks.

GABOB (Gamibetal®) Each Gamibetal tablet contains 500mg of the GABA related molecule- GABOB; it is technically the closest legal molecule to GHB. The approved use of Gamibetal in Europe is to help with epilepsy but like GHB – GABOB has been shown to improve growth hormone release significantly when taken before bedtime. GABOB does not have the ‘sleep inducing’ effects of GHB, but it can cause some sedation if taken in high doses.

GHRP2 GHRP2 is growth hormone releasing peptide number 2. It is a potent releaser of HGH for fat loss and is particularly synergistic with sermorelin. It is best taken in the morning, by swallowing 4ml of the liquid.

This graph highlights the loss of dopamine with age, on average 13% per decade past the age of 40 for the average person, but far greater for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease

UPDATE: GHRP2 is synergistic with sermorelin.

Glutathione (also see ACF228™ Breathe-Easy)

The idea behind the antiaging use of deprenyl is to use very small doses regularly in order to help maintain healthy dopamine levels and thus improve cognitive function and help to maintain function at a better level for much longer. Note: The liquid version titrates selegiline HCL as 1 drop = 1mg.

Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that helps to prevent damage to important cellular components that can be caused by reactive oxygen species such as free radicals and peroxides. Glutathione is principally synthesized inside the body and is relatively poorly obtained via the diet. The Advanced Cellular Glutathione supplement is a spray providing nano sized particles for sub mucosal absorption to create instant bioavailability. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Hair-Pro™ Hair-Pro is the very latest development to help induce hair growth and it contains the absolute latest cutting-edge growth factor technologies. Hair Pro is a unique proprietary topical liquid blend that includes finasteride, (the DHT blocking drug used orally for years as a hair loss treatment), but it also contains a plethora of aminoacids that act as hair growth factors including bFGF, TRX, VEGF and IGF-1. In addition there is aminosyn to promote protein synthesis (hair strength), hyaluronic acid to aid hair hydration (thickness) and dexpanthenol to cleanse the pores of the blocking fat- sebum which can block nutrition from the hair root. No finer multi factorial topical anti-alopecia product exists on the market today. Use it in combination with the Scalproller to improve uptake into the scalp.

HemaGel® HemaGel has been created in the Czech Republic and specially designed to help improve the treatment times of wounds, scratches and cuts, in some cases reducing the start-to-finish treatment time by as much as 50%. It does this in two ways, (1) by absorbing harmful and damaging free radicals and (2) by also helping to absorb blood and puss extrudes, thus also keeping the wound cleaner. HemaGel can be recommend for use after BEC5 Curaderm applications to speed up the skin’s healing and also as an excellent product to have in the First Aid cabinet- just in case! Simply apply the HemaGel daily directly onto a cleaned (and disinfected) wound, and then apply a non-textile bandage over it.

Hydergine (ergoloid mesylate) Hydergine is an extract of a fungus that grows on rye called ergoloid mesylate and its approved uses have been to aid persons with memory disturbances, Alzheimer’s disease and even for persons who have suffered from shock related to electric, drowning or suffocation. This is because hydergine is an excellent provider of stabilising the levels of oxygen in the brain and has been shown to improve levels when they are too low and even decrease levels when they are too high. The result of this optimised oxygen availability in the brain is an ability to do more mental workload without becoming tired. Accordingly, hydergine can be a good tool to battle through boring paperwork or a long drive home in the dark. A fascinating animal experiment showed a special ability for hydergine to improve mitochondrial condition. The mitochondria are vital organelles found in every cell of our body responsible 26

for the generation of ATP, the universal energy molecule. Unfortunately mitochondrial efficiency declines as we age and this has been linked to disrupted repair mechanisms. However an Italian study highlighted those old animal mitochondria can be improved with hydergine supplementation. Hydergine has also been attributed to stimulate the growth of dendrite nerve fibers, since these connective strands are known to decline in aging this is another antiaging feature of hydergine. Some have even linked the density and numbers of dendrite fibers to the level of I.Q. In summary, hydergine helps to protect against conditions of hypoxia and peroxidation, important factors to guard against a stroke and generalised brain injuries. Hydergine can extend the boundaries of mental workload and energy, fighting against boredom and may even provide some groundwork for raising the levels of intelligence. The liquid form can be titrated in small doses and may be more suitable for those who want low doses or have trouble swallowing tablets. The Bertonin-Freddari et al, 1994 study highlights that hydergine can improve the size, volume and number of mitochondria in old animals- towards the youthful example; as is shown here the difference between young, old (without hydergine) and old (with hydergine) is significant.

Melatonin (MZS™) Melatonin is one of nature’s remarkable substances and made in response to darkness by the pineal gland. Its benefits to help overcome jet lag and shift work have become quite well known and indeed it is useful for this purpose since adequate melatonin availability enables our bodies to be correctly in tune with our circadian rhythms, these rhythms dictate our hormonal cyclicity and this cyclicity ultimately determine our aging and our level of immunity. Unfortunately melatonin secretions decline with aging. Professor Pierpaoli has published widely on melatonin, principally through the New York Academy of Science and at the meetings of the Stromboli conferences on aging and cancer- which IAS is delighted to support. What is important to know about melatonin is that Professor Pierpaoli advocates a 3mg dose to (his words) “put the pineal to sleep.” In addition, it is also vital to use a melatonin that produces a night peak of melatonin that is the same as the peak produced by the pineal itself. This he has achieved using specific excipients in his own formula ‘MZS™’ (which also contains the additional synergistic ingredients of zinc and selenium). // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

produce an all over tan- without the need to regularly expose the skin to direct sunlight.

This graph highlights that Professor Pierpaoli’s Melatonin Zn Se formula mimics the night peak of melatonin. Note that sublingual melatonin tested peaks too soon and that time released formulas peak too late.

In addition, MSH has been shown to play a role in helping to boost libido and reduce appetite, (useful for those on dieting programs). So it’s a combination to look and feel better at the same time! *Note, MSH2-Pro™ should be avoided by those with hypertension, (high blood pressure)


Here are some before and after Fundus photos showing the benefit of Melatonin Zn Se. They highlight dramatic improvements to both wet and dry forms of macular degeneration. In a trial published in the New York Academy of Science, 110 eyes, (100 patients) with both wet and dry forms of ARMD were treated only with 1 tablet of Melatonin Zn Se nightly. After 6-months 90% of the treated patients’ eyes had significant improvements to their condition. This is simply remarkable compared to the current approved therapy for ARMD which involves injecting the eye quarterly, (costs $1000+) with 50% improvement at 24-months!

For further detailed information about melatonin and Professor Pierpaoli’s work we recommend his book ‘The Key Of Life’.

MSH2-Pro™ MSH2-Pro™ contains melanocyte stimulating hormone, (or MSH), a substance that is directly involved in helping to tan the skin. Previously, MSH had to be injected, but now MSH2-Pro™ provides this hormone via an effective intra-nasal spray, thus doing away with the need for needles. Just one or two sprays* are required daily to help

The results of low dose naltrexone, (widely known as LDN) therapy have been remarkable. Originally, the use of naltrexone was in the management of dependence on opioid and alcohol. But it was Dr. Bernard Bihari in the 1980’s who first used low dose naltrexone for the treatment of HIV and then for a number of other autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease and many immunological related diseases, and especially in the treatment of MS, where patients have reported an improved quality of life. A leading study has established that by maintaining regular nightly LDN, less than 1% of the MS sufferers experience fresh MS attacks. IAS supplies the LDN dose of 4.5 mg.

Oxytocin (Oxy-Pro™) Oxytocin is a hormone produced in the hypothalamus and secreted into the blood by the pituitary gland.

Oxytocin has been described in detail in Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s latest book- Passion, Sex and Adventure, the oxytocin story. It is coming to light that oxytocin has pain curbing abilities and could be efficacious in fibromyalgia. Other studies are highlighting that oxytocin could be efficacious in the treatment of autism and even schizophrenias. But it is perhaps its ability to enhance bonding between partners that is likely to attract most attention. From the sexual standpoint oxytocin has been known to increase ejaculate in the male and in females oxytocin has had significant libido enhancement effects, including the inducement of multiple orgasms. We have worked alongside Dr. Hertoghe to create a practical and efficacious sublingual trouche (that’s a gel like tablet) typical doses are 5 to 20 IU as required. (The square troches can be cut in half from corner to corner easily). // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


UPDATE: Oxy-Pro™ is a new nasal spray version of oxytocin (delivering 10 IU per spray) in addition to our 20 IU sublingual trouches.

Peptide Bioregulators

These are the very latest technology from Professor Khavinson in Russia. They utilise highly specific peptides extracted from Danish bovine sources. These peptides have been shown to be a short-cut to protein synthesis by activating directly with their receptive genes. Therefore their action is to ‘reinvigorate’ their respective gland/ organ, to induce their biological reserve and essentially rejuvenate their processes. 1. Cerluten® is the peptide for the central nervous system (brain). 2. Endoluten® is the peptide for the pineal. 3. Glandokort® is the peptide for the adrenal glands. 4. Libidon® is the peptide for the prostate gland. 5. Pielotak® is the peptide for the kidneys. 6. Sigumir® is the peptide for the cartilage. 7. Suprefort® is the peptide for the pancreas. 8. Svetinorm® is the peptide for the liver. 9. Testoluten® is the peptide for the testes. 10. Thyreogen® is the peptide for the thyroid. 11. Ventfort® is the peptide for the blood vessels. 12. Vladonix® is the peptide for the thymus. 13. Visoluten® is the peptide for the eye retina. 14. Zenoluten® is the peptide for the female reproductive system. 15. Chitomur® is the peptide for the bladder. 16. Stamocort® is the peptide for the stomach. 17. Chelohart® is the peptide for the heart. A recommended course is to take 2 capsules each day for 10days (total 20-capsules). For general health support this can be repeated again in 6-months’ time, thus only 2 boxes are required for a year! For those in greater need the course can be repeated every 3 months, or 2 months or each month if necessary.

UPDATE: An intensive course is 1 or 2 capsules twice a day for 30-days.

Piracetam (Nootropil®; also see Anacervix®)

Piracetam was the very first nootropic, (commonly called smart drugs) to be developed and despite being one of the very first products that IAS offered when we went online in 1991, it still remains one of our best selling products today! Why? Because it is a very beneficial memory agent that has a great safety record, with very few side effects, plus it is cost effective. Piracetam has 28

been shown to have a better/ lower toxicity profile than salt. Maybe because it has a very small impact upon brain chemical levels, but rather helps to improve electrical communication across the brain’s corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is the bundle of nerves that separates the two hemispheres of the brain. In medical terms piracetam is used to improve short term memory and to treat a wide variety of senile dementias as well as autism and Down’s syndrome and can also assist with travel and altitude sickness. Note: IAS offers the original UCB brand called Nootropil which is available in tablet and liquid form. The liquid form was specifically designed for children (it is sweetened with saccharin), but its advantages include being able to titrate low doses (if required) and also aid any person who has difficulty swallowing tablets.

NEW: Pira Pro Generic Piracetam 100 x 800mg tablets only $17.99

Progesterone Progesterone is often the ‘missing’ hormone in the treatment of female menopause. What we mean by this is that whilst estrogen treatments, (see Esnatri™ for details) are often considered as a primary replacement hormone for women of that certain age, progesterone is often forgotten about. The best known action of progesterone is its ability to help build bone mass and since progesterone levels fall rapidly in menopause it contributes to osteoporosis in elderly women. Progesterone is strongly advocated to be taken in combination with any estrogen replacement program.

UPDATE: Our progesterone strength is PPharma grade and twice the dose that is found in US health food stores. Progesterone levels decline in women with age; in some cases progesterone levels can be undetectable! We recommend one of Dr. Hertoghe’s hormone handbooks for further information about progesterone.

PQQ (pyroloquinoline quinone) PQQ is in reality the most newly discovered vitamin. In more than 200 studies it has been shown to improve overall energy levels, cognitive function and memory, reduce mitochondrial degradation and increase skin elasticity. Furthermore, it acts as a neuro and cardio protectant and helps to enhance nerve growth.



Retin-A contains retinolic acid, a pure form of vitamin A that enhances blood supply to the skin’s surface and transforms the appearance of thicker, tougher skin into more youthful looking, elastic and fresher skin but speeding up the process of the delivery of nutrition to the skin and the removal of waste materials from it. Retin-A is the cream of choice for cosmetic surgeons to speed up the wound healing of cosmetic surgery and scarring etc.

UPDATE: We now also supply the new Retin-A® micro-gel

which is designed to sit on the skin surface and release slowly.



Sermorelin is a breakthrough development in the field of growth hormone (GH) replacement, for sermorelin is the bioidentical molecule used by the pituitary gland to help stimulate production and release of GH into the bloodstream. Sermorelin is not GH; GH is a complicated molecule consisting of 191 amino acids, but rather sermorelin is a 29 chain of aminoacids, but importantly it is the first 29 aminoacids of GH, the part responsible for activation. This is what makes sermorelin stand head and shoulders over all previous agonists of GH, because sermorelin is GH site specific and therefore effective. What is more, sermorelin has a negative feedback loop (unlike GH itself), so the issues of overdosing and safety associated with injections of GH are minimized/ completely avoided with sermorelin. And now for the first time it has been shown that sermorelin is stable at room temperature and efficacious when used sublingually. These are additional factors that favor sermorelin as the next generation of GH activators. We are excited to introduce this sublingual liquid version of sermorelin which has been created with the close cooperation of Dr. Richard Walker of SARA (Scientific Applied Research into Aging), a world renowned antiaging expert.

COMING SOON: Soon to be released in intranasal form.

TA65® TA65 contains a highly purified specialized extract of the Chinese herb astragalus. What makes this supplement totally unique is that it is the first natural substance that has been proven to act as a telomerase activator and to extend telomeres in humans (in-vivo). Telomeres are the strands on the ends of chromosomes that shorten each time the cell divides and the theory is that this is a significant part of the destructive process of aging. Animals with longer telomeres enjoy a more productive

and healthier older age and also appear to live longer. The benefits for humans may not be clear yet, but TA65 production is carefully controlled by TA Sciences, who purchased the technology from the Geron Corporation. It remains a fact that whilst other substances have claimed to delay the shortening of telomeres, only TA65 has been clinically proven (and published) to actually lengthen short telomeres in humans. If you want the cutting-edge of antiaging supplementation and the best possible chances for longer telomeres, then TA65 is currently your best and indeed only clinically proven choice.

Thyroid (Armour®; Synthroid®) A decline in the secretion of hormones from the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) can result in poor concentration, confusion, memory problems, cold hands and feet, weight gain, menstrual problems, sleep disorders, dry skin, thinning hair and low energy levels. An underactive thyroid is also a major cause of a common painful musculoskeletal condition known as fibromyalgia. Aging often leads to hypothyroidism, one of the most famous thyroid experts, Dr. Broda Barnes states that as many as 40% of the adult population could be hypothyroid. Thyroid supplements come in two forms; these are whole or natural supplements and synthetic supplements. It is almost always better to use a whole-natural thyroid extract because the synthetic versions usually only comprise of one of the thyroid hormones, (such as, T3 or T4), whereas, whole-natural thyroids cover a fuller spectrum of thyroid hormones (including T1, T2, T3 and T4). By measuring a particular hormone known as Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) it can be determined whether supplementation is necessary. However there are simple measures such as noticing if one regularly has cold hands and feet, problems adapting to temperature changes, or checking to see if one’s rising from bed body temperature is regularly below 97.8 degrees Fahrenheit could indicate a hypothyroid condition that needs correction. For further details about thyroid we recommended one of Dr. Hertoghe’s hormone handbooks. UPDATE: ERFA now available in value 500 tablet packs.

TRH (Abaris™) TRH is a hypothalamic hormone whose real uses and benefits are just coming to the fore, primarily after research conducted by Dr. Walter Pierpaoli, the physician and scientist who exposed the benefits of melatonin to the world. Dr. Pierpaoli’s research suggests that TRH is a ‘master’ hormone responsible not just for helping to adjust thyroid hormones (its principle recognised role), but in helping to recorrect many imbalances throughout the body. // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


For example in his animal experiments TRH supplements have encouraged old animals to:

prostate conditions can benefit by less trips in the night to urinate.

• Re-establish spermegenesis, (reversing the age-related

But vasopressin is also responsible for the laying down of memories in the hippocampus and it has been used to treat amnesia. In particular, it is cited by many for memory imprinting, this is the learning of new material before it is experienced. Therefore taking 1 or 2 sprays into each nostril 15-minutes before an exam, meeting or lecture etc., can induce a better detailed recall of events later.

dysfunction of their testes).

• Correct kidney dysfunction, (a significant finding for renal issues).

• Correct pancreatic dysfunction, (a significant finding for diabetic issues).

• Improves many lipid profiles and aids weight loss when used over a few months.

IAS is delighted to be the first organisation in the world to offer a sublingual TRH tablet.

Vasopressin Vasopressin is a porcine extracted source for this pituitary hormone which has a number of interesting roles. Its approved medical use is to prevent frequent urination in conditions such as diabetes insipidus. For example, men with

Zeolite Zeolite is a volcanic rock that is widely used for its remarkable chelation properties, that is its ability to trap heavy metals inside its electron cage. It should be noted that it comes in many different qualities however, from cat-litter (to trap the smell) up to the ZeoGold® brand, so effective it is the quality chosen by NASA to purify the water supply for astronauts on route to Mars! IAS supplies the ZeoGold capsules which must be broken and allowed to dissolve into water and drunk, or the ACZ nano-spray. These are both highly effective agents designed to remove many unwanted toxic metals from the tissues.

Centrophenoxine The Smarter Way to Combat Mental Decline

Centrophenoxine is a Nootropic or smart drug proven to increase brain power, improve longevity and create an overall sense of mental alertness. Centrophenoxine ‘cleans out’ Lipofuscin the build-up of potassium in the brain, heart, lung and skin cells that accumulates over a lifetime, improving their function and their longevity. Pioneering Centrophenoxine researcher Imre Zs Nagy uses our Cent Pro, so if you want the experts choice you need our Centrophenoxine.

Cent-Pro™ 60x 250mg tablets $29.99 Restrictions may apply in some countries. All information is educational and does not replace your physicians and is subject to IAS terms and conditions which may change without notice.

Product A-Z listing


Here is an alphabetical listing of IAS stocked products. See our cross-reference list of disorders that relate to these individual products. Much more information is available from our website including full ingredient/ excipient listings, doses and side effects etc. If you need any further information or can’t find what you require, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The inside back cover has all our details.

“IAS has shown great vision and leadership, as an organisation focused mainly on the provision of contemporary medical interventions against aging, and in also supporting the SENS Foundation’s efforts to hasten the development of much more powerful future interventions.” Dr. Aubrey De Grey “IAS is an outstanding resource for the finest, most up-to-date news and information on healthy aging. They also offer products of the highest integrity and efficacy. In fact, IAS is the world’s greatest source (often the only source) for the most cutting edge and advanced nutrients to ensure optimum health span and maximum life span.” Nicholas Perricone, M.D.

The following index underneath certain products means that known restrictions apply. For example: Not shipped to UK Not shipped to EU Not shipped to Japan Not shipped to Australia (or New Zealand) Note: For use strictly by IAS private club members - IAS terms and conditions apply. All information is educational and does not replace the advice of your physician. Prescriptions are necessary where required by law; other restrictions may apply in some countries.

“IAS has a history of making throughout the world crucial, but difficultly accessible medications available to patients. IAS is one of the pioneering societies in antiaging medicine that has helped this new medical specialty move forward.” Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. “I am a 77 year old Physician who has practiced medicine for nearly half a century. My antiaging research has permitted me to overcome serious health problems. Everyone can do this, but it requires specialized knowledge and the highest quality products. IAS is a vital link in my antiaging program because they continually provide both accurate information AND the high quality products we all require, if we are to achieve our maximum intended useful lifespan.” Garry Gordon, MD, DO, MD (H) “Every adult has the right to take care of his or her own personal health as he or she chooses. In the 20th and 21st centuries, this universal human right has been nearly obliterated by an ocean of nanny-state regulation and deliberate suppression of information by bureaucracies, with hidden and not-so-hidden agendas. International Antiaging Systems is a beacon of useful health care information and a literal island of freedom of health care product choice in our otherwise un-free health care world.” Jonathan Wright, M.D. See all professional and public testimonials at: // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


1st Line™ (OSCN, thiocyanate)

1 complete kit retail $89 IAS price $79.99 Item Code: 675

5HTP (5-hydroxy-tryptophan)

5HTP-Pro™ 60x 50mg capsules retail $20 IAS price $17.99 - Item Code: 327

Acarbose (Glucobay®)

Glucobay® 30x 100mg tablets retail $25 IAS price $22.99 - Item Code: 373

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (see ATP-Boost™)


ACF228™ 45 capsules retail $59 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 621 NEW: ACF228™ Breathe-Easy 1 inhaler retail $145 IAS price $134.99 - Item Code: 810

Adenosine Triphosphate (see ATP-Boost™)

Active H-Minus®


Active H-Minus® 90 effervescent tablets retail $44 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 783


Anacervix® 30x 420mg capsules retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 163


NEW: Andro-Pro™ 60 capsules retail $55 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 758

Aniracetam (Ampamet®)

Ampamet® 20x 750mg tablets retail $55 IAS price $47.49 - Item Code: 6 NEW: Ani-Pro™ 20x 750mg capsules retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 777

Arginine (see Beyond GHS®; Nitric-Pro™; Vigor-Pro™), Argireline (see Crème-Pro™ Smoother), Arterial wave velocity (see Bio-Clip & Bio-Cuff)

Arimidex® (anastrozole)

NEW: Anastrozole 28x 1mg tablets retail $149 IAS price $139.99 - Item Code: 849

Adrafinil (Olmifon®)

NEW: Anastro-Pro™ 28x 100mcg capsules retail $35 IAS price $32.49 - Item Code: 779

Olmifon is no longer manufactured.


NEW: Adra-Pro™ 40x 300mg capsules retail $60 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 775

Aglomelatine (see Valdoxan)


Aldosterone 15x 125mcg capsules retail $105 IAS price $99.49 - Item Code: 687

Alfalfa (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), Allicin (see garlic), Alpha lipoic acid (see lipoic acid)

Aminoguanidine (pimagedine) Amino-Pro 100 x 75mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 303


Aminohydroxybutyric acid (see GABOB), Aminophylline (see Crème-Pro™ Cellulite), Aminosyn (see Hair-Pro™), Amphoteric surfactants (see Nanogen® shampoo, Nanogen® conditioner)

Artem-Pro™ 90x 100mg capsules retail $25 IAS price $22.99 - Item Code: 642

Ascorbyl palmitate (see Crème-Pro™ Protector, Crème-Pro™ Smoother), Astaxanthin (see Crème-Pro™ Protector), Astragalus extract (see TA65®), ATP (adenosine triphosphate, see ATPBoost™)

ATP-Boost® (Adenosine Triphosphate) NEW: ATP-Pro™ 60x 20mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 821

Azilect® (see rasagiline) // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

Banaba Extracts (see Diet-Pro™), Barley grass (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), BCI (see Beyond Chelation Improved®)

B-Cure® laser 1 Unit

B-Cure® laser 1 Unit retail $795 IAS price $749.99 - Item Code: 850

BEC5 Curaderm® cream

BEC5 Curaderm® 20ml tube cream retail $140 IAS price $129.99 - Item Code: 403

Beyond GHS®

Beyond GHS® 75 tablets retail $90 IAS price $89.99 - Item Code: 353

bFGF (see Hair-Pro™), BHT (butylhydroxytoluene, see ACF228™)


complete kit retail $850 IAS price $799.99 - Item Code: 653


Beetroot (see Neo40®)

Bio-CUFF® one complete kit retail $150 IAS price $124.99 - Item Code: 715

Benfotiamine (Milgamma Mono®)

Bio-En’R-Gy C®

Milgamma Mono® 30x 50mg tablets retail $24 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 273

Benzoic acid (see Gerovital®), Beta alistine (see L-carnosine), Beta glucan (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Nanogen® hydrator, Nanogen® serum), Betaine (see TMG), Beta sitosterol (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Beyond Any Multiple® (see Beyond Chelation Improved®)

Beyond B12®

Beyond B12® 40x 2mg sublingual tablets retail $30 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 477

Beyond Bone Defense® (see Bone-Pro™)

Bioflavonoids (see Wobenzym®), Biological age measurement (see Bio-CLIP™, PulmoLife®), Bioperine (see Bio-En’R-Gy®), Biotin (see Beyond B12®; Beyond Chelation Improved®, HRT Plus®; BCI; Nitric-Pro™), Blood oxygenation measurement (see Bio-CLIP™), Blood pressure measurement (see Bio-CUFF™), Blueberry extracts (see Andro-Pro™)

Boluoke® (Lumbrokinase)

NEW: Boluoke® 60 capsules retail price $108 IAS price $94.99 - Item Code: 839


Beyond Chelation Improved® (BCI)

Bone-Pro2™ 60 capsules retail $40 IAS price $32.49 - Item Code: 870

Beyond Chelation Improved® 30 sachets retail $80 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 351

Beyond Clean® v2 (Calcium EDTA & Zeolite)

NEW: Beyond Clean® v2 32 oz. bath salts retail $70 IAS price $69.99 - Item Code: 881

Beyond Fiber®

Bio En’R-Gy C® 200 grams powder retail $60 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 591

Beyond Fiber® 504 grams powder retail $50 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 436

Borate (see Andro-Pro™, Can-C™), Boron (see Andro-Pro™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, BCI, Bone-Pro™, Cardio-Pro™, Prostate-Pro™), Boswellin (see Joint-Pro™)

Bromocriptine (Parlodel®)

Parlodel® 30x 2.5mg tablets retail $29 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 58

Bromelain (see Digestif®, Wobenzym®), Buxamin (see GABOB), Calcium (see Bone-Pro™, BCI, NitricPro™) // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Cabergoline (Dostinex®)

Ciproxin® (ciprofloxacin)

Caffeine (see Crème-Pro™ Cellulite), Calcium (see Bone-Pro™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, NitricPro™)

Citrus bioflavonoids (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Cocos nucifera oil (see Nanogen® conditioner)

Can-C™ eye-drops

Cobalt chloride

Can-C™ 2x 5ml vials retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 456

Cobalt 100x 200mcg tablets retail $55 IAS price $47.49 - Item Code: 646

Can-C™ Plus

Coccinia indica extracts (see Diet-Pro™), Coenzyme Q10 (see CoQ10), Collagen (see Hy-Col™)

Dostinex® 8x 0.5mg tablets retail $99 IAS price $92.49 - Item Code: 612

Can-C Plus™ 90 capsules retail $40 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 629

Carboxymethylcellulose (see Can-C™) Carnosine (L-carnosine, see ACF228™, Can-C™; Cardio-Pro™, Can-C Plus™, L-carnosine), Catalase (see ACF228™)

Centrophenoxine (meclofenoxane) Cent-Pro™ 60x 250mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 243


Cerebrolysin® 5x 5ml i.m. ampoules retail $99 IAS price $94.99 - Item Code: 595

Chasteberry (see DIM-Pro™), Chlorella (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), Choline (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, centrophenoxine, krill, Vigor-Pro™), Chondroitin (see JointPro™; Hy-Col™), Chromium (see Beyond Chelation Improved®; Diet-Pro™), Chromium polynicotinate (see ACF228™, Diet-Pro™)

Cialis® (tadalafil)

Cialis® 4x 20mg tablets retail $85 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 296

Cinnamon extracts (see Diet-Pro™) 34

Ciproxin® 10x 500mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 640


NEW: 40x 1mg tablets retail $20 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 835

CoQ10SRTM (Coenzyme Q10, ubiquinol, biquinone)

NEW: CoQ10SRTM 30 x 100mg slow release capsules retail $30 IAS price $25.99 - Item Code: 824 Copper (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Cortisol (cortisone, see Fludrocortisone, hydrocortisone), Curcumin (see Joint-Pro™), Cranberry extracts (see Andro-Pro™)

Crème-Pro™ Cellulite

NEW: Crème-Pro™ Cellulite 30ml pump cream retail $34 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 828

Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer

NEW: Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer 30ml pump cream retail $44 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 829

Crème-Pro™ Protector

NEW: Crème-Pro™ Protector 30ml pump cream retail $59 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 830

Crème-Pro™ Smoother

NEW: Crème-Pro™ Smoother 30ml pump cream retail $69 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 831 // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Cresote bush (see Digestif®)

CurcuminSR™ (slow release) NEW: 30x 125mg capsules retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 841

Cycloastragenol (see TA65®), Cresote bush (see Digestif®), Cyclodextrin (see CoQ10SR™), Cyprenil® (see deprenyl)

D3 (vitamin D)

NEW: D3-5000™ 100x 5000 IU capsules retail $20 IAS price $12.49 - Item Code: 843 NEW: D3-Pro™ 12x 50,000 IU capsules retail $30 IAS price $22.99 - Item Code: 842

NEW: DIM-Pro2 ™ 90 capsules retail $50 IAS price $44.99 - Item Code: 844

DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol, see centrophenoxine, Crème-Pro™ Smoother), DMSA (dimercaptosuccinic acid, see ACF228™, Detox-Pro™), Docosahexaenoic acid (see DHA), Dostinex® (see cabergoline)


Doxycycline 8x 100mg capsules retail $25 IAS price $22.49 - Item Code: 164

Daidzen (see Bone-Pro™; Prostate-Pro™)

Deprenyl (selegiline)

D-pantethine (see Can-C Plus™), D-panthenol (see Nanogen® conditioner)

Dep-Pro™ 20ml/ 300mg liquid (HCL) bottle retail $90 IAS price $84.99 Item Code: 746

Dr. Gordon’s Organic Greens

Jumex® 50x 5mg tablets retail $69 IAS price $54.99 - Item Code: 35

Dercos® (aminexil)

Dercos® 200ml bottle shampoo retail $25 IAS price $22.49 - Item Code: 17

Desmopressin (Minurin®, also see vasopressin)

Minurin® 2.5ml nasal spray retail $35 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 229 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, see krill), Diapid® (see vasopressin)


Digestif® 60 capsules retail $20 IAS price $16.99 Item Code: 626

Organic best of greens® 10 oz. bottle powder retail $35 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 688

Dutasteride (Avodart®; Avodart®) Avodart® 30x 0.5mg tablets retail $89 IAS price $82.49 - Item Code: 276

EBIXA (see Memantine) EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Beyond Clean®, Beyond Fiber®), Eldepryl® (see deprenyl), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid, see krill), Ergoloid mesylate (see hydergine, nicergoline)

Esnatri™ cream (bio-identical Di-IndolylMethane (DIM, see ACF228™, DIM-Pro™), DIM (see ACF228™, DIM-Pro™), Dimethicone (see Nanogen®)

triple estrogen cream)

Esnatri™ 50ml 100mg cream retail $55 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 25 // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Essential Daily Defence® (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Estradiol (see Esnatri™), Estriol (see Esnatri™), Estrone (see Esnatri™), Eurycoma Longifolia (see Vigor-Pro™)

Finesteride (Proscar®; Propecia®,

Gamalate B6® 60x 250mg tablets retail $20 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 27

Garlic (see see Beyond Chelation Improved®)

also see Hair-Pro™)

Gengigel® mouthwash

Proscar® 15x 5mg tablets retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 67

Genotropin® (see HGH)

Florinef® (see Fludrocortisone)


Finesteride generic 28x 5mg tablets retail $40 IAS price $37.49 - Item Code: 749

Fluconazole (Diflucan®; Loitin®) Loitin® 7x 50mg capsules retail $39 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 307

Folic acid (folate, see ACF228™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Beyond B12®; HRT Plus®, Joint-Pro™, Lithium-Pro™, Nitric-Pro™, Vigor-Pro™), Forced Expiry Volume- Lungs (see PulmoLife®)


Fludro-Pro™ 100x 20mcg tablets retail $20 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 759

Fructoborate (see Andro-Pro™), GABA (gamma-aminohydroxybutyric acid, see Gamalate B6®, picamilone)

Gengigel® 150ml bottle liquid retail $20 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 550

Gerovital-H3® 5x 5ml ampoules retail $59 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 258 Gerovital-H3® 25x 100mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 29 GH3-Pro™ 60x 100mg tablets retail $20 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 360

GH (growth hormone, see HGH), Ginkgo biloba (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Vigor-Pro™), Glucophage (see metformin), Glucosamine (see Joint-Pro™), Glucuronolactone (see Detox-Pro™)


NEW: GHRP2-Pro™ 120ml 120mg liquid bottle retail $180 IAS price $159.99 - Item Code: 872

Glutathione (also see ACF228™

Gabapentin (Neurontin®)

Breathe Easy)

GABOB (also see Gamalate®)

Glycerine (glycerin, see Can-C™, Nanogen® hydrator, Nexiclear®), Glycosides (see BEC5 Curaderm®), Grape fruit extract (naringenin, see Prostate-Pro™), Grape seed extracts (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Prostate-Pro™, Resveratrol-Pro™), Green tea extracts (see DietPro™, Nexiclear®, Resveratrol-Pro™, ProstatePro™), Growth hormone (see HGH), Gymnena sylvestre extracts (see Diet-Pro™)

NEW: Neurontin® 100x 300mg capsules retail $39 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 875

Gamibetal® 20x 500mg tablets retail $39 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 402

Galantamine Pro (Reminyl®)

Galantamine Pro 30x 8mg tablets retail $79 IAS price $69.99 - Item Code: 825


Gamalate B6®

NEW: Advanced Cellular Glutathione® 2 oz. spray retail $45 IAS price $42.49 - Item Code: 832 // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


NEW: Hair-Pro™ 2 oz. spray bottle retail $180 IAS price $169.99 - Item Code: 765

Hawthorne Berry (crataegus, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Neo40®), Heart rate measurement (see Bio-CLIP™, Bio-CUFF™)


NEW: HemaGel® 5 gram tube cream retail $20 IAS price $17.99 - Item Code: 820

HGH (human growth hormone, somatropin, see IGF-1, Sermorelin, Beyond GHS®, GABOB, GHRP2, GHRP6), Humatrope® (see HGH), Hyaluronic acid (see Crème-Pro™ Protector, Gengigel®, Hair-Pro™, Hy-Col™)

HRT Plus®(pueraria mirifica) HRT Plus® 60 tablets retail $50 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 496

Hy-Col® (collagen)

Hy-Col™ 120x 250mg capsules retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 553

Hydergine (ergoloid mesylate) Hydergine® 30x 4.5mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.49 - Item Code: 32

Hydergine® 40mg 40ml liquid bottle retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 31


Hydro-Pro® 100x 5mg capsules retail $30 IAS price $27.49 - Item Code: 760

Hydrogen (see Active H-Minus®), Hydrogen peroxide (see Nexiclear®)

Idebenone (also see Crème-Pro™ Protector)

Idebenone 60x 30mg capsules retail $29 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 492

IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor, see Hair-Pro™), Indol-3-Carbinol (I3C, see DIM)

Injection packs

Intramuscular kit 30x pack retail $25 IAS price $22.99 - Item Code: 439 Subcutaneous kit 30x pack retail $25 IAS price $22.99 - Item Code: 438

Inosine (see Beyond GHS®), Inositol (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Iodide (see ACF228™), Iodine (see ACF228™, Beyond Chelation Improved®), Isoflavonoids (see HRT Plus®), Ixel® (see milnacipran), Jerusalem artichoke (see Beyond Fiber®)


Joint Pro™ 180 capsules retail $50 IAS price $44.99 - Item Code: 432

Jumex® (see deprenyl), Ketoconazole (see Nizoral®), Kohki leaf extract (see Prostate-Pro™)


Krill 60x 500mg gel capsules retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 584

Laetrile (amygdalin; VitaB17®) B17 cream 50ml 1% retail $95 IAS price $87.49 - Item Code: 763

L-arginine (see arginine)

L-carnosine (also see ACF228™; Can-C™; Can-C Plus™; Cardio-Pro™) Carnosine 60x 250mg capsules retail $29 IAS price $24.49 - Item Code: 784 L-citrulline (see Neo40®), L-cysteine (see Nanogen® conditioner), Lecithin (see Crème-Pro™ Cellulite), L-histidine (see Can-C Plus™), Lemon grass (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), Licorice (see Beyond GHS®, Digestif®), Lipoic acid (alpha version see Beyond Chelation Improved®; R-version see ATP-Boost™), Lithium orotate (see Cardio-Pro™, Lithium-Pro™) // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:



Lithium-Pro™ 60 capsules retail $25 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 717

L-methione (see ACF228™; Can-C Plus™), L-proline (see Nitric-Pro™), Lucidril® (see centrophenoxine), Lumbrokinase (see Boluoke®), Lupine extract (see Nanogen® serum)



Dianben® 50x 850mg tablets retail $29 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 382 Metforal® 50x 500mg tablets retail $25 IAS price $22.49 - Item Code: 42 NEW: Metformin SR® 56x 500mg tablets retail $30 IAS price $27.49 - Item Code: 874

L-tryptophan 50x 500mg capsules retail $20 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 666

Methione (see Beyond Chelation Improved®)

Lycopene (see DIM-Pro™; Prostate-Pro™), Lysine (see Nitric-Pro™)

Ixel® 56x 50mg tablets retail $79 IAS price $72.49 - Item Code: 400

Milnacipran (Ixel®; Savella®)

Maca® (Longevity Maca®; lepidium

Minerals (general, see Quinton®), Minoxidil (see MinSaw™)

NEW: Longevity Maca® 175 grams powder retail $40 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 851


meyenii walp)

Magnesium (see Andro-Pro™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bone-Pro™, Digestif®, Gamalate B6®, Nitric-Pro™), Malic acid (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Manganese (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bone-Pro™), Marigold (see Nexiclear®), Mastic (see Digestif®), Meclofenoxane (see centrophenoxine)

Melatonin (MZS™; Melatonin Zn Se®) MZS™ 60x 3mg tablets retail $30 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 701

UK can order in Pounds Sterling at: Melon extracts (see Diet-Pro™)

Memantine (Namenda®; Ebixa®)

NEW: Memantine-Pro™ 42x 10mg capsules retail $115 IAS price $89.99 - Item Code: 826

Melanocyte stimulating hormone (see Melanotan II)


NEW: MSH2-Pro™ 5ml 500IU nasal spray retail $79.99 IAS price $69.99


Metformin (Glucophage®;

MinSaw™ 30ml bottle topical liquid retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 728

Miroestrol (see HRT Plus®), Mito-Pro™ (see ATP-Boost™)

Moclobemide (Manerix®/ Moclamine®)

Moclamine® 30x 150mg tablets retail $34 IAS price $27.49 - Item Code: 39

Modafinil (also see adrafinil) Alertec® 30x 100mg tablets retail $180 IAS price $159.99 Modiodal® 30x 100mg tablets retail $150 IAS price $129.99 Provigil® 30x 100mg tablets retail $190 IAS price $174.99 Note: This product is only available via and payable via eChecks or bank wire only. Molybdenum (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Joint-Pro™), MSM (methylsulfonomethane, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bio-En’R-Gy®, Nitric-Pro™), N-acetylcarnosine (see Can-C™), N-acetylcysteine (see ACF228™, Can-C™ Plus), // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

NADH (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, see Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer, PQQ)

Naltrexone (Navcol®)

Naltrex-Pro™ 30x 4.5mg capsules retail $60 IAS price $54.99 - Item Code: 637 Namenda® (see Memantine)

Nanogen® conditioner

Nanogen® 240ml tube conditioner MEN retail $20 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 886 Nanogen® 240ml tube conditioner WOMEN retail $20 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 887

Nanogen® serum

Nanogen® 30ml serum dropper MEN retail $56.99 IAS price $54.99 - Item Code: 890 Nanogen® 30ml serum dropper WOMEN retail $56.99 IAS price $54.99 - Item Code: 891

Nanogen® shampoo

Nanogen® 240ml tube shampoo MEN retail $22 IAS price $17.99 - Item Code: 888 Nanogen® 240ml tube shampoo WOMEN retail $22 IAS price $17.99 - Item Code: 889

Needles (see injection packs), Neurontin® (see Gabapentin), Nettle root extract (see Prostate-Pro™)


Neo40 Daily® 30x lozenges retail $60 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 790

Nettle root extract (see Prostate-Pro™)

Neydent toothpaste

Neydent toothpaste 50ml tube retail $18 IAS price $15.99 - Item Code: 118


NEW: Mask, pads & spray kit retail $60 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 834

Niacin (nicotinate, niacinamide, see vitamin B3)

Nicergoline (Sermion®)

Sermion® 50x 10mg tablets retail $49 IAS price $44.99 - Item Code: 489

Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips Neo40® 10 saliva strips $25 IAS price $34.99 Item Code: 866


Nitric-Pro™ 225 grams powder retail $40 IAS price $35.99 - Item Code: 792

Nizoral® shampoo (2% ketoconazole) Nizoral® 60ml bottle shampoo retail $15 IAS price $12.99 - Item Code: 437

Novisyn Hyaluronic Acid

Novisyn Hyaluronic Acid 30 x 5ml liquid sachets retail $30 IAS price $25.99 - Item Code: 900

Nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA, see ACF228™, Digestif®), Norditropin® (see HGH), Oat grass (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), Omega 3 (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, krill), Omega 6 (linoleic acid, GLA, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, krill), Omega 9 (oleic acid, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, krill), Oxythiocynate (OCSN, thiocynates, see 1st Line™)

Oxytocin (Oxy-Pro™)

Oxytocin 24x 20 IU sublingual troches retail $85 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 660 NEW: Oxy-Pro® 5ml 500 IU nasal spray retail $65 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 823

PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Gerovital®), Palladium (see Cardio-Pro™), Palmitate (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Pancreatin (see Wobenzym®), Panthenol (pantothenic acid, see vitamin B5), Papain (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Wobenzym®)

Penicillin (Penilevel®)

Penilevel® 30x 250mg sachets powder retail $35 IAS price $32.49 - Item Code: 206

Pentavita (see Nanogen®)

Peptide Bioregulators NEW: Adrenals (Glandokort®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 853 NEW: Blood vessels (Ventfort®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 868 NEW: Brain (Cerluten®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 867 NEW: Cartilage (Sigumir®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 893 NEW: Eyesight (Visoluten®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 856 // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Peptide Bioregulators

NEW: Kidneys (Pielotak®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 869 NEW: Liver (Svetinorm®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 894

PMT 100 1 kit IAS price $24,000.00 - Item Code: 801

NEW: Pancreas (Suprefort®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 892

Polyphenols (see grape seed extract), Pomegranate extracts (see Andro-Pro™), Potassium (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Gerovital®), Potassium iodide (see ACF228™)

NEW: Pineal (Endoluten®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $115 IAS price $99.99 - Item Code: 884

PQQ (pyroloquinoline quinone)

NEW: Prostate (Libidon®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 854

NEW: PQQ-Pro™ 30x 20mg capsules retail $40 IAS price $35.99 - Item Code: 837

NEW: Testes (Testoluten®) 20 x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 855

Pueraria mirifica (see HRT Plus®)

NEW: Thyroid (Thyreogen®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $90 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 883


NEW: Stomach (Stamacort®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $99 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 896 NEW: Heart (Cheloheart®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $99 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 898 NEW: Bladder (Chitomur®) 20 x 200mg capsules retail $99 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 897 NEW: Female Reproductive (Zhenoluten®) 20x 200mg capsules retail $99 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 899 NEW: Vladonix 20x 200mg capsules retail $99 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 882 Phosphatidylcholine (see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Crème-Pro™ Cellulite), Phosphatidylserine (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Phospholipids (see krill), Phosphorous (see Bone-Pro™, Nitric-Pro™)


Phos Pro 60x 100mg capsules retail $55 IAS price $47.49 - Item Code: 692


Picamilone 60x 50mg tablets retail $25 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 184

Pimagidine (see aminoguanidine)

Piracetam (Nootropil®; also see Anacervix®)

Nootropil® 20 grams 100ml liquid retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 50 Nootropil® 60x 800mg tablets retail $30 IAS price $27.99 - Item Code: 205 PiraPro 100x 800mg tablets retail $24 IAS price $17.99 - Item Code: 873


PMT 100 1 kit

PulmoLife®1 Spirometer + 4 tubes retail $155 IAS price $139.99 - Item Code: 781 PulmoLife®25 additional tubes retail $25 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 787


Pramiracetam 40x 300mg tablets retail $60 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 451

Prasterone (see DHEA)


Pregnenolone 50x 100mg capsules retail $25 IAS price $19.99 - Item Code: 335

Procaine (Novocain®, see Gerovital®, Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer)


Progesterone 50ml 2.5 grams cream retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 789

Propranolol (Inderal®)

Inderal® 30x 40mg tablets retail $20 IAS price $17.49 - Item Code: 34


Prostate-Pro™ 90x 500mg tablets retail $55 IAS price $49.49 - Item Code: 433

Pueraria mirifica (see HRT Plus®), Pygeum africanum (see Nanogen®, Prostate-Pro™)


Pyri Pro 60x 50mg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 449


Cerbon 6® 60x 100mg tablets retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 167

Pyroloquinoline quinone (see PQQ), Quercetin (see Digestif®, Resveratrol-Pro™)


Roxithromycin (Rulid®)

Rulid® 10x 150mg tablets retail $29 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 635

Rutin (see Wobenzym®), Saizen® (see HGH), Salacia reticulata extracts (see Diet-Pro™), Salicylic acid (see BEC5 Curaderm®, Nanogen® shampoo, Nexiclear®)

SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine; SAMYR®)

SAMYR® 20x 400mg enteric-coated tablets retail $69 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 231

Isotonic® 24 oral ampoules retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 681 Hypertonic® 24 oral ampoules retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 682

Saw palmetto (Serena repens, see MinSaw™; Nanogen®)



NEW: Rasagiline-Pro™ 30x 1mg capsules retail $95 IAS price $87.49 - Item Code: 827

Scalproller® 0.3mm roller kit retail $79 IAS price $69.99 - Item Code: 762

Reboxetine (Edronax®; Davedax®)

Selepryl® (see deprenyl), Selegiline (see deprenyl), Selenium (see ACF228™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Detox-Pro™, MZS™, Prostate-Pro™, Thym-Uvocal®)

Red algae (carrageenan, see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Red yeast (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Reminyl® (see Galantamine), Resveratrol (see ACF228™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Cardio-Pro™, Crème-Pro™ Protector, MinSaw™, Resveratrol-Pro™)


Edronax® 60x 4mg tablets retail $69 IAS price $62.49 - Item Code: 22


Resveratrol-Pro™ 60 capsules retail $30 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 647


Retirides® 30ml 0.025% cream retail $39 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 254 Retirides® 30ml 0.050% cream retail $49 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 764 Retirides® 30ml 0.100% cream retail $59 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 74 Retin-A® 20ml 0.100% micro-gel retail $79 IAS price $72.49 - Item Code: 744

Retinolic acid (tretinoin, see MinSaw™, Retin-A®), Ribonucleic acids (RNA, see Cerebrolysin®, NeyDent®, NeyGeront®), Ribose (see Bio-En’R-Gy®), Rice bran husks (see Beyond Fiber®), R-lipoic acid (see ATP-Boost™)

Sermo-Pro® 30ml/ 30mg liquid bottle retail $225 IAS price $199.99 Item Code: 714

Shave grass (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), Silicon/ Silica (see Beyond Chelation Improved®; Bone-Pro™, Nanogen™, Wobenzym®)

Silver protein (ACS®)

Advanced Cellular Silver 200® 2 oz. spray retail $35 IAS price $34.99 - Item Code: 596

Soapwort (see Nexiclear®), Solasodine glycosides (see BEC5 Curaderm®), Somatomedin C (see IGF-1), Somatropin (see HGH), Spirulina (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®)

Stablon® (tianeptine)

Stablon@ 60x 12.5mg tablets retail $69 IAS price $62.49 - Item Code: 748

Stevia (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®), Strontium (see Bone-Pro™), Succinic acid (DMSA, see Heavy Detox®), Superoxide dismutase (SOD, see Nanogen® serum), Syringes (see injection packs)



TA65® 30 capsules IAS price $218.99 - Item Code: 755 TA65® 90 capsules IAS price $599.99 - Item Code: 754


Tamanu 50ml bottle oil retail $29 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 724

Telomeres/ telomerase (see TA65®), Temple viper venom (synthetic, see Crème-Pro™ Smoother)

Tetracycline (Ambramicina®)

Ambramicina® 16x 250mg tablets retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 143

Thymus (Thym-Uvocal®)

Thym-Uvocal® 90x 200mg capsules retail $115 IAS price $99.99 - Item Code: 691

Thyroid (Armour®; Synthroid®) Armour® 100x 15mg tablets retail $49 IAS price $44.99 - Item Code: 411 Armour® 100x 30mg tablets retail $59 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 468 Armour® 100x 60mg tablets retail $69 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 7 Armour® 100x 90mg tablets retail $89 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 594 Armour® 100x 120mg tablets retail $99 IAS price $89.99 - Item Code: 410 ERFA 100x 30mg tablets retail $45 IAS price $37.99 - Item Code: 736 NEW: ERFA 500x 30mg tablets retail $150 IAS price $129.99 - Item Code: 876

Our synthetic thyroids include:

NEW: IBSA® 25 tablets (21.4mcg T3 and 74mcg T4) retail $35 IAS price $25.49 - Item Code: 778 Titre® (T3) 50x 20mcg tablets retail $35 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 314 Tiromel® (T3) 100x 25 mcg tablets retail $49 IAS price $44.99 - Item Code: 811 Eutirox® (T4) 84x 100mcg tablets retail $29 IAS price $24.99 - Item Code: 662 Thyrotropin releasing hormone (see TRH), TMG (trimethylglycine, betaine, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bio-En’R-Gy®, Joint-Pro™), Tocotrienols (see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Tribulus terrestris (see Andro-Pro™, Beyond GHS®, Vigor-Pro™)

TRH (Abaris™)

NEW: Abaris™ 20 x 5mg sublingual tablets retail $250 IAS price $199.99 - Item Code: 793

ERFA 100x 60mg tablets retail $60 IAS price $54.99 - Item Code: 737

Trypsin (see Wobenzym®), TRX (see Hair-Pro™), Ubiquinol (see CoQ10), Ubiquinone (see CoQ10), Urea (see BEC5 Curaderm®), Urtica dioica (see Nanogen®)

NEW: ERFA 500x 60mg tablets retail $195 IAS price $179.99 - Item Code: 877

Valdoxan® (agomelatine)

ERFA 100x 125mg tablets retail $100 IAS price $94.99 - Item Code: 738 42

NEW: ERFA 500x 125mg tablets retail $260 IAS price $249.99 - Item Code: 878 Westhroid® 100x 15mg tablets retail $34 IAS price $29.99 - Item Code: 613 Westhroid ® 100x 30mg tablets retail $39 IAS price $32.99 - Item Code: 324 Westhroid ® 100x 60mg tablets retail $44 IAS price $37.99 - Item Code: 323 Westhroid ® 100x 120mg tablets retail $69 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 460 Naturethroid 100x 75mg tablets retail $49 IAS price $44.99 - Item Code: 902 Naturethroid 100x 90mg tablets retail $55 IAS price $47.99 - Item Code: 901 Naturethroid 100x 105mg tablets retail $59 IAS price $52.99 - Item Code: 903

Valdoxan® 28x 25mg tablets retail $150 IAS price $139.99 - Item Code: 690 // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

Vasopressin (also see desmopressin)

NEW: Vaso-Pro® 5 ml 500 IU nasal-spray retail $75 IAS price $69.99 - Item Code: 838

Vigor-Pro™), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bone-Pro™, D3Pro™), Vitamin C (ascorbic acid, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bio-En’R-Gy C®, Bone-Pro™, Digestif®; MinSaw™, Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™)

Vanadium (see Beyond Chelation Improved, Diet Pro), VEGF (see Hair-Pro™, Nanogen® conditioner, Nanogen™ hydrator, Nanogen® serum, Nanogen® shampoo)

Vitamin C test strips (Vitacheck-C®)

Venlafaxine (Efexor®)

Vitamin E (tocopherols, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Can-C Plus™, Nitric-Pro™, ProstatePro™, Resveratrol-Pro™, Vigor-Pro™), Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone, see Bone-Pro™), Vitamin K2 (menatretrenone, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bone-Pro™), Wheat grass (see Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®)

Venlafaxine 60x 37.5mg tablets retail $45 IAS price $39.99 - Item Code: 488

Viagra® (sildenafil)

Viagra® 4x 100mg tablets retail $85 IAS price $79.99 - Item Code: 90

NEW: Vitacheck-C® 50 strips retail $15 IAS price $14.99 - Item Code: 774



Vigor-Pro™ 90 capsules retail $25 IAS price $21.49 - Item Code: 761

Wobenzym® 200 tablets retail $70 IAS price $69.99 - Item Code: 381

Wormwood (see artemisinin)

Vincamine (see Anacervix®)

Vinpocetine (Intelectol®)

Intelectol® 50x 5mg tablets retail $19 IAS price $15.99 - Item Code: 91

Vitamin A (beta carotene, palmitate, see Beyond Chelation Improved®), Vitamin B1 (thiamine, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Nitric-Pro™), Vitamin B1 (see benfotiamine), Vitamin B2 (riboflavin, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Nitric-Pro™, Vigor-Pro™), Vitamin B3 (niacin, niacinamide, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Crème-Pro™ Cellulite, Nanogen® hydrator, Nanogen® serum, Nitric-Pro™, picamilone; Vigor-Pro™, Xan-Pro™), Vitamin B5 (panthenol, pantothenic acid, see Beyond Chelation Improved®, Nitric-Pro™, Vigor-Pro™), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, see ACF228™, Andro-Pro™, Beyond B12®, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Gamalate B6®; Joint-Pro™, HRT Plus®, Nanogen®; Nitric-Pro™, Vigor-Pro™), Vitamin B6 (see pyridoxamine), Vitamin B12 (cobalamin, see Beyond B12®, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer, Joint-Pro™, Lithium-Pro™, Neo40®,

Xan-Pro® (xanthinol nicotinate) Xan-Pro® 50x 150mg tablets retail $20 IAS price $17.99 - Item Code: 552

Yohimbe (see Vigor-Pro™)

Yohimbine (also see Crème-Pro™ Cellulite, Vigor-Pro™)

Plain Prowess® 100x 5mg tablets retail $59 IAS price $49.99 - Item Code: 94

Zeolite (also see Nexiclear®) ZeoGold® 30 capsules retail $60 IAS price $59.99 - Item Code: 684

NEW: Advanced Cellular Zeolite®2 oz. spray retail $45 IAS price $42.49 - Item Code: 833 Zinc (see Andro-Pro™, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Can-C Plus™, MZS™, Nanogen® shampoo, Thym-Uvocal®) // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Condition cross-reference list


This cross-reference list highlights individual products that have been used to treat & prevent various aging disorders. Note: It does not mean that all these products are synergistic together.

ADHD (ADD, attention deficit disorder, see mental stimulants)

HRT Plus®, maca, Quinton®

Addison’s disease

Aldosterone, Peptide Bioregulator- Glandokort®

Adrenal fatigue

aldosterone, hydrocortisone, Peptide Bioregulator Glandokort®

AGE (Advanced Glycated End Products, cross linking of proteins) ACF228™, aminoguanidine, Can-C Plus™, Cardio-Pro™, L-carnosine, metformin, pyridoxamine

Age Related Macular Degeneration (see eyesight) Age Related Mental Decline (see cognitive) Aids (see HIV) Alcoholism (also see compulsive disorders) 5HTP, L-tryptophan, memantine


Bio-En’R-Gy C®, Joint-Pro™, pregnenolone, ThymUvocal®, Wobenzym®

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, see Lou Gehrig’s disease) Alzheimer’s (see senile dementia) Aminoacids (including di-peptides)

5HTP, ACF228™, ATP-Boost™, Beyond GHS®, CardioPro™, L-carnosine, L-tryptophan, Nitric-Pro

Anabolic (see growth hormone & testosterone) Anginas (see heart, arterial & blood) Animal use

Can-C™ eye-drops, deprenyl, L-tryptophan

Antiaging (as impacting on a particular theory of aging)

Aminoguanidine (glycosylation), centrophenoxine (membrane), hydergine (mitochondrial), L-carnosine (Hayflick), melatonin (rotational), metformin (neuroendocrine), resveratrol (calorie restriction), ACF228™ (free radical), TA65 (telomeres)

Anti-biotics (also see influenzas & infections)

Ciproxin, doxycycline, penicillin, roxithromycin, tetracycline

Anti-depressants (also see depression & well being) Lithium-Pro™, milnacipran (Ixel®), moclobemide (Manerix®), reboxetine (Edronax®), Stablon®, Valdoxan® (aglomelatine), venlafaxine (Efexor®)

Anti-inflammatory (see inflammation) Anti-oxidants (free radical scavengers)

ACF228™, Active H-minus®, ATP-Boost™, Bio-En’R-Gy®, glutathione, idebenone, melatonin, pyritinol

Anxiety (see stress) 44

ARMD (see eyesight)

Cognitive (also see memory & senile dementias)

Aromatase inhibitors

Arimidex®, Beyond HRT®, DIM-Pro2™, progesterone

Arterial (See heart, arterial & blood) Arthritis (rheumatoid & osteo)

Gerovital-H3®, Hy-Col™, Joint-Pro™, krill, pregnenolone, pyritinol, SAMe, Thym-Uvocal®, Wobenzym®

Asthma (see Allergies)

Alertness: Adrafinil, modafinil Creativity: Aniracetam, piracetam, pramiracetam Concentration: Phosphatidylserine Focus: Deprenyl, desmopressin, vasopressin Energy: ATP-Boost™, centrophenoxine, picamilone General support: Gerovital-H3®, vinpocetine Intelligence: Hydergine Work load: Hydergine, thyroid

Compulsive disorder treatment (also see alcoholism)

5HTP, Gamalate-B6®, L-tryptophan, picamilone

Autism (also see chelation agents)

Cortisol alteration (also see stress)

Oxytocin, piracetam

At-home test kits (also see health diagnostics) Bio-CUFF™, Bio-CLIP™, Nitric Oxide saliva strips, PulmoLife®, vitamin C urine strips

Back Problems (see spine)

Aldosterone, fludrocortisone, GABOB, Gamalate B6®, hydrocortisone, Peptide Bioregulator - Glandokort®, Gerovital-H3®, phenytoin

Cross linking (see advanced glycated end products) Deep vein thrombosis (see frequent fliers)

Bell’s palsy

Dental (see teeth & gums)

Beyond B12®

Beta blockers

Depression (also see well-being & anti-depressants)


Blood disorders (see heart, arterial & blood) Blood pressure

Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™, oxytocin, propranolol, vinpocetine

Bone problems (also see joints & arthritis)

Andro-Pro™, Bone-Pro™, Esnatri™, Hy-Col™, progesterone, SAMe, thyroid

Breathing (see Lungs)

5HTP, aniracetam, ATP Boost™, ATP-Boost™, CurcuminSR™ , D3-Pro™, deprenyl, Gerovital-H3®, Lithium-Pro™, L-tryptophan, milnacipran, Geront®, picamilone, piracetam, pramiracetam, pregnenolone, SAMe, Thym-Uvocal®, thyroid, Vigor-Pro™

Detox (also see chelation agents)

Artemisinin, Bio-En-R-Gy C®, Beyond Clean®, Beyond Fiber®, DIM-Pro 2™, Detox-Pro™, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®, zeolite

DHT alteration (dihydrotestosterone)

Cancer (also see anti-oxidants & radiation)

1st Line™, Arimidex®, artemisinin, BEC5® Curaderm, Bio-En’R-Gy C®, bromocriptine, CurcuminSR™, D3Pro™, DIM-Pro2™, HRT Plus®, laetrile, melatonin, metformin, naltrexone, progesterone, Resveratrol-Pro™, Thym-Uvocal®, TRH, Wobenzym®

Cardiovascular (see heart & arterial disorders) Cataplexy (sudden fatigue)

Dutasteride, finasteride, Hair-Pro™, MinSaw™, Nanogen’s®, Peptide Bioregulator - Libidon®, progesterone


Acarbose, aminoguanidine, ATP-Boost™, benfotiamine, Diet-Pro™, krill, L-carnosine, metformin, Nitric-Pro™, Peptide Bioregulator-pancreas (Suprefort™), pyridoxamine, TRH, thyroid

Dieting (See weight loss) Digestive issues

Adrafinil, modafinil, picamilone

Beyond Fiber®, Digestif®, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®

Cataract (also see eyesight)

DNA support (also see telomeres)

Can-C™, Can-C Plus™

CoQ10, D3-Pro™, krill, L-carnosine, Peptide Bioregulators, PQQ, Resveratrol-Pro, TA65®

Central Nervous System (CNS) Peptide Bioregulator - Cerluten®

Chelation agents (removing heavy metals, also see detox)

Beyond Chelation Improved®, Beyond Fiber®, Bio-En’RGy C®, centrophenoxine, Detox-Pro™, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®, L-carnosine, zeolite

Cholesterol (see blood disorders)

Down’s syndrome

Melatonin, piracetam

Dr. Gordon’s recommend products

Beyond B12®, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Beyond Clean®, Beyond Fiber®, Beyond GHS®, Bio En’R-Gy C®, Dr Gordon’s Organic Greens®, HRT Plus®, maca, silver protein, zeolite

Crohn’s disease

Dr. Pierpaoli’s recommend products

Chronic fatigue syndrome (see mental stimulants & physical energy improvement)

Dr. Wright’s recommend products


Melatonin, TRH

Esnatri, cobalt chloride, progesterone // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


Energy improvement (see physical energy & mental stimulants)


Boluoke®, Wobenzym®


GABOB, Gamalate®, phenytoin

Erectile dysfunction (also see sex-libido & premature ejaculation)

Andro-Pro™, cabergoline, Cialis®, Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™, oxytocin, Viagra®, Vigor-Pro™, yohimbine

Estrogen alteration (both increases & decreases)

Arimidex®, cobalt chloride, DIM-Pro 2™, Esnatri™, HRT Plus®, progesterone

Eyesight (also see cataract, ARMD & glaucoma)

ARMD: MZS™ Cataracts: Can-C™, Can-C™ Plus Contact lenses: Can-C™ Dry eyes: Can-C™ General support: Aminoguanidine, Peptide Bioregulator - Visoluten®, vinpocetine Glaucoma: Can-C™ Retinal: MZS™, nicergoline, picamilone

Excitotoxins (reduction)

Carnosine, deprenyl, idebenone, L-carnosine, LithiumPro™, memantine


Melatonin, metformin, TRH

Fibromyalgia (also see physical energy & mental

Headaches (see migraines) Health diagnostics (see at home test kits) Hearing disorders

Aldosterone, Anacervix®, fludrocortisone, nicergoline, picamilone, vinpocetine

Heart, arterial & blood (includes blood markers) Arteries (hard): Aminoguanidine, Bio-CLIP™, BioCUFF™, Cardio-Pro™, L-Carnosine, Resveratrol-Pro™ Blood pressure (high): Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™, Propranolol, vinpocetine Cholesterol (high): Beyond B12®, Beyond Fiber™, CoQ10, Gerovital-H3®, TRH, Xan-Pro™ Dilation (nitric-oxide): Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™ Fibrinogen: CurcuminSR™, TRH, Wobenzym® General support: Cardio-Pro™, CoQ10, krill, Peptide Bioregulator - Ventfort®, PQQ, vinpocetine, Wobenzym® Glucose (high): Acarbose, metformin, TRH Glycated end-products: Aminoguanidine, metformin Heart pulse (irregular): ATP-Boost™, Bio En’R-Gy C®, thyroid Heavy metals (chelate): Beyond Chelation Improved®, Beyond Fiber®, Bio En’R-Gy C®, Heavy Detox™ Homocysteine: Beyond B12®, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bio En’R-Gy C®, TRH Lipofuscin: Centrophenoxine Plaques (clots): Boluoke® Triglycerides: Bio En’R-Gy C®, CurcuminSR™, krill, TRH

Hepatitis (see liver and infections)

stimulants & pain relief)

Herpes (also see anti-biotics)

First Aid cabinet

HIV (also see immune system improvement)

Free radical scavengers (see anti-oxidants)

HGH (see growth hormone)

Frequent fliers

Homocysteine (see blood disorders)

1st Line, milnacipran, naltrexone, oxytocin 1st Line™, HemaGel®, silver protein

1st Line, artemisinin, Cardio-Pro™, GABOB, Gamalate-B6®, Gamibetal®, L-tryptophan, melatonin, Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™, picamilone, piracetam, pregnenolone, Resveratrol-Pro™, silver protein

Gastrointestinal (see digestive) Glaucoma (see eyesight) Glucose control (see diabetes) Glycation prevention (see AGE) Gout


Growth hormone (improvement)

Beyond GHS®, bromocriptine, deprenyl, GABOB, Gamalate®, GHRP2, hydergine, Neo40®, Nitric-Pro™, Sermorelin, Thym-Uvocal®, thyroid

Hemorrhoids Nitric-Pro™

Hair improvement

Dercos®, dutasteride, finasteride, Gerovital-H3®, Hair-


Pro™, krill, MinSaw™, Nanogen’s, Nitric-Pro™, Nizoral®

1st Line™, ACF228™, silver protein, Wobenzym® 1st Line™, melatonin, naltrexone, Thym-Uvocal®

Hormones (includes hormonal support supplements) Bio-identical: Aldosterone, Esnatri™, melatonin, oxytocin, pregnenolone, progesterone, TRH Natural (animal): Armour® thyroid, ERFA® thyroid, Nature® thyroid, Thym-Uvocal®, vasopressin, West® thyroid Synthetic: Desmopressin, Eutirox® thyroid, fludrocortisone, hydrocortisone, IBSA® thyroid, Tiromel® thyroid, Titre® thyroid Supporting agents: Peptide Bioregulators, Cobalt chloride, DIM-Pro2™, GHRP2, sermorelin

HRT (hormone replacement therapy for women) Cobalt chloride, Esnatri™, HRT Plus®, melatonin, progesterone

Human growth hormone (see growth hormone) Hydrogen

Active H-minus®

Hypertension (see blood pressure) Immune system improvement (also see infections) // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:

1st Line™, ATP-Boost™, Beyond B12®, L-carnosine, maca, melatonin, Peptide Bioregulator- thymus (Vladonix®), Peptide Bioregulator- thyroid (Thyreogen®), pyritinol, Resveratrol-Pro™, Thym-Uvocal®, thyroid

Infections (also see immune system improvement, anti-biotics & influenzas)

1st Line™, artemisinin, fluconazole, silver protein, Wobenzym®

Inflammation (reduction)

Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bio-En’R-Gy®, Boluoke®, CurcuminSR™, Digestif®, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®, krill, maca, pregnenolone, Thym-Uvocal®, Wobenzym®

Influenzas (also see anti-biotics, infections & immune system improvement) 1st Line™, Relenza®

Insulin & glucose control (see diabetes) Intestinal flora (see probiotics)

desmopressin, modafinil, nicergoline, picamilone, piracetam, pramiracetam, vasopressin, Xan-Pro™

Memory (also see cognitive & senile dementia)

General support: Krill, vinpocetine Imprinting (for later recall): Desmopressin, vasopressin Medium-long term: Hydergine, phosphatidylserine Short term: Aniracetam, piracetam, pramiracetam Speed of recall: Centrophenoxine, pyritinol

Methylation (conversion of one chemical into another inside the body)

ATP-Boost™, Beyond B12® Bio-En’R-Gy®, Boluoke®, SAMe, Wobenzym®, Xan-Pro™

Migraines (also see pain relief)

Beyond B12®, nicergoline, memantine, picamilone, Quinton®

Minerals (including trace- also see vitamins)

Beyond Chelation Improved®, Cardio-Pro™, Quinton®

Mitochondrial support

Joints (also see bones & arthritis)

Boluoke®, Hy-Col™, Joint-Pro™, krill, Peptide Bioregulator- cartilage (Sigumir®), pregnenolone, SAMe, Thym-Uvocal®, Wobenzym®

Kidney disorders (also see infections)

Aminoguanidine, Peptide Bioregulator- Pielotak®, SAMe, TRH

Learning (also see memory & mental stimulants) Aniracetam, desmopressin, hydergine, piracetam, pramiracetam, vasopressin

Libido (see sex)

ATP-Boost™, CoQ10, deprenyl, glutathione, hydergine, idebenone, PQQ, pregnenolone, SAMe

Multiple Sclerosis (also see mitochondrial support) Melatonin, naltrexone, TRH

Nail condition

Gerovital-H3®, krill

Narcolepsy (sleeping in the daytime)

Adrafinil, melatonin, modafinil, picamilone

Nitric Oxide release

Nitric-Pro™, Neo40®, Nitric Oxide saliva test strips

Lipids (see blood disorders)

Oral health care (see teeth & gums)

Liver disorders (also see infections)

Osteoporosis (see bone problems)

Idebenone, Peptide Bioregulator- liver (Svetinorm®), pregnenolone, SAMe, silver protein

Longevity enhancement (significant increases seen in animal studies)

Centrophenoxine, deprenyl, Desmopressin, melatonin

ATP-Boost™, Gerovital-H3®, memantine, milnacipran, nicergoline, oxytocin, Wobenzym®

Parasites (see infections) Parkinson (see senile dementia)

Lou Gehrig (ALS)


Naltrexone, TRH


ACF228™ Breathe-Easy, Centrophenoxine, Nitric-Pro™, PulmoLife®


Milnacipran, naltrexone

Adrenals = Glandokort®, Blood vessels = Ventfort®, Brain (CNS) = Cerluten®, Cartilage = Sigumir®, Kidney = Pielotak®, Liver = Svetinorm®, Pancreas = Suprefort®, Pineal = Endoluten®, Prostate = Libidon®, Retina = Visoluten®, Testes = Testoluten®, Thymus = Vladonix®, Thyroid = Thyreogen®

Pets (see Animal use)


Photoaging (see radiation & skin problems)

1st Line™, silver protein

Macular degeneration (see ARMD & eyesight) Malaria (also see anti-biotics) Artemisinin

Ph balance (rebalancing)

Active H-minus®, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®, Quinton®

Physical energy improvement

Menopause (see HRT) Mental stimulants

Pain relief

Adrafinil, aniracetam, centrophenoxine, deprenyl,

Active H-minus®, ATP-Boost™, Beyond B12®, CoQ10, idebenone, L-carnosine, maca, PQQ, pregnenolone, SAMe, yohimbine // Order hotline: 1-866-800-4677 // e-mail:


PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)

Sports (see growth hormone, estrogen alteration,

Premature ejaculation/ ejaculate (also see erectile

Stress (also see cortisol)

Beyond B12®, krill, HRT Plus®, maca, vinpocetine

dysfunction & sex-libido) Oxytocin


Beyond Fiber®, Digestif®, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®, Quinton®

Prostate (also see cancer)

Beyond B12™, Bone-Pro™, D3-Pro™, DIM-Pro 2™, dutasteride, finasteride, HRT Plus®, melatonin, Peptide Bioregulator - Libidon®, Prostate-Pro™

Prolactin alteration

Bromocriptine, cabergoline, GABOB, Gamalate-B6®

PSA (prostate specific antigen- see prostate) Radiation (see skin problems) RNA support (see DNA support) Senile dementia (also see cognitive & memory)

Alzheimer’s: Centrophenoxine, CurcuminSR™, galantamine, hydergine, memantine General support: Anacervix®, aniracetam, piracetam, pramiracetam, vinpocetine, Wobenzym® Parkinson’s: bromocriptine, cabergoline, deprenyl, rasagiline



Sex (libido, also see erectile dysfunction & premature ejaculation)

Andro-Pro™, deprenyl, maca, oxytocin, Vigor-Pro™, yohimbine

Skin problems

Acne: Nexiclear® Anti-glycation: Aminoguanidine, L-carnosine Anti-oxidant: Crème-Pro™ Protector Cancer (non-melanoma): BEC5® Curaderm Cellulite: Crème-Pro™ Celluless Collagen: Hy-Col™ Environmental: Crème-Pro™ Protector Fine lines: Crème-Pro™ Smoother General support: Gerovital-H3®, Quinton®, thyroid Hyaluronic acid: Hy-Col™ Infections: Silver protein, Thym-Uvocal® Moisturizer: Crème-Pro™ Moisturizer Psoriasis: Nexiclear® Radiation: Crème-Pro™ Protector, melatonin Scars/ stretch marks: Tamanu oil Sun spots: BEC5® Curaderm Wounds: HemaGel® Wrinkles: Retin-A®

Sleep disorders (both a lack of & too much)

5HTP, adrafinil, ATP-Boost™, gabapentin, L-tryptophan, melatonin, modafinil

physical energy & testosterone)

5HTP, GABOB, Gamalate-B6®, Gerovital-H3®, maca, L-tryptophan, melatonin, oxytocin, picamilone, phenytoin, propranolol, pregnenolone


Anacervix®, aniracetam, Boluoke®, hydergine, idebenone, nicergoline, Nitric-Pro™, picamilone, piracetam, PQQ, pramiracetam, pregnenolone, vinpocetine

Stomach (see digestive) Sunburn (see radiation) Syndrome X (metabolic syndrome)

Aminoguanidine, ATP-Boost™, krill, melatonin, metformin

Teeth & gum disorders

Doxycycline, Gengigel®, NeyDent®, silver protein, Quinton®, zeolite

Telomeres (also see DNA support) Krill, L-carnosine, TA65®

Testosterone & testes (also see fertility and prostate) Andro-Pro™, Arimidex®, Beyond B12®, Beyond GHS®, DIM-Pro 2™, melatonin, oxytocin, Peptide Bioregulator Testoluten®, TRH, Vigor-Pro™

Travel (see frequent fliers) Triglycerides (see blood disorders) Veterinarian (see animal use) Vigor


Vitamins (also see minerals)

Benfotiamine, Beyond Chelation Improved®, Bio- En’RGy®, Cardio-Pro™, CoQ10, GABOB, Gamibetal®, Gamalate®, Nitric Pro™, PQQ, pyridoxamine, Xan-Pro™


Active H-minus®, Quinton®

Weight gain

Andro-Pro™, Beyond GHS®, GABOB, sermorelin

Weight loss

5HTP, acarbose, aminoguanidine, ATP-Boost™, benfotiamine, Beyond Fiber®, Diet-Pro™, DIM-Pro 2™, Dr. Gordon’s organic greens®, galantamine, GHRP2, L-tryptophan, metformin, thyroid, TRH, Xan-Pro™

Well-being (also see depression)

Active H-minus®, Aniracetam, ATP-Boost™, Beyond B12®, deprenyl, Gamalate-B6®, Gerovital-H3®, krill, melatonin, picamilone, piracetam, pramiracetam, SAMe, Thym-Uvocal®, thyroid, Wobenzym®

Smoking cessation 5HTP

Spine Issues

Peptide Bioregulator- cartilage (Sigumir®)

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Aging Matters Magazine Issue 1 2014  
Aging Matters Magazine Issue 1 2014  

In this issue Dr Jonathan Wright explains BHRT, Dr Richard Lippman introduces MSH2 Pro and Dr Ward Dean answers more of your questions.